HWolf[Pheadrus]  The issue is, I've got a working kernel, not sure about hardware acceleration yet, but it works. I don't bet on my custom kernel to do that.12:00
topyliLETS MAKE Z12:00
nine99whell, i do not have ubuntu installed :)12:00
lamontwhat's a good package for managing an address list (with categories), printing labels, etc.12:00
mdznine99: for which architecture?12:00
dredgor to phrase it differently, whats so bad about X?12:00
nine99what's the url of the repository ?12:00
topylilamont: i'd use note for console or quicklist for X12:00
topylilamont: no, those won't do12:01
miraknine99, those are for you12:01
nine99thanks dudes12:01
mdznine99: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/warty/restricted/binary-i386/Packages.bz2 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/warty/universe/binary-i386/Packages.bz2 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/warty/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages.bz212:01
miraknine99, there is also a universe and a multiverse that i dont have the url for atm12:02
topylispacey`ki: oh, so you can do a graphics server as a masters project? this guy is something12:02
=== edulix [~edulix@] has joined #ubuntu
nine99many thanks again12:02
spacey`kitopyli, hehe you see it a lot opensource master project12:03
nine99it can be useful to evaluta a future installation12:03
robertjwhat do you guys think of that?12:03
topylispacey`ki: a quick look says it looks pretty cool12:03
mdznine99: Ubuntu has many thousands of packages.  if there is something in particular that you are interested in, ask; otherwise, it is a lot of information to browse through12:03
topylispacey`ki: linux did his masters years after he wrote linux :)12:03
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=== nightmaresc [~nightmare@dstanich.resnet.mtu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
nine99well, i home in the future ubuntu can converge to sid more and more, for what i see now there can be problems to mix debian's and ubuntu sources12:04
mdznine99: the highlights in the warty release included gnome 2.8, evolution 2.0, openoffice.org 1.1.2 and firefox 0.912:04
ograrobertj: nice one12:04
robertjis there a way to create a default view where all images are displayed by default?12:04
nictukuI know the channel is -t, but can I suggest adding localized ubuntu channels to the topic?12:04
nightmarescanyone have time to help me get my external drive working?12:05
nine99or maybe sid will converge to ubuntu :))12:05
nine99goodbye all, have a nice time12:05
edulixhello !12:05
Hikaru79Hmm, can someone help me with setting up an HP Laserjet 4P printer on a Windows network using Ubuntu? I can see the network just fine (the shared folders on the Windows computers, etc) but I'm having some problems recognizing the printer12:05
topylinine99: you should turn to debian unstable only at moments of desperation. and even then, get the sources and build on ubuntu12:05
=== PunkBuster_ [~wims@ti211310a080-0628.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
edulixI've just installed ubuntu :)12:05
kapputuhi Hiky12:05
mdznine99: ubuntu contains everything that Debian unstable has12:05
Hikaru79Hey, kapputu :)12:05
Hikaru79Can you help me out? =/12:05
[Phaedrus] Hikaru79: do you have the printer shared?12:05
kapputuI can try but you can get better help here12:06
ograrobertj: hmm, but why should i delete all repos ?12:06
Hikaru79I believe so. It worked in Windows before12:06
Hikaru79How can I check, Phaedrus12:06
HWolfdedg What's bad about X is that it's difficult to set up, and not very fast.12:06
robertjogra: because if you unquestionably delete your repositories you don't need src?12:06
nine99ok, now i'm very happy with debian unstable, newer installations will be "ubuntued"12:06
mdzHWolf: compared to what?12:06
Hikaru79I have physical access to the printer and computer by the way. It's just a home network :)12:06
nightmarescCan anyone help with a "nobiospnp" error?12:06
topylimdz: is that true nowadays?12:06
robertjalso cdrom sources make ubuntu barf12:06
edulixhow can I configure my dell inspiron 4150 sound card?12:06
ograrobertj: cdrom is a nice fallback if you want software from main and got no net access12:07
edulixit's a 82801CA/CAM AC'07 Audio Controller, or at least that's what the DEvice Manager praises :)12:07
robertjogra: it makes synaptic barf though12:07
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[Phaedrus] somebody needs to write a kernel compilation tutorial for ubuntu...12:07
mdzedulix: it wasn't automatically set up for you?12:07
robertjwhat's on the cd but not installed by default anyway?12:08
=== LinuxJones [~LJ@blk-222-206-208.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
mdzrobertj: a few common non-default packages, and a few packages which are sometimes needed in order to get connected to a network12:08
nightmarescAnyone heard of 'nobiospnp' error?12:08
ograrobertj: thunderbird for example12:08
edulixmdz: well, yeah:12:08
=== unitd [~daniel@ca-arcdca-cuda1-c1d-71.arcdca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
nightmarescI think it's stopping me from using usb devices12:09
topylii just realized i have to sleep, it will be morning soon12:09
edulixmdz: but I cannot set the volume control to more than 0% :P12:09
unitdone questino12:09
=== dasenjo is now known as alerios
mdzedulix: what happens when you try?12:09
edulix(I'm trying to do that with the panel volume control)12:09
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unitdwhen i make a selection box on desktop, my cpu load spikes12:09
robertjmdz: hrmm12:10
unitdanyone know why12:10
=== Kyaneos [~kyaneos@80-28-219-25.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzrobertj: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/WartyWarthogShipSeed12:10
edulixmdz: I pick in the volume control, and as I see that the volume is down (-), I move it up (+), but then the volume control goes automagically down12:10
robertjmdz: what do you think about removing all the commented out entries from /etc/apt/sources.list so they wont' be picked up by Synaptic?12:11
mdzrobertj: to what end?12:11
robertjit's a bit odd having entries that are identical except for the section12:11
mdzedulix: are you comfortable with trying a few things on the command line?12:11
ogramdz: were talking about this one: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/SynapticTutorial/004.jpg/view12:11
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
edulixmdz: yeah ;)12:11
mdzrobertj: I think that's a problem with synaptic's repository UI, which should be fixed there rather than removing the entries12:12
robertjmaybe Synaptic could be set to ignore anything double commented and show single #'s as disabled12:12
robertjmdz: perhaps12:12
nightmarescanyone know anything about a 'nobiospnp' error and/or ubuntu not finding my external drive12:12
robertjit would be really nice if it showed everything with a nice description12:12
edulixmdz: you mean uysing alsamixer or something like that ?12:12
mdzedulix: run "aplay -l" and see how many devices there arae12:12
robertjclick "Official Ubuntu Packages" select "Non-US Software"12:12
mirakhow to enable multiverse.....wiki search didnt find it?12:12
mdzrobertj: right12:13
mdzthat's something we'll likely do12:13
edulixaplay: device_list:199: no soundcards found...12:13
ogramirak: add it behind universe in synaptic12:13
edulixbut there are some sound modules loaded12:13
=== tmartin [~tyler@ip68-6-112-163.sb.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzedulix: oh?  which ones?12:13
tmartinhappy halloween!12:13
mirakogra, remember im still noob ?????12:13
=== svenl_ [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-13-49.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
mirakogra, little more plz?12:13
ogramirak: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/SynapticTutorial/004.jpg/view12:13
edulix(lsmod show things like snd_ac97_codec         59268  2 snd_intel8x0m,snd_intel8x0)12:13
robertjI have mixed feelings about Synaptic12:14
ogramirak: just the shot12:14
robertjpart of me thinks that it will never be ready for end users unless another tag is introduced12:14
=== HWolf [~hidde@136.237.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjthere is just so much software that your average mom and pop just don't grok12:14
ograrobertj: there is something new on the way ;)12:14
mirakogra, bot: thnx....i saaume just copy the universe then add "multiverse" at the end of it12:14
robertjogra: gut ;)12:14
=== lup|strebe [fddsfgsdg@C38296E4.kabel.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
ogramirak make it look like the shot....12:15
robertjmirak: which is very good except for the fact that the entries look the same in synatpic unless you click on it12:15
edulixwhat do you think about this mdz ? :)12:15
nightmarescanyone know anything about a 'nobiospnp' error and/or ubuntu not finding my external drive?  nothing seems to work12:16
mirakogra, yes.....thnx12:16
HWolfHow can I kill and restart X?12:16
robertjjust go through those and click the links one step at a time12:16
mirakrobertj, that i am aware of....i just needed the url.....but its the same as universe12:16
=== synapse [~synapse@81-178-46-38.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|hey something just occurred to me. Why doesn't gnome have a right click option to dock windows in the systray, like icewm has????12:16
Matt|it would be v useful12:16
mdzedulix: you installed the 4.10 final release?12:17
synapsebecause it doesnt?.... :P12:17
edulixuh, I really don't know what version I am using, how can I check it ?12:17
=== desp [desp@exile.acm.WPI.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
ograHWolf: logout, hit ctrl-alt-f1, login and type: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart12:18
edulixmdz: I'm using the version everyone uses in the spanish hackandalus 2004 :P12:18
mdzedulix: I was not there, so I don't know whether you got a final release CD or a pre-release snapshot12:18
HWolfHm, awesome. :-)12:18
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzedulix: what did it say on the CD?12:18
despI just installed Ubuntu (Warty Warthog) on an OldWorld PowerMac 7300, and I can't boot from my new ext3 partition12:19
=== kasey70 [~davidegal@247.Red-213-97-10.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
despI get a kernel panic at startup, because VFS is unable to find the root device12:19
edulixmdz: "Ubuntu" nothing more hehe12:19
edulixah, it's Warty Warthog!12:19
mdzdesp: are you sure it's OldWorld?  I'm surprised it got that far12:19
tmartinhow come i cant open .url files in ubuntu12:19
mdzOldWorld is not supported12:19
edulixif that's an exact version, I do n't know..12:20
mdzedulix: that's the name of the branch12:20
ograedulix: verify your kernel version (uname -a)12:20
mdzedulix: laptop or desktop?12:20
mirakogra, robertj, thnx...:)......got it12:20
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
edulixLinux ubuntu-edulix #1 Tue Oct 12 12:41:57 BST 2004 i686 GNU/Linux12:20
Hikaru79When I try to pring to a shared windows printer, I'm getting: Printing: Unable to connect to SAMBA host, will retry in 60 seconds...foomatic-rip version $Revision: $ running...12:20
kasey70someone has a problem with mplayer ? a message says ilegall instruction to run mplayer12:20
robertjbtw, if any of yall ever don't have enough to do and need to add features to Gnome, please unbreak the places menu12:21
=== HWolf [~hidde@136.237.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu
despmdz: yes, I am sure it's OldWorld. it's not really hard to use BootX, you know12:21
kasey70there is a .deb for amd processors ?12:21
ograedulix: seems ok12:21
gromdz & edulix: fyi - i had the same probs with a latitude c610 -> the kernel options acpi_irq_isa=7 and nolapic solved the soundcard problem12:21
tmartinwhere can i find the MIME type setting for gnome?12:21
despmdz: the only thing you need to do to boot on OldWorld is to use BootX, copy the initrd.gz & vmlinux files into some Mac OS partition, and you're set12:22
tmartinim trying to set up x-mswinurl to open automatically in firefix12:22
despso the installation went fine, but when I'm supposed to boot from /dev/sda2, the kernel panics12:22
HWolfThere is quite a funny bug in glxgears. If you run it and hover mouse over the close button, they start spinning like mad. As if to show they're working hard, and not getting closed.12:22
mdzdesp: OldWorld is not supported by Warty12:22
edulixgro: then I'll try it. BTW, ubuntu was evil and deleted my grub configuration, I just wanted it to add a new entry in the cool graphical suse's grub menu :P12:22
despmdz: do you have anything else to say besides "not supported"?12:22
[Phaedrus] kasey70: x86 versions should work fine12:23
=== MikeGTN is now known as MikeAFK
mdzdesp: nope, sorry.  I don't have any OldWorld systems12:23
[Phaedrus] unless you are talking about athlon 6412:23
ogradesp: if he says it, its fact....12:23
mirakhwolf, they dont work any harder for me.....thay always fly12:23
mdzdesp: and we didn't test on them12:23
edulixhow can I restore it ?12:23
mdzedulix: yeah, if it's a laptop, it could very well be the same bug12:23
mdzedulix: a number of Dell systems seem to have a BIOS which causes this12:24
kasey70[Phaedrus] : amd-sempron, mplayer gives a message about a illegal ordre12:24
despwell, I managed to find a description of the exact same problem on some 2.6 kernels, and the fix is to specify the root device using the major/minor numbers12:24
mdzedulix: here's the bug: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=125412:24
HWolfmidrak. I'm running 1600x1200 on a 9200SE, doesn't go fast. :-)12:24
=== [AVA] kold] |[CoH [~septeraco@pD9E9E39E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== the_tux [Gentoo@Montreal-ppp3531874.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
mirakhwolf, ahhh....radeon 7000 1024x768....4k fps12:25
despmdz: the problem is described in detail at http://www.linuxforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=71998&st=1512:25
JanneMtmartin: not sure12:25
the_tuxhi all.....i am new to apt-get and in my home i have hcfpcimodem.....deb  and i would like to know how can i install it from my home ? and i would like to know to how can i install kernel source ?12:25
Matt|so is selinux in hoary?12:25
despthe gist of it is that specifying "root=0802", where 8 is the SCSI major and 2 is the partition number,  ought to fix it. still, it doesn't.12:26
Matt|damn lag12:26
mdzdesp: is the right module even being loaded to recognize your SCSI controller?12:26
despmdz: I assume that it is being loaded, since I managed to format that SCSI disk using the Ubuntu installer while booted from the CD12:27
despusing the exact same kernel12:27
=== PunkBuster_ [~wims@ti211310a080-0628.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
mdzdesp: same kernel, but which initrd?12:28
=== shoka [~shoka@shoka.free-online.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
despah, hm.12:28
mdzthe installed system uses an initrd generated during the install12:28
despwhere does that generated initrd go?12:28
=== noda [~adam@modemcable009.99-37-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
despthis must be the problem12:29
edulixmdz: thanks for the info. I'm going to reboot. BTW, I've restored the suse's grub ;)12:30
grothe_tux: dpkg -i name.deb12:30
=== carger314 [~carger314@ip68-228-44-118.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
the_tuxgro, thanks so much12:30
groedulix: success12:31
shokaHi all, just a thankyou to the team, this is from a new install of warty on a dual athon workstation12:31
edulixgro: btw, what does nolapic do ?12:32
despon an unrelated note -- does anyone know a keyboard mapping that has the tilde key (`~) between left-shift and Z?12:32
despmdz: let me rephrase -- where can I find that initrd that is generated during the install?12:33
edulixdesp: not me. I have that either using alt-1-2-6 or alt-12:33
ogradasp: in /boot on your scsi disk12:33
despogra: ah, thanks12:33
JanneMtmartin: select a file of the type in nautilus, choose to see details about the file, then there is a tab where you can edit mime info for that kind of file'12:34
tmartinyou mean the open with tab?12:34
despogra: and what if I only have three partitions -- a partition map, root, and swap?12:35
mirakdesp, this key ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.......usa has that12:35
Matt|so is selinux in hoary?12:35
ogradesp: in root...12:36
=== tmartin [~tyler@ip68-6-112-163.sb.sd.cox.net] has left #ubuntu []
despmirak: but isn't the ~ key next in the first row, next to the numbers, on US keyboards?12:46
=== HWolf [~hidde@136.237.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogradesp: but as you can't accress it you wont get to /boot .... probably from the install cd, with alt-f2 you can reach a console12:46
ogradesp: and mount the partition12:46
=== jkka_ [~jkka@] has joined #ubuntu
=== edulix [~edulix@] has joined #ubuntu
edulixit worked ! :)12:46
edulixnow I'd like to install muine :P12:46
HWolfDamn, something broke tvtime12:46
despogra: ahh. I found it12:46
groedulix: for a quick nolapic explanation: http://portal.suse.com/sdb/en/2002/10/81_acpi.html12:46
stuNNedis there a way to tell what damons are running that exist in /etc/init.d ?12:46
=== carger314 [~carger314@ip68-228-44-118.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|stuNNed, not sure if there is a better way, but you could try "ps ax"12:46
despmdz: thanks for the help, and sorry for being so harsh before12:46
edulix"Activates the local APIC system even if it is disabled in the BIOS." thanks for the info ;)12:46
kapputuhi stuNNed12:46
LinuxJonesstuNNed, netstat -tap or lsof -i12:46
groedulix: no: nolapic : Disables the local APIC system even if it is activated in the BIOS. ;)12:46
kapputuMatt|: how do I make a Perl script run at boot ?12:46
mirakdesp, yes it is the key right before "1"12:46
stuNNedhiyas kapputu12:46
Matt|kapputu, not a clue. I am flattered that you asked me the question, but i am rubbish at linux12:46
=== sherpa [~shepa@pcp572941pcs.wilmsc01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
despmirak: I was asking about a keymap that has the tilde on the key between the left-shift and the Z key12:46
kapputusomeone told me that I had to copy /etc/init.d/skeleton to /etc/init.d/script.pl12:46
kapputuLinuxJones: can you help ?12:46
sherpaanyone got ndiswrapper to work in ubuntu12:46
despmirak: that's how it is on european keyboards12:46
Matt|kapputu, yeah maybe make a link12:46
mirakdesp, sorry......must have missed that bit12:46
Matt|ln -s12:46
despmirak: np12:46
kapputuno I have to edit the file12:46
kapputubut I need to know what to change12:46
shokais here a grub config file somewhere, equiv of grub.conf?12:46
shokacd /etc12:46
stuNNedshoka, /boot/menu.lst i think12:46
sherpai tried to install ndiswrapper but it said u needed the kernel source12:46
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedshoka, /boot/grub/menu.lst12:46
=== poyayan [~poyayan@adsl-065-007-128-026.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
kapputusudo apt-get install linux-source-`uname -r`12:46
kapputuhi poyayan12:46
poyayanwhat's the /usr/share/alien folder for?12:46
poyayanyo kapputu12:46
LinuxJoneskapput help with starting a script @ boot time ?12:46
=== oferw [~ofer@DSL217-132-13-193.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
kapputuyes LinuxJones12:46
=== vasi [~vasi@modemcable252.147-70-69.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
sherpakapputu, what that sudo apt-get install linux-source-`uname -r` for me? if so will it work w/o internet cause i dont have the internet in there12:46
LinuxJoneskapput, have a look here >> http://www.debianhelp.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=330612:46
kapputupoyayan: I think alien is for using rpms12:46
poyayanuh ok12:46
kapputusherpa, I guess it would be included in the cd-rom12:46
kappututry just in case12:46
sherpakapputu, ty12:46
=== Delgul [~gerard@delgul.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== sherpa [~shepa@pcp572941pcs.wilmsc01.tn.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Matt|so is selinux in hoary?12:46
DelgulHi! I just installed Ubuntu, but whenever I try to execute someting with root permissions as a normal user (like add printer using root password) the applications seem to exit with status 1. Is this a known problem?12:46
ograDelgul: wron password12:46
LinuxJonesDelgul, enter your user password12:46
Matt|Delgul, what are you using as password?12:46
kapputuMatt|: why would you need his password ?12:48
Matt|>_> <_<12:48
Delgulhah... Jeez Matt...12:48
Matt|no reason...12:48
neuro_other than world domination12:48
poyayananyone know why totem-xine and gstreamer-0.8mad were removed from marillat?12:48
kapputuDelgul: do you have remote desktop enabled ?12:48
SuperQDelgul: ubuntu disables root password by default, in favor of using sudo (user password) to access root privilegs12:48
ograpoyayan: have they erver been there ?12:48
SuperQDelgul: similar to MacOS12:48
poyayanwell totem-xine was for sure12:48
poyayanI don't know about gstreamer-0.8mad12:48
ograpoyayan: you should use the ubuntu one....12:49
robertjogra: does places not strike you as something that is extremely broken?12:49
DelgulSuperQ: Well I configured a root password and gnome-cups-manager asks for it btw when adding a printer. It refers to the root account...12:49
ograrobertj: places ?12:49
poyayanwell if you want to play divx or mp3 you need those12:50
kapputuI want to use a Mac once12:50
kapputuanyone want to lend me one for a few days ?12:50
=== vasi [~vasi@modemcable252.147-70-69.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
robertjOn Nautilus12:50
SuperQDelgul: yea.. that's a minor mistake in UI12:50
SuperQDelgul: you use sudo password12:50
mirakkapputu, dont do it.....youll be hooked12:50
ograDelgul: look here: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RootSudo12:50
SuperQDelgul: someone should probably file a bug report to ask for sudo password instead of root password12:50
kapputuI'm already hooked to ubuntu12:50
DelgulSuperQ: thanks12:50
kapputucould I get worse ?12:51
mirakkapptut, i mean macs12:51
ograSuperQ: it actually asks for "your password"12:51
mirakkapptutu, i mean macs12:51
kapputuin what way would I be hooked ?12:51
robertjBeing a Mac user will make you into an angry person12:51
robertjstay away!12:51
kapputulol robertj12:51
kapputuwhy ?12:54
mirakthey cost too much12:54
kapputugnumeric, OO Spreadsheet, which is better12:54
jdubkapputu: technically, gnumeric.12:54
robertjYou want to take the finder and put it on XP or Linux and then torture the rest12:54
robertjogra: See what I mean?12:54
kapputuwhat's finder ?12:54
robertjlike Nautilus sort of12:54
robertjexcept its useful12:54
mirakits nice :)12:54
netmonkdoes anyone know how can I stop the animation when I open or minimize windows?12:54
HWolfrobertj, are you familiar with tvtuner? It is suddenly quitting on me, and I have no clue why.12:54
robertjHWolf: sorry, no clue on that one12:54
robertjtry tvtime12:54
=== b_e_n_z [~Mercedes@vp161054.kln.uac1.hknet.com] has joined #ubuntu
ograrobertj: you mean amrillat ?12:54
mirakkapputu, cherryOS is out soon.....you can get the demo...and install macOS on your pc...try it out that way12:54
=== kasey70 [~davidegal@247.Red-213-97-10.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
despbah, cherryOS is a scam12:54
cardadorkapputu: gnumeric12:54
robertjogra: ?12:54
mirakerr...waht about pearOS then12:54
robertjForeign language?12:54
despthe guy admitted to having used PearPC code in CherryOS12:54
ograrobertj: think i lost you somewhere12:54
despand PearPC is nowhere near being usable12:54
mirakdesp, and.....as ong as it works...and is fast(er)12:54
robertjogra: okay, from the top. Does the Places menu in Nautilus not seem horribly broken?01:00
Kirschis there a way to get network to work with PearPC?01:00
SuperQorga: hrm.01:00
Kirsch(from lInux)?01:00
SuperQorga: you're correct..01:00
kapputuare Macs generally used for graphics and stuff ?01:00
mirakkirsch, i dont think so........but cherryos will give you full support01:00
DelgulSuperQ: It works fine now, even when authenticating over NIS ;-)01:00
despmirak: well, after he admitted having used a GPL project's source in a closed-source program, he said he removed all traces of it01:00
SuperQDelgul: good01:00
stuNNedMatt|, LinuxJones: apparantly whatever runlevel you're in then the corresponding /etc/rc?.d, whatever is listed there is running01:00
mirakkapputu, generally.....but only because they architecture makes them awesome at it01:00
ograrobertj: not really broken....but it could be better.... want to change it ?01:00
DelgulWhile I am at it...anyone know how to get firefox working with the cups printers?01:00
ograrobertj: oh, and computer should be "disks"01:00
robertjIt points you to Home, Computer (which should not be needed), Templates (which is always empty), and CD creator which is not a "place" in most people's mind01:00
LinuxJonesstuNNed, yes by default Ubuntu/Debian run in runlevel 201:00
mirakdeap, i see your point01:00
Matt|stuNNed, yes and also rcS.d01:00
b_e_n_zDelgul, http://localhost:631 if you are using cups01:00
kapputuso for a laptop and a Mac at the same price, why would I want to buy a Mac ?01:00
mirakdesp, i see your point01:00
despkapputu: because a Mac Just Works(tm)01:00
robertjogra: sure, pay me a living wage and support me for a month or so while I get up to speed on c, makefiles, and gtk, and I'd love too ;)01:00
ograb_e_n_z: its disabled...01:00
mirakkapputu, it all just depends on your needs, and budget.....mac hardware imo is better01:00
Delgul<b_e_n_z>: Yes, thats how I configure them. I mean when I print in Firefox I want to see thenm in the options list for the printers...01:00
despkapputu: that's basically the only thing. if you actually enjoy things like compiling the kernel to kill the time, then a Mac is not for you01:00
=== tmartin [~tyler@ip68-6-112-163.sb.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograrobertj: if i make as much money as mark, i'll do ;)01:00
tmartinis there anyway i can play flash on my amd-64? :(01:00
robertjogra: I'm a Mac admin so I'm full of pent-up UI frusteration, for both Gnome and OS X01:01
=== Fe_man [~fe_man@tconl92209.tconl.com] has joined #ubuntu
nictukuis it planned to make ubuntu "core" site and wiki easier to translate? It would be just a matter of making a tool checking versions and changes in the pages01:01
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.208.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu
tmartinis the 64bit version of ubuntu all in 6401:01
tmartinis there anyway to run apps for 32bit processors01:01
=== ThreeDayMonk [~paul@surimi.vm.bytemark.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
b_e_n_zdoes ubuntu have worldwide mirrors?  during the install it goes to www.ubuntu.com and it is quite slow from here...01:01
tmartinid like to be able to use flash in firefox...01:01
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@h10n3c1o1027.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
ograrobertj: so you should switch to xserve... no need for a gui ;)01:01
robertjogra: haha, I wish01:01
robertjMy org can't afford $5 for media01:04
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-038-144.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjOur webserver is a Blue and White G301:04
Nafallohi all! if debian has a firefox translation in a lang and ubuntu hasn't, should I then file a bug against firefox?01:04
=== tux_ [~tux@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
JoeBspeaking of PPC and 64-bit architecture, will the PPC distro run on the G5?01:04
ograrobertj: so ubuntu custom makes a good install for them..01:04
robertjogra: it actually does01:04
NafalloHrdwrBoB: that yes was destinatinated for me? :-)01:04
HrdwrBoBNafallo: yes :)01:04
robertjI'm putting off an upgrade to a G4 for when php5 comes stock01:04
robertjno particular impetus to make the move now01:04
kapputuhi Nafallo01:04
NafalloHrdwrBoB: kewl :-). *switches desktop to the firefoxie one :-)*01:04
robertjhey, when I came in I tossed out 4 machines from the office that have, total, less mhz between them than my wireless router01:04
Nafallokapputu: hi there :-)01:04
despnils: so, I just installed Ubuntu *again*01:04
robertj"Goodbye slackware, Goodbye Redhat 5"01:04
despit said I have to continue without a boot loader01:04
Matt|mdz, are you still here?01:04
kapputugnumeric failed to install saying that an assertion in eggdesktopentries.c failed01:04
kapputuany idea ?01:04
robertj"goodbye AD server not serving anyone"01:04
despI checked the /initrd/ directory on the target partition, and it's empty01:07
despso did it get generated at all?01:07
stuNNedrobertj, do you know if apple's os x server network install uses multicast or unicast? *offtopic*01:07
=== LucidVisions ouch...red hat 5
robertjstuNN: sorry, I don't. I do radmind instead of netboot01:07
kapputuis gnumeric compatible with Excel files ?01:07
stuNNedrobertj, ok thanks01:07
robertjdoes anyone know of an easy way to create a shortcut to a folder in a network place?01:07
despevery directory located with "find / -name initrd" is empty01:07
robertjit seems like its trying to create it in a place where it doesn't have permissions and borking01:07
robertjnm, it's an unsupported operation on ftp :(01:08
despah, screw it. I'm going back to gentoo >(01:08
=== desp [desp@exile.acm.WPI.EDU] has left #ubuntu ["bah"]
robertjfor your viewing pleasure ;)01:09
robertjoh whee01:10
robertjit's getting butchered by the web server01:10
kapputuhmm why isn't openoffice starting ??01:10
HrdwrBoB.. that's whacked01:10
cardadorkapputu: yes, almost flawlessly01:10
=== alf [~alf@m156.net81-64-159.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
kapputuyou mean flawlessly screwed ?01:10
=== psyklops [~psyklops@] has joined #ubuntu
cardadorkapputu: gnumeric works very well with me01:11
=== spacey`ki [~ki@flits101-191.flits.rug.nl] has joined #ubuntu
kapputuit din't install01:11
kapputugot an error with eggdesktopentries.c01:11
cardadorkapputu: did you use synaptic?01:11
kapputuan assertion failed I believe01:11
kapputuand OO isn't starting01:11
cardadorkapputu: have you tried to write gnumeric in a terminal?01:11
kapputuwrite gnumeric ?01:12
cardadorgnumeric on a terminal01:12
kappututhe command was not found01:12
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@h10n3c1o1027.bredband.skanova.com] has left #ubuntu []
cardadorkapputu: thats weird01:13
kapputusame problem with synaptic01:13
kapputuit installs though01:14
kapputuwhen I try to start it, it exits01:14
magnonsynaptic doesn't open itself from the command line as a normal user though01:14
=== edulix [~edulix@] has joined #ubuntu
=== longsleep_ [~longsleep@pD901834C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== robertj arghs
robertjGnome's VFS plugins are still grossly broke01:14
kapputuok great01:15
kapputuI can't use OO  or gnumeric01:15
magnonkapputu: error messages would be nice, I guess01:15
magnonit helps01:15
cardadorkapputu: i can use both, and i have latest hoary01:15
=== mirak [~mirak@adsl-68-74-28-228.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
magnonI have OO installed and working fine, warty01:15
ahoodHi all, I have a very silly question, but it will help me. What is the difference between 386 and 686? I have to decide which Ubuntu linux-image file to download, 386 or 686.01:16
[Phaedrus] what processor do you have ahood?01:16
ahoodAMD XP 2200+01:16
[Phaedrus] go for 68601:16
ahoodPhaedrus: Thanks!01:16
[Phaedrus] np01:16
[Phaedrus] ?01:17
kapputuI killed the process and started it from the command line and works01:17
magnonkapputu: openoffice?01:17
[Phaedrus] heh01:17
magnonyeah, heh, it tends to do weird things like that01:17
kapputuit's damn slow01:17
jdubahood: if you have an AMD XP, choose k701:18
kapputuplease, I don't want to go back to you-know-what01:18
mirakslow overall.....or just to load?01:18
bradwhat do I have to install to unrar a file?01:18
cardadorbrad: unrar-nonfree01:18
magnonkapputu: well, it works - it might be slow to load on a (duh) slow machine, but if you have enough physical memory available for it, it should get better01:18
ahoodjdub:  This one linux-image-
kapputuit froze01:18
alfare we allowed to ask questions about hoary problems here?01:18
kapputuI guess there is a problem with the spreadsheet program01:19
jdubahood: just apt-get install linux-image-
=== HWolf [~hidde@136.208.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubalf: yes01:19
nodaIs there some kind of "status" page for Hoary somewhere?01:19
jdubno, other than the build logs01:19
nodaAll right then... does it have X.org yet? :P01:19
Matt|jdub, is selinux included in hoary?01:19
jduboh, actually there are uninstallable status pages too01:19
kapputuit's screwed01:19
jdubnoda: no01:19
Matt|noda no01:19
kapputu it doesn't open01:20
alfok, i'm having trouble getting cd drives detected. i can do it manually, but the automatic startup process isn't working, and i don't know what to change.01:20
noda(that's all I care about, really. Oh, that and the splash screen on bootup)01:20
jdubMatt|: not configured and so on01:20
nodaMatt|, jdub, kapputu: thanks :)01:20
Matt|jdub, is the plan to have it working for the release?01:20
ahoodjdub: Good suggestion, of course. However, once I install Ubuntu, I won't have internet access on account of an unsupported wireless card and I need to manually install the updated linux-image and ndiswrapper-utils.01:20
alf(and it used to work ok in warty, which is why i asked)01:20
HWolfhow do I reconfigure X again?01:20
jdubMatt|: no, not too interested in selinux yet01:20
magnonalf: Expect things to break on a development tree :)01:20
nodaahood: ndiswrapper is installed by default on Warty, isn't it?01:20
Matt|jdub, ok01:21
Matt|np, just out of interest01:21
=== noda was pleasantly surprised when he found that ipw2100 is
alfmagnon: i know :-) i'm just trying to learn what to fix to make it work01:21
magnonalf: but you might just file a bug, and it'll get resolved I guess01:21
ahoodnoda: I didn't think so. At least, I don't know if it is. I have tried out the Ubuntu liveCD and I don't see it on that. Can anyone confirm if ndiswrapper is included in the full Warty release?01:21
kapputudamn it works on my laptop01:22
nodaOn my laptop I've got /lib/modules/
nodaprovided with linux-image-
robertjoh, do we get new wallpaper tomorrow ;)01:22
HWolfAccording to synaptic it ndiswrapper is available.01:22
Matt|noda, me too01:22
nodaNaked people?01:22
mirakahood, synaptic search gives me ndiswrapper-utils.....but that is it01:23
=== ogra [~ogra@p508EB166.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
kapputuwb ogra01:23
magnonthose are the userspace tools for ndiswrapper, which is what is needed01:23
nodandiswrapper is included with the kernel01:23
=== jkka [~jkka@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ogra hates dhcp leases
nodaogra: You're kidding, right? They're practically the only kind of leases that don't cost vast amounts of money01:24
ahoodnoda: So it is included in the full Warty release?01:24
nodaahood: I can't confirm for sure, but I think so01:24
jdubahood: unfortunately, the live cd is somewhat out of sync with the installed system, at least wrt kernel and so on01:24
ahoodnoda: How do I confirm it?01:24
nodaahood: Install it :P01:25
ogranoda: but they drop me out of the net once a day :(01:25
ahoodnoda: hehe. Good suggestion.01:25
kapputuogra openoffice doesnt work on my desktop01:25
nodaogra: Ick. You can edit something in /etc/dhclient (or something) to automatically get a new one, I think01:25
ogranoda: wont prevent me from my provider.....01:26
=== noda looks at changes to ipw2100 0.55: "- Fixed suspend/resume" -- WOO!
TheMusoI/me is running ipw2100-0.5601:26
TheMusoDamn fingers. :)01:26
ahoodjdub: Thanks for the reply. Are all liveCD's less functional than the full versions?01:26
=== fsc_away is now known as fsc
nictukusorry to repeat: is it planned to make ubuntu "core" site and wiki easier to translate? Some helpers tools would be needed, for example.01:27
[Phaedrus] Folks. I hear X.org works fine for nvidia cards01:27
[Phaedrus] if you have an ATI card, stay away from it01:27
magnon[Phaedrus] : I have an ATI card which works perfectly well01:27
b_e_n_z[Phaedrus] , that is incorrect01:27
b_e_n_z[Phaedrus] , i have two ATI cards in two boxes running xorg 6.7/6.8, no problem01:28
[Phaedrus] really?01:28
[Phaedrus] well, it seems that a lot of people are having problems01:28
HWolfHm. My ati drivers seem to have messed up tvtime. No more tv for me under linux :-S01:29
=== Jet2k5 [~zero@fl-64-45-238-149.dyn.sprint-hsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
Jet2k5Hello guys01:29
Jet2k5I'm triying to help some one out with ubuntu01:29
Jet2k5and he needs the kernel source, but he has NO working internet01:29
Jet2k5how would we go about this?01:29
nodaJet2k5: Download, burn to CD...01:30
noda(unless it's on the CD...)01:30
Jet2k5I dunno01:30
nodaJet2k5: Perhaps the more important question is: WHY does he need the kernel source? :)01:30
Jet2k5nvm tho he just left01:30
Jet2k5he needs to install some niswrapper01:30
nodaJet2k5: It's installed already01:30
Jet2k5well I dunno01:31
Jet2k5nvm then01:31
Jet2k5It's some guy that needs help and I keep on telling me to step in here, but he doesn't lisen01:31
nodaJet2k5: Just start up, go to Computer -> System Configuration -> Network (I think) and play around :)01:31
Jet2k5thanks for the hel anyway01:31
=== Jet2k5 [~zero@fl-64-45-238-149.dyn.sprint-hsd.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
noda(that's what I like about Ubuntu -- people always ask about how to do very complicated stuff to get a certain goal... and it's actually damned easy)01:32
=== noneus [~noneus@pD950F5B2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== LucidVisions says some people need tinfoil hats
=== noda wears one
b_e_n_zone wonders why ubuntu doesn't use xorg...01:32
ahoodThanks to everyone!01:32
nodab_e_n_z: Because it couldn't make it in for its first release. It'll be in Hoary01:33
ogranoda: the prob is to teach people that there is an easy way.....01:33
nodab_e_n_z: The awesome thing about Ubuntu is its 6-month release schedule, don't diss it :)01:33
b_e_n_zalso some framebuffer splash on bootup would be nice...01:33
nodab_e_n_z: Also planned for Hoary (I think)01:33
ograb_e_n_z: hoary01:33
=== thoreauputic [~freudulen@wolax6-068.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
nodab_e_n_z: Check out the wiki at http://www.ubuntulinux.com/wiki to see what's pllaned.01:34
nodaErm, "planned"01:34
robertjogra: is hoary going to be tracking debian unstable or a custom build of gnome?01:34
b_e_n_znoda, they have full-time staff working on this distro?01:34
nodab_e_n_z: Yep!01:34
=== HWolf [~hidde@136.208.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu
b_e_n_znoda, awesome01:34
[Phaedrus] how come they don't have a release for K7s?01:34
nodarobertj: Certainly not unstable, since it'll release the same day GNOME 2.10 is released (whereas unstable will still be using 2.8)01:34
HWolf[phaedrus]  because they sell a lot of athlons these days?01:35
nodab_e_n_z: Yes, Ubuntu rocketh01:35
HWolfnoda, what can we expect from 2.10, do you know that?01:35
nodaHWolf: I only know my little subset: epiphany extensions will have a nice UI and you'll be able to load/unload them while Epiphany is running :P01:36
nodaBeyond that... dunno :P01:36
robertjhrmm, I wonder why I have sound if I run an app from a terminal but no sound if I run it from the menu01:36
nodaDon't even know if Epiphany will be default (I'm guessing not, but really, if there's anything we can do to change that...)01:36
nodarobertj: What app?01:37
HWolfnoda, epiphany is a browser right?01:37
nodaHWolf: Yep01:37
robertjany sdl app01:37
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
HWolfnoda, don't be offended, but why is gnome developing it's own browser when there is something as smooth as mozilla to compete against?01:37
nodaHWolf: Maybe there'll be audio CD burning... GNOME really needs that :)01:37
robertjI was a naughty boy and reported it as a bug but sdl is in universe ;)01:38
nodaHWolf: Have you tried Epiphany? :)01:38
jazzkaI'm using firefox, how can I access to mozilla composer (html editor) ??01:38
nodaHWolf: It's light years ahead of Firefox in terms of usability.01:38
nodaHWolf: Simple, and Just Works -- it's a GNOME browser.01:38
nodaHWolf: And it fits in better with GNOME -- follows your theme better.01:38
robertjEpiphany needs to ditch its bookmarks though01:38
robertjEveryone uses bookmarks the same way01:39
robertjthey bookmark stuff, then they never use it again01:39
nodaThey may be revamped to automatically create hierarchies.01:39
HWolfrobertj, Actually I do use bookmarks, I just store every decent site I come across that interest me, so when I do forget the url, I can get back there01:40
robertjnoda: I hope they steal the firefox search too01:40
robertjI'd love to see that added to the HIG01:40
spivrobertj: I actually epiphany's bookmarks, which surprised me :)01:40
nodarobertj: I find that thing kind of sucky, but we may find a better thing :)01:40
thoreauputicnoda: Is it possible to have mouse gestures with Epiphany? I don't see thet option...01:40
spivs/actually/actually use/01:40
robertjnoda: the search?01:40
nodathoreauputic: apt-get install epiphany-extensions01:40
robertjnoda: err find?01:40
nodarobertj: yeah01:40
thoreauputicnoda: thanks01:40
spacey`kii also use my bookmarks01:40
robertjnoda: why do you not like it?01:40
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-158-137.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
HWolfExtensions for Epiphany web browser01:41
HWolfAdds extra features to GNOME's Epiphany web browser, including mouse01:41
HWolfgestures, move tabs between windows, error viewer and  validator,01:41
HWolfcertificate viewer, smart bookmarks, page info, CSS Stylesheet01:41
HWolfand a GNOME Dashboard interface.01:41
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
nodarobertj: Feels... kind of... like "no other apps act like this, I have to learn a new procedure"01:41
robertjnoda: yeah, but it's good stuff01:41
=== idaho45 [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
HWolfnoda, how is epihany ahead of firefox then, in usability?01:42
nodarobertj: IMO we should have something like gconf-editor :)01:42
nodaHWolf: Like half as many menu entries, and follows the HIG :)01:42
robertjIt made me think "I wish Writer, Word, and MacWrite did this"01:42
HWolfShould I google for HIG, or can you tell me?01:42
nodaHWolf: All GNOME apps follow the HIG. Human Interface Guidelines01:42
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-68-153.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
HWolfnoda, ah. :-)01:43
ficusplanetHWolf, and it automatically uses GNOME proxy settings and will soon use gnome-print01:44
nodaHWolf: And my Error Viewer extension is awesome, too. Though I think on Ubuntu it doesn't work with xhtml. I'll have to reproduce then file a bug :)01:44
=== amathis [~amathis@amathis.linuxfordummies] has joined #ubuntu
amathishow can I restart the sound server?01:44
nodaYeah, not to mention, it's worked with Beagle for ages (dunno if Firefox does)01:44
robertjnoda: what do you think of this: http://www.music.uga.edu/temp/whatif.jpg01:44
nodaAnd the popup blocker is better than Firefox's :)01:44
HWolfIs gnome still depending on those massive mozilla libraries?01:44
nodaHWolf: Yes, BUT01:44
nodaHWolf: http://gtk-webcore.sf.net01:45
ficusplanetnoda, If firefox doesn't now, it certainly will because Novell is making it the default browser in Novell Linux Desktop.01:45
nodaGaleon can actually use gtk-webcore as a backend (what Safari uses on Mac). I think it works on Epiphany -- if not then it's just a few hours to get it working.01:45
robertjFirefox is opensource and has good name recognition and a good reputation01:45
tolstoyI like epiphany, too --- but I got the feeling firefox is going to be the default for gnome, eh?01:45
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["M'envaig"]
nodatolstoy: not anytime soon, I don't think...01:46
robertjMultiple gtk backends for html rendering seems overly redundant01:46
nodarobertj: That's exactly why it's in Ubuntu, unfortunately for us. That means we really don't have any way to improve Epiphany to get it in the next release01:46
HWolfIt's not that I would enjoy epihany. I'm just unhappy that display managers ship like 4 browsers and mail clients.01:46
nodarobertj: Webcore uses about 5x less memory than Mozilla01:46
ficusplanetI think epiphany will be more liked after the next release - with the GUI for extensions and gnome-print and whatever else marco and christian cook up.01:46
amathishow can I restart the sound server?01:47
nodaYeah :)01:47
robertjNoda: is that with a full khtml implementation?01:47
nodaficusplanet: We need more extension ideas, though. What extensions do you think we should have? :)01:47
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-50-191.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
nodarobertj: Yes01:47
nodarobertj: Actually, sorry, NO. :P01:47
robertjnoda: mozilla has lots of nice stuff01:47
nodarobertj: It's just in testing, so some functionality isn't hooked in yet. But it'll still be much smaller and faster than Mozilla. Unfortunately, at the moment it crashes very often01:47
=== timello [~tiago@] has joined #ubuntu
ficusplanetnoda, I think graphical (thumbnails and searching) history would be awesome.  For bookmarks, too, I guess.01:48
robertjSafari crashes quite often for me01:48
robertjFirefox still crashes some, but not nearly as often.01:48
nodaficusplanet: I've been thinking along the same lines. On the other hand, Beagle might render that unnecessary.01:48
HWolfFirst thing I see on this thing is that it doesn't have the google search integrated, which I think is a must-have. :-)01:48
robertjI'd love to see both backends be able to endure endless streams of garbage html01:48
nodaficusplanet: I was considering implementing a Storage extension... but Storage is kinda dead nowadays and I'm not sure it's the "right" way to do it.01:49
HWolfnoda, sorry for the comment, but it looks a lot like IE to me. Makes me shiver. :-)01:49
ficusplanetnoda, True, if we could feed beagle screenshots, though, that would be amazing.  And beagle won't get widespread acceptance until mono legal are sorted out.01:49
nodaficusplanet: Maybe we can finish Python or C# bindings for Epiphany... that'd get more extension developers I think :)01:49
nodaficusplanet: It already feeds beagle screenshots, doesn't it?01:49
tolstoyThe thing I like about epiphany is that it can be integrated into gnome in ways that don't make sense for a cross platform firefox.01:49
ficusplanetnoda, Oh, I didn't know that.01:49
HWolftolstoy, give me an example. :-)01:49
nodaficusplanet: Actually... maybe not. No, it probably has snippets, like Google01:50
tolstoyHWolf, native widgets.01:50
nodatolstoy: unfortunately, Epiphany doesn't use native widgets with the Mozilla backend. The gtk-webcore backend does, though01:50
ficusplanetnoda, Some kind of RSS integration would be nice/timely/in-with-the-Safari-and-Firefox-fad01:50
tolstoyHWolf, maybe integrated bookmarks with addressbook and GAIM etc.01:50
tolstoynoda, but it could.01:50
nodatolstoy: yeah, we've been thinking about that, too. That'd be cool. But how would it work? :)01:51
=== geppy [~geppy@c-24-0-83-218.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tolstoynoda, i mean, maybe it would be too painful to patch native widgets in, but that's the kind of thing I mean.01:51
robertjnoda: Speed is good, memory matters to me almost not at all as long as it doesn't leak01:51
nodaficusplanet: What kind of RSS integration is useful? It seems to me that "automatic bookmarks" stuff is just somebody who was bored and wanted to find something to code. What does it do?01:51
HWolfHey noda, I was wondering, how are the gnome priorities. Is it like A cool, B work, C lean&mean, or another combination.01:51
robertjAutomatic bookmarks are dumb01:51
jdubnoda: try it.01:52
nodaHWolf: 1. It Just Works :)01:52
tolstoynoda, I don't know what neat things could be done with a more "native" browser, but at least you wouldn't have to justify against the needs of windows.01:52
amathishow can I restart the sound server?01:52
ficusplanetnoda, In the least we need clicking an RSS feed to bring up a helper app to subscribe to it - preferrably one that works with all 3 major gnome RSS aggregators.01:52
=== tmartin [~tyler@ip68-6-112-163.sb.sd.cox.net] has left #ubuntu []
nodaficusplanet: Yes, we could do that in an extension.01:52
ficusplanetnoda, You're an epiphany developer?01:53
HWolfIs there any real effort to streamline gnome more, code-wise? Most programmers you need to whip into writing sleek code, is my experience.01:53
nodaficusplanet: Not as much as Christian and Marco (or even Crispin, really, and he's a Galeon dev :P), but yeah01:53
=== Mojo_Jojo [~Mojo@d205-250-56-39.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
ficusplanetnoda, Cool01:54
nodajdub: Hrm... how often does this RSS thingy update? Maybe it is cool ;)01:54
tolstoyso, is epiphany the "official" gnome browser?01:54
nodatolstoy: yes01:54
nictukugnome is not worried about low end hardware support, is it?01:55
Mojo_JojoHi, I have a problem running azureus, here is the output...Starting Azureus...01:55
=== RainKing [~david@81-178-25-182.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubtolstoy: it's shipped in the gnome desktop release01:55
Mojo_JojoJava exec found in PATH. Verifying...01:55
Mojo_JojoOOPS, you don't seem to have a valid JRE [java = Error] 01:55
Mojo_JojoYou need to upgrade to JRE 1.4.x or newer from http://java.sun.com01:55
Mojo_JojoJava exec found in  /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_05/bin/01:55
Mojo_JojoOOPS, you don't seem to have a valid JRE  [/usr/java/j2re1.4.2_05/bin/java = Error] 01:55
Mojo_JojoYou need to upgrade to JRE 1.4.x or newer from http://java.sun.com01:55
nodanictuku: Not to the level distributors are.01:55
Hikaru79Mojo, you don't have the Java Runtime Environment01:55
Hikaru79You need to download it01:55
tolstoyHm. I just apt-got it, and it's not on any menus!01:55
Mojo_Jojobut, I have java installed its the sameone on my slackware box01:55
jdubnictuku: interested in making gnome useful on old hardware, sure, but it's challenging. basically, you just need 256MB RAM or above.01:55
ficusplanetnoda, So are you guys just looking for ways to differentiate yourselves from Firefox?01:55
Hikaru79Mojo, then the path isn't set right01:55
Hikaru79'which java'01:55
nodaficusplanet: Yes.01:55
Hikaru79in a terminal01:55
Hikaru79And paste the output01:55
robertjnoda: did you take a look at http://www.music.uga.edu/temp/whatif.jpg01:56
=== RainKing [~david@81-178-25-182.dsl.pipex.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
thoreauputicnoda: I know this is controversial, but I prefer Galeon (although the 1.2 series was better IMO) Why was Galeon not pursued rather than Epiphany? Epiphany seems less sophisticated to me..01:56
nodaficusplanet: So far we have the bookmarks (which may be getting Peter Harvey's cool auto-hierarchical-bookmarks patch merged in)01:56
Mojo_JojoHikaru79, /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_05/bin/java01:56
Hikaru79OK :)01:56
Hikaru79Now what distro are you using? Ubuntu?01:56
Mojo_Jojoyeah i'm using ubuntu01:56
Hikaru79Open up .bashrc in a text editor01:56
tolstoyii  epiphany       0.5.1-1        Clone of BoulderDash Game01:56
nodarobertj: What is it? :)01:56
jdubtolstoy: epiphany-browser01:56
tolstoyAh. ;)01:56
Mojo_JojoHikaru79, ok its open01:57
HWolfHm. Under epiphany there is no quick-reply option on the ubuntu forums...01:57
Hikaru79Add this line at the end:01:57
nodathoreauputic: Check the logic on the Galeon web page, it makes sense :)01:57
robertjIt's what the sidebar should be in a spatial nautilus, a gateway to other "spaces" that you can use to drag things between01:57
nodathoreauputic: Basically, because Galeon had turned into a giant flame-fest.01:57
Hikaru79export PATH=$PATH:/usr/java/j2re1.4.2_05/bin01:57
nodarobertj: I can see that being useful. Those'd be your File Selector shortcuts?01:57
Mojo_JojoHikaru79, do I have to log out then back in after?01:57
thoreauputicnoda: sad01:57
Hikaru79Nah, should be enough to just save the file01:58
nictukujdub, I see. I do not want to start a flamewar here. But does linux/X/gnome miss something to run "fine" in a low end machine, or is it just too "feature-full"? I mean, win98 runs fine here.01:58
Hikaru79And try again01:58
ficusplanetthoreauputic, The epiphany code is also way cleaner/more readable than galeon's.01:58
robertjYup, same as in Save As01:58
nodaficusplanet: Some code.01:58
jdubnictuku: gnome (and other desktop components) does a heck of a lot more than win9801:58
nodanictuku: There's tons that runs fine on low end machines -- REALLY FAST -- like blackbox...01:58
=== jind [~jind@217-17-134.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
Hikaru79I guess it worked for him then, lol :P01:58
jdubnictuku: there are lots of things that need optimisation - it's just a matter of time01:58
ficusplanetnictuku, Windows 98 is 6 years older than GNOME 2.8 as well.01:59
nodaficusplanet: Crispin's code in Galeon is great.01:59
jdubnictuku: it's more fun working on new stuff than fixing old code :)01:59
tolstoyhm. epiphany doesn't immediately obey the "text below icons" thing, or the removal of it.01:59
nictukunoda, I know. I use fluxbox, but yet I don't get the same results. I would have to use dillo, and don't even think about listening to mp3. again, this is not a complain, don't get me wrong.01:59
nictukujdub hehe.01:59
=== Mojo_Jojo [~Mojo@d205-250-56-39.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
nodaficusplanet: When I made my select-stylesheet extension, I copied code from Galeon. It was hilarious -- most of the code was absolutely perfect, and then there were about 100 lines of utter garbage. :)01:59
Mojo_JojoHikaru79, I still get the same problem :(01:59
Hikaru79I think I may know why02:00
nodanictuku: Try skipstone as a browser, maybe? It depends on less than Epiphany02:00
Hikaru79export PATH=$PATH:/usr/java/j2re1.4.2_05/bin/java02:00
Hikaru79Use that instead02:00
Hikaru79The thing is, I use the SDK02:00
Hikaru79Not the JRE02:00
Hikaru79So I'm not sure exactly what the path is02:00
Hikaru79But it's something similar to that02:00
nodatolstoy: yeah, that's because Epiphany's toolbar is editable. The egg-editable-toolbar does some weird things.02:00
Hikaru79You could probably look around those files yourself to find the right path too02:00
robertjnoda: also, note the following are missing from the links ;) ~/Desktop ~/ and unmounted disks02:01
nodatolstoy: wait a second... no, there's no good excuse for that! Damn :)02:01
Hikaru79The idea is, you have to add that directory to your path02:01
Hikaru79So that Ubuntu recognizes where Java is :)02:01
Hikaru79And then it'll work  ^ ^02:01
Mojo_Jojobut it is in my path...isnt?02:01
robertjnoda: how do you feel about that?02:01
nodaSo, I'll compile a list, then: Things Epiphany Could Use To Be More Awesome02:01
HWolfBtw, to the gnome-devs. Sorry i am a bit agressive. My first impression with gnome years back was that it took ages to download all these massive mozilla libraries, and then when I booted, I had like 3 browsers, and 4 mail clients.02:01
nodarobertj: I'm not sure getting rid of Desktop is a good idea... I keep lotsa windows open :)02:01
nictukunoda, never heard of skipstone. Thanks for that =] 02:01
tolstoynoda, but I can't even remove those redundant text labels using epiphany's toolbar edit!  Hm.  Maybe a bug in this version? Last I used had that sort of thing working.02:02
nodanictuku: It's kind of dead I think :(02:02
Hikaru79Mojo_Jojo, apparently not =/02:02
jdubHWolf: gnome didn't ship a browser in an official release until 2.402:02
nodatolstoy: Sounds buggy. If it doesn't do what you expect, it's buggy. File a bug :)02:02
robertjnoda: why do you need Desktop?02:02
nodarobertj: In case there's no desktop on my screen.02:02
Mojo_JojoHikaru79, so what should I do now?02:02
Hikaru79Did you change the line?02:02
Mojo_Jojosorry...newbie :(02:02
nodarobertj: Like, if I've got a window maximized02:03
tolstoynoda, okay.  I'll have to do a search.02:03
Hikaru79Mojo_Jojo, did you change the line?02:03
=== kapputu [~sg47@ny-lasalle-cadant1-24-49-98-189.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Hikaru79Hey, kapputu welcome back :)02:03
kappututhanks Hiky :-)02:03
robertjNoda: one time fix. Go to Documents, select View Parent, drag Desktop into Documents02:03
HWolfI've got no idea which I first installed. I used KDE for a bit, after that Gnome was a massive improvement. I just feel that linux is about options, and thus you should get something that works shipped standard, but allow it to be replaced rather then have people run something different besides.02:03
Mojo_JojoHikaru79, actually I left both lines in there haha02:03
robertjBam, no need for Desktop anymore02:03
nodarobertj: True dat02:03
Hikaru79=P Err02:03
Hikaru79Should be OK02:03
Hikaru79Now just try again02:03
Hikaru79If not, just get the SDK02:04
nodaI used to use Blackbox, then KDE... when I tried GNOME 2.0, I never went back.02:04
Mojo_Jojodamn...where can I get the sdk? I didn't see it on the site?02:04
nictukuthere is another doubt I have and I can't ever get a good neutral answer: is X really "slow"? from my user point of view, it has a bad latency. Is that so, or only a repetitive mantra between some users (X is slow) ?02:04
Mojo_Jojooh how do I remove the old one??02:04
nodaSo, who here uses the automatic bookmarks?02:04
=== liar_ [~liar@] has joined #ubuntu
spacey`kii like gnome too. although i think the gnome-terminal is really crappy02:04
nodain Firefox02:04
Hikaru79As for deleting the old one just remove the files02:04
nodaspacey`ki: It is. Well, gnome-terminal is fine, but its backend is crappy02:04
tolstoyI started using gnome pre 1.0. ;)02:05
nodanictuku: No, X is not slow.02:05
Mojo_Jojook so just remove the /usr/java??02:05
jdubHWolf: linux is about cloning unix and providing an interface to your hardware. it's a kernel.02:05
robertjSo the guestion remains: why do we have a Desktop?02:05
tolstoyKDE was much more solid, but I just couldn't stay away from gnome, for some reason.02:05
spacey`kinoda, especially with a lot of output terminal can take up to 70% cpu. ;p what backend is that?02:05
nodaspacey`ki: Erm... vte I think02:05
spacey`kinever heard of it :p02:05
nodaspacey`ki: It's annoying, I know. It takes more processing power to actually print 'make' output than it does to comiple :P02:06
spacey`kiuhu :)02:06
nodaspacey`ki: It's been around forever. Before that there was another one which was fast but crashed.02:06
jdubspacey`ki: vte is the terminal emulation library that gnome-terminal uses.02:06
Mojo_JojoHikaru79, which one do I download? http://java.sun.com/j2ee/1.4/download.html#sdk02:06
spacey`kiwell they should drop it then :P02:06
jdubnoda: no, zvt was difficult to read (codewise) and didn't do i18n/utf-8 or a11y.02:06
robertjnoda: care to hear the answer to that rhetorical question or am I boring you ;)02:06
Mojo_JojoI also found the SE02:06
jdubspacey`ki: please write a new terminal emulation library, and propose it to replace vte.02:07
=== srbaker [~srbaker@] has joined #ubuntu
nodajdub: Ah. I knew it was hopeless :)02:07
kapputuany openoffice users here ?02:07
jdubnoda: it wasn't.02:07
nodajdub: Do you think vte could be optimized?02:07
spacey`kijdub, yeah sure when i have the time :) i'll put it on the end of my todo list02:07
nodarobertj: Which question? And sure, what's the answer? :)02:07
jdubnoda: sure.02:07
robertjnoda: We have Documents because ~ gets filled with junk that noone knows about02:07
robertjIt's no mans land, filled with stuff from both packages and users02:07
=== kapputu [~sg47@ny-lasalle-cadant1-24-49-98-189.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjSo we say "Bahh, make Documents"02:08
jdubrobertj: not entirely true these days.02:08
robertjjdub: fill me in02:08
jdubwhat you said above is not entirely true these days02:08
kapputuwhy is there a gap of two lines when I type in something in oowriter ?02:08
=== sap [~setup@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jdub on the phone
robertjjdub: okay, tell me about it when you get off the phone02:10
nodakapputu: Go Format -> Paragraph and look at spacing?02:10
kapputuwhat's the different b/w OO writer and OO Wordprocessor ?02:10
kapputuit looks good in OO Word processor02:10
robertjnoda: anyway, there is this kinda catch 22 in which you need to give users easy access to Documents and the root so that they can copy all their documents to and fro02:11
robertjbut if you give them access, there is the temptation "we have this parent folder with one folder, that's silly. You shouldn't have one folder with just one item as a standard setup"02:11
=== marky [~mark@tapeworm.rem.section.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ghent19 [~posthums@pcp09048031pcs.rocsth01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjnoda: isn't that how the thinking goes?02:13
nodaIMO there should be no Documents, and ~ should be the Desktop folder.02:13
robertjNoda: then you have to give people a way to unclutter the desktop02:13
robertjI think the sane thing to do is ditch Documents and the desktop02:13
nodaBah, everybody likes clutter :)02:14
robertjand make a hotkey to bring the home folder to the forground so you can drag in and out of it02:14
=== Dekkard [~right@adsl-68-74-15-173.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjI kinda cheat now and have hide/show desktop as the Win key, but it still doesn't work helpfully02:14
tux_anything is better than what MS has done to XPeee02:14
=== nomasteryoda [~nomastery@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
WWkapputu: I looks like Write is for editing html.02:14
Dekkardwhat is the command to bring up the network config utility02:14
robertjlike I cant start a drag from the desktop and press the win key to pop my app to the foreground to deposit my file in02:14
Ghent19Dekkard is a gentoo ricer ;)02:14
Dekkardghent is a mod poser02:15
Dekkardwello.. i got this router today..02:15
Dekkardso i need to reset up ubuntu to do the router thing instead of pppoe02:15
Dekkardand i got an ibook02:16
Dekkardi kinda dig it02:16
Ghent19well i got no idea on how its done off a debian based distro :P02:16
=== NetwrkMonkey [~Monkey@netwrkmonkey.user] has joined #ubuntu
Dekkarddme either02:16
Dekkardive only been doing ubuntu for a wwk or so02:17
NetwrkMonkeywhich debian version is ubuntu based off of?02:17
nodaNetwrkMonkey: unstabl02:17
Ghent19dont tell me whiprush corrupted you?02:17
Dekkardno dood i had no idea he was on it02:17
tux_Dekkard, ubuntu rocks02:17
Dekkardubuntun wont let gtkan recognize my cannon powershot02:18
Dekkardubuntu is givin me cdburning gas02:18
Dekkardit doesnt like  my ide cdroms'02:18
Dekkarddint have this with slack02:18
tux_well, it is cutting edge02:19
Ghent19did you setup the scsi emulation?02:19
=== noda gasps. scsi emulation?
tux_er, on the edge of flattulence02:19
nodaYou don't need that, do you?02:19
Dekkardi thought 2.6 kernel took care of htat?02:19
jdubDekkard: not hugely reliably so far02:19
Dekkardas in not necessary02:19
nodaDekkard: Writing CDs should be a drag-and-drop operation02:19
Ghent19no idea, i really hanvt been on linux since 2,2 :P02:19
jdubload sr_mod in your /etc/modules02:19
Dekkarddrag and drop if i want ot use nautilus02:20
robertjNoda: that side panel would make burning cds a one window operation again02:20
Ghent19append ide-scsi=hdc  or whatever to your lilo.conf :P02:20
nodarobertj: Holy cow, you're right, that'd be sweet02:20
nodaNot that I mind 'Go -> Burn CD'02:20
nodaOr whatever it is02:20
=== tolon [~tolon@] has joined #ubuntu
Dekkardbut that doesnt convert mp3 files to wave for burning regualr audio cds does it?02:21
nodaAargh. This channel is addictive. Must go do laundry and eat and homework and study and stuff!02:21
nodaDekkard: No :(02:21
tux_noda, like there is anything else02:21
tux_i hang on to the logs to grep02:21
Dekkardi miss that from k3b.. but im not going to install kde just  for that02:21
nodatux_: Hehehe, actually I never burn audio CDs but I go through 50-packs...02:21
tux_for solutions to common ubuntu issues02:21
tux_noda, ah... distros, etc.02:22
robertjnoda: well, you right click the cd and select eject02:22
robertjit asks you to write, and you are done02:22
DekkardjIRCii 10.24.04 MacOSX : I pity the fool who don't use jIRCii02:22
tux_er, that is scary... much like winders02:22
=== Mojo_Jojo [~Mojo@d205-250-56-39.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
nodatux_: For me, it's more for transferring like 5MB of files per CD for assignments and stuff :)02:22
nodaI'm off :)02:22
robertjnoda: time to invest in a keychain02:22
=== Dekkard likes easy
=== Matt|2 [~Matt|@81-178-68-153.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
nodarobertj: I've got one, but I won't be handing *that* in to teachers02:23
tux_usb 1gb are cheap02:23
=== noda [~adam@modemcable009.99-37-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu []
robertjnoda: oh ;)02:23
=== Dekkard sips his st pauli...
Mojo_JojoHikaru79, it still doesnt work but when I "which java" I get "/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2_06/bin//java" which is tere and extra /02:23
Ghent19st pauli? you can do better than that...02:23
=== HWolf [~hidde@136.208.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== HWolf is now known as HiddenWolf
Dekkardnot for 19 a case ghent02:24
Ghent19heh, i spent $10 on a dogfish head 120 min IPA02:24
Ghent19but its 20%abv.02:24
=== tvon [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dekkardyer a freek02:24
Dekkardi needed leave blowing beer02:24
benjanethow do i use my printer on Firefox...02:24
Ghent19oh, found a place less than a mile from me that serves dragonmead on tap!02:25
=== dolson [~dana@Sudbury-HSE-ppp3983554.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== dolson [~dana@Sudbury-HSE-ppp3983554.sympatico.ca] has left #ubuntu []
Dekkard you goin to the mozparty?02:25
=== NetwrkMonkey [~Monkey@netwrkmonkey.user] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Ghent19planning on it.02:25
Dekkardi hope to02:25
Dekkardwanna drink another grand cru to see if its as wierd as i remember it ot be02:26
WWbenjanet: File -> Print...   doesn't work?02:26
benjanetWW, it dosent show my Epson printer...just postcript02:26
Dekkardspeakin of which.. my beer is lonely, it requests the company of another beer02:26
Dekkardbenjanet have you added your prenter using the cups utility in ubuntu?02:27
robertjAlso, riddle me this. Who here has a Firefox profile called default6 ;)02:27
Dekkardprolly me02:28
WWbenjanet: Did you try printing to it? That's what mine says, but it prints OK.02:28
Dekkardgod i hope not02:28
amathishow can I restart the sound server?02:28
benjanetDekkard, yes. i have. I appears on other programs normaly, but not in Firefox02:28
LinuxJonesbenjanet, >> http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=238402:28
Dekkardbenjanet have to gone forward and tried to printg?02:28
Dekkardepson is your postscript printer i believe'02:29
Dekkardfreekin ricers02:29
benjanetDekkard, it just feeds paper02:29
benjanetnothing printed02:29
Dekkardthats a start02:29
Dekkardcan you get a test page?02:30
benjanetDekkard, test page goes ok02:30
Dekkardsorry ben im not sure what to tell you02:31
benjanetDekkard, ok, thanks anyway02:31
WWbenjanet: Do other apps print OK?02:31
kapputuhow do I print using a remote printer ?02:33
benjanetWW, i testing now02:33
=== walski [~wal@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Monteiro [Monteiro@] has joined #ubuntu
=== x4m [~max@63.228-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
tolstoythunderbird thinks my ubuntu bug reports are junk!  bad filter.  bad!02:34
benjanetww, seems that now test page dosent work, and printer is not auto detected02:36
tolstoyInteresting.  Add a printer finds a local printer, an HP laserjet 2100.  It's correct!  When I hit forward, it totally forgets what it founds, makes me search for the correct HP driver.  Weird.02:36
tolstoyOh, wait.  Now it works. Hm.02:36
kapputumy wireless connection keeps dropping02:36
tolstoyoops, now it doesn't.02:37
=== Matt|2 [~Matt|@81-178-68-153.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|2hi there02:37
Matt|2can someone tell me why my desktop background was blue and now it is brown???02:37
kapputuhi Matt|202:37
Matt|2i want my blue back02:37
Hikaru79Matt|2: Right click and change desktop background..?02:37
Matt|2Hikaru79, i can't find the background02:38
Hikaru79I have a picture of my girlfriend as a background <3~~02:38
Matt|2i had a blue ubuntu background02:38
Hikaru79The brown one?02:38
jdubMatt|2: the default desktop changed between preview and release candidate02:38
Hikaru79Should be called Chocolate Ubuntu or something02:38
=== Arkadius [~rightone@adsl-68-74-15-173.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|2jdub, but mine has changed in the last 5 minutes02:38
Arkadiusghent it worked02:38
Arkadiusgot the ubuntu box up on the net02:39
Hikaru79o_O Wierd02:39
Hikaru79l33t h4x0rz, must be ;)02:39
Matt|2jdub, i just reboot02:39
Matt|2Hikaru79, let's hope not ;)02:39
Hikaru79Hehe :P02:39
kapputuHiky what's l33t h4x04z02:39
Matt|2/kick kapputu02:40
=== carger314 [~carger314@ip68-228-44-118.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Ghent19sure, try to confuse me with another nic Arkadius  :P02:40
Hikaru79LOL :P02:40
Hikaru79Are you joking, kappu?02:40
=== kapputu dodges
Ghent19another beer or two and you may have02:40
Arkadiusim trying02:40
kapputuno I'm serious02:40
Matt|2jdub, please help me out with this: it seems to have caused some problems. I cannot now resize my transparent aterm without it losing its transparency02:40
kapputul33t is elitist or something right ?02:41
Matt|2jdub, it only happens since my desktop has changed colour ;)02:41
=== runo [~runo@CM-lcon1-38-130.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
WWkapputu: google: 133702:41
jdubMatt|2: the background issue is most likely unrelated02:41
tsengif yo umove it, does it refresh?02:41
Arkadiusnow i need to goto fink and firnd so lin apps ported to osx02:41
jdubMatt|2: that's just a result of upgrading ubuntu-artwork02:41
=== pepsi_ [~pepsi@p147.n-sfpop03.stsn.com] has joined #ubuntu
kapputuis that a el or a 102:41
Matt|2jdub, OOOOhhhhh02:41
WWkapputu: one three three seven02:41
Matt|2so the transparency issue is a result of upgrading something else02:41
Matt|2jdub, so the transparency issue is a result of upgrading something else02:41
Arkadiusfreekin kewl02:42
Matt|2tseng, no02:43
=== alf [~alf@m156.net81-64-159.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
tux_alf: had any good cats lately?02:44
kapputuhow do I disable grouping windows ?02:44
jdubkapputu: right click on the window switcher02:45
alfjust wondering - is there a way to customise the Applications/Computer menus?02:45
WWalf: yes/no02:45
Matt|2jdub, you can't help with my aterm problem?02:45
kapputuwhere is that02:45
alfnice answer :)02:45
jdubMatt|2: no02:45
WWalf: Try right-clicking in a submenu under Applications.  You'll see several options.02:46
Matt|2jdub, how about with reverting to the old artwork? Synaptic says that if I force the package to be the older version, I have to remove mozilla-firefox02:46
jdubMatt|2: that won't help your aterm issue02:46
alfWW: yes, I see that. how about changing which submenus are there, or even combining them into one menu02:46
Matt|2jdub, true but at least I will be happy with the desktop02:46
alf(I'm trying not to mention Windows)02:46
WWalf: Use Nautilus, browse to applications:///02:47
Matt|2jdub, why is it telling me that I have to remove firefox in order to revert to the older artwork?02:47
tolstoydid you guys know that emacs is foobarred in the Accessories menu?02:47
tolstoyI should report that bug, but it's been around forever, i think.02:48
WWalf: Also, take a look at the wiki FAQ.02:48
alfWW: ok, i will, thanks02:48
jdubMatt|2: because firefox depends on the new artwork02:48
tolstoyEmacs @MAJOR_VERSION@ (X11)02:48
jdubMatt|2: the artwork is unrelated to your aterm issue02:48
jdubtolstoy: yes02:48
jdubtolstoy: (it shouldn't be in the menu anyway, but that does need to be fixed)02:48
Matt|2jdub, i have understood that. But I simply like the older artwork more. Do you know why firefox depends on the new artwork?02:48
jdubMatt|2: because it includes the default homepage02:49
jdubMatt|2: downgrading the artwork pacakge is not the best way of getting the old artwork02:49
jdubjust set your background up the same way02:49
tolstoyAh, good.02:49
Matt|2jdub, ah cool. what is the other way?02:49
tolstoyUnfortunatley, when I try to fix it with applications:///, it just won't "take".02:49
jdubtolstoy: killall gnome-panel02:49
tolstoydidn't work.02:50
tolstoyI usually try that first: some holdover from ancient gnome versions.02:50
=== Elyran [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|2<jdub> just set your background up the same way02:50
Matt|2how can i do that?02:51
jdubMatt|2: use the desktop background prefs dialogue02:51
=== alexeijh [~alexeijh@dip-220-235-84-14.vic.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
kapputuany new ubuntu themes ?02:51
Matt|2jdub, but I do not have the image02:51
jdubMatt|2: it was just a transparent image of the ubuntu logo02:51
Matt|2jdub, also, that will only change the desktop background when I am logged in02:51
jdubthat will change it immediately02:51
=== KsR\Concierto [KsR@cm193141.red.mundo-r.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|2when logging in I will still get the brown colour02:52
jdubthe old background might be on gnome-look, i think someone uploaded it there02:52
jdubno you won';t02:52
jdubthat sets your preference02:52
jdubthat's what it's for02:52
Matt|2yeah i understand i think02:52
Matt|2i mean, before logging in, in the period between gdm and logged in, the screen is brown02:52
=== KsR\Concierto [KsR@cm193141.red.mundo-r.com] has left #ubuntu []
alfWW: what am I looking for in the wiki FAQ? I can't see anything relevant there02:52
Matt|2so I cannot change that?02:53
jdubyou'd have to change the gdm setup02:53
jdubthat's not your background02:53
alfWW: ok, found it02:54
=== Blondeguy [~Blondeguy@dpc67143196121.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|2jdub, ok maybe I can do that02:54
Matt|2i would still prefer to revert back to the old artwork tho ;)02:54
=== fabbione [~fabbione@port49.ds1-van.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
alexeijhwhat's the ubuntu take on midi, just installed solfege from universe and it's not really behaving.02:54
Matt|2it seems strange that mozilla-firefox should depend on the artwork package02:54
jdubMatt|2: the default home page is in the artwork package02:55
jdubMatt|2: reverting the artwork is not the best way to do what you want to do02:55
jdubalexeijh: thoroughly untested, afaik :)02:55
WWalf: Yeah, it's a bit of a pain. The new wiki doesn't have a "table of contents" macro, so you have to scroll through the whole thing just to browse the questions.02:55
Matt|2jdub, lol02:55
=== zul [~chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|2jdub, i am reading what you are saying02:55
Matt|2my opinion is that it is wrong to have the default home page in the artwork package02:56
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010487831pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubMatt|2: it's the best place for it02:56
tux_Matt|2: IMHO too02:56
tux_i mean what if you need to change firefox02:56
jdubMatt|2: note that it wouldn't have occurred to you if you hadn't had other issues elsewhere02:56
Matt|2jdub, yes, but that does not make it right02:57
alexeijhjdub: solfege? or is midi not tested at all?02:57
Matt|2jdub, i disagree with all unnecessary dependencies02:57
jdubalexeijh: midi afaik02:57
jdubMatt|2: it's not unnecessary02:57
alexeijhwhere would I make some noise about fixing MIDI for hoary?02:58
=== Dethread [~Dethread@24-205-231-52.slo-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubalexeijh: -devel02:58
TheMusoalexeijh: Are you trying to use OSS MIDI or ALSA MIDI?02:58
alexeijhTheMuso: no idea. I'm using sound as it's automatically setup from the install [creative live] . I'm not even sure if this problem is solfege specific, is there any midi stuff in main I could try out?03:00
TheMusoHave you tried typing aconnect -i and aconnect -o to see what you get?03:00
TheMusoLoad the module snd-seq-midi and see what happens.03:01
=== kapputu [~sg47@ny-lasalle-cadant1-24-49-98-189.bflony.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
TheMusoI had to do that before I could find out what MIDI ports I had available on my desktop system.03:01
Matt|2damn i can't find that watermark on the net03:01
=== Matt|2 huffs and puffs
jdubhold on03:02
Matt|2found a few posts but they led to nothing03:03
Matt|2thanks v much03:04
alexeijhTheMuso: snd-seq-midi wasn't loaded.03:06
TheMusoNor was it for me either.03:06
TheMusoUntil I manually loaded it.03:06
TheMusoYou could put it in /etc/modules03:06
TheMusoadd it I mean.03:06
Matt|2actually, on the aterm problem, i'm not sure that it has been updated03:06
Matt|2perhaps the problem is caused by something else03:06
alexeijhTheMuso: so I've just loaded it, what am I looking for from aconnect output?03:07
tux_how do i return my UID03:07
=== stodge [~Stodge@CPE0080c8790cda-CM000039179a5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
TheMusoaconnect -i will list all the ports available to ALSA MIDI. -i will give you all your input ports.03:07
=== Monteiro [Monteiro@] has left #ubuntu []
stodgeAnyone installed KDE on Ubuntu? Did the install work well?03:08
tux_mine did03:08
alexeijhTheMuso: I'm a little lost with all this. Can I ask what program you are using midi with?03:09
TheMusoNone specifically, but I know a fair bit about the ALSA MIDI setup and the ports.03:10
TheMusoSo how does solfege need MIDI?03:10
tux_ok help with partition mounting so user can write03:10
tux_i have /dev/hda5       /shared         ext3    auto uid=1000,umask=0 0 203:10
tux_but can't write to it as user03:10
tux_sudo works fine..03:11
stodgeDoes the KDE menu get set up properly?03:11
tux_stodge i had to do mine using the menuedit03:12
tux_just opened and told it to reload03:12
tux_it rebuilt menu for me03:12
stodgeOk thanks03:12
alexeijhsolfege is an aural training program [stuff like intervals and transcription] . It does things like play intervals throught midi, in the preferences you can use a device [eg. /dev/sequencer2]  or external midiplayer [eg timidity, playmidi] .03:12
alexeijhTheMuso: any chance you could have a play with it and see if you have any success?03:13
Matt|2oh god03:13
=== Stalione [~vijay@c-24-12-155-188.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== warguo [~warguo@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|2trying to file a bug: there is no component named aterm03:13
=== aLi [~tuX@dsl81-215-39148.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
=== moyote [~moyote@c1-1e205.neo.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
TheMusoalexeijh: I will see what I can do. Looking atthe apt-cache information about it, it seems that it uses OSS, as it doesn't directly depend on any ALSA packages.03:14
aLihow can i mail a file from consoLe using sendmail03:14
Stalionecan someone please help me with a small sound problem?  I have all the right modules loaded but the sound does not seem to work.03:14
Matt|2ah aterm is in universe03:14
=== tolstoy [~tolstoy__@c-67-171-195-87.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tux_and on updating FireFox to 1.1PR03:14
Matt|2is it possible to file bugs for packages in universe?03:14
tux_is it out there?03:14
tux_in universe?03:14
TheMusoStalione: Checked volume settings?03:14
Matt|2in the universe repository03:15
Stalionewell i am used to setting volume via amixer, but doing so errors out.  how else can i set it?03:15
tux_Stalione, did you run alsamixer03:15
TheMusoStalione: In what way does it error out?03:15
StalioneTheMuso, amixer: Mixer attach default error: No such device03:15
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-158-137.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
TheMusoWhat system are you running it on?03:15
moyoteWas wondering if someone could help? Trying to set up wireless on another box wit a different distro but it uses the same wireless pci card as I have using ubuntu. Atheros driver. Here is the error when I modprobe ath_hal:  Version magic '2.6.3 preempt PENTIUMIII gcc-3.4' should be 2.6.3 preempt PENTIUMIII gcc-3.3"03:15
Stalioneits a dell laptop with a ac97 soundcard.  I had it working jsut fine in gentoo.03:16
tux_Stalione, try running alsamixer03:16
=== poyayan [~poyayan@adsl-065-007-128-026.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
TheMusoStalione: Aha! I am pretty sure of the problem. Can you give me an ls -l /proc/asound03:16
poyayanfinally got rid of windows again03:16
tux_poyayan, yeah!03:17
Stalioneroot@spduslisl04:/etc # ls -l /proc/asound03:17
Stalionetotal 003:17
Stalione-r--r--r--    1 root     root            0 Oct 31 20:17 cards03:17
Stalione-r--r--r--    1 root     root            0 Oct 31 20:17 devices03:17
Stalione-r--r--r--    1 root     root            0 Oct 31 20:17 modules03:17
Stalionedr-xr-xr-x    2 root     root            0 Oct 31 20:17 oss03:17
Stalione-r--r--r--    1 root     root            0 Oct 31 20:17 pcm03:17
Stalionedr-xr-xr-x    2 root     root            0 Oct 31 20:17 seq03:17
Stalione-r--r--r--    1 root     root            0 Oct 31 20:17 timers03:17
Stalione-r--r--r--    1 root     root            0 Oct 31 20:17 version03:17
Stalionei am in audio group, however none of these seem to be owned by audio group03:17
Stalioneis that an issue?03:17
TheMusoStalione: Ok... It is not what I thought it would be.03:17
HrdwrBoBproc is not devices which are used03:17
HrdwrBoBthey are in /dev03:17
TheMusoStalione: Ok, run lsmod | grep snd03:17
poyayannow I need to get mp3 playback working and decide between mplayer or xine-totem03:17
Stalioneroot@spduslisl04:/etc # lsmod | grep snd03:18
Stalionesnd_intel8x0m          19656  003:18
Stalionesnd_intel8x0           35468  003:18
Stalionesnd_ac97_codec         67844  2 snd_intel8x0m,snd_intel8x003:18
Stalionesnd_pcm_oss            52968  003:18
Stalionesnd_mixer_oss          19456  1 snd_pcm_oss03:18
Stalionesnd_pcm                95140  3 snd_intel8x0m,snd_intel8x0,snd_pcm_oss03:18
Stalionesnd_timer              24900  1 snd_pcm03:18
Stalionesnd_page_alloc         11432  3 snd_intel8x0m,snd_intel8x0,snd_pcm03:18
Stalionegameport                4608  1 snd_intel8x003:18
Stalionesnd_mpu401_uart         7776  1 snd_intel8x003:18
Stalionesnd_rawmidi            24704  1 snd_mpu401_uart03:18
Stalionesnd_seq_device          8040  1 snd_rawmidi03:18
Stalionesnd                    55300  10 snd_intel8x0m,snd_intel8x0,snd_ac97_codec,snd_pcm_oss,snd_mixer_oss,snd_pcm,snd_timer,snd_mpu401_uart,snd_rawmidi,snd_seq_device03:18
Stalionesoundcore              10112  1 snd03:18
cardadorpoyayan: install gstreamer0.8-mad03:18
tux_TheMuso, Stalione needs to try alsamixer03:18
poyayanyeah I know I just haven't yet :)03:18
tux_in terminal03:18
Stalionetux_, I have already tried it03:18
tux_did it not run03:18
Stalionetux_, root@spduslisl04:/etc # alsamixer03:18
Stalionealsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device03:18
LinuxJonesThis channel needs flood protection03:18
TheMusotux_: That is not the problem. He can't get a volume control up no matter what he uses. Looking at the contents of /proc/asound above confirms that.03:19
=== Ninjas-Rezatm [~ninja@cpe-24-143-142-199.cable.alamedanet.net] has joined #ubuntu
StalioneLinuxJones, I am not flooding..sorry about the multiline input but it is justified in this case03:19
Ninjas-Rezatmwhat p2p software you guys use for Music?03:19
HrdwrBoBNinjas-Rezatm: GoToTheStore03:19
cardadorStalione: look at the topic ;) "Please don't paste in the channel, use http://www.pastebin.com/"03:19
HrdwrBoBversion 1.003:19
LinuxJonesStalione, use pastebin.com03:20
=== SpOoKy_MyK-e [~miguel@] has joined #ubuntu
StalioneLinuxJones, cardador: Thank you. I stand corrected.03:20
TheMusoStalione: Ok lets take this to private message. I can help you sort it out so we can get listings if we need them.03:20
Matt|2Stalione, you could also use the channel #flood03:20
StalioneTheMuso, Thank you.03:20
Ninjas-RezatmHrdwrBoB: joke?03:20
poyayanok done with mad03:21
poyayandoes mplayer appear in the gnome menu after you install it?03:21
LinuxJonesnight all03:21
=== aLi [~tuX@dsl81-215-39148.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has left #ubuntu ["my]
jdubpoyayan: no03:22
phlaegeljdub: it does for me03:25
=== iminj [~howard@ool-45733425.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mike [~mike@CPE0080c8790cda-CM000039179a5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
jduboh, the gui ones might03:27
jdubrealise now that i installed -nogui03:27
=== Ninjas-Rezatm [~ninja@cpe-24-143-142-199.cable.alamedanet.net] has left #ubuntu []
poyayanis it any good?03:27
poyayanI keep getting blue screens when I use totem-xine03:27
mikeI just installed KDE for Ubuntu, the fonts in KDE are so.... ugly03:27
=== kryme grins.
iminjwhat is pastebin?03:29
iminjWhat's it for?03:29
HrdwrBoBpasting stuff03:30
HrdwrBoBgo and look03:30
iminjpasting lengthy scripts in the room?03:30
iminjin this channel?03:30
mikeALso KDE seems confused - it's rendering things as though it's running in 640x48003:30
bur[n] erawww... was gonna help mike03:34
bur[n] ertoo bad he left03:34
=== iminj [~howard@ool-45733425.dyn.optonline.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== Stalione [~vijay@c-24-12-152-129.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
poyayanhey does mplayer use w32codecs?03:40
tux_er, yea if you want to play wmv03:40
poyayando I need to set the path or does the mplayer packages already look for it03:40
=== stodge [~mike@CPE0080c8790cda-CM000039179a5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbitpoyayan: It'll find it03:44
poyayanok cool03:45
=== smo [~soneil@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jnc [erisha@necro.pimpcat.org] has joined #ubuntu
jnchi all03:48
jnci'm sick of the problems i am having with windows 98 second edition, on a laptop system (233mhz ish and 64mb ram)03:50
jnci need the box for business work03:50
jnci'm already a *nix user at home, but i need a box that will synchronize  with ACT! program database03:50
jncand also synchronize with my palm pilot03:50
jncso far, the windows 98 SE was doing both for a while, but for some unknown and entirely fustrating reason, it stopped synchronizing with my palm03:50
jnci had the standard debian sarge install on the laptop before, and it was okay for email and synching the palm03:50
jncbut when it came to synching with ACT! it was a no-go03:50
jncalso, it was hideously slow with debian sarge03:51
jncany ideas?03:51
=== MagicFab [~MagicFab@modemcable197.102-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitWhat's ACT! ?03:51
jnc"ACT!" is a contact management system03:51
jncit allows you to make a semi-relational database of companies and the people who work for them with their contact info03:51
jncit unifies the process of conducting sales calls03:52
jnckeeping a log of notes and records03:52
jncfor each contact03:52
jncit also contains a phone dialer to make that part easier03:52
PizbitHave you found any programs for linux that work with it?03:52
jncPizbit: no03:52
MagicFabcan anyone help with a boot problem involving modprobe ?03:52
jncthere is SugarCMS which does the same function, and imports ACT! flat files03:53
jncbut it is LAMP based (linux apache mysql php)03:53
jncthere is no memory for me to be running such a fat solution on a skinny little laptop that i am given03:53
jnconly  64mb ram...03:53
MagicFabI get a message similar to "Error: FATAL while trying to insert pciehp.ko - operation not permitted" same for shpchp.ko03:53
PizbitMagicFab: Known bug, doesn't matter03:53
=== tester_ [~yz@] has joined #ubuntu
MagicFabjnc> sorry for jumping in, but I've found J-pilot kind of does part of what Act! provides03:54
=== tester_ is now known as yz
jncMagicFab: ooh!03:55
jncMagicFab: can i synch it with an email client?03:55
jnci didn't see anything for synching with Thunderbird (which is my preferred email client)03:55
PizbitMagicFab: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=186903:55
MagicFabjnc> I'm not sure. There is partial support from Thunderbird, I've heard Mozilla suite works with it.03:56
MagicFabjnc> Don't know about Evolution, etc.03:56
jncEvo and I do not get along these days03:56
jncEvo crashes way too much03:56
PizbitIt's stable here, POS to use though03:56
jncthink it's worth buggering around to put say, ubuntu linux on that lappy?03:57
MagicFabPizbit> tx.03:57
jncat this point i have equal lack of functionality from both sides, the win98se and the debian sarge linux03:57
MagicFabjnc> I use J-pilot under Mandrake linux03:57
MagicFabjnc> I think ubunto comes with Gpilot or Gnu-Pilot - can't remember. Anyone ?..03:58
jncwin98se randomly decides to stop working with Palm sync, and debian sarge linux runs like a sick sad animal on the 233mhz @ 64mb ram03:58
PizbitUbuntu has jpilot03:58
MagicFabjnc> I just installed Ubuntu today03:58
MagicFabjnc> and I haven't configured its palm support03:58
jncis Ubuntu a different OS, or is it a refinement of the GUI on top of a debian base03:59
=== holycow [~yada@S0106002078ccd651.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kapput1 [~sg47@ny-lasalle-cadant1-24-49-98-189.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
jncalso i only have one USB port.  if i disconnect the USB-ethernet device and reconnect it, will it automatically configure the ethernet ?03:59
jnc(i know, open a term, su root, /etc/init.d/netwokring restart, ... but it is a pain and should not be necessary)04:00
=== kapput1 is lagging
Pizbitjnc: I reckon it probably would04:01
jncwhat function does that?04:01
MagicFabjnc> what do you mean by "Ethernet device" ? is it WiFi ?04:01
jnci mean a ..  LinkSys TX100LNE04:02
MagicFabjnc> you'd have to configure the network device by adding it via the configuration utility04:02
jncyou know, the usb 2.0 adapter from USB -> ethernet04:02
jncMagicFab: but what i mean is i only have one usb port on the computer, and i swap it out to use other devices04:02
=== kapput1 [~sg47@ny-lasalle-cadant1-24-49-98-189.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
jncwould plugging in / unplugging the USB->ethernet adapter mean that it would deconfigure, and reconfigure, without user intervention?04:03
jncwin98se does that without user intervention04:03
jncand it saves me a lot of time04:03
PizbitI reckon it would, but I've never trued nor have what I need to try04:03
jnci plug it in, and it autoconfigures with dhcp04:03
PizbitI could, of course, be wrong04:04
jnccan you install Internet Explorer 5.5 in wine04:04
jncwith ubuntu04:04
PizbitIf it works in wine, then it should work.04:04
tolstoyI reported this bug: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3069. Any advise to help figure it out?  Should I download source, compile, see if I can reproduce it?04:04
PizbitAlthough why you'd want too I don't know.04:04
tabmoWjnc: why would you want to?04:04
jncit's a pre-req04:04
Pizbitjnc: for...?04:04
jnccannot attempt installation of ACT! in wine without first doing IE 5.5 or newer04:04
holycowhey dudes04:05
holycowlook at all the people here toniiiiight!04:05
Pizbitholycow: There's usually heaps04:05
=== jason_ [~jason@blk-222-217-193.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
kapput1hi jason_04:06
jason_has anybody x.org 6.81 working yet?04:06
=== warguo [~warguo@] has left #ubuntu []
poyayanwhen I try to open a file with mplayer it pops up alsa-control: mixer attach /dev/mixer error: No Such file or directory04:06
poyayananyone know how to fix that?04:06
jnccan i net-install ubuntu if i do not have a working cd burner, tonight?04:06
jnci.e. can i boot from floppy disks04:06
jncand have support for a usb-network device to net install04:07
=== bur[n] er_ [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mhess [~mhess@] has joined #ubuntu
unitdwhen i make a selection box on desktop, my cpu load spikes04:08
unitdanyone know why?04:08
=== jnc chuckles
jnci'm part of #unit-e04:08
unitdddDdd ;p04:09
=== max_ [~maxdeo@c-24-5-248-109.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kapputu [~sg47@ny-lasalle-cadant1-24-49-98-189.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowwould it be fair to characterize ubuntu as a subset of customized debian packages?04:09
HrdwrBoB no04:09
HrdwrBoBubuntu is <304:09
mhesshas anyone tried Expocity?04:09
holycowhow much customization is there actually? seems like quite  a lot, however, ideally one would hope it would be simply an adjunct repository that replaces/upgrades certain packages no? or are is the customization much deeper?04:10
HrdwrBoBwell, especially given that ubuntu uses GNOME 2.804:11
HrdwrBoBand as well as a whole host of other stuff04:11
HrdwrBoBthe core is quite different04:11
Pizbitholycow: They took a snapshot of sarge around june, then brang in selected updated packages and added customisations for the sake of usability and whatnot04:11
jncare there problems with ubuntu and windows networking?04:11
PizbitOR something along those lines.04:11
HrdwrBoBthe 'universe' packages, however are simply debian packages04:11
Pizbitjnc: Nope, samba:)04:11
HrdwrBoBrecompiled to suit ubuntu04:11
jnci need to print to an epson 870 that is share from a windows XP box04:11
jncon debian sarge, i tried configuring it in CUPS04:12
jncbut it was not authorized04:12
holycowokay interesting04:12
jnci don't know why but it thought it required a password04:12
jncand i could not find where to provide one04:12
holycowi'm trying to wrap my mind around the idea of not running debian proper04:12
holycowi love the updates in ubuntu, i have a hard time letting go of debian04:12
HrdwrBoBholycow: I didn't have a hard time04:12
HrdwrBoByou install it just once04:12
holycowafterall ians company tried the same thing04:12
HrdwrBoBand you see the niceness :)04:12
mdzholycow: Ubuntu is a complete Debian-derived distribution which includes carefully chosen defaults and enhancements from the installer through the desktop and more04:12
mdzholycow: it's more than just a some customized packages04:12
mdzs/a some/some/04:13
Stalione I have few wireless networks accessible (lucky me) but I want to only connect to mine. During my initial install I left the wireless card pick whatever was accessible (linksys network in this case).  I think becasue of that its using it as default. what config file do i edit to be able to specify my wireless network settings?04:13
=== willys [~willys@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzStalione: computer->system configuration->networking04:13
holycowhow much of the customization is being submitted back to debian proper as proposals? ubuntu has a lot of great ideas04:13
MagicFabjnc> still there ?04:13
TheMusomdz: How would one go about setting up wireless on the console?04:13
TheMusoTo save settings.04:13
mdzjnc: stock cupsys does require a password; Ubuntu cupsys is modified to allow administration by users in the lpadmin group04:14
MagicFabjnc> I searched the forums for "network install", there was this:04:14
mdzTheMuso: /etc/network/interfaces04:14
MagicFabjnc> http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2068&highlight=network+install04:14
jncMagicFab: thanks!04:14
TheMusomdz: Thanks.04:14
Stalionemdz, :-) That was the first thing I treid but it errors out saying "Failed to run network-admin as user root: Child terminated with 1 status"04:14
kapputumdz: how do I keep my wireless connection from dropping ?04:14
holycowoh i see right, a lot of ubuntu will never make it into debian proper because of the debian social contract and security and organization04:14
mdzholycow: we send all of our bug fixes upstream, other things on a case-by-case basis where they make sense04:14
holycowokay makes sense04:14
mdzStalione: did you remember to type your login password?04:14
HrdwrBoBStalione: did you enter your password?04:14
holycowmdz, cool04:14
Stalionemdz, however if I use iwconfig, I can change the card settings04:14
Stalionemdz, yes.04:15
jncwould it be fair to characterize ubuntu as a spawn of debian?04:15
mdzholycow: right, many of the choices that we've made are distribution-wide policy changes, and so Debian would need to make a decision as a group to go in that direction04:15
lifelesshaha. 'spawn of'04:15
mdzStalione: and you can set all of the same options in /etc/network/interfaces04:15
willysHave a HP PSC-750, the printer part work fine. Can't get the scanner to work or see anyplace to set it up. On other distros I use ptal-init, doesn't seem to be there. Any ideas?04:15
mdzStalione: /usr/share/doc/wireless-tools/README.Debian04:15
Stalionemdz, thanks. thats what I was looking for...good old config files.04:16
lifelessI so need that on a t-shirt. Warty, as a charicature, with the caption 'spawn of debian'04:16
mdzjnc: that would be fair, yes04:16
holycowmdz, has any discussion been had around getting together with other organizations and putting together something along the lines of active directory (in the sense that ad is more than just ldap) ... gnome/ubuntu/ad would really be superbly killer04:16
mdzjnc: you could also think of it as an evolutionary step :-)04:16
holycowthe reason i ask is the thought occured to me that all debian packages that have the need could be patched up to support ldap to various degrees for example04:17
jncmdz: debian is kerry, ubuntu is edwards ?04:17
holycowand ad style permissions/environment controls, could really be killer as an idea anyway04:17
mdzholycow: I'm not intimately familiar with active directory; what does it provide beyond authentication/account management?04:17
ljlaneDoes ubuntu straight out-of-the-box handle floppy disk automouting?04:17
HrdwrBoBfloppy disks?04:18
holycowi'm a newb as well, but ad provides dhcp controls as well as environment and profile management which affects the users accounts04:18
PizbitHrdwrBoB: Those things on the 5th floor of the world computer museum:)04:18
jncnot sure what ad is04:18
jnci will find out eh?04:18
holycowi.e. one can control the start menu, and various apps that support it04:18
HrdwrBoBactive directory ?04:18
mdzljlane: if by automounting, you mean automatically mounting when a disk is inserted, I don't think that can be done with floppy hardware except by continuously attempting to access the disk (there is no way to detect the presence of a floppy in the drive)04:18
MagicFabHow do I make Ubuntu mount my USB key ?04:18
ljlanemdz: ah04:19
PizbitMagicFab: Should be automatic04:19
mdzholycow: hm, so site-wide configuration04:19
HrdwrBoBljlane: which on PC hardware is retarded04:19
mdzholycow: yes, we've talked about some similar ideas04:19
MagicFabA "usb0" disk is detected in "Computer disks" but I can't access it04:19
holycowso for example, one could theoretically add a push model to gnome/ubuntu/debian, push apps, customize users environment, control systems via schemas, etc.04:19
holycowmdz, cool, just curious04:19
holycowmdz, i would be willing to pay for such a feature04:19
HrdwrBoBholycow: many people do that now in theiur own environment04:19
mdzMagicFab: should be automatically mounted and a window opened on the desktop04:19
holycowwith even a limited number of apps supported04:20
jncMagicFab: crap.  it describes using PXE / etherboot04:20
jncnot supported with USB-ethernet04:20
mdzMagicFab: what kind of filesystem do you have on it?04:20
MagicFabmdz> FAT1604:20
holycowHrdwrBoB, i run 175 systems accross 4000 kms worth of land area *ie. coast to coast*04:20
MagicFabmdz> It's a JumpDrive Trio04:20
holycowhaving a unix environment that has the ad style capacities would be very helpfull as we are at the very least moving to debian04:20
holycowperhaps ubuntu depending on research :)04:21
MagicFabmdz> running on ubuntu without any upgrades (yet)04:21
holycowand considering its all open source.... we can far outstrip even microsofts wildest dreams of an integrated environment04:21
mdzMagicFab: did you upgrade from Debian or install fresh?04:21
mdzholycow: are you looking at commercial support options?04:21
MagicFabmdz> fresh install, no updates after that (haven't got the Wifi installed yet)04:22
holycowmdz, yes, but novell is out of the question vis a vis suse04:22
mdzMagicFab: assuming you installed the final 4.10 release, there are no updates except security fixes04:22
holycowit has to be debian or debian based04:22
mdzholycow: I meant support options for Debian04:22
MagicFabmdz> ok - strange it doesn't mount04:22
max_my wireless connection only works if its not encrypted...any ideas04:22
holycowyes and no, right now i'm in the research phase04:22
=== jgeorgeson [~justin@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzMagicFab: there is a bug open here: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=172704:23
holycowi have a coder that has experience with gnome that i hope to hire on to do some primitive customization04:23
mdzMagicFab: though in that case, it sometimes works04:23
mdzMagicFab: you should probably file a bug, and attach the information which was requested of the user in #172704:23
holycowbut greater scope discussion is really important to not reinvent the wheel so to speak04:24
jgeorgesonanyone know the plans for swsusp in hoary? (since it seems  to not be inwarty)04:24
=== azuzak [~azuzak@201009182017.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
mdzholycow: let me know if you have any questions about deploying Ubuntu in such an environment04:24
MagicFabmdz> Tx. just getting my feet wet, will do.04:24
holycowmdz cool, are you here often?04:24
mdzholycow: you might say that :->04:24
holycowehe cool, support costs would be fine, redhat/microsoft type shit is out of the window however04:25
=== djtansey [~djtansey@djtansey.student.umd.edu] has joined #ubuntu
willysIs there a way to have multiple desktops in gnome?04:26
mdzholycow: we're in the process of putting together our commercial support packages; I'd be interested to hear your requirements04:27
PizbitMultiple logins you mean?04:27
djtanseydoes anyone here know of a sync (one-way) utility that would let me sync my HD (or just some directories) to an external (USB) drive? only one way though (so it doesn't copy it back to my harddrive if it is on my external but does copy from my harddrive to my external)04:27
Pizbitwillys: If you mean virtual desktops then yes, and you can add to the taskbar "Work Space Switcher"04:27
holycowsweet, i think with debian you guys will be able to offer many price points, and unique product in comparison to say redhat04:28
mdzdjtansey: on the command line, rsync is what you want04:28
=== jgeorgeson [~justin@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
willysThat's what I'm talking about.04:28
jncwillys: 'gnome-settings-daemon'04:28
jncwill change the background desktop for you with each workspace04:29
djtanseymdz: i can deal with command line. have you used rsync much? pretty easy to set up?04:29
mdzdjtansey: I use it every day, and there is no setup for an operation like you described04:29
mdzdjtansey: rsync -a /path/to/source /path/to/destination04:29
willysGot it thanks all!!04:30
djtanseymdz: what does -a do?04:30
willysNow if I could get my PSC-750 to scan I would be happy.04:30
mdzdjtansey: copies directories recursively, preserving ownership, permissions, timestamps, etc.04:30
holycowmdz, thanks for all the info04:30
Pizbitmdz: Very much like -a for cp?04:30
mdzholycow: no problem; mail me at mdz@canonical.com, or support@canonical.com if you're interested in our support offering04:30
mdzPizbit: exactly04:31
MagicFabThanks & g'night04:31
PizbitMagicFab: Laters04:31
holycowwill do, appreciate it04:31
djtanseymdz: very cool. thanks. didn't know it was that easy. looked at rsync but --backup seemed to be the best. i just saw the manpage. archive is very cool.04:31
djtanseymdz: thanks04:31
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=== doko [doko@dsl-082-082-064-103.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
jason_does anybody have x.org 6.8.1 working yet?04:35
jdubjason_: it's coming to hoary 'soon'04:36
fabbionejason_: almost :-) working on it04:37
=== Gmail running hoary
holycowjdub, hey :) really?04:37
holycoware you guys helping the debian x team or whatever with the xorg implementation?04:37
=== Gmail is scrade to reboot udev is stuff up
fabbioneholycow: i am working on X.org both for ubuntu and Debian04:38
=== fabbione is the X release manager for Debian
=== holycow hugs fabbione
holycowdude thats so cool04:38
=== oddabe19 loves hoary... it's nice
bur[n] eri thought debian was waiting till x.org was more mature and to find out whether the monolithic or modular approach to x.org was better04:39
bur[n] eri could be totally wrong04:39
holycowbtw, a small thing, but i must congratulate you guys on your apps/computer pulldown menu reorganization04:39
holycowthat totally makes sense, and funny, i had hoped to see something like that one day04:40
mdzholycow: we'll be doing even more in that direction for Hoary04:40
holycowi was very surprised to see that, nice attention to detail04:40
holycownice work04:40
jason_I get a compile error04:40
HrdwrBoBjason_: doing what?04:41
=== amathis [~amathis@amathis.linuxfordummies] has joined #ubuntu
jason_did you have many problems compiling it fabbione04:41
amathisanyone here tried to install/run quake2 from apt-get?04:41
amathisLoadLibrary("ref_softx.so") failed: No such file or directory04:41
jason_compiling x.org current04:41
jdubamathis: quake2 in warty universe is b0rked atm04:42
amathisdarnit :/04:42
amathisany other good commercial 3d gameS?04:42
=== amathis is bored after programming all day.
fabbionejason_: yes some... but i fixed them04:42
holycowdoom3 amathis ?04:43
amathisE: Couldn't find package doom304:43
jason_lbx_zlib.c:541: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type04:43
jason_make[5] : *** [lbx_zlib.o]  Error 104:43
jason_make[5] : Leaving directory `/home/jason/xc/lib/lbxutil/lbx_zlib'04:43
jason_make[4] : *** [lbx_zlib]  Error 204:43
jason_\did you get an error like that?04:43
holycowlol oh you mean that? :)04:43
fabbionejason_: no because i use a pretty much patched configured config/cf04:44
fabbionejason_: that lib is built if you use x.org internal zlib, that i don't04:44
amathisPizbit, elaborate?04:44
Pizbitamathis: You never heard of Unreal Tournament?04:44
HrdwrBoBamathis: doom3, or unreal tournament 200404:44
jason_fabbione do you have debs built yet that people could test?04:44
amathisPizbit, yes.04:44
HrdwrBoBbuy either of them off the shelf04:45
HrdwrBoBUT2k4 is better04:45
jason_I'd be willing to test it04:45
=== amathis has no money :D
HrdwrBoBbecause it has the install on the CD04:45
fabbionejason_: no, otherwise they would be up somewhere :)04:45
HrdwrBoBthis is a problem :)04:45
amathisI meant for free, in apt-get04:45
PizbitYeah, I've only tried the demo for UT2K4 on linux, worked fine04:45
=== amathis has the demo..
=== Foxfyre [~patrick@c-24-30-93-207.mw.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
amathisenemy territory is cool too,04:45
PizbitWont buy the game since my graphics card sucks too much hehe04:45
=== jason_ has the full version
FoxfyreI have seen the promised land! And it is Ubuntu!04:45
HrdwrBoBI have too many games04:45
Pizbit(And I'm a poor student etc etc etc)04:45
HrdwrBoBbought ut2k4 and doom04:45
HrdwrBoBFoxfyre: indeed04:46
=== jason_ thinks doom 3 is super over-rated
HrdwrBoBit is pretty though :)04:46
HrdwrBoBI played it at night04:46
Pizbitjason_: You seen it on high quality?04:46
jncbtw, why is the ubuntu splash screen a down-shirt view of two females and a shirtless male?04:46
amathisso, no good games in apt-get?04:46
=== jason_ owns a 6800
HrdwrBoBjnc: because it's pretty :)04:46
jason_so yes04:46
Pizbitjnc: That got reverted for the full release04:46
jason_I have04:46
jdubjnc: that's the release candidate artwork, it was changed for the final release04:46
=== jnc grins
jason_graphics are cool but I want good gameplay04:47
jncwho ARE those people04:47
jason_the game bored me04:47
jason_I want half-life 204:47
Pizbitjnc: Some models in S.Africa I think04:47
jncmakes sense04:47
jason_I'd do 'em04:47
jason_except the guy04:47
HrdwrBoBjason_: all of them?04:47
jncjason_: you'd do the guy too04:47
FoxfyreWhere does apt install programs too?04:47
amathisjason_, you know you want to.04:47
=== jason_ blushes
HrdwrBoBFoxfyre: it installs the programs to the locations set out in each package04:48
HrdwrBoBFoxfyre: but it records that and data about the package when it installs it04:48
kapputumplayer-plugin doesn't play avi04:48
kapputuin firefox04:48
jason_is there a totem plugin?04:48
FoxfyreLike I'm trying to find where it installed thunderbird.04:48
oddabe19Foxfyre, just open a terminal and type thunderbird04:49
thoreauputicFoxfyre: type  which thunderbird  or whereis thunderbird in a terminal04:49
Pizbitkapputu: Does it play avi outside of firefox?04:49
Foxfyreno, I needed the folder, I found it in Synaptic04:49
amathisE: Couldn't find package mplayer04:49
PizbitFoxfyre: Applications menu -> Internet04:49
amathisholy crap04:49
Pizbitamathis: You need to use the marilat(sp) repository04:49
kappututhe problem could be with the avi04:49
amathisPizbit, ?04:50
Pizbitkapputu: Got the w32codecs package?04:50
Pizbitkapputu: Probably the avi then04:50
FoxfyreI'm trying to partially migrate from Windows to Linux, and I've discovered mozbackup only runs in windows. As it stores its file in *.pcv which is just a zip folder, I'm seeing if I can just overwrite files or not.04:50
Pizbitamathis: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats04:50
PizbitFoxfyre: Is this just a backup of your profile folder?04:51
FoxfyreNot directly04:51
=== oddabe19 [~oddabe19@pcp01471558pcs.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pizbit has never heard of it before, nor .pcv
kapputuPizbit: I'm sure you have never heard of Microsoft too ;-)04:52
kappututhe one we don't speak of !!04:52
amathisPizbit, how do I add this to my sources?04:52
PizbitIt is true, windows is not installed on my computer, I admit it. Sadly, even though it's long gone I'm still the one of my friends who supplies all the windows help04:52
kapputuok I'm having a problem04:53
=== carger314 [~carger314@ip68-228-44-118.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
kapputuwhen I tried to install gnumeric on my desktop, I got a bundle or errors about an assertion failing in eggdesktopentries.c04:53
kapputunow when I try to install totem on my laptop I get the same error04:53
kapputuany idea what the problem is04:53
Pizbitamathis: Thatnpage has all the info you need, if you want to know how to use synaptic then look at the synaptic howto linked in the questionable packages part04:54
amathisdeb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat04:54
=== Arkadius is now known as Dekkard
amathiswill that work for my /etc/apt/sources.list ?04:54
FoxfyreAlright, back to windows to backup in another form..04:55
Foxfyrebe back later04:55
PizbitIf you insist on doing it via editing the file then you'll want to add: deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main04:55
kapputuhmm the problem was with the avi04:56
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
amathismplayer-i386 is a broken package04:57
kapputulibartsc0 ??04:58
amathisThe following packages have unmet dependencies:04:58
amathis  mplayer-386: Depends: libartsc0 (>= 1.3.0) but 1.2.3-1 is to be installed04:58
amathis               Depends: libggi2 (>= 1:2.0.5) but it is not going to be installed               Depends: libungif4g (>= 4.1.3) but 4.1.0b1-6 is to be installed04:58
amathisE: Broken packages04:58
Pizbitamathis: *shrug* mplayer isn't that great really, the main thing to get is w32codecs04:58
kapputudo you have an AMD ?04:58
tsengxine can use w32codecs also04:58
kapputuyou have to add testing to the marillat source04:59
kapputuinstead of unstable04:59
kapputuand it works04:59
=== HiddenWolf [~HiddenWol@136.208.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu
amathistotem is a piece of sh*t04:59
PizbitYeah, install xine :)04:59
=== bwlang [~bwlang@h00a0cc520a75.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
srbakertotem is cool.  gstreamer is troublesome, though05:00
jdubinstall totem-xine05:00
srbakeryou want totem-xime05:00
kapputuis there a plugin for firefox ?05:00
amathisxine is pretty cool05:01
=== bitserf [~ljb@news.pec.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
amathisnow all I need is some good porn.05:01
bitserfhello...i'm having trouble getting my ipod working...it used to work, suddenly now i get just these messages:05:02
bitserfieee1394: Node added: ID:BUS[0-01:1023]   GUID[000a270002762d57] 05:02
bitserfieee1394: The root node is not cycle master capable; selecting a new root node and resetting...05:02
amathis... if anyone has any to give... *wink* *wink*05:02
PizbitHeh, nah05:02
bitserfi reformatted my ipod, it works under windows and freebsd...what broke? :(05:02
bitserfrunning warty05:02
=== uioo [~harry@222-152-237-229.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitBesides my net connection is capped to dialup speeds for another few days, went over the 10GB limit05:02
Gmailmirror.isp.net.au IS STILL rsycning it almost a week05:02
=== amathis wonders if there is porn in apt-get.
amathisthat would be sweet.05:03
Gmaild/m it just finished asycning05:03
lifelessgoogle for porn-get05:03
PizbitThere's pornview, but that's just an image viewer.05:03
carger314you could also get Gnaughty05:03
carger314assuming you're a GNOME user05:03
GmailWATCH IT!05:03
Pizbitcarger314: You're saying this in a channel for a distro that doesn't support kde...05:04
carger314but some people have installed KDE on ubuntu05:04
amathisI have..05:04
carger314my brother did, at least05:04
amathisit runs fine :P05:04
PizbitThose people are dillusional.05:04
amathisthough, I like fluxbox05:04
=== ubuntu-geek [~ubuntugee@] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitThe only kde app worth knowing is amaroK *evil bigoted grin*05:04
carger314k3b is the only kde app i like05:05
carger314its actually the only cd burner program that *works*05:05
holycowkd3 has its charms, but having tried gnome 2.8, most of them went away with the speedy gnome gui05:05
holycowkde even :) lol05:05
amathishow do I install a .deb?05:06
Gmailamathis: dpkg -i <<file>05:07
thoreauputicamathis: dpkg -i <package>05:07
=== ionrock [~eric@pool-70-16-84-75.alt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailamathis: dpkg -i <file>05:07
Gmailthoreauputic: I SAID it first opps caps lock05:07
amathisholy cow05:07
thoreauputicwhatever....  :)05:07
=== hikaru79_ [~hikaru79@d57-4-59.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== amathis watches GTK-Critical errors fly
thoreauputicGmail: You win ;)05:08
Gmail!win Gmail05:08
=== hikaru79_ is now known as Hikaru79
Gmaileeeek where is dpkg05:08
thoreauputicHikaru79: @_@05:08
ionrockhello all, I was having trouble with my keyboard. if i have it set where holding down the key repeats the character then it makes it impossible to type without having way too many characters show up05:09
ionrockit happens on other keys like the spacebar, tab, enter, etc05:09
ionrockyou can see the cursor flashing very inconsistantly and quickly as well05:09
thoreauputic<thoreauputic> !win Gmail05:09
thoreauputic<dpkg> Congratulations, Gmail! You have won the US presidency!05:09
thoreauputicGmail: there you go :)05:09
amathisdarn, gnaughty ain't working :P05:10
Gmailwinblow is illegal05:10
=== Pizbit^ [~Pizbit@203-79-124-44.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
GmailBSD is illegal05:11
kapputuwb Pizbit05:11
Gmailsco unix illegal, mac illegal.... linux legal, kde illegal, gnome legal05:11
Gmailwb Pizbit^05:11
carger314what about slackware?05:12
Pizbit^Thanks, danged router likes to die05:12
thoreauputiccarger314: nah, Slackware is allowed :005:12
=== HiddenWolf [~HiddenWol@136.208.dynamic.phpg.net] has left #ubuntu []
GotD0tdoes anybody know what the hald command is? its taking up 10% of my mem and my comp seems to be running slowly lately05:13
carger314w00t. even though i have no clue how to use it, i am in jubiliation that it is legal05:13
kappututhe halt command is `shutdown now `05:13
Pizbit^-h now05:13
Pizbit^GotD0t: man half05:14
Pizbit^er, man hald05:14
thoreauputicGotD0t: heh -just remove the caps lock key ;)05:14
amathisdangit.. stupid gnaughty won't work.05:14
GotD0ti use it though05:14
=== Pizbit^ ponders rebinding capslock at long last.
Pizbit^GotD0t: What for?:)05:14
=== jmhodges [~jmh@cpe-069-133-106-188.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
GotD0ttrust me... i do05:15
thoreauputicGotD0t: useful for chatting with AOL kiddies ;)  I'M A 1337 |-|axx0R ! YEAH !05:17
=== HiddenWolf [~HiddenWol@136.208.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbit^Tehehehe "05:19
Pizbit^Bug 262173 - Firefox Icon Problem - new firefox icon appears to be giant red panda that is humping south america"05:19
Pizbit^(Explanation: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/quips.cgi )05:20
thoreauputicheheheh :)05:20
Pizbit^I did a double take when I saw that heh05:20
amathisanyone have any clues?05:21
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbit^Haha, great hostname and login05:21
jncglade being naughty?05:21
amathisI don't know..05:21
amathisI have everything installed.05:22
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-158-137.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
WWHello world.05:23
Pizbit^gnaaargh, page wont load.05:23
WWI am getting disk accesses every 2-3 seconds.  How can I track down what is causing this?05:23
WWI have exited all the apps that I had been running.05:24
Pizbit^WW: Not trying to play an mp3 are you? Journalling might be some of it.05:24
mdzGotD0t: hald collects information about your hardware, which is used by applications in the desktop05:24
WWPizbit^: Nope.05:24
GotD0tthanks mdz05:24
mdzGotD0t: it should never use a lot of CPU resources05:24
Pizbit^WW: You're on irc, got logging on?05:24
=== aTypical [~Jason@24-205-15-144.mpk-eres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzGotD0t: if it is, something is wrong, possibly a bug in hald05:24
WWPizbit^: OK, I started GAIM to ask the question :)05:25
GotD0tmdz doesnt seem to get above 1% of cpu usage05:25
mdzGotD0t: ah, harmless enough then05:25
Pizbit^WW: It's not a huge amount is it? What's showing you the disk access? To me it sounds perfectly normal05:25
mdzfrom time to time, it will wake up and check a few things05:26
mdzwhether a CD has been inserted, that sort of thing05:26
GotD0tuses a steady 10% of mem though05:26
thoreauputicGotD0t: gkrellm shows regular disk accesses like that here too - nothing to worry about05:26
=== Pizbit^ wonders what package the applications and computer menu fits in, gnome-panel-data ?
Pizbit^thoreauputic: -> ww05:27
WWPizbit^: I can hear disk access and see the LED flicker every 2-3 seconds.  It's probably perfectly normal, but I'd like to find out.05:27
thoreauputicoops sorry05:27
kapputuok night all05:27
amathisPizbit^, ok, so gnaughty is fscked up.. what else?05:27
mdzGotD0t: that figure (memory usage for a process) generally lies05:28
Pizbit^amathis: Uh, no idea?05:28
amathisPizbit^, any other progs?05:28
GotD0tmdz oh?05:28
mdzGotD0t: yes, in a modern operating system, it's rather difficult to say exactly how much memory an individual process is using05:30
GotD0tmdz why is that05:30
justdaveI have an interesting situation with the ntp daemon startup on one of my machines...05:30
justdavethat machine is also the nameserver for my LAN...05:30
justdaveand named starts after ntpd05:30
mdzGotD0t: processes share memory, map files into memory, and other such things which affect that number in unintuitive ways05:30
justdaveso it can't find ntp.ubuntulinux.org05:30
GotD0tmdz oh ok05:31
justdaveproper solution to that is to stick ntp.ubuntulinux.org in the /etc/hosts file probably?05:31
Pizbit^justdave: Or you could have it run later05:33
amathiswhat is a good gnutella type app?05:33
HiddenWolfHm, What do I have to do to get rid of 'You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server.' on apache?05:34
mdzjustdave: hmm, no, hardcoding it would not be best05:35
mdzjustdave: I think ntpdate runs too early, actually05:36
justdaveall the redhat servers I've run in the past use only IP addresses in the ntpd config05:37
justdavepresumably for that reason.05:37
justdavethe domain name was always in a comment after the IP address in the config file05:37
=== thellis [~thellis@hc65255dc.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pizbit^ is now known as Pizbit
thellishow do i put a wastebasket on my desktop?05:38
thellisnot a link to the folder, but the applet itself?05:38
thellisneone know?05:39
=== zenwhen_ [1001@host-216-78-81-121.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbitalt+f2 and run gconf-editor then go to apps/nautilus/desktop and tick the trash_icon_visible05:39
aTypicalHello, all.  Total Ubuntu n00b here.  I've just installed and don't know how I'm supposed to change/set the root password.  Is there a default that is used?05:40
PizbitUse sudo05:40
mdzjustdave: that's fine if you're dealing with a private LAN where you allocate your own IP addresses, but on the public Internet, renumbering is a fact of life05:40
mdzaTypical: this is in the FAQ, which is linked from the channel topic05:40
aTypicalmdz, cool.  Thank you.05:40
Pizbitmdz: Ya think maybe the installer should user bigger text informing people about sudo?:)05:41
mdzPizbit: do you think it should <blink>? :-)05:41
=== MarLaw [~Lawrence@fins-415.city.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitOh yeah, definately, and marquee!05:41
MarLawHow a nice channel!05:41
MarLawI'm Lawrence, how are all of you ?05:42
WWMarLaw: Just dandy... (but I hope you don't expect all 241 people/bots to answer... it could take a while! :)05:43
MarLawyes, i mean, just who is listening .. like u!05:43
MarLawWhere are you from WW ?05:43
MarLawanyway, I heard about ubuntu and I'm take a look around05:44
MarLawright now i'm using unstable05:45
PizbitDo you use gnome?05:45
WWPizbit, mdz, others: There was a good idea posted in the mailiing list, concerning a startup web page (or something) that comes up the first time someone logs in.  This could point to the FAQ, and also include a prominet reminder about the root password.05:45
MarLawPizbit: I'm using fluxbox but I'm sure ur not talking with me05:45
mdzWW: I think we talked about that, and the consensus was that people ignore things like that :-/05:45
PizbitMarLaw: I was.05:45
MarLawah ok05:46
mdzif something pops up without being asked for, the impulse seems to be to dismiss it immediately05:46
MarLawi tryed .. but i don't feel good with05:46
MarLawi prefer KDE or fluxbox05:46
PizbitYou'll learn to like gnome;)05:46
WWmdz, Pizbit:  Hmmm, true.05:46
MarLawmaybe, but with gnome i have audio problems .. maybw cause i want to use arts + alsa05:47
PizbitWhy arts? All the kde people I talk to despise it.05:47
MarLawanyway, is possible to upgrade from unstable (one week ago) to ubuntu or i have to wait a while ?05:47
aTypicalmdz, I would have read it. :-)05:47
mdzaTypical: but you're atypical05:47
MarLawu think that ESD is better ?05:48
WWMaybe modify gdm to check for the username root, and THEN bring up the flashing marquee (with sounds, too).05:48
jdubWW: gdm is set to disallow root logins05:48
=== tmartin [~tyler@ip68-6-112-163.sb.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
tmartinhappy hallween05:48
tmartinanyone know a way to run 32 bit apps on 64bit ubuntu?05:48
MarLawhalloween wasn't yeasterday ?05:49
mdztmartin: basic 32-bit compatibility libraries are provided by default05:49
WWJdug: Yes, I know.  I meant (tongue-in-cheek) that the code could specifically check for the username "root"...05:49
mdztmartin: but you can't currently install 32-bit packages05:49
mdzexcept where they are explicitly provided for the amd64 architecture05:49
tmartinmdz: so then im out in the cold basically05:49
mdztmartin: that doesn't sound like what I said...05:50
tmartini can compile them myself?05:50
mdztmartin: what program do you need?05:50
PizbitMmkay, time to reboot:)05:50
tmartinwell id like to get flash working in firefox05:50
mdzhmm, that's an unfortunate one05:50
jdubWW: the code does specifically check for the username 'root'05:51
mdzbuilding a 32-bit firefox requires 32-bit versions of many libraries05:51
jdubok, straw poll05:51
jdubwho do you prefer?05:51
jdubeilene -> blonde05:51
jdubk-mel -> the dude05:51
jdubosana -> african girl05:51
tmartinwell ive no problem installing libraries, got plenty of space05:51
mdzthey are all african05:51
MarLawduring the installation of ubuntu can i choose KDE instead of GNOME ?05:51
jdubMarLaw: no, kde is not supported05:52
mdzMarLaw: no...you can install it afterward if you decide you really want it.  try GNOME first, though :-)05:52
MarLawi tryed05:52
MarLawis too heavy ... usually I put just fluxbox ..05:52
mdzMarLaw: you find Ubuntu's gnome to be too heavy, and your solution is KDE?  :-o05:53
jdub... anyone?05:53
MarLawno is not .. but you know what I like of the open source world ? the choise05:53
jdubthere are opinions all the time05:53
crimsunjdub: the pale background :-)05:54
mdzjdub: none of them are my type05:54
jdubMarLaw: you have the choice. kde is unsupported, but available in universe.05:54
jdubmdz: well, i have logo options too, but that'd be boring for the first update. :)05:54
=== Pizbit [~Pizbit@203-79-124-44.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
=== BigNastyKid909 [~poO@lsanca1-ar62-4-12-143-140.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzjdub: the question should be, which of them is more "November"?05:55
MarLawthat you know, there's any web site or forum that explain how to play games with linux ? Because i will realy love to erase the windows partition that my brother is using for games05:55
PizbitI think I totally mis-understood the session-saver gui somehow;)05:55
MarLawi don't know , something like C&C Generals05:55
jdubmdz: y'know, that's very true05:56
PizbitHopefully that works, removed the default session.05:56
jdubmdz: november is the month of shopping headaches, caused by the early onset of christmas music05:56
jdubseriously looking for feedback05:57
jdubokay, let's do this differently05:57
Pizbitjdub: What'd I miss?05:57
jdubi'm going to say names05:57
mdzjdub: for shopping headaches, definitely the blonde05:57
jduband then everyone should cheer immediately afterward05:58
jdub== Which Ubuntu model do you like best? ==05:58
jdubOsana? -> the african girl05:58
=== Pizbit agrees with mdz, the blonde
WWDidn't mdz just say...05:58
jdub(cheer, people)05:58
mdzjdub: this is _so_ a top-down decision :-)05:59
WWAren't there bugs to be fixed and stuff?05:59
jdubok, so no one's cheering for osana?05:59
jdubK-MEL -> the dude05:59
PizbitHaha, no05:59
=== GotD0t [~GotD0t@] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitHe's scary.06:00
=== jdub looks at his world clock - should've done this earlier
PizbitYeah, 18 hours ago06:00
jdubno, during busy times on the channel06:00
=== Stalione [~vijay@c-24-12-155-188.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzjdub: are you on DST now as well?06:01
StalioneTheMuso, Todd_MA_1975: I have fixed my problem with soundcard.  I suspected it was acpi, so added to noacpi option to grub line and bham it works like a charm06:01
jdubmdz: yeah06:02
TheMusoStalione: Good to hear. Didn't even think of that one.06:02
PizbitStalione: Yeah, had that myself too06:02
StalioneI just came back to report my solution to you guys.  Cheers!06:02
TheMusoStalione: Thanks.06:02
StalioneI guess I never considered it because I had sound working fine in other distros06:02
=== TheMuso makes a mental note to consider ACPI next time he helps someone with a sound problem.
mdzStalione: do you mean acpi=off?06:03
mdzor pci=noacpi?06:03
StalioneBut then it just hit me...good nighta all.  Special thanks to TheMuso for his patience.  Also as a Gentoo user moving to a new distro I must say I like Ubuntu so far.06:03
Stalionemdz, pci=noacpi06:03
=== Pizbit uses all three, just to be sure! acpi=off pci=noacpi noapic
Stalionekernel          /vmlinuz- root=/dev/hda2 ro quiet splash vga=791 pci=noacpi06:04
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-158-137.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
mdzStalione, TheMuso: there are some fixes in the works which make that unnecessary in a number of situations, so hopefully it won't be as much of an issue in the future06:04
=== thellis [~thellis@hc65255dc.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== thellis [~thellis@hc65255dc.dhcp.vt.edu] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
StalioneAlso Id like to report that as a normal user when I run network-admin and put in root password, it does not work and crashed.  Even if I export display and as root run the tool it fails.  however if I login as root into gnome and then run it, it works.  I saw a lot of bugs regarding network-tool so i didn't bother filing one.06:06
StalioneAlso the network-admin tool is missing a feature of allowing the user to specify which wep key to use06:06
MarLawGood Night people06:07
MarLawhave a fun06:07
=== magneto [~magneto@] has joined #ubuntu
=== MarLaw [~Lawrence@fins-415.city.ac.uk] has left #ubuntu []
magnetoanyone using amarok?06:07
Pizbitmagneto: I am06:07
Stalionei had to manually modify the /etc/network/interfaces file and use  wireless_key3 mykeyinhex06:08
magnetoHey there Pizbit: funny meeting you here :)06:08
Pizbitmagneto: Build from cvs and all that.06:08
PizbitHehe, indeed.06:08
magnetoi will retry with cvs - i had just used the 1.1.1 source tarball06:09
PizbitIt was working with that version too06:09
uioohey, on an emac, i can eject the cd drive with the eject key (by setting it up through keyboard shortcuts); is there any way I can make it insert the CD too?06:09
magnetoi was looking for info on the notification panel to see if I could have added something but found nada06:10
PizbitNah, works straight off for me06:10
Pizbitmagneto: What version of kdelibs?06:10
magnetoyeah it worked fine in gentoo for me too06:10
GotD0thow would i go about getting the courier new font?06:11
magnetoyup thought i had 3.306:11
magneto3.2.3 :( i will retry06:12
mdzStalione: it prompts for your user password, not the root password (which is locked by default)06:12
mdzuioo: does 'eject -t' work?06:12
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
uioomdz: ah, but what I need is for the eject key on my keyboard to work for both opening and closing the drive, like in OS X. I don't have enough keys to map eject -t as well as eject.06:20
mdzuioo: I was asking whether eject -t worked because I wasn't sure whether the tray-close function of the drive was controllable from software on your system06:21
Stalionemdz, thanks for clarifying that.  Usually when as a normal user i see a prompt, I assume its asking for root privs.06:21
HrdwrBoBStalione: it is asking for root priveleges06:22
HrdwrBoBbut you use your own password to access them06:22
uioomdz: it does work06:22
mdzuioo: then it is certainly possible to have the key work as a toggle06:22
=== aPoX [apox@neutron.csh.rit.edu] has joined #Ubuntu
uioomdz: how would I go about doing that?06:23
=== IOM_Detox [~IOM_Detox@user-0c8hgc8.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
IOM_Detoxhelp please06:24
IOM_Detoxcant figure out what a ESSID is?????????06:24
=== DracosX [~DracosX@cpe-024-211-254-183.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBIOM_Detox: it's the 'name' of your wireless networ06:25
Todd_MA_1975ESSID is an identifier for you wireless network.06:25
IOM_Detoxhow do i find out what it is?06:25
Todd_MA_1975Check the config of your access point to see what it is.06:25
IOM_DetoxI  have a belkin router06:25
IOM_Detoxok i am rea.lly new to this06:25
=== thoreauputic_ [~freudulen@wolax7-078.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
IOM_Detoxhow do i check config?06:26
=== avuton [~sbh@ip68-111-224-150.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== thoreauputic_ is now known as thoreauputic
DracosXtry this "iwlist <interface> scanning"06:26
DracosXthat should show you any access points in range06:27
DracosXsorry if I'm off base, late entry into the conversation06:27
=== Solkaris [~niko@c-24-21-32-92.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzuioo: pbbuttonsd is the program which handles that06:27
=== avuton [~sbh@ip68-111-224-150.sd.sd.cox.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== RuffianSoldier [RuffianSol@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
RuffianSoldierhey all06:27
=== bur[n] er_ [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bwlang [~bwlang@h00a0cc520a75.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== pigeonflight [~david@] has joined #ubuntu
pigeonflightI followed the beagle install info at wiki.ubuntu.com/BeagleInstall06:41
pigeonflightbut still haven't gotten best/beagle to work06:42
plovs_workpigeonflight, if something is not clear, add a comment06:42
plovs_workwe are trying to make the wiki as usefull as possible06:43
pigeonflightplovs_work: I'm assuming you mean add the comment at the wiki06:43
plovs_workpigeonflight, yes06:43
plovs_workwe are moving to a new wiki :(06:44
PizbitDon't like the new one?06:44
=== ionrock [~ionrock@pool-141-158-213-88.alt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_worki *did* like the old one, and fixing things that aren't broken, but the new one is getting better06:44
plovs_workit has more content06:44
ionrockdid anyone have any suggestions  about my keyaboard issue?06:45
ionrockit seems that whenever there is a process in the background, I get repeated characters.06:45
ionrockthis has never haappened before (<- that is an example)06:46
=== oferw [~ofer@DSL212-235-121-218.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
ionrockI tried changing my keymap to the 105 international but that didn't work. I also tried out the nvidia driver but that didn't work either06:49
ionrockI am pretty sure I am just stabbing in the dark there06:50
=== hypa7ia [~leigh@user42.megabit.utoronto.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ionrockone thing that was interesting was that the nvidia installer mentioned that b/c vesafb was running, the nvidia module would have trouble.06:51
PizbitYeah, no idea how to disable it.06:52
PizbitAll the suggestions given don't work.06:52
cefanyone else finding the ubuntu archive slow today?06:52
ionrockI am looking into that vesafb module to see what I find.06:53
ionrockthhis is  nuuts :(06:57
hypa7iaanyone running hoary yet?06:57
HiddenWolfI'm moving as soon as I hear X.org is in and functional06:58
GotD0twhats so great about X.org?06:58
hypa7iait's not xfree86 :-)06:59
HiddenWolfAs of yet, nothing, but it can only get better. :-)06:59
oddabe19GotD0t, composite, not xfree06:59
HiddenWolfhypa7ia, amen.06:59
mbbI've just made another partition on my warty drive, want to make a complete copy of warty there, for upgrading to hoary.06:59
holycowfreedesktop.org should nicely outline the answer to whats so special abot xorg06:59
hypa7iait is the only thing that works with the shiznitty ATI drivers for my lappy06:59
hypa7iacool mbb06:59
GotD0toh ok06:59
mbbquestion, is cp -r the way or is there a better way?06:59
HiddenWolfhypa7ia? you can't get it to work on ubuntu's Xfree?07:00
bur[n] erx.org has composite which makes things 'really' transparent07:00
hypa7iacuz i'm debating.  i want to get involved in devel on ubuntu, specifically for laptop stuff, and i'm wondering if it's stableish enough yet07:00
DracosXmbb: find <directories> -print0 -depth | cpio -pmd --verbose --null /destination07:00
GotD0twhat is composite07:00
hypa7iaas in, i don't mind if something goes hella wrong as long as it doesn't eat my /home07:01
HiddenWolfAn extention which allows for cool features, like transparancy in windows etc.07:01
HiddenWolfComes at quite a performance hit tho, and it's alpha07:01
mbbdracosx: stand by, linux/unix book coming out...07:01
HiddenWolfCan someone name me a decent editor which has html/php syntax-highlighting?07:02
GotD0ti disabled those queer features in windows07:02
GotD0tdont see any point to them07:02
HrdwrBoBHiddenWolf: vim07:02
=== lanemt [~lanemt@gso167-187-184.triad.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
HiddenWolfAnything besides?07:02
hypa7iaHiddenWolf: quanta?07:02
ionrockHiddenWolf, bluefish,07:02
HrdwrBoByou could use vim07:02
HrdwrBoBor vim :)07:02
DracosXI'd stick with vim though07:03
ionrockScreem (although I like bluefish better)07:03
DracosXsooner or later you'll need it (probably)07:03
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010487831pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ionrocknvu is pretty bad07:03
DracosXnever used it07:03
=== rushibhai [~rushi@pool-68-163-133-172.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
HiddenWolfScreem is draconic. It crashes on my css file, of all things.07:03
hypa7ianvu is getting there :-)07:03
hypa7iaglazman is teh rox0r07:04
ionrockyeah I don't like screem at all but it is something...07:04
holycowquanta needs some love, very crashy, but its getting there too07:04
HiddenWolfI just want something with just about the features of 'crimson editor' for winblows07:04
=== pigeonflight likes vi :)
=== FLeiXiuS <3 vi also
DracosXhmm - if it's features you want, you can't go wrong with emacs07:05
ionrockHiddenWolf, what is it like, i have never heard of it07:05
hypa7iaemacs is so beautiful but it makes my feeble mind hurt07:05
HiddenWolfAll that crimson editor misses is code completion, imho.07:06
pigeonflightwe do web development with zope/plone I've found  zope + zope external editor + nedit is quite adequate for people coming from windows with a good markup background07:06
DracosXif you don't mind buying a license, (unless something has changed) the Zend IDE is great07:07
lanemtwhy isn't snytax highlighting enabled by default in vi ?07:07
HiddenWolfIf it's got syntax highlighting, is rock-stable, and can actually distinguish between html and php, functions and variables, we'll be getting along.07:07
=== Solkaris [~niko@c-24-21-32-92.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
DracosXIIRC there is a trial license for the zend ide if you want to check it out07:08
mbbdracosx: OK, ready. but is the '-print0' a typo, maybe just '-print'?07:08
HiddenWolfDracosX. I'm building my new company's website. If it'll run I'll be able to get good stuff. :-)07:08
DracosXnope, -print0 is correct07:08
GotD0twould it be possible for me to get the Courier New font for use in openoffice.org?07:08
hypa7iayou want the mstcorefonts package07:09
DracosXseparates the file names with nulls (0x00) instead of spaces07:09
hypa7iasorry msttcorefonts07:09
=== dickk [~dickk@c-24-19-38-76.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iano problemo :-)07:09
GotD0ti just love that font07:11
HiddenWolfI'll try zend. :-)07:11
DracosXI still reccommend vim though :P07:11
HiddenWolfvim doesn't boot here. :-S07:11
GotD0tok well im out07:13
HiddenWolfActually this sucks. I'm going to sell windows-software, and I'm addicted to ubuntu.07:13
DracosXdon't feel bad07:14
GotD0tits a healthy addiction07:14
DracosXI work in an all ms environment... or at least it was07:14
DracosXuntil I got everyone else hooked on ubuntu07:14
DracosXnow there's only 2 windows boxes left in the office07:14
HiddenWolfIt's not unhealthy, alto it's annoying to build your website on apache, and then having to recode for ISS07:15
hypa7iaDracosX: that us awesometacular07:15
DracosXnow that I can agree with07:15
=== hypa7ia murderises the IIS.
GotD0twell you can use apache in windows...07:15
HiddenWolfAnd I don't think the programmers will enjoy recoding the app, clarion is one hell of a language.07:15
HiddenWolfYes, you can use apache, but the guy that does the server is very familiar with iss, so he doesn't trust apache. :-)07:16
GotD0toh ok07:16
DracosXsimilar situation here07:17
HiddenWolfHow far along is mono actually. It'd be cool to get an app to work on both nix and windows.07:17
DracosXthe other server admin is an mcse, and has only just begun using GNU/Linux07:17
DracosXhe did let me build a gentoo server though, after a bit of arguing07:18
GotD0twell i swear... im gone07:18
=== DracosX must RTFM, brb
=== hypa7ia hides from gentoo
geppyHow do you use a Logitech QuickCam under Ubuntu?07:19
HiddenWolfGentoo is ok. Takes too long to set up tho. I liked it a lot, but I'm not compiling everything from scratch. I've got a pc to use it.07:19
Todd_MA_1975geppy does it show in dmesg when you plug it in?07:20
DracosXmy sentiments exactly07:20
hypa7iait was the 3rd of 4 distros i'd tried on this laptop.  drove me batty.07:20
=== borup [~chbo@cpe.atm2-0-71391.0x50a660b6.bynxx14.customer.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== hypa7ia is on fedora atm
HiddenWolfHey Dracos. sometimes the handy bits of code are the littlle ones eh?07:20
=== HiddenWolf hates fedora
hypa7iabut only for another 20 minutes hopefully07:20
geppyTodd_MA_1975: I don't have it with me.07:21
=== hypa7ia is downloading warty
=== hypa7ia is very VERY excited about ubuntu
geppyTodd_MA_1975:  Supposing that I had it, and it showed up in dmesg, would it be auto-configured?07:21
=== hypa7ia hates fedora too. with a burning passion.
HiddenWolfActually, Ubuntu is the friendliest disto I've used, including the 4 hours I had Fedora installed.07:22
DracosXIn all my years of using linux, I've honestly never found a distro I've liked as much as this one07:22
jdublet's avoid the Other Distro comments, guys07:22
hypa7iasorry jdub :-)07:22
DracosXand I've actually developed my own from scratch before07:22
=== HiddenWolf hugs jdub
=== hypa7ia must say one thing though
=== netfighter [~netfighte@netfighter.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iathe people in this chan and on the wiki are incredibly friendly07:23
hypa7iait's really been encouraging :-)07:23
hypa7iahence my excitement about this distro :-)07:24
=== magneto [~magneto@] has joined #ubuntu
HiddenWolfZend get on with it, I want to be coding!07:25
mbbdracosx: tried it, something subtle wrong, many cpio errors. my specific comand was:07:26
=== nyquiljer [~jer@c-24-20-90-173.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== flamtripl3t [~gdub@d207-216-48-17.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
mbbdracosx: stand by again, maybe a typo here... oops. try2 now.07:28
rushibhaiguys, has anyone had success with k3b around here?07:30
hypa7iaheh was just about to ask that rushibhai07:30
rushibhaiit doesn't see the writer.07:30
hypa7iais it set suid root or whatever it is that gives it perms to write to the cd drive?07:31
=== hypa7ia is still running it with sudo :-/
rushibhaiyep. all the setup is okay, and it shows the drive as cdrw for the read device, but no write device..07:32
hypa7ianow k3b is crashing all over the place. it's time to nuke fedora.  see you all in a couple of hours, from ubuntu hopefully!07:34
hypa7iaor sooner if i have troubles, from the windows box :-(07:34
=== hypa7ia [~leigh@user42.megabit.utoronto.ca] has left #ubuntu []
=== radion [nt0us4@abi62.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
=== pigeonflight [~david@] has left #ubuntu ["way]
=== Gmail jumps
Gmailup and down'07:40
timothyrushibhai: dunno if it's parallel, but one thing you might try if you're running into the same thing with K3B that I just did yesterday: if you can make an image (which shouldn't need it to see your burner at all), see if you can then select "Burn CD Image" (go to the Tools menu at the top of the K3B screen, then select the CD submenu, and "Burn CD Image" should be the bottom choice of the...07:41
timothy...resulting submenu.)07:41
timothyMy K3B worked fine one day, then the next day decided that it could not detect a suitable burner, but I found that the above worked for me; for some reason it could see the burner fine when burning a previously prepared ISO, just not when burning a new CD assembled with its cool disc-content editor.07:42
rushibhaitimothy: humm. let me try. thanks.07:43
timothyHeh, aside from whether it will work for you, did I make that sequence understandably clear?07:44
=== alka_trash [~homer@c-67-166-91-212.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
rushibhaitimothy: clear enough :) Thanks!07:44
alka_trashanyone trying hoary yet?07:45
rushibhaitimothy: btw, it does work fine with cdrecord, so i don't see what the problem could be.07:45
rushibhaitimothy: i mean cdrecord on command line..07:45
timothyrushibhai: yeah, that's about what I thought, too.07:45
timothycdrecord is great and wonderful for burning ISOs; I'd like K3B (or other burning app -- does Ubuntu have gnometoaster or similar?) for tossing a bunch of files on a disk and hitting a big green "Go!" button ...07:46
nyquiljeris there a boot option i can pass to the ubuntu installer disc to mount an existing installation?07:46
nyquiljeri just installed osx and cant boot back to my ubuntu install07:47
alka_trashsounds like osx took over the mbr07:47
DracosXhmm... dunno how it works on ppc, but maybe at the cd prompt linux root=/dev/your_partition07:48
DracosXthen re-install the bootloader maybe?07:48
DracosXto the mbr, that is07:48
rushibhaixcdroast is fine for most purposes. i'm trying to burn a video cd, which is better supported on k3b..07:48
nyquiljerDracosX: thats kinda what i was hoping youd be able to tell me :)07:49
nyquiljerits yaboot that i'm unfamiliar with07:50
oddabe19SysInfo: Linux |  AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2000+ 1644.136 MHz | Bogomips: 3260.41 | Mem: 718/1012M [||||||||||]  | Diskspace: 64.70G Free: 27.15G | Procs: 90 | Uptime: 2 days 1 hr 6 mins 38 secs | Load: 0.57 0.46 0.44  | Vpenis: 2814 cm | Screen: nVidia Corporation NV28 [GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE]  (rev a1) @ 1280x1024 (24 bpp) | eth0: In: 398.30M Out: 32.80M07:51
oddabe19Sensors: HDD:07:51
alka_trashI wish this cd burning software was stable07:51
=== dukeku [dukeku@c-24-21-168-125.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-230.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu
mbbDracosX: OSOD! It worked, just booted it from the cloned partition. Thanks, you saved me hours!07:56
mbbnow must get busy finding the sound problem with that machine, thinkpad 390x. and likely writing a decent bug report.07:57
DracosXglad I could help07:57
=== Micksa [~mslade@203-217-18-166.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Micksa6 channels in the same terminal window. gack.07:58
=== RuffianSoldier [RuffianSol@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Micksadumb question08:03
Micksahow do I do an ubuntu network install?08:03
Micksarather than from CD08:03
DracosXwow - getting late08:06
DracosXneed to get some sleep08:06
lhbMicksa: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/NetBootInstallHowto08:07
netfighterDo u guys know if the logo is licensed under the GPL?08:08
=== udo [~udo@VPNPOOL01-0286.UNI-MUENSTER.DE] has joined #ubuntu
=== Brooman [~Brooman@Brooman.user] has joined #ubuntu
Micksaum, is there a network install CD image? :)08:10
Micksaor floppy image08:10
Micksaie one that isn't 600M, heh08:10
=== ionrock [~ionrock@pool-141-158-213-88.alt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Micksaactually I think I can get this onto a CD anyway....08:11
nevynumm there is ...08:11
=== alka_trash [~homer@c-67-166-91-212.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
rushibhaimaybe you want to instal woody base system, change the sources.list and do it?08:13
=== jacob_ [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== netfighter [~netfighte@netfighter.student.supporter.pdpc] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
magnetoany ubuntu devs in here?08:18
Micksawhiprush: yeah, I'm sure that'd work, but that method just doens't feel right08:19
magnetoisnt ubuntu supposed to be a desktop distro?08:19
=== psyklops [~psyklops@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubmagneto: no, it's just very good at it.08:20
jdubmagneto: it's also a fully supported server os.08:20
magnetoohh ok jdub08:21
tabmoWhow good do you guys reckon ubuntu will run on an old toshiba laptop (PII 233 - 64mb ram - 4gb hdd - pcmcia lan) ?08:21
jdubtabmoW: the 64MB RAM will be the sore point.08:22
jdubtabmoW: perhaps use xfce or a plain window manager (enlightenment, fluxbox, ...)08:22
tabmoWyer i figured as much...08:22
tabmoWjdub: you mean no kde/gnome? ahhh fooey ;oP08:22
jdubif you had 256MB ram, the default GNOME desktop would be fine08:23
magnetoyeah tabmowi can vouch for that08:23
nyquiljeri used to run gnome on a p166 with 128 megs of ram.  course itw as a much older gnome, but perfectly usable08:23
MicksaMORE POWER08:23
tabmoWhmmms i just want to test it out to see if it is worth taking over mandrake on my other box///08:23
magnetolol tabmoW has time to kill08:24
tabmoWmagneto: not yet i don't.... friggin exams08:24
jdubnyquiljer: 256MB is my recommendation as an upstream too08:24
magnetothen hold on to mandy (playin barry manilow)08:24
mbbI just cloned my warty partition into a fresh partition (for hoary experiments). Booted into X OK, some applications run, but attempt to start a terminal (root or user) result int Error: The application "(null)" has quit unexpectedly.08:27
magnetothats why its called unstable08:27
ionrockthis is pretty strange, my clock is going way too fast...08:28
jdubmagneto: warty is not unstable, the final release was last month.08:28
magnetohoary experiments is what i thought he said08:28
jdubmbb: you might want to validate that it was all copied correctly; how did you do it?08:28
ionrockI am wondering if that has anything to do with my cusor/keyboard crap08:29
Micksathe PXE install will grab the latest packages and everything right?08:29
mbbfirefox works, volume control sticks at zero.08:29
Micksaso it's better than the install CD in that respect?08:29
magnetothe only thing he did was clone?08:29
Micksaor does the CD install check for updates automatically anyway?08:29
jdubMicksa: yes to the latter08:29
=== Pizbit wants to have all his apps in the gnome-notification area
Micksaguess it doesn't matter so much then08:30
mbbclone was done with "find ./ -print0 -depth | cpio -mpd --verbose --nul /mnt/hda7"08:30
Micksabut I still thinks a CC-sized rescue CD that can do a network install would be good :)08:30
ionrockyeah, the seconds are definitly going faster.08:30
Micksashit, I can put one together from the PXE stuff (I think) and publish/link it somewhere08:30
ionrockthe more I move a window around, the faster it goes..08:30
magnetoionrock u try ntp?08:30
Pizbitmbb: Wow, I just boot into knoppix and do 'cp -a /mnt/hda1 /mnt/hdb1/backup' :)08:30
ionrocknot yet08:31
Pizbiter /mnt/hda1/*08:31
=== tmartin [~tyler@ip68-6-112-163.sb.sd.cox.net] has left #ubuntu []
ionrockmagneto, what do I do? I tried syncing it up with an ntp server throught he clock applet but no luck there08:31
mbbpizbit: dracosx suggested this way. any thoughts what is missing/wrong?08:32
ionrock/etc/init.d/ntpdate start ?08:32
PizbitNope, looks french to me08:32
Micksahmm, in the wiki there's a NetbootInstall and a NetBootInstall08:33
=== Tsjoklat [~Tsjoklat@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
Micksabah :)08:36
Tsjoklatevening all08:36
RuffianSoldierI need a clear answer.  can I apt-get and use KDE in Ubuntu??08:36
magnetoYES ruffian08:37
Tsjoklatyou can RuffianSoldier08:37
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatbut there are no security fixes08:37
Tsjoklathey pitti :)08:37
Tsjoklatat least for now RuffianSoldier08:37
pittiHi Tsjoklat08:38
RuffianSoldierMagneto, Tsjoklat, so i just apt-get install kde or whatever and i can access it from GDM?08:38
Tsjoklatwell you have to have universe enabled08:38
magnetonot sure it will autoconfigure gdm08:38
Tsjoklatpitti :)08:38
RuffianSoldieri have universe enabled08:38
magnetoit didnt for openbox08:38
Tsjoklatdid you edit your sources.list?08:38
Tsjoklatcd /etc/apt08:39
RuffianSoldieri apt-get all the time08:39
RuffianSoldierthats all i know08:39
Tsjoklatsudo nano sources.list ----> universe multiverse08:39
=== Micksa tidies things up abit and hopes he doens't get in trouble
Tsjoklatdid you do that?08:39
RuffianSoldierim not on my Ubuntu Box right now08:39
=== dukeku [dukeku@c-24-21-168-125.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["let]
Tsjoklatcan you remember it? :)08:39
magnetoRuffian the most youd have to do is configure gdm08:39
magnetoor just use kdm08:40
RuffianSoldierya, lol08:40
=== srbaker_ [~srbaker@blk-224-161-8.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== evilstoy [HydraIRC@cmung3696.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
=== rachet [~donald@cm-] has joined #ubuntu
RuffianSoldierwell, i will try it tommorow (When a get a new mouse) thanks, and goodnight all08:40
TsjoklatI have tried KDE RuffianSoldier08:40
rachethi! does linux have  a program where i can write c++ ?08:40
Tsjoklatbut wasn't too happy with the way it looks08:40
RuffianSoldierthats the part i like08:41
Tsjoklatrachet mono is c+ for linux08:41
RuffianSoldierwell, goodnight08:41
=== RuffianSoldier [RuffianSol@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
rachetso i cant write c++ in linux?08:41
=== RuffianSoldier [RuffianSol@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Gmail [~Google@gnu-debian.user] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicrachet: of course you can08:42
TsjoklatI can't answer that question really rachet, all I know is that mono is the c+ for linux08:42
Gmailcan i install apache mysql and php on a 486?08:42
Gmaili have enuff space08:42
magnetorachet yeah u can08:42
magnetowrite the code and c++ from cmd line08:42
rachetmagneto: whats  the name of the program where i can write c++ ?08:42
thoreauputicrachet: you can write c++ in any editor you prefer08:43
magnetogedit nano vi vim08:43
thoreauputiced! ed is the editor! man ed!08:43
rachetye  but i like a program like visual .net or some thing where i get some help and stuff08:44
Tsjoklatlol magneto08:44
rachetwhere i can  test it. and  its  says: u got an error on line 4508:44
Tsjoklatso who of you were brave enough to go with hoary yet08:44
thoreauputicrachet: anjuta or kdevelop08:44
magnetoi got a copy of visual studio architect .net you can borrow rachet08:44
rachettyty =)=)=)=)08:44
rachetmagneto: ok how can  i borrow it ?08:45
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010487831pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mbb [~Mike@d15-183.rb.gh.centurytel.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
HiddenWolfW00tage, I've finally debugged my webpage's navigation. :-)08:46
MicksaI am very nervous about trashing pages in the wiki08:46
Micksaeven if they are duplicates08:46
magnetoill post the isos - i wont use it while youre using it i promise08:46
magnetothoreapeutic----thanks for that anjuta reference ! looks good08:47
=== green_ [~green@dsl81-215-4686.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
green_hi all08:48
Gmailhi green_08:48
Tsjoklathi green_08:48
Tsjoklatseems like we are all still on warty :P08:48
green_ive am important problem08:48
=== Gmail is now known as IanMurdock
=== ryan [~ryan@S0106000acd019ad0.du.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
magnetothoreapeutic: have u used either? kdevelop looks sgood too08:49
IanMurdockcan i run apache mysql and php on a 486?08:49
green_about fonts they have yellow shadows ? is there anyone knows about this?08:49
green_IanMurdock, sure you can08:49
nevynI've used kdevelop08:49
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp36-132.lns1.adl1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== IanMurdock is now known as Gmail
magnetonevyn- is it buggy? whats your opinion of it?08:50
Tsjoklatsounds yakky green08:50
TsjoklatI liked kdevelop08:50
Gmailhehe when my name is IanMurdock i quick answers08:50
nevynmagneto: I kinda liked it.08:50
=== nevyn smacks Gmail
=== Gmail huges GTK+
ryanhuges eh08:51
=== Gmail loves Glide
magnetonevyn: any complaints?08:51
ryanyay for depreciated graphics technology08:51
Tsjoklatmagneto: building the database is tricksy08:51
nevynmagneto: not really but I was only doing trivial things in it in java.08:51
nevynit needs arch integration.08:52
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
=== fdimeglio [~fdimeglio@defense-6-81-56-115-136.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
fdimeglioanybody's here ?08:53
Tsjoklatno we all left fdimeglio08:54
magnetoTsjoklat: was thinking about that ring distracting u?08:54
fdimeglioI would like to know if a PowerPC LiveCD is planned08:54
Tsjoklatring? what ring?08:54
=== ionrock [~ionrock@pool-141-158-213-88.alt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
ionrockWhere is the best place to post a bug about my system clock going faster when the cpu is working harder08:55
magnetou said tricksy thought u were in golem mode08:55
ryana bug?08:55
nevynionrock: is this a laptop?08:56
fdimeglioany response ?08:56
ryanionrock: i'm guessing it doesn't happen elsewhere..?08:56
ionrockI actually have ubuntu on my laptop and it runs just fine :)08:56
Tsjoklatmust be because that movie is playing right now magneto08:56
Tsjoklatsorry lol08:56
ionrockno, I have it on two other machines and neither have the same problem08:56
netmonkionrock, what is your laptop?08:56
Tsjoklatin my room in the background08:57
nevynionrock: so this problem does not affect the laptop.08:57
nevynbut affects a "normal" desktop machine08:57
ionrockI have a dell inspiron 5000, but the problem doesn't happen on the laptop08:57
magnetoionrock- i had that issue in gentoo and another distro08:57
nevynionrock: I thought it could be tied up with speedstep08:57
magnetoi have a dell laptop too08:57
magnetoi cant recall if it was libs or kernel - i think its a kernel issue though08:58
nevynit certainly sounds like a kernel issue.08:58
ionrockyeah i agree08:58
ryanit sounds like a kernel issue08:58
ryani'd check if you're using the rtc option and such08:59
ryanwhat whats going on in that neck of the woods08:59
ryaner s/what/and/08:59
magnetocuz i havent setup ntp yet and i havent lost one second08:59
=== suminigashi [~suminigas@ip68-106-92-24.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
ionrockryan, how can I check? dmesg?08:59
nevyndoes dmesg have bitter bitter complaints from the kernel?09:00
ryancat /boot/config|grep RTC09:00
magnetodmesg from cmdline09:00
ryananyway the whole reason i'm in here09:01
ionrockryan, no such file09:01
ryanoh uh09:01
ryanthere should be a config of some sort in there09:01
ryanmaybe its just not named that exactly09:01
ryanbut what i was getting at09:01
ionrockgot it09:01
=== stone [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ionrockdo you mind if I post it?09:02
ryanis i'm sitting here in front of a fresh debian install, ticked off that 1. they still haven't worked xorg into unstable (which i can live with for now i suppose, i just want to try this xcompmgr that apparently helps so much)09:02
ryanand 2. there isn't gnome 2.809:02
ryannow i've seen ubuntu does gnome 2.8 out of the box09:02
fdimegliois there anybody that can give me a response about Ubuntu on PowerPC ?09:02
=== stone__ [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
magnetoryan - only good thing about xorg is transset09:02
ryanbut what is its status on xorg?09:02
ryanoh :/09:03
ryanso the comp stuff doesn't really help speed things up?09:03
=== spektr [~spektr@M817P024.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-50-191.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
ryani saw some video of some guy running with and without and with it, firefox barely even had any garbage left on it when moving windows around above it09:03
magnetodepends on your video card- u might be too busy solving driver issues to care about anything else09:03
ryanwell i used xorg 6.7.0 on fbsd 5.3beta5 though RC109:04
ryanwith the nvidia drivers09:04
ryandidn't have a problem in that department09:04
ryanbut it wasn't 6.809:04
ryanfuck it, ease of use, i'm getting really lazy.09:04
magnetoryan - xorg 6.7's ati drivers got rid of my 3d and other nice things but i know how to work around it09:05
=== ryan fetches ubuntu
ionrockwhat should i be looking for with the rtc stuff09:05
Treenaksjust wait for a few weeks -- people are working on the latest & greatest xorg for ubuntu09:05
=== stvn [~steven@] has joined #ubuntu
ryanmagneto: hehe, well first of all its an ati card... ;)09:05
magnetoshutup :[09:05
ryanmagneto: but in all seriousness, i am disheartened by all the trouble ati users have09:05
magnetoyeah so are we09:06
magnetodisheartened we dont have nvidia cards09:06
ryani had a radeon 7500 for about a week09:06
ryanthen i got my geforce ti 4200 when it was hot09:06
ryanand i still have it09:06
ryanbest card i've ever had09:06
magnetoive had mine for a year but cant swap it out in the laptop09:06
ryanit also was the last of my paycheque09:06
ryanthe place i got it at took like $40 off09:07
ryanand then even let me keep $5 so i had bus fare to get home09:07
ryanso that place won over my business for awhile, till i got too far away09:07
=== svenl_ is now known as svenl
magnetoi remember riding the bus09:11
=== udo [~udo@VPNPOOL01-0286.UNI-MUENSTER.DE] has joined #ubuntu
ryanintercity bus?09:12
ryanor just city bus09:12
=== fleixius_ [~fleixius@pcp0010487831pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
magnetoryan: in los angeles and ny - interstate even09:14
magnetotook the greyhound from LA to NY before09:15
magnetoback in my younger broker days09:15
magnetola to south carolina was the worst- people discussing eating squirrels and it felt like someone kicked me in t he back after 3 days09:16
=== nyquiljer [~jer@c-24-20-90-173.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
magnetoThe best people in society travel by bus. The cleanest too.09:17
magnetoRTD bus pass anyone? santa monica blvd the #4? brooklyn? #2609:18
borupmagneto: actually, the even better onse go by bicycle09:19
magnetoid rather ride the bus than ride a bike- it's a dignity thing im old09:22
ryani'm definitely at my 'broker' days09:22
magnetoin china id agree09:22
ryanheh ubuntu's iso is only 528mb?09:22
ryanthey must've really trimmed out the cruft09:22
ryani just hope i don't miss something09:22
magnetolol ryan- yeah but the install is about 1.6 gb09:22
magnetocheck the md5sum09:22
ryando they have online repos yet09:22
ryani'm getting it via torrent09:23
magnetogood speed09:23
magnetoi got it through bt too- did u request free cds?09:23
ryanshould only take 20 mins09:23
magnetotheyll send u 10 for free lol09:24
ryanof the same thing?09:24
magnetoi like ubuntu- yeah to give out to your nerdy pals09:24
magnetosince shipping is high they send more than one to make it worth while09:25
ryanmakes sense i guess09:25
danielswell, there's a text box in there where you enter how many you would like09:26
ryanyay for faqs09:27
ryan"essentially all debian software is also availible in Ubuntu repositories"09:29
ryani'll stress test that theory09:29
ryan11 minutes is far too long09:31
=== lypanov [~alex@lyp.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
lypanovanyone know the magical fix to get my windows install working again?09:35
lypanov(grub installed on mbr as it should, however chainloader trick ain't working so i'm a tad puzzled, what am i missing?)09:35
boruplypanov: that rather depends on what you did to break it09:35
lypanov^ installed grub09:36
Aardyou're using the right device names? :)09:36
lypanovAard: yeah09:36
lypanovAard: well can't really fail if u try them all right? :P09:36
boruprerun update-grub09:37
danielslypanov: google is your friend :P09:37
Aardlypanov: I'd not be that sure...09:37
lypanovdaniels: thanks dude :P09:37
lypanovdaniels: how about u save me the gg time? ;)09:37
boruplypanov: really, rerun update-grub09:37
danielslypanov: never tried it09:37
lypanovborup: of course not09:37
lypanovborup: that just updates the automagical menu09:37
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-72.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== fdimeglio [~fdimeglio@defense-6-81-56-115-136.fbx.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu []
lypanovdaniels: ouch. found evil guru m$ hints09:41
lypanovdaniels: yay for google :P09:42
lypanovnow next q09:42
lypanovis *wtf* i left my xp cd09:42
lypanovdaniels: i'm awaiting an ibook next week09:42
lypanovdaniels: and no. no linux :P09:42
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-230.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_workhow do i in bash test for the file-extension? (if file-extension=.py then echo "python-file!")09:43
Elwoodhi all09:43
danielslypanov: dude, you should've got an x4009:44
lypanovdaniels: i can't be standing this linux/m$ shit anymore dude09:44
lypanovdaniels: how heavy and how many hours?09:44
Gmailwill x run on a 486 i dout it but then again........ or should i just network this computer09:44
Treenaksdaniels: does the x40 have wide-screen?09:44
thoreauputicplovs_work: try asking in #bash09:44
Tsjoklataren't you in the wrong channel by any chance lypanov?09:44
lypanovTsjoklat: shut it09:45
danielsTreenaks: ... no.  it's very small and light.09:45
Tsjoklatand it comes with an attitude aswell09:45
danielslypanov: 1.47kg, ~6h with WiFi (anecdotally)09:45
plovs_workthoreauputic, there *is* such a channel :)09:45
lypanovdaniels: oh very yummy09:45
danielsGmail: of course it will run09:45
thoreauputicplovs_work: yes, there is09:45
lypanovdaniels: what stupidly high price does it come to? :P09:45
stvnplovs_work: #null09:45
thoreauputicplovs_work: /join #bash09:46
plovs_workthoreauputic, thanks i did09:46
=== Treenaks ponders the Asus 6900Ne
Tsjoklatit's okay lypanov, you are so showing your age09:46
danielsGmail: (note that X was originally developed on PDPs)09:46
=== lypanov puts Tsjoklat on ignore
thoreauputicplovs_work: OK :)09:46
Tsjoklatyou do that09:46
danielslypanov: in australia, ~$au4800 with the extended life battery (11h), dock, etc, etc09:46
lypanovdaniels: whats that in us?09:46
Tsjoklatwhat a moron09:46
Gmaildaniels: ok how many Mhz is a 48609:46
Gmailit was before my time09:47
thoreauputicGmail: depends which 48609:47
TreenaksGmail: 25, 33, 50, 66, 75, 100 or 133 probably09:47
=== dopey [matth@uruk-hai.bioinformatics.unsw.EDU.AU] has joined #ubuntu
stvnthere was this stunningly fast 486 that tan at 100MHz09:47
Treenaksstvn: the09:47
Gmaili though it was like 10Mhz09:47
Treenaksstvn: the DX-409:47
=== lypanov began with a p75
=== Treenaks began with a 8088
=== littlepaul [~littlepau@pD9520699.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== stvn started with ARM 2
lypanovwell okay i started with 6502's admittedly09:48
lypanovbut i meant pcs :P09:48
=== Gmail started with p4 prescott as his own computer but had a 686 from a friend that he used for a few years
=== thoreauputic started with an IBM mainframe and a PDP11 :)
GmailLOL the 686 i had was 150Mhz09:48
stvnthoreauputic: I don't think you owned them ;)09:48
thoreauputicstvn: no indeed - the university did ;)09:49
TreenaksGmail: there's no such thing as a 68609:49
thoreauputicstvn: they were tended by people in white lab coats in a glassed-off room09:49
=== stvn imagines an IBM mainframe in someones (extended) study
danielslypanov: about $us3k, but you can get it cheaper09:49
TreenaksGmail: there was the K6, or the "5x86" CPUs which ran at a whopping 133 MHz09:50
danielsok, this conversation is offtopic, guys.09:50
danielsplease move it somewhere else.09:50
TreenaksGmail: aka PII09:50
Gmailit was made by ibm09:50
daniels(as a good metric: if you've filled up an entire screenful with unrelated conversation, move it somewhere else.)09:50
=== rachet [~donald@cm-] has joined #ubuntu
rachethi what was the name of the program  where i can write c++ ?09:50
stvnthoreauputic: heh, my first experience with a computer other than the p2000 was the CRAY supercomputer at my fathers work, it was so ugly and huge that I didn't understand why they didn't buy a better/smaller one ;)09:51
thoreauputicrachet: there are several - check anjuta and kdevelop09:51
Gmailhttp://distrowatch.com/ubuntu need a lot more hit per day09:51
Gmailrachet: nano09:51
thoreauputicGmail: he wants an ide09:51
thoreauputicGmail: why not ed?09:52
Gmailthoreauputic: he wound of ask if he want so09:52
stvnrachet: or anjuta09:52
Gmaillifeless: you can't use cat09:52
lifelesssure you can09:52
danielsGmail: cat > foo.cpp, start writing, end with ^D09:52
lifelesscat < - > progname.c09:52
Gmailno you can't09:52
lifelessGmail: *I* can, dunno about you :)09:53
thoreauputicGmail: sorry, you lose09:53
danielsGmail: try it09:53
Gmailwhen was the last time you wrote on a CAT and not got hell beeten out of you09:53
=== ToTo [~ToTo@host14-128.pool8254.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailits a play with the word cat and the program HEHE09:53
=== silbs [~sbsm0084@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicGmail: by whom? I do as I please, thank you09:54
=== thoreauputic groans
=== adsb-work [~adsb-work@avco79.avcosystems.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Elwoodwhy consolechars -f fontfiles goes in segmentation fault?09:54
lifelessGmail: local anaesthetic.09:54
lifelesswriting on a cast without getting hell beeteen (sic) out of me09:55
Gmaili say hu? so many time the need to add a buttom on the keyboard for words like that09:55
Gmaileeeek my brother is playing the stupidest game using wine he got it off his friend09:57
=== rachet [~donald@cm-] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Gmailage of empires, is there any game *like* it for linux which is free ?09:57
ElwoodGmail,  sure09:58
ElwoodGmail, search for stratagus game engine09:58
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=== p0windah [~jason@n219078232004.netvigator.com] has joined #ubuntu
p0windahhello all10:02
p0windahI have just installed ubuntu and would like to install some fonts, but I cant find the font installing program10:02
=== thisfred [~thisfred@a213-84-57-72.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
GmailElwood: isn't that a game engin?10:04
ElwoodGmail,  and many games similar to empires use it10:04
ElwoodGmail, try on freshmeat.net10:04
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== fluff [~stereo@pD952686D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== hypa7ia [~leigh@user17.megabit.utoronto.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== mjr [~mjr@ip212-226-158-253.adsl.kpnqwest.fi] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaman oh man.  ubuntu is gorgeous :-)10:08
lypanovhell yeah :)10:09
hypa7iai just booted into my fresh install10:09
hypa7iaSO excited10:09
Elwoodin the sexual sense?10:10
hypa7iaheheh not quite10:10
=== MoisesC [~moi@9.Red-213-96-165.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iacan't figure out how to get the nekkid people background back :-p10:11
=== Arnald [~Arnald@81-86-116-102.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
p0windahI have just installed ubuntu and would like to install some fonts, but I cant find the font installing program10:12
Elwoodp0windah, fonts for console?10:12
p0windahno, just normal fonts for the graphical part10:12
=== gruberman [~gruberman@h9n2fls35o294.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
Elwoodapt-cache search whatuneed10:13
=== merlin0 [~vinfonta@host105-7.pool21345.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== thisfred [~thisfred@a213-84-57-72.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
p0windahwas that to me Elwood ?10:14
p0windahI dont think apt-cache will work will it ? the font files I have are already in my home folder10:15
hypa7iathere is a font installer proggie10:15
p0windahits called firefly.tff10:15
p0windahhypa7ia: where is it, I dont see it anywhere :(10:16
Elwoodp0windah,  sorry now i got10:16
jdubp0windah: type 'gnome-open fonts:///' at a terminal10:16
jdubp0windah: or you can get to it through the fonts prefs dialogue, but it's kinda hidden10:16
merlin0how can i read info files in gnome?10:16
jdubmerlin0: you can't atm10:17
p0windahis that a normal terminal or root terminal jdub ?10:17
jdubusing your login10:17
=== jdub goes for food
p0windahso I just copy the font into that area jdub ?10:18
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
p0windahanyone know how fonts:/// works ?10:20
jdubjust drag your font files into it10:21
p0windahI tried to copy my firefly.tff file into that folder and it doesnt appear to do anything or show the firefly font :(10:21
p0windahis there meant to be some dialog or progress bar or something ?10:21
Gmail#gnome on irc.gimp.org should now10:22
jdubp0windah: it should work just like any other folder10:22
jdubp0windah: perhaps do a reload10:23
p0windahno, doesnt appear10:23
p0windahmaybe reboot computer will help ?10:23
jdubls ~/.fonts/10:23
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@61.89-201-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== gro [~gro@u212-239-167-194.adsl.pi.be] has joined #ubuntu
p0windahI can see the firefly font in that folder10:24
jdubp0windah: see if it's listed in the fonts preference dialogue10:25
p0windahI just had a look in the "font" program under computer, and it isnt in the list10:26
p0windahbut I can see it got copied into ~/.fonts/10:26
p0windahshould I log out ?10:26
jdubrun fc-cache10:28
jdubsorry, no10:28
jdubrun fc-list10:28
jdubthen fc-list | grep -i fire10:28
=== skyrider [~skyrider@kid.stu.cn.ua] has joined #ubuntu
stvnp0windah: are you sure it is recognised as a font?10:28
p0windahI cant tell, the computer doesnt give me any feedback10:28
stvnp0windah: enable thumbnailing and it should give you a preview of the font10:29
stvnin nautilus10:29
p0windahits not in that list jdub10:29
=== Gwaihir [~Gwaihir@ppp-13-85.25-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu
p0windahin icon view, it shows "Aa"10:30
p0windahit looks like the correct font10:30
=== ud [~ud@224.b.001.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklattoodles all... got a storm bbl10:31
stvnp0windah: right, that's good :)10:31
p0windahI tried double clicking on it, but it just gave me an error10:31
p0windahsays "There was an error launching the application10:32
stvnp0windah: yeah got that here as well10:32
=== thewolf [thewolf@d220-236-111-100.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
stvnp0windah: but  copying the font to ~/.fonts/ worked for me10:32
thewolfHmm, one thing lacking from the website: images of the product. Are there any?10:33
p0windahI didnt copy anything into ~/.fonts/10:33
p0windahI just drag & dropped from my home folder into the fonts:/// folder10:33
stvnp0windah: copy the font to ~/.fonts/10:33
jdubp0windah: by copying into the fonts:/// window, you *did* copy it into .fonts :_)10:33
jdubp0windah: and a few moments ago, you verified that it was there :-)10:33
jdubp0windah: if there's an error when you double-click the font, that indicates that something might be wrong - what was the error?10:34
p0windahwell I can see it in ~/.fonts/ with another file called .vfs-write.tmp10:34
stvnjdub: sure? because my font in .fonts doesn't appear in fonts:/// but it does appear in the lists10:34
jdubstvn: it ought to10:34
thewolfare there any screenshots of ubantu?10:34
jdubif not, we have a bug10:34
jdubthewolf: 'ubuntu', yes, google for ubuntu and screenshots :)10:34
stvnjdub: right, i'll investigate10:35
jdubstvn: sounds like it's not appearing there for p0windah either10:35
p0windaheverything else has worked really well I mmight add10:35
thewolfer ok10:35
jdubit is working for me10:35
jdubthewolf: there are also links to screenshots on the website10:35
p0windahcan I send you the font file jdub ?10:35
thewolfhmm, I will look harder10:35
thewolfplone sucks though :)10:35
jdubp0windah: no; try another font10:36
stvnthewolf: http://home.minst.net/~steven/Screenshot.png10:36
thoreauputicthewolf: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/screenshots/document_view10:36
stvnjdub: right, copying the font to fonts:/// does indeed copy it to .fonts, but it doesn't show up in fonts:////10:37
vincentmiam http://www.gnome.org/~paobac/goobox/screenshot-005.png10:37
p0windahsomething bad just happened10:37
jdubstvn: worksforme10:37
p0windahI logged out and now I cant log in again :(10:37
jdubp0windah: sounds like you've got bigger problems...10:38
p0windahgives me an error "I've detected a panel already running, and will now exit"10:38
p0windahI click on ok, and then it just appears again10:38
p0windahwell its the first time this error has appeared10:38
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
p0windahI dont want bigger problems :(10:39
stvnp0windah: click ok several times, I had it once and it disapeared after a while, I saved the session and all was fine again10:40
thewolfstvn, you could have saved that pic as a png... a little smaller10:40
p0windahok stvn, I'll keep trying10:40
stvnthewolf: heh, sorry I just made a screenshot with gnome, didn't really bother about resizing10:40
p0windahit works!10:41
thewolfIts still loading10:41
stvnthewolf: slow upload here :(10:42
p0windahI still cant see the font in fonts:///10:42
thoreauputicthewolf: try the ubuntu slideshow URL I gave you :10:42
stvnp0windah: does it appear in computer>>desktop preferences>>font ?10:42
=== hazmat [~hazmat@] has joined #ubuntu
p0windahis it possible that it wont work because its not a western font ?10:42
thewolfthoreauputic, I will :)10:42
p0windahno it doesnt stvn10:43
stvnp0windah: it is possible, but it shouldn't be10:43
stvnp0windah: can you send me the font?10:43
p0windahits an asian font, is there some kind of test program I can use ?10:44
p0windahyes I can10:44
Treenaksp0windah: type the characters in any Gnome program...10:44
=== xenonite [~xenon@stgt-d9bb5ff6.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== b_e_n_z [~Mercedes@vp161054.kln.uac1.hknet.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== L|nu}{_ [~linux@ti112210a080-3982.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== Aard_ [~bwachter@phoenix.serf.lart.info] has joined #ubuntu
=== ph [~ph@pD9E6BC9F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Aard_ is now known as Aard
=== Kyaneos [~kyaneos@80-26-153-12.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iastvn: where do you get the bg image with the people on it?11:01
stvnhypa7ia: install ubuntu-artwork11:01
=== ph [~ph@pD9E6BC9F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== x4m [~max@63.228-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
stvnp0windah: I found it, it's not called firefly but AR PL New Sung11:04
hypa7iaeggcellent, thanks jdub11:04
hypa7iaand stvn :-)11:04
p0windahoh really ?11:04
stvnp0windah: yep, dropping the font gives that as a new one11:05
stvnnice font BTW, pity it misses faces11:05
stvnor styles as they are called in gnome11:05
p0windahah yes, checked the list and there it is :)11:05
stvnhm, me has a strong feeling that the preview is not the actual font11:06
p0windahI have many AR PL fonts installed already, so didnt notice it in there :)11:06
=== merlin0 [~vinfonta@host105-7.pool21345.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== Zyk [~paussems@129.144-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #Ubuntu
p0windahits a pity there is no message telling you it installed as a different font name11:06
stvnp0windah: it's supposed to be an azian font, right?11:07
p0windahbut, irc support like this. it hardly matters :)11:07
b_e_n_zAR PL fonts are chinese fonts11:07
p0windahyes, its a traditional chinese font11:07
stvnk, so the gnome font manager doesn't preview non-latin fonts11:07
merlin0someone have a working celestia with ati drivers?11:07
b_e_n_zyes it does11:08
p0windahwell the fonts do contain roman characters as well11:08
stvnb_e_n_z: but only if your locale is chinese?11:08
stvnah ok11:08
p0windahb_e_n_z: do you have any experience in setting up chinese input in ubuntu at all ?11:09
b_e_n_zp0windah, install scim11:09
p0windahI have11:09
b_e_n_zctrl-spacebar to popup the scim input panel11:09
p0windahwhen I installed the computer I chose english,. so now when I run scim it only shows "english"11:09
b_e_n_zwhat is your locale11:10
p0windahhow do I check ?11:10
=== tuxx [~tuxx@0x50a5a424.kd4nxx17.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
b_e_n_zi mean LC_ALL, LANG11:10
=== stvn prods ubuntu's bugzilla for a password
Treenaksp0windah: type 'locale' in a terminal :)11:10
PizbitHaha, ctrl+space after clicking on the desktop crashes nautilus11:10
b_e_n_zp0windah, you also need to install the scim-tables11:11
=== mashon [~mashon@adsl-84-226-98-152.adslplus.ch] has joined #ubuntu
=== karim [karim@ip-40.net-81-220-99.nantes.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu
karimmirak please use another pseudonyme11:11
p0windahb_e_n_z: I installed them, I can see chang_jie in the list11:11
p0windahthe locale says a lot of things :)11:11
b_e_n_zp0windah, so what's the problem?11:11
p0windahbut all ="POSIX"11:11
tuxxWhere would I find the best Gnome themes, icons, borders etc. besides Gnome.org ? Must of course fit with Ubuntu :)11:12
p0windahwhen I press control space the scim appears, but only shows "english"11:12
p0windahI picked english because I prefer to read english, but need to type in chinese11:12
karimanyone know mirak here ?11:12
stvntuxx: gnome-look.org11:12
b_e_n_zp0windah, launch the scim control panel... see if you can find chang jie11:12
p0windahyes I can see it11:13
p0windahand its ticked11:13
=== mctavish [~dcahill@] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputickarim: why, has he taken your registered nick?11:13
karimthoreauputic, I don't know.11:13
karimthoreauputic, I mean yes11:13
b_e_n_zp0windah, i think you need to set LC_ALL=zh_TW.UTF-8 and LANG=zh_TW.UTF-811:14
karimthoreauputic, I will ghost him. Unpolitely11:14
p0windahb_e_n_z: where do I set that ?11:14
b_e_n_zp0windah, in your startup shell?11:14
thoreauputickarim: if it's registered, you can kill it and take it back with /msg nickserv ghost <password>11:14
b_e_n_zp0windah, .bash_profile for bash11:14
=== mirak [~mirak@adsl-68-74-28-228.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
p0windahI dont need it for bash I dont think11:15
=== karim is now known as mirak
=== mirak_ [~mirak@adsl-68-74-28-228.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
p0windahwhen ubuntu starts it goes straight into gnome ?11:15
Treenaksb_e_n_z: /etc/environment works better -- that gets read at login11:15
b_e_n_zTreenaks, that's global11:15
mirakthoreauputic, ahah, only one must live11:16
Treenaksb_e_n_z: it is, but I don't know of a "local" alternative that does get read before gnome-session starts11:16
b_e_n_zTreenaks, i always put my env variables in .bash_profile11:16
p0windahI will wait for the conclusion :)11:16
thoreauputicmirak: umm.. he's just changed to mirak_11:16
=== jsc [~jsc@h-67-101-232-206.lsanca54.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirakI will register everything then11:17
p0windahso I change .bash_profile ?11:17
b_e_n_zp0windah, if you use bash yes11:17
p0windahI use gnome11:17
=== mirak is now known as mirak__
b_e_n_zno, what is your shell11:17
p0windahbash I think ?11:17
tuxxstvn nice. Thanks11:17
p0windahis that the default ?11:18
thewolftell him how to check :)11:18
b_e_n_zcat /etc/passwd and find out11:18
thewolf(I can't remember)11:18
b_e_n_zecho $SHELL11:18
p0windahits bash11:18
b_e_n_zdo you know how env variables work?11:18
p0windahand what do I put into this file ?11:18
p0windahexport ?11:19
thoreauputicmirak, join #freenode and tell the ops is my advice - he hasn't the right to use a registered nick11:19
stvnthoreauputic: I think his client autorejoined and noticed mirak was taken and defaulted to mirak_ I don't think there are any evil intentions11:20
mirak__thoreauputic, I don't there policy about that11:20
mirak__stvn, yes that's what I think11:20
mirak__stvn, though I already told him that it was a used nick11:20
p0windahb_e_n_z: I put export LC_ALL=zh_TW.UTF-8 and export LANG=zh_TW.UTF-8 into .bash_profile11:21
thoreauputicstvn: yes, but as mirak__ said, he asked him politely first11:21
p0windahb_e_n_z: log out now ?11:21
Pizbitthoreauputic: He could just not be even at home11:21
stvnmirak__: ah, ok missed that bit, thought this was the first time11:21
PizbitOr where ever their irc client is.11:21
mirak__he is probably not here11:21
thoreauputicPizbit: yeah, true11:21
p0windahsuch a friendly and helpful room :)11:22
Pizbitp0windah: channel:P11:22
p0windahit can be a channel if you like11:22
=== thoreauputic gives p0windah the terminology pedant's manual </joke>
p0windahb_e_n_z: you there ?11:24
=== mirak__ is now known as mirak
=== L|nu}{^ [~linux@ti112210a080-1795.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
p0windahhe left :(11:28
=== spacey`ki [~ki@] has joined #ubuntu
=== altan [~altan@] has joined #ubuntu
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
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=== adnans [~adnans@h1213.upc-h.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
raphaGood morning everybody!11:35
hypa7iamornin' rapha!11:36
raphaHow y'all doin'?11:36
hypa7iai am doing excellent11:36
topyliworking, otherwise it's not bad :)11:36
hypa7iagot warty all installed :-)11:36
raphatopyli: so your boss is allowing you to IRC at work?11:37
topylirapha: i'm "on the field" when i irc :)11:37
raphahypa7ia: I'm frantically waiting for the CDs I've ordered to further spread "the virus" here :)11:37
Elwoodthe boss has a sniffer?11:37
raphatopyli: aaaah! :)11:37
hypa7iarapha: nicenice :-)11:37
=== jolg [~jolg@h150n2fls32o868.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
topyliElwood: the boss doesn't know or understand what i do. he just wants results :)11:38
=== thoreauputic_ [~freudulen@wolax6-017.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== thoreauputic_ is now known as thoreauputic
raphaHey, who from the Ubuntu team will want to know how to configure X for a particular hardware?11:40
raphatopyli: Then you have a well-trained boss. "Checks are good, trust is better" :)11:41
stvnrapha: the wiki11:41
raphastvn: But the Wiki says it shouldn't be edited right now...11:42
topylirapha: we're a multidiciplinary research center. nobody undersands another's work11:42
stvnrapha: checked the new wiki?11:42
raphastvn: URL?11:42
raphatopyli :)11:42
stvnrapha: ah, the new wiki is not yet fully operational, either wait or contact someone from the doc team11:44
raphastvn: Okay, thanks11:44
=== mirak [karim@ip-40.net-81-220-99.nantes.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu
raphaHas anyone made swsusp or something the like work under Ubuntu / is there a tutorial?11:46
lypanovrapha: i wonder the same11:48
=== morgs [~morganc@wblv-249-229.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
=== Manny [~chris@p54873491.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== telemaco [~telemaco@] has joined #ubuntu
=== rapha will see if he can find out how it works
raphaCan also see to my soundcard then11:52
raphaSuspend to disk, but OS-based, not BIOS-based.11:53
stvnah right, hm no package of it apparently11:53
raphaNo, I'm afraid it won't work that easily.11:54
=== stvn wonders if ubuntu's bugzilla has a manual email check or something
raphaIt'll have to be included by the Ubuntu guys eventually, IF they decide it is mature enough for them.11:54
=== citybird [~citybird@217-162-169-191.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu
b_e_n_zi have good success with software suspend 211:55
raphab_e_n_z: Is that a successor to swsusp?11:55
lypanovb_e_n_z: any install howto's around?11:55
raphaAny info for us?11:55
b_e_n_zlypanov, there's some outdated info on the software suspend 2 site11:55
lypanovok :)11:55
lypanovrapha: http://softwaresuspend.berlios.de/features.html11:56
=== Kyaneos [~kyaneos@] has joined #ubuntu
lypanovpmdisk is merged back in... ummm11:57
=== bskahan [~bskahan@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
Treenakssuspend-over-nfs support? WTF?11:57
=== L|nu}{^ is now known as L|nu}{
=== gerard [~gerard@delgul.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
bskahananyone know what the purpose of bazaar is?11:58
bskahanjust a more usable fronend to arch?11:58
gerardAnyone know how I can get the dutch language in Gnome with Ubuntu?11:58
Treenaksgerard: yes :)11:59
Treenaksgerard: (you might want to join #ubuntu-nl)11:59
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=== Yasser [yasser@re.corded.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> sendak.freenode.net
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=== jind [~jind@217-17-134.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
lypanovbskahan: i think so12:00
raphaHoly sh**. 105MB of updates, and that over 56k...12:00
=== jivera [~jivera@kechara-p.flame.org] has joined #ubuntu
lypanovbskahan: maybe ask on #arch? ;)12:00
=== whiprush [~jorge@arslinux.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== spiv [~andrew@fuchsia.puzzling.org] has joined #ubuntu
bskahanlypanov: good idea12:00
=== Acridien [~acridien@] has joined #ubuntu
AcridienHow do I install third party rpm packages ?12:01
Acridienlike gtkradiant12:02
=== sabdfl [~mark@wblv-226-208.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
Acridiengruberman: which one ?12:02
grubermanAcridien: Is it a rpm-package or in the repository?12:02
PizbitAcridien: You realise that ubuntu uses debs right?12:02
Acridiengruberman: rpm from a website ftp12:03
AcridienPizbit: yup12:03
deFryskalien blah.rpm12:03
grubermanAcridien: use rpm to install12:03
grubermanor alien :)12:04
deFryskand it wil make a .deb of it12:04
stvnAcridien: if you can't use a deb or source, you might want to take a look at alien12:04
Acridiengruberman: it outputs error12:04
Treenaksgruberman: or look if the package isn't in universe/multiverse anyway12:04
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-72.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== idaho45 [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
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Acridien sudo rpm -ivh /home/acridien/Archives/gtkradiant-1.5.0-2004-09-26.i386.rpm12:04
Acridienrpm: To install rpm packages on Debian systems, use alien. See README.Debian.12:04
Acridienerror: cannot open Packages index using db3 - Aucun fichier ou rpertoire de ce type (2)12:04
Acridienerror: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm12:04
=== magnon_ [~magnon@cD9088834.sdsl.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== Yasser_ [yasser@re.corded.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== ryan [~ryan@S0106000acd019ad0.du.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicAcridien: sudo apt-get install alien ; alien <rpmpackage> ; dpkg -i <created_deb_package>12:06
=== ajmitch [~ajmitch@chc11-port75.jetstart.maxnet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
=== Riddell [jr@muse.19inch.net] has joined #ubuntu
Acridienthoreauputic: tx boy12:08
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputiclong time since anyone called me a boy :)12:09
=== az[a] zel_ubuntu [~damien@ppp243-64.lns2.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicvive la Suisse!, Acridien ;)12:09
Acridienthoreauputic: salut tu es d'ou?12:10
=== Arnald [~Arnald@81-86-116-102.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicAustralie, mon vieux ;)12:10
Acridienthoreauputic: ?!? tu t'es expatri la-bas ou t'as appris le francais ?12:10
thoreauputicJ'ai passe quelques ans a Geneve, en enfance12:10
thoreauputicAcridien: ca fait au moins 40 ans depuis12:11
thoreauputicj'ai 52 ans12:11
AcridienJ'aime bien ce mot "boy" :-)12:11
thoreauputicah, oui, mon petit gosse .. heheh12:12
b_e_n_zthis has become a french channel?12:13
Acridienthoreauputic: I m going to try the command your gave me12:13
Treenaksb_e_n_z: Bienvenue a #ubuntu-fr12:13
stvnhm, ik heb nu ook en_NL in mijn /etc/environment12:17
Acridienhey are the .rpm and .deb similar, what are the differences ?12:18
Acridien=By curiosity12:18
=== tuxx [~tuxx@0x50a5a424.kd4nxx17.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
tuxxI'm having issues with hotplug sybsystem. Is it normal for at to stall uppon boot?12:19
thoreauputicAcridien: rpm== evil deb== good </joke>12:19
Acridienthoreauputic: lol12:19
spacey`kiis it correct that mysqld is defaultly configured to only use unix sockets? thus not binding to tcp?12:19
=== klasiphyd [~klasiphyd@c66.168.19.108.mad.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ajame [~ajame@] has joined #ubuntu
Acridienthoreauputic: why it is evil ? :-)12:20
=== mctavish [~dcahill@] has left #ubuntu []
topylispacey`ki: yes. tcp is rarely needed12:20
thoreauputicAcridien: heh - not really. Debian partisan comment :)12:20
Acridienthoreauputic: :-)12:21
klasiphydheys .. i was wondering how to change the screen res of the login greeter ?12:22
thoreauputicAcridien: rpm - dependency hell  mandrake urpmi - better apt-get - best!12:22
sn0wmanstep 1: go to sleep.  step 2: ???  step 3: profit!12:23
thoreauputicAcridien: therefore, rpm == evil ;)12:23
=== skyrider [~skyrider@kid.stu.cn.ua] has joined #ubuntu
sn0wmanthat was directed toward klasiphyd, btw12:23
klasiphydsleep is for the weak12:23
sn0wmanwhat timezone are you in?12:24
=== MeAndU [~ubuntu32@] has joined #ubuntu
MeAndUwhats the command to restart samba12:24
thoreauputicklasiphyd: central what? central tibet?12:24
sn0wmanMeAndU, /etc/init.d/samba restart12:24
Pizbit/etc/init.d/samba restart12:24
klasiphydsorry ..us 5.30am12:24
sn0wmani'm in eastern.  it's 6:30 am here12:25
PizbitMeAndU: Put a sudo in front of that12:25
thoreauputicklasiphyd: heh - there's a world out here, brother :)12:25
spacey`kitopyli, you know how i can enable tcp agian?12:25
spacey`kii can't find it in startup script/config12:25
topylispacey`ki: probably in /etc/***/my.conf12:26
klasiphydi'm bad/typical american what can i say12:26
spacey`ki /etc/mysql/my.cnf exists i'll shall peer through it agian12:27
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD9E606E2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
MeAndU/etc/init.d/samba restart12:27
MeAndUbash: /etc/init.d/samba: No such file or directory12:27
sparkesklasiphyd, I hope you are voting12:27
PizbitMeAndU: Sounds like you don't have samba12:27
klasiphydwho do you want me to vote for sparkes12:27
topylispacey`ki: there's an option "skip-networking"12:27
MeAndUI think one of the packages are missing12:27
klasiphyd..might start a conversation that can get outta hand12:27
sparkesklasiphyd, your choice, not even my country it's just I'd hate to see someone get in with a couple of votes and then for people to say 'if only I'd voted' ;-)12:28
=== sn0wman already voted via absentie ballot
MeAndUI have samab-common and python2.3-samba installed12:28
spacey`kitopyli, thnx found it12:28
MicksaVOTE [1]  KERRY12:29
klasiphydi'll hit the poles no worries12:29
Micksaor at least12:29
MicksaDON'T VOTE BUSH12:29
=== altan [~altan@asy137.as25313.sol.superonline.com] has joined #ubuntu
klasiphydi fear there is no help for my country12:29
=== hypa7ia [~leigh@user17.megabit.utoronto.ca] has left #ubuntu []
MithrandirMicksa: please, #politics12:29
=== dredg salutes klasiphyd
dredgfor you truly are wise12:29
sparkesklasiphyd, I have a sneeking suspicion that led to world war 2 (hitting poles that is)12:29
klasiphydso yeah.. can the greeter screen res be changed ?12:29
MeAndUok thanks , i have installed samba as well and now working well12:29
klasiphydhaha sparkes12:30
=== dredg [niall@roadkill.office.blacknight.ie] has joined #ubuntu
litenklasiphyd: it uses the X resolution12:30
altanmy dad got one of those cheapo solid-state MP3 players, if it's compatible with OS X it's probably compatible with Linux, right?12:30
=== hypa7ia [~leigh@user17.megabit.utoronto.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbitaltan: Appears as a usb mass-storage device eh?12:31
litenit all kinda depends on what fs it uses12:31
klasiphydliten, my x res is 1024, the greeter uses 128012:31
altanPizbit, don't know, mounting it12:31
litenklasiphyd: how did you manage that?12:31
litenmy greeter used 1024, same as X, till i changed X to 1400x1050, and now the greeter uses the same12:32
klasiphydi just changed my x res (computer>sys conf>screen res) when i logged in12:32
sn0wmanklasiphyd, you can specify your resolution in the "screen" section under the "Display" SubSection.  set Modes "whateverresolutionyouwant"12:32
litenow, hmm, maybe its some strange user-based settings then?12:32
sn0wman... in /etc/X11/XF86Config-412:33
sn0wmanforgot to mention that part12:33
litenklasiphyd: the gdm greeter uses /etc/X11/XF86Config(-4)12:33
=== suifur [~suifur@c-67-174-85-190.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
liteni am oldschool, so i edit that file when i wanna change resolution12:34
altanOkay, it's recognized it as mass storage on /dev/sdc, but I think I need to know what FS to mount it in12:34
=== sparkes_ [sparkes@linuxops.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== PunkBuster_ [~wims@ti211310a080-0628.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
litenaltan: just try to mount it without a fs option?12:35
dredgthats the problem i find with being oldschool - you find out about the 'new' way long after it happens :)12:35
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-50-191.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== sparkes [~sparkes@host217-42-166-29.range217-42.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
sn0wmanklasiphyd, you should have a subsection like this under your "screen" section:12:35
sn0wmanSubSection "Display"12:35
sn0wman                Depth           2412:35
sn0wman                Modes           "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"12:35
sn0wman        EndSubSection12:35
sn0wmanjust set whatever you want for Modes12:35
altanliten: "You must specify the filesystem type12:36
liten"31323232 x 453566" doesnt always work12:36
litenaltan: then try with vfat?12:36
PunkBuster_when i install ubuntu my windows primary partition gets destroyed12:36
litenstrange that it doesnt autoprobe12:36
litenPunkBuster_: its a part of the EvilPlanOfLinux(tm) to get rid of microsoft :P12:37
altanPunkBuster: it's a security feature ;)12:37
PizbitPunkBuster_: That'd be because you screwed up the partitioning12:37
dredghaha. 3 answers, pick any 2 :P12:37
=== sparkes_ is now known as sparkes
litenmaybe we should write it as EVilplanOfLinux = evol (tm)12:37
PunkBuster_i've installed Mandrake, Fedora and SuSE without screwing them up before12:37
litenwould be better12:37
klasiphydalright ..see if that works bb12:38
thoreauputicPunkBuster_: are you sure it's "destroyed"? maybe it's just that the bootloader won't boot it?12:39
PunkBuster_not quite sure, the bootloader wont load it, and windows install doesn't find it either12:40
|trey|PunkBuster_, thats cuz they default to not repartition... SUSE and Mandrake care so much that they decided to even make it easier for you to have a shitty OS installed...12:41
PunkBuster_could be some error in my partition table, but i guess the data is there12:41
PunkBuster_i did the partitioning manual12:41
=== sparkes [sparkes@linuxops.net] has joined #ubuntu
PunkBuster_i first used suse back in suse v5.1 when auto partitioning was a dream12:41
|trey|PunkBuster_, d-i defaults to using entire disk...12:41
PunkBuster_so i know how to do it12:41
PunkBuster_at least so i thought12:42
|trey|PunkBuster_, enless you changed that, you're fucked.12:42
PunkBuster_i changed that12:42
thoreauputicPunkBuster_: sometimes setting "lba" helps, I believe12:42
=== klasiphyd [~klasiphyd@c66.168.19.108.mad.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
PunkBuster_i already had a linux partition12:42
PunkBuster_which i overwrote12:42
|trey|PunkBuster_, ahh... yeah... then ignore me  :)12:42
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-050-248.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
altanliten: thanks, works now12:43
tuxxAnyone know if there exist a newer hotplug subsystem than the one provided with Ubuntu ?12:43
thoreauputicPunkBuster_: see what sudo fdisk -l says12:43
=== root^ [~andy@adsl-67-112-200-42.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
altanby the way, can you guys recommend a not-crappy file manager for X? XFFM really sucks.12:44
PunkBuster_it says first partition is FAT3212:44
MeAndUI have added a share folder in my home dir with browsable,puplic = yes and writable=no and validusers = ubutu32 but when i tried logging from windows machine it doesnot accept the user or password why12:44
|trey|PunkBuster_, maybe check that GRUB is configured correctly... ensure that it what grub says (disk,partition) is is correct...12:44
PunkBuster_ok, i'll check12:44
|trey|Else, yeah, you could try the lba thing thoreauputic said...12:45
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
tuxxThe one provided with Ubuntu is stalling often at boot12:45
|trey|Never heard of that though  :(12:45
thoreauputicPunkBuster_: well, looks like windows is still there then12:45
PunkBuster_it does12:45
=== c0w [tmaster@cpc4-staf1-3-0-cust237.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|MeAndU, you are spelling ubuntu wrong correctly on both boxes?12:47
=== ogi [~ogi@open.fmi.uni-sofia.bg] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|plus, I think nmb handles authentication?12:47
thoreauputicPunkBuster_: this might help; http://www.google.com/linux?q=lba+kernel+2.6+boot+grub&restrict=linux12:47
thoreauputicPunkBuster_: known issue with some 2.6.* kernels12:48
MeAndU|trey|, thanks it ia correctly spelled in both sides12:48
|trey|thoreauputic, what does restrict= do to a google search?12:48
thoreauputic|trey|: that's a google/linux search :)12:49
=== tux [~tux@213-202-142-101.bas502.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tux is now known as tck
|trey|MeAndU, the line starting "plus" is act advice... other is not important really.12:49
MeAndU|trey|, Do i have to add the password to a certain file12:50
MeAndU|trey|, What plus12:50
tuxxWhat does "Also , try booting with idle=poll" mean? and where do I set that?12:50
|trey|MeAndU, all users should be added with smbuseradd (I think thats it)12:50
MeAndU|trey|, ok i will try and let you know12:51
|trey|MeAndU, k12:51
=== |trey| still wonders if nmb is needed for samba authentication :/
|trey|I always start it anyways... and it works that way  :/12:52
=== bskahan [~bskahan@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has left #ubuntu ["zzzzzzzz"]
MeAndU|trey|, did not find smbuseradd, is this one same /usr/sbin/mksmbpasswd12:52
=== RichNRockville [~richNRock@pcp09409049pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|MeAndU, dpkg -l samba12:53
|trey|MeAndU, not part of sambaclient12:53
|trey|uhh, smbclient I mean, but yeah, its not part of it.../12:53
=== mashon [~mashon@adsl-84-226-98-152.adslplus.ch] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
AcridienWhy is Ubuntu based on the Debian distribution rather than another ?12:54
|trey|With samba installed, you should be able to do 'smbaddusr' or 'smbadduser' or 'smbuseradd' or 'smbusradd'... blah, its one...12:54
MeAndU|trey|, If you mean samba package it is installed i can see my ubuntu machine from windows networking12:55
|trey|Acridien, cuz debian is better than any other...12:55
=== hazmat [~hazmat@] has joined #ubuntu
Acridien|trey|: in what ?12:55
|trey|MeAndU, that means didly... smbclient is installed, thats why you can see it..12:55
|trey|Acridien, pretty much everything...12:55
|trey|Acridien, everything except release cycle and ease of use... Ubuntu tries to fix these things...12:56
Acridien|trey|: well i m not the defender of any distro, but could you give me some arguments12:56
=== klasiphyd [~klasiphyd@c66.168.19.108.mad.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== wims [~wims@ti211310a080-0628.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== wims_ [~wims@ti211310a080-0628.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
Acridien|trey|: what is the advantage of .deb over .rpm ?12:57
Acridien|trey|: i.e12:57
wimsi found out about my problem12:57
Acridieni don't know the differences12:57
|trey|Acridien, more control... more logical12:57
wimsi formatted with fat32 last night, i forgot12:58
wimsso now it works12:58
wimsbut under ntfs it wouldn't work12:58
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Acridien, honestly, if you are not interested enough to do your own research, stick to rpm though  :/12:58
thoreauputicAcridien: it's more the advantage of apt-get and debian's policy with regard to organising repositories etc12:58
|trey|thoreauputic, minus apt-get due to that being available for slack and rpm based distro's...12:59
|trey|(slapt-get and apt-rpm)12:59
thoreauputicAcridien: so it's partly about the package management, partly also philosophical12:59
|trey|General package management and philosophies are why I use Debian systems..01:00
thoreauputic|trey|: true, it's really policy and better repos and organisation01:00
|trey|Such as the fact that almost every package in the world has been packaged by someone you can trust...01:00
|trey|Whereas with Red Hat etc.... you get a a decent set, then have to call upon some Random Joe for the rest of the packages you might want...01:01
wimsit seems ubuntu.org wasn't ubuntus homepage01:01
Acridienwims: lol01:01
|trey|wims, ubuntu.com links to canonical  :/01:02
=== wims is now known as PunkBuster_
=== The_Bell [~enzo@80-28-215-72.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #ubuntu
MeAndUI still did not see acommand to add a samba user, what other package to add for that01:03
thoreauputicAcridien: more than you ever wanted to know about apt-get:01:03
The_Belldoes anyone know how to disable a driver which is automatically loaded at boot time? in the hardware detection program01:03
The_Bellubuntu loads the sata module of my motherboard automatically01:03
The_Belland I don't want it to be loaded01:04
PunkBuster_can i get packages from a debian repository?01:04
|trey|MeAndU, smbadduser  is the command... like I said, it ought to be in samba01:04
|trey|PunkBuster_, sure01:05
|trey|PunkBuster_, would prolly be smart to just use hoary + sid though if anything  :/01:05
|trey|PunkBuster_, if Universe and Multiverse aren't good enough for ya   :/01:05
thoreauputicPunkBuster_: if you use the wrong ones, trouble will ensue...01:06
thoreauputicPunkBuster_: best to follow the advice in the wiki and on the Ubuntu site :)01:06
jdubPunkBuster_: we don't encourage mixing debian and ubuntu repositories.01:07
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|jdub, you almost sounded official and stuff  ;)01:07
MeAndU|trey|, smbadduser command not found and i have samba installed ?01:08
|trey|MeAndU, I dunno what to tell you man... are you root? if not, why not? if you still don't see it... time to search google  :/01:08
=== djzorro [~g@] has joined #ubuntu
=== RichNRockville [~richNRock@pcp09409049pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
MeAndU|trey|, I have searched installed files of samba package for smbadduser, nothing01:09
MeAndU|trey|, I am root yes01:10
djzorroHello guys: my laptop's HD insists to spindown running ubuntu (even with AC connected). I tried to do hdparm -S0, but it still spidown. I checked /etc/init.d/hdparm and now added "nohdparm" to grub.. but before rebooting I want to know what do you think..01:11
|trey|MeAndU, blah, man smbpasswd ...01:11
|trey|third fucking link down "where is smbadduser"... don't tell me you searched!01:11
=== MoisesC [~moi@9.Red-213-96-165.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|djzorro, I think you care entirely too much about a hd...01:12
=== Manny_ [~chris@p54873491.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|djzorro, hd's die way too often to care imo :/01:14
|trey|Just make sure everything is backed up and move on  :/01:14
djzorroErhm.. yes, but I just don't want that it spindown.. it hurts my hears.. and also slow me down, because it's all moments coming in/out when accessing the disk. :(01:15
|trey|djzorro, plus, you asked what we thought... didn't not specify of a technical nature  ;)01:15
=== ajame [~ajame@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
djzorroOk, guys.. I want that the hard-disk stay all time on (=spinning). What to do?01:16
djzorro:) This is a technical question.. :)01:16
=== king_arthur [~arthur@adsl-168-61.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
Acridienthoreauputic: i had a look tx01:16
|trey|djzorro, ;)01:16
Acridienthoreauputic: interesting01:16
|trey|djzorro, mine just don't spin down... never played with anything  :/01:17
thoreauputicAcridien: I tried to find one in French, but couldn't . there might be a translation somewhere if you prefer it, although your english seems fine :)01:17
MeAndU|trey|, Thanks a lot, smbpasswd -a ubuntu32 did the trick01:18
Acridienthoreauputic: it's ok i want to improve my english01:18
=== suifur is now known as rufius
stvndjzorro: checked the bios settigs?01:18
|trey|MeAndU, sorry @ the attitude... I told you smbadduser and 'google search' for a reason though  :/01:18
=== vss [~vss@wombat.future.ee] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|I don't like helping lazy people.01:19
thoreauputicAcridien: I should improve my French, but I'm lazy :)01:19
=== klasiphyd [~klasiphyd@c66.168.19.108.mad.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Acridienthoreauputic: don't learn french learn Kreyol01:19
=== happyboy [happyboy@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Acridien, ha, why you say that?01:19
Acridienthoreauputic: french is so boring due to its orthograph01:19
|trey|Acridien, French sounds so much better  ;)01:19
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-23-196.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Acridien|trey|: you know kreyol ?01:20
=== |trey| ponders wtf a othograph is :o
vssi have the following issue: after installing ubuntu from a cd (without the network availabla) how do I configure the network afterwards? Is there an easy way.... I mean, I can edit /etc/network/interfaces manually, but I don't think it's the Ubuntu way01:20
|trey|Acridien, no, I have heard it spoken though...01:20
Acridien|trey|: spelling01:20
Acridien|trey|: it sounds like french as it derives from it and other languages such as spanish an english01:20
|trey|Acridien, ugh, why didn't you just say that then?  ;)01:20
stvnvss: computer>>system configuration>>network01:20
Acridien|trey|: just come into my mind :-)01:21
thoreauputicAcridien: well, I like the old french poets like Ronsard and Villon :)01:21
=== |trey| likes poets that write in English 8)
vssstvn: lemme check that out01:21
=== kent [~kent@h104n1fls24o825.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
mirakis something like mac expos ?01:22
Acridienall interested go to http://www.kreyol.com/dictionary.html01:22
mirakis there something like mac expos ?01:22
stvnmirak: not a proper one in ubuntu01:23
vssstvn : can i configure pppoe with it?01:23
mirakstvn, that's realted to gnome ?01:23
vssstvn: pppoeconf is installed, but is console based01:23
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
stvnmirak: there was a project to include it in metacity, but that was slow and ugly and i think they're working on it in x.org/freedesktop01:24
jdubno, there was a patch to metacity called expocity01:24
stvnvss: it has a ppp option01:24
jdubbut it was done without using composite01:25
jduband composite is not stable yet01:25
stvnjdub: ah yes, that was the one01:25
vssppp option asks for a phone number, which is not the case with pppoe01:25
jduband without composite, any attempt will be crap01:25
|trey|jdub, I was just about to say that... thus no hardware acceleration  :/01:25
stvnvss: hm, you've to try it, i don't have ppp/pppoe here so can't check01:25
vssyeah... ppp != pppoe so consolebased pppoeconf, ere i come01:26
mirakjdub that's not realtime zooming yet01:26
Acridien|trey|: you can see kreyol as french with phonetic spelling01:26
|trey|stvn, only wm in fd.o is waemia or whatever...01:27
=== ogra [~ogra@p508EB166.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubmirak: expose is not possible in any sane way with X as is01:27
ograhi all01:27
stvn|trey|: i mean that I knew of two projects, expocity and composite, just didn't know their names - my sentence wasn't clear though01:27
|trey|stvn, there is also a version for Kwin... but yeah...01:28
|trey|also no hardware accel... so yeah, kinda useless  :/01:28
|trey|Not that I don't think it is anyways...01:28
altanagh, what's the command to rename files with no extn to files with extn again?01:29
altanlike, rename?01:29
|trey|Its just Mac thinking visually again...01:29
mirakjdub ah ?01:29
|trey|altan, no rename... just mv foo bar01:29
altantrey, that's what I thought, but it says when moving mutliple files, last argument must be a directory01:30
Acridien|trey|: i.e. the sound o can be written "o", "au", or "eau" etc.. :-)  whereas in kreyol it is mainly "o"01:30
altanwhat I did was mv * /MP3/*.mp301:30
|trey|uhh... ok...01:30
Acridien|trey|: Voil :-)01:30
|trey|altan, mv foo bar here/01:30
crimsunyou need a bit of shell scripting01:31
altantrey, I'm doing multiple files though01:31
|trey|altan, blah... mv *.mpg ~/MP3/01:31
crimsunfor i in *; do; mv $i /MP3/$i.mp3; done01:31
|trey|crimsun, shut up, if what I am saying is too complex, that certainly is...01:32
thoreauputic|trey|: a one liner is too complex??01:32
|trey|thoreauputic, more complex then what I said? yes01:32
altantrey: cannot stat *.mp3, no such file or directory01:32
altanI'mm try crimsun's01:32
crimsunaltan: and if you have spaces in your mp3 file names, you need to use "" around $i, like "$i"01:33
|trey|altan, ha, I do that almost daily... but ok...01:33
altanbash: syntax error near unexpected token ";"01:34
altancrimsun, do I have to put this in a separate file?01:34
thoreauputic|trey|: umm... the files he wants to move don't have an extension - hence the error01:34
crimsunaltan: remove the ';' after the for01:34
crimsunaltan: or type it one line at a time01:34
crimsunzsh syntax differs from bash slightly01:35
ogracrimsun: you probably want mv -i just for security ..... we had a guy here that lost serveral files last week01:35
|trey|grrr @ my sound dying again  :(01:35
altanogra: I believe that was me :)01:35
altanI'm doing the same files actually01:35
altanbut I removed ubuntu and then put it back on again01:36
crimsunogra: true. I'm presuming `pwd` != /MP301:36
altanI had allt he files backed up, so01:36
ograaltan: so while trying use mv -i, if youre sure it does no harm leave -i01:36
altanugh it's still prompting me to hold down enter to confirm each file01:37
altanthat's all, I just have to press enter all the time01:37
ograaltan: are the filenames ok ? so leave -i01:37
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunaltan: nah, that's probably my fault. The correct bash syntax is: for i in *; do mv $i /MP3/$i.mp3; done01:37
|trey|Anyone else get frequent sound outages with Rhythmbox?01:38
Treenakscrimsun: with "" added around "$i"01:38
altanokay, nothing has changes01:38
crimsunTreenaks: yes, I mentioned that above.01:38
=== hypa7ia [~leigh@user17.megabit.utoronto.ca] has left #ubuntu []
=== sysop [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
Acridien|trey|: what is outage ?01:39
|trey|Plus, I really recommend someone fix XMMS in hoary too..01:39
|trey|Acridien, umm... stops01:39
ograAcridien: silence in this case01:39
dredgbmp :)01:40
altanworks now01:40
=== cristian [~cristian@ppp-80-207.26-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu
dredgbeep-media-player works (tm)01:40
|trey|silence drives me crazy  :(01:40
ogra|trey|: sing....01:40
|trey|dredg, blah... only reason I even have it installed is cuz the new mplayer packages in hoary depend it...01:40
|trey|ogra, that doesn't work... I just get songs stuck in my head and end up even more frustrated  :(01:41
dredg|trey|: replace the songs in your head with voices01:41
dredgor are they giving you the silent treatment?01:41
ogra|trey|: so you should import a different playlist *g*01:41
|trey|ogra, no... sound is dead, not rhythmbox...01:42
thoreauputicdredg: no his medication silences those :D01:42
=== leonel [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|ogra, ie, either rhythmbox just farted, or esd did... or maybe even alsa  :/01:42
dredgthoreauputic: pah. medication is overrated01:42
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== dredg has this extreme hatred of esd
thoreauputicdredg: funnily enough I agree with you :)01:42
dredgthoreauputic: about esd or medication? :)01:43
|trey|thoreauputic, I am a convicted felon, drug offenses... they won't give me medication enless I am dying...01:43
=== thoreauputic pops a couple of pills in reply
PunkBuster_trey lol01:43
ogradredg: esd is  dropped in hoary ;)01:43
|trey|dredg, hmm, they should make something conflict it then  :(01:43
|trey|ogra, &01:44
Keybukogra: it's planned to be dropped, it hasn't actually been dropped yet01:44
dredg|trey|: use a decent soundcard? my sb live has 32 dsps. i have no need of esd or any other shonky tat01:44
|trey|Keybuk, hmm, k, when ya do drop it, make ubuntu-desktop conflict it or something...01:45
PizbitIs dmix replacing esd?01:45
ograKeybuk: ...ok, it to be dropped ;)01:45
Keybukassuming something actually contains the same files (which, actually, I think the replacement does) ... a conflict isn't appropriate01:45
|trey|dredg, stfu, thats not helpful... enless you want to buy it for me... it works more often then not... I have my sound going 24/7, about once every other day it dies  :/01:45
Keybukin fact, yes, the replacement (polypaudio) does Replace+Conflict it01:46
|trey|An X restart fixes it  :/01:46
|trey|I just don't know what causes it  :/01:46
=== Hikaru79 [~hikaru79@d57-4-59.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
dredg|trey|: dont use esd then and rely on alsa/oss to handle the audio without 'help' from esd?01:46
ograKeybuk: ..oh, is the decision for polypaudio already made ?01:46
Keybukogra: I think we're trying to influence it upstream first :o)01:46
|trey|Keybuk, why not Jackd or simular? never even heard of that?   :(01:46
jdubnot fully01:46
ograKeybuk: *g*01:47
jdub|trey|: jack doesn't directly solve the same problem01:47
Keybuk|trey|: it's a drop-in replacement for esd, rather than a different infrastructure01:47
|trey|dredg, ugh... its not even esd that I'm using... its gstreamer...01:47
PizbitAh sweet, so apps just need to know esd eh?01:47
Keybuk|trey|: what output sink is gstreamer using?01:48
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Keybuk, no idea... how would I know?01:48
|trey|s/know/find out01:48
ogra|trey|: gstreamer-properties01:48
|trey|Keybuk, ugh... esdsink  :(01:49
|trey|none of the others work though  :/01:49
Keybukyeah, that's the default01:49
sysopQuestion: Anyone here getting Ubuntu security announcements? If so, are they very frequent? Just curious before I sign up. Thanks!01:49
dredg|trey|: kill esd in the face and change the sink01:49
Keybuk|trey|: install polypaudio instead -- it's in warty01:49
=== joh_ [~joh@uio-8021x-153-0-25-91.uio.no] has joined #ubuntu
AcridienI'm wondering how a bad shutdown can affect filesystem01:49
|trey|dredg, umm, the others have NEVER worked...01:49
Keybukand keep it at esdsink01:49
joh_wasnt there supposed to be a new wallpaper today?01:50
dredg|trey|: probably because esd is grabbing the dsp, preventing anything else from using it?01:50
|trey|Keybuk, I'm using Hoary, not default yet?01:50
Keybuk|trey|: it's still installable01:50
jdubdredg: you are right :-)01:51
jdubdredg: on some sound cards, there can only be one writer to /dev/dsp01:52
jdubdredg: in which case, esd 'locks' it up01:52
jduband no other process can open it01:52
jdubthus, we've attempted to get everything talking to esd01:52
jdubnot necessary on emu10k1 cards and the like01:52
jdubbut easier on everyone01:52
|trey|jdub, umm, he's right if esd is running, nothing else can use it... but without it even installed no other option works  :/01:52
ograso what about the dmix discussion ?01:52
dredgjdub: thatnks, was doubting my sanity for a moment :)01:52
=== dredg calmly puts |trey| on ignore. dont yell.
|trey|:/  idc   :/01:53
ograis there a +/- list polypaudio/dmix anywhere ?01:54
jdubthey're totally different things01:54
ograi know01:54
ograbut i understood the're the discussed alternatives01:55
dredgjdub: im not blasting the idea of using esd for everything - it makes sense. just from personal experience, i tend to kill it off01:55
=== tim__ [~tim@mebax15-b137.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Someone please copy and paste this to the dude that put me on ignore: Sorry to be rude, but I did not ask for help, I mearly asked if anyone else gets the same issue... I knew how to fix it.01:57
thoreauputicAcridien: if the system is writing to disk when the bad shutdown happens, it can corrupt the file system01:57
=== scotth [~scotth@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubdredg: when i have nice sound cards, i do too :)01:58
dredg|trey|: thats alrihgt. i didnt actually put you on ignore. damn work interfered with irc01:58
jdubmy latest two machines have bong ones01:58
=== Selektah [~selektah@32.Red-83-33-64.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|jdub, the new sound thinger, installed, and now I get no sound at all... any ideas? I don't even know where to check for this one  :(01:59
jdublog out, log in02:00
|trey|jdub, just did, thats where I just went  ;)02:00
=== merriam [~merriam@62-3-250-66.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|jdub, strange thing is, its not reporting an error, it just isn't playing anything... have not changed anything settings wise other then installing the new sound daemon though...02:02
=== KeyserSoze [unbound@pound.ifndef.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tux_ [~tux@213-202-142-101.bas502.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== smo [~soneil@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|ugh @ being about to hit something  :(02:03
=== lypanov [~alex@lyp.xs4all.nl] has left #ubuntu []
|trey|dredg, see, now that you tried to help, I end up with NO sound, rather then just restarting and getting it back  :/02:04
|trey|dredg, helping isn't always useful  :/02:04
dredgoh, ok. so thats my fault. i see.02:05
|trey|(restarting X)02:05
dredgpatently obvious02:05
=== morgs [~morganc@wblv-249-229.telkomadsl.co.za] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
|trey|dredg, if you hadn't tried to help, no one would have recommended me a sound daemon that isn't working...02:05
dredghow about i just kill myself now? will that make it all better?02:06
|trey|Perhaps, lets see...02:06
ogradredg: better kill -HUP02:06
grubermandredg: Do it quick and painless please02:06
housetiersome people just should not ask for help nor comments02:07
|trey|dredg, it might not make my sound start working, but it might make me feel better...02:07
dredg|trey|: seriously, i dont have time for this shit. nobody asked you to follow my (very vague) reccomendations - and they were RECOMMENDATIONS, not instructions - and i sure as hell didnt hold a gun to your head02:07
dredgyou want me to fix it for you, i will. you can pay me02:07
|trey|housetier, I asked for neither... I just wanted to know if others get ESD outages at all...02:07
|trey|I don't ask for help on IRC most of the time... its faster to google  :/02:08
dredgcontract fees start at EUR200/hour, minimum purchase 2 hours02:08
dredgthanks, bye02:08
=== jasund [~jasund@ip68-2-89-60.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
housetieres the kindergarten children should go back to sleep now02:08
=== stvn ponders if that includes travel expensis
housetierthis is a channel for grown ups02:08
|trey|dredg, afaik, you didn't even recommend the new sound daemon... but whatever  :/02:08
stvnhousetier: since when? ;)02:08
gruberman|trey|: we've got idea. please stop now02:09
=== stvn once again gives up on evolution-connector
housetierstvn, uhm well since I got fed up with little kids that won't stop crying :)02:09
stvnhousetier: heh, good point02:09
dredgsorry folks. didnt mean to lose my temper, but i dont have time for this.02:09
=== stvn has a strong urge to shoot some IT ppl at the uni
=== sysop says "Ubuntu" is an ancient African word, meaning "humanity to others". :-)
=== stvn hands dredg an /ignore and an /quit ;)
=== DracosX [~DracosX@rrcs-24-199-201-195.midsouth.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ograthanks sysop02:10
=== |trey| ponders @ how many people here have him on ignore? :(
stvnsysop: hm, that includes people who don't run or support ubuntu too? - damn ;)02:13
=== stvn wonders if the ubuntu bugzilla is closed on mondays
=== GotD0t [~GotD0t@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== ogra read the dmix docs and understands now that it can't replace a sounddaemon
=== HWolf [~hidde@136.208.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Selektah [~selektah@32.Red-83-33-64.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== steved [~steve@static24-72-62-185.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
grubermanhey dredg, I have a problem with my sound. could you help me?02:14
=== sysop [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
dredggruberman: yes.02:15
dredggo to a store02:15
dredgbuy several bottles of jd02:15
dredgdrink them02:15
dredgall your sound problems will go away02:15
HWolfdredg, the poor guy needs an awnser. :-)02:15
stvnwhy not do the van Gogh routine?02:15
ogradredg: they'll be doubled tomorrow morning ;)02:16
=== rachet [~donald@] has joined #ubuntu
grubermandredg: are you sure? will I get sound then? :)02:16
=== freakabcd [~freakabcd@darra.quakes.uq.edu.au] has joined #ubuntu
rachethi i downloaded edonky and kazaa for linux but how do i install it ?02:17
dredggruberman: theres a good chance you'll hear something...02:17
freakabcdhi all02:17
freakabcdany idea when the shipping will start?02:17
dredglunchtime :)02:17
jdubfreakabcd: see topic :)02:17
stvnrachet: is there an kazaa for linux?02:17
ograstvn: limewire02:17
Treenaksstvn: not really02:17
jindstvn, gift :)02:18
freakabcdjdub, well.. few weeks includes 52 weeks == 1 year :p02:18
jindlimewire sucks02:18
Treenaksstvn: gtk-gnutella?02:18
rachetstvn: no but it is  a edonky for linux02:18
stvngift is nice,02:18
ograyep...but works with kazaa02:18
jindLimewire is written in java, and is really slow02:18
jdubfreakabcd: during november :)02:18
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
jindThere you should get started02:18
housetierrachet, you could try mldonkey, 2.5.29 was *just* released02:19
stvnjind: I have gift up n running already, was just curious about 'kazaa for linux'02:19
Acridienrachet: wait for that http://hydranode.com/02:19
jindGift support kazaa, opendc and gnutelle networks02:19
Acridienjind: http://hydranode.com/02:19
rachetlihousetier : the problem is not the program but i dont know how to install  a program on linux.that i downloaded02:19
stvnrachet: depends how you got it, easiest is to pick a program from synaptic02:20
housetiermldonkey will have a package, and good documentation02:20
Acridienrachet: what is the pkg format ?02:20
jindAcridien, Thanks mate. I'll read it in a bit :)02:20
Acridienjind: the dev guy is really skilled02:21
rachetstvn: i know but i want a program that i downloaded02:21
jindRight now this body needs some exercise :)02:21
stvnAcridien: looks very much like gift02:21
|trey|jdub, what was it you had me install? I forget  :(02:21
stvnrachet: what's the extension of your downlaoded program?02:22
Acridienstvn: ?02:22
Acridienstvn: what do you mean ?02:22
rachetis it possible on linux to install a program that you  downloaded ?02:22
stvnAcridien: that hydronode thing of yours has a similar concept as gift02:22
ogra|trey polypaudio02:22
racheti downloaded edonky2000 for linx and i want to install it! how ?02:22
Acridienwhat is gift ?02:22
stvnrachet: yes, but it depends on how the program is packaged02:23
|trey|Acridien, gift.org02:23
altanrachet Linux doesn't support new programs, you can only run programs from the CD :(02:23
rachetstvn: .rpm02:23
stvnrachet: it could be dpkg -i program, sh program, rpm -i program, tar -zxf program; ./configur,make,make isntall etc etc02:23
stvnrachet: ah, thank you02:23
ograrachet: alien <yourfile>.rpm02:23
stvnrachet: easiest is to install alien and use alien02:24
|trey|http://gift.sourceforge.net/  I mean02:24
ograstvn: it there by default02:24
stvnogra: ah, didn't check02:24
rachetis alien on synaptic ?02:24
|trey|rachet, already installed02:24
ograrachet: no you have to do it on the commandline :(02:24
=== paulproteus [~paulprote@h-67-102-97-191.mclnva23.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== |trey| ooo's and ahhh's @ gish
stvnrachet do 'sudo alien pragram.rpm' on the commandline, where program.rpm is the name of the program02:25
=== bob2___ [rob@] has joined #ubuntu
ograhey bob202:25
mirakubuntu uses the same system than OS X, with users admin  etcetera ?02:25
=== tritium [rimbert@ee213-dhcp-3.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu
mirakadmin group02:26
|trey|Hmm, is polypaudio's paman in hoary?02:26
ograremember my tecra problem ?02:26
|trey|bob2, sup man  :)02:26
bob2ogra: yeah02:26
jdub|trey|: no02:27
|trey|jdub, [sadface] 02:27
rachetstvn: didnt work02:27
ograbob2: it turned out that the module isnt loaded if i put it in /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/alsa-base instead of /etc/hotplug/blacklist02:28
bob2ogra: hrm02:28
ograbob2: shouldnt /etc/hotplug/blacklist override here ?02:28
bob2I was pretty sure blacklist itself wasn't overridden02:28
=== tux_ is now known as tck
The_Bellanyone here using the ubuntu amd64 distro?02:30
ograi dropped it in the laptop wiki page now :)02:30
stvnrachet: what does it say?02:30
The_BellI'm having brokden dependencies with the kde metapackage from the universe repository02:30
=== |trey| kicks polypaudio [angryface]
=== xenonite [~xenon@ulm9-d9bb5f51.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu
Acridienrachet: is it a .rpm ?02:31
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3k9b.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
bob2ogra: ah, thanks02:31
=== aidehua [edward@zubin.tropic.org.uk] has left #ubuntu []
ograbob2: but i still think there is something wrong with hotplug here...02:32
bob2ogra: does it stay in /etc/hotplug/blacklist after a reboot?02:33
topylii did it again. gnome panel crashed and i pressed "restart" in the crash dialog. what results of course is the original panel restarts as well, and i get an edless flurry of "panel already running" error dialogs :(02:33
bob2(when you add it directly)02:33
ograbob2: yes it did, but was loaded anyway02:33
altanhmm, isn't rox-filer on apt?02:34
=== |trey| wonders what else he can try to get polypaudio to work... read README.gz, not enlightening, and have restarted X...
stvnaltan: only on debian i guess02:35
ogra|trey|: are you sure its a esd/polypaudio prob ?02:35
|trey|ogra, uhh... its the only thing that ever touches /dev/dsp ... things try to play, but I hear nothing..02:36
|trey|Get no errors, would seem like its working, just get no sound...02:36
stvn|trey|: tried to put on the volume eg unmute?02:36
ograwould have been my next one02:36
|trey|stvn, I should hit you for thinking I am that dumb  ;)02:36
stvnogra: i spend an entire day trying to figure out why my sound wasn't working once ;)02:37
|trey|checked rhythmbox sound, main sound, and Volume Control...02:37
=== The_Bell is away: dinnt
stvn|trey|: it isn't that dumb, since alsa has a very hidden mute function02:37
=== The_Bell is away: dinant
ograstvn: but now its always the first place you look at i guess...02:37
stvnogra: yeah02:38
bob2The_Bell: please don't use public away in here, thanks02:38
stvn|trey|: checked in alsamixer? that's the only sound mixer that matters02:38
|trey|stvn, well, before it died earlier... with esound, everything was working earlier...02:38
stvn|still, have you checked?02:38
wulfynoob question: I'm using passwordless authenication with ssh to admin my server - I want to transition from Xandros to Ubuntu02:39
wulfycan I transfer those keys?02:39
wulfyor are they tied to the machine/installation ?02:39
|trey|stvn, everything in there looks the same as GNOMEs Volume Control...02:39
bob2wulfy: you can transfer them02:40
ograwulfy: they should be tied to the user02:40
paulproteuswulfy: You can transfer them.  Just make a copy of your .ssh directory from your $HOME.02:40
altancan anyone recommend a good file manager for X?02:40
stvn|trey|: no MM somewhere up the bars that mattter (PCM Volume)02:40
wulfybob2,ogra,paulproteus: thanks - that's what I was hoping to hear02:40
|trey|stvn, looks normal...02:40
stvn|trey|: ok, was worth a shot ;)02:40
thoreauputicaltan: it's really a matter of opinion/personal taste I guess02:41
paulproteuswulfy: If I were you, I'd just regenerate the keys, though.02:41
altanthoreauputic, I'm looking for suggestions as the only ones I know are nautilus and xnc, xnc is fugly :)02:41
|trey|stvn, nothing but mic and phone are muted... everthing else is max  :(02:41
stvnaltan: being a former RISC OS user I can appreciate ROX-filer, but nautilus works just fine for me now02:41
=== |trey| kicks polypaudio again
altanstvn, I'm in a GNOME-free environment at the moment02:42
thoreauputicaltan: if you were looking for rox, there are debian packages for it linked from the rox site - but you need a 'mime tools" deb as well02:42
ogra|trey|: did you upgrade anything ?02:42
ogra|trey|: before polypaudio i mean02:42
freakabcdwhats the package management in ubuntu ?02:42
|trey|ogra, not since yesturday...02:42
|trey|freakabcd, deb/apt02:42
altanthoreauputic, I'll try that unless there are any other suggestions02:42
wulfypaulproteus: ? reason?02:42
freakabcd|trey|, ah cool02:42
ogra|trey|: and it worked since ?02:42
altanfreakabcd, apt, like in debian02:43
stvnaltan: you still can run nautilus there ;) but i get your point, mc is nice as well ;)02:43
freakabcdyeah thanks altan02:43
thoreauputicaltan: do you need graphical/ pretty picture thumnails etc ?02:43
|trey|ogra, never since polypaudio was installed... broke right before, requiring a restart of X to fix...02:43
altanthoreauputic, I'd like something with antialiased fonts02:43
|trey|ogra, polypaudio will be default though, so I would prefer to get that working  :(02:43
=== longsleep [~longsleep@pD90548CF.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
stvnaltan: there is also gmc02:44
paulproteuswulfy: I don't know, I just always regenerate my keys when I change clients.  /me shrugs02:44
ogra|trey|: youre already running hoary ?02:44
stvnaltan: dunno if it does AA02:44
altangraphical is also a plus but it's not the make or break feature, the m-o-b is X compatibility02:44
altangmc, I'll see02:44
|trey|ogra, *nods*02:44
wulfypaulproteus: the reason I ask - is, I'd have to modify authorized_keys2 on maybe 20 servers, transferring seems like a good option02:44
altanstvn, not listed on Synaptic :(02:44
altanI'll try to install rox then02:44
paulproteuswulfy: *Good* reason! :)02:45
thoreauputicaltan: on the command line try : apt-cache search file | grep manager | less02:45
ogra|trey|: you modules are loaded proper ? /dev/dsp is there ?02:46
|trey|stvn, umm... I've ran Sid for 3 years... that sigh better not be for me...02:46
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicaltan: that should give you something to look at anyway02:46
|trey|ogra, yes... when attempting to play a sound, I get no error...02:46
altanthoreauputic, I searched for manager on Synaptic (with universe enabled), the result list was kind of pitiful02:46
|trey|ogra, it plays, but no sound... volume is not issue though...02:47
ogra|trey|: laptop/desktop ?02:47
=== The_Bell [~enzo@80-28-215-72.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has left #ubuntu ["Me'n]
|trey|On a side note: I keep getting egg related errors... doesn't appear to break anything though  :/02:48
|trey|ogra, desktop02:48
ogra|trey|: i know you'll beat me now..... cables checked ?02:48
topyli|trey|: power on the speakers already :)02:48
=== topyli ducks
|trey|ogra, less then an hour ago... sound was working...02:48
udHi, can someone tell me the command to use to configure X?02:48
|trey|I have done nothing but install polyport since then.02:48
stvn|trey|: just ctrl-Z for another hour and you're fine again ;)02:48
ograud: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8602:48
netmonkhello! I'm trying to install ndiswrapper. It asks for a folder /lib/modules/<kernel version>/build but there is no build folder, what should i do?02:49
|trey|uhh polypaudio02:49
udogra: thanks02:49
|trey|stvn, grr @ you  :(02:49
ogranetmonk: the ubuntu package ?02:49
netmonkwhich one?02:49
stvn|trey|: hehe, anyway why don't you just uninstall polypaudio?02:49
thoreauputicaltan:  http://rox.sourceforge.net/phpwiki/index.php/DebianLinux02:49
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|stvn, due to it being the future default and not wanting to do this again  :(02:50
altanthoreauputic, I'm there02:50
ogranetmonk: ndiswrapper-utils02:50
netmonkaha, it's installed02:50
stvn|trey|: good point, you installed the polypaudio-alsa modules as well?02:50
|trey|stvn, hmm, nope... that might just help  ;)02:50
ogranetmonk: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/howto/helpcenterhowto.2004-10-07.7773155363/02:51
freakabcdnewsreader? which ones are good? i want gui only newsreaders, so trn won't do02:51
stvn|trey|: while you're at it, install clients and X11 as well, just for fcks sake02:51
netmonk10x ogra02:51
=== stvn is not sure if cloning ogra 10 times is a good idea
=== ogra thinks he could get more done then ;)
thoreauputicaltan: be aware that rox-session is not what you want - only rox-filer02:53
ogramore than IRC.....02:53
=== thewax [~user@d51A59E53.kabel.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
stvnogra: maybe, or you get annoyed by 9 others trying to do your work, eating your food spending your money etc ;)02:53
altanthoreauputic, the instructions look a bit complicated, I'm trying to see if there's a way I can get it through apt, since it's already included with sid02:53
paulproteusI like pan as a newsreader, freakabcd.02:53
freakabcdah pan..02:54
ograstvn: ok, the money is a point.... just enough for me....02:54
thoreauputicaltan: yep, that would be a lot easier02:54
=== joh_ [~joh@uio-8021x-153-0-25-91.uio.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
thewaxim kinda nYb in linux, just wanted to know where i could find a list of all things i can get with "apt-get" :)02:55
thewaxwith ubuntu offc02:55
stvnthewax: synaptic02:55
stvnthewax: it's in computer>>system settings02:56
altanthewax: if you want console try aptitude02:56
ograthewax: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/SynapticTutorial02:56
thewaxthx :>02:56
|trey|all installed... restarted x again... same thing...02:56
=== Manny [~chris@p54873491.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== karevoll [karevoll@b140c.studby.ntnu.no] has joined #ubuntu
thewaxenjoying ubuntu btw02:56
thewaxnice work02:56
Mannymy 2.6.8 debian and ubuntu systems have big XFS file system problems (crashes, lockups). I was told that this is normal in recent 2.6 kernels. Is this true?02:57
Mannythe 2.6.9 changelog seems to contain some XFS fixes - any experiences?02:57
netmonkogra, thanks a lot - it works now :)))02:57
ogranetmonk: ;)02:57
ograManny: nope02:57
ograManny: xfs works fine on serveral machines i got02:57
ograManny: with 2.6.802:58
=== phil_ [~phil@host81-152-64-243.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== phil_ [~phil@host81-152-64-243.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Mannyogra thanks03:01
|trey|jdub, restarted x... have all polypaudio packages installed... checked volume repeatedly, recieve no errors... but am getting no sound  :(03:01
ograManny: are you sure its not HW related ?03:01
altanis there a non-GNOME version of GAIM?03:02
Mannyogra: no, I'm not03:02
|trey|altan, not currently, although its possible afaik03:02
Mannyit might actually be a combination of hw and sw problems03:02
stvnaltan: kopete?03:02
altankopete? I'll look for that03:02
|trey|altan, just use kopete for kde, and centericq for console...03:02
Mannymy mainboard passed away 1 or 2 months ago, I've got a new one <=> problems03:03
ograManny: hmm03:03
ograManny: probably it killed other components while dying :(03:03
=== beezly [~beezly@2001:630:63:16:20e:2eff:fe27:ea88] has joined #ubuntu
=== |trey| still wants to listen to music :(
Mannyogra: huh03:04
=== Manny starts to hate end-user grade hardware
bob2|trey|: then revert to esd03:04
altanI'll try bitlbee03:04
ograbob2: i dont think its the soundserver.....03:04
bob2me either03:05
|trey|bob2, ugh... and just prolong the problems? it'll happen when hoary switches again anyway, I have time now though  :/03:05
bob2let someone who can fix it hit the problem than03:05
jasundManny: in almost all of my incidents of crashes and lockups, I've found the memory modules suspect.03:05
stvn|trey|: hopefully they've ironed out those bugs with the hoary release03:05
|trey|ogra, what else would it be?03:05
=== hfarberg [~hfarberg@ti112110a060-0309.dialup.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
ogra|trey|: wait till x.org gets in....(breaking fun)03:05
altanManny: How could you! It uses USB to speed up your internet, fully supports all operating systems from Windows 95 to Windows XP, and comes with friendly management software that's so good, you won't need the rest of your OS anymore!03:05
=== ud_ [~ud@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|ogra, I am actually looking forward to that  :)03:06
stvn|trey|: they're just started at it, so they might not have found *all* transition bugs between esd and polyp03:06
ogra|trey|: dunno, but if somethings wrong, RB locks up normally, probably the preamp on your card died....03:06
stvnogra: hence I'm not going to switch to hoary before the major x.org breakage is over ;)03:06
=== LJ [~lyndon@smoothy-adsl.demon.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== ogra would check cables, boxes and anything else twice
|trey|ogra, nothing died... well, except esound like an hour ago...03:07
=== ogra fully agrees with stvn
ogra|trey|: why are you so sure esd died ?03:07
=== Bliksem [~user@host217-43-93-30.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
grubermanstvn: there will be alot of questions about x.org when hoary is released :)03:08
litenof course :)03:08
|trey|ogra, because it dies about once every 48 hours roughly, and restarting it gets sound working again  :/03:08
litenyou can just charge money from all the users of ubuntu, and continue using XFree :)03:08
=== ster3o [~stereo@pD952686D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra|trey|: thats news03:09
stvngruberman: indeed03:09
ogra|trey|: you didnt tell about every 48hrs03:09
bob2xfree86 is free-as-in-beer, just not as-in-useful.03:09
=== text_ [~text@] has joined #ubuntu
grubermanstvn: I think I will wait too.03:09
stvnevery 48hrs, sounds like some other fault in the sound system03:09
|trey|ogra, then, I have streams playing all the time, only stop when the stream dies or when esd dies...03:09
ogra|trey|: define "esd dies"03:10
|trey|huge diff though... one complains about "unable to access /dev/dsp"... other complains about gnome-vfs probs...03:10
|trey|ogra, get no sound, /dev/dsp being unreachable ...03:10
ogra|trey|: is the process running ?03:11
|trey|ogra, uhh... it was when it was installed...03:11
Manny|trey| lsof /dev/dsp03:11
=== Badcel [~Badcel@p5086E793.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|esd     18157 trey    5w   CHR   14,3      4709 /dev/dsp      <-- actually polypaudio though...03:12
Manny|trey| this is esd, not polypaudio03:12
|trey|Manny, umm... well esound isn't installed  :/03:12
Manny|trey| which esd03:12
bob2just use esound, dude03:12
ogra|trey|: did you kill esd before installing ?03:13
=== ogra thinks of idling processes in mem
=== andy__ [~beezly@2001:630:63:16:20e:2eff:fe27:ea88] has joined #ubuntu
=== martink [~chatzilla@irz8006.inf.tu-dresden.de] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|ogra, yup... and just did again to be sure...03:14
=== Bliksem [~user@host217-43-93-30.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra|trey|: reinstall esd.....03:15
=== zul [~chuck@zul.developer.gentoo] has joined #ubuntu
ogra|trey|: or pay dredg ;)03:15
=== atariboy [~atari@dsl-203-142-136-122.mel.directcorp.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== Jimi-Jam [~James@143.Red-80-37-244.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra|trey|: he seems to need the money ;)03:16
|trey|ogra, yeah, umm thats not funny  :/03:17
|trey|ogra, probably would have been if I had said I got sound working, and you said "yay, now you don't have to pay dredg" though   ;)03:17
ogra|trey|: i know, but you knew hoary is called unstable....or didn't you03:17
|trey|ogra, I did... but generally, things do what they are meant to do  :\03:18
Jimi-Jamyesterday I've installed ubuntu and I have some problems with the sound on gnome, I hope u can/want help me :(03:18
|trey|I've never seen MAS/aRts/esd simply decide they don't wanna play  :/03:18
=== dredg is mesmerised by all the yellow highlighting
stvn|trey|: hoary is uberunstable ATM I guess03:18
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
ogra|trey|: in your case i doen't look like03:18
|trey|stvn, no, just it would seem polypaudio is very broken...03:19
bob2hoary is totally still in developer-only mode...03:19
Jimi-JamI have 3 soundcards, an integrated Intel soundcard, a SBLive1024 and a SB12803:19
bob2Jimi-Jam: why?03:19
Jimi-Jamcause of mixing applications and I make music sometimes :)03:19
Jimi-Jam*mixing sound apps03:20
|trey|bob2, blah, with esound, everything was fine... no problems in like 2 days  :/03:20
grubermanJimi-Jam: what programs do you use for making music?03:20
|trey|(well, none that I wasn't seeing in warty)03:20
Jimi-JamI use that programs on windows, not Linux03:20
=== FireEgl [~FireEgl@adsl-17-133-190.bhm.bellsouth.net] has joined #Ubuntu
ogra|trey|: so revert it (now)03:20
bob2|trey|: yes, lots of things in hoary are broken03:20
ogra|trey|: esd i mean03:20
grubermanWell, me too. Have a Maya44 and use SBLive for midi only03:21
|trey|bob2, so far, only polypaudio  :/03:21
bob2Jimi-Jam: blacklist the drivers you don't want03:21
bob2|trey|: yes, lots of things are broken in hoary, and only developers should use it03:21
Jimi-Jamhere, in Linux is enough for me the SBlive works for video, music and gnome sound events playing03:21
ograJimi-Jam: find the drivers03:21
bob2ogra: no03:21
Jimi-JamIm Linux newbie03:21
bob2ogra: the problem is that hotplug loads all the drivers automatically03:21
Jimi-Jambut I think the drivers are installed03:21
bob2ogra: and semi-randomlyu03:21
Jimi-Jamwhen I go to volume control the 3 soundcards appears03:22
ograJimi-Jam: add them to /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/alsa-base03:22
Jimi-Jamon alsa mixer03:22
=== wvukro [~user@metrics.csee.wvu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Jimi-Jambut something strange happens03:22
ograbob2: ?03:22
bob2Jimi-Jam: can you paste the output of "lsmod | grep snd_" to #flood03:23
stvnogra: not in the same order all the time03:23
Treenaksbob2: soundcard order can be fixed with a custom udev rules file, afaik03:23
bob2ogra: all 3 modules get loaded, and everything gets confused by the "prefered" sound card not being card 003:23
Jimi-Jamcause my 3 soundcars appears but it appears too SigmaTel STAC9721/23 and USB Audio Class Driver in OSS Mixer03:23
bob2Jimi-Jam: 00:23:00           bob2 | Jimi-Jam: can you paste the output of "lsmod | grep snd_" to #flood03:23
Jimi-Jammaybe that cause the webcam and video TV capture cards?03:23
Jimi-Jamok, I paste03:23
ograbob2: yeah, so he should find the unwanted ones and blacklist them ;)03:24
bob2Treenaks: do you know how?03:24
Treenaksbob2: www.reactivated.net/udevrules.php -- but I've only made rules for my CD burner03:24
Treenaksdon't know how well it works with alsa03:25
Jimi-Jamogra but I want to use my TV card and webcam if that SigmaTel and USB AudioCard driver is of that03:25
Jimi-Jambob2 I've pasted the output of the command at #flood03:26
Jimi-Jamwhat do u think about it?03:26
ograJimi-Jam: bob2 will help you :)03:26
Jimi-JamI hope :D03:26
bob2add  snd_bt87x,  snd_intel8x0,  snd_ens1371 to /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/alsa-base03:26
bob2each on a seperate line03:26
ograbob2: tv card ?03:27
Jimi-Jamwill the TV video work after that?03:27
Jimi-Jamoh :\03:27
bob2you can load the module for it after boot if you want03:27
Jimi-Jambut I want it working03:27
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograbob2: couldnt he force the order in /etc/modules ?03:28
bob2Jimi-Jam: yes, get your sound card working, then worry about this03:28
Jimi-JamI add that lines03:28
=== |trey| hugs his speakers again 8)
ogra|trey|: ;))))03:29
|trey|Even though I wasn't able to file a bug due to no real feedback or enlightenment as to the actual problem  :/03:30
ogra|trey|: "yay, now you don't have to pay dredg" though   ;)03:30
ogra|trey|: just for the record03:30
|trey|ogra, haha  :)03:30
Jimi-Jambob2 I've added that 3 lines in the file03:31
=== |trey| demands his 30 mins of life back!
Jimi-Jamhave I to restart now?03:31
ograJimi-Jam: unfortuantely yes....03:31
bob2but it's easier than explaining how to work around it03:31
bob2so just do it03:31
Jimi-JamIm coming back03:32
|trey|bob2, you know it would be fun really  ;)03:32
ograbob2: manually unloading ?03:32
bob2ogra: yes03:32
|trey|ogra, yes, man rmmod03:32
bob2ogra: which obviously doesn't "really" test hotplug03:32
ograbob2: hotplug restart does not ?03:33
bob2ogra: a bazillion modules will already be loaded03:33
ograbob2: but you only look for the blacklisted ones....should work....03:33
ograanyway, thats esoteric...rebooting is the best03:34
=== |trey| hates his reset button, tries to avoid it :(
ogra|trey|: tape it :)03:35
=== |trey| would rather spend a week fixing things then reboot to do the same thing...
bob2that's wasteful03:35
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has left #ubuntu []
|trey|bob2, but atleast my uptime would be greater  8)03:36
ogra|trey|: youre jobless ?03:36
|trey|ogra, yeah, attending college though... can just be doing it remotely...03:36
|trey|just a bunch of Server 2003 labs anyways  :/03:36
ogra|trey|: but still need time to do it....03:37
|trey|So its not like there isn't enough waiting anyways  :/03:37
|trey|ogra, blah... about 80% of my time is spent waiting on the fucking thing to do what I asked..03:37
=== Jimi-Jam [~James@143.Red-80-37-244.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|No joke.. and this is a P4 with 512 RAM...03:38
|trey|I was under the impression it would be faster than 2k Server... someone lied horribly  :(03:38
Jimi-Jamit remains appearing all my 3 soundcards and sound events don't work :(03:38
=== babangida [~enrique@206.red-212-97-177.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|babangida, habla anglais?03:39
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|babangida, much better  :)  hi03:40
babangidai need help03:40
babangidajust started with ubuntu03:40
babangidaand i'm having some trouble03:40
babangidaif i want to execute a .sh file from the console, how should i do it?03:40
ogrababangida: tell us03:40
Jimi-Jambob2, it remains appearing all my 3 soundcards and sound events don't work :(03:40
bob2Jimi-Jam: ok03:40
bob2babangida: sh ./foo.sh03:40
Jimi-Jamwhat can I do now?03:40
|trey|babangida, needs to be told where it is... so uhh, what bob2 said  :)03:41
babangidai was going crazy03:41
|trey|babangida, path on *nix doesn't look in current dir by default... hence ./ part03:42
=== wvukro [~user@metrics.csee.wvu.edu] has left #ubuntu ["ERC]
Jimi-JamI do be going crazy with sound :(03:42
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Jimi-Jam: try asking for the list03:42
Jimi-Jamasking for the list? what do u mean?03:42
|trey|bob2, s/for/on/ ?03:42
bob2Jimi-Jam: asking on the list03:43
|trey|bob2, ;)03:43
Jimi-Jamwhat list03:43
bob2Jimi-Jam: read the topic03:43
babangidaoh, just another question03:43
babangidai have on my HD Windows XP and Ubuntu03:43
babangidaand GRUB won't let me boot WIndows03:43
|trey|babangida, no need to state you will be asking a question, just ask  ;)03:43
Jimi-Jamnothing else can help me here?03:43
babangidaok trey :$03:44
=== morgs [~morganc@wblv-249-229.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
babangidaanyone got the same problem and got to solve them?03:44
babangidashall i change grub for lilo?03:44
=== melter|work [~Melter@dyn224.iacc-tm4.ndsu.NoDak.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksbabangida: no, just edit /boot/grub/menu.lst03:45
Treenaksbabangida: (assuming windows is not in the grub list..)03:45
|trey|babangida, http://www.geocities.com/epark/linux/grub-w2k-HOWTO.html see if that is useful...03:45
ogrababangida: you miss windows in the grub menu on startup ?03:46
=== neur0mancer [~amnesia@] has joined #ubuntu
babangidaogra: my problem is i get both ubuntu and XP to choose on the grub menu03:47
babangidabut when i choose XP03:47
babangidanothing happens03:47
cardadorbabangida: not good :\03:48
cardadorbabangida: maybe you have a screwed partition, happened to me before03:48
neur0mancerhi people. i have little problem with ogg vorbis and rhythmbox. can anybody help me?03:48
babangidai guess my problem is i got GRUB on the MBR03:48
babangidaand i should have got it on /boot03:49
|trey|babangida, should be irrelivent...03:49
|trey|I've had it working both ways  :/03:49
babangidawell, i just don't know what to do about that issue03:49
|trey| Install GRUB on the first sector of the /boot  partition. DO NOT INSTALL IT ON THE MBR!.03:49
|trey|I take that back03:50
thoreauputicbabangida: this might help; http://www.google.com/linux?q=lba+kernel+2.6+boot+grub&restrict=linux03:51
|trey|cept I swear that worked... guess not though  :/03:51
babangidaany way of fixing that matter without having to reinstall?03:51
|trey|thoreauputic, thats what I did... first link = what I told him  ;)03:51
cardadorbabangida: i had to change the hd geometry from auto to LBA. you can do that on your pc BIOS03:51
|trey|babangida, out of curiosity, how big is windows partition?03:51
thoreauputiccardador: that's the relevant bit03:52
ogrababangida: nothing happens means _really_ nothing ? no errors ?03:52
cardadorogra: it was the same with me, black screen only after choosing windows03:52
thoreauputicbabangida: read what cardador did ^^^03:53
ogrababangida: the LBA thing sounds reasonable03:53
babangidaall I see is the commands grub has executed when trying to boot windows (that is root(h0,0); chainloader +1,etc...)03:53
babangidabut nothing moves03:53
|trey|babangida, SERIOUSLY READ: http://www.geocities.com/epark/linux/grub-w2k-HOWTO.html03:53
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babangida|trey|: i was reading it... :$03:53
Treenaks|trey|: NO NO NO.. that's booting Linux from the Windows bootloader, that's even worse03:54
|trey|says 'with grub'...03:54
ogrababangida: first try switching on LBA in the BIOS.....if it doesnt work, come back03:54
thoreauputic|trey|: do try to give advice that is sensible, rather than just pulling answers out one after another :/03:55
babangidacan someone briefly explain me what's all that HD geometry stuff?03:55
Treenaks|trey|: yes, it's about booting grub from the windows bootloader..03:55
ogrababangida: and we'll try to help further....03:55
babangidajust going to take a look03:55
babangidathank you so much everyone ;)03:56
=== neur0mancer [~amnesia@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
|trey|Treenaks, it talks about LBA... it talks about the GRUB file... it talks about everything he needs... and its not complicated  :/03:56
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=== [AVA] kold] |[CoH is now known as septeracore
=== agwibowo [~agwibowo@ppp162-159.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ogra thinks there should be something in the wiki about this
=== bwlang [~bwlang@h00a0cc520a75.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
edulixhello !03:57
|trey|thoreauputic, I say what I would use... the more they ask that it answers, the more I inforce...03:57
agwibowodoes anyone ever successfully connect win 2003 mobile to synch with linux?03:57
|trey|agwibowo, I don't get the question... sync what exactly?03:58
edulixis there any ubuntu enable .deb repository(ies) with: software suspend 2, kernel 2.6.9, muine, monodevelop..?03:58
agwibowoPocket PC03:58
agwibowowin 2003 mobile03:58
ogra|trey|: a PDA03:58
|trey|ahh... nope, never mind...03:58
agwibowothat's the only reason that left me using windows... all other things.. i can do in linux...03:59
=== haha [~haha@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|agwibowo, should have brought a Zaurus  (I think thats what they are called..)03:59
=== leonel [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Linux PDA's...03:59
|trey|bit late now though  :(03:59
agwibowobut i like my ipaq03:59
=== rapha [~rapha@Af997.a.pppool.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== hfarberg [~hfarberg@ti112110a060-0352.dialup.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|I've used them... kinda neat... able to play movies etc on them...04:00
=== umarmung [~holger@pD954207D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob28 hours of power04:01
|trey|bob2, far better than a laptop  :)04:01
|trey|not to mention lighter  :)04:01
=== arun-- [~arun@cm11.omega225.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
agwibowooh well... pity that i can't synch it with linux04:02
danielsbob2: it's called an x4004:02
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ograagwibowo: http://www.multisync.org04:02
agwibowoogra: i tried that04:02
|trey|agwibowo, its sync, not synch  ;)04:03
agwibowoit only supports up to win 2002 i think04:03
bob2daniels: bah04:03
agwibowotrey: eheheh been to much doing project with synchronisation... and I've always written synch... :P i guess my friend were laughing at me constantly04:03
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
jazzkaI mount windows partition on /mnt/temp but a normal user can't access this directory04:04
ograagwibowo: otherwise: www.handhelds.org *g*04:04
jazzkawhat can I do?04:04
raphaCan't get that damn soundcard to work with ALSA...04:04
agwibowoogra: oh.. thx.. i'll have a look04:04
|trey|agwibowo, checked out SynCE?04:04
thoreauputicagwibowo: given the spelling of "synchronise", I'd say "synch" is quite valid :)04:04
hahajazzka, you can "su - " for root04:05
|trey|I don't even see a list of supported devices on there site though :/04:05
=== babangida [~enrique@206.red-212-97-177.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu
agwibowothe problem is that they are not stable yet with win 2003.. i'm just scared using unstable programs04:05
agwibowoi've tried synCE... no results...04:05
bob2might be worth buying supportable hardware in future :-)04:05
jazzkahaha, I've mounted the partition being root, but I want to access that partition like a normal user04:06
jazzkanot root04:06
agwibowoi guess..04:06
ograjazzka: mount with umask=00004:07
jazzkaogra, how can I do that? with a "umask 000" first?04:07
|trey|jazzka, -o user ... man mount04:08
=== DSOM [~DSOM@] has joined #ubuntu
babangidahi, i'm back (and i've read the whole document |trey| told me04:08
=== xenon_ [~xenon@ulm9-d9bb5f4b.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograsudo mount -o umask=000 /par/ti/tion /mount/point04:08
babangidanothing happened04:08
|trey|babangida, any luck with the bios info?04:08
arun--when i mount the ntfs partition on /media/win, the win becomes readonly04:08
|trey|babangida, turned on LBA, still no go?04:08
arun--how do i make it writeable04:08
babangidai just couldn't find the LBa thing04:09
|trey|arun--, ntfs is currently ro, thats why04:09
ogrababangida: in yopur system BIOS04:09
|trey|arun--, write is not supported04:09
babangidai know04:09
babangidabut i just couldn't finds it04:09
|trey|babangida, hmm... that kinda sucks...04:10
arun--|trey|: :( ok atleast i can read from it and transfer files as root04:10
|trey|babangida, what kinda BIOS is it?04:10
=== Kyaneos [~kyaneos@] has joined #ubuntu
agwibowohas anyone ever installed linux on pda ?04:10
babangidalets see..04:10
|trey|arun--, yup... even edit them if you cp... but perm's are lost  :(04:10
babangidacan't remember04:10
bob2agwibowo: www.familiar.org04:10
ograagiw: 2 years ago...yes04:10
agwibowoi wanted to try to install linux on my old casiopeia..04:10
babangidaAWARD maybe, is that possible?04:10
|trey|agwibowo, thats kinda what Zaurus does...04:11
agwibowoogra: how was it?  fun?04:11
ograagiw: didnt use my ipaq since04:11
arun--|trey|: thank you04:11
ograagwibowo: but worked fine back then04:11
agwibowoogra: too scared to install on my ipaq.. it's still new.. also that I paid for the windows software.. why do i bother to erase something that i paid for.. ehehhe04:11
|trey|agwibowo, you paid for windows on your PC too...04:12
agwibowodifferent story with my old casiopeia... it's old already.... if i sell it.. i can't make a lot of money out of it... so i might have a little fun playing around with it04:12
arun--|trey|: i think he hasnt deleted it,04:12
|trey|(more then likely at least)04:12
agwibowomy pc is not a built up pc04:12
ograagwibowo: depends on the HW (mem/flash) you got, on a recent ipaq you can get a complete debian running (intimate)04:12
agwibowoi bought it parts by parts04:12
agwibowoogra: ic...04:13
babangidais there any way i can get grub out of the MBR and get it into a new /boot without having to reinstall anything?04:13
jazzkahow can I restore to previous umask?04:13
bob2it's per-process04:13
raphaIs there a way to get alsaconf back?04:13
bob2log out and back in again04:13
jazzkaI dont remember the previous value04:13
bob2rapha: what do you need it for?04:13
arun--i bought a thinkpad, and i had to pay for the winxp prof, and i got a lousy gpu from ati04:13
=== ogra thinks apache for intranet on ipaq is funny
|trey|babangida, fdisk -mbr I think... man fdisk to be sure..04:13
=== stone_ [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
babangidai know that04:14
|trey|babangida, thats dos04:14
=== alf_ [~alf@m156.net81-64-159.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
babangidabut how can i create /boot?04:14
cardadorbabangida: dont do that04:14
|trey|babangida, already there...04:14
raphabob2: Well, detecting my sound card.04:14
bob2rapha: no04:14
bob2rapha: the module will be loaded by hotplug04:14
cardadorbabangida: even if you format your hd, windows wont boot04:14
|trey|babangida, should prolly make it bootable though  ;)04:14
|trey|I forget how to do that with fdisk though...04:15
cardadorbabangida: you have to fix it by changing the LBA thing04:15
|trey|can use cfdisk... pretty straight forward in there...04:15
raphabob2: Well, it won't. This is an HP OmniBook 4100 with a CS4238B sound chip, and it required some more attention to get it working :/04:15
bob2rapha: which alsa module does it use?04:15
cardador|trey|: this has happened to me before, fdisk /mbr does not fix it04:15
agwibowodoes anyone know a good webpage editor like dreamweaver in linux?04:15
babangidaok cardador04:16
bob2agwibowo: emacs04:16
babangidathanks once again04:16
arun--anybody has the HP notebook which they sell with linux on it, forgot the model number04:16
bob2edulix: or screem or mozilla composer04:16
|trey|babangida, listen to cardador04:16
cardadoragwibowo: bluefish04:16
babangidagoing to take a look04:16
babangidaso changing the HD geometry tl LBa should solve it then...04:16
thoreauputic|trey|: he doesn't need to wipe his mbr - he needs to fix his BIOS: this is a known issue with some 2.6.* kernels04:16
cardadorbabangida: i guess it will04:16
ograbob2: HP = noapic/nolapic04:16
cardadorbabangida: look for AUTO on your hd section04:17
|trey|thoreauputic, it would appear his BIOS doesn't support that though... so on to the next idea...04:17
raphabob2: It works fine with the cs4232 OSS module (loaded manually), but I need ALSA. The appropriate ALSA module would be cs4236, according to the driver database at alsa-project.org.04:17
bob2rapha: no, it will have a snd_ prefix04:17
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["M'envaig"]
agwibowowhen i tried to run freshclam, it says that my clamav is out of date...04:17
bob2rapha: does "modprobe snd-cs4281" work?04:17
agwibowobut when i do apt-get update on my clamav.... i can't get newer version...04:17
thoreauputic|trey|: yes but don't jump to conclusions when your suggestions could endanger someones data :/04:17
agwibowowhat should i do?04:17
edulixbob2: ? :P04:18
adsb-workagwibowo: Two choices. Convince someone to package clamav 0.80 for Ubuntu, or ignore it :)04:18
ograagwibowo: why do you want a newer version ?04:18
=== fernando [~fernando@80-28-31-4.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2if a more recent version is in sid, it should be synced soon04:18
|trey|thoreauputic, my logic... if it won't work one way... lets try the other... but ok... lets fuss for a while then maybe he will do what I said at first...04:18
agwibowoogra: coz i cant update the virus database unless i get newer version of clamav04:18
raphabob2: Yes, but it doesn't make sound work.04:19
ograagwibowo: thats odd...04:19
adsb-workagwibowo: It *does* update, it just can't use all of the functionality04:19
agwibowoWARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED - please update immediately !04:19
agwibowoWARNING: Current functionality level = 2, required = 304:19
agwibowoDatabase updated (26112 signatures) from database.clamav.net (
agwibowoERROR: Clamd was NOT notified: Can't find or parse configuration file /etc/clamav/clamav.conf04:19
bob2agwibowo: please don't paste tons of stuff in here04:19
bob2rapha: sudo invoke-rc.d alsa restart04:19
=== arun-- thinks ubuntu is beautiful
thoreauputic|trey|: your attitude is reckless. Sorry. Also you don't seem to consider the possibility that you might be wrong04:19
adsb-workagwibowo: That's a successful database update. Are you running clamd?04:20
agwibowoi think so...04:20
=== arun-- will keep ubuntu on his laptop for a long time and hopes that future upgrades doesnt break anything
adsb-workThen you should have /etc/clamav/clamav.conf ...04:20
agwibowoerr no04:20
agwibowoi did not run it04:20
agwibowohow to run it? i don't have it.. should i download it?04:20
|trey|thoreauputic, umm, I handed him a HOWTO that worked for me... how is that reckless?04:20
edulixany one used software suspend 2 in ubuntu ?04:20
raphabob2: Says it didn't find any soundcards04:20
=== ogra thinks if arun-- always goes with the stable version he'll be fine
=== xenon__ [~xenon@stgt-d9bb5ff0.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu
adsb-workagwibowo: If you want to run clamav as a daemon, install clamav-daemon :)04:21
edulixit seems to be a wonderful way of using a laptop :)04:21
adsb-workIf you don't, don't04:21
bob2rapha: does dmesg detect it?04:21
agwibowook ok thx04:21
edulixI just don't know how to use it in warty04:21
=== MeAndU32 [~ubuntu32@] has joined #ubuntu
arun--is there a "stable" branch like in debian?04:21
=== babangida [~enrique@206.red-212-97-177.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu
raphabob2: Let me look it through. In any case it doesn't show up through either lspci or pnpdump.04:22
bob2arun--: warty is the stable release04:22
babangidahi once again04:22
bob2edulix: it requires building your own kernel04:22
ograarun--: hoary will be in april04:22
bob2rapha: um, if it didn't show up in lspci, you have bigger problems04:22
agwibowogood night everyone..04:22
agwibowothx for the ideas04:22
babangidajust came in to thank you |trey| & cardado04:22
babangidait worked! :D04:22
|trey|babangida, yay... I think cardador is more to blame for being able to access Windows though  ;)04:23
babangidait was just the LBA thing04:23
babangidaand it all worked...04:23
edulixbob2: do you know if the next ubuntu will ship with the kernel patched with swusp 2 ? =)04:23
=== arun-- will only do updates, and upgrades only every 6 months, when a new release is made
bob2edulix: depends if it's stable or not04:23
bob2edulix: swsusp2 will be in hoary soon04:23
raphabob2: Nope; nothing about it in dmesg, except for the error messages when I was trying to load modules.04:24
ograarun--: goood idea;)04:24
bob2I should ask nigel cunningham04:24
|trey|babangida, ugh, you said that wasn't there?04:24
bob2rapha: error message?04:24
raphabob2: Well, it works with the OSS driver.04:24
raphabob2: Yeah, like "CS4232: soundcard not found or device busy".04:24
bob2rapha: did you unload the OSS module?04:24
cardadorbabangida: good to know :)04:25
raphabob2: I wasn't able to so I cold-rebooted.04:25
edulixBTW, when I boot the pc, when starting hotplug I get plenty of errors related to hp devices and hw_random, in which log are this things stored ?04:25
bob2rapha: so the OSS module isn't loaded?04:25
ograbob2: its isa !!04:25
raphabob2: Correct.04:25
bob2edulix: it's harmless, /var/log/bootlogd or so04:25
bob2rapha: oh, it's an ISA device?04:25
raphaogra: Who would build a laptop with two different bus systems?04:26
=== ema [~ema@adsl-87-96.38-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
edulixbob2: harmless but annoying hehe04:26
bob2unfortunately, it does happen04:26
raphabob2: Seems like it, but then why is it not detected by pnpdump?04:26
bob2edulix: you're rebooting too often then ;-)04:26
rapha(Plus, who builds a laptop with ISA *and* PCI???)04:26
bob2rapha: that I have no idea about, I only started using linux after I got a pure-pci machine04:26
ograrapha: dunno, probably cheaper HW04:26
bob2try asking on the users list04:26
mjrrapha, perchance it's not even a pnp isa chip :)04:27
bob2I'm not sure if hotplug is supposed to find it or not04:27
raphaogra: This is an HP OmniBook 4100. This one ain't have been cheap when it was new.04:27
edulixbob2: well, I would not reboot too often if I had software suspend working :P04:27
thoreauputic|trey|: regarding reckless; <thoreauputic> |trey|: he doesn't need to wipe his mbr - he needs to fix his BIOS: this is a known issue with some 2.6.* kernels . Gues what worked? And guess which google search I pointed hime to?04:27
bob2edulix: hah04:27
ograrapha: i've seen other weird things :(04:27
bob2edulix: have you tried swsusp1?04:27
raphamjr: Well, you can tell the BIOS to auto configure it or choose the ports and stuff yourself04:27
edulixbob2: this is a laptop, not a server04:28
edulixbob2: no, how cna i?04:28
raphabob2: So you say it should work with the 4281 driver?04:28
|trey|thoreauputic, I saw that... however he had just come back saying he couldn't find this option  :/04:28
ograrapha: cs423x is for you04:28
mjrrapha, I'd recommend setting it yourself via the BIOS then, and tell the setting to the proper module manually04:28
edulixbob2: If I remmember correctly, it ships with the kernel. but how can I activate it ?04:28
ograrapha: but dont ask for the setup :(04:29
bob2edulix: swsup requires no hardware support04:29
bob2edulix: you need to build your own kernel atm04:29
raphaogra: Don't ask for what setup?04:29
bob2rapha: I have no idea about ISA at all04:29
edulixbob2: so not even swsusp 1 is shipped with default ubuntu kernel ?04:29
raphabob2: Well, I've been using since 1995, so I do have experience with ISA devices. But this thing is a bitch.04:29
ograrapha: how to set isa stuff up.....04:29
=== scaroo [~scaroo@f0rk.net] has joined #ubuntu
raphaogra: Ah, okay.04:29
bob2edulix: swsup requires major kernel config surgery04:29
raphaWell, I did get it working with OSS :)04:30
bob2edulix: ie there was not enough time by half to get it going in warty04:30
raphaogra: There are many options for that driver. I know I can configure an AdLib port, a "just a port", and an SB port in the BIOS, plus two DMA channels and an IRQ. But the BIOS says nothing about DMA sizes, which are driver options, too. Any idea what the driver might expect here?04:31
edulixwell, then if I try to use one, that would be the swsusp 2.1 for 2.6.9, I guess04:31
edulixanyway, now I must go04:31
ograrapha: nope....sorry04:31
bob2that will be in hoary's kernel soon04:31
raphaogra: Okay, thanks. I'll keep trying :)04:32
edulixoh, the final question: I've installed firefox-locale-es, but firefox is still in english. how can I configure it to spanish es-ES ?04:32
edulix firefox -UILocale es-ES -contentLocale ES don't work04:32
ograrapha: try moduinfo <modulename>04:32
ograrapha: try modinfo <modulename>04:32
raphaogra: Well, that tells me what options are available, but not how to fill them ;)04:32
=== Echramath [echramath@bulbasaur.ton.tut.fi] has joined #ubuntu
edulixwell, I'll try that later. bye !04:33
ograrapha: there is probably google your best friend :/04:33
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scaroohi ppl! i installed NetworkManager packages from http://people.ubuntu.com/~thom/network-manager/ but i m unable to use it as a simple user, have to sudo it //04:35
scarooany hints ?04:35
bob2aren't those the ones tom told no one to use?04:36
scarooooooh really ?04:36
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tsengya like it says right on the page04:36
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wvukroIs there a livecd for ppc?04:36
ograbob2: thats like saying hoary is highly unstable, everyone switches ;)04:36
scaroohey it is working here but only as root04:36
bob2scaroo: "NetworkManager is known to be non-functional on Debian/Ubuntu right now. I'm working on a fix."04:37
bob2wvukro: no04:37
bob2ogra: yeah, exactly04:37
=== wvukro cries
arun--now that i have winxp and ubuntu on two different partitions in a single harddisk, is it possible for me to boot into linux from winxp,04:37
bob2wvukro: if it's a new-world ppc, it will almost certainly work04:37
wvukrobob2: I've got ubuntu working.  I want a ppc livecd to do a bad blocks scan on my root partition.04:38
ograarun--: nope, reboot is needed...04:38
ograarun--: afaik04:38
scarooarun--, you can use vmware using your linux partiton as guest os image, but be careful, fstab needs changes04:38
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scaroo(and grub params too)04:38
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bob2wvukro: a normal install cd probably has enough to do that04:38
danielsbdale: hey dude04:38
fabbionehey bdale !04:38
arun--scaroo: but from what i understand, i need to install ubuntu from inside vmware or the other way, install winxp from inside vmware?04:39
bdaledaniels: dude04:39
wvukrobob2: I couldn't find e2fsck on the normal install cd....04:39
bdalefabbione: howdy04:39
bob2wvukro: on your hard disk, if it's not completely boned04:39
ograbob2: hard to use if its mounted :|04:39
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wvukrobob2: Perhaps I'm being stupid...  but I don't think I can do a bad blocks scan on my root partition, which is currently mounted.04:40
bob2um, right04:40
bob2sorry, it's late04:40
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ajross_hey everybody04:41
wvukroso, basically, I'm just looking for any halfway decent livecd that runs on ppc.04:41
ograwvukro: there was a way (long ago) forcing it with remounting ro before, but it cant repair anything ....04:41
scarooarun--, you can tell vmware to use a physical partition as disk image, so that shouldnt be a problem. actually i boot into my netbsd both from vmware under ubuntu and physicaly04:41
ajross_what can I do about burning audio cds in Ubuntu - k3b is not workable and neither is xcdroast or gtoaster, anybody ideas?04:42
ograwvukro: dunno if fsckk still supports it04:42
wvukrothere is a flag to fsck to pass that you can use if you can run it... but I want to run fsck from the disk that I want to repair....04:42
scaroois it me or has font rendering improve since upgrade to  hoary (gtk2.5.X) ??04:43
ograwvukro: you could use gentoo or knoppix ...04:43
cardadorajross_: what do you mean with not workable?04:44
ograwvukro: afaik they have ppc04:44
wvukroogra: looking.  And I'll cease this non ubuntu conversation....04:44
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ajross_cardador: k3b just crashes all the time - at random points04:47
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desphi again04:47
ajross_xcdroast doesnt do audio, and gtoaster can't understand a non scsi interface since 2.6 doesn't use ide-scsi04:47
ajross_(it can't see /dev/pg0)04:47
despcan I talk to someone knowledgeable about the ubuntu installer?04:47
poin_tcan I talk to someone with experience with SATA RAID? :)04:48
RuNe\hi, I have a problem with gnome-panel, when I log into the GDM one window show me an error that "gnome-panel is running" and another that "gnome-panel is exit unexpectedly" could someone help me?04:48
ajross_poin_t: I use a SATA drive, it's the only drive in my ssystem so its not RAID, but if you just need info on SATA then i can help04:48
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poin_tajross_: cool. what controller is it hooked on? how's the performance compared to PATA and SCSI?04:49
despI'm trying to find out if  the ubuntu installer is always supposed to generate an initrd04:49
Mithrandirdesp: it is04:50
despMithrandir: ah. do you know where should it place the generated initrd?04:50
ajross_poin_t: I cant compare it to scsi as I dont have a scsi drive but i can say its definitely worth going SATA over PATA04:50
Mithrandirdesp: /boot/initrd-$version04:51
ajross_I have a KT8 VIA board (ABIT) it works great04:51
poin_tajross_: why? what's the improvement that you feel on yours?04:51
ogradesp: still trying with your old world ppc ?04:51
ajross_i have two similar vintage 120GB drives, one sata one pata, sata is best04:51
Mithrandirpoin_t: the cabling is a lot easier to handle.04:51
despMithrandir: on my system the partitioner doesn't automatically create a /boot partition. do you think that if I create one by hand, the initrd will get placed there?04:51
despogra: yup04:52
Mithrandirdesp: then it's on your root partition, in the /boot directory.04:52