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dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: correct the behaviour of add-id when an id value is specified and multiple paths are specified (patch-41)02:26
!lilo:*! Channel notes.... PC hardware: #hardware.pc .... Polish GNU/Linux users: #linux.pl .... thanks!02:32
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: extract the add_id heuristics from cmd-add-id.c, and move them into inv-ids.c. (patch-42)02:55
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: do not add ids to non existant paths. adjust arch_choose_id to return the chosen id, to allow success detection. (patch-43)03:49
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dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: prevent add-id on control dirs and files (patch-44)05:35
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: tweak permissions on the libneon configure.in (patch-45)05:49
ddaalifeless: one datum against my process handling06:28
ddaaI had a busy hang when running the full pyarch test suite in twisted (make check-twisted-arch)06:28
ddaaHad to kill -9 the command.06:29
ddaa(well, did not try sigterm and sigquit, I admit)06:29
ddaaOf course it is not reproducible.06:29
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ddaaI saw someone reporting a problem with tar.06:31
ddaaHang in futex...06:31
ddaaelmo said it was a known-and-fixed tar bug.06:31
ddaaBut giving a linker option to use the old libc code (not using futex) seemed to fix the problem.06:31
ddaaSo, maybe it is a similar python or twisted bug...06:32
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ddaaAnother hang in the test suite.08:49
ddaaThe totally weird thing is that the hangs in the test suite never happened before. The only difference of note I can think of is that buildbot is running at the same time.08:50
ddaaThe process handling code itself has not been modified.08:50
ddaaMh... in that case, sigterm is enough to kill the test suite program though.08:51
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BradBwoohoo, stub rocks11:45
kikotell us something we don't know!11:45
BradBheh heh11:45
BradBkiko: is there a place where i assign a particular name a value for a certain project in ZCML? e.g. in malone, I want to define the global notification email address, in lieu of having a UI for that.11:48
BradBs,i assign,i can assign,11:48
kikothere is nowhere conventioned, I don't believe11:49

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