ddaaI made a very stupid one once...12:00
ddaaOne have to say thank you for every received penalty card...12:01
ddaaObviously, this rule becomes very annoying when it stacks up...12:01
ddaaAnd giving the bad calls becomes devilishly complex.12:02
BradByep, the joy of mao12:02
ddaaKinnison plays a fearsome mao.12:02
BradBhis rules have plotlines12:03
ddaaThough, the "initial rubrique/rethoric"  is best said with Keybuk's accent :-)12:03
ddaaAnd sadistic glint in the eye :-)12:04
=== BradB is now known as BradB|brb
ddaalifeless: you might want to know, the import i started friday morning is still running...12:09
=== BradB|brb is now known as BradB
lifelessddaa: hmm12:32
lifelesswhat is it? ?12:33
lifelesshow many revisions on MAIN ?12:33
ddaaWell, that's the debug output that's killing it...12:33
lifelessand where has it got to?12:33
ddaaIt gets into the slave logs... but they 12:33
ddaastay limited at 100 logs.12:34
ddaaMy point is that we should probably take another approach to debug the hangs...12:34
ddaaDebug logging is not practical...12:34
lifelessnot for full import runs.12:35
ddaaUnless we have multiple levels of debug logging...12:35
lifelesswe can in principal, do what scotts done, which has different child debuggers.12:36
lifelesswe hammer that out in oxford.12:36
lifelessbut I haven't applied the principal to cscvs12:36
ddaaMaybe we could use gdb as spiv suggested.12:36
ddaaHe said there are gdb macros around that display the current python backtrace.12:46
ddaaProbably it's a simpler to figure out where it's breaking.12:46
ddaaBut the recent evidence suggests that the hangs happens in cscvs process handling as well as in pyarch...12:46
ddaaSo, I'm thinking more and it might be something Bad.12:46
ddaaLike a Python or kernel bug...12:46
ddaaI looked at the logs.12:46
ddaaActually, there are 316 log files...12:46
ddaaand the current slave logs are all:12:46
ddaa2004/11/01 00:40 CET [-]  sendStatus {'stdout': 'Server response ""\n'}12:46
=== ddaa larts himself...
ddaavte is finished12:46
ddaabut apparently a a point I got angry and started a bunch of builds...12:46
ddaaSo, it looks like taxi did not break, at least.12:46
ddaaBut it also looks like I have an infinite loop situation for some reason.12:48
=== ddaa is good at figuring out the obvious after telling people that things were broken
ddaaThere is even sensible-looking stuff in the database.01:01
ddaaNot checked they are consistent, but there are archnamespace, archarchives, and archarchivelocation tuples for the imported packages.01:01
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar-debian--debian--1.0: drop the debian version number to a pre-release (patch-3)01:49
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!dmwaters:*! Hi all! In a few minutes there will be a small split while I move one server from one box to another04:12
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: add vim hint lines to libarch/a*.c (patch-51)04:22
!dmwaters:*! Ok, here goes that small server I mentioned earlier:)04:33
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-082-064-103.arcor-ip.net] has joined #launchpad
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: add vim hint lines to libarch/b*.c (patch-52)04:44
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dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: Pulling version string out of individual commands into one included file (patch-53)06:47
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: Hitting cmd-switch.c for version pullout and header fix for cmd-switch.c (patch-54)07:14
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/dists--devel--0: new production config (patch-30)07:17
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: Fixing up some copyright issues (patch-55)09:08
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: Arch no longer breaks a mirror if you try to commit to it (patch-56)09:37
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stublulu: Yup11:20
lulustub: hey!11:20
luluAre you working with Mako and Spiv on getting the shippit account holders into launchpad so our users don't have to create new accounts? 11:21
stubI wasn't aware of that until your email came in. I haven't talked to Mako or Spiv about it yet (or received anything from them about it).11:22
stubmako: ping11:24
stubspiv: ping11:24
luluOk - we have opened the site now for editing as cacheing is supposed to be fixed, and now we need to integrate the two asap. 11:25
luluI think it's still early for them :o)11:25
stubSo the goal is for shippit account holders to also have access to Plone I take it? Not Rosetta alpha or any other tools.11:26
lulustub: shippit account holders - yes - to have access to the website.11:28
luluwhat is the plan for further authentication for Launchpad tools?11:28
stubThey will all be using the same account database, when they go 'production'. At the moment we only have dogfood and alpha servers which are not linked to the production database at all.11:29
lifelessstub: *cough* macquarie *cough*11:29
stublifeless: :-P11:30
stubOk.... one production server with only a handful of people using it.11:30
luluYes - so Launchpad tools, when public, will use the same account as launchpad=plone=shippit accounts.11:30
luluSo, we need to do Step 2 of the process: Integrate shippit with Plone11:30
stubok. I'll chase it up with Spiv and Mako - they might already have it under control.11:31
luluyes - let's check status with spiv and mako - I haven't heard from them on it yet - I'd like for us to set a deadline to get this done and who will be making it happen, asap.11:32
luluthanks stub - catch ya later :o)11:32
lulustub:P.S. thank you for all your hard work on getting authentication/cookies sorted - much appreciated :o)11:39
luluelmo: ping11:44
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sabdflhi everybody12:03
sabdflstub: around still?>12:03
sabdflquick call to catch up?12:03
stub15 mins?12:04
sabdflin 15 mins?12:04
lulusabdfl:hey Mark! good to be home?12:06
sabdfllulu: glorious sunshine, lots to do but it's nonetheless great to be doing it from here :-)12:07
sabdflhave we done anything odd to chinstrap, or is it just my local connection over here?12:08
stubfine from here12:09
lulusabdfl: lekker :o)12:10
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BradBstub: other than 1. product/package reassignments and making sure the functional test is complete in a way that makes in really hard for people to break things that currently work, what other stuff do we need to do to malone before ubuntu people can start using it?03:48
BradBs/and making/and 2. making/03:48
BradB(other than roll out a new version and test for a little while)03:49
stubI don't think there is anything else that *has* to go in - plenty of stuff that will need to be in sometime or nice-to-haves.03:50
BradBglobal notification is horrifying right now, since all i did was add another constant in mailnotification.py. I don't think it matters for a first release though.03:51
=== kiko [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
BradBstub: oh, hm, i guess we need to add some edit/delete stuff too, e.g. for ext refs03:52
BradBand for unsub'ing people from bugs, etc.03:52
stubIf we bring in the Ubuntu people as well as using it for Launchpad, our focus will be spit (for example, Daf and people really want a graphical view of bug dependancies but the Ubuntu people need 'fix for distro x' flags).03:52
kikohey stub, BradB03:52
kikospiv, are you around?03:52
kikodid I scare you with my view proposals/03:53
stubkiko: Can you stick db patches in database/schema/pending (but still heads up the mailing list)? Makes sure they don't get lost and less error prone.03:54
stubkiko: Nothing particularly scary about what I saw.03:54
Kinnisonkiko: Your views are less scary than mine :-)03:55
kikostub, hum hum, I can try!03:55
stubkiko: They don't have to be correct or actually run btw. 03:56
kikooh, they run!03:57
kikothe code I checked into the brazilian mirror uses it extensively03:57
kikoI'm hoping cprov or debonzi wait till they land it03:57
kikocprov, ping?03:57
=== BradB is now known as BradB|brb
cprovkiko: pong04:03
cprovkiko: btw, I can't land your changes, ask debonzi ...04:05
stubBradB|brb: Possibly 'private' bugs for security issues. I don't know if that is a must have or not for the Ubuntu dudes. I do believe we need private for the Launchpad stuff, as the launchpad bugs are not supposed to be displayed to the world.04:05
kikocprov, one sec, I'm with tiago04:05
cprovkiko: ok, don't worry 04:06
=== Kinnison arghs and re-codes this gina patch after remembering that gina doesn't use sqlobject
kikocprov, I'm on my desktop, so I was wondering if you could add those views I emailed yesterday into database/schema/pending?04:08
cprovkiko: sorry, I didn't understand what's is your aim .04:10
kikocprov, to have the views added into database/schema/pending as patches?04:10
cprovkiko: ohh yes, of course you can, add a patch by yourself (if stub allows you ...)04:11
kikocprov, I was wondering if *you* could it do it since I'm not on my laptop :)04:12
cprovkiko: ok, I can, only the view doesn't represents any changes on lp code ...04:13
cprovkiko: send me the patch, 'show me the code !'04:13
stubkiko: Don't worry about the last two (index and views) - I'll handle them the old way. This is just for new patches that come through04:14
kikostub, ah, okay. it's annoying because my desktop can't run lp, so everything's on my lappie04:16
=== cprov wonders where is kiko's lappie and remember: 'A man w/o his lappie is almost nothing' :)
KinnisonINFO: Chosen DR(1), PROC(1), DAR(1) from SUITE(hoary), ARCH(i386)04:21
Kinnisonw00p, patch working04:21
=== Kinnison carries on doing the functionality now
=== BradB|brb is now known as BradB
KinnisonWhat's the recommended way to parse commandline arguments in python? the getopt module is a bit sucky04:33
kikothere's optparse dude!04:34
Kinnisoncripes that looks complex04:35
BradBKinnison: what don't you like about getopt?04:35
KinnisonBradB: the way it doesn't seem to canonicalise the - vs -- args04:35
KinnisonBradB: of course that might be that I'm not calling it properly04:36
BradBwhat does it mean to canonicalise - and -- args exactly?04:36
BradB-avz vs -a -v -z?04:37
kikothat works I believe04:37
Kinnison--arch -> -a04:37
Kinnisonthat sort of thing04:37
=== BradB shrugs
Kinnisonlike gnu getopt does04:39
=== Kinnison decides that instead; I'll make all the arguments mandatory and positional
kikoKinnison, that works fine04:40
kikoKinnison, do you mean support for single- and double-dash forms of the same option?04:40
kikobecause that indeed works 04:40
Kinnisonyeah; but I cba to play04:40
Kinnisongina now takes three or more options, namely.. suite, arch, component, component,....04:41
kikoI cba to play. Hmm. did that make sense?04:41
Kinnisoncba == Can't be arsed04:41
kikoit's trivial, just supply a third argument to getopt?04:41
=== BradB wonders what's so bad about needing to do if o in ("-f", "--foo"):
KinnisonBradB: ugly04:43
BradBvs. required, positional args? heh.04:43
Kinnisonanyway; like I said; I cba to play so the args are positional and mandatory04:43
Kinnisonpython grabber.py warty i386 main restricted04:43
Kinnisonlike that04:43
kikothat's fine by me.04:44
Kinnisondsilvers@rosetta:~/gina $ PYTHONPATH=/srv/launchpad.ubuntu.com/launchpad-dogfood/lib sudo -u launchpad python grabber.py hoary i386 main04:44
KinnisonINFO: Chosen DR(1), PROC(1), DAR(1) from SUITE(hoary), ARCH(i386)04:45
BradBWhat's PROC mean?04:45
KinnisonI need to do a touch more processing there because I actually want a processor not a processorfamily I think04:46
KinnisonI guess I'll just pick the first processor I can find which belongs to the family04:49
cprovKinnison: uhhh, I need to discuss the ProcessorFamily issue somehow :)04:51
Kinnisoncprov: I'm glad you want to too04:51
=== Kinnison is utterly confused about them
Kinnisonperhaps we should have a mailing list discussion about them04:52
kikoKinnison, they are utterly confusing.04:52
Kinnisonkiko: indeed04:52
=== Kinnison drafts a mail to the list
cprovKinnison: yes, maybe we have jamesh help on it again 04:53
KinnisonI've fired a mail at the list04:59
kikoyou da man05:01
kikobe creative05:02
kikojesus my phone won't stop ringing05:02
=== debonzi [~debonzi@] has joined #launchpad
BradBlulu: ping05:11
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: new style person-page (patch-719)05:11
Kinnisonelmo: any idea when you'll be able to do that archive sync I mailed you about?05:11
luluBradB: pong05:11
luluBradB: wazzzup?05:11
BradBlulu: is this going to be a *second* ul.org site?05:11
BradBi.e. i remember you mentioning ul.nl, i think05:12
luluBradB: A Dutch guy has been very proactive and has set it up, yes. 05:12
BradBlulu: so, if i just give him a copy of the site, he'll do what he wants with it, and i don't have to worry about syncing anything back up with ul.org from him later on?05:12
luluBradB: My thought is that he and his community will tranlate and make sure that they track UL.org and make changes when it changes.05:13
debonzihi all.. I am wrong or pqm is not running?05:14
BradBhe'll keep up with wiki chanegs, for example?05:14
luluI have said not to look at the wiki for now as this is in its infancy05:14
luluwe need to get LinguaPlone set up - then what will the procedure be with synching?05:15
BradBi'll give you a link in a bit from which he can d/l a copy of the site05:15
luluBradB: ok05:15
luluI have spoken to Limi about LinguaPlone - we need to set up ATContentTypes first and then migrate the data across.05:15
BradBlulu: not sure about the syncing thing yet. i'm no i18n expert, but it should be just a matter of him handing us the files that contain his localizations and then there are ways i think to automatically synch them up to what we have.05:16
BradBwoo, that might be a bit painful05:16
luluBradB: ok - I think step by step - let's help him get set up.05:17
luluBradB: then we'll do what we need to get to Lingua Plone05:17
luluand synching we will need to look at at the same time05:18
luluI don't want to lose his enthusiasm and momentum tho'05:18
BradBme neither. i'm making the copy of the site now.05:18
luluBradB: thank you :o)05:19
kikostub, zero-pressuring, can you get me an eta on that view? I want to organize my time optimally05:20
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debonzidebonzi -> lunch05:24
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: gina changes for specifying distrorelease/arch and remove some obsolete XXXs (patch-720)05:27
Kinnisonthanks sexy.05:28
BradBelmo: Where can I put the tarball (i.e. on what machine and/or in what dir, and at what URL will it be available) of the Ubuntu site so that NL-guy can download it over http?05:34
elmobrabd: are you sure the tar is clean of any private stuff (passwords, authserver details etc.)?05:35
BradBgood point, /me double-checks05:36
makostub: hey there05:45
BradBlulu: hm, i'm thinking it might be easier to give him just a copy of the database, rather than the whole site (i.e. all the product sources and such.)05:45
BradBi don't know how to verify that there's aren't things hidden in the code that he shouldn't see05:46
luluBradB: how about I send you his contact details and you can chat about the best way forward? does that sound sane?05:46
=== BradB sends an email to Roch
elmoKinnison: mawson's uptodate, I'm investigating while the daily script isn't workin05:48
Kinnisonelmo: you're a star; thanks05:50
cprovKinnison: what's going on gina ?  is it working as expected on mawson ?05:51
Kinnisoncprov: I'm about to kick off a hoary import05:52
cprovKinnison: cool !!!! let me know when I can run nicole on it :)05:53
Kinnisonyay for gina asserting :-)05:56
=== Kinnison sets about fixing
=== sabdfl [~mark@wblv-248-05.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #launchpad
=== Kinnison reloads the katie db from the new dump elmo has provided
sabdflhow is mawson doing? are we in full swing, gina, nicole, soyuz, malone?06:00
Kinnisongina had amusing issues06:01
KinnisonI've squashed (I hope) the last one just now06:01
Kinnisonjust reloading the katie db from the latest dump ready to import06:01
Kinnisonthen it'll be all-go with nicole etc06:01
KinnisonINFO: Chosen D(2) DR(1), PROC(1), DAR(1) from SUITE(hoary), ARCH(i386)06:02
Kinnisonlooking good....06:02
=== Kinnison sees gina's first " * Committed" fly by
KinnisonI'd say the import of hoary is well underway06:03
Kinnisonkiko: gina commits every 10 sourcepackagereleases06:03
=== debonzi [~debonzi@] has joined #launchpad
cprovKinnison: you rocks, you'd kicked almost all hardcoded references for warty in gina06:04
Kinnisonkiko: you should instantly be able to look at the data; care to take a look?06:04
kikoKinnison, on mawson? 06:05
Kinnisonkiko: yeppers :-)06:05
cprovKinnison: lp.ubuntu.com SQLO transaction is broken 06:05
Kinnisoncprov: what does that mean?06:06
cprovKinnison: it means nothing is working !06:06
Kinnisoncprov: boo hiss :-(06:07
kikoelmo, could I have a postgresql user on mawson that can access launchpad_dogfood?06:07
cprovKinnison: restart lp (make run) again 06:07
Kinnisonkiko: just sudo -u launchpad -H psql launchpad_dogfood06:07
cprovkiko: launchpad user 06:07
kikoKinnison, I'm not a sudoer.06:07
kikoelmo, or make me be a sudoer.06:07
Kinnisoncprov: could you sort that out please? I'm monitoring gina06:08
cprovKinnison: I'll try06:08
KinnisonE.g. for the error which just turned up: libpq.OperationalError: ERROR:  new row for relation "person" violates check constraint "valid_name"06:08
BradBspiv: Did you submit your sqlos patche(s?) upstream?06:09
elmokiko: you're now part of 'launchpad'06:09
cprovKinnison: it's in BradB screen .. BradB ??06:10
Kinnisonokay; who decided what a valid name is; and why isn't "florian_ernst" valid?06:10
cprovKinnison: do you have a '_' on name, I think, replace with '-', valid_name() avoid '_' use ...06:10
spivBradB: Yeah, I have.06:10
Kinnisoncprov: gina will have created the name06:11
cprovKinnison: s\do\.06:11
=== Kinnison goes digging
cprovKinnison: using nickname.py06:11
Kinnison        Creating Person Florian Ernst <florian_ernst@gmx.net>06:11
KinnisonBad things happened, data was {'familyname': 'Ernst', 'givenname': 'Florian', 'displayname': 'Florian Ernst', 'name': 'florian_ernst'}06:11
cprovKinnison: nickname.py line 68, + user = user.replace("_", "-")06:12
Kinnisoncprov: ta06:13
=== Kinnison tests
kikodamned florian.06:13
cprovBradB: can you restart lp, please ?06:13
Kinnisoncprov: import continues....06:14
=== Kinnison ponders what to have for dinner
cprovKinnison: nice06:16
BradBcprov: yeah, i'll restart06:16
BradBer, is a new version deployed?06:16
elmoyou guys SO need to get over your screen-as-a-replacement-for-daemon() fetish06:18
BradBi've already filed the bug for that06:19
kikolaunchpad_dogfood=# select count(*) from sourcepackagerelease;06:22
kiko count 06:22
kiko   55806:22
kiko(1 row)06:22
kikoKinnison, it moves06:22
Kinnisonkiko: good good06:22
Kinnisonwhen will I be able to see it through the soyuz UI?06:22
=== BradB is still wondering why I need to restart the dogfood server
Kinnisonbecause it is failing to talk to the db?06:24
Kinnisonor at least I think that's what cprov meant06:25
BradBOperationalError: no connection to the server wee06:27
BradBas in wee hoo06:27
=== salgado [~salgado@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
=== BradB waits forever for https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/soyuz/distros to load
BradBthis can't be right06:29
Kinnisonanything in your screen?06:30
BradBrequests had been getting printed out to the screen, but not anymor06:32
Kinnisonrestart it and progress through slowly until you can see which request breaks it06:33
BradBmaybe you're locking the db06:33
BradBi heard nothing of this before grabber.py was running06:34
KinnisonI managed to visit /soyuz/distros and /soyuz/distros/ubuntu before it locked up for me06:34
Kinnisongrabber.py is just doing inserts and commits its transaction every 10 sourcepackagereleases06:34
Kinnisonit absolutely shouldn't cause lp to lock up like this06:34
Kinnisonand regardless, the front page doesn't use the db at all right?06:35
BradBi accessed that one fine a few mins ago06:35
Kinnisongrabber has been running since; oooh over half an hour ago06:36
BradBhm, seems to work now06:36
BradBat least malone does06:36
Kinnisonhttps://launchpad.ubuntu.com/soyuz/distros/ubuntu/releases/hoary is taking forever06:39
BradBsounds like a soyuz bug06:40
kikolaunchpad_dogfood=# select count(*) from sourcepackagerelease;06:40
kiko count 06:40
kiko  106006:40
kiko(1 row)06:40
KinnisonOkay; what does that page do which could take so long?06:42
kikocould be an SQL bug that I fixed with my views, hmmm06:43
=== Kinnison mods nickname.py again and restarts gina
=== justdave [~dave@] has joined #launchpad
Kinnisonany arch gurus hanging around?07:00
kikoBradB, it's not just a matter of commenting, but a possible redesign requirement.07:03
BradBsufficient comments would have precluded that email though.07:04
BradBwhether the design and intent of those tables (as described in the comments that don't exist) is *sane* would be another issue :)07:04
kikono, we're generally confused by the tables, as in, they don't seem to make much sense07:08
=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
kiko-fud2025 sourcepackagereleases and counting.07:11
kiko-fudKinnison, will gina run incrementally now?07:11
Kinnisonkiko-fud: she is running reasonably incrementally yes07:12
Kinnisonkiko-fud: I need to write the lucille domination implementation though07:12
cprovKinnison: does gina SUPERCEED the old sourcepackagerelease when insert a new one  ?07:14
Kinnisoncprov: No07:14
Kinnisoncprov: that's the job of lucille07:14
Kinnisoncprov: assuming this import works; I'll be working on that bit of lucille next07:14
cprovKinnison: right !07:15
Kinnisonsee https://wiki.canonical.com/Lucille_2fDomination07:15
kiko-fudI see07:15
=== BradB is now known as BradB|lunch
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!lilo:*! If you're with swpa.gov, please /msg lilo for information regarding freenode availability. Thanks.07:35
=== BradB|lunch is now known as BradB
BradBtla bash complete rocks my world07:56
Kinnisonfuck; gina stalled again08:00
KinnisonAttributeError: SourcePackageRelease instance has no attribute 'section'08:01
kiko-fudBradB, poliglot extraordinaire08:11
=== kiko-fud is now known as kiko
BradBgoogle user since 1999!08:11
BradBsabdfl: do we need http://site-edit.ubuntulinux.org/ any longer? Maybe elmo or thom could bury it.08:15
Kinnisonelmo: around?08:25
BradBhm....they functional tests *can't* be taking this long to run08:26
Kinnisonoh yes they can :-)08:27
Kinnisonfuck; there exists a sourcepackage for which I can determine no section08:30
elmoKinnison: ?08:33
Kinnisonelmo: in the dump you gave me; there's a source package 'preseed' which seems to have no overrides08:34
Kinnisonelmo: is this an expected thing?08:34
Kinnisonwhat does it mean?08:34
Kinnisonsorry if these are obvious questions but I'm very tired right now08:35
Kinnisonremoved package?08:35
elmono, it's an artificat of how we do imports08:35
elmoyou really need to handle not having override for any given package08:35
elmo'cos the overrides for our archives are a mess but katie handles it08:36
KinnisonCurrently I'm assuming <component>/misc for anything I've not seen08:36
Kinnisonisthat right?08:36
elmoyeah, that's fine08:36
=== Kinnison lets gina carry on then
Kinnisonthanks dude08:36
Kinnisonkiko: ping?09:00
Kinnisoncprov: ping?09:00
cprovKinnison: here09:01
Kinnisoncprov: any chance you can look at why I've got a gina failure?09:02
kikoyes Kinnison?09:02
Kinnison- Evaluating libgal2.2-1 (main, 2.2.3-0ubuntu1)09:02
Kinnison       dpkg-source: error: file gal2.2_2.2.3.orig.tar.gz has size 1557056 instead of expected 152943309:02
Kinnison       ** Evil things happened, check out /tmp/tmppyIBSV09:03
Kinnisonany clues?09:03
elmothat's a known bug09:04
elmowarty has a gal2.2 orig.tar.gz with a different md5sum's to sid's09:04
elmoit'll be fixed the next time mawson updates09:04
cprovKinnison: looks like obvious, but the deb files are corrupted :(09:04
Kinnisonelmo: coo; okies09:04
dafKinnison: coookies?09:05
Kinnisonwell; since it's 20:05 and I've been at this all day; I shall rest now09:05
Kinnisondaf: I can order some cookies if you want09:05
Kinnisondaf: white chocolate and macadamia-nut?09:05
dafthey sound nice09:05
Kinnisonthey are09:05
=== Kinnison 's ex-colleague's wife has a cookies and cake business
Kinnisonthe cake we had in london when I was down came from her09:06
dafoh, cool!09:06
Kinnisondaf: if you're nice; I'll buy you some cookies and bring them to the airport in december09:06
dafit's a deal :)09:07
dafI still owe you hugs and chocolate09:07
KinnisonI'm sure we can work out a deal09:07
BradBAnyone know if it's still possible to run just one page test?09:09
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: More gina fixes (patch-721)09:25
Kinnisonthanks babe09:28
Kinnisonelmo: btw; when should the daily sync for mawson happen?09:59
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sabdflBradB: if www is working fine for logging in and editing then yes, thom can remove site-edit not10:18
sabdflnow, even10:19
BradBi'll let thom make the decision then, since he's the one who declared that the caching works properly10:26
BradBon to other things: page testing with useful data is hard10:27
BradBin an ideal world, we want our page tests to be testing their output against actual, rendered output (rather than eliding the entire body of the page, and just checking the status header.)10:27
BradBi was well on my way to making this happen right now with malone, after chopping a few branches off each generated test10:28
BradBthe problem is though: /modifying/ ordered tests to suit new UI or behaviours later on will be hell, because, let's say we're modifying an 80-foo-bar.txt test; we then have to somehow get the data to the state it is with all the tests that run right up to 80 before we can rerecord it.10:29
BradBdo we reduce page tests to things that merely check status headers then?10:30
dafspiv: I have an SQLBase unit test failing here10:33
dafBradB: I'd rather not10:33
spivdaf: Hmm :/10:34
dafspiv: seemingly because it's trying to connect to a database (launchpad_ftest) which I don't have10:34
dafspiv: should I have it?10:34
=== daf is confused about which database names are used for what and which are automatically created and/or deleted these days
spivYeah, that could use some wikification.10:35
dafmmm, yes10:36
spivWhich test is this?10:36
spiv(And how are you running them?)10:36
dafpython test_on_merge.py -u10:37
dafjust a second, I'll re-run the test10:39
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daf canonical.database.sqlbase.ZopelessTransactionManager10:41
dafBradB: also, one of the batch tests is failing10:42
BradBdebonzi just changed some of the batching code, i think10:47
BradBi sure as heck didn't break it though :)10:48
dafI'll make sure to ask him when I see him10:49
BradBhow that could have gotten checked in though is bad. i /thought/ all the tests were being run.10:49
dafso did I10:50
dafseems not10:50
BradBmaybe this problem is local10:50
BradBbecause i just got a reject mail the other day when a change i made broke something else10:50
dafI didn't think so10:50
daflet me paste the error10:51
BradBone solution that may end up being the preferred way to go for PT's is to elide all but the page changes that relate to the thing you're testing.10:53
BradBe.g. if you're testing assigning a bug to a package, gen the test, then go in and hack-out (and elide, of course) all but the rendered bits related to package assignment10:55
BradBthat way the data loaded by the other portlets can vary and the test will still pass10:55
dafFile "/home/daf/src/canonical/dists/launchpad/lib/canonical/lp/tests/batch_navigation.txt", line 42, in batch_navigation.txt10:56
dafFailed example:10:56
daf    reindeer_batch_navigator.batchPageURLs()10:56
daf    [{1: 'http://www.example.com/foo?batch_start=0&batch_end=3'}, {2: 'http://www.example.com/foo?batch_start=3&batch_end=6'}, {3: 'http://www.example.com/foo?batch_start=6&batch_end=9'}] 10:56
daf    [{'[1] ': 'http://www.example.com/foo?batch_start=0&batch_end=3'}, {2: 'http://www.example.com/foo?batch_start=3&batch_end=6'}, {3: 'http://www.example.com/foo?batch_start=6&batch_end=9'}, {'_last_': 'http://www.example.com/foo?batch_start=6&batch_end=9'}] 10:56
BradBsounds like something debonzi might know more about10:56
daflooks like a deliberate change, though10:57
BradBthat's weird expected output10:59
dafis it?11:01
dafmakes sense to me11:01
BradByeah, that the first key is '[1] ', then second is 2,11:06
dafthat's not the expected11:07
dafthat's the actual11:07
BradBer, yeah, n/m11:07

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