=== lamont sees many bugs. sigh/
elmodoko: no, that's not what restricted is for12:02
mdzseb128: oh, I lost the context, sorry :-)12:02
mdzlamont: most of them are trivial to fix, though12:03
lamontdoko: restricted == binary-blob of code, but otherwise main.12:03
lamontmdz: yeah12:03
mdzit's not nearly as bad as it looks12:03
=== lamont will chunk through the ones assigned to him, and then move on to other and better ones.
elmoseb128: done12:03
seb128thanks :)12:03
dokoso it's ok to move them from sid/non-free to hoary/main?12:03
elmodoko: err, hell no12:04
elmodoko: no - multiverse 12:04
lamontmdz: although I'm going to save postfix for a while, since I want to merge many of the warty changes over to debian, and that'll simplify the hoary patch.  (That and there aren't any significant fixes in sid atm.)12:04
elmothey should already be there, in fact12:04
lamontmdz: these aren't RC bugs, eh?  hrm.. guess not really for the most part12:05
elmolatex2html | 2002-2-1-8 | warty/multiverse | source, all12:05
elmo  graphviz |     1.14-1 | warty/multiverse | source, amd64, i386, powerpc12:05
dokosorry, added to my sources.list ...12:06
elmowoops, forgot to enable auto-update of universe.. lala12:07
mdzelmo: please clobber john12:09
pittielmo: can you please sync libgcrypt7?12:15
elmopitti: sync over the ubuntu changes?12:16
pittielmo: yes, please12:16
pittielmo: thanks!12:18
seb128pitti: did you get some g-v-m crash recently during dbus/hal updates ?12:21
pittiseb128: hmm, yes, now when you say it12:21
pittiseb128: I remember that this happened to me once12:21
seb128mdz got it too12:21
pittiseb128: so it seems this was no random crash then12:22
seb128and one debian guys reported a similar problem today12:22
seb128yeah, apparently ...12:22
sjoerdseb128, pitti: i've seen crashes with hal 0.4.0 restarting.. somewhere in the dbus code, haven't had the time to debug it yet..12:27
seb128ok, so definitively a bug12:27
seb128sjoerd: please keep us informed if you find it :)12:27
sjoerdcorrection.. with dbus restarting12:32
pittisjoerd: Ubuntu's dbus-1 package contains a fixed patch for dbus-monitor; I think this should apply to Debian as well12:33
sjoerdpitti: oh nice12:34
sjoerdpitti: patch as in make it actually work ?12:34
pittisjoerd: shall I send you the patch?12:34
pittisjoerd: yes, seems so12:34
pittisjoerd: or can you grab it from our source package?12:34
sjoerdpitti: btw do you read my mind,  i was going to ask daniels if i could do another nmu rsn :)12:35
pittisjoerd: I thought the same :-)12:36
pittisjoerd: if you adopt the patch, we could actually resync to Debian, which would be nice12:36
sjoerdfor other bugs though :)12:36
sjoerdpitti: i'll check the source package..12:37
sjoerdpitti: getting #277148 would probably be nice for ubuntu too (if it isn't already fixed)12:40
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091b56.pool.terralink.de] has left #ubuntu-devel []
pittisjoerd: right. If we can sync, we get Debian fixes automatically :-)12:44
sjoerdi'll see what i can do tomorrow12:44
jdubsjoerd simons12:46
=== jdub makes connections
jdubhi! :-)12:46
sjoerdjdub: should i be afraid ?12:46
jdubconnecting your nick here to your name on hal list and debian's hal :-)12:46
sjoerdah 12:46
azeemjdub: heh, so after Alan trashed it to pieces, are you still willing to get polypaudio into Debian? =)12:54
azeemif yes, I've got some time for over the weekend to upload it, if you need a sponsor12:54
seb128elmo: gnomemeeting sync please12:54
jdubazeem: yeah :)12:54
jdublennart will come back with the goods ;)12:54
pittiGood night, everybody!12:54
seb128'night pitti !12:54
sjoerdpitti: later12:54
=== ph_ [~ph@pD9587D66.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubseb128: heh, new howl :)12:54
seb128cool :)12:54
azeemhmm, where is keybuk when you need him?12:54
jdubin london12:56
jdubor birmingham12:56
jdubor oxford12:56
jdubat least, that's been my experience12:56
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=== BillyKid2005507 [~Nick@dsl81-215-37639.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has left #ubuntu-devel []
azeemdid we agree that those "W: polypaudio: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath" are okayish because those are modules/plugins? (can't remember)12:57
jdubwe did, but it's still kinda suboptimal12:57
=== triebjlr [~trieblr@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubPackage: howl-utils12:59
jdubDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}, libhowl0 (= ${Source-Version})12:59
jdubPackage: mdnsresponder12:59
jdubDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}, libhowl0 (= ${Source-Version})12:59
jdub Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-4), libhowl0, libhowl0 (= 0.9.7-1ubuntu1)12:59
azeempolypaudio uses some moderately funky LDADD automake directives which might lead to those rpaths, so I hoped Keybuk would know about htat12:59
jdub Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-4), libhowl0 (= 0.9.7-1ubuntu1)12:59
mdzjdub: you want shlibs.local12:59
jdub^ gar.12:59
makohey, there is a question on -users that didn't get an answer last week that i think should01:00
makoWhere would be the correct place to report packaging bugs in multiverse01:00
=== jdub checks man dh_shlibdeps
jdubmdz: thanks01:01
mdzmako: that's because that question doesn't have an answer01:01
makoyeah, i know :)01:01
mdzother than "wait"01:01
makoright, i'm going to post that01:01
seb128elmo: vnc also please01:02
mako"wait" EOF01:03
makomdz: we talked about it at the last CC meeting a bit01:03
lamontoff to a concert at the school, should be online for a bit in a while, working on bugs, etc.. :-)01:03
lamontsyntax error at /usr/share/perl5/dtd.pl line 99, near "$ANY             "01:04
=== lamont giggles
seb128elmo: yelp too01:04
seb128elmo: and startup-notification :)01:08
mdzmako: add it to the FAQ01:09
mdzmako: "wait"01:09
jdubaha, excellent response from lennnart01:11
seb128jdub: yeah, good reply :)01:16
seb128BTW are KDE people really that reluctant to use glib ?01:17
seb128that's a low level lib, not really a "gnomish" stuff ...01:17
jdubthey already depend on glib for a number of things01:17
mjg59Arts already uses glib01:17
mjg59It just has its own copy in its source tree01:17
jdubso it'd be pretty silly if they didn't accept a glib-based polypaudio01:17
jdubmjg59: basically no one builds it that way, though01:18
tsenghornbeck: your post, fair idea, but it doesnt seem much needed01:19
tsenghornbeck: its pretty easy for us to make apt repos on joe random webhost01:19
elmoseb128: done01:27
seb128elmo: thanks .. I've started to list them in fact, new serie : libgnomecanvasmm2.0 gtkmm2.0 libgnomecups :)01:28
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-200-190-11.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== kapputu [~kapputu@ny-lasalle-cadant1-24-49-98-189.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
kapputuhi everyone01:56
usualI get a error trying to load a module at boot called hw_random or something like that....can someone tell me why and how to fix it01:58
usualit happened in rc and release01:58
mdzusual: please use #ubuntu for support issues01:59
usualmdz, my mistake, I read the topic wrong01:59
kapputuhi md01:59
kapputuI want to contribute to Ubuntu 02:02
kapputuI'm a good programmer 02:02
mdzwhat sort of program would you like to write?02:02
kapputuI learn quickly though I have been actively using linux only since the beginning of this year 02:02
kapputuI'm good at Java, Perl 02:02
kapputuI know C well but haven't used it in 3 years02:02
kapputuand I learn new languages very quickly 02:03
mdzif you are an experienced programmer, a good way to contribute would be to write and maintain an open source application02:03
kapputuI have a problem with getting started on anything02:04
kapputuI need directions02:04
mdza good start would be to find something that you feel is missing for you, personally.  that way it will be something which will hold your interest02:05
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
kapputuhmm 02:06
seb128elmo: syncs for gnome-libs libgnomeprint libgnomedb please :)02:06
kapputuI would like to do some web stuff02:06
kapputuare there any good remote development tools ?02:07
kapputuI'm looking for something like EditPlus in Windows02:07
elmoseb128: done ... your packages are clearly too easy ;-P02:07
seb128ah ah02:07
seb128thanks :)02:07
mdzelmo: he makes up for it in volume :-)02:07
seb128I'm keeping the hard ones for tomorrow :p02:08
mdzkapputu: eclipse and emacs come to mind02:08
kapputufor remote development ??02:08
kapputui use emacs a lot but not sure how to set it up for remote development02:08
=== kapputu [~kapputu@ny-lasalle-cadant1-24-49-98-189.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128ok, time to sleep, 'night02:29
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mdzthom: around?03:56
danielsmdz: 030003:56
mdzdaniels: it wouldn't be the first time03:57
=== bob2_ [rob@bob2.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubmdz: http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-0307/msg01708.html04:09
mdzjdub: creating a temporary directory under $HOME is also popular04:11
mdzI've thought that it might be nice to just change tmpfs to prevent temporary file attacks04:11
mdzby revoking some of the cleverer filesystem semantics that allow them04:12
jdubtollef is upstream for that, btw04:13
mdzMithrandir: poke04:13
jdub(for context, martin just pointed it out to rob and i, and suggested that it might be cool for ubuntu)04:13
mdzdaniels: yes, I know he's asleep. he'll read scrollback :-)04:13
jdubah, and lifeless just cced you on his mail04:14
mdzno mail yet04:15
lifelessmatt.zimmerman@canonical.com ?04:15
mdzlifeless: that should get to me about 10 expansions later, yes :-)04:16
danielsmdz: heh04:18
mdzthere it is04:18
danielsmdz: (whoomp)04:44
hornbecktseng: sounds good to me, on random repos05:05
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=== mako [mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionemorning guys06:10
=== fabbione tags 2987 INVALID WITH BIG SATISFACTION
Micksawhere's the bugzilla?06:10
MicksaI should have guessed huh :)06:11
=== lifeless nods
=== lifeless grins
fabbionenew comment on it :-)06:12
Micksading dong, the witch is dead06:13
fabbioneMicksa: it's not like x.org is any simpler or smaller....06:17
mdzfabbione: one more time, with FEELING06:23
danielsMicksa: we can sing the ding dong song ... maybe after we get the modular tree.  definitely after someone's rewritten the server from the ground up.06:24
fabbionemdz: ahaha06:24
fabbionemdz: i got a bunch of merging bugs06:24
fabbionedo you want me to spend time on them?06:25
fabbionei am kinda into X.org these days06:25
mdzfabbione: I gave you about 3 I think06:25
fabbionewell 1006:25
mdzok, 7 :-)06:25
fabbionemdz: up to you.. i don't mind either way06:25
mdzfabbione: I think it should not be more than an hour's work06:26
fabbionemdz: i think this should go to "ubuntu-desktop"06:26
fabbionemdz: sure.. no problem06:26
mdzfabbione: a nice diversion for a little bit from X.org :-)06:27
fabbionemdz: you gotta be kidding! :)06:28
fabbionei can do an entire build (almost) in one hour!06:28
mdzsomething to keep busy during the build, then :-)06:28
=== fabbione enables multitasking pre-emptive
danielsmdz: same question from my side wrt the merge bugs I got06:29
mdzdaniels: you said the X.org work was serial, please tend to your bugs06:30
fabbionemdz: it is at this point in time yes06:30
fabbionebecause we are fixing small build issues and syncing sanity checks06:30
fabbioneit won't be from today or monday06:30
mdzfabbione: it takes an hour for a ccached build?06:31
fabbionemdz: yes.. slightly more than that06:31
fabbionei found a bug in the install target06:31
fabbionethat makes the build much longer06:31
danielsmdz: ccache doesn't deal with linking, remember, and there's also fonts and stuff to take care of06:32
mdzfonts schmonts, who needs 'em06:32
fabbionei don't think i can make fix it for today06:32
fabbionemdz: 1 hours is without FONTS06:32
fabbioneand without XPRINT06:32
mdzfabbione: how big is the tree?06:32
fabbione(that btw we had to re-enable)06:32
fabbioneu -sk build-tree/06:33
fabbione4614484 build-tree06:33
fabbione3830636 build-tree06:33
fabbionethis one06:33
fabbionemdz: there is a damn bug in the install target06:34
fabbionethat basically relink everything06:34
fabbionecreating duplicates of each binary files in the tree06:34
fabbione(it moves the old ones as .bak)06:34
fabbionethat's one of the reason why it takes so much longer06:34
fabbionedaniels: do you think you can try to fix it while flying?06:35
fabbioneyou don't need to build all the tree to see it06:35
fabbionejust the server or a small xc/programs/<whatever>06:35
danielsfabbione: i can try, yes, but IBM have tanked my order, and I won't have the extended life battery before I leave06:35
danielsso I'm going to find one in either cph or london06:35
danielsi think that still gives me about 6h of battery, though06:35
danielsso I should get about 12h all up while flying06:36
fabbionedaniels: lon -> cph is like 2 hours flight06:36
fabbionenot even worth the time to turn on the lappy06:36
danielsmel -> sin is 8h, sin->lhr is 12h06:36
danielsand if I'm conscious while I'm at LHR, I can hack while I'm waiting06:36
danielsditto SIN06:36
fabbionedaniels: get some sleep too :)06:36
danielsyeah, given I arrive at like 5am06:36
fabbionewhile $STOP; do clear && ccache -s && sleep 1; done06:36
fabbioneccache top ^^06:37
fabbionetoo nice to have in a little window while compiling X06:37
fabbione48x14 is perfect :-)06:37
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-153-250-222.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== srbaker_ [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Micksaso what proportion of the (official) team IS australian?07:02
danielsnot quite enough07:03
jdubno dude07:03
jdubthere's enough07:03
jdubwe just have to overcome the brits07:03
Micksathe wiki says 40% somewhere07:03
danielsit's not 40%07:04
MicksaI didn't think so07:04
jdubdaniels, lifeless, bob2, jamesh, jdub07:04
Micksais that 5/40?07:05
danielsMicksa: it's around 20%07:05
jdubthough spiv and stub have lots of beer to drink to reaustralianise07:05
danielsas opposed to malibu and coke :P07:05
Micksawell I'm totally unaustralian then07:06
danielsby that metric, I'm probably closer to Russian than anything else07:06
jdubthey've been overseas for ages07:06
jdubthey just have to reaustralianise07:06
jdubthen they can drink whatever they want07:06
Micksaah, okay.07:06
daniels'Welcome to re-education.  This is your friend for the next month, Mr. Coopers.'07:07
jdubHEAD, KEG, NOW!07:07
=== lamont finally gets back in from the concert etc.
Micksaheh, I'm visualising the wrathful look on jdub's face as he shoves the guy's head into the beer07:08
lifelessnot wrathful, merciful07:16
pascsounds like I need to hang out with jdub more often07:17
pascif only I didn't live so far away...07:17
Micksalifeless: I was sorta thinking of it as an act of exorcism :)07:23
jdubpasc: haha07:23
danielspasc: you can bond over peter's07:25
pascI still haven't been there07:27
pasc(since I moved that is)07:27
lifelesspasc: PING07:28
pascthat time of the month again already?!?07:30
fabbionemdz: 3008 ... ubuntu-desktop? or do you really want me to depend on libglide2?07:40
mdzfabbione: I need more information07:40
mdzI don't have one of those cards07:40
fabbionethe tdfx driver needs libglide to work properly, but theoretically it shouldn't fail like that07:41
fabbionei have one but it's a newver version that that07:41
fabbioneso i can't see that problem07:41
=== lamont sleeps
fabbionenight lamont 07:41
fabbionemdz: we were already talking about moving libglide3 to desktop07:42
fabbioneit means adding libglide2 too07:42
fabbionemdz: there is a new apache1.3 release that fixes 2 security problems. One is already backported.07:52
fabbionepitti: ^^same goes to you07:52
mdzfabbione: ok, I think we talked about this already, ythen07:53
fabbionenot with me07:53
mdzfabbione: send an email to -devel proposing the seed change, I don't see a problem with it07:53
fabbione[CAN-2004-0492 (cve.mitre.org)] 07:53
jdubhttp://ubuntu-art.org/ <- boggle07:53
fabbionethis is fixed07:53
fabbione[CAN-2004-0940 (cve.mitre.org)]  this one no07:53
fabbionemdz: ok07:54
mdzjdub: intense07:58
mdzfabbione: please file a bug and assign to pitti07:58
fabbionemdz: if you want i can handle it. i will have to do it for Debian too i guess07:58
fabbionebut if pitti will make a patch for me, i would be even more happy :P07:58
fabbionemdz: 301107:59
mdzfabbione: thanks07:59
fabbionemdz: no problem07:59
fabbionei wonder how long time it will take before a RC bug is filed against apache in debian08:00
fabbioneusually they take less than 30 secons08:00
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mdz] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion and support on #ubuntu | Happy Hoary Trail! | BE THE SIGNAL | Warty release is DONE, long live Hoary | http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2004-October/000005.html
=== fabbione updates his workstation to hoary
fabbioneactually.. not on a friday08:10
fabbionemdz: if a package can be synced safely from debian, what should i do? tell who?08:23
mdzfabbione: elmo08:26
mdzeither mail or IRC, no need for approval08:26
mdzyou can also reassign the bug to him, but that seems to take an extra day to process :-)08:27
fabbionemdz: ehehe ok08:27
fabbionemdz: is that ok that synced packages will pull in build-deps from universe?08:29
fabbioneor do we need to fix the packages...08:29
fabbione(if fixable)08:30
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzfabbione: it depends on which packages08:38
pittimdz: thanks for approval, I upload libgd2 to the queue now08:41
pittimdz: USNs for libxml2 and libgd2 are on https://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/~pitti/08:42
mdzpitti: which bug # is libxml2?08:42
pittimdz: #280908:42
fabbionemdz: 2 binaries that we have in universe, but the source and the main binary in main08:58
fabbionepython2.1 and 2,2-numeric08:58
pittimdz: I still did not get a CAN for ppp, I upload the thing without one now.09:01
mdzpitti: ok09:02
mdzfabbione: ick, what depends on them?09:02
fabbionepyopengl2.1 and 2.209:02
mdzwe didn't prune python2.1 or python2.2 from warty/main09:04
fabbionemdz: i am adding all the info to the bug with you and james in cc09:04
mdzwe should do that for hoary09:04
mdzpitti: security bugs should not be closed until the package has actually entered the archive09:08
mdzpitti: I will process ppp as soon as it is built, if you are ready09:08
pittimdz: I still need to write the USN for ppp09:09
=== sid77 [~sid77@host98-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sid77 hi!
pittimdz: ppp USN uploaded, again to https://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/~pitti/09:18
Mithrandirmdz: pong09:57
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@ppp-82-84-143-161.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== azeem_ [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzpitti: I would write the first sentence of details as "'It has been discoveerd that ppp does not properly verify certain data structures used in the CBCP protocol."10:12
mdz(only without the typo)10:13
pittimdz: okay10:13
pittimdz: uploaded10:14
fabbionemdz: i love you :P10:15
fabbionenot everything that has X11 in the middle of the name is kinda... related to X11 :)10:15
mdzfabbione: I did not consider whether they were related to X11; xfree86 you got because you own that component in bugzilla10:16
=== fabbione was just kidding
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lhb [lhb@kapsi.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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fabbionemdz: is there ANY reason why we still need qt-x11-free?10:40
fabbioneit's a bunch of FTBFS10:40
mdzfabbione: check germinate10:41
mdzI think we would have more FTBFS if we removed it :-)10:41
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robtaylor|awaymdz: whehay.. morphix hotplug issue now fixed upstream :)10:48
robtaylor|awaymdz: and your 1st hypothesis was spot on :)10:49
Keybukrobtaylor|away: oh?10:50
Keybuknewer hotplug than the one I just uploaded?10:51
robtaylor|awayKeybuk: nope, just fixed it to use pivot_root in its last stage10:52
Keybukah, morphix upstream not hotplug? :)10:52
robtaylor|awayKeybuk: yep :)10:52
robtaylor|awayKeybuk: on the bugzilla, do would i merk the bug as 'upstream' or 'pending upload'?10:53
=== fabbione [~fabbione@port49.ds1-van.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukno idea10:53
robtaylor|awayheh :)10:53
robtaylor|awayi'll put an appropriate comment in then, and let someone eslse fix it :)10:54
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzrobtaylor|away: great, could you add a note to the bug report with that information?11:00
mdzah, you already decided to do so11:00
robtaylor|awaymdz: heh :)11:08
=== rburton [~ross@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
rburtonjdub: ping?11:10
seb128hello rburton 11:10
rburtonhi seb128 11:10
seb128what's up ?11:10
rburtoni just discoved that my speakers have a low hum when there is no cd playing, and i can't figure out where it is coming from 11:11
rburtonprobably the gas meter right behind the amp11:11
rburtonthat is my major worry at the moment :)11:11
seb128ah ah11:11
rburtoni also wish SA wouldn't decide to rebuild its database when i want it to get mail11:11
mdzKamion, elmo: have you guys made any attempts to point germinate at the new wiki yet?11:15
=== Keybuk wonders where his dustmen have got to
thommdz: morning11:24
seb128hello thom 11:25
thomg'morning *11:25
KeybukI've decided to rename "morning" to "killev"11:25
=== azeem_ is now known as azeem
seb128mdz: the debian package for evolution doesn't have a evolution1.5 transitionnal package ... do we want to get it, or we can drop it now ?11:25
mdzthom: morning11:25
mdzseb128: I'm not sure I understand11:26
mdzevolution1.5 was in debian experimental and warty pre-releases?11:26
seb128mdz: I've added a dummy evolution1.5 -> evolution for evolution 2.011:26
seb128kitame didn't in debian11:27
seb128so if we sync with deb we remove the dummy11:27
thommdz: you pinged last night?11:27
mdzseb128: was evolution1.5 ever in debian unstable?11:27
Keybukseb128: people have 'evolution' installed on their warty machines?11:27
mdzthom: yeah, don't remember what that was about11:27
Keybukwhich has the real files?11:27
mdzseb128: then we do not require the dummy package11:27
seb128Keybuk: yes (only people with first warty RC who have not updated might still have evolution1.5)11:28
mdzseb128: if you can avoid a merge by dropping it, it is fine with me11:28
seb128ok, thanks11:28
thommdz: fair enough. was there a resolution on what i should version firefox as?11:28
seb128elmo: libsoup sync please11:28
mdzthom: what's the upstream version?11:29
seb128mdz: evolution-data-server has been splitted to a bunch of binary packages for differents libs. Do we need to update a seed or something before uploading it ?11:31
Keybukthom: the build worked with a tilde in the directory name?11:31
mdzthom: how about 0.99+1.0RC-0ubuntu1?11:31
mdzthat should be >> 0.99+1.0PR.1...11:32
thommdz: oh, duh. of course that sorts higher than PR.1 11:32
Keybukheh, 'R' > 'P' ... that's so cheating :p11:32
thomyeah, sounds good11:32
KeybukRC.1 for consistency ?11:32
mdzdon't care as long as it sorts11:33
thomKeybuk: no, since pr.1 was a point release to 1.0PR11:33
Keybukahh ok11:33
thommdz: ok, will go with that11:33
mdzsounds good11:33
mdzbed also sounds good11:33
mdznight all11:34
Keybuknite dude11:34
pittimdz: good night11:34
robtaylor|awaymdz: night11:35
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-50-191.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128mdz: 'night ! (and about e-d-s ?)11:41
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
robtaylor|awaycarlos: heyy :)11:42
carlosrobtaylor|away: hi!11:42
=== robtaylor|away is now known as robtaylor
robtaylorheh, i'm ovbiously not away now, am i ;)11:42
robtaylorcarlos: so hows things with you?11:42
carlosrobtaylor: fine, thanks11:43
carlosrobtaylor: I will try to resume the auth work this weekend11:43
robtaylorcarlos: wow, cool. I dont have a working computer at home at the moment, but i'm sure be able to find a bit of time at work to help out :011:44
robtaylorcarlos: so does the previous plan still hold?11:45
seb128so anybody has an idea if I need to update a seed before uploading the new e-d-s which has been splitted to differents libs ?11:45
carlosrobtaylor: yes, until we could check if there are any performance problems, I don't see why it should be removed11:46
robtaylorcarlos: cool :)11:47
rburtonanyone know if there is a way to extract a single file from a deb with libapt-pkg?11:48
robtaylorcarlos: all my archives of the discussions and planning are on a hd in a broken computer atm... have you got them archived, and if so, can you send them me?11:49
carlosrobtaylor: you put them into my subversion repository11:50
robtaylorcarlos: ah brilliant. is your svn repo set up for svn+ssh?11:51
carlosrobtaylor: and I'm moving to arch11:52
carlosso it should die soon11:52
robtaylorcarlos: oh god.. i need to learn arch....11:52
=== robtaylor is scared#
robtaylorthis gives me a good excuse to try fai :)11:53
carlosrobtaylor: http://www.canonical.com/projects/bazaar/11:53
robtaylor(or whatever its current name is)11:53
azeemrobtaylor: which fai?11:53
robtaylorazeem: freindly arch interface11:54
robtaylorazeem: yes, its changing its name.. again .. ;)11:54
robtaylorsuffering phoenix syndrome11:54
robtaylorcarlos: ooh, that sounds good (bazaar)11:54
robtaylorcarlos: so whats currently different between baz and tla?11:59
carlosrobtaylor: baz will be compatible 100% with tla11:59
carlosrobtaylor: but it will be user friendly11:59
robtaylorcarlos: but right now, there not much extra userfreindlyness implimented?12:00
carlosrobtaylor: it was started this week, so it has some things implemented but don't know if there will be a big difference at the moment12:01
robtaylorah :)12:01
=== ph [~ph@pD95873B4.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128pitti: here ?12:27
pittiseb128: yes12:27
seb128pitti: do you know if libxml2 2.6.15 fixes all the security issue you've adressed in your 2.6.11 patched version ?12:27
=== pitti looks
seb128it's in incoming12:28
pittiseb128: can't tell quickly; I download the orig.tar.gz and compare patches12:29
pittiseb128: I assume you want to resync it?12:29
seb128it's in my list of bugs12:30
seb128there is no hurry, but if you have some time to do it .. :)12:30
pittiseb128: I can as well do it now, before I forget it :-) What's the bug #?12:31
seb1282916   12:31
seb128I've added a comment about 2.6.15 and tagging it pending, but prefer to check since I'm not sure all it fixes all the issues patched in 2.6.1112:32
pittiseb128: verified, I wrote a bug followup12:35
seb128ok, thanks12:35
Kamionmdz: no, because you guys haven't populated it properly yet :-)12:39
Kamionmdz: it's only got proposed packages at the moment, germinate needs a bit more than that12:39
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=== T-Bone [varenet@T-Bone.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-21-63.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittielmo: can you please sync vsftpd from Debian?12:59
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lupus_why is totem trying to write to a file it opens?01:32
lupus_I have a vfat mounted ro and totem says an error acuired can not write to resource01:34
lupus_occured I mean01:35
thomelmo: please sync amd64-libs from debian01:35
fabbionepitti: are you preparing the USN for apache?01:46
fabbioneelmo: can you sync all your money to my bank account?01:47
pittifabbione: Everything is in place, but apache did not yet built on one platform before mdz went to bed01:49
pittifabbione: mdz wasn't in a hurry with that because it's universe01:50
fabbionepitti mind to send me the patch or upload for debian too?01:50
pittifabbione: our consensus was to do the upload, but don't send out an USN01:50
fabbionedebian unstable01:50
fabbionepitti: whatever01:50
fabbionei don't mind USN or not.. hounestly01:50
pittifabbione: interdiff is in #301101:51
fabbionewe should probably just kill apache1.3 in hoary01:51
fabbionepitti: ok cool01:51
pittifabbione: but I can upload it to sid if you wnat01:51
pittifabbione: I've got the ready package here01:51
fabbionepitti: that would be very nice. don't make it an NMU, just add yourself to the uploaders01:51
pittifabbione: what about woody?01:51
fabbionepitti: i have all the development of apache on a turned off machine01:51
fabbionepitti: send the patch to Joey?01:51
pittifor my sake01:52
fabbionepitti: i simply don't have available power plugs for another computer atm01:52
pittifabbione: good idea01:52
fabbioneand i am without sid01:52
rburton[gasp] 01:52
pittiah right, I need to pdebuild the package01:52
fabbionerburton: getting a new nuclear powerplant in the garden01:53
fabbionebut it's not ready yet :P01:53
fabbioneand i am with 2 plugs in the entire house01:53
fabbione(old plant was like 35 years old)01:53
pittifabbione: don't need an extra heater in your house any more, do you?01:53
fabbionenope :-)01:54
fabbionethe computer room is already 5 C > than the rest of the house01:54
fabbioneand i need to keep the window open01:54
fabbioneotherwise i would melt01:54
pittifabbione: OTOH, I think sid should get 1.3.33 right away01:54
fabbionepitti: nah...01:54
fabbionei will prepare 1.3.33 when i have the time01:55
fabbioneand the computer01:55
fabbioneand a new upstream release is a pain01:55
fabbionetrust me01:55
pittifabbione: 1.3.33 does not contain anything other than the patch, compared to 1.3.3201:55
fabbionepitti: sid has 1.3.3101:55
Kamion /* The best bits of mii-diag and ethtool mixed into one big jelly roll. */01:55
fabbionethat's why01:55
pittifabbione: is 1.3.32 so bad?01:55
fabbionepitti: the problem is not apache. It's to sync apache-perl, apache-ssl and mod_perl01:56
fabbionethey are really time consuming01:56
pittifabbione: okay. So I just upload the same version to sid for now.01:56
fabbione+ i have another bunch of patches to review too01:56
=== Mithrandir [~tfheen@vawad.err.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittifabbione: I think I take an NMU version and upload straigt away01:57
pittiHi Mithrandir!01:57
fabbionepitti: nah. just upload without NMU02:00
fabbioneno point if you are allowed :-)02:00
pittifabbione: okay02:01
fabbioneis katie running?02:01
fabbioneah fuck02:01
pittitsts - no cursing02:02
fabbionethom: can you send me back the .diff.gz and .dsc for mdadm 1.7.0 ?02:02
fabbionethom or elmo02:02
plovs_worki am writing a howto on file-sharing with nfs/samba etc, to start with samba: any easy way to share a folder? (easy=newbie way,*not* editing samba.conf)02:02
rburtonplovs_work: at the moment,  no.  should be in G2.10 though, via webdav02:03
plovs_workrburton, so the *only* way is editing samba.conf? so i write it correctly in the howto02:04
robtaylorlamont: ping?02:04
rburtonplovs_work: as far as i know.02:04
plovs_workwe will not have "share this folder through samba"-rightclick in gnome?02:05
rburtonplovs_work: mandrake has a patch for that, but the current work to do sharing uses webdav02:05
plovs_workrburton, thanks02:06
=== plovs_work off, typing a howto
seb128the share the folder with a right click from mandrake has been rewritten as a nautilus extension02:07
seb128elmo: gnome-terminal 2.8.0 from experimental sync too please02:08
rburtonseb128: any idea how tied to mandrake's samba it is?02:09
=== amu [~amu@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
amug'morning  02:10
plovs_workseb128, rburton in case you find out feel free to add a link to: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/SharingFilesWithSamba02:10
seb128the extension is in the mandrake cvs02:11
seb128fcrozat did a blog entry about that02:11
rburtonpersonally, i feel that the webdav solution to quick per-user file sharing is superior02:11
seb128that was like 2 weeks ago02:11
seb128me too02:11
rburtonas then everybody can access it02:11
rburtonfor "proper" shares, use NFS or SMB, but that is a different use case02:11
plovs_workrburton, not be whining but i just want it all ... yesterday02:12
=== plovs_work ok, back to writing howto's
rburtonthe mandrake filesharing code is heavily tied to mandrake02:13
rburtonit's just a UI to DiskDrake02:13
Mithrandirthe usb-storage is on the live-cd initrd, isn't it?02:14
seb128elmo: esound too ...02:16
seb128elmo: and libxml2 2.6.15 (it's in incoming)02:17
mjg59I need to sort out how to do user-level DAV properly02:18
mjg59I got it working at home, but it's running as the webserver rather than me02:18
Kamionfabbione: "di Debian" can safely become "di Ubuntu" in Italian, can't it?02:24
Kamionor is it "d'Ubuntu"?02:24
fabbionedi Ubuntu is sane enough yes :-)02:24
rburtonmjg59: walters has a tool which run a per-user apache iirc02:25
fabbionehow has pcmcia slots handy?02:26
fabbionethom: ?02:27
Mithrandirmjg59: could nstx' README.Debian include the needed interfaces(5) fragment?  It would be useful for lazy bums like me.02:30
cenerentolaall: hey ppl who can suggest a nice unix programming book?02:31
cenerentolaall: what's best Linux Programming Unleashed or The Art of Unix Programming  02:32
pitticenerentola: www.tldp.org has some nice stuff02:33
cenerentolai need one for the uni02:33
seb128elmo: libxslt and gnome-common too and that should be ok, thanks :)02:33
rburtonpoor elmo02:33
pittiseb128: create an elmo proxy script which can do the sync stuff automatically :-)02:35
Kamioncenerentola: neither; get one of W. Richard Stevens' Unix programming books02:36
Kamionvery dense, very detailed, but excellent02:36
seb128rburton: poor elmo, poor elmo, apparently he's sleeping ... nothing to complain about :p02:36
=== hazmat [~hazmat@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cenerentolaKamion:Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environmen02:38
KamionAPUE is good, yes02:38
elmoseb128: done except for libxml2 - I'll do that once it reaches a mirror02:38
seb128elmo: ok thanks :)02:38
Kamionobviously it depends what you're actually looking for, but ...02:38
seb128(oups, he was not sleeping :p)02:38
KamionI'd rather that than e.g. a book by ESR :-)02:39
seb128Kamion: do you know if we need to update the seed before getting new packages from debian ? ie: evolution-data-server has been splitted in a bunch of small binary packages for the different libs ...02:40
Kamionseb128: we don't have hoary seeds yet ...02:40
seb128ok, so nothing to worry, I was not sure02:40
elmopitti, thom: also done02:40
cenerentolakamion: modern operating systems, or Operating Systems: design & impl.?02:41
pittielmo: oh, thanks02:41
Kamioncenerentola: haven't read either02:41
Kamioncenerentola: (also, this isn't really the place ...)02:41
cenerentolasth about hw?02:41
cenerentolakamion: ohh cmon02:41
pittiKamion: can we at least rerun germinate? E. g. libhal-storage0 is currently in universe, but hal depends on it02:41
Kamionpitti: against what? :-)02:41
cenerentolakamion: just making some question to a friend...02:41
pittiKamion: well, I mean recalculating the main packages from the current seeds02:42
pittiKamion: isn't that possible?02:42
Kamionpitti: that's up to elmo02:42
pittiKamion: okay, thanks02:42
elmoI thought I fixed that yesterday02:42
pittielmo: hmm, can also be the lag of my mirror02:43
elmoapparently not - fixed now02:43
pittithx :-)02:43
fabbionepitti: your upload has been rejected02:44
Kamionelmo: I'm assuming one of mdz and jdub is taking responsibility for doing new seeds; do you know?02:44
fabbionepitti: you need to increase mod_perl version in debian/rules02:44
fabbionepitti: also for warty/hoary02:45
pittifabbione: argh, I did not know that. That's what you get if you poke around in foreign packages...02:45
fabbionepitti: noone will die for it02:45
fabbionepitti: i also forget about it sometimes02:45
pittifabbione: just bump the version to the next one?02:46
elmoKamion: not afaik, no one's said anything about it other than to just copy warty's but I assume anyone can do that?02:46
pittifabbione: update APACHE_MINOR as well?02:47
=== Micksa [~mslade@203-217-18-166.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionepitti: hold on a second only :-)02:58
pittifabbione: oh, the right time02:58
pittifabbione: I just ^C'ed the sid upload02:59
pittifabbione: but I found out that APACHE_MINOR is not actually used02:59
fabbionepitti: it is02:59
fabbionebut the perl version is only in debian/rules at the end02:59
fabbioneit needs to be set manually02:59
fabbionethe VAR at the beginning is misleasding02:59
pittifabbione: I manually updated the libapache-mod-perl revision to -1403:00
pittifabbione: this worked fine so far; anything else?03:00
fabbionepitti: ok. the APACHE_MINOR is used during debian/rules03:00
fabbioneeven if it is empty03:00
pittimartin@box79162:/tmp/apache-1.3.31$ grep -r APACHE_MINOR .03:01
pitti./debian/rules:APACHE_MINOR = 703:01
pitti./debian/rules: debian/scripts/populate $(APACHE_MAJOR) $(APACHE_MINOR) $(PERL_MAJOR) $(DEBMAJOR)03:01
pitti./debian/rules:#        dh_gencontrol -v -plibapache-mod-perl -u-v$(PERL_MAJOR)$(DEBMAJOR)-$(APACHE_MINOR)03:01
fabbioneyes that should be more than correct03:01
fabbioneyou might hit the same problem for hoary/warty...03:01
fabbione(if you didn't change it before)03:02
pittifabbione: maybe, I already wondered why it did not built03:02
fabbioneit probably did build fine03:02
pittifabbione: argh, the populate script changes this again to APACHEMINOR03:02
fabbionebut the upload was rejected03:02
pittifabbione: but there is another one: ./debian/pkgtemplates/flavours.postinst:    if dpkg --compare-versions $2 eq @APACHEMAJOR@@DEBMAJOR@-@APACHEMINOR@; then03:02
fabbionepitti: no no.. that's ok03:02
seb128do we have some official "minimal hardware requirement" for the liveCD ?03:02
pittifabbione: anyway, for sid I updated it to 7 anyway03:02
seb128just to reply to users who ask about this03:02
KeybukThe following packages will be REMOVED:03:03
Keybuk  python2.3-genetic03:03
fabbionepitti: APACHE_MINOR set to 7 for sid is ok03:03
pittifabbione: for warty I probably need APACHE_MINOR=6.103:03
fabbionepitti: and -14 for libapache_mod_perl03:03
pittifabbione: yes03:03
fabbionethat's correct03:03
fabbionepitti: don't care about the populate script03:03
fabbionepitti: once it gets the proper values from debian/rules it does only a bunch of sed03:03
fabbionepitti: so that's not important03:04
pittifabbione: okay, then I can actually upload the sid version as it is03:04
fabbionei think so yes03:04
fabbionein the worst case Katie will say nO03:04
pittifabbione: argh, I need to remove the half-uploaded debs from the uplaod queue  before...03:04
fabbionepitti: send the .commands :-)03:04
pittifabbione: right03:05
azeemunstable's debootstrap does not support warty/hoary, right? What's the best way to install an Ubuntu chroot on Debian?03:06
fabbioneazeem: grab our debootstrap :-)03:06
elmoazeem: install our debootstrap or steal the warty script03:06
elmopitti: what are you talking about uploading? 03:06
elmoKeybuk: python-genetic contains it now03:06
pittielmo: fabbione asked me to upload a fixed apache version to sid03:06
fabbioneelmo: i did CC you on a bunch of packages that needs sync03:06
elmooh, sid, fine03:06
pittielmo: but I did not know that I had to bump a package version deeply hidden in debian/rules, so katie rejected it03:07
elmofabbione: yes, I know and I'd just like to say BUGZILLA SUCKS03:07
fabbioneelmo: yes.. don't worry.. he will have to fix it for hoary and warty too :-))03:07
=== fabbione ^5's elmo!
elmowell, that and maybe matt does too03:07
fabbionematt does suck?03:07
elmoI've got a bunch of mails from bugzilla and absolutely nothing tells me what freaking package their about03:07
elmoso instead, of just reading my mail, I have to go click on 10 web links to find the packages to sync03:08
=== fabbione wants Xprint upstream's head on a silver plate
chrisaI use bugzilla at work, it's a good way to demoralize employees03:10
=== KeyserSoze [unbound@pound.ifndef.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== KeyserSoze [unbound@pound.ifndef.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbione+ #  define PrintOnlyServer                   NO03:10
fabbioneaccording to documentation this means: "BUILD ONLY THE XPRINT SERVER"03:11
fabbionewhy on earth it keeps building all the crap around it?03:11
fabbioneit's all fault of lixp603:11
fabbionei can't kill that library03:11
fabbioneor suddenly ubuntu and debian will FTBFS03:12
Keybukelmo: aahh03:13
fabbionethere is something wrong in my head03:15
fabbionethat should be a YES03:15
=== fabbione sighs and runs another hour build to verify
Kamionelmo: please resync parted with Debian03:18
elmofabbione: #2996 - I can only sync from proper repos, sid, whatever - I can't sync an unsigned source package into main - if you're happy with the package there, please sign and upload it03:18
elmoKamion: done03:19
elmokamion: btw, what's up with 2814?03:20
fabbioneelmo: ok03:20
elmoKamion: jigdo seems to be using old d-i files..03:20
Kamionelmo: yeah, I need to regen the jigdo files, will look once I emerge from under the merging pile03:21
elmook, cool, just checking I didn't need to put the old d-i files back :>03:21
KamionI also need to figure out how to convince jigdo never to use daily-installer-* when building a release candidate, or something03:22
pittiHey amu, now officially on board? Welcome!03:22
Kamionfurthermore I need to have lunch ... :-)03:22
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-9-115.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittifabbione: uploaded updates to sid and warty; hoary will follow soon03:23
pittifabbione: the only odd thing is, why did hoary's katie did not reject the upload?03:23
fabbionepitti: source only upload?03:23
fabbionepitti: it will reject the binaries later03:23
pittifabbione: right03:23
fabbioneis the Debian -> Ubuntu bug sync working?03:26
pittifabbione: at least for me it tends to forget followups03:26
fabbionei did open a RC bug on qt-x11-free more than 3 hours ago03:27
fabbioneand it is still not synced03:27
robtayloramu: the morphix hotplug bug is fixed03:31
pittifabbione: sid, warty, hoary uploaded *sigh* I hope it works this time :-)03:32
amurobtaylor: thx, problem was hotplug itself ?  03:32
robtayloramu: chroot03:32
robtayloramu: morphix cvs noe pivot_roots as its last boot step03:33
robtayloramu: it used to only ever chroot, hence its brokenness03:33
amudamed, well i'm working on the new sys, just with packages from the pool03:34
pittifabbione: just got Debian's ACK :-)03:34
fabbionepitti: btw.. congratulation for adopting apache03:34
=== fabbione grins evily
pittifabbione: ah, was there something you should have told me before?03:34
fabbioneMUHA UHA UHA03:34
pittiThere is an Indian slapping my back now!03:35
=== pitti runs away
pittifabbione: my next upload will be a 10 kb arch-all package that automatically installs apache203:36
fabbionepitti: that's the plan after sarge release03:36
amurobtaylor: asap, i got access, another live-test comes.   03:36
pittifabbione: or the PostScript webserver (maybe even better)03:36
pittilamont: here?03:37
T-Bonemako: ping?03:40
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
T-Bonelamont: ping03:41
pittielmo: since apache is in universe, mdz and me agreed to upload the security-fixed package, but do not make an USN for it; he also agreed that you can amber it as soon as it is built03:41
=== KeyserSoze [unbound@pound.ifndef.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== nmf [~nmf@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== cc is now known as drbyte
robtayloramu: cool, that'll save me some work ;)03:46
MithrandirKeybuk: do you have a setup for running nstx on the same host as you have your name server?  I'm having a bit of difficulty getting it going..03:50
Keybukno, different hosts03:52
elmopitti: 1.3.31-6ubuntu0.2  <-- that03:54
pittielmo: right, if it already built?03:54
elmoyeah, it did03:55
elmopitti: done03:56
pittielmo: thanks03:56
=== x4m [~max@88.149-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pitticarlos: do you know whether there is a reasonable train between Girona and Mataro?03:57
carlosI suppose it, let me check03:58
Keybukhmm, what the frell is ccwmap?03:59
amurobtaylor: another good example why oss rocks ;) 03:59
robtayloramu: indeedydoody :)04:00
carlospitti: you have this english page, but seems to be broken under Linux :-(, I will check directly from the Spanish version04:01
carlospitti: http://horarios.renfe.es/hir/ingles.html04:01
Keybukah, it's an S/390 thing04:01
pitticarlos: well, I just looked at RyanAir, they have completely unreasonable flights anyway04:01
amupitti: could we test our voip connection today ? 04:01
pittiamu: at Friday evening? Don't you have a gf that will kill you for that? :-)04:02
pittiamu: but of course we can do another short test; however, I did not get any linux version to work04:02
pittiamu: skype has its own protocol04:02
pittiamu: so I guess I just take the MacOS thingy04:02
pittiamu: BTW, did you already look for a flight?04:03
pittiamu: so far, Lufthansa has the only reasonable flights; however, they are quite expensive04:03
robtayloramu: note that the changlogs in the cvs repo are out of date (alex forgot to check in). he just checked in, and obviously sf sucks so much it wont be checkoutable for 24 hrs :(#04:04
amupitti: hehe, well for me it's only imporatant which time it is, working 24/7 it's just normal  04:04
amupitti: flight for spain ? 04:04
pittiamu: yes04:05
pittiamu: I don't want to travel 4,5 h to Frankfurt and be there at 4am 04:05
carlospitti: seems like there is no train 04:05
pitticarlos: okay04:05
pitticarlos: well, Lufthansa has a good flight for about 30004:05
pitticarlos: it's not cheap, though...04:05
amurobtaylor: ;) i've still no access, maybe the next days ..   04:06
amupitti: letme check, i've a good hand for cheap flights   04:06
pittiamu: would be great, I don't04:06
pittiamu: although you and me are living in completely different corners of .de04:06
pittiamu: where do you look?04:06
pittiamu: i. e. which company?04:07
amuhttp://www.aidu.de http://www.opodo.de http://www.expedia.de04:09
=== nmf [~nmf@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
robtaylorlamont: ping?04:48
Mithrandirlamont: http://am.xs4all.nl/morphix/usb/linuxrc.patch.morphix could be very nice to have applied on the live cd, so booting from USB cdroms would work.04:59
thomMithrandir: dude, can you take #2855?05:02
lamontrobtaylor: ack05:03
robtaylorlamont: hey :) hotplug bug fixed, do a cvs pull for your next livecd build05:03
robtaylorof scripts-base05:03
Mithrandirthom: done05:04
thomMithrandir: i'll swap you one if you want? :-)05:04
Mithrandirthom: it's easy enough, I just have to drop my changes on bdale.05:04
robtaylorlamont: well, fixed in theory, at least - havn't had chance to fully test it yet05:04
thomfair enough05:05
robtaylorlamont: i also wanted to ask do you have any local morphix changes that arent upstream yet?05:05
=== smurfix [~smurfix@smurfix.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontrobtaylor: probably.  If it has a 'ubuntu' in the version number, then I probably haven't pushed it yet - my bad05:11
T-Bonelamont: i'm up to building missing deps (and there's alot, which is scary). basically i have to go through the log files by hand, a cripple my stage1 archive with these bastardized deps, right?05:12
lamontT-Bone: pretty much.05:12
lamontit means that you turn stage2 into stage1.5, or that there'll be a stage 3.  But it's 05:13
thomelmo: please sync libapache2-mod-python from unstable05:13
lamont"whatever it takes to get a working archive.  If cheating is involved, iterate another stage"05:13
T-Bonegot it05:13
lamontT-Bone: at any point in there, if you have sufficient packages in your archive, you can start working on d-i.05:13
T-Bonegonna try to scriptize a bit the missing deps building tho05:14
Mithrandirlamont: any comment on the patch I pointed to above?  A friend of mine would be _very_ happy to be a tester. :)05:14
=== RubenV [~lambda1@83-134-126-213.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontMithrandir: would have to go look at it, but I expect we could add it.05:17
RubenVAnyone here from the laptop team?05:18
Mithrandirlamont: goodie, if you could take a look and prod me when you have a test image, I would be most grateful.05:19
lamontMithrandir: wanna email it to me, or file it in the bts assigned to me - it's behind the hoary merge work, and I fear it'll fall through the cracks without something... (bts preferred, actually..)05:21
lamontnormal would be a good severity.. :)05:21
robtaylorlamont: right. if you could push sometime betwen now and monday (or get some packages built with the new changes in), so i can build on monday, i'd be forever in your dept ;)05:22
thomRubenV: sure, sup?05:22
Mithrandirlamont: ok, filing a bug.05:22
Mithrandirseems like there's no component for the live cd, so UNKNOWN it was.05:25
Mithrandirbug filed05:25
robtaylorMithrandir: i noticed that.. who's the bugzilla admin?05:27
Mithrandirrobtaylor: justdave05:27
Mithrandirprobably file a bug on websites, asking for a live-cd component for the bugzilla, assign it to him05:28
lamontMithrandir: LiveCD in the subject, assigned to whatever package it belongs to, has been what we've been doing...05:28
Mithrandirlamont: I don't know what package is the right one, so I guess UNKNOWN is right, then05:30
justdaverobtaylor: I'll be remedying that this afternoon.05:30
robtaylorjustdave: ok i wont bother filing  bug then :)05:30
justdaveamu and I discussed how to do that last night, I'll be pushing it out today.05:31
robtaylorbrilliant 05:31
justdaveyou could file, just mention it's for livecd in the summary and assign it to amu if you know his address05:31
robtaylorjustdave: i mean a bug for a livecd component in the bugzilla...05:32
justdaveoh, in that case, yeah, there's already a bug for that :)05:32
robtaylorheh :)05:32
justdavebug 263505:33
=== UnutBeni8997 [~Nick@dsl81-215-34978.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Keybukgah, bloody hallo-fucking-een05:49
azeemI got a free halloween straw from subway yesterday, because they were out of salad05:49
azeemKeybuk: wanna have that one?05:49
Keybukcan you kill small children with it?05:50
azeemthere's a small, whiteish ghost on it, but I doubt kids will die of horror because of that these days05:50
thomKeybuk: i find a pumpaction shotgun to work quite well. it's a treat.05:50
Mithrandirwhy not rather just not be home?05:51
Mithrandirand that's what you get from importing US traditions.05:51
elmothom: done05:54
thomelmo: grazi05:55
Micksaquick question05:55
Micksamaybe I'm too late but05:55
elmoOut-of-date BUT modified: 103 (10.00%)05:55
elmogetting there :)05:55
Micksadid you guys switch to the new wiki partly because you wanted one from which you can generate docs of some format(s)?05:56
=== Kamion embarks on the PARTMAN MERGE OF DOOM
KamionI'm not sure which direction is least bad for the partman-auto merge05:57
KeybukMithrandir: hmm?  Trick-or-Treating is Irish in origin, iirc and predates the colonisation of Merkia05:58
Kamionlooking at the extent of the changes in both directions I suspect I might as well just redo all the changes by hand05:58
Keybukthe tradition comes from the belief that evil spirits are abroad on Samhain, but can be fooled to leave you alone if you dress up like them05:59
Kamionhm, mind you Keybuk's merge didn't do too bad a job on it05:59
=== Keybuk puts Brewers away <g>
MithrandirKeybuk: hmkay, same difference, it's foreign. :P06:01
=== Keybuk clears a space between you and Colin
KamionI'm torn between kicking his arse and not wanting to be associated with inventing trick-or-treating06:02
=== Mithrandir throws a few ice blocks at Keybuk
Kamionp.s. next time I'm tempted to fork a file *and* change its name, somebody shoot me06:03
=== Keybuk catches them in his drink
MithrandirKeybuk: ice blocks.  You know, not ice pebbles.06:04
Mithrandirand you should never put ice in your beer06:04
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-9-115.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Kyaneos [~kyaneos@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== tritium [rimbert@ee213-dhcp-3.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== x4m [~max@153.239-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kyaneoswhat version of Gnome has Hoary??06:10
Mithrandirit has 2.8 now, it will have 2.1006:10
pittilamont: here?06:10
KyaneosMithrandir, 2.10 or 3.006:11
lamontpitti: yo06:11
MithrandirKyaneos: it's said to be called 2.1006:11
MithrandirKyaneos: I'm not a gnome person, so don't ask me what their next version will be numbered, but that's the number I've heard.06:12
Kyaneosthank you very much06:12
lamontMithrandir: although jdub had a blog that wanted to call it '10'.06:12
pittilamont: I uploaded a security update of libxml2 yesterday, but it was not built on amd64 this morning. Can you please have a look at that?06:12
lamontshould be there now.06:12
pittilamont: oh, fine06:12
lamontbrain fart on my end06:12
Mithrandirlamont: that was obvious trolling.06:12
pittiso, no packaging error?06:12
lamontpitti: none at all. It built fine...06:12
lamontpitti: but you have to actually _upload_ stuff, you know?06:13
lamontyou == buildd here06:13
lamont(missing crontab entry)06:13
pittilamont: hmm, that could really help06:13
lamontyeah.  uploaded a whole boatload of packages for amd64...06:13
lamontsorry Mithrandir. :-)06:13
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@ppp-82-84-143-161.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomelmo: please sync exim4 from unstable06:18
=== RubenV [~lambda1@83-134-126-213.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has left #ubuntu-devel []
lamontthom: how well do you remember what you did to backuppc?  (And would you like 2857?)06:22
thomlamont: sure06:23
thomi probably just mad it depend on httpd rather than apache though06:23
lamontthanks - looks like debian did _something_ addressing the same issue, but it'll take be a bit of digging to see what the diff is...06:23
T-Bonemako: ping?06:23
lamont+  * Use a2enmod rather than manually symlinking06:23
lamont+  * Bin wwwconfig-common (Warty #848)06:23
makoT-Bone: hey there06:24
lamontit's the 2nd one that's the ugly part.06:24
thomyeah, i'll do it06:24
=== x4m [~max@233-215.243.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Micksauhm, can zwiki do images?06:32
=== phlaegel [~phlaegel@S0106000d88033723.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionMicksa: I think part of the reason for the switch was to be able to integrate the wiki and the web site more closely06:35
=== Kyaneos [~kyaneos@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzseb128: we can adjust the seeds after it's uploaded06:38
mdzKamion: I was more curious about whether the new wiki actually provides the data in an easily accessible way, as the old one did06:38
mdzI don't remember it having a 'just dump the raw page for me' feature06:38
Micksathat could probably be added anyway06:40
bluefoxicyThe proactive security post to the ubuntu-devel mailing list was apparently ignored.  What else should I do to try to bring attention to the topic?06:41
=== srbaker_ [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomKamion: d'you know if all our console-data changes went back upstream?06:43
=== SuperL4g [~aaron@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionthom: not certain; I think that's on my list to merge-review ...06:49
thomKamion: ok, i'll assign the bug to you then :_)06:49
Kamionbluefoxicy: start providing patches? :-) It seems to me that it would be useful to run a derivative distribution with the patches you want applied; we'll be making it pretty easy to start up derivative distributions of Ubuntu over the next few months or so06:50
Kamionthom: oh, maybe it's not on my list, ok06:50
bluefoxicyKamion:  I do not want a derivative distribution.06:51
KamionI'm not saying it would stay that way forever06:51
Kamionit's a useful way to demonstrate the utility and viability of a large wide-ranging patchset to lots of packages, though06:52
bluefoxicyKamion:  The changes are simple, and do not break binary compatibility.  They do not add excess administrative tasks, do not change the way the machine behaves for the user, and would quite probably be easy to maintain.06:52
bluefoxicyAll of these things are in use right now on my machine; I'm running Gentoo Linux with a few bits from Hardened Gentoo, a subproject of Gentoo06:52
Kamionif they're so simple, perhaps simply filing bugs with patches is the right thing to do.06:52
bluefoxicyso such demonstration is already done06:52
bluefoxicyI'm not a developer though :(  but I know someone who's working on it and may be willing to help06:53
mdzbluefoxicy: we discussed this in the kickoff meeting06:53
mdzI thought it was fairly clear06:53
bluefoxicymdz:  Hmm?06:53
bluefoxicykickoff meeting?06:53
pittiHi mdt!06:53
mdzbluefoxicy: you were there, if I recall correctly06:53
pittiHi mdz!06:53
bluefoxicymdz:   The last discussion I remember was sending me here, which in turn sent me to the mailing list06:54
bluefoxicyI was sent here from #ubuntu-meeting06:54
mdzoh, I remember06:54
mdzyou asked during the community council meeting06:54
bluefoxicyI don't think I paid much attention since then06:54
pittimdz: elmo ambered apache, libxml2 should be ready to go06:54
mdzanyway, this was discussed during the Hoary kickoff meeting06:54
thomKamion: it's, um, on your list now :-) it looks like most of the change was a backport, but there's some translation magic needed06:54
Kamionthom: yarrrr, more fun06:54
bluefoxicymdz:  i missed that one06:54
mdzbluefoxicy: mako is working on a summary, and will publish a transcript as well06:55
mdzI'll follow up to the mailing list when I have a chance06:55
bluefoxicyKamion:  I'm also not familiar with the Debian/Ubuntu developer's tools, and not familiar with Lorenzo's work (I don't pay much attention even though he tells me whenever he releases something), so I wouldn't be able to make intelligent bugs :)06:55
bluefoxicymdz:  Ah, ok06:56
bluefoxicyI'll look for that06:56
Kamionbluefoxicy: it doesn't have to be you, but *somebody* has to take responsibility for it!06:56
thomKamion: sadly, i don't even know what unfuzzying a translation is, let alone how one does it06:56
bluefoxicyand try and figure a more structured way to go about this; I still haven't woken up, and I don't even know where to start even to argue for this stuff. . . geeze I'm like a 5 year old :P06:56
Kamionbluefoxicy: the core team is already flat out, so we need help from the community if there are extra things that people in the community want06:56
bluefoxicy. . .what was I talking about?06:57
KamionKeybuk: partman-basicfilesystems is a good example of where merging debian->warty *doesn't* work well06:57
bluefoxicymdz:  I'll be watching for the transcript where?06:57
=== rdnk [~rdnk@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bluefoxicyand the summary?06:58
KeybukKamion: oh, what did it do?07:01
mdzbluefoxicy: probably -devel, or maybe -news, ask mako07:01
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionKeybuk: the warty patch was a one-liner that didn't touch .po files or anything; the debian patch was enormous07:03
KamionKeybuk: it went around rewriting lots of .po files when it could have just ignored them, basically07:04
srbakerhey.  jython is in debian main, but it's not in warty main or universe.  is there a reason why?07:04
makobluefoxicy: i'm posting things too all three at the moment but i'm going to start posting things to only news pretty soon07:05
bluefoxicymako:  uh huh07:08
bluefoxicymako:  And at the moment, there's a giant coffee cake downstairs07:08
bluefoxicyyou know what that means.07:08
=== bluefoxicy goes to make a giant coffee.
bluefoxicyI really have to not get on IRC when I've been awake for ~1 minute07:09
bluefoxicyit's right by my bed07:09
bluefoxicyit's like "uh?  where the hell am I?  *gets on IRC* Hey where the hell am. . .oh wait, I was dreaming that's right . . ."07:09
=== mako looks a little confused
mdzthom: how does firefox look?07:15
SuperL4gbluefoxicy: do you also use Gentoo?07:16
srbakeris rthere a place where i can download the blueish ubuntu background taht was used in the warty prerelease?07:16
SuperL4gyour name looks familiar07:16
srbakeri'm not liking the shit brown.07:16
SuperL4gsrbaker: tell us how you _really_ feel :)07:17
srbakerSuperL4g, sorry, i'm not good with subtlety07:17
SuperL4gNo worries.  Nor am I.  I just think it's funny.07:18
srbakeractually, i was being nice.  i usually call it diarrhea brown07:19
srbakerlooks like jython has incomplete build-deps07:21
bluefoxicySuperL4g:  yes07:25
bluefoxicySuperL4g: despite the flack it takes, Gentoo is an excellent developer's platform by nature, and various subprojects (including hardened) have benefited greatly from the ability to easily modify the system at will (easy does not mean it takes less than 2 days to rebuild, though)07:27
=== x4m [~max@82-113.240.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamonthrm.. patches back to debian... guess we're not using no-name-yet.com anymore, eh?07:37
mdzlamont: people.ubuntu*07:38
=== lamont sends a pwlib patch around the long way so he can close it in bugzilla as fixed-in-hoary
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lamontKeybuk: you re-run your scripts?07:54
Kamionelmo: please revert console-data to the Debian version07:55
elmoKamion: done07:55
elmothom: done btw07:55
elmo(exim4 ages ago, I think I forgot the ack)07:55
Keybuklamont: no?07:55
lamonthrm... just wondering why libdc1394 disappeared.07:56
lamontmind you, I'm done with it.07:56
Keybukdid you look in merge/done ? :)07:56
lamontah, should i be moving things there?07:57
Keybukheh, you'd need +w for that07:57
=== Keybuk has been idly keeping track of hoary-changes :p
KamionI do believe that that's everything synced/merged that's in the d-i initrds07:59
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=== T-Bone is now known as T-Gone
lamonthow often does our bugzilla sync debian bugs?08:04
=== Riddell [jr@muse.19inch.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== lamont hates autocrap
lamontwhere do I put MAINTAINER_MODE again?08:17
KeybukAM_MAINTAINER_MODE in configure.{in,ac}08:19
Keybuksomewhere near the top08:19
=== Kamion beats up discover1 to CHILL about version numbers
Kamionlamont: discover1/discover1-data build failures are both fixed now I think, if you're caring about hoary build failures at the moment08:23
lamontKamion: kinda half caring...08:23
lamontI do look at them, but things are so flux-ful right now, that I haven't bothered to file any bugs about them.08:23
=== Kamion nods
lamontKamion: miscfiles - you added a Depends: fileutils (..) | ...08:27
lamontwe still need that for hoary?08:27
Kamioncan I answer that later? :-) need to go out soon08:29
Keybukdescent src% ./grepmap --usbmap 0x045e 0x001e 0x0121 0 0 0 3 1 208:30
Keybukthis is kinda fun <g>08:30
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
kylemyargh, is there a divx package for ubuntu's totem, or whatnot.08:44
=== nasdaq4088 [sdfsd@tkp-ip-nas-1-p107.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
nasdaq4088who here can download 3mb / sec ?08:48
=== amu
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-110-79.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontKamion: np09:12
=== stratus [~stratus@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
stratusIs there a brazilian mirror? I need to download the live cd asap to show for a manager but the UK, Spain and other mirrors are really slow to me here.09:41
=== stratus thinking in setup one here.
mdzstratus: lists of mirrors can be found on the website and in the wiki09:43
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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stratusmdz, i see that a brazilian mirror isn't listed there but anyone here can have one but it isn't published. thanks.09:45
pittimdz: have you got some minutes for libxml2? my gf will drag me out of the house in 10 minutes...09:46
mdzpitti: yes09:46
pittimdz: sorry to bother you...09:47
pittimdz: but I'd like to get this out of the door; I'm at a Debian booth all the day tomorrow and are n/a09:47
mdzelmo: debdiff on jackass, please?09:48
mdzpitti: which advisory number?09:48
pittimdz: 10-109:49
mdzpitti: done09:49
pittimdz: got the template09:50
pittimdz: sent09:52
pittimdz: do you know of any changes of my web site login? I could add the advisory, but I cannot publish it09:57
pittimdz: the only option is to "mark obsolete"09:57
pittimdz: odd, now it works (the second time)09:57
pittimdz: however; thank you!09:57
pittinight, everybody!09:58
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amumdz: people reporting bug/requests thought my forum page, i forward it to bugzilla ?    10:37
mdzamu: sure10:37
mdzamu: wait10:37
mdzamu: live CD bugs?10:37
mdzor general bugs?10:37
amuliveCD 10:37
mdzyes, fine10:37
amualso such things like ITP's 10:38
amu;) 10:38
amuok, all kind of questions related to the liveCD ....11:10
Mithrandiramu: if you can come up with a test image with the patch I mentioned in the "live cd and usb cdrom doesn't work" bug, a friend of mine is most interested in testing. :)11:20
amuMithrandir: sounds good, looks like we have some policy problems, at the buildsys.  11:24
amulamont: for faster process, please could you run a sync of the knoopix packages and a place inoffical-Mithrandir.iso to your testing tree ? 11:25
Mithrandiramu: ugh, ok. what kind of policy problems?  The hotplug-runs-in-wrong-root problem?11:27
=== sivang [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontMithrandir: other than the fact that the entire build process has to run as root in the real root, not much. :-)11:42
lamontMithrandir: and fixing that is a blocker for any liveCD build on a buildd now that warty is out the door, and we have repented of our sins.11:43
Mithrandiryeah, I'm talking to amu now with ideas how to fix it.11:44
=== lamont goes to a fire call
=== sivang [~pooh@] has left #ubuntu-devel []

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