ddaabah, spewer only logs what happens in the main thread...12:03
spivddaa: see my email...12:03
ddaaall the interesting stuff in buildbot happens in the extra threads.12:03
ddaaspiv: yes, that's your mail I'm referring to.12:04
ddaaMaybe the syncqueue should not be blocking though...12:06
spivUnfortunately, it doesn't log non-main threads.  You can hack this in12:07
spivyourself by putting these lines at the top of12:07
spivFrom my email :)12:07
ddaaHa sorry... really need to go bed...12:07
spivDo that :)12:07
spivIt'll save time in the long run, I suspect :)12:07
ddaalol... yeah... makes sense... I'll file a bug about that ;-)12:08
=== spiv boggles at the latest daily wtf.
dilysNew bug 2137 for Launchpad/Rosetta: Add sample data for Recently Translated Projects12:09
=== ddaa recalls he completely forgot the .close method that is needed for the blocking queue to make sense
=== ddaa larts ddaa
=== ddaa will discuss the issues involved tomorrow
spivGood night :)12:13
ddaalifeless: just try making the queue puts unblocking in arch._twisted.ProcessProtocol12:15
ddaahu... does not make sense... the queue size is unlimited anyway12:20
ddaaplease disregard.12:20
=== ddaa implements the ShutUpAndSleep strategy
=== ddaa [~ddaa@nemesis.xlii.org] has left #launchpad []
sabdflspiv: howdy12:39
sabdflany progress on the bug that's holding back the arch team?12:39
lifelessspiv committed is last night01:08
lifelessso in theory we are not held back, I plan to verify that today, amongst other juggles.01:09
sabdfllifeless: what was the bug?01:09
lifelessthe details I'm not sure - but there were bits in launchpad, sqlos & buildbot that all fitted together.01:10
=== kiko_ [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
sabdflhow do i regenerate the allowed-tags file?01:41
BradB"does -> lib/sqlobject" mean the modification time was changed? and where to i find what all those change symbols mean?01:43
BradBs/"does /does "/01:44
lifelessBradB: can you copy the line literally ?01:46
BradBi did01:46
lifelessI'm a little confused on what it was :|01:47
BradBthe quoted part above: "-> lib/sqlobject"01:47
lifelesswindow goto #ubuntu01:48
kiko_hey lunch people01:52
kiko_justdave, ping?01:53
lifelessBradB: there isn't a '-> changeset detail01:53
BradBlifeless: heh heh01:54
lifelessBradB: there is 'M->' and 'C->'...01:54
kiko_who's our database admin apart from dave?01:54
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: add docs for new add/edit form buffing (patch-688)01:54
BradBlifeless: http://paste.husk.org/186501:55
lifelessah, changes, not apply-changeset.01:56
lifelessthats a modified symlink01:57
BradByeah, so in other words it means the modification time was changed, right?01:57
BradBit's pointing to the same dir01:58
lifelessno, the target01:58
lifelesstla changes --diffs should show you change01:58
dilysBug 2095 resolved: Use Sourcepackage() instead of SoyuzSourcepackage()02:01
sabdfldilys: you rock!02:01
sabdflneed to teach the bitch to show some gratitude for the praise02:02
dilysNew bug 2139 for Launchpad/Rosetta: Rosetta link (portlet?) for Soyuz Source Package index02:05
sabdflBradB: i'm getting a bad response from https://mawson...02:10
sabdflshould it be up?02:10
sabdfli' keen to walk mdz through malone02:10
dilysNew bug 2140 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Implement build log summary page02:12
BradBsabdfl: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/02:12
sabdflbradb thanks!02:14
BradBno prob :)02:15
sabdflcprov, elmo, can we get an archive on mawson for gina loving into that db?02:15
sabdflBradB: is that launchpad-dev on that pgsql?02:15
sabdflcprov, elmo, this db will also need to be backed up daily, it's our dogfood db02:15
sabdflor is it laucnhpad-dogfood?02:15
sabdfleither way, need a run of gine and nicole against that db, and against hoary as it opens up02:16
BradBbecause the app isn't setup to properly change DB names02:16
BradB(i.e. to have just one place to do so)02:17
sabdflBradB: erk, guess we need that ability asap02:17
BradByep, i've filed the bug already02:17
sabdflotherwise a single make check  would blow away our dogfood db02:17
BradByeah, unfortunately02:18
sabdflhmm... and need to get stub into the mode of daily backup+code+schema updates to launchpad-dogfood too02:18
sabdflbecause it doesn't have my shiny updates02:18
BradBspeaking of your shiny updates (slick...slick), where did the edit pba/spba UI go?02:21
kiko_sabdfl, can I get an opinion on something?02:24
sabdflkiko_ go ahead02:24
sabdflbradb doh did i break something?02:24
sabdflis there a test?02:25
sabdflah, i think it's still there, we just broke the linking in installing all the eye candy02:25
kiko_sabdfl, for a source package page, what's a good way to display or link to build logs? 02:25
BradBsabdfl: i think you intentionally removed it..02:26
kiko_sabdfl, currently we are planning on a separate page (see bug 2140 reported above) 02:26
kiko_sabdfl, but we could just stuff the links inline on that page and live with it02:26
sabdflkiko: maybe have a tab on the sourcepackagerelease page, listing builds of it02:26
BradBsabdfl: i guess you wanted to aggregate package/product assignments into one list?02:26
kiko_sabdfl, on the source package release, sure, but in the source *package*?02:26
sabdflBradB: sort of02:26
kiko_that's more or less a "package maintainer console"02:27
kiko_so it would be nice to have one-click access to logs02:27
sabdflfor "context-important" ones we'll put them in the headline02:27
sabdflso, say you are in the gentoo distro02:27
sabdflthen bug assignments to a gentoo package should be at the top of the bug02:27
sabdflall the others in a portlet02:27
sabdfli'd like to decorate the request object with a LaunchpadContext thingamabob which would assist in those determinations02:28
BradBheh, yeah, that'd be useful02:29
sabdflkiko_: seems like it could be a portlet, showing links to the latest builds on all architectures02:29
sabdflnight all, i'm packing it in02:29
BradBsee ya tomorrow02:30
kiko_sabdfl, yeah, except it can be a damned long page.02:32
cprovsabdfl: I can't create DB on mawson, I already asked elmo but postgres present an strange behavior02:42
dilysNew bug 2141 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Implement Source Package Tracking System03:01
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/buildbot--devel--0: improve tla tagging methods for Xorg and kde (patch-64)03:07
elmocprov: eh, that should be fixed now03:14
kiko_elmo, was it just a pgsql-superuser-issue?03:15
elmoAFAICT, it's a postgres doesn't like HT when using NPTL/2.6/something issue03:15
elmothe launchpad user has superuser, it's nothing to do with that03:16
=== BradB catches up a bit on plone-developers, learns about more gaping security holes in zope/plone
kiko_BradB, yeah, the GET thingy :)03:37
kiko_there's been a rage about this here today03:37
BradBthe other one, of course, being the thing that stub fixed for us03:39
BradBas someone who spends most of his time doing zope/plone consulting work, the propsect of "oh, by the way, almost every zope/plone site out there has at least two well-known and trivial to exploit hacks which could easily turn your site into rubble." is pretty shite03:40
lifelesshow do I choose the database now ?03:44
lifeless(I just updated my local code, so I can check for a new production update)03:44
BradBkiko_: sometimes i really think TdR's got it all figured out03:49
BradBexcept that obsd doesn't run on ppc last i checked03:50
kiko_BradB, well, I don't think obsd could have prevented plone from being hacked. Plone would never be included in obsd by default, right? :)03:51
BradBexactly :)03:51
BradBoh my, obsd does run on ppc03:52
=== BradB looks into when that was added
=== kiko_ wonders if bradb means he wants to go unemployed :)
=== salgado [~salgado@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
lifelessstud: ping03:54
studlifeless: pong03:55
BradBkiko_: yeah, no kidding eh :)03:55
lifeless2 questions03:55
lifeless1) how do a simulate a production database update - do we have that schema magic yet - on my local db.03:55
lifeless2) how to I tall launchpad to use launchpad_test ?03:55
stud1) The update procedure is manual and documented in database/schema/README.txt. There is no automated method, as so far I've been more comfortable with the manual process. The dogfood servers will change this since I believe database schema updates are going to be rolled out a few times a week on all the dogfood databases.03:57
lifelessI'm hopinh to do a new production update this week. that cool with you ?03:58
stud2) The two places the database-to-use is configured is hardcoded in lib/canonical/lp/__init__.py and package-includes/launchpad-sql-configure-normal.zcml04:00
studHmm.... lib/canonical/lp/__init__.py should be pointing to launchpad_dev.... need to fix that and update the test harness to cope...04:01
lifelessis that zcml under rev ctl ? i.e. will I break users if I change my one to use _test ?04:01
studlifeless: Sure. Give me the day and time when you have it narrowed down04:01
lifelessstud: thinking friday04:01
studlifeless: Yes - it will break others. You can try copying the file to override-incudes/+my-database-confugure-normal.zcml and altering it there.04:02
studThat is supposed to work04:02
stud(the master .zcml will pick it up if it ends with -configure.zcml or -configure-normal.zcml. Use -configure-normal.zcml in this case so the test harness doesn't use it for functional tests)04:03
studThere is a bugzilla bug open discussing simple configuration of this stuff btw. It needs to be easier to configure.04:03
studlifeless: Will the database changes include ddaa's fixes to the dirty data that got into the production database?04:05
lifelessstud: that is a script that I'll run separately.04:06
lifelessIts not precisely dirty data, but rather duplicate data.04:06
dilysNew bug 2143 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Add link to bugs for a certain source package release04:28
kiko_maybe I should file some more bugs for kicks04:28
lifelessany idea on this:04:29
lifelesshmm, actually, I'll dig a little more first04:29
studkiko_: I noticed that some of the portlets I dropped on the floor appear to have been picked up and implemented by somebody?04:29
kiko_stud, that's debonzi hacking around you ;)04:30
studkiko_: Do you know if I'm still needed for it then, or can I just leave it to Team Brazil?04:31
kiko_well, hum hum04:34
kiko_stud, leave it open as low-priority, I guess. we still need your guidance and you can steal our code for the portlet later if you like04:34
kiko_I've got some other requests04:34
kiko_stud, can I discover bugs that only apply to a certain binary package? and binary package release?04:35
studSourcepackageBugAssignment *may* be linked to a BinarypackageName. I can't remember why it was changed from pointing to Binarypackage (hmm... or maybe I never understood...). Does that help you think?04:38
kiko_how does that relate to BugInfestation? :)04:39
kiko_err BugPackageInfestation04:39
kiko_BradB, you can come guess too!04:40
lifelessstud: override-includes doesn't support -normal.zcml04:43
lifelessonly configure.zcml04:43
studlifeless: Bah. Fix that if you want - it just needs the love in site.zcml.04:45
lifelessheh, bottom of the todo list04:46
studkiko_: I need to sort out my diagramming tools - pita chasing these linkages through in psql :-P04:46
lifelesslove the infestation name04:46
lifelessooh ohh ohh, lunchtime04:46
kiko_stud, it scares me. I understand zilch of the malone-related tables04:47
studBugInfestation -> CodeRelease -> SourcepackageRelease (or ProductRelease if you rather)04:48
kiko_what about BugPackageInfestation?04:49
studHmm... I suspect BugInfestation is a decoy, it having been split into BugPackageInfestation and BugProductInfestation04:51
=== stud goes and checks his email archive
kiko_a red herring? why is it still there?04:52
studYes - buginfestation was supposed to have been dropped. I must have left it out of the patch.04:54
studSo you have bugpackageinfestation and sourcepackagebugassignment04:56
stud(love that consistent naming!)04:56
kiko_it's not meant to be confusing, it just turned out that way <tm>04:58
lifelessoh crap, forgotten the test user.04:58
lifelessfoo.bar@canonical.com ? pw testing ?04:58
kiko_I can never remember myself04:59
=== stud hasn't actually used it
BradBsabdfl: likes the bug prefix05:09
BradBlifeless: p/w test05:09
BradBthe buginfestation table might have been my fault. ISTR adding a table that was just for statuses, not yet knowing about the dbobjects vocabs.05:10
BradBlast i spoke to sabdfl about it (in london) we were dropping the idea of a code release too, but that might not be doable05:11
studBradB: I got a patch from you on the buginfestation stuff, and the first line was 'drop table buginfestation'.05:11
BradBwoo, yay me!05:11
studI think  I missed it when I put it into a database schema patch05:12
=== BradB is now known as BradB|out
=== kiko [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has left #launchpad []
=== BradB|out is now known as BradB|zzz
lifelesswhere is  NotFoundError: (<SourceSource at 0x417d5eac>, u'linkTransparent.gif')06:23
studLooks like someone used a relative URL that doesn't exist - it would be on the page you are trying to view?07:08
=== lifeless doesn't know
lifelessits triggered by the sourcesource-index07:11
studIs there an <img src="linkTransparent.gif"> there? If not, it would be in one of the files included from there (such as the standard templates... whoops...)07:12
lifelessnot in the template itself07:12
studLooks like the evil is in plone.css07:14
lifelessdo I need to file a bug report ?07:14
=== lifeless hopes not
=== stud does a more thorough grep
studHmm... yeah. If it is plone.css, then it is a deeper problem because it looks it is referencing ++resource++linkTransparent.gif07:18
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: added more edit notifications and fixed so that bugs can be added again (patch-689)07:21
=== jblack smacks himself upside the head.
jblacklifeless: I just figured out why adding revisions to the library is so slow.07:52
jblackfor launchpad related things.07:52
jblackpart of it.07:55
jblackOne part is searching for an ancestor revision takes about 1 second per revision to search the library.07:57
lifelessomg, no way!07:57
jblackhush. I'm getting to a point.07:58
jblackIt also looks like that while your'e searching for an ancestor revision in the library, there's calls being made via sftp08:00
jblackwhy would I be making sftp calls while searching for an ancestor revision ? 08:01
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: update importd (sourcesource) ui to be fully functional again (patch-690)08:02
jblackoh. I bet I know what its doing.08:04
lifelessjblack: checking for missing revisions ?08:09
jblackbut I definitely found a problem with patchlogs.08:10
jblackstating 2000 patchlogs doesn't sound like much.08:10
jblackbut you have to do it for every revision.08:10
jblackFor if you have to build 100 revisions, that's 200,000 lstat64s right there.08:11
lifelessgotta have it in scale though08:11
lifelessthere's also 100* stats of the sources.08:11
lifelessanyway, abently has addressed this in the backbuilder.08:12
lifelessit doesn't re-inventory as it goes.08:12
jblackI don't understand why we're not just statting the appropriate dir in the revision library, and seeing what the latest stored revision is.08:17
jblackand then just start building from there.08:17
jblacknever mind.08:18
lifelesswe only stat the latest revision :)08:19
jblacknot true.08:19
jblackWe're doing the equivilant of stat of pfs, because we're downloading every single checksum file in between what we've got and current in order to find cached revisions. 08:20
lifelessagain, the backbuilder has improvements for this.08:27
lifelessI mean - its good to know that its a fairly stock tuning problem for tla.08:27
lifelessand I think this should be one of the early targets for canonical arch.08:27
studI've thrown together a strawman interface spec for a better-imho-cli for tla/tla-ng. You want it on a wiki or emailed somewhere?08:31
jblackLets try email first.08:31
studlaunchpad@ or private?08:31
jblackI'm not on launchpad, actually, so I guess private08:32
jblackOk. here we go. In order to add stuart.bishop@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0--patch-332 to my library, it took 2,392,551 lstat64s of which 1,661,899 were for patch logs.08:38
studCool - I never knew I was that productive!08:38
jblacklifeless: By removing all but the first 25 patchlogs from each version, I cut star-merge from just over one minute to ten seconds.08:41
jblackoh. never mind. empty delta08:42
lifelessstud: wiki - link from CanonicalArch page please08:44
jblackstud: Did you see the new tla help in 1.2.3rc1 ? 08:45
studNope - I'm just using the warty default atm08:46
jblackThe help is broken down into functional categories.08:46
jblackeach section is very short, and includes subjects such as "using arch for the first time" 08:46
lifelessjblack: thats fine, it simply demonstrates the quantitive amelioration thing08:47
studI heard about that - seems like an improvement. My attempt is to just remove most of the tla commands that are unnecessary for my personal use cases :-)08:47
lifelessI'd much rather address it qualitatively.08:47
lifelesswhich abentlies work goes a long way to doing08:47
jblackI don't see how the backbuilder helps that much. Many (most?) of the archives I've seen don't have cached revisions at all.08:48
lifelessthe backbuilder has a bunch of other changes supporting it08:49
jblackany reason they can't be broken up? 08:50
lifelessnone at all08:51
lifelessdo you see my point though? trimming our logs is -at most- a breathing room thing, not a solution08:52
lifelesswhich is why I'm not interested in pursueing it.08:52
lifelessbecause, it forcing people to think about the mechanics.08:53
lifelessand that is the whole thing we want to avoid *except when its useful*08:53
jblackOk then. MOving on to other jobs.08:57
jblackJivera plans to take up to a week to merge about 5% of the 1.2.2rc3 and 1.2.3rc1 patches.08:58
jblackHe's only taking the most vital ones at this time.08:58
jblackso what do you want to do with thelove? 09:01
lifelesswhat we planned yesterday09:06
lifelessI'll be tagging shortly09:06
lifelessand then we'll put in anything we think is an improvement09:06
lifelessstart with the profile enabling patch please. just in a public branch, tagged from gnu-arch--200409:18
jblackOk boss.09:18
lifelessstud: you can do better than asasad :)09:20
studMy personal protest against mandatory comments ;)09:20
SteveAperhaps it refers to an unhappy mozilla qa person09:21
=== ddaa [~ddaa@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #launchpad
lifelessstud: so, have you heard of sealed branches ?10:03
lifelessthey are hidden by default in rbrowse.10:04
lifelessthe branch thing you mention, is directly a corollary of storing changesets rather than tree-snapshots.10:04
lifelessthat, and the code organisation namespace being disjoint from the code storage namespace10:04
lifelesswe can layer ui glue there trivially, but I'd like you to propose some use cases in that Gripe, so that we make useful decisions for you10:05
studYup. So sealing is a partial solution.10:05
studThe use case depends on being able to look at a snapshot-in-time of the whole archive, which I suspect is not possible?10:06
lifelessstud: its pretty meaningless, to be honest.10:06
lifelesswe can certainly calculate what was present in july 4 2003, and only show those branches & changesets.10:07
lifelessbut snapshot-in-time isn't the english-use case.10:07
lifelessby use case I mean something like 'I want tla to show me the branches of my project that existed at Jul 4 2004.10:08
lifelessand 'I need a means to tell tla that a branch should be considered deleted - that is, that query tools won't show it by default, and that queries for 'now' for the branches will not show it'10:09
studYes - I'm thinking about the Zope development methadology, where every small change is done in a branch, tests run, and merged into the trunk. I'm wondering if sealing is a good enough solution to that (although it might have trouble if the same branch name is used in the future, eg. 'unicode-fix' branch might be created and sealed several times in a project lifetime)10:09
lifelessstud: honestly, I think we use more branches than zope would... and we do many branches. And so far, at least for me, its not been an issue at all.10:10
lifelessdon't think about implementation. Just think about the use case.10:10
=== limi [~count@212.80-202-72.nextgentel.com] has joined #launchpad
limimorning, y'all10:11
=== stud is now known as stub
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #launchpad
stublifeless: ok. I think the concept of 'sealing' the version actually suits the use case better (branching from trunk to do a small fix, then merging the changes from that branch back into the trunk and several 'release' branches')10:18
sabdflmorning all10:26
sabdflstub: around?10:34
sabdflkiko: infestations are what track a bug relative to a specific release10:35
sabdfllifeless: did you solve this:05:23:40) lifeless: where is  NotFoundError: (<SourceSource at 0x417d5eac>, u'linkTransparent.gif')10:36
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
sabdfllooks like you need a resource for the image file10:36
lifelesssabdfl: not solved, I've no idea whats causing it - my template doesn't have a linkTransparent.gif reference.10:38
limilifeless: probably in the CSS10:41
=== limi will have a look
limithis is in Launchpad, right?10:42
=== limi grabs his mail and CSS and heads for the train
limiback in a bit :)10:43
sabdfllifeless: it's easy to fix10:44
sabdfllifeless: put the following in your zcml file:10:45
sabdfl    <browser:resource10:45
sabdfl        name="linkTransparent.gif" file="../launchpad/images/linkTransparent.gif" />10:45
lifelesswhich zcml file (I haven't created any)10:46
sabdflof course make the path correct relative to that zcml file10:46
sabdflstevea around for a catch up?10:46
sabdfl--- orig/lib/canonical/launchpad/zcml/bugwatch.zcml10:52
sabdfl+++ mod/lib/canonical/launchpad/zcml/bugwatch.zcml10:52
sabdfl@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@10:52
sabdfl     <browser:editform10:52
sabdfl         name="+edit"10:52
sabdfl         schema="canonical.launchpad.interfaces.IBugWatch"10:52
sabdfl+        class="canonical.launchpad.browser.editview.SQLObjectEditView"10:52
sabdfl         label="Change Bug Watch"10:52
sabdfl         permission="launchpad.AnyPerson"10:52
sabdfl         template="../templates/default-editform.pt"10:52
sabdflstub: that yours?10:52
sabdfllifeless: you can actually use any zcml file10:52
sabdflthey all seem to get parsed at startup and any file affects the global namespace10:53
SteveAsabdfl: a bit later today would suit me better -- getting the wiki site conversions finished now10:53
sabdflSteveA: ok, ping me when ready10:54
sabdflstub: around?10:54
stubNope - that was Brads I think.10:56
stubLooks like he wants to add some behaviour to the view so the template or widgets can do funkier stuff.10:57
sabdfllifeless: is this yours:10:57
sabdfl-class xSoyuzProduct(object):10:57
sabdfl+class SoyuzProduct(object):10:57
sabdflor ddaa?10:57
lifelesssabdfl: me. 10:57
lifelessit broke stuff.10:57
lifelessI'm in the process of migrating the code it broke to not need it.10:58
sabdflrather than resurrecting old code, which we are trying to get rid of, can you please integrate with the new code10:58
SteveAsabdfl: are there any wiki pages on the new ZWiki site that you want to keep the contents of?11:02
sabdflSteveA: yes, most of it11:03
sabdflSteveA: in fact, all of it to be safe11:05
SteveAok.  I'm going to copy it elsewhere, and then copy it back after the old site has been moved over.11:05
sabdfl       UbuntuReleases     HoaryHedgehog     HoaryGoals     HoaryKickoffMeeting      HoaryMergeProcess          HoaryReleaseSchedule         11:05
sabdflthese have had quite a lot of work done too11:06
SteveAok, I'll make sure those are preserved11:07
sabdflSteveA: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/WikiWishlist11:07
sabdflcould you point the zwiki guy at that?11:07
SteveAsure.  The bullet points in moin format work for me 11:09
SteveAas in moin, you have to ensure you write " * item" not "* item"11:10
sabdfli'm not comfortable making ReST the default recommended format11:12
sabdflit's way too picky about stuff that seems trivial11:12
sabdfli end up spending ages trying to get rid of all the warnings on the page11:13
sabdflSteveA: how do we regenerate the allowed-tags file?11:13
=== stub has just been deleting lines out of it as appropriate
SteveAyou run the script python checkarchtag.py11:15
SteveApython checkarchtag.py check   checks the tags11:15
SteveApython checkarchtag.py create   creates the allowed-tags.txt file11:15
SteveArunning it with "check" tells you what files with implicit tags have been added, moved, or deleted11:16
SteveAsabdfl: so, the problem with ReST is not the format, but the implementation of the parser.11:17
sabdflSteveA: is there a better implementation we can point the zwiki guy at?11:26
SteveAnot that I know of.11:26
sabdflwhoa! just merged rocketfuel and have a gazillion test failures11:26
Kinnisonyeah; I've got that11:26
SteveAthere may be a better way to use the current implementation, though11:26
Kinnisonwhich sucks a bit11:26
sabdflso ReST is "a great format with no good implementations"11:26
Kinnisonsabdfl: although a second run-through the tests seems to pass11:27
SteveAthere may be a "be tolerant, we're only human" switch for the current implementation 11:27
SteveAI'll ask sm when he's online11:27
sabdflSteveA: saying the problem is not in the format but in the implementation, when there are no good implementations, sounds highly suspect to me11:28
sabdflwho came up with ReST and what makes you think its a good format if there are no good implmentations?11:28
sabdflthat sounds like saying that "Arch is good it's just tla that sucks"11:28
sabdfluntil someone actually does a good implementation we don't know that, we can only speculate11:29
SteveAthere is a detailed specification for the ReST format.  the implementation of it is good, but intolerant of people who edit it without sticking to the spec.11:29
SteveAnote that the errors you see are "warnings"11:29
SteveAI think it is possible to suppress the warnings, or have them in a status message11:30
SteveAthe warnings are to tell you, the author, that your intentions were conveyed ambiguously to the software11:30
SteveAso, probably what needs to improve is the integration of the ReST parser into ZWiki11:31
=== limi [~limi@sparkit.easynet.no] has joined #launchpad
sabdflhi limi11:45
stubAnyone making page tests atm? 11:50
sabdflstub: regarding the dogfood server11:53
sabdflwe need that to be a daily drop of schema+code11:53
sabdflwell, backup + schema + code11:54
sabdflmaybe arrange with elmo for backup of that db every six hours?11:54
stubOohh... saying backup just gave me an idea on how that process can be much easier..11:54
stubsabdfl: I'm just using pg_dump from cron on emperor (and hoping that the disk is being backed up regularly...)11:56
stubI'll need to write that script that stores the database schema revision and only runs new patches.11:57
KinnisonCould a brazillian translate this please:11:58
Kinnison        if not build:11:58
Kinnison            # LA VARZEA11:58
Kinnison            return11:58
stub(which is being done manually on emperor due to paranoia)11:58
limiKinnison: Brazil is still asleep (at the wheel? ;)11:59
stubSteveA: I'm about to commit a patch that gives us 'stories' in our page tests, where all the existing ones are a single story. Each story is run with a fresh instance of the database, so we can easily get isolation when we need it.11:59
Kinnisonlimi: *shrug* this is in gina :-)11:59
=== Kinnison is writing the patch to make her import build records slightly more sensibly
=== limi refuels
ddaaI see that spiv's fix for taxi.py contains an hardcoded instance of "launchpad_test"...12:09
ddaalifeless: spiv: does that make sense to you? My buildbot test environment is using launchpad_dev atm... I'm confused.12:10
lifelessddaa: thats a bug, should use the valu from canonical.lp12:10
spivYeah, it should.12:11
ddaayeah... makes sense... I have modified my botmaster config so it sets launchpad.lp.dbname to 'launchpad_dev' before doing anything.12:11
spivddaa: Where are you looking?12:11
stubHmm... should I fix the Makefile so launchpad_test is deleted next time I check something in through pqm, or is someone online who has access to nuke it on chinstrap?12:11
ddaaspiv: I'm looking at rocketfuel@canonical.com/buildbot--devel--0--patch-6312:11
spivddaa: That line is commented out.12:12
ddaasince I'm critically dependent on what goes in buildbot those days, I'm auditing the changes...12:12
spiv(And probably should be deleted altogether)12:12
ddaaOh... yes, my bad...12:13
spivBut then, bob2 tells me that entire functions in that code need to be deleted altogether.12:13
ddaaI'm reading a reverse patch and forgot to reverse it mentally...12:13
ddaaMakes much more sense when read in reverse :-)12:14
ddaaI mean, in the right direction.12:14
ddaaActually I have still not yet found a satisfying way to audit changes as they come in...12:16
spivddaa: Put that on the ArchGripes page ;)12:16
ddaaI feel a bit lazy...12:17
stubMmm.... I really like diff output included in my commit-notification emails12:17
ddaaI looks like pqm is not honoring the Reply-To header.12:17
ddaaSo I am _still_ stuck with not receiving the pqm feedback...12:17
stub(or at least a link to a web page that shows me the diff, such as a URL to ArchZoom)12:17
ddaalifeless: any advice to get the pqm feedback again?12:18
lifelessddaa: your from should be correct.12:18
sabdflstub: optimistic to think the disk is being backed up12:19
ddaalifeless: I was unable to find how to customize the From with mailx, or the default from generated by postfix.12:19
spivddaa: I think I can help with the latter.12:19
ddaaExcept by changing the mail name of the machine, but then that cause my root mail to be routed by my isp....12:20
spivddaa: I have a "canonical" (damn overloaded words...) map file that says this:12:20
spiv$ cat /etc/postfix/canonical12:20
spivandrew  andrew-bounce@puzzling.org12:20
lifelessddaa: ask lamont12:20
lifelesshe knows all12:20
=== ddaa looks for /etc/postfix/canonical
spivddaa: You'll need to run some magic command to make it turn that into a canonical.db file, and then add "canonical_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/canonical" to your main.cf12:21
sabdflstub: any reason not to have updated the dogfood server to fresh code today?12:21
stubThen you just need 'canonical_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/canonical' added to /etc/postfix/main.cf12:21
ddaaNO CARRIER12:21
spivddaa: You may also need to read the documentation, in case I'm misunderstanding how all this works :)12:21
sabdfli'm keen to get us actually dogfooding malone12:22
ddaadude... exim is so easy... just put stuff in /etc/email-addresses... I'm getting angry at postfix....12:22
sabdflas far as i could tell bradb brought the code up talking to launchpad_test12:22
stubsabdfl: Can't think of any reason why not, except that if I'm supposed to be doing it I guess I need to chase elmo for an account and relevant rights.12:22
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: 'stories' for pagetests (patch-691)12:23
sabdflstub: ok, let's chase elmo!12:23
ddaaSo, is there a archzoom or viewarch for rockefuel somewhere?12:23
spivddaa: https://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/archzoom12:23
ddaaspiv: thanks12:24
ddaaspiv: Who is admining this thing?12:28
ddaaIt needs to get signing set up.12:28
ddaaAnd probably a greedy-nonsparse revlib too.12:29
ddaaexactly, look at the "debug mode".12:30
stuboh - thought that was something the admin had to turn on - not a hyperlink :-)12:31
ddaaI reckon that the link does not stand out...12:31
sabdflstub: just spoke with elmo12:31
sabdflhe'll be back online and have you setup within an hour, is that ok to get a first code update done today?12:32
sabdfli think we'll need to hook the dogfood server up to something other than launchpad_test12:32
stubAs long as there are no glitches that should be doable12:32
sabdflhe tells me that he *is* backing up your emperor backups but when he's online please verify with him that this is the case12:33
ddaaspiv: more buildbot questions12:37
ddaaI want buildbot to listen only to localhost.12:37
spivThat can be done.  Lemme see...12:38
=== Kinnison hives out this gina fix and gets on with other stuff until the brazillians wake up
ddaaI hardcoded that into the code, but lifeless reversed it and asked that it be done in master.cfg. However I hardcoded it because there is no option plumbing to do it.12:38
spivOh, it's using mktap, hmm...12:38
ddaaI actually looked at the code for that. The feature is missing.12:38
ddaaCan you do what is necessary to make that configurable from master.cfg... it would take you like 1/4 of the time it would take me.12:39
ddaaThat was request 1.12:40
ddaaNow, request 2:12:40
spivWell, using the plugins.tml/mktap system buildbot currently uses, the right way is to use Twisted's "strports" feature to allow specifying this on the mktap command line.12:40
spivA better idea would be to not use mktap at all, and just use .tac files, but that's more work.12:41
elmostub: you already have access to mawson and the 'launchpad' user which is superuser in postgres12:41
elmostub: what more did you need?12:41
stubok. I didn't know about that :-)12:41
ddaaIn the waterfall status display, the width of columns is effectively set by the name of the job, because that tends to be a very long string (like 20-30 chars). I would like to have narrower columns so I can fit more data on a screen.12:42
spiv(Although it doesn't look like most of the options are exposed in via mktap anyhow..?)12:42
elmothere's a mirror on mawson:/srv/archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu12:42
elmoI'm cron-ing it's update now - once a night is fine, I guess ?12:42
stubelmo: Mark wanted me to confirm that the database dumps on emperor are being backed up elsewhere.12:42
spivOh, yuck, it does it in the master.cfg... that's a bit of a nasty mess.  I wonder if upstream buildbot has tidied this up yet.12:43
stubWhat is the full dns name of mawson?12:43
elmostub: yeah, they are12:43
ddaaMy initial hack was to mangle the job names for display, introducing zero-width-space character around hyphen-minus chars. But lifeless reverted it because it makes it hard to tell actual spaces that could be in the job name.12:43
elmostub: mawson.ubuntu.com12:43
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
elmodon't forget to add .ssh/config magic, i.e.12:43
elmoHost *.ubuntu.com12:44
elmo    ProxyCommand ssh stub@chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com nc -q0 %h %p12:44
ddaaSo, request2 is: what do you think should be done to have the job names wrap, even though they contain no whitespace char? I guess something could be done using css or something to force the column width, but i like to keep the default layout where column width is automagically guessed. 12:45
ddaaspiv: nasty messes are welcome, I just do not want something listening out to the wide world with trivial login/pass on my machine.12:46
spivddaa: I understand that :)12:46
ddaaI could just hack it in back in the code, but that will cause grief because I will surely forget to back it out before commiting at one point.12:47
spivThere's actually a nice-ish fix for 1.12:47
ddaaplease fire by e-mail.12:48
spivBackwards compatible to.12:48
spivtoo, rather.12:48
spivI'm just making the patch...12:48
lifelessddaa: if your machine is open-to-the-net, may I suggest iptables -A INPUT -m conntrack -state INVALID,NEW -j REJECT12:49
lifelessoh, with a -i eth0 in there12:49
lifelessbuildbot has to run over the net, thats how it runs in production12:49
ddaalifeless: I used to have a firewall-for-dummies. But since Ubuntu ships none i thought I might as well follow the policy and avoid needless world-listening services.12:50
ddaaI'm really reluctant to make my system any more complex than absolutely neede.12:51
ddaaAnd I never took the time to learn all that is required to write a decent firewall config.12:52
lifelessif you hook in via master.cfg, I'm more than happy for your interface-specific patch12:52
spivddaa: Ok, this patch should help andrew.bennetts@canonical.com/buildbot--devel--0--patch-16... with that, you can now set a port number of e.g. "tcp:8008:interface="12:52
=== lifeless thanks spiv
spiv(And it should be backwards compatible, too)12:52
ddaaspiv: thanks, I'll look at it right now.12:52
ddaaWell, right asaap12:53
spivtwisted.application.strports is where that magic happens.12:53
ddaaThat sounds like love.12:53
ddaaI'm about to have to leave for lunch. Do you have a hint about improving the waterfall table layout?12:54
spivNot really.12:54
lifelessddaa: whats wrong with it ?12:54
spivI'll let you know if I do.12:54
ddaalifeless: the job names are too long and cause the columns to be needlessly wide.12:54
lifelessI don't think you mean the waterfall view12:55
lifelessAre you sure you don't mean the summary ?12:55
spivddaa: Perhaps name.replace('-', '&shy;') ?12:55
ddaaHu... yes warterfall summary.12:55
spiv(soft hyphen)12:55
ddaaspiv: it's a mess12:56
lifelessI'd rather - gosh - change the job names12:56
lifelesswe don't depend - anywhere - on the name not having spaces, AFAIK.12:56
lifelessbut - I don't see any problem on my screen :|12:57
spivlifeless: Sounds like a sane approach :)12:57
lifelessspiv: thats what my commit log said :)12:57
ddaaspiv: so, you are okay to update the database to have saner names? Using space instead of dash as a joiner?12:57
lifelessddaa: not automated.12:57
ddaaWhy not?12:57
lifelessI'm completely happy as they are.12:57
lifelessand not interested in futzing with the production database in an automatic sense.12:58
lifelessthe production jobs, as they get approved, get a human decided name.  12:58
lifelessSo far, I haven't managed to think of a consistent, /correct/ policy for that. So automation is right out.12:58
ddaaBah. I can always futz the name in one more post-processing script in my job-importing stuff...12:59
spivddaa: style="overflow: auto;" in the HTML?12:59
ddaalifeless: the job names are generated automatically from multiple parts joined by dash. Just replacing that with space would be reasonably sane.12:59
ddaaspiv: I can look at that, but I expect that it will not do the right thing for the table layout.01:00
=== ddaa goes for another import post-processing.
ddaaHighest probability of not being rejected by lifeleless.01:01
=== ddaa is out for lunch
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #launchpad
stubWell that was fun01:11
stubelmo: Any hints on how to log into mawson without wedging my system so badly I need to power cycle?01:12
SteveAstub: what does your .ssh/config say for hosts with "canonical.com" in them?01:14
SteveAsee bottom of https://wiki.canonical.com/MachineOverview01:14
elmostub: paste me your .ssh/config01:16
stubThink I've got it - wildcard hell01:16
elmooh, yeah, you have some prehistoric, and probably highly vulnerable ssh, don't  you?01:17
=== stub goes to submit a bug report about lack of process limits
stubelmo: I'm running Ubuntu, so hopefully not.01:18
KinnisonHow easy is it to do a 'like' comparison in a select using sqlobject?01:18
elmooh, yay, you upgraded01:18
stubHad to give the mac back01:18
KinnisonCan I do something like FooTable.selectBy(barcolumn LIKE 'pattern%') ?01:18
stubKinnison: yes, but the syntax is different.01:19
stubfrom sqlobject import OR, LIKE, CONTAINSSTRING, AND01:20
stubself.results = SourcePackage.select(AND(01:20
stub                SourcePackage.q.sourcepackagenameID == SourcePackageName.q.id,01:20
stub                OR(01:20
stub                    CONTAINSSTRING(SourcePackageName.q.name, s),01:20
stub                    CONTAINSSTRING(SourcePackage.q.shortdesc, s),01:20
stub                    CONTAINSSTRING(SourcePackage.q.description, s)01:20
stub                    )01:20
stub                ))01:20
Kinnisonso LIKE(Footable.q.barcolumn, 'pattern') ?01:21
ddaalifeless: still here?01:25
ddaaHow are you handling files~ in imported archives.01:25
lifelessLook in JobStrategy01:26
lifelesssearch for tagging01:26
lifelessit should be clear01:26
ddaaIf you alter the tagging method to make *~ source files, that's going to play badly with "untagged-source unrecognized"01:26
lifelessFolk who tag can change the tagging method.01:26
lifelessour mandate is a clean import.01:26
ddaalifeless: they will not. And they will complain.01:27
ddaaI'd rather vote for something much more specific.01:27
ddaaLike a .arch-inventory file that exists only for as long as the file~ exists.01:27
lifelessadd that a enhancement for the future and move on.01:27
lifelessthere are plenty of things that folk *will need to tune* after we do the import.01:28
ddaaI am really concerned that "tuning" issues like that will reflect very badly on Arch.01:28
lifelessoh, if you populate job.tagging_rules, its per import.01:29
lifelessand I think that ~ is probably a good candidate for per-import tuning.01:29
ddaaI understand it's per import. But that effectively going make the import unusable out of the box for tagging.01:30
lifelessddaa: I understand your point. I'm not disagreeing. But we have a much more serious problem - import volume.01:30
ddaaOkay. Can we agree to postpone the imports that contain file~ then?01:31
ddaaBetter to focus on what will work right.01:31
lifelessbut we can change the tagging file in them after the import.01:31
lifelessin the import-branch.01:32
ddaaYou mean creating a revision in the import branch which is not a match for a cvs revision?01:32
lifelesswe'd be doing that if we dynamically add and remove .arch-inventory files anyway.01:32
ddaaWell... that's only half brain-damaged.01:33
ddaaWith .arch-inventory, we can (and should) fold those changes with the related cvs change.01:33
lifelessfile a bug, we can discuss the detail later.01:33
lifelessthis should not be process blocker.01:34
ddaaBut okay. Fixing the tree later is reasonably useful.01:34
ddaaBut I fear it's going to bite our arse some day.01:34
lifelessdepends on the use case for the branch.01:35
ddaaFor tag-on-latest it's not a problem.01:35
ddaaThe issue is when someone will come up with a unexpected use case.01:36
lifelessthe expected use cases are:01:36
lifelessa) project tags, and runs their official branch from this01:36
lifelessb) sourcerer tags, and runs its branches from this.01:36
ddaaNone are really critical on the history.01:37
ddaaActually, none really depend on history at all.01:38
lifelesswell they do - projects usually have at least one member with a strong focus on the history.01:38
lifelessand our onoing syncs depend on the history processing being effective, because todays sync becomes tomorrows history.01:39
ddaayup. This my reluctance for putting uneditable trees in the history.01:39
ddaa*Thus my...01:39
lifelessNow you have lost me completely.01:40
lifelessLet me short circuit this.01:40
lifelesswhat project are we talking about 01:40
ddaaE.g. w3c-wwwlib01:41
lifelesswhat date was the last commit in CVS ?01:41
ddaaOr any project that contains a file~ in the CVS. That's more of a general design problem.01:41
lifeless(cscvs log -P MAIN..01:41
lifelessddaa: do not generalise on me here.01:41
lifelesswe've got a sample size of >> 50 projects that I've personally inspected during the various tests, and only this one has this file.01:42
lifelessits not a general problem if /one/ repo has it.01:42
lifelessyes - we might be able to do better -in general-. But - will it be good enough *for this project*.01:42
lifelessWhen we have 2, or 3, we can seriously consider writing a general solution.01:42
lifelessBut a general solution for an outlier is /how we got the tla ui/01:43
ddaaOk. I assumed that was actually happening in other projects and the moving *~ out of the backup and into the source regex.01:43
lifelessno, I don't allow ~ in all projects.01:43
ddaa... was the solution you used routinely.01:43
lifelessdepends on the file.01:43
lifelessI make a per project call.01:43
SteveAhi elmo01:43
ddaaSo, since the problem only occurs with ONE project, we can postpone making a decision. If the issue pops up in other projects, a more general solution will be devised. So at this point we do not want to have broken imports out.01:44
ddaa*at this point we will not want01:44
elmoSteveA: ?01:44
SteveAhi elmo01:44
SteveAshortly, I'll be running a script that copies wiki pages from wiki.ubuntu.com to ubuntulinux.org/newwiki01:45
ddaaI think I have made my point through to you.01:45
ddaaThen it's your call.01:45
SteveAwhen that is done, and newwiki doesn't look too bad, i'll be merging ubuntulinux.org/wiki and newwiki01:45
SteveAafter I've done this, I'd like the old wiki site to be made read-only01:46
elmoeh, is this a good idea, considereding we don't have the caching problems fixed?01:46
SteveAexcept perhaps for a few people like me and mark and lu01:46
SteveAand also...01:46
SteveAI'd like /wiki excluded from the "ignore cacheing directives" rule01:47
SteveAon ubuntulinux.org01:47
SteveAis that possible?01:47
=== thom [~thom@amnesiac.heapspace.net] has joined #launchpad
SteveA<SteveA> and also...01:47
SteveA<SteveA> I'd like /wiki excluded from the "ignore cacheing directives" rule01:47
SteveA<SteveA> on ubuntulinux.org01:47
SteveA<SteveA> is that possible?01:47
ddaaelmo: can you create tla signing rules and a non-sparse revlib for archzoom? Pleas.01:47
thomSteveA: cache-control headers are respected01:48
thomSteveA: if you mean, you don't want it cached at all, that's doable too01:48
lifelessddaa: I've made my call. 01:48
SteveAthom: I thought on www.ubuntulinux.com, for all pages, cache-related headers are not respected01:49
elmoddaa: no, not if that's all you've got to say.  if you give me working, step by step instructions, then sure01:49
SteveAand on site-edit.ubuntlinux.org (read .org above too please), nothing is cached01:49
thomSteveA: #       CacheIgnoreCacheControl On # Disabled - Thom - 20/10/2004; no longer necessary01:49
ddaaelmo: okay, I'll gather more information on what is needed when I have some spare cycles...01:50
SteveAwhy was it no longer necessary?01:50
thomhowever, plone still doesn't send Last-Mod (but prolly will by end of play today)01:50
thomSteveA: cos they fixed the totally broken cache-control headers they (upfront) had set up01:51
SteveAwhy will plone do that by end of play today?01:51
thombecause i'm planning to fix it01:51
SteveAyou do know that someone is being contracted at the moment to sort out cacheing on our plone site properly?01:51
SteveAback to the wiki stuff.  I'm running a script that takes wiki pages from wiki.ubuntu.com, and copies them to ubuntulinux.org/newwiki01:53
SteveAthen I'll be merging newwiki with wiki on ubuntulinux.org01:53
SteveAwhen that's done, I'd like the wiki site on wiki.ubuntu.com made read-only, except for certain people such as me and mark and lu01:53
SteveAI was concerned that the cacheing on ubuntulinux.org/wiki would be too broken to start using that01:54
SteveAbut, if that's fixed now, that's all good.01:54
SteveAthom: viktorija zaksiene is working on makeing our plone sites work well with cacheing.  she has a copy of the ubuntulinux.org plone site, and the apache configs.  she is on irc as "ryzaja" if you want to chat about what she is doing.01:56
carlosSteveA: Tags have been removed:01:57
carlosc7271ec2-c8e7-4bd0-a78c-6337e9111989 database/sampledata/rosetta-alpha.sql01:57
carlosYou should re-generate the allowed-tags file.01:57
carloswhere should I fix it?01:57
thomSteveA: k, thanks01:57
SteveAdoes my wiki-moving plan sound okay?01:58
SteveAcarlos: python checkarchtag.py create01:58
carlosSteveA: thanks01:58
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
KinnisonOkay; how do I get the database harness working in this newly unified config thing?02:05
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #launchpad
stubSo anyone know how the launchpad instance on mawson is supposed to be upgraded without doing a complete reinstallation? I can't find a relevant config file in rocketfuel@canonical.com/dists--devel--0, or any suitable launchpad branches in rocketfuel, so I suspect there is no actual process setup?02:23
lifelessstub: the devel config should be suitable for dogfooding02:25
ddaalifeless: btw, I see now way to clobber the backup regexp per-project in order to make it more restrictive.02:25
ddaaAnd backup is matched before source.02:26
ddaaTherefore, the issue is blocker for w3c-wwwlib02:26
lifelessddaa: good point. you'll need to do an enhancement for that - but as its in the same pattern as the current facility, that should be easy.02:26
stublifeless: It aint going to be until we rename the database then :-(02:26
ddaalifeless: filing an extensive bug right now.02:26
lifelessplease add a new bug for 'cannot tune backup tagging method'02:27
lifelessand make w3m-... depend on it02:27
lifelessassign to you, qa contact me.02:27
ddaaI'm writing "cscvs should be smart at versioning backup~ files" with a thorough design for .arch-inventory handling. I will file that additional bug you request, but I would like to make the w3c-wwwlib sync bug depend on that bug I'm writing too.02:28
lifelessdepend on both02:29
lifeless.arch-inventory handling is already written in hct.02:29
lifelesswe'd be better off leveraging that rather than designing something new.02:29
ddaaOh, I hope it matches the design I just came up with :-)02:29
lifelessbut that will require the ok to move that code into pyarch.02:29
ddaaThe remove condition needs to be different from the add condition.02:30
lifelessddaa: try hct add & hct delete someday.02:30
ddaaI intend to.02:30
ddaainventory-classification and .arch-inventory parsing and mutation are on the todo list.02:32
ddaaThe specific ways to leverage those are application-specific imo.02:32
lifelessfor now though, please focus on the low hanging fruit approach. identify and move along.02:33
ddaayessir, that's my intention when suggesting to postpone w3c-wwwlibs02:33
lifelessyep, I'm agreeing to that as the ~ cannot be per-project tuned02:34
=== ddaa thanks his good star
stublifeless: So in your experience, should I do a checkout and build-config in my home directory, copy the checkout to /srv/launchpad.ubuntu.com/whatever, chown and swap it with the previous installation? Or can the launchpad user do the checkout directly, possibly though a mirror of the rocketfuel archive stored locally?02:35
lifelessstub: on galapagos & macquarie, the user just accesses the rocketfuel archive directly, by sshing in with a separate ssh key on my user02:36
lifelesson chinstrap02:36
stubSo the account on chinstrap is accessible to anyone with access to the account on galapagos/macquarie? Hmm...02:38
lifelessmy account on chinstrap is very limited in access02:39
lifelessanyhoo, its what elmo said to do in oxford.02:39
cprovlifeless: please, "arch_commit: unable to acquire revision lock (could not rename file.)" how is wrong in this case ?02:42
stubI might be able to use ssh-agent to do it sanely, but the launchpad user doesn't have a home directory so ~/.ssh can't be created :-(02:43
lifelesscprov: tla lock-revision -b <revision that its trying to commit to>02:44
lifelessstub: ssh-agent is a real whole...02:44
lifelesshole I mean. bwah02:44
lifelessmuch worse than a throwaway ssh key 02:44
lifelesswith a throwaway key, a compromise gets at chinstrap, and only there.02:45
lifelesswith ssh-agent, a compromise gets to use /your/ key as it wishes.02:45
lifelessnow, a throwaway key can easily have a passphrase on it, to mitigate the window-of-opportunity02:46
=== ddaa finished filing stuff
ddaalifeless: any request before I go out to get proposals for a thinkpad?02:48
lifelessfeedback on spivs taxi changes02:48
stublifeless: I suspect we need a local copy of the rocketfuel archive then to do this sanely. The code update needs to be push-a-button or done via cron since the dogfood instance needs to be updated so often.02:49
ddaalifeless: that's a big chunk... (ponders)02:50
lifelessmy throwaway keys are passphraseless..02:50
lifelesstalk to daf, hes got a auto updating server02:50
lifelessddaa: at least start such a run before you go ///02:51
cprovlifeless: thank you very much, TLA seems to lost itself when the commit was broken by poweroff . was it expected ?02:51
lifelessyou had a poweroff during a commit ?ouch02:51
ddaacprov: yes, that is expected :-)02:52
=== SteveA -> lunch
lifelessyes, this is expected behaviour in that case - the transaction isn't rolled back so you can analyse the failure.02:52
ddaacprov: the Law according to lifeless, is "do not release the lock in case of undiagnosable failure". Power-off falls nicely in the "undiagnosable failure" :-)02:53
cprovddaa: lifeless: the nicest thing about it is, simple command and it is working pretty fine again :)02:53
=== ddaa starts wiggling around buildbot to test taxi.py
lifelessddaa: it will auto-kick in at the end of the importd02:55
ddaaI need to import new infos to test that... so I first need to fix the importer to run on the update launchpad and so on...02:57
lifelesswhats brokern with launchpad ?02:58
lifeless(don't you have a running config at all times?)02:58
ddaatype object 'SQLBase' has no attribute 'initZopeless'02:58
ddaaTrivial fix.02:58
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ddaa../lib/canonical/database/sqlbase.py:82: UserWarning: Something tried to set a _connection.  Ignored.03:05
ddaaThen nothing gets modified in the db... hints?03:05
=== lifeless hooks ddaa & spiv up
lifelessin fact 0 you go, and chat with spiv when you return :)03:06
lifelessI'm sure spiv will have some thoughts03:06
KinnisonCan anyone tell me how to get harness.py working again?03:07
KinnisonI need to override it to use launchpad_dsilvers instead of launchpad_ftest03:07
carlosstub, SteveA: The test check that is run with make check at launchpad (and with every commit) is missing some unittest03:09
carlosmake check pass03:09
carlosbut python test.py -u canonical fails03:09
spivddaa: Ignore it, it's a new warning for an old problem ;)03:09
spivddaa: It's unlikely to be a real problem.03:10
=== spiv -> lunch
lifelessspiv: sop why aren't things being modified ? 03:10
=== ddaa must be screwing up something else, then
lifelessddaa: is this in your updater ?03:10
lifelessif so, you need to commit the transaction.03:10
ddaanah, it's a problem in infoImporter.03:10
ddaaHa... that must be the missing bit.03:11
lifelessyou are re-importing ?03:11
ddaaI'm importing jobs on-demand.03:11
ddaaAnd removing old jobs which are no longer needed.03:11
lifelessnight all03:12
Kinnisondbname = "launchpad_ftest"03:17
Kinnisonin lib/canonical/lp/__init__.py03:17
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Kinnisonkiko: please don't CC me on list mails if you can avoid it :-)03:27
kikoI forget. 03:28
=== kiko sighs
sabdflSteveA: i'm getting mixed messages on the plone cacheing front03:29
sabdflone half are saying that plone is dumb and we need a new product installed which is what Viktoria is working on03:29
kikoKinnison, I'm confused03:29
sabdflanother are saying that zope and plone are fine if setup correctly and that upfront made some mistakes in the setup03:30
Kinnisonkiko: ?03:30
kikoKinnison, we know the current packages because we just need to look at publishing and package tables, right?03:30
sabdflthom, SteveA, please comment ^^03:30
kikowhat's the issue with proposed, then? can't it just be a special status in publishing?03:30
Kinnisonbecause "proposed" is nothing to do with publishing03:31
Kinnisonmark and I spent quite a while making sure we weren't combining concepts into the same tables where the concepts were wildly different03:31
Kinnisonpackage proposals are clearly a policy thing. the publishing tables belong entirely to the publishing side of lucille really03:31
kikofair enough, but this being up in the air blocks us (in the relevant places)03:33
kikocan you have multiple releases proposed for a single distro release?03:33
Kinnisonthen get onto mark about starting to design the derived distro policies03:33
KinnisonI'm currently blocked on fixing gina's build stuff because she can't import into the current database design03:34
cprovKinnison: btw, haven't you decided about porposed yet ? another doubt: is there only one proposed version for one architecture ?  03:34
kikoyeah, cprov's question is mine as well03:34
Kinnisonpackage proposals are the domain of the *DERIVED DISTRO POLICY* and thus have not been given any space in the db (dunno about thought on sabdfl's part, but I got the impression at the launch party that sabdfl and I and several others are probably going to have to have a meeting to design this)03:35
cprovKinnison: I mean, if the build fails on it (for all archs) it should be replaced by the new uploaded packages with the correction ?03:35
Kinnisoncprov: build fails for what when where how?03:36
cprovKinnison: I understand this as Policy question only, too 03:37
Kinnisoncprov: there is too much undefined currently for me to give answers right now03:37
kikoI still haven't grasped why a certain package being proposed for a certain release can't be simply indicated in publishing as a "not ready" state. Maybe I'm thick <wink> 03:37
kikothen the policy can hide behind that interface; as a decision is made the status is updated as a consequence.03:38
Kinnisonpublishing == package(and files) are somewhere going into or coming out of the archive which goes onto disk03:38
kikoI'm aware of my naivet but please enlighten us because nobody here knows.03:38
KinnisonFor a record to be in the publishing tables implies that the distrorelease's ftpmasters have already accepted the upload in some way; which could only be done automatically via a policy which says "accept <some spec>" or something03:39
kikoand so you feel an "incomplete", "pending" or whatnot status there would be "bad"? why?03:41
Kinnisonthe publishing tables used to confuse the issues of policy-based-proposal, the upload queue and also the publishing statemachine. I've managed to clean it out to just the publishing state machine. I feel adding proposals back in will just confuse the hell out of the entire system03:41
kikoit does seem to simplify things significantly on our side, however. :)03:42
KinnisonSo we should fuck the database normalisation over because it makes things easier for the UI?03:43
=== kiko chuckles
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kikoKinnison, I just want to understand the issue clearly here. If we had pending in the publishing table, does that mean we would be duplicating data that will live elsewhere (and that is trivially obtainable)?03:44
kikoKinnison, I'm not saying fuck database normalization, 03:44
Kinnisonkiko: I don't know how easily available the proposals will be; because noone has written any tables for it03:45
Kinnisonkiko: However putting proposals into the publishing state machine is plainly wrong to me03:45
=== kiko shrugs
kikofair enough.03:45
Kinnisonkiko: What we really need is for sabdfl to have time to look into how to do proposals properly :-)03:46
kikothe astroman's spread too thin as it is03:46
KinnisonI know; but derivative distributions and the policy governing them really is his baby03:46
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cprovsabdfl: hi, what do you mean w/ " represent the state of an archive" ?04:00
=== BradB|zzz is now known as BradB
Kinnisonhey brad04:01
=== BradB starts reading zee email
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sabdfldon't worry abut how to get the packages in, or get them out04:08
sabdfljust present, on the web, the state of those tables04:08
BradBSteveA: sure04:08
-dmwaters(dmwaters@dmwaters-gentoo.staff.freenode)- {global notice} Hi all! It appears that one of our hubs is having some major routing problems. I'm working on working around this problem, and any further messages will be given in wallops04:08
cprovsabdfl: I see04:08
kikosabdfl, sure. otoh we would like to present releases pending for a certain source package and we are unable to. 04:10
kikothis is driven stricly by a soyuz completeness review04:10
SteveABradB: https://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/~stevea/zwiki-2004-10-26.tar.gz04:10
cprovsabdfl: where should came this new releases from ? fake ones ?04:11
kikocprov, huh?04:11
SteveAsabdfl: any objection to giving simon micheal management rights in the wiki folder on ubuntulinux.org?  He's keen to help get things working nicely.04:11
cprovkiko: if we want to show unpublished data, we should have some unpublished data ...04:12
kikocprov, yes. I suspect sabdfl wants us to just ignore this for now, though.04:13
kiko(the uppercasing is a big hint)04:13
cprovkiko: then I don't understand the issue on this ... is something like "keep it as it is" ? since we just have "published" packages now ...04:17
kikocprov, yes, I guess we'll just have published packages displayed for sourcepackages, and pending will live as a bugzilla issue.04:18
!dmwaters:*! Hi all! Looks like sprint is to blame for our routing problems this morning. I've worked around the problem for now, but hopefully, it'll clear up soon04:19
cprovkiko: ok, what I see is that is impossible to have PROPOSED packages for Warty anyway, since it is frozen, It'll come just with hoary imports using gina in update mode .04:21
Kinnisonsqlobject select stuff...04:25
SteveABradB: please tell me when you've updated ZWiki and restarted plone04:25
KinnisonHow do I select in the form: foo=1 and bar like '%thing' ?04:25
spiv_Table.select("foo=1 and bar like '%thing'")04:26
Kinnisoneww; okay04:26
cprovkiko: ok, now more than "New Features" approach we should concentrate ourself in get Soyuz working on mawson soon, do we have any news about postgres issue on mawson ?04:26
Kinnisonthere's no 'EQUAL()' like there is 'LIKE()' ?04:27
spiv_Oh, you're using the Table.q.foo hack?04:27
kikocprov, elmo solved it.04:27
Kinnisonspiv_: well, I'll use whatever is recommended04:27
spiv_Table.q.foo=1, etc.04:27
cprovkiko: I'm verifying ...04:27
spiv_I'm ambivalent.  There are nice aspects to using Table.q.foo, but it still feels a bit dirty to me.04:28
spiv_(But not having to worry about properly quoting values is a pretty big plus)04:29
KinnisonWhat I want is effectively: AND(PublishedSourcePackageFile.q.distribution=1, LIKE(PublishedSourcePackageFile.q.libraryfilealiasfilename,'%dsc')) which gives: SyntaxError: keyword can't be an expression04:29
stub==, not =04:30
sabdflSteveA: none, go ahead with simon micheal04:30
sabdflkiko: the "pending" mechanism in soyuz is (a) unspecified and (b) completely different to the Katie equivalent04:31
spiv_What stub said04:31
spiv_(Bizarre syntax error text, though)04:31
KinnisonAssertionError: Database None unknown04:31
sabdflso we can't easily represent meaningful data there until we spec and implement the workflow, because we can't easily pull that data from a katie db04:31
sabdflwhat i'm focused on tis week is getting soyuz, malone and doap all running on mawson, with a db that represents useful info04:32
BradBSteveA: it's updated and restarted04:32
SteveAthanks brad04:32
elmostub: oh i thought you were like, asleep04:32
BradBno prob04:32
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: scripts updates and sourcepackage buildlog (patch-692)04:32
sabdflin the case of soyuz, that means that the db would reflect the state of the warty, warty-updates, warty-security, and hoary repositories04:32
stubelmo: Will be in a tick04:32
elmostub: sabdfl wants read only access to lp-df - can you arrange for a group of your choosing to be granted read?  04:33
sabdflthis we obtain by (a) rsync and katie dump, (b) gina & nicole magic04:33
sabdflrun daily04:33
sabdflcprov, kiko, bradb we need to get this dogfood server bedded down today04:33
sabdflelmo: do we have the archive rsync in place to mawson for gina and nicole?04:33
sabdflelmo: also, can we get a dumpt of the katie db along with that archive rsync?04:34
stubelmo: I don't understand04:34
sabdflstub: i have a mark@mawson account, and want to be able to psql launchpad_dogfood04:34
sabdfli want to be able to debug the dogfood server04:34
sabdflbut don't want superuser rights in that db04:35
elmosabdfl: yeah, doing that now04:35
sabdflcprov, Kinnison, today, please let;s get gina and nicole running against the mawson archive so that we start to populate the dogfood server with real data04:35
sabdflor real-looking data04:35
sabdflstub will give us a daily code update and schema update04:36
sabdflso from tomorrow we will be able to point our good friends the hoary team at mawson and say "see what we are building for you"04:36
elmodump's in /srv/archive.ubuntu.com/projectb.dump04:37
sabdflover the next few weeks we'll add to it the buildd management, and the workflow, so that we can hopefully switch to using soyuz to manage our archive during es-conf04:37
sabdflfrom then on, the ubuntu archive will be totally in your hands04:37
BradBsabdfl: The dogfood server already is bedded down. It's running; it can be used.04:37
stubsabdfl: daily code update has work to be done - I've sketched out a strategy on launchpad@.04:38
BradBIf you mean it needs an update though, well, that too can be done quickly enough.04:38
cprovsabdfl: ok, I just depends on Kinninson help for run Librarian04:38
Kinnisonsabdfl: gina will have to be running with a librarian also since for now lucille doesn't have the cache logic in her04:38
stubBradB: The existing setup can't be updated that I can see, and it is talking to the launchpad_test database which from what people are saying is incorrect (I've heard people here say launchpad_dogfood, and other saying launchpad_dev).04:39
sabdflBradB: yes, it does need an update, please go ahead and exercise stub's strategy :-)04:39
stub(Well.. updated apart from a manual process)04:39
sabdflok, well let's get a librarian up and running04:40
sabdfli prefer launchpad_dogfood04:40
BradBstub: Why can't it be updated? I /think/ we can pretty much blow away whatever's there, because I don't think we yet have data worth keeping.04:40
sabdflbecause it identifies a single specific db instance04:40
BradBstub: If you're meaning that you don't have a smooth, stylin, adminish way of doing it, I'm not sure how much I'm involved in making that happen.04:40
KinnisonCould someone tell me how to log into mawson then?04:41
sabdflthere's nothing there right now that I want to keep, i don't think rosetta has anything in there either04:41
stubBradB: Ok. I meant some sort of automated update (ie. without running diffs to see what local mods have been made and reapplying)04:41
sabdflelmo: Kinnison needs to be able to work on mawson too04:41
sabdflguys this is our mission for the day04:41
sabdfli want to be able to walk mdz through malone this evening04:42
sabdfland it has to be early because i've a freaking early start tomorrow to a keynote in frankfurt04:42
elmocreated an account04:43
stubBradB: I'm happy to look into the automated update stuff tomorrow - I suspect the arch team might have some input to my thoughts, so a manual update should be fine for today.04:43
BradBsabdfl: Warning: Malone will be broken.04:43
sabdflbradb where, why?04:43
BradBsabdfl: The UI changes have made certain things not be there anymore, namely editing product/package assignments.04:43
sabdflok i can fix that i'm sure04:43
Kinnisonelmo: ta04:43
BradBI can work on fixing those, of course, but I'm not sure how much work's involved.04:43
sabdfllet me look at it04:44
BradBsabdfl: Do I need to care about any of the automated update stuff? If not, I can start checking in fixes right now instead.04:44
sabdflKinnison: please verify that you have what you need to get your side into production04:44
BradBsabdfl: ok04:44
Kinnisonsabdfl: I'm not entirely convinced I know what my "side" is apart from the librarian04:44
sabdflbradb; no, stub can take care of the backup / update process tomorrow04:44
sabdflKinnison: gina, nicole, i thought those transferred to you too04:44
sabdfli'd like to be able to show soyuz with real data04:45
BradBOkay, I'll get back to finishing the edit notifications + fixing whatever else I see broken along the way.04:45
sabdfland file bugs on real pacakges04:45
Kinnisonsabdfl: I was under the impression that I was helping with gina; but not with nicole and that I didn't actually own either04:45
sabdflBradB: let's plan for a code drop to mawson in two hours04:45
sabdflcprov: is nicole still your baby?04:45
=== Kinnison hasn't touched nicole ever ever
cprovsabdfl: I think so ..04:46
sabdflif so, elmo, cprov needs mawson too04:46
elmocprov has mawson04:46
cprovsabdfl: I'm there04:46
stubelmo: I suspect the launchpad@mawson user will need a home directory at some point. I will also need to know if the code should be pulled or pushed from chinstrap.04:46
sabdflcprov: we need gina and nicole running on Kinnison's db and librarian today on mawson04:46
elmostub: no, it doesn't, use /srv/launchpad.ubuntu.com or some other appopriate dir under /srv04:46
carlosSteveA: did you saw my comment about the test checks on commit?04:46
sabdflstub: pull04:46
cprovsabdfl: ok04:46
sabdfland manually, daily04:46
SteveAcarlos: no04:46
carlosSteveA: it's not running all checks04:46
sabdflstub: backup, pull, schema update, fire!04:47
carlosyesterday I broke one test and it did not detected it04:47
SteveAcarlos: a pagetest?04:47
BradBsabdfl: ok04:47
sabdflSteveA: why have we disabled page tests?04:47
Kinnisonspiv_: Can I ask you to update server.tac in the librarian to use the new database choosing logic etc please?04:47
carlosno, doctests04:47
spiv_Kinnison: I'll take a look.04:47
carlosSteveA: make check from launchpad does not detect the error 04:47
stubelmo: I'm mainly concerned about ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and known_hosts04:47
SteveAsabdfl: are pagetests disabled?04:47
Kinnisonspiv_: also a command-line way to change the ports/fatsam dir would make life way easier04:47
carlosthere are still some tests failing since long ago that are only detected with "python test.py -u canonical"04:48
elmostub: meh04:48
spiv_Kinnison: That's trickier :/04:48
elmoif anyone puts anything else in /home/launchpad, I'll hurt them04:48
Kinnisonspiv_: or env vars or something so I don't have to maintain a patch against server.tac for mawson04:49
spiv_Env vars would work.04:49
spiv_The point of that tac is that it's a configuration file, it's supposed to vary for different deployments ;)04:49
SteveAcarlos: "make check" is what pqm runs before merging.  It should run all pagetests.  If it runs anything else, that's a bonus.04:49
carlosonly pagetests?04:50
Kinnisonspiv_: It'd be really convenient if we could override it easily though (for now)04:50
spiv_(It's got a little too much non-config stuff in it atm)04:50
carlosI thought it was running unittests and doctest04:50
SteveAthat's how I left it.  I recall that someone (I'd need to look up exactly who) said they were going to make it run other tests too.04:50
SteveAI haven't checked that this was done.04:50
spiv_Oh, I understand.  Just explaining why it is how it is :)04:51
Kinnisonspiv_: aye04:51
stubas a quick hack, can we just have lib/config.py as a poor mans config file?04:51
carlosSteveA: it's not done, or it's not working correctly04:51
sabdflSteveA: please can you also set the tags-check to display the numberof tags in the system, so we can notice if anyone adds any04:52
spiv_Kinnison: So, server.tac already calls canonical.lp.initZopeless...04:52
SteveAsabdfl: the tags check will forbid a checkin if anyone adds any.  unless they cheat by making a new allowed-tags.txt file.04:52
Kinnisonspiv_: it does?04:53
sabdflSteveA: precisely04:53
Kinnisonspiv_: then the checkout on mawson is out of date :-(04:53
sabdflthat's why i want it to print the number of tags, in case someone cheats, not realising why that's there04:53
Kinnisonspiv_: or I'm looking at the wrong place04:53
=== spiv_ makes sure he's up to date
sabdfl# Run all tests. test_on_merge.py takes care of setting up the04:54
sabdfl# database.04:54
sabdfl./test_on_merge.py canonical04:54
sabdflTags have been removed:04:54
sabdflc7271ec2-c8e7-4bd0-a78c-6337e9111989 database/sampledata/rosetta-alpha.sql04:54
sabdflYou should re-generate the allowed-tags file.04:54
sabdflRunning tests.04:54
sabdflTraceback (most recent call last):04:54
sabdfl# Run the pagetests.  Ensure that launchpad is not running using04:54
sabdfl# the launchpad_test database, and that nothing else is using that04:54
sabdfl# database, or the tests will hang until these processes exit.04:54
sabdfl#./test_on_merge.py -f canonical.launchpad.ftest04:54
sabdflnote the last line04:54
spiv_Kinnison: Yeah, it does.  Line 16.04:55
SteveAsabdfl: who did that!04:55
sabdfli didn't04:55
sabdflarch blame, anyone?04:55
Kinnisondsilvers@rosetta:/srv/launchpad.ubuntu.com/launchpad-dogfood $ cat -n lib/canonical/librarian/server.tac | grep 1604:56
Kinnison    16  application = service.Application('Librarian')04:56
=== SteveA yells "fuck" and beats his head on the keyboard (metaphorically speaking)
Kinnisonspiv_: methinks mawson is out of date then04:56
SteveAwhat's the point of having tests if someone goes and disables them...04:56
=== debonzi [~debonzi@] has joined #launchpad
kikosabdfl, arch blame doesn't exist.04:57
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Fixed some tests I broke yesterday (patch-693)04:57
stubThe Makefile appears fine here...04:57
=== BradB eagerly awaits the new canonical arch
spiv_sabdfl: stub did it in patch-675, apparently.04:58
stubSteveA: Check the makefile. That commented out (the #). The tests are run a few lines above04:58
cprovelmo: how to transfer files from zhongshan to mawson ?04:58
elmocprov: err, scp?04:58
SteveAmy arch is still churning on star-merge04:58
BradBSteveA: yeah, i'm not sure what the problem is, based on what sabdfl pasted above, that looks like it runs all the tests04:59
cprovelmo: asks for pass ?04:59
elmocprov: echo "Please change my Debian password" | gpg --clearsign | mail chpasswd@db.warthogs.hbd.com05:01
SteveAmy tla has finally given me the latest source05:01
SteveAso, yes, tests are all being run.05:01
SteveAthere is a confusing comment left in the makefile05:02
stubThat would be my decoy :-)05:02
elmocprov: (assuming you've forgotten your password)05:03
carlossabdfl: I fixed the  allowed-tags already05:03
SteveAcarlos: have you made it print the number of tags? 05:03
carlosSteveA: the rosetta-alpha.sql removal05:03
cprovelmo: if I should use the pass I wouldn't like to use something like this 'x@(&*%^*' <wink>05:05
carlosI mean, I did not disable anything, I just removed a file with an arch tag (yesterday) and today I asked you about how to fix that warning, it should be fixed in rocketfuel as soon as pqm accepts my last merge request05:05
elmocprov: once you get a pass, you can change it via the web interface https://db.warthogs.hbd.com/ when you've logged into mawson or chinstrap05:06
carloshmm, it's now at rocketfuel.05:06
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Some general kiko changes (patch-694)05:09
cprovelmo: no lynx on mawson, so no access to https://db.warthogs.hbd.com/05:10
elmoblah, there is on chinstrap05:10
SteveAelmo, can I get a log in to gentoo for a while to check some plone configs?05:12
elmoSteveA: enabled your account there05:14
SteveAwhere's the ldap thinggie to change passwords etc.?05:15
elmosee scroll back05:16
elmotho, you should really use ssh pub keys05:16
elmoi.e. 'cat .ssh/id_rsa.pub | gpg --clearsign | mail change@db.warthogs.hbd.com'05:16
SteveAI do.  at least, I do on chinstrap05:16
SteveAis that on a wiki page anywhere?05:17
sabdflstevea, bradb: update on the cacheing situation05:19
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Now with arch-tags count (patch-695)05:19
sabdfli know viktroia is working on this but expect we are going to be pissing in the wind05:19
sabdflif we try to wait for a perfect solution to the integration of plone and apache05:20
sabdflclearly, SOMEONE out there would have solved this cleanly, and documented it, if it was easy05:20
BradBsabdfl: That's who I recommended to do the job. :)05:20
SteveAright now, I'm trying to work out why moin mode in our plone does not like non-ascii characters05:20
sabdfli see no reason why we should not just use https://www for authenticated connections05:20
sabdflBradB: SOMEONE? they declined05:20
sabdfland leave that entirely uncached05:20
BradBsabdfl: Nope, they were much more expensive.05:21
SteveAthey also documented it, and i expect vika is following those documents05:21
sabdflthe main site on http://www. can remain cached05:21
sabdflwe just need to set things up so that the "log in" button switches you to https and keeps you there05:21
sabdfland the "log out" button takes you back to http05:22
sabdflthom has already set it up so that https is uncached05:22
sabdfland http is cached05:22
sabdflwe just need to sort out the login, logout interaction05:22
sabdflwhich should be trivial05:22
SteveAI expect the way to do that is for the plone standard template to redirect to https if there is a user logged in05:22
SteveAand it is on http05:23
sabdflstevea: simpler even: just redirect to https for the login, and don't redirect back05:23
sabdfland send the cookie to https://www. rather than http://www05:23
SteveAI don't think that would work effectively05:23
sabdflthe browser will then only send te cookie to https://www.05:23
sabdflwhy not?05:23
SteveAcookies don't care if they are on http or https, do they?05:24
BradBsabdfl: Why not see what happens first from Vika working on this though?05:24
BradBI'm trying to fix some things in Malone atm before the code drop, and would have thought my time is better spent doing that atm.05:24
sabdflbradb: i need a sensible answer yesterday, which is when i agreed to open up the web site05:24
sabdflwe have been faffing around for more than a month on auth and it is still not working05:24
sabdfli'm trying to find the simplest solution that will work today05:24
sabdflthis is bs05:25
SteveAas soon as someone follows a link to the site, they'll be getting a confused cached page saying perhaps that they are logged in, perhaps that they are not.05:25
BradByeah, i know it's bad. i guess vika hasn't had time to start on it yet.05:25
luluBradB: vika is onto it - deadline is tomorrow.05:26
sabdflsteve: no, because the only cached pages will be not logged in05:26
sabdfland the only logged in pages are on https and won't be cached05:26
sabdflonly question is whether or not the cookie will be sent to the http site05:26
Kinnisonspiv_: have you made those changes for the librarian?05:27
Kinnisonsabdfl: How do we update the codebase for launchpad-dogfood?05:27
sabdflin which case we should get the proxy to auto-redirect to https for connections with the cookie05:27
sabdflKinnison: you commit to you rocketfuel before 18:00 UK time05:27
Kinnisonsabdfl: So I have to wait until 18:00 before I start the librarian?05:28
SteveAelmo: I've mailed change@db.  but I'm still prompted for a password to get into gentoo05:29
=== Kinnison is a little concerned about timings because he prior arrangements for tonight so can't stick around past 19:15
sabdflin future, stub will do a daily update of the codebase to dogfood, probably during his morning, our night05:30
elmoone sec05:30
sabdflKinnison: is the code you need already in rf?05:30
Kinnisonsabdfl: apparently; yes05:30
Kinnisonsabdfl: I'm just waiting for spiv to confirm05:31
sabdflwas it in rf over the w/e?05:31
Kinnisonwell; it's not in /src/launchpad.ubuntu.com/05:31
sabdflbradb: can we do an earlier pull of the code and schema so that Kinnison can start bringing the librarian up?05:31
elmoSteveA: just propagation time, I've forced it through05:31
sabdflbradb: i've "fixed" assignment editing (links work but the process and semantics need work)05:32
BradBsabdfl: the earlier you pull the code, the more bugs will be in it. i'm working on fixing what's broken, but there's still more to do.05:32
SteveAsabdfl: just checked the cookie spec.  so, we could mark the cookie as "secure"05:32
SteveAthen it would be sent only over ssl05:32
sabdflSteveA: perfect05:32
SteveAelmo: still asks me for a password05:32
elmotry logging in with the right user name?05:32
elmoi.e. 'stevea' not 'steve'05:33
SteveAah -- I misunderstook .ssh/config05:33
SteveAthanks elmo05:34
SteveAI have no idea if zope / average browser implements that part of the cookie spec, though.  I'll see if I can find out. 05:35
stubStandalone cookie crumber sets the secure flag automatically if the URL is https:, but Plone distributes the old CMFCore release. The relevant function is defaultSetAuthCookie if you want to backport it to Plone. I have the relevant code in my repository.05:35
=== debonzi is now known as debonzi|lunch
=== cprov is now known as cprov-lunch
Kinnisonelmo: how do I become launchpad on mawson?05:40
Kinnisonsabdfl: is the database we're working against called launchpad_dogfood then?05:41
luluSteveA: how soon can the short term cacheing solution be implemented? and who will be  doing it?05:41
elmoKinnison: 'sudo su - launchpad'05:41
Kinnisonelmo: eww :-)05:41
Kinnisonelmo: what ever happend to 'sudo -u launchpad -s' ? :-)05:42
sabdflKinnison: yes, i believe so05:42
Kinnisonsabdfl: cool05:42
elmoyou can probably do that to, 'sudo -l' and see if you care05:43
=== Kinnison prepares /srv/launchpad.ubuntu.com/librarian to be the file-root for the librarian
sabdflstub: you are a machine05:43
stubA machine who is going to bed now...05:45
spiv_Kinnison: Sorry, was busy emailing my travel agent...05:45
Kinnisonspiv_: fair enough :-)05:45
spiv_Kinnison: The initZopeless change is already in rocketfuel.05:45
spiv_Or was there something else you wanted?05:45
Kinnisonspiv_: If you can get those fixes in within the next 1h15m then I will be clear to go :-) (the envvar stuff for overriding db name, disk root, ports etc)05:46
spiv_Oh, the environment variables.  Ok, I can do that now, that's fast.05:46
stuburp... canonical.lp.dbname == launchpad_ftest. Will fix tomorrow :-(05:46
sabdflBradB: how do i use the OwnerWidget?05:46
Kinnisonstub: yeah; that's buggering up running the db harness which I use for testing my lucille code :-(05:47
sabdfldoes it basically allow me to get an owner added to an edit or add page without offering a listbox?05:47
stubsabdfl: Check IBug and the .zcml for its add form. It is an invisible widget that always sets the ownerid to the currently authed user05:47
sabdflstub: before you crash05:48
sabdflwhat's the status on the bugwatches?05:48
sabdflare you happy it's ready?05:48
sabdflfor prime time?05:48
sabdfldo we have the "link any project to any bug tracker" stuff in place?05:48
SteveAstub, BradB: can you talk to each other about getting a cookie crumbler that sends secure-flagged cookies onto the ubuntulinux.org plone? 05:48
stubWorking fine last I looked a few days ago. No support for authentication though, so might be a problem if we want to watch the canonical bugzilla.05:48
stubThe code is hooked into the unittests so should have survived any recent changes.05:49
sabdflok, next week in that department could you add support for authentication, and the sourceforge bugtracker?05:49
sabdflstub: thanks and g'night05:51
BradBsabdfl: The quickest person to ask would be the person who wrote it, but it looks like a widget you use like any other, but it's custom-tailored to suit a field you want to modify whose value is an ownerID.05:51
BradBSteveA: Added to tomorrow's todo list.05:51
sabdflBradB: i'm trying to set it up so "add a subscription" basically only lets you add yourself05:51
stubsabdfl: I'm not sure of the best way of proceeding on the auth - it will make the bugtracker stuff much more complex if we want to support anything more complex than our own bugzilla. We either need to add columns to the table to store the credentials, or encode it in the URL which might be naughty.05:51
sabdflstub: columns in the db is sensible05:52
BradBsabdfl: we don't want any kind of edit form for that05:52
sabdflbradb: or do we want to work on the basis that you CAN subscribe someone else?05:52
sabdflSteveA: wiki people are wanting to know what the status is05:53
sabdflthey are continuing to edit the old wiki but worried their content will be lost05:53
stubsabdfl: Would it be acceptible to turn off requiring basicauth from our IP addresses? or will elmo punch me for suggesting that?05:53
BradBsabdfl: if that's how it is currently (which i think it is) then i'd say yes. fish, bigger to, fry, etc. I think there's more valuable changes that can be done to Malone presently.05:53
spiv_Kinnison: Merge request sent.05:53
Kinnisonspiv_: fantastic05:54
Kinnisonsabdfl: filelist files for apt-ftparchive successfully built05:54
SteveAsabdfl: I'm working with simon m. on why pages with non-ascii characters are not working.05:54
Kinnisonsabdfl: I'm writing a test apt.conf which assuming it works will generate the packages files etc for us05:54
BradBSteveA: are reST pages still not working with utf-8?05:54
SteveAonce that's working, I can run my import script, and it will import without errors.05:54
SteveABradB: this is a different problem, specific to moin formatting05:55
sabdflbradb: its potentially a trivial change, it's more a question of how we want malone to behave than how hard it is to get it there05:55
SteveABradB: one more ZWiki bugfix coming up05:55
sabdflKinnison: super, thanks, what's next?05:55
sabdflSteveA: ok, so no conversion has been done?05:56
SteveAI have a script that pulls things across.  I've been running it in a test folder, noting problems, and getting them fixed.05:57
BradBsabdfl: then i'd say it's best for the user to decide if they want to be subscribed. if anything, subscribing anyone else can be a func for priv'd users later on05:57
SteveAwhen all important problems are fixed, I'll run the script one final time05:57
Kinnisonsabdfl: once I'm happy that I can do an apt.conf to generate the packages files etc; I need to write something to pull config out of the lucilleconfig columns we added to the distrorelease and distribution tables and generate the bits to tack on the side. then I should be in a position to have a script which when invoked can publish an archive to disk05:57
sabdflstevea: can we announce to the wiki team that their changes will not be lost?05:57
Kinnisonsabdfl: then I need to sit back; take stock; and decide which direction to push at next05:57
sabdflthis means that before you run the script canonically, we LOCK the old wiki, for good05:57
sabdfland the wiki system is down while we bring up the new one05:58
SteveAsabdfl: their changes will not be lost05:58
SteveAthey can keep working on the old site05:58
SteveAuntil it is closed to forbid more work05:58
sabdflok, so you will lock it before the final run?05:58
SteveAshortly after it is closed, I'll go through the RecentChanges page, and make sure we've got everything05:58
sabdflhow long do you think it will take?05:58
SteveAfrom now -- depends if we've fixed all the important bugs in zwiki moin mode05:59
sabdfli'd rather we locked it, then ran the script, so there's no arsing about with recent changes05:59
SteveAthat means I'll have to do two "final" runs, but that's okay05:59
SteveAI still need to check recent changes before the final final, to make sure I have any newly added pages05:59
SteveAbut anyway -- no changes are going to be lost06:00
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Allow librarian settings to be overriden by environment variables (patch-696)06:00
=== Kinnison merges in spiv's change to check it does the trick
SteveABradB: https://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/~stevea/zwiki-2004-10-26b.tar.gz06:02
Kinnisonspiv_: looks good; thanks06:02
Kinnisonso the clear initZopeless() call uses canonical.lp.dbname?06:03
SteveABradB: please ping me when ZWiki is updated06:05
Kinnisonspiv_: which means launchpad_ftest unless I override it in server.tac ?06:08
BradBSteveA: updated, restarted.06:08
Kinnisonspiv_: So much for avoiding editing server.tac :-(06:09
Kinnisonspiv_: Thanks for those env changes though; they'll be way useful :-)06:09
=== Kinnison ponders; surely we'll have to edit canonical/lp/__init__.py anyway since the webapp will use it?
spiv_Yeah, that was my thinking.06:11
=== Kinnison wonders whose job that is
=== Kinnison supposes he'll do it :-)
spiv_15:46 < stub> urp... canonical.lp.dbname == launchpad_ftest. Will fix tomorrow :-(06:12
KinnisonI thought sabdfl wanted something running by tonight though :-(06:13
=== Kinnison shrugs and will wait for 18:00 anyway
dilysBug 2136 resolved: Translation of new pofiles is broken since the table split06:15
SteveAthanks BradB06:16
BradBKinnison: we can do an update on mawson, but two things will not happen: 1. a shiny way of updating the code, 2. keeping any of the existing data. sabdfl can probably confirm that this doesn't matter yet.06:16
BradBthe db will still be launchpad_test as well, because it's too error prone to think of changing yet, imho.06:17
Kinnisonbut after the update, canonical/lp/__init__.py will likely say launchpad_ftest06:18
BradBwhy not change it?06:19
SteveABradB: did you restart the plone site?06:22
BradBright before i said i did, yep06:22
SteveAcan you do so again, please?06:23
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Added a missing constraint from to a POMsgSet query that caused the bug #2136 (patch-697)06:26
sabdflbradb, Kinnison we can blow away the db today06:26
carlosspiv_: I'm executing one of the rosetta scripts and I get:06:28
carlospsycopg.OperationalError: FATAL:  database "launchpad_ftest" does not exist06:28
carlos; used connection string 'dbname=launchpad_ftest'06:28
carlosIt's using canonical.lp.initZopeless()06:28
carlosto connect to the database06:28
=== cprov-lunch is now known as cprov
=== debonzi|lunch is now known as debonzi
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: added package infestation edit notification (patch-698)06:43
elmoSteveA: btw, irregular reminder about the upload stuff ...06:45
SteveABradB: got a minute to chat?06:54
BradBSteveA: sure06:56
SteveABradB: was going to ask your opinion on a horrid hack.  But it turns out there's no need for that.  There will be a new new ZWiki shortly that should fix the remaining i18n bugs07:06
KinnisonIs everyone happy for me to update the launchpad checkout in /srv/launchpad.ubuntu.com on mawson?07:08
dafcarlos: meeting time?07:08
cprovKinnison: fine07:08
debonziIf one SourcePackage has no product/project, can I assume also that there is no translations for it?07:10
carlosdaf: phone07:10
BradBSteveA: did you say there was going to be a meeting tomorrow morning, btw?07:10
debonzis/there is/there are07:10
BradBi'm sure you did after the last one07:10
SteveAyeah.  there should be a meeting tomorrow.07:11
=== SteveA checks sent mail
BradBthere was no mail about it07:12
SteveAdarn.  I didn't send the mail.07:12
SteveAdebonzi, cprov: can you guys make a meeting tomorrow?07:16
debonziSteveA, wich time is good for you?07:16
SteveA13:00 UTC ?07:16
KinnisonIf I hear no "please don't do that"s before 18:20 my time (5 minutes from now) I'll update the launchpad checkout07:16
debonziSteveA, it is better to me after 16:00 UTC, but if its not ok for you Im ok with 13:00 UTC07:16
SteveABradB: https://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/~stevea/zwiki-2004-10-26c.tar.gz07:16
carlosdaf: I'm ready07:16
cprovSteveA: of course, 13:00 UTC07:16
SteveAdebonzi: any later is bad for stub07:16
SteveAdaf, carlos: 1300 UTC meeting tomorrow?07:16
debonziSteveA, ok its fine 13:00 UTC07:16
SteveAdaf: how did the bug triage go?07:16
SteveAthanks debonzi07:16
debonziSteveA, you are welcome07:16
carlosSteveA: it's ok for me07:16
carlosSteveA: I think we have about 5-7 bugs left to finish the review07:17
SteveAcan you finish it before the meeting?  then you can give a report on the remaining rosetta bugs.07:18
dafyou're proposing two meetings?07:22
BradBKinnison: on mawson?07:22
dafone for bug triaging and one general one?07:22
SteveAdaf: I'm asking you and carlos to finish the bug triaging07:22
SteveAand then to report from that to the all-launchpad meeting07:22
dafoh ok07:22
dafI was proposing a daily meeting for today07:22
dafa Rosetta meeting07:22
dafcarlos: #canonical-meeting?07:22
carlosdaf: sure, let me make a call of 5 minutes07:22
KinnisonBradB: yes07:22
KinnisonBradB: doing it now 07:22
KinnisonBradB: unless you complain in the time it takes me to grab a drink; I'm suddenly very thirsty07:22
BradBnah, go for it07:22
dafcarlos: ok07:22
=== Kinnison sighs
KinnisonI go for it; I get 'archive not registered'07:23
=== Kinnison kicks it
SteveABradB: zwiki update?07:23
BradByeah, just did it :) updated and restarted.07:23
BradBKinnison: you'll have to build-config on your machine dude07:24
Kinnisonbrad: sux2beme07:24
=== Kinnison does so
BradBKinnison: unless you feel like putting your private keys and such on mawson :)07:24
KinnisonBradB: y'know; naah07:24
SteveAlooks like the moin non-ascii issue is fixed07:25
SteveAnext, to try a full upload of pages again07:25
BradBSteveA: any more updates expected in the next little while? i have some hunting and gathering to do (i.e. lunch)07:25
SteveAto check there's no breakago07:25
SteveABradB: hopefully not.07:25
Kinnisonelmo: can we have bzip2 installed on mawson please?07:26
dilysNew bug 2147 for Launchpad/Rosetta: We are not setting the iscomplete flag when a translation has all needed strings07:28
Kinnisonelmo: ta07:29
debonziSteveA, If I want to use a rosetta view class in one soyuz page but the context is diferent is it right to use another view class (SourcePackageView) to give to it the right context?07:30
=== BradB is now known as BradB|lunch
SteveAI don't quite understand07:32
sabdflSteveA: so are we ready for the wikiwikibangbang?07:32
debonziSteveA, ok by steps :)07:33
debonziI want to have an instance of ViewProduct inside one soyuz page07:34
SteveAsabdfl: I'm doing a dry run now07:34
sabdflok, with rocketfuel later?07:34
KinnisonOkay, /srv/launchpad.ubuntu.com/ updated07:34
debonzibut IFAIK I cant set it in a zcml as I view class for my page because de context is diferent from the one that ViewProduct expect07:35
debonziis it right to use another view class, that returns ViewProduct with the right context as an argument?07:35
debonziSteveA, is it totally no sense?07:37
SteveAyep, fully fueled later07:38
SteveAI just added a few recently-created pages to the list07:38
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #launchpad []
SteveAdebonzi: by "inside one soyuz page" do you mean like a URL: onepage/insidepage, or do you mean like a portlet -- an area inside that page ?07:39
debonziSteveA, like a portlet07:40
debonziSteveA, to have on the template something like "view/product" that is an ViewProduct instance07:42
SteveAwell, view/product/+someview should work.  so, maybe try  <div tal:contents="structure view/product/@@+someview"> view portlet </div>07:44
debonziSteveA, ok.. Ill check it. thanks07:46
ddaaspiv_: (or anybody awake) is it required to use .begin() before .commit() in ZopelessTransationManager, or does creating the the connection implicitly opens a transaction?07:48
spiv_The latter.07:49
=== ddaa boggles at the working hours of the .au staff...
spiv_ddaa: I'm in Prague atm.07:52
spiv_bob2 keeps strange hours, though.07:52
ddaa(scratch eye and raise eyebrow) you are on vacation or something? As to bob2, he brags about living on a 30 hours cycle. Even if we keep telling him that is not healthy...07:53
KinnisonWould someone do the database initialisation for mawson please and then let me know when it's done07:54
=== Kinnison runs off to prod the kitchen
spiv_I'm not on holiday, but my gf is, and I'm travelling with her.  If that makes sense.07:55
spiv_So I haven't been home since I left for Oxford.07:55
dafdebonzi: you assigned https://bugzilla.warthogs.hbd.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=2139 to Rosetta -- do you need some help from us on this?07:55
spiv_And I probably won't be until after the Barcelona conf.07:55
ddaaPrague is a beautiful city. Have a beer at "Klub jezd" and think of me. I love this place.07:56
ddaaIt's at the jezd tram station.07:56
spiv_Gar, something about screen and/or irssi ate the first char of that name.07:56
dafencoding problem, I think07:56
ddaaSorry... my system is on latin1 still...07:56
ddaaIt's \'Ujezd07:57
spiv_So it's looks like "<square>jzed" ;)07:57
spiv_Ah, ok.07:57
ddaaThey have fantastic beer there, I'm no expert but I believe it's a kind of ale. When they serve it, it looks like _milk_ until the gas bubbles up.07:58
spiv_Ooh :)07:59
spiv_That doesn't look to hard to get to.  Just the other side of the river.07:59
dafer, jezd08:00
ddaaPrague is probably the city in the world where you have the greatest variety of beer by square kilometer.08:00
ddaaThe natives are a bit weird, though...08:01
ddaaI believe that has something to do with some slavic depressive temper...08:01
=== Kinnison -> Town. Back later
spiv_That's ok, they seem to be outnumbered by the tourists ;)08:02
=== daf had some very nice Belgian beer last weekend
=== ddaa sighs with a deep nostalgy and goes back to info importing.
debonzidaf, maybe Ill need, but for while am ok.. thanks :)08:08
dafdebonzi: ok, can I reassign it from Rosetta to Soyuz then?08:08
debonzidaf, yes.. no problem08:09
dafdebonzi: great -- let me know if you have any questions08:10
debonzithanks daf08:11
dafde nada08:12
=== ddaa is out
=== BradB|lunch is now known as BradB
BradBKinnison: ping08:24
=== limi [~limi@212.80-202-72.nextgentel.com] has joined #launchpad
sabdflhi guys08:49
sabdflBradB: can i ask you to do another pull of code to dogfood?08:57
sabdflin a minute once i've committed to rf?08:57
BradBsure...i was about to checkin fixes a couple more things too (both in about 10-15 mins, hopefully), but...08:59
limisabdfl: I assume you saw my mail - I will be working on some simple Javascript code to enhance the Rosetta editing experience tonight - unless you have special tasks you want to get done by tomorrow.09:01
dilysNew bug 2148 for Launchpad/Rosetta: We should add fuzzy strings as suggestions09:04
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: fixed product infestation edit link (patch-699)09:29
sabdfllimi: sounds good09:39
sabdflBradB: hope our respective patches don't conflict :-)09:43
SteveABradB: how do you admin plone?  su to user zope ?09:45
BradBSteveA: yes09:45
BradBwell, sudo -u zope -s09:45
BradBsabdfl: we'll find out nowish. ;)09:45
SteveAelmo: can I have rights to su to user zope on gentoo?09:45
sabdflSteveA: thanks for the tags count on testing :-)09:47
SteveAgoing down?09:47
sabdflno, just having the number now is nice09:47
sabdflcan hopefully watch it tend to zero09:47
sabdflBradB: i think it will merge fine, i just refueld and got no patches so i must have got your when i refueled just before launching09:48
SteveAphew -- the latest test run of wiki conversion seems to have worked. simon and one of the docs guys are looking at it to check for problems.09:48
sabdflwhen dilys says it's in, please could you update mawson?09:48
sabdfli'd like to walk mdz through malone09:48
sabdflthink it will be ready in about 30 mnutes?09:49
BradBsabdfl: can i get my last patch in there too? it's done, but i'm just waiting for tla changes09:49
sabdflBradB: as you wish, but i have a deadline of having it up in 3009:49
BradBok. i'm not sure if i can create and scp a tarball that quickly, but i'll try.09:50
=== SteveA goes for a teaworkrave break
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: commit cleanups for dogfood (patch-700)09:50
BradBsabdfl: I'd plan for it to be ready in an hour from now, if possible.10:02
BradBIf you want to speed up the process, you doing a build-config and scp'ing up the tarball into your homedir may speed up the process by 15-20mins10:03
BradB(homedir on mawson, that is)10:03
SteveABradB: got a few minutes?10:07
BradBsabdfl: n/m, i think it'll be okay now. i had to grab my dists folder from my old machine, but my build config has started.10:07
=== debonzi goes with cprov to buy more laptop memory (cprov is runnig crasy without memory :)
BradBSteveA: not at the moment, sorry10:09
BradBSteveA: i'm bottlenecked by tla, so i do now. :)10:11
limiBradB: how is tla on the new 'book?10:12
BradBlimi: still quite a bit slower than ext3 i'm sure, but certainly a major, major improvement over the other lappy with jaguar.10:13
limibut it's bearable now?10:13
BradBoh yeah, i'd say so.10:13
BradBin general, it's excellent. tla/arch is the one and only app where i go "oh. my. god."10:14
=== limi is very happy with the performance in general too
limieven Plone is snappy ;)10:15
limiin debug mode10:15
BradBsabdfl: i'm still waiting on the build-config. then gotta tar it up, then scp it up to mawson, then reset the db, then replace the source code, then restart. should be another half hour or so.10:17
SteveABradB: cacheing.  stub said he had some patch for cookiecrumbler to make it send secure cookies10:17
SteveAcan you apply this to the code for ubuntulinux.org's plone?10:18
sabdflok, i'm out of time10:18
BradBSteveA: sure, when i have the patch, i can apply it.10:20
BradBsabdfl: sorry, but i'll continue to work on getting it up on mawson as fast the software lets me.10:20
SteveAdid you get stu's archive for the last cookie-crumbler stuff?10:20
BradBoh yeah, i was thinking that'd he'd be sending me an email with a patch in there, but yeah, i can check that archive.10:21
=== kiko [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
SteveAsabdfl: here's an update on the wiki conversions.10:25
SteveAone of the docs guys looked at it and seems reasonably happy.  there is some fixing up to do, but not too much.10:26
SteveAsimon michael has helped out a great deal.10:26
sabdflis it ready for the big red button?10:26
SteveAhe's just been changing the wiki folder for a different one that is more scalable (accepts more pages, without slowing down)10:26
SteveAthere have been no edits on wiki.ubuntu.com in a while10:27
SteveAunfortunately, thom and elmo aren't around to make it read-only10:27
sabdflthat's unusual10:28
sabdflwhere are they?10:28
SteveAdunno.  I pinged them on irc.  both are away on jabber10:28
SteveAkamion offered to sms thom10:28
sabdflis the ubuntu wiki on rince?10:29
SteveAbut, I said maybe later -- let's see what the plam is first10:29
SteveAI don't know where it is10:29
SteveAI'm somewhat confused as to the situation with cacheing.  Did thom set things up so that ssl works for any page on ubuntulinux.org ?10:29
sabdflif it has to roll to tomorrow, that's ok just get them to work with you on it first thing in the morning10:29
sabdfli believe so10:29
sabdfland that is uncached10:30
elmoI was eating dinner10:30
SteveAok, so if brad can locate the patched cookiecrumbler from stu, we can have secure cookies10:30
sabdflwe need the "login" page not to redirect to http10:30
sabdflwe need the logout page to go to http10:30
SteveAI might be able to do that.  I'm a bit nervous of playing with plone, because I don't particularly know what I'm doing.10:30
sabdflthen with the cookiecrumbler we are ok10:30
sabdflthen let's not rush10:31
SteveAbrad could do it reliably, I'm sure10:31
sabdfli will be offline most of tomorrow, at frankfurt linuxworld, keynot10:31
sabdflthen i am off to sa to help the govt go open source and hopefully launch ubuntu to the sa media10:31
sabdflalso, dad's 60th10:31
sabdflback monday 8th10:32
SteveAok.  Interestingly, Jim Fulton was asking me a few questions about our experience with a distributed company.  I think zope corp are having trouble hiring good people who want to live in fredericksburg.10:32
SteveAgot time for a quick call now?10:32
sabdflthat is interesting10:32
sabdflstevea no i have a 5am start and a 45 minute speech to write :-)10:32
SteveAok.  anything from you for the lp meeting tomorrow?10:33
sabdflas soon as malone is up i'd like to say that new bugs should be filed there only10:33
SteveAI'll get the rosetta team started with i18n in launchpad10:33
SteveAelmo: Can I get "su to zope" privs on gentoo?10:36
SteveAelmo: also, I'd like to make the wiki.ubuntu.com moinmoin thing read-only tomorrow morning.  any idea what time you expect to be around?  or thom's usual getting up time?10:38
elmodunno, depends when I go to bed - if I'm not up and you need me, just ring me10:40
elmoerr, do you know how to make moinmoin read only btw?10:40
elmoshort of chattr +I :)10:40
SteveAI have no idea10:40
elmoI'm not sure wiki's have a 'read-only' switch, but I'll check the docs10:41
SteveAor, can we forbid logging in?10:42
SteveAdid you get a new phone number?  or did you get the old one back?10:42
elmoold one back10:43
BradBSteveA: hm, i have no idea where stub's patch is.10:46
BradBi've looked through his archive, but nothing that i've seen appears to be a fix that secures cookies10:47
SteveAok.  I'll send an email10:49
=== mdz [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #launchpad
BradBelmo: did you have a chance to do what celso's requested for soyuz dogfooding?10:59
elmoBradB: err, no, where did he mail?10:59
sabdflbradb, stevea, i've created sample products for malone, soyuz and rosetta for the dogfooding11:01
sabdflso we can assign bugs to them11:01
sabdflso bradb, no more blowing away that db11:01
BradBsabdfl: then we probably won't get a new version going today.11:02
BradBbecause i have no idea what the diff in the schema is between then and now + any needed data migration.11:03
sabdflbradb ok blow it away11:03
sabdflcould you print out the project / product pages there and recapture those three?11:03
sabdflshouldn't take 2 minutes11:03
elmookay, locking down Moin is easy enough11:04
BradBsabdfl: sure11:04
SteveAelmo: ok, we'll do that tomorrow morning.11:08
=== debonzi [~debonzi@] has joined #launchpad
=== BradB starts tarballing up the build-config
SteveABradB: what do you do to restart plone/zope ?11:12
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #launchpad
BradBcd ~zope/instances/ubuntu; bin/zopectl restart11:13
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: added product infestation notification, normalized subject lines, and made sure that edit notifications only go out when something actually changed. (patch-701)11:14
elmo'crontab -l' if you forget ;-)11:14
BradBheh heh...gragh, that sucks11:15
SteveAmust get zeo going on there11:15
SteveAthen, no need to restart the storage server so often11:15
SteveAand fast restarts of the client11:15
BradBok, here we go, time to do some blowing away of data11:17
SteveAargh -- same dinner almost 6 nights running -- except going out for food one night11:18
SteveAI'm trying to use archism -- for example double-dashes -- in everyday sentences11:19
BradBsabdfl, SteveA: any objection if i make the dogfood db launchpad_dev for the moment? that appears to be the new default.11:22
BradBany other name takes longer and is more error prone11:22
=== BradB JFDI's
SteveAthat's the other name?11:23
BradBwhich is arse too11:23
BradBdoes it matter yet though?11:24
sabdflbradb: i'd rather the name was something distinct11:24
sabdflotherwise, a script ight just accidentally nail the wrong one.11:24
BradBok, i'll name it launchpad_dogfood then, if there's no objections11:25
=== BradB has to find girlfriends named gina and nicole
BradBthere's already a db with that name11:28
BradBdaf: is that you?11:29
BradBsabdfl: is this the only dogfooding app on this machine, or are there other lp instances that i should care about not blowing up?11:31
dafBradB: yes11:33
BradByou're running off launchpad_dogfood, you mean?11:33
dafnot me11:33
sabdflbradb: yes, there is only one dogfood11:33
sabdflthe rosetta alpha will migrate to that in due course11:33
=== BradB goes ahead and blows away launchpad_dogfood
sabdflnight - thanks for the setup bradb. email all happy?11:34
dafsabdfl: the rosetta alpha code will not work with the current DB schema11:34
sabdflin due course11:35
sabdflmigrate the po files11:35
sabdfland the users11:35
sabdflwhen you are ready11:35
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #launchpad []
ddaaI'd like a launchpad Quake theme...11:51
ddaaWith dreadful monsters.11:51
ddaaMade of gleaming metal.11:51
ddaaWith flashing leds all over.11:51
ddaaSparking electric blue.11:52
ddaaWhich tend to duplicate.11:52
ddaaBut have a probability to just freeze and stand still, helpless.11:52
ddaaRocket launcher might come in handy...11:53
BradBhttps://launchpad.ubuntu.com/doap/projects/canonical # purina puppy chow11:58
ddaaBradB: 40311:59
BradBddaa: you need to install the client cert12:00
BradBas seen on lp@12:00

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