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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/pyarch--devel--0.5: bugfix for _package_revision_param (patch-50)01:49
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: more (mostly) notification-related fixes to malone (patch-717)02:00
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/pyarch--devel--0.5: back-end refactoring (patch-51)02:02
ddaalifeless: good example of correctness-preservingly turning a mess of interdependent modules into something much more sane providing a Facade.02:03
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ddaathe next step (after command name customization) is abstracting out the command line generation.02:05
ddaayou've been talking about it in London.02:05
ddaabaz is going to make that something nice to have.02:05
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dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: Moving commands into the commands dir (patch-46)09:38
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: merge from thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0 (patch-47)01:11
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: create commands specific unit tests subtree (patch-48)01:28
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: merge in switch implementation from robert.collins@canonical.com--general/bazaar--switch--1.0 (patch-49)02:02
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dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/hackerlab--devo--1.1: fix hackerlab for all current gc warnings (patch-1)03:25
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar-debian--debian--1.0: use stricter gcc flags for building (patch-2)03:27
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: fix baz for all current gcc warnings (patch-50)03:38
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!lilo:*! <Geert> Irssi is planning a redesign of its project web-pages. If you want to have your say in what we do with them, please join us in #irssi-site.06:07
!lilo:*! <Geert> We will be brainstorming and want to know what you, the users and public, feel is missing from the site, and what would make our web presence better. Join us now!06:07
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elmospiv: ?08:18
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kikoelmo, yo?10:27
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kikowtf is our Label sample data10:47
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: job name munging for buildbot (patch-718)11:28
kikoBradB, I need your help.11:35
kikoand don't say you're not here11:35
BradBi'm not here!11:35
kikovive la france!11:35
kikoI am doing something like way way evil11:35
ddaakiko: ?11:35
ddaawe won a football match against your team again, or what? :-P11:36
kikono, no11:36
kiko    def architecturesReleased(self, distroRelease):11:36
kiko        # XXXkiko I am a criminal11:36
kiko        return SourcePackageRelease.__dict__['architecturesReleased'] (self, distroRelease)11:36
=== ddaa is disappointed of seeing his troll fail
kikoif you help me I will try and pretend I fell for it11:37
kikobasically I created a view but I want to proxy some of the requests to another class11:37
kikoBradB, how do I create an SQLBase manually?11:38
kikocan I instantiate it supplying an id?11:38
ddaaya know, if we tell mark about that, you be accommodated in the stables in Spain...11:38
kikoI will bring you candy if you don't11:38
kikodilys, you be quiet11:38
BradBhm, /me ponders momentarily11:38
BradBkiko: architecturesReleased = SourcePackageRelease.architecturesReleased maybe?11:39
kikoI don't think it will run because of Python's class-enforcement11:40
BradByeah, hm11:40
ddaakiko; I am not sure I understand, but the only reason i can see of doing what you do would be to bypass getattr/getattribute...11:40
kikoit's practically the same as calling SourcePackageRelease.architecturesReleased(self, ...)11:40
kikobecause I am impersonating a SourcePackageRelease with a view11:40
ddaaWhich is pointless, because iirc, getattr is not used for attributes which exist. Dunno about getattribute.11:41
=== ddaa apparently lacks context to understand why doing something like that would ever be necessary
kikoddaa, I am creating a database view11:42
kikothis means my query returns objects that are views and not real sourcepackagereleases11:42
kikonow some attributes there I have, but some I don't11:43
ddaaA view in the DBMS sense or in the MVC sense?11:43
kikoDBMS sense.11:43
ddaaUh... what is that view for?11:43
spivddaa: getattribute is always called (for new-style classes).11:43
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kikojoining 1000 different tables conveniently11:44
ddaaspiv: I was sure you knew everything of that kind of evil black magic :-)11:44
kikospiv is allowed to provide opinions too11:44
kikojust this once11:44
spivddaa: http://users.rcn.com/python/download/Descriptor.htm11:44
kikoit's easy!11:45
spivkiko: Mixin class? (shudder)11:45
BradBkiko: why not just get rid of the __dict__?11:46
ddaaHa, yes, descriptor is the thing I need to do to make my "memoized_property" decorator for pyarch one day.11:46
spivBradB: Because self is not an instance of SourcePackageRelease, if I'm understanding correctly.11:46
BradBpass in a good self then11:47
kikoit's just a proxy through one of the view's attributes11:47
kikospiv, yes, that's right.11:47
kikoBradB, that was SUCH a wisecrack :)11:47
ddaakiko: why not just create another sqlos class for your view?11:47
BradBspr = SourcePackageRelease.get(theid), etc.11:47
kiko    def architecturesReleased(self, distroRelease):11:47
kiko        # Proxy to a real SourcePackageRelease11:47
kiko        return self.sourcepackagerelease.architecturesReleased(distroRelease)11:47
=== kiko does the command-the-system dance
spivThat looks much saner, yeah.11:48
BradBheh, somehow i don't think we had the context to know that could suffice, but yeah, makes sense :)11:48
ddaakiko: yeah, that looks like a regular Proxy pattern.11:48
kikomodeling SQL views as objects is horrible11:48
kikoI want to go back to gardening11:48
spivModelling relations as objects is horrible ;)11:49
kikoI WANT THE ZODB11:49
ddaahu, spiv++11:49
ddaadunno about zodb... btw maybe we could have used the underlying ODBMS of postgres instead of bothering with sql....11:50
spivddaa: ZODB is goodness.11:50
spivdunno about postgres's odbms :)11:50
ddaaI'm skeptical of NIH, by principle.11:50
spivPlus the ZODB guys keep finding weakref gc bugs in Python, so they must be clever ;)11:51
=== BradB dresses up as a guy wearing a hat for halloween
ddaai dunno about postgres odbms either. But I trust the postgres people to know what they are doing.11:51
ddaaspiv: somehow, code that keeps hitting obscure bugs in commodity software has to be a bit over the top.11:52
spivddaa: I trust the ZODB guys :)11:52
BradBddaa: the guy who wrote most of the ZODB is now employed by google. he has much clue.11:52
ddaaThat's a good cred, indeed.11:52
kikoand the guy currently in charge knows more about Python that god11:52
kiko(or about anything that's written in 1s and 0s I suspect)11:53
=== BradB can't wait to play mao in spain
=== ddaa gives two penalty cards to BradB
ddaaInvoking the name of our leader in vain.11:55
ddaaLying. You can obviously wait, your are waiting at the moment.11:56
BradBpoint of order: poo. end point of order.11:56
ddaaThe game, some like harsh.11:58
BradBthe first time i played it, all i knew was something about how you can make up your own rules. i was a bit too liberal in applying that knowledge.11:58
ddaamaking new rules is _hard_11:59
BradBplus i was having a semi-scuffle in text messages on my cell with my girl back in montreal, so i wasn't thinking.11:59
ddaaharder than guessing them11:59
BradByeah, i made a stupid one12:00
BradBkinnison is like the jrr tolkien of mao rules12:00

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