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mdzKeybuk: I received an SMS from a number that I don't recognize saying that they won't be able to make the tech board meeting due to being on a plane04:53
Keybukwhat's the country code?04:55
mdzKeybuk: so shall we do this, or punt to the next meeting?04:59
mdzthis isn't necessarily tech board stuff, I suppose, but we do need to talk about it05:00
Keybukwe can have a chat about it, sure05:00
Keybukonly the one thing on the agenda?05:00
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:mdz] : Something which will pass for a tech board meeting
Keybuksuppose we better grab a couple of people05:01
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KeybukI can sense this is going to be of record length05:02
danielsKeybuk: er, no, hoary kickoff meeting05:03
mdzelmo: the only thing we need to discuss is how to manage the ongoing merges of new packages from Debian05:03
Keybukdaniels: what was last week, dude05:03
thomdaniels: the other direction05:03
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elmomdz: ?05:04
mdzelmo: Debian, big place with lots of packages05:04
elmomdz: ?05:04
mdzelmo: ...05:05
mdzKeybuk: so anyway, what kind of shape are the tools in for use on an ongoing basis?05:05
danielselmo: 05:05
Keybukwell, as I understand things05:05
Keybukpackages we haven't modified, elmo's magic will pull from Debian05:05
mdzKeybuk: is it feasible to automate at least the generation of the best-effort merges, and file bugs for their review?05:05
Keybukyeah, I think so05:06
Keybukif he can flag that a package we've modified has a new Debian version, my stuff can pull previous and current Debian, try to apply the diff to warty, and do it's dropped stuff05:06
Keybukautomating a bug filing ... I have no idea about ... I imagine it's doable though05:06
mdzKeybuk: there's a module in debzilla for filing bugs in bugzilla; it's dead easy05:07
Keybukshould we flag them all, or just the ones which the debian patch doesn't apply to?05:07
mdzbased on the last round, i think at least an eyeball review is called for05:08
mdzand a test build05:08
Keybukyeah, I tend to agree05:08
Keybukthere were a few where patch did odd things05:08
mdzthough, these are much smaller05:08
elmoKeybuk: how do you want me to flag that to you?05:08
mdzthe ones where it did truly odd things seemed to cause build failures anyway, so they'd be caught05:08
mdzhaving elmo's stuff send notifications sounds hairy; maybe Keybuk's stuff should just pull a Sources file from Debian on its own05:09
Keybukthe main issue is that I'm running on rookery05:09
elmomdz: I can ultra-trivially dump the lorraine output to a text file which keybuk can wget?05:09
elmoKeybuk: why's that an issue?05:09
mdzelmo: works for me05:10
Keybukjust a text file of source package names elmo thinks Debian have newer than warty would be ideal05:10
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Kamionsorry I'm late05:11
mdzKeybuk: as part of your output, can you include a debdiff from Hoary->the merged version?05:11
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Keybukyeah, if elmo installs that on rookery <g>05:11
mdzgood point05:11
mdzI've been nagging him for a week to put it on jackass :-P05:12
elmoerr, you so haven't05:12
elmoanyway, it's on rookery05:12
mdzOct 29 12:41:07 <mdz>   elmo: debdiff on jackass, please?05:12
Keybukwould you prefer debdiff from base -> {old hoary, new hoary} as well?  instead of just ordinary patch?05:13
elmomdz: ... one IRC message [that I missed]  is nagging for a week?05:13
mdzelmo: I could dig up more :-)05:13
mdzOct 26 15:25:44 <mdz>   could I get debdiff+interdiff on jackass?05:13
Keybukmdz: so, this debzilla thing, what's that?05:14
mdzKeybuk: that's the thing which creates bugs in bugzilla based on debbugs bugs05:14
elmodo you want just main, or main +universe?05:14
mdzKeybuk: matt.zimmerman@canonical.com--2004/debzilla--mainline--005:15
mdzelmo: ideally both, but filterable05:16
mdze.g., mark them as main or not in the text file05:16
mdzso we could generate the output for universe, but not file bugs05:16
mdzKeybuk: work for you?05:17
mdzKeybuk: yeah, base->new hoary is good too05:19
mdzI'm hoping those will be small and easily reviewable05:19
Kamionhas the problem that we often don't have the right base been fixed?05:19
Keybukyeah, hopefully05:19
Kamionthat bit me with a lot of the last round of merges05:19
KeybukKamion: theoretically it's seen the right base now :p05:19
Keybukbut yeah, I'll write some code to string ubuntu* and look on snapshot for that05:20
KamionKeybuk: certainly won't've done for some of the ones I'm doing05:20
Keybukstring? strip!05:20
Keybukthat's actually easy ... the only reason I didn't do it before is because I'm fallible and didn't think of that <g>05:20
elmokeybuk: jackass/lorraine/needs-merged.txt05:20
elmomissing universe atm. but is that okay?05:20
KeybukI assume it'll be s/main/universe/ :p05:21
elmofor universe ones, yes05:21
elmoit's "%s %s" % (pkg, component)05:22
mdzso I guess we'll find out in the course of doing this, how much manual work it will truly be05:22
mdzI think it will be fairly reasonable05:23
mdzbut hopefully just enough to provide the necessary incentives to push our changes upstream :-)05:23
mdzspeaking of which, herbert's kernel-package stem patch needs to go upstream05:23
Keybukwhat are we doing wrt to the current patches, btw?05:23
Keybukhave they all been pushed, or do we need to push some, etc.05:24
mdzwe don't have those figures05:25
KamionI've been going over d-i stuff as I upload the merges, pushing upstream as appropriate05:25
mdzof course we do have a fair volume of stuff that upstream isn't going to want05:26
mdzmaybe after hoary when we have better tools, we can do a comprehensive review and make sure that everything has been submitted upstream05:26
Kamionindeed, by far the greatest volume of the d-i patches is branding05:27
mdzmaybe we'll even have someplace to store that metadata :-P05:27
mdzand mark patches as should-go-upstream or not05:27
mdzanything else to discuss as part of the meeting?05:27
mdzgood call05:28
KeybukI'm going to finish brutalising hct's cli today ... will work on the continual merge thing tomorrow05:28
Kamion(viz., having some)05:28
mdzshould we temporarily use some other repository for the master seed lists until the wiki is fixed?05:28
KamionI'm happy with a world-writable text file on rookery, personally :-)05:28
mdzthey could be part of germinate's source tree05:28
Keybukwe could always use the old wiki?05:28
KamionKeybuk: that might be a plan05:28
mdzKeybuk: only if we can enable changes on a per-page basis05:29
mdzwhat about a group-writable arch archive?05:29
Kamionas long as we can get at it from {my dev boxes, little, jackass} that'd work05:30
KamionI don't think it should be part of germinate's source tree05:30
mdzis the wiki really the best place for it long-term?05:31
mdzmaybe when we were editing it every day, it was05:31
mdzwe can keep proposals in the wiki, and move them into the official seeds by other means05:31
mdzneeds a change history -> arch05:32
elmothe nice thing about the wiki is it was a http get for germinate05:32
elmoor anything else that wanted to fuck around with seeds05:33
Kamionelmo: we can do that with arch too05:33
mdza tla get isn't much different, no?05:33
Kamionelmo: dump a checkout on rookery05:33
mdzcan't tla dump a file for you in one step?05:33
elmoKamion: yeah, true05:34
mdzeven if not, a checkout isn't a big deal, I suppose05:34
Kamionfewer dependencies would be good, but I don't see a problem with having a cronned tla update on people/~cjwatson/seeds/ or whatever05:34
mdzI don't see a problem with germinate doing a tla get05:34
Kamionit's slow enough already :P05:34
mdzyeah, exactly :-)05:35
mdzwhat should we call the archive?05:35
Kamionand where should it go? do we want non-canonical staff to be able to write to it?05:35
Kamion(I assume the answer is "eventually, yes")05:36
mdzbut it isn't a big deal if they can't quite yet05:36
mdzit's not something which changes often, and we can propagate things easily enough when there's a consensus05:36
Kamionso just chinstrap as before then, I guess05:36
mdzmore a question of a personal archive vs. something else05:37
mdzKamion: fine with me if you want to keep them in your archive next to germinate05:37
Kamionubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com/seeds--warty--0 etc.?05:37
Kamionmdz: that's a bit technically awkward for group-writability, because my archive on chinstrap is only a mirror05:37
Kamionand y'all don't have logins on my home server05:38
mdzah, separate then, I suppose05:38
mdzdoes anyone know if we have an official naming scheme for public archives from the arch guys?05:38
Keybukwe do for imports, yes05:38
mdzanything which we could apply here as well, for consistency?05:38
Keybuk<product>@arch.ubuntu.com[--<source>-<year>] /<source>--<branch>--<version>05:39
KeybukKamion's idea seemed sound to me05:39
mdzthe ubuntu-devel one?05:39
mdzworks for me05:40
Kamionif there are no objections, I can create that after the meeting, import warty's seeds, and tag them onto hoary05:40
mdzwe can always change it if the arch secret police object05:40
mdzKamion: sounds good05:40
mdzwe have a bunch of seed changes to review and effect05:40
mdzI have a list from the kickoff meeting05:41
mdzand I believe there is stuff in the wiki for hoary05:41
mdzarything else to discuss?05:42
Keybuknot from me05:42
mdzok, adjourned05:43
mdzthanks, guys05:44
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:mdz] : Community Council Meeting, 2004-11-09 1600UTC
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