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mirak_|trey|, kk....thnx12:00
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|trey|mirak, other useful dpkg commands = dpkg -l [pkg]  - list packages info... dpkg -L pkg - lists files installed by package...12:00
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aswellsHow can I install xfree86 mesa and xfree86 mesa devel ?12:01
|trey|asubedi, mesa out to be there by default12:01
mirak_|trey|, thnx...ill eventually learn em ......12:01
topyli|trey|: i just use wajig these days, don't remember much of dpkg and apg juju :)12:01
tweakedhey i have one question: everytime i try and format my harddrive it says /dev/hdb1: Invalid argument passed to ext2 library while setting up superblock12:01
|trey|aswells: xlibmesa-dev is the dev package...12:01
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|trey|topyli, never heard of it   :(12:02
tweakedany ideas on what is causing that12:02
HrdwrBoBtweaked: that sounds quite bad12:03
epodOk, Ubuntu automounts SD Cards automatically, but for some reason it's not automounting my USB hard disk12:03
HrdwrBoBtweaked: how are you formatting it12:03
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|trey|tweaked, ls /dev/hdb*12:03
epodThe drive is there, /dev/sdc1, but it's not popping up on my desktop12:03
|trey|tweaked, it exists?12:03
topyli|trey|: it's well worth finding out about. apt, update-alternatives, /etc/init.d/xxx start/stop etc. behind one sudo'ed command12:03
epoddoes anyone know how I can fix that?12:03
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tweakedyes it does12:03
tweakedit is there12:03
blackdoghi, when is hoary to be released?12:03
HrdwrBoBepod: does it show up in lsusb/ dmesg ?12:04
tweaked|trey|: it is there12:04
HrdwrBoBblackdog: april12:04
blackdogHrdwrBoB, thx12:04
HrdwrBoBholy crap12:04
|trey|blackdog, when all RC bugs are squashed and the feature set meets the goals of the devs12:04
HrdwrBoBI also get married in april12:04
HrdwrBoBit's rapidly approaching12:04
spivblackdog: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryReleaseSchedule12:04
blackdogah, ok12:04
mirak_hrdwrbob, congratz!!12:04
HrdwrBoBwhat spiv said12:04
HrdwrBoBmirak_: thanks :)12:04
|trey|HrdwrBoB, I'd be planning my escape route by now  ;)12:04
tweakedit is there12:04
epodHrdwrBoB, yep12:04
stuNNedwhat is good ntfs line in fstab for normal user to mount?12:05
GnuHippypclcomp.c: In function `free_mem':12:05
GnuHippypclcomp.c:2969: warning: `return' with no value, in function returning non-void12:05
GnuHippypclcomp.c:2971: warning: implicit declaration of function `free'12:05
|trey|HrdwrBoB, congrats though  :)12:05
HrdwrBoBheh thanks12:05
epodHrdwrBoB, scsi2 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices12:05
epod  Vendor: Maxtor 6  Model: E040L0            Rev:  0 012:05
tweakedany ideas12:05
HrdwrBoBI have planned many escape routes12:05
HrdwrBoBepod: well, you can mount it manually12:05
HrdwrBoBepod: the automount usb devices isn't 100%12:05
epodHrdwrBoB, yep, but I want it to automount like my SD cards do12:05
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epodso there's no way to make it automount?12:05
HrdwrBoBis it a single partition?12:06
epodit's a single NTFS partition12:06
|trey|HrdwrBoB, haha.. yeah, marriage is a big decision *nods*12:06
HrdwrBoBepod: oh, ntfs12:06
|trey|HrdwrBoB, my ex proposed... haven't talked to her since  :o12:06
billytwowillyhow do I fix this: line:2: fatal: cannot open file `/lib/modules/' for reading (No such file or directory)12:06
tweakedHrdwrBoB: to format it i am using mkfs ext3 /dev/hdb112:06
mirak_|trey|, because of that?.................haha12:06
HrdwrBoB|trey|: LOL12:07
mirak|trey|: I am not mirak_12:07
mirakmirak_ plz change your nick12:07
|trey|mirak_, haha... yup... I'm am WAY too young to be married... and she was younger... I was just having fun... I guess it was more serious to her  :/12:07
mirakthat's a total mess12:07
Hikaru79Is there a Ubuntu usenet newsgroup? Or at least a debian newsgroup?12:07
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epodHrdwrBoB, if I make it ext3 do you think it will automount?12:07
GnuHippyhas anybody tried to compile x.org?12:07
HrdwrBoBepod: it's a lot more likley12:07
Strissnot I12:08
MFenfrom an avowed windows lover:12:08
MFen(15:05:17) AT: ok so Ubuntu is now my linux hero12:08
MFen(15:05:20) AT: I love Ubuntu12:08
HrdwrBoBif you can reformat it12:08
HrdwrBoBepod: realistically fat32 would be best12:08
HrdwrBoBbecause then it's compatible with more OSes12:08
|trey|GnuHippy, it will be in Hoary probably this weekend, you can't live with Xfree for a few more days?  ;)12:08
Matt|this weekend?12:08
=== Matt| dances
|trey|Matt|, thats what I was told, yes  :)12:08
spivMFen: :)12:08
tweakedHrdwrBoB: can you help me?12:08
Matt|estimated time before it works ok?12:08
MFenspiv: that was our tester12:08
HrdwrBoBtweaked: I'm not sure what's wrong tbh12:08
epodHrdwrBoB, good point, can I format a disk as fat32 from Linux? :)12:09
HrdwrBoBtweaked: there's nothing wrong with the device?12:09
HrdwrBoBepod: yes you can :D12:09
tweakedHrdwrBoB: tbh?12:09
HrdwrBoBto be honesty12:09
HrdwrBoBto be honest12:09
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MFenspiv: she loves windows. but she loves even more that our product installs with no tweaking and no extra packages needed on ubuntu :-)12:09
HrdwrBoBtweaked: that's certainly an odd error12:09
traviss libgnutls11-dev: Depends: libgnutls11 (= 1.0.16-9) but it is not installable <-- why am i getting that12:09
epodHrdwrBoB, awesome.  I just have to back up the data to my hard disk first.12:09
HrdwrBoBtweaked: have you apt-get dist-upgraded lately ?12:09
HrdwrBoBepod: cool12:09
GnuHippy|trey| xfree is so fugly ;)12:09
spivMFen: Sweet :)12:09
tweakedHrdwrBoB: well what i am trying to do is mount a slave drive, yes12:09
GnuHippyI want soft shadows12:10
|trey|traviss, apt-get install libgnutls11 and see what it says  :)12:10
HrdwrBoBMFen: yeah, I installed ubuntu on my fiance's PC after I upgraded the kernel and stuff just broke12:10
HrdwrBoBI have been wanting to isntall it for ages now :)12:10
epodHrdwrBoB, ok, I sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdc1 /mnt and now it's mounted, but I don't have the right permissions to view it...?12:10
|trey|GnuHippy, hah... composite doesn't work yet, so you won't get that anyways  :(12:10
MFen"just broke"? isn't that bad?12:10
travissBuilding Dependency Tree... Done12:10
travissE: Couldn't find package libgnutls1112:10
HrdwrBoBepod: yeah just use root to copy them off12:10
HrdwrBoBis the easiest way12:10
epodah ok12:11
|trey|traviss, well, there is your answer... that sucks though  :(12:11
tweakedHrdwrBoB: and i was reading a tutorial and that is what it is saying to do, could you help me with that12:11
travissyea without it i cant use msn on gaim12:11
HrdwrBoBtraviss: apt-get remove gnutls11-dev12:11
Strissis it very hard to get video output to TV working in Ubuntu?12:11
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HrdwrBoBtweaked: what you're doing is correct12:11
|trey|traviss, hmm, I'm talking to people on Gaim's MSN protocol   :/12:11
travissBuilding Dependency Tree... Done12:11
travissE: Couldn't find package gnutls11-dev12:11
tweakedHrdwrBoB: mount a hd that is12:11
HrdwrBoBtweaked: but what's happening isn't normal12:11
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Matt|do you guys think that this channel will carry on as it is for many years? I think the idea of having the developers in the channel and them helping with support is the best thing about this operating system: it is invaluable12:11
HrdwrBoBtweaked: are you 100% sure the partition exists and is ok?12:11
HrdwrBoBMatt|: the developers also have their own channel ;)12:12
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Matt|HrdwrBoB, yeah i guess that's for their own work ;)12:12
tweakedHrdwrBoB: yes i am sure, or i could make a new one12:12
|trey|Matt|, I would certainly hope so, yes...12:12
Matt|but the support in here is fantastic12:12
travissargh... i dont get why this wont let me run msn.. aim/yahoo works12:12
HrdwrBoBtweaked: ok, give me a minute12:12
tweakedHrdwrBob: ok12:12
|trey|Matt|, hopefully, especially if this channel gets more popular, they might even offer some regular helpers a job... one can hope  :)12:13
Matt||trey|, yeah that is a good idea.12:13
Matt||trey|, are you one of those?12:13
mirak_matt|, i just joined this channel a few weeks ago..........about 50 more ppl now12:13
|trey|Matt|, I would like to think so  ;)   I dunno though, I tend to bite peoples heads off too much, so yeah, I might not be the best Canonical representative right now  :(12:14
HrdwrBoBtweaked: ok, can you give me the partition listing in #flood12:14
Matt|well long may it last12:14
epodargh, I shouldn't have done the backup as root, the process has higher priority than xmms... my mp3s are skipping12:14
topyli|trey|: we're under 300 again. this is not very popular :)12:14
tweakedHrbwrBoB: YEs hold on12:14
HrdwrBoBtweaked: you can get this using fdisk -l /dev/hdb12:14
tweakedHrdwrBob: yes it shows up12:14
HrdwrBoBcan you paste the listing? :)12:14
Matt|topyli, as long as the users can come here for support at any time, that is the important thing!12:14
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|trey|Matt|, exactly  :)12:15
HrdwrBoBI remember when this channel had <30 people in it12:15
tweakedHrdwrBob: ok i am there12:15
HrdwrBoBthose were the days indeed :)12:15
|trey|HrdwrBoB, I never saw it lower then 170  :(12:15
|trey|HrdwrBoB, guess there was a large jump when the preview was released... hadn't heard of it prior to those announcements though  :(12:15
topyliMatt|: well, this is pretty global, that's for sure12:16
HrdwrBoBtrey, yeah I was a sounder12:16
Matt|topyli, yeah, and people can just open their Xchat and click click they get instant free support12:16
epodYou know you have too much fun at work when you're cleaning spyware off a customer's windows system.. and since it keeps hijacking any web pages with ad-aware so you can't download it, you go FTP it12:16
tweakedHrdwrBoB: what else do you want me to do?12:16
HrdwrBoBtweaked: it looks like there may be a problem with your partition anyway12:16
billytwowillyIs there some secret to compiling kernel modules for ubuntu?12:16
HrdwrBoBcan you recreate it?12:16
Matt|epod, been there :(12:16
stuNNedwhat would be the proper way to mount an ntfs fs in ubuntu so that it shows up in nautilus in all the right places?12:16
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HrdwrBoBbillytwowilly: what are you trying to acheive?12:17
tweakedHrdwrBoB: The Partition?12:17
HrdwrBoBtweaked: yeah12:17
|trey|Matt|, imo, Xchat should be set up to default to this channel... would make it even easier for new users  :)12:17
epodMatt|, I ftp'd ad-aware, stupid spyware can't stop me :D12:17
HrdwrBoBtweaked: if you can reset the partition table and re-write it12:17
billytwowillyI'm trying to compile the acerhk special key modules for my laptop so I can use my wifi card12:17
Matt||trey|, it is the top in the list12:17
Matt|epod, unless you don't have ftp client12:17
epodMatt|, in windows, ftp is builtin.12:17
tweakedHrdwrBoB: i can let me remember the command12:17
|trey|Matt|, I used the FreeNode listing, didn't see anything that came here?12:17
=== Matt| winces
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usualis hoary using gnome 2.9 devel or something?12:17
epodwell, ftp.exe is part of 95+12:17
|trey|usual, yes12:17
usuali keep seeing all these 2.9 packages slowly being added12:18
topyliusual: it's dripping in12:18
usualgood choice of words12:18
|trey|usual, quite stable though  :)12:18
tweakedHrdwrBoB: ok how many partitions should i make?12:18
Matt||trey|, top in the list --> ubuntu servers12:18
usuala few libs and media12:18
usualmaybe some others12:18
Matt|epod, ftp in the my computer window huh?12:18
epodMatt|, command prompt12:18
Matt|epod, oh k12:18
|trey|Matt|, ahh, didn't see that  :)12:18
billytwowillyHrdwrBoB, I keep getting this: /lib/modules/ No such file or directory.  Stop.12:19
topyliit's too late. i'm mounting /bed12:19
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|trey|billytwowilly, you have the kernel source or kernel-headers packages?12:19
Matt|billytwowilly, you need to install the kernel-headers12:20
epodMatt|, the record for ad-aware on a customer's pc here is um, 1951 pieces of spyware12:20
Matt|epod, hmm my cousins computer only had around 70012:20
billytwowillyI thought I installed those.. I'll take a look again12:20
tweakedHrdwrBoB: How amny should i make?12:20
|trey|epod, wow, thats a lot of spyware  :(12:20
Matt|what is gnome 2.9 like?12:20
|trey|Matt|, right now, its very simular to 2.8  ;)12:21
billytwowillyhmm. I have kernel but synaptec wants to install 2.6.7 headers?12:21
epod|trey|, yep.12:21
Matt|billytwowilly, not good12:21
bob2billytwowilly: install linux-headers-
|trey|Matt|, no new modules etc... just feature and bug fixes so far it would seem...12:21
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Matt|billytwowilly, you need the one that corresponds exactly to your kernel12:22
HrdwrBoBtweaked: just one?12:22
tweakedHrdwrBoB: ok extended or primary?12:22
Matt|so (i think) -i386, -i686, -k7 etc12:22
tweakedHrbwrBoB: ok done and saved12:22
billytwowillyhmm. that's strange. synaptec gives me the wrong ones but on the command line it's all good;)12:22
billytwowillyThanks matt12:22
HrdwrBoBtry now12:22
|trey|Matt|, bob2 already told him what he needs   ;)12:22
travisswhats the path to the recent commands used in a terminal? or are those only in kde?12:23
Matt||trey|, sorry12:23
mdzbillytwowilly: the FAQ explains how to get the proper headers for your kernel installed12:23
tweakedHrdwrBob: mkfs -t ext3 /dev/hdb112:23
HrdwrBoBtraviss: run 'history'12:23
bob2traviss: "history"12:23
HrdwrBoBtweaked: yes12:23
|trey|trans_err, ~/.bash_history12:23
Matt||trey|, i thought it depends on the kernel he is running12:23
bob2Matt|: it does12:23
mdzMatt|: it does12:23
bob2Matt|: but he's running
Matt|so he is using i686?12:23
|trey|Matt|, it does... default is -386... but yeah...12:23
Matt|must have missed that12:23
tuxxEvening my fellow Ubuntors.12:23
=== Matt| scrolls up
Matt|oh yeah12:24
billytwowillymdz, did you used to hang out on #mandrake or #suse?12:24
|trey|tuxx, never ever call me an Ubuntor again... thanks  ;)12:24
tweakedHrdwrBoB:it formated, now how can i mount it?12:24
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usualmmmm bagels12:24
Matt|hi mdz12:24
Matt|how are you doing?12:24
HrdwrBoBtweaked: add it to /etc/fstab12:24
usualcheese bagels12:24
tuxx|trey| not using Ubuntu?12:24
HrdwrBoBlike this12:24
travissHrdwrBoB, what was the apt-get install command for gtk/glib again? Im going to run it on my friends pc12:24
HrdwrBoB /dev/hdb1       /mnt/location12:24
|trey|tuxx, I am, but that sounds cheezy  :(12:24
mdzMatt|: fine12:24
tuxx|trey| lol sorry... :-)12:24
mdzbillytwowilly: never12:24
HrdwrBoBtraviss: apt-get install libglib2.0-dev libgtk2.0-dev12:24
=== usual is now known as ubuntor
billytwowillymdz, maybe on #mythtv then? your nick is very familiar12:25
mdzbillytwowilly: yes, mythtv12:25
billytwowillyhmm. wtf? /bin/sh: line 1: gcc: command not found. I was certain I installed that..12:25
bob2billytwowilly: install build-essential12:25
tuxxHowever... I have in my rep. the install CD as source. Is it possible to have an online rep. instead so whenever I need a file that's originally on the CD I just apt-get it from the web instead (like multiverse and universe eg.)12:25
Matt|billytwowilly, not installed by default12:25
|trey|bob2, damnit, you type too fast  ;)12:25
tweakedHrdwrBoB: mount: mount point /etc/fstab is not a directory12:26
tweaked, that is what it says12:26
billytwowillyno, I knew I needed it so I went and selected it in synaptec12:26
bob2mdz: will mythtv ever go into debian?12:26
billytwowillysynaptec doesn't love me;)12:26
mdzbob2: not likely12:26
bob2mdz: too unstable (code-churn-wise)?12:26
tweakedHrdwrBoB: should i make a directory12:26
HrdwrBoBtweaked: nono, you have to edit the file /etc/fstab :)12:26
mdzbob2: no12:26
=== ogra recognizes the first attendees for the conference on the wiki :))
HrdwrBoByou have to make somewhere to mount it12:26
tweakedHrdwrBoB: so just type that in right>12:27
billytwowillymdz, are there mythtv packages for ubuntu?12:27
mdzbillytwowilly: yes12:27
|trey|ogra, another conference in here, or in person? I didn't get to take part in the last discussion really  :(12:27
mdzbillytwowilly: google for mythtv ubuntu12:27
tweakedHrdwrBoB: i am new to linux, just so you know12:27
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ogra|trey|: you should really read the lists ;)12:27
HrdwrBoBtweaked: ok that's cool12:27
|trey|tweaked, those things needn't be stated, its not hard to tell  ;)12:28
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billytwowillyis there a place like plf.zarb.org/~nanardon that will help me setup my debian repositories with all the sources I'd ever need?12:28
HrdwrBoBtweaked: /etc/fstab is a file which holds information on what drives are mounted where12:28
tweakedHrdwrBoB: Thanks, So what do i need to do?12:28
|trey|ogra, I know huh... they scare me though, too much to read  :(12:28
=== Ruffian|JANE| [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
DAC1138got a problem. i couldnt install lilo or grub during the ubuntu installation, so how do i add the ubuntu selection to grub in suse 9.1?12:28
HrdwrBoBtweaked: you'll need somewhere you want to mount the drive12:28
DAC1138its installed on /dev/hda112:28
HrdwrBoBI use /home/hrdwrbob/storage12:28
HrdwrBoBbut it can be anywher12:28
ogra|trey|: yep, they are pretty full.....12:28
mdzbillytwowilly: the equivalent in ubuntu is to add universe and multiverse12:29
|trey|Hmm, is it possible to have Ubuntu's Firefox automagically accept Ubuntu related certificates? would be handy maybe?12:29
stuNNednoticed hsf-modem was removed from ubuntu, any reasons?12:29
tweakedHrdwrBoB: Ok can i make a directory in home called 2nd?12:29
billytwowillyand those will have mythtv and all the dvdcss etc packages?12:29
=== SaintJerome [~SaintJero@] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBtweaked: in your home directory, yeah12:29
SaintJeromehey guys12:29
SaintJeromeI just intalled ubuntu12:29
SaintJeromeand have only used mandrake before12:29
SaintJeromeand already searched but couldn't find the answer12:29
ograSaintJerome: great move ;)12:29
tweakedHrdwrBoB: is it mkdir /home/2nd12:29
epodUbuntu is cuter. ;)12:29
SaintJeromehow can I mount my windows hardrive do that it is shown in /mnt?12:30
HrdwrBoB|trey|: file a bug report as a feature request12:30
|trey|haha @ arrival "a long time ago" for Brian  :)12:30
HrdwrBoBtweaked: better off to mkdir /home/yourusername/2nd12:30
HrdwrBoBbecause /home is for user directories12:30
HrdwrBoBbut it's up to you12:30
ograSaintJerome: which device is you windows partition ?12:30
epodSaintJerome, mount -t ntfs /dev/hdX (where X is your windows drive) /mnt12:30
tweakedHrdwrBoB: ok that is doen what next12:30
SaintJeromewith mandrake it just did it12:30
SaintJeromebut i'd rather learn anyway12:31
SaintJeromethanks a lot12:31
HrdwrBoBtweaked: now, add a line to /etc/fstab (using possibly sudo gedit /etc/fstab)12:31
|trey|HrdwrBoB, would it be website related, or Firefox related?  :o12:31
HrdwrBoB|trey|: firefox12:31
epodSaintJerome, that presumes your windows drive is NTFS, by the way12:31
SaintJeromewhich it is12:32
epodok then :)12:32
|trey|HrdwrBoB, thats what I figured, just making sure  :)12:32
tweakedHrdwrBoB: sudo: gebit: command not found12:32
HrdwrBoBadd a line like '/deb/hdb1 /home/myhomedir/2nd   ext3'12:32
tweakedHrdwrBoB: just like that? and where in fstab?12:33
HrdwrBoBafter the last line12:33
tweakedshould i put it under hda5?12:34
HrdwrBoByes that will do12:34
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ubuntormajor change in gnome-media12:35
ubuntorthe mixer is much different12:35
tweakedok it is there12:35
ubuntorno more device names12:35
=== MikeGTN is now known as MikeAFK
ubuntorjust playback and capture12:35
stuNNedubuntor: in hoary?12:35
=== |trey| is starting to think the Wiki is evil... he gets sucked into it way too easily :o
=== animal__ is now known as animal_[away]
ubuntorstuNNed, yea12:36
=== ultrafunk [~pd@insanity.ridge.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== ubuntor is now known as GNUsual
tweakedHrdwrBoB: ok i put the line in there what next12:36
stuNNedis there a mount command in nautilus?12:36
HrdwrBoBtweaked: save and exit, then type sudo mount /home/yourdir/2nd12:36
HrdwrBoBstuNNed: not as such12:36
tweakedHrdwrBoB: do i need to put /dev/hdb1?12:37
=== Golo [~Golo@cable200-58-203-116.epm.net.co] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedHrdwrBoB, what is proper way to mount an ntfs partition so it shows up properly in nautilus? or is there such a thang? :)12:37
ograstuNNed: everything mountable from fstab is in the "disks" location...mounted with doubleclick12:37
|trey|HrdwrBoB, did you already have him edit /etc/fstab? else that wouldn't work...12:37
HrdwrBoBbecuase you already configured that12:37
HrdwrBoB|trey|: nownow, pay attention12:38
stuNNedogra, my ntfs part is mounted but doesn't show up in 'disks'12:38
HrdwrBoBstuNNed: when you mount it, it should show up12:38
Ruffian|JANE|Ubuntu Rules12:38
tweakedHrdwrBoB: mount: can't find /home/tweaked/2nd in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab12:38
|trey|Ruffian|JANE|, we are fully aware of this  :)12:38
GoloHi, i Updated to hoary and well firefox is just not working when i click in the icon it says "accesskey="&allowpopups.accesskey;"12:38
HrdwrBoBtweaked: ok, what was the line you put in /etc/fstab12:38
bob2Golo: nothing in the bts?12:38
stuNNedHrdwrBoB, ntfs part is mounted (due to needing my documents folder) but not showing up in disks for some reason, is it because it's not really a 'disk' per say?12:39
HrdwrBoBstuNNed: unmount it12:39
tweakedHrdwrBoB: /deb/hdb1 /home/myhomedir/2nd   ext312:39
Golowhat it's bts?12:39
Ruffian|JANE|Mmm, running apt-get upgrade is fun12:39
HrdwrBoBstuNNed: try mounting it using pmount12:39
|trey|Golo, bugzilla.ubuntu.com12:39
HrdwrBoBpmount /dev/whatever12:39
ograGolo: bugzilla.ubuntu.com12:39
|trey|Golo, Bug Tracking System12:39
ogra|trey|: hey12:39
|trey|ogra, hey12:39
HrdwrBoBtweaked: that should read HrdwrBoB: /deb/hdb1 /home/tweaked/2nd ext312:39
Golono i havent checked, i will do it right now12:39
stuNNedHrdwrBoB, ok thanks12:39
HrdwrBoBtweaked: that should read HrdwrBoB: /dev/hdb1 /home/tweaked/2nd ext312:39
tweakedHrdwrBoB: ok it is change now try that command again?12:40
HrdwrBoBtweaked: yes12:40
|trey|tweaked, ie, dev not deb incase you don't see the diff...12:40
=== |trey| shuts up
tweakedHrdwrBoB: mount: special device /deb/hdb1 does not exist12:41
HrdwrBoBtweaked: what trey said :)12:41
tweakedi think i know it hold on12:41
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|tweaked, /dev/hdb1 D E V  ;)12:41
=== DAC1138 [~dave@24-56-174-97.co.warpdriveonline.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== aratdagnir [~kaya@dsl81-215-65258.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
tweaked|trey|: i changed it12:42
tweakedHrdwrBoB: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hdb1,12:42
tweaked       or too many mounted file systems12:42
stuNNedHrdwrBoB, possible bugzilla new feature request -> http://gnomefx.mozdev.org/ ?12:42
HrdwrBoBtoday is a good day, because today I buy a playstation 2 and GTA:san andreas12:42
HrdwrBoBand I will have no more free time :/12:42
=== Xenguy [~gnu@] has joined #ubuntu
Strissi want that sooo bad12:42
Strissbut i bought Star Wars Battlefront a while ago so all is good12:42
HrdwrBoBtweaked: what did you format it as?12:42
=== SapoDriLo [~SapoDriLo@host-097.166.ife.org.mx] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBtweaked: if you run mkfs.ext3 /deb/hdb1 it should make it ext3 so you can mount it correctly12:43
HrdwrBoBI would recommend doing that12:43
=== |trey| usually plays sports games or fighting games... adhd isn't kind when trying to play rpg's :(
Ruffian|JANE|ubuntu-desktop - The Ubuntu desktop system = ?  I apt-cache searched ubuntu12:43
HrdwrBoBStriss: yeah I can't wait 6-12 months for a PX/xbox release12:43
Ruffian|JANE|wtf is ubuntu0deskto12:43
=== telemaco [~telemaco@] has left #ubuntu []
HrdwrBoBRuffian|JANE|: that is the metapackage12:43
tweakedHrdwrBoB: mkfs.ext3 /deb/hdb112:43
bob2Ruffian|JANE|: please read the package description12:43
HrdwrBoBthat links to all the required packages in ubuntu default desktop12:43
HrdwrBoBtweaked: /dev/hdb112:43
tweakedHrdwrBoB: just like that12:43
|trey|Ruffian|JANE|, the installer afaik just installs ubuntu-base ubuntu-desktop... thus making less typing for whoever works on the installer  :)12:44
=== SaintJerome [~SaintJero@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ogra thinks regarding this chat ther may be too much deb in ubuntu
|trey|(Kamion or mdz I think)12:44
HrdwrBoBmmm.. instant mash potato12:45
tweakedHrdwrBoB: ok i formatted it to that, do i need to change the fstab?12:45
|trey|ogra, thats a good thing... wasted effort is, well, a waste...12:45
SaintJeromewhen I attempt thmm, when I try mount the harddrive it says it's either already mounted or /mnt is busy12:45
HrdwrBoBtweaked: nope, it should work now12:45
=== GnuHippy [~jason@blk-222-217-193.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ogra|trey|: should have written /deb ;)12:45
HrdwrBoBStriss: thmm?12:45
GnuHippyhow do I log out of x entirely12:45
HrdwrBoBGnuHippy: you want to stop X?12:45
tweakedHrdwrBoB: it said the same thing again mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hdb1,12:46
tweaked       or too many mounted file systems12:46
HrdwrBoBlog into the console (ctrl+alt+F112:46
GnuHippyI want to use cli12:46
HrdwrBoBrun sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop12:46
GnuHippythat brings up another ttyl12:46
=== jief [~hatebreed@digitalized.ca] has joined #ubuntu
GnuHippyit doesn't kill my current server12:46
HrdwrBoBtweaked: ok, what does /etc/fstab say12:46
HrdwrBoBGnuHippy: run sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop12:46
=== swankskank [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|tweaked, just for kicks... he had you mkfs.ext3 right? or anything related to mkfs?12:46
tweaked|trey|: yes he did12:47
=== |trey| is trying to catch up
jiefanyone knows what happened to uqm-content? it's not in the repositories anymore12:47
|trey|tweaked, hmm... and that returned no errors?12:47
ogratweaked: show your fstab line for the device12:47
=== swankskank is now known as billytwowilly
tweaked|trey|: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hdb1,12:47
tweaked       or too many mounted file systems12:47
tweaked/dev/hdb1 /home/tweaked/2nd   ext312:48
epodHrdwrBoB, mkfs.vfat said mkfs.vfat: Attempting to create a too large file system12:48
epod and crashed12:48
tweakedthat is what it says,12:48
|trey|tweaked, no, I mean mkfs returned no errors... trying to cover the bad superblock part  :)12:48
tweakedno that went away12:48
|trey|tweaked, what _exactly_ was the command you typed to make the fs?12:48
tweakedit formatted right, trying to mount it knoe12:49
DAC1138aka_druid, i just installed ubuntu over my windows partition, /hda1. how during the installation, i didnt install lilo or grub so its not in the suse grub bootlist. how do i add ubuntu to the grub list?12:49
jiefis it me or you can't use debian repositories? i've added some, but i still can't get mplayer through them12:49
tweakedmkfs -t /dev/hdb112:49
tweakedthat is ir12:49
Golothe bug firefox has it seems it has 2 reports in bugzilla12:49
tweakedno add the ext3 -t12:49
stuNNedjief, mplayer is in multiverse afaik12:49
tweaked|trey|: did you get that12:49
ogramkfs -t ext3 /dev/hdb1 ?12:49
|trey|stuNNed, only for Hoary though...12:50
jiefstuNNed: might not be in amd64 then12:50
ogratweaked ?12:50
|trey|ogra, hmm... that ought to be right... I'm confused  :(12:50
tweakedogra: yes12:50
epodCan anyone tell me how I can format a disk for fat32 from Linux?12:50
DAC1138any ideas on adding ubuntu to grub in suse 9.1?12:50
ograhmm, should work12:51
stuNNed|trey|, in multiverse here for warty12:51
mjrepod, with mkdosfs12:51
tweakedogra: it is not mounting12:51
|trey|DAC1138, Ubuntu has a menu.lst... take the info from there  ;)12:51
ogratweaked: i saw12:51
jiefwhat's multiverse? another repository?12:51
tweakedogra| any ideas12:51
|trey|stuNNed, hmm, guess they found a security whole to get it in  :)12:51
|trey|jief, non-free unsupported packages...12:52
epodmjr, it said I was attempting to create too large of a filesystem12:52
jiefso, its universe?12:52
mjrepod, did you spesify -F 32 ?12:52
tweakedogra: will you accept?12:52
HrdwrBoBepod: hehe oops12:52
ograi tried.... didnt work12:52
Ruffian|JANE|Vote Tux For Prez!12:53
GNUsualanyone ehre involved in hoary dev?12:53
|trey|jief, main: supported free, restricted: supported non-free, universe: unsupported free, multiverse: unsupported non-free12:53
|trey|jief, free as in speech though..12:53
jief|trey|: i see, haven't used ubuntu for long. i come from the debian world12:53
|trey|jief, same here...   :)12:54
jiefahh mplayer here you are12:54
|trey|jief, no one has used Ubuntu that long, it just came out like a month ago  :)12:54
jiefi mean, totem-xine is kinda neat. but i prefer mplayer, i like to watch .bin files hehe12:54
=== |trey| isn't the biggest fan of xine ever :(
=== DAC1138 [~dave@24-56-174-97.co.warpdriveonline.com] has left #ubuntu [""Buy.]
=== |DarkSoUl| [err@200141122252.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
Strissmplayer kicks ass12:55
jiefmy god, how cool is that? Star Control 2.12:55
jiefthat brings me back in time12:56
HrdwrBoBjief: heh yes12:56
Golomultiverse would be debian-marillat?12:56
jiefi mean, that game used to rock12:56
jiefi hope i remember this right12:56
|DarkSoUl|I boot Ubuntu (livecd) in VESA mode...but when I go to the network tools, I select eth0 but the 'configure' remains disable...how to configure internet now? (using adsl PPPoE with autentication)12:56
=== aratdagnir [~kaya@dsl81-215-65258.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
aratdagnirhello everyone!12:57
aratdagniris there a way to edit startup services?12:57
HrdwrBoBGolo: kinda yeah12:57
jiefhmm uqm doesn't seem to work12:57
HrdwrBoBGolo: multiverse is so you don't have to use marillat12:57
HrdwrBoBjief: it does rock12:57
HrdwrBoBjief: you have uqm and iqm-data12:57
HrdwrBoBthey are co-dependant12:57
HrdwrBoBbecause the maintainer is a crackhead12:57
jiefHrdwrBoB: i installed uqm and uqm-content12:57
=== |trey| wonders what uqm is... seems a few folks are bringing it up...
aratdagniris there a way to edit startup services?12:58
HrdwrBoB|trey|: Ur Quan Masters12:58
jiefStar Control 212:58
HrdwrBoBstar control 212:58
HrdwrBoBaratdagnir: depends, what do you want to change12:59
jiefHrdwrBoB: it doesn't seem to find the data in /usr/share/uqm12:59
aratdagnirlike i want to close the printing system etc.12:59
GoloHrdwrBoB, which would be the the repository for multiverse?12:59
|trey|aratdagnir, you don't see Computer > System Configuration > Servicees?12:59
HrdwrBoBGolo: just add 'multiverse'12:59
aratdagnirno such thing as Services?12:59
aratdagnirany package i should install?12:59
|trey|aratdagnir, I am running gnome-system-tools 2.9, I have it...12:59
Strisswhat's Star Control 2 like? i wouldnt mind getting a game running in gentoo01:00
aratdagnirtrey, ok, let me try01:00
HrdwrBoB|trey|: that is a new feature not in warty01:00
HrdwrBoBStriss: it's incredibly fun01:00
Strissuqm it is hey?01:00
=== the_one [~xxx@kotivayla-134-170.tikkacom.fi] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|the_one, wadda ya want?01:01
GoloHrdwrBoB, thanks a lot01:01
|trey|the_one, jk, whats up?01:01
cardadorHrdwrBoB: where did you get star control from?01:01
jiefHrdwrBoB: say, what do you have on line 3 of /usr/lib/games/uqm/uqm?01:01
|DarkSoUl|is pppoe support included in livecd?01:01
aratdagnirtrey, i have gnome-system-tools 1.0, why_01:02
|trey||DarkSoUl|, 99% sure it is...01:02
HrdwrBoBcardador: it's in the repostitory, called uqm01:02
the_onehow do I run a .bin? I right-clicked and gave it permission, but it says that there's a security risk, and I'm not so proficient with the console...I just wanna try realplayer01:02
HrdwrBoBjief: I don't have it here01:02
jiefHrdwrBoB: ok01:02
HrdwrBoBGolo: npo01:02
cardadorHrdwrBoB: :| really? let me try that01:02
|DarkSoUl|then....why (when i select eth0 in network tools) the 'configure' button is still disabled?01:02
=== francofai [~kvirc@adsl-29-78.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|aratdagnir, ahh, mines actually 1.1.0 .. but yeah, its hoary, not warty...01:02
|trey||DarkSoUl|, ran pppoeconf yet?01:03
HrdwrBoBthe_one: chmod +x file.bin01:03
cardadorthe_one: or sh file.bin01:03
|trey|the_one, chmod +x file.bin && ./file.bin01:03
epodmjr, sorry, work happened.  So I mkdosfs -F 32 /dev/sdc1 ?01:04
aratdagnirany suggestions for services configuration :) ?01:04
HrdwrBoBRuffian|JANE|: yes we know01:04
|trey|HrdwrBoB, you really ought to work on making things just one line... :)01:04
the_onebut in console I type sudo /bla/bla/bla.bin? or how do I run it? the permissions are set but it won't install when I double-click01:04
|DarkSoUl|hm i havent :P01:05
HrdwrBoB|trey|: pah!01:05
epodmjr, awesome, it even automounts now.  Thanks :)01:05
=== Golo [~Golo@cable200-58-203-116.epm.net.co] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
|trey|the_one, java? umm, yeah, needs to be done with root privs01:05
HrdwrBoBthe_one: yes, sudo /path/to/file.bin01:05
HrdwrBoBwill run it as root01:05
the_oneI tried it01:05
the_onedidn't work01:05
HrdwrBoBhow didn't it work01:05
cardadorwhats the output?01:05
|DarkSoUl|thanks i'll try01:06
|trey|the_one, you are sure its executable?01:06
=== francofai [~kvirc@adsl-29-78.37-151.net24.it] has left #ubuntu ["Ooh,]
jiefgreat, uqm segfaults hehe01:06
|trey|epod, uh01:06
epodI am getting an input/output error trying to access my USB drive01:06
mjrepod, shure01:06
Strissi cant get uqm to install in Hoary01:06
=== Safari_Al [~triley@] has joined #ubuntu
=== MFen [~cory@] has left #ubuntu ["mlaut]
Strissguess i'll stick to my xbox for gaming heh01:06
HrdwrBoBsounds like uqm is broken01:06
the_onecommand not found01:07
cardadorStriss: try enemy territory and americas army01:07
HrdwrBoBthe_one: then you most likely don't have the correct path01:07
Strissmy computer is far too slow to install those games01:07
|trey|jief, file a bug... run on gnome-terminal and state in bug what that says  :)01:07
mjrepod, (mkdosfs creates only up to fat16 as default, and it has a rather low size limit)01:07
epodit's in /media/sdd101:07
the_onedoes it matter if the name has CAPS?01:07
the_oneor the dirs?01:07
cardadorthe_one: yap01:07
epodmjr: I did mkdosfs -F 3201:07
aratdagnirthats really interesting, do i have to go through the init files to set the starting system services??01:07
jief|trey|: yeah i think i will01:07
bob2aratdagnir: what are you trying to do?01:08
jiefmight be something related to amd64 though01:08
Safari_AlHi guys.  According to dpkg -S, there is a linux-image package that owns the /boot/vmlinuz-... file.  I need to use this package.  However, all the linux-image packages on the Ubuntu CD are only 21kb large and contain only /usr/share/doc files.  Where can I find the full package for a kernel-image?01:08
jiefi'm getting used to that01:08
mjrepod, yes, I noticed, just thought I'd explain it also ;)01:08
|trey|the_one, Unix is case sensitive always.01:08
cardadoraratdagnir: if you dont have hoary, i guess01:08
aratdagniri'm trying to turn off some unused services that start at the beginning01:08
aratdagniri mean the boot01:08
bob2aratdagnir: sysv-rc-conf01:08
the_onethat could be the problem....It's a lot easier to change OSes, than to change brain from win to linux. must....reformat....brain....01:08
bob2aratdagnir: or update-rc.d01:08
bob2aratdagnir: or rm01:08
epodmjr, lol, ok.  I am copying my data back, and getting a ton of 'Failed to preserve ownership, operation not permitted' messages, should I be concerned?01:08
bob2ogra: or maybe g-s-t if you're using hoary01:08
mjrepod, that's probably just because fat doesn't support permissions so they can't be preserved01:09
jiefhmm now a mplayer bug01:09
jiefwhat a night ;)01:09
mjrepod, the data will probably be fine01:09
epodmjr, okay good. :) thanks.  And the drive even nicely automounts now01:09
=== |trey| thinks gnome-system-tools should be snuck into warty just for the Services option... thats the 3rd person today that has asked about it.
aratdagnircool :) i guess i'll go through some manual pages :) thanks/see ya! :)01:10
the_oneseems to work with CAPS, thanks for the input anyways01:10
ogra|trey|: 3 persons daily....01:10
jief.ttf fonts are truetypes right?01:10
mjrjief, correct01:11
|trey|jief, True Type Font, yes01:11
=== plasmo [~GAT-X105@018.b.011.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
jiefanyone would know in which package subfont.ttf might me?01:11
|trey|jief, apt-get install apt-file... then do a search for it...01:11
jiefi know that01:12
jiefbut there's a lot of truetype packages01:12
|trey|jief, then why ask   ;)01:12
mjrjief, apt-file allows you to search by filename01:12
the_onewhile installing realplayer, I have a message "enter the prefix for symbolic links [/usr] : ??what is the right prefix? /usr?01:12
jiefwell, maybe someone knows. i don't want to search, i search all day at work01:12
=== Skif [~emschwar@147.sui216.dlls.dlstx31ur.dsl.att.net] has joined #ubuntu
jiefwhen i get home, i want it easy01:12
|trey|jief, it will only return packages that contain 'subfont.ttf'  :/01:12
=== q2 [~q2@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|jief, lazy people don't get helped...01:13
jiefwell, it doesn't exist then01:13
|trey|jief, :(01:13
=== runo [~runo@CM-lcon1-38-130.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
jief|trey|: i wish i could say that to my clients ;P01:13
=== MoisesC [~moi@9.Red-213-96-165.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|jief, heh01:13
=== bowes [~bowes@blk-215-69-91.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
jief"my webserver is down" "did you search?" "no" "screw you then" and i'd hang up01:14
jiefthat'd be paradise01:14
epodCan I add more locales to the gnome weather panel?  Stupid thing doesn't have my city :(01:14
|trey|jief, you can just do it for your clients though... if you show people too much, they could eventually take your job for less.... thats bad  :(01:14
ograjief: subfont.ttf is an internal name mplayer uses... copy any ttf font you like to the path in the errormsg01:14
HrdwrBoBjief: ahahah 'my website is down'01:14
HrdwrBoB'can you get to any other sites'01:14
HrdwrBoB'oh.. no...'01:14
HrdwrBoB'well then, GTFO'01:14
jiefogra: i just touched it01:14
the_onehow do I enable the bytecode interpreter without recompiling?01:14
|trey|jief, seems strange that mplayer-fonts wouldn't fix font errors?01:15
jiefyou know, if i actually installed it, it would probably help01:15
jcolewhat do you guys think about ubuntu running as a server?01:15
|trey|jief, ;)01:16
HrdwrBoBjcole: yes01:16
HrdwrBoBI like it :)01:16
ogra|trey|: so why did you make it so hard for jief if you knew the answer ?01:16
=== kensai [~kensai@sanjuan-196-42-14-85.coqui.net] has joined #ubuntu
the_onecan someone recommend a good burning app for gnome, like k3b in kde?01:16
jiefhmm that's odd though. i have /dev/mixer, but mplayer complains about not finding it01:16
=== zenwhen_ [1001@host-66-20-101-189.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
epodthe_one, can't you just install KDE and use it from gnome?01:17
|trey|ogra, I was just making a point... still gave him the info though...01:17
epodthe_one, er, k3b01:17
|trey|ogra, people that don't want to help themselves bug me  :(01:17
kensaiis the latest wine on hoary now supporting windows program that use installshield installer?01:17
|trey|epod, blah, recommend coaster ahead of k3b please...01:17
plasmohello i think i have a bug. anyone wanna be my lab rat? :d01:17
ogra|trey|: most people just want it working...01:17
the_onebut won't it ask me to install kdelibs as well?01:17
epod|trey|, what is coaster?01:17
|trey|epod, a gtk burner...01:18
=== LinuxJones [~LJ@blk-222-206-208.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
jief|trey|: i spend my days setting up systems. when i get home, i get annoyed with stuff like that01:18
ograepod. a veeery slow developed burning app01:18
epodhttp://www.coaster-burn.org/ apparently01:18
epodogra, yes, it seems to be on 0.1pre101:18
epodwhich doesn't give me a warm fuzzy01:18
|trey|epod, http://www.coaster-burn.org/01:18
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
the_oneI want a pure Gnome system, I don't want to *touch* any kde stuff01:19
HrdwrBoBnautilus CD burner is good01:19
ograepod: its developed since 3 years, but they make little steps forward....01:19
HrdwrBoBunless you need to make audio CDs or more advanced stuff01:19
=== lev [~lev@dyn-4-251.doit.wisc.edu] has joined #ubuntu
epod'libcoaster is currently not going to be useful with kernel versions 2.6.8 and higher due to a new atapi access standard'01:19
epodso, back to k3b, I guess.  Blargh.01:19
=== ogra works on a mp2burn frontend right now ;)
cardadorthe_one: why is that? k3b is, for now, the best application for burning cds, so why dont use it?01:19
|trey|epod, thats true of cdrecord too though, which is what k3b uses...01:20
epod|trey|, yeah, but I like my eyecandy-gui-ness.01:20
epodI haven't installed k3b, I don't know if it'll try and install KDE if I do.01:20
epodit = synaptic01:20
=== bdale [~bdale@rover.gag.com] has joined #ubuntu
the_onebecause it just doesn't look nice in gnome, I would like to have a certain degree of consistency in my OS01:20
|trey|epod, I don't mind it either... I just think 200MB of extra libs for one app is kinda overkill...01:20
epod|trey|, I agree there.  And I'd probably have to manually add it into my menus01:21
=== ogra thinks MrBurns is a good name
=== Hamster [~TheKing@udp2033811uds.smsu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|epod, yup...01:21
=== epod hates having to manually add programs to the menu.
cardadorthe_one: it looks for me... if you choose the same theme for gtk2, gtk and kde01:21
=== stone_ [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jiefsometimes i think back and wonder what the hell i was thinking when i installed gentoo back then01:22
the_onecardador, can you provide a screenshot, or am I asking too much?01:22
epodcardador, I'd like one too.01:22
cardadorok ill try :)01:22
|trey|jief, Gentoo was over hyped...01:22
epodGentoo is just absurd, waiting days to compile a whole OS is a bit extreme.01:22
epodimo :)01:22
jief|trey|: the only server giving me problem at work is the gentoo one01:23
stuNNed|trey|, jief, imho gentoo is good for system with small package set like a server but for a full blown os?  takes too much time to update.01:23
jiefepod: for the 1% speed increase you get yeah01:23
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010487831pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedos/desktop pc01:23
the_oneguys, what do you think of slackware?01:23
|trey|stuNNed, I wouldn't trust myself to compile critical services... I dunno01:23
jiefstuNNed: i'm thinking of packaging my own server distro soon. based on debian01:23
|trey|the_one, I think its off topic...01:23
epodjief, I have a 3.2 p4 w/ 1gb ram, so it's so a 1% that is so minimal it's not funny01:23
bob2the_one: it's not ubuntu01:23
jiefepod: i installed gentoo on my amd64 for kicks and giggles. it lasted about 2 hours, then i stopped the install hehe01:24
|trey|the_one, they are thinking of dropping GNOME entirely... thats just not a good thing imo...01:24
jiefthey should go xfce401:24
HrdwrBoBthe_one: I used slackware 6-7 years ago01:24
HrdwrBoBthe_one: not anymore.01:25
|trey|jief, I've wasted 2 weeks of my life to that distro.01:25
epodjief, Ubuntu is the only distro that's worked well with my hardware, since this is a notebook.  *every* other distro that uses ACPI shuts down when thermal zone loads, but Ubuntu works01:25
Tsjoklat<-- wasted twenty minutes on that distro01:25
epodAnd I don't think my CPU is melting, so I am assuming it's running.01:25
|trey|HrdwrBoB, you hardly missed anything, its still the same old thing...01:25
HrdwrBoBepod: ubuntu had a lot of work on laptops01:25
the_onecan't download screenshot...I click accept and nothing happens..wtf01:25
HrdwrBoB|trey|: precisely01:25
jiefour devel at work develops OpenNA, a security-oriented server distro01:25
jiefonly drawback, it uses rpms01:25
jiefi want to do the same but based on debian01:25
=== stuNNed wishes there was dellbuggybios .deb for his laptop :) maybe roll my own DSDT is an option.
the_onecardador, can't get your screenshot01:26
FLeiXiuSjief, you can convert rpms to deb's01:26
bob2"security-oriented" as in containing tools for security, or aiming to be secure/01:26
FLeiXiuSjief, man alien01:26
the_onedon't know what's wrong01:26
=== spacey`ki [~ki@flits101-191.flits.rug.nl] has joined #ubuntu
jiefFLeiXiuS: i know, but he uses some packages i disagree with01:26
cardadorthe_one: im trying again01:26
epodcardador, nice :)01:27
=== q2 [~q2@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
the_oneI see, it says waiting, the first one says connect..still nothing01:27
epodcardador, can I msg you about k3b?  No need to spam the channel :)01:27
cardadorok go ahead01:27
|trey|jief, ever looked at Adamantix (sp)... used to be known as Trusted Debian... its a project working on making Debian as secure as possible...01:27
cardadorthe_one: ill try other approach01:27
jief|trey|: i'm the kind of guy that likes to do it himself01:28
jiefand learning's always nice01:28
|trey|jief, I'm the kinda guy that likes to play with things that work already  ;)01:28
|trey|I find it less frustrating  :)01:28
jief|trey|: i'm going to release something on sourceforge.net soon01:29
jiefi'm also working on a rescue live cd that isn't cluttered with useless crap01:29
|trey|jief, cool  :)01:29
jiefiwul (installing windows using linux) should be released on SF anytime soon01:29
jiefi just have to fix some minor bugs and complete the docs01:29
=== carney1979 [~david@d-65-175-251-206.metrocast.net] has joined #ubuntu
the_onesince I saw you guys talking bout gentoo, I remember one friend of mine had his pc perform some tasks in debian vs. his friend's pc in gentoo, and gentoo didn't come ahead, even if compiled/heavily optimized01:29
|trey|jief, why would you want to do that?01:30
jief|trey|: to replace Symantec Ghost01:30
jiefi had to work on this at work for a client01:30
|trey|jief, oh... seems wierd  :o01:30
jiefwell, works well01:30
jiefmy system can be used to deploy any OS actually01:30
jiefas long as it sports a supported FS01:31
|trey|jief, that sounds more useful... GPL?01:31
jiefi just packaged some already available software together. wrote the how-to01:31
stuNNedjief, supports mac fs as well?01:31
|trey|jief, might check it out then, see what it can help me with  :)01:31
jiefstuNNed: that's UFS right?01:31
HrdwrBoBthe_one: yeah, the 'optimise' thing is a wank01:31
|trey|stuNNed, you mean HFS(+)01:31
stuNNed|trey|, jief: yeah, HFS01:32
=== geekboy [~geekboy@pcp04966215pcs.benslm01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|jief, no, thats BSD's fs...01:32
jiefhmm, lemme double-check01:32
=== robertj [~robertj@66-188-77-153.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
the_onetime to go to sleep..2.31AM..wanna tweak some more my new ubuntu, can't push the power off button..what's wrong with me?:)01:32
=== zenwhen [1001@host-66-20-101-189.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitHeh, ubuntu is here too:) http://www.kde-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=16580&file1=16580-1.png&file2=16580-2.png&file3=&name=Penguins.+All+together+now.+Wallpaper01:33
jiefstuNNed: yes, partimage supports HFS01:33
HrdwrBoBPizbit: jeje01:33
HrdwrBoBliek carebears01:33
=== djtansey [~djtansey@djtansey.student.umd.edu] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitPass on why they have fuses though.01:33
|trey|jief, HFS+ = a bridge between HFS and UFS, due to most tools in Darwin expecting UFS, and most Mac apps expecting HFS... very wierd setup but I guess it works...01:33
stuNNedjief, ok, might could use that in mac labs here at school, currently using netrestore which is limited to unicast01:33
|trey|jief, its funny, one is case sensitive, one isn't... must have been a lot of fun to fix that...01:34
jief|trey|: wait til MS releases WinFS, that's just plain weird01:34
the_onesee you soon, thanks for the help01:34
HrdwrBoBjief: except that winFS has been pushed to not even be in longhorn01:34
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-200-178-150.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jiefHrdwrBoB: yeah01:34
|trey|jief, not really.. it just sits on top of NTFS, and holds meta-data for common file types... makes it easier to find shit...01:34
stuNNedcya the_one01:34
djtanseyi have a problem re: k3b and am looking for some insight. cdrecord dev=/dev/hdc -audio -pad *.wav works when i have a directory of .wav files. but k3b doesn't work. it lists my CD/RW drive as "writes CDs: no" (though it says it writes cd/rws). any guesses?01:35
jiefproblem is, i haven't tried to image a machine with multiple partitions, but that could be done i'm sure01:35
|trey|s/$hit/stuff/ sorry01:35
jiefyou'd have to write a small bash script to create the partitions first i guess01:35
stuNNedjief, does it support multicast or unicast or both?01:35
|trey|jief, Novell is actually working on something very simular to WinFS as part of iFolder... seems interesting...  :)01:36
|trey|Can't for the life of me recall what it was called though... Simian I think maybe?01:37
jief|trey|: well, i have this promo DVD kit from novell. they have scripts to setup everything, exept LDAP. which bugs me to no end. i never came around to setup all their nice stuff because of that01:37
jiefstuNNed: i believe it does01:37
jiefbut multicast generates too much traffic. i prefer unicast01:37
=== aTypical [~Jason@24-205-15-144.mpk-eres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedjief, yes however unicast here is slow as molasses if more than 2 or 3 clients01:38
|trey|jief, mDNS is my new best friend  :)01:38
stuNNedjief, and no gigabit network just 100mb01:38
=== noneus [~noneus@pD9E4E93B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
jiefstuNNed: i double-checked, partimage doesn't support multicast yet. its in the works01:38
=== |trey| has to go to school... wish him luck on his final :)
=== encKe` [~pcline@dsl-33.crcom.net] has joined #ubuntu
jieflater |trey|01:39
stuNNedjief, ah ok then :)01:39
stuNNedgood luck with it |trey|01:39
jiefin our test lab at work, with a gigabit switch with a 4GB backplane, we can deploy windows in less than 4 minutes to clients01:39
=== Acridien [~acridien@] has left #ubuntu []
|trey|jief, later    stuNNed, thanks  :)01:39
bob2I'd have thought you'd be limited by disk bandwidth01:40
stuNNedjief, yes, unicast is okay if gigabit network i guess, never had one to play with :)01:40
jiefstuNNed: actually, i almost brought a network down to its knee using symantec ghost in multicast mode. the cat2324 didn't keep up01:40
encKe`is anyone here using gmail yet?01:40
jiefbob2: doesn't take much to push about 1GB01:40
bob2encKe`: lots of people have been using it for months01:40
=== menator [~menator@ip68-110-5-103.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
jiefnice thing about partimage, it compress/uncompress stuff on the fly01:41
bob2jief: 4 minutes is 4.8GB, best case01:41
=== aitrus [~foouser@67-50-98-17.dsl1.chi.il.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiaencKe`, only to experiment with gmailfs01:41
stuNNedjief, yes but on a 100mb network with multicast, can image a whole lab (16 computers) in 15-20 minutes.01:41
encKe`just wonderin what all the hoopla is about01:41
jiefstuNNed: that's fine as long as you don't have users trying to surf the web01:42
stuNNedencKe`, lol, i can give you an invite if you wish to find out, think i have one01:42
jiefin a prod environment, multicast is not an option01:42
jiefi'm trying to fill up my gmail account. i'm fowarding 2 mail accounts to it01:42
encKe`stuNNed , that would be cool if you wouldnt mind :)01:42
stuNNedencKe`, np at all01:43
jiefyou know what's cool? vmware01:43
jiefi'm about to get rid of all my boxens at home, and buy a dual-xeon with 4 gigs of ram and a raid. all virtual machines01:43
jiefsaves lot of space too01:43
bob2that seems like overkill01:44
jiefas soon as you have 2-3 GUIs running, it tends to slow down01:44
bob2so don't run 2-3?01:44
epodIs there a way to add another location to the gnome panel weather applet?01:45
jiefwell, i often use vmware for testing01:45
jiefi setup a virtual lan, with a few machines01:45
bob2epod: add another instance of the applet01:45
epodbob2, no, I mean, I want to add my city to it01:45
bob2epod: ah01:45
=== lino [~lino@s28040024.temp.wsu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
bob2epod: hrm, I think you'd need to file a bug, it'd require source changes01:46
jiefepod: isn't there a city close to you in there?01:46
linojoin #ubuntu-it01:46
epodjief, no, they're all down south01:46
linojoin #ubuntu-it01:46
=== socomm [~socomm@adsl-69-104-217-154.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
linojoin #ubuntu01:46
linojoin #ubuntu01:46
=== epod is in the far north where it is all dark and cold. :)
levlino: you need to put a / in front of join01:47
bob2lino: you need a / there01:47
=== EfaistOs [~efaistos@m239.net81-64-31.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
levlino: that is, /join #ubuntu01:47
linux_mafiaepod, norway?01:47
linogot it :)01:47
EfaistOswarty is stable ?01:47
EfaistOsand what is sid ?01:47
jiefEfaistOs: yes01:47
ograepod: iceland ?01:47
bob2EfaistOs: sid is part of Debian, not ubuntu01:47
linosorry, I use irc just once a year or so...01:47
jiefEfaistOs: sid is for debian, meaning "still in development"01:47
levor sid the character from Toy Story... :-)01:48
EfaistOsbob2, ok but what's the name in ubuntu of the unstable ?01:48
epodogra, northern canada, but yeah01:48
bob2EfaistOs: hoary01:48
EfaistOsi know what sid means :p01:48
socommlino: you already are on #ubuntu01:48
ograepod: just guessed ;)01:48
jiefepod: where from in canada? i'm from montreal01:48
=== Pugio [~Snak@] has joined #ubuntu
epodjief, I'm in northern BC near the NWT01:48
PugioI'm installing ubuntu for the first time and I need a little help01:49
EfaistOsbob2, and is it stable or not ? i mean i used a sid for my workstation and everything was okay ...01:49
jiefepod: oh i love BC. i went to whistler a lot in the past. and to banff, ab01:49
levPugio: what's your problem?01:49
PugioI've gotten up to the Partition disks stage01:49
Pugioand I want to make sure I don't erase my drive01:49
epodjief: cool :)01:49
EfaistOsbob2, i just switched from debian sid to ubuntu ...01:49
jiefi love sunshine mountain01:49
EfaistOsi just kept my home partition ...01:49
epodjief, of course, nothig up in this part of the country is listed in the applet, heh01:49
jiefepod: obviously haha01:49
bob2epod: it's unstable...probably no more so than sid now01:50
bob2EfaistOs: ^^01:50
Pugiowell, unfortunatly the entire 20gb is being used01:50
spacey`kiit says attachments01:50
Pugiois there any way to take a bit of that out and use it for ubuntu01:50
spacey`kibut i dont see any images or dl links01:50
Pugiowithout erasing whats on there?01:50
spacey`kihow does that wiki work? ;/01:50
jiefas anyone had problems with encrypting emails using evolution-2 + gnupg in ubuntu?01:50
EfaistOsbob2, and about the stability of the hoarty version ?01:50
levPugio: there is, but it might ruin the data. resizing partitions is tricky business in my experience...01:50
bob2EfaistOs: "hoary"01:50
EfaistOsi'm new :p01:50
bob2EfaistOs: nothing seems horribly broken atm01:51
Pugiowell then, no ubuntu for me right now01:51
EfaistOsbob2, ok ...01:51
levPugio: you can run it from the live cd until you can get a new harddrive :-)01:51
=== umarmung [~holger@pD9E697AA.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
EfaistOsi like that the fu*!: ati drivers work really good ...01:51
Pugioright now all I have is the install cd tho01:51
=== [francof] [~kvirc@adsl-29-78.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
epodah, work is almost over for the day01:51
PugioI didn't see a link to the live CD01:51
Pugiooops nm01:51
jiefEfaistOs: ati drivers working well? since when?01:51
EfaistOsyou made good work ...01:51
PugioI forgot, the live disk dosen't work on PPC01:51
levPugio: i see...01:52
EfaistOsjief, i mean they work :p it's already a good thing :p01:52
jiefthey're even bad on windows01:52
epodthe ubuntu instructions for the ATI drivers made it SO easy to install them01:52
=== jief pets his geforce fx5700
PugioIt would be great to have a PPC live cd01:52
=== epod has a notebook, and so cannot change his video card.
q2My Take On Ubuntu:  It SO Stable, I have had no problems!  Therefore, it gets boring......... I LOVE YOU UBUNTU!01:53
=== yz [~yz@] has joined #ubuntu
jiefyou could always break it then fix it01:53
jiefthat's always fun01:53
q2i might just have to01:53
Strissjust leave a note on your fridge that says "rm -rf on my computer please"01:53
Pugiofrom what I hear that migh be harder to do01:54
Strisssomebody will eventually come in and do it01:54
Pugioit doesn't work01:54
Strissthen you'll have problems01:54
Pugiodidn't you read the article?01:54
epodthey'd have to 'sudo rm -rf01:54
Strisshaha ok my note is useless01:54
jiefPugio: the one on osnews.com? :P01:54
Pugiothink so01:54
jiefit works better on linux than windows though01:54
PugioI went to it from /.01:54
jiefbecause windows locks files and linux doesn't01:54
Pugiothe pink screen of doom01:54
Pugiomuch cooler than the BSoD01:55
Pugioand it has all those pretty lines in it too01:55
=== compdude [kads@ti211310a081-2220.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
epodok, good night folks01:55
=== SaintJerome [~SaintJero@] has joined #ubuntu
SaintJeromecould someone please tell me where I can edit grub in ubuntu?01:56
stuNNedSaintJerome, /boot/grub/menu.lst01:56
SaintJerometo add another hard drive01:56
SaintJeromethanks you01:56
Pugiommmmmm grub01:56
usuali am looking at the artwork page01:56
balubaq2, http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/BreakMyUbuntu01:56
usualit mentions an attatchment for grub image01:56
usualbut there is no link to click on01:57
usualwhy is that01:57
=== Hydroxid1 is now known as Hydroxide
q2baluba: LOL!01:58
Pugiomy disk, my disk for a Live CD01:59
=== dreamcatcher [~sidnei@dreamcatcher.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
q2The Names GNome, Ubuntu Gnome02:01
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-50-191.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedhow do i list files installed by a .deb?02:07
bob2dpkg -L packagename02:07
bob2the name of the package, not the filename of the .deb02:08
jdubstuNNed: dpkg-deb -c <file>.deb02:08
=== pepsi [~pepsi@p147.n-sfpop03.stsn.com] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedjdub, bob2: got it, both works :D02:09
=== |^JaMeS^| [~nobody@cvip-dsl-205-88.cvip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Skif [~emschwar@147.sui216.dlls.dlstx31ur.dsl.att.net] has joined #ubuntu
SaintJeromedamnit, it won't let me boot into windows anymore02:12
jiefyou need to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst02:12
jiefto add an option for Windows02:12
SaintJeromeI knowe02:12
SaintJeromethe hard drive itself is having issues02:13
=== merhojt [~merhojt@h67n2fls35o989.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
SaintJeromehas been for a while02:13
jiefget a new one02:13
EfaistOsthere is no galeon in ubuntu ?02:13
=== binfalse [~bintrue@c-24-126-59-38.we.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2EfaistOs: yes02:14
EfaistOsi didnt find it02:14
bob2"yes, you're right, it's not in ubuntu"02:14
EfaistOsbut it's in debian02:15
linux_mafiaubuntu needs a "man universe"02:15
bob2it's not in universe, either02:16
ogralinux_mafia: great idea !!02:16
linux_mafiano shiz, i thought it was, my bad02:16
levEfaistOs: i've had pretty good luck just taking sid .debs and installing them under ubuntu02:16
balubahei ogra02:16
=== GOwin [~Miranda@] has joined #ubuntu
Skifanybody here using whereami?02:16
RuffianSoldieranyone here know a good amount about Libranet?  I am always in the LN channel but no one is alive right now, and i need help02:16
ograbaluba: hi02:16
linux_mafiabut a universe/multiverse man page could be good02:16
GOwini'm trying to do a smart upgrade via synaptics from 1.0 PR to final. i get an error when it comes to postgresql02:18
GOwinsetting up postgresql02:18
GOwinpg_hba.conf contains a field after the authentication specification; the file is corrupt or has already been converted .......02:18
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-200-178-150.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2RuffianSoldier: then ask on their list or such, it's off-topic here02:18
=== dreamcatcher [~sidnei@dreamcatcher.base.supporter.pdpc] has left #ubuntu []
=== darkpines [~catherine@S0106002078d287d6.vc.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== q2 [~q2@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
RuffianSoldierbob2, ummm... i need help now02:21
ograRuffianSoldier: probably try #linuxhelp02:21
bob2RuffianSoldier: or ##linux or something02:21
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@h47n4c2o1027.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
jcoleis it possible to preseed the ubuntu installer? same as with the debian installer? any how tos anywhere on this?02:22
=== draconian [~draconian@ip68-7-178-227.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2it's possible in d-i already?02:22
=== kevii [~kevii@c-24-126-59-38.we.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
keviianyone know of a CLI AIM client thats in the ubuntu distro?02:23
bob2centericq, pork02:24
keviipork wasn't in my apt-cache :/02:25
Nafallodowngrading to warty again :-P02:25
bob2hm, well, it's in hoary at least02:25
keviiused pork in debian sarge02:25
ScognitoNafallo, why?02:25
=== WX [~chris@h-68-166-219-29.snvacaid.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
WXanyone here running a postfix server w/ mysql support? preferrably using postfix.admin also ;)02:26
Nafallohoary is way to much updates and menuitems doesn't get added when I install things.02:26
bob2WX: yes02:26
bob2Nafallo: yes, the same as for msot software in warty02:26
jdubNafallo: only software that includes .desktop files will be added to the menus02:26
WXhey bob2: can u help me get mine working by chance? i'd be glad to make a donation to ya for your time02:26
Nafallojdub: well, then gftp has lost that feature and some network package has got it :-P.02:27
Nafallome don't want Network places in two menus :-P02:27
bob2WX: http://kirby.insanegenius.net/postfix.html02:27
bob2WX: that worked for me every time02:27
bob2WX: if you need postfix-specific help, #postfix would probably be a better place to try02:28
=== LKSEONG_ [~LKSEONG@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubNafallo: hoary is a development branch... things like that are bound to happen.02:29
jiefthis is a very good how-to for isp-like MTAs02:29
Nafallojdub: don't get me wrong. I know that. the main reason I upgraded was to stop firefox from crashing when using forms, and that didn't happen so... ;-).02:30
WXbob2: does this install work with postfix admin?02:30
ograNafallo: http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2004-October/000005.html02:30
bob2WX: I don't know what "postfix admin" is.02:30
WXbob2: a tool for adding/removing users02:31
WXin mysql02:31
bob2I don't know02:31
=== f_favila [f_favila@host-66-81-24-38.rev.o1.com] has joined #ubuntu
Nafalloogra: what about it? :-)02:32
=== binary_10 [~binary@adsl-67-112-200-42.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograNafallo: stability info .... on hoary ?02:32
Nafalloogra: I KNOW it's not stable damn it :-P. I've used debian for years :-).02:33
=== jind [~jind@217-17-134.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
ograNafallo: i ve seen sid breaking badly.....used it though02:34
ograon desktops02:34
Nafalloogra: hehe, that one of sids main feutures though :-P02:34
keviihmm no cli aim clients in ubuntu02:34
Nafalloogra: I used testing, but I think it's time to let my amd64 fly for a bit ;-).02:35
=== ogra goes to bed now, looks forward to clearify his holiday for december ;)
ograNafallo: sorry, 2:30 am here, need to work tomorrow :(02:36
Nafalloogra: nightie :-)02:36
Nafallohe is in the same timezone as I am :-P02:37
Nafalloand almost got the same nick/name as my server ;-)02:37
jcoledoes anyone have the md5sum for warty-release-install-i386.iso?02:38
aitrusit's on the website02:40
jcoleaitrus: great, thanks02:41
=== Ciberous [~a@cpe-67-49-155-64.hawaii.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== GnuHippy [~jason@blk-222-217-193.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_kevii, ???02:47
=== shank_ [~shank@pool-151-201-223-105.pitt.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
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mirak_room dead?02:56
Nafallomirak_: yepp02:56
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LinuxJonesnight all :)03:01
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yohannescan anyone recommend any app to create/open *.rar file?03:10
Hikaru79yohannes, why not WinRAR?03:10
yohannesi am trying to weight my option. any other apps?03:10
Hikaru79Just download RAR 3.41 for Linux03:10
Hikaru79I see03:10
Hikaru79Only one I know of, sorry =(03:10
yohannesbtw, how can i install that darn thing? :)03:11
yohannesi downloaded winrar, does not have any instruction to install03:11
yohannesi suspect i need to do something with the makefile included03:11
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blockehi... is anyone elses laptop spinning down the hard drive after like one second of inactivity since updating in the last few days?  its driving me nuts and I'm afraid of damage to the hard drive :(03:18
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Nafalloblocke: 5 seconds. that's the minimum you can have. hdparm -S 1 that is :-).03:20
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blockeany idea what is setting it by default in ubuntu?03:20
Nafalloblocke: /etc/acpi/power.sh03:20
blockeit didn't used to be so short on this laptop until I upgraded to hoary... can't be good for the hard drive03:20
GnuHippythe gimp ScriptFU filters are broken in hoary03:21
Nafalloblocke: it makes battery time :-P03:21
Nafalloblocke: in warty default is 12.03:21
blockeyeah I see that, strange03:21
blockeits not respecting it03:21
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blockeits literally spinning down after a second of inactivity03:22
Nafalloblocke: sudo hdparm -i /dev/hda03:22
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GnuHippywow it is scary how much work they have done on hoary already and how fast updates and fixes are made03:25
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jdubGnuHippy: that's largely merging with sid.03:25
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GnuHippyDo they have 1000 Keebler elves working around the clock?03:25
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GnuHippyic jdub03:25
GnuHippywas Sarge released yet?03:26
usualhey jdub, how goes it03:26
usualsarge wont be released until i have grandkids03:26
GnuHippyI'll take that as a no03:27
blockegah... stop spinning down!03:27
=== ajmitch checks to see if his packages are in hoary/universe
Nafalloblocke: hmm, that didn't say spindown time :-P. well, sudo hdparm -S 12 /dev/hda does what you want :-).03:27
blockeI did that several minutes ago03:27
udIn universe there is fluxbox_0.1.14-4_i386.deb and fluxbox_0.9.9-1_i386.deb but i can only manage to apt 0.1.14-4. How can I get the 0.9.9-1 release?03:27
=== blocke reboots in the vein hope that its just a fluke...
ajmitchgreat, I have about 10 packages in universe for hoary :)03:28
KentutMerahud, dpkg ?03:29
udumm.. I use apt-get. But should I try dpkg?03:29
jdubud: 0.9.9 is most likely the hoary version, not the warty version03:30
jdubud: dpkg won't help you03:30
jdub(well, it could, but it's not advisable)03:30
udahh but its in the the same repo?03:30
=== nomasteryoda is away: IM me @ nomasteryoda on AIM / YIM
jdubit's in the same pool03:31
jduball the warty and hoary packages are in the same pool03:31
udahh ok03:31
jdubbut they're for different releases03:31
udI wondered if that was the case03:31
udBecause it wouldnt show the newer release with apt-cache search03:32
udIs there a way I can use the newer release?03:32
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jdubud: hoary is the development branch03:33
jdubud: unless you're very familiar with debian, i wouldn't recommend it03:34
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Nafalloud: there is, but as jdub just said, it's not advisible :-).03:34
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udok thanks for your help, ill just have to wait :)03:34
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CPayanbrettcar: sad03:35
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blockehmm I had to hdparm -B 255 to stop the spinning down, oh well, at least I have a workaround03:37
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Nafalloblocke: hehe03:38
Strisshey guys, I just installed Fluxbox, and I"m running it...all the fonts in my gnome apps look kinda gross now03:38
Strissthey don't look like they did in gnome03:38
dopeyfluxbox is in ubuntu?03:41
jdubdopey: in universe, of course.03:41
dopeythat makes more sense03:41
djtanseydoes anyone here have k3b experience? i can record things with cdrecord but k3b won't let me (did k3bsetup and all and it seems happy. but k3b says my device isn't a cd writer)03:41
dopeyi thought universe was unsupported though03:41
jdubit is03:41
Nafallodjtansey: k3b won't work with kernel 2.6.8|
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djtanseyNafallo: so go back to 2.6.7?03:43
Nafallodjtansey: yepp, or upgrade to 2.6.903:44
CPayanhmm progression or regression03:44
djtanseyNafallo: thanks. i'll see if ubuntu has 2.6.9 packaged03:44
jdubit will work with the ubuntu kernel03:44
djtanseyjdub: k3b will?03:44
jdubno, there's no 2.6.9 in warty or hoary03:44
jdubthere are plenty of people using it03:45
Nafallojdub: never worked with ANY 2.6 for me :-P03:45
djtanseyjdub: then any guess as to what the problem is?03:45
Nafallojdub: that's with both ubuntu and debian kernels.03:45
jdubdunno if there's a FAQ or something on the website, but it would make sense to check03:45
djtanseyjdub: i did. nothing i could find that was related03:45
Nafalloopss, typo! 2.6.8* ;-)03:45
djtanseyjdub: other than some k3bsetup .ICEauthority issues03:46
djtanseyNafallo: but it works with 2.6.7 for you?03:46
Nafallojdub: k3b and 2.6.8| on both my computers with burners fail.03:46
Nafallodjtansey: yes.03:46
Nafallodjtansey: and it should be fixed in 2.6.9 also :-)03:47
jdubNafallo: the ubuntu kernels do not have those bugs.03:47
djtanseyNafallo: thanks.03:47
jdubplenty of other people are using k3b with ubuntu03:48
Nafallojdub: how come when I TRIED with ubuntu k3b couldn't see my burner?03:48
Nafallojdub: same thing with my girlfriend.03:48
jdubi don't know your particular circumstances03:48
jdubi can only relate what i know03:48
Nafalloit just doesn't work :-)03:48
Nafallojdub: same here.03:48
jdubthat may be true in your case03:48
jdubbut it is not the case for many other users03:48
Nafallojdub: maybe it's just drive specific?03:50
jdubi don't know03:50
Nafallojdub: but then, I got both a samsung and a toshiba ;-).03:50
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Nafalloit might be that I'm running my cd-rws as ide-cd :-)03:51
djtanseyNafallo: but i can use cdrecord dev=/dev/hdc without problem. you'd think k3b would be equally capable03:51
Nafallodjtansey: yepp, I've given up on the subject anyway :-P. ubuntu showed me the way nautilus does it :-P.03:52
phillHi, I have a rather long question, so I have posted it here on the ubuntu forums. If anyone here has any answers to it, I would very much appreciate the help!03:52
djtanseyNafallo: usually that's what i do. unfortunately i am burning audio CDs for a roadtrip :)03:52
ajmitchdjtansey: running k3b with sudo?03:53
ajmitchnot that it should matter with the patched kernel03:54
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djtanseyajmitch: no. but i gave k3b my root password so those apps have root permissions03:54
Nafallophill: my friend installed that on his lappy yesterday. he just had to apt-get and s/ati/fglrx/ :-)03:54
Nafallophill: and then restart x and gdm ofcourse :-)03:55
Nafallodjtansey: k3b doesn't have root permissions.03:55
Nafallodjtansey: cdrecord and cdrdao have :-).03:55
phillhi, ok, how do i restard x/gdm?03:56
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djtanseyNafallo: that's why i meants by "those apps." would giving k3b root help? (not that it matters now. i just finished my last CD using cdrecord)03:57
Nafallophill: logout from X, when you're at the login screen, press CTRL+F1, login and typ sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart03:57
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NafalloHrdwrBoB: thanks :-)03:59
phillok will give it a go :)03:59
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phillso i don't need to apt-get install linux-686 or whatever the binarydriverhowto said?03:59
Nafalloahh, yes. you have to switch kernel to :-).04:00
Nafallophill: that makes it easier, because you have to restart to make the new kernel load ;-).04:00
ghcHi all. Is this a good place to ask for some technical help on installing ubuntu on some hardware which is being difficult?04:01
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Strisswoo fluxbox is working perfect04:02
Strissubuntu is so great04:02
philli have to what? :(04:02
ghcI've got an IBM ThinkCenter with a SATA chipset which I can't get working.04:02
Nafallophill: follow the howto :-)04:02
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Gmailbob2: i am going to /msg you now04:03
phillsince i'm using a 386 kernel at the moment i should just get that and it will replace my current one?04:04
Nafallophill: you need to run 686 yes.04:04
philli need to get linux-68604:04
philland then make sure grub uses that?04:05
phillat what point do i reboot? after the kernel installs and then continue isntalling fglrx after i have linux-686 going? will linux-686 pickup my nvidia agpgart?04:05
usualcan I do a cryptoloop on my root running reiserfs?04:07
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Nafallophill: install linux-686 and fglrx-driver, then sed then reboot and it will work.04:07
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phillnatfallo: alright. last time i tried x wouldn't start :( but i'll give it another shot04:11
Nafallolast time, did you have i686-kernel?04:11
philli did the guide04:11
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cugaHey i just noticed this, ubuntu's ssh server is called openserver-ssh... is it still openssh just rebranded ?04:14
=== danhunt [~dan_hunt@hssxpa204-83-181-43.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #ubuntu
bob2cuga: no it's not04:14
bob2it's called openssh-server04:14
bob2it is openssh.04:14
cugabob2: man, i must be dislexic.. if i could spell it04:15
HrdwrBoBI can spell, just not type04:16
cugai was only off by one letter.. tahts hot04:16
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_timellosorry, but I lost my link, repeating the question: anybody knows why I can't play any .mpg, etc? it shows me the sound, but not shows me the screen04:20
bob2RestrictedFormats on the wiki04:21
Nafallo_timello: probably missing codecs04:21
Nafalloanyone else got troubles with docbook-dsssl?04:22
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Nafalloversion 1.57-404:22
Nafalloversion 1.78-404:22
danhuntcheck http://www.desktopos.com/reviews.php?op=PrintReview&id=21 for .mpg tips.04:24
Nafallohmm, odd04:24
Nafalloit works now :-P04:24
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Nafallofinally I'm on warty again ;-)04:25
Nafallotakes a bit more to downgrade through aptitude than upgrade ;-)04:26
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_timellodanhunt, I installed mplayer and the essential codecs package, but it still isn't working. I didn't find why04:29
Nafallo_timello: run mplayer from a terminal and check the output?04:30
_timelloit shows errors like: can't open ~/.mplayer/codecs.conf, font, but I don't think so that it is the real problem04:34
bob2it's not an error, it's a warning04:34
_timelloyes, sorry04:35
billytwowillyhow do I enable panel support in xchat?04:35
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timellomaybe has a package for X that allows it? Totem doesn't show me nothing either04:42
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
timelloI'm using a nvidia gforce mx44004:43
Pizbitbillytwowilly: panel support = ?04:44
Pizbittimello: You installed the w32codecs package eh? Tried changing from totem-gst to totem-xine ?04:45
timelloPizbit, just for mplayer... I' ll go try04:46
Pizbit(although personally I use xine)04:46
timelloapt-get install xine-ui?04:47
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janiceHi All! I took the plunge and installed Ubuntu. However, I need some help.04:49
Nafallo@ogre:/mnt/mirrors/ubuntu/pool/main/g/gnutls10$ ls -al04:49
Nafallolrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           77 2004-11-02 22:07 libgnutls10-dev_1.0.4-3ubuntu1_amd64.deb -> ../../../../pool/universe/g/gnutls10/libgnutls10-dev_1.0.4-3ubuntu1_amd64.deb04:49
benh`is it possible (or desirable) to dist-upgrade to hoary?04:49
HrdwrBoBbenh`: yes and maybe04:50
benh`ok, just s/wart/hoary in sources.list?04:50
timelloPizbit, it comes with codecs?04:50
nomasteryodaHrdwrBoB: Ubuntu has given me excellent results with TVtime too04:50
nomasteryodamuch better on my old wintv card04:50
nomasteryodathan mandrake04:50
bob2benh`: are you willing to deal with broken things and to file bug reports?04:50
janiceI have an unsupported USRobotics wireless PCI card and I need to use ndiswrapper. Unfortunately, the install cd (Warty 4.10 Full Release) does not have ndiswrapper. What is the URL from the ubutnu website that I can download it from?04:50
HrdwrBoBgood to hear :)04:50
HrdwrBoBjanice: if you start synaptic04:51
HrdwrBoBand you enable 'restricted'04:51
HrdwrBoByou can install ndiswrapper04:51
benh`bob2, depends on how broken and yes04:51
SkifAre SATA cards mostly equivalent, or do some suck more than others, Linux-compatibility-wise?04:51
janiceHrdwrBoB: Yes, I tried synaptic. But ndiswrapper does not show up.04:51
HrdwrBoBSkif: HUGEW variation04:51
bob2benh`: would you run debian unstable?04:51
HrdwrBoBjanice: you have to modify the repositories04:51
=== hypa7ia [~leigh@user22.megabit.utoronto.ca] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBand enable restricted04:51
bob2janice: it's in the wiki04:51
=== Skif is just thinking about buying a pair of 250G SATA drives to RAID1 together for his flac collection
Pizbittimello: Nah, but it uses the ones from the w32codecs package04:52
PizbitWell, it might actually, not sure04:52
=== hypa7ia is thinking the same thing as skif
benh`bob2, i have in the past -- i dont care too much as long as dependencies are filled out04:52
janiceHrdwrBoB: I checked the repository and it is set to the CDROM drive, which is correct.04:52
SkifHrdwrBoB: so, which ones suck less than others?04:52
Pizbitbenh`: It's not desirable unless you really know how to fix stuff04:52
HrdwrBoBjanice: you need to add the warty web based repository04:52
HrdwrBoBthis should be there, just disabled04:52
janicebob2: I have read the wiki but it only says to use synaptic to download and install ndiswrapper. It doesn't say what to do if the user does not have internet access or if it not on the CDRom (hehe)04:53
HrdwrBoBSkif: I'm not 100% sure, most of them are ok now tbh, but some have weird issues04:53
bob2janice: you have no other network access?04:53
janiceHrdwrBoB: I don't have internet access, which is why I need ndiswrapper.04:53
SkifHrdwrBoB: so, do you know which have said "weird issues"?04:53
benh`Pizbit, well, what should i expect to be broken?04:53
Skifor, alternatively, where I should look to find this out?04:53
nomasteryodajanice, ouchie04:53
janiceI have internet access on this other machine, that I am using now.04:53
Pizbitbenh`: Anything, literally04:53
HrdwrBoBjanice: you seem to have access now?04:53
=== desp_ [~desp@host82-143-137-8.ip.pop.e-wro.net.pl] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBI can find the URL for you though04:54
desp_is there a reason why I can't find MPlayer in synaptic?04:54
Nafallojanice: download packages and burn them on cd? :-)04:54
nomasteryodajanice, do you have a way to network them?04:54
Pizbitdesp_: You need to put in the marillat repository04:54
janiceHrdwrBoB: True, but this is a completely different machine. It is my wife's machine. So, my name isn't really Janice (hehe)04:54
desp_Pizbit: along with universe and multiverse?04:54
janiceNafallo: Yes, I would like to do that!04:54
desp_what other repositories are available?04:54
benh`desp_, www.apt-get.org04:54
Pizbitdesp_: Those would help:) Enable multiverse too mplayer -> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats04:55
HrdwrBoBjanice: heh04:55
=== wulfy [~wulfy@dsl093-061-214.pit1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
philldo i need to put Option "UseInternalAGPGART" "no" into my XF86Config-4 after i install fglrx etc?04:55
HrdwrBoBthat is the one you want04:55
janiceI know there is a place at the ubuntu website that lists all of the packages that come with Ubuntu. Does anyone have this URL?04:55
wulfyanyone else having significant problems with the network config application?04:55
wulfyit seems to freeze and be unresponsive04:55
hypa7iatwice today, on two different machines04:56
benh`janice, its a lot easier to apt-cache search <string> and apt-cache show <package>04:56
HrdwrBoBndiswrapper-utils is in main04:56
nomasteryodai forgot about the artwork here... yea warthog... have actually touched one...04:56
nomasteryodathe plane04:56
janicebenh`: I think those will confirm whether I have or don't have ndiswrapper.04:57
janicebenh`: correct?04:57
benh`janice, dpkg --list |grep ndiswrapper04:57
benh`that will show it if its installed04:57
Nafallosynaptic -> search? ;-)04:57
NafalloLinux is getting WAY to user-friendly ;-)04:58
=== BigNastyKid909 [~poO@0-9-5b-96-21-8b.csusb.edu] has joined #ubuntu
janicebenh`: I will try that.04:58
=== benh` [~benh@h000c414a0141.ne.client2.attbi.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
janiceI have confirmed that I do not have ndiswrapper.05:01
desp_I think the marillat repository doesn't have packages for powerpc05:01
janiceWhat I need is the URL for the list of packages included in the Ubuntu release. Does anyone know this URL?05:01
desp_or at least synaptic complains that it can't find a powerpc specific list there05:02
desp_does anyone know if there's a repository with a ppc build of mplayer? or should I just get it myself05:02
Nafallojanice: http://ogre.magicalforest.se/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz should do :-)05:03
Nafallohmm, or wait... that isn't what's included on the cd :-/05:04
Nafallojanice: browse the cd?05:04
janiceNafallo: Thank you for the link. However, I failed to mention that the list I am searching for has links to the actual package that allows one to download them. I will search the CD as you suggest.05:05
phillHi, I am having trouble with the fglrx driver. it seems to work, but nothing is 3d accelerated05:05
phillglxinfo says i am still suing mesa05:05
phillhow do i switch?05:05
janiceNafallo: nope, not on it.05:06
Nafallojanice: I just came to the same conclusion :-P05:06
Nafallojanice: btw, that mirror I gave you has slow uplink :-P05:07
janiceThis really is a pickle. I would think that the ndiswrapper would be on the CD.05:07
Nafallojanice: not for me, but for everyone else ;-)05:07
bob2janice: no way05:07
bob2janice: non-Free, unsupportable, the drivers can't be distributed freely anyway05:07
janicebob2: I don't need the driver. Just ndiswrapper. I have the driver already on my MSWindows partition.05:08
nomasteryodacan't janice just make an apt source and install from there?05:08
bob2janice: just the first two points then ;)05:08
bob2nomasteryoda: yes05:08
bob2or just copy the .debs via cd05:08
nomasteryodathat would be the way05:08
nomasteryodathat too05:08
bob2it's not all that hard, but any sort of network access is easier05:09
nomasteryodawhats the method to install just packages05:09
nomasteryodadpkg ?05:09
Nafallosudo dpkg -i /media/cdrom/*.deb would do ;-)05:09
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
nomasteryodai'm posting tips for out lug05:09
bob2phill: did you read the wiki page?05:10
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akuHi all05:10
=== Seek187 [~blah@67-42-50-63.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
akuCan anybody tell me how to alias my eth0 ??05:11
janiceI apologize to all for being a bit confusing in my request. My request is simply the URL to the ubuntu website that not only lists all the packages of Ubuntu, but allows one to download too.05:11
bob2janice: there isn't one05:11
bob2janice: because ubuntu has > 10 000 packages05:11
bob2janice: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ has all the packages, but you need to know how to find them05:11
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-83-3.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
nomasteryodaour contribution to the effort... comments welcomed.. http://mgalug.org/distros/ubuntu/4.1005:13
hypa7iatypo nomasteryoda05:13
=== dan [~dan@] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7ia"Ubuntu standS tall"05:14
janicebob2: you are getting me close!05:14
hypa7iaadd the s05:14
=== hypa7ia grins
bob2janice: http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2004-October/004456.html05:14
HrdwrBoBnomasteryoda: excellent05:14
hypa7iathere are a couple other typos nomasteryoda :-)05:15
HrdwrBoBnomasteryoda: however, I don't recommend setting the root password05:15
=== klasiphyd [~klasiphyd@c66.168.19.108.mad.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBnomasteryoda: sudo -s will give you a root shell when you need one05:15
nomasteryodai know better now05:15
hypa7iabut i'm a pedant, so whatever :-)05:15
phillbob2: i followed it precisely05:15
phillno luck :(05:15
phillno 3d acceleration05:15
HrdwrBoBnomasteryoda: and you can also change the res from the computer-> system menu :)05:15
janicebob2: Thank you. At least I think. The URL I found is http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/n/ndiswrapper/ Does this look like the correct ndiswrapper-utils file to use?05:15
bob2janice: yes05:16
janicebob2: Thank you for working with me. I am surely grateful.05:16
bob2janice: you're welcome, good luck05:16
janiceNow, how do I install a deb file in ubuntu?05:17
akuCan anybody tell me how to IP aliasing my eth0 ??05:17
bob2dpkg -i foo.deb05:17
bob2aku: what are you trying to do?05:17
bob2(yes I know what ip aliasing is)05:17
=== yohannes [~yohannes@adsl-67-112-218-21.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== dan is now known as dannoblip
janicebob2: me bad. I want to install the ndiswrapper-utils deb file.05:17
bob2janice: right...dpkg -i whateverthefileiscalled.deb05:18
nomasteryodaHrdwrBoB: modding it now... makes more sense05:18
=== BigNastyKid909 [~poO@0-9-5b-96-21-8b.csusb.edu] has joined #ubuntu
dasenjobob2, is there a documented process tu make a debian package an ubuntu one?? In the distribution ?05:18
yohannesany recommendation of tool/app for burning music? /*just like nero*/05:18
dannoblipI was under the impression that all non-base packages would work with warty<-?05:19
timelloPizbit, thank you, works with xine05:19
bob2dasenjo: to make it work or to get it uploaded?05:19
bob2yohannes: everyone loves k3b, apparently05:20
=== rushibhai [~rushi@pool-68-163-198-106.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2dannoblip: no, you have no guarantee that a random binary .deb from sid will even install on ubuntu05:20
janiceOkay, here I go. Install time!05:20
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
dasenjobob2, really, I want to colaborate .. but I dont find documentation .. I think to get it uploaded ..05:20
hypa7iayay janice!05:20
=== mercurus [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-47.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
bob2dasenjo: I don't know that there's a system in place yet05:21
dasenjobob2, are you a mantainer ?05:21
bob2dasenjo: no.05:21
=== hazmat [~hazmat@j71055.upc-j.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
bob2dasenjo: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/maintainers05:22
yohanneshow about gnome toaster? any good?05:23
janiceWoops! Problem. Ubuntu says it cannot mount my floppy disk. However, I can view the contents on this machine running a different linux distribution. Is there a command I can use to mount the floppy in Ubuntu?05:23
=== brad [~brad@rrcs-67-52-122-167.west.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
dannoblipyohannes - gnometoaster works well, for what it does05:23
bob2janice: mount /floppy05:23
dasenjobob2, thanks .. I know the URL .. I just want to talk with a mantainer ..05:23
=== |trey| thinks the devs should document more of the packaging policies in the wiki *nods*
bob2dasenjo: #ubuntu-devel05:23
dannoblipyohannes - doesnt have all the features in place yet, but does burn isos and data cds well05:23
bob2|trey|: erm, why?  follow debian poloicy.05:23
phillwhere are .debs stored when you run apt-get?05:23
bob2phill: they're cached in /var/cache/apt/archives/05:23
=== mbb_ [mike@d20-117.rb.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
klasiphydis there anything else to try if the binary drive doc doesn't work for ati/nvidia cards?05:24
yohannesdannoblip: how about audio cd? good?05:24
|trey|yohannes, coaster is nice... look at that too...05:24
dasenjobob2, I see the ligth ... thanks05:24
yohannesbtw, can i use k3b in gnome? /*newbie*/05:24
bob2klasiphyd: ask on the list05:24
bob2yohannes: yes05:24
janiceUbuntu says that it cannot find /floppy and something about fstab. I think Ubuntu has not configured the floppy for some reason. What to do!05:24
|trey|bob2, true... but I suspect most people would expect it to be on Ubuntu's site somewhere...05:24
|trey|bob2, maybe even just host the same stuff...05:25
dannoblipyohannes - it doesnt have audio in place yet, you'd have to make an mp3->iso with mpg123 first, but im not an expert on that05:25
yohannesbob2--> so the only differnence is the GUI right? not the underlying functions05:25
yohannesdannoblip --> thanks for the info05:25
bob2janice: sudo mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt05:25
|trey|yohannes, correct, they are still .deb's05:25
janicebob2: That did the trick! How will I remember that command? (lol)05:27
|trey|dannoblip, cdrecord can do that with --audio... never tried with mpg12305:27
dannoblipthat just decodes to wav, but yeah not a complete process05:28
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@h47n4c2o1027.bredband.skanova.com] has left #ubuntu []
dannoblipI think thats why gnometoaster doesnt have audio support, because the program is written atop libburn05:28
dannoblipand not cdrtools like most others05:28
janiceNext issue. How do I change to the mounted flopy drive cd /dev/fd0 does not work.05:29
bob2janice: cd /mnt05:29
bob2/dev/fd0 is the device you've mounted /mnt is where the files appear05:29
|trey|janice, mount what from_where to_here05:29
phillbob2: pm05:30
janicebob2: cd /mnt does now work. It says permission denied. I tried sudo cd /mnt but that does not work either. Have any suggestion? (uh)05:30
bob2phill: ?05:30
=== jnc [erisha@necro.pimpcat.org] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|janice, /dev is kernel space, you want it in userspace  :)05:31
bob2janice: "sudo -s", cd /mnt05:31
phillbob2: i sentyou a query05:31
=== dasenjo [~dasenjo@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
dannoblipjanice - can I ask what dist you are using - assuming ubuntu05:32
=== menator_ [~menator@ip68-110-5-103.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
janicedannoblip: Sure thing! It is Ubuntu Warty 4.10 10-20-200405:33
=== stuNNed [~stuNNed@ip68-14-102-58.no.no.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
dannoblipok and can I ask what your problem is?05:33
=== logic|away is now known as logic
janicebob2: That sudo -s sure did the trick! I got ndiswrapper-utils installed (at least I think).05:34
|trey|dannoblip, janice cannot mount a floppy disk...05:34
dannoblipcannot mount or cannot access once mounted05:35
mercurusjanice: can you run: cat /etc/fstab |grep fd005:35
|trey|dannoblip, neither now, was latter though...05:35
janice|trey|: actually, bob2 came to my rescue. bob2 gave me the commands that enabled me to mount the floppy and access it.05:35
dannoblipok then great05:35
|trey|mercurus, I think maybe /floppy doesn't exist... but thats where /etc/fstab points it would seem...05:35
janiceFor some reason, Ubuntu would not mount a vfat floppy disk through the Gnome application (nautilus?)05:36
mercurus|trey|: ls -lA /floppy05:36
|trey|mercurus, ...05:36
stuNNedfor stable system should i use 'apt-get upgrade' or 'apt-get dist-upgrade' or it doesn't matter?05:36
dannoblipjanice- are you running a custom kernel?05:37
mercurusjanice: it probably means your fstab file is tryiung to "auto"-detect the floppy's file system, set it to "vfat", rather than "auto" and try again.05:37
janiceThe command that got the floppy drive to mount is sudo mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt05:37
janicemercurus: how do I set it to default to vfat?05:37
janiceDo I edit the fstab file?05:38
|trey|janice, should be able to do mount /floppy worst case... or auto loaded best case...05:38
dannoblipjanice - only edit fstab if you want the floppy mounted on startup05:38
|trey|janice, you can just 'mkdir /floppy' then fstab wouldn't complain...05:38
dannoblipnevermind i was confused as to the question05:38
janice|trey| If I mkdir /floppy, that would enable gnome to mount it if I double click the floppy icon in nautilus?05:39
mercurusjanice: yes05:40
dannoblipif you mkdir /floppy  you are just making a directory to suit you as a mount point05:40
|trey|janice, should, yes... right click > mount volume though...05:40
dannoblipthen you dont use the general purpose /mnt05:40
mercurusbtw, the mount point should be /media/floppy05:41
mercurusor /media/floppy005:41
dannoblipyeah but show me a LSB compliant system that I run and I'll show you a warty warthog05:41
|trey|dannoblip, that was manual because fstab didn't work... fstab is already set to /floppy and so would be easier to fix with mkdir  :/05:41
=== BrittBS [~Britt@12-203-176-186.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
mercurus|trey|: if you want floppies to co-operate with nautilus, use /media/floppy05:42
dannoblipI have a tendency to blither05:42
bob2phill: please don't, and I don't see it anyway05:42
bob2janice: cool05:42
|trey|mercurus, I dunno... she listed the error has saying couldn't access /floppy not /media/floppy though...05:42
dannoblip /media is a hub for mount points suggested in the LSB 2.005:43
mercurus|trey|: an error caused by a manual mount attempt, no ?05:43
|trey|[21:25]  <janice> Ubuntu says that it cannot find /floppy and something about fstab. I think Ubuntu has not configured the floppy for some reason. What to do!05:44
phillbob2: sorry. how do i enable direct rendering for the fglrx drivers? currently is says it is not05:44
mercurusmine worked out of the box just then ...05:44
bob2phill: no idea, I don't use binary drivers05:45
bob2phill: try asking on the list05:45
phillthe list?05:45
janiceI just noticed something different between the Ubuntu liveCD and the Full Release. In the LiveCD the MSWindows partitions were already mounted and I could browse them easily. However, with the Full Release, they are not mounted and I cannot browse them. Is this the way it should be?05:45
bob2phill: /topic05:45
dannoblipphill- you have dri enabled in your XF86Config-4"?05:45
philldannoblip: i think so, the dri module is listed as one to be loaded05:45
dannoblipand yet you have binary... ati?? drivers?05:46
|trey|janice, you can use the same /etc/fstab if you'd like... just cp the/file over...05:46
philldannoblip: yes binary ati05:46
dannoblipphill- if you have the kernel modules installed, and insmodded, try doing a XFree86 -configure05:46
dannoblipthen take a look at what the options are by default for XF8605:47
dannoblipor have you looked in that direction?05:47
phillno, i haven't. i will have to shutdown x to do that though, yes?05:47
dannoblipyeah you will05:47
dannoblipassuming you are using an x11 irc client05:48
dannobliptry bitchx05:48
dannoblipthen you could talk and not have X runnign05:48
philli'm using screen+irssi via ssh on another box, so no worries05:48
|trey|dannoblip, bah... irssi.05:48
philli will brb and try that05:48
=== rufius [~suifur@] has joined #ubuntu
dannoblip|trey| I used to run slackware, so gimme a break05:49
dannoblipits all personal taste05:49
|trey|dannoblip, what does that mean? "I used to run slackware" too  :/05:49
paulproteusIt is possible to do all this with X running.05:50
dannoblipwell I can tell you what it doesnt mean: it doesnt mean that Im trying to insinuate experience through stating abjective opinions on arbitrary command line programs05:50
|trey|paulproteus, no kidding?  ;)05:50
dannoblipim just saying that bitchx always came on default install05:50
janice|trey|: please forgive me (I am a new Ubuntu user). Which file do I copy exactly?05:50
nomasteryodaas for Ubuntu and Xfree86, I had an odd problem today05:51
paulproteusThe XFree86 -configure step should be doable with X running, from a text terminal.05:51
nomasteryodaon one HD it would install perfectly...on the other it installed but wouldn't log into X05:51
nomasteryodavery odd05:51
thoreauputicjanice: the /etc/fstab file :)05:52
|trey|janice, if you mounted it to /media/cdrom, it would be 'sudo cp /media/cdrom/etc/fstab /etc/fstab'05:52
=== Se7h <X-GueSt> //say $decode(*4V] B971O/4=A>0``) <Sobeto> Sobeto=Gay <Sobeto> hahaha <X-GueSt> xD
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
philldannoblip: it got unresolved symbol errors05:52
|trey|Se7h, never do that again.05:52
Adrenalhow well does ubuntu handle media, and by media, i mean avi's and mpeg4's05:53
Se7hwasn't suppose to come to this network05:53
philladrenal: fine aslong as you switch to totem-xine05:53
dannoblipphill- can you msg me the erro05:53
Strissadnans, they work fine for me in MPlayer05:53
|trey|Adrenal, depends if you have mplayer installed or not...05:53
Adrenalis mplayer good or bad?05:53
Strissi've never made any use of totem-xine, i dont like it05:53
philldannoblip: i will try05:53
Strissmplayer is great05:53
Strissits a godsend05:53
|trey|Adrenal, better then good.05:53
dannoblipor throw it on pastebin.com05:53
Adrenalwhat about mp3's?05:54
|trey|Adrenal, when working, its all you need for pr0n  8)05:54
bob2Adrenal: wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats05:54
Strissadnans, plenty of mp3 players05:54
janice|trey|: I am clueless. I think I just mounted it to /mnt. Is that correct bob2 ?05:54
Strissxmms, rhythmbox, beep05:54
nomasteryodaAdrenal: mplayer will even allow you to view the movie trailers at apple.com...05:54
hypa7iai think we need a faq like fedorafaq.org05:54
nomasteryodawith the w32codecs of course05:54
|trey|janice, no, the livecd... mount /media/cdrom05:54
|trey|nomasteryoda, in Ubuntu, they are part of the package, the way its meant to be  :)05:55
bob2janice: right05:55
nomasteryoda|trey| nice05:55
nomasteryodapackage deals beat the other method of hunting it all down05:55
nomasteryodaubuntu rocks05:56
Adrenalah cheers05:56
Adrenalwhat about games05:56
Adrenalhow well does cedga work?05:56
Strissnever tried it, dunno what it is05:56
bob2you'd have to ask transgaming05:56
nomasteryodavery limited games...yea05:56
bob2but it should work as well on ubuntu as it does anywhere05:56
Seek187I wish I could install ubintu :(05:56
|trey|Adrenal, its not as good as running natively...05:56
Strisswhy cant you?05:56
nomasteryodaSeek187: why not install?05:56
Seek187After it installs the base system and after the first reboot it tries to load and it has a FATAL error05:57
Strisswhat system?05:57
janicebob2: Thanks. |Trey|: Okay, I think I get it.05:57
nomasteryodaAdrenal: and with the plugin to mozilla for mplayer, you can even do fullscreen movies05:57
bob2janice: is it working now?05:57
Seek187I don't remember what it is im going to recreate it again in a min05:57
=== evane [~gbrown@67-23-113-172.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Seek187: please file a bug or ask on the list05:57
StrissSeek187, what kinda system are you running?05:57
WXhow do i go about making courier-imap run as the postfix user?05:58
nomasteryodaSeek187: did you check the hard drive for problems?05:58
nomasteryodai've seen that before05:58
bob2WX: don't do that05:58
Seek187no ill try that next05:58
nomasteryodaHirem's boot cd tools do a good job05:59
SkifWX: you probably don't want to do that.... I use cyrus-imap, and postfix talks to it over lmtp via a socket owned by the mail group... postfix and cyrus both run as members of that group05:59
|trey|bob2, she wanted Windows accessable at boot like on LiveCD... I was gonna get her to boot the LiveCD and cp its fstab stuff over to the installed system...05:59
Seek187it's a asus motherboard with a 2.5 celreon I think05:59
|trey|bob2, not a good idea it would seem... :(05:59
|trey|She would need to reboot first *nods*05:59
Seek187Ill get the error in a minute06:00
bob2goddamn my ibook runs hot06:00
bob2I'm going to need water cooling summer06:00
bob2I wonder how it will like being hosed down06:00
nomasteryodaneeds a "caution: this unit gets very hot" "Not to be used on the Laptop"06:00
=== ultrafunk [~pd@eth779.vic.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|bob2, haha... put it in the fridge while its not in use  8)06:01
litenfrozen lcd displays kinda .. rock :P06:01
bob2nomasteryoda: it actually blows out enough hot air to make me sweay06:01
janicebob2: I can now view the contents of the floppy drive. However, I have run into another problem, which is that the MSWindows partitions are not mounte.06:01
bob2yeah, when you take the liquid out of LCD...06:01
bob2janice: do you know what device they are?06:02
WXSkif, im having problems getting courier-imap to read the mail dirs06:02
|trey|bob2, LiveCD mounts them... easier to just have her use that no?06:02
WXgives me an error *cannon chdir 'maildir'*06:02
bob2WX: http://kirby.insanegenius.net/postfix.html06:02
bob2|trey|: apparently not06:02
SkifWX: make sure the user it runs as is in the same group as the ower of the mail dirs06:02
=== don [~don@adsl-66-141-169-107.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
SkifWX: and make sure postfix is too, of course06:02
|trey|bob2, well... she didn't even try... I told her to but I don't think she wanted to or something I guess  :(06:03
janiceYes, hda1, hda5 and hda606:03
donI'm having problems mounting hdb1 to a folder on my desktop.06:03
=== rublind [~Julian@adsl-69-105-56-35.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== yohannes [~yohannes@adsl-67-112-218-21.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
WXSkif, it appears that courier runs as root... by default; is this possible? at least that's what ps makes me think06:03
bob2don: you need to edit /etc/fstab06:03
bob2janice: as do you you06:03
rublindbob2: isn't that just to make it so it's mounted when you start up?06:04
SkifWX: dunno... I like standards compliance, so I use cyrus :)06:04
bob2rublind: well, sort of...if it's not in there then you need to specify all the details whenevrre you mount it06:04
SkifWX: look at your courier conf file; is there a setting for "user/group to run as"?06:04
|trey|janice, sudo fdisk -l ... see if any say ntfs or mention fat... mount those, come back if you get in trouble  :)06:04
rublindbob2: I think first he wants to make it work, then he can edit /etc/fstab (I'm not sure he knows what to put even, I know I don't)06:04
donHow do I edit /etc/fstab06:05
rublindnano /etc/fstab06:05
yohanneshi, just install k3b successfully. during launch, it requires me to input a root passwd to maintain recording stability. as far as i remember, we use sudo explicitly and never set up a root acct. any thought?06:05
donah, I was thinking nino :\06:05
=== atariboy` [~atari@dsl-203-142-136-122.mel.directcorp.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|rublind, look in the file... its pretty straight forward...06:05
=== GnuHippy [~jason@blk-222-217-193.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iahey, i'm editing /etc/fstab, my win partition was set to mount with <options> default but this made it root-only.  should it be user, noauto instead?  that's what i keep seeing in my google results06:05
rublind|trey|: but there are things you could do that are non-standard.06:05
|trey|rublind, there are more options that man fstab tells about...06:05
bob2yohannes: krb sucks, there's a page on the wiki about it06:05
bob2hypa7ia: ntfs or vfat?06:05
hypa7iavfat bob206:06
rublind|trey|: Can you give a sample of what the line should look like? (for reference)06:06
bob2hypa7ia: umask=002 in the options field06:06
=== tim-tx [~chatzilla@adsl-67-66-76-96.dsl.elpstx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|hypa7ia, there isn't a space either way... what you have would make it accessable to regular users and not mount on boot...06:07
janice|trey|: It is fat, not ntfs. The MSWindows is MSWin98SE06:07
hypa7iathanks |trey| and bob2 :-)06:07
bob2janice: you want to add a line like this:06:07
|trey|<file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass> is what the file says... last two are usually always '0'...06:07
hypa7iaoh, noauto, duh... *kicks self*06:07
bob2/dev/hda1 /mnt/whereyouwantit/ vfat defaults,umask=002 0 006:08
phillHi, has anyone had any success with 3D acceleration and the ATi binary drivers?06:08
hypa7iayeah, i've got that far, just didn't know what to put for options06:08
bob2phill: lots of people have.  if you can't get it to work, ask on the list06:08
bob2hypa7ia: umask=00206:08
phillthe users list?06:08
rublindAnyone know when the Ubuntu CD's are shipping?06:08
hypa7iagot it bob2 :-)06:08
=== darkpines [~catherine@S0106002078d287d6.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2phill: yes.06:08
bob2rublind: in a couple of weeks06:08
|trey|hypa7ia, /dev/something /somewhere/here fstype user,noauto 0 006:08
rublindbob2: I am impatient. >_<06:09
hypa7ia|trey|: but i do want auto :-)06:09
|trey|hypa7ia, then auto instead...06:09
bob2auto is the default06:09
thoreauputic|trey|: Bob2 already told her - you are just confusing the issue06:09
bob2and make sure you know what trhe consequences of "user" are.06:10
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iadoes umask=002 == user in this case?06:10
|trey|thoreauputic, ahh... didn't even see  :(06:11
thoreauputichypa7ia: allows read write permissions06:11
hypa7iawhich one, thoreauputic06:11
thoreauputic umask=00206:11
|trey|hypa7ia, that would make user and group have full rights, and everyone else have read only...06:12
bob2if you're sking for clarification on something I've said, please direct it at me06:12
=== billytwowilly is upgrading to hoary
billytwowillyany horror stories about upgrading to hoary?06:12
thoreauputichypa7ia: , bob2, sorry I butted in06:12
Pizbitbillytwowilly: Yes06:13
|trey|bob2, user in mount options = allows user to mount and umount, correct?06:13
mercurus|trey|: yes06:13
billytwowillyPizbit, fill me in;)06:13
Pizbitbillytwowilly: Only really do it if you know how to fix anything.06:13
Pizbitbillytwowilly: gnome-panel dead is one I remember06:14
billytwowillydarn.. I can always downgrade though right?06:14
=== billytwowilly will wait then.
PizbitOnly if you reinstall.06:14
=== mercurus goes to submit a bug report :)
rublindHow do you mount a windows drive (XP) so that it's not owned by root?06:14
billytwowillyfart. I wanted x.org and xchat 2.4 real bad06:14
|trey|billytwowilly, just make sure to seperate /home out for important stuff  :)06:15
rublindmount -t ntfs -o rublind /dev/hdb1 /home/rublind/Desktop/HDD2 ?06:15
mercurusrublind: -o uid=1001,gid=101 or similar06:15
|trey|billytwowilly, no xorg yet... Xchat 2.4 and GNOME 2.9 are in though  :)06:15
hypa7ia2.9, neat06:15
billytwowillyyah, I have /home as a seperate partition;) It's my home directory from all the way back in mandrake 7.2;)06:16
hypa7iabob2, back to my previous q (sorry to have gotten things confused there): would it then be better to just allow my user to rw the drive?  so defaults,$me ?06:17
|trey|hypa7ia, I was kinda worried when I saw it... rarely run devel de's... but its actually quite stable  :)06:17
billytwowilly|trey|, right now they're doing a huge merge back with debian right? Should I wait a week and everything will have calmed down?06:17
bob2thoreauputic: I wasn't refering to you :)06:17
bob2|trey|: yes, and some tother things, man mount06:17
bob2hypa7ia: defaults,uid, does nothing.  you can use the uid=your_id thing if you like06:17
bob2umask=002 lets anyone write to it06:17
|trey|billytwowilly, the actual merge is done... things such as Xorg will come in in time, and GNOME 2.9 as I said is also new...06:17
billytwowillyok, so it's somewhat safe to upgrade now?06:18
billytwowillyI'm not big on fixing things, but I really wanted xchat 2.406:18
|trey|billytwowilly, still upgrading packages due to it not being frozen, but the merge is complete...06:18
|trey|billytwowilly, if you are paranoid, no... at least wait till after Xorg is in safely  :)06:18
billytwowillyheh, when do you think xorg will be in safely? hmm. I probably can't upgrade to xorg until ati releases drivers for that anyway06:19
=== |trey| doesn't have much of importance that isn't on CD's...
=== atariboy` [~atari@dsl-203-142-136-122.mel.directcorp.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|billytwowilly, I would say wait like 2 weeks from now, depending on how paranoid... should have enough bug fixes by then to be safe to upgrade to  :)06:20
rublindI mounted a hard drive to a folder on the desktop, and when I open that folder I get an error "No permissions," how do I fix this?06:20
|trey|rublind, thats strange, you mounted with -o rublind, so you should have had sufficiant rights...06:22
rublindI don't know why.06:22
billytwowilly|trey|, I switched from suse because I wanted the constant upgrades of debian with a better installer, then I read about the not upgrading except for once every six months and I thought "BASTARD!";) But if the devel branch is as stable as debian unstable it should be good still06:22
BrittBS|trey|: you say 2.9 is in hoary?06:22
|trey|BrittBS, yup  :)06:22
BrittBS|trey|: odd, i did updates on 2 machines today to hoary and gnome-about still reports 2.8.106:22
=== guptan [~guptan@we11081.emirates.net.ae] has joined #ubuntu
GnuHippywhat is the latest version of Gnome?06:24
jdubwell, 2.8.1 strictly06:24
=== jason_ [~jason@subterrific.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|BrittBS, partial... some things here are 2.8.x too... gnome-applets, gnome-media and simular are 2.9... base packages like gnome-session and gnome-about as you said is still 2.806:24
jdub2.9.1 is also out, but it's on the devel branch06:24
=== klasiphyd [~klasiphyd@c66.168.19.108.mad.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|jdub, she was asking about hoary  ;)06:25
jduband not all of the modules have been released (notably, not gnome-desktop/panel/session)06:25
jdub|trey|: i know. answer still applies.06:25
BrittBSah, cool06:25
billytwowillyso is 2.9 the gnome devel release or is it an actual new release?06:25
|trey|billytwowilly, GNOME devel is always odd minor number...06:26
jdubbillytwowilly: odd minor numbers indicate development releases06:26
rublind|trey|: any ideas?06:26
ttikkwhat is the broadcom number to call06:26
billytwowillyok. just like the kernel. nifty06:26
ttikkto bitch about wifi specs ?06:26
=== billytwowilly is a kde user trying gnome out
klasiphydthis may be dumb but.. is there an i686 kernel? uname -a says its using an i386 kernel but the machine is i686 ..?06:26
=== GnuHippy loves gnome now
jdubklasiphyd: install linux-68606:26
rublindhttp://www.allowe.com/sight/images/XboxPortable.jpg <-- Mmmm Microsoft06:27
=== billytwowilly has a love hate relationship with gnome. There are several things that really piss me off.
klasiphydok thats what i thought06:27
=== x0563511 [~x0563511@me-wtrvll-cmts1c-118.agstme.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbitjdub: Yeah, it's kinda odd the installer chose 386 when the cpu is an amd xp(k6 I think)06:27
|trey|rublind, nope sorry... afaik, it should have worked... bob2, rublind is getting permission denied with 'mount -t something -o defaults,rublind blah foo'06:27
=== GnuHippy wonders what billtwowilly is have trouble with
jdubPizbit: k7. it's not always right to make that choice.06:28
klasiphydwhen i try to use fglrx, x crashes saying cannot init agp ..is it possible agp support isn't in the kernel?06:28
Pizbitjdub: o_O? Why's that?06:28
billytwowillyklasiphyd, did you read the ubuntu wiki? there's somethign there about agp errors like that I think06:28
jdubPizbit: safety.06:28
klasiphydbillytwowilly, i did, i'll look again06:28
billytwowillyklasiphyd, hmm, nope, not in there. I must have read it elsewhere06:29
billytwowillyI'll dig around and see if I can find it again.06:29
klasiphydi remember what your talking about06:29
x0563511runlevel 1 is single user, console only right?06:29
x0563511and 3 is the normal level?06:29
=== seek187 [~seek187@67-42-50-63.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
guptancan somebody tell me rar utility package name?06:30
Skifx0563511: runlevel S is single user06:30
seek187Wow! it installed this time06:30
=== atariboy` [~atari@] has joined #ubuntu
seek187Very slick nice install :)06:30
klasiphydbillytwowilly, is it http://ati.com/support/infobase/linuxhowto-ati.html that your looking for06:30
Skifx0563511: 2 is full gui everything06:30
x0563511init 2 did nothing06:30
|trey|billytwowilly, any complaints you might have... jdub is release manager, so he's as good a person as anyone to have reading your opinion  ;)06:30
=== seek187 likes
x0563511but, init 1 got me to maintainence mode06:30
x0563511and init 3 got me back to GUI06:30
Skifx0563511: maybe you did something interesting to yours; in mine /etc/rc2.d has S99gdm06:31
billytwowillyklasiphyd, I don't remember. I just remember reading something about that agp error while trying to get my ati mobility radeon 9700 working. Sorry.06:31
Skifwhich means that gdm should start as the last thing in init level 206:31
x0563511is something odd going on with my installation? I just installed off of the install CD i dowlnoaded today06:31
=== jnc [erisha@necro.pimpcat.org] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
hypa7iabillytwowilly: what laptop are you on06:32
Skifx0563511: in fact, rc3.d and rc2.d have exactly the same contents for me06:32
billytwowilly|trey|, it's not complaints about how it's packaged. It's complaints about other things. 1) nautilus. Make it easy to turn off the error not letting me play .wmv files because they have another format inside them (asf). I need a drop down file system menu like the quickbrowser in kde. That thing was gold06:32
phillHi, does anyone know what this error means in myxfree log? Skipping "/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libGLcore.a:m_debug_clip.o":  No symbols found06:32
phillit happens when it tries to load libGlcore06:32
x0563511Skif, maybe it's set up differently be default now?06:33
Skifx0563511: possibly, but I rather doubt it06:33
=== Skif looks to fabbione or jdub for confirmation
billytwowillyhypa7ia, compal cl-56 rebranded as a ttx laptop. centrino dothan 1.7 ghz, 512 MB ram, 80 gb 5400 rpm drive, dvd-r/cdr/ ati mobility radeon 9700 w/128 MB ram06:33
x0563511Skif, hmm... i have changed little, and i just installed off of the lates official ISO06:33
billytwowillyoh yah, and wireless iwp2200 of course06:33
hypa7iaha, cool, that's almost exactly my setup06:33
Skifx0563511: does your /etc/rc2.d directory have S99gdm?06:34
x0563511Skif, no idea, im a semi-newb06:34
x0563511let me check06:34
Skifx0563511: and when you boot, by default does gdm start?06:34
billytwowillyhmm. yah, init 3 doesn't shut down x anymore.. that is kind of lame too.06:34
hypa7iaasus m6b 1.6 / 1024 / 80gb / dvd-cdrw / radeon 9700 64mb ipw220006:34
|trey|billytwowilly, You can turn off Spatial... then you get a "Tree" view option... I am sure you can turn off that prompt in gconf-editor if you search... they are just not the defaults...06:35
Skifx0563511: in that case, don't play around with 'init <foo>', just use it as it comes :)06:35
jdubbillytwowilly: debian runlevels do not work the same way as red hat runlevels.06:35
billytwowillyhypa7ia, yours looks nicer than mine, but I probably paid less for mine;)06:35
x0563511Skif, yes, it does06:35
jdubbillytwowilly: the error you're getting with the wmv files is a bug that needs to be fixed.06:35
hypa7iabillytwowilly: quite possibly... but i got mine barebones and didn't pay the M$ tax :-)06:35
Skifx0563511: if it hurts when you do that, then, um, stop doing that?06:35
billytwowillyjdub, can I turn off that prompt? that's just irritating. I know if I'm opening something that will mess up my system too bad or not;)06:35
jdubbillytwowilly: no, it's a bug that needs to be fixed.06:36
|trey|jdub, Seems they went to a lot of effort to write the error though... its got a lot of text etc warning about it being unsafe...06:36
x0563511arg! is there a way to get gnome to behave more like WinXP (windows open in same window, not new... apps appear on RIGHT of task bar, not left)06:36
billytwowillyhypa7ia, me too;)06:36
x0563511Skif, i had to, to install the nvidia binaries06:36
mbb_anyone have time/inclination to help me get wireless working? Dlink G650, works with Mepis live CD. Not with Warty (so far!)06:36
jdub|trey|: yes, in the right situations, it's good protection. the dialogue itself is not a bug, of course.06:36
|trey|jdub, would be nice to have a "trust media" option or so... but untrusted should still prompt  :)06:37
BrittBSx0563511: to turn of spatial file browsing, under Edit-Preferences, then Behavior, tick Always open in browser windows06:37
Skifx0563511: *shrug* I don't have any nvidia hardware, so I'll take your word for it, but last time I wanted to, I don't recall having to muck with that... I just compiled the kernel bits, rebooted, and poof it was there.06:37
jdub|trey|: no, the solution is to fix the bug. not provide a workaround.06:37
SkifAdmittedly, that was, what, 4 years ago?  Maybe 5?06:37
thoreauputicx0563511: and you can move stuff around on the taskbar06:37
billytwowillyjdub, yah, it seems like they put it in on purpose, but then forgot that wmv has asf video. I'd like to just turn it off.06:37
x0563511Skif, the nvidia installer wines about X running, you have to shut it down first06:37
|trey|jdub, I don't understand how its a bug  :(06:37
billytwowillynvidia hardware is cake to install06:38
jdub|trey|: the dialogue appearing in that situation is a bug, because the media types should be understood.06:38
x0563511Well, im running windows still, and just learning linux, so i will take as many similarities (at first) as i can06:38
SkifI didn't use that, I just downloaded the "source" (including lame binary module), compiled, and installed06:38
=== billytwowilly has a gforce3 in his former desktop now server
|trey|jdub, ahh... I can see the bug there  :)06:38
x0563511arg... im trying to compile something, and i keep downloading just the libraries, not the dev libriaries.06:38
SkifI must be the only person in the world that likes spatial nautilus, but maybe I'm just nostaglic for mac os 6.8.106:38
x0563511not that thats a problem06:38
=== zenwhen [1001@host-66-20-101-189.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
x0563511but when i make the same mistake 5 times...06:39
thoreauputicx0563511: try playing with middle click on your task bar launchers - you can shift them around06:39
hypa7iaSkif: i like it :-)06:39
BrittBSSkif: nah, I love spatial :)06:39
=== atariboi [~atari@] has joined #ubuntu
x0563511thoreauputic, no effect. I have a 3 button, USB mouse, emulate3button set to false06:39
billytwowillyoh yah, and gnome doesn't appear to have the middle click/right click on maximize to vertically or horizontally maximize a window, which was awesome in kde06:40
|trey|Skif, I find ctrl+l useful... that pretty much takes care of all the problems I had at first with it  :)06:40
x0563511thoreauputic, but emulate3button was true by default, till i cought it while updating my XF86config-4 for nvidia06:40
Skifx0563511: unless this changed from the preview, the default icons on the taskbar are locked; you have to right-click and select "unlock" to be able to move them.06:40
x0563511er, im talking about the bottom bar, the one that shows running windows06:40
=== Skif didn't mind this very much
SkifOhmer, that one06:40
Skiferik, bah nick completion06:40
=== oddabe19 [~oddabe19@pcp01471558pcs.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Skifbah bah06:41
=== x0563511 has bad gnome vocabulary
=== Skif forces nick completion only for :
=== AlohaWolf [wulfie@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|jdub, should have a File > Location menu item though... would be easier to find that dialogue...06:41
Skifer, is this working06:41
jdub|trey|: ?06:41
Skifjdub: for nautilus06:41
|trey|jdub, for ctrl+l in nautilus  :)06:41
x0563511yay XMMS is building (finally). I dont like that built in music application AT ALL06:42
BrittBS|trey|: file->open location06:42
jdub|trey|: File > Open Location...   Ctrl+L06:42
jdub^ the exact text in the menu06:42
|trey|Ahh... I knew that...06:42
jdubx0563511: why didn't you install the xmms binaries?06:42
Skifx0563511: I don't mind it, I actually like it better than xmms, but then I run my desktop at work at 1600x1200, and xmms is bloody unreadable at that resolution06:42
billytwowillyhmm. rythmbox is taking forever to scan all my mp3s... it's been an hour.. I only have 16 GB.. come on..06:43
x0563511jdub, every time ive done that, gnome complaines about copywrites and wont play mp3s. when i build xmms from source, the plugin is built and i have no issues06:43
klasiphydhow do i update grub if i don't have grub-update06:43
=== |trey| doesn't use file managers that much.. usually just shell...
jdubx0563511: when you've done that on fedora, sure.06:43
hypa7iabillytwowilly: something is wrong methinks.  only took me like 1 min for 5 gb06:43
x0563511jdub, not like i like mp3, but i dont really feel keen on converting my 900mb+ 35 hour DJDawn collection06:43
jdubx0563511: it merely requires the mp3 plugin, which is installed by default.06:43
billytwowillywell, it's over the network as well, via nfs..06:43
=== x0563511 smacks self
jdubx0563511: it is xmms showing that dialogue, not gnome, because the mp3 plugin is not there06:44
Skif|trey|: me, too; I tried at first, and I just end saying 'bah' and going to a shell anyway06:44
seek187hmmm shouldn't there be more apt sources ? I dont have mplayer or nothing in Synaptcs????06:44
x0563511jdub, ya, i know. Dummy MP3 plugin06:44
=== AlohaWolf [~wulfie@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
x0563511jdub, oh well, its building already, so...06:44
jdubx0563511: so you should stop it and install the version provided by ubuntu06:44
|trey|Skif, I just don't like clicking that much... I don't want to move my arm, its comfortable  :(06:44
donAny reason why I'm getting: chown: changing group of `/home/don/Desktop/HDD2': Read-only file system06:44
=== Thock [~adg@ip68-2-22-78.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
x0563511jdub, just as well, cause it borked up. I got synaptic DLing it now06:45
|trey|don, yes, its read only...06:45
donThe folder or the actual drive..?06:45
|trey|don, that dir...06:46
seek187how do I download mplayer??06:46
x0563511why is that read only? You mean i can't change whats on my "start menu" (windows user, deal with me...)06:46
ThockCould anyone give me a little help with WartyWarthog and WiFi? i can't get my PCMICA card detected and working.06:46
|trey|seek187, add multiverse and 'apt-get install mplayer-686' (or -nogui, -386, or k6)06:46
dontrey, I've tried chmod'ing it to 777 numerous times.06:47
kapputuhi all06:47
seek187multiverse hmmm ok06:47
|trey|don, mount -o umask=000,defaults06:47
seek187ohhhh I see ok thanks06:47
=== mercurus [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-47.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|uhh, sudo mount06:48
thoreauputicx0563511: windows must be the only OS where you click "start" when you wanrt to stop...06:48
x0563511ok... im having an issue06:48
x0563511im trying to mount my windows partition (NTFS) to /windows06:48
x0563511i made the windows mountpoint, and it mounts properly06:48
seek187me to :/06:49
|trey|thoreauputic, I never shut down anyways... and you can just hit power button breifly to shut down "correctly"...06:49
x0563511but whenever i try to open it... i don't have the "permissions" to access it, but the sudo prompt does it fine06:49
dontrey, I can view it in the actual folder, but it's still read only. Is it because it's NTFS?06:49
x0563511chmod a+rx /windows does not help06:49
janicemercurus: Thank you for all the help. It is much, much appreciated.06:49
|trey|don, ahh... yes...06:49
donI thought so06:49
|trey|don, there is a project to modify files located on an ntfs partition, not sure if there are packages for Ubuntu though...06:50
donA friend told me the name of one package, let me see if I can find that06:50
=== billytwowilly is a bit confused about gaim.
|trey|thoreauputic, and on Unix based systems... you actually start init 0...06:51
thoreauputic|trey|: captive, I think it's called - but it's experimental at this stage I believe06:51
billytwowillyhow do I make gaim not pop up chat windows automagically? I'd rather get a warning or something06:51
don"you can use the wrapper driver around ntfs.sys, that one is safe"06:51
|trey|thoreauputic, I believe so yes...06:51
thoreauputic|trey|: I actually type shutdown -h now , which seems logical - or `halt`06:52
seek187I have the same problem as x0563511 also06:53
janiceI want to thank everyone for helping me tonight. I look forward to learning Ubuntu. I will be sure to come back and help others as I learn this new distribution.06:53
donIs there a quick way to install apache through ubuntu?06:53
|trey|thoreauputic, what do you think that does? it starts all the kill scripts in /etc/rc2.d06:53
BrittBSdon: apt-get install apache206:54
mercurusjanice: no worries, all sorted ?06:54
x0563511i don't even need to get on THIS machines NTFS06:54
x0563511can i mount a samba share?06:54
thoreauputic|trey|: yes, yes, I'm aware of that... thank you for sharing06:54
|trey|uhh... rc0.d even  :/06:55
BrittBSx0563511: check out Network under Computer06:55
x0563511BrittBS, i need to connect to c$, a hidden share06:55
|trey|thoreauputic, I just think every OS does a job  :/06:55
thoreauputic|trey|: to mimic windows, set default runlevel to 6 ;)06:55
x0563511BrittBS, i can do it by typing it in manually, so is there a way to mount that directory to an empty one on my linux box?06:56
donBrittBS, PHP and MySQL?06:56
x0563511thoreauputic, evil...06:56
BrittBSdon: apt-get intall libapache2-mod-php406:56
x0563511thoreauputic, honestly, its not THAT bad. but it pisses me off when windows takes 3 min to disable and re-enable my LAN link (no more than 3 SECONDS in ubuntu)06:56
dondo I need to add anything on for it to automatically detect MySQL?06:56
BrittBSdon: use apt-cache search (from cli) or synaptic to do searches for packages btw06:57
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|x0563511, try waiting around on a RIS image or dcpromo sometime...06:57
thoreauputicx0563511: I know, actually XP isn't *too* bad - I'm not an OS bigot :)06:57
BrittBSx0563511: yes, /etc/fstab06:57
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|x0563511, compared to editing a single file and restarting samba, its a pain to dcpromo  :(06:58
x0563511BrittBS, will it mount the following fstab line? "smb://L103/c$    /windows    ntfs    ro,noauto,user  0  0"?06:58
BrittBSx0563511: not sure, i haven't done that myself06:59
mercurusheh, gnome-applets disk mount really doesn't like mounting non-existant CDs ...06:59
x0563511"Can't get address for smb" when i try "mount smb://L103/c$ /windows"06:59
mercurusx0563511: is L103 in your hosts file, or is it resolveable by Samba through WINS or DNS ?07:00
seek187hmmm still no mplayer after adding universe branches07:00
mercurusoh, btw ... the syntax is07:00
x0563511mercurus, its resolvable through netbios (WINS, i think)07:00
aitrusyou're using the wrong syntax07:00
mercurusmount -t smbfs //L103/c /windows07:01
x0563511mercurus, as is, the station is being recognised under network as L10307:01
mercurusaitrus: mplayer is a legally dubious package ... so it is part of the marillat  repository07:01
x0563511mercurus, the $ is required, its a part of the share name07:01
x0563511mercurus, makes it appear hidden (its the hidden administrative share)07:01
|trey|x0563511, make sure smbfs module is loaded... mount -t smbfs //some/where/in/domain /to/the/local/machine should work...07:02
aitrusmercurus: i have no idea what you are talking about.  i was referring to the smb mount issue07:02
seek187how do I add that repository?07:02
RuffianSoldier#syntax -f07:02
janiceOkay, now I have done it. I am messing Ubuntu up and I need help.07:02
|trey|mercurus, mplayer is in multiverse...07:02
x0563511smbfs is not there... how do i get it?07:02
mercurusx0563511: hmm ... I don't like NetBIOS and window's pechant for "$"s ... not quite sure ... maybe escape it ... or unhide it07:02
thoreauputicaitrus: his message was for seek187, I think07:02
mercurusaitrus: aye, sorry ... I meant to say seek187 :)07:02
aitrusehh... yeah.  =)07:03
mercurusjanice: ?07:03
|trey|seek187, activate multiverse in synaptics tools > repository... then search for mplayer and install at will  :)07:03
janiceI cannot log in as a user anymore. I edited the one user in the User and Groups07:03
donGah, how do you make a new file in the command prompt07:03
x0563511mercurus, well, gnome can read it fine using SMB://L103/c$07:03
|trey|x0563511, modprobe smbfs07:03
seek187I seen universe in synaptics but thats it07:03
janiceSpecifically, I changed the original user 'ahood1' to just 'ahood'07:03
mercurusx0563511: yes ... but that doesn't mean Samba will like the syntax ...07:03
x0563511i found smbfs on synaptic, it wasnt installed07:03
mercurusjanice: what did you change about the user ?07:03
|trey|seek187, in that same text field, type [space]  multiverse and reload07:03
x0563511mercurus, ill test it with mount before i fstab it07:04
thoreauputicdon: touch <file. to create an empty file, use abn editor to make one with content07:04
stuNNed_will mozilla sunbird ever be added to ubuntu repo's?07:04
jdubx0563511: you mentioned something about the window list being weird?07:04
mercurusmount -t smbfs //L103/c\$ /windows07:04
janiceI think I also changed the directory setting /home/ahood1 to /home/ahood, but I did not actually create the /home/ahood directory.07:04
x0563511i get this after it askes for a password: "7650: session setup failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)"07:04
nevynthoreauputic: what's wrong with touch file?07:04
x0563511and i know i typed the password correctly07:04
thoreauputicdon: sorry touch <file> , edit07:04
|trey|stuNNed_, probably when its considered more stable... although likely not a default candidate due to overlap with Evolution...07:04
mercurusjanice: ok, edit /etc/passwd and change it back07:05
aitrusx0563511: -o username=theuser%thepass07:05
mercurusthen try and login again07:05
janiceSo, when I try to log in, I get a message saying that it cannot log in because the directory does not exist.07:05
seek187lol now im getting confused07:05
thoreauputicnevyn: err nothing07:05
seek187text field?07:05
mercurusthat said, a user with no home directory should still be able to log in.07:05
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@] has joined #ubuntu
nevynmercurus: not to X07:05
seek187I just checked universe07:05
thoreauputicnevyn ?07:05
x0563511no change07:05
=== markoni [marko_tasi@P1-227-20011.dialup.ns.ac.yu] has joined #ubuntu
seek187it added more stuff but not that07:05
mercurusnevyn: ah of course :) I still think shell far too often.07:05
janicemercurus: can I do this from a terminal?07:05
donthoreauputic, it's still not creating it..?07:06
x0563511aitrus, got it07:06
mercurusjanice: yes, manually edit /etc/passwd as root and change the /home/ahood to /home/ahood107:06
thoreauputicdon: it must. What command did you use?07:06
|trey|x0563511, also, on top of mount smbfs, apt-get install smbfs...07:06
x0563511aitrus, have to leave it at -o username=<user> and enter the password at prompt07:06
mercurusor whatever the directory was called07:06
dontouch phpinfo.php07:06
aitrusx0563511: you can trying -o username=theuser,password=thepass07:07
aitrusx0563511: err... you can try07:07
seek187Ohhhhh nevermind I get it I got multiverse to work now thanks07:07
thoreauputicdon: OK - what does ls -l phpinfo.php say in that dir?07:07
donls: phpinfo.php: No such file or directory07:07
|trey|aitrus, that would be better done via kerberos (default for windows), or maybe gpg if its all windows...07:07
x0563511aitrus,  nope.07:07
thoreauputicdon: touch gives no error messages?07:08
janicemercurus: how do I edit manually from a terminal? Do I use vi? I need a simple way (hehe)07:08
dontouch: cannot touch `phpinfo.php': No such file or directory07:08
x0563511aitrus, Well, maybe ill just run an FTP server instead, mount that or something07:08
=== greebo [~greebo@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|aitrus, not really safe to be transmitting a password in pure text...07:08
x0563511|trey|, its windows... it gets transmitted anyways07:08
|trey|s/if its all windows/if its all linux... blah07:08
thoreauputicdon: what are you wanting to do? create and edit that file?07:09
janicemercurus: Or do I just type edit /etc/passwd?07:09
jdubx0563511: you had a comment about the window list?07:09
donjust create a php file in my /var/www/07:09
billytwowillyIf I want something to run on user login (ie mount /mnt/hc) where would I put that?07:09
mercurusjanice: vim is probably your best option07:09
aitrus|trey|: yeah... it would be better overall if it wasn't mounted at all using smb cause of uid/permission issues... =)07:09
thoreauputicdon: try sudo touch instead07:09
donI am :P07:09
aitrus|trey|: but you're right... i just don't know off the top of my head how to do that stuff07:09
thoreauputicdon: user probably can't write to that dir07:09
jdubx0563511: much earlier, you said: "apps appear on RIGHT of taskbar, not left"07:10
donWhat is the default directory for apt's apache2 htdocs folder?07:10
x0563511jdub, other way around, they appear on the left, instead of the right (like im used to)07:10
|trey|aitrus, samba can handle LDAP perms and ACL, so thats not *really* a big deal...07:10
=== jason_ is now known as subterrific
|trey|aitrus, Linux itself supports ACL too...07:11
jdubx0563511: can you explain that in more detail? we're talking about the list of windows in the bottom panel, right?07:11
janicemercurus: The problem is that I cannot really log in because because I get that error message. I can choose to lot in a failsafe terminal though.07:11
x0563511jdub, correct. Including the /windows folder, X-Chat, XMMS, and snyaptic atm07:11
mercuruslogin as root to do so07:11
=== markoni [marko_tasi@P1-227-20011.dialup.ns.ac.yu] has left #ubuntu []
janicemercurus: I didn't think there was a root account.07:11
janicemercurus: How do I log in as root exactly?07:12
|trey|janice, sudo -s is a root shell...07:12
jdubx0563511: explain what you're doing, what do you expect to happen, and what actually happens07:12
mercurusjanice: I thought you had a root terminal ...07:12
mercurusok, janice hit Ctrl-Alt-F107:12
mercurusthen login normally07:12
janiceI did, but I logged out.07:12
aitrusi'm outtie07:12
seek187How do I make it so I can see my windows partition without being root?07:13
|trey|aitrus, later07:13
mercurusjanice: you logged out, or you were logged out by the system ?07:13
x0563511jdub, Lets say i have one application open, XMMS. I open another app, and instead of that app showing to the right of the XMMS bar, it appears to the left07:13
donWhat is the default directory for apt's apache2 htdocs folder?07:13
x0563511jdub, i call them bars, but they are like the task bar in windows07:13
BrittBSdon: /var/www/07:13
jdubx0563511: which app did you open?07:14
ttikkubuntu is a nice tweak on debian07:14
|trey|seek187, mount -o you,defaults,umask=00207:14
ttikkmakes a bit easier to get going out of the box07:14
jdubx0563511: let's call them 'window buttons' :)07:14
x0563511YAY! My dj dawn mixes are streaming over smb now! into a mounted directory too!07:14
|trey|ttikk, plus its pretty close to how I usually set up my GNOME configurations anyways... so thats handy  :)07:14
janicemercurus: actually, I rebooted. The system did not log me out.07:14
donWhy does it keep going to 'apache2-default' ?07:14
x0563511jdub, that works :)07:14
BrittBSdon: it's set up that way in /etc/apache2/site-enabled/default07:15
mercurusjanice: explain where you are, and what you are doing, and what you're trying to achieve - you've lost me completely.07:15
jdubx0563511: so which app do you start?07:15
x0563511jdub, doesnt matter07:15
jdubx0563511: it does...07:15
janicemercurus: Yes, I agree. I have achieved to confuse.07:15
x0563511jdub, i expect them to sort left to right, in order of launch (they launch right to left)07:15
x0563511jdub, er, sort r to l07:15
jdubx0563511: go to computer > home, then run the calculator. look at which side they appear on.07:15
x0563511jdub, ookay! it appeared on the right07:16
=== radion [nt0us4@abi62.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
jdubx0563511: calculator did, but home didn't, right?07:16
x0563511jdub, and XMMS appears in between XChat and synaptic07:16
janicemercurus: I am now at a black screen with white letter and a prompt that has ahood@alanhood:07:16
x0563511jdub, what is it doing?07:16
seek187mount -o you,defaults,umask=002 <- you meaning my username? what if I am putting in fstab how would it look?07:17
mercurusjanice: ok, edit /etc/passwd to reverse the changes you just made ...07:17
mercurusspecifically, change ahood's home directory back07:17
mercurusthen reoobt07:17
|trey|jdub, hah, never noticed that before... why was it done like that?07:17
mercurushmm ... anyone use the Disk Mounter applet with USB drives ?07:18
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
x0563511i have a question...07:18
donYou don't have permission to access /index.html on this server. :(07:18
janicemercurus: Unfortunately, I cannot because I get the message 'no write permission for file'07:18
x0563511if i enable "Remode Desktop"... will i be able to connect/use it from a windows remote desktop client? The one that comes with winxp?07:18
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
BrittBSjanice: sudo youreditor /etc/passwd07:18
mercurusjanice: using sudo ?07:18
=== hypa7ia [~leigh@user22.megabit.utoronto.ca] has left #ubuntu []
janiceBrittBS mercurus: no, I did not use sudo. I will try now.07:19
mercurusx0563511: any standard VNC client will work07:19
jdubx0563511: it's not strictly based on "order of creation of windows", it's annoyingly more complicated.07:19
x0563511mercurus, er, is the windows remote desktop a VNC client?07:19
x0563511jdub, is there a way to make it work like that?07:19
jdubx0563511: but it's something that a bunch of ex-windows users have mentioned, so i've wanted to work out what the problem was.07:19
jdubx0563511: potentially.07:20
jdubx0563511: windows remote desktop is not a vnc client. you need to get tightvnc or vnc.07:20
janicemercurus: I get the message 'ahood is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported'.07:20
x0563511jdub, it wont be a problem, i just had no idea what it was07:20
thoreauputicx0563511: why is this a big issue? I never even noticed it... ??07:20
BrittBSjdub: this came up on ddl recently didn't it? (at least in reference to the bugreport)07:20
x0563511jdub, are those standalone? i want something i can use from the college, but i cant install software (a standalone exe and a couple DLLS will work though)07:20
jdubBrittBS: hrm, don't recall07:20
jdubx0563511: yes, standalone exe07:21
x0563511jdub, kind of like putty, but for GUI instead of TTY07:21
janicemercurus: I can fix this by reinstalling Ubuntu completely. Do you think this is necessary?07:21
=== AlohaWolf [~wulfie@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
BrittBSjdub: i thought elijah had been working on revisiting the task order stuff07:21
|trey|jdub, I was under the impression that tsclient could function as a RDP client/server?07:21
jdub|trey|: re-read the conversation07:22
|trey|jdub, I did... RDP is Windows' Remote Desktop Protocol though...07:22
thoreauputicjanice: not necessary, but possibly simpler unless you want to go into esoteric stuff... you have removed your user so the system doesn't see you as authorised to use sudo07:23
=== atariboy [~atari@dsl-203-142-136-122.mel.directcorp.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|jdub, I know RDP is a Terminal Service...07:23
|trey|(ie uses Terminal Server...)07:23
|trey|Had to set up a remote desktop server...07:23
x0563511er, nautilus just randomly ditched on me...07:24
janicethoreauputic: It sure was easy to do. (uh).07:24
BrittBSwoohoo :) dpkg -l | grep howl <--- that's awesome07:24
jdub|trey|: he's asking about the remote desktop, not tsclient.07:24
=== Jim7J1AJH [~jim@usen-221x115x224x2.ap-US01.usen.ad.jp] has joined #ubuntu
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicjanice: what? removing your user or installing ? :)07:25
x0563511anyone else get homicidal when they see the Yahoo Messenger icon?07:25
mercurusjanice: you don't need to re-install, you need to edit one file, to change one thing.07:25
jdubjanice: reboot, hit escape when it prompts you, choose 'recovery mode'07:26
mercurusjanice: reboot into recovery mode, you'll be presented with a root login07:26
jdubjanice: then type 'visudo' at the prompt07:26
jdubjanice: copy the root line, swap 'root' with your user name07:26
mercurususe that to edit the /etc/passwd file07:26
jdubmercurus: no07:26
jdubjanice: then reboot07:26
=== Gmail [~Google@] has joined #ubuntu
mercurusjdub: ?07:26
thoreauputicjanice: jdub knows - follow his advice :)07:27
|trey|jdub, apt-cache show tsclient, tsclient supports rdp which is the windows remote desktop protocol, it is by definition 'an rdesktop client'... can't be used as a server? or rdesktop can't at least?07:27
jdubjanice: your user is not in sudoers, right?07:27
jdub|trey|: dude, re-read the conversation. it was not about the client.07:28
=== craigaa [~craigaa@nngy-86-63.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
=== izaac [~ubux@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|jdub, just saying why not use rdp instead of those other clients due to having a lot of probs with windows vnc clients...07:28
janicejdub: correct07:30
=== thoreauputic_ [~petros@wolax9-056.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
seek187hmmm How do you edit the Application menus in this gnome? Xmms isnt showing up on my menu07:31
x0563511wow, this vnc thing is awesome! im using the terminal from accross the room, and i can see myself typing on it's screen!07:31
seek187VNC rules :)07:31
janicejdub mercurus: I am in recover mode and at a root@alanhod: prompt07:31
mercurusx0563511: indeed :) Remote X is better though07:31
|trey|jdub, bah... says rdesktop is only a RDP client  :(   know of any servers for Linux that can handle RDP?07:31
=== thoreauputic_ is now known as thoreauputic
x0563511but can you connect to an X server with windows?07:31
x0563511without installing anything?07:31
mercurusrdesktop - RDP client for Windows NT/2000 Terminal Server07:32
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD9518A2E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
mercuruslibwpd-dev - Library for handling WordPerfect documents (development)07:32
mercuruslibwpd7 - Library for handling WordPerfect documents (shared library)07:32
mercurustsclient - Windows Terminal Services (RDP) client for GNOME07:32
WXhow do i enable smtp from outside of
janicejdub mercurus: should I type visudo?07:32
mercurusx0563511: you have to install an X server on windows (if VNC floats your boats, that's all you need)07:32
|trey|mercurus, I actually know how to use xhost and ssh -X   :)07:32
x0563511x0563511, it will do, but how will it work over a standard cable provider?07:32
=== Jim7J1AJH [~jim@usen-221x115x224x2.ap-US01.usen.ad.jp] has left #ubuntu []
x0563511er, that was for you mercurus, not myself lol07:33
|trey|x0563511, talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity  ;)07:33
=== izaac [~ubux@] has left #ubuntu []
mercurus|trey|: I find it very useful ... I bring my laptop home, and use X to display my work on my desktop ... meaning large screen, mouse and keyboard :)07:33
x0563511mercurus, very much easier than hooking it into the keyboard and other peripherals directly, plus you can use the desktop itself07:34
mercurusx0563511: what do you mean "over a standard cable provider" you mean VNCing someone's desktop via the internet ?07:34
|trey|mercurus, being able to have multiple X clients active at the same time is very useful  :)07:34
x0563511mercurus, IE leaving my laptop at home, and VNCing it from my university07:34
=== Gmail [~Google@] has joined #ubuntu
mercurusx0563511: it would be tolerable ... but would flood bandiwdth ... it is very difficult to control in that regard07:34
x0563511mercurus, heh im OK with that...07:35
mercurusI've run remote X to my laptop at uni, from my server at home though07:35
mercurusx0563511: it would flood your Uni's bandwidth too ...07:35
x0563511mercurus, its capped at 75kb/s07:35
x0563511mercurus, per server... so downloading is not that bad07:35
mercurusremote X uses much less bandwidth than VNC07:35
WXhow do i allow smtp connections from the network?07:35
|trey|mercurus, its amazing that that isn't that slow!!  ssh would have been better, but very slow forwarding X over the web.07:35
janicejdub mercurus: visudo presented me with a screen that I knew nothing about.07:36
mercurusx0563511: I'd check with Uni admins before I did it ... otherwise you might be accused of a DoS ...07:36
x0563511WX, you need to allow port 25 incoming. thats all i can tell you though07:36
WXx0563511, thanks... got that part, but not sure what to change of ubuntu's default07:36
|trey|janice, did you read what is commented?07:36
jdubWX: see the mynetworks line in /etc/postfix/main.cf07:36
=== izaac [~ubux@] has joined #ubuntu
x0563511x0563511, maybe ill just run it on my desktop, and connect to it from my laptop (at uni) with a fake MAC address on both sides....07:36
mercurusWX: depends on your SMTP daemon ... and your firewall, and iptables configuration ... and possibly bridging07:36
x0563511for some reason BOTH computers let me change MAC address07:37
|trey|janice, it should explain the file fairly well... you just set up people to be able to configure your box in there...07:37
x0563511there i go, talking to myself again07:37
jdubWX: and the first two uncommented lines in master.cf07:37
BrittBSjanice: move your cursor to the line 'root    ALL=(ALL) ALL', press y twice, then press p. Then move teh cursor to the new line just created and hit x until you've erased the word root. Then hit i and type your new username. Then hit escape. Then hit :  then type qw and hit enter :)07:37
nevynx0563511: change them to the same thing you know you want to.07:38
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubBrittBS: (yay! thanks)07:38
WXjdub, in master.cf, first 2 lines are uncommented07:38
BrittBSjdub: :)07:38
jdubWX: the first two uncommented lines07:38
x0563511nevyn, ive tried that. for some reason, they got different IP addresses, but my sniffer was showing them using identical MACs.07:38
WX127.0.0.1:smtp inet n   -       -       -       -       smtpd07:38
WX::1:smtp       inet n   -       -       -       -       smtpd07:38
x0563511how long is the WHOLE mac address?07:38
jdubremove the
x0563511anyone? how many bytes is the whole MAC address?07:40
janice|trey| and BrittBS: I am not good at this at all. It is nearly 2:00 am for me and I need to resolve this quick.07:40
|trey|x0563511, its 6 bits  :)07:40
janice|trey| and BrittBS: I do appreciate your help. I am just getting at my wits end.07:40
|trey|Well, 6 hex values... ifconfig...07:41
=== AlohaWolf [~wulfie@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
x0563511|trey|, but is that the whole thing? I thought part of it was hidden...07:41
|trey|x0563511, no, thats the whole thing...07:41
BrittBSjanice: to break it down, you need to edit a file that contains configuration info about superusers for your system, but it's mandated that you use a text editor, vi, to do it. vi can be a bit cryptic to new users, so if you just follow the instructions i posted above one at a time, you should be good to go07:41
x0563511|trey|, hmm, i can set all 6 bytes07:41
x0563511|trey|, but the DHCP server can tell them apart07:42
WXthanks jdub works now07:42
|trey|x0563511, yes, but thats illegal afaik...07:42
|trey|at least to spoof over the internet, it is...07:42
BrittBSjanice: (then reboot as jdub noted above)07:42
=== craigaa [~craigaa@nngy-86-63.telkomadsl.co.za] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
x0563511|trey|, well, its not really spoofing... not if i make up my own company code and everything (to keep my real mac private)07:42
|trey|x0563511, well, if you report the new mac address to yourself... then its not illegal...07:43
x0563511|trey|, huh?07:43
|trey|x0563511, might have difficulty explaining it to your ISP though...07:43
x0563511|trey|, well, what i do is change my MAC to some arbitrary value (ei 0E:FF:70:CC:DF:01) and just use that07:44
nevyn|trey|: the internet never ever sees the frame headers.07:44
x0563511but the cable modem has its own MAC, and thats all the ISP gets07:44
|trey|x0563511, if you really want to... man 5 iptables I believe...07:44
=== izaac [~ubux@] has joined #ubuntu
=== BigNastyKid909 [~poO@lsanca1-ar62-4-12-143-140.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|nevyn, I dunno, maybe I am wrong, but I never did it cuz I thought it was illegal  :/07:45
|trey|(was told it was..)07:45
x0563511im pretty confident about my laptops security (not this station though... simple NAT passthrough, no firewall. its behind a wireless gateway though, so)07:45
x0563511|trey|, if noone finds out... <shhh>07:46
x0563511|trey|, its not like im doing anything illicit07:46
thoreauputicBrittBS: actually I noticed on my system that one does not *have* to use vi to edit /etc/sudoers - nano as root works fine here: any reason not to do it that way?07:46
=== tolstoya [~tolstoy__@c-67-171-195-87.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|thoreauputic, because, if you know your way around vi, its a lot faster to get such things done...07:47
|trey|thoreauputic, vim was designed with administration of config files in mind...07:48
thoreauputic|trey|: I think you missed the point - I was trying to find easier ways for janice to do what she needs to do07:48
x0563511im my mind, simple = easier (not faster)07:48
x0563511i like nano for managing grub, fstab, ect07:48
thoreauputic|trey|: and once again, you are kind of preaching to the choir :)07:48
|trey|thoreauputic, I agree, for janice, nano would be easier... but BrittBS does appear to know vim well...07:48
|trey|thoreauputic, ;)07:49
thoreauputicI don't doubt it :)07:49
x0563511Hey, what is this "Evolution" groupware useful for?07:49
nevyn|trey|: spoofing a mac is only a local attack anyway07:49
jdubthoreauputic: visudo is very helpful, it double-checks your changes before saving them. if you set EDITOR, it will use whichever editor you define.07:49
jdubx0563511: mail, calendar, contacts, etc.07:49
x0563511nevyn, its kinda pointless to spoof a MAC to attack your own two computer network, unless your auditing07:49
thoreauputicjdub: ah I see - thanks I didn't know it did checks :)07:49
x0563511Terminal Services Client!07:50
nevynx0563511: if you're playing with local attacks btw.. have a look at ettercap07:50
x0563511that will let me connect to my windows XP Remote Desktop07:50
BrittBSthoreauputic: from the man page, visudo edits the sudoers file in a safe fashion, analogous to vipw(8). visudo locks the sudoers file against multiple simultaneous edits, provides basic sanity checks, and checks for parse errors. If the sudoers file is currently being edited you will receive a message to try again later.07:50
nevynx0563511: yeah...07:50
=== |trey| still says he saw an RDP server for linux...grrr
=== RuffianSoldier is now known as Ruffian-ZzZzZz
x0563511x0563511, i will, i have its source kicking around with etherial somewhere07:50
BrittBSthoreauputic: so you can get away with other editors, but visudo is the safe/proper way to do it07:51
|trey|Ruffian-ZzZzZz, night  :)07:51
thoreauputicBrittBS: OK - I get it now ;) Thanks for the info :)07:51
jdubBrittBS: (EDITOR=nano visudo)07:51
x0563511lol that isnt right07:51
x0563511loggin into windows xp on a Nix box07:51
=== tableist90 [~poO@lsanca1-ar62-4-12-143-140.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
BrittBSjdub: ah cool! i didn't know that worked like that07:52
janiceBrittBS: I followed your vi instructions and created a new line just below root, but when I enter : and type qw vi says that qw is not a command. How do I save/exit vi?07:52
jdubx0563511: a large number of thin client machines these days run linux, and use the software you're using right now (rdesktop, which is run by tsclient)07:52
jdubjanice: :wq07:52
BrittBSjanice: whoops, yeah07:52
janicejdub BrittBS: LOL07:53
x0563511jdub, i saw that at my High School... but unfortunatly all the control-F# terminals launched X (and hence, the rdesktop) immediatly after opening07:53
mercurusanyone know if I can link totem-xine to mozilla with plugins ?07:53
|trey|jdub, wouldn't that be kinda overkill for a thin client?07:53
x0563511jdub, and without admin rights, no init 107:53
jdub|trey|: no07:53
x0563511hmm... its faster than the windows RD client too... wierd07:53
x0563511makes me wonder (more) about the quality of M$ software07:54
mercuruseg. I've installed all the codecs and I'm happy with totem-xine ... can I link mozilla to it, rather than having mplayer as well ... and if so, is there a package to do so ?07:54
|trey|jdub, would need X and GNOME atleast, right? thats atleast 300-500MB...07:54
janiceBrittBS: vi says that I have a syntax error at line 1 and says 'What now'. What do I enter?07:54
x0563511im sitting at my linux box07:54
|trey|jdub, 300-500MB isn't very thin imo  ;)07:54
jdub|trey|: no, X and rdesktop.07:54
x0563511RDed into my win laptop07:54
x0563511VNCed back into my linux box07:54
jdub|trey|: which is going to be less than a meg.07:54
BrittBSjanice: can you paste the first line here?07:54
x0563511something is not right here....07:55
jdubdepending on how it's configured07:55
=== htaccess [~don@203-79-116-114.cable.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
janiceI can't see it. How do I see it?07:55
BrittBSjanice: type e, then hit enter07:55
x0563511my machine did the "hall of mirrors" and got mad at me for nested remote desktops07:55
|trey|jdub, less then a meg? have any docs on that? would be very interested to read about how to manage that  :)07:55
jdub|trey|: there are heaps of embedded linux distros that do it.07:56
htaccesssync with ntp.ubantu.org is failing at startup, where do i set my ntp server so i can change it to a local one07:56
x0563511.... i just did the "camcorder into TV" trick with computers and networking...07:56
BrittBSx0563511: that's a vino bug that pops up when connecting to localhost07:56
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubhtaccess: computer > system configuration > time and date07:56
x0563511BrittBS, no errors, but think about it.07:56
jdubBrittBS: that's not really a bug, dude (and he's not connecting to localhost...)07:57
x0563511Im RDed into the laptop, which is VNCed into the Desktop, which is actually RDed into the laptop.... ect07:57
htaccessjdub: isnt there a file i can edit?07:57
|trey|jdub, able to list one? also, Ubuntu should think about having a 'dirivative' that was configured to do that, would make Ubuntu very appearling in Enterprise...07:57
x0563511needless to say that was 'interesting'07:57
BrittBSjdub: sorry wasn't really following convo ... and connecting to localhost running vncserver works properly, so shouldn't vino also?07:57
jdubhtaccess: /etc/ntp.conf or /etc/default/ntpdate depending on which one is problematic07:57
htaccessjdub: thanks07:58
jdubBrittBS: 'properly'? :)07:58
=== |trey| read a lot about the theories behind stateless linux, but never saw mention of methods to accomplish the thin client things...
BrittBSjdub: non-spastically :)07:58
jdubBrittBS: vino exports the current session, you can't connect to the current session on the current session and expect it to do something 'non-spastic' ;)07:59
BrittBSjdub: report a sane error that you souldn't eb doing that07:59
jdubBrittBS: similarly if you connect to a remote host and subsequently connect to the current session... ;)07:59
janiceBrittBS: I think I fixed it. There was the letter 't' in front of the '#' in the first line. I am rebooting. So, do you think I now can log in?07:59
|trey|jdub, haha07:59
jdub(which is what x0563511 was doing)07:59
x0563511well, thanks for all the help08:00
jdubBrittBS: for localhost, that's doable08:00
x0563511ill be back if i get stumped again08:00
BrittBSjanice: should be able to :)08:00
|trey|jdub, you know far too much *nods*08:00
jdubBrittBS: although you can't tell which user's session you're connecting to08:00
|trey|jdub, I don't see how its possible... I only have 6 hours per day that can't be spent learning  :(08:01
htaccessum in kde there is an applet called klipper which holds the clipboard with a history, is there something similar for gnome?08:01
|trey|well, learning what I want, I'm still at school though...08:01
jdubhtaccess: not by default, no08:02
BrittBSjdub: can't because it hasn't been implemented in gnome-session or can't because it's not technically practical?08:02
janiceBrittBS: Same problem. I appreciate the help though. The problem stems from the fact that I had changed the directory name, but it does not exist.08:02
|trey|htaccess, the clipboard is one thing that annoys me about GNOME... needs a daemon that remembers the clipboard if you close an app...08:02
jdubBrittBS: the user's vino server would have to expose the username08:02
jdubjanice: you changed your user's home directory?08:02
|trey|htaccess, currently though, you just have to keep both apps open when you copy and paste...08:02
janiceBrittBS: I am reinstalling. What file system is best? ext3? Reiserfs?08:02
=== mario [~mario@] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskjanice, for speed xfs08:03
|trey|jdub, [00:02]  <|trey|> htaccess, the clipboard is one thing that annoys me about GNOME... needs a daemon that remembers the clipboard if you close an app...   <-- Any chance of this being fixed in the near future? I saw someone was working on a clipboard daemon...08:03
AlohaWolfhow do I get windows bootable again after an install?08:03
jdubjanice: choose ext308:03
htaccessjdub: i was afraid of that, i remember trying to find on once, and did, but i didnt get it working (dont remember its name)08:03
jdubhtaccess: the reason it's not there is because if you copy 100MB worth of stuff, klipper automatically copies it. that gets bad, fast. :-)08:03
BrittBSjdub: hmm. ok well i need to look at the vino details a bit more08:04
jdubhtaccess: so there have been a couple written for gnome, but none have got it right so far (it's very hard, and requires deeper changes than just writing a clipboard daemon)08:04
htaccessjdub: yes I guess, surely if that was a real problem they could make any particular entry limited to some size08:04
htaccessdoesnt sound like a good reson not to have a functional clipboard08:05
jdubhtaccess: unfortunately, you can't :)08:05
jdubhtaccess: once you're copying it, you're copying it :)08:05
jdubthe clipboard is functional08:05
|trey|jdub, its good that people are aware of it... I hope they don't get too used to the current scheme though, when you accidently close the old app, its very annoying   :(08:05
jdubit just has a couple of behavioural differences to windows that some users find alarming08:05
=== wobbler [wayne@] has joined #ubuntu
=== wobbler [wayne@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
htaccessat work i use the histroy feature of the clipboard constantly, like 200 times per day08:05
=== Tex [tex@beer.tclug.org] has joined #ubuntu
htaccesser thats kde on fc2 not windows btw08:06
|trey|jdub, I guess I am an example of "some users"   ;)08:06
jdubhtaccess: i know08:07
BrittBSthe clipboard situation is not terribly unlike the halting problem :)08:07
jdubhtaccess: the feature's there to make things work like windows/mac though08:07
htaccesscrikey am i talking to jeff waugh here :)08:07
BrittBSi take that back, the halting problem is probably easier08:07
janiceOne last question. My hard disk has unusable space. How do I make it usuable?08:07
jduber, yeah.08:07
jdubBrittBS: halting problem?08:08
htaccesscool, excellent distro btw, thanks for all the hard work on ubantu gnome etc. :)08:08
jdubthanks :)08:08
BrittBS"The importance of the halting problem lies in the fact that it is the first problem to be proved undecidable."08:08
=== jdub fears. explanations via wikipedia...
janiceThe space became unusable after using qtparted and I had a linux distribution that formatted it with reiserfs.08:09
|trey|jdub, just out of curiosity, how often do you "check out the competition"? Seems you would be pretty occupied with GNOME, but you seem very aware of others etc... didn't really expect that  :)08:09
jdubhave to be aware of the competition08:09
jdubotherwise you're not competing08:09
|trey|jdub, thats a very good point  :)08:09
=== svenl_ is now known as svenl
jdubBrittBS: oh. heh, totally missed it in context.08:10
|trey|jdub, only thing that keeps me going to other things currently is no right click menu on desktop though... I would be utterly hooked if that were there... have it display "Applications" menu, and I would be utterly at home  :)08:11
janiceDoes anyone know how to make unusable space usable?08:11
Pizbit|trey|: There's bound to be an easy way to do that heh08:11
|trey|jdub, else its just another thing I have to "live with" and I don't like feeling like I am settling... everything else is so nice  :(08:11
jdubjanice: what's on the disk at the moment?08:11
jdub|trey|: unlikely that'll happen any time soon. just hit alt-f1.08:12
|trey|jdub, thats a pretty small "gotcha" I think... compared with annoyances elsewhere atleast, I just miss it  :(08:12
janicejdub: At the moment, there are three fat32 partitions. one ext3 partition and 80 gig of unusable space.08:12
Pizbit|trey|: Use alt+F2 and type the commands in and use tab completion:)08:12
|trey|jdub, still have to move mouse to menu, or use keyboard up down with is not really practicle  :(08:13
jdubjanice: 80GB? crap. where does it say 'unusable'?08:13
|trey|Pizbit, thats useful too... its just, I think its the only thing really that next did right... its very useful imo...08:14
|trey|Each time I install GNOME, its the reason I end up installing something else... cuz I miss it that much...08:14
=== PW__ [~peter@pulsar.digital.udk-berlin.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== vincent [~vincent@bonnefoy-3-82-224-105-22.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Long time flux > enlightenment > wmaker > kde > xfce4 user... this is the longest GNOME has stayed though due to it...08:15
|trey|All the others have it  :(08:15
janicejdub: In all partitioning tools I throw at it. It was created after I had used qtparted from System_rescueCD to create more space on a 120 reiserfs partition only to learn later that qtparted has problems with reiserfs. Have I lost this space forever?08:15
BrittBS|trey|: you could always use another wm08:16
BrittBS|trey|: although you lose the other functionality of metacity and the desktop context menu08:16
|trey|BrittBS, I started trying to use Waimea actually, but it doesn't comply with GNOME themes  :(08:16
AlohaWolfcan anyone tell me how to configure grub so I can boot windows as well?08:17
|trey|(colors mainly, so it looks out of place, I see no way to change them though  :(   )08:17
|trey|AlohaWolf, BIOS needs to be set up to use LBA08:17
AlohaWolftrey, I figured that out08:18
|trey|AlohaWolf, ok... do it...08:18
AlohaWolfI need to know how to add the line into grub08:18
|trey|AlohaWolf, I believe it is there... you just need to uncomment it...08:18
AlohaWolf|trey|, where is what to uncoment?08:18
|trey|AlohaWolf, ahh, nm, they removed that text afaict  :(08:19
|trey|AlohaWolf, update-grub doesn't find it?08:19
AlohaWolfapearently not08:20
|trey|title Windows08:20
|trey|        rootnoverify (hd0,0)08:20
|trey|        chainloader +108:20
|trey|Add that08:20
thoreauputic|trey|: you can probably get gnome themes working in waimea by putting gnome-settings-daemon in your startup file - I do it with fluxbox anyway08:21
AlohaWolf|trey|, into what file?08:21
jdubjanice: i doubt it, but it seems strange.08:21
|trey|AlohaWolf, /boot/grub/menu.lst08:21
jdubjanice: perhaps one partition was created incorrectly.08:21
|trey|thoreauputic, I don't like that fluxbox still brings along its own task bar...08:22
|trey|thoreauputic, Flux definatly isn't designed to work with a DE...08:22
|trey|(although it does follow the standards to do so...)08:23
thoreauputic|trey|: well, I can show you the lines i'm talking about if you want to try them in waimea - shall I paste them in #flood for you?08:23
|trey|thoreauputic, sure  :)08:23
thoreauputic|trey|: OK hang on a second08:23
=== evane` [~gbrown@67-23-113-172.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Klowner_ [~klown@zorg-212-41.revealed.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|thoreauputic, where are you putting that? ~/.xsession?08:25
thoreauputic|trey|: yes - with my other startups like xscreensaver and fluxbox08:26
|trey|thoreauputic, cool, thanks, I will give it a shot  :)08:26
thoreauputic:) you're welcome - also install switch for theme switches08:27
=== slade_ [~slade@ip68-109-32-127.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
slade_is unrar no longer in apt?08:28
thoreauputic|trey|: sudo apt-get install gtk-theme-switch08:28
=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Patric1goodmoring all08:29
|trey|thoreauputic, I've used that before... but why would I need it if I am still having control-center installed?08:29
thoreauputic|trey|: up to you - whatever works for you  :)08:29
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|thoreauputic, :)  only time I don't have control-center installed is if I am using gtk2-engines-gtk-qt  :)08:30
Adrenali noticed the taskbar is placed at the top, whilst an applet bar is at the bottom, is there any way to 'merge' the two?08:30
=== Ghun [~omega@] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputic|trey|: I like it because it pops up fast and is small :)08:30
|trey|Adrenal, unlock everything and move then (both done via right clicking on applet)08:31
|trey|Adrenal, ps, everything you see on the panels are applets...08:31
Adrenalah k08:31
=== Pizbit^ [~Pizbit@203-79-124-44.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|thoreauputic, true  :)  I am just always forget to add it to menu's etc... when on the desktop, I try to use those tools  :)08:32
thoreauputic|trey|: well, my fluxbox menu is pretty heavily customised08:34
=== sid77 [~sid77@host98-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|thoreauputic, Themes or the KDE KCM load fast anyways, and are more powerful  :)08:34
=== sid77 'morning (it :)
thoreauputicbut I'm using flux stand-alone, not with a DE08:34
Adrenalwhich do you guys prefer, gnome or kde?08:35
mercurusAdrenal: GNOME all the way ... since 2.608:35
Adrenalpersonally, i am a disciple of gnome08:35
=== sid77 duck the discussion!
|trey|thoreauputic, heh, I had like 300 vd's on flux once, crazy... usually stuck with the Debian Menu though due to being more familier with it (note I didn't say I liked it... badly laid out imo)08:35
mercurusbut I used GNOME pre-1.208:35
thoreauputicAdrenal: heh - since Ubuntu is based around GNOME, you won't get unbiased answers ;)08:35
Adrenalubuntu is based around gnome, i am so getting it now08:36
sid77I was used to kde, but gnome is also good (and I haven't time/bandwith for kde ;)08:36
|trey|Adrenal, I am a disciple of good, useful software...08:36
|trey|Adrenal, GNOME is one such project...   :)08:36
liteni love minimalizm+bloatware :)08:37
litenso its ratpoison+gdesklets08:37
thoreauputicliten: bizarre :/08:37
litenthoreauputic: i know :P08:37
|trey|Adrenal, so are XFCE4, KDE, most of FreeDesktop.org, Apache, Samba, OpenLDAP/OpenDirectory, OpenNet/mDNS...08:37
thoreauputicheheh ;)08:37
=== AlohaWolf [~wulfie@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
janiceThank you for everyone's help. Especially Bob2, mercurus, jdub, |trey| and BrittBS.08:38
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
litenoh, did she get her fstab to mount her drives?08:38
|trey|liten, by the speed she left, I'm not so sure she did  :(08:39
thoreauputicthat was the least of her worries08:39
=== Gnat42 [~gnat@] has joined #ubuntu
litenthoreauputic: it was her worry when i went to sleep08:39
|trey|thoreauputic, haha, I stopped paying attention  :(08:39
=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has left #ubuntu []
thoreauputicshe got a crash course in vi, amongst other things :)08:40
|trey|thoreauputic, ahh, I remember that part... her head probably kinda hurts, but if she grasped at least some of it, she will be ok in a few months  :)08:40
|trey|If she sticks with it  ...08:40
htaccesshmm, long time since i saw a new screen saver :)08:41
|trey|htaccess, there are screensavers other then "Blank Screen"?  ;)08:41
thoreauputicheh - well she probably quit before the room started spinning...08:41
slade_how do i install the full kernel source tree?08:42
litenin "vi"?08:42
litennot vim?08:42
litenow, thats evil :P08:42
thoreauputicliten: well, I expect vi is symlinked with vim08:42
|trey|liten, vi isn't used anymore... nvi and vim are the only surviving vi implementations afaik...08:42
|trey|nvi is painful though  :(08:43
|trey|very unforgiving  :(08:43
litenhehe, i have machines with both vi and vim08:43
litenthen again, i still have a machine with deb potato08:43
|trey|liten, I bet its nvi not vi...08:43
|trey|nvi = bsd's vi...08:43
|trey|also Debian and (afaik) Slack amoungst others' default vi editors..08:44
|trey|my grammar sucks  :(08:44
=== johane [~johan@h128n6c1o255.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
litentrey i know, but it is vi in potato08:44
thoreauputicliten: are you an archaeologist ? </joke>08:45
litenold and useless08:45
htaccessyea but you never invoke nvi as nvi, just vi08:45
|trey|liten, no its not, its still nvi actually...08:45
|trey|nvi has been default since at least slink...08:45
liten|trey|: in most linuxreleases aye, seems so08:45
htaccessi still have some Freebsd boxes thaqt ive never installed vim on08:45
|trey|(I accidentally installed slink once...)08:45
=== linux_mafia [~max@202-0-43-194.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNed_anyone getting totem-xine or muine only outputting to 'pcm front' with alsa drivers?08:46
=== xf_ [~xf@furry.qbalt.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|htaccess, I think one of the boxes in my garage has FreeBSd or OpenBSD on it  :/08:46
Treenaks|trey|: you don't know that?? hmmm08:46
=== vasi [~vasi@modemcable252.147-70-69.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
htaccesseven osx ships with vim as defualt i think08:47
|trey|Treenaks, it was a long time ago... more then likely OpenBSD due to FreeBSD being more stable, and remembering being very frustrated at it when I took it out of here  :)08:47
vasipico forever!08:47
=== daniels [daniel@fooishbar.org] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|vasi, pico is non-free... nano you mean  :/08:47
vasier, yeah :-)08:47
thoreauputicvasi: booo - unfree!! :)08:47
calcdaniels: hi08:47
vasianyway nano has -i and -w, very helpful those08:47
danielscalc: sup08:48
|trey|Hey calc  :)08:48
calc|trey|: hi08:48
|trey|Hey daniels   :)08:48
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
calcdaniels: not much just trying to get kde finished for sarge so i can go do something else more interesting ;)08:48
linux_mafia|trey|, my main wigger, do you ever sleep? heh08:48
htaccessso what does universe contain if debian-marillat has mplayer and win32 codecs and mp3 support etc?08:48
|trey|calc, I swear to god thats the wrong attitude for a maintainer  ;)08:49
calchtaccess: the rest of official debian08:49
calc|trey|: indeed, please take kde08:49
calc|trey|: i haven't wanted to maintain it for like years ;)08:49
|trey|calc, last I checked, there were over 400 bugs in KDE though, you have to get all those done for sarge?08:49
|trey|fuck that  ;)08:49
htaccesscalc: ah, i see08:49
=== calc gives it back to daniels ;)
calc|trey|: no, heh08:50
calckde is like windoze it will ship with many hundreds/thousands of bugs08:50
|trey|calc, you dropped it I thought? just taking part of the kde maintainers team?08:50
calc|trey|: well the team is still very thin, a couple people took a few packages, but i still have most of my original ones08:51
|trey|calc, you should just not do anything for a while, see if anyone gets into gear  :)08:51
calc|trey|: i did for kde 3.3.1 ;)08:51
calcperhaps i need to wait longer, like a year ;)08:51
|trey|calc, plus, try and convince the Kalyxo folks to take part, then kinda disappear... they seem to like KDE more  ;)08:52
calcsome of them have now08:52
calci waited nearly a month to upload kde 3.3.1 (just did kdelibs a few days ago)08:52
|trey|calc, thats cool... interesting stuff... not very mainstream though  :(08:52
|trey|calc, you were so snappy with 3.3.0  :(08:53
calcbeen doing other things lately trying to get a job, etc08:53
|trey|calc, yeah, I heard those were useful for stuff  ;)08:54
=== Klowner_ is now known as Klowner
danielscalc: heh08:54
danielscalc: and no way I'm taking it again08:54
calcmuhahaha :)08:54
daniels|trey|: the Kalyxo folk have other ideas in mind, and their project is going in another different direction08:54
calci've been trying to free up some more space as well so i can work on some other projects like x.org/gnome, etc08:55
calcgot rid of about 30GB of crap recently08:55
=== natea_ [~natea@h000f66a887c6.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|daniels, when I first saw Ubuntu I thought "kalyxo for gnome"... a nice, customized, kde, set up with Debian users in mind...08:56
|trey|daniels, used to be a big fan of KDE... just liking GNOME more since 2.608:57
=== tensor [~t@] has joined #ubuntu
calc|trey|: the only reason i switched to kde was gnome 2.0 was taking too long to release ;)08:57
|trey|(kopete needing xmms, and not liking kwallet being main reasons)08:57
|trey|calc, heh... what you maintain before kde?08:58
calc|trey|: xiph stuff, perl stuff, usb stuff, etc08:58
tensorcalc: furthermore, gnome 2.8 file dialog box doesn't allow you to type in the full path08:58
tensorbut i still prefer gnome's clean and simple look08:59
=== |trey| to this day HATES gtk1.2, it was the main reason he chose kde when he first started using Linux...
|trey|calc, ahh, xiph is very interesting  :)08:59
=== pizbit [~pizbit@203-79-124-44.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
calc|trey|: well gtk1.2 was better than what i started with, but there just wasn't much uniformity in gnome before 2.x09:00
|trey|Just wish it would be pushed more, so more media was in there formats  :(09:00
Gmailok some people have told me they can't wait for there ubuntu cds a few weeks i am burning some in sydney and selling them for 10c profit on ebay.com.au (the 10c goes to they work in burning them)09:00
calckde until 2 was not distributable from what i recall so i used windowmaker, gnome, etc09:00
|trey|calc, I have never liked the motif look... :(09:00
calcplus kde prior to 2.x wasn't particularly pretty either09:01
calc|trey|: not much choice back in 1995 :)09:01
|trey|calc, I got on bored in 2001, much better choice  :)09:01
=== pizbit [~pizbit@203-79-124-44.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
calcbut using suns reminds me of how ugly oss systems used to be ;)09:02
|trey|calc, by default (keramik) kde still isn't very pretty... (not sure if this is what you mean though by "pretty")09:02
stuNNed_what xine config file does totem-xine adhere to?09:03
htaccesshmm im getting the feeling im going to like this distro09:03
calc|trey|: yea, it is hideous09:03
calc|trey|: but kde 1.x was worse ;)09:03
|trey|calc, haha, yeah  ;)09:03
|trey|Best default so far was prolly the 2.x series, although that was kinda a rip of Mac  :(09:04
=== haplef [~haplef@69-169-212-199.sbtnvt.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
htaccesswhat integrates better into ubantu, xmule or amule?09:04
jdubstuNNed_: ~/.gnome2/totem_config09:04
jdubhtaccess: 'ubuntu' :-)09:04
calc|trey|: aiui plastik may be the default for 4.009:04
vasiit's all a matter of themes though09:04
|trey|htaccess, both are motif like...09:04
stuNNed_jdub, dang xine/alsa troubles :D09:05
htaccesswxwigets like no?09:05
|trey|calc, I like plastik a lot  :)09:05
=== mirak is now known as mirak_
=== draconian [~draconian@ip68-7-178-227.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
vasihey, industrial has rounded windows! sweet...09:05
|trey|calc, used it with gtk2-engines-gtk-qt for a while, but its still kinda buggy  :(09:05
htaccessjdub: yea, i should spell it right, i was born in Durban09:05
=== pizbit is now known as Pizbit
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== mirak_ is now known as mirak__
=== mirak__ is now known as mirak___
vasiis there any plan to make the icons better? rhythmbox and synaptic are very hard to identify09:06
=== |trey| counts 24 seeds, decides its time for a new uhh... wait, wrong place to say this...
vasiwithout looking closely, they both appear to be "random de-saturated boxes"09:07
=== Pizbit waits for a netsplit.
=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Pizbit, shh, ya'll jinx it  ;)09:07
Patric1good morning all09:08
Patric1can is ask a n00b quistion?09:08
|trey|Patric1, hey, anything we can help you with today?  :)09:08
=== Zindar [~bagfors@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Patric1, go ahead  :)09:08
Patric1mkay, im searching for the original icon of gaim09:08
Patric1i searched in the gaim folders, couldnt find ir09:09
|trey|Patric1, /usr/share/pixmaps09:09
Patric1i installed an iconpack withc replaced the original09:09
=== mirak___ is now known as mirak
|trey|Patric1, I think 'gaim.pcx'09:09
jdubvasi: yeah, we want to do a kickarse icon theme. try the human icon theme for a sample (it's definitely not final though, which is why it's not the default).09:09
=== mirak is now known as mirak_
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-140.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskhuman icon theme looks pretty good09:10
jdubPatric1: here's how you'd find it09:10
Patric1i got it09:10
jdubPatric1: first, list the files in the gaim package: dpkg -L gaim09:10
|trey|deFrysk, not done yet as far as I know  :(09:10
Patric1i already found it09:10
Patric1thx trey09:10
Patric1damn i'm a big n00b09:10
deFrysk|trey|, looks good on my box , looks like most of it is done09:10
|trey|jdub, I forgot the step by step part... I told her where it is, sorry  :(09:10
=== ctd [~chris@home.deigan.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Patric1, you can still use what jdub said to see exactly what the name of the file is  :)  | grep /usr/share/pixmaps though  :)09:11
=== natea [~natea@h000f66a887c6.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Patric1another quistion09:12
Patric1how can i change th alsa settings, i mean the treble, base etc etc09:13
Patric1i used the icon on the right side, but whatever i do there, no change09:13
|trey|Patric1, ahh the name is gaim.png though, my mistake...09:13
Patric1trey i found the icon :-)09:14
Patric1how can i change th alsa settings, i mean the treble, base etc etc09:14
|trey|Patric1, k good  ;)09:14
|trey|Patric1, not sure there is a way to do this with ALSA itself  :(09:14
|trey|Patric1, apps such as ZINF or XMMS or Beep-Media-Player allow such things though  :)09:15
Patric1well i use the speaker icon on the right side09:15
vasier, this may be silly, but where can one find the human icon theme?09:15
Patric1i know trey09:15
|trey|Patric1, that only handles volume, not bass or teble...09:15
vasioh, nm09:16
Patric1no because if you use the right mouse button you can choose volume control09:16
=== Pizbit [~Pizbit@203-79-124-44.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
izhe kiwi09:16
Patric1when i do that , i can shoose between 2 sounddevices09:16
|trey|Patric1, still just volume though, just of different forms of media...09:16
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-187.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu
Patric1mkay i can t explain in english :-)09:17
Patric1thx for all the help09:17
|trey|Patric1, I know what you mean, I am looking at it just to make sure (didn't know you could access that way)09:17
deFryskvasi, apt-get install gnome-extra-icons09:17
|trey|deFrysk, why would he do that? ubuntu-artwork contains Human...09:17
Patric1so when i choose soundblaster, and change the treble, nothing happens09:18
deFrysk|trey|, never noticed it09:18
deFryskso I could be wrong about what i said09:18
|trey|Patric1, I don't see treble there  :(09:18
Patric1lol i do i do09:18
|trey|Patric1, I am using hoary... I don't get it   :(09:19
=== jolg [~jolg@h150n2fls32o868.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubhoary has a different sound mixer09:20
vasii just couldn't figure out that i needed to go into a theme's "details" to choose icons09:20
|trey|jdub, but bass and treble options was removed?09:20
|trey|jdub, thats something I wish I had found earlier  :(09:21
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-3-59.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== Elwood waits for xorg
=== |trey| points out that he loves lots of bass
=== adnans [~adnans@noterik2.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|I do like the use of button widgets for locking and the  +/-  thinger? Much simpler main section too, props to whoever designed it  :)09:23
=== MacPlusG3 [~stewart@c211-28-166-127.eburwd2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Nothing complicated enless you look for it, much better  :)09:24
deFryskbetter it is :)09:24
danielsMacPlusG3: dude!09:24
=== |trey| read some of Havok's rants on the subject, kinda funny, but very true :)
danielsTreenaks: 'havoc'09:24
|trey|daniels, my bad... I was close though  :)09:25
|trey|daniels, |[tab]   ;)09:25
|trey|uhh, |t[tab]   damnit09:26
Treenaksdaniels: let slip the dogs of war!09:28
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=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-53-85.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== atariboy` [~atari@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mrjive [~mrjive@host26-17.pool80105.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== cornflake [~cornflake@ip68-4-1-58.pv.oc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
cornflakecan someone help me w/ getting the java plugin working?09:33
Treenakscornflake: have you looked in the FAQ and wiki?09:33
cornflakeTreenaks, i looked at the standard place for firefox09:33
cornflakeTreenaks, but i'll respectfully look there too09:33
=== stvn [~steven@] has joined #ubuntu
cornflakeTreenaks, looked. found nothing09:35
Treenaksand http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/Java09:36
Gnat42Anyone use Ubuntu on a PowerMac?09:36
Gnat42got it installed - but the screen width is wrong... can't change it09:37
Gnat42I should say PowerBook G409:37
=== bdale [~bdale@rover.gag.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gnat42not PowerMac09:37
sid77pbook 86709:37
Gnat42I have the 15" screen09:38
Gnat42and its at res 1024x76809:38
Gnat42so I have a large black bar to the right09:38
Gnat42the gui config doesn't let me pick the right one (nothing larger then 1024)09:38
Gnat42but I chose the higher resolutions on install?09:38
Gnat42how do I change it?09:38
calcedit /etc/X11/XF86Config-409:39
Gnat42I can't seem to get xrandr to work either.09:39
Gnat42I added "1280x854" to the Screen location at depth 2409:39
Gnat42since that was the default depth09:39
calcthat didn't work?09:39
calcall i had to do on my amd64 laptop was add "1280x800" for its screen09:39
PizbitGnat42: Check to see if the horizsync and vertsync numbers in the monitor section match the specs of your monitor09:40
Gnat42logged out09:40
Gnat42and back09:40
Gnat42same size...09:40
subterrificlogging out doesn't restart X09:40
PizbitGnat42: You have to completly restart X09:40
Gnat42how so?09:40
PizbitGnat42: logout, then hit ctrl+alt+backspace09:41
sid77does centrino wlan works under ubuntu?09:41
calclog out and hit ctrl-alt-backspace09:41
Gnat42did that09:41
Gnat42no go09:41
Gnat42I saw atfb128 not enough memory for mode...09:41
calcsid77: i think so09:42
Gnat42perhaps I'm looking for a higher res then my system can handle.09:42
Gnat42I looked it up on the website09:42
Gnat42though perhaps I had a newer model09:42
calcmaybe so, try setting 16bit to be default09:42
Gnat42lets try again...09:42
calcthough that should only be ~ 3MB09:42
subterrificadd other depths for that color mode09:42
Gnat42its a G4 40009:42
calcso that probably isn't the problem09:43
subterrifici mean resolution09:43
phillHi, how can I unload the bttv module? i need to change what tuner it uses,09:43
=== AlohaWolf [wulfie@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
sid77calc, a friend next to me says that there is no /dev/wlan009:43
=== Ghun [~omega@] has left #ubuntu []
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-24-131.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Gnat42I have 1154x864 in all of them as well.09:43
sid77and that is needed with eth109:44
cornflakeTreenaks, thanx09:44
calcsid77: check dmesg to see if it assigned it to ethX09:44
=== losboccacc [~losboccac@] has joined #ubuntu
calcer why do you need a /dev/wlan0 ?09:44
sid77here he is :)09:44
=== darksatanic [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificGnat42: a G4 400mhz tibook definitely doesn't do 128009:44
Gnat42I made default depth 1609:44
stuNNed_will this make it to Ubuntu? -> http://people.redhat.com/dcbw/NetworkManager09:44
Gnat42and have 1280x854 1154x864 1024x76809:45
Gnat42maybe I need 1024x86x ?09:45
Gnat42I can't remember what the res was on this thing...09:45
losboccaccyes, wip2100 driver is scattered over two devices, eth1 for the networking part, wlan0 for the wireless control09:45
=== ntoll [~ntoll@] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificpretty sure apple's site has the specs for every machine09:45
Gnat42trying to find my model09:45
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Gnat42thanks for the pointers.09:46
calclosboccacc: oh09:46
calclosboccacc: haven't used it before so didn't know about that09:46
subterrificGnat42: 1152x76809:47
losboccacccalc, ok, thank you.09:47
subterrificgoogle knows all09:47
ntollanyone got centrino wireless working with ubuntu? dmesg shows th edriver is there (ipw2100) but I can see a message saying "Radio is disabled by RF switch". I'm a wireless noob so any pointers would be appreciated. TIA09:48
=== siimo [~siimo@60-234-129-100.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
losboccaccntoll, I'm going to try09:48
Gnat42thank you09:49
Gnat42screen is all set09:49
losboccaccntoll, as for kismet readme, ip2100 is badly configured09:49
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificntoll: do you have wireless turned on? i think most centrino notebooks have an external switch to turn wireless on and off09:49
ntollyup, its on (the orange light is on)09:49
Treenaksntoll: what kind of laptop?09:49
ntollAcer Travelmate 80009:49
losboccaccdrivers automagically turn on radio switch. the problem is the lack of /dev/wlan009:50
vasiugh, streamripper is annoying09:50
ntoll yup I can't see that in my /dev dir09:50
losboccaccafaik, only kismet can handle it. I'm triing to get the integrated component in gnome to work09:50
ntollkismet? whats that?09:50
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNed_dang, what is the command line again for showing info about a package?09:51
losboccaccjust another a wireless tool. used for raw access....09:51
Pizbitapt-cache show packagename09:51
=== telemaco [~telemaco@115.Red-81-38-136.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNed_Pizbit, you da man thanks09:51
=== robertj [~robertj@66-188-77-153.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== sid77 is now known as sid77_away
=== calc_ [~ccheney@ip70-185-2-220.ma.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksntoll: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1105067&forum_id=37340209:55
losboccaccok, i find out that wlan is a networking device and cannot be just build with makedev. next try: rebuilding kernel using external modules09:56
ntollTreenaks, hmmm, at least it confirms that it can be done09:57
losboccaccit can be. only not in an easy way. when i'll got it working (can be newer) I'll post a readme somewere09:58
ntollI just apt-got (?!) kismet, when I try to run it it complains that FATAL: Unable to open cisco control file '/proc/driver/aironet/eth0/Config' 2:No such file or directory. What does this mean?09:58
ntolllosboccacc, on th eubuntu wiki perhaps?09:59
Treenaksntoll: you need to edit /etc/kismet/kismet.conf09:59
Treenaksor whatever the name is09:59
losboccaccopne configuration file (/etc/kismet something) and select the correct wlan09:59
ntollaha, thought it might be something like that, I'll change the config now. Thanks...10:00
losboccaccntoll, something like that, yes. as I said somewhere before, I jusg got ubuntu after years of gentoo10:00
=== skyrider [~skyrider@kid.stu.cn.ua] has joined #ubuntu
=== tensor [~t@] has left #ubuntu []
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Watermelonman [~martin@200.198-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@50.24-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
phillHow can i find out what tuner i need to specifify when loading bttv tuner=   for a temic 4002FH5 tuner?10:05
Watermelonmani have problems installing ubuntu on a blue and white powermac G310:05
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== calc_ is now known as calc
Watermelonmancan someone help me?10:06
Gnat42this may seems silly10:06
ntollo.k. looking at the kismet config file I should be writing a line like source=ipw2100,eth1,centrinosource but it complains about an unknown capture source - I'm assuming ipw2100 is the wrong name (although its the name of the driver). the nic is definitely eth1. What could be wrong?10:06
Gnat42another newbie question10:06
=== daniels kicks thom.
Pizbitphill: Have a look on bytesex.org (homepage for the driver I believe)10:06
Gnat42how do I install kernel sources?10:06
Gnat42I'm not used to apt10:06
philli have, i can't see what it says to use :(10:06
Gnat42but synaptic doesn't seem to have kernel sources10:06
ntollGnat42, apt-get install <name of package here>10:06
Gnat42just headers..10:06
ntollGnat42, hang on a mo10:07
losboccaccthere is an explain/complain about ipw2100 driver in the kismet readme10:07
=== tensor [~t@] has joined #ubuntu
mvo_Gnat42: have you searched for kernel-source?10:08
ntollapt-get install linux-source-
Gnat42I searched kernel10:08
Gnat42and linux10:08
Gnat42in synaptic10:08
ntolldo you have universe?10:08
Gnat42dunno - fresh install 20 minutes ago10:08
subterrificGnat42: why do you want the kernel source?10:08
ntolllosboccacc, cheers, thanks for your patience :-)10:08
Gnat42probably not I assume10:08
phillhmmm i got it, but tv still doesn't work :(10:09
ntollGnat42, then edit /etc/apt/sources.conf (you just have to uncomment some obvious lines)10:09
philltuner: type set to 0 (Temic PAL (4002 FH5)) by bt848 #0 [sw] 10:09
ntollthanks for the help guys. see yall later10:10
ChrisHHmm, what's that. I'm installing on a Toshiba Tecra laptop. And after (!) I logged in (about the time the window manager is loaded) I get a second mouse cursor (a "cross" icon). What do I need two mice for? Multiuser? :)10:11
losboccaccGnat42, I didn't follow all the discussion, but if you intend the synaptic touchpad driver it isn't for the kernel, is an x11 module10:12
PizbitChrisH: I'm sure that's in the new wiki:)10:12
ChrisHPizbit: I'll look.10:12
Gnat42what I'm trying to do is install Mac on Linux10:13
Gnat42which requires a kernel module10:13
=== stuNNed_ [~stuNNed@adsl-068-209-149-165.sip.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Gnat42which requres the sources10:13
subterrificyou don't need the kernel sources for that10:13
Gnat42but I can't seem to get them10:13
subterrificyou need the headers10:13
Gnat42I have the headers10:13
subterrificyou can compile modules with that10:13
htaccessdoes ubuntu have a nntp client or should i just install pan from universe?10:13
htaccessis ubuntu still xfree86?10:13
=== steffo [~steffo@steffo.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
htaccessum are the w32codecs for mplayer avalible via apt or do i need to google and download?10:13
subterrificyou only need the source if you intend to recompile the kernel10:13
losboccaccGnat42, hast thou tried peerpc10:13
Gnat42I'll look at how to tell the software where the headers are...10:13
Gnat42better then mol?10:14
subterrificGnat42: no10:14
subterrificfor an entirely different purpose10:14
ChrisHPizbit: Ah, I was blind. Thanks.10:14
Gnat42so I'll continue trying to get mol compiled10:14
subterrificPearPC is for running ppc on x8610:14
Gnat42thnks for the help so far.10:14
Gnat42yeah, I'm on ppc10:14
subterrificMOL is for running OS X inside Linux10:14
subterrificGnat42: you might want to try searching the Wiki, i'm sure someone has already tried getting MOL working on ubuntu10:16
subterrificin fact..10:16
siimois kernel 2.6.9 available in updates yet?10:16
subterrificMOL is already in the multiverse10:16
vasiyeah, there's a howto on mol10:16
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificif you enable the multiverse, i see MOL in there10:16
stuNNed_htaccess, ubuntu is still xfree; i think i got w32codecs from breakmyubuntu repo's10:16
Treenaksbreakmyubuntu repo's10:17
vasiyou have to follow the howto to get some drivers for mol though10:17
Gnat42how do I enable that?10:17
Pizbithtaccess: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats10:17
Gnat42I looked at the apt/source.list file10:17
subterrificGnat42: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/MacOnLinuxHowto10:17
Gnat42you guys are a great help10:17
subterrificonce again, google knows all...10:17
Gnat42seriously thanks10:17
subterrificthank google10:17
subterrificnot me10:17
subterrifici just sit here and google for what people ask10:18
danielshm, anyone know how you change the sub-pixel hinting order in FreeType?  i think mine's hinting the wrong way10:18
subterrificits amazing how many people don't know how to use google10:18
siimohi is an ftp install possible? with just the packages i want10:18
mjrdaniels, that is tunable from desktop prefs / font prefs10:18
stuNNed_Treenaks, http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/BreakMyUbuntu10:18
mjrdon't know how to tune it system-wide10:18
danielsmjr: ta10:18
=== holycow [~yada@S0106002078ccd651.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
mjrbut now I do; see the beginning of /etc/fonts/local.conf10:19
=== Potn_ [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
=== lilo [lilo@levin-pdpc.staff.freenode] has joined #ubuntu
=== lilo looks in
=== silbs [~sbsm0084@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
danielsgood afternoon10:24
=== bdale [~bdale@rover.gag.com] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNed_hiyas lilo10:24
=== Kasper [~Kasper@cpe.atm2-0-102148.0x3ef28e16.aaanxx2.customer.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kasper [~Kasper@cpe.atm2-0-102148.0x3ef28e16.aaanxx2.customer.tele.dk] has left #ubuntu []
stuNNed_lilo, what are you doing up? ;) ever get your soundcard to do full duplex?10:25
=== kasperbn [~kasperbn@cpe.atm2-0-102148.0x3ef28e16.aaanxx2.customer.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB2B71.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
jdubhey martink10:27
jdubyo bdale10:27
lilostuNNed_: probably, I'm running ALSA now 8)10:27
danielsbdale: dude!10:27
danielsjdub: pong from jabber, btw10:27
jdubdon't remember10:27
=== jdub goes to eat :)
martinkhi jdub10:28
lilostuNNed_: I'm having stopped-up-nose probs, always makes it a bit hard for me to sleep 8)10:28
stuNNed_lilo, can't figure out if gstreamer or xine gives better ogg/mp3/flac playback10:28
stuNNed_lilo, that time of year, eh?10:28
lilostuNNed_: I dunno, i haven't played much with gstreamer, though I hear good things about it10:28
lilostuNNed_: *nod*10:28
lilostuNNed_: have medicaid coverage atm, though, so I will probably stop by tomorrow and get something for my nose....it's always treatable, it's just that without medical insurance I was particularly between a rock and a hard place10:29
stuNNed_lilo, alka seltzer cold plus works wonders here10:29
lilostuNNed_: well, that's probably decongestant + antihistamine; I'm taking an antihistamine, and the decongestant is something I don't want to take too much of, it's usually an ongoing prob with me10:30
=== lilo thanks stuNNed_ for his concern
ctdstuNNed_: Pretend it's xine... it'll encourage gstreamer developers. :)10:30
kasperbnHow do I log on to various web-administration-interfaces (like swat and webmin) when there is no root user?10:31
stuNNed_ctd, tseng's muine uses xine so.. :)10:31
lilogstreamer's really quite neat10:31
stuNNed_lilo, seems to be making progress, stability-wise10:32
=== cornflake [~cornflake@ip68-4-1-58.pv.oc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== edd nods to lilo
lilostuNNed_: *nod*10:33
danielsedd: yo10:33
lilohey edd10:33
eddhey hey10:33
danielsedd: i'll be in london from the 14th nov -> 5th dec10:33
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
edddaniels: excellent! i'm going to plan time down there.10:34
=== binary_10 [~binary@adsl-67-112-200-42.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== thoreauputic [~petros@wolax9-056.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
bdalejdub/daniels: dudes.  bed time for me.10:34
danielsedd: phat :) my phone will be with me10:34
danielsbdale: night dude10:34
edd"phat" !10:34
MyKq3 i m trying to istallle KDE but the apt-get don't find the konqueror_3.2.2-1ubuntu2_i386.deb pakage on the soource... and i don't  find the package on goodle ... what can i do10:35
danielsedd: it will be absolutely ill10:35
=== edd goes into apoplexy
=== siimo [~siimo@60-234-129-100.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
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=== Kaloz_ is now known as Kaloz
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=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Patric1i'm back with another quistion10:44
Patric1anybody here?10:45
Patric1anybody can help me with java and firefox10:45
PizbitPatric1: Doesn't your client have a userlist?10:45
Patric1yes it has10:45
trukuloPatric1, sure10:46
Patric1trukulo, ok i read the howto on the forums but i get stucj10:46
trukulook, have you read wiki?10:46
Patric1when i do this command "   sudo mv j2re-1_4_2_05 /usr/local/ "  it says the directory is not there10:48
Patric1i check home/patrick, and the directory is there10:48
trukulotry: sudo mv /home/patrick/j2re-1_4_2_05 /usr/local10:49
=== peter [~peter@dslam90-49-166-62.adsl.zonnet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Patric1doest work    mv: cannot stat `/home/patrick/j2re-1_4_2_05': No such file or directory10:49
trukulothat directory doesn't exist10:49
trukulotry: sudo mv /home/patrick/j2re(tab) /usr/local10:50
=== peter [~peter@dslam90-49-166-62.adsl.zonnet.nl] has left #ubuntu ["Bezig]
trukulouse autocompletion10:50
Patric1what do you mean with (tab)10:50
trukulotab key10:51
Patric1omg sorry guys10:51
=== Kleggas [~Kleggas@dynamic-46-242.chl.chalmers.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kleggas [~Kleggas@dynamic-46-242.chl.chalmers.se] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== sid77_away [~sid77@host100-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Patric1patrick@ubuntu:~ $ sudo mv/home/patrick/j2re /usr/local10:52
Patric1sudo: mv/home/patrick/j2re: command not found10:52
fabbionePatric1: sudo mv /home/patrick/j2re /usr/local10:54
fabbioneadd a space10:54
=== merhojt [~merhojt@h67n2fls35o989.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
Patric1 $ sudo mv /home/patrick/j2re /usr/local10:57
Patric1mv: cannot stat `/home/patrick/j2re': No such file or directory10:57
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-39-233.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Patric1, where did you get the file from?11:01
=== pedru [~pedru@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Patric1, java.com?11:01
jdubyo edd11:02
eddhey dude.11:02
eddso, some nice things happening in the kernel wrt laptop suspend11:02
=== topyli [~juha@ktlpc219.edu.helsinki.fi] has joined #ubuntu
eddkickarse laptop support suddenly looking quite hopeful for hoary!11:02
Treenaksthat sounds great11:03
jordihi edd!11:03
danielsedd: kickarse@!11:03
=== jordi tickles little daniel.
eddwarty currently /almost/ works for suspend on my portege r10011:04
pedruhas the prism2 wireless driver been introduced in 2.6.9?11:04
eddcurrently recompiling kernel to see if the fixes in 2.6.9 work for my tr1mp11:04
danielsjordi: sup bitch?11:05
danielsjordi: i have been running a fair bit11:05
jordidaniels: have you? That's great!11:05
Telepsuspend to ram would be nice11:05
danielsjordi: running around copenhagen ... nice city11:05
jordidaniels: I get to see you in Catalunya next month?11:05
danielsjordi: in where?11:06
danielsjordi: mataro/barcelona?11:06
Treenaksdaniels: you're doing a tour of europe?11:07
|trey|jordi, Barcelona lost  :(  I thought they would be the team to beat this year in the Champions League...11:07
=== fredix [~fred@parmentier-6-82-225-62-172.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== steffo [~steffo@steffo.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
jordi|trey|: yeah, it sucks... both Valncia and Bara are flaky lately11:08
Patric1someone have an idea where you can download a fresh sources.list?11:08
pedru@patric1 what you mean by "fresh"11:08
Patric1i kind of messed up mine11:09
pedruwell, i could send you mine...11:09
pedruuniverse and marillat packages enabled... be aware...11:10
Patric1universe is ok, marullat is not ok?11:10
|trey|jordi, Valencia just got Renieri back... will take time to get used to him again... I don't see how Ronaldinho + Eto'o + (that dude from Porto) could be playing so bad  :(11:10
|trey|Should have outclassed AC Milan all over the field  :(11:10
Patric1thx dude11:11
pedrumarillat has multimedia stuff...11:11
Patric1thats cool11:11
|trey|pedru, they are in multiverse...11:11
pedruwith copyright issues... DeCSS & mplayer packages...11:11
=== pedru ubuntu n00b
|trey|jordi, Deco, thats his name  8)11:12
pedruoh cool... thx11:12
=== binary_10 [~binary@adsl-67-112-200-42.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Telepanyone got a .deb for Grawert's evonotify applet? It seems to be missing from his repository.11:12
|trey|He pretty much single handedly (with some good defence) won the Champions League though...11:12
=== |trey| still hopes Arsenal can do it though :)
=== spacey`ki [~ki@] has joined #ubuntu
stvnTelep: I doubt it, packages.debian and apt-get.org don't know it11:16
Telepstvn: ok, thanks. I emailed the developer11:16
|trey|stvn, only if it doesn't exist in mentors.d.n does it truly not exist  ;)11:16
danielsTreenaks: apparently ;) just 3 countries tho11:17
danielsjordi: yeah, I'll be there11:17
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
TelepI could just install it from the tgz, I guess11:18
=== cardador [~jose@srt1.dq.fct.unl.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== |trey| really only ever compiles things from mentors... and its out of nesessity, there really aren't packages online in binary form...
Patric1still have problems with the java11:20
=== loz [~loz@82-39-105-53.cable.ubr02.newy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
lozhow can I stop synaptic trying to get sources from the cd, and use the net instead (I lost the cd ;)11:21
|trey|Patric1, add: deb http://jrfonseca.dyndns.org/debian/ ./ to /etc/apt/sources.list and install j2re1.411:21
|trey|Patric1, that one sets up a firefox plugin... if its not there though... you must:11:22
cardadorloz: repositories, uncheck the line about the cd11:22
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-34.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Patric1, ln -s /usr/lib/j2se/1.4/jre/plugin/i386/mozilla/libjavaplugin_oji.so /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins/11:24
|trey|sorry, brain fart...11:24
Patric1i'm really stuck here, now the source.list is srewed up again, wait11:24
=== arachne [~arachne@sysif.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Patric1, my sources.list, brings in everything I feel I need for desktop:11:25
|trey|deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hoary main restricted11:25
|trey|# deb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hoary main restricted11:25
|trey|deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hoary universe multiverse11:25
|trey|# deb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hoary universe multiverse11:25
|trey|# deb http://jrfonseca.dyndns.org/debian/ ./11:25
|trey|replace hoary with warty in each case...11:25
|trey|Uncomment last line to get java...11:26
MyKq3i m sorry that i m assking again but i didn't found the anser yet ... when i m trying to aptget install konqueror i recive this error Err http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/universe konqueror 4:3.2.2-1ubuntu211:26
MyKq3  Bad header line11:26
MyKq3Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/k/kdebase/konqueror_3.2.2-1ubuntu2_i386.deb  Bad header line11:26
MyKq3sorry for the flood :(11:26
|trey|calc, cough11:27
calc|trey|: ?11:27
calci don't maintain kde for ubuntu11:27
|trey|calc, damnit, why not?  ;)11:28
|trey|calc, heh, but its the same packages, just build here...11:28
calcheader line error sounds like a problem in apt-get11:28
=== MeAndU [~ubuntu32@] has joined #ubuntu
Telepkrhm, lol. http://www.ishkur.com/editorials/kerrywins01.jpg11:29
=== altan [~altan@asy147.as2539.sol.superonline.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Telep, please keep those things out of channel, thank you... few things can't be talked about... religion and politics are the main onces for me and most...11:30
=== duke|ib [dukeku@c-24-21-168-125.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
daniels(the reason being that these discussions tend to spiral out of control and the channel thus becomes useless for its stated purpose -- ubuntu support)11:30
|trey|There is another one in that list, but it would appear its not as big of a deal to me cuz I can't remember  8)11:31
=== synapse [~synapse@81-178-46-38.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== thisfred [~thisfred@a213-84-57-72.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has left #ubuntu []
|trey|daniels, not to mention they are just pointless... no one is really willing to actually try to see the others points as being valid... just bad11:32
=== atropus [~distvan@bipc36.szef.u-szeged.hu] has joined #ubuntu
Telepyesh, I undestand - wasn't thinking really :)11:32
=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Patric1, still not working?11:32
|trey|Patric1, I swear its easy once you know it  :)11:33
Patric1no guys nothing is going right11:33
pedruif you dont know what environment variables are installing java isn't gonna be much fun...11:33
=== noneus [~noneus@pD9E4E93B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Gnat42 [~gnat@] has left #ubuntu []
|trey|Patric1, first little while is bad for everyone, mainly because they know nothing yet  :(11:33
stvnPatric1: what is the problem exactly?11:34
Patric1when i put your line in my source list it gets broken11:34
=== altan [~altan@] has joined #ubuntu
Patric1everything works acept the java11:34
stvnPatric1: can you dcc me your broken source file?11:34
pedruwhat line did yu insert?11:34
Patric1i repleaced it with the one from pedru11:34
stvnPatric1: you replaced?11:34
Patric1the line trey gave me11:34
|trey|Patric1, you changed hoary right? I told you to... I said to uncomment the java line too... (just remove the #)11:34
Patric1no, i use the one from pedro11:35
stvnPatric1: no need to replace source lines11:35
Patric1i wan tjava11:35
Patric1poor me11:35
|trey|stvn, it was to add a java source... and multiverse...11:35
stvnPatric1: it aint hard11:35
Patric1it is11:35
=== seiseisei [~seiseisei@201009179122.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Patric1, its not, you just don't know how yet  ;)11:35
Patric1thats true11:35
|trey|Patric1, but thats why we're here  :)11:35
stvnPatric1: can you send my your sources file?11:36
Patric1i want to use java with firefox so i can spend money on the internet11:36
|trey|stvn, make sure he changed hoary, if not, make see if he has upgraded... that could be bad, sorry, I forgot  :(11:36
|trey|has not*11:36
Patric1did you get it?11:37
Patric1i used the howto on the forum, but i get stuck11:37
seiseiseiis there a way to install the kernel source for this: /lib/modules/ ? I want to try to compile the webcam driver /home/dewd/workspace/cvs/cam/zc030x/ for my creative nz :)11:37
=== LeeColleton [~lc@dsl231-061-247.sea1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
stvnPatric1: did you check http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/Java ?11:39
=== atropus [~distvan@bipc36.szef.u-szeged.hu] has left #ubuntu []
=== atropus [~distvan@bipc36.szef.u-szeged.hu] has joined #ubuntu
Patric1$  sudo mv j2re-1_4_2_05 /usr/local/11:39
Patric1mv: cannot stat `j2re-1_4_2_05': No such file or directory11:39
trukuloPatric1, paste /etc/apt/sources.list11:39
Pizbitwwww.pastebin.com like the topix says!11:39
Pizbittopic even:)11:39
trukuloumm, problem is that you have'nt got that directory11:39
LeeColletonHow do I change the default application that is launched when I click on a file?11:39
trukuloLeeColleton, with mime-types11:40
atropusyou can download it from www.sun.com11:40
Patric1i m a n00b :-(11:40
Patric1and proud of it :?11:40
LeeColletontrukulo: mime-types... is that a program?11:40
atropusjava VM is that11:41
stvnPatric1: add this line to your sources.list file: deb http://jrfonseca.dyndns.org/debian ./11:41
trukuloLeeColleton, try left button on that file11:42
Patric1patrick@ubuntu:~ $ sudo apt-get update11:42
Patric1E: Malformed line 21 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist)11:42
Patric1patrick@ubuntu:~ $11:42
LeeColletonmp3 file opens with totem.  I'd rather it were xmms.  how do I get there?11:42
trukuloPatric1, paste /etc/apt/sources.list11:42
atropussorry I have a problem with ubuntu could everybody help me?11:43
trukuloleft click on mp311:43
stvnPatric1: you did copy my line?11:43
trukuloatropus, what problem?11:43
plovsLeeColleton, properties > open with (in nautilus)11:43
Pizbitatropus: All 279 of us?11:43
Patric1yep and then i get an error11:43
trukuloPizbit, no, not me11:43
trukuloi don't have any problem with ubuntu11:43
LeeColletonplovs: I'd like to change the default action11:43
spacey`kihow can you make ubuntu stop making an interface for ipv6 in ipv4 (sit0). its really disturbing because i don't use ipv611:43
Patric1im using this howto  patrick@ubuntu:~ $ sudo apt-get update11:44
Patric1E: Malformed line 21 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist)11:44
Patric1patrick@ubuntu:~ $11:44
Pizbittrukulo: I was talking to atropus, not you11:44
spacey`kiand now my ssh tunnel binds on some wierd ipv6 address11:44
stvnPatric1: put a # in front of line 21 (the one with ftp://debian)11:44
atropusMy monitor will be black after random time and freeze all system11:44
PizbitPatric1: Paste your sources.list to www.pastebin.com11:44
trukulopitti, i'm one of that 27911:44
plovsLeeColleton, yes in nautilus, right-click properties11:44
pittitrukulo: 279?11:44
trukulopitti, sorry, i mistake nick, i mean Pizbit11:45
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
LeeColletonplovs: that will only change the current run, not the next left click11:45
atropus:) fine11:45
pittitrukulo: nick tab completion :-)11:45
trukulopitti, yes :)11:45
LeeColletonplovs: oh, I see it11:45
stvnPatric1: if you prefer dutch help, you can join #ubuntu-nl11:45
plovsLeeColleton, :)11:45
=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has left #ubuntu []
=== natea_ [~natea@h000f66a887c6.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
jordidaniels: cool I can climb your back again11:46
sjoerdjordi: that's a hobby of yours ?11:46
kasperbnHi, I'm having a little problem with my vsftpd. When I make a new directory I wish to set the permissions to 777 by default. I've tried the local_umask = 077, but it has no effect.11:48
kasperbnany suggestions?11:48
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
jordisjoerd: you gotta try it.11:48
danielsjordi: heh11:49
trukulokasperbn, mask is inversed11:49
sjoerdjordi: just with daniels or in general11:49
kasperbntrukulo: which means I have to do what? Set local_mask = 000 or?11:49
trukulowait 5 secs11:49
trukuloi'm not sure now11:50
atropusi can't use the network with the live CD, freeze the system ...11:50
trukuloin /etc/fstab11:51
trukulo/dev/hda5               /mnt/d                  vfat    noauto,users,umask=777 0 011:51
trukulothat's an example11:51
Pizbitatropus: Try boot with the option pci=acpi and noapic11:51
thoreauputictrukulo: more like umask=000 actually11:51
trukuloatropus, or with: nolapic11:51
kasperbntrukolo: Thank you very much, it's working with local_umask = 00011:51
atropustnx trukulo11:51
trukulothoreauputic, umm, can be, i said i'm not sure now11:52
atropusbut I install the system and after random time the GNOME freeze11:52
trukuloatropus, can be acpi problem11:52
=== jship [~jonathan@] has joined #ubuntu
trukulothat's umask information11:53
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
trukuloumask have to be: 000011:53
trukulothat means 0777 perms11:54
=== sid77_away is now known as sid77
deFryskhttp://www.geocities.com/johanvrt/fstab.txt (examle with vfat partitions)11:55
deFryska fedora fstab example11:55
deFryskbut works fine on ubuntu11:55
deFryskthe vfat bit that is11:55
=== thoreauputic has noticed a lot of new Ubuntu users having trouble with fstab
Pizbitthoreauputic: Installed isn't automatically setting up the windows partition mounts11:56
=== natea [~natea@h000f66a887c6.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicPizbit: yeah, I noticed mostly windows problems - are they being addressed?11:57
thoreauputicI assume so...11:58
=== jind [~jind@217-17-134.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbitthoreauputic: Probably, not involved myself11:59
=== ploum [~ploum@21-4.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== bob2 [rob@bob2.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== MeAndU32 [~ubuntu32@] has joined #ubuntu
=== atariboy [~atari@] has joined #ubuntu
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
=== netmonk [~netmonk@] has joined #ubuntu
=== rexiboy [~wrxboy@203-217-82-241.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
rexiboyhello all12:10
rexiboyhow do i install flash-player on ubuntu 64?12:10
nevynrexiboy: umm install the ia32 version12:11
mrjiveis it possible to have the "debian" menu i have in sid? it would be useful for apps not listed in ubuntu menu...12:12
nevynrexiboy: if your browser is compiled x86_64 you may be out of luck.12:12
rexiboynevyn, that's no good :(12:13
=== ua-nyman [~nyman@h168n3fls304o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
mrjiveor a "non ubuntu apps" menu12:13
rexiboyis ubuntu64 a pure 64 environment?12:13
Moofnevyn! LTNS!12:13
darkersatanicrexiboy: Yes, AFAIK.12:14
ua-nymanWhat is this.../dev/hda2           76630       77623      500976    f  W95 Ext'd (LBA) ?12:14
nevynhey moof how's things in your wolrd?12:14
Moofnot bad, not bad. slowly converting people to the linux way ;)12:14
nevyngood to see you're fighting the good fight.12:14
nevyngonna be in .au anytime soon.12:15
Moofnot for the forseeable future.12:15
Moofmight see if I can pop over next summer12:15
Moofmaybe lca 200612:16
=== ajmitch will be in .au in a couple of weeks, what joy :)
pedruua-nyman, looks like a "partition"12:16
danielsajmitch: nice place12:16
Moofbut it's a tad expensive for a two-week holiday12:16
ajmitchdaniels: yeah, I'll be in melbourne for a few weeks12:17
=== malte` [~malteo@host17-97.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
ua-nymanI know pedru but what kind..what does it do?12:17
mrjivemalte`: !12:17
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
pedruua-nyman, actually it looks like the second partition on your primary master12:18
pedruua-nyman: drive12:18
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
pedruua-nyman, the line does nothing...12:18
mrjiveno news about the menu?12:19
=== seiseisei [~seiseisei@201009179122.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
pedruua-nyman, you have to describe your problems exactly to get exact answers...12:19
malte`hi all12:19
pedruwhat does my partition do doesn't fit into that12:19
pedruit does exist12:19
=== magneto [~magneto@] has joined #ubuntu
Telepheh, I wonder if I should apply for a job offering posted on our student's mailing list... "Microsoft Academic Developer Evangelist" :D12:20
=== jolg [~jolg@h150n2fls32o868.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
sid77argh, they're everyehere :)12:22
magnetodang this irc desklet is kinda nice12:23
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
stvnmagneto: gdesklet?12:25
pedrudoes anyone know where i can get eclipse 3.0 debs12:25
magnetoi just need to find the right borders for it12:26
stvnsudo apt-get install sun-j2re1.5debian12:26
=== Potn_ [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
stvnmagneto: it's in the standard ubuntu gdesklets-data package?12:27
danielsajmitch: melbourne is an especially nice place12:27
ajmitchyeah I found it quite nice when I was there earlier in the year12:28
Telepare there any eclipse 3 debs around?12:28
pedruTelep, im having the same problem...12:29
nevynthey're in debian which means it's probably in universe?12:29
TelepI guess I don't really need one though, since I can just run Eclipse from my home directory anyway...12:29
nevynactually I'm wrong it's 2.112:29
pedruyeah, 3.0/3.1 is nowhere to find...12:29
magnetoyep its in universe12:29
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
pedrumagneto, not in my universe...12:30
magnetonah pedru sorry- gdesklets question - irc in gdesklets-data .3012:31
nevynmagneto: but wrong version?12:31
pedruyeah, already figured that out :--)12:31
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== wickedmedia [~demo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== atropus [~distvan@bipc36.szef.u-szeged.hu] has left #ubuntu []
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
magnetonevyn: ?12:32
wickedmediahi all12:32
Telephi there12:32
nevynmagneto: check the version in universe.12:32
Patric1STVN is my hero!!!12:33
pedrulooks like Patric1 has got his java working :-)12:33
pedruoh, sorry12:34
deFryskAh een nederlander12:34
Patric1hee een fries :-)12:34
=== aPoX [apox@neutron.csh.rit.edu] has joined #ubuntu
magnetonevyn: sorry im new to apt-get - i just realized though i have restricted and multiverse in my reps12:34
pedrudas verfluchten niederland werden da spren faust...12:35
deFryskPatric1, /j #ubuntu-nl12:35
=== sparkes_x [~sparkes@host217-42-166-29.range217-42.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Daenzello [~daenz@83-134-36-85.Marais.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== Liz [~liz@ADSL-063.cust203-87-27.nsw.chariot.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Daenzellohi people12:37
pedruhi Daenzello12:38
magnetonevyn: i changed my reps to main only and still show the only version as
Daenzelloits me again12:38
Daenzellowith new questions of course12:38
Daenzelloi think so12:38
=== stvn-desk [~stvn-desk@] has joined #ubuntu
mjrby the way, my guess would be that most finnish users find Ubuntu's default LANGUAGE choice a bit weird for having swedish alternatives before english12:38
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
Daenzelloim trying to get my great new smart wonderful dvd burner work with ubuntu12:39
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== pedru 's robot friend says "hello" [_]
Daenzelloare there any softaire other than k3b to manage dvd burning ?12:40
pedruwhats wrong with k3b?12:41
mjr(though I can see the reasoning since Swedish _is_ an official language here; it's just that in practice most people are more fluent in English :)12:41
=== ud [~ud@234.a.001.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
stvnstvn-desk: ?12:41
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
Daenzelloi have nothing against k3b but that leads to another question12:42
=== telemaco [~telemaco@73.Red-81-38-241.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== thoreauputic [~petros@wolax8-167.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Daenzelloeven if i install k3b and the kde metapackage i have lots of errors if i try to run a kde-qt soft12:42
guptanhow can I publish a samba share in ubuntu so that windows pcs can access it12:43
nevynguptan: which windows?12:43
Telephmm, I keep losing my network connection in Ubuntu (been a problem ever since installing the preview)12:43
magnetoguptan: /etc/samba/smb.conf12:43
guptannevyn, windows xp12:43
Teleprunning dhclient solves the problem but I get stuff like this:12:43
Telepsit0: unknown hardware address type 77612:43
TelepCorrupt lease file - possible data loss!12:43
=== fluff [~stereo@p508A6001.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== azuzak [~azuzak@201009179122.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
magnetoguptan: modify that then /etc/init.d/samba restart12:44
pedru@Daenzello: uhh that sucks...12:44
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@] has joined #ubuntu
pedrui dont know of any other program with the features of k3b12:45
guptanmagneto, thanks let me try that way.12:45
Daenzelloi think the fatal error i have with k3b is "command 'kcmshell 'k3bsetup2'' not found"12:45
=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has left #ubuntu []
=== j^ [~j@gw.bootlab.org] has joined #ubuntu
Daenzellobut also other stuff like Session management error: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed12:45
DaenzelloQPixmap: Cannot create a QPixmap when no GUI is being used12:45
DaenzelloQPixmap: Cannot create a QPixmap when no GUI is being used12:45
Daenzellokbuildsycoca running...12:45
pedruyeah it looks like it misses some kde stuff..12:46
=== tuxx [~tuxx@0x50a5a424.kd4nxx17.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
tuxxhello :)12:46
Daenzelloi've installed 150mo of kde stuff12:46
pedruwelll i am using ubuntu since like three days and haven't yet burned a cd...12:46
pedrudoes the burner work?12:46
tuxxpedru yes12:47
Daenzelloxcdroast works, but it miss dvd support12:47
=== magneto_ [~magneto@] has joined #ubuntu
pedrudoes the gnome cd creator support dvds?12:47
tuxxGnome's builtin "burner" works too12:47
Daenzellodoes anybody there use some kde software ?12:47
tuxxDaenzello not on my dekstop but yes12:47
tuxxdesktop even12:48
pedrui use k3b, but on gentoo12:48
magneto_Daenzello: amarok and k3b12:48
deFryskfor dvd burning I can use nautilus12:48
=== vincent [~vincent@bonnefoy-3-82-224-105-22.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskI think :s12:48
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
Daenzelloand you dont have thousands of errors/warnings messages ? ^^12:48
=== Lathiat [~lathiat@sweep.bur.st] has joined #ubuntu
Daenzellohum i ll try the nautilus burner ...12:49
magneto_Daenzello: what kind of errors are you having12:49
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
=== netmonk [~netmonk@] has joined #ubuntu
Daenzelloi dont know wich of those are fatal (not the 300 missing icons warnings i think), there things like "QPixmap: Cannot create a QPixmap when no GUI is being use"12:51
=== spacey`ki [~ki@] has joined #ubuntu
tuxxHow would a cronjob look if I want automatic update, upgrade and dist-upgrade uppon boot?12:52
Daenzellofo amarok do you use the debian package ? i havent seen it in the ubuntu repertories12:52
kasperbnHi, I have a bunch of user who have ftp access (vsftpd). Is it possible to do something with vsftpd.conf so that the users only are allowed to browse their home-directory?12:52
tuxxkasperbn look for some jail in the conf12:52
magneto_Daenzello: i got amarok from source and from debian12:52
tuxxkasperbn if it's not durable switch to proftpd  - there it's 100% possible12:52
kasperbntuxx: "jail" not found12:53
=== beezly [~beezly@2001:630:63:16:20e:2eff:fe27:ea88] has joined #ubuntu
magneto_Daenzello: i had amarok working from compiling from source after installing all the right libs then someone told me debian had a .deb in sid so i got it from there12:54
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Why does everywhere in the wiki tell you you can't set up things like 'deb http://someserver/blah ./' with synaptic?12:54
|trey|You just leave the last line blank...12:54
kasperbntuxx: What about chroot_list_enable ???12:55
|trey|It worked in Warty too, so I don't understand?12:55
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-53-85.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== ultrafunk [~pd@eth779.vic.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
Daenzelloand for the gnome nautilus burner, does it support the dvd copy ? for k3b i keep searching the kde libs i miss12:58
tuxxkasperbn okay. How about some 'chroot' ?01:00
|trey|Daenzello, yes, they use the same backends...01:00
tuxxkasperbn yeah that might me it01:00
magneto_|trey|: dvdrwtools01:01
=== pao [~paolo@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|magneto, dvd+rw-tools yeah...01:02
paodoes anyone know why linphone is not in universe/multiverse?01:02
paois there an alternative gnome sip phone?01:02
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
kasperbntuxx: it worked. Set chroot_list_enable = YES, and then in vsftpd.chroot_list you list users that are to be "jail" in their hom-dir01:03
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|pao, try multiverse or universe... I see it...01:04
=== natea_ [~natea@h000f66a887c6.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|You can request that it be supported in hoary in the wiki...01:04
MyKq3when i m runnig setxkbmap -option -option grp:alt_shift_toggle ... it should able me to change  the keybord layout doesn't it ?01:04
pao|trey|, let me try...01:04
=== pisuke [~luis@84-120-70-104.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|pao, https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryHedgehogSupportedSeed  <- edit this to ask...01:05
=== wizzy1 [Wizzy@cpc1-oxfd5-3-0-cust164.oxfd.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== j^ [~j@gw.bootlab.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== sivang [~dannyh@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|linphone - A sip phone01:07
|trey|linphone-nox - A sip phone01:07
|trey|Thats what I can see...01:07
paoPackage linphone is not available, but is referred to by another package.01:08
tuxxkasperbn nice :-)01:08
pao|trey|, what's your sources.list config?01:09
paodeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty main restricted universe01:10
paothat's mine...01:10
=== superted [~superted@] has joined #ubuntu
phillDoes anyone want to ssh in and setup my ati binary drivers? :(01:11
sid77what's the problem?01:11
Mithrandirphill: have you tried following the instructions on the Wiki?01:11
pedruif you have porn on your machine01:11
izphill yup try wiki01:12
philland no, but you can download what you like at my full bandwidth of 5kbps heh01:12
philli've done the wiki01:12
phill3 times01:12
phillreinstalled after two of them01:12
MyKq3can i cancel the root password?01:12
phillnow i'm sitting here with fglrx 'working' but no 3d accelerating01:12
phillsure whatever, another reinstall won't bother me at this stage01:13
magneto_pao: u can find it at http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/01:13
philli think something is screwing up between mesa libgl.so and ati's version01:13
phillor something01:13
magneto_unstable    main non-free contrib is what i have in my list01:14
philli don't know01:14
philli think i'll try and swap my 9700 for a geforce 5700 or something01:14
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp36-132.lns1.adl1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirphill: create a user tfheen for me, put http://raw.no/dotfiles/ssh/authorized_keys in ~tfheen/.ssh/authorized_keys and I can take a look.01:14
sid77phill, nvidia is evil ;) ati is much better under linux01:14
jindNvidia is good as long as you don't change kernel01:14
jindThe nvidia drivers are more mature under linux than ati drivers01:15
magneto_sid77?? - i never here nvidia people cryin like us ati folks01:16
jindOnly hitch is that they have to be compiled directly against the kerne01:16
jindThe running kernel source code01:16
sid77magneto, talk to an nvidia ppc user -_-U01:16
magneto_ppc doesnt count ;)01:16
jindNvidia and linux is as good as perfect under x8601:16
izit runs here on a amd64 system01:17
jindI have never ever had a problem with the official nvidia drivers01:17
magneto_i will never purchase another ati card or system with ati01:17
jindI hear that ati has planned to work much more one the linux drivers01:18
jindThat's good01:18
danielsati works just fine here01:18
magneto_jind: yeah they are now- but what about people whove been using their crap before now01:18
phillok Mithrandir ssh to phill.ath.cx with tfheen01:18
=== edwood [lsfqzr@tank.panorama.sth.ac.at] has joined #ubuntu
phillati has been promising better linux support for years01:19
jindBut as it is now, nvidia is the best choice when it comes to stability and espesially performance01:19
jindAti drivers run poorly01:19
magneto_my ati card works fine in xfree86 and with xorg 6.7 as long as i dont want anymore 3d support01:19
=== ggg [~opera@] has joined #ubuntu
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ggg [~opera@] has left #ubuntu []
magneto_i have to upgrade to xorg 6.* and use old drivers from xfree or atigatos or lose functionality01:20
|trey|pao, https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/GuideToHoary  <-- edit the instances of "hoary" with "warty" here... put the resulting text into /etc/apt/sources.list01:20
|trey|mdz, you around?01:21
=== wizzy1 [~wizzy@cpc1-oxfd5-3-0-cust164.oxfd.cable.ntl.com] has joined #Ubuntu
pisukeis there any boost in performance (2D) by using fglrx instead of xfree86 ati driver?01:22
=== atariboy` [~atari@] has joined #ubuntu
=== natea [~natea@h000f66a887c6.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== nirr [nir@bzq-129-168.red.bezeqint.net] has joined #ubuntu
jindpisuke, probably01:27
jindBut it depends on what card and chip you have01:27
phillits working!01:28
pisukejind, radeon 920001:28
Mithrandirphill: and I didn't even touch anything. :)01:28
pisukeI was just asking if the fuss will be worth it01:28
jindThen it probably isn't any read advantage in 2d01:28
kasperbnHow do I use find to search the harddisk for a specific file. I tried with: find / filename  -But then it lists all files. I only want it to list the "results"01:28
magneto_pisuke - yeah i dont think any xfree drivers were meant specifically for anything after g200 radeon 750001:29
phillMithrandir: sometimes it helps just to go through things with someone else :)01:29
danielsmagneto_: the matrox g5xx cards are perfectly supported01:29
=== jamaas [~jamaas@host81-152-228-165.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
danielsmagneto_: and you will get full 3d on anything up to and including radeon 925001:29
danielsmagneto_: the problem in this case is neither ati nor x.org01:29
jindI have heard that the techology in the ati xorg drivers can keeo up in 2d up to radeon 920001:30
phillto answer the 2d question: i can't see any difference in gnomes performance between fglrx and ati, but my tvcard doesn't work with fglrx, so that might be a problem01:30
darkersatanickasperbn: find / -name filename01:30
magneto_i get full 3d now with xfree01:30
danielsthe standard ati (x.org) drivers do full 2d for every released ati card (and some unreleased ones)01:30
danielsthey do full 3d for everything up to 925001:30
darkersatanickasperbn: Check out the man page for find...01:30
kasperbndarkersatanic: Thanks01:30
magneto_the drivers for all ati in xorg6.8 are broken horribly- supposedly -my card worked fine although with no 3d and with alot poorer performance- wait does that = fine?01:31
danielsmagneto_: that does not mean 'broken horribly'.01:31
jamaasI'm attempting to get slmodem-2.9.10 to compile and not having any luck, anyone care to have go?  I'm a bit of a newbie here!01:31
Treenaksdaniels: will they ever do more than "up tp 9250" ?01:31
danielsTreenaks: for 3D/01:32
Zindaryes.. I'll get to install ubuntu on a mac soon.. this is fun :)01:32
Treenaksdaniels: yes01:32
magneto_daniels: the ati cards do 3d too- 3d cards with no 3d in the drivers = trash01:32
Zindardoes anyone know how partition resizing is done then?01:32
danielsTreenaks: as I said, the problem is neither ATI nor X.Org01:32
danielsTreenaks: i hope to see 3D fine01:32
danielsmagneto_: in your opinion01:32
magneto_daniels: many people buy ati cards for their 3d rendering ability01:33
Treenaksdaniels: so it's just "please wait while we update the driver to support 3d in >9250 cards"01:33
magneto_to have that disabled is nonsensical01:33
danielsTreenaks: 'please wait for bureauracy'01:33
Treenaksdaniels: ah01:33
pisukeI think i'll stay with ati instead of fglrx. if ain't broke don't fix it :)01:34
magneto_ati has no problem as long as you use windows01:34
danielsmagneto_: i have an ati card here which works perfectly with 3d :)01:34
magneto_Daniels: me too but everyone does not01:34
danielsthis is true01:35
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
danielsanyway, as I've said, this is neither ATI nor X.Org's fault01:35
danielsso let's stop casting blame at them both01:35
magneto_xorg released a version which crippled a whole large group of users01:35
phillwhat's a decent bittorrent client for gnome? something like abc/azureus (but doesn't need java)01:36
magneto_ati has slacked on supporting linux until the last minute when nvidia started stealing customers01:36
danielsmagneto_: because that's all they could release.  you can't just write a driver having nothing but the card you're writing it for.01:36
magneto_they are both to blame01:36
danielsmagneto_: no, this is not true.01:36
jamaasHey guys, where might I go to find some help with modem drivers?01:36
danielsmagneto_: the drivers do not support 3D on r3xx/r4xx.  this is not ATI's fault.  this is not X.Org's fault.01:36
magneto_daniels - 6.7 works fine though01:36
phillwhich modem?01:37
magneto_daniels: im referring to the 6.7 -> 6.8 breakage01:37
danielsmagneto_: yes01:37
=== jamaas [~jamaas@host81-152-228-165.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
magneto_what new feature set did 6.8 bring that required a change to the drivers? im not familiar enuf with it to know01:39
jamaasoops, clicked the wrong button but I'm back...:), with a modem problem, who asked which modem?01:39
izopen /dev/vbi: No such file or directory any idea what i'm missing?01:40
=== linux_mafia [~max@202-0-43-194.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
izlibzvbi-common - Video Blank Interval decoder i got it :)01:40
danielsmagneto_: composite.  drawing to an offscreen buffer will kind of ruin your day.01:40
magneto_well 6.8 isnt supposed to stable is it?01:41
danielsit is01:42
magneto_at least they were sharp enough to switch to atigatos for the next version01:42
jamaasHey guys, desperate for some help/suggestion on compiling slmodem here, any takers ... please?01:43
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
magneto_jamaas: whats up01:45
altanis there any good software to edit PDF documents in Linux?01:45
jamaasmagneto: thanks, am getting the following error.... trying to follow instructions!01:46
jamaas Entering directory `/lib/modules/'01:46
jamaasmake[3] : *** No rule to make target `modules'.  Stop.01:46
magneto_what are u trying to build there01:46
=== nevyn [~nevyn@dialup-] has left #ubuntu []
=== nevyn [~nevyn@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
=== tux [~tux@213-202-137-217.bas502.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu
jamaasI give up ... ??  Hope I don't need to rebuild the kernel, hopefully just a module, am using latest warty on i686 and attempting to get a modem and fax working01:47
tuxhas anyone tried the live cd ?01:48
=== tux is now known as tck
magneto_why dont u just load the alsa module01:48
jamaasif it works, that would be fine ... newbie here, how do I do that ?01:48
=== zxy__ [~ralph@host81-154-147-204.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== JsPr [~jnee@] has joined #ubuntu
=== atariboy [~atari@] has joined #ubuntu
=== zxy___ [~ralph@host81-154-147-204.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
jamaasNot sure that it matters ... but it usually does, this is on a HP notebook so I think it is a linmodem, will also module work?01:50
=== oferw [~ofer@CBL212-235-2-49.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicjamaas: alsa is a sound architecture :)01:50
jamaasthats what I thought as well, it won't help with the modem will it ..?01:51
linux_mafiaanyone using beagle?01:51
magneto_jamaas: try modprobe intel8x0m01:51
thoreauputicjamaas: you might need to find your modem on linmodems.org01:51
jamaaswill do01:51
magneto_thoreauputic- its an alsa-modem01:51
jamaas modprobe intel8x0m01:52
jamaasFATAL: Module intel8x0m not found.01:52
thoreauputicmagneto_: ah, I see01:52
=== compdude [kads@ti211310a081-2220.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== compdude [kads@ti211310a081-2220.bb.online.no] has left #ubuntu []
=== linux_mafia vows he will meet a fellow beagle user
stvnlinux_mafia: you compiled beagle yourself, or there are packages available?01:52
magneto_jamaas: try modprobe snd-intel8x0m01:53
linux_mafiastvn, cvs01:53
thoreauputiclinux_mafia: using beagles is cruelty to animals! ;-)01:53
linux_mafiastvn, works pretty good, dieing to compare notes with some one01:53
stvnlinux_mafia: ah ok, was hoping for debs ;)01:53
linux_mafiastvn, depends on too many things, patched kernel, dbus, etc01:54
linux_mafiastvn, id say debs are a far distant dream01:54
jamaasmagneto: that ran something returned to prompt01:54
stvnlinux_mafia: heh01:54
thoreauputicjamaas: silence is golden! no errors!01:55
magneto_jamaas: type   dmesg | pg     and look through there for a modem01:55
jamaaswill do!01:55
linux_mafiastvn, i swear though, i cant be the only person using it apart from the devs, ive been asking for 4 days in this room and others if anyone is using it, all silent01:56
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-040-126.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
stvnlinux_mafia: hm, if it requires patched kernel etc, I can imagine a reason why nobody uses it ;)01:56
magneto_good thing about ubuntu is they have every damn part of the kernel setup as a module01:56
linux_mafiastvn, in the world?01:57
stvnlinux_mafia: I'm pondering about using it, but if requires a lot of recompiling i'll wait a bit linger01:57
linux_mafiastvn, that cant be01:57
stvnlinux_mafia: nah in #ubuntu ;)01:57
jamaasmagneto: how do I send this output to you, about 5 lines without clogging up the page for everyone else... ?01:57
linux_mafiastvn, no ive been asking in other channels too01:57
stvnlinux_mafia: heh01:58
linux_mafiastvn, mailing list, consists of about 5 people, i guess i'll have to be the leader01:58
stvnlinux_mafia: heh01:58
stvnlinux_mafia: i'll have a look at it, see if it compiles here01:58
linux_mafiastvn, oh, and those 4 or 5 are programmers, im just a simple noob01:59
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== L|nu}{_ [~linux@ti112210a080-2169.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|linux_mafia, I've seen you around in some channels for a while, so you can't really be considered a n00b anymore...02:00
=== benjanet [~benjanet@pc-200-74-44-219.san-francisco2.pc.metropolis-inter.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|linux_mafia, hah... direct me at beagles site, let me see what it is  8)02:02
linux_mafia|trey|, trey, trey, trey, you lambasted me for my poor demeanour before02:02
|trey|linux_mafia, foreal? I don't remember  :(02:02
=== infornography [~none@116.004.dsl.wa.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
stvnlinux_mafia: you run it on an ubuntu system?02:03
linux_mafiastvn, no i run lycoris, but just hang in here02:03
linux_mafia|trey|, http://ubuntulinux.org/wiki/BeagleInstallHowto02:03
|trey|linux_mafia, cuz that makes sense...02:03
=== Seek187 [~blah@67-42-50-63.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== infornography [~none@116.004.dsl.wa.iprimus.net.au] has left #ubuntu ["..."]
stvnlinux_mafia: ta02:04
=== jacob_ [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|linux_mafia, That would be more appropriate on the "BreakUbuntu" page (I think thats it)... or at least pointed to from there...02:06
=== nefertati [~serqet_@samo364-a054.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
nefertati hello02:06
linux_mafia|trey|, not sure what you call the app/function exactly, but google has made an app to do it, ms is on it, meta data or indexing something, basically if i searched using the beagle search tool for "mafia", it would show emails, files, gaim chats, web searches, including that term02:07
|trey|BreakMyUbuntu even... they are things people are interested in, but aren't available in the Ubuntu repo's...02:07
=== [d] amr [~amr@spc1-leed3-5-0-cust109.seac.broadband.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafia|trey|, sound cool?02:08
|trey|linux_mafia, page needs to point to mono installation too...02:08
|trey|And no need for dbus to be there...02:09
=== umarmung [~holger@pD9542253.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafia|trey|, i didnt write the page, and yes you need dbus from cvs, dbus-sharp i think its called02:09
linux_mafiamono aware dbus02:09
|trey|ahh... crap... thats so much work  :(02:10
|trey|linux_mafia, seriously, link from BreakMyUbuntu, you will recieve more interested people  :)02:10
linux_mafia|trey|, work yes, but fun just to check it out, call me a geek02:10
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafia|trey|, link what? i have nothing to do with the page or its placemant02:11
nefertatihello i just installed ubuntu but i wanted to ask about the internet connection as i cannot connect to the internet... if there is someone that can help me .....02:11
|trey|linux_mafia, well then its time you made yourself an account... at least to fix spelling mistakes  ;)02:11
linux_mafia|trey|, i have done wiki stuff before, (linksys + ndis) just cant be faded at the moment02:13
nefertatihello i just installed ubuntu but i wanted to ask about the internet connection as i cannot connect to the internet... if there is someone that can help me .....02:13
|trey|nefertati, don't repeat...02:13
nefertatiok sorry trey02:14
|trey|nefertati, can you ping localhost?02:14
=== merriam [~merriam@62-3-250-66.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|nefertati, dial up dsl cable?02:15
nefertatidial up02:15
|trey|nefertati, damnit  :(02:15
|trey|nefertati, hehe... sudo pppconfig02:15
thoreauputicnefertati: do you have an external modem?02:16
topylinefertati: if you cannot ping localhost your networking is really badly broken02:16
|trey|nefertati, not 100% sure with dial-up... never actually done it, know how in theory though  :/02:16
nefertatiand what can i do about that02:16
thoreauputicnefertati: are you comfortable with commandline?02:16
nefertatii just getting started i know only the basic commands02:16
=== rebirth [~amr@spc1-leed3-5-0-cust109.seac.broadband.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicnefertati: do you have the nameservers and numbers for your isp?02:17
|trey|nefertati, he asked if it bothers you to type, not how much you know  ;)02:17
topylinefertati: open a terminal, type ifconfig. see if any interfaces are up02:17
|trey|topyli, unlikely if he can't even ping localhost...02:17
|trey|need drivers... I dunno what  :(02:18
thoreauputicnefertati: well, sudo pppconfig should walk you througha configuration; it isn't too hard02:18
nefertatiyes i i dont problem to type and that the reason trey that i want to know more about linux...02:18
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
topyli|trey|: i like to start debugging from the bottom :)02:18
|trey|nefertati, man -k some_task_you_wish_to_do02:19
thoreauputicnefertati: in a terminal, sudo pppconfig   -and see how you go02:19
=== edwood [nqajwgp@tank.panorama.sth.ac.at] has joined #ubuntu
nefertatii will go  to do what you said is it doesnt work i'll come back02:19
nefertatithank you  so much ...02:20
|trey|topyli, every network problem = check if its working at all first... cuz if its not, its gonna take a while to fix it  ;)02:20
thoreauputicnefertati: if you do, read man pppconfig as well02:20
thoreauputicnefertati: although it is fairly straightforward02:20
topyli|trey|: that's sage advice02:20
nefertatiok thoreauputic.. thank you :)02:21
thoreauputicnefertati: no worries -come back if you have problems :)02:21
|trey|topyli, 8)02:21
nefertatiok :) i am sorry but i am just getting started .. i hope i will learn more ... :)))))02:22
thoreauputicnefertati: no need for apologies - we are all learning :)02:22
|trey|nefertati, you will... takes a while... lots of reading  :)02:22
thoreauputicnefertati: and you will learn much more, I'm sure02:22
=== |trey| thinks the day he stops learning will be the day he stops breathing...
pedrugeman ubuntu channel: #ubuntu-de02:27
jdubpedru: how's the ubuntu-de mailing list going?02:27
pedrudunno... i dont use mailinglists...02:27
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linux_mafiajdub, will the ICEauthority bug/problem, ever have a satisfactory resolution?02:38
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jdublinux_mafia: which?02:40
=== utis [~user@dsl-084-057-066-193.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
utisAny hints on configuring /dev/sequencer?02:41
linux_mafiajdub, when you run k3b, which you must as root, well sudo, when you log out, you cant log in again, until you delete ~/.ICEauthority, or chmod it back to your user02:41
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jdublinux_mafia: er... BONG02:42
jdublinux_mafia: "k3b is not supported in ubuntu" ...02:42
linux_mafiajdub, i know, just as many people use it at the moment, due to lack of choice in flexible gnome cd apps, thought maybe it might be looked at, my bad02:44
jdublinux_mafia: we can't put any time into it, but perhaps mail -users and see if anyone has seen it and knows a fix02:44
Mithrandirjdub: put .ICEauthority in skel would be an obvious (but a bit ugly) solution.02:45
Mithrandiror fix k3b, of course.02:45
linux_mafiajdub, sweet as, there are a couple, but only temporary02:46
jdubMithrandir: no, it seems to chown the users existing .ICEauthority02:46
=== L|nu}{_ is now known as L|nu}{
Mithrandirjdub: it actually chowns it?  That sounds just broken.02:46
danielsthe problem isn't k3b02:46
Mithrandirpossibly, one can point it somewhere else?02:46
danielsthe problem is that running an ICE app with sudo directly is stupid and crap02:46
danielsthe app should just shell out to a wrapper for privileged operations02:47
danielse.g. system("sudo k3bsetup probe"), whatever02:47
linux_mafiaMithrandir, i guess when when the 2.6.8 cd recording bug/prob which requires root/sudo use is fixed, it wont matter02:48
Treenakswhat is ICE anyway?02:48
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danielsTreenaks: Inter-Communication Exchange or something02:48
danielsx11-based ipc02:49
linux_mafiaand on another note, will inotify be gracing the ubuntu standard kernel anytime soon?02:49
linux_mafiafor hoary anyway02:50
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TreenaksWasn't it going into 2.6.10 anyway?02:51
jdublinux_mafia: for hoary02:51
linux_mafiajdub, o02:52
linux_mafiaok even02:52
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linux_mafiajdub, dont suppose youve tried beagle?02:53
jduba while back02:54
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Gmailis it safe to use the gnome 2.9 package in hoary? (this is more a testing system i know howto fix i was using debian experimental for awhile a m no n00b)02:54
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linux_mafiaive been trying for 4 days to meet a fellow ubuntu beagle experimenter, no dice :(02:55
stvnlinux_mafia: it the inotify kernel was available I might have been running it today02:55
Gmaillike are they complate?02:56
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Gmailand i do know udev is stuff plus a few more very important things and i can't reboot into my system untill they are fixed03:01
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GmailYAY no more fam03:02
Gmailgamin is here03:02
Gmailhaory progress is so fast03:03
Gmailyay i can report another bug03:04
pedrustvn, (in short) what is inotify?03:07
Treenakspedru: http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/rml/inotify/README03:07
mirak_-hi hi room03:08
nefertatii wanted to ask about how to set up an dial up internet connection..03:09
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jazzkasome applications like xmms or bittorrent's menu appear really small, why?03:10
jazzkado I need to install any new software?03:10
Gmailjaalto: because they don't use gtk+03:10
Gmailthey both use x03:10
mjrwell, xmms does use gtk, but an earlier version03:11
Gmailjaalto: you should use beep media player03:11
Gmailit is and gtk+ port of xmms03:11
=== mjr recommends rhythmbox for music playing in Gnome, but that's just my preference
Gmailmjr: no that a new port03:11
linux_mafiamuine is the future03:12
Gmailmjr: there is a xmms complable port03:12
altanI like zinf a lot03:12
=== Gmail love cli
Gmailbest music player03:12
Gmailone command and it all running03:13
stvnmjr: is it possible to simply queue songs to the current playlist in RB?03:13
mjrstvn, I don't think so, which, I would agree, is a shame03:14
stvnmjr: yeah, that's the main reason I don't use it, I can quickly add a set of songs to the running playlist03:15
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MeAndU32What is RB and what is cli , can somone explain03:21
cardadorcli: command line interface03:21
stvnRB: Rhythmbox03:21
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kensaiHow do I add translucency to Gnome I have seen some screenshot with transparent terminals etc... How I do that in Gnome? Thanks03:23
bob2you an't03:23
jdubkensai: right click on your terminal03:24
nefertatii wanted to ask about how to set up an dial up internet connection..03:24
stvnkensai: in terminals, you need to edit your profile03:24
jdubkensai: edit current profile03:24
bob2gnome-terminal can do a fake transparency, tho03:24
jdubkensai: on the effects tab, you can turn on the fake transparency background03:24
stvnnfpppconfig didn't work?03:24
stvnnefertati: ^^03:24
kensaiOOHHH ok thanks a lot03:24
MeAndU32can RM play .rm .wma03:24
bob2MeAndU32: no03:24
bob2MeAndU32: it can play realmedia, but not windows media03:25
nefertatino stvn it asks a pass i wrote muy user pass but its incorrect03:25
wfxhi, i have trouble to get a ultra dma133 controller from dawicontrol to work: DC-133 sil0680 chip, module siimage03:25
stvnnefertati: you did do sudo pppconfig ?03:25
kensaianything more I can make transparent?03:26
wfxcat /proc/partitions: dm-0 to dm-2 but i cant mount any md03:26
nefertatiyes stvn but it asked for a pass and i didint know the pass03:26
wfxkensai, with the xorg server but i dont know if it avail for ubuntu03:26
Gmailstvn: no need for sudo pppconfig was edit to call sudo i look and the link in /usr/bin03:26
stvnnefertati: your sudo password, normally is the password of the first user you created03:26
jdubkensai: if you take the back off your monitor, the glass display will be almost fully transparent. you will be able to see the wall.03:27
Gmailx.org is coming out in a few day03:27
kensaiwfx: xorg isn't there yet :(03:27
nefertatiyes stvn but it said that is incorrect and i dont know why03:27
Gmailbut i say you wait a few days after it comes out03:27
wfxGmail, nice ;-)03:27
Gmailyou don't want to be the guy which has to reinstall x03:27
kensaijdub: LOL LOL ROFL03:27
stvnnefertati: did you ever work with sudo before?03:27
stvnnefertati: and it is a normal ubuntu install?03:28
danielsdowngrades and sidegrades are quite horrifically bad03:28
danielstake it from me, I've done like fived03:28
danielser, five03:28
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bob2Gmail: erm, you should probably let the people actually involved in the work discuss times03:28
bob2Gmail: rather than talking out your arse03:28
wfxhave anyone a dawicontrol DC-133 controller running?03:28
nefertatiyes stvn03:28
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stvnnefertati: and there is only one user - you?03:29
Gmailbob2i was told a few days03:29
Gmailbob2: i was told a few days03:29
kensaichanging backgrounds no longer works in hoary?03:29
danielsGmail: just sit tight and wait03:29
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Gmailkensai: it does its a gnome problem03:29
Gmailkensai: log out and back in03:30
kensaiOhh I have to log out and log in and then it takes effect?03:30
kensaiOhhh OK03:30
stvnnefertati: that's very odd, since a normal ubuntu install will give the first user sudo powers, and you only need to type your password, are you perfectly sure it is typed correctly?03:30
Gmailkensai: no but if you have been log in for awhile yes03:30
nefertatiyes i tryed all the possiible ways but it kept saying thta it incorrect03:31
topylikensai: try killing nautilus first. when it restarts it may draw your new background03:31
Gmailand it normally happen why you use a program in gnome that need super premissions like...03:31
Gmailtopyli: no03:31
Gmailtopyli: it better if he logout and in as there are other problem he will have like changing setting will not take place03:32
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stvnnefertati: got visitors, so have to go03:32
nefertatiok stvn03:32
Gmailstvn: cya03:32
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu
topyliGmail: ok. it does the background changing juju for me, that's all i know :)03:33
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wfxrealy no one that can me help to setup this controller(it got it to work with a different distribution, so i think it is only a new way to configure it)03:37
bob2there's nothing to configure03:38
bob2assuming it's PCI03:38
wfxudf is new for me i have use before devfs03:39
erikhey, how can I play AAC m4a files with ubuntu?03:40
bob2wfx: you mean udev?03:40
wfxbob2, yes sorry typo03:40
spiverik: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats03:40
bob2erik: faad - Freeware Advanced Audio Decoder player03:40
erikthanks spiv03:40
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=== animal_[away] is now known as animal_
wfxbob2, do i find in /sys/bus/ide/ the all ide devices?03:43
Dr3wanyone here using PowerPC?03:44
Aarddepends what you mean by `using' ;)03:44
bob2Dr3w: lots of people are03:44
bob2if you have a question, just ask it...03:44
=== Aard has a ppc based rs6k running aix at home
bob2wfx: so your problem is not with ide, but with software raid?03:45
wfxbob2, no i cant mount the conected device on this controlle (dc-133 sil060 chipset)03:45
bob2wfx: does "dmesg" mention it?  can you list the partitions with "fdisk -l /dev/whatever"?03:46
bob2is the module loaded?03:46
=== atropus [~distvan@bipc36.szef.u-szeged.hu] has joined #ubuntu
wfxsiimage is loaded and ide core use it ide_cd,ide_generic,via82cxxx,siimage,ide_disk03:47
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yann_hey :)03:48
yann_i'm having a (little) problem with the ubuntu live cd....03:48
wfxbob2, in /dev/ is only evms fd input MAKEDEV mapper pts shm snd03:49
yann_i wanted to try it out, to see if my hardware was supported03:49
wfxups no there is more03:49
yann_but while booting, and loading, i got the "error 17" message03:49
=== stone_ [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
yann_after that, the system stops loading.03:49
bob2wfx: "  can you list the partitions with "fdisk -l /dev/whatever"?"03:49
yann_the md5sum is ok, and the cd functions well on the pc of a friend03:50
wfxbob2, no i dont have the device entry03:50
Dr3wAnyone got Ubuntu to install on a beige G3?03:50
bob2wfx: so, the answer to 'does "dmesg" mention it?' is no?03:50
bob2Dr3w: is that new-world?03:50
yann_so if someone knows what this message means... :\03:50
bob2yann_: check the bts, there's a pile of non-booting bugs for the livecd03:51
wfxbob2, dmesg is also courios, tons of lines like this atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes e059 <keycode>' to make it known.03:51
=== sid77 [~sid77@host100-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu ["Parting..."]
bob2wfx: ignore that03:52
=== sid77 [~sid77@host100-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
bob2yann_: the bug tarcking system, /topic03:52
bob2wfx: look at /var/log/dmesg03:52
=== floepe [~Peter@pD9EE8B57.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
yann_thanks, sorry03:52
wfxbob2, SiI680: IDE controller at PCI slot ...03:54
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bob2wfx: www.pastebin.com. put your whole dmesg log file in there03:54
=== berantl [~berantl@gp-pat.cybernet-usa.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Dr3wbob2: yeah, old-world.  Hardware is 100% supported, just the install and boot process is different, but I was wondering if someone managed to shoe-horn Ubuntu on despite this.03:55
jdubsomeone mentioned bootx on the -users lists03:55
=== berantl [~berantl@gp-pat.cybernet-usa.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== spacey`ki [~ki@flits101-191.flits.rug.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Dr3wyeah, but I am not too sure if it will boot the initrd from the CD....03:56
wfxbob2, http://www.pastebin.com/11678303:56
wfxbob2, i have change it to hde becouse if i plugin the controller hda is now hde (ide=reverse does not work -> kernel panic)03:57
bob2you have eisa slots with a 2ghz chip?03:57
wfxbob2, i also wonder about any eisa slot03:58
bob2did you build this kernel yourself?03:59
wfxno is the default03:59
=== rcaskey_ [~rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu
bob2what does "uname -r" print out?04:00
yann_bob2 > dit not find any open bug mentioning the "error 17"04:00
=== Treenaks wonders what an EISA slot looks like
Gmailis it advisied to upgrade to kernel 2.6.9?04:00
bob2yann_: please file one04:01
bob2yann_: oh, did you check the md5sum of the cd?04:01
bob2Gmail: just wait for ubuntu toget it04:01
bob2Treenaks: hold your arms as wide as you can.  it's about that big.04:01
yann_bob2 > yep, and the cd works on a friend's computer without any problem.04:02
Gmailbob2: isn't it in debian sid so it shound be in hoary universe04:02
Treenaksbob2: I know VLB and ISA8/ISA16 slots..04:02
Gmailcan anyone access http://ubuntu-art.org/ ?04:02
=== topyli [~juha@ktlpc219.edu.helsinki.fi] has left #ubuntu []
bob2Gmail: you can do whatevere you want, of course...04:03
bob2Treenaks: ah04:03
bob2yann_: gm, sounds like a bug then04:03
yann_could it be because of some unsupported hardware?04:04
bob2do other linux distributions boot on it?04:04
mjg59Treenaks: An EISA slot is a deeper ISA slot04:05
mjg59It's got two rows of connectors per side04:06
mjg59It is, thankfully, dead04:06
wfxit is a very old slot04:06
mjg59It's much younger than ISA04:06
wfxand i dont have it (only the krenel think there is one)04:06
mjg59It's just not a lot better04:06
wfxa bit better :-)04:06
mjg59Most modern hardware effectively has an EISA bus04:07
Gmailhttp://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2994 this ubuntu box is made will the cds be ship in it to make this free cd deal the best?04:07
=== arachne_ [~arachne@sysif.net] has joined #ubuntu
danielsGmail: no04:07
danielsGmail: too late by far04:07
Gmaildaniels: for hoary?04:09
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailthat will be so cool if you can get people to spnonsor it then i'll put them in my mums shop and i am sure lot of people will buy it04:09
bob2Gmail: it's non-Free, anyway04:10
bob2"sponsor" what?04:10
wfxTreenaks, but i have on old pc with vesa ;-)04:10
nimccan anyone help with trying to install fglrx ati binary driver? i get 'device not found' when i do 'sudo modprobe fglrx'04:10
=== DSOM [~DSOM@] has joined #ubuntu
wfxbob2, any tip for me?04:11
bob2then it thinks you don't have supported hardware04:11
Gmailbob2: what is non-free04:11
bob2Gmail: the art-work04:11
nimcbob2, you meant me?04:11
bob2nimc: 01:11:17           bob2 | then it thinks you don't have supported hardware04:12
Gmailbob2: did you look at the correct link04:12
bob2Gmail: "correct"? you only pasted one.04:12
nimchmm ok...04:12
yann_bob > 324004:12
Gmailbob2: its a box for ubuntu the guy said he is sending it to you guys (ubuntu team)04:12
bob2wfx: try the apic and acpi tricks, then file a bug if that doesn't work04:12
bob2Gmail: yes, I know, did you read the copyright notice at the bottom?04:12
Gmailbob2: but if he give the ubuntu team the right to use as he says on the forums then you can use it04:13
wfxbob2, where do i find this trick -> link for me?04:13
bob2Gmail: that doesn't make it free04:13
jamaasI'm attempting to get a winmodem working and can not install gfax, getting an error that says hcfpci driver not active .... how can I make it active?04:14
bob2wfx: boot options: noapic, acpi=off04:14
wfxbob2, ok i try it04:14
wfxbob2, thx for helping!04:14
=== jdz` [~jdz@66-231-201-170.oxfordnetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu
wfxby all04:14
bob2good luck04:15
yann_bob2 > is the bug report ok (3240) ? do you need some additional infos?04:15
jamaasbob2, and suggestions about this modem problem, and how to overcome the hcfpci prob?  Thanks :(04:20
bob2jamaas: if I knew I'd have spoken to you04:21
jamaassorry!  I'm so close ...04:21
bob2linmodems.org is the usual place to go04:21
Gmailbob2: if they give it over to ubuntu for free its FREE!04:22
jamaasthanks, this one seems a little obscure, no idea why, trying to keep from changing ubuntu much but its tricky04:22
bob2Gmail: no04:22
=== dasenjo [~dasenjo@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gmail: please stop talking out your arse about everything04:23
=== aTypical [~jason@] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|bob2, *g* you never appear to lose your temper  :o04:25
yann_so, file in bugzilla done, hope you'll get that fixed :) see you, and thx for help!04:27
=== yann_ [~Yann@p5480CC07.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
lozhow can I install a .deb file at the command line?04:27
bob2dpkg -i foo.deb04:27
bob2but you need to resolve dependencies yourself, ifrst04:27
=== Stuttergart [~Stutterga@mail.nathanvalentine.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== nowlin [~alex@D40A31C9.rev.stofanet.dk] has joined #ubuntu
nowlinis it possible to add asus to the laptop list http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/teams/laptop ??04:30
nowlinit dosnt load the asus_acpi and the speedstep-centrino on startup04:30
bob2what do you want to change there?04:31
Gmailbob2: i said if they give it for free its free how is that a yes or no question04:31
bob2Gmail: it's a "you are wrong" sort of question04:32
danielsGmail: it's all highly hypothetical, hoary release is still months away04:32
danielsso hypothesising about what artwork we'll ship with what is pointless right now04:32
Gmaili said IF!04:33
bob2Gmail: as above04:33
nowlini just wants to add asus to the lists of laptops04:34
bob2nowlin: erm, you want to change the goals of the laptop team?04:34
mjg59nowlin: At the moment, asus isn't as high a priority as the others04:35
Gmailbob2: ITs not a question04:35
=== Mayday [~Mayday@] has joined #ubuntu
mjg59nowlin: But failing to load those modules is a bug04:35
bob2nowlin: if you want to add those modules as tips to the wiki, that'04:35
bob2d be a good idea04:35
nowlinokay i will do that.04:36
Maydayanyone know of a simpel tool to keep track of what i spend time on for ubuntu, gtk or gnome prefered. Something like: http://members.optushome.com.au/starters/pclock/04:38
bob2Gmail: yes, I know, but you don't seem to accept 'you are wrong" very well04:38
bob2Mayday: gnotime04:39
bob2or gtimer04:39
Maydayill check them out04:40
Gmailbob2: well i never said it in a way i can be right or wrong as i said IF!04:40
bob2Gmail: kthx.04:40
Gmailmy teature said i am very picky with word like if it says if or...04:41
danielsok, guys, enough.04:41
=== NewComer-ubuntu [~NewComer@] has joined #ubuntu
NewComer-ubuntujust installed ubunutu, my serial mouse doesn't work, changed mouse protocol to "Microsoft" in XF86config-4 and restarted X yet the mouse still doesn't work04:44
=== utis [~user@dsl-084-057-048-039.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
danielsthat's the first install with a serial mouse i've actually heard of04:45
utisdoes ubuntu use devfs?04:45
danielswhat's your device?04:45
danielsshould be /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyS104:45
NewComer-ubuntudaniels, it's like /dev/input/mice or something04:46
jdz`utis: no, I think ubuntu uses udev04:46
danielswhich port is your mouse plugged in to?04:46
NewComer-ubuntufirst port04:47
danielschange it to /dev/ttyS004:47
NewComer-ubuntudaniels, ok, lemme try04:47
utisjdz`: hm, but udev is also dynamical, isn't it? I mean, if I install the right drivers, the new device should show up outmatically without mkdnod magic?04:48
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jdz`utis: Yes.04:48
utis*sig* I can't get the ALSA midi sequencer device /dev/snd/seq to work.04:49
utisMy last hope was that Ubuntu would require some magic incantation with MAKEDEV.  If it doesn't, then I am completely lost now.04:50
=== NewComer-ubuntu [~NewComer@] has joined #ubuntu
NewComer-ubuntudaniels: thanks, it worked04:51
=== shaver strugges to get some sort of services-at-boot configuration tool to show its head in warty
=== luxo [~hmm@adsl-253-121.slovanet.net] has joined #ubuntu
xuzohi, anybody has extrange fonts in hoary?04:51
danielsNewComer-ubuntu: no worries04:52
NewComer-ubuntumust say, feels fast04:53
linux_mafiawhat are extrange fonts?04:55
GmailOHLALA the new gnome 2.9 ROCKS!04:55
=== Gmail loves ubuntu hoary
xuzolinux_mafia: the border of every letter looks 'yellow'04:55
=== nefertati [~serqet_@samo364-a085.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
danielssounds like a subpixel hinting problem04:56
danielsfreetype in hoary is absolutely stuffed04:56
danielswhich is no great surprise04:56
xuzolinux_mafia: I try all options of font capplet04:56
nefertatihello i wanted to ask about how to use pon04:56
xuzomust i downgrade freetype to warty version?04:56
Gmaili fund a problem the trash applet is built aggenst gnome04:57
danielsxuzo: that would probably help04:57
utisHm, there is a MAKEDEV in /sbin.04:57
Gmaili need to goto sleep but can someone add to bugzilla that the trash applet need a rebuilding and the ./debian/CONTROL need editing it the deb package04:58
danielsdude, what about the debian/control needs editing?04:58
danielsyou need to be specific.04:59
danielsyou haven't actually listed any problem yet, just two solutions that are vague enough as to be useless04:59
xuzodaniels: I try it now, thanks04:59
danielsxuzo: no worries04:59
Gmailthe new gnome-system-configurtion IS MAD! (the stuff in computer > system configuration) and the new synaptic is cooler (but i still like using apt in cli unless i am searching for a package)05:01
xuzodaniels: one question more, warty version is 2.1.7-2.1ubuntu1 and hoary 2.1.7-2.205:01
xuzothe only diff. is ubuntu sub-version05:01
danielsxuzo: actually, 2.1 and 2.2 are different debian revisions05:01
danielsgive the warty version a shot and see if it fixes anything05:01
nefertatican someone help me? i cant connect to the internet and i dont know how... :(05:01
danielsif not, we know where to look ;)05:02
danielss/if not/if so/05:02
xuzodaniels: ok05:02
shaverla la la, I miss chkconfig, la la la05:02
danielsshaver: apparently the one in g-s-t is too busted to be of any use05:03
shaverand debian doesn't have anything CLI that lists services and runlevels?05:03
shaverthis grovel-in-rc?.d thing is a joke, IMO05:03
sivangshaver : ps -d ?05:03
=== haggai [~halls@i-83-67-20-196.freedom2surf.net] has joined #ubuntu
shaverI'm going to pretend you didn't say that, for both our sakes05:04
=== GeosB [Teamnord@0x503e3d0e.kd4nxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
rcaskey_daniels: any news on the new package selection util?05:04
sivangshaver : :) did I go that bad?05:04
danielsrcaskey_: the huh?05:04
rcaskey_Isn't hoary getting a new package selection utility?05:04
danielsshaver: not lists as such, but there is update-rc.d05:04
danielsrcaskey_: um, synaptic?05:05
rcaskey_I thought there was somethign else05:05
shaveryeah, update-rc.d is great when you know what change you want to effect05:05
shaverbut when you don't know from debian, it's hard to guess what the effects are05:05
rcaskey_Easy package install GUI (JeffWaugh, talking to RossBurton), thought that was something besides synaptic05:05
rcaskey_is synaptic getting an overhaul or something?05:06
danielsrcaskey_: don't know, sorry05:06
mvo_rcaskey_: there is some work going on in this area05:06
rcaskey_mvo: ahh, anything specific?05:06
shaverlike, say, there are two different services that seem to adjust my clock05:06
shaverone of them is saying that it can't find any way to talk to the hwclock05:06
shaverbut it works fine when I run it by hand, as it recommends in the diagnostic05:06
mvo_rcaskey_: I haven't seen it yet05:06
mvo_only mockups05:07
rcaskey_mvo: what's the general idea?05:07
mvo_but those look totally cool05:07
mvo_it will look a bit like the tool in FC I think05:07
=== gruberman [~gruberman@h9n2fls35o294.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
mvo_but as I said, I've only seen mockups so far05:07
rcaskey_FC's tool is pretty bad if it's anything like what I remember from FC205:08
shaverwait a sec05:08
shaverhow do I use update-rc.d to, say, keep portmap from starting at boot?05:08
=== mercurus [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-32.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
shaverit looks like "remove" wants the "real" script to be gone05:08
mvo_rcaskey_: what would your favorite package mananager look like?05:09
mvo_or in other words, what do you dislike about synaptic?05:09
rcaskey_mvo: it would be a web page link that added things to my sources.list05:09
xuzodaniels: downgrading to warty version doesnt solve the problem, fonts look fuzzy when subpixel hinting is active05:09
mvo_rcaskey_: that would be indeed cool (and a security problem)05:09
rcaskey_and it wouldn't look like anything05:09
rcaskey_mvo: it wouldn't be05:10
shaverI can't believe I'm not smart enough to figure out how to do this05:10
rcaskey_anything that can isntall as root can update insecurely nayway05:10
danielsxuzo: i'm getting horrific hinting05:11
rcaskey_mvo: why do you think its a particular security problem?05:11
danielsit's going the wrong way, all my borders on black text are different colours05:11
shaveryes, this is exactly the ridiculous situation I'm in05:12
=== fissy [~fissy@] has joined #ubuntu
xuzodaniels: exactly, differents colors :)05:13
danielsshaver: yes, we know about it, we're working on it05:13
danielsxuzo: hooray :\05:13
fissyhi, a quick question: how can i remove 'exchange' from evolution because i'm never going to use it and it messes up the account list for me05:13
danielsxuzo: did you restart your session after up^Wdowngrading freetype?05:13
=== ispmike [~mike@c-67-166-251-46.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
xuzodaniels: of course, i restart gdm05:14
=== samm [~samm@S01060006257610fa.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
danielsxuzo: ugh05:14
danielsxuzo: no idea, sorry05:14
rcaskey_mvo: imagine this: you go to a webpage of foo, see an Ubuntu 2 - Run Now button. Click it, enter your password. Sources are added , the application is installed. The menu pops down, you see the highlight move, the submenus open, the application highlight, and then begin to open.05:14
danielsxuzo: could be fontconfig? xft?  try those05:14
shaverdaniels: so what's the current best-practice?05:14
=== strestout1_ [~Martin@nc-65-41-176-63.dyn.sprint-hsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
xuzodaniels: i try fontconfig yesterday05:15
mvo_rcaskey_: it's not a lot worse than now, still. it needs to be very clear to the user what he is doing (giving access to the system this way)05:15
sammhow to get java on my box?05:15
sammanyone can tell me?05:15
rcaskey_mvo: yeah, but I think a dialog would be sufficient05:15
rcaskey_and entering in your password05:15
=== zul [~chuck@zul.developer.gentoo] has joined #ubuntu
shaverI just want to avoid the situation where I manually remove links, and then am later told "of course it's broken, you loser, you removed links by hand instead of running debian-startup-policy-config -f -z lvm"05:15
=== burnboy [~burnboy@wbar2.chi1-4-10-097-232.chi1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
danielsshaver: update-rc.d05:15
mvo_rcaskey_: it's a interessting (and very easy) option indeed05:15
danielsshaver: manually removing links and update-rc.d, that is05:16
rcaskey_and then we could just have a software catalog web page link in the menu05:16
shaverupdate-rc.d wants the package to be gone, no?05:16
danielsshaver: no05:16
burnboyi'm having some serious problems with audio..anyone else have the startup sound in GDM get stuck and loop just a snippet? or kaboodle/media player has problems?05:16
danielsif you move the file out of the way, dpkg will not attempt to replace it unless you ask it to05:16
danielsif you run update-rc.d -f remove foo, it will remove the rc*.d symlinks05:16
rcaskey_mvo: what do you think about seing the menu expand?05:17
shaverand then if I upgrade the package, I will have it upgraded, but still disabled?05:17
danielsshaver: yes05:17
=== YogeshM [~abcd@ADSL-TPLUS-14-116.intnet.mu] has joined #ubuntu
shaverOK then!05:17
shaverthank you05:17
YogeshMcan someone help me please!!05:18
danielsshaver: any time05:18
YogeshMcan someone explain to me how to set up a sata raid?05:18
rcaskey_mvo: it could be confusing as well though05:19
rcaskey_the real danger is not that people install stuff accidently, it's that thtey have dangling sources in their list when they aren't using applications from there anymore05:19
rcaskey_third party packages cause conflicts, period05:20
rcaskey_if not at first, eventually there will be a user who wants to upgrade from 2 to 3, and then you have conflicts again05:20
mvo_it sounds a lot like the "point-and-click" install from this lindows distro05:20
rcaskey_mvo: never used Lindows05:20
mvo_neither did I, I read about it05:20
rcaskey_mvo: but that's my suggestion, becasue it empowers third party software developers05:21
fissyanyone know how to disable exchange in evolution?05:22
rcaskey_maybe there should be an "Official Ubuntu" image or something to reflect software that provides its own version of all non-base software05:22
mvo_rcaskey_: the problem with 3d-party is (as you pointed out) that they are usually less well maintained then the main archive05:22
=== twise [~twise@gw1.cox.com] has joined #ubuntu
mvo_rcaskey_: that would be nice, yes05:23
rcaskey_mvo: which is semi-okay as long as it is versioned05:23
rcaskey_as long as the image says "Ubuntu 2"05:23
rcaskey_not just "Ubuntu"05:23
twisehas anyone seen huge slowdowns in disk performance on a laptop due to dbus/hal?05:23
=== SapoDriLo [~SapoDriLo@host-097.166.ife.org.mx] has joined #ubuntu
twisegoing from 20MB/sec down to 605:23
rcaskey_The advantage of adding the repos is that they could then auto upgrade along with Ubuntu if they supported it05:23
rcaskey_and if not, when the user clicks "Yes, upgrade Ubuntu" it can say "Are you sure you want to upgrade breaking these pacakges?"05:24
sjoerdtwise: is that measured with hdparm ?05:24
rcaskey_instead of "your a naughty third-party software using monkey, I refuse to upgrade you" or "All the applications you downloaded because they were useful to you will now break"05:25
twise-tT /dev/hda05:25
sjoerdtwise: is your cdrom on hdb by any chance ?05:25
sjoerdtry as root (or sudo): hal-set-property --udi /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/block_22_0 --key storage.media_check_enabled --bool false05:26
sjoerdsomething simalar was reported some days ago on the hal list, but the reporter never replied if that helped05:26
twisei get "no device with id /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/block_22_0"05:28
sjoerdoh beh, 22_0 is hdc05:28
sjoerdtry  /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/block_3_64 (or check info.udi in h-d-m)05:29
twisethat fixed it - how do i make it permanent?05:29
twiseand should i report this somewhere so others can benefit?05:30
sjoerdk that's interesting05:30
sjoerdtwise: did you really notice the performance slowdown or was it just hdparm05:31
twisestarting evolution went from dog slow to fast05:33
sjoerdso it's actually the first (aka not just hdparm)05:33
twisecorrect, w/o the fix the laptop performs poorly and hdparm shows low numbers05:33
=== Striss [~Strain@blk-222-170-205.eastlink.ca] has joined #Ubuntu
Gmailanyone here using hoary? anyone rebooted and not got stuck because of udev being borked05:35
StrissI'm using it05:35
=== fissy [~fissy@] has joined #ubuntu
Strisseverything has been perfect for me so far since I upgraded yesterday05:35
sjoerdtwise: easiest is to disable storage_media_check_enabled in hald.conf05:36
sjoerdtwise: the downside is that a media change in your cdrom drive isn't detected anymore05:37
GmailStriss: you rebooted yet?05:37
Gmaili have been using it since the second it came out of the topic not to use it i saw it being taken out05:38
twisethat's fine - i almost never use the cdrom in the laptop anyway - and i'm used to mount / umount05:38
twisemany thanks for the help - is there anywhere i should report the problem and your fix?05:38
StrissGmail, yup i've rebooted right after i upgraded05:39
sjoerdtwise: i'll send a mail to the hal mailing list05:39
=== sid77 [~sid77@host100-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu ["Parting..."]
sjoerdtwise: msg me your mail addy, then i'll CC you05:39
=== mauri [~mauri@d142-59-231-163.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
GmailStriss: well udev is borked and i need it to boot do you?05:41
Gmailohh wait udev is fixed05:42
Strisswhats the problem then?05:42
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rcaskey_mvo_ you still here, we had a power surge?05:49
mvo_rcaskey_: yep05:49
rcaskey_mvo: any more thoughts on that system for installing software?05:49
mvo_rcaskey_: no, I'll think about it a bit more. lot's of interessting ideas05:50
rcaskey_what about right click "Remove from My Menu" "Uninstall this Application" ;)05:51
mvo_rcaskey_: wait for the application installer, it will probably look a lot like the menu :)05:52
rcaskey_mvo: well the whole idea would be to avoid an application installer application05:52
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kensaisomebody has updated to the new ubuntu-dektop package in hoary?06:00
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mirak_-is there a meeting or something coming up?06:02
mirak_-allot of ppl just joined the room06:02
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=== mirak_- slaps mirak around a bit with Tux, the Linux Penguin
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=== mirak_- slaps mirak around a bit with Tux, the Linux Penguin
danielsmirak_-: please don't do that06:11
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mirakmirak_-: put something BEFORE your pseudonyme, not after06:16
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danielsguys, stop arguing about it.06:16
mirak_-daniels, no one is here cept me and u06:17
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tolstoyCan we expect to see an update to thunderbird for warty (to 0.9), or is that something we'll just have to download on our own?06:25
danielsnot for warty06:25
tolstoywell, i've got one machine on hoary, so I'll need it because evolution is broken over there. ;)  evo is good for warty.06:27
=== Cred [teemumat@hylsy.saunalahti.fi] has joined #ubuntu
CredEvening. How to fix problem with wintv card "Coulnd't open /dev/video0"06:28
fabbioneCred: you need to load the v4l modules06:29
CredAre you sure? Since 2.6 they've been included with the kernel as far as I know.06:30
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Credfabbione, asking because I just want to know if I'm wrong.06:34
fabbioneCred: yes, but you still need to load them, if it doesn't happen automatically06:34
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Credfabbione, ok. The module is called v4l?06:36
fabbioneCred: i think so.. you will have to check up06:39
fabbionei need to leave now... sorry06:39
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gnatanyone have any experience getting wifi working in ubuntu?06:40
Credfabbione, thanks!06:40
gnatI have SMC 2635W and/or D-link DWL-G63006:40
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gnatthe SMC I can query/set using iwconfig06:40
gnatthe D-Link is missing Firmware files06:41
gnatI'm wondering why the SMC doesn't see the AP06:41
Kal_ZakathI have problem recompling custom 2.6.9 kernel06:41
=== ToTo [~ToTo@] has joined #ubuntu
Kal_ZakathI follow traditional method with make make modules_install etc...06:42
SapoDriLohello, I need help to setup an alias of a nic (eth0). can you help me?06:42
Kal_Zakathkernel compiles fine06:42
CredCould someone else here try to help me with wintv card?06:42
Kal_Zakathbut at boot, right after somme messges I got lot of errors telling me something like : "/dev/null isn't a directory" or something06:43
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
netmonkhow do I add icon theme in ubuntu?06:46
=== pisuke [~luis@84-120-70-104.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
Kal_Zakathis there an ubuntu dev chan ?06:46
=== utis [~user@dsl-084-057-048-039.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
utisIs there a good way to check whether a mouse is actually connected to /dev/psaux?06:48
ChrisHutis: xxd /dev/psaux -> then move the mouse06:49
utisI tried cat /dev/psaux and then moving the mouse, but that did help.06:49
utisChrisH: thank you.06:49
ChrisHutis: xxd just does not screw your terminal :)06:49
utisoh, that means if nothing is screwed up with cat, then the mouse is not detected/connected?06:50
ChrisHutis: cat is quite the same... just that control character from psaux may make your terminal output stop.06:51
utishm, in that case I suspect that some drivers are not loaded. I need to enable my laptop touchpad.06:52
ChrisHutis: or your XF86Config-4 points to the USB mouse. Perhaps it was discovered incorrectly.06:52
=== peacemaker885 [~rey@adsl-63-207-173-73.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
utismy USB mouse was plugged in at that time and it works. There is just no provision for both mice in XF86Config-4.06:53
utishmm, modprobe psmouse changed nothing.06:54
=== spacedman [~rowlings@fyb028000002.lancs.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
ChrisHutis: You may want to open a root shell and check /etc/X11/XF86Config-406:55
=== ivar [~ivar@d216-232-222-127.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
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utisI have XF86Config-4 open in an editor on tty1 (the batteries of my USB mouse are empty and X is no fun without a mouse).06:56
utisAnd I have already frobbed it. To no avail so far.06:57
Kal_Zakathdid anybody recompile a vanilla kernel here ????06:57
Kal_Zakathunder ubuntu ?06:57
utisBefore I proceed I want to make sure that it is actually detected by the kernel.06:57
CredI get "Device nott found /dev/video0", what modules are required to be loaded in order to get this to work? I have wintv card (saa7134).06:57
ivararg - i would like to change my theme, but whenever I fire up the app (Computer->Desktop Prefs->Theme) it appears in the dock as 'starting' then disappears without a trace06:57
utisSince cat /dev/psaux does not produce garbage characters and screw my screen, I suspect that it is not.06:57
ivaranyone have any idea of why my theme app keeps dying ?06:58
utisWhat do I need