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mdzcdrecord makes baby jesus cry01:40
danielsmdz: yes01:43
srbakeranyone know a good way to tell what format a video is in?  i can't get it to play under anything i can find for ubuntu *or* windows media01:43
mdzsrbaker: please use #ubuntu for support01:43
danielsmdz: joerg doubly so01:43
danielsthat was the logo that won the logo contest.01:44
=== mdz 's eyes bleed
chrisaIf that won I don't want to know what lost01:45
mdzjdub: did you realize that OpenBSD is on the same release schedule as Ubuntu and GNOME?02:07
mdzjdub: stockholm just pointed this out02:07
jdubseriously? april/october?02:08
jdub"The current release is OpenBSD 3.6 which was released Oct 29, 2004."02:09
jdubhrm, wonder where their release planning pages are02:09
jdub5.1 - OpenBSD's Flavors02:11
jdubThere are three "flavors" of OpenBSD:02:11
jdub    * -release: The version of OpenBSD shipped every six months on CD.02:11
tsengi ran into theo the other day02:11
jdubThe OpenBSD team makes a new release every six months, with target release dates of May 1 and November 1. More information on the development cycle can be found here.02:11
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jdubhrm, always annoying when real content is stuck in a FAQ02:12
tsenghe is hitting up everyone about getting the wifi fimrwares opened02:12
jduband giving linus stick about it, too02:12
tsenggood cause02:13
tsengannoying methods02:13
tsengsome bsd'ers dont realize that freedom isnt everyones bag of tea02:13
tsengnot that there arent linux/gpl zealots02:13
mdzjdub: http://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq1.html#Next02:15
mdzah, you found it already02:15
tsengsigh @ "breakmyubuntu"02:16
tsengid rather not have my work labeled as such02:16
tsengdaniels: dont forget libdbus-cil :P02:17
danielstseng: haven't forgotten dbus; after I've taken care of the merge, I'll be preparing packages of CVS D-BUS with Mono support02:18
tsengdaniels = the man.02:19
=== T-Bone calls it a night, bye all
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jdubbrazilian-conjugate - Brazilian Portuguese verb conjugator02:21
jdub^ heh02:21
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jdubattempting to do XDMCP query to
jdubgdm wants to connect back to the Xnest on
jdubwell, it should want to03:41
jdubit's attempting to connect to
jdubwhich is the access point03:41
jdubrather bizarre03:42
jdubworks fine if i don't go through the AP03:43
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lamontjdub: maybe it's a "smart" AP?04:11
=== lamont watches his mirror try to play catch-up
pascjudging from the last time I tried to get a wireless connection at jdub's place, it's probably the neighbours' AP ;-)04:13
=== lamont finishes getting util-linux up to date.
lamontassuming it builds, etc04:21
lamontjdub: is there a reliable way to distinguish a hoary machine from a debian machine?04:22
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lamontmdz: please sync debian bug #269366 to hoary04:43
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fabbionemorning guys04:54
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-110-88.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont idly wishes that his debian mirror would finish, so he can build and upload the postfix that the hoary upload is based on... :-)
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fabbionelamont: i have sid here, if you want, i can upload for you'05:40
lamontjust needed a couple files from krb505:40
=== lamont hugs his sid-full suite
lamont(that's a full set of packages files, without the .debs to back them up...)05:41
lamontbut means that just wget'ing the.deb fixes things up quite nicely. :-)05:41
lamontthe actual mirror (dists/sid) contains a leaner, meaner, Packages.gz05:41
fabbionebecause you do partial mirroring?05:42
fabbione /dev/vgdata/debianorg 40G   34G  4.2G  89% /mirrors/debian.org05:42
fabbionei still have some space to play with05:43
fabbionebut i think i will kill my debian mirror pretty soon05:43
lamont2552748 /org/debian/tree05:51
lamont7655432 /org/ubuntu/tree05:51
lamontnot much of a debian tree, I'll admit05:51
lamontesp since it has sid:i386,ia64,hppa,alpha, sarge: i386,ia64,hppa, and woody: i386, with source for all.05:51
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Gmailsomething the devel shound know:05:52
Gmail B = Before05:52
GmailE = Engineers05:52
GmailT = Take05:52
GmailA = Action05:52
fabbionelamont: i only have i386 and sources for woody/sarge/i38605:52
fabbioneehm... sid05:52
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lamontfabbione: most of my mirror is either packages for machiens that don't have ubuntu support, or packages [and their (build-)depends]  that I maintain.05:53
lamonthrm.. interesting drive-by defining.05:54
fabbionei need a full mirror for the ipv6 stats05:54
fabbioneall the sources and binaries are parsed regularly every day05:54
lamontoh - hey... wanna see if I broke ipv6 with 2.1.5-1ubuntu1?05:54
fabbioneat least the interdiff between day1 and dayx05:54
lamontI don't _think_ I did...05:55
fabbionelamont: i am not running ubuntu on my mail server (yet)05:55
lamontbut that'll be in the archive tomorrow05:55
fabbioneif it is for debian sure05:55
fabbionepass it here05:55
fabbioneis it in incoming?05:55
lamontI do need to go get the current ipv6 patch and merge it in,05:56
fabbionei need to buy a dvd burner ASAP05:56
=== lamont will be where he could buy and bring in december, if that makes life easier...
fabbioneproblem is that i can't delete anything05:58
fabbionenot that i don't know how to use rm05:58
fabbionebut it's just me that can't05:58
fabbioneso i keep filling up tons of harddisks for crap05:58
lamontfabbione: disks are cheap05:59
fabbionei don't have any more space for harddisks in the file server06:00
fabbioneAlloc PE / Size       157367 / 614.71 GB06:00
fabbionethere are already 8 disks in there06:00
fabbioneAlloc PE / Size       2493 / 9.74 GB06:00
fabbioneand the system vg06:00
fabbionethe first one is just data06:01
fabbionebtw.. why did you created a _multi.changes, uploading only i386?06:02
fabbionetelnet ::1 2506:03
fabbioneConnected to ::1.06:04
fabbione220 trider-g7.fabbione.net ESMTP Postfix (Debian/GNU)06:04
lamontfabbione: cool06:05
fabbionelamont: try to send me a mail please06:05
fabbionethis morning seems to be low traffic06:06
fabbioneipv4 works fine06:07
fabbionei didn't receive any mail via ipv6 yet06:07
fabbioneit seems to be ok06:13
lamontfabbione: if it's not, I'm sure I'll hear about it.. :-)06:14
lamontanyway, off to bed.06:14
fabbionegood night06:14
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hornbeckhas anyone seen sivang?06:27
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bluefoxicytseng:  i'm going to find out where you live one day07:06
Micksais it just me or is plone/zwiki/zope slow?07:31
lifelessplone and zwiki are both zope2 -- dog slow07:34
Micksaare you implying zope3 isn't?07:35
Micksatrying to establish if zope is worth getting into :)07:36
lifelesszope3 is good crack07:37
Micksaso plone on zope3 will suck much less?07:57
Micksazwiki on its own seems reasonably zippy08:09
lifelesszwiki might be zope3 in fact08:10
lifelessand yes, if plone is migrated to zope3, it would be faster08:11
jdubit would still be zwiki ;)08:12
Micksadeciding on a wiki is hard08:13
Micksafor a long-term project I mean08:13
MicksaI'm guessing you guys chose it for sound reasons :)08:14
MicksaI think half the reason it's slow is because of the wadload of Dynamic Content that's in there by default08:38
jdubmdz: ping08:39
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cenerentolahello pplx09:06
mdzjdub: pong09:17
mdzlamont: what do you mean?09:17
cenerentolaone thing 09:18
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lucas_where can I find the sources for ubuntu's fork of debian-installer ?09:31
jdublucas_: 'branch' :)09:32
jdublucas_: it's all on the archive -> archive.ubuntu.com09:32
lucas_mmh, so this is outdated : http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?DebianInstallerBuild ?09:34
jdublucas_: i don't know, but that's nothing to do with ubuntu09:35
lucas_is there a "how to build debian-installer to put it on a custom Ubuntu CD" howto ? :)09:36
lucas_well, where could I find relevant info ?09:38
cenerentolajdub: after installing another warty on the laptop... the first warty's grub-entry disappeared... note that the second one has its own boot partition: what should i do?09:38
jdubcenerentola: best to ask these kinds of questions in #ubuntu09:39
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cenerentolayes but no-one excetp iz seems to be good at this kind of things09:41
jdubcenerentola: many of the developers are in #ubuntu09:42
jdubthat's where you should ask user questions09:42
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lifelesssomeone want to tak bug #3075 ?10:47
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Gmailhey anyone want to add the coolest!!! WYIWYG html editor to ubuntu hoary by making a binary its called nvu from nvu.com another sponsored by linspire project10:52
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sivangGmail : what seems to be the problem ?11:50
Gmail<Gmail> hey anyone want to add the coolest!!! WYIWYG html editor to ubuntu hoary by making a binary its called nvu from nvu.com another sponsored by linspire project11:50
Gmail1hr ago11:50
sivangGmail : you can try and create a package if you like :)11:52
Gmailsivang: i am12:01
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jdublifeless: it's being rewritten upstream12:02
lifelessjdub: its the category it was filed against I was more amused by.12:03
lifelesssomeone filed it against bazaar.12:03
jdubjust saw that12:03
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vinscithe teams page doesn't mention a web team - is there one?12:29
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Keybukmorning Tollef12:52
lifelessKeybuk: 'baz switch' implemented.12:56
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Mithrandirhi Keybuk01:00
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truluxhey Keybuk 01:02
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GmailI FUND THE BEST SOFTWARE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!02:07
Gmailit should be in ubuntu if ubuntu is going to be a server distro02:07
Gmailit the coolest and OSS02:07
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bob2erm, ok03:30
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cenerentolabob2: how r u doing?03:31
bob2i am good thx03:33
zulah...okie dokie03:36
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sivangAnybody can shoot at me the directory under which the trash files reside?04:03
sivangI have reason to believe that some files were not deleted from my system, although the trash:// applet seems empty04:04
plovs ~/.Trash/ ?04:14
plovsanybody able to login to the wiki? seems authentication stopped working04:17
hornbeckI cannot get in either04:26
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Mithrandirmdz: what's the procedure for bugs like 3032 which is now fixed in sid -- request sync or just close the bug?04:31
Keybukthat one needs merging04:31
Mithrandirok, and for for, who still isn't up-to-date wrt mail, that means I should do what?  Review the patches and upload manually or request sync?04:34
elmoif there are outstanding ubuntu changes, merge them and upload - if there's none and the package should be reverted to sid, mail/irc me04:40
Keybukhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/merge/README  explains what the .dropped and .patch files mean04:40
Keybukbasically stuff in .dropped is Debian changes that couldn't be merged04:41
Mithrandirok, and we don't care about changelogs and such?04:41
Keybukyeah, try to fix the changelog -- otherwise next time we merge it's even harder04:41
Mithrandir(so if the changes in code has been merged, no point in dragging the historical changelog patch along)04:41
Keybukno, really please put the changelog back together04:41
Keybuk<debian pre-warty changes> <warty changes> <debian post-warty changes> <hoary changes>04:42
Keybukis the order we've used04:42
Keybukother than that, it just looks like you need to fix debian/patches/00list04:42
Keybukand change that _warty.patch and _hoary.patch are roughly equivalent04:42
Mithrandirok, but I'm trying to understand the general concept here. :)04:42
lamontmdz: ECONTEXT04:42
KeybukMithrandir: we changed qt-x11-free ... we need to catch up with Debian and keep our changes04:43
Keybukthe automagic merge script couldn't quite do that one by itself04:43
T-Bonelamont: got a few more "weird hangs" today in stage2.2 -> courrier04:48
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Keybukhow did I just get a "NEW" for a package LaMont filed a FTBFS on me for?06:37
Keybukautomake1.9_1.9.2-1ubuntu1_source.changes is NEW06:37
Keybukvs. #302106:38
fabbionemdz: can we import http://freedesktop.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1744 ?06:57
fabbionethis is a possible show stopper to package X.org at the moment06:57
fabbioneit could break the hell out of ubuntu06:58
fabbione(given that i am correct)06:58
=== fabbione goes off again
mdzlamont: <lamont> mdz: please sync debian bug #269366 to hoary07:08
mdzfabbione: we have no means to import Bugzilla bugs at the moment07:09
mdzyou can file a bug with a hyperlink07:09
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Keybukgrepmap.c:136: warning: string length `679' is greater than the length `509' ISO C89 compilers are required to support08:44
plovsany www.ubuntulinux.org admins awake? wiki dows not allow logging in08:57
sivangplovs : yes it doesn't :(08:57
plovssivang, btw thanks for the sambahowto windows domain stuff (in advance)08:58
sivangplovs : no problem, I have a freind who is running an NYC IT Based consulting company, I will be using him for that :)08:59
plovssivang :)09:00
elmoplease try the wiki now?09:01
hornbeckI just set up samba off that tutorial09:06
hornbecknice stuff worked right away09:06
sivanghornbeck : samba is a way cool project :)09:06
hornbeckyee, the wiki is back09:06
hornbecksivang: yes it is09:06
hornbeckback to work09:07
sivangwiki is back? Yeeeha!09:07
hornbeckanyone want to host the inotify kernel for me?09:09
hornbeckIt has killed my blog09:09
hornbeckpeople are downloading the crap out of it09:10
hornbeckplovs: great bootup howto09:11
plovshornbeck, ask tseng he has lots of mono stuff anyway09:12
hornbeckok, I have to find something09:12
hornbeckas of right now it is down, for at least two days, and so is my blog09:12
plovshornbeck, how big is it?09:17
hornbeckhmmm, don't know09:17
hornbeckthe size of the regular kernel09:17
plovshornbeck, too big to put it in the wiki then :(09:17
hornbeckit is the same as the normal i386 kernel cept with inotify built in09:17
hornbeckyes, to big09:17
plovsask for a folder on canonical09:18
plovslike tseng and piti09:18
hornbeckwho would I ask?09:18
plovsasdfl or mdz09:18
plovsi suppose09:18
plovsor ask louise on our list09:18
lamontKeybuk: Either I grabbed source for debian, or the binaries weren't known to our katie. don't remember which09:20
lamontcd debian/autodiff-new && aclocal09:20
lamont/bin/bash: line 1: aclocal: command not found09:20
=== lamont giggles and points at emacs21
Keybukmissing build-depend ?09:21
hornbeckplovs: is there a way to get around the empty sections in ReST09:25
sivanghornbeck : you created a package for the inotify built kernel?09:25
plovshornbeck, make them unempty09:25
hornbeckit is available on the beagle page09:25
hornbeckplovs: I want two headers. One right after the other09:26
plovsuse different markup, just a sec...09:26
hornbeckI fixed it09:27
hornbecklook at that, is that a good starting point09:28
hornbeckit is from the website09:28
hornbeckplovs: where are you storing the pictures for the wiki09:30
plovsjust in the root09:33
lamontKeybuk: linda is also pissed on i386.09:34
lamontbut only i386, which kinda points at arch:all stuff09:34
plovshornbeck, add new content09:34
Keybuklamont: *sigh* Debian and their allergy to correct build-depends09:35
lamontKeybuk: I think it's more clue factor09:36
lamontactually, I think linda may be arch all.09:37
mdzlinda is arch all09:38
hornbeckmdz: is there a way for me to get a folder to host files for ubuntu?09:38
mdzhornbeck: large files or small files?09:39
hornbeckabout 30 megs or so09:39
hornbecka kernel image09:39
hornbeckmy host is dead because the kernel image has become popular09:40
=== mjg59 goes back to try one more thing on the Craptop
Kosaimjg59: No luck so far?09:44
hornbeckmdz: the kernel image is 14M09:50
mdzhornbeck: if it's just a one-time thing, I can put it up for you in my home directory09:50
hornbeckmdz: I am not sure if I will need to make other files soon09:51
hornbeckI will find something09:51
hornbeckI am looking at building beagle packages09:52
mdzhornbeck: is this for inotify?09:53
hornbeckmdz: yes09:53
hornbeckI have a link to the kernel on the beagle howto page and the kernel is getting downloaded a ton09:53
mdzhornbeck: give me a URL and I can put it up someplace for you09:54
hornbeckI only have it local now09:54
hornbeckmy host shut me off09:54
hornbeckbastards took my blog down to09:55
mjg59Kosai: Haha. No.10:01
plovshornbeck, i try to save my pics as Pic... so it easier to find them later10:03
hornbeckplovs: ok10:03
KeybukI swear, Lintian is on some serious crack today10:04
Keybukwartylog: grepmap source: changelog-should-mention-nmu10:04
Keybukwartylog: grepmap source: source-nmu-has-incorrect-version-number 0.1.0-110:04
MithrandirChangelog maintainer != control file maintainer?10:05
Keybuknope, identical *shrug*10:05
Mithrandirthen it's on crack.10:05
Keybukstray space on the end of the line in control10:05
Mithrandirsounds like a bug -- whitespace is not important in rfc822 addresses10:06
Keybukright, dinner time10:08
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mjg59Gah. Fuck. Right, that makes no difference.10:39
mjg59It must be something fundamentally wrong in the ACPI implementation, but I have no idea what.10:39
=== nictuku [nictuku@nictuku.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
nictukuI dont understand. was #1608 fixed in Warty final?10:40
nictukuI had problems with that.10:42
mdznictuku: it was fixed, and then unfortunately un-fixed10:43
mdzhornbeck: the patch will go into hoary in the near future anyway10:57
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hornbeckmdz: that is hoary though11:03
hornbeckfor people to use beagle now they need inotify11:03
enricoHello.  There's some interest in the doc group to try out some arch.  I still haven't clear how repositories work in arch, but would it be possible to have an arch playground we could use to practice a bit with it before we start doing community editing of big documents?11:04
hornbeckarch would be good for the Learning Ubuntu book11:05
hornbeckfor the docbook part of it11:05
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mdzhornbeck: I don't follow11:06
mdzhornbeck: what is hoary?11:06
hornbeckmdz: you said that inotify was going into Hoary11:07
hornbeckmdz: I was saying yes, but it was going in Hoary and not Warty11:07
hornbeckmdz: I had that package so people could use beagle now with Warty11:07
mdzhornbeck: your package is not going into warty, either11:08
hornbeckmdz: I know, but I was hosting so people could use it11:09
hornbeckhmm, I think something is missing here11:09
mdzhornbeck: they could also use the hoary package, which we host11:09
hornbeckmdz: ok11:09
hornbeckmdz: I was just responding to your comment to me above :-)11:10
mdzfor now, at least. at some point in the future, the hoary kernel may no longer be installable on warty11:10
enricoOk.  No answer about my arch question.  Could someone please tell me where to ask instead?11:10
hornbeckmdz: I was just trying to help people with using beagle11:10
mdzenrico: the beauty of arch is that it's decentralized.  anyone who wants to try it out can set it up on their own11:10
enricomdz: yes, but how does it work when you want to put the results together?11:11
hornbeckmdz: I get a ton of email everyday about the beagle howto and I know they all used the kernel I was hosting11:11
mdzenrico: it works11:11
enricomdz: how?11:11
hornbeckmdz: I was just looking for a new place to host it and I was told to as you11:11
mdzenrico: http://www.gnu.org/software/gnu-arch/tutorial/arch.html11:11
mdzenrico: http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/gnu-arch-users/2003-09/msg00034.html11:11
enricomdz: I mean, do you need a central repository somewhere, or you do some peer-to-peer swap of patches, or 11:11
mdzenrico: those are two good starting points fo rarch11:12
mdzfor arch11:12
enricomdz: ok.  Besides tutorials, you mean that if we want to have a playground somewhere we have to set it up in some machine of ours?11:12
mdzenrico: an arch archive is just a directory tree, there is nothing to set up11:12
mdzyou just make it available via http11:13
enricoAnd how do you write in it? DaV?11:13
mdzthat is one option, yes11:13
hornbeckmdz: I think he was wanting something within the ubuntu servers11:13
mdzenrico: to answer your question, #arch is the place to ask general questions about arch11:13
mdzhornbeck: I know, and I am explaining that it is not necessary.  this is a fundamental difference between arch and (e.g.) CVS which is not obvious at first11:14
hornbeckmdz: ok11:14
enricomdz: so, we don't need any central place to do group work on something 11:15
enricomdz: it's supposed to just work11:15
hornbeckenrico: I am looking at hosting right now11:15
hornbeckenrico: if need be I will set up a host for it all11:15
enricohornbeck: you mean, a private hosting for yourself?11:16
hornbeckenrico: yes, but i could set up the central place for the doc team11:16
hornbeckif it is needed11:16
enricoAccording to the mail mdz just posted a link to, people pull changes from each other's trees11:16
enricoWhich would mean that people should have a tree available via http11:17
mdzyou could decide that one of them is the "official" mainline11:17
hornbeckI guess I will have to read on that11:17
hornbeckmdz: would you not have to still have a web hosting than?11:17
mdzand collect patches from everyone into that11:17
enricomdz: if people don't have a permanent http connection, I imagine people can have an official tree somewhere11:17
hornbeckso others could get to it11:17
mdzhornbeck: you need some means to transport the patches to others, yes11:18
mdzif you expect to share them11:18
enricomdz: I mean, having a public web server could be quite a high requirement on people11:18
hornbeckenrico: I will host a central place for patches once i find hosting11:18
hornbeckthis crap is expensive :-)11:19
mdzenrico: you have a long way to go with arch before you get to that point, and you could very well decide that it does not meet your needs11:19
mdzenrico: the first step is to start using arch on your own, and then later, if it becomes a part of the way that you work, we can decide on a hosting arrangement if needed11:19
enricomdz: I see.11:20
hornbeckmdz: what we are needing is a place for people to place files and be able to all work on them11:20
hornbeckmdz: I guess like cvs11:20
moyogois there a way to switch locale without login out?11:20
moyogoglobally i mean11:20
hornbeckthere are a couple bigger files we have been emailing back and forth11:20
mdzarch is very much overkill as a file sharing mechanism, even more so that CVS is11:21
mdzmoyogo: #ubuntu is the place for support11:21
moyogomdz: sorry, and thanks ;)11:21
hornbeckmdz: we have directories of stuff to be worked through11:21
hornbecksuch as the gnome2-user-manual11:21
hornbeckalso the "Learning Ubuntu Linux" book that is being worked on11:21
enricomdz: well, I'll try and create an arch tree with some document, then I'll try and put the tree in some HTTP server for people to add something to it11:21
enricomdz: does it sound like a good approach for trying out some cooperative document writing?11:22
enricomdz: (where "add something" means pull the tree and add something locally)11:22
mdzenrico: my honest opinion is that arch will not be suitable for you at this time11:22
enricomdz: you mean, we should stick to the wiki?11:23
mdzenrico: where possible, yes  but obviously that won't work for things like the gnome2-user-manual11:24
enricomdz: so, what do you suggest for that instead of arch?11:24
hornbeckmdz: we are going to start working on alot of bigger offline docs11:24
mdzenrico: I don't know of anything which would be a very good solution11:26
mdzwhen working on documentation, it is important for the barrier to entry to be low11:26
hornbeckthat is what gnome uses for those same docs11:26
mdzare you going to require everyone who might work on documentation to learn CVS?11:26
enricomdz: subversion, then11:26
enricomdz: we're talking about big documents, which can have a sligtly higher barrier.  Subversion is currently the VCS with the lowest barrier11:27
mdzenrico: do you find subversion easier for non-technical users to learn than CVS?11:27
enricomdz: yes, so far11:27
ClintHow peculiar.11:28
mdzI find it rather more complex11:28
mdzbut I haven't tried rapidsvn11:28
enricomdz: did you have different experiences?11:28
=== enrico doesn't want to start a flamewar
hornbeckcvs is not that hard11:28
mdzit seems that what you want is like a whiteboard11:29
hornbecka small tutorial for how to make .diff's than send them to the -doc mailing list would not be hard for someone to learn11:29
mdzwhere CVS is a filing cabinet11:29
mdzsubversion is a database11:29
enricoThing is, we were talking about doing group writing, and for big documents we put off both wiki and all version control systems.  Either someone has other suggestions, or I'm fine with the discussion11:29
mdzand arch is a global satellite telecommunications network11:29
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ClintOther than lack of documentation, I don't see why Arch is more difficult to learn than CVS/Subversion11:30
Clintespecially for everyday tasks11:30
=== mdz gapes
Clintat least with tla11:31
mdzarch brings experienced developers, familiar with revision control, to tears11:31
Clintnot for simple things like 'update', 'commit', 'add', 'rm'11:31
enricoOk, thanks for the help, we'll manage by ourselves.11:31
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=== hornbeck will setup our own cvs server for us to work with
Clintand there's all kinds of wrapper programs and guis to simplify stuff for people11:31
mdzeven for simple things11:32
mdzenrico: why not try something and see if it works?  I do not have a perfect solution prepared for you11:33
nictukuwhat kind of "bugs" are supposed to go into the errata site section?11:34
Clintmdz: if I give you instructions on how to check out the "HEAD" of a repo, make some changes, and generate a diff to send upstream, it's going to be basically the same few lines adjusted for the syntax of the three revision control systems being discussed11:34
mdznictuku: TBD11:35
enricomdz: I wasn't looking for the perfect solution.  However, I didn't really like the mood of a "there isn't anything out there for you".  But maybe today I'm not in a good mood.11:35
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Clintenrico: try Arch and see what problems you have with it11:37
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=== enrico beats Clint with a 243 characters long commandline :)
Clinthush, that's what tab-completion's for11:43
lamontClint: shame shell tab comletion and arch don't agree on what to do with some of the special characters..11:56
nictukuwhat is the Right Way to go and translate installer dialogs? Go translate upstream and wait ubuntu to get that fresh code, or what? I'd like to create a wiki page about this subject.11:56
Clintlamont: what problems do you have?11:57
nictukuclosest information about that I found was http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-translators/2004-October/000014.html11:57
lamontClint: use bash, and tab-complete an archive name11:59
lamont@ really causes, um, issues11:59

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