kikospiv, BradB: ping?12:32
kikoBradB, apart from twisted, what options do we have for good scalable xmlrpc servers in python?12:44
kikoBradB, or is the question really "why anything but twisted?" :)12:44
BradBi know nothing about xml rpc. maybe the standard lib one is useful, maybe Twisted's the most supported one out there though.12:44
kikoI reckon spiv knows but won't tell us.12:44
stubkiko: The one that ships with the stanard Python library scales pretty well too (but not as well as twisted).12:52
spivI've no idea about good non-Twisted options for XML-RPC :)12:52
kikospiv, stub: so it would be twisted, zope and the PSL server?12:52
spivThose are the ones I know of, yeah.12:52
BradBZope 3 supports XML-RPC.12:52
kikoyeah, I just don't know how good it is. but thanks!12:52
BradBit's all about zope 312:52
stubkiko: I think you will find most of the other toolkits (webware, quixote, albatross etc.) support it all since it is pretty trivial to add if you can do http.12:52
stubAhhh... I thought it was just my working branch that had the batch problem - how did that get past pqm???12:52
stubhmm.... need to debug the test runner... all tests should be running.... :-P12:52
BradBi think my next checkin will spam root@localhost on chinstrap. oh well.12:52
stubBradB: Might be worth setting that to nobody@example.com or something so elmo doesn't beat you up ;)12:53
BradBi wouldn't have thought it'd be a good idea to spam example.com, but i could be wrong12:54
stubspiv: You want I do the db thing now, or in 14 or 15 hours?12:54
stubBradB: example.com is in the rfc's as an example domain. You are allowed to use it (unlike nowhere.com, somebody.com, somewhere.com all of which get huge amounts of unwanted mail ;) )12:55
BradByeah, i know12:56
BradBbut i wouldn't have thought delivering mail there was a good idea12:56
BradBeeeg, this mail'll add up though,12:56
stubOohh... would be fine except our errors-to is still hardcoded to nobody@example.com :-P12:57
stubelmo: ping12:57
BradBin any case, shit, got a failed test12:58
BradBpaste coming up:12:59
BradB/home/pqm/arch/queue/workdir/rocketfuel@canonical.com/rocketfuel@canonical.com---launchpad--devel--0/launchpad/lib/canonical/database/sqlbase.py:85: UserWarning: Something tried to set a _connection.  Ignored.12:59
BradB  warnings.warn("Something tried to set a _connection.  Ignored.")12:59
BradBException exceptions.AttributeError: "'ConnectionDescriptor' object has no attribute 'cache'" in <bound method Transaction.__del__ of <sqlobject.dbconnection.Transaction object at 0x41b60b8c>> ignored12:59
=== BradB greps
stubThat isn't actually a failing test - I suspect that is a succeeding test that happens to be triggering a warning.01:00
=== stub has been beating his head against unit tests for the last few days
BradB6 failures, 1 error, aiieee01:00
=== BradB star-merges
=== BradB was semi-beating his head against page tests today, but once this lands, malone will be indestructable
stubMake a fresh database instance too - some of the tests are still connecting to launchpad_dev, so might fail if the database has been modified too much or tests run in the wrong order.01:02
BradBi've got them ordered01:02
stubNot the page tests - all the other functional and unit tests gumph. Some very fragile bits in there - fix one and break others ;-(01:02
BradBthe test runner makes a fresh db instance automatically, i thought (e.g. if i do 'python test.py -f' i expect it to reset)01:03
stubPage tests should be fine now. Even have stories so they don't tread on each others toes :-)01:03
BradBi made a new "story" called malone01:04
stubSo we need any more work to write sane tests for event notifications? At the moment we can just interrogate canonical.launchpad.mail.stub.test_emails, which I suspect is all we need01:10
spivstub: Hmm, now is fine, but not much later or I'll be asleep :)01:13
stubspiv: ok. Just killing the server now. Will be down for 5/10 mins tops.01:16
stublifeless: ping. Doing emperor upgrade now.01:17
spivstub: Ok.01:18
=== justdave [~dave@] has joined #launchpad
stubspiv, lifeless: back up01:27
stubjustdave: Morning.01:28
spivNot fixed :(01:28
spivOh well, at least I can restart it manually in this case.01:28
elmostub: ?01:28
spivstub: Thanks.01:29
stubspiv: We might want to wrap psycopg with something that handles this gracefully. non-twisted we can just block until the db comes back up, but I don't know the best way of handling it in twisted.01:29
stubelmo: We need an email address to send bounces of malone email notifications to, which just throws them away until we get a bounce processor. We also need an email address that just throws emails away to use as a 'from' address which may be used in the dogfood environment or testing stuff.01:31
stubbounces@canonical.com and nobody@canonical.com?01:31
spivstub: Well, Twisted's db access all runs in threads anyway, so it's blocking too.01:33
spiv(because DB-API 2.0 doesn't give you any other choice...)01:33
spivstub: The part that intrigues me is that there's already code in Twisted's adbapi module to cope with this, or so I thought, so I'd like to figure out why it's not working.01:34
stubspiv: ok. Sounds like a better option. I don't know what lifeless is doing with the importd processes. Its difficult to see if they have all reconnected due to all the 'missing FROM clause' spam in the logs :-/01:37
spivgrep -v is your friend ;)01:38
stubthat would be the authserver trying to join with the EmailAddress table...01:38
spivHeh.  I suppose that's a hint ;)01:39
elmostub: mm, ok01:40
stubOhh... need to check if the authserver is querying on lower(emailaddress.email) instead of emailaddress.email, since that is what the index is built on and it should be caseinsensitive anyway01:41
elmoerr, WTF01:42
spivI don't think it is, but I can fix that while I'm fixing the join warning.01:42
BradBelmo: sorry about the spam dude.01:42
BradBit would have been worth it if my changes actually landed though.01:42
elmoBradB: no, not that, please read your mail - I just sent you something01:43
BradBelmo: odds are about 99% that it's operator error (or operator-not-understanding), but i'll double-check now, just to be sure.01:45
elmoI would have written it off, but the guys a DD01:45
elmostill very happy for it to be anything but what he claims...01:45
BradBit'd be nice if he gave his username01:50
BradBanyway, i just signed up as a new user and i don't have mgr rights. the site just permits normal members to do quite a bit, which is why i created the "locked" state for lu, so that she could added pages to the site that were published, and yet not modifiable by non-managers (because just about everything else is)01:53
elmook, thanks for checking, I'll reply and ask him for more info, in case he has discovered some leet back door01:57
BradBan account with his email address has the roles: ('Member', 'Authenticated')01:57
BradB(which is normal, of course )01:57
elmodoes plone have the equvalent of RecentChanges?  i.e. can we keep track of what's changing?01:57
BradBthere might be a product that does that, but nothing useful out of the box, and thus nothing in ul.org that i'm aware of. it's been brought up by mark et al. before.01:58
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [authserver]  JOIN explicitly, and use lower(EmailAddress.email) (patch-722)02:05
=== BradB is now known as BradB|away
spivstub: I'll update the authserver with that tomorrow, when I'm actually awake :)02:10
stubyup. its not urgent.02:10
stubspiv: Something is leaking bad names too (which will now generate an SQL error instead of polluting the db). I don't know if this is the authserver or not - possibly it is the code that generates a username from an email address? We can confirm a valid name using canonical/validators/name.py (which is now being used despite the warnings in the comments)02:14
spivHmm.  You mean creating bad Person.names?02:15
stubWhich I don't think anything is using yet, apart from traversal stuff, so I suspect the 'generate name from email address' code wherever that lives now.02:16
spivHave there been recent changes to the nickname generation code?  The authserver might have an old version.02:16
spiv(The deployed authserver, I mean)02:16
spivThe authserver uses canonical.foaf.nickname to generate names from email addresses.02:17
stubThere have been no updates as far as I'm aware - if that is the problem it has always been there. The name constraints did not exist when it was implemented, so I suspect it was just designed to be a bit more flexible than the database allows.02:18
stubk. I'll stick in a bugzilla bug to update canonical.foaf.nickname02:18
stuberm... or that should be a malone-dogfood bug02:19
stubThe url to which has completely slipped my mind... :-(02:20
=== stub found it
=== kiko is now known as kiko-afk
elmoBradB|away: yeah, operator-not-understanding error, meh02:35
stubCan't add a bug on dogfood :-(02:43
dilysNew bug 2151 for Launchpad/Launchpad: generate nickname failing with sql exceptions02:46
dilysNew bug 2152 for Launchpad/Malone: Missing product-assignment in create-a-bug form02:48
dilysNew bug 2153 for Launchpad/Malone: create-a-bug and too many required fields02:52
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-082-066-121.arcor-ip.net] has joined #launchpad
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Give warning if running with add_missing_from=true (patch-723)05:10
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=== morgs [~morganc@wblv-249-229.telkomadsl.co.za] has left #launchpad ["Leaving"]
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: New schema baseline (patch-724)05:48
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: tidy up code to build with stricter CFLAGS (patch-57)06:01
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/hackerlab--devo--1.1: tidy up code to build with stricter CFLAGS (patch-2)06:03
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar-debian--debian--1.0: merge stricter build flags (patch-4)06:13
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar-debian--debian--1.0: fix borked version number in changelog (patch-5)08:28
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=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #launchpad
=== Kinnison takes a big fuckoff launchpad merge and glares at it for a bit
=== Kinnison workraves (already!) :-(
Kinnisonelmo: what time of day does mawson update the archive?11:22
elmoKinnison: err, 'now'? ;-) I still haven't tracked down what's killing the daily sync11:47
Kinnisonelmo: *grin* okay; thanks dude11:47
Kinnisonelmo: Will you have a while to talk about package versions and removal of old version etc with me over the next day or two?12:35
=== Kinnison wants to make sure he's not running off down a completely fucked route :-)
=== Kinnison watches gina import samhain
Kinnisononly a couple of days late :-)01:40
=== debonzi [~debonzi@] has joined #launchpad
Kinnisonhey debonzi01:43
Kinnisongood news; elmo updated mawson's mirror earlier and gina is chugging through again01:44
Kinnisondsilvers@petitemort:~$ hive list01:45
Kinnison    library-utf : UTF-8 enable the librarian protocol01:45
KinnisonHmm; shall I carry on with that?01:45
=== Kinnison ponders what would be the most useful use of his time
debonziKinnison, yo01:46
luludebonzi: hiya!01:54
luludebonzi: I wanted to ask you if you have an ubuntu mailing list and/or IRC channel set up in Portugese yet / plans for it?01:56
debonzihi lulu :)01:56
luludebonzi: :o)  ^01:57
debonzilulu, we have one irc channel for launchpad for cprov, kiko, salgado and me01:57
debonzilulu, AFAIK there is no plan for ubuntu mail list/IRC channel up to now, but we can set it up :)01:58
luludebonzi: there are other portugese users who want to set up a portugese channel - perhaps it would be worth setting up one for public use?01:58
luluan IRC channel as a first and then invite people to it, and appoint someone to dot he traffic for it.01:59
debonzilulu, cool :) how can I help?02:00
Kinnisonlulu: can you point silbs at her IRC window?02:00
luluset up the IRC channel and let me know what it is....!02:01
lulukinnison: will do.02:01
debonzilulu, right.. Ill do02:01
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
debonzilulu, do you think #ubuntu-br is ok or whould be better a more general name to do not direct the first idea to Brazil?02:19
=== debonzi back in a minute
luludebonzi: what other options are there from your experience?02:37
debonzilulu, well, #ubuntu-portuguese I think is too long. #ubuntu-pt has the same problem as #ubuntu-br, maybe #ubuntu-pt_br.. but I don't know if it sounds good02:48
debonzilulu, wich one sounds better to you?02:50
luludebonzi: it's important to name it after a language not a country, is there an abbreviation for portugese that's used often?02:58
debonzilulu, yes pt, but it is also an abbreviation for Portugual I think 02:59
debonzilulu, if you think ubuntu_portugese is ok let do in that way02:59
=== BradB|away is now known as BradB
luludebonzi: would having -pt offend Brazillian Portugese speakers?03:00
luluBradB: morning!03:00
BradBhi lulu :)03:00
debonzilulu, I don't think so03:01
debonzilulu, we can also leave on the topic something like (pt=portugese)!= portugal ;-)03:02
luludebonzi: ok - let's go for that then. Then you need to get your Brazilian community on there! :o) thanks!03:03
debonzilulu, right.. ;-)03:03
luludebonzi: I'll add it to the local language page.03:03
carlosdebonzi: we use #ubuntu-es for Spanish not Spain and it's ok for all people03:10
debonzicarlos, right.. thats that I did.. #ubuntu-pt ... I think its not a problem too ;-)03:11
Kinnisonnickname.NicknameGenerationError: martin@v.loewis.de is not a valid email address03:15
Kinnisonfrazzle wazzle grumble mumble03:15
=== Kinnison fixes the regex and restarts gina
Kinnisonlulu: See; when I'm having a bad time; the words are 'frazzle wazzle' and 'grumble mumble'. Sometimes 'groan' and/or 'complain'03:18
KinnisonAre we meant to have two run_launchpad.py instances on mawson?03:30
Kinnisonaah; one belongs to mr dafydd03:30
=== debonzi -> lunch
lulukinnison: I am so impressed with you :o)03:31
=== Kinnison takes lulu's temperature
lulukinnison:  ;)  control of words is what I meant!03:32
=== Kinnison speaks english very good
=== Kinnison learns her from a booook
Kinnisonrah; gina completed03:50
=== Kinnison cleans up
KinnisonCan someone with an understanding of the web-app play with it and tell me how that import looks?03:52
KinnisonI'll create a report of all the failures next03:52
!Md:*! Hi everybody. Just wanted to let you know that there will be (friendly) discussion and (hopefully) live coverage on this year's US presidential election in #election200404:03
!Md:*! (another useful information source is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_U.S._election_in_progress)04:03
spivKinnison: Looks good judging from some trivial poking around :)04:07
Kinnisonspiv: rock04:07
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #launchpad
Kinnisonspiv: /tmp/gina-postrun.log contains the output of a re-run of gina (theoretically should do nothing because everything should be imported)04:08
Kinnisoneww, it's poorly formatted, let me re-do that04:08
spiv"View Binary Packages List  (14352 Packages)"04:08
Kinnisondoes that sound right for hoary?04:09
spivI dunno :)04:09
spivGlancing at the actual list, it looks sane, I think.04:09
spivI presume this includes universe?04:09
Kinnisonbut not multiverse04:09
=== spiv nods
spivHmm, the description still doesn't deal with multiple paragraphs well.04:10
spiv(see e.g. https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/soyuz/distros/ubuntu/src/hoary/bicyclerepair)04:10
Kinnisonthat's up to the app to process and render the description properly04:11
Kinnisonblergh; how do I get python to autoflush stdout?04:13
spivWhat's wrong with calling sys.stdout.flush()?04:14
spivIt's line buffered by default, iirc.04:15
Kinnisontoo many places where "print" is called04:15
Kinnisonit's not line-buffered if stdout is a pipe04:15
KinnisonI need it to be04:15
spivOr run python with -u04:15
Kinnisonhmm; I'll try that; thanks04:16
Kinnisonhurrah; much better04:16
Kinnisonnow the logs in /tmp should be slightly more temporally correlated04:19
Kinnison- Evaluating alcovebook-sgml (main, 0.1.2-5ubuntu1)04:23
Kinnisondpkg-source: extracting alcovebook-sgml in alcovebook-sgml-0.1.204:23
Kinnison        ** WML courtesy of Missing Copyrights Ltd. in alcovebook-sgml-0.1.204:23
=== Kinnison goes grobbling around in gina
dilysNew bug 2154 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Links to versioned builddeps can be broken, even with complete and correct package data04:25
elmoKinnison: that's aclovebook-sgml's problem AFAICR04:25
Kinnisonelmo; yeah, I've worked out what the message means now :-)04:27
KinnisonIs there a known issue with kdetoys?04:31
=== debonzi back in some minutes.. see you
BradBstub, spiv: Presumably I have to get rid of all this noise: http://paste.husk.org/1903 so that I can merge my changes with pqm, correct?04:41
BradBDo other people see that output when running the tests with "python test.py -f"?04:42
KinnisonYou certainly have to fix ProgrammingError: ERROR:  database "launchpad_ftest" is being accessed by other users04:44
Kinnisonprobably by not being connected to the db anywhere04:44
BradBI'd have thought so :P04:44
BradBI'm hoping I'm not the only one seeing that though.04:45
BradBKinnison: Can you do a quick "python test.py -f" from $LAUNCHPAD_DIR to confirm that you see it too?04:45
Kinnisonone tic04:45
Kinnison+++ Time passes...04:46
BradBindeed, in. deed.04:46
KinnisonI get differences04:47
BradBhm, that sucks04:47
BradByou should still see that db error though04:47
Kinnisonnot yet I haven't04:49
stubBradB: The 'being accessed by other users' error is triggered by the proceeding test generally. I've been trying to make it impossible, but it is really painful :-(04:49
KinnisonRan 38 tests in 196.292s04:49
KinnisonFAILED (failures=2)04:49
Kinnisonboth of those are the "differences"04:49
Kinnisonstub: proceeding or preceeding ?04:49
=== stub is having a bad speling knight
BradBstub: I would have thought it's because tearDown doesn't disconnect properly.04:50
stubThe tear down is probably failing (I think it does it silently - had that fixed in a branch), because there are other connections open so it can't drop the db.04:51
BradBThis is the only process talking to the db, and, of course, the first story gets setup fine it appears; it's only the second one that causes the (horribly-named) ProgrammingError.04:52
=== Kinnison decides that he needs a brain-break
=== Kinnison goes to dismantle and bathe his new keyboard
stubI think it is because the z3 functional test stuff doesn't really tear everything down that it should, so database connections are not being dropped. Not quite sure. Hmm..04:53
=== BradB looks into it
stubBradB: Yer - tearDown silently fails. You want me to fix it in canonical/ftests/pgsql.py ?04:56
BradBI think it's in PgTestCase04:58
BradBit does: con = psycopg.connect('dbname=%s' % self.template)04:58
BradBinstead of using self.connect, which keeps track of connections in self._cons.04:59
stubyes, but it is explicitly closing the connection at the end (I hope)04:59
BradBI'll fix it, because it's what I'm working on anyway (i.e. being able to land my Malone forcefield.)04:59
BradBstub: It closes down all the self._cons in tearDown :)05:00
BradBwhich i expect is empty, due to the reason above.05:00
stubok. Just need to detect if an exception is raised during the last attempt and not to suppress it.05:00
stubBradB: Check the finally clause - it is explicitly being closed. No need to keep it around and close it laster.05:01
BradBstub: that's if an error occurrs during setup though.05:02
BradBI want an error to *not* *occurr* during setup. :)05:02
BradBBy closing it correctly in tearDown.05:03
BradBthis is what i mean:05:03
BradB> /Users/bradb/launchpad/lp/lib/canonical/ftests/pgsql.py(95)tearDown()05:03
BradB-> for con in self._cons:05:03
BradB(Pdb) self._cons05:03
BradB[] 05:03
BradBself._cons should contain the connections to close, but it's empty, because setUp isn't calling self.connect (but instead calling psycopg directly, and thus not tracking open cons in self._cons.)05:04
stubyes, but there is no need to store it in self._cons because setUp is closing it already.05:04
BradBstub: only if an error occurred.05:05
stubThe finally: clause will always be called, no matter what happens.05:05
BradBer, yeah, wait05:05
BradBi guess self._cons is a dead chicken then05:06
stubThe issue I am aware of that needs to be fixed in the trunk is if an exception is raised in the 100th attempt at creating or dropping the database, it silently fails. Needs an 'if i == 99: raise' added.05:07
stubred herring :)05:07
BradBhow does a functional test connect to the db?05:09
stubI want to get all the connections spawned from the Z3 machinery in self._cons, which works, but causes other problems. Wasted way too much time on that :-(05:09
stubstandard Z3 mechanisms - zapi.getUtility(IZopeDatabaseAdapter, 'launchpad'), sqlos magic to set _connection attributes on the SQLOS classes.05:10
stubSome of them seem to be using initZopeless too, which might cause issues.05:10
BradBI don't get how any checkins are being allowed with this ProgrammingError being raised.05:11
=== stub wonders why his tests are still running
BradBMaybe you have an LP instance also running?05:11
stubI think I hit ctrl-S in that window ;)05:12
luluBradB: got a minute?05:14
BradBlulu: sure05:15
luluBradB: I created a member account on the site05:15
luluIt isn't giving me an editing option for a published item - https://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/local05:16
luluplone help centre "documentation" is fine05:16
BradBlulu: it wouldn't. you can't edit published content (though /possibly/ managers can, i can't remember.)05:16
BradByou can retract it to make it visible, and then edit it.05:17
luluseems to apply to documents in the ubuntu workflow 05:17
lulunope - all published and visible pages are editable by the member.05:18
luluonly locked pages are non-editable.05:18
luluit used to work - not anymore.05:18
BradBpublished pages aren't editable.05:18
lulucould you check this for me please?05:18
BradByou have to retract them first, then edit them.05:18
luluyes - once retracted, it's in visible state05:19
BradBthat's what locked prevents. you can't "retract" locked pages.05:19
BradBlulu: correct, and then you can edit it.05:19
lulubut in visible state - you still can't edit.05:19
luluit a bug :o)05:19
BradBoh, you were referring to a published doc above, but if you can't edit visible then yeah, that's a problem05:19
BradBwhich "visible" doc can't you edit?05:19
luluyup! that's what I'm saying :o)05:20
luluany published to visible state docs05:20
luluDocumentation area is fine - the Plone Help Centre workflow.05:20
lulusomething must've changed in the Ubuntu workflow.05:21
BradBi can't see anything wrong so far, do you have a link/05:21
BradBthe page you're looking at would be fine, if it isn't working the way you expect.05:22
BradBwhat's not working there? :)05:23
luluwhen you retract it, it goes to visible, but doesn't allow u to edit it, and it should05:23
luluyou are logged in as a member, not a manager right?05:23
BradBas a member yep...just verifying something quickly05:24
lulutab options are contents, view and sharing.05:24
lulumissing the vital edit tab! :o)05:24
BradBhm, that's mildly frightening, particularly since it's been ages since i touched that workflow05:26
=== BradB checks the security settings
BradBoh, well, either this wasn't tested thoroughly enough, or somebody changed ubuntu_workflow recently, because it's indeed config'd here to not allow normal members to edit on visible05:31
BradBlulu: has anyone done anything whatsoever to ubuntu_workflow at all in the last few weeks?05:31
luluBradB: not as far as I know, but we have had plone work done on cacheing - I can get hold of Vika and see if she changed anything. Shouldn't have.05:32
luluBradB: we did test that exact option thoroughly when we made the change.05:33
BradBthat's what i thought; i'm confused as to why i'm seeing here that it's explicitly turned off.05:33
=== BradB turns it back on
lulummmm - ok - I'll ask Vika05:34
luluthanks :o)05:34
BradBwhew, it's taking a bit of time to publish...:) there we go. should be fine now.05:36
=== kiko [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
luluyes - thanks :o) phew 05:38
BradBno prob ;)05:38
BradBstub: do you have a quick idea for how to not-raise that ProgrammingError?05:38
BradBstub: It seems to me that setUp isn't smart enough to close all connections opened by instances of classes that derive from it, but it probably should be that smart.05:41
spivHmm.  https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/+new doesn't seem to sort the source package drop-down box?05:42
BradBspiv: Perhaps not. File the bug! :P05:42
spivOk :)05:42
BradBIn Malone, of course. ;) thanks.05:42
spivOf course ):05:42
spivHmm.  I'm a little confused/overwhelmed by the Title/Summary/Description fields in Malone.05:44
BradBspiv: They're too much, I know.05:44
spivIt seems to be asking me to enter the same information three times :)05:44
stubBradB: It seems to be the connections created by the Z3 machinery that are the issue. In a branch I was working on, I'd actually overridden psycopg.connect to keep track of all connections being created so I could tear them down. 05:44
BradBIt sound just be title and desc, of course, but Mark seemed to like all three. I don't know how long that'll last :)05:44
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
BradBstub: Why not have self.connect do that in the test case, like before?05:45
stubI'd given up on it on Friday - was hoping to tackle it again with a fresh brain start of this week (which is when I wake up tomorrow, thanks to a double public holiday)05:45
BradBah, hehe05:45
=== ddaa [~ddaa@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #launchpad
BradBspiv: It probably be worth reporting a bug on the title/summary/desc thing too, IMHO.05:46
spivWhee! Ok.05:46
spivHmm.  Apparently I'm the "owner" of that bug I just submitted.05:47
BradByeah, you would be. I just fixed the code to make it that way.05:48
BradBThere are screens which then allow you to look at all the bugs you reported.05:48
stubspiv: owner != assignee05:48
spivstub: Sure.  But what is it? :)05:50
BradBspiv: the owner created the bug. the assignee will fix it.05:50
spivAnd why is it worth advertising on the summary page.05:51
spivWhy not call the a "creator" or "submitter" then?05:51
BradBsubmitter would be the best name, perhaps.05:51
spivIf I "own" something, particularly so publically (i.e. on the main summary), I feel like I'm apparently responsible to do something for it.05:52
spivWhen in my ideal world I submit a bug and forget about it ;)05:52
stubThe column in the database is 'owner', since that has a meaning similar to all the other owner columns. Should probably be displayed as something a little more user friendly ;)05:53
BradBthe things you own end up owning you!05:53
spivstub: Agreed!  Shall I file another bug? :)05:53
=== spiv does
BradBstub: By the way, I guess the reason why checkins are being allowed to happen in spite of this ProgrammingError, is because *I'm* the one who rebelliously created a new "story".05:54
BradBAnd it's only by having more than one story that this bug becomes apparent.05:54
stubBradB: You happy playing with the test suite? I'm off to bed. If you want, mirror your branch to chinstrap and I can play with it tomorrow.05:54
stubBradB: Yup.05:54
stubActually - nope.05:55
BradBstub: I might as well do so. I need to grok, fix, and land.05:55
BradBstub: !?05:55
stubI get the same problem with a single story05:55
stubWhich is stoopid, because the tests should be passing or else the checkins fail.05:55
BradBand they do....05:55
BradBi just got a failure email yesterday from test failures05:55
BradBwhich is why i couldn't land the malone forcefield05:56
stubstuart.bishop@canonical.com/launchpad--fixdbtests--0 might have something useful for you (screwing around with harness.py and pgsql.py trying to bulletproof the harnesses, but just causing more trouble...)05:57
BradBok, i'll take a look if i get stuck05:58
stubNight all. Meeting tomorrow!05:59
BradByep, later05:59
=== ddaa [~ddaa@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #launchpad
stubkiko: Your email about the views missed the 'CREATE VIEW' lines, so I have no idea what names to call them!06:07
=== debonzi [~debonzi@] has joined #launchpad
kikostub, they did? gosh.06:13
kikostub, I'll resend.06:13
BradBwoo, python test.py -vvf rocks06:14
=== ddaa sees no -f option in man python
kikostub, resent :-(06:16
kikoit's an option to test.py06:16
ddaawhat about --vvtf06:16
ddaaand it's a nice pun, too :-)06:17
spivThinking of which...06:17
spivHmm, no new daily wtf yet.06:17
ddaawhat's that?06:18
KinnisonCan I put a vote in for not naming views VFoo06:19
spivddaa: A recent beauty: http://thedailywtf.com/archive/2004/10/25/2882.aspx06:19
kikoKinnison, sure, as long as you have a rationale and a suggestion.06:19
Kinnisonkiko: rationale: Polish notation sucks; it's clear from usage what is a view and what isn't. Suggestion: Call it Foo instead06:20
kikoKinnison, no, it's not clear from the usage.06:20
spivKinnison: I'm not sure about "it's clear from usage what is a view and what isn't."06:20
KinnisonI am tired :-)06:20
kikoit's *not* at all.06:20
spivThe point of views is that they're used the same.06:20
kikoit's actually *very* easy to confuse with a real table given SQLObject's transparency06:20
=== Kinnison hands you the docstring :-)
spivThat might be an argument in favour of naming them the same, though :)06:21
KinnisonGiven the FooTable -> IFooTable mapping for the interface, are you doing VFoo -> IVFoo? 06:21
kikothe only place the view name appears is in the _table attribute of the SQLObject class06:21
kikoit's a little hint06:21
kikothere is no IVFoo06:22
kikono Python code deals with VFoo06:22
KinnisonYou don't need to give sqlobject an _table attribute if you name your view sensibly :-)06:22
spivThere's two different issues here... the name in SQL and the name in Python.06:22
Kinnisonat the sql level they're a view and \d foo can tell you this06:22
ddaaapparently, sql best practise is to use stupidlylongwindedandabusivelyverbosenames06:23
Kinnisonddaa: Yep :-)06:23
spivI don't feel strongly either way, but I'm leaning slightly towards kiko's position.06:23
Kinnisonddaa: PublishedSourcePackageRelease.sourcepackagerelease.sourcepackage.sourcepackagename.name06:23
kikobut at the SQLObject level there is no indication06:23
=== ddaa sighs
kikoand a view is *not* a table, so it would be nice to have that clearly indicated in the SQLObject class06:24
KinnisonIf you remove the indication once you've wrapped it in what programmers deal with from day-to-day; then there's no gain whatsoever in putting it into the database06:24
kikomy suggestion is06:24
KinnisonIf you call it 'Foo' in python, then there's no more gain in calling it 'VFoo' in psql than calling it 'Foo' and putting a comment in the class06:24
spivMaybe there should be some SQLObject support.  After all, UDPATE doesn't work on views, so SQLObject ideally would disallow assignments to columns on views.06:24
kikoI don't want to be arguing about a single letter for a week06:25
KinnisonI'm just putting my $0.02 in. Hungarian notation scares and irritates me :-)06:25
kikoI think it's a nice way to indicate this in a simple way06:25
ddaaspiv: that wtf is just a public display of what insane lengths VB programmers must go to do stupidly simple things.06:25
spivSo let's call it FooView, so we're at least arguing about *four* letters ;)06:25
spivddaa: Um, no :)06:26
kikowe cam06:26
spivddaa: VB has a Round builtin :)06:26
kikowe can't, spiv, because we already have FooView in our codebase.06:26
spivAh, good point.06:26
kikoas I was saying06:26
=== Kinnison shrugs. it's your code at the end of the day
=== Kinnison goes back to poking gina with very very thin very very hot wires
kikoI don't want to argue over a single letter; my suggestion is let it go in and if we decide it is horrible horrible oh my god, a V! then we can remove it. it's two lines.06:27
Kinnison*sizzle* :-)06:28
=== Kinnison fluffles kiko
=== BradB is now known as BradB|lunch
kikospiv, what if you implemented these lazy columns?06:52
kikoI would buy you a DVD of your choice06:52
spivkiko: Hmm!06:52
kikoif you did it by thursday two DVDs06:52
spivThe thought had occurred, but the DVD of my choice sweetens the deal!06:52
kikobribes are what we need to keep these people moving 06:53
kikoI mean, the column option is there already..06:53
spivI think I'd feel compelled to buy you a beer or two in Spain if you gave me *two* DVDs.  But I'm sure we could both live with that ;)06:53
kikoa beer in europe costs close to a dvd anyway06:54
=== kiko chuckles
kikono, that's england.06:54
kikoanyway, consider my bribe offered06:54
spivOk. :)06:54
spivI'm at least convinced now to take a serious look at how hard it would be...06:55
=== salgado [~salgado@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
debonziKinnison, do you know who is responsable to merge rocketfuel into launchpad.ubuntu.org ?07:10
Kinnisondebonzi: I think it's anyone; although I think launchpad is current run by BradB so probably him07:13
debonziKinnison, right.. because I can see that it is a little old already07:14
debonziKinnison, Ill ask him when he is back07:14
Kinnisoncool; okay07:14
[fg_ubuntu(~fede@] hi! ubuntu guru here07:30
[fg_ubuntu(~fede@] ?07:30
=== BradB|lunch is now known as BradB
lulunight guys :o)07:32
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #launchpad []
debonzihi BradB, are you the guy merging rocketfuel into launchpad.ubuntu.org?07:35
BradBdebonzi: nope, stub is.07:42
BradBi just push the big red button07:43
debonziBradB, right.. there is some stuff in soyuz that are not available there.. 07:44
BradBstub would be able to clarify, i think07:44
debonziBradB, ok.. thanks07:44
BradBno prob07:44
kikoBradB, I still think that spiv's offer is more interesting for this specific need, though yours could be more general and flexible07:47
kikoit's just simpler -- stuff a lazy=TRUE in the column and that's it07:48
BradByeah, that's another way to solve it07:52
BradBdepends on how much time it would take though; my solution is much more general.07:52
=== kiko is now known as kiko-afk
BradBbecause, for example, what if sometimes you want it lazy, but other times you don't?07:52
=== kiko [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
spivMan, having gnome-terminal crash is annoying.10:21
lifelessgnome-terminal is annoying, I'm an xterm addict10:25
kikoI use rxvt.10:32
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: This fixes baz ancestry(-graph) --dir DIRNAME (patch-58)10:45
spivAh, seb was able to reproduce my gnomem-terminal crash :)10:59
BradBwhen is the app server started for functional page tests?11:07
BradB(and when is it stopped?)11:07
ddaaAnyone knows a terminal emulator that's not a painstaking cpu hog, but has tabs and 11:08
ddaashiny antialiased fonts?11:08
salgadoddaa: have you tried konsole?11:11
ddaasalgado: used to work with kde, before I switched to ubuntu, back in July...11:12
ddaaI was very much annoyed at konsole too, though I do not remember why.11:12
ddaaBut the general feeling was that gnome-terminal actually was an improvement.11:13
salgadoback in the 2.4 days, it was almost impossible to use the mouse scroll in vim. now it's possible but uses a lot of cpu11:14
salgadoI say, in gnome-terminal11:15
ddaaWell, I think I'm going to stick with xterm for the few things that need fast scrolling, and gnome-terminal for everything else.11:16
kikognome-terminal takes years to start up :-(11:16
salgadokiko: but you only need one or two instances of it. each with multiple tabs (wich starts very fast)11:17
kikowell, you are an ion user..11:18
kikobut the multiple tabs, gah, I dunno11:18
ddaasalgado: actually you need only one instance of it.11:18
ddaasuccessive runs of the command will use the same process, unless given a specific option, something like --disable-factory11:19
spivIt's the it's-all-one-instance that makes it so annoying when it crashes :)11:21
ddaalifeless is the kind of folk that think that the main purpose of a desktop environment is to arrange xterm windows...11:23
lifelessddaa: I only use one.11:25
lifelesswhich disproves that theory immediately.11:26
lifelesswhat I meant was, if you use screen, then when (not if) gnome-terminal crashes, you don't lose anything.11:26
ddaalifeless: regarding the taxi weirdness, do you think it would be better keep the current database data for later diagnostic, or would it be better to clean everything and start from a known-sane situation?11:26
ddaaGood point.11:26
spivWell, I've only ever had it crash twice, both the same way, and seb's just reproduced it in a debug build, so I expect upstream will fix it.11:27
lifelesserm if the logs don't tell you what went on, you won't have much lug diagnosing.11:27
=== ddaa never had ubuntu's gnome-terminal crash on him. Could not say the same of Konsole.
spivBut yeah, I do use screen for some stuff, which makes the crash a little less painful :)11:27
ddaalifeless: okay, then I'll happily trash everything.11:28
carlosspiv: how do you solve the scroll problem with screen?11:41
carlosscroll problem == no scroll 11:41
carlosthat's the only problem I have with screen11:41
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: Fixing is_non_upwards_relative_path so that one can add ..filename files (patch-59)11:49
spivcarlos: I use screen almost entirely for irc, so irssi does the scrolling :)11:50
spivcarlos: Aren't there keybindings in screen for scrolling, though?11:50
carlosspiv: I didn't saw them11:50
spivI've seen daf (and others) do it.11:50
carlosI will ask daf then11:51
carlosour screen's king11:51
spivcarlos: C-a esc starts "copy mode", C-u/C-d will scroll up/down, q will exit copy mode.11:54
spivcarlos: See the man page for more details :)11:54
carlosbut then you need to activate it explicity11:54
carlosI will look for a way to activate it by default11:55
carlosspiv: thanks!11:55
carlosI'm so stupid sometimes...11:56
carlosspiv: that does exactly what I need, I don't need to do anything extra11:56
spivcarlos: The screen man page isn't particularly friendly :)11:56
spivYou're welcome :)11:56
spiv(I have actually done it before, which helped me look it up this time)11:57
carlosspiv: I looked at it sometime ago, and I decided that I had better things to do O:-)11:57
spivSearching for "scroll" and "page" in the man page doesn't help you very much, unfortunately.11:57
lifelessspiv: ctrl-A [, then arrows & pgup pgdown11:58
lifelessoh bah, you knew already. doh11:59
spivlifeless: Thanks, though :)11:59

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