Matt|what does evolution-data-server actually do?12:00
=== MepisBelle [~Old@adsl-68-125-78-102.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
nickersit pulls a lot into Gnome now12:00
Matt|and why doesn't it stop when evolution is closed?12:00
RubenVMatt: it maintains all data12:00
=== Pizbit tried the command at the end.
nickersif you look at your clock12:00
nickersit can put tasks and such12:00
RubenVit's the central data storage, used by lot's of gnome things12:00
nickerskeeps everything integrated12:00
RubenV(and in the future even more things ;))12:00
ograspiv: i love Keybuks writings about mem ;) he's like a surgeon12:00
=== RubenV [~lambda1@kn-upc-1.kuleuven.net] has left #ubuntu []
PizbitIs it for the addressbook applet for the gnome-panel?12:01
nickerspart of it12:01
PizbitAh, that thing never works for me.12:01
Matt|well before I start evolution it is not there, and then afterwards it is always there12:01
Matt|i conclude i only need it for evolution12:01
nickersi love evolution but dont like all the tie-ins to gnome now12:01
=== djk [~djk@p83.129.187.110.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== djk [~djk@p83.129.187.110.tisdip.tiscali.de] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
=== LinuxJones [~LJ@blk-222-206-208.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== kmdr_winebago [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|nickers, hmm perhaps you are right12:03
Matt|is it difficult to export the evolution folders to other clients?12:04
Zero-Gthey are standard maildirs12:04
Matt|they are mbox?12:04
__danielMatt|, no probem via IMAP :-)12:04
nickersMatt|, heck yeah....try doing an address book out12:04
kmdr_winebagohi i need help with installing ubuntu on an ibm r40e thinkpad. first boot froze upon the 'frame buffer' item so I used the appropriate option listed in help. now it freezes a step earlier, 'starting system log daemon syslogd, klogd". someone advised using the nolapic option, does not help12:04
nickersOh wait....do everything one vcard at a time12:04
Matt|nickers, :(12:04
nickersOutlook Express version 3 even did csv12:05
Zero-Gi don't have data in Evolution, it's all stored on my Exchange server12:05
Zero-Gi can export it to any client under the sun12:05
=== adam_ [~adam@roc-66-66-12-34.rochester.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Badger9all my address are stored on my sidekick.. and I can't sync that with evolution :(12:05
Matt|nickers you can't do them all at once?12:05
adam_hey everyone, i'm trying to dual boot ubuntu and windows, how do i know what to put as root in menu.lst?12:05
nickersNope one by one....i did the transition because at the time i was running evo 1.5.9 cvs release and it wouldnt support fricken SSL certs!12:06
=== Zero-G [~sjs298@sjshome.ict.ic.ac.uk] has left #ubuntu []
ograadam: should be done automagic12:06
nickersBadger9, install multisync12:06
nickersBadger9, then do a syncml server on linu12:06
__danielnickers, does it work with evo2?12:06
adam_yea, it didn't find windows...12:06
jdubgood morning freedom lovers!12:06
__danielhellas jdub12:07
ogragoood morning jdub12:07
Matt|nickers, i have just saved all my contacts as a vcard and it seems to work12:07
Badger9hmm thanks nickers will give that a shot12:07
=== ogra salutes
spiv<bored-school-kid>"good morning mr. dub"</bored-school-kid>12:07
nickers__daniel, Yeah finally my thawte certs work...12:07
__danielnickers, wow the lists on sourceforge told something else12:08
spivjdub: I bet you'd say that even if you were a school teacher ;)12:08
jdubspiv: :-)12:08
jdubspiv: where are you atm?12:08
=== Zero-G [~sjs298@sjshome.ict.ic.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
nickers__daniel, if you look in bugtraq you will see me there :) It works now though12:08
jdubi'd love to have a guadec there12:08
spivEating out here is much cheaper than Majorca...12:09
__danielnickers, cooooooooool *grabs syncml fast*12:09
=== neodreams [~neodreams@modemcable130.175-37-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
jdubspiv: did you chase-dead-skase?12:09
nickers__daniel, its the only way i can sync my Nokia 3650 with the puter over bluetooth12:09
spivjdub: I thought about it :)12:09
nickersif you have internet you can actually do it over the web to your syncml server 12:09
spivToo busy working and enjoying the beach ;)12:09
jdubspiv: has the working-while-travelling aspect of it turned out well?12:10
adam_when i try to boot hd0,0 it gives me a filesystem problem...12:10
spivjdub: It's a bit exhausting when you're moving around a lot.  We changed cities every four days or so in the US, so that was rough.12:11
ograadam_: there should be brackets.....12:11
=== fc [~fc@tdma-wlan-gw01.mark.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
spivIt's been a bit easier now we're only changing cities every few weeks.12:11
adam_"filesystem type unknown, partition type 0x7"12:11
=== greatscot [~greatscot@greatscot.user] has joined #ubuntu
greatscotI just downloaded and burned Ubuntu Linux and, man, it is nice!12:12
=== stodge [~stodge@CPE0080c8790cda-CM000039179a5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
adam_my grub file has title Windows; root (hd0,0), makeactive, chainloader +112:12
=== tmp [~tmp@host81-155-144-232.range81-155.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== mirak_ [~mirak@adsl-68-73-205-155.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tmp is now known as tmpy
Bohhhgreatscot, how is it?12:13
ograadam_: everything in one row ??12:13
Bohhhgreatscot, i am dwl it right now12:13
toyowheelinadam_ what problem are you having?12:13
adam_each comma is a line break12:13
adam_can't boot windows.12:13
LinuxJonesWhere can I disable ipv6 support from being loaded ? 12:13
toyowheelinadam_ enable LSB in the bios12:13
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
tmpywhich package has mysql docs? cant find, is it in the archive?12:14
toyowheelinyeah I think its lsb 12:14
Bohhhsuppose i want to install kde after having installed ubuntu. is this possible wihout much trouble?12:14
adam_what's its stand for?12:14
greatscotBohhh: I don't even like gnome, but this is SWEEEET!!! I may start using gnome again. It's beautiful and it seems the Ubuntu team chose good apps. Congrats to them!!!12:14
ograadam_: toyo sounds good..... but it's called LBA12:14
Bohhhgreatscot, i love kde, but i'll try gnome as well12:14
greatscotme too12:15
Bohhhlast time i tried gnome it was 2.412:15
jdubBohhh: you have to enable universe, then you should jsut be able to apt-get install kde12:15
Bohhhnow it is 2,8 right?12:15
toyowheelinogra, thanks I got too manny tla's in my head12:15
toyowheelinthree letter acronyms12:15
ogratoyowheelin: nevermind ;)12:15
toyowheelinlba is what it was though12:16
Bohhhgreatscot, linux 2.6, right?12:16
greatscotBohhh: don't know yet.12:16
Bohhhgreatscot, could you do uname -a?12:16
greatscotyeah, hold on...12:16
=== Pluk [~Pluk@248-85.ipact.nl] has joined #ubuntu
jdubBohhh: gnome 2.8, linux 2.6 (in warty)12:17
toyowheelinanyway adam_ if you enable lba it should boot12:17
Bohhhjdub, which version of 2.6?12:17
greatscotBohhh:  2.6.712:17
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
ograBohhh: 2.6.812:17
ogragreatscot: you should update ;)12:18
greatscotI just downloaded the rc212:18
ograLinux monkey #112:18
jdub2.6.8.1 + patches12:18
Matt|does anyone here use xchat?12:18
Bohhhthey update everytime a stable release is out? so what about 2.6.9 now?12:18
MyKq3is it pasabule that i didn't had any (aptget) updates ?12:18
=== rastaman [~sgtshatta@24-193-25-90.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
MyKq3for the last week ?12:18
ograMyKq3: only two pkgs (security stuff)12:19
Plukjust compile the newest kernel yourself if you want it :)12:19
nickersi use xchat12:19
Plukuname[Linux Aragorn 2.6.9-amd64 #5 Sun Oct 24 21:44:18 CEST 2004 x86_64 GNU/Linux] 12:19
tmpyyo guys, i know that mysql-docs is on non-free in debian, is it available in ubuntu?? 12:19
Matt|nickers, you know why i have upgraded my whole system but yet xchat is still on 2.0.8?12:20
nickersis there a newer ver out?12:20
nickersits my latest12:20
adam_how do u unable LSB support?12:20
=== travis [~travis@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|2.4.0 is latest12:20
ograPluk: not on mine.... but as it's a doc package you should be able to pick the debian .deb12:20
Matt|it's 3 or 4 versions behind12:20
adam_how do u enable LBA?12:21
adam_now LSB12:21
nickersi recommend sticking with what you got till ubuntu puts it in there repos12:21
toyowheelinadam_ its LBA 12:21
Matt|nickers, ok12:21
toyowheelinI had it wrong sorry about that12:21
toyowheelinits in the bios12:21
adam_yea, how do u enable LBA12:21
adam_What's it usually called?12:21
adam_i can't find it.12:21
nickersif there is something you want thats only in the new one....then edit your sources.lst and enable universe and shoot from there12:21
ograadam: Logical Block access12:21
toyowheelinLarge Block Addressing12:21
=== thomaes [~thomas@dsl-156-249.utaonline.at] has joined #ubuntu
toyowheelindamn it I should just shut up now12:22
ogratoyowheelin: ok , this time you won ;)12:22
travisok, I can't get domain lookup to go faster, I uncommented the line in whichever file I was supposed to, rmmod ipv6 tells me that it's in use, and if I force it, it crashes gdm12:22
=== tvon [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
thomaeshello, ive got a problem, how can i listen to mp3s in rhythmbox?12:22
toyowheelinogra, is more on his game today than I am12:22
adam_how do u enable it?12:22
adam_i don't see an option.12:22
ogratoyowheelin: not really, we both mied it aup this time *g*12:23
=== Matt| [~Matt@81-178-76-139.dsl.pipex.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== LinuxJones [~LJ@blk-222-206-208.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== Matt| [~Matt@81-178-76-139.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
toyowheelinadam_ prolly in the IDE config12:23
Matt|ok thunderbird can't seem to import evolution mail12:23
ograadam_: in your BIOS12:23
Matt|what's up there?12:24
spivthomaes: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats12:24
toyowheelinadam_ what bios do you have?12:24
=== hk-alfa_ [hk@] has joined #ubuntu
thomaescan anybody help me? rhythmbox needs a plugin to play mp3s, how do i install it??12:24
=== aitrus [~foouser@67-50-98-17.dsl1.chi.il.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
travisI can deal with long waits for domain name resolution, but does anyone know why grub won't let me boot windows, and how I can get it back? The partition is fine, grub's configuration is set up properly... I don't get it.12:24
travisit's the same problem that I had in fedora a while back, that apparently a LOT of people had12:25
toyowheelintravis, LBA in the bios should fix it12:25
spivthomaes: Instructions are at the link I just gave -- you need to install gstreamer0.8-mad12:25
ograthomaes: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats12:25
travistoywheelin, disable it or enable it? I believe it's enabled.12:25
thomaesthx spiv12:25
toyowheelintravis, its prolly set to automatic set it to enabled12:26
travisok will do.12:26
Matt|THUNDERBIRD doesn't seem to be able to import vcards either :(12:26
=== ogra wonders if it's LBA day (yesterday was compile day here)
travisbefore I try that, I completely forgot how to add a module to startup. I need the nvidia module to load at start up.12:26
LinuxJonestravis,  in  /etc/modprobe.d/aliases change alias net-pf-10 ipv6 to read alias net-pf-10 off. That will stop ipv6 from being loaded @ next boot.12:26
=== angrylogic [~angrylogi@smi28-038.uml.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== atomsk [~parentj@modemcable088.237-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
nickersMatt|, Welcome to my world12:27
nickersthere are some converters to get them to another format12:27
angrylogicAnyone having issues with USB not being automounted in Ubuntu or know a work around?12:27
travisThanks LinuxJones12:28
LinuxJonestravis, add nvidia to /etc/modules 12:28
LinuxJonessure ;)12:28
monteirodoes kernel 2.6.9 go to ubuntu apt ?12:28
=== paulproteus [~paulprote@h-67-102-97-191.mclnva23.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
toyowheelinI sent a nasty-gram to ATI to show them how disapointed I was with them not havig 64bit radeon drivers for linux12:28
atomsk...here goes, my radio tuner (Hauppauge WinTV PCI) doesnt work under Ubuntu. Any ideas how to fix it? I dont have the /dev/radio entry :/12:28
nickersatomsk, lspci12:28
travisand thanks again LJ :) going to try all these out. May be back soon12:28
Plukhehe me2 toyowheelin 12:29
Plukit really sux!12:29
Plukgonna sell my ati12:29
Plukive had it12:29
nickerslinux is all nvidia12:29
toyowheelinlol I am thinking about it 12:29
toyowheelinand get an Nvidia12:29
paulproteusNo, stick with ATI!12:29
nickersi dont care if they suck monkey toes in certain benchmarks...it works like a charm12:29
paulproteusThey have Free Software drivers....12:29
=== greatscot [~greatscot@greatscot.user] has left #ubuntu ["'S]
Pluki dont care about free drivers when im gaming... :)12:30
toyowheelinPluk, what ATI do u have12:30
atomsknickers: what should I search for?12:30
Pluk9800 pro12:30
toyowheelinsame here12:30
toyowheelinworks great in windows12:30
mirak_hey guys?12:30
Plukyup indeed12:30
nickersatomsk Happuage12:30
mirak_how to install from tar.gz?12:30
nickersmirak_, tar xvfz file.tar.gz12:30
ogramirak_: what ?12:31
nickerscd file12:31
=== mjr bought an 9250 just 'cause there's open drivers for that variety still
nickers./configure; make; make install; make clean12:31
=== jamaas [~jamaas@host81-152-228-165.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
atomsknickers: I only see the bttv stuff...12:31
Matt|nickers, know any other good mail programs which CAN import easily evolution files?12:31
Matt|i'm gonna try mozilla-mail next12:31
toyowheelinPluk, what processor do u have12:31
ogramirak_: what do you want to install from tgz ?12:32
nickersatomsk, bttv is good :)12:32
=== ccox [~ccox@ip68-104-151-198.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
nickersatomsk, what does it do when you open your tv program12:32
ccoxhmmmm what is difference with this xchat 2.4.0?12:32
=== markoni2 [marko_tasi@P2-257-20111.dialup.ns.ac.yu] has joined #ubuntu
Plukgot it when it came out 1st12:32
toyowheelinI have the 3400+12:32
jamaascould someone help me mount an external hard drive, I just changed from Mandrake to Ubuntu and it doesn't find the disk when booting.  Thanks  Jim12:32
atomsknickers: well its just the radio tuner that I need for now the TV cable is not in yet... :)12:33
Plukcou;dnt wait nomore, came from a dual p2-400 :D12:33
Matt|ccox, not sure. they are 3 versions in between i think. presume security updates and some features12:33
nickersatomsk, so you want just radio?12:33
ccoxoh well12:33
nickerswell if lspci sees it all is well12:33
nickerswhat app are you using atomsk12:33
toyowheelinPluk, have you got java JRE working12:33
Plukcheck cat /proc/partitions12:33
atomsknickers: radio12:33
Pluknot yet, just installed ubuntu today12:35
=== travis [~travis@] has joined #ubuntu
toyowheelinPluk, I dont think there is a 64bit JRE12:35
nickersatomsk, i dont know that one12:35
nickersatomsk, http://gnomefiles.org/app.php?soft_id=53212:35
=== suix [~suix@] has joined #ubuntu
travisOK I can get into Windows for work now, nvidia module loads at start up, but domain name resolving still takes about 15 seconds, and it's close to instant on all the other pc's in our apartment. I've edited /etc/modutils/aliases AND /etc/modprobe.d/aliases. Anything else I can do?12:35
ograhi suix12:36
Pluktheres one on www.blackdown.org12:36
jdubtravis: what's in /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf?12:36
Zero-Ga bunch of text12:36
Pluktoyowheelin, 64bit jre is on www.blackdown.org12:36
Plukgonna check it now12:36
Matt|nickers, looks like mozilla-mail uses the same importer as thunderbird: no dice12:36
toyowheelinPluk, humm cool I will have to install it and play12:37
Pluktoo bad theres no flash yet12:37
Pluklove those small addictive games :P12:37
suixdoes anyone konw how to make work divx on ubuntu?12:37
Plukapt-get install xine-ui12:37
toyowheelinflash is the worst part of having 64bit12:37
Matt|the usual url12:37
suixit dont work12:37
travisin /etc/hosts there's one line with default ipv4 stuff, and 5 lines for default ipv6 stuff. resolv.conf has my nameservers, and they're correct12:38
jdubsuix: apt-get install totem-xine, then installw32codecs from marillat's repository12:45
ograsuix: is your system up to date ? is universe enabled ? (http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/SynapticHowto)12:45
=== merhojt [~merhojt@h67n2fls35o989.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubtravis: are you having dns name resolution problems, or windows name resolution problems?12:45
suixit maybe the movie12:45
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-024-165.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== danc3 [~danc3@ip68-109-103-85.pn.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
suixgood night12:45
=== markoni [marko_tasi@P1-222-20006.dialup.ns.ac.yu] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|marillat's repository?12:45
travisjdub, it's when I am opening a website. It says "resolving www.whatever.com" for about 10-15 seconds, when on other pcs it's close to instant12:45
toyowheelinPluk, whats the diff between jdk and jre12:45
ccoxjdub: where is merillat's repository?12:45
ograMatt|: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RestrictedFormats12:45
mirak_nicker, ./configure doesnt work12:45
ograccox: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RestrictedFormats12:45
brettcartoyowheelin: JDK includes tools for development12:45
mirak_nickers, ./configure doesnt work12:45
brettcartoyowheelin: JRE just includes tools for running Java programs12:45
toyowheelinbrettcar, so they will both run java apps?12:45
joemsparkes, wc?12:45
=== francois_ [~francois@alfortville-13-82-228-220-144.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
nickersmirak_, what does it say12:45
jamaasanyone help me mount an external hard drive... please ?  :-)12:45
francois_hello all12:45
ogramirak_: what do you try to install ?12:45
mirak_nickers, nvm ...figured it out....had to cd to the directory12:45
nickersmirak_, Yeah need to be in it to configure...let me know if it gets hung up12:45
mirak_nickers, but it appears "make" bombed on me12:45
nickersmirak_, what app? and where did the make bomb?12:45
=== Terk [~christiaa@dslam204-11-172-82.dyndsl.zonnet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
toyowheelin12MB takes forever when the server is only letting you have it at 70KB/s12:45
=== JStrike [~joel@cpt-dial-196-30-178-123.mweb.co.za] has left #ubuntu []
francois_when playing a dvd with totem I got an error message saying that I can't read such a media (tmw_aspect_ratio_square_menu_item) due to a plugin I don't have12:45
francois_what is this plugin and how can I get it ?12:45
travisanyone have any clues?12:45
toyowheelinabout what travis12:45
ografrancois_: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RestrictedFormats12:46
nickersfrancois_, what plugins do you have? ahhh ogra good call :012:46
travistoywheelin: sorry bout that. About how to speed up domain name resolving12:46
=== ogra thinks about writing xchat makros ...
francois_ogra, ok I check12:46
toyowheelinI dont know sorry12:46
=== ploum [~ploum@21-4.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== limaunion [~limaunion@172-166-114-200.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #ubuntu
Pluktoyowheelin, java works ok12:49
francois_ogra, still got the problem12:49
francois_rework your macros :)12:49
toyowheelinPluk, yup I got it working as well12:49
ografrancous_: after you installed libdvdcss ?12:49
francois_I think it was not related with the error messahe12:50
toyowheelinPluk, thanks for showing me that site12:50
=== Terk [~christiaa@dslam204-11-172-82.dyndsl.zonnet.nl] has left #ubuntu []
toyowheelinit is an outdated version of java12:58
Matt|ogra you could put that link in the topic12:58
toyowheelinbut it works12:58
francois_ogra, no, it was still running...12:58
francois_but now it crashes12:58
francois_when I click on "play disc"12:58
francois_totem disappears12:58
toyowheelintravis, when you went in your bios was LBA set to auto?12:58
ografrancois_: have you got totem-xine installed ?12:58
francois_but I don't have the message anymore, that's the good point12:58
Pluk1.4.2 it is12:58
francois_yeah ogra12:58
Plukdunno where suns java is now?12:58
francois_I have got it12:58
francois_but it crashes12:58
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-158-137.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
ografrancois_: hmm12:58
toyowheelinPluk, oh... I was thinking 2.somthin12:58
ograhi WW12:58
WWHello world.12:58
toyowheelinbut no its at 1.4.212:58
WWogra: Hey12:58
Plukah ok12:58
toyowheelinso its not outdated I guess12:58
ograWW: you told me i should not drop the idea yesterday, remember ?12:58
travistoywheelin, sure was :) Setting it to LBA worked fine. I just don't get why it worked fine in gentoo and debian, but not ubuntu12:58
Plukwell at least 1 problem tackled12:58
Pluknow only flash and ati drivers :D12:58
toyowheelintravis, same thing happend to me 12:58
Plukand then im ok i think12:58
travisoops, I keep leaving out the O in toyOwheelin12:58
WWogra: Right... have you written a manifesto?12:58
ograWW: rather something like a draft *g* : http://www.grawert.net/p2p.pdf12:58
toyowheelinPluk, ati wont happen and flash may not ether12:58
francois_ogra : I straced totem, here is what I got :12:58
francois_The program 'totem' received an X Window System error.12:58
francois_This probably reflects a bug in the program.12:58
francois_The error was 'BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)'.12:58
francois_  (Details: serial 90 error_code 11 request_code 142 minor_code 19)12:58
Plukhehe dammit toyowheelin now im depressed!12:58
toyowheelinATI hasent got 64bit drivers yet12:58
Plukcrappy ati12:58
ografrancois_: looks bad.... what kind of video HW have you got ?12:58
toyowheelinand I dont think there is a 64bit flash12:58
Pluki can put my gf2mx in12:58
=== MikeGTN is now known as MikeAFK
=== aitrus [~foouser@67-50-98-17.dsl1.chi.il.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
francois_ogra, an old ati rage 12812:58
=== Pluk [~Pluk@248-85.ipact.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Plukwrong x12:58
=== hk-alfa_ [hk@] has left #ubuntu []
=== WW is reading...
toyowheelintravis, whats in your resolv.conf12:58
adam_toyowheelin: nope, no 64Bit flash12:58
adam_i emailed them aout it bu they sent me to the 32Bit one LOL dumbass tech support12:58
toyowheelinadam_ didnt think so12:58
travistoyowheelin, my 3 dns servers, with "search rdfr.va.charter.net" at the top12:58
ografrancois_: got no idea, you probably should try mplayer....12:58
mjrthe flash buggers should just free the viewer and make their money in content creation12:59
toyowheelintravis, are you behind a NAT router?01:05
Pluktravis, whats in /etc/network/interfaces?01:05
travistoyowheelin: I THINK so. All the pcs on my network share the same IP01:05
toyowheelintravis put your nat router as the first DNS server and see what happens01:05
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
travisPluk: "auto lo" "iface lo inet loopback" "auto eth0" "iface eth0 inet dhcp" "name Ethernet LAN card"01:05
ploummplayer doesn't work on my ubuntu :-(01:05
ploumzsh: illegal hardware instruction 01:05
ograploum: how did you install it ?01:05
ploumfrom multiverse01:05
jdubploum: there's a problem with the mplayer packages atm01:05
ploumjdub, ok, so this is not me01:05
ploumthanks.. That's all I need to know :-)01:05
ploumanyone have an idea to play a mov file that say "main decoder error: no suitable decoder module for fourcc `QDM2'." (I have video but no sound)01:05
cardadorploum: did you install the w32codecs?01:05
=== siimo [~l337hx0r@210-54-104-4.dialup.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
__danielploum, you could run  file   on it and check if it really is a .mov file01:05
ograjdub: will the marillat version nr. get overruled by the multiverse pkg ? 01:05
siimohi does ubuntu have its own apt mirrors for its own packages?01:05
WWogra: Interesting idea.  It raises quite a few questions, but I need to think a bit more about it (and this channel is not the place for it). 01:05
ograWW: zthats true ;)01:05
seb128ploum: 01:05
seb128<BBB>   QDM2 is unsupported01:05
seb128<BBB>   we have no opensource codec for that01:05
seb128ploum: from one of my IRC logs01:06
LinuxJonessiimo, yes01:06
siimoLinuxJones, whats the link?01:06
seb128ploum: dunno with what you are trying to read it01:07
=== MadHunter [~MadHunter@c-67-168-210-3.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
toyowheelintravis, did that change anything?01:21
ograsiimo: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ 01:21
MadHunterWhere might I find a place to download Ubuntu packages? The system I have Ubuntu on (a laptop) currently does not have access to the internet, so I need to find a place to download the packages from to put them onto CD's.01:21
siimodo these packages mix well with the offical debian ones?01:21
siimoalso the packages from debian ubuntu uses are they woody/sarge/sid ?01:21
ograsiimo: why should one do this ?01:21
LinuxJonessiimo, you need the repository list 1 sec01:21
limaunionhi, does anyone know how to solve a conflict between to network interfaces ? dmesg shows two different NICs trying to use eth0 01:21
siimobecause unbunto doesn't have it's version of all the packages ?01:21
ograsiimo: right, but 98% are there ;)01:21
ograi guess...01:21
=== idaho45 [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ogra is carfull to day
siimo98% of debian repository are you serious  :O01:21
ograsiimo: it's simply been synced with sid once (in August i think)01:21
LinuxJonessiimo, there are like 14,000 packages available01:21
WWogra: (end of June, actually)01:21
siimooic so they are the exact same packages - or recompiled ?01:21
MadHunterWhere might I find a place to download Ubuntu packages? The system I have Ubuntu on (a laptop) currently does not have access to the internet, so I need to find a place to download the packages from to put them onto CD's.01:21
ograWW: wow, this early.... didn't know01:21
jdubsiimo: don't use ubuntu packages with debian packages, it's strongly discouraged01:21
siimoMadHunter, http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/  if you scroll up01:21
smo"apt-cache stats" shows 13687 "Normal" packages on my ubuntu box, and 14278 on my Sarge one .. 98% may actually be underestimating it01:21
WWsiimo: recompiled01:21
jdubsiimo: ubuntu is based on debian sid; we froze in late june01:21
MadHunterI was perusing that link, but could not find individual packages there.01:21
siimoMadHunter, look in pool dir01:21
siimoand its alphabetical subdirs01:21
=== __daniel is now known as danieldogwalk
siimojdub, what about updates then ;-)01:21
ogra__daniel: this reminds me...thanks01:21
MadHunterAh, pool. Hehe. The one I hadn't tried yet. :) Thanks.01:21
jdubsiimo: we release every six months01:21
danieldogwalkogra, :-)01:21
danieldogwalkogra, we'll be out chasing bunnies ;-)01:21
=== ogra is now known as ogra_dogwalk
=== amigo [~amigo@] has joined #ubuntu
siimojdub, no i mean software updates for example mozilla-firefox 1.0 is exprected before 6 months, gaim releases every 3-4 weeks :( or will people have to wait for the release cycle to get any new official packages at all01:21
jdubsiimo: new software comes with new releases, it would not be supportable any other way01:21
siimoso you have not considered a updates repository as such for small module software that will be easily updatable01:21
siimomodular i mean01:21
jdubwe have a security repository and an updates repository for non-security bugfixes01:21
jdubwe will not be upgrading software willy-nilly on a stable release01:21
jdubit would not be supportable01:21
siimono i do not mean upgrading the actual release01:21
Pluknite all01:21
siimooh ok so you will release an update when gaim stops working for a certain protocol in the bugfixes repository :-) 01:21
=== ctalkep [~ctalkep@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Matt| [~Matt@81-178-76-139.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|any idea how to solve the following error?01:22
siimobecause gaim 1.0.2 is out and contains several bugfixes01:22
Matt|Totem could not play 'rtsp://cspanrm.fplive.net/cspan/project/c04/c04093004_debate1.rm?mode=compact'.01:22
Matt|Failed to open; reason unknown01:22
siimoMatt|, lol reason unknown01:22
Matt|can totem play rm streams?01:22
Matt|can anyone else play this file?01:22
Despairweird. chromium bsu segfaults on amd64 if there is a ~/.chromium-score from a 32bit run.01:23
siimoim trying01:23
siimoyes i can play01:23
Bohhhwhy is ubuntu 1 cd, while sarge is 11 cds?01:23
siimoim using xine though01:23
siimoBohhh, i guess it only has the base required packages for a fully functioning desktop later you can get more software01:24
francois_good night01:24
Matt|siimo have you got any realplayer plugins installed or something?01:24
=== francois_ [~francois@alfortville-13-82-228-220-144.fbx.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
siimoMatt|, w32codes package 01:25
Matt|siimo i have that installed01:25
siimofrom here ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/index.html01:25
=== mirak_ [~mirak@adsl-68-73-205-155.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|i have em01:25
mirak_can anyone help with tvtime???.............it crashes about 30 seconds after it starts?01:26
siimoi think real media is disabled by default does the plugin show up in firefox?01:26
Matt|hang on01:26
Matt|doesn't show up01:27
=== ken_ [~ken@rdu74-132-022.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
siimoMatt|, you might want to install real player 01:27
siimothe new version is very nice01:27
Matt|siimo, have you got it installed?01:27
siimoyes i have it but i can play in xine too01:28
=== lamont [~lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu
siimoMatt|, https://helixcommunity.org/project/showfiles.php?group_id=154 get  >> RealPlayer 10.0.1 Final Release01:28
Matt|i can get it through apt?01:29
siimodon't think so it comes with its own installer - download the .bin file01:29
=== ken__ [~ken@cpe-024-163-091-077.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== mirak_ [~mirak@adsl-68-73-205-155.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== oferw555 [~ofer@DSL217-132-41-254.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_umm guys............tvtime is now making my computer crash, as well....err stop responding01:32
mirak_can anyone help?01:33
Matt|does anyone else have any more ideas about that rm streaming file?01:33
Matt|sorry mirak_01:33
Matt|no idea01:33
=== danieldogwalk is now known as __daniel
=== snazbaz [~snazbaz@] has joined #ubuntu
__danielmirak_, try starting it from the console and look for error messages01:34
__danielMatt|, get realplayer-installer (or a likely package) from marillats rop01:34
Matt|__daniel, ok, it asks me for some input though, and I don't know what to put in01:34
__danielMatt|, hm01:35
__danielMatt|, what does it say?01:35
mirak___daniel, kk....i will try01:35
Matt|__daniel, i have read the instructions better now, and can deal01:35
=== ogra_dogwalk joggles and drops
=== ogra_dogwalk is now known as ogra
__danielogra, hier auch01:36
ograthunderstorm here :(01:36
mirak___daniel, it gave some meassages.....i dont like em01:36
__danielogra, only 4 bunnies weren't sitting in their hidey holes01:36
__danielmirak_, try to be more specific :-)01:36
ogramirak_: does this happen with the ubuntu package ?01:37
=== atomsk [~parentj@modemcable088.237-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu []
=== pocolocococo [~LordAngel@pool-151-198-118-56.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_ogra, yes...i think.....i got tvtime from apt-get01:38
ogramirak_: show us the errors01:38
mirak_it is big...........cannot paste here01:39
=== [Phaedrus] [Phaedrus@] has joined #ubuntu
=== danc3 [~danc3@ip68-109-103-85.pn.at.cox.net] has left #ubuntu ["Gone]
=== BlackFenix [~Miranda@] has joined #ubuntu
ograsoes anyone  know if  DI_GreedyH.dll is in win32codecs ?01:42
__danielogra, libdscaler: usr/lib/win32/DI_GreedyH.dll01:43
ogramirak_: install this one01:43
=== Tenniru [~Tenniru@pool-141-156-219-36.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_ogra, what __daniel said?01:44
mirak_how......that si just a file path01:44
__danielmirak_, yes: sudo apt-get install libdscaler01:44
TenniruI have a question about RythmBox. I think this is the right place to ask.01:44
TenniruWhen I add a song to my music library, it doesn't appear.01:45
TenniruAnd when I try to play any streaming radio, it just locks up.01:45
TenniruWhat do I do? Just use another player?01:45
ograTenniru: no error msg ?01:45
TenniruNo, it just locks.01:45
WWTenniru: How do you add the song?01:45
TenniruRight- click and Add To Music Library or whatever it's called.01:46
TenniruIt does not appear.01:46
mirak_ogra, __daniel, still broken01:46
mirak_ogra, if i uninstall it and reinstal it....same thing happens....is there anyway to set it to default?01:47
=== burner [~burner@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_ogra, like i never installed in the first place?01:47
__danielmirak_, EXACTLY the same messages?01:47
ograTenniru: probably :https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=269101:47
mirak___daniel, a bit different this time....but close01:48
TenniruNow, I tried switching to XMMS when I hit this snag.01:48
calcanyone know how to setup wpa in ubuntu?01:48
calci need to enable wpa-psk on my wireless card01:48
burnerwpa is a new one for me01:48
=== burner doens't even use wep :)
calcwep is useless01:48
TenniruIt will not stay on a skin. When I select a skin and then turn off the program, the program went back to default when I tried turning it on again.01:48
burnernot if you don't transfera lot01:48
burnerit would take forever to capture enough packets to crack it01:49
ogramirak_: show them01:49
mirak_mirak@ubuntu:~ $ tvtime01:49
mirak_Running tvtime
mirak_Reading configuration from /etc/tvtime/tvtime.xml01:49
mirak_Reading configuration from /home/mirak/.tvtime/tvtime.xml01:49
mirak_videoinput: Can't read frame. Error was: Input/output error (0).01:49
mirak_videoinput: Can't read frame. Error was: Input/output error (0).01:49
mirak_videoinput: Can't read frame. Error was: Input/output error (0).01:49
calcburner: only takes a few hundred MB of transfer iirc01:49
mirak_Segmentation fault01:49
=== Vicious [~ensiz@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Vicious [~ensiz@] has left #ubuntu []
calcburner: so maybe a few days on a lightly used network, vs a few min on a heavily used one01:49
calcso wep is still useless01:49
burnerfor my home network, wep would work... if i didn't open it up to everyone anyway01:50
calca few days to crack is still nothing for a non-moving ap ;)01:50
__danielmirak_, you know if your video device is correctly set up?01:50
ogramirak_: have you got a /dev/video ?01:50
mirak___daniel, it was working.......01:50
mirak_ogra, same to you01:50
Matt|i can't even get wep with my card01:50
mirak_sh*t....gtg....im late..............thnx for your help guys01:51
Bohhhit is burning 01:51
__danielbye mirak_01:51
Bohhhdamn, it's 1x01:51
=== rwabel [~rwabel@] has joined #ubuntu
=== blahrus [~blahrus@12-223-50-121.client.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu
Bohhhi have to wait 1.25 hours01:51
blahrusogra: you still around/01:51
[Phaedrus] by the way, Ubuntu's website doesnt say much about support for a Geforce2 Video Card. Is it safe to assume, it is supported?01:51
=== __daniel just read "it is burning" and was imagining something more chaotic :-)
ograblahrus: yep01:52
rwabelis it normal that with ubuntu alsa is not included. at least no complet. I don't have an alsaconf01:52
calcso it appears ubuntu doesn't have the wpa supplicant package, is that correct?01:52
__daniel[Phaedrus] , yes01:52
Bohhh[Phaedrus] , only god knows01:52
blahrusogra: do you use k3b at all?01:52
tvonanyone use make-kpkg?  Should the --initrd option go through okay?01:52
calcor is there some other way to set it up under ubuntu?01:52
ograblahrus: no, i'm fine with nautilus01:52
blahrusogra: I am trying to burn a music cd from mp3s01:52
[Phaedrus] heh.. thanks __daniel01:52
[Phaedrus] Very funny Bohhh01:52
=== flamtripl3t [~gdub@d207-216-48-17.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
blahrusogra: but when it tries to cd up kde it asks for the root password to set up the prog and well there is no root01:53
Bohhhi am ok with my g40001:53
Bohhhi don't need anything better01:53
=== zograk [phil@staff.kodezone.com] has joined #ubuntu
__danielBohhh, i don't even know which nvidia adaptor i got :-)01:53
=== burnboy [~burnboy@wbar2.chi1-4-10-097-232.chi1.dsl-verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
blahrusanyone using k3b/01:54
ograblahrus: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RootSudo?action=highlight&value=k3b01:54
Bohhhblahrus, no, but i am using cdrecord01:54
__danielblahrus, i used to use it when i was with debian01:54
Bohhhright now01:54
Bohhhk3b doesn't support parallel burners, so it's unuseful for me01:54
blahrusBohhh: is there a way to make audio cds with mp3s in cdrecord?01:54
ograblahrus: mp3burn is good too if you like the commandline ;)01:54
Bohhhblahrus, of course. you have to convert it to wav with some application ,then burn it with cdrtools01:55
=== BlackFenix [~Miranda@] has left #ubuntu []
=== aitrus [~foouser@] has joined #ubuntu
blahrushum . . . .01:55
blahrusogra: is mp3burn easy to use?01:55
burnereroaster is easy!01:55
ograblahrus: as easy as cdrecord *g*01:56
blahrusi am not big on the command line01:56
blahrusi would like to get better01:56
__danielblahrus, you will be :-)01:56
Bohhhman cdrecord :)01:56
ograblahrus: and man mp3burn01:56
=== ogra is considering writing a mp3burn frontend for gnome
blahrusogra: well that would be so nice of you01:57
blahrusI just tried "mp3burn -p /home/blahrus/Straylight_Run-Straylight_Run-\(Unmastered_Advance\)-2004-iND/00-straylight_run-straylight_run-\(unmastered_advance\)-2004-ind.m3u"01:58
ograblahrus: but takes it's time....01:58
blahrusit didn't liek that to much01:58
blahrusogra: is there a setup I have to do first?01:58
ograblahrus: leave the m3u, just list the songs01:58
blahrusok 01:58
blahrusspace between each song then?01:58
=== blackdog [~blackdog@pcp03357137pcs.batlfl01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograblahrus: should work, try it....01:59
blahrus"Permission denied. WARNING: Cannot set priority using setpriority()"02:00
blahrusdo I have to be root?02:00
blahrusor sudo in ubuntu02:00
ograblahrus: try it02:01
blahrus"Cannot open '/dev/pg*'. Cannot open SCSI driver."02:01
blahrusno go02:01
ograbalh: sudo modprobe sg02:01
blahrusogra:  .. . . . 02:02
blahrusnothing happened02:02
__danielguys, i'm off to bed02:02
__danielsleep tight02:02
ograsleep well daniel02:02
=== geppy [~geppy@c-24-0-83-218.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== salman [~salman@150-124.35-65.tampabay.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
__danielyou too ogra :-)02:02
salmanAny XLib programmers here?02:02
ograblahrus: no errors, thats good02:03
blahrusogra: sounds good02:03
blahrusogra: so what do I need to do now02:04
=== bern [~bern@hc65277ea.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
ograblahrus: what i normally do is: set up a file containing the songnames (one by line) and then use this file with -p02:04
salmanIs there a command line utility like 'xwininfo' that lets the user move/resize a window given exact size and offset?02:05
blahrusogra: save it as what type of file?02:06
salmanI want to be able to click on a window and specify a geometry spec like '200x200+15+80'02:06
Bohhh: still burning02:07
bernas there a good program to use to listen to online music streams02:07
berni can seem to get xmms or rhythmbox to play online streams02:07
Bohhhbern, xmms02:07
bernBohhh: 02:07
bernBohhh: it won't work for me02:07
Bohhh-11625 from ATIP02:07
bernBohhh: is there some sort of dependencies i need for streaming music02:08
Bohhhops sorry02:08
Bohhhbern, press ctrl+l02:08
Bohhhbern, press ctrl+l under xmms02:08
Bohhhbern, insert the url and go with it02:08
Bohhhburned! i am ready to install ubuntu!02:08
Bohhhgood luck !02:08
nickersis there any special reason why there is no thumbnail view in nautilus? in gentoo it auto compiled with it02:09
nickersis there a package i need to install02:09
berncan someone tell me if this stream works for them02:10
blahrusanyone else had any luck with mp3 burn?02:10
berni was just told you can't stream playlists02:10
optykworks for me02:11
optykapt-get install gstreamer0.8-plugins02:12
=== ogra_ [~ogra@p508EA4D2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Matt| [~Matt@81-178-76-139.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@157.besecure.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_blahrus: ?02:12
LinuxJonesblahrus, yes it plays fine02:12
Matt|i have just run PRELINK -afR and I got a host of errors. Does anyone know if this is normal? in the past with other distributions this has not happened to me!02:12
blahrusogra_: up I am here02:12
=== zaydana [cr@] has joined #ubuntu
aitrusbern: i'm listening to di's vocal trance right now02:13
zaydanahey guys... i just downloaded and burnt a wart CD but it told me i couldn't install the locales. You think its just a bad burn? Or is there something known that goes wrong?02:13
travistoyowheelin: setting the first dns to my router didn't work.02:13
=== burner [~burner@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
toyowheelintravis, oh well it was worth a shot02:14
travis:) yeah. Sorry for the delay, we went out for dinner02:14
toyowheelinoh :)02:14
pocolocococoha ha 02:15
zaydanaor i probs should ask did anybody else have trouble when it came to installing the locales file?02:15
bernaitrus: hehe i haven't listened to techno in a while02:15
bernthought it was about time to mix it up02:15
Matt|i have just run PRELINK -afR and I got a host of errors. Does anyone know if this is normal? in the past with other distributions this has not happened to me! <-- anyone know anything about this????02:15
jdubMatt|: don't bother with prelink02:16
toyowheelintravis, I have 2 dns servers one is my own and the other is my router which is a dns forwarder to my isps dns servers02:16
Matt|jdub, how come?02:16
jdubit's not worth the trouble02:16
jdubwe do some linker optimisation for the gnome packages02:16
Matt|jdub, it does not improve the speed?02:16
Matt|you are a developer?02:17
jdubprelink can provide startup benefits, but has a bunch of annoying costs too - it's just not worth it02:17
Matt|right in that case i will take your word for it02:17
Matt|anyother optimisations i should do?02:17
blahrusjdub: thanks for ubuntu :)02:18
stodgeI have versions 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8 of automake installed, but how do I select one to use. I get this error: Automake 1.6 or above is required. Aborting build...02:18
Matt|jdub, yeah i'll add my thanks02:18
travistoyowheelin: I used to be able to use my router as a forwarder, but it doesn't work anymore. If I set the dns to the router ip, it just doesn't work02:19
travisanyway, thanks for the help. I'm off for a bit, talk to you later02:19
Matt|jdub, what about compiling a kernel and building things in, is that worth it?02:19
jdubMatt|: no02:19
Matt|jdub, how come?02:20
jdubbecause there's no point02:20
jdubit just means you're not using the distro-supported kernel, that you need to recompile every time you get new hardware, etc., etc.02:20
jdubyou have to manage your own security fixes02:20
jdubokay, so02:21
jdubyou would do without all of those things02:21
jdubfor speed?02:21
azeemjdub: are you guys applying any extra low-latency-super-responsive patches to the kernel?02:21
jdubazeem: no02:21
Matt|depends on how much speed i guess jdub02:21
azeemone guy at debian-desktop believed that CDD should patch the kernel to make it desktop-ready02:22
jdubMatt|: seriously - you would forego all of those for 'speed'?02:22
azeemjdub: okie, so it's good enough for anybody else as well =)02:22
jdubMatt|: and then when i tell you that building modules into the kernel has ABSOLUTELY NO affect on performance...02:22
azeemjdub: it's prelinking ;)02:22
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubazeem: *cough*02:22
Matt|jdub, does it not save time loading the modules?02:23
jdubMatt|: stop thinking about 'speed' and start thinking about using your computer.02:23
jdubof course it does02:23
jdubbut you load a module once02:23
Matt|jdub, don't be angry02:23
Matt|<jdub> Matt|: stop thinking about 'speed' and start thinking about using your computer.02:23
eruinhttp://www.beatniksoftware.com/tomboy/img/applet-small.png <--- can anyone tell me what the "greenish" notification icon with a "v" in it is for?02:23
jdubnot angry :)02:23
Matt|what do you mean by thinking about my computer02:23
PizbitHeh, I find it funny when people argue for speed when they're only gonna save a few seconds over a month or so:)02:24
azeemMatt|: the point is that all the miliseconds you save each time on startup will get eaten up once you need to recompile your kernel for whatever reason02:24
Matt|azeem, i appreciate that02:24
Matt|i was just asking02:24
Matt|i have just been used to recompiling my kernel and building things in02:25
Matt|so i am interested02:25
azeemwell, if you are a hacker, you could check about running init scripts in parallel and optimizing hotplug or such things for hoary02:25
blackdogI've got a problem with mounting a vfat partion so I can share with my XP partition. Its mounted in fstab with /dev/hda4       /mnt/shared     vfat    rw,user,auto     0       0. It mounts with the wrong permission. How can I fix it?02:25
azeembut see what the status is on those before you duplicate work02:25
Matt|azeem, are you talking to me?02:25
azeemMatt|: yes02:25
paulproteusblackdog: Set 'noauto'.02:25
paulproteusAnd then mount it as your Ubuntu user.02:26
paulproteusRather than as root.02:26
Matt|azeem, i installed ubuntu for the first time last night02:26
paulproteusThere's one option for you.02:26
azeemblackdog: perhaps look at umask, dunno02:26
azeemMatt|: hmm, ok02:26
Matt|i have no competence with computers02:26
paulproteusblackdog: The other option is to add this option to the options list: uid=100002:26
Matt|otherwise I wouldn't have been asking dumb questions02:26
azeemMatt|: in that case, I advise you to just use your system for a couple of days and then reevaluate whether you really need more speed02:27
paulproteusuid=1000 will make the first user (user IDs start at 1000) own all the files.02:27
paulproteusumask=0 means any other you drop all security restrictions on the partition.  The "umask" parameter says what permissions to limit, so by setting it to zero you allow everyone everything.02:27
Matt|azeem, i had not made any evaluations. I repeat, i was simply curious02:28
=== cef_work [~cef@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|although i do not have a super-fast system02:28
blackdogthanks, trying it now )02:28
cef_workKamion: you about? mkinitrd is being annoying02:28
tmpyhi 02:29
tmpyis mysql-admin and mysql-query-browser available on ubuntu/ppc?? 02:30
Matt|how can I add items to the gnome menu??02:30
=== srbaker_ [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
WWMatt|: Check the wiki FAQ02:31
Matt|i.e. rtfm02:31
=== quetal [~anonimo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== WW would never say rtfm
DekkardMatt| its really easy matt02:32
quetalwebhosting from  $0.90 monthly www.yourhostplan.com02:32
=== quetal [~anonimo@] has left #ubuntu []
aitrusrtff  =)02:32
=== asubedi [~asubedi@pcp04534808pcs.oakrdg01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_Matt|: right click in a submenu02:32
Dekkardclick applications.. click on any catagorie goto the generated submenu , right click and at the bottom it says " add to this menu"02:33
ogra_jdub: hey, thanks for monkey-journal :)02:33
tmpythe mysql-admin, mysql-admin-common and mysql-query-browser is available on debian testing and unstable, any chance of getting them on debian 02:33
Matt|thanks you guys02:34
Matt|i should have seen that02:34
toyowheelinyou can use webmin to manage mysql fairly well02:34
Matt|now i need to find a good icon for gtkpod ;)02:34
tmpydude, these are lot faster than webmin, and have a lot more features :), besides i tried compiling from source , but ... dont trust my own packageing :P02:36
paulproteustmpy: Are they in Debian?02:37
paulproteusIf so, they're in the universe section.02:37
cef_workKamion: update on that module loading bug on the amd64 machine: slightly modified version of your command worked fine, but of course I had to mount /target/proc first so mkinitrd worked.. doh!02:37
WWmysql-client, -common and -server are in ubuntu02:38
tmpyyeah m8, tehy are in debain 02:38
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
paulproteustmpy: Then look in the Wiki for how to enable access to "universe" from Synaptic, and then find them in Synaptic. (-:02:38
WWtmpy: It looks like they are even in main.  No need for universe.02:38
tmpyi have enabled access to universe, long time ago 02:38
=== alka_trash [~homer@c-67-166-91-212.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
paulproteusThen what are you asking about?  Enjoy the beauty of Synaptic. (-;02:39
tmpyyeah?? wait .............02:39
alka_trashhey guys02:39
ogra_there is no mysql-admin package02:39
=== jeffathehutt [~jeff@pcp07274191pcs.dalect01.va.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
WWtmpy, ogra_: Doh, ogra_ is correct. My bad.02:40
alka_trashwhere's the the updated gaim and firefox?02:40
=== zodman [~zodman@] has joined #ubuntu
alka_trashare they in hoary02:40
tmpyyep, there is'nt, AFAIK, thet are LGPL (dual licenced)02:40
=== zodman [~zodman@] has left #ubuntu []
ogra_tmpy: do your selfmade packages work ?02:42
=== Bohhh [~bohhh@host182-26.pool80116.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Bohhhi am very sad. ubuntu installer is a copy of sarge installer: it has the same bugs.02:42
Bohhhi can't install nothing with that stupid installer02:42
paulproteusWhat system?02:43
tmpynope, i cant connect to any db and it does'nt exit gracefully (i'm on G3 ppc)02:43
cef_workBohhh: then definitely report a bug02:43
cef_workBohhh: what's the problem anyway?02:43
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
Bohhhi386, it attempts to format/mount a partition by using  a devfs name which does not exist02:43
=== Matt| [~Matt@81-178-76-139.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|damn wireless02:43
Bohhhdamn - devfs . how is this possible these days?02:44
ogra_tmpy: hmm did you recompile the deb packages or did you from source ?02:44
=== robertj [~robertj@] has joined #ubuntu
Bohhhit's a normal i386, with a normal ide hd02:44
cef_workBohhh: ouch.. what's it (supposedly?) trying to format?02:44
Bohhh/dev/hda5, reiserfs02:44
tmpyogra_: i downloaded the source from mysql site and compiled it from source 02:45
=== outcast [~outcast@ppp9-adsl-135.ath.forthnet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
Bohhhit can't access /dev/hda5, since it is using a devfs name which doesn't exist02:45
Bohhhincredible none notices this02:45
ogra_tmpy: i'd take the deb src ....02:45
cef_workhrm.. extended partition02:45
Bohhhcef, yes02:45
cef_workBohhh: what other fs's are on the drive?02:45
Bohhhcef, reiserfs, ext202:46
tmpyi cant get ubuntu source for it, cause it doesnt show up in deb-src02:46
=== alka_trash [~homer@c-67-166-91-212.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
tmpyorga_: how do i do that?? apt-source? 02:46
Matt|has anyone got a nice icon for gnome menu gtkpod entry?02:46
=== toyowheelin [~greg@c-24-19-103-204.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
tmpyorga_: sry,02:47
=== gabe [~gabe@static24-72-62-185.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
tmpyapt-get source :(02:47
Bohhhso i'll have to wait other 6 months to obtain something working, be it sarge or ubuntu02:47
=== seth_ [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-82-42.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
Bohhhi can only install mandrake and similar things here02:47
Bohhhwhich were supposed to be inferior to debian02:48
Bohhhat least for things like partition management02:48
azeemBohhh: uhm, did you send a bug report?02:48
Matt|could try gentoo?02:48
pocolocococoha ha 02:48
=== KonvIRC [~konversat@c-24-10-85-30.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Bohhhazeem, thousands02:48
pocolocococoBohhh: user skill level02:48
ogra_tmpy: get the source from here: http://packages.debian.org/unstable/admin/mysql-admin02:48
azeemBohhh: can't you use knoppix or something to partition and format your harddisk in advance?02:48
Bohhhazeem, yes02:48
paulproteusBohhh: Can you use the alternate root-terminal that the Debian Sarge installer provides to bootstrap your way?02:49
tmpyorga_: thx m8 , on it, will see what happens 02:49
=== darkersatanic [~hugo@mina.ecs.soton.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_tmpy: the better way would be to send a mail to ubuntu-dev with a package request02:49
pocolocococolearned helplessness02:49
Bohhhazeem, of course...but i am not having a good impression...02:49
azeemBohhh: oh, so you don't need help02:49
paulproteusBohhh: That is really weird, I agree.  I've installed Ubuntu and Sarge on quite a few systems, and never had it do that.02:49
tmpyorga_: i think i'm subscribed to that, will do, cheers 02:50
paulproteusThe final thing you could do is to symlink /dev/ide/whatever/whatever/disc to /dev/hda (-;02:50
Bohhhare you kidding?02:50
=== dml [~dml@ppp226-199.lns1.bne1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_night all....02:51
paulproteusBohhh: No....02:51
elmayathe repository for mplayer?02:51
=== stormrider [~stormride@] has joined #ubuntu
Bohhhi am not going to create a symlinks as patches for the installer :)02:51
Bohhhone question: is ubuntu devfs based?02:51
azeemBohhh: well, what's the bug number?02:51
azeemBohhh: only the installer02:51
azeemBohhh: ubuntu uses udev02:51
Bohhhazeem, no number, i have reported the problem trough irc channels02:52
azeemwith the usual device naming02:52
azeemBohhh: eh02:52
Bohhhsarge uses udev?02:52
azeemBohhh: that does not help02:52
pocolocococohe eh 02:52
Matt|how can I change the services which start on booting? is there a gui for configuring?02:52
Bohhhdoesn't the installer accept devfs=nomount?02:52
=== pocolocococo thinks the debian name is dropping faster than britney spears cd
=== KonvIRC is now known as NeoFax99
NeoFax99hello all!02:53
paulproteusBohhh: It might.  Keep in mind /dev/hda is a non-devfs name.02:53
NeoFax99Has anyone here used tftp to install ubuntu?02:53
Bohhhthat's what i want02:53
Bohhhlet me see02:53
pocolocococomoney: thats what i want02:53
Bohhhi'll be back soon02:53
paulproteusBohhh: Are you using the installer with just default options, i.e. just pressing enter?02:53
paulproteusErm, 'kay.02:53
=== pocolocococo will be here smoking
Matt|could someone help me understand how boot services can be configured with ubuntu? I am accustomed to use the command chkconfig but I cannot find it here02:54
pocolocococohe eh 02:54
LinuxJonesMatt|, update-rc.d02:54
pocolocococomdk command02:54
azeemMatt|: the general philosophy is that you just install/deinstall the services you need02:55
azeemor use update-rc.d02:55
Matt|azeem, LinuxJones, thanks02:55
paulproteusNeoFax99: No, I don't think so.  I think currently the only supported method is CD, in fact.02:55
NeoFax99I am having a problem with installing ubuntu.  It kills when it reaches installing nic-extras-2.6.8...02:56
=== outcast [~outcast@ppp9-adsl-135.ath.forthnet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
NeoFax99It says I have a bad md5sum.  Which I don't as I have checked the md5sum for the cd and all of the files and they are all good.02:56
paulproteusNeoFax99: When did you download the CD?02:57
NeoFax99paulproteus: both the wiki and the user's manual state how to do it, but it seems as if it takes forever.02:57
paulproteusI haven't heard of this problem in the released version from October 20.  Granted, I haven't heard of it from before, either.02:57
paulproteusYou checked the md5sum for the CD you burned, not just the image you downloaded?02:57
=== Zindar [~bagfors@] has joined #ubuntu
NeoFax99No, but I can do that now.  One moment02:58
paulproteus"Probably" it's a bad burn of some kind, but I can't quite be sure.02:58
outcastis there a package for full Java support (i want to use Azureus)02:58
paulproteusoutcast: I think the Wiki has info on getting Java.02:59
=== nmf [~nmf@adsl-b4-66-44.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has left #ubuntu []
=== [mat] [~mat@ip68-226-156-156.lf.br.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|azeem, LinuxJones, I am trying to figure out update-rc.d. The command "update-rc.d networking defaults stop" is not working. What am i doing wrong?03:02
NeoFax99That's weird, the cd and the iso have bad md5sums of the packages.gz, but not the file the installer stes has a bad md5sum03:02
paulproteusHave you read its man page, Matt|?03:02
Matt|paulproteus, some of it03:03
Matt|much of man pages goes over my head03:03
=== paulproteus nods
LinuxJonesMatt|, if yoou want to stop a service /etc/init.d/<service script name > stop03:03
Matt|LinuxJones, i just want to remove it from starting on boot03:03
cef_workMatt|: that just tells it to set the defaults for stop, not to disable it03:04
LinuxJonesMatt|, update-rc.d -f /etc/init.d/<service script name > remove03:04
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-158-137.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
LinuxJonesMatt|, sorry 03:04
LinuxJonesMatt|, update-rc.d -f <service script name > remove03:04
cef_workLinuxJones: that will remove the script, but if there is an upgrade, it'll come back03:04
=== Tux234 [~tux@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|i want to keep the script, but remove it from the boot runlevel03:05
LinuxJonescef_work, I can't help that :D03:05
Tux234WOW ubuntu is 3rd on distrowatch03:05
Tux234Thats amazing for just being realised!03:05
cef_workMatt|: so after you set that up, you should consider setting up 'stop' scripts so that it doesn't get modified03:05
Matt|cef_work, this sounds rather complicated03:06
Matt|there is no way of just turning it off for a runlevel?03:06
=== mctavish [~dcahill@] has joined #ubuntu
cef_workMatt|: easiest is just to rm the rc?.d script you don't want it to run03:07
=== attitude [~DarkNite@user-69-1-43-106.knology.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|cef_work, but i need the script as sometimes I might want to use my network card03:07
cef_workMatt|: just don't delete it from /etc/init.d03:07
attitudeOK I have checked the wiki and the main site and can not find an answer. How do I get mod_ssl to work on ubuntu03:07
cef_workhang on.. you're trying to disable a network card at boot?03:08
Matt|cef_work, so i just run the command that LinuxJones posted?03:08
cef_workMatt|: if so, then that's the wrong way to go about it03:08
Matt|what is the right way/03:08
=== fluoro [~cody@adsl-68-94-61-191.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
cef_workMatt|: what's the network card? onboard for a lappy?03:08
fluoroHi guys.  I just installed ubuntu for the first time.03:09
fluoroHowever, it never asked me to enter a root password.  Only to create a user account.03:09
Matt|at home i use a wireless pcmcia card, so the wire network card is not generally necessary03:09
fluoroOr did I miss something?03:09
=== dabenda [foobar@pcp03074598pcs.csouth01.va.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tux234Ubuntu doesn't really have one03:09
Matt|fluoro, correct03:09
Matt|there is no root account by default03:09
Tux234it uses sudo 03:09
cef_workok.. check /etc/network/interfaces (it's a file) and look for the network adapter definition in there. there should be an 'auto ifname' line, comment that out, and it won't start automatically03:09
Matt|ah thanks cef_work03:09
Matt|but if I want to stop other services starting, such as hotplug, i do it the way LinuxJones said?03:10
cef_workMatt|: then you can still use 'ifup ifname' and 'ifdown ifname' whenever you like03:10
fluoroHow do I edit XF86Config then?03:10
Matt|fluoro, "sudo nano -w /etc/X11/XF86Config03:10
LinuxJonesfluoro, you should check out the faq there's lots of important stuff >> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/faqfolder_view/03:10
fluoroIt tried to setup my X for me, but failed.03:10
Matt|fluoro, or you can do a sudo -s and then carry on03:10
fluoroMatt|: Thanks.03:11
cef_workMatt|: yes, or look in /etc/rc?.d/ and delete the S##service file (note, not the /etc/init.d/service file, you want to KEEP that)03:11
Matt|ok gotcha03:11
Matt|runlevels are standard right?03:11
outcastanyone knows how can I set a default resolution in the login screen?03:11
Dekkardanyone have gcombust running properly?03:11
Matt|default for boot is 5/03:11
Dekkardwith an ide drive?03:11
=== limaunion [~limaunion@172-166-114-200.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #ubuntu
jduboutcast: /etc/X11/XF86Config-403:12
cef_workMatt|: debian uses runlevels differently to other distributions.. the default runlevel is 2, and 2,3,4 & 5 are pretty much set up identical03:12
=== paulproteus [~paulprote@h-67-102-97-191.mclnva23.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== fluoro is now known as bratsche
NeoFax99outcast: login to X or login to the pc(GRUB/LILO)?03:12
Tux234Matt| actually runlevel 2 is a graphical boot03:12
jdubhey bratsche 03:12
bratschejdub: You're the same jdub I know, right? :)03:12
jdubyes :)03:12
Matt|runlevel 2??!?03:12
Tux234I don't know about the other runlevels03:12
cef_workMatt|: and controlling the setup of these is a sort of known issue with debian (and ubuntu) that will probably be looked at for the next release03:13
Tux234Yeah I tried it brought GDM03:13
Matt|# The default runlevel.03:13
Tux234*up GDM03:13
Matt|ok thanks03:13
Matt|they should just use chkconfig it rocks03:13
cef_workheya jdub 03:13
bratschejdub: Do you use ubuntu primarily now?03:13
jdubbratsche: but of course :)03:14
Tux234When Grub comes up isn't there a recovery mode or something like that?03:14
bratschejdub: I just installed it for the first time.03:14
jdubbratsche: only machine of mine it isn't installed on is the firewall. it's a Qube (mipsel).03:14
LinuxJonesTux234, hit e for edit03:14
Tux234I'm pretty sure thats just command prompt03:14
jdubyo cef_work 03:14
Tux234Sweet THX03:14
cef_workjdub: where's a good place to put howto's for installer fixups.. I tripped over a bug in the installer on the release version that you can get around with a few commands03:15
jdubcef_work: maybe in the faq? perhaps filing a bug would be better ;)03:15
bratscheFor some reason I'm getting "No screens found", but I'm not sure why yet.03:15
=== [mat] [~mat@ip68-226-156-156.lf.br.cox.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Matt|jdub do you know anything about laptop stuff?03:15
jdubbits and pieces03:16
Matt|acpi is not accurate03:16
bratscheI wonder if maybe the "nv" driver doesn't support 6800.03:16
Matt|Battery 1: charging, 95%, 00:16:40 until charged  <-- yet it is fully charged03:16
bratscheIs there an easy way to install the "nvidia" driver?03:16
cef_workjdub: I'm filing a bug.. but this is the release, and we can't exactly go and pop out a new iso for a single bug.. (well, I wouldn't expect so)03:16
jdubbratsche: apt-get install nvidia-glx03:16
bratscheThanks.  I'll try that.03:17
Matt|anyone help with that acpi problem??03:17
=== ultrafunk [~pd@eth779.vic.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
cef_workMatt|: how do you know it's fully charged?03:17
=== Tenniru [~Tenniru@pool-141-156-219-36.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubbratsche: then just replace nv with nvidia in your config03:17
cef_workheya ultrafunk 03:17
TenniruHey... this may not be the right place to ask this, but how do I set a default skin in XMMS?03:18
cef_workjdub: afaik, it does that for you now03:18
Matt|cef_work, i know it is charged because of the light on the front of the computer03:18
pocolocococoTenniru: rtfm03:18
Matt|nooooooo don't say that!!03:18
ultrafunkcef_work: morning :)03:18
jdubpocolocococo: don't say rtfm please03:18
Matt|Tenniru find the skin browser using right click03:19
TenniruI know.03:19
TenniruI just want to set it as default.03:19
attitudedoes anyone know anything about mod_ssl and how to get it to work on ubuntu03:19
bratschejdub: Thanks, that fixed it.  I guess "nv" doesn't support 6800 yet.03:19
TenniruHow do I do this?03:19
Matt|in the skin browser, select (none)03:19
pocolocococoNow say, My bad, RTMFM03:19
bratscheErr.. I think it does in the latest Xorg, but not in XFree 4.303:19
Matt|pocolocococo, i makes people bad if you say rtfm03:19
=== pocolocococo calls his shrink
stormriderRTFM --- Ready to forget Microsoft?03:20
Matt|Tenniru, it didn't work?03:20
TenniruI selected (none) and it switched skins to the one I don't want.03:20
pocolocococortfm read the fine manual03:20
TenniruI don't like the one it always turns on to when I activate the program. 03:20
Matt|ok so you have to find a skin which you like?03:20
TenniruI DID! It says nothing.03:20
moyogoi'm not able to install new mozilla search plugins in firefox, is it just me?03:20
TenniruYes, and I have it in my skins folder. NixAmp.03:21
TenniruI just want IT to be default, not (none).03:21
mctavishG'day all. I have issues :)03:21
Matt|ah sorry Tenniru can't help, if it is not saving it03:21
Matt|better try an xmms chan03:21
pocolocococoha ha 03:21
cef_workultrafunk: got that dual opteron installed.. btw: the dual gigE's are broadcom's. the 3ware 9xxx card caused an install issue that I'm filing a bug about, with a work-around *grin*03:21
Matt|anyone help with that acpi problem?03:21
TenniruI'd gladly use RythmBox if it wasn't a pile of guano on my computer.03:21
mctavishI want to run nautilus as root, so I use Run Application, then sudo nautilus. Sometimes (rarely) this works.03:22
Tux234Tenniru: Whats wrong with Rythmbox?03:22
mctavishThe authentication log shows (pam_unix) authentication failure ...  Any suggestions?03:23
cef_workbbk, bug submitting *grin*03:23
TenniruIt refuses to import my songs.03:23
jdubmctavish: running nautilus as root is a really bad idea...03:23
Matt|xmms rocks anyhow03:23
TenniruAnd if that isn't enough, when I try to play a streaming radio station it locks up.03:23
jdubmctavish: what are you trying to do?03:23
Tux234From a windows partition?03:23
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-217-232.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
TenniruYeah, but xmms won't change skins and clashes terribly with the rest of my GNOME theme.03:24
moyogooh well... found the bug in bugzilla03:24
Matt|Tenniru, is it set to select a random skin on play?03:24
mctavishBad idea huh? I just want to do the admin stuff like copying files around etc without using the command line. So how would I approach that?03:24
Tux234Is it in the theme folder?03:24
TenniruIt always goes to (none) whenever I turn it on.03:24
stormriderDo you have any skins in ~/.xmms/Skins?03:25
TenniruYes, it is. I can select and activate the theme, but when I turn the program off and turn it on again...03:25
=== LinuxFire [1000@syr-24-169-85-43.twcny.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesmctavish, sudo nautilus03:25
TenniruIt's in /.xmms/skins.03:25
Tux234Oh 03:25
stormriderNo, it should be in ~/.xmms/Skins.03:25
TenniruIt is.03:25
TenniruI just forgot the ~ thing.03:25
jdubmctavish: what kind of things do you want to do, and why can't you do it with the command line?03:25
=== jeffathehutt [~jeff@pcp07274191pcs.dalect01.va.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== haggai_ [~halls@pD9EA6C3F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|jdub you do not work with acpi?03:27
mctavishjdub: why? laziness really :) 03:28
jdubMatt|: i don't know much about acpi03:28
jdubmctavish: i'd really strongly discourage you from running nautilus as root03:28
Matt|jdub, know anyone who does? :)03:28
jdubin general, you shouldn't have to 'manage' files that are not your own03:28
ultrafunkcef_work: nice, I spent the last two days getting things running on the dual-celeron instead, between ACPI lockups and isapnp bugs, then having two out of the six maxtors in the machine failing miserably ... i've got a new meaning of hatred for the installer.03:28
=== stodge [~stodge@CPE0080c8790cda-CM000039179a5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
mctavishjdub: ok then 03:29
jdubMatt|: just ask your questions here, there are lots of people who may be able to help03:29
Matt|problem is that i don't know what the problem is03:29
Matt|i've asked already03:29
TenniruThat's weird. I selected "select random skin" and now it's default is the theme I wanted!03:29
Matt|Battery 1: charging, 95%, 00:16:40 until charged  <-- yet it is fully charged03:29
TenniruI love XMMS now.03:29
robertjjdub: how can you drag /bin to the trash if you are not root?03:29
Matt|Tenniru, i think you'll find the select sign is just weird03:29
jdubMatt|: so noone here knows about that03:29
jdubrobertj: not entirely funny.03:30
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-52.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|robertj, yes that was funny03:30
ultrafunkMatt|: what laptop have you got, that sounds like a DSDT bug.03:30
robertjjdub: btw, just so you don't fall into the same pothoe as OS X, OS X crashes if you drag System to the Trash ;)03:30
=== eaxnt [~eaxnt@] has joined #ubuntu
robertjBut it doesn't show the Trash can as full03:30
Matt|i have a Compaq Presario 2104 EA03:30
Matt|ultrafunk, thanks for answering03:30
jdubrobertj: brilliant...03:30
Matt|ultrafunk, what is DSDT?03:31
robertj(everyone should have a student worker to lighten their day)03:31
Tux234When I play games on my computer I don't get any sound03:32
Tux234Also don't get any sound on non-Gnome apps like xmms03:32
Tux234I'm usin ALSA BTW03:33
ultrafunkMatt|: a DSDT contains a bunch of things your laptop BIOS needs to determine the support of your hardware correctly03:33
=== haggai_ is now known as haggai
Matt|ultrafunk, i have never had this problem with any other distros or with Windows03:33
robertjI was really suprised though03:33
robertjI kinda thought OS X would prevent that, but I guess not ;)03:33
Matt|ultrafunk, do you know what I can do to solve the problem?03:34
robertjIt's really very helpful. It prompts you to elevate your permissions so it can find it's way to ~/.Trash03:34
ultrafunkMatt|: occasionally, the newer drops of ACPI code cause issues in laptops that you wouldn't have had under 2.2/2.4 or earlier 2.603:34
Matt|ultrafunk, i've used the same kernel without problems on other distros03:35
=== bern [~bern@hc65277ea.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|although I have not compiled my own kernel with ubuntu03:35
ultrafunkMatt|: not off the top of my head (every laptop has a different DSDT block), but http://acpi.sf.net is the best place to start looking03:35
Matt|ultrafunk, but doesn't the fact that it has always worked in the past indicate that it is a problem with ubuntu?03:36
ultrafunkMatt|: so you've used the Ubuntu kernel on another distribution -- or plain
Matt|ultrafunk, clean kernel03:36
=== maximaus [~max@user-37kacd6.dialup.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|are there some strange ubuntu acpi patches?03:36
ultrafunkMatt|: then i'd say you've got a problem with the ACPI patch that is included in the warty release03:37
Matt|ultrafunk, ok we're really getting somewhere now03:37
Matt|ultrafunk, what can i do about this?03:37
Matt|file a bug? ;)03:37
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ultrafunkMatt|: i've got a compile happening with a backported version of the newer code (2004-10-10) with some pieces backed out that aren't needed, if it works for me, i'd be happy to support a request for enhancement to either get the code replaced, or backed out.03:39
ultrafunkMatt|: if you don't find a working DSDT for your laptop, i'd file a bug though.03:39
Matt|ok thanks03:40
Matt|i'm sure there is a bug there already03:41
Matt|am looking now03:41
Matt|hmmm the bug search thing is weird03:42
Matt|the more words it put in the search string, the more results come up03:43
Matt|even if I use "AND"03:43
Matt|hmmm wait a tic03:46
Matt|how can I tell which repository a particular package has come from?03:46
=== tvon [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== nickers [~nickers@cs24242119-16.sport.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-122-75.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesnight all03:51
=== dgiagio [~dgiagio@179252202.rjo.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
mctavishQuestion: I have a 9600xt. On install I xf86config4 had "sis" as the driver (I found a bug in bugzilla on this) so I changed it to "vesa" and got x working ...03:53
mctavish... What would the correct driver for this card be?03:54
maswandaniels: btw, I did find a working workaround for the suspen problem on my x4003:55
maswandaniels: if you are around this time :)03:56
=== Tux234 [~tux@] has left #ubuntu []
danielsmaswan: is that sleeping after the chvt?03:57
maswandaniels: yeah, well, another chvt and sleep before doing the rest of the stuff, but probably just a sleep would be good enough. with a 20% failure rate, testing is kind of annoying.03:58
maswandaniels: An extra sleep 1 after you've closed the lid isn't that bad. :)04:00
paulproteusWhat's the easiest way to switch virtual desktop from keyboard?  I can't figure out the keyboard command in GNOME.  In KDE it's e.g. Ctrl-F2 for desktop 2.04:00
snazbazctrl alt <left arrow>04:01
snazbazctrl alt <right arrow>04:01
danielsmaswan: yeah, I'll just stick with chvt 1; sleep 1, I think04:01
paulproteusAh, thanks, snazbaz.04:01
=== ultrafunk [~pd@insanity.ridge.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
maswandaniels: if you have a new package for me, I can do another set of testing for completeness.04:02
=== ptw [ptw@pstryk.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Tenniru [~Tenniru@pool-141-156-219-36.res.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Yannick_ [~chatzilla@Ottawa-HSE-ppp4017689.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
danielsmaswan: not quite yet, still battling random failures myself, introduced with my new module-removal/adding code04:05
maswandaniels: sure, just let me know04:05
=== mightyMik [~Snak@c-24-7-70-221.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
danielsmaswan: will do, cheers04:06
cef_workheya daniels 04:07
=== mctavish [~dcahill@] has left #ubuntu []
danielscef_work: hey dude04:10
mightyMikthis thing work?04:13
Yannick_everyone happy with ubuntu linux?04:13
mightyMikI'm not *quite* happy. i can't get it to install04:14
Yannick_and why?04:14
pocolocococoum i know too much to use fake debian eh he 04:14
danielspocolocococo: out of curiousity, why do you lurk here?04:15
Yannick_you know too much? what does that mean?04:15
mightyMiki don't know about 'fake' debian...but i was able to install 'sarge'. works OK04:15
=== pocolocococo has something to dowith the alchol i am currently drinking
mightyMikBUT...that brings up the question...if 'sarge' was able to install, why not ubuntu? same installer, no?04:17
danielsmightyMik: they use the same base, but different kernels, different autodetection, different modules; we have made many customisations.04:17
mightyMikok...i think there's a bug in the ubuntu installer04:18
Yannick_so ubuntu isn't sarge plus spcial configuration, but sarge base package + many other special package and customisation?04:19
jdubYannick_: it's based on debian sid04:19
Yannick_debian sid is?04:19
Yannick_developpement version?04:19
bur[n] eryou're kidding?04:19
bur[n] eryeah04:19
bur[n] ersid == unstable04:19
jdubthe permanent development branch of debian04:20
bur[n] ersid == crazy kid in toy story == unstable kid == unstable distro :)04:20
Yannick_i never used debian, is that a crime ;-)04:20
bur[n] erin some places04:20
bur[n] erit's good stuff04:20
=== LinuxFire [1000@syr-24-169-85-43.twcny.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Yannick_oh no.... please, please forgive me my lord Debian04:21
mightyMikI like it so far...once i got past the install issue04:21
Yannick_so should I install ubuntu or sarge?04:21
mightyMikBUT...it's onky Gnome 2.6...not 2.804:21
Yannick_what are the real advantages of ubuntu over normal debian04:22
jdubit's 2.804:22
mightyMiktry the unbuntu installer, if that fails, try the sarge net install04:22
jdubYannick_: see the faq on our website for these kinds of questions04:22
mightyMiksarge is 2.604:22
Yannick_thanks jdub04:23
mightyMikit would be nice if ubuntu had netinstall04:25
danielsmightyMik: it does04:25
=== daniels looks over at his X40, running Ubuntu, with no CD-ROM drive.
daniels(or floppy)04:25
mightyMikthat works? 'install' disk has issues for me04:25
danielsi haven't tried the cd-rom drive, but netboot worked just fine for me.04:26
mightyMiki see warty live, and wart release install, but no warty netinstall04:29
calcdaniels: btw someone forgot to include wpa-supplicant in ubuntu ;)04:29
danielscalc: i saw your blog, yah04:30
=== encKe` [~pcline@dsl-33.crcom.net] has joined #ubuntu
calcit seems that prism54 won't be supported with it until the prism54 guys release their cvs driver though, wpa already supports it in cvs as well04:30
calcwould be cool to have that integrated with that NetworkManager thing04:31
bur[n] erw00t!!  http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/gparted/gparted_0.0.6-1_i386.deb?download  <--gparted deb package :)04:32
bur[n] erwould make a nice, needed addition for ubuntu04:32
cef_workdaniels: got the dual opteron installed - yay!04:33
danielscef_work: nice04:33
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2gparted is already in Debian...04:33
cef_workdaniels: x detection failed during the installer though *thump!*04:33
=== nickers [~nickers@cs24242119-16.sport.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
maswancef_work: any interesting dual opteron? like the sff iwill one? :)04:34
danielscef_work: we don't have a way to do ddc on amd64 short of emulating x86, making the int call and just hoping for the best04:35
cef_workdaniels: onboard ATI Rage XL, so I can see why... but still.. I'm sure you have RageXL cards amongst those I gave you *hint hint!*04:35
danielsthat's how X does it04:35
cef_workdaniels: ahh fair enuff04:35
danielscef_work: they work fine on i386 :)04:35
cef_workmaswan: Tyan S2882 board (Serverworks chipset, dual broadcom GigE's onboard)04:36
maswancef_work: ah, ok, familar stuff to me then. :)04:36
jdubmmm, tyan04:37
cef_workmaswan: and a 3Ware SATA IDE Raid card, which caused the installer to crap out on second boot (bug filed and a work around supplied too)04:37
maswancef_work: ah, ok. we got a rack of those with two 3ware cards. :)04:37
=== maswan finds pics
=== LinuxFire [1000@syr-24-169-85-43.twcny.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== stormrider [~stormride@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== pocolocococo [~LordAngel@pool-151-198-118-56.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
cef_workmaswan: the 9xxx series cards? then yeah, they'd have this issue04:38
=== nickers [~nickers@cs24242119-16.sport.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Someday......ill]
maswancef_work: nah, 8xxx series04:38
cef_workmaswan: installer loads the module but decides that it doesn't need to be added to the initrd.. which is bad if you have the root FS on there... oops!04:39
maswancef_work: oops.04:39
cef_workI should actually reboot the box since I installed the smp kernel on it.. bbk04:39
=== rbrad [~rbrad@ftcrel3.hp.com] has joined #ubuntu
calcthe new imacs look pretty, saw one at fry's today04:40
calcthe new apple standalone lcds look very nice as well04:40
mightyMikyour best buys always get fried...04:40
=== calc can't buy any more hardware until he gets a job though
=== maswan looks
maswancalc: ah, yeah, looks neat04:41
maswancalc: ooh, lots of pixels too.04:41
robertjcalc: and they have user replacable lcds04:42
bur[n] erbob2: new .6 version?  i had no idea04:42
robertjhow much it owuld cost you to replace, I dunno, but its a part you can replace yourself without voiding your warrenty04:42
calcrobertj: oh cool04:42
robertjpersonally I think they are ugly, overpriced, but practical04:42
calcwell it would be a bit nicer if the bottom area wasn't so large04:43
calcit looks a bit odd04:43
robertjyeah, that's my beef with it04:44
robertjand the price04:44
calcyea after proper equipping it and warranty extension its about $300004:44
robertjOS X is technically very neat but still a pain because it's not windows04:46
calclinux is not windows04:46
calcwhat does windows have to do with anything?04:47
robertjTrue but noone expects it to be04:47
robertjAlso you do occasionally stumble across a feature that just isn't there and nees to be (SSL in the Finder is a big one for me)04:48
robertjThe Finder & Dock is OS X's finest feature, bar none.04:48
calcwhy does the finder need ssl?04:48
robertjCalc: webda04:48
robertjerr secure webdav04:48
calcsafari doesn't do webdav?04:49
=== srbaker_ [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
robertjCalc: Safari isn't Finder. Our school is adopting Novel NetStorage for home directorys.04:49
robertjWhich work fine in Gnome's VFS, XP, and via Goliath04:49
=== JD [~david@hades.robster.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu
robertjbut your average user doesn't have any prayer of using Goliath's FTP style interace04:50
=== _nightwisher_-aw [~thiago@] has joined #ubuntu
=== _nightwisher_-aw [~thiago@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
bur[n] erbob2: i think you're wrong about gparted in debian...  libgcc1 1.3.4 is to be installed, but 1.4 is necessary... and this is on my debian box, not ubuntu04:51
robertjAlso, working with Apple Harware is a pain in the buttox04:51
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjLittle things, like standard drives not fitting in their drive bays because tehre is some nifty cable shield that is custom fitted down to one millionth of an inch04:52
=== adamhall [adamhall@] has joined #ubuntu
calcrobertj: hehe04:55
=== srbaker_ [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
srbaker_having sound trouble.04:56
srbaker_toshiba tecra 8100, sound is scratchy04:56
robertjcalc: also, they have licenced patents from Gensu to incorporate into their case internals04:56
robertjor Ginsu rather04:57
robertjEveyone should have a mac for a month though.04:57
calcrobertj: a joke about sharp edges?04:58
=== bborkk [~bborkk@SENIOR-FOUR-TEN.MIT.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
ygnomemacs are ok, look around any linux conf and you'll see heaps of them.04:59
calci would be surprised that an apple case would be that low quality to not have rounded edges04:59
calconly the lowest quality pc cases have sharp edges04:59
ygnomecalc: I've never cut myself on the inside of a mac, but just about any PC tried to shave my skin off...05:00
robertjMy co-worker diced his hands up decently on a Mirror-Door G405:00
calcrobertj: fun :\05:01
robertjAnd then there are the "cross-platform" apps05:01
calcthe last time i was around a sharp case was when i worked for a company building really cheap systems05:01
ygnomecalc: be careful, some of those upper quality pc cases with folded edges still have some nasty sharps in them.05:01
calcof course any prebuilt system you see in stores probably qualifies as cheap as well ;)05:01
robertjprebuilt rocks you05:01
robertjmy emachine cost $30005:02
robertj2.8 ghz Celeron-D with 512 megs of ram, dvd reader, cd writer05:02
maswanbah, if you haven't sprinkled blood into the case, how could it work?05:02
calci got an emachine laptop :)05:02
mightyMikballmer wants a $99 box05:02
ygnomemaswan: that's supposed to be goats blood!05:02
bborkkHiya.  I uncommented the universe deb and deb-src files in my /etc/apt/sources.list file, but now apt gives me errors complaining there are duplicate entries.  Does the 'universe' tag not count as a separate entry?05:02
calcmightyMik: a $100 box so more people won't pirate, i think he gets his ideas from bush05:03
ygnomebborkk: just run update again.05:03
robertjguy at works says "Spend $1600 and buy a G5, it will last you 4 years." At what I am paying I can take that same money and buy a new eMachine next year that will be as fast as that G5.05:03
calcthey can't afford a pc to begin with but if it only costs $100 they will buy software according to his idea05:03
maswanygnome: nah, don't have many goats around05:03
calcrobertj: not likely, speed has stalled out for the past several years05:03
Despaircalc: if there's no margin in PCs, it's more room for the xbox to expand upwards. ;)05:03
mightyMikand they will run linux on them :) hehehehe05:04
robertjcalc: bahh, most people are thieves and would steal his wives jewelry if they could get away on it05:04
bborkkygnome: I did, but apt complains saying, "W: Duplicate sources.list entry..."05:04
robertjcalc: yeah, but price has'nt05:04
calcthough a $1600 G5 is a slow single cpu one anyway, so could be surpassed05:04
=== greebo [~greebo@] has joined #ubuntu
calcrobertj: so next year pcs will be free? ;)05:05
robertjcalc: you'd be a fool to buy a single proc G5 tower though05:05
calcprices of the high end cpus haven't been dropping much05:05
robertjcalc: no, I'm not saying that05:05
maswanI've never really understood the hunt for faster cpus..05:05
robertjI'm saying that a low end processor will be just as fast next year as this years mid to high range05:06
maswanI just buy one in the lower price range05:06
robertjand I think thats gonna happen even if no tech advances happen05:06
maswanand put the money into ram, because that actually makes a difference05:06
robertjIf for no other reason than it has to happen in order to make intel and amd look like they aren't falling behind05:06
=== ReX_ is now known as mario
ygnomemaswan: and fast disks05:07
robertjAnd a good keyboard/mouse05:07
calcrobertj: they are05:07
bborkkand blue leds.05:07
maswanrobertj: well, those I don't buy new, since I have one.05:07
calcrobertj: didn't notice the cancellation of p4 4ghz?05:07
calcnot reschedule, complete cancellation05:08
calcthey are hoping dual core will work out by mid next year05:08
maswancalc: hitting the head against the thermal envelope, hard, I think.05:08
robertjI payed $48, including S&H and tax for a new MS Natural and Intellemouse Explorer IV (do they not make the USB Naturals anymore?)05:08
calcmaswan: yes05:08
ygnomecalc: must have reached the practical limit of cpu speed for the P405:08
robertjcalc: Thermal is a big deal05:08
robertjand noise to me05:08
calcand amd looks like they may be getting close05:08
robertjIf I could a gig cube I'd put down a grand for it05:08
calcor just waiting for intel and making as much money in the meantime ;)05:09
maswanrobertj: I got an old icl keyboard that feels kind of like a sun type5 and a logitech oem-only mouse that I bought separately. :)05:09
=== jsc [~jsc@h-67-101-232-206.lsanca54.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
calcrobertj: i have a near silent athlon64 3200 :)05:09
robertjmaswan: the Intellimouse explorer feels real nice05:09
calcrobertj: you should get an ibm model m05:09
robertjthe $50 mouse is a lot more pallatable in the $15 oem model05:09
cef_workthe dual opteron behind me is dead quiet05:09
ygnomecalc: how did u do that (quiet)05:09
cef_work(and yes, it's on)05:10
robertjI'e fantasized about stealing one from the library05:10
calcygnome: antec sonata, radeon 9600 (no fan), panaflo 120mm fans in the case05:10
maswanrobertj: Nah, I don't want large mice with scrollwheels and whatever. Just a resonably small, usable, 3-button mouse.05:10
calcand a new pioneer 16x dvd-rw, which is amazingly quiet when in use05:11
=== regeya [~shane@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
maswanheh, my current workstation actually is totally silent, but then it was bought as a htpc and not a workstation (mini-itx, no hdd, all passive cooling)05:11
=== maswan is waiting for his motherboard to get back from rma... :/
cef_workPSU in this thing is a 520W whisper quiet job - 23 dB fan05:11
calci should have taken the model m from work when i had the chance, no one wanted it around05:11
robertjmaswan: for that I like the logitech opticals, the little purple dealies ;)05:12
calcthey made me stop using it too ;)05:12
cef_worknot going to complain about it.. pity the machine is destined for the server room *sulk*05:12
maswancalc: heh, I have one of those at work. we actually have a decent-sized supply of them, since they are probably hard to get new. :)05:12
calcmaswan: yea05:12
regeyaso...will it majorly screw things up if I did something like, oh, say, include debian sid and pinned warty at a higher priority?  I'd like to install a newer scribus (IIRC 1.2 release is in Sid)05:12
calc"When used in an office or other LAN environment, everyone in the room knows by the distintinctive "machine-gun like" typing sound that you have a real keyboard." <- exactly the reason they made me stop ;)05:14
=== regeya resolves to give it a whirl, but has the install cd handy in case ;-D
maswancalc: hehe05:14
robertjhrmm it just occurs to me I've never actually pressed any of the "multimedia" buttons on my keyboard05:15
=== robertj takes a deep bres and presses "Web/Home"
regeyaaw, set 'em up, robertj!  it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when they work.05:15
bborkkAnyone know what apt is trying to tell me when it says "W: Couldn't stat source package list foo"?05:16
regeyaIf you're using ubuntu 'n gnome, you can set up such shortcuts in Keyboard Shortcuts05:16
regeyagnome is so delightfully cheesy these days (but I like it)05:17
Zindarbborkk: try sudo apt-get update first05:17
bborkkZindar: I did, but to no avail.05:18
Zindarbborkk: what happens...05:18
robertjHrmm, some of em don't work05:18
robertjLock Screen, which seems like a likely candidate for being useful05:18
Zindarmaswan: what the $"#(/$ are you going up this time of day?05:19
maswanZindar: being broken, as usual. :)05:19
Zindarmaswan: go to bed :)05:19
Zindarmaswan: I'm going to lunch... *gone*05:19
=== mightyMik [~Snak@c-24-7-70-221.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
maswanZindar: Well, at this time of day, it would do more damage than good.05:19
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
robertjregeya: it does kinda feel warm and fuzzy now that I've done it05:21
robertjit makes me wish I had a media file to listen too05:21
robertjreally I think I need three to feel happy about the track skip buttons05:22
robertjooh, and I could get a printer to use the "Print" button05:22
bborkkZindar: apt-get update returns a bunch of hit messages, a couple of failed messages and about half a dozen couldn't stat source package list messages for http://mentors.debian.net05:23
bborkkZindar: Claims no such file or directory05:24
=== oddabe19 [~oddabe19@pcp01471558pcs.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== benerb [~benerb@cvg-65-27-235-139.cinci.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
robertjAhh, Hide all Windows and Focus Desktop is a nice option to find05:29
=== svenl_ [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-27-200.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
benerbdoes anyone know if there is a setting to change your preferred multimedia sink as there is in Fedora Core?  I am having some issues with Rhythmbox making crackling sounds while playing music.05:30
defendguinno gaim encryption available for ubuntu?05:31
defendguinthis sucks05:31
=== srbaker_ [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
benerbpaulproteus, that suggestion for using the hex in the network properties page worked...i feel retarded...thank you very much again for your help05:35
mirak_can anyone help me to install nvu? please05:35
srbaker_i need an alsa expert here05:36
mirak_srbaker, no sound?05:36
mirak_srbaker, via chipset?05:36
srbaker_and it's scratchy05:37
mirak_hmm....above me...thought maybe you have the same problem as i did....i can fix that......sorry05:37
mirak_but normaly scratchy sound means....time for new card05:38
benerbdo either of you (mirak or srbaker) know if you can change the multimedia preferred devices like in Fedora Core?05:38
mirak_never used fedora...and dont really know what you are talking about05:38
mirak_like change default app??05:39
benerbi guess that is fair..it is not bad05:39
benerbyes...you can change the sink05:39
benerbto esd, arts, alsa, or oss05:39
benerbfor all apps05:39
benerbi think it may have something to do with the HAL they recently implemented05:40
=== mdz_ [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
benerband ubuntu as well, though ubuntu seems to have far less configuration apps05:40
mirak_benerb, go to computer-desktop preferences-prefered apps............is that what you are talking about?05:40
benerbno...it is just for audio/video stuff05:41
benerbbut similar in nature05:41
mirak_<-------3 week old newb...........sorry05:41
mirak_but maybe you can help me install "NVU"?05:41
benerbheh...i am just learning ubuntu...and it is quite different as well from FC..which i have been using since the beginning05:41
benerbthanks anyway05:42
=== DamageControl [~1@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-190-38.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocany mono hackers?05:47
=== tolstory is now known as tolstoya
=== ultrafunk [~pd@eth779.vic.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== DJ_Stefan0 [mannnix@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
sabmoci thought ubuntu had pretty good mono support, but im getting Cannot find assembly `gtk-sharp' errors even though im specifying it on the command line05:48
=== tolstoya is now known as tolstoy
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bob2did you install it?05:50
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DJ_Stefan0Will the .ISO file of Ubuntu I download be damaged if I use the latest version of Getright on Windows to download it and then ocasionaly pause the download, or the computer restarts and then i continue from there? does any1 know?05:50
rbradsabmoc: I think mono is scheduled for the next release: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/mono05:50
paulproteussabmoc: Have you added the sources.list entry at getsweaa for Mono in Ubuntu?05:51
bob2DJ_Stefan0: if it corrupts the iso then it's a horribly buggy program05:51
bob2DJ_Stefan0: just check the md5sum05:51
calcDJ_Stefan0: just check the md5 afterwards to be certain its not corrupt05:51
=== calc is too slow
sabmocpaulproteus: yep, i have tomboy installed and the whole bunch05:51
paulproteusDJ_Stefan0: No, the ISO should not be damaged.  You should test it afterward if you're unsure at the end; but Getright is a good program and won't corrupt your download.05:51
sabmocpaulproteus: i used to hack on mono a bit but ive been away for a few dozen releases cause ive been busy, but im tring to get back into it05:51
bob2sabmoc: do you have libgtk-cil installed?05:52
sabmocbob2 yes05:53
defendguinhas anyone got a working gaim encryption plugin for ubuntu?05:55
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nickersdefendguin, there is a repos with one....but you have to get rid of the gaim ubuntu ships with and use debian sid one05:56
defendguinnickers, yeah and it wants to get rid of a lot of crap05:57
defendguinmight as well be running sid05:57
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nickersdefendguin, been there done that...im a gentoo guy and even sid seemed to much work05:58
sabmocbob2 any other ideas dude?05:59
nickersdefendguin, compile !05:59
bob2nickers: sid is no work for experienced users05:59
bob2sabmoc: do you have build-essential and the "mono" package installed?05:59
sabmocye ye06:00
bob2well, it works for me06:00
defendguinnickers cant compile06:00
sabmocdamn, no it doesnt06:00
bob2building tomboy, at least, which needed all that stuff06:00
nickersbob2, add this repos....now add this package...now link this to get this repos...then do this06:00
bob2nickers: er, no06:01
defendguinnickers, no gaim-dev package in ubunut06:01
bob2defendguin: bulid gaim from source, I think he means06:01
jdubwith the universe mono packages, tomboy works fine06:01
sabmocbob2 liar :)06:01
nickersyeppers defendguin, build from source06:01
defendguinthen whats the freaking point of apt?06:02
bob2sabmoc: it works for at least me, tseng and mxpxd06:02
sabmocwell then, damn you all06:02
bob2defendguin: I'm sorry not every single package anyone could possibly want is packaged06:02
defendguinim trying to keep my package management system in order and not have hlaf installed this way and half installed that way06:02
jdubdefendguin: apt does not build, test, stabilise and support software. humans do that.06:02
bob2defendguin: you can file a RFP bug on Debian, then if someone packages it, it can go into universe.06:02
bob2defendguin: or you could package it06:02
tsengbob2: did you see the bug, i did actually miss a ) in build-depend06:03
nickersjdub, i think what he is getting at is ubuntu is like the bastard child right now and what you want isnt always there. and to run stuff you add this repos to get it. who knows if that addy will still exist next apt-get update06:03
bob2tseng: ah, heh06:03
bob2the vast vast vast majority of the world's Free software is in universe06:03
jdubnickers: no, that's totally inaccurate.06:03
bob2if an occasional package you want is not, you can package it or ask someone else to do so06:04
jdubnickers: if it's not in main, it's unsupported. if it's not in universe or multiverse, it's not packged for ubuntu. it may be elsewhere.06:04
nickersjdub, what happens when ubuntu does package it?06:04
nickersjdub, is there an upgrade path for running all this stuff from elsewhere to get a working system?06:05
jdubthen it'll be in main or universe/multiverse06:05
sabmocwhats the difference between universe and multiverse06:05
bob2multiverse is non-free stuff06:05
jdubnickers: if you use stuff from elsewhere, you are on your own. you're doing something outside the scope of ubuntu.06:05
Zindargees.. if you run stuff not from the ubuntu-repositories.. how can you expect an upgrade path06:05
nickersZindar, exactly!06:05
bob2nickers: ubuntu (or debian or anyone) cannot provide an upgrade path from every random package 06:05
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bob2so don't run stuff from outside ubuntu06:06
sabmocbob2 free as in freedom, or beer06:06
bob2sabmoc: freedom06:06
jdubyou do not have to use stuff from non-ubuntu repositories to have a 'working system'06:06
=== Zindar haven't even checked what's in mutliverse
=== Dethread [~Dethread@24-205-231-52.slo-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
sabmoci could use some free beer06:06
tsengthere are 100s of packages..06:07
regeyaI could use scribus 1.2 release.06:07
sabmocbob2 whats the easiest way to reinstall all the mono packages? something must be wrong06:07
regeyarather than 1.2cvs built in may.06:07
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=== regeya builds it and blows a raspberry.
bob2regeya: is a newer version in sid?06:07
=== mdz [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Zindarsabmoc: define "all the mono packages"06:07
bob2sabmoc: I don't see how reinstalling would help...06:07
regeyaindeed there is, bob2.06:07
regeya1.2 release iirc.06:08
bob2regeya: you can build that to a .deb on ubuntu06:08
sabmocits helped before, maybe i made a mistake somewhere the first time around06:08
nickersalrighty so i install pan from universe...which as i understand is not supported right? something this basic should be in default but its not...so someone should soon realize it needs to be(evo doesnt count. usnet was at best an after thought)06:08
regeyaso, so tempted.06:08
bob2and when hoary opens up it can be synced06:08
nickerswhat now? it comes into ubuntu default06:08
nickersupgrade path???? zero06:08
bob2nickers: what you want != what the rest of the universe wants06:08
sabmocZindar: whatevers needed to program in mono/gtk#/gnome#06:08
nickersoh just reinstall06:08
jdubnickers: erm, there's no upgrade path problems there at all.06:08
bob2nickers: no, stop whinging, universe will have a reasonable upgrade path06:08
GotD0tquestion: does anybody know how i can use the courier new font in OO.org?06:08
jdubnickers: there's no problem at all if something moves from universe to main.06:08
tsengwhy are we complaining about a non-issue06:09
sabmocZindar: im getting this > $ mcs -r:gtk-sharp hello.cs06:09
sabmocerror CS0006: Cannot find assembly `gtk-sharp'06:09
jdubtseng: it's just a misunderstanding06:09
Zindarsabmoc: install libgtk-cil06:09
nickerslater on....distro is great....ill try it on a 6.0 release...back to gentoo06:09
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sabmocZindar: it is installed06:09
tsengthats not a misunderstanding, thats a troll :P06:10
bob2lots of borderline gentoo trolls this week06:10
Zindarsabmoc: then learn how to use mcs :)06:10
jdubno, the dude didn't grok that there was no upgrade path issue06:10
jdubhe may have been an annoying git, but he did lack information06:10
bob2yes, but he ignored it when you informed him06:10
Zindarsabmoc: try -pkg:gtk-sharp06:11
joemtseng, he just wasn't offered the high performance he was used to :)06:11
jdubbob2: he may have felt like an idiot :)06:11
tseng^5s joem while laughing hysterically at ATHF06:11
bob2jdub: heh06:11
sabmocZindar: sorry, ive been running a restaurant for the past few months and this is the first chance ive had to have some fun but ive forgotten a lot it seems06:11
regeyaOMFG ATHF06:12
Zindarsabmoc: or things has changed.. the default install dir of gtk-sharp is now in the gac and -r doesn't look in the gac06:12
sabmocZindar: i was around when the talk of GAC first started, but i disapeared before it arrived.. what exactly is GAC?06:14
cef_workmdz: boo!06:22
=== mdz peers at cef_work
rbradAnyone have luck with the evolution-exchange package with Exchange 2000? specifically the calandaring?06:22
cef_workmdz: <-- 3w_9xxx driver bug06:23
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mdzbob2: trolls are read-only media06:23
cef_workmdz: so if there is something I can run (eg: detection scripts to see what went wrong) then just ask06:24
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mdzcef_work: do you know the answer to the question I asked in my comment?06:28
cef_workmdz: yup.. replied via bugzilla.. it appears as standard scsi devices06:29
bborkkhow does apt handle the "universe" tags attached to the entries in /etc/apt/sources.list?06:29
sabmocis google down?06:29
mdzcef_work: I'm surprised it doesn't work, then.  what's the name in /proc/scsi?06:29
bob2bborkk: how do you mean?06:30
=== merriam [~merriam@82-133-111-139.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
bborkkWell, apt-get upgrade keeps warning me that I have duplicate entries, one of them being the ubuntu universe entry.  I tried updating, but that just warns me that it can't stat the source list for mentors.debian.org and doesn't fix the duplicate entry problem.06:31
cef_workmdz: there isn't a /proc/scsi as such. there is /proc/scsi/scsi, which lists the 3ware card, device-info (with nothing worthwhile in it), and a sata_sil direcrtory06:32
bob2bborkk: paste your sources.list to #flood06:32
Hikaru79:) Just wondering if shipping of the complimentary CD's has begun for those who ordered them?06:32
GotD0twhat can i use to burn audio cd's?06:32
bob2Hikaru79: no06:33
Hikaru79Ah, ok06:33
Hikaru79Thanks, bob2 :)06:33
bob2Hikaru79: late november-ish06:33
Hikaru79Just wondering ^ ^06:33
bob2well, they'll arrive then06:33
bborkkbob2: Done.  I think.06:33
bob2bborkk: well, you do have duplicate entries06:33
cef_workmdz: this is quite a new driver in the kernel (2.6.8 afaik was the first stable to see it).. so it's quite possible it's not providing the right info06:34
bob2bborkk: remove "warty universe" from the second archive.ubuntu line06:34
mdzcef_work: so there is no /proc/scsi subdirectory?06:36
bborkkbob2: Ah.  I wish I had more eyes.  Thanks.06:36
mdzcef_work: I mean, no subdirectory under /proc/scsi which corresponds to the 3ware?06:36
GotD0twhat can i use to burn audio cd's?06:36
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cef_workmdz: not by itself, no06:36
bborkkbob2: Or, if I wanted to keep the universe, should I get rid of the first two archive.ubuntu entries?06:36
bob2bborkk: no, what I said will let you continue to use universe06:37
bob2bborkk: but will remove t he error06:37
cef_work/proc/scsi # ls ->> device_info  sata_sil  scsi06:37
bob2GotD0t: I use cdrdao, but that's not the answer you're looking for06:37
cef_workmdz: and only sata_sil is actually a directory06:37
mdzcef_work: that's what I suspected from looking at the code, but I hadn't seen that before and wasn't sure what the default behaviour was06:38
bob2GotD0t: rhythmbox can do it, I think06:38
bernanyone else use liquid weather for karamba?06:38
berni'm having problems with it06:38
mdzcef_work: herbert will know what to do about it06:38
cef_workmdz: cool.06:39
bborkkbob2: Hmm.  I don't see what you mean by removing "warty universe"... that string doesn't appear... do you mean to remove the string "warty" and the string "universe".  Thanks.06:40
bob2bborkk: 14:33 < bborkk> deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main restricted universe06:40
bob2bborkk: remove the words "main" and "restricted"06:41
GotD0thmm, bob2 rhythmbox doesnt even recognize my wav's06:41
bborkkbob2: Okay, that makes sense.  Thanks again.06:42
bob2mp3burn worked for me in the past06:42
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bborkkbob2: Sorry to bother you again.  What do you make of the warning (returned by apt-get update) I just posted on #flood?06:56
bborkkDoes anyone else find RhythmBox's import folder feature annoying?06:57
Treenaksbborkk: that's annoying about it?06:57
=== sabmoc is annoyed just thinking about it
bohrbugMy prism usb wireless adapter is recognised by ubuntu, but I cannot configure it in GNOME, because it doesn't turn up as a device. Where can I do more config?06:58
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bernhey all06:58
bborkkTreenaks: It doesn't seem intuitive that you have to be inside the folder you want to import in order to select it.06:59
TreenaksI use the right-click-in-nautilus thingy06:59
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bernhow can i go about mounting my windows partition so i can access it from my desktop07:00
bborkkTreenaks: Huh, didn't see that.  I prefer not to use Nautilus if I can help it.07:00
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bohrbugbern: mount -t ntfs ....07:01
denmananyone have any experiance with the ppc installer?  I am having problems with it freezing at the "entering low memory mode" window07:03
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bernbohrbug: i tried that07:05
bernbohrbug: it mounted it, but when i tried to access it, it killed itself07:05
=== ficusplanet [~ficusplan@12-216-226-172.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
bernbohrbug: it locked up the window07:06
ficusplanetWhy is the freetype autohinter disabled by default in Ubuntu?07:06
bohrbugbern: shouldnt happen07:06
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-190-38.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
bernbohrbug: i put $ mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /media07:07
sabmocwhere is the site-lisp dir in ubuntu?07:07
bohrbugbern: that should work, as long as you are sure that /dev/hda1 is your windows partition07:08
mdzsabmoc: locate site-lisp07:09
sabmocyep nevermind07:09
berni'm almost positive07:11
bernbohrbug: unless it starts the numbering from 0, which it may07:11
bernbohrbug: hrmm07:11
bernbohrbug: i think that was it oops07:11
sabmocdoes anyone know which site-lisp i should drop some edit mode files into?07:11
bernbohrbug: nope it's hda107:12
bohrbugbern: numbering starts at 107:12
mdzficusplanet:  Depending on your display and on which fonts you use, they can look07:12
mdz better or worse when using the autohinter module. Enable it if you07:12
mdz happen to prefer the look it gives to your fonts.07:12
bohrbugbern: but sometimes manufacturers put in an extra "rescue" partition at hda107:12
cef_workany pointers on getting ieee1394 drives connected up with this ubuntu box?07:13
mdzcef_work: just works07:13
mdzfor me anyway07:13
ficusplanetmdz, I guess I've just happened across a lot of monitors it looks better on ;).  I was just making sure it wasn't simply a mistake that it was disabled.07:13
cef_workmdz: hrm.. I plugged it in.. no dice here.. hasn't even loaded a 1394 module in the kernel07:13
mdzcef_work: if it didn't load a 1394 driver, it didn't recognize your controller07:14
cef_workmdz: yeah.. I was suspecting that.. hrmmm07:14
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mdzcef_work: sudo modprobe ohci139407:15
cef_workmdz: doh! I know why.. the m/board doesn't have one.. oh well.. fall back to usb207:15
mdzcef_work: ...07:15
cef_workmdz: trying to get the 500GB removable working..07:16
hazmatis there a development branch for ubuntu, ie. dev packages for next version?07:17
cef_workmdz: well works with usb2.. I'll probably chuck the 1394 card I have in the machine sometime soon.. would've thought the dual opteron board would have 1394 onboard.. but seems not.. oh well07:18
cef_workmdz: complicated by the fact that the case has a nice 1394 connector on the front07:19
ficusplanetIs the meeting about hoary at 1600UTC tomorrow?07:19
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Zindarhazmat: not yet afaik07:22
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
=== bohrbug is away. Automatically set away [SZon]
mdzficusplanet: yes07:23
ficusplanetmdz, Thanks.07:23
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berni need help making a shortcut to my mounted windows partition07:28
ficusplanetbern, what is the problem?07:28
=== SuperLag [~colbyirc@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
bernficusplanet: i mount the partition07:30
bernficusplanet: and i can look at the contents in the terminal /mnt/Windows07:30
bernficusplanet: but if i try to make a device shortcut on the desktop it won't let me mount or unmount07:30
bernficusplanet: how do i give it root permissions ?07:30
bohrbugbern: put a line in /etc/fstab for your windows partition07:31
ficusplanetbern, How is the device entered in /etc/fstab?07:31
bernficusplanet: lemme look07:31
bernficusplanet: it's not in there07:32
bernficusplanet: should i add it?07:32
bohrbugbern: /dev/hda1  /mnt/windows  ntfs  defaults,noauto 0 007:32
bohrbugbern: put that in /etc/fstab and you'll be able to mount and unmount from the desktop07:33
ficusplanetbohrbug, Might user be better than defaults?07:33
bohrbugficusplanet: yep, sorry07:33
bernbohrbug: what does noauto 0 0 do?07:33
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD9518C3D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
ficusplanetbern, noauto means it won't be mounted at boot, which I like because then then user can mount and unmount at his/her whim07:34
bohrbugthat should be user,noauto<TAB>0<TAB>007:34
bernbohrbug/ficusplanet: thanks07:35
ficusplanetbern, no problem07:35
bernficusplanet: another problem07:36
ficusplanetbern, OK07:37
bernficusplanet: ok i have the device applet in the taskbar07:38
bernficusplanet: i can mount and unmount just fine07:38
bernficusplanet: as with the device shortcut on the desktop07:38
bernficusplanet: but when i try and access it, it says i need root permissions07:39
bernficusplanet: wait it says "could not enter /mnt/Windows07:39
bernshould i chmod /mnt/Windows to 777 ?07:39
PizbitNah, doesn't matter07:40
ficusplanetbern, I'm not sure.  Sorry.  Is your user in the "disk group."07:41
PizbitDon't believe so anyway, I believe it takes the permissions set in the mount command.07:41
berndisk group?07:41
bernficusplanet: i believe so07:41
sabmocanyone have any success getting various site-lisp edit modes to work in emacs?07:42
bernficusplanet: it says "could not enter folder /mnt/Windows"07:42
bernficusplanet: i tried changing the permissions through the icon but no luck07:43
Pizbitbern: What's the mount line?07:43
ficusplanetbern, I'm not sure why though.  I haven't had that problem when trying to do what you are doing.07:43
ficusplanetbern, Sorry.07:43
bohrbugbern: make sure you have the right case in fstab "/mnt/windows" or "/mnt/Windows"07:44
=== radion [nt0us4@abi62.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
bernbohrbug: ok i figured out what's the matter07:45
bernbohrbug: i did ls -l and it only has root permissions07:45
bernbohrbug: what's the chmod to have everyone read07:45
Zindar/dev/hda1       /windows        ntfs    ro,user,noauto,umask=002  0       007:46
Zindardo that07:46
Zindarin /etc/fstab07:46
bohrbugbern: chmod ugo+rx /mnt/windows07:46
Zindarthan the user can mount it by computer -> disk07:46
Zindarbohrbug: no, doesn't help.. you need to mount it right07:46
Zindaryou can't chmod a ntfs filesystem...07:46
bohrbugZindar: what about the mnt folder itself?07:47
Zindarbohrbug: sure.. but I doubt that's the problem07:47
=== Britt [~Britt@12-203-176-186.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
bohrbugZindar: ok07:47
=== gobeavs [~Ros@] has joined #ubuntu
=== adnans [~Woehaha@linuxgoeroe.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@157.besecure.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
bernZindar: i don't think it worked07:50
bernZindar: i unmounted then did mount -a07:50
bernZindar: it still only has root permissions07:51
gobeavsdoes ubuntu have apt-get?07:51
gobeavsim new to ubuntu07:51
gobeavsand am thinking about trying it07:51
ficusplanetgobeavs, Yes, it is the default package management tool.07:51
gobeavsdoes it work like deb's?07:51
Zindarbern: as which user did you mount?07:51
Zindarbern: did you do Computer -> disk -> click?07:52
ficusplanetgobeavs, It uses debs.  Ubuntu is a modified debian sid.07:52
Zindarwell dont07:52
Zindardo it as the user07:52
ficusplanetbern, if you mount as root, root owns it so to speak07:52
gobeavscuz the deb installer wouldn't work for me, and gentoo config has some errors on my comp...dont like slack...need something else07:52
gobeavsthanks ficus07:52
Zindarumount... go to computer.. go to disk... click the drive you want07:52
ficusplanetgobeavs, no problem07:53
=== HrdwrBoB [~matt@kaos.vicnet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
sladengobeavs: have you tried the 'Ubuntu installer' ?07:53
bernZindar: yay it worked07:53
Zindarbern: of course :)07:53
bernZindar: once i got out of root it let me open it07:53
gobeavsgoing to probaby install tomarrow07:53
bernZindar: what would cause07:53
gobeavsi had gentoo installed07:53
gobeavsbut kde install borked07:53
gobeavsi sure hope KDE works ok in ubuntu07:54
gobeavsim not a fan of gnome07:54
PizbitYou will become one:)07:54
gobeavsdoes KDE work fine in ubunt?07:54
HrdwrBoBgobeavs: GNOME is a lot more advanced than KDE in many ways07:54
gobeavsi just dont like the interface and stuff07:54
HrdwrBoBhowever KDE does work I hear07:54
gobeavsseems like its from 10 years ago07:54
Pizbitgobeavs: To get kde you'll need to enable the universe repository but i havn't heard any bad tales about installing it07:54
jdubgobeavs: KDE should install fine, but it is unsupported.07:54
gobeavsmaybe i just need to get used ot it07:54
Pizbitgobeavs: Yeah, gnome rocks;)07:55
HrdwrBoB10 years ago?07:55
gobeavskde would prob be the only reason I would try to install debian again07:55
HrdwrBoBcompared to KDE .. well, each to their own07:55
calcgnome is great :)07:55
gobeavsi want something like apt-get or portage07:55
gobeavsfor dependencies07:55
calcgobeavs: on which os?07:55
ZindarI don't know... running kde always makes me sick... guess it's just what you get used to07:55
gobeavsso i can either have debian, gentoo, or ubuntu...and I have tried Deb and gentoo07:56
gobeavsboth didn't work too well07:56
jdublet's not compare desktops here, dudes07:56
=== Zotnix [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
Zindargobeavs: apt-get exists for most distribution..... fedora, suse, debian, ubuntu, etc.... so that shouln't be stopping you07:56
gobeavsi knew its for fedora07:56
PizbitZindar: Of course, nothing beats apt-get on a debian bases system07:56
calcgobeavs: and there is yum as well which aiui is similar to apt-get07:56
gobeavsbut i dont want a red hat distro07:56
ZindarPizbit: agreed :)07:56
gobeavsi want something more streamlined07:56
Pizbitgobeavs: apt-get originates from debian07:56
ficusplanetjdub, Thanks for always stopping the KDE/GNOME stuff before it gets crazy.07:56
gobeavsand ive heard good things about debian07:56
gobeavsi tried slackware, but swaret stunk07:57
calcgobeavs: well there are really only a few different types of dists: deb, rpm, gentoo/bsd07:57
calcoh yea and slackware :)07:57
Zindargobeavs: give ubuntu a try.. if you don't like it nobody is forcing you to use it.. switch to something else then... I hope (and think) you'll never leave ubuntu once you have it :)07:57
=== calc hasn't used slackware in ~ 9 years
gobeavsill be even happier when KDE is supported :P07:58
gobeavsok, i gtg to bed07:58
gobeavsthanks for your help guys07:58
gobeavsmaybe ill see ya later :D07:58
ficusplanetsee ya07:58
Zindarwhat is the plan for kde and ubuntu btw? will it be supported in hoary?07:59
Zindarjust out of curiousity07:59
lhbubunty made me give up on rpm distros08:00
lhbi am now 100% rpm free :)08:00
=== jkka_ [~jukka@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jkka_ [~jukka@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
calcZindar: doubtful, it doesn't make much sense to support two different desktops, and would require a lot more cd's to do so08:01
=== Pyguy [nobody@ppp150-211.lns2.mel2.internode.on.net] has joined #Ubuntu
calckde-i18n by itself takes a big chunk of a cd08:02
Keybukthe community could certainly put together and support a KDE-based derivative of Ubuntu08:03
Keybukbut it's not anything Ubuntu itself will do; though I imagine the council would bless the derivative08:03
=== |progenic| [~h3ndric@] has joined #ubuntu
=== aj confuses ubuntu and "Enter the Fist" and thinks "the eeeevil council"
Zindarwell.. supported != on the cd08:04
Zindarthere are things in main that's not on the cd today08:04
PyguyAh... is anyone else having trouble changing the resolution using Gnome? Or is it just me?08:04
ficusplanetPyguy, What is the problem?08:05
jdubZindar: (no plans for official support of KDE)08:05
PyguyI get a distorted image when I try to change it from 1024x768 -> 800x60008:05
ficusplanetPyguy, Are you using an LCD?08:05
PyguyNope, but I am running Ubuntu under VMWare08:05
Zindarjdub: alright..  I think that's good so you can consentrate on a smaller set of packages and sstuff08:05
ZindarPyguy: than that's most likely your problem08:06
Pyguy:\ Hopefully resizing it manually will work08:06
PyguyDamn, was a root passwd set during the installation? I don't remember doing it :P08:07
ZindarPyguy: no.. no root password08:07
ficusplanetPyguy, use "sudo [command] "08:08
ZindarPyguy: try "sudo whatever"08:08
PyguyAh I see, cheers08:08
ficusplanetThen type your own password08:08
ZotnixI think (this might be wrong to do) I set a root password by sudo passwd08:09
ZotnixI can now su into root just fine.08:09
lhbubuntu had me because it was debian based and a sweet sweet gnome desktop default08:10
ZindarZotnix: there is nothing wrong with that if you prefer... I don't see why but that's me08:10
Zindarold habits may be hard to break08:10
ZotnixI still do sudo now.08:10
ficusplanetI'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but have any ubuntu devs considered making a handler for irc:// urls so that we could link to the IRC room from a Web page? 08:10
lhband the 1 disk, only 1 disk to download08:10
ZotnixI'm getting accustomed to sudo.08:10
calcwith kde upstream not even knowing how to manage libraries it would probably be a good thing not to worry about it ;)08:10
=== calc notes he gets bugs all the time regarding that
ZotnixAnyone know any good repositories that contain very current packages (namely gaim/firefox/blam type things)08:11
lhbsudo is actually not that crazy when you have been usinh su all the time08:11
jdubZotnix: no, and we'd discourage them08:11
PyguyI still require a password even when "sudo [anything] " :\08:12
jdubZotnix: what you have is a fully supported distro with a rapid release process08:12
ficusplanetZotnix, I would avoid the Firefox preview release because it was downgraded for stability issues.  If you're really interested in bleeding edge, follow hoary.08:12
jdubZotnix: when hoary (the devel branch) opens up, you'll get all of those kinds of things, though you'll be running the devel release08:12
ZotnixWell I wouldn't update the entire system to that unstable08:12
bernanyone have problems with liquid weather in karamba?08:12
bernmine gets locked up at the splash screen08:12
ZotnixJust certain packages.08:13
ZotnixLike xchat namely08:13
jdubZotnix: then you don't get the new packages :)08:13
ZotnixHeh, I'd use my discretion.08:13
=== calc wants gnome 2.10
jdubZotnix: you have a choice - supported or rapid response development. it's better to make the choice along those lines.08:14
calcZotnix: live on the edge :)08:14
ZotnixI like to.08:14
ZotnixWhen I had gentoo I used the entire system under !x8608:14
Despairjdub: Depends. You may want stability in most of your system, but need to track improvements in a few areas. isn't that what `apt-get -t experimental -s upgrade` is for? ;)08:14
joemZotnix, ubuntu isn't gentoo08:15
jdubDespair: no08:15
=== whiprush yawns
whiprushevening everyone08:16
DespairWow, apparently I was using debian all wrong then. :)08:16
jdubpants off, whiprush 08:16
whiprushon, but loosened.08:16
jdubDespair: if you thought experimental was something you could upgrade to, and had 'improvements' to your otherwise stable system, yes.08:16
Despairerr, hmm, I was unclear, I wasn't recommending debian experimental in ubuntu. would be hoary here.08:16
jdubhoary == sid08:17
whiprushsoon my thinkpad x40 will be here and be ubuntusized. And you will all fear. >_<08:17
calcexperimental on debian typically is stuff too broken to risk uploading to sid08:17
jdubwhiprush: you sucker!08:17
PyguyOkay, well "sudo vim /etc/X11/XF86Config-4" still asks me to provide a password for root... is anyone else getting this?08:17
whiprushjdub: heh, NOT. paid for by work. woo.08:17
ficusplanetPyguy, You use your user's password.08:18
Pyguy:\ Thanks :)08:18
ficusplanetno problem08:18
justdaveif I build a package locally and I want Synaptic to be able to see it, is there somewhere I can drop the .deb file so it'll find it? or do I have to create a local repository and add it to sources.list?08:18
ficusplanetjustdave, If a package is installed, it will in Synaptic.  But if you want non-installed packages to show up, yes, you need a repository.08:19
jdubjustdave: the latter.08:19
justdavepackage in question is missing from universe, but the source is there.  has a co-dependency on one that is built in universe.  Installing either one without passing both of them to apt-get install at once will fail.08:20
justdaveso I guess the other option is to download the deb file for the one that's pre-built and pass them both to dpkg -i08:20
jdubjustdave: download the other deb and dpkg -i08:20
ZotnixCan't wait for x.org to be used instead of xfree86 >.<08:21
PyguyHm... smooth-scrolling (I don't know if that's what you'd call it) doesn't seem to be working. i.e. Holding down backspace doesn't send it back, until you let go... is this a feature?08:21
justdaveactually, it's dpkg -i that fails if you don't pass both at once. :)  apt-get install can't find one, and won't install the other without it :)08:22
justdavethere's a command-line option for apt-get to download a deb... where's it download to when you do that?  current directory?08:22
jdubthink so08:23
jdubor check /var/cache/apt/archive08:23
Marjojustdave: sudo apt-get --help08:23
cleejdub: it's possible for a friend who can't get ubuntu to find his CDROM during install to tell the installer to use debs from the HD, right?08:23
jdubi think so08:23
PyguyGreat, I got it to change resolution properly in VMWare... Should I write up a quick fix for others, or...?08:24
whiprushsomeone did a vmware thing in the wiki08:24
whiprushprobably best to add it to that08:24
calcclee: daniels installed that way i think08:25
cleecalc: talking to him already08:25
whiprushthere it is08:25
=== ik5pvx [~Bus_Error@paperino.noc.seabone.net] has joined #ubuntu
justdaveMarjo: that's where I saw the option I was asking about :)  it doesn't say where it downloads to08:26
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
justdavelooks like it goes to /var/cache/apt/archives, just tried it08:27
Marjojustdave: Whats wrong with installing the package with "apt-get install <package>"?08:29
justdaveMarjo: because the package isn't built in the repository.08:29
justdaveer, there's two packages, one is built, one isn't.08:29
justdaveboth have to be installed together because they're co-dependent on each other08:29
PizbitYeah, dpkg -i deb1 deb208:29
justdaveso I have to apt-get src one of them and build it08:30
KeybukPizbit: no, really, don't do that08:30
Keybukoh, bah, sorry08:30
=== centrion [~centrion@pcp015370pcs.dhcp.calpoly.edu] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitKeybuk: Why not?:P08:30
Keybukmisread that command after reading a bug report08:30
=== ficusplanet [~ficusplan@12-216-226-172.client.mchsi.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Pizbit wonders whether he should file a bugreport/enhancement for the human icon theme.
jdubwhat's the bug?08:31
PizbitThe first part is that it's not very visually different whether a folder Documents is open when looking in folder Home, and if there's an emblem over the Documents folder in Home you can't tell very easily at all that it's open08:32
jdubhrm, you mailed that to u-u, right?08:32
justdaveI actually did this already three or four days ago, but I'm trying to explain to someone else how to do it now, and trying to make sure I have it the easiest way in the instructions :)08:33
Pizbitjdub: Yeah08:33
Pizbitoh shit08:34
PizbitI just realised what's thumbnailed in one of the open folders.08:34
PizbitI swear I didn't notice that when I pasted the link08:34
|progenic|excuse me, why my totem always show error message and it stated whether to restart application or quit if i'm trying to play some movie ?08:36
=== Phoop [~dpinkster@cc43737-a.deven1.ov.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaks|progenic|: what kind of movie are you trying to plaY?08:37
|progenic|any type08:37
MarjoTotem wont work with me neither... So I installed VLC with apt.08:38
|progenic|streaming one included08:38
Pizbit|progenic|: totem-gst or totem-xine?08:38
Treenaks|progenic|: did you follow the RestrictedFormats howto?08:38
Treenaks|progenic|: (http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RestrictedFormats)08:38
|progenic|i never know about that08:38
Treenaks|progenic|: the wiki is a huge source of information08:39
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbit"The following repository has packages for i386 only." Erm, I see player 386,586,586,k6,k7...:)08:40
DespairNice. Firefox randomly dying during page opens.08:40
TreenaksPizbit: the architecture is called i38608:41
TreenaksPizbit: it means there are no powerpc or amd64 binaries08:42
Treenaks(or anything else, for that matter)08:42
PizbitOh righty08:42
calchmm i thought gstreamer could play dvds now08:45
ZotnixDespair, yeah, for me that sometimes happens when a page has java.08:46
=== bigbrother0074 [~bigbrothe@cdm-24-250-145-26.bcst.cox-internet.com] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitThat reminds me08:47
=== Pizbit looks at the burningedge
DespairZotnix: I don't have java installed. So I don't think it's java falling over and taking ff with it...08:47
PizbitThe libnull plugin can be a pita in older versions08:48
PizbitEither 0.8/0.9.x I came across it as tohers did.08:48
=== Pluk [~Pluk@248-85.ipact.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== L|nu}{ [~linux@ti112210a080-3428.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== Despair [~Despair@69-169-250-171.lndnnh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== HrdwrBoB is now known as GoneBoB
joolzi have a gnome-terminal problem. When it has it's original size it works fine, but when i make it larger, XFree86 will eat up almost all of my CPU when gnoe-terminal displays stuff09:04
joolzwhat can i do to fix this? it's really annoying09:05
GoneBoBgnome-terminal is a giant heap of garbage09:06
GoneBoBthat's essentially the problem :)09:06
Keybukhrm?  it isn't09:06
Keybukprobably the arse-biting there is that pango isn't quite optimised for the most common case yet09:07
bigbrother0074i love it when people are so incredibly helpful09:07
Keybukyou're scrolling past large amounts of text in an anti-alias font rendered in a system that does a complete table lookup for each character09:07
cef_workho hum. warty doesn't auto-mount ntfs volumes on removable devices (or doesn't seem  to anyway)09:08
lifelesscef_work: hmm, it should09:10
joolzKeybuk: thanks, i'll google pango09:12
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Keybukjoolz: there's a large thread on d-d-l about speeding gnome-terminal up at the moment09:12
joolzKeybuk: hmm, nice. What's d-d-l?09:13
=== Zotnix [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
joolzKeybuk: great, thanks!09:14
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pizbit ponders the effects on his sanity of green text on black for gnome-terminal
calcyea miguel wasn't too happy that konsole is much faster than g-t09:17
joemvte is pretty slugish 09:18
joolzPizbit: that's called as/400, right? :)09:18
whiprushI like how when you screen irssi gnome-terminal turns all blue.09:18
joemI hear gnome-term is fine without AA09:18
joemwhiprush, my favorite feature too, go figure09:18
calcwhiprush: yep, apparently it only happens with irssi09:18
Pizbitjoolz: That's called me messing around:)09:18
calcbut it always happens with irssi ;)09:18
joolzPizbit: hehe09:19
joolzWell i got a workaround! Background transapancy turned off, and it's solved09:19
cef_worklifeless: ahh well.. it is a 500 GB partition..09:19
joolzwhiprush: i screen irssi in g-t all the time. It doesn't turn blue though...09:20
whiprushgive it time. 09:20
cef_worklifeless: I'll try plugging the other one in09:20
=== guiguilinux [~guiguilin@d80-170-151-186.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushit happens just often enough to drive you mad.09:20
whiprushlike some kind of torture.09:20
joolzwhiprush: i have irssi set to no color, maybe that's why i don't have it09:20
=== guiguilinux [~guiguilin@d80-170-151-186.cust.tele2.fr] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== calc sees interesting things in the thread
lifelesscef_work: ubuntu uses pmount to do the automounting09:21
lifelessyou could try running pmount by hand09:22
=== opi^work [~emil@ar2.tpnets.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== MacPlusG3 [~stewart@c211-28-166-127.eburwd2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== dew [gds@cpc3-rdng1-4-0-cust157.winn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushhmm, the new forums are pretty nifty.09:26
cef_worklifeless: yeah it fails.. looking thru device manager it seems that it can't figure out the volume type09:26
danielsexcept for the fact I can't post anything, or send any messages :P09:26
danielsapparently being given Developer status means you get to be silent, heh09:27
whiprushit's a honeypot09:27
cef_worklifeless: of course, I'm going to reformat one of them anyway, but I thought I'd give it a shot09:27
cef_workdaniels: no, it's just figured out that you don't matter.. *grin*09:27
=== mrjive [~mrjive@host-45-50.noicomnet.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== spikeb [~spikeb@c68.117.110.98.hay.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
spikebi'd like to report that if you install gtk1, ut2004 installs and runs just great on ubuntu09:30
Zindarwhat's ut2004?09:30
cef_workdaniels: must be the installer09:30
whiprushthink the installer uses gtk109:30
spikebZindar,  unreal tournament 200409:30
spikebwhiprush,  yes it does - the console installer won't work properly09:30
=== Gladiak [~gladiak@host169-217.pool62211.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Gladiakhi :)09:31
Despairspikeb: using ubuntu's openal or ut2004's?09:31
spikebDespair,  i don't know how to tell that - all i know is i didn't have to do anything besides install the demo and it ran fine09:31
Gladiaksorry man i've a question...i chande xfree config file. how to restore original one ? i forgot to beckup :(09:32
Zindarand what's unreal tournament 2004? sounds like a game09:32
TreenaksZindar: iti z09:32
Treenaksiti s09:32
Treenaksit is09:32
spikebZindar,  it is. a first person shooter game 09:32
=== svenl_ is now known as svenl
spikebi can't tell if the sound worked or not, however - i don't have speakers at the moment09:33
=== Terk [~christiaa@dslam204-11-172-82.dyndsl.zonnet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Gladiaknobody can help me ?09:33
TheMusoGladiak: What is ht problem?09:34
Gladiaksorry man i've a question...i change xfree config file. how to restore original one ? i forgot to beckup :(09:34
Gladiakhi muso :P09:34
Gladiaki have to rebuild xfree ?09:34
spikebif you didnt backup, then you have to edit the file by hand and change it to what it was09:34
TheMusoGladiak: What config files?09:34
TerkGaldiak: You could try deinstalling X and reinstalling it via synaptic09:35
lhbdpkg-reconfigure xserver09:35
TheMusoGladiak: Do you remember what you changed?09:35
spikebyeah that'll work09:35
Gladiaksynaptics touchpad 09:35
=== bern [~bern@hc652777e.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Gladiakok i'll try dpkg way09:35
=== spikeb sets up java
Gladiakanyone here has a synaptic touchpad section to paste in query ?09:37
Gladiakit's aster09:37
Gladiakfaster :P09:37
spikebi dont09:37
Gladiakargh :/09:37
=== Gmail|SLEEP is now known as Gmail
Gladiaki have to reconfigure xfree86 - common09:39
=== yz [~yz@] has joined #ubuntu
Gladiakok xserver-xfree86 ?09:39
TerkDoes anybody have any idea why my Radio stations wont play anymore (in rhytmbox)??09:41
Gmailok wehn is the hoary meeting (like in how many hrs)?09:41
Gmailthat will be held in #ubuntu-devel09:41
PizbitBastards, no one told me that dinner wasn't gonna be cooked tonight09:41
TerkCould not open vfs file "[url] " for reading09:41
whiprushi thought it was #ubuntu-meeting?09:41
=== Pizbit ponders making dinner vs buyings ome fromt he shop
Gmailwhiprush: you are correct09:42
DespairTerk: I've had weird problems with rhythmbox. Sometimes it doesn't update id3 info on songs, sometimes it does. Sometimes it wont play at all...09:42
Gmailthey change it or i remebered incorectly09:42
PizbitDespair: I reckon you're best off with even xmms09:42
TerkDespair: strange, it worked 2 days ago and upon till now it never work anymore09:42
=== Pizbit votes amaroK anyway.
DespairPizbit: been using gxine, intend to try amarok since people keep suggesting it.09:43
TerkAmarok?? Why?09:43
=== spikeb votes for fixing gstreamer and rhythmbox instead
=== KeyserSoze [unbound@pound.ifndef.com] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitTerk: Because it's the best?09:43
Gmailany way the spread firefox guys are rich now09:43
TerkI know it's okay, but the best...09:43
TerkI've installed muine earlier on09:44
PizbitTerk: xmms is old, decrepid and lacking in features, same for rythmbox which never seems to work right.09:44
TreenaksPizbit: rhythmbox is quite new09:44
joolzimho rhythmbox isn't very useful. The idea is good, but it won't even play wav's That's a showstopper for me09:44
TreenaksPizbit: and what are the missing features?09:44
TerkWhat about jamoree09:44
PizbitTreenaks: cover lookup, music brainz09:44
PizbitNever heard of that one.09:44
TerkAnd hi btw Treenaks (you're early!)09:45
TreenaksTerk: I am? :)09:45
TreenaksTerk: I've been awake for 3 hours 8)09:45
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3k9b.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Terk.... oke... 09:45
PizbitTreenaks: Does rythmbox do crossfade?09:45
TreenaksTerk: btw, #ubuntu-nl is open for business 09:45
TerkI know!09:45
TerkI'm already in!09:45
=== mctavish [~dcahill@] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksPizbit: I personally think crossfade is annoying, but no, afaik rhythmbox doesn't do it09:46
spikebyes it does09:46
joolzTreenaks: #ubuntu-nl? Niiice09:46
Treenaksjoolz: /join us :)09:47
spikebwhen is this meeting? :)09:47
Treenakswhiprush: The Netherlands/Dutch09:47
Treenakslhb: not quite :)09:48
=== SmokingFire [~FireFly@ashanti.xs4all.nl] has left #ubuntu []
=== yoonkit [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
=== freed [~freed@d80-170-99-151.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
opi^workI could get #ubuntu-pl, but talking to myself may be a sign of mental ilness ;}09:51
opi^workyes, pl09:51
Pizbit= ?09:51
opi^workA country near Germany, Russia, Czech, Slovakia and Baltic Sea09:51
=== yoonkit [~chatzilla@] has left #ubuntu []
opi^workPizbit: Poland09:52
Pizbitbrain freeze09:53
opi^workno problem09:53
opi^workIm not patriot-zelot ;pp09:53
=== adsb-work [~adsb-work@avco79.avcosystems.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
opi^workmost people outside Europe are confused by East09:54
opi^workie. they're confusing pl with Portugal 09:55
opi^workI used to it :)09:55
=== Niterider [~Niterider@HSE-Toronto-ppp119184.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Niteriderhow do i mount my windows partition with ubuntu09:56
=== jkka [~jkka@] has joined #ubuntu
Niterideranyone around?09:57
=== phin [~phin@pcp01183990pcs.strl301.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
opi^workNiterider: mount -t vfat /dev/partition /where09:57
=== joem [~joem@c-67-173-77-82.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
opi^workNiterider: sudo mount -t vfat /dev/partition /where -o umask=00009:58
PizbitIt oculd be ntfs:)09:58
PizbitDamn my typing sucks today09:58
opi^workit's just an exaple ;)09:58
opi^workI bet he don't have /where nor /dev/partition09:59
PizbitGood odds on that one.09:59
Niteriderok..i'll try that...thanks09:59
PizbitNeed a wiki page for mounting the windows partition methinks.10:00
PizbitNiterider: In joke, don't worry.10:00
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-190-38.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
[Bas] Netminder, when it's a ntfs partition: sudo mount -t ntfs -o uid=<username>, gid=<username> /dev/partition /where10:00
Niteridermine is fat 3210:00
=== bern [~bern@hc652777e.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocwhat kind of firewall security does ubuntu come with out of the box10:00
bernhey can anyone help me out with xsmbrowser?10:00
opi^worksabmoc: like most Linux boxes10:01
=== Despair suspects ubuntu's xchat of having the nick-complete random completion issue that results in messages being directed to random bystanders. ;)
Niterideryou don't really need one10:01
berni'm trying to copy files from my desktop to my laptop but i can't mount because it says only root can mount10:01
Treenaksbern: nautilus (the normal "file browser") tends to work better10:01
Niterideryou can grab firestarter10:01
bernTreenaks: i'll try that10:01
PizbitTreenaks: The nautilus one has problems with win2k shares though10:02
sabmocopi^work: like most linux boxes like redhat, or like most linux boxes like some distro nobodys ever heard of.10:02
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
opi^worksabmoc: iptables10:02
Pizbitbern: You don't need to mount it to copy the files across10:02
Niteriderif it wasn't for the cam part i would be able to kick windass for good10:02
sabmocopi^work: ah, i meant to ask: how secure is a default install.10:02
=== dyn [~dyn@tohotom.vein.hu] has joined #ubuntu
bernTreenaks: i'm using kde though i can't use nautilis can i?10:02
=== dyn [~dyn@dyn.user] has left #ubuntu []
bernPizbit: it won't let me open the directory though10:03
Pizbitbern: right-click on an item in the shares and click save10:03
Treenaksbern: of course you can10:03
jdubsabmoc: by default, nothing listens on a public interface at all10:03
Pizbitbern: Ahh, need user/pass? But them into the box just under the main area10:03
Pizbiter, But -> Put10:03
=== freed [~freed@d80-170-99-151.cust.tele2.fr] has left #ubuntu ["bon,]
CHShm, my rythmbox has massive problems importing large directories - is this a know issue?10:04
=== port7 [~mark@speedcen.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitAnyway, me -> out for food.10:04
ZindarCHS: how large?10:04
CHSZindar: > 10 G10:04
ZindarCHS: strange.. I've imported my iriver into it on several occations.. not a problem.. 20GB10:05
Zindaror.. 1810:05
CHSZindar: it seems that not the size itself causes problems but some directories10:05
joemI can import 40+ gigs fine, problem is probably deeper then "a large directory"10:05
bernPizbit: i already put the user and pass in there in order to get into the box10:05
CHSZindar: oh, yet another iriver user :)10:05
bernPizbit: but it won't open folders and when i right clicked the folder and hit save it just created a new folder of the same name there10:05
CHSZindar: are this just plain directories with .ogg/.mp3 files or do you also have some .jpg file inside them?10:06
sabmocjdub: thats good, i also like it if iptables is setup to drop all all unrequested syn packets but i guess you cant do that by default since its only useful is you dont plan to log into the box remotely at any time, but it sure does make things secure 10:07
=== silbs [~sbsm0084@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
ZindarCHS: just .ogg and .mp3.. and only 3-4 levels deep... 10:07
bernTreenaks: when i do apt-cache search, all the nautilis packages are for gnome gui shell10:08
=== enrico_ [~enrico@81-174-12-206.f5.ngi.it] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksbern: yes..10:08
Treenaksbern: so unless you removed it, it's instaled10:08
bernTreenaks: well i just tried running nautilus, but it didn't work10:09
=== dalius [~dalius@] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksbern: sorry, can't help you, I only know Gnome10:09
=== Ferry [~Ferry@cust.15.118.adsl.cistron.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== Niterider [~Niterider@HSE-Toronto-ppp119184.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
topylibern: how did you try to run it? try nautilus --no-desktop --browser10:11
Niteridersorry..i last question..i forgot to ask..is there a repository i can add that has a deb of a jre?10:12
topyliNiterider: best to use the debian java-package package and make a deb from sun's java10:13
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-049-132.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Gmail [~Google@] has joined #ubuntu
ygnomeNiterider: got one that works on debian sid if you want it (blackdown)10:14
spikebi havent even bothered making a deb10:14
Niterideri've never done that...i guess i'll try, i was lookin for the easy way10:14
=== edlang [~edlang@cbis.anu.edu.au] has joined #ubuntu
topyliNiterider: that's the easy way :)10:14
Niterideris ubuntu based on sid10:14
ygnomeNiterider: deb ftp://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/pub/java-linux/debian unstable main non-free10:14
spikebNiterider, yes10:14
ygnomeNiterider: there will be a closer mirror, just go to blackdown.org10:15
Niteridersuper...ty..got it up here now10:15
topyliNiterider: when you need java, go to Sun10:15
Niteriderok..i'll look10:15
Niteriderwhat's the drawback to this blackdown one?10:15
ygnomedunno. works for me :)10:16
Niteriderthanks much10:16
ygnomeask topyli 10:16
topylimy unscientifically unproven argument: Sun's is faster10:16
berntopyli: just nautilus &10:16
ygnomehe seems to know...10:16
Niterideri'll give er a whirl10:16
Niteriderok..i see10:16
Despairtopyli: how does IBM's compare these days?10:16
Niterideri'll try the blackdown10:16
Niteriderthanks again10:16
topyliDespair: i've never had ibm's java10:17
ygnometopyli: there was a hack I heard about, running the server java binary or something for apps. do you know of it?10:17
topyliDespair: sun owns java, others try to imitate :)10:18
Despairtopyli: last time I looked (about a year ago, it thoroughly beat up Sun's for speed and stability on ia32)10:18
=== merriam [~merriam@82-133-111-139.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
spikeboh, i found out i can get my ibook repaired for free, so soon i shall have ubuntu on that, as well10:18
spikebasumming sleep works10:18
topyliDespair: may be true, i'm not an expert. what i do know is sun's java runtime _seems_ faster than blackdown10:18
Gmail3  Ubuntu  995<10:19
Gmail4 SUSE 99210:19
spikebGmail, nice.10:19
Gmailand suse just relested a new version yesterday that why its up10:19
ygnometopyli: can you get suns' without all the account signup rubbish now?10:19
spikebi prefer ubuntu for a very simple reason - it's a GNOME desktop os10:19
topyliygnome: no, the rubbish is there :)10:19
spikebactually yes you can10:20
=== francofai [~kvirc@adsl-193-74.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
spikebgo to java.com and click manual download10:20
Gmailspikeb: i was guessing 1050 but i guess people did view the page and leave an auto-refersher to refersh every 5 seconds10:20
topyliygnome: what do you mean "signup"? you just accept the license10:20
=== moogai [~moogai@] has joined #ubuntu
edlangAnyone here running ubuntu with a 2.6.7-1 kernel inside VMWare?10:20
=== moogai [~moogai@] has joined #ubuntu
ygnometopyli: last time I got sun's java, I had to sign up this big agreement, filling in all my details.10:21
=== moogai is now known as TongMaster
edlangFor me, /etc/init.d/rcS is segfaulting when it tries to fork as it progresses through processing /etc/rcS.d/10:21
spikebygnome,  no, that's gone10:21
topyliygnome: oh yeah. it's not that complicated now10:21
edlangwhich causes the system to, uh, throw a tantrum10:21
ygnomespikeb: thank heavens for that. do they have .debs yet?10:21
opi^workhttp://conics.net/shp/pda/zaurus-sl-c700/sl-c3000/wpc2004/index.html -- sweet10:22
danielsedlang: bong10:22
spikebygnome,  nope. just bin or rpm.bin10:22
topyliygnome: it's simple to make one with the debian java-package package like i said10:22
bob2edlang: which vmware version? some of my friends had problems pre-4.5.210:22
topyliygnome: one command10:22
ygnometopyli: I missed that, how do you do it?10:22
edlanghi daniels10:22
edlangbob2: ah, yeah, this 4.0.510:23
topyliygnome: i forget. it's described on the packages.debian.org page10:23
edlangthe install was also fubar, so I had to install over a debian sarge install10:23
bob2edlang: tho you got further than he did, it was panicking during the inital unpack10:23
edlangnow I want to install a newer kernel so I can install the vmware tools10:24
=== Terk [~christiaa@dslam204-11-172-82.dyndsl.zonnet.nl] has left #ubuntu []
ygnometopyli: ok. I'll make a note to try it next time. blackdown is fine for running the SAP java gui, which is all I need it for...10:24
edlang(why are there no packaged kernel sources that match the default 2.4.27 kernel image?)10:24
topyliygnome: blackdown works too of course10:24
bob2edlang: ubuntu doesn't support 2.4 kernels10:24
bob2edlang: the default is
danielssarge's default is 2.4.27 ...10:25
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== slade_ubuntu [~slade@ip68-109-32-127.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
edlangah, yeah, so that's the debian kernel 10:25
=== ph_ [~ph@pD9E6BC38.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
ygnometopyli: oh yea, and jalbum10:25
topylidaniels: oh, so they have upgraded from 2.2 already? =)10:25
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-190-38.bchsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu []
slade_ubuntuhow do you start sshd in ubuntu?10:25
topyliygnome: jalbum rules10:26
spikebhas anyone tried out the gtk-webcore stuff yet?10:26
jdubslade_ubuntu: apt-get install openssh-server10:26
opi^workspikeb: try Atlantis10:26
ygnometopyli: too right. wish F-Spot would pick it up or mimic it as a publishing backend...10:26
spikebopi^work, i'm considering doing just that.10:26
slade_ubuntujdub: thx..i tried apt-get install openssh and that didnt work10:27
topyliygnome: it's non-free isn't it though?10:27
slade_ubuntuguess it would help to get the pkg right10:27
ygnometopyli: actually, I have no idea :(10:27
=== ygnome looks.
topyliygnome: i guess it's "freeware"10:27
topylihey! i don't even have jalbum now! i guess i haven't taken too many pictures lately :)10:28
edlangdaniels: when you did something similar to what I've done, did you have to mess aroudn with the init scripts?10:29
Zindaropenssh if free10:29
Zindarit's just called sshd in ubuntu10:29
topyliZindar: of course. ygnome and i are talking about jalbum10:29
bob2openssh-server in Ubuntu.10:29
Zindarsshd worked for me :)10:30
danielsedlang: er no, since I only used netboot10:30
danielsthere was no sarge install component10:30
Zindarohh.. ssh10:30
ygnometopyli: I can't find anything on the website to say, apart from 'free'10:30
Zindarnot sshd10:30
topyliygnome: where's the source? :)10:30
edlangCould someone please give me a URL, or email me, their /etc/init.d/rcS?10:31
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-8-176.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== Baumi [~Baumi@z0703.wist.uni-linz.ac.at] has joined #ubuntu
topyliedlang: i can upload it to my site, hold on10:31
topyliok, bob2 was faster :)10:32
=== Korgan [~steve@203-118-172-225.adsl.ihug.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
ygnometopyli: "I haven't decided on open sourcing the full program (yet), but I plan on keeping JAlbum free in the future anyway"10:32
bob2erk, don't encourage people to do linux shareware10:33
ygnometopyli: so, not GPL, some libs are released LGPL tho.10:33
ygnomebob2: well, it's java freeware.10:33
edlanghmm, no difference in these rcS's.10:34
topylibob2: java stuff is often "freeware" :(10:35
=== cristian [~cristian@adsl203-165-014.mclink.it] has joined #ubuntu
edlangis /bin/sh on ubuntu a statically linked shell?10:36
topyliygnome: "free in the future anyway". he doesn't know what free is :)10:36
=== stvn [~steven@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2edlang: it's just regular bash10:37
topylihacking is hard. i'm trying to make gtksourceview undestand bash but i don't know bash well enough :)10:37
=== edlang wonders how to debug this problem then
edlanginstalling ash and linking it to /bin/sh fixed that problem.10:38
topyliedlang: how compatible is ash with bash? if it's poorly compatible, it might break some scripts10:39
=== s-toned [~S-Toned@] has joined #ubuntu
ygnometopyli: I'm gunna tell garrett about it, maybe he has some ideas.10:40
topyliygnome: about what? :)10:40
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091b68.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu
bob2topyli: scripts that use bash-specific features but don't explicitly use /bin/bash are looked down upon in debian10:40
ygnometopyli: about similar things he can do in F-Spot :)10:40
bob2where "looked down upon" = "the maintainer is flamed on debian-devel"10:41
Treenaksbob2: twice.10:41
topyliygnome: ah10:41
topylibob2: that10:41
topylis quite effective10:41
topyliunlike my typing :)10:41
defendguinok im tired anything going on?10:45
BeTadoes it happens to anyone to see X freezing on PPC laptops (here I have a PowerBook G4 15")10:46
defendguinBeTa, X freezes on my i68610:47
defendguinright after gnome has finished loading after i login10:47
spikebx is fine for me10:47
bob2BeTa: works fine on my ibook10:47
BeTak :c/10:50
bob2is it just X freezing?10:51
=== Tera [~ScripT@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== daniels [daniel@fooishbar.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== marooned [~gsmaclean@c-24-8-2-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
edlangwell, this is a crap situation. 10:58
edlangI cannae fork in this mashup debian/ubuntu install when using a 2.6 kernel10:58
=== Seveas [seveas@213-73-236-154.cable.quicknet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== marooned [~gsmaclean@c-24-8-2-12.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== ploum [~ploum@21-4.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== enrico_ is now known as enrico
=== marooned [~gsmaclean@c-24-8-2-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mario [~mario@] has joined #ubuntu
topylienrico: hello there, remember juha?11:07
enricotopyli: hey!11:08
enricotopyli: I do remember juha11:09
fabbionebella enrico 11:09
enricofabbione: !!11:09
topylienrico: working hard, or slacking? :)11:09
fabbionehelix: always!11:09
enricohelix: ehy, you too around here!11:10
helixenrico: yeah, I have to keep tabs on things ;)11:10
topyliso nobody uses debian anymore? =)11:10
=== helix still uses debian
enricotopyli: everyone uses Debian11:10
topylienrico: yeah, like ubuntu users11:10
=== yuran_ [~yb@line134-238.adsl.actcom.co.il] has joined #ubuntu
=== topyli wants a cdrw that writes at x20000
=== telemaco [~telemaco@186.Red-81-35-229.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== fredix [~fred@parmentier-6-82-225-62-172.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
mjrso you basically want a cdrw with ~700M lasers so you can flash the whole disk at once11:17
mjr(trust me, you do _not_ want to spin a cd at x20000)11:17
topylimjr: your idea is better :)11:17
topylibacking up sucks currently11:18
mjrof course, maybe one laser per track would do...11:18
enricoOr a video beamer which uses laser instead of a lamp, then you line up a number of empty CDs on the wall and display the CD image11:18
Despairif they'd been sane and done circular tracks instead of spiral, it'd be easy to write multiple tracks at once. ;)11:18
=== topyli is working on it
=== duke|ib [~dukeku@c-24-21-168-125.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
topyli"complete". i like that11:20
=== enrico is now known as enrico_market
topylii mean the cd is ready, not enrico's on-the-wall burning device (yet)11:21
Pizbit20000x cdrs would be fun11:22
PizbitWonder what they'd be made of.11:22
TreenaksPizbit: pressing is easier11:22
PizbitTreenaks: Not as fun though.11:22
topyliPizbit: kryptonite of course11:22
spikebi'd hazard a guess that they'd be made of 200000x cdr material11:22
topyliis that an element or would i have to manufacture it specifically?11:23
=== Korgan [~steve@203-118-172-225.adsl.ihug.co.nz] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== FireEgl [Proteus255@adsl-17-148-248.bhm.bellsouth.net] has joined #Ubuntu
Treenakstopyli: you could use my 200000x cdr fusion reactor11:25
=== Dethread is now known as Dethread|sleep
topyliTreenaks: but i bet its operation costs are quite high. would the discs be very expensive then? i'm worried that the market wouldn't accept them11:26
Pizbittopyli: That doesn't matter since you've presumably silenced any/all opposition.11:26
topyliah, of course11:26
topyliwe are _so_ smart and evil!11:27
Treenakstopyli: The market will accept them, because if they don't, I'll make my puppet government accept them..11:27
topyliTreenaks: well, i'd have the treenaxian market secured for sure then11:28
Treenakstopyli: no, we don't need _your_ disks.11:29
=== fredix [~fred@parmentier-6-82-225-62-172.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
topyliTreenaks: what? are you stealing my INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY?11:29
=== Baumi [~Baumi@z0703.wist.uni-linz.ac.at] has joined #ubuntu
edlangso, I'm SOOL?11:30
edlangshit out of luck11:31
topylioh. we'll see after i settle the score with treenaks11:31
Treenakstopyli: stealing? I'd call it re-appropriating11:31
edlanggiven that processes aren't able to fork 11:32
Treenaksedlang: rebooting helps..11:32
topyliedlang: oh, not everyone is talking about my cd factory :)11:32
topyliTreenaks: i guess if you plan to "liberate" my IP, i might as well go to work11:32
PizbitYours? I thought you were borrowing mine.11:33
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3k9b.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
PizbitDanged thieves everyone of them ubuntu users.11:33
edlangTreenaks: bastardised debian / ubuntu install inside vmware; everything works with debian's 2.4 kernel; init fails with ubuntu's 2.6.7; processes cannot fork with ubuntu's
PizbitWith the exception of I of course.11:35
edlangproblems are reproducible11:35
spikebedlang,  sounds thrilling11:35
Kamioncurrent vmware?11:36
edlangKamion: a little old, 4.0.511:36
Kamionwe've had reports of bugs in that that are fixed in 4.5, IIRC11:36
=== jono [~jono@82-37-194-90.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
jonoheya all11:38
jonoanyone having trouble running gdesklets in ubuntu?11:39
danielsjono: hey11:39
jonoheya daniels )11:39
=== xinel [~xinel@dsl-220-235-27-205.wa.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
xinelis there a good readme on how to connect computers on a lan and share between 2k and ubuntu?11:40
=== spikeb hugs an ubuntu
=== xinel hugs spikeb
=== xinel spreads the love
jonoanyone know of a way to delete a panel applet without right clicking and removing it?11:43
spikebxinel,  in theory, you should be able to set up a windows shared folder/file and then use the network browser to get to it11:43
=== thaytan [~jan@] has joined #ubuntu
port7ok, sources.list11:48
port7if i uncomment universe11:48
jonodamn gdesklets wont work11:48
port7do i need to comment out restricted11:48
port7jono, i cant get rid of gnome applets without right clicking either...11:48
port7is that a 'feature' of gnome?11:49
jonoport7, I killed the process11:49
=== sven_ [~sven@dolly6.virtcampus.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE] has joined #ubuntu
joemwhat other way would you have an applet be removed?11:53
=== kagy [~keving@133.192-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
ploumport7, you can edit by hand the config file11:55
ploum think that applet config are in gconf, you can use gconf-editor11:56
ploumbut buy a mouse, it will be easier !11:56
KeybukComputer -> Desktop Preferences -> Sessions; [Current Session]  tab; find the applet's process, click Remove, then Apply11:56
Keybukor just right-click and select Remove from Panel :)11:57
port7ploum: yeah i do that anyway, just wondering if universe can exist without restricted...11:58
ploumport7, why not ?11:59
=== cardador [~jose@srt1.dq.fct.unl.pt] has joined #ubuntu
ploumif you want only free software (as in speech), use main and universe11:59
=== beezly [~beezly@2001:630:63:16:20e:2eff:fe27:ea88] has joined #ubuntu
port7the reason for the train of thought is that i get errors when i apt-get update12:00
jonohow can I map my windows key to something in X?12:00
jonois xmodmap the way to go?12:00
Keybukjono: it should already be mapped to the Super key12:00
=== Moof rememebers the days when debian uk used to turn up to the linux expo and offer free beer, just confuse the issue
jonoKeybuk, super key?12:00
KeybukComputer -> Desktop Preferences -> Keyboard ... in the Layout Options tab you can change its behaviour12:00
sven_Hello - i'd be glad if you could help me. Which plugin or package do i have to install to play mp3's in rhythmbox? Or are mp3's restricted in ubuntu due to licencing?12:00
jonoI want to know how to do it in X as opposed to GNOME12:01
Keybukjono: Shift, Control, Alt, Meta, Super, Hyper ... for all your bucky bit needs12:01
joemsven you need the gstreamer-mad package12:01
Keybukjono: that requires deep voodoo and knowledge of xkb :)12:01
joem0.8 version12:01
port7ploum: Err http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/restricted Sources12:01
port7  Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_warty_restricted_source_Sources - open (2 No such file or directory)12:01
joemshould be in universe12:01
jonoKeybuk, whats what I want to know :)12:01
Keybukjono: afaik there are three people in the world who understand it all, and two of them are in a mental asylum12:02
port7must be over the road from me, there were some strange screams over the weekend12:02
ploumport7, there's a mistake in your sources.list12:02
merriamjono: it's already super. what else to you want it to be?12:02
ploumI think12:02
port7all i did was uncomment universe...12:02
sven_Ok - thanks. I just did't tell synaptic to search in universe :)12:03
ploumand did you apt-get update ?12:03
jonowhat is a super key?12:03
port7thats what i get when i agu12:03
merriamjono: it's like another kind of alt12:03
merriamjono: try using it in key bindings12:03
jonois this set in GNOME?12:04
xinelhrmms the unoficial forums arn't much of a help with sharing files over the network with samba12:04
Keybukjono: Super and Hyper are additional bucky keys for keyboards with more than just shift, control & alt12:04
KeybukMeta is technically another, but that's traditionally the same key as Alt (ie Alt generates both Alt and Meta buckies)12:04
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-131.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu
merriamthe windows to super mapping is X.  you can use it from gnome12:05
jonois xmodmap used to set these mappings?12:05
merriamtry desktop preferences -> keyboard shortcuts12:05
merriamjono: yes12:06
=== FluFlo [~FluFlo@] has joined #ubuntu
merriamunlike debian, ubuntu starts out with a sensible keymap12:07
Keybukhrm?  I didn't think we had diverged there12:08
merriami think so.  last time i installed debian, it did nothing with the windows key12:09
merriammaybe that has changed12:09
=== spikeb [~spikeb@c68.117.110.98.hay.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
merriamjono: what do you want to do with the keyboard?  i'm interested in what people do with keyboards12:11
jonomerriam, I have a windows key and a bunch of other keys that are not doing anything and I just want to make them useful12:12
=== umarmung [~holger@p5485313D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
merriama particularly useful type of key is a modifier.  that is why the windows key is set as a modifier.  do you want it to be an ordinary key?12:13
port7rip it off and put it on a chain12:13
port7might start a new trend12:13
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
MyKq3hello ... for some resone i can't install quake 3 arena from the cd its gives me "quake3.sh: line 67: bin/x86/glibc-2.1/quake3: Permission denied" though i m a su12:15
=== hanse [hans@emac140.socio.gu.se] has joined #ubuntu
merriamMyKq3: shouldn't that path start with "/usr/"?12:16
merriamyou don't put games under /bin12:16
MyKq3i think this pash should b on the cd ...12:17
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
MyKq3i don't want to put them there .... i just want to install the game for 1st thing 12:17
=== hanse [hans@emac140.socio.gu.se] has left #ubuntu []
merriamthere's something strange about the install script.  is it meant to install on red hat or something?12:18
whiprushI map my super key to super-l for lock, and super-e for home dir, makes it easier to move back from windows and gnome.12:18
MyKq3merriam, don't kwon ...  i hop not 12:19
=== septeracore [~septeraco@pD9E9F0F8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
MyKq3merriam,  hum... it seems to b my bad ... there is a setup script as well .. :\  12:20
=== gruberman [~gruberman@h9n2fls35o294.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== hanse [hans@emac140.socio.gu.se] has joined #ubuntu
grubermanhi ho12:21
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skarhi, suppose i send a mail to a@a.com in evolution, how do i instruct evolution to automatically add a@a.com to my addressbook ala mozilla,thunderbird?12:26
cefwhat sort of server-side samba admin tools are in ubuntu apart from webmin? and are any of them any good?12:26
Treenaksskar: wait for the new version of evolution, basically12:26
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skartreenaks:hmm screwes until then, so is there a way to import mozilla addressbook into evolution atleast?12:27
Treenaksskar: File -> Import ?12:29
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skartreenaks:it doesn't understand mozilla yet12:33
jonowhen I use the GNOME keyboard bindings tool I can't combine the Windows super key with another letter to form a combination - any idea why?12:34
spivjono: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=139012:35
jonoahhh its a bug then12:35
spivThere's a workaround in the comments that might help ypu12:36
spiv"you", rather12:36
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grubermanHow good is openoffice when it comes to saving documents in word format?12:47
=== Gmail kills xf with a scary shovel
=== Gmail hurts xf with a horrifying whip
xfhi to you too12:47
Gmailoh crap this /slap script is horrible12:47
xfi've asked this before, didn't get much of a response, but i'll try again anyway12:47
=== Gmail retry the script
=== Gmail hurts xf with a small Windows 2000
=== Gmail slaps xf with a horrifying RIAA
GmailLOL small winblows12:48
xfi've been a huge fan of woody + very few selected backports as it's a combination i can be sure requires very little administrative effort, and remote systems can be upgraded with pretty much a guarantee things won't break12:48
xfother distro's that package up the latest and greatest applications sometimes can be problematic with upgrades. data files change slightly, configurations break, et al12:48
xfi'm curious what ubuntu's policy is on server-style packages12:48
=== JanneM [~JanneM@gk4.leo-net.jp] has joined #ubuntu
xfi've had bad experiences running sid as a remote server distro, and using sarge scares me because of the whole delay with security updates, and it's various stages of broken-ness12:49
xfubuntu seems ideal, really12:49
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu
azeemheya, users of the next-generation Linux distri12:49
xfis server stuff a big ubuntu goal, or is the project really desktop orientated (for now)?12:50
=== mekanon [~mekanon@] has joined #ubuntu
stvnxf: sarge gets security updates now (IIRC) due to being near release, don't know much about ubuntu's server aspirations12:50
Keybukit's a goal, what we think are the best servers in each class are in supported12:50
Keybukour servers run warty12:50
xfyeah, but debian's 2 year cycles makes it a rather changing target for colo'ed servers12:50
xfone second you've got reasonably up to date software, the next second you're backporting, the next you're swearing because things are so horribly outdated12:51
merriamxf: i run server software in gentoo, chrooted under ubuntu12:51
xfi'm talking hoardes of colocated servers12:51
xfi guess i should explain myself better.  any of you heard of the qbalt project?12:51
xfgpl'ed reincarnation of the cobalt boxes. new distro, new web interface, etc12:52
xfi've been hacking on it for god knows how long now, but one of the biggest reasons i've delayed releasing it is due to debian's policies12:52
azeemso I have two computers running ubuntu at home, one connected via WLAN. Can somebody recommend what network file system I should use to get /home from the other one if it is turned on? (if it is not turned on, then there should be no problem just not mounting /home)12:52
xfi love debian's tools, userland, and general thinking, but i hate the 2 year release cycles. backporting at the kind of scale to support that many users is a pain12:52
=== Mr_Smiley [~smiley@CPE-144-136-187-57.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
xfmost my qbalt targets at the moment are things such as network-style gateways for businesses and schools12:53
xfruns a mail server, does spam/virus filtering for incoming/outgoing mail, runs ip masq, squid, samba, web interface to manage all this, etc12:53
xfupgrades need to be smooth. i mean, nothing /ever/ has to break12:53
xfthings break, it spells doom12:53
xfhence why i'm not happy to run sid12:54
whiprushwell, 6 month releases with 18 months of security support might be ideal.12:54
xfand sarge isn't a terribly secure choice12:54
xfyes, exactly12:54
xfi'm just curious what the focus is on ubuntu's packages12:54
xfsee, right now, i've been maintaining my own backports on woody12:54
xfwhich works well, but goddamn, it's a /lot/ of work12:54
whiprushcobalts are cool, wish I had one, sounds like fun.12:54
xfand i'm only at the scale of a few dozen of my own servers12:54
xfsee, i'd like to know i can upgrade to the latest ubuntu packages /without/ things breaking12:55
merriamazeem: nfs-user-server is one way to do it12:55
xfand if they do, things are kept to be very minimal, and they're predictable12:55
whiprushwell hard to tell, since it's only the first release, heh.12:55
Gmailxf: most of ubuntu's package are from testing(/sid?) of debian12:55
xfi.e. if version 4.56.32 comes out, other distros might instantly package it up and release it. that minor version upgrade might /slightly/ break some configs. when you're talkign web interfaces and users that don't know jack, that's a problem12:55
azeemmerriam: aren't there problems when e.g. the WLAN connection is flakey?12:55
whiprushyeah but if he sticks to supported packages I bet it would be relatively trouble-free12:56
=== Pluk [~Pluk@248-85.ipact.nl] has joined #ubuntu
xfGmail: understand that they're frozen from debian12:56
xfi'm talking policies on updating packages12:56
xfwith that 6 month release cycle, are things backported much like woody, i.e. packages only recieve security/bug updates?12:56
xfor are full package updates released?12:57
xfsee, the latter might sound good, but i'm trying to say that it can cause problems12:57
whiprushno, just the security stuff from what I've read.12:57
xfi like woody's mentality, but 2 year cycles are just too long12:57
xfoh. nice.12:57
merriamazeem: i don't know.  i use it only with ethernet12:57
xfis there somewhere where that is solidly documented?12:57
xfi'd base qbalt on an ubuntu base in an instant if that's the case12:57
whiprushin the wiki probably. or one of the canonical guys in here can probably reassure you.12:57
xfmaintaining my own packages is such a freaking nightmare, honestly12:57
xfok. any of them awake? :)12:58
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xfis there an ubuntu server team? i understand there is a strong emphasis on the desktop stuff, but that doesn't interest me (in this case. i'm running ubuntu on one of my desktop systems and like it for that, though)12:58
azeemxf: there is, check the website12:58
whiprushyeah I remember someone saying that there is a server team12:58
xfi looked, all i saw it mention was installation stuff12:58
xfnothing about package maintanance12:58
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushyou should probably write up all your concerns and stuff and post on -user12:59
whiprushthey're real good about answering12:59
azeemxf: well, start a discussion12:59
xfprobably, good thinking12:59
whiprushthat sounds cool though.12:59
xfsee, my main audience i guess is web hosting places01:01
xfthese are the kind of guys that buy absolute hoardes of servers, stick them in rooms of racks01:01
xfset them up01:01
xfthen forget about them01:01
xfany problem is a big problem at that scale01:01
=== sparkes [~sparkes@host81-154-216-173.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
azeemxf: so what's wrong with Debian's two years release cycle in that case?01:02
=== faux [~faux@dynamic-46-9.chl.chalmers.se] has joined #ubuntu
xfit wouldn't be if debian didn't keep changing around their bloody build processes01:03
xfbackporting is becoming increasingly painful01:03
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merriamxf: are you looking at gentoo and bsd too?  ubuntu is very promising, but specifically for the desktop01:03
=== dbg400 [~dbg400@mail.masco-onestep.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
xfi like bsd, but from this angle having loads of machines compiling the same code seems kind of pointless01:04
JanneMmerriam: not specifically for the desktop01:04
=== enrico_market is now known as enrico
xfif i chose a bsd or gentoo, i'd be using binary packages01:04
xfwhich makes a lot of their coolness irrelevant01:04
azeemxf: what do you mean, changing build processes?01:04
xfdebian's a good choice, i just have an issue with the package process currently01:04
xfi'd love a woody with 1 year release cycles. that'd suit me nicely.01:05
xfubuntu with it's 6 month, with 18 month support is just as good, really01:05
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-8-118.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
xfazeem: you go and try to compile a package from sid on woody. things have changed entirely01:05
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-46-184.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
xfand also, 2 years ago, things such as spam filtering wern't all that hot01:06
xfthey are now01:06
xfso although a lot of things stay the same on these kind of machines, it is a moving target01:06
azeemxf: well, it's not the process that changes mostly, just the Build-Dependencies01:06
xfthat's the easy packages :-)01:06
=== dbg400 [~dbg400@mail.masco-onestep.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
xfdebhelper et al have changed a fair bit01:07
=== ercin [~eeker@dsl81-214-56816.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
xfyou need to rewrite large chunks of the build scripts in many cases01:07
xfand you find to support a said package, you need to backport half of sid01:07
xfit gets rather painful01:07
merriamdo you use checkinstall with sid?01:08
merriamer, with woody01:08
=== Koffa_ [jkohvakk@dsl-hkigw3o7a.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
xfsee, these are fine with the easier packages to backport01:08
xfa lot aren't01:08
xfack, can't think of an example01:09
xffreeradius and mailman come to mind, but i can think of harder ones01:09
xfwell, i should be able to, i mean01:09
xfhahaha yes01:09
xfgod damn01:09
xfpaackport half of perl and mason01:09
xfbackport, even01:09
Treenaksis there any idea yet when the shipit CDs will ship?01:10
xfand off memory that was even painful because lots of debian things depend on perl, so you need to rebuild /those/01:11
xfi don't think i ever successfully managed to, too painful01:11
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jdubTreenaks: november01:11
Treenaksjdub: OK01:11
joemjdub, are there any signature series cds with fancy autographs?01:12
azeemwhoa, business plan!01:12
azeemI guess some people would kill for Ubuntu CDs with elmo's signature :)01:12
xfheh, i hope 25 was a sane number to order01:12
xfthing is, i was serious ;-p01:13
xfack, 35 even01:13
jdubxf: there have been much, much bigger orders.01:13
jdubjoem: dude, that's an awesome idea.01:13
cefjdub: I've got ideas for t-shirts banging around in my head.. whom should I fire them at?01:13
jdubcef: we're going to have an... ahem... tshirt competition soon.01:13
danielsxf: i ordered 3 times that much01:13
danielsxf: and that was my personal order01:13
cefjdub: heh.. ok.. I'll just work on it myself and see what I can come up with01:14
Pizbitdaniels: o_O? How're you gonna get rid of them all?01:14
xfdaniels: heh01:14
xfok, good01:14
xfi didn't feel as bad ordering 25 sp2 cd's from microsoft01:14
joemjdub, I bet there are somepeople out there that would throw down some serious dollar for a jdub autograph01:14
danielsPizbit: i estimate it will take maybe two weeks01:14
xfwas surprised that they actually sent them all, though01:14
xfjoem: heh, you'd need to get him to autograph some pants and ebay it01:15
Pizbito_O? What's so special about jdub?01:15
cefjdub: btw: what's the ubuntu font actually called? (the one in the logo?)01:15
xfsorry, thought you made the t-shirt comment before. i'm blind01:15
joemI would assume them to be phony, as I was under the impression that he didn't own any pants01:15
jdubcef: not entirely sure, i will ask01:15
cefPizbit: he has no pants!01:16
joemPizbit, there would be other signatures as well01:16
cefPizbit: zort of in joke that has it's own legend around it01:16
cefjdub: you need a page explaining the legend of no pants01:16
xfwe've got video of him taking off his pants :p01:17
xfthat sounds bad. lca2004 dunking, i mean01:17
cefjdub: see, we even have content for said page!01:17
PizbitI'm scared now.01:17
=== cef waits ofr jdub to regain his seat after falling off it giggling
cefofr = for01:18
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=== xf is now known as xf_
cefjdub: btw: we have a problem with warty. Frozen Bubble is not installed by default! How can this be? How the hell are we going to get Linus using Ubuntu if Frozen Bubble isn't installed by default? *grin*01:20
=== LinuxJones [~LJ@blk-222-206-208.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbitw00t, no frozen bubble!01:20
xf_cef: hahah01:20
cefxf_: hey, Linus was addicted to that game at LCA 200401:21
xf_yeah, i know01:21
xf_i have video of it01:21
xf_did he know of it before, or did somebody introduce him?01:21
cefhrm, speaking of video, I wonder if the cd & dvd went to my old work address.. hrm.. that could be a problem01:21
xf_i remember somebody talking him into installing fedora onto his laptop, but then he complained that there was no frozen bubble01:22
xf_so somebody found the rpm, heh01:22
cefxf_: omric was playing it.. and Linus thought it looked cute, and wanted a game.. 3 hrs later, omric got his laptop back *grin*01:22
xf_oh, ha01:22
=== h-t [~housetier@dsl-213-023-048-130.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
xf_i should get some time to clean up the rest of the lca2004 video i have and release it01:23
=== h-t is now known as housetier
=== pisuke [~luis@84-120-72-121.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
xf_not sure if it's worth the effort though, video isn't great quality and feedback on the other video has been low01:23
cefxf_: funny thing was, omric then pointed Linus at an rpm of frozen bubble for fedora (silly silly.. he had the chance to convert him to debian, but nooooo he had to do the honorable thing)01:23
xf_he uses suse, right? why is that?01:24
xf_i've played with suse, found it nice for a all-packages-on-this-cd-if-you-don't-have-the-internet, but that's about it01:24
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksI have frozen-bubble on my (Nokia) phone ;)01:24
xf_Treenaks: heh, java?01:24
ceflinus? nfi.. think he uses all sorts.. nfi what he has on his lappy now01:24
Treenaksxf_: no, native (series 60/symbian)01:24
xf_what toolkit does frozen-bubble use, anyway?01:25
cefTreenaks: w00t!01:25
jdubcef: i think we'd ship monkey-bubble...01:25
xf_heh, cool01:25
Treenakscef: fb-s60.sf.net01:25
xf_cef: oh, cool01:25
jdubcef: too many games in the menu already.01:25
cefjdub: that'd do! *grin*01:25
xf_jdub: heh, one of the things i've heard say people say is good about linux is 'it has lots of cool games installed by default!'01:25
xf_most people never get past solitare in terms of gaming01:25
cefjdub: just need to cull some01:26
saphi, i've managed to do something stupid with my gnome menu bar. i placed it on the right side of the screen but somehow managed to make the icons huge, so huge that I cannot get a right-click menu to alter the properties of it now. Is there another way to change the appearance of the menu bar?01:27
xf_heh, somebody ported it to java01:28
xf_code must be pretty portable01:28
sapit looks like there are numerous gnome config files with "menubar" in them, but does anyone know which to edit?01:28
=== Beire^P2K [sdsd@D5772C55.kabel.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonessap, it might be easier/faster to temporarily create a new user (or use an existing one) and copy the entire config files over from the new account.01:33
=== Juz_moi [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbitsap: Try moving stuff on the bar around or see if you can remove them and whatnot01:34
=== Pizbit hits the sack
sapLinuxJones: that's an idea yes, thanks01:34
=== hkcc2 [~hkcc2@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailso how many hrs to the ubuntu-meeting?01:37
=== hkcc2 [~hkcc2@] has joined #ubuntu
=== SuperLag [~colbyirc@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
mjrsap, I do believe that there's about a one-pixel wide area in the very edge of the panel where you can right-click for panel properties and such despite the icons01:40
Gmailthanks Keybuk01:40
Gmailso at 2am01:40
Gmailshess i stayed up till 5am last night and tonight....01:40
sapmjr: bloody hell, you are right01:40
sapmjr: thanks!01:40
mjr(that's a usability problem, really, that it's so difficult)01:41
=== jonathaN_ [jonathan@32-1-ftth.onsnet.nu] has joined #ubuntu
sapmjr: yeah, i'm not sure why it makes the icons so large either01:43
=== jonathaN_ is now known as jonathaN
grubermanGmail, Is it a dev meeting?01:53
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@host81-7-58-117.surfport24.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
jonowhich graphics cards have commercial 3D drivers for linux?01:57
TreenaksATI and NVidia I guess01:58
=== Ex-Cyber [nobody@rdu162-230-005.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jonoare the ATI drivers closed source?01:58
jonoanyone use them here?01:59
danielsfglrx, yes01:59
danielsthey also suck.01:59
ZotnixATI has horrid support... that seems to be the general feeling.01:59
xf_they're awful01:59
xf_go nvidia if you want 3d01:59
danielsgreat once you get them working, but they're notoriously difficult to set up01:59
xf_the commercial ati drivers in linux are terrible01:59
ZotnixNVIDIA is thought to have better support... but their drivers "taint" your kernel.01:59
danielshowever, nvidia isn't so crash-hot either01:59
xf_unstable, only have a portion of the speed/maturity/features of the windows drivers01:59
danielslots of problems with their drivers, mainly with bad Render interactions01:59
xf_the nvidia drivers are build with a common core for all architectures/platforms, so they're much nicer02:00
xf_yeah, nvidia ain't too crash hot, but they're the best for 3d at the moment, unfortunately02:00
Treenaksxf_: wait for the nano-itx boards from VIA, with the KM400 chip :)02:00
xf_i'm running win32 on my main desktop machine at the moment because gaming sucks so much in linux at the moment02:00
xf_and i hate win32 with a passion02:00
danielsunless you really need cutting-edge, go find an r200 (9100, 8500, 9000, 9200 in descending order of preference) off ebay02:00
Gmailgruberman: it an hoary meeting i want to wait it02:00
xf_but oh well02:00
danielsi have an 8500, works great.02:00
Treenaksxf_: that, combined with xorg and a new kernel (with DRI..) will rock :)02:00
xf_like i have time for games anyway :-p02:00
xf_Treenaks: cool :)02:00
xf_daniels: for 3d?02:01
xf_i thought the open source drivers for ati were quite basic02:01
xf_only gave a small fraction of the performance the commercial drivers do02:01
grubermanGmail: hoary meeting? Sorry, I don't understand02:01
danielsxf_: they have full 3D acceleration for r1xx and r2xx series02:01
danielsxf_: with perfect performance02:01
xf_oh, nice. works with things like quake3 okay?02:01
danielsthey have no 3D acceleration with r3xx and r4xx (9[5678] 00, 9550, x[3468] 00)02:01
danielsyeah, works fine02:02
xf_i ended up buying an nvidia fx5900xt recently, seemed decent for the price. works well, but i'm still getting far less performance in games in linux than i am on winxp02:02
danielsi used to play ut, tacops and q3a a bit02:02
xf_oh, cool02:02
ZotnixMy friend had a 9200SE.. and it plays fine for him.02:02
ZotnixUnder Linux02:02
daniels9200s are kind of touch and go02:02
danielsthey tend to either work perfectly, or not at all02:02
danielsi guess we'll see when we jump to xorg02:02
=== mjr just ordered a new box with a 9250 for the dri support
xinelgrrg terminal won't open02:02
xf_hey, you're into stuff warp records release, right?02:02
daniels(although I'm more worried about bugs there -- last I checked, it's almost certainly broken video BIOS detection on powerbooks ...)02:02
Gmailgruberman: the next releast its path... #ubuntu-meeting and #ubuntu-devel02:02
danielsxf_: yeah02:02
xf_you seen the dvd?02:02
hypn0can i download packages for offline install02:03
thaytandaniels: when's that jump again? :)02:03
grubermanToo bad Anarchy Online doesnt run on linux02:03
grubermanThx Gmail02:03
=== Kamion notes that we'd like to keep the meeting very on-topic, not too much chit-chat; we have a lot to do
xf_i thought it ran in winex?02:03
danielsxf_: nope, any good?02:04
danielsmjr: you are venturing into uncertain territory here, I believe02:05
xf_daniels: it's brilliant. free shipping, comes with a mix cd02:05
danielsxf_: nice!02:05
xf_and the mix cd is arguably better then the dvd02:05
xf_dvd is most of warp's videos from when they first started02:05
xf_35 or so, i think02:05
mjrdaniels, well, I did do some (painful) searches from the dri pages and mail archives and ended up with an impression that it wasn't too uncertain02:06
danielsxf_: wow02:06
xf_what sort of fps do you get on your ati w/open sourced drivers in say, ut or quake3?02:06
xf_i'm assuming things like ut2004/doom3 don't work, or do they?02:07
Sensebendxf_, I use the closed source drivers, those are a bit weird to get working sometimes though02:08
xf_my previous experiences with them is that they're horribly unstable02:08
danielsxf_: unsure, sorry02:09
xf_and i've heard that things haven't really changed recently02:09
danielsxf_: ut2004 may work, but you'd need the s3tc patch02:09
SensebendThe old UT works :)02:09
Sensebendand that was the most fun of all of them02:09
xf_haven't played the old ut in ages, loved that game02:09
xf_heh, i sign up my otherwise unused gmail account to debian-amd6402:09
xf_post a few times02:10
xf_already have loads of spam02:10
mjrmy experience with radeon dri drivers so far is that they run NWN playably with in 800x600 with most of the frills disabled on my laptop's 7500, and crash every once in a while02:10
=== Sensebend wanders off to school
xf_yeah, see, for me, i'll still use windows for games02:11
xf_you can't multitask when you play games, so it's not a huge concern dual booting for me at the moment02:11
=== GuBA [Gustavo@] has joined #ubuntu
xf_in the case of an application where i do multitask, it's far more important02:11
mjryou _can't_?02:11
mjror should I say02:12
mjr_you_ can't?02:12
xf_that's why i have multiple computers/monitors :-p02:12
hypn0can someone give a link to package directories, and updates plz02:12
mjryes, I have dual-head too ;)02:12
xf_i mean in the sense that when you run a game on a machine, you typically aren't doing anything else interactive with the machine at the same time02:12
mjrbut I'll just see how it goes with the 9250, I'm no big gamer so it's not critical for me02:12
xf_and if you are, you're sucking precious cpu cycles away from the game02:13
mjrirc doesn't suck too many cycles ;)02:13
xf_that's why you play something like eq, where it's like irc anyway :-p02:13
jonoso with the ati driver, do you basically run a program that compiles a kernel module on the fly and insmods it?02:13
mjrbesides, I routinely play games on the other screen while watching some video on the other ;)02:13
mjr(5-or-more and stuff :)02:13
xf_what kind of system do you have?02:13
=== francofai [~kvirc@adsl-193-74.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
mjrmoi? currently a celeron 1200 with G450 :)02:14
xf_what do you play?02:15
mjrmostly 5-or-more with that box ;)02:15
xf_i guess i'm a put-the-graphics-as-high-as-possible person, though02:15
xf_i miss my matrox g40002:15
xf_brilliant card02:15
mjrwhen I want to play NWN, I do that on my gf's box, which has a whopping TNT2 ultra02:15
xf_i don't think any other card on the market, even to this day, has a second ramdac dedicated to the second monitor, right?02:15
=== Hmmmmm_ [~sukrit@] has joined #ubuntu
xf_heh, never played nwn, so don't know of needed specs02:16
=== GuBA [Gustavo@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
mjrbut I kinda hope that the 9250 works enough for NWN too, considering that aside the occational instability, my laptop's 7500 is usable as well ;)02:16
=== septeracore [~septeraco@pD9E9F0F8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mctavish [~dcahill@] has left #ubuntu []
=== ATJ [atj@ihme.org] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailmako: online?02:25
=== HomoAcridien [~homoacrid@] has joined #ubuntu
=== dopey [matth@uruk-hai.bioinformatics.unsw.EDU.AU] has left #ubuntu ["."]
HomoAcridienhi everybody02:27
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
jazzkawhere can I found a list of parameters for the kernel, for grub menu?02:30
Gmailbye homoachridien02:31
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailjazzka: man grub02:31
GotD0tdoes anybody know why, if im using the courier font in OO.org, bolded words dont show up in the app but when i print it out they show up as bold02:31
Gmailohh OOo02:31
GotD0tsame thing02:31
TreenaksOOo still looks like some weird anime-smiley to me o_O02:32
GmailGotD0t: you know how font work?02:32
GotD0texactly, which is why i say OO.org02:32
jazzkahas anyone a gmail invitation for me?02:32
=== Gmail beats up jazzka with a terrifying axe
=== Gmail slaps jazzka with a questionable Windows 2000
GotD0tgmail probably does02:33
Treenaksjazzka: it's more efficient to get your own domain :)02:33
Gmailjazzka: http://isnoop.net/gmailomatic.php02:33
GotD0tbut more expensive...02:33
Gmaili send all mine there02:33
GmailGotD0t: unless you got an invite when they where $5002:34
GotD0tgmail: im not sure what you just said to me02:34
GmailGotD0t: on ebay invite *were* selling for $50 a long time ago02:35
=== HomoAcridien [~homoacrid@] has joined #ubuntu
GotD0tgmail: well those people were just idiots02:35
GotD0thi homo02:36
=== adnans [~Woehaha@noterik2.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
HomoAcridienGotD0t: ?02:36
GotD0tits early02:36
HomoAcridienyou mean erectus02:36
GotD0ti didn't realize what i said until i said it02:37
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["M'envaig"]
HomoAcridienI will change it into acridien it leads to misinterpretation02:37
GotD0twell, i gotta leave... have an early class today02:37
ATJErm, hi. Is there in Ubuntu some own "package-control" system or does is use apt-get & friends like Debian?02:38
mvo_ATJ: apt-get/aptitude/synaptic is used02:39
ATJmvo_: Ok, thanks. :)02:39
wulfyanyone install vmware (with ubuntu as host)?02:39
=== GotD0t is now known as GotD0t-class
ATJAre those "main", "restricted" and "universe" components same as stable, unstable and testing under Debian?02:40
Gmailhmmm what happen if google start making a distro based on debian that will kill ubuntu and debian and let alone everyother distro02:40
darkersatanicATJ: No, they're more like "main", "non-free" and "contrib"02:41
GotD0t-classthey wont, because they have an app that informs you of when you have new mail... but its only on windows02:41
=== littlepaul [~littlepau@pD95FD407.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has left #ubuntu []
GotD0t-classok, im out for real this time02:41
ATJdarkersatanic: But not exactly same as under Debian? So.. Ubundu maintains its own packages?02:42
jdubATJ: no02:42
jdubATJ: stable/unstable/testing are releases02:42
=== wu_ming [~wuming@220-245-76-10-nsw-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
jdubATJ: main/restricted/universe are equivalent (but different) to main/contrib/non-free02:42
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp36-132.lns1.adl1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubATJ: in ubuntu terms, main == supported, universe == the rest of debian main, multiverse == debian contrib/non-free, restricted == quasi-supported non-free drivers02:43
=== TheCan [~thecan@dsl-084-056-134-028.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
TheCanhi..i just don't get neither usb mouse nor touchpad working with X :(02:43
TreenaksTheCan: is USB working at all?02:43
HcEmodprobe usbmouse?02:44
ATJMm, okay. This distribution seems to be that right one for me. :) I thik i'll give it a try..02:44
TheCanTreenaks, i think so...the mouse gets power at least02:44
HcETheCan: does it show in /var/log/syslog when you plug it in?02:44
Gmailubuntu rocks02:44
TheCanstrange thing is the touchpad works with knoppix02:44
TheCannope nothing in there02:45
TheCanshould i dpkg-reconfigure hotplug? but what modules to add there?02:45
TreenaksTheCan: no, you shouldn't have to02:45
HcETheCan: you got usbmouse and psmouse loaded?02:45
TreenaksTheCan: is it a laptop, or a relatively new PC?02:45
danielsGmail: dude, no colours, please.02:45
Treenaksdaniels: doesn't this server understand /mode +c on channels (to disable color..)?02:45
fabbionehey Treenaks 02:46
Treenakshi fabbione 02:46
Gmailhey Treenaks02:46
=== wu_ming [~wuming@220-245-76-10-nsw-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
TheCanTreenaks, a relatively new laptop, yes02:46
TreenaksTheCan: try booting with the pci=noacpi option02:47
=== francofai [~kvirc@adsl-193-74.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== mode/#ubuntu [+nc] by ChanServ
danielsTreenaks: it does indeed; i thought it was the default on new channels; apparently not02:47
Gmail:( colors02:48
Gmaili ported xchat 2.402:49
littlepaulGmail, cool02:49
Gmailyou dont need to edit it to make it work (from debian) but i made a package with a few changes02:50
Gmaillittlepaul: got any where i can host it?02:50
littlepaulGmail, maby must talk with someone02:50
Gmaillittlepaul: i am looking at 50MB or so with 500MB BW02:51
Gmailonly problem my upload is 128kbps and i use voip so it not possible02:51
littlepauli will let you know if..02:52
Gmaillittlepaul: what do you want ported?02:52
littlepaulyou ported allready xchat ;-)02:53
Gmailyea it was easy02:53
Gmailyou dont even need to rebuild it but i made my mix to it but most people will not like what i did so the normal debian one is perfict02:54
Gmaillittlepaul: but i made it ALL of xchat into 1 package all it need to make it easier to handle02:55
danielsGmail: if you file an enhancement-severity bug in our bugzilla with your changes (and a patch), we can look at it and decide02:55
danielswe'd love to see all the improvements going around, so we can fold stuff in and make Ubuntu rock out of the box :)02:55
littlepaulGmail, ok02:56
TheCanTreenaks, how can i disable all acpi at all?02:56
TreenaksTheCan: you probably don't want that...02:56
TreenaksTheCan: you'll want pci=noacpi, noapic or nolapic, or a combination02:56
TreenaksTheCan: acpi=off is very bad (makes laptops suck power..)02:56
TheCanTreenaks, it's only for stationary use..02:57
=== ercin_ [~eeker@dsl81-214-56816.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
Gmaildaniels: i made the xchat say + my name as porter to ubuntu and add 17 scripts02:57
TreenaksTheCan: still.. it might overheat02:57
TreenaksTheCan: (acpi does fan control as well)02:57
Gmaildaniels: i dont think anyone want by default there profile full of scipts02:58
danielsGmail: which scripts?02:58
=== ercin_ is now known as ercin
TheCanTreenaks, how about apm?02:58
danielsGmail: but surely some of them are useful02:58
TreenaksTheCan: APM isn't supported on the latest laptops02:58
TheCancant i enable this instead?02:58
Gmaildaniels: /slap ... all junk02:58
TheCanoh ic02:58
TheCanthis sucks..02:58
=== isam [~isam@] has joined #ubuntu
danielsGmail: either way, a bug would be awesome, from our point of view.02:58
littlepaulGmail, i sent a pn and i'm waiting for an answer02:58
Gmaildaniels: i say its better to shit with the debian package02:58
TreenaksTheCan: what kind of laptop is it, exactly02:59
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> sendak.freenode.net
=== haggai [~halls@pD9EA6C3F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
isamhi all02:59
Gmaillittlepaul: you pmed me?02:59
isamRiddell, I think it was you who pointed me to an expermental kde repository02:59
isamRiddell, for ubuntu02:59
littlepaulno, i pmed the gay with the webplace02:59
Gmaildaniels: why report a bug to ssay i ported some newer apps from debian to ubuntu?02:59
=== rcaskey [~rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Gmaillittlepaul: thanks02:59
helixGmail: so the fix can be integrated02:59
littlepaulGmail, np03:00
TheCanTreenaks, a medion md41700 (big crap - but is not mine i'm configuring it for someone else)03:00
danielsGmail: well, plus the scripts -- it puts it on our radar, so we can drag it in03:00
Gmailhelix: you mean my xchat 2.4 package will be offical part of ubuntu :) 0_003:00
TreenaksTheCan:  have you tried poking around the bios (PnP OS setting, PCI IRQ settings)?03:00
helixGmail: dunno about that, but the fix might be integrated if it's good enough03:00
danielsGmail: if it's good, yes03:00
=== helix doesn't know enough about ubuntu infrastructure, shrug
isamis anyone here aware of any progress in the KDE frontend with ubuntu ?03:01
Riddellisam: yes03:01
Gmaildaniels: maybe i should make the package add to the default package ./.xchat/scripts03:01
isamRiddell, can you please point me to it again03:01
Riddellisam: I've made some pacakges, recompiled from Debian, that's all the progress there is03:01
TheCanTreenaks, not yet. but now i tested acpi=off this time usb mouse works!03:01
Riddellisam: "deb http://geeksoc.org/~jr/ubuntu/ unstable main"03:02
TheCanso i'll try pci=noacpi and noapic together03:02
=== Gmail mess with xchat big time
isamRiddell, after some attempts from me to have udev/hal working in sid, I crashed the system .. so, I downloaded ubuntu yesterday, and plan to install it in an hour03:02
Gmailbrb i am going to boot into xchat 2.403:02
Gmaili can help make some comon apps like xchat more like a ubuntu built03:03
isamRiddell, I read that there are ubuntu developers that are working on KDE packages .. I would like to help .. are you aware of any existing effort that is open for contribution03:03
=== Gmail [~Google@] has joined #ubuntu
TheCanTreenaks, no pci stuff in bios btw03:04
Gmaili might want to change my builts scripts no to auto start them already03:04
=== gruberman [~gruberman@h9n2fls35o294.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailanyone want to see a screeshot of using xchat2 scripts in 2.4?03:05
TreenaksTheCan: no PNP OS stuff either, or "parallel port IRQ" things you can move to other IRQs?03:05
=== haggai [~halls@pD9EA6C3F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Riddellisam: there's nothing started yet, but send me your details and I'll make sure you get informed when something does03:05
littlepaulGmail, i want to see them03:05
Gmaillittlepaul: it scray03:05
=== Netminder [~mcroydon@phaser850.connext.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tmp [~tmp@host81-155-144-232.range81-155.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
TheCanTreenaks, only serial ports03:06
=== Gmail does a hell of alot more port to xchat to amke it less scray with the scripts
TreenaksTheCan: hmm03:07
=== genghis [~john@82-68-173-97.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
TheCanTreenaks, this laptop is really major suckage03:08
=== krischan [~krischan@p5090BC83.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
TheCanthank god i got a thinkpad personally :)03:08
TreenaksTheCan: :)03:08
ploumAnyone can help me to correct my bad english before I post the following article : http://frimouvy.org/wiki/TempTemp  ?03:08
TheCanthe fan is running all the time (desktop celeron 2.6 :D )03:09
GmailAHHH crap03:09
Gmaili should of...03:09
=== leonel [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailguess what i did i combind xchat-text and xchat-common to one package and now you have xchat-text 2 installed and 2.4 to remove xchat-text2 ubuntu-desktop removes it self...03:10
TheCanTreenaks, maybe there is some alternative kernel? sound doesnt work either..03:10
Gmaili need to get this to work03:11
genghisQ: anywhere I can get a java package?03:11
Gmailwhy isnt xchat all in one package? it not like xchat-text is usable? ever tried using it? you will be cring!03:11
jdubgenghis: see the FAQ03:12
Gmaili guess for now there has to be xchat-text and xchat-comon in 2 difrent packages03:12
genghisjdub, there's no ref in the FAQ to java and searching the Doc tree on the web site returns no results03:12
danielsGmail: obviously some people like xchat-text, hence why it exists03:13
Gmaildaniels: you run xchat-text IT IS UNUSABLE03:14
Gmaileven ask #xchat03:14
danielsGmail: it's subjective03:14
Gmailits a mess all message get printed on that same line and you also type on that line03:15
=== genghis [~john@82-68-173-97.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Gmaildaniels: text fly over each other03:15
joolzso it's not really fair to compare it to irssi?03:15
Gmaildaniels: #xchat said they did change to xchat-text to make it better for xchat but it made xchat-text unusable03:16
TheCanTreenaks, nothing i can do it seems. i tried with all three options: nolapic, noapic, pci=noacpi together, still doesnt work03:16
TreenaksTheCan: hm, sounds like broken acpi.. you can find out by looking at the output of 'dmesg'03:17
jonoany ATI driver users?03:19
=== gruberman [~gruberman@h9n2fls35o294.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
TheCanTreenaks, http://home.conceptsfa.nl/~revdmeer/md40100/#touchpad this is not the exact model, but how about the solution there..? could you take a look on it? i tried to put the same stuff for this one, but didnt work03:20
tmpyeah , i use ATI rage128 on ppc and radeon on x8603:21
=== ditCh [droi@drunk.ditch.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== mirak_- [~onceagain@adsl-68-249-245-156.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ptw [ptw@pstryk.net] has left #ubuntu []
Gmailok the defult debian built looks better than my one03:22
TreenaksTheCan: using a fixed DSDT can work03:23
Gmaili'll just add the ubuntu servers to it03:23
TheCanTreenaks, dsdt?03:23
TreenaksTheCan: "ACPI table" (http://home.conceptsfa.nl/~revdmeer/md40100/#acpi)03:23
TheCanTreenaks, and where can i get one for my notebook?03:24
=== melter|work [~Melter@dyn224.iacc-tm4.ndsu.NoDak.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== bipolar [~bipolar@] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksTheCan: most likely, upgrade the BIOS or nag the manufacturer03:26
TheCanTreenaks, you can forget about bios upgrade03:26
TreenaksTheCan: sorry, don't know then03:26
TheCanTreenaks, they got some kind of contract with m$ so the xp license which came with the machine is bound to the bios - so i guess they will never provide any updates03:26
=== ercin [~eeker@dsl81-214-56816.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
TheCanTreenaks, well i'll keep acpi=off and try cpuburn to see if it overheats03:27
TreenaksTheCan: in the meantime, nag the manufacturer ;)03:28
=== Gmail [~Google@] has joined #ubuntu
=== StarScream [~am@] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksTheCan: I'm glad I have an ASUS laptop.. it's 4 years old next month, but it has a valid ACPI table :)03:29
Gmaili got a few problems put them into one package03:30
=== jonathaN1 [jonathan@32-1-ftth.onsnet.nu] has joined #ubuntu
=== jonathaN1 is now known as jonathaN
HomoAcridienHow does it come that ubuntu is the first distro i see that features desktop sounds03:31
HomoAcridienit's nice03:31
HomoAcridienI set them in GAIM03:31
Gmaili am going to rebuild ubuntu-desktop aggesnt xchat-text, xchat common and leave xchat and make that into the whole xchat .deb if i dont have any porblems03:31
stvnHomoAcridien: my old suse 7.1 instalation had them as well IIRC03:31
HomoAcridienII ?03:32
HomoAcridienit's a client ?03:32
HcEIf I Recall Correctly03:32
=== spacey`ki [~ki@] has joined #ubuntu
TheCanTreenaks, i'm glad to have a almost 5 years old ibm where apm works perfectly, even suspend to disk using phoenix notebios03:32
=== melter|work [~Melter@dyn224.iacc-tm4.ndsu.NoDak.edu] has joined #ubuntu
TheCanbtw. is there a way to get good-looking fonts in kde from universe? i just installed it via synaptic, everything works but the fonts and icons look ugly03:33
HomoAcridienstvn: i mean that use it03:34
HomoAcridienstvn: at startup i.e03:34
Gmailok i need somepeople to test the package in a sec03:34
bob2Gmail: why did you unsplit the packaqges?03:35
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@host81-7-58-117.surfport24.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailbob2: i wanted to make xchat and xchat-text into one package03:36
danielsGmail: he's asking 'why'03:36
Gmailas there is no need for them to be in 2 packages03:36
bob2yes there is03:36
Gmaildaniels: and i answer03:36
bob2xchat-text doesn't Depend on xlibs03:36
Gmailbob2: xchat-text is unusable03:37
bob2Gmail: so why don't you disable the build of it then?03:37
Gmailxchat-text 2.4 ever tried running it?03:37
=== Hmmm [~Hmmm@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2of course not, I use irssi-text like everyone else03:37
Gmailxchat-text is need by xchat03:38
Hmmmhi guys03:38
Hmmmjust got warty installed03:38
Gmailbob2: install xchat-text and you will see what i mean03:38
Hmmmwas wondering if someone had some good repositories for apt03:38
bob2Hmmm: what do you want that isn't in universe?03:38
StarScreamTheCan: you can get KDE for ubuntu? where from?03:38
Gmailanyone which used xchat-text in a channel wound apt-get remove it in like a few ms03:38
danielsGmail: i think the point bob's making is that this would force people using non-X machines to install xlibs if they wanted xchat-text03:38
TheCanStarScream, from universe?03:39
RiddellStarScream: from universe (KDE 3.2) or my pacakges (some 3.3)03:39
Gmaildaniels: no one want xchat-text03:39
danielsGmail: if the xchat developers improve xchat-text in future, you'll need to re-split it, which would suck03:39
bob2Gmail: so why don't you just disable the build?03:39
Gmaildaniels: the xchat devel made xhat-text werst03:39
danielsGmail: there's just no need to merge them into one package -- which is forcing it upon people who don't want it, like you -- as it also creates unnecessary derivation from debian03:39
danielswhich is harder to repair03:39
danielsGmail: what's to say that no-one will ever make it better?03:39
Hmmmbob2, what's the url for uiverse?03:39
=== jind [~jind@216-220-40.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Hmmm: wiki.ubuntu.com/SynapticHowto03:40
Gmaildaniels: goto #xchat and fight with them to contue xchat-tezt if you want it03:40
Hmmmthanks bob203:40
danielsGmail: no thanks, I'm not really interested.  but as far as I can tell, there's no reason to have them in the same package -- which forces *you* to have it installed, and creates unnecessary derivation from Debian -- only downsides03:41
bob2Gmail: it has nothing to do with xchat, I'm just wondering why you don't disable the build entirely if you don't want it03:41
TheCanso anyone else having the "ugly kde fonts" problem?03:41
Gmailits discontue as it own package for quite awhile and xchat-text 2 is even better than xchat-text 2.4 no really it a lot more user friendly i used both03:41
jindWhat's the newest kde packages for warthy?03:41
jindI find both kde 3.1 and kde 3.2?03:41
Gmailbob2: because xchat need xchat-text for some reason even thou it doesnt use it03:41
bob2Gmail: it doesn't use it? at all? are you sure?03:42
Gmailbob2: ask #xchat why does xchat-common enclude xchat-text03:42
bob2Gmail: erm, that has nothing to do with xchat's authors03:42
danielsdaniels@nanasawa:~/music/James Lavelle/Global Underground 26 - Romania/CD2 - The Beast% apt-cache show xchat-common | grep xchat-text03:43
danielsRecommends: xchat | xchat-text03:43
daniels xchat-gnome, or xchat-text.03:43
danielsok, so afaict it's saying that you really, really should have either xchat, or xchat-text installed; and xchat being preferred03:43
Gmailxchat-common encludes xchat-text so there is no need for 2 packages but the xchat-text includes a few thing like a binary in /usr/bin03:43
=== littlepaul [~littlepau@pD95FD407.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
danielsso it's changed from 2.0, where xchat, xchat-common, and xchat-text were entirely separate packages?03:44
Gmailahh forget it03:44
danielsi honestly don't see how you couldn't put it in a separate package, just like the current package tree03:44
Gmaili will build xchat-text and xchat-common and keep them like howthey where03:44
=== rcaskey [~rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
danielsgood plan03:45
Gmailso should i add a folder in the the defult profile which has a banch of script if there are any good one (i can find any)03:45
Gmailok so anyone want any changes to xchat from debian?03:47
Gmailbeside the ubuntu servers03:47
Gmailwell xchat come with 2 scripts ignore and sample-sript03:49
Gmaili'll ask in #xchat if anyone says there are any scripts that are a must have03:49
wulfybob2: remember the nvidia driver trouble I was having? turns out to be the card03:49
HawkwindGmail: There are NO must have scripts for Xchat03:49
wulfybob2: the FX5200 (XFX branded I think) locks hard after driver install03:49
wulfybob2: I put in an older MX something or other and it just worked no problem03:50
HawkwindGmail: Trust me on that, you just want the tcl, perl, python and ruby plugins and nothing more.  Let users deal with their own scripts03:50
=== Mitario [~michiel@] has joined #ubuntu
wulfyI've since found that there aren't any inexpensive cards well supported with dual DVI03:50
StarScreamRiddell: where can i get your packages from ...or how to i get the universe packages with apt? (sorry slack user, not used to package mangement :) )03:50
GmailHawkwind: yes there are like ignore03:51
=== xevil [icechat5@host-209-214-148-230.jan.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
HawkwindGmail: There is an ignore option already by default in Xchat03:51
Gmailignore is a script for xchat if not xchat will not have ingore03:51
HawkwindGmail: If you right click on a nick, it's there by default.  It's part of the nick menu03:52
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB24E9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
GmailHawkwind: no just in must build including the default your default goval scripts are kept in /usr/share/doc/xchat-common/scripts-perl03:52
HawkwindGmail: Settings---Advanced---Userlist Popups  That is where your ignore option is kept by default and edited or removed if you want03:53
Gmaili dont know why-the hell its in the docs folder03:54
HawkwindGmail: Not every distro is like that though03:54
bob2Gmail: because they're sample scripts?03:54
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== xevil [icechat5@host-209-214-148-230.jan.bellsouth.net] has left #ubuntu []
GmailHawkwind: ignore is a plug that come with xchat by defult it made by the devel team but its not built into binary form and is a perl script that is easly updatable/upgradable/editble03:55
Gmailbob2: excaly03:55
Gmailbob2: but the same script is used in xchat to give you the ignore feature03:56
bob2Gmail: yet it works without the script being moved.03:56
bob2Gmail: it's almost as if it's built-in03:56
Gmailbob2: excaly what i was tring to say but coundnt because i can make seence03:58
HomoAcridienFirefox freezing when I follow an ftp link03:58
=== bob2_xchat [~rob@ppp115-110.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gmail: "can't".03:58
Gmailbob2_xchat: xchat-text try it03:58
Gmailjust please see how unuseable it is03:59
Gmailno one wound chose it over irssi03:59
bob2_xchatby just right-clicking on gmail's name, I can ignore everything he says03:59
Gmailbob2: do you see?03:59
bob2_xchatfor example03:59
HawkwindXchat-text blows balls03:59
bob2_xchatwith no extra scripts03:59
Kamionbob2_xchat: "for example"03:59
HawkwindI'm glad it's no longer maintained.  It isn't worth it anyways03:59
Gmailbob2_xchat: because the script is there by defult like built in03:59
Gmailit made by the team04:00
Gmailin other word xchat's ignore feature is done by perl and not c04:00
Gmail^^me think he made it clear04:00
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@host81-7-58-117.surfport24.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== beezly [~beezly@2001:630:63:16:20e:2eff:fe27:ea88] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailbob2_xchat: no really try xchat-text its not usable04:01
HawkwindThe Mandrake rpms are compiled without the xchat-text portion which is really nice.  It's not needed, so they don't include it04:01
bob2Hawkwind: whereas Debian gets the best of both worlds, by splitting it into two packages04:01
GmailHawkwind: xchat-text is built into xchat04:02
=== llpamies [~llpamies@] has joined #ubuntu
GmailLEEH TIME04:02
=== wm_eddie [~wm_eddie@wm-eddie.info] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gmail: can you please stop making incorrect assertions about things you don't understand?04:02
Gmailmy isp doesnt count usage now04:02
Hawkwindbob2: Yeah that is how Mandrake does it too, it's seperated.  So if you don't want it, you don't have to have it04:02
Gmailquick give me stuff to d/l04:02
llpamiesMy pc restarts when I launch xawtv !!!!04:02
wm_eddiedamn... Ubuntu's firefox is borked...04:02
llpamiesanybody know this bug ?04:02
bob2Hawkwind: ah, right04:03
wm_eddieI know 1.0pr sucks but we need to upgrade...04:03
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-131.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailbob2: xchat uses xchat-text's source04:03
Kamiongeez, stuff about one IRC client surely can't justify three pages' worth of chatter on a maximised terminal on this huge monitor. If you have a problem, file a bug.04:03
bob2wm_eddie: "need"? 1.0 was buggier.  hoary will get a newer version soon, tho.04:03
Gmaili went trou xchat's source with a friend/devel04:03
HawkwindNov 9th is release date of the Firefox 1.0 Final04:03
=== madko [~madko@ns.linuxed.net] has joined #ubuntu
KeybukHawkwind: should get into hoary easily then :)04:04
HomoAcridienllpamies: borked ?04:04
HawkwindGmail: Xhat doesn't use xchat-text's source.  zed is the maintainer of xchat and the guy who used to maintain xchat-text doesn't do it anymore.  They are two seperate things now04:04
HomoAcridienwm_eddie: borked ?04:04
=== Treenaks [martijn@facecrime.net] has joined #ubuntu
wm_eddiebob2: well, with this version when I click on a .rm file I can't save it to disk or watch it in realplay.  The "Ok" button is disabled.04:04
GmailHawkwind: and nov 9th.1 is the relest of debian-firefox and 9th.2 is firefox-ubuntu04:04
GmailHawkwind: NOW04:04
Gmailbut not before04:04
bob2Gmail: chill out04:05
=== aitrus [~foouser@] has joined #ubuntu
llpamiesHomoAcridien:  My screen puts all in black and I cant do anythoing04:05
Gmaili dont think xchat-text had anyreally update from version 104:05
KeybukGmail: have you ever considered cutting back on the sugar?04:05
HawkwindGmail: Right, it used to be, but not anymore.  Xchat-text is useless04:05
bob2wm_eddie: nothing like that in the BTS?  does it know about realplayer?04:05
Gmailbob2: stupid caps lock04:05
GmailKeybuk: no04:05
wm_eddiebob2: It doesn't know about realplayer, I have to select it manually.04:05
HawkwindGmail: It's been 17 months since last code was put into xchat-text04:05
GmailHawkwind: ok so no xchat-text04:05
GmailHawkwind: xchat-text was updated in version 2.4 the change the version number that about it04:06
wm_eddiegrr this is annoying, I can't do anything... I can click on the watch link... and then hit cancel...04:06
Gmaili got a build coming04:06
=== wm_eddie tried drag and drop.
=== avar [~ngh61064@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Beire^P2K [sdsd@D5772C55.kabel.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
wm_eddieor tries rather.04:06
Gmailwhat section should xchat be in? net?04:07
Gmaillike how it is right?04:07
=== tmp [~tmp@host81-155-144-232.range81-155.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== halanay [~halanay@gta.math.unibuc.ro] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailok so the build will be called 2.4.02-ubuntu04:08
wm_eddieok, finally it works if I right click on the link and select copy link location and then use the open location dialog in real player...04:08
Gmailok so the build will be called 2.4.0-02-ubuntu04:08
Gmailok so the build will be called 2.4.0-0.2-ubuntu04:08
Gmailthere got it i think04:08
HawkwindIf you order the pressed cd's from the Ubuntu site, how long are they taking to ship out anyone know by chance ?04:08
wm_eddieaww man, I wish I didn't see this video...04:08
jdubHawkwind: november04:08
Hawkwindjdub: Will that be the latest release then I'm guessing ?04:09
mjrto order some CDs for the university student's lounge or to burn some, that is the question ;)04:09
ploumhttp://ploum.frimouvy.org/?2004/10/25/6-i-dont-want-people-to-use-gnome-applications-anymore : my little 0.02 because I cannot be here tonight04:09
jdubHawkwind: that'll be Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog)04:09
=== stone [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
wm_eddieI think I should change my order for CDs and get 30 and hand it out to everyone in my CS classes...04:09
jdubwm_eddie: so do i.04:09
Hawkwindjdub: And when is the next release due out ??  I'm just getting into Ubuntu so I'm still trying to learn a bit about it04:10
jdubHawkwind: next preview will be in march, then it's final release will be in april04:10
Hawkwindjdub: Ahhhh ok, thank you very much04:10
=== sven_ [~sven@p213.54.23.13.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu
avarwhen are those cd's comming out?04:11
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has joined #ubuntu
danielsavar: november04:12
avarearly november?04:12
bob2late november04:13
avark, thanks04:13
=== sukrit [~sukrit@] has joined #ubuntu
sukrithi guys04:13
=== slade_ [~slade@] has joined #ubuntu
sukritwas wondering how to migrate my evolution 1.46 mails from fc2 to evolution 2 in ubuntu04:14
slade_is there an apt package in ubuntu for bitchx?04:14
sukritboth my homes are at dif locations04:14
bob2slade_: yes04:16
=== Gmail kicks #xchat
Gmaili just got flooded /who list of #xchat04:16
slade_bob2: do you know the package name?04:16
bob2Gmail: please don't bug them about Debian packaging04:16
bob2Gmail: they have nothing to do with it04:16
bob2slade_: bitchx04:16
Gmaili am not04:16
Gmailbob2: i am not in #xchat04:17
slade_slade@thundera:/usr $ sudo apt-get install bitchx04:17
slade_Reading Package Lists... Done04:17
slade_Building Dependency Tree... Done04:17
slade_E: Couldn't find package bitchx04:17
slade_slade@thundera:/usr $04:17
slade_ive already done an apt-get update04:17
bob2slade_: wiki.ubuntu.com/SynapticHowto04:17
bob2enable universe04:17
slade_im guessing that site is hosted overseas right?04:18
wm_eddieoh my god this is the longest CC ever.... (A conversation we have to memorize in my Japanese class)04:18
bob2slade_: oh, the wiki?04:18
=== nmf [~nmf@] has joined #ubuntu
slade_bob2: yeah04:18
bob2slade_: it's in the uk04:18
slade_:-( we have our ACL's setup to block foreign ip blocks04:18
slade_ill have to proxy it i guess :-P04:19
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
ZindarSLEEEEEP :)04:19
slade_access control list04:19
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu
wm_eddiebut why block foreign IPs?04:20
wm_eddieI like, spend almost no time in American IP blocks...04:20
Treenakswm_eddie: foreign IPs are hackers!04:21
Treenakswm_eddie: and terrorist!04:21
wm_eddiewell When I'm browsing the web...04:21
slade_bob2: that howto is only relevant for a gui environment04:21
stvnlol Treenaks04:21
=== avar [~ngh61064@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Treenaksand, well, un-American..04:21
=== beezly [~beezly@2001:630:63:16:20e:2eff:fe27:ea88] has joined #ubuntu
bob2slade_: the cli equivalent is "edit sources.list, uncomment the universe lines"04:21
slade_bob2: ahh..ok04:21
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailok xchat-common is done04:24
Gmaili had to do something else that why it took so long04:25
bob2what did you do to iy?04:25
slade_bob2: thx04:25
slade_that worked04:25
=== malte [~mof@h117n2fls32o874.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailok anyone got some where, i can upload these file to?04:26
=== slade_ [~slade@ip68-109-32-127.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bern [~bern@hc65277ea.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
maltehi, does anyone know why firefox-installer says: "./firefox-installer-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" on my recently installed ubuntu system? libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0 is in /usr/lib and is a symlink to libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0.400.10 in the same directory04:27
Gmailmalte: install from the .deb04:29
Gmaili am making one for 0.10.104:29
Gmailall i need is hosting to upload them to04:29
ATJHi, what kernel does Ubuntu ude by default? Just wondering will it handle sata and my NIC rithout problems.. I have nforce2 based motherboard.04:29
Gmaili cant host as my connection ised for VoIP and is only 128kbps04:30
wm_eddieATJ: It worked flawlessly out of the box with my nforce2 board.04:30
Gmailbob2: anywhere i can host them?04:30
bob2Gmail: the free webspace your isp gave you?04:30
=== jonathaN_ [jonathan@109-1-ftth.onsnet.nu] has joined #ubuntu
ATJwm_eddie: Ok, great. :)04:31
Gmailbob2: good idea04:32
Gmailbob2: it 60MB they let me go over and unlimmited bw04:32
=== Pluk [~Pluk@248-85.ipact.nl] has joined #ubuntu
malteGmail, but still... it works at a friend of mines ubuntu install :/04:32
=== jonathaN1 [jonathan@111-1-ftth.onsnet.nu] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailmalte: wait about 30min and i will have a binary04:33
=== bern [~bern@hc65277ea.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
malteGmail, ok, thanks04:33
bernwhat's the filesystem type for thumbdrives?04:33
stvnbern: normally vfat04:33
mjr'course, if you want, you can create your filesystem of choice on most04:34
mjrbut yeah, tend to come with vfat04:34
Gmailmalte: you will stay here?04:35
=== telemaco [~telemaco@186.Red-81-35-229.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== telemaco [~telemaco@186.Red-81-35-229.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== fabbione yawns
=== vuntz [~vuntz@fennas.vuntz.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== vizvayu [~vizvayu@dsl52-53.sion.net] has joined #ubuntu
malteGmail, yeah04:40
Gmailok i got a few apps ported04:40
Gmailmalte: i am starting firefox now04:40
Gmailbrb i am testing my xchat 2.404:41
maltegreat. this xchat is getting on my nerves :)04:41
=== jonathaN1 is now known as jonathaN
=== TheCan [~thecan@dsl-084-056-134-028.arcor-ip.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
MyKq3can i search for a file on the consol ?04:44
darkersatanicMyKq3: find -name filename04:44
bob2"locate filename"04:44
darkersatanicMyKq3: That'll search for it from the current directory.04:45
=== Gmail [~Google@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailhey anyone here good at making .debs?04:47
=== lamont_r [~lamont@rover3.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gmaili am doing *something* wrong with the xchat one04:48
fabbioneGmail: more or less04:48
fabbioneGmail: maybe if you can tell us the error you get...04:48
fabbioneor the problem04:48
Gmailfabbione: ok what i do is: make a controls file add the correct stuff then move it to ./debian/DEBIAN04:49
=== Pizbit [~Pizbit@203-79-124-44.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
MyKq3hum but i want to search the hole disk ... i should just  find filename ?04:49
StarScreamGmail: have a look at something called checkinstall04:49
Gmailthen do dpkg-deb --build debian04:49
bob2Gmail: erm, why aren't you using debhelper?04:49
Gmailthe probblem is the deb isnt add the /usr/bin file it all correct it the folder04:49
bob2MyKq3: no, locate.04:50
Gmailbob2: what is debhelper?04:50
Gmaili use my brain04:50
fabbioneGmail: i think you are slightly confused on how to make debs04:50
danielsGmail: if you've never made a deb before, look at dh-make and cdbs04:50
Gmaili read the howto when woody came out and i'v alway been making them like that04:50
Gmaildaniels: i have made a few hunred04:51
bob2Gmail: xchat and firefox are already packaged04:51
danielsGmail: a few hundred debs? such as?04:51
fabbioneGmail: well than it should be easy for you to spot the problem04:51
=== Kirsch [~adam@roc-66-66-12-34.rochester.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailfabbione: but in the folder i am working in i have all the BUILT files and where they are ment to go04:51
Gmailfabbione: chmod?04:52
=== Badcel [~marcel@p5086E515.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneGmail: i don't get it...04:52
malteGmail, brb, something is wrong with xchat... you'll be here later too?04:52
Gmailfabbione: d/m04:52
fabbioned/m ?04:52
Gmailmalte: email shimen@gmail.com and i reply you when its ready04:52
Gmaildoesnt matter04:52
fabbionewell explain it to me04:53
fabbionei am kinda curious to understand what was wrong04:53
Gmailfabbione: dont worry i fixed it04:53
fabbioneGmail: i am not worried04:53
fabbionei want to understand error and solution04:53
Gmailfabbione: the file where built already i ported it from debian04:53
danielsif other people run into the same problem, maybe we could use this experience to learn from04:54
Gmailwell let me do what i tilk and if it not that i'll be back04:54
Gmaildaniels: i am having problem building them04:54
Kirschhey everyone, having a problem with a dual boot windows and ubuntu, it won't boot the windows partition, gets a invalid filesystem 0x7, this is an AMD64 system, any ideas?04:54
=== elmo [~james@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailonce there built they will work04:54
danielsGmail: what problem are you having, exactly?04:54
danielswe're here to help04:55
=== ddaa [~ddaa@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #ubuntu
Gmaildoesnt matter04:55
=== stodge [~stodge@CPE0080c8790cda-CM000039179a5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gmaili fixed it04:55
fabbioneGmail: it does for us04:55
fabbionecan you tell us the problem you had and the solution?04:55
Gmailfabbione: they are not built yet i built them right now04:56
Gmailthey look like they are working04:56
Kirschfabbione: do u remember me? (my name was probably adam_), i had the problem with the ATI M7? (BusID)?04:56
fabbioneKirsch: yes of course.. can you just give me a sec?04:57
fabbioneGmail: i still don't get a) the problem b) the solution..04:57
=== fabbione brb
Kirschfabbione: yea just wanted to say that i formated AGAIN with 4.1RC (that next day) and left BusID as is, and it was fine.04:57
fabbioneKirsch: cool04:57
stodgeAwesome - plugged my USB webcam into my PC, and Ubuntu recognised it and GnomeMeeting used it first time! Awesome job :)04:57
Gmailjust a question have the way of making deb since woody came out changed?04:57
bob2Gmail: nope04:58
Gmailbob2: good04:58
danielsGmail: not at all04:58
=== lhb mmm... haven't tried my webcam yet
Gmailbob2: want to test xchat for me?04:58
Gmaili am doing one more change to it04:58
bob2Gmail: why didn't you just us the debian xchat packages?04:58
danielsGmail: i'll look at it if you throw up a deb-src line04:58
Gmailopps i fund my problem05:00
fabbioneah cool05:00
Gmailit was i only mistspelt debian05:00
Gmaili spelt it debina05:00
Gmailok building05:01
Gmailanything i should read to make it complatble with other computers?05:01
danielsyo jordi05:01
fabbionejordi: que pasa?05:01
jordihave you ubuntu people noticed the anti-canonical FUD someone is distributing through www.buildd.net?05:01
Gmailoh wait warty frozen d/m05:01
=== guptan [~Raj@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailit will just work (tm)05:02
jordihola amigos!! what's up dudes!05:02
Keybuknot just frozen, released!05:02
fabbionejordi: ?05:02
=== guptan [~Raj@] has left #ubuntu []
jordibob2: well it's signed by "=ij=", whoever he is.05:02
GmailKeybuk: the warty relest is frozzen05:02
StarScreamdoes ubuntu use xfree86 or xorg?05:02
jordiGmail: The warty release is released, heh.05:02
bob2StarScream: xfree86 + bazillion patches05:02
fabbioneStarScream: heavily patches xfree8605:03
bob2jordi: which page on that site?05:03
deFryskgmail did you get firefox with apt-get source -b from experimental ?05:03
ddaaij prolly = Ingo Juergensmann.05:03
jdubjordi: rad!05:03
StarScreamis it going to break if i want to use xorg...for some reason xfree + ibook = dodgey ass fonts...but xorg seems to be ok05:03
danielsfabbione: http://unstable.buildd.net/index-i386.html05:03
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-53.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
GmaildeFrysk: i still need to see where i am geting firefox from testing or sid05:03
fabbionedaniels: i guess it's a standard header for all pages..05:04
bob2jordi: argh :/05:04
danielsStarScream: we use xfree86 with 300,000 or so lines of patches; hoary (our development tree, which is just about to open for the next release) will have x.org05:04
stodgeMy PC runs Linux like crap. The binary NVidia driver is slower than the nv driver in 2D. Overall, it's around 40% less responsive than Windows, especially when disk activity is high :(05:04
deFryskGmail, testing has 0.9.3 ....05:04
jordioh, it's Ingo Juergensmann.05:04
deFryskexperimental has 0.10.105:04
=== malte [~malte@h117n2fls32o874.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
StarScreamdaniels: ah ok, well i guess i'll just leave it for now then :)05:04
bob2stodge: is dma enabled?05:04
stodgeLet me check - I think so05:04
danielsStarScream: what do you need x.org for?05:04
stodgeYes it is05:05
jordiddaa: ah, missed your message :)05:05
bob2stodge: that is very weird...have you posted to the list about this?05:05
StarScreamdaniels: well for some reason (i dont know why) but xorg just seems to render fonts much better on my ibook, i think it may be the ati drivers05:05
=== Pluk [~Pluk@248-85.ipact.nl] has joined #ubuntu
StarScreamdaniels: xfree is fine on my desktop though05:05
stodgeThought I'd fixed this by specifying noapic and nolapic as kernel boot options. But no go. I posted on the forums about poor NVidia performance, but it isn't Ubuntu specific so I don't want to clog up lists with problems with my hardware. It's the same for all Linux distros.05:06
ddaathis ij dude _is_ paranoid05:06
=== Fwiffo [~user@] has joined #ubuntu
JanneMStarScream: the version of XFree used in Warty has a lot of drivers backported05:06
jordiddaa: the South African conspiracy unveiled!05:07
=== rexioo [~rexioo@c38-72.icpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
StarScreamJanneM: well i can only go on what i am seeing on the screen...if the fonts look ok with xfree it doesn't really bother me which  they use05:07
ddaagotta run out now05:07
StarScreambut on my ibook they are kinda chunky05:07
stodgeSwitching apps or tabs in Firefox take several seconds etc... Just weird05:07
JanneMStarScream: could try booting the LiveCD and see what it looks like05:07
=== rmt [~rmt@pD9EE0C76.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
StarScreamand dont look aa, even with AA turned on05:07
StarScreamJanneM: does that have xorg?05:07
StarScreamJanneM: how will that be different then...? i'll try it though if you think it will05:08
JanneMbut you can check if the ubuntu version of  xfree looks fine on your hardware05:08
StarScreamJanneM: but i'm already running ubuntu warty on my ibook05:08
StarScreamits cool :)05:08
JanneMa little weird, though05:09
JanneMshouldn't make a difference, I'd think05:09
malteGmail, are getting those debs to work?05:10
=== stojanos [~stojanos@blueice1n1.uk.ibm.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
malteare you*05:13
=== moyote [~moyote@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailmalte: yes05:13
=== annelies [~annelies@83-134-125-85.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailmalte: what do you want05:13
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== scotth [~scotth@] has joined #ubuntu
stojanosWhy there is no File Types and Programs under Desktop Preferences in gnome 2.8  and where I can find it ?05:14
Gmaili still need to upload them and make it into a pt repsonory05:14
Gmailfirefox is starting05:14
Gmailxchat is working05:14
danielsGmail: what have you done to firefox?05:14
Gmailbrb updating to new client05:14
slade_is there anyway to download development versions of ubuntu?05:14
danielsi'd love to see the source debs05:14
bob2slade_: it doesn't exist yet05:15
anneliesare there any premade gstreamer mp3 plugin packages for ubuntu?05:15
danielsslade_: hoary, our development tree, hasn't opened yet, but it will be along shortly05:15
bob2annelies: gestreamer0.8-mad05:15
anneliesthx bob05:15
slade_ahh...cool..id like to get ubuntu with xorg and april is a long ways away :-Pp05:15
anneliesthx bob205:15
anneliesbob2, how is an end user supposed to know that?05:16
stodgeCan I turn off the animation when I minimise a window?05:16
bob2annelies: wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormates05:16
spivannelies: The error message is pretty bad, yeah.05:16
=== MrTom [~thomas@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2annelies: I'm not sure how people should know how to find that, except via a FAQ05:17
=== polo_ [~polo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== bern [~bern@hc652af55.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
maltewill there be some sort of official debian unstable repository for ubuntu?05:18
bob2malte: hoary is the development branch05:18
bob2malte: universe will contain packages from sid directly05:18
maltebob2, oh, cool :) didn't know that05:18
malteso hoary will be more bleeding egde than sid?05:18
=== Android16 [~Android16@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2malte: no05:19
anneliesbob2, thx for the help05:19
MrTomeach time i run k3b i've to delete .ICEauthority ... how can i do to burn audio cd easily?05:19
bob2hoary will be ubuntu's development branch05:19
maltebob2, i see05:19
anneliesI was pretending to be the ordinary end user05:19
bob2I'm not sure anyone knows how unstable it will be05:19
anneliestrying to do the most obvious thing05:19
anneliesand that was surfing to the main site05:19
bob2annelies: ah, trolling people who would help you, good plan05:19
maltebob2, is it possible to use existing official debian repositories btw?05:19
anneliesbob2, I'm sorry if this sounded like offending you05:20
bob2malte: you can, but you're on your own with that05:20
anneliesI really wanted to produce something useful05:20
maltebob2, ok :) thx for the help05:20
anneliesshowing a friend around his shiny new ubuntu system05:20
bob2malte: you're welcome05:20
anneliesbob2, bye, and thx for your help again!05:21
spivannelies: Suggestions to improve this would be welcome.. you can file bugs on ubuntu and the ubuntu website at http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/05:21
maltei wonder where gmail is, i want to try his firefox-package05:21
stvnannelies: what would you ssuggest to improve? other than including gstreamer-mad?05:21
spivannelies: But it's tricky, I think :)05:21
=== Gmail [~Google@] has joined #ubuntu
anneliesstvn, I know that isn't possible05:21
malteGmail, there you are :) how's it coming along?05:21
bob2gstreamer could give a better error message05:21
anneliesI'm actually quite active in the anti-swpat movement05:21
bob2thaytan: ^^05:21
Gmailmalte: i need to fix xchat you really want 0.10.1 of firefox?05:22
anneliesstvn, but the topic in the static documentation (as opposed to the wiki)05:22
malteGmail, yes please05:22
Gmaili can build it nowish05:22
anneliescould use some elaboration on mp3 support05:22
spivannelies: File a website bug.05:22
anneliesbye, and thx everyone05:22
anneliesspiv, will do05:22
malteGmail, oh... btw, i don't suppose you are using 64-bit? :|05:22
spivannelies: great :)05:22
malteGmail, i could look at the source debs though05:23
Gmailmalte: no but... i need dev file i dont yet05:23
Gmailmalte: i will make them and email you05:23
malteGmail, cheers!05:23
Gmailwhy the hell did xchat need tcl8.4-dev05:24
Gmaili install tcl8.3-dev and build and got an error with xchat05:25
Gmaili duoble checked what debian said i needed and bang it was version 8.4-dev05:25
Gmailso i rebuild them now05:25
bob2Gmail: why aren't you using the debian source package?05:26
=== angie75 [~iorghe@adsl-ull-221-252.46-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== DSOM [~DSOM@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailbob2: i am05:28
maltebob2, btw, where can i find hoary?05:28
Gmailbob2: what do you think i am doing?05:28
bob2malte: it doesn't exist yet05:28
=== nreid [~nreid@host81-139-0-78.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gmail: so how can you possibly have the build-deps wrong?05:28
Gmaili am getting the info and stuff from here http://packages.debian.org/testing/source/xchat05:28
bob2Gmail: they're correct in Debian05:28
maltebob2, ok :)05:29
nreidHi All - I'm trying to build multisync from their latest CVS snapshot but am getting odd autoconf/automakey errors... Anyone had any luck?05:29
Gmailbob2: because xchat relies on xchat-common 2.4.0-0.2 and i renamed xchat-common 2.4.0-0.2ubuntu05:29
nreideg. configure.in:7: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_MSG_ERROR05:29
=== Gmail [~Google@] has joined #ubuntu
nreidI'm using autoconf 2.53 and automake 1.4-p605:31
Gmaili am getting the error05:31
Gmailwhen i start xchat05:31
Gmail:~ $ xchat05:31
GmailSegmentation fault05:31
bob2Gmail: time to use your debugging skills05:32
Gmailso i guess that has to do with dev file05:32
Gmailand i install all of them i think05:32
Gmailbob2: what? a not a pr0 yet05:32
Gmailonly at backporting05:33
=== iminj [~howard@ool-45733433.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailand when i have all dev file installed there no stupid errors05:33
danielsGmail: segfault likely means you tried to patch some code and it went badly wrong05:33
danielsGmail: btw, try '0.2ubuntu1'05:33
Kamionyou're not a pro at backporting if you're building packages with dpkg-deb --build, trust me. :-)05:34
iminjHI: Anyone able to help a NOOB with a soundcard issue?05:35
Micksaokay, so um05:35
MicksaKamion: what do pros use?...05:35
GmailKamion: i am so with backporting a few program that dont have any depenscy05:35
KamionMicksa: the standard Debian source package tools05:35
danielsGmail: surely you don't need to change anything -- just use the standard 'update-to-new-upstream-version' tool and run debuild05:35
GmailKamion: who do you build your debs? using the harder way?05:36
Micksaas in dpkg-source? or dpkg-buildpackage?05:36
Micksadoesn't dpkg-deb count as one? :)05:36
bob2dpkg-deb is very very low-level05:36
KamionGmail: there's lots of documentation on the Debian web site. This is not the place.05:36
danielsGmail: the only harder way is http://people.debian.org/~daniels/task-necbs/05:36
KamionMicksa: dpkg-buildpackage (or debuild, whatever)05:36
MicksaI'm a pro then05:36
Micksayay! :)05:36
danielsGmail: you are using debian/rules, right, and not just moving everything into DEBIAN by hand?05:36
GmailKamion: i read the when woody came out and bob2 said nothing updated05:36
KamionGmail: you've chosen the single most painful possible way to do the job.05:36
bob2Gmail: dpkg-deb was not the recommended way to build debs in woody05:37
Micksagrah, there are too many ways to build a debian package05:37
bob2Gmail: or potato05:37
KamionGmail: I don't care what some broken howto said05:37
=== tvon [~tvon@h-66-167-145-240.mclnva23.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailerr then why did the guide tell me the hard way?05:37
=== Pluk [~Pluk@248-85.ipact.nl] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gmail: the guide is broken05:38
tvonoh my05:38
danielsGmail: you can find documents telling you to wear tin foil hats on the internet05:38
GmailKamion: mind giving me a knew one05:38
bob2Gmail: http://www.nl.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/05:38
Gmaildaniels: dont you?05:38
=== pw-tinman [tinman_@pool-68-239-209-212.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
tvonWhen is the Hoary kickoff meeting scheduled?05:38
stvnyeah, heel irritant, volgens mij een linux probleem en iig niet een specifiek ubuntu probleem05:38
bob2tvon: 20 minutes05:38
Micksaokay, so what's a cmdline calculator?05:39
Micksalike bc05:39
Micksabut with, like, useful stuff05:39
KamionMicksa: python?05:39
Micksalike exponential notation05:39
Micksanah, that only half counts as one05:39
tvonisnt bc available?05:39
angie75i would like to setup a dsl gateway with ubuntu any clues? may I just do it with the network tools?05:40
tvonbc is available05:40
iminjI'm looking for assistance with a a sound issue. I have 1 sound card (SB awe64), but ubuntu Volume Control opens 2 active sound mixers - OSS and ALSA.05:40
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu
tvoniminj: that is the nasty state of volume control in gnome05:40
Micksais that gnome-specifi05:41
tvonangie75: for a gateway box you won't be able to do it all with the GUI tools I believe05:41
iminjtvon: that's the default gnome setting ?05:41
azeemis there an easy/out-of-the-box working way to make dhcp/ntp ethernet-cable-aware? Like installing ifplugd?05:41
Micksaor just a problem with being able to tell which OSS cards are just ALSA clones?05:41
tvoniminj: the default volume control app shows all the available sound controls, which is generally Alsa and OSS (which is just alsa emulating OSS)05:41
Micksatvon: bc is kinda shitty05:41
Micksayou can't pass it "1e+6", say05:42
tvonMicksa: I thought you said 'like bc', so I figured you liked it :)05:42
iminjtvon: is is possible to deactivate 1 mixer ?05:42
tvonI dont know of any alternatives05:42
=== oferw555 [~ofer@HFA62-0-177-48.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
tvoniminj: maybe, not that I know how05:42
Micksalike bc but not bc :)05:42
=== rmt [~rmt@pD9EE0C76.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
iminjok .. thanks05:43
=== tolstoy is now known as tolstoya
=== ToTo [~ToTo@host95-133.pool8254.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
stvnhey is it possible to get sounds from gaim, while music is playing?05:43
bob2if you use esd, yes05:44
bob2or have agood sound card, like a sb live05:44
bob2or setup dmix05:44
tvonI believe it worked out of the box that way for me05:44
=== stojanos [~stojanos@blueice1n1.uk.ibm.com] has left #ubuntu []
stvntvon: lucky you ;)05:45
tvonMicksa: you could always get the open-source clone of Matlab05:45
tvonstvn: :-D05:45
bob2octave is pretty good05:45
=== angie75 [~iorghe@adsl-ull-221-252.46-151.net24.it] has left #ubuntu []
tvonah yes, 'octave' it's called05:45
MicksaI have that05:45
MicksaI should have tried it as a calculator huh :)05:45
Micksayacas looks, um, involved05:45
Micksait appears to be an open-source mathematic05:45
Micksawhich rocks05:46
iminjOK ... here's another NOOB question. How do I edit /etc/modules ? I want to add 1 item (apm), but when I open the file, it's "READ ONLY" ...05:46
MicksaI'll have to look at it later :)05:46
tvoniminj: sudo05:46
bob2iminj: you need to open it as root05:46
tvoniminj: what command are you using to open it?05:46
tvonsudo vim /etc/modules05:46
tvonfor example05:46
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@neuro.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
iminji went in with a text editor05:46
tvonbut don't do that unless you know vim05:46
=== tvon notes there needs to be some gtksudo/nautilus integration in that regard
iminjjust wanna add apm05:47
Micksawhat does edit to by default in ubuntu?05:47
Micksaheh, I'm in here, AND in #ubuntu-devel, but I haven't actually tried it yet05:47
azeemanybody know what's up with multisync? Why isn't it in universe?05:47
bob2azeem: was it in sid on june 28th?05:48
=== vuntz is now known as vuntz|afk
azeemI'd say so, but dunno05:48
bob2iminj: type this: sudo sh -c 'echo apm >> /etc/modules'05:49
Gmailerr i hate having the learn knew way of doig thing i dont know that well05:49
stodgeCan I cleanly revert from the NVidia binary to the nv driver?05:49
spivbob2: "echo apm | sudo tee -a /etc/modules"  would work too.05:49
bob2ah, much neater05:50
bob2spiv: yes05:50
bob2stodge: ^05:50
fabbionestodge: yes05:50
wulfyiminj: you can just do "run sudo gedit"05:50
bob2stodge: just unload the kernel module and switch back to the nv X driver05:50
stodgeok thanks05:50
iminjbob2: thanks ... I think I got it already ... sudo gedit /etc modules05:50
wulfythen you will have root priveleges with gedit05:50
bob2iminj: that too05:50
=== jacob [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
makoGmail: hey there05:51
Gmailhey mako05:52
bur[n] erhas anyone gotten gparted to work with ubuntu?05:52
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailanyone want to explain why the hell dh-make is do dam easy and just one command to build and you dont have to do anything?05:53
stodgeI just can't deal with how slow Linux runs on my PC anymore05:53
stodgeMay have to revert to Windows05:53
=== BeTa [~beta@beta.loc.e-glop.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== isam [~isam@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2or file a bug05:54
bob2Gmail: it's not that easy05:54
isamI'd like to welcome myself to ubuntu :) this is my first boot to it..05:54
bob2Gmail: what were the names of some of the 100 programs you packaged?05:54
maltebob2, btw, when will ubuntu include sid's updated packages?05:54
malte(if i understood you correctly)05:54
bur[n] ermalte: in 6 months05:54
bur[n] erwhen the next release happens05:54
jdubmalte: hoary will sync with debian sid05:54
tvonmaking debian packages sucks05:54
bob2malte: universe will be synced at some point in the near future05:55
jdubmalte: and will be open, as a development branch, soon05:55
malteah, okay05:55
maltecool :)05:55
maltecreds to the developers btw, ubunto really is nice :)05:55
bur[n] erjust needs gparted and a better cd burning app ;)05:56
Gmailbob2: zmanimim qtzmanim gtkzmanim about 30 version of each05:56
iminjAnyone else experiencing hotplug FATAL errors inserting shpchp and pciehp during the boot sequence ?05:56
nreidiminj: yes.05:56
wulfyiminj: yes05:56
iminjdoes this mean that usb is fried?05:57
nreidiminj: Apparently they're not a real problem... Just hotplug being verbose.05:57
iminjok nreid ... thanx05:58
=== ctalkep [~ctalkep@] has joined #ubuntu
isamRiddell, are you there ?05:58
ctalkephi guys05:59
=== Fwiffo_ [~user@jep.dhcp.kampsax.dtu.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== x4m [~max@215.164-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
isamRiddell, your KDE rpms require libjasper >= 1.701.0 and libopenexr2 >= 1.2.1 .. they are not available06:00
=== GuBA [~obiwan@] has joined #ubuntu
=== GuBA [~obiwan@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
isamRiddell, I mean the Debs :)06:00
=== mirak_- [~onceagain@adsl-68-249-245-156.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
iminjthanks everyone for your assistance ..06:02
=== iminj [~howard@ool-45733433.dyn.optonline.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== dbg400 [~dbg400@spc1-leed4-3-0-cust93.seac.broadband.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
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=== GuBA [~obiwan@] has joined #ubuntu
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=== inklingx [~inklingx@u212-239-167-206.adsl.pi.be] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gmail: if you want to sit in on that, you must remain silent06:06
bob2no, seriously, remain silent06:07
bob2this is an important meeting and getting everyone together in the middle of the night is non-trivla06:07
bob2do not waste their time06:07
Gmailyou are talking about the meeting06:08
=== manuel_ [~manuel@deri-wg1.nuigalway.ie] has joined #ubuntu
Gmaili said lol instead of wtf is he talking about beacuse...06:08
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-76-139.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
bernhow can I set my orinoco gold classic card to monitor mode?06:09
bob2Gmail: regardless, remain silent06:09
Matt|hi all06:10
grubermanwhats that 'merge with sid' they are atalking aboout?06:10
=== GuBA [~obiwan@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gmail: just shut up06:11
Gmailbob2: i said my ideas now i gtg06:11
bob2seriously, just shut up06:11
jazzkaI would to help translating ubuntu to spanish and catalan, how can I start?06:11
polo_hello folks, i had a quick question. whenever i try to remove certain packages (like emacs), there are dependencies tied to ubuntu-desktop...is it OK to remove that package or will it break everyyhing?06:11
bob2jazzka: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TranslationTeam06:12
=== BeTa [~beta@beta.loc.e-glop.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2polo_: it's ok06:12
Matt|polo_, remove that no problem06:12
Matt|hi all. I want to streamline my bootup a bit: is it possible for some people to help me with removing some services at startup? I need to know which i can safely remove and how to do so. Would appreciate the help a lot!!06:13
polo_guys, thanks much for the help! ubuntu rocks...06:13
Matt|polo_, yep :)06:13
bob2Matt|: probably best to ask that on the list06:14
Matt|bob2, mailing list?06:14
=== robtaylor [~robtaylor@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Matt|heh i'm so curious now about what it was that gmail was saying earlier ;O06:14
GmailMatt|: i told sabdfl to say it at the end06:15
Matt|gmail i do not understand that06:15
KamionMatt|: he's basically just trying to barge in on a meeting out of agenda and make his point without regard for the people who are losing sleep in order to stay up for the meeting they have to attend.06:15
Matt|oh are you guys having a meeting?06:15
Kamionit's a public meeting, but abusing it is just rude06:15
Matt|is this a dev channel?06:16
KamionMatt|: yes, the Hoary kickoff meeting06:16
=== enabl [~enabl@host81-156-252-109.range81-156.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailin #ubuntu-meeting06:16
Gmailnot here06:16
=== Juz_moi [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|oh well ok06:16
Gmaili said my commont i finished06:16
sabdflMatt|: join #ubuntu-meeting to follow the process, but please hold back on stuff that's not on the agenda till we get to the end06:16
Matt|so it is ok to ask my questions in here?06:16
KamionMatt|: yeah, absolutely06:16
Matt|sabdfl, thanks i will come and just listen06:16
Matt|re: removing services at startup, I thought that I could remove the time synching service, as my network is not brought up by then anyway. Does anyknow know how to remove this?06:18
bob2you can use update-rc.d or just rm /etc/rc2.d/*ntpdate06:19
Matt|bob2, i tried figuring out update-rc.d with the man page but couldn't get it06:19
Matt|bob2, could you give me an indication of the command necessary?06:20
bob2yeah, it is quite confusing06:20
bob2I'd just use rm, myself06:20
Matt|oh right ok06:20
=== aTypical [~jason@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jason [~jason@subterrific.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|perhaps i will back em up until i'm sure i don't want them06:20
bob2I'm not sure how to use update-rc.d for this, tbh06:20
bob2Matt|: it's just one symlink06:20
Matt|oh i c06:20
Matt|to init.d?06:21
bob2the symlink goes from rc2.d to init.d, yes06:21
=== GuBA [~obiwan@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|bob2, i do not have a symlink with the name ntpdate in that file06:22
GuBAkernel version of ubuntu??06:22
Matt|bob2, do you know if it is triggered by another service maybe?06:23
=== GuBA [~obiwan@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== pasc [pasc@gandalf.redellipse.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Matt|: hrm06:23
bob2Matt|: ah, it's in /etc/rcS.d/06:23
Matt|what is S?06:24
Matt|man i don't understand the run levels in ubuntu!06:24
bob2S is startup06:24
bob2it's not just ubuntu, all modern unices use it06:24
Matt|oh i thought 2 was startup06:24
bob2(except *bsd and slackware)06:24
bob2to is the default runlevel06:24
=== srbaker_ [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
bob2S is run in all runlevels06:25
bob2er, before06:25
Matt|oh i c06:25
=== knackko [~knackko@smaisel.rennes.enst-bretagne.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|i meant, i don't understand how they are organised. In the other distros i've used i have just used the chkconfig command06:25
bob2all redhat-based06:25
Matt|yes that is correct06:25
Matt|i've only used fedora and mandrake06:26
bob2there's sysv-rc-conf06:26
ctalkepdoes anyone here know how do i get to install micq, since apt-get reports broken dependencies?06:26
bob2I wouldn't use micq06:26
bob2the author is a nut06:26
ctalkepwell, what other conole icq client can i use?06:26
bob2centreicq is good06:26
ctalkepbob2, and what does "nut" mean?:)06:27
bob2he trojaned micq06:27
bob2read that link06:27
=== Erix [~erixSP@dsl81-215-8357.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|bob2, do you think I can safely get rid of S55urandom?06:27
Matt|nut= crazy person06:27
bob2Matt|: why?06:27
bob2(and no)06:27
Matt|hi Erix06:27
Matt|bob2, do you know what it does?06:28
bob2Matt|: yes06:28
bob2Matt|: read  the top of the file06:28
Matt|oh great thanks06:28
=== xai [~pasta@user-0vvdb1n.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|bob2, how about this one: S25mdadm-raid?06:29
bob2if you don't use software raid, you could disable that06:29
Matt|i don't think i do ;)06:29
danielswhy are you trying to get rid of it?06:29
bob2you won't save much boot time, tho06:29
danielsyou'll get more mileage out of initialising the network as early as you can, then initialising gdm straight after that06:29
bob2hotplug takes up more time than anything else for me06:29
Matt|bob2, guess not but if i remove a bunch of them, then i will save time.06:30
=== stodge [~stodge@CPE0080c8790cda-CM000039179a5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2stodge: if ubuntu is slow, please file bugs06:30
Matt|daniels, i don't understand that?06:30
Matt|bob2, yes i was thinking of removing hotplug too06:30
stodgeHow easy is it to create an Ubuntu package from source? glademm isn't available, so I thought I might try to create the package myself :P06:30
bob2Matt|: erm, that's a very bad idea if you don't know what you're doing06:30
bob2stodge: you don't need to06:31
Matt|bob2, i do not use hotplug that I am aware of06:31
bob2stodge: glademm is in sid, you can probably just buidl that with no changes06:31
bob2Matt|: yes you do06:31
bob2Matt|: it loads all your modules on boot06:31
Matt|bob2, ah06:31
stodgesid? Ok let me see if I can read how to use that. Thanks again06:31
ctalkepbob2, i read it, and i'm giving up on mICQ, bu then would you recommend another console icq client?06:32
Matt|<bob2> centreicq is good06:32
Matt|daniels, what do you mean by <daniels> you'll get more mileage out of initialising the network as early as you can, then initialising gdm straight after that06:33
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving!"]
Matt|i didn't understand that06:33
danielsMatt|: ok, so what you want to do in the boot process is to get your network card intialised really early -- with an address and all that06:34
manuel_When i boot, i got an error of loading the floppy-driver. how can i remove this module, because i don't have a floppy...06:34
danielsas soon as that's done, you want to start gdm06:34
Matt|daniels, i'm not sure that I can do this06:34
danielsthat way, everything else continues on loading in the background, but you can login06:34
bob2manuel_: it's safe to ignore06:34
Matt|daniels, oh cool idea yeah06:34
bob2ctalkep: centreicq...06:34
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|daniels, i would need to add my own custom script in order to get networking working i think06:35
danielswhy's that?06:35
Matt|daniels, at the moment I am running a custom script to bring it up06:35
bob2Matt|: why?06:35
manuel_bob2: But it is getting on my nervs ;-)06:35
bob2manuel_: you could blacklist it in /etc/hotplug/blacklist, I guess06:35
Matt|i use a wireless card and the howto told me to use the script which comes with the package06:35
Matt|bob2, daniels, how is it posible for me to start gdm earlier in the boot process?06:36
bob2Matt|: scripts in /etc/rc2.d/ are started in order of the number06:36
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091b68.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|oh that is what the number is for ;)06:36
=== point [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|does the same apply to those in rc.S.d?06:37
Matt|hi __daniel06:37
bob2but be careful06:37
__danielhow do i get my  /dev/hci0   :-/06:37
bob2you can make your system sortof unbootable06:37
__danielsomething's wrong with my bluetooth stuff06:37
Matt|bob2, so what is the earliest point in your opinion where it is safe to start gdm06:37
bob2Matt|: I don't know06:38
bob2Matt|: I'm happy enough with the current system06:38
Matt|bob2, ok06:38
Matt|i would like to add the custom script for the wifi card to startup06:38
Matt|can i just make a link to it?06:38
bob2after klogd would probably be late enough06:38
bob2at a guess06:38
=== angie75 [~iorghe@adsl-ull-221-252.46-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== david_ [~david@] has joined #ubuntu
angie75please help is there a text web browser in ubuntu?06:40
Kamionangie75: w3m06:40
Matt|angie you could install one?06:40
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["M'envaig"]
__danielangie75: loads of:  w3m lynx links06:40
angie75yes MAtt i can but there's not links or lynx in the repository06:41
Matt|perhaps you need to look in another repository: i can see em both06:41
=== L|nu}{ [~linux@ti112210a080-3428.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|lynx - Text-mode WWW Browser06:42
angie75how can I find my ip from terminal06:42
__danielangie75, ifconfig06:42
Matt|angie75, do ifconfig06:42
schweeblynx is in main06:42
schweeblinks is in universe06:42
angie75ok, sorry I'm doin' an help installation by phone :-)06:43
Matt|bob2, if i wanted to add a link to those directories, would it be ok to do just a ln -s?06:43
=== wannes [~wannes@d51A5B302.kabel.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
malteis universe recommended? (i know it's not supported)06:44
bur[n] erlinks does tables... lynx does not06:44
__danielmalte, it works fine over here06:44
angie75tnx guys06:45
__danielangie75, de rien06:45
angie75hah merci daniel06:45
__danielangie75, :-)06:45
__danielno one of you has working bluetooth in ubuntu?06:45
wannesmalte: depends on the package I guess ...06:46
bob2Matt|: yes.06:46
malte__daniel, wannes, ok, thx06:46
=== perdix [~perdix@] has joined #ubuntu
wannesI have some universe packages that work great ...06:46
angie75bye tnx06:46
Matt|bob2, so do you think this would be ok:06:46
=== angie75 [~iorghe@adsl-ull-221-252.46-151.net24.it] has left #ubuntu []
Matt|ln -s /home/matt/acx100-0.2.0pre8_plus_fixes_37/scripts/start_net S41wireless_custom06:46
wannesand some that don't work at all :o)06:46
bob2Matt|: er, I guess so06:47
Matt|i've added it to the rcS.d directory06:47
Matt|now to see if it works ;)06:48
=== killpanda [~killpanda@f09v-5-63.d1.club-internet.fr] has joined #ubuntu
killpandayeah !06:50
killpandawho have installed ubuntu on an ibook G4 ?06:51
bob2I have06:51
killpandabob2 : is the vga output suported ?06:51
killpandafor the extended desktop :)06:52
killpandaoki, thank :)06:52
killpandat francai ?06:52
killpandaoups sorry06:52
stodgeAnyone know what causes this error:06:53
stodgeMakefile.am:6: AM_GNU_GETTEXT in `configure.in' but `intl' not in SUBDIRS06:53
__danielstodge,       grep SUBDIRS *06:53
__danielstodge,  add   intl   to the list of SUBDIRS06:54
killpandait is very cool :)06:54
__danielstodge,  (in the found file)06:54
killpandai will install ubuntu :)06:54
=== soulreaper_ [b@pD9E64D86.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== psyklops [~psyklops@] has joined #ubuntu
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jind [~jind@216-220-40.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== agenteo [~agenteo@ppp-82-84-145-183.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== Phoop [~dpinkster@cc43737-a.deven1.ov.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
jindWhat is the name of the gtk devel files? I have tried a sudo atp-cache search gtk | grep devel, but it returnes so many results..06:58
jindThank you!06:58
maltegenerally you should grep for "dev"06:58
=== sub_pop [~link@newsgate.xilinx.com] has joined #ubuntu
sub_popis there a 'tomboy' package for ubuntu?07:00
diemansomeone want to add http://ftp.cs.umn.edu/pub/ubuntu-releases/ to the download page?07:00
stodgeI'm spending more time trying to configure Ubuntu and get things working that I am developing :(07:00
agenteocan I export the downloaded files (from synaptic) on my ubuntu system to another one? And use them as a local repository?07:01
=== vuntz|afk is now known as vuntz
malteGmail, did you get firefox to work? ;)07:01
=== johane [~johan@h203n1c1o255.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
maltejohane, aloha07:02
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-111-250.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
david_I can't get the nvidia driver to work - get "signal 11" afterloading all drivers and options without any obvious problems07:03
david_anyone know what to look for?07:03
maltedavid_, what do the logs show?07:03
=== muhv [~muhv@sa-176-190.saturn.infonet.ee] has joined #ubuntu
david_I did a startx --logverbose and the log is super long, ending with "Fatal server error: Caught sitnal 11. server aborting"07:05
david_no "EE" errors in the log07:05
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091b68.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu
muhvis it safe to switch my current ubuntu kernel (-i386) to k7 optimized kernel with my athlon 2500 cpu pc?07:05
muhvubuntu installs by default i386 kernel to my pc07:06
wannes!uname -a07:06
wannescrap :/07:06
wannesLinux dokus #1 Tue Oct 12 14:12:34 BST 2004 i686 GNU/Linux07:06
=== anders_ [~anders@node213-88-181-35.bb.velocitytech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pluk [~Pluk@248-85.ipact.nl] has joined #ubuntu
wannesmuhv: I have a duron07:07
jacobThe 2.8 kernel detects cpu and uses optimized code at runtime if im not mistaken07:07
muhvno mather, if its k7 anyway07:07
jacoboops, 2.6 i mean, of course 8)07:07
muhvbut why is ubuntu uses i386 kernel for my athon pc07:08
=== littlepaul [~littlepau@pD9E21F2A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #UBUNTU
jacobmuhv, because athlon is a i386 cpu07:08
muhvbut why not -k707:08
=== bern [~bern@hc65277ea.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== BeTa_ [~beta@beta.loc.e-glop.net] has joined #ubuntu
jacobmuhv, because its not that necessary anymore07:09
littlepaulGmail, i have no positive answer for you - sorry07:09
=== sjoerd_ [~sjoerd@fire.ipv6.luon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ditCh_ [ditch@drunk.ditch.be] has joined #ubuntu
muhvso there is no reason to switch my i386 kernel to -k7?07:09
stodgeI'm going back to Windows - my PC just runs Linux too slowly07:09
stodgeWish it were otherwise - Ubuntu is generally very good07:10
jacobmuhv, you could try, but I'd be suprised if you could tell any difference07:10
Kamionmuhv: we use the 386 kernel by default because we only wanted to give space for one kernel on the CD07:10
=== aTypical [~jason@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmuhv: a netboot install on your box would use a k7 kernel, and you're welcome to install that if you like07:10
=== skallen [~anders@node213-88-181-35.bb.velocitytech.net] has joined #ubuntu
muhvi rather aptget -k7 kernel07:11
=== littlepaul [~littlepau@pD9E21F2A.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #UBUNTU ["Verlassend"]
=== francofai [~kvirc@adsl-193-74.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== xai [~pasta@user-0vvdb1n.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Zneet]
=== L|nu}{ [~linux@ti112210a080-3428.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== ditCh_ is now known as ditCh
__daniel"No devices in HCI mode found" *cry*07:18
khronicaw, there there daniel..no need to cry :P07:18
__danielkhronic, help me fix my bluetooth thingie, and i'll stop crying :-)07:19
=== jason is now known as subterrific
khronicsorry bud..no experience there :)07:20
=== waff [nghidav@apogee.whack.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== pasc [pasc@gandalf.redellipse.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== waff [nghidav@apogee.whack.org] has left #ubuntu []
=== thisfred [~thisfred@a213-84-57-72.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== waff [nghidav@apogee.whack.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== jono [~jono@82-37-194-90.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== punkass [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
punkassis there a way to check when  a user account was created?07:24
__danielyou want to know at which time?07:24
=== thisfred [~thisfred@a213-84-57-72.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
punkassthe date/time07:25
punkassor unix time..07:25
bob2stat /home/$user07:25
jonocan I use a .config from 2.4 with 2.6?07:25
punkassah thanks07:25
=== bilb0 [tmaster@cpc4-staf1-3-0-cust237.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Juz_moino jono07:25
jonoso I have to go from scratch and reconfigure everything07:26
punkassbob2: that only seems to show access/modified/changed07:26
punkassnot Created07:26
Juz_moiI guess I'm havinf fits myself with 2.6 and getting vmware on it07:26
bob2if one of those isn't it, unix doesn't record it07:26
Juz_moiI'm about 2 more trys from going back to sid07:27
jonois there a tool that can take a .config file and print out a nicely formatted PDF of which options you picked?07:27
bob2jono: no07:27
jonothat would be handy07:27
bob2what is the point of it?07:27
=== letheus [~letheus@port915.ds1-he.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
Juz_moigezz jono would you like frys with that?07:27
waffis ubuntu going to mirror debian at major release points, or is ubuntu taking the sarge release and then forking their own version permanently ?07:27
bob2ubuntu never forked sarge07:27
bob2it forked sid on june 28th07:28
bob2ubuntu will resync in the near future07:28
bob2punkass: /var/log/auth.log will have it07:28
=== Logi [logir@klaki.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesjono, you should be able to copy your 2.4 .config file to the 2.6 source dir and run make oldconfig. You will have to answer alot of questions tho :P07:31
punkassis there a simple way to view the contents of a gz file?07:31
housetierinstall vim and use "view file.gz"07:31
=== waff [nghidav@apogee.whack.org] has left #ubuntu []
jonoso does gconfig and qconfig store its settings in a new .config or is it a different file?07:32
__danieli hope it's not .tar.gz :-)07:32
=== Phoop [~dpinkster@cc43737-a.deven1.ov.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
letheusDoes anyone know how to change the region-code in Xchat?07:32
__danielKeybuk, you told me about using the xml files via libglademm - you know a cool example for this?07:33
punkasswell no luck there bob2, as the log files arent old enough07:33
=== perdix [~perdix@] has left #ubuntu ["leaving"]
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
=== bern [~bern@hc652777e.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesjono, it should  prompt you to write to write the changes to .config or you can choose another file.07:34
aTypicalHello.  Has anyone installed Ubuntu on a Compaq Presario laptop?  I'm looking to switch from Fedora to a Debian based distro and Ubuntu looks pretty nice.07:34
=== Raane [~raane@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2aTypical: there's a hardware support page on the wiki07:35
Raanei only have the default sources in sources.list, but i get "errors" hitting some of them, is this common?07:35
LinuxJonesaTypical, there is a live CD you can try for compatibility.07:35
aTypicalLinuxJones, thanks.07:36
aTypicalbob2, thanks to you too. :-)07:36
LinuxJonesaTypical, you can't install from it yet though afaik07:36
bob2Raane: you'd need to paste the errors to #flood so we can see07:36
Raanebob2: 2 secs07:37
=== telemaco [~telemaco@186.Red-81-35-229.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu []
killpandaipartition ca permet de degager de l'espace disk d'une partoche pour en creer une autre ???07:39
killpandasi oui j arrive pas :)07:39
Logihow comfortable am I as an old debian user going to be on ubuntu?07:39
Raanebob2: im pasting it now07:39
Logican I set up a kde-based desktop machine easily?07:40
bob2Logi: yes, but note kde is unsupported07:40
LinuxJonesLogi, it is an easy transition of you read the wiki faq07:40
bob2killpanda: english, sorry07:40
Logibob2: ok, I've never had anything but stone-age supported KDE anyway, so that's fine07:41
killpandabob2: sorry, wrong window07:41
letheusI?d like to change my 'char' in Xchat to Danish. How can i do this?07:41
__danielbob2, i guess killpanda asked if he could shift partitions07:41
LogiLinuxJones: awwight, just wondering what to do with the new machine I'll be getting next week. I'll probably give ubuntu a try07:42
bob2Raane: something is very weird with your system07:42
=== lml [~lml@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesLogi, you will love it I promise ;)07:42
LogiLinuxJones: I'll hold you to that!07:42
Raanebob2: hehe, ok07:43
=== bob2 wonders htf he can be 500MB into swap
=== letheus [~letheus@port915.ds1-he.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== mrjive [~mrjive@net-206-24.noicomnet.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== letheus [~letheus@port915.ds1-he.adsl.cybercity.dk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
wannesanyone can help me setting up k3b ? :)07:50
bilb0is it really that good LinuxJones07:50
bilb0i'm downloading the live cd now to check support for my system.07:50
bilb0i love debian07:50
bilb0but it's not what i would call a desktop distro07:51
wannesi did as told in the FAQ, but when i'm about to burn I can't select a writer ...07:51
bilb0more for server07:51
wannesLinux dokus #1 Tue Oct 12 14:12:34 BST 2004 i686 GNU/Linux07:51
bilb0but this looks really promising07:51
wannesburning in nautilus works as expected07:51
LinuxJonesbilb0, ya you will love it. For such a new distro it's very impressive.07:51
wannes"cdrdao blank" as a user also works in an xterm07:51
bilb0whats the support for raid sata like /?07:52
LinuxJonesbilb0, I haven't heard either way07:52
bilb0okie well i'll be testing that07:52
=== Anna [~lulu@dslam251-92-166-62.adsl.zonnet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-76-139.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaHi guys, it's your newbie from hell... I'm trying to copy some tt-fonts over into the fonts folder, but nautilus is telling me that I don't have access there since I'm not the owner. I guess I need root access to that folder. But... since there is no root in Ubuntu, how do I get permission to access/modify files in the fonts folder?07:57
Matt|does anyone know a GUI editor for mp3 id3 tags???!?07:57
=== letheus [~letheus@port915.ds1-he.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
danielsthe only one I've found in my travels is cantus, which sucks07:57
=== letheus [~letheus@port915.ds1-he.adsl.cybercity.dk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
wannesAnna: sudo -s gives you a root-shell07:57
=== oddabe19 [~oddabe19@pcp01471558pcs.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|daniels, does it work? ;)07:58
danielsMatt|: yes, albeit with a horrific ui07:58
housetiercouldn't the fonts be copied to ~/.fonts/ ?07:58
AnnaOk wannes, but where can I find a howto regarding sudo?07:58
wannesMatt|: easytag ?07:59
stvnAnna: google has a lot if you search for sudo howto07:59
AnnaIs sudo and 'root terminal' actually the same thing?07:59
stvnAnna: no07:59
Matt|daniels, not bothered about shine, as long as it works07:59
Matt|i am using gtkpod atm but it is not very functional07:59
Matt|i can't edit the track number08:00
bilb0so theres no su command in ubuntu08:00
Matt|wannes, is that a good un?08:00
AnnaI thought there might be specific Ubuntu howto's08:00
Matt|Anna, there is one hang on a sec08:00
maswanbilb0: there is, but password-based access to root is disabled by default08:00
wannesAnna: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RootSudo08:00
Annano problem08:00
=== adnans [~Woehaha@linuxgoeroe.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
bilb0i use sudo08:00
bilb0just wondering why she couldn't just use su08:01
Matt|ah yeah wannes is probably more complete08:01
Matt|bilb0, there is no root account by default apparently08:01
=== darksatanic [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
KamionAnna: root terminal is basically gksudo gnome-terminal08:01
wannesthere is, but it's disabled :p08:01
maswanMatt|: there is, just no password-based access to it08:01
Matt|ah i c08:02
maswanMatt|: so it is sudo instead08:02
bilb0thats a really nice feature08:02
bilb0but is sudo based on password08:02
bilb0or how do u then configure sudo user based privledges08:03
whiprushbah, the hoary meeting was a few hours ago right?08:03
wannesit's based on /etc/sudoers, and your _own_ password08:03
stvnwhiprush: still going on08:03
Matt|still going whiprush08:03
whiprushk, I'll just snag the log later then08:03
bilb0yeah but by default u can't edit /etc/sudoers without root08:03
AnnaKamiion:so can run the same commands under gksudo as under sudo?08:03
wannesman sudoers, if you'd like to edit /etc/soduers, use visudo !!!08:03
wannessudo visudo ? :)08:03
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
bilb0yeah but u need root do run visudo08:04
maswanbilb0: the user first created has sudo access to root08:04
bilb0so they any user can gain root ??08:04
bilb0so u start off with a super user who has sudo08:04
bilb0then go from there08:04
bilb0fair enough08:04
Matt|bilb0, you haven't installed ubuntu?08:05
Matt|get involved! ;p08:05
bilb0just wondering08:05
bilb0the live cd is on it's way08:05
=== le-gentil-hobbit [~ben@dyn-83-152-129-144.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #ubuntu
bilb0see what my support will have08:05
bilb0i use debian08:06
Matt|le-gentil-hobbit, it's official, you have the best nick ever08:06
le-gentil-hobbitmerci bien08:06
Matt|je t'en pris08:06
=== Matt| guesses his french
le-gentil-hobbityeah im french08:07
Matt|i mean, i guessed the french which i used08:07
=== Kirsch [~adam@roc-66-66-12-34.rochester.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|does anyone know if there are any good icon packages for ubuntu?08:07
Kirschhey guys, i have a bootloader problem with the AMD64 version, have any issues been heard of? (only boots linux, not windows, gives a file system invalid 0x7 error)08:07
Matt|i hope that they will do lots of work on ubuntu-artwork ;)08:08
=== JulHer [~julio@244.Red-217-125-14.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|Kirsch, did you partition the disk with linux?08:08
=== lml [~lml@] has left #ubuntu []
KirschMatt|: yes08:08
=== oferw555 [~ofer@DSL217-132-49-171.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|there was an issue a while back about disk partitioning under 2.6 kernel08:08
Matt|i assume it has been solved now08:08
Matt|but mebbe not08:08
Kirschwell its a friend, its with the Ubuntu disk partitioning08:09
Kirschi'm helping him, and this problem came up08:09
Kirschit doesn't make sense.08:09
bob2did you check the bts?08:09
Matt|i'm not good enough to help you out with this, but i can only tell you about that issue08:09
bob2and the list archives?08:09
Matt|have a browse on the internet08:09
Kirschthe grub loader is doing: label Windows, root (hd0,0), makeactive, chainloader +108:09
Matt|i know there is a fix08:09
KirschI just did google.08:10
Kirschdidn't search specfic.08:10
=== le-gentil-hobbit [~ben@dyn-83-152-129-144.ppp.tiscali.fr] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
KirschCan someone point me somewhere to search besides google? LOL08:12
stvnKirsch: search.msn.com? ;)08:12
KamionKirsch: "only boots Linux, not Windows" -> known, recently fixed in Debian, will be fixed in Hoary08:12
=== enrico is now known as enrico_dinner
subterrificMatt|: i'm not sure if it is good, but there is an icon set in the forum08:13
=== spikeb [~spikeb@c68.117.110.98.hay.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== bohrbug [~birger@ti211310a080-3784.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificMatt|: i think it is called Suade08:13
Matt|Kirsch, there is a fix i am sure08:13
bohrbugWill installation of 'gstreamer0.8-mad" give me mp3 support in Ubuntu?08:14
Matt|subterrific, can i install it with apt?08:14
bob2bohrbug: yes08:14
spikebbohrbug, yes08:14
Matt|Kirsch, did you resize the ntfs partition?08:14
spikebit's installed by default on my cd08:14
bohrbugGoodie :)08:14
subterrificMatt|: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=46708:14
Matt|subterrific, ty appreciate it08:14
=== moyote_ [~moyote@c1-1e205.neo.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
stvnsubterrific:  http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=13430<- that one?08:15
Matt|subterrific, where should i put em?08:15
=== spikeb thinks gstreamer-mad ought to be in main next release
Kirschit can't...08:15
bob2spikeb: it won't be08:16
spikebof course not.08:16
KirschMatt|: before we formated linux, yes (from Partition Magic 8)08:16
=== moyote [~moyote@c1-1e205.neo.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kirsch thinks there's should be a USA version that has Divx, MP3 in it :-P
bob2hey, fix your country and you can have it08:17
Kirschour country fixed it hehe08:17
bob2the US has some of the most draconian laws around08:17
spikebor use debian proper, and you can have it. :)08:17
bob2or did you miss a "non-" in there? :)08:17
=== RUNE [~rockmebab@] has joined #ubuntu
Kirschhaha, the USA can go away, bush.... bah, u've heard it08:18
Kirschnot goign into it again.08:18
=== PandU [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kirsch is now known as GO_KERRY|Kirsch
malteglibc on my amd64 is missing some symbols (e.g. GLIBC_2.0, GLIBC_2.1, GLIBC_2.1.3) that i know exist on the x86-version... why's this?08:18
bob2what are you trying to do?08:19
Matt|GO_KERRY|Kirsch, have a link for ya08:19
=== vlado [~vlado@102.247.39-62.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|GO_KERRY|Kirsch, http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=11598008:19
bob2I'm 99% certain those versions of glibc never existed on amd6408:19
maltebob2, i'm trying to install autopackage08:19
Matt|enjoy that08:19
vladoGood evening08:19
vladoto all08:19
bob2malte: you know amd64 is not compatible with i386, right?08:19
=== bipolar is now known as GO_JESUS|bipolar
maltebob2, i thought ubuntu had support for running x86-binaries as well :/08:20
siretartwhat is the right way for feature requests for hoary? the bugzilla or email to the list?08:20
bob2malte: some, but not all08:20
bob2malte: what do you want to run08:20
GO_KERRY|Kirschok, how do u configure XChat to open Firefox?08:20
bob2siretart: are you planning on implementing them youtself?08:20
bob2GO_KERRY|Kirsch: GO_JESUS|bipolar less...topical nicks would be good, thanks08:20
Matt|GO_KERRY|Kirsch, just right click on links08:20
spikebGO_KERRY|Kirsch, select open in web browser08:20
maltebob2, as i said, autopackage (http://autopackage.org/)08:20
vladoSomebody knows how to remove "cross" from mouse arrow, still in the middle of the screen???08:20
=== GO_JESUS|bipolar is now known as bipolar
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Matt|laters all08:21
bob2malte: but what do you want to install with it?08:21
=== Matt| is away: ZzZzZzZzZzZ
bob2Matt|: please don't use public away in here08:21
siretartbob2: perhaps, if nobodys else does it.08:21
maltebob2, i'm trying to get the gtk2 gui working08:21
bob2vlado: do you have a savage or s3 video card?08:21
=== spikeb grumble
Matt|bob2, just wanted to let GO_KERRY|Kirsch know that I was going away and couldn't help him08:21
bob2malte: an autopackage gui?08:21
maltebob2, or rather, autopackage tries to itself08:21
Matt|bob2, no harm in it08:21
maltebob2, yeah08:21
bob2Matt|: the "is away..." thing would be awful annoying if all 250 people used it :-)08:22
bob2malte: well, you'll have to find a amd64 port of it08:22
Matt|i trust them not to08:22
vladoYes I do!08:22
vladoS3 Savage08:22
Matt|bob2, is it less irritating if I change my nick?08:22
bob2Matt|: so you could start by not, thanks :-)08:22
bob2Matt|: your nick is fine, the "is away..." thing is what I was commenting on08:23
Matt|no i meant,08:23
bob2vlado: http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2004-September/002088.html08:23
Matt|instead of doing a public away, would it irritate less if i was to change my nick to something like Matt|away08:23
vladothanks a lot, Matt ;)08:23
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bob2Matt|: just saying "I'm going to sleep" or something is fine08:24
Matt|bob2, ok08:24
Matt|bob2, can you tell me how come there are no ops in here?08:24
bob2Matt|: it's just that if everyone had their clients say things whenever they set /away, it'd get awful noisy :)08:24
bob2Matt|: there are ops in here, they just aren't opped at the moment :-)08:24
bob2we can op if there is a need to08:24
Matt|confusing ;)08:25
bob2friendly :-)08:25
maltebob2, yeah, thanks for the help though... does ubuntu have support for running 32-bit x11-applications at all? if you are familiar with gentoo for amd64 you might know what i mean08:25
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danielsMatt|: it's done via services, as with most channels; we don't need to always maintain an op08:25
bob2malte: not without a chroot08:25
Matt|daniels, ok. i appreciate that it is intended for greater equality, but at the same time I reckon it is slightly confusing08:26
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bob2Matt|: how so?08:29
danielsmirak_-: many developers are ops, yah08:30
bob2malte: support for that is part of a grander project called "multi-arch", which is unfortunately a huge task08:31
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mwh_Hi everybody!08:32
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bilb0okie live cd all downloaded08:33
bilb0burning now.08:33
mwh_anyone know if it would be posible to install all the language locales in one go in ubuntu?08:33
bilb0then i'll have a wee test08:3