=== elmo [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmoerr, warty has SW RAID support in the installer, right ?12:14
lamontmjg59: any thoughts on #3213?12:14
mjg59With ACPI, there's no way to call DPMS code12:17
mjg59Why there's a garbled screen, I'm not sure12:18
mjg59Do we know if this is using the framebuffer?12:19
jdubelmo: yes12:22
elmonot RAID 1 root, apparently12:23
elmooh well12:23
amun8 12:32
thommdz: yeah, i'm gonna land one avec patches tomorrow morning12:34
=== ultrafunk [~pd@insanity.ridge.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
carlosjdub: is there any reason because the ubuntu-calendar-november package does not exists in hoary?12:39
mjg59Hoary is a pr0n-free zone in order to prevent the developers from becoming distracted12:44
mjg59They only get their pr0n fix when it's ready for release12:44
bob2all they have for distractions now is frozen-bubble and mao12:45
mjg59NO MAO12:45
=== pasc still hasn't played mao
pascI've managed to escape so far12:48
thompasc: heh, you shall soon learn the full power of the dark side12:49
pascI had bob2 and lifeless at my place yesterday, and _still_ managed to avoid it ;-)12:50
jdubcarlos: hrm, thought elmo was going to push it there too12:57
=== jdub will fix/
carlosjdub: thanks12:57
lamontmjg59: the bug is the sum total of what I know about it.  (Actually, I fear it's the superset... :-)01:12
mdzmako: ping?01:23
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-200-178-150.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jduboh poo01:37
jdubhow can we get u-c and u-c-monthly packages into hoary, given that they already exist in the archive?01:37
jdubmjg59: http://bugme.osdl.org/show_bug.cgi?id=367001:50
jdubthom: http://primates.ximian.com/~glesage/stuff/firefox/ -> 1.02 update01:50
mjg59jdub: Yeah, I've been playing with that01:54
mjg59The video_post stuff seems to work pretty well01:54
mjg59At the weekend, I'll build up test kernels01:55
jdubgarrett's theme works in 0.9.3, too02:00
mjg59As is, I'm doing suspend and resume on the X40 with no kernel arguments now02:00
mjg59We just reinit the video from userspace after resume02:02
mjg59I'm feeling pretty good about S3 support, once we manage to figure out what the complete failure on some hardware is02:02
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-50-191.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mjg59 wonders if he can convince Mark that a Sony X505VP would make a good test machine
bob2how's suspend looking on the craptop?02:05
jdubmjg59: "yeah, this one is reaaaallly buggy"02:05
mjg59bob2: Suspend is just peachy02:05
mjg59Resume, now that's a different matter02:05
bob2hah, right02:06
mjg59I've no fucking clue. The thing just never executes any of the wakeup code.02:06
mjg59Which makes debugging a complete arse02:06
=== mjg59 is at the point of wondering about printing out the ACPI spec
mjg59It's only 500 pages or so...02:06
bob2can windows wake it up?02:06
mjg59Works fine with XP02:06
mjg59I'm wondering about trying to write my own trivial ACPI implementation and then comparing that02:07
mjg59Hmm. We ought to be able to bodge screen blanking for the console together with x86 emulation.02:09
mjg59There's a routine at a known location in VBE compliant VGA Bioses02:10
mjg59More fun for me at the weekend02:10
=== mojo_ [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mojo_has AsliSolaritaire game in GNOME supported SVG yet?02:43
mojo_I decide to work on a SVG version02:43
makomdz: hey there02:46
makomdz: i'm still working on the summary of the kickoff meeting.. i'm almost done.. it's SO LONG02:47
mdzmako: you're telling me02:47
makomdz: i've been working on it for 2.5 hours :)02:47
mdzmako: I sent you my notes, right?02:48
makomdz: yeah02:48
mdzmako: I polished those notes into the HoaryGoals page02:48
makooh, ok02:49
makoi will link to those02:49
makothe summary will have a paragraph for most these02:49
makoa lot of it can be integrated straight into the goals page02:49
mdzmako: hmm, I was working on a hoary status update, sounds like we have some overlap02:51
mdzmako: you can stick to the events of the meeting, and I'll flesh things out in the status update\02:51
mdzif it's easier02:51
makowhat do you mean by events of the meeting?02:52
makoas in, don02:53
makodo you mean, "dont' flesh out out the feature goals so much"?02:53
makobecause that's what i'm doing onw02:53
mdzmore or less, yeah02:53
mdzbut if you've already done it, great02:53
=== rabidbt [~rabidbt@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
makomdz: well.. i've done probably half02:54
makoi've done more than half the log02:54
makomdz: i'll just continue. should be less than an hour02:54
mdzI haven't written that bit of the status update yet02:54
mdzso, more power to you02:54
makomdz: yeah, it will be useful to you and i was doing it anyway :)02:55
makoi can throw what i have somewhere if you want02:55
mdzhow I'm hoping it will work is that I've created subpages for the feature goals which need more fleshing out, and the people responsible will create them02:55
mdznah, I'm on my way out02:55
makook, sounds good02:56
jdubmdz: don't want to do bug tree?03:01
mojo_where is mplayer in upstream??? has lamont uploaded it yet?03:07
lamontmojo_: ??03:29
lamont"in upstream"??03:30
makomdz: heh.. at about 3.5 hours into the meeting, thing really start to degenerate :)03:33
makomdz: as in, your list is about as useful as the log itself :)03:33
=== hazmat [~hazmat@j71055.upc-j.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mojo_lamont: I can;t find any mplayer package!03:43
lamontmojo_: it's in multiverse as of hoary03:44
lamontalthough it appears to be ftbfs on amd64.03:50
mojo_lamont: synaptic crash immediately while loading data from multiverse03:50
mojo_lamont: bug sumitted03:51
mojo_lamont: apt-get works well with multiverse but...y xmms is dep for mplayer????03:52
chrisamojo: yes, --with-xmms iirc03:58
=== lamont just builds things. :-)
makodoes anyone want to read the hoary kickoff meeting summary and do me a huge favor in the process?04:12
lamontmako: where?04:12
makolamont: i need someone to fix obvious grammar errors in the second half04:13
makoi've been looking at it for almost 4 hours and my eyes are just too crossed to catch anything :)04:13
makolamont: http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~mako/04:14
makolamont: just edit the file when you find errors and send me the changed version04:14
makoand thanks :)04:14
makolamont: it's a text file04:17
makolamont: restructured text you don't need to know RST it edit it04:17
makorst is the source04:17
lamontso I should make edits in .rst. ok04:18
makolamont: i'm stepping out to buy a book04:25
makolamont: just email me04:25
makolamont: and thank you so much04:25
lamontmako: OK.04:26
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-082-066-197.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontmako: sent04:47
=== lamont sleeps
fabbionemorning guys05:12
fabbionenight lamont05:12
bob2didn't daniels just go to bed?05:13
fabbionebob2: well it's 5am here05:15
fabbioneit's not like i am babysitting him05:15
fabbionehe can go to bed when he wants :-)05:15
bob2heh, I just assumed he'd been hackign with you :)05:16
lifelesslast message from daniels is 07:2005:16
lifelesswhich is some time ago05:16
fabbioneduring the night i have this insane habit to try to sleep05:16
lifelessreally ?05:16
fabbioneand i don't even succeed05:17
=== hazmat [~hazmat@j71055.upc-j.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== dasenjo [~dasenjo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dasenjoHi .. how are you ?05:26
dasenjoIm almost a newbie .. but I want to contribute with ubuntu .. 05:26
bob2dasenjo: do you know how to maintain debian packages?05:26
dasenjobob2, a little .. 05:27
dasenjobob2, really I dont feel I can mantain XFree or the kernel ... but a web aplicattion or a perl scipt collection .. 05:27
=== dasenjo [~dasenjo@] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Abandonando"]
mojo_I've just made the Xig DexTop CDE 3.0 work with Ubuntu, sweet!05:49
bob2hehehe cde.05:49
mojo_bob2: I still use CDE, Maya6 and Ubuntu for 3D works, GNOME still leak lots of my resources05:50
chrisaCDE still makes my eyes bleed05:55
=== ultrafunk [~pd@eth779.vic.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mojo_bob2: can u pls check for me wethere there is any msg 'FATAL: udev' in your demsg??06:02
mojo_chrisa: can u pls check for me wethere there is any msg 'FATAL: udev' in your demsg??06:02
chrisaI don't run ubuntu06:02
bob2mojo_: none06:02
mojo_bob2: try 'FATAL'06:03
mojo_bob2: thx, so this is not initscript bug06:03
mojo_bob2: I got a msg after init process bootup, FATAL: udev is alreay mounted in /dev/06:04
mojo_bob2: and FATAL: can't find bla blah kernel/hw_char thing06:04
bob2nothing matching FATAL in my dmesg06:05
mojo_bob2: some msg can't be caught by dmesg, I try to find someway to catch it06:05
bob2there used to be /var/log/bootlog06:06
bob2but I can't actually find it in ubuntu06:06
mojo_same here06:07
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-68-92-227-70.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
makolamont: thank you so much for your help06:14
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-68-92-227-70.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== winkle [~winkle@lgh3814234.vittran.norrnod.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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fabbionemdz: ping08:09
fabbionehey pitti08:09
pittiHi fabbione!08:20
=== pitti greets the X-Men
=== sid77 [~sid77@host98-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sid77 'morning (it :)
danielspitti: morning08:42
pittiHi daniels08:42
=== daniels [daniel@fooishbar.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangmorning all09:02
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-187.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ChrisH yawns
pittiHi mvo_ !09:30
mvo_hi pitti 09:30
mvo_good morning :)09:30
fabbionehey Miss Vogt :P09:37
=== fabbione hides
=== mvo_ slaps fabbione
mvo_good morning fabbione :)09:39
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-24-131.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangmorninig pitti !09:50
pittiHi sivang 09:50
seb128hello guys09:51
jameshmvo_: were you trying to find me yesterday?09:51
mvo_jamesh: yes, I wanted to ask stuff about libglade and toolbars09:52
jameshmvo_: bug 157215?09:52
sivangbonjour seb128 09:52
mvo_jamesh: did I reported it? then yes :)09:52
seb128'jour sivang :)09:53
seb128jamesh: hey. So transparent applets will work now ! What was missing exactly before ?09:53
jameshseb128: I just changed libpanel-applet to handle background changes in an idle handler (instead of in the PropertyBag set_prop handler), and a valid background pixmap was being passed to the applet every time09:55
seb128jamesh: ok, cool. You rock :)09:55
jameshwhereas before it would sometimes say "I don't like this pixmap ID, so will use the default background"09:55
seb128this will be nice for the GNOME 2.10 screenshots :)09:56
jameshseb128: it seems that my libpanel-applet change doesn't fix the problem, but does significantly reduce how often it occurs10:14
seb128that mean that sometimes you get a transparent background and sometimes not ?10:15
seb128with the same code ?10:15
jameshoccasionally the background pixmap ID the panel passes to the applets seems to be invalid10:18
jamesh(most likely because the panel has already deleted it and changed to something else)10:19
danielsseb128: btw, the metacity-weird-spinning-cursor-with-xterm thing is reproducible here10:19
jameshin those cases, you end up with the applet will go back to the default background10:19
danielsseb128: and metacity doesn't start at all per default, i need to start it from a terminal10:19
danielsseb128: does the version of metacity we ship have a built-in compositing manager?10:19
seb128jamesh: hum ok10:20
seb128daniels: yes, metacity has a composite manager10:21
danielsseb128: phat10:21
seb128daniels: but the package is built without it10:21
seb128Not building compositing manager by default now, must enable explicitly to get it. And it doesn't work, so don't bother unless you want to hack on it...10:21
seb128Building without compositing manager10:21
danielsah, ok10:22
danielswell, when it becomes useful, you'll probably want to start building it10:22
danielsfor the meantime, I'll just make up an xcompmgr package10:22
danielsi'm interested in getting seriously wide testing on composite and seeing whether or not it's worth enabling per default (i.e. slow/buggy?)10:22
seb128BTW you're the first to report a problem about metacity not starting with the session10:23
seb128that's weird10:23
danielsyeah, you're telling me ;)10:23
thomseb128: he probably just doesn't know how to run X properly10:23
seb128thom: I think so yeah10:24
danielsthom: maybe it died in the arse under the load of ten thousand NetworkManager dialogs10:24
seb128thom: what about the firefox-dev package ? Lot of work ?10:24
danielsthom: (btw, the firefox back/forward button hackery involved hacking gdk)10:25
jameshwhat sort of hackey?10:27
danielsjamesh: just getting it to understand back and forward key sequences and dealing with history thusly (i.e. same way as horizontal scrolling)10:28
daniels(on that note, if vertical scrolling is the z-axis, what's horizontal scrolling? the  axis? the  axis?)10:28
thomseb128: shouldn't be too bad10:28
jameshthom: has anyone considered asking for permission to use the official firefox branding?10:30
thomjamesh: not that i'm aware of10:31
=== trukulo [~mzarza@26.Red-81-45-239.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukulofabbione, i've got here uniform of rogue, if you want it...10:37
danielsi don't think anyone wants to see fabbione in that ...10:39
fabbionetrukulo: daniels will run away screaming10:39
fabbionethat's not good ;)10:39
azeemLWN claims Ubuntu 4.10 supports the Pegasos-II, did somebody verify that in the meantime?10:39
trukulofabbione, daniels : are you going to Mataro ?10:40
trukulobecause i will go10:40
danielstrukulo: both of us will be there, yah10:40
trukuloi will be very pleased to see both of you dressed as rogue and jean grey10:40
=== lilo [lilo@levin-pdpc.staff.freenode] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lilo looks in
azeemmako: Ubuntu traffic #9 has http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~mako/ubuntu-traffic/u20041022_09.html as URL, but it says 'Ubuntu Traffic #9 For 2004/10/2' in the title (10/2 vs. 10/22)10:41
trukuloi'm not *@canonical , but i've talked with javier linares and i will go one day to talk with you10:41
ChrisHIs it okay if I just edit the Wiki page HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops? I have a Toshiba Tecra 8100 and could provide some updates.10:41
fabbionetrukulo: you will recongnize us...10:42
trukulofabbione, if i don't, i'll ask for you10:42
fabbionewe will be the ones with black eyes and most injuries10:42
trukuloand kamion and jdub, i think i've found jdub's pants10:42
fabbioneafter users will try to hunt us down10:43
trukulodon't worry, at least it's better than a cake in the face10:43
trukuloso seriously, i wanna go to met you, if you have time perhaps you can explain me what are you going to do in mataro10:44
seb128ChrisH: yes, feel free to make changes on the wiki10:44
ChrisHseb128: ok10:44
fabbionetrukulo: we will be probably fixing bugs on X.org & Co.10:45
trukulofabbione, will you have time for a coffe?10:46
Mithrandirtrukulo: nope, just beer.10:46
trukuloMithrandir, umm, i think i can sacrifice and have a beer too10:47
danielsiced tea is good also10:47
danielstrukulo: bugsquashing, handwaving about future plans10:47
danielshacking like crazy :)10:47
trukulowell, i'm not a programmer, but perhaps you need a bad BOFH there10:48
lilohmmmm....I mostly stopped by because I noticed you folks were having a conference on in the beginning of December....I wanted to make sure you let us know if you needed anything10:49
=== lilo is not sure who to talk to
Mithrandirlilo: jdub or mdz, I'd guess.10:49
liloalso, as behind as we are on processing them, you may want to file a group contact form if you haven't already....would they be the people to talk to about that as well?10:50
lilo(it'd be whoever would be considered "official contacts")10:50
fabbionetrukulo: we will find the time for everybody hopefully10:50
fabbionetrukulo: i don't make any kind of promises but i will be there for sure10:51
fabbioneand yes..10:51
fabbionea lot :-)10:51
trukulofabbione, lol, yes, i know that it's very difficult to talk with everybody10:51
trukuloi'll kidnape you, don't worry10:51
Mithrandirlilo: I guess so, yes.10:51
=== sid77_away [~sid77@host100-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielslilo: jdub is the best point man in terms of setting up a group contact for ubuntu10:54
lilodaniels: kay, sounds good10:55
danielslilo: as for the conference, we should be fine in terms of infrastructure, but thanks10:55
lilodaniels: mostly I just want to make sure that if you need anything on the fly, you know to check with us10:55
lilodaniels: higher user limits on some NAT IP, etc.10:55
danielsyeah, if we need higher per-IP limits, I'll ask again10:55
daniels(ran into that problem in August)10:56
liloyeah, we do need to keep those pretty limited normally due to kiddie problems, the limits in turn can create issues10:56
liloI'll try to get hold of jdub about the group contact thing10:57
liloI've been noticing you guys a lot lately, you've been very busy, I wanted to touch base :)10:57
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-39-233.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionelilo: don't worry too much... we might as well keep the conference on oftc10:57
=== fabbione hides
lilofabbione: eek 8)10:58
fabbionelilo: wouldn't be easier for you guys if we setup a local server and link from that one?10:58
fabbioneatleast all the conference people will not die on netsplits10:59
lilofabbione: well, we can do that if you guys want to10:59
lilofabbione: happy to set something up11:00
fabbionelilo: we can take a look to it after we will know the available infrastructure setup down there11:00
danielslilo: last time we had an internal IRC server because we had a staggeringly reliable connection, but if you're happy to have us set up a leaf, we might do that11:00
lilosounds good11:00
fabbionelilo: perhaps you can prepare a server config "freenode" approved for such task11:00
fabbioneso that we need to minimize intrusion in the netwoek11:00
danielsjust as long as it's not going to be taken down by someone doing OPERWALL, umode -o, or whatever11:01
lilowell, usually we just request an account and set the thing up as a normal server11:01
lilothen it gets routing configuration updates along with everybody else11:02
fabbionelilo: well.. isn't better than someone really experienced provides us a tested configuration?11:02
danielsunfortunately on an internal LAN, we'd be uncomfortable about the security issues of providing accounts11:03
=== lilo nods
lilowell, maybe we can work something out that will do the job11:03
Mithrandirdaniels: we could put it on a separate host which is only allowed to speak irc through the net.11:04
Mithrandirwhat would the system requirements for such a system be?11:04
danielsMithrandir: p10011:04
fabbionelilo: the problem is if we are behind NAT11:04
fabbionelilo: we might not have control over the firewall 11:04
danielslilo: if you guys are comfortable with it, I'm quite comfortable administering dancer11:04
danielslilo: but this is all hypothetical, so we'll cross that bridge if/when we come to it11:05
lilodaniels: should be doable11:05
MithrandirI can bring spare HW, and I can set up a VPN of some sort home to.11:05
danielslilo: phat11:05
=== robtaylor|away is now known as robtaylor
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneseb128: if i was starting from 1 Jan 2004.. there is lifeless that prefers to jump back to year 1004 ;)11:19
danielsheh, someone just pointed out http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+debian to me11:20
seb128fabbione: ah ah :)11:20
danielsmdz: please import #25138611:25
seb128pitti: here ?11:38
pittiseb128: yes11:38
seb128you've seen the changes in the groupes/privileges stuff in gst ?11:38
seb128I don't really like the new system, you can't make manual tweaking for stuff not listed ... and you don't have the details on the list items neither11:39
pittiseb128: hmm, actually I think the new design is slightly better11:41
seb128pitti: BTW I don't have  #3230 here, the "gksudo users-admin" menu entry still works fine ... you sure you didn't make typo error in your password or something ?11:41
pittiseb128: at least it was easy to add our plugdev/scanner groups11:41
pittiyes, I tried it maybe ten times :-)11:41
pittiBTW, it still worked yesterday11:41
pittibut now, after a reboot, it doesn't any more11:41
seb128weird weird weird11:41
pittidid you reboot?11:41
seb128my computer is down when I sleep11:42
pittimine too11:42
seb128and I've slept this night :)11:42
pittithe authentication system got even more complicated11:42
pittiand I currently don't know how to set default privileges for newly created users only in the users-conf script11:42
seb128gksudo works with other stuff on your box ?11:42
pittibut I can't test this as long as I'm bothered with this su stuff11:43
pittibtw, I also tried at the console with "sudo users-admin"11:43
pittipreauthenticated, i. e. without password11:43
pittisame problem11:43
seb128no problem with sudo here11:44
seb128I've just tried11:44
=== pitti scratches his head
=== seb128 too
pittiThe odd thing is that it worked yesterday11:44
pittibut not after today's dist-upgrade...11:44
=== seb128 dist-upgrade
seb128  dictionaries-common libexif-dev libexif10 libraptor1 libruby1.8 lvm211:45
seb128  mysql-common ruby1.8 synaptic11:45
seb128nothing that could be problematic in this imho11:45
seb128still ok after the dist-upgrade ...11:45
seb128you have changed your PATH or something ?11:46
pittiseb128: I have 1.1.0-0ubuntu111:46
pittinot really11:46
seb128ii  gnome-system-t 1.1.0-0ubuntu1 Cross-platform configuration utilities for G11:46
pittiseb128: whereis users-admin is correct11:46
pittiseb128: I also tried in the built source11:46
pittiseb128: I try to log out and back in11:47
|trey|Permission to put the Java source I use in Wiki commented out? (plus explaination)11:47
trukulo|trey|, denied (lol)11:48
|trey|trukulo, what? why  :(11:48
trukuloit's a joke11:48
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: still same problem...11:48
trukuloit's a wiki, do it, that's what a wiki is for11:48
seb128pitti: dunno what could be wrong ....11:49
pittiseb128: I dig into this.11:49
|trey|(deb http://jrfonseca.dyndns.org/debian/ ./ - the source...)11:49
seb128pitti: ok, let me know if you find something11:49
seb128pitti: does "sudo su -c /usr/bin/time-admin" works ?11:50
danielslamont: fwiw, coreutils is ftbfs on my buildd here11:51
pittiseb128: I think I know what's wrong11:51
seb128oh ?11:51
pittiseb128: I modified users-conf and this thing somehow does not like my debugging statements11:51
pittiseb128: so, my fault :-)11:51
=== robtaylor [~robtaylor@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== bob2 [rob@bob2.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Mitario wakes up
Mitariohi all12:04
seb128morning Mitario 12:04
=== mojo_ [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== nmf [~nmf@adsl-b4-69-103.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
|trey|https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/GuideToHoary Changes to Hoary sources.list ok?12:22
ChrisHmjg59: I have two Toshiba notebooks. Do you need help in testing/debugging? The Tecra seems to have some trouble still (sound, power management etc.).12:24
=== winkle [~winkle@lgh3814234.vittran.norrnod.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59ChrisH: That would be good12:24
mjg59ChrisH: I'll be building test packages at the weekend, if you're interested?12:24
ChrisHmjg59: Sure.12:24
|trey|Note entirely sure if I should be telling them HOW to do it?  :o12:24
mjg59ChrisH: I'll be looking at power management first, since that's the biggest issue12:25
=== |trey| is just making sure he doesn't get in trouble he thinks :)
ChrisHmjg59: Right. Not being able to suspend/hiberate is a problem. :) That used to work when I had Debian on it.12:26
ChrisHmjg59: I don't know if that's related. But during boot I get messages like "modprobe: FATAL: Error inserting pciehp" and "...shpchp"... :Operation not permitted12:28
mjg59ChrisH: Yeah, that's unrelated12:28
fabbioneMithrandir: any eta for 3032?12:28
fabbioneMithrandir: if so.. would you mind to take care of 2872 too?12:28
mjg59ChrisH: It's likely that under Debian you were using APM rather than acpi - if you add apm to the end of /etc/modules and boot with acpi=off things might work better12:28
ChrisHmjg59: Ah. I'll try.12:29
ChrisHmjg59: btw, the boot phase is delayed during ntp sync when there is no network connection. perhaps this could be improved.12:29
mjg59ChrisH: Yeah, that ought to be better in Hoary12:29
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirfabbione: yes, I'll take 2872 as well.12:31
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneMithrandir: thanks12:32
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has left #ubuntu-devel []
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneMithrandir: btw... just finished to build x.org debs for amd64 :-)12:32
Mithrandirfabbione: woo :)12:32
fabbionenext one is ppc12:32
sid77waiting that :)12:33
mjg59fabbione: When do we get the sweet, sweet crack?12:33
fabbionemjg59: pretty soon12:33
danielssoon enough, young jedi12:34
danielsyou must be patient to fully appreciate the way of the x12:34
danielsKamion: in use, apparently12:34
ObiOneor ObiLan12:34
=== elmo [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionehey elmo12:36
fabbioneelmo: can i get access to a i386 hoary chroot at the dc?12:37
elmohey fabbione12:37
danielsmjg59: you love the pipe12:37
elmofabbione: haven't you got i386/hoary locally?12:37
danielselmo: yes, and also DSL12:37
fabbioneelmo: yes i do, but i will be more happy to spare 150MB of uploads for X.org during the next days12:37
fabbioneelmo: since we might have to release one behind another for testing12:38
fabbionelike on roockery or so12:38
fabbionebefore hitting the archive12:38
fabbioneone upload from here would take me ages12:38
fabbionemore than a remote build12:38
Kamionelmo: did you see my question yesterday about "Task: ubuntu-desktop" fields for hoary?12:40
elmofabbione: meh, ok, building12:41
elmokamion: yes, but as I was leaving, one sec12:41
fabbioneelmo: after the first build i will need your help on ppc and amd64 to build xorg-synaptic-drivers, because it requires xorg installed in the chroot12:42
elmokamion: fixed12:44
danielsmjg59: BORG12:44
elmofabbione: meh, k12:44
daniels(to which the logical next step is, of course ...)12:44
=== madduck [~madduck@madduck.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneelmo: no rush.. it's going to be either later today12:44
fabbioneor tomorrow12:44
danielsmjg59: no, BONG12:44
Kamionelmo: ta12:44
Kamionshould be able to build Hoary CDs now12:44
Kamionactually I'm installing with one now to see how the installer works, but it doesn't have any of Desktop on it12:45
danielsmjg59: JRG is two steps12:45
mvo_elmo: is it possible to get changelog like http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/ for ubuntu? that would be uebercool12:46
elmoKamion: is RAID1 root on the d-i TODO list?12:46
Kamionelmo: should just work with the d-i sync?12:46
elmoKamion: oh, well, that means installing hoary :)12:46
elmobut if it's going to be in hoary, excellent12:46
Kamion    - raid1 works for root (or /boot) with raid1, of course does not with12:47
Kamion      raid0. Remove the big scarey warning, though we really need a new one12:47
Kamion      about raid0 and some other raid levels.12:47
Kamionmight force lilo rather than grub12:47
elmokamion: is it worth test installing hoary while I'm here?  I have an amd64 I'm installing anyway12:47
Kamionwell, I'll do a daily build once auckland picks up your Packages changes12:47
elmomvo_: that's the one with full changelog, right?12:47
Mithrandirelmo: it would be nice to have the new syslinux tested.12:48
mvo_elmo: yes. so that aptitude and synaptic can get them12:48
Kamionelmo: don't spend too much effort on it, though, it's exceedingly rough and I'm betting myself large sums of money that base-config will be broken12:48
mvo_elmo: it's not urgent of course (not at all)12:49
elmomvo_: well, reasonably happy to do - but you could set it up yourself too, if you wanted - there's a full mirror on rookery, tho it's not auto-syncing yet12:50
KamionKeybuk: would it be possible to make your merge tool handle permissions?12:53
elmoKamion: mirror's are  syncing now, fwiw12:53
KeybukKamion: not easily12:54
Keybukthey're pretty hard to spot too12:54
Kamioneven for new files?12:56
Kamionit broke grub-installer :)12:56
Kamionelmo: ok, turns out I have to wait for grub-installer to autobuild anyway12:57
=== ultrafunk [~pd@eth779.vic.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== herzi_lap [~herzi@c149006.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmofabbione: macaroni01:04
=== sivang [~dannyh@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneelmo: thanks!01:06
fabbioneelmo: can I get ccache in the chroot please?01:08
fabbioneand rman01:08
fabbionethat should make it01:08
sivangany doc people around?01:11
thomdpkg-deb: building package `mozilla-firefox-dev' in `../mozilla-firefox-dev_0.99+1.0RC1-3_amd64.deb'.01:19
seb128cool :)01:20
Mithrandirthom: does it still crash if you type more than two characters into the search field?01:22
danielsMithrandir: wfm on i38601:23
Mithrandirdaniels: crashes for me on amd64 :)01:23
elmofabbione: done01:23
Mithrandirdaniels: but works most of the time on amd6401:24
fabbioneelmo: thanks01:24
thomMithrandir: no, i've still never seen that crash on i386 or amd6401:24
danielsah, bong.  gcc-3.3 completes a full (slow) spin around the buildd, only to be followed immediately by gcc-3.4.01:27
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirnothing like remote-healing system just by logging into them.01:27
=== |trey| asks that people that see Synaptic not being used for 'http://blah/foo ./' be changed... you just leave the last line empty, worked since early warty...
|trey|I changed what I could find... but don't see any more  :(01:32
mvo_|trey|: apparently the synaptic repository is difficult to use for a lot of people01:33
|trey|mvo_, Not enough people read the Synaptic howto I guess... but it works...01:34
mvo_|trey|: I know that it works :)01:34
thomum, rock.01:37
thomusr/bin/ldd: line 1:   915 Segmentation fault      LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS=1 LD_WARN= LD_BIND_NOW= LD_LIBRARY_VERSION=$verify_out LD_VERBOSE= ${RTLD} "$file"01:37
thomdpkg-shlibdeps: failure: ldd on `debian/mozilla-firefox/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/libsmime3.so' gave error exit status 101:37
|trey|mvo_, hmm, I'm just now reading it... based more on preview... more organized now... (unsupported and supported getting 2 entries, not one...01:37
|trey|mvo_, how do you upload pics to the repo?01:37
|trey|Just use html?01:38
mvo_|trey|: haven't tried that yet01:39
|trey|I really don't think Cox (my ISP would like the traffic :o)01:39
mvo_sure :)01:40
mvo_it is possible and should be pretty easy actually01:40
|trey|mvo_, I don't see it  :(  even looking at what they did, its not clear  :(01:41
mvo_|trey|: there is a small "add new item" over the header of the page and below the [contents] [view]  tabs01:43
|trey|https://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/components/ Should contain Multiverse too, incomplete, I can't edit it though  :(01:44
carloslatest cpufreq configuration file is broken in hoary01:46
carlos-pm_type=pmu #(acpi, apm or pmu)01:46
carlos+pm_type=acpi #(acpi, apm or pmu)01:46
mvo_|trey|: this one is a "locked" page, I can't edit it too. 01:46
carlosunder PPC01:46
mvo_|trey|: do you want to file a bug about it?01:47
|trey|mvo_, wiki is a different site to main, bugzilla has its own, nothing for wiki, thats ok?01:51
mvo_|trey|: I think ther their is "other website"01:52
thomI HATE firefox01:56
danielsthom: firefox doesn't require you to have sprints on the wrong side of the world01:58
|trey|thom, haha, at least the RC fixed Java  8)01:58
thom|trey|: it doesn't even build on amd64, so that's the least of my worries01:58
=== trukulo [~mzarza@26.Red-81-45-239.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
|trey|thom, indeed, ouch  :(01:59
trukulojdub, r u there?01:59
trukuloi've got a mascot? for ubuntu02:00
trukuloyou know, the animal and those things02:00
trukuloor if you want something more technological02:01
=== thom radiates hate at firefox
thomdaniels: neither does X. you're on the right side of the world now02:03
danielsthom: you say that, but you also allege that this side of the world requires me to by pan^Wtrousers in december.  what's up with that?02:04
danielsso, like, mono02:10
danielsright now I can't do a mono-aware dbus, something about main02:11
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsthom: here, you merge the (totally parallel-developed) modular/monolithic libX11, I'll take Firefox02:11
=== thom digs out the ICBM coords for the Mozilla foundation
thomhey, lets use autoconf. i hear that has good cross platform love. AND THEN LETS IGNORE IT UTTERLY FOR one library02:12
danielsthom: oh dear.  which library?02:14
thomthe security (smime, ssl etc) libraries02:15
mvo_a arch question: how can I "undo" a init-tree. I did it in the wrong dir and how it always complains02:15
fabbionedpkg-deb: building package `xserver-xorg' in `../xserver-xorg_6.8.1-0.2_powerpc.deb'.02:15
thomso they build that lot with CC=gcc; rather than CC=gcc-3.402:15
robtaylorfabbione: cool :)02:15
thomfabbione: can i have some amd64 test love? :-)02:16
danielsthom: oh man02:16
danielsthom: that's wack02:16
fabbionethom: you will test it for me02:16
danielsthom: it's already building fine on amd6402:16
=== robtaylor feels sorry for thom
danielsthom: you should've used your admin supahpowahs to watch for ~fabbione:*.deb on yellow02:16
fabbionewe finished amd64 like 2 hours ago...02:16
fabbionethere is nothing on yellow anymore :-)02:16
thomfabbione: give me debs then! ;-)02:17
daniels*waves hand* there are no xorg amd64 debs02:17
danielsthom: when firefox is fixed02:17
fabbionethom: within today or tomorrow morning02:17
thomdaniels: screw you, hippy02:17
danielsthom: wouldn't want to distract you from anything, y'know, important, with our toys :)02:17
danielsthom: i respect the fact you have an important package02:17
danielsthom: you were right02:17
thomgimme debs or I'll misdirect you to G-A-Y rather than fabric02:18
fabbionethom: there are no debs02:18
fabbionei removed all of them from the buildd02:18
fabbioneand there is a reason for it02:18
danielsthom: fabio is the evil buildmaster02:19
fabbioneotherwise we would have done the first drop today02:19
danielsthom: i don't even have an account on yellow02:19
danielsthom: i just watch this here buildd02:19
danielsand do patchwork02:19
thombah :-)02:20
danielsfabio just wandered out (workraved) muttering something about 'ccache' and 'bitching'02:21
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirlamont: poke?02:47
=== fabbione opens a bottle of champagne
fabbione2 round on ppc = success02:55
pittifabbione: congrats!02:55
fabbioneall the archs all alligned02:55
fabbionewe need to strip the orig.tar.gz and rebuild02:56
=== sid77 adds another bottle ;)
Mithrandirmjg59: you maintain the pile that is nstx03:07
thomhah. firefox has succumbed to my will03:07
Mithrandirmjg59: can you tell me why I'm  utterly unable to get it to do what I want?03:07
thomit now not only buils but doesn't segfault, either03:08
danielsmjg59: mith and I are trying to convince bind9 to act as a forwarder to nstx03:08
jdubdaniels: rock! write a recipe!03:08
danielsmjg59: so bind listens on *:53, forwards nstx.* to localhost:535303:08
Mithrandirjdub: we need to get it working first.03:08
danielsjdub: working on it03:08
jdubMithrandir: excuses!03:09
mjg59daniels: Rock03:09
mjg59Mithrandir: Because it's a steaming pile of shit?03:09
Mithrandirdaniels: have you gotten it working?03:10
danielsmjg59: ... any ideas? :)03:11
danielsMithrandir: no03:11
danielsi wouldn't be harassing mjg59 if I hadj03:11
danielsworks if I specify as the nameserver, but breaks badly using anything else03:11
jdubfabbione: dude?03:12
MithrandirI can't get it working, no matter what I specify as the NS.03:12
jdubfabbione: wanna help out with an ubuntu-it mailing list? :-)03:12
fabbionejdub: ?03:13
jdubthat wasn't the wild excitement i was expecting03:13
fabbionethe guy that asked the mailing list already asked me03:13
Mithrandirjdub: try enrico?03:13
enricoMithrandir: yes?03:13
Mithrandirenrico: ^^03:13
fabbionejdub: i am not interested in being the only maintainer (or 2) following an entire mailing list.03:13
enricoI'm busy in the docteam meeting now03:13
enricoHow can I help you later?03:14
jdubfabbione: but... but... where is your national pride?03:14
Mithrandirenrico: jdub wants somebody on the ubuntu-it list -- talk to him. :)03:14
fabbionejdub: enotime really...03:14
thomseb128: what's the magic to make epiphany build with firefox?03:16
seb128thom: DEB_CONFIGURE_EXTRA_FLAGS := --with-mozilla=firefox03:16
seb128in debian/rules03:16
mjg59daniels: And you've hacked nstx to bind to a port other than 53?03:16
Mithrandirmjg59: yes.03:16
Mithrandir        type forward;03:17
Mithrandir        forwarders {03:17
Mithrandir port 5353;03:17
Mithrandir        };03:17
jdubMithrandir: and you've hacked it to bind only on a particular interface? :)03:17
=== enrico has no time for ubuntu-it either
Mithrandirjdub: nope03:17
jdubenrico, fabbione: you guys! holy cow!03:17
danielsmjg59: 5353, as it were03:17
Mithrandirmjg59: that should really be a confiuration item03:18
mjg59Mithrandir: Yes, yes it should03:18
thomephy is building03:18
mjg59File a wishlist bug :)03:18
thomand it looks to be using firefox03:18
thomseb128: right, i'll fix up the branding and upload03:21
jdubthom: rocking! rocking!03:22
seb128thom: upload epiphany ?03:22
seb128or firefox-dev03:23
seb128or both ?03:23
danielshas anyone here got nstx working with external nameservers?03:25
danielsmine works just great with the same machine as the name server, but is total arse with externals03:25
thomseb128: firefox03:26
seb128I'll upload epiphany when mozilla-firefox-dev will be here :)03:27
thomrock on03:27
thomonce this is done, i'll hit up the industrial theme03:28
jdubthe new one is surprisingly good03:28
thomhas it fixed the FAYT dialog?03:28
jdubforget all your troubles?03:29
thomfind as you type03:29
jdubhrm, dialog?03:29
thomhit / and firefox should pop up a box at the bottom of the browser pane03:29
thom(assuming you're running hoary and have a 1.0 firefox)03:30
jduboh right03:30
jdubon warty box atm03:30
thomoh well03:30
thomdownloading now to try03:30
thomthat'd be a big 'no'03:31
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubthom: whoa03:33
jdubthom: yeah, no.03:33
thomhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~thom/industrial-disaster.png :/03:35
jdubmm, got same thing here03:36
thomit also breaks the "save as" dialog03:38
thomi think we'll pass for the time being03:43
jduboh man03:46
jdubi meant to type 'dict trousers'03:46
jdubinstead, i typed 'apt-cache show trousers'03:46
danielsjdub: yeah03:47
danielsi thought the huge mistake was that you meant to type 'trousers' in the first place03:47
=== lamont_r [~lamont@dsl-140-203.dynamic-dsl.frii.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomtrousers: (n) what american-wannabes call pants03:48
danielswatch yourself.03:50
Mithrandirlamont_r: nstx is being mean to me.03:51
Mithrandirlamont_r: and I suspect bind9 is acting up as well03:51
lamont_rMithrandir: maybe they just don't like you??? :-)03:52
lamont_rwhat sort of "acting up"?03:53
Mithrandirseems like it doesn't want to forward packets to nstx, or I'm just dumb.03:58
mjg59nstx hates everyone03:58
mjg59Mithrandir: It'd probably be a good idea to throw some code in to check whether packets ever get received, though03:58
Mithrandirok, what I have is roughly this:  nstx.err.no is the nstx zone, it is running on vawad,  I'm using another host as my DNS server (, but that shouldn't matter)03:59
Mithrandir dig -t ns +norecurse nstx.err.no @
Mithrandirthat will show you that err.no has a glue record for nstx set up04:00
Mithrandirsudo tcpdump -i eth1 -n host and port 53 <-- this doesn't give me _any_ packets.04:01
Mithrandirwhich I find weird.04:01
MithrandirI guess I have a wart somewhere in my setup, but I'm unable to find it.04:02
danielselmo: ping04:11
elmodaniels: what?04:16
=== lamont_r makes a note to install and configure nstx sometime
danielselmo: would it be possible to get xorg-driver-synaptics built against xorg tonight or tomorrow?04:17
elmodaniels: I've no idea - would it?04:17
fabbioneelmo: we are preparing the first X.org drop04:18
fabbionebut we need to build xorg-synaptic with xorg04:18
fabbionethat means getting a hoary chroot (amd64/ppc) updated with X.org04:18
fabbionei386 is already there04:18
fabbionelet say in 2 hours from now, everything should be in place04:19
fabbioneprobably earlier than that04:19
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:fabbione] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion and support on #ubuntu | Happy Hoary Trail! | BE THE SIGNAL | Warty release is DONE, long live Hoary | http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2004-October/000005.html | please do NOT upload ubuntu-meta
elmowell give me a shout when you're ready04:20
fabbioneelmo: i am uploading the "dfsg" sanitized tree now04:21
fabbionethe one i had around this afternoon was the wrong one04:21
fabbionebut ccache is populated everywhere04:21
danielselmo: cheers, was just checking if you would be able to do it04:21
fabbioneso it won't take too long04:21
fabbioneelmo: btw... you rock!04:21
=== dasenjo [~dasenjo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== alex [~alex@D40A31C9.rev.stofanet.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== alex is now known as nowlin
nowlinis it possible to add asus to the laptop list http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/teams/laptop ??04:28
nowlinit dosnt load the asus_acpi and the speedstep-centrino on startup04:29
pittisivang: my server's back!04:33
mvo_pitti: good to hear04:36
pittimvo_: I got a standard woody system and have to recover my old stuff though04:37
pittimvo_: it's still on the second (raid) disc, though :-)04:38
pittimvo_: just, the installed kernel does not support RAID and stuff...04:38
pittimvo_: NOOO! These guys messed up the IDE wiring...04:46
pittiHi mdz!04:46
fabbionehey mdz04:47
fabbionemdz: see topic04:47
danielsmorning mdz04:47
mdzwhat's this about ubuntu-meta?04:47
fabbionemdz: and please could you tell me what is the right way to modify ubuntu-meta?04:47
mdzfabbione: just run ./update in the source tree04:48
fabbionemdz: i am kicking X.org on the buildd for preview and i need a modified version of ubuntu-meta for people to get a proper update04:48
danielsmdz: needs an update for s/xfree86/xorg/04:48
fabbionemdz: ok.. but if i want to dd or change a package04:48
mvo_pitti: :(04:48
fabbionemdz: do i need to go trough germinate?04:48
mdzfabbione: update just syncs with the seeds04:48
mdzfabbione: if you just want to change it by hand, just edit the files04:49
danielsmdz: so this needs to be changed on the wiki?04:49
daniels56 packages built, 746 left04:49
danielscd build && !mv04:49
fabbionemdz: as i wrote in my email we will have to upload a bunch of packages in sequence04:49
fabbionemdz: right now i am preparing an external repo for testing04:50
fabbioneand if somebody overlap ubuntu-meta with mine.. the upgrade is going to be less nice04:50
mdzjust version it like an NMU04:50
fabbioneso if possible for one or two days can we avoid to upload ubuntu-meta?04:50
fabbionei already builded it on 3 archs04:51
sivangpitti : yeye!!!!04:51
sivangpitti : long live piware.de04:51
thompitti: < infinity> thom : Has Martin Pitt been checking in all his apache1.3 changes to CVS?04:51
pittithom: I did not touch any CVS04:51
sivangwho is infinity ?04:51
pittithom: I draw the changes from upstream CVS, but I did nothing with any Debian cvs04:52
thompitti: yeah. can you bug mith to give you ssh access and commit them, please? :-)04:52
danielssivang: Adam Conrad, php4/apache2 co-maintainer04:52
sivangdaniels : thanks04:52
thomMithrandir: ^04:52
pittithom: hmm, fabbione wanted to upload 1.3.33 soon anyway; the changes are contained there04:53
danielsmdz: did you get my debzilla request before?04:55
mdzdaniels: no04:56
fabbioneguys i will prepare 1.3.33 tomorrow afternoon04:56
mdzdaniels: done04:56
danielsmdz: thankyou04:56
danielsmdz: (is pinging you on irc the best way to get this done, or should I be doing something else?)04:56
mdzdaniels: debzilla is basically a big hack which runs under my uid, so yeah04:57
danielsmdz: ill04:57
mdzit's a trivial command to import a bug, but it has to run as me, presently04:57
fabbione dpkg-genchanges -B05:00
fabbionedpkg-genchanges: arch-specific upload - not including arch-independent packages05:00
fabbionedpkg-genchanges: binary-only upload - not including any source code05:00
fabbionedpkg-buildpackage: binary only upload (no source included)05:00
fabbionereal    16m59.893s05:00
fabbioneuser    9m15.854s05:00
fabbionesys     3m3.155s05:00
fabbione(hoary-chroot)fabbione@yellow ~/xorg-6.8.1 $ 05:00
=== fabbione HATES amd64
pittifabbione: what, the whole xbuild is done in 17 minutes?05:00
pittifabbione: boy, that's fast!05:00
daniels(granted, it's not building binary-all, and I suspect it may have been ccached, but still)05:01
pittisivang: they fixed the IDE wiring now :-)05:01
sivangpitti : yey. seems like we're getting close to mail05:02
pittisivang: now I must not mess up anything 05:02
sivangpitti  : you won't. btw, have you tried to check grub's manual for the same remote config needs you have?05:03
pittisivang: I did05:03
sivangpitti : and?05:03
pittisivang: but I will stick to lilo for now, I know it better05:05
sivangpitti : ok, whatever brings the server back to life :)05:05
elmofabbione: wait till I setup concordia05:07
elmotho that kind of relies on the KVM not being entirely FCUKED ahem05:08
fabbioneelmo: concordia? what's that?05:09
=== thom <3 amd64
elmofabbione: the new amd64 port box05:10
fabbioneelmo: is it faster?05:10
makomdz: http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~mako/hoary_kickoff-20041025-summary.html05:11
mdzdoes firefox use the GNOME mime system, or something else?05:11
makomdz: ergh.. wrong title05:11
fabbionedpkg-deb: building package `xlibmesa3' in `../xlibmesa3_6.8.1-0.2_i386.deb'.05:12
fabbionetouch stampdir/binary-arch05:12
fabbione dpkg-genchanges -b05:12
fabbionedpkg-genchanges: binary-only upload - not including any source code05:12
fabbionedpkg-buildpackage: binary only upload (no source included)05:12
fabbionereal    30m7.048s05:12
fabbioneuser    13m56.844s05:12
fabbionesys     6m45.783s05:12
fabbione(hoary-chroot)fabbione@macaroni:~/xorg-6.8.1 $ 05:12
fabbioneit's only my 2 severs that are fucking slow?05:12
fabbionedaniels: stop leeching pr0n from them05:13
=== zul [~chuck@zul.developer.gentoo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzI just followed up to one of those random hoary-changes emails without noticing05:17
fabbionetouch stampdir/binary-arch05:17
fabbione dpkg-genchanges -B05:17
fabbionedpkg-genchanges: arch-specific upload - not including arch-independent packages05:17
fabbionedpkg-genchanges: binary-only upload - not including any source code05:17
fabbionedpkg-buildpackage: binary only upload (no source included)05:17
fabbionereal    35m20.553s05:17
fabbioneuser    18m7.915s05:17
fabbionesys     6m18.721s05:17
fabbioneand ppc is there05:18
makoazeem: thanks for the traffic bug05:18
fabbionetime to take a snapshot05:18
mdzmako: thanks05:22
mdzmako: where can I link to the transcript?05:23
makomdz: it's in the same directory05:24
makomdz: or should be05:24
mdzmako: thanks05:24
mdzall 420k of it05:24
=== mako nods
makomdz: in the future, i'd appreciate it if you had <4h meetings. i'm sure you would too :)05:26
makomdz: i'm sending out UT today so i'm not going to post it by itself05:26
mdzmako: I'll announce the summary with my update05:27
makomdz: awesome05:27
mdzmako: my wrists are in agreement about the meeting duration, believe me05:27
mdzbut the agenda for that one had been accumulating for 6 months05:27
sivangmdz : you mena the last CC / TB meeting?05:28
danielsmercifully it was a week or so before daylight savings, so it started at 2am, not 4am05:28
mdzsivang: no, the kickoff meeting05:29
fabbioneelmo: are you still around?05:29
elmoI'm currently stamping a green network cable to death05:30
thomelmo: elbow drop it off the top of emperor05:31
danielsi want videos of that.05:31
lamont_rmdz around yet?05:39
mdzlamont_r: yes05:39
=== mdz points back about 10 lines
lamont_rmdz: I don't suppose apt has a config option to override the path to sources.list, eh?05:40
mdzlamont_r: of course it does05:40
=== lamont_r was just finding the full config doc.
=== lamont_r grumbles, realizes that way is more work, differenlty
pittisivang: server is back05:47
pittisivang: it bootet from the degraded RAID, but I certainly have to reboot just one more time later05:48
mdzjdub: ping?05:48
danielsmdz: went to sleep an hour ago05:50
=== lamont_r goes to a parent teacher conf, and then lunch. bbl
thomdaniels: shame you didn't notice i'd already uploaded php405:57
danielsthom: OH YOU SUCKER05:57
thomlike, three days ago05:58
danielsthom: when did you do that?05:58
danielsthanks for closing bug #3000 :P05:58
thomdidn't see it05:58
danielsoh well05:58
=== sid77 [~sid77@host100-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Parting..."]
danielsthanks for the work, in that case :006:06
daniels:), even06:06
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmoKamion: ?06:13
=== dasenjo [~dasenjo@] has left #ubuntu-devel []
=== stratus [~stratus@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== daniels -> food, stuff
=== fabbione goes away to use his ticket to Mars
fabbione(one way ticket)06:15
fabbionethom: you got the debs06:15
thomOMFG people are FICK.06:16
danielsthom: ...06:16
thom..."ask if we can modify httpd.conf" THAT'S WHAT CONF.D IS FOR CRETIN06:17
danielsthom: what? who said that?06:17
azeemthom: did you shout, or was that some cool acronym I didn't know about?06:18
thomazeem: a stupid person saying thick06:18
thomworks best in a northern british access06:18
thomuh, accent06:18
danielsthom: you already said 'stupid' ;)06:18
thomdaniels: it's in the backuppc changelog06:19
azeemthom: it's 'fuck' in german, so I wondered06:19
danielsthom: oh dear06:19
azeemor at least roughly06:19
danielswow, gdb is big06:19
thomazeem: heh06:19
danielsthom: i would have to say the most under-utilised feature of apache/a2's configuration handling has been sites-*06:20
danielsthom: mods-* seems to have worked well, but most people seem to have ignored the host stuff06:20
thomdaniels: to some extent06:20
mdzpitti: here?06:21
danielsthom: even worse, the backuppc stuff was for a *module*06:21
pittimdz: yes06:21
danielsthom: i.e. mods-* and a2enmod06:21
danielsthom: which to some extent?06:21
mdzpitti: do you know what happened with aptitude's su->sudo changes being lost?06:21
pittimdz: currently repairing my remote server06:21
mdzpitti: was it a problem with the automated process or the manual process?06:21
thomdaniels: yeah06:21
pittimdz: I just repaired it today06:21
pittimdz: I can't really say06:21
pittimdz: I used the merged diff as basis and I thought I got every diff from there06:22
mdzI'm sure Keybuk would like to know about it if it was dropped by his tools06:22
pittimdz: missing these changes would have been not easy, it touches a hell of a lot of files06:22
pittimdz: nevertheless it might be possible that I missed it 06:22
danielsthom: which part of it was 'to some extent'?06:23
thomdaniels: oh, some people seem to use sites-*, but it's not really visible to us because packages in general don't06:23
danielsright, point06:23
danielsi suppose also it's not really a general use thing06:23
danielsi suspect my plans for vhost-base were aiming to a vastly wider audience than it was ever going to get06:24
danielsho hum06:24
mdzpitti: hmm, the changes seem to be present in the in ~scott/merged/06:25
pittimdz: then I probably just forgot about them06:25
pittimdz: ah, now I remember. The merged package was a mess06:26
pittimdz: so I took the Debian package and applied the Warty changes06:26
pittimdz: btw, the old patches did not work any more anyway06:26
mdzpitti: ah, ok06:27
pittimdz: I rewrote the sudo support today, now it's working perfectly again06:27
mdzpitti: we should probably add a config variable for the gain-root program06:27
mdzso it can go upstream06:27
pittimdz: I can add that06:27
mdzelmo: are we supposed to get mail from katie about warty-security uploads?06:29
elmomdz: no06:29
elmomail is sent at unchecked -> queue/accepted time; obviously that's not an option06:29
mdzelmo: I mean in the same way that we do in Debian06:30
mdzan Accepted mail goes out for the sourceful upload06:30
elmoto the maintainer - the trick on security.d.o is that ALL mail is overriden to team@s.d.o06:30
lupus_someone from europe here?06:30
mdzcan we do the same for warty?06:31
fabbionelupus_: yes06:31
lupus_can someone conform that winter time is not autoset ?06:31
thomfabbione: shouldn't you be out getting drunk06:31
elmodude, it's not a separate archive, if I add GlobalOverrideEmail, you'll get ALL the accepted mail, including hoary etc. :P06:31
fabbionelupus_: it was here06:31
thomlupus_: it autoset fine for me06:31
pittilupus_: works fine for me06:31
elmoI can TODO doing a per-suite GlobalOverride, if you like06:31
mdzelmo: oh, you meant _ALL_ mail06:31
fabbionethom: waiting for my gf to finish her phone call06:31
mdzelmo: yeah, we need to know when something is uploaded to that queue06:31
fabbionethat means something between tomorrow and forever06:32
thompour alcohol on the phone06:32
fabbioneno way06:32
fabbionethat will take down my adsl06:32
lupus_how can I see in which package a certain package is06:33
danielsdpkg -S06:33
lupus_I mean file :)06:33
azeemdaniels: that only works for files ;)06:33
fabbionelupus_: these questions are more appropriate for #ubuntu06:34
fabbionethis is a developer channels06:34
fabbioneto discuss development06:34
lupus_yes fabbione  I know sorry :)06:34
danielsthe phone is, apparently, unoccupied at the present moment06:36
lupus_run :p06:36
=== thom wishes x was smaller
thomyou guyys suck, make my X smaller06:36
elmothom: that would be a world-tour marathon, not a sprint06:37
danielsthom: dude, 5-13, London weather is pissy06:37
danielsthom: at least it doesn't fall over every time you upgrade it06:37
thomdaniels: it was a bracing 12C today06:37
thomand sunny and nice06:38
danielsthom: it was colder in cph, and I was out for a jog in my singlet and shorts06:38
danielsit was lovely06:38
danielsyou're just weak.  you should try maintaining a Real Package like X, because apparently that toughens you up.06:38
danielsanyway, it's time for food in this lovely city.  'nacht'06:39
thomno thanks, i'm not maintaining anything that you've massacred again :-)06:39
danielsand it's OK, I didn't really mean it.  except the bit about Firefox dying horribly every time you upgrade it.06:39
danielsfix that.  yesterday.06:39
azeem"our fellow Ubuntista" <- is that the official denotation?06:39
lupus_k maybe a dumb idea06:39
lupus_but what about screenshots of the apps in aptitude06:39
azeemapps in aptitude?06:40
azeemyou mean tetris?06:40
thomYM synaptic06:40
lupus_idd synaptic06:40
thomand, that would be fairly not trivial to do06:40
azeemah, minesweeper it is06:40
danielsnot my fault you can't appreciate DBS06:41
lupus_sorry I'm mixing names :s06:41
thomi appreciate dbs and cdbs equally06:41
seb128cdbs rocks :)06:44
thomit rocks as much as DBS, yes06:44
azeemcdbs2 is written in shell as well, so it should rock twice as much!06:47
thomrocking twice as much as nothing is, let me think, still nothing! ;-)06:48
azeemdepends on your numerical accuracy :)06:49
azeemat least some bits are rocking during the execution, so it *will* be > 0, q.e.d.06:50
=== herzi_lap [~herzi@c149006.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== thom had a firefly quote in mind for that
=== jbailey scrolls back
jbaileyOh lovely, It's not serious cdbs flamage.  /me fades away again.06:52
=== thom grins at jbailey
thommerely a pet whine 06:53
jbaileythom: Aside from applying rm -rf to the source tree and providing documentation, is there anything I can do to make it better for you?06:53
=== herzi [~herzi@c149006.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomjbailey: i dislike the concept more than the implementation, tbh06:54
azeemthom: yeah, code resuse sucks06:55
azeemeh, reuse06:55
jbaileythom: Fair enough.  Given that people seem to like it (and so you're probably stuck with it), if it can be made easier for you, lemme know. =)06:55
thomjbailey: my main problem is trying to debug other people packages with it06:56
thomso a nice way to find out exactly what is happening (or documenting such a thing if it exists) would probably make me much happier06:56
jbaileythom: What type of information would be most helpful - the stages that it's passing through?  I've added a couple debug modes to cdbsv2 that do an 'set -x' in cdbs so you can see each command as it's executed.06:58
thomseeing each command would be great06:59
seb128jbailey: what's really missing in cdbs1 is a multi-build :p06:59
=== jbailey pats sb on the head.
jbaileyYes, dear.06:59
seb128that and a complete descriptions of the variables available and the build steps07:00
jbaileyYeah, that's a bit suboptimal.  I do have that in the new stuff, though.07:00
jbailey'debian/rules help' will be your friend. =)07:00
seb128ie: you want to move some file after the binary install and before the dh_strip, no easy to find what to add07:00
seb128yeah, I was speaking about the v107:01
jbaileyYar, you're evil.07:01
seb128I'm sure the new one will rock even more :)07:01
jbaileyfood time.07:01
seb128have a good lunch :)07:01
=== thom -> Rome: Total War
=== moyogo [~moyogo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti is happy again, his server is brought back to life :-)
thomwell, Xorg hasn't broken yet07:32
sjoerdpitti: did you have time for pmount stuff, or still swamped in other work ? :)07:33
pittisjoerd: I already implemented the --async/-a option07:34
pittisjoerd: the -t option (force file system) is implemented, but not yet tested07:34
pittisjoerd: I had to repair my server today07:34
pittisjoerd: for -t I restructured the code, now it looks really better07:34
pittisjoerd: the last problem is the uid checking07:35
pittisjoerd: now the uid checking works well for VFAT, hfs, iso9660, udf, etc.07:35
pittisjoerd: but it does not work for file systems which don't support uid/gid options07:35
pittisjoerd: because pmount then cannot tell which user mounted it07:35
pittisjoerd: by now all users are allowed to pumount such devices if they are mounted in /media07:36
pittisjoerd: there's no trivial solution07:36
pittisjoerd: or do you have an idea how to accomplish this without an additional state file?07:36
sjoerdnot offhand no07:37
pittisjoerd: anyway, since that is no real regression, I will test the -t stuff now and release it07:41
pittisjoerd: but before, I just HAVE to try out X.org, sorry :-)07:41
=== sjoerd guesses nobody tried them on a debian system :)
Mitariohmm, are there x.org packages for ubuntu already available? I tought I heard something like it07:45
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-110-207.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== steve2 [~steve@static24-72-62-185.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsgood lord, I think I just ate an entire cow07:51
danielsI am *so* *full*.  and definitely not coming back online tonight.  'night all.07:52
danielsthom: ill!07:52
danielsMitario: not for general consumption yet as there are still no doubt many very bad bugs to work through, but look for an announcement from fabbione and I very, very soon :)07:52
pittidaniels: night!07:54
pittidaniels: happy digesting! :-)07:54
amuoo xorg07:55
amudaniels: you need some feedback for ppc-port ? 07:57
danielsamu: always07:58
pittisjoerd: -t support works fine :-)07:59
sjoerdpitti: woohoo :)07:59
pittisjoerd: anything else you'd like to see?07:59
sjoerdpitti: not executable for everyone in the debian package :)07:59
pittisjoerd: the packaging already supports that08:00
pittisjoerd: it's a mere variable change in the postinst08:00
sjoerdi know/saw08:00
pittisjoerd: but which group to use?08:00
pittisjoerd: I didn't find time yet to ask on d-devel08:00
sjoerddunno.. you were going to send a mail remember ;)08:00
=== pitti is still going...
pittiI'll do08:00
pittisjoerd: BTW, are you interested in doing a source code audit?08:01
pittisjoerd: mdz digged though a very early version, but almost everything changed since then08:01
sjoerdpitti: if you have the source available, i can probably find some time to dig through it08:02
pittisjoerd: I'll upload it to Hoary and sid soon08:02
sjoerdi'm packaging hal 0.4.1, do you have stuff pending for it ?08:03
pittinot really08:03
pittiI read the announcement though08:03
pittisjoerd: BTW, any plans to put it into Sarge?08:03
pittisjoerd: it has run fine for some weeks now08:03
sjoerdsame here08:04
sjoerdi'm planning to upload this package to sid 08:04
pittinice 08:04
pittibrb (hopefully)08:04
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittifabbione, daniels: congrats! Neither the upgrade, nor the restart showed any flaw!08:07
pittifabbione, daniels: YOU ROCK!!!08:07
sjoerdwould be interesting to know if xorg works on a albook, never got my selfcompiled version working..08:08
sjoerdpitti: #279395 is pending for hal currently, which i would like to have fixed..08:09
sjoerdstupid vendors.. ging different devices the same usb id's08:09
=== gro [~gro@u212-239-167-158.adsl.pi.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091a34.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitariodaniels, ok, thanks, i'll look forward to the announcement :)08:16
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091a34.pool.terralink.de] has left #ubuntu-devel []
seb128elmo: any way to get a sync for libgda2 1.1.99 (experimental) and libgnomedb 1.1.99 (experimental too) ?08:36
=== mbb [Mike@d18-121.rb.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== stratus [~stratus@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmoseb128: done08:48
mbbbugzilla question - 'Assign To:' defaults to amu@tr.debian.net - should I leave that alone, change to debzilla, or ??08:48
seb128elmo: thanks08:51
seb128mbb: leave it08:52
seb128mbb: the assign to is set according to the component you have selected08:52
Kamionelmo: yes? (sorry for delay)09:01
=== mdz [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmoKamion: not to worry :)09:07
elmowas going to ask about the netboot stuff, but I just reported a bug instead09:07
=== flax07 [~flax07@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
flax07hi there - there seems to be a known problem with install on dell c600 - to do with DMA on cdrom - can anyone advise if there is a way around to install?09:10
Kamionelmo: mmkay, ta09:12
=== lamont returns home with a G3. Kamion: this should just boot and work from the warty CD, yes?
seb128oh, a guy mailed the ubuntu-fr list with a problem with a G3 today09:27
seb128he get this on the boot with warty:09:27
seb128pivot_root: No such file or dirctory09:27
seb128/sbin/init: 429: cannot open dev/console:09:27
seb128kernel panic: attempted to kill init!09:27
seb128is that known ?09:27
mjg59lamont: As long as it's not a beige one, yeah09:29
=== Mithrandir [~tfheen@vawad.err.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionlamont: what mjg59 said; if it's a blue-and-white or later you should be fine09:31
Kamion(modulo picky hardware detection nonsense)09:31
lamontguess it's blue.. looked more green/teal to me.09:32
Kamionseb128: that means that the initrd failed to figure out where the root filesystem is; he should file a bug on probably initrd-tools with as much information about the modules he needs to make his disks go and the filesystem he's using as possible09:32
mjg59lamont: That's what I think, but...09:32
Kamionlamont: there were various coloured models post-B&W09:32
seb128Kamion: ok, thanks09:32
mjg59Kamion: Not G3s, though09:32
Kamionlamont: sounds like newworld to me, anyway09:32
Kamionmjg59: you sure?09:32
mjg59Kamion: There were other colours in the iMac range - I don't think the G3 changed09:32
Kamionsome iMac G3s were green, saith google09:32
=== lamont goes to fetch and confirm the blue-green debate.
mjg59Kamion: In Mac-speak, G3 usually means the non-iMac G309:33
mjg59(yes, this is crack)09:33
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamonthrm.  aqua, lets call it.09:34
Kamionmjg59: yeah, I know, but (a) lamont didn't specify iMac and (b) I have no reason to believe he's deeply steeped in Mac terminology :)09:35
mjg59Are the ZORG packages available for general testing, or still just internal?09:35
thomyou could just specify !beige09:35
mjg59thom: That's what I did09:35
mjg59Aww, man09:36
thomah, so you did09:36
mjg59Half an hour to download Hoary packages09:36
elmoall your bandwidth...09:36
thomX crack is still interneal only09:36
lamontKamion: make that "lamont is known to be very shallow in his mac terminology", and you're closer to correct.09:36
mjg59Would be an hour if I hadn't upgraded the ADSL09:37
mjg59Yay ADSL09:37
=== Mithrandir thinks it is a very stupid idea to build qt on his laptop
mjg59Do we have 2.6.9 yet?09:38
mjg59That's going to make life harder09:38
Kamiondunno what the plans are there, mdz's probably in sufficiently close contact with herbert to know09:38
mdzwhich particular bit of life?09:38
Kamion(lo, speak of the devil and he shall appear)09:38
mjg59mdz: I want to produce test kernels for power management. 2.6.9 is the most realistic starting point.09:38
mjg59(Alternatively, I backport all the 2.6.9 PM stuff to 2.6.8...)09:39
thomKamion: ah, that explains the walking up walls09:39
=== Kamion thanks $DEITY for cdrom-checker
mjg59Are there any Warty kernel patches that are /required/ ?09:40
Kamionmdz: replied to #2432, btw09:41
mdzmjg59: required in order for the rest of warty to be happy?09:41
mdzif so, nothing that will cause horrible breakage09:42
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128Kamion: the guy who has the G3 problem says that somebody else fixed the issue by building the kernel with "CMD64{3|6|8|9} chipset support" 09:44
mjg59mdz: Yeah. Ok, that makes life easier. I can just drop 2.6.9 in with the Warty config, then.09:44
Kamionseb128: reports from somebody else are rarely reliable here, since there are a number of ways that symptom can occur09:44
Kamionseb128: he can certainly try it though09:45
lamontmdz: was planning to bootstrap sbcl sometime soon, but working on component isolation first.09:45
seb128Kamion: ok09:45
mdzlamont: ok, please follow up to the list so they know that the request is pending, rather than ignored09:47
lamontmdz: replied09:52
amuhmm, xorg doesnt work on my ppc :(09:56
pittiamu: on my iBook it runs fine09:57
amupitti: i tried with ati,vesa,fb 09:58
pittiamu: it autodetected ati for me (Radeon 9200)09:58
=== lamont hands thom a shotguin
amupitti: did your run changes after the reconfigure ? 09:59
lamontshotgun, even09:59
=== thom radiates massive HATE
pittiamu: "run changes"? Whatever, I just upgraded the packages and restarted gdm.09:59
Mithrandirthom: still playing with firefox?09:59
=== pitti hands thom a giant water gun
thomMithrandir: yes09:59
thomMithrandir: ldd segfaults :/10:00
Mithrandirthom: _ew_10:00
Mithrandirhow does it manage to do that?10:00
Mithrandirthat requires _skillz_.10:01
Kamionholy shit, base-config/hoary didn't totally break10:02
Kamionalthough Desktop is uninstallable, predictably10:02
Mitarioseb128, here?10:02
Kamionuh, just a mild query10:02
Kamionwhy the HELL does http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~cjwatson/testing/warty_probs.html have ANYTHING in it?10:03
thomMithrandir: scary huh10:03
thomMithrandir: ldd on /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/libsmime3.so10:04
thomthe same version is fine here10:04
mjg59What's the name of the package used for building kernel debs?10:04
mjg59As in, the source for the actual debs, not kernel-package10:05
lamontelmo about?10:05
Kamionmjg59: linux-source-
mjg59thom: linux-image doesn't seem to exist?10:06
Kamionelmo: can you pull librasqal0 and librasqal0-dev into hoary, please?10:06
Kamionmjg59: no, it's definitely linux-source-
mjg59Oh, no, it's part of linux-source10:07
mjg59Kamion: Thanks10:07
thomsorry, too used to just trusting apt-get source ;-)10:07
Kamionwe don't do the "one source package for each architecture" thing10:07
thomMithrandir: and the build looks the same, so goddess knows10:07
mjg59Hurrah for having a cable modem to download stuff with when I'm swamping the ADSL10:07
Kamionlibgnomevfs2-common and libwvstreams3-base need to switch dependencies from libfam to libgamin10:09
Kamionthat's the other reason Desktop is uninstallable at the moment10:09
thomMithrandir: can you grab the firefox source from hoary and see if it builds for you if you have a moment?10:10
Mithrandirthom: sure, any particular platform?10:10
seb128Kamion: ok, I'll fix libgnomevfs2-common10:11
=== Kamion goes back to hide in bed :-/
thomMithrandir: just amd6410:12
thomMithrandir: other two built fine10:12
thomand i have amd64 binaries from that source locally, so i dunno what's going on10:13
thomhrm, crested got the segfault on rc1-3, and king on rc1-3ubuntu1, so it's not the machine. ber10:14
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirfreshening chroot10:15
Mithrandirthom: what's the estimated build time?10:17
thom30 minutes or so10:20
mdzKamion: rest up and get well10:29
sjoerdpitti: hmm if the user is running the right locale it can ofcourse..10:37
pittisjoerd: I did not yet know that VFAT and NTFS always use Unicode10:37
pittisjoerd: but that's actually nice :-)10:37
sjoerdpitti: do they, the guy i'm talking to says that he needs to specify iocharset=utf810:38
pittisjoerd: from mount(8): Character set to use for converting between 8 bit characters and 16 bit Unicode characters. The default is iso88591.  Long filenames are stored on disk  in  Unicode format.10:38
pittisjoerd: so this means that the default is wrong for him10:39
sjoerdoh but their converted to latin..10:39
pittisjoerd: great, I just wanted to try that out and how hal 'D's again...10:40
=== pitti grabs a floppy
pittisjoerd: hmm, I use de_DE.UTF-8 as locale, and umlauts work fine as filenames... How can I test that?10:41
carlosseb128: new metacity does "funny" things when executing a OO presentation with full screen option10:41
carlosseb128: the panel is there always althought it's hide partially by the presentation10:42
sjoerdpitti: also in long filenames ?10:43
pittisjoerd: right, I forgot10:43
sjoerdpitti: and you can try to write with iocharset=utf-8 and then remount with default iocharset10:43
thomcarlos: looks fine here10:43
seb128carlos: are you sure that's the new metacity ? no problem here10:43
carlosseb128: I think it's metacity, because it handles that, right?10:44
carloslet me recheck it...10:44
carlosseb128: ok, the problem seems to be the initial focus10:46
carlosseb128: the panel has the main focus until I click over the presentation10:46
carlosthen, the panel is hiden10:47
seb128ok, so that's an openoffice.org problem10:47
seb128with the new focus stealing preventient mode in metacity the apps need to update their timestamp10:48
Mithrandirargh, I broke my power plug.  Again.10:50
carlosseb128: do you want a bug report ?10:51
thomMithrandir: d'oh :(10:52
thomhow did firefuck go?10:52
seb128carlos: no time for openoffice sorry, find somebody else. I've a lot to do with GNOME without starting with openoffice ...10:52
carlosseb128: I'm asking about a bug report in bugzilla :-)10:53
carlosno to fix it now10:53
seb128carlos: yes, but not assigned to me10:54
=== TerminX [~terminx@terminx.envision7.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirthom: /usr/bin/ldd: line 1: 24504 Segmentation fault      LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS=1 LD_WARN= LD_BIND_NOW= LD_LIBRARY_VERSION=$verify_out LD_VERBOSE= ${RTLD} "$file"10:54
Mithrandirdpkg-shlibdeps: failure: ldd on `debian/mozilla-firefox/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/libsmime3.so' gave error exit status 110:54
carlosseb128: don't worry, I use always the default value unless someone tells me other thing10:54
MithrandirI can't get it to sigsegv by hand, though10:55
thomso wtf is dh_shlibdeps up to then?10:56
Mithrandirit just calls dpkg-shlibdeps, isn't it?10:56
Mithrandirwell, calling that by hand doesn't fail10:57
mdzMithrandir: repeatable?11:00
thommdz: the buildds are doing the same11:01
Mithrandirmdz: the buildds and my hoary chroot makes it fall over.11:01
Mithrandirmight be a chroot issue -- I can test when I get home.11:01
thomit built fine for me11:01
Mithrandir(my home box is powered off)11:01
thombut i'm just freshening a chroot to try it11:01
mdzso it blows up when building with dpkg-buildpackage, but not when you run dh_shlibdeps by hand?11:01
=== mdz raises one eyebrow
=== mjg59 almost gets things into a state where he can build them
mdzKeybuk: around?11:05
mdzmjg59: kernel?11:05
Keybukmdz: yup, briefly11:06
mdzKeybuk: wanted to talk with you about ongoing merges for hoary, and how we should manage them11:07
Keybukdidn't we talk about that on Tuesday?11:08
elmoKamion: done11:08
elmolamont: am now11:08
mjg59mdz: Yeah11:09
Keybukmdz: will be back in an hour or so11:11
mdzKeybuk: we didn't get into specifics, did we?11:11
thommdz: hardware database meeting? (we could just do it in LA whilst i'm there)11:11
mdzKeybuk: you said you would work on it.  are there no unresolved questions?11:12
Keybukyeah, I'm cooking up a script that takes the "what needs merging" output, does the 3-way diff on it, and files a bug to say it needs checking and uploading11:12
Keybuknone that I know of11:12
mdzthom: when's that?11:12
thommdz: 11-2311:12
thomof nov11:12
mdzI'm going to be away during some piece of that, but not all11:12
mdzKeybuk: what will you do with packages where a bug is already filed?11:13
thomwell, i'm in vegas from the 12th to the 17th actually11:13
mdzah, that's better then11:13
Keybukmdz: your debzilla stuff looked like it allows you to add a comment to a bug ... I was going to do that and add a "dude, you're SO SLOW" type comment to it11:13
mdzKeybuk: what it doesn't have is a useful query interface to find a bug11:14
mdzexcept by alias11:14
mdzthough, come to think of it, that's probably exactly what you want anyway11:14
mdzalias merge-<source package> or such11:14
mdzwith a nice database constraint to prevent any accidents11:15
mdzKeybuk: ok, I think we're sorted, then, thanks11:15
=== Keybuk runs off for a bit
mjg59I am disappointed that Hoary has not provided me with huge amounts of crack11:27
thomoh, just wait :-)11:28
seb128thom: you broke the typeahead in my epiphany :p11:30
lamontelmo: just deployed the ogre-model sources.lists hack on the buildds.  it should be happy, but please feel free to squawk/beat me if you see anything amiss.11:31
seb128thom: need to build firebox with the "typeaheadfind" in the mozconfig11:31
=== thom giggles at seb128
thomno way dude11:31
thomthat breaks type ahead find on firefox11:31
seb128ok, so switching back to mozilla11:31
thomd'oh :/11:32
seb128I can't use a browser without a typeahead11:32
elmolamont: neato11:32
seb128and I probably not alone11:32
thomseb128: indeed11:32
thomi got a metric fuckload of bugs when it broke on firefox11:32
seb128thom: why enabling "typeaheadfind" breaks the typeahead in firefox ?11:33
thombecause mozilla sucks11:33
thomseb128: they moved from the typeaheadfind extension to FAYT, and if you enable typeaheadfind, it breaks FAYT, but doesn't work itself11:33
lamontelmo: what that means, oh archive god, is that all of the unknown section packages that aren't really main will FTBFS now.11:34
mdzmjg59: crack should be inbound quite soon11:36
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@ppp-82-84-143-223.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontmdz: and that means that sbcl is now ready to bootstrap... but first a short break while I panic and go get the kids...11:37
mdzlamont: cool11:37
mdzdo we have any means to test whether build-depends are satisfiable in main, other than trying to build everything?11:38
=== ultrafunk [~pd@insanity.ridge.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59If I do EXPORT_SYMBOL() on something, why would I get undefined reference in... oh, christ, I'm an idiot11:43
=== mjg59 goes to hack the configs
elmofuck's sake, how do I unbind C-l in xchat?11:44
elmolamont: blah, sucks11:44
chrisaI pressed C-l out of curiosity11:44
cenerentolahi there11:46
mjg59It links!11:46
cenerentolagot a big problme11:46
mjg59What's the hoary-updates list?11:47
cenerentolai did an update&&upgrade under warty...11:48
mdzelmo: probably the same way you change other keybindings in xchat: modify the hardcoded values in the source11:48
mdzbut who presses C-i anyway?11:48
thommjg59: hoary-changes@lists.ubuntu.com11:48
cenerentolaand when the shell appeared... it started printing things like "dpkg could not...11:48
cenerentolaand gnome collapsed11:48
mjg59thom: Ta11:49
thomGAR, stupid firefox just built ok in a chroot for me11:49
mjg59Ooh, update-manager exists11:50
=== mjg59 lunges for the crack
jdubmdz: pong11:50
jdubmorning all!11:50
seb128hello jdub 11:50
jdubyo seb128 11:51
mdzjdub: I still need for you to update the hoary goals page with the status of your bounty candidates11:51
pittiHi jdub!11:51
jdubmdz: ok11:51
mdzsome of those are "will be done as a bounty, have someone lined up" and others are "bounty, need to find someone", and we need to differentiate them11:51
seb128jdub: I've uploaded epiphany/firefox, but I'll probably upload epiphany/mozilla again soon so hurry up if you want to test the firefox one :)11:51
jdubseb128: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15403411:52
jdubwoo :)11:52
jdubseb128: oh? it's not good?11:52
mjg59The craptop makes nasty noises when I log out11:52
seb128jdub: no typeahead at all ... 11:53
mdzcenerentola: /topic11:53
cenerentolamdz: so?11:53
mdzcenerentola: #ubuntu is the place for support11:53
seb128jdub: need "typeaheadfind" in firefox, which breaks firefox according to thom ... and using a browser without a typeahead is a pain11:53
cenerentolathey can't help me11:53
seb128jdub: so I guess I'll switch back time to find a solution11:53
jdubseb128: i think that's fairly reasonable as a development branch bug11:54
jdubseb128: if we work around bugs all the time, no one will want to fix them :)11:54
mjg59update-manager looks really, really lovely11:54
mjg59Is there a notification applet for it yet?11:54
mdzmjg59: upgrade-notifier11:54
mdzthey aren't quite integrated with each other, yet11:54
seb128jdub: so we need to fix it NOW :)11:55
cenerentolamdz: i cant get you... have got a broken OS... i need all it up & running and all u can say its: not the right place?11:55
seb128jdub: I didn't notice I use the typeahead that much before11:55
cenerentolai wouldnt ask here if id not this big big big problem11:55
seb128but without it, arrrg11:55
pittimdz: the shadow vulnerability just appeared on full-disclosure11:55
jdubseb128: ... welcome to hoary. :-)11:55
seb128ah ah11:56
pittimdz: so I could upload now11:56
mdzpitti: go ahead11:56
cenerentolamdz: and remember that YOUR update&&upgrade broke iot11:56
mdzcenerentola: I sympathise with your predicament, but the fact that you couldn't get help elsewhere is not a reason to bring your problem to a place where it is off-topic11:57
seb128jdub: BTW cool for #154034 :)11:57
mdzcenerentola: believe me, if upgrading warty was the cause, there would be a large number of users with the same problem11:57
mjg59Oh, rocking11:58
mjg59Someone's ported the i830 framebuffer driver to 2.611:58
jdubmdz: i would like a new glibc. can we have one? i promise to feed him and keep him warm.11:59
mdzjdub: have you talked to gotom about it?11:59
mdzleaping ahead of Debian on glibc smells faintly of crack12:00
Mitariomjg59, they will get integrated this week I reckon :)12:00
thommdz: only faintly? you must be getting acclimatised12:00
mdzthom: it's faint after it's wafted its way up from down under12:00

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