BradBi would have thought it becomes hard to pick an alias pretty quickly though12:01
kikoit depends on the size of your project or on the amount of subproducts you have in it12:01
BradBi've never used an alias for a bugzilla bug; it seems like overkill. in any case, it's probably safe to remove it from the bugs-index.pt for now.12:03
kikoI have, though. agreed it's not needed in the listing12:04
BradBkiko: how do you think Bugzilla compares to RT? Just curious.12:05
kikothey solve different problem sets12:05
kikoRT is obviously more visually agreeable12:05
kikoBugzilla is a hard-core bug/trasktracker that scales 12:06
BradBis RT more an issue tracker?12:06
kikoBugzilla's killer feature for me is review support12:06
kikoflags and attachment editing, IOW12:06
kikoyes, RT's more issue-tracker.12:06
kikoand bugzilla scales and provides query options that matter12:06
BradBi'd like bugzilla to make me not have to think when I want to Cc, when i rarely have any idea what email address they've registered with in the BT12:07
BradB"they", i.e. the people i want to Cc on the bug12:07
kikohum, but how do you CC: an arbitrary person? you do know we have user matching on substrings, right?12:07
BradBkiko: i dunno, how do you Cc an arbitrary person? :) i would have expected that to Just Work too, but then it gave me an error saying that it couldn't find that address when i tried to Cc someone who, apparently, wasn't reg'd with that addy.12:08
kikoyou can specify portions of the person's address12:08
BradBas for user matching substrings, i still didn't know which substring to pick (and not accidentally hit someone else)12:09
kikoit's okay, you get a picker to choose from if there are collisions12:09
BradBoh, didn't know that12:09
kikoand a confirmation page if you didn't match uniquely (if that's configured)12:09
kikoerr 12:09
kikoif you *did* match uniquely12:09
kikoit could be trivially extended to also match on user *name*s but it doesn't today12:09
kikomaybe on purpose12:09
BradBperhaps, perhaps12:10
kikoI think we do the best we can do *given* a large user base12:10
kikofor a reduced user base glob implemented a userpicker12:10
ddaaWhat is "Package" in ProjectProductSetup? The name of the corresponding Ubuntu package?12:10
kikoyou can use it as well12:10
lifelessdebian source package name12:10
kikouser pickers would make loads of sense for canonical bugzilla12:10
kikobut not so for ubuntu12:10
kikoBradB, make sense?12:10
BradBkiko: i want a combo box12:10
lifelessjust email me & cc Mark the mapping12:10
kikoBradB, there is no such thing in HTML :)12:11
ddaalifeless: [package]  ack12:11
BradBkiko: nah, i'm too lazy to care about if it's hard to do, i just want a cross-browser compatible combo box.12:11
ddaalifeless: [email]  I am not putting on the wiki???12:11
kikoBradB, like we have for the package selector in b.ubuntu.c?12:11
lifelessddaa: no.12:12
lifelessthe wiki page was a flop, but it shows you want info is needed.12:12
BradBkiko: i haven't seen that, but you have something that acts like a windows GUI combo box where i start typing and it shrinks the list?12:12
kikoBradB, try this:12:12
kikoit's justdave's baby12:13
kikotype into the Package box (yes it could use some visual styling)12:13
kikoBradB, however, it causes problems with page history and spiv and I well know.12:13
BradBkiko: woooooooooooo!12:14
BradBthat's wild12:14
BradByes, definitely something like that is what i meant.12:14
kikoit's probably not difficult12:14
BradBthat's nice work12:14
kikoI'd do it for a couple of DVDs :)12:14
BradBDVD bounties? :P12:14
=== BradB may offer DVD bounties at some point in the future.
kikoit's working for spiv, it could work for others :)12:15
BradBkiko: Ideally 1. Mark would pay for it, 2. it'd be a thing that can be reusable everywhere, because we have tons of use cases for it in launchpad (I'd add an actual dropdown though too, rather than waiting for me to type)12:21
BradBMalone already needs it for package and product selection12:22
kikodidn't limi design one of these for us?12:22
kikoI believe he did..12:22
BradBhm, i don't think his looked anything like that12:22
BradBi found it pretty weird to be honest (a submit button for each result? eek)12:22
kikoagreed on all counts! I just didn't have the nerve to tell. I wanted it to be *SIMPLE*.12:23
BradBhehe, yep12:23
kikoideally we'd bug the W3C to include one in the next spec12:25
kikomark should buy the w3c12:25
BradBthat'd be wild12:26
kikolet me ask hixie12:27
ddaakiko: that's no the way of Mark12:27
BradBkiko: hixie?12:27
BradBI'm going to email the list right now and ask Mark to buy us a combo box.12:28
ddaaInstead, you should suggest him that having half the w3c staff on board could be useful to improve our standard-compliance ;-)12:28
kikoyes, ask mark to buy us a spec and patches to IE and Moz.12:29
kiko<kiko> Hixie_, how's it going? had a question for you12:29
kiko<kiko> has the w3c ever evaluated something like a combobox for HTML Forms?12:29
BradBI'm literally emailing the list though, not to change the w3c spec, but... :)12:29
kiko(Hixie sits in on the XForms board)12:29
BradBThis is a major UI problem now that we're dogfooding.12:29
kiko<Hixie_> kiko: http://whatwg.org/specs/web-forms/current-work/#the-datalist12:29
kikofrom the man himself12:29
kikoBradB, that's what you wanted right?12:31
justdavethe page history issue should only affect that selector field itself now.12:32
justdavethe main page history problem was fixed by reordering the element order on the page so that the dynamic listbox was the last item in the page (in the DOM) rather than being in the middle of it.12:32
justdavethe trashed history only trashed the fields that occurred after it in the DOM.12:33
BradBkiko: from a .5 second skim, yeah, that looks like it.12:33
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BradBin any case, we need something nowish.12:33
kikoyeah. and justdave's the man!12:35
BradBI'm using justdave's example in my lp@ mail12:36
BradBwith the addition that it needs to let me make a selection without typing (i.e. like a true combo box)12:36
justdaveit was theoretically possible to do that, the three-characters-required was to make the page load faster.12:37
justdavethe index required to make it substring match on a single character made the index file a few hundred MB.12:37
justdaveer, few MB actually.  It's a few hundred KB now, with a three-character index.12:38
justdaveanyhow, you don't want to shove multiple MB at someone's dialup connection just so they can file a bug.12:38
lifelessyes we do :)12:39
=== lifeless stops trolling
justdavethere's 3000 (or more now?) items in that listbox though.  If you only have 20 or 30 things in it, the index would be really short :)12:39
justdaveMy thinking on making that scale better for dialup users was the switch it to a server-side search instead of client-side... have a button to pop up a new window that they can do the search in, and feed it back to the textbox when they select one.12:40
justdavethat would also give them the option of browsing the entire list IF they wanted to download the whole list.12:41
BradBjustdave: i would have thought xml-rpc + dom mutation was the way to solve that12:49
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justdaveBradB: yes, that's what you would do in the popup window12:52
justdavewhen you type a couple letters, you expect results to start showing up, the way it currently works.12:52
justdaveyou have a minimum 2 to 3 second delay every time you hit the server to look for something, just with browser and server overhead12:53
justdaveand longer if they're on dialup.  the delay to grab new info is confusing to the user if they didn't purposely initiate the server hit.12:53
BradBjustdave: my concern is that i'm too lazy to click my mouse button to many times12:54
BradBs,to many,too many,12:54
BradBit might be worth making dialup users suffer, depending on just how much suffering it would be12:54
BradB("suffer" by just bringing everything across the first time the page is fetched.)12:56
=== dilys [daf@muse.19inch.net] has joined #launchpad
lifelesscould you ...12:57
lifelessbring down an index of the first item from the first two letters initially.12:57
lifelessi.e. aardvark, abroken, acat12:58
lifelessthen when they hit a, replace that with the a** index ?12:58
justdaveif we do left-side match, the data necessary to download to the client is not all that bad.12:58
justdaveas in, typing in the text field only matching things that start with what you've typed so far12:58
justdavethe humungous amounts of data required to download only happens when we do a substring match12:59
lifelessohh. yeah12:59
justdavejavascript doesn't have a "grep" command or equivalent.01:00
justdave(not natively implemented anyway)01:00
justdaveso you have to manually step through an array looking for matches... (which will take forever and a day because javascript is slow)...01:00
justdaveor you create a property list with all of the possible substring combinations as keys, and an array of the matches as the value to each key.01:01
justdavewhich is what our hack on Bugzilla is doing right now.01:01
justdave(the arrays are tokenized and there's no whitespace in the .js file to try to minimize data transfer)01:02
stubDoes anyone know if Limi has made any progress on an asynchronous selection widget?01:32
kikostub, well, BradB and I don't really like the design we saw, but shhhh01:32
stubdesign can be worked on - that was only a mockup. The main trick is the javascript for the textbox and the async. queries to do matching.01:34
stuboic - you were talking about the delay incurred between hitting a letter and the results comming back... hmm...01:35
stubso it has to have that ugly search button...01:36
BradBstub: can you put a new dogfood version up? also, we really need email notification to be working properly (spiv filed the bug in bugzilla)01:37
BradBwe also need to get rid of the test bugs01:38
stubFresh dogfood went up yesterday. I thought I'd turned on mail (but forgot to check it - there was a rather long and frustrating delay between configuring and actually rolling out).01:38
BradBit's turned on. perms error.01:38
BradBi landed a bunch of crap today.01:38
BradBplus one more little thing whenever pqm finishes01:38
BradBthat'll fix all the bugs except the sorting problem spiv reported...i went to fix that, then i go "crap, why am i presented a list of source package releases and product releases on a bug add form?"01:39
stubAs for test bugs - I think that dogfooding has found a feature we need. We need a way of deleting bugs. 01:39
BradBstub: i seem to remember asking mark about that in london, but i thought he didn't want that.01:40
stublunchpod dogfood01:40
BradBkiko: does bugzilla let you simply delete bugs?01:40
kikonot really.01:41
BradBi'm not sure we want that01:41
stubSourceforge lets you set the status of a bug to 'Deleted'. It is still there, but you generally won't search for them.01:41
kikoit does, but it doesn't work 100% and it's not really something we encourage.01:41
BradBstub: ah01:41
kikothat's the right solution IMO.01:41
kikofor any history-based bit of software01:41
stubEvery single project that starts using the system will create at least one test bug, because everyone wants to confirm it actually works before telling their users to use it.01:41
BradBany kind of "delete" (even just a status) would seem so easy to be used wrong01:42
BradB"oh, it's fixed, i can delete this bug now!" and other horror stories.01:42
BradBi'm all about interfaces that are hard to use incorrectly01:43
stubI would like to develop a tool rather than a bureaucracy. I think a way of hiding test bugs and such would be useful.01:43
BradB"Closed" might be enough for these extremely rare cases.01:43
kikobugzilla *does* let you do it. :)01:43
stubI really don't want a googlebomber to start submitting malone bugs to increase page rankings of some porn site ;)01:44
BradBah yeah, hm01:44
stub(oh... no hyperlinks so that isn't a problem)01:44
BradBi think plone's solved that with "reject"01:45
stub(unless we parse the text and turn URLs into hyperlinks ala roundup, in which case it is a problem)01:45
stubMy grand plan for allowing people to merge code into the dogfood branch to allow trivial rollout has failed btw, mainly due to our central archive being managed by a lobotomized monkey (PQM... not lifeless...). I'll need to talk to lifeless to see if I can redesign the process. At the moment it is all working the way I hoped except it is stuck in my personal archive so nobody else can play.01:48
BradBarch-submit-merge "my evil changes" $dogfood?01:49
stubYes - but without the arch loops that would cause (that was my initial attempt, which jblack explained wouldn't work).01:50
BradBthe most critical thing for the DF right now is email perms, because it prevents anything from being done in malone01:50
stubSo that just involves changing the queue directory right? I remember that one now...01:51
stubok - just fixed that. I'll do another push to get yesterdays code up.01:54
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kikoBradB|afk, please give salgado some attention tomorrow, can you?02:06
kikohe's wanting to show you a fixed up sample data set that mark has commissioned, but it needs testing by a malone-expert; daf, if you could do so for rosetta as well, we'd appreciate it02:07
dafkiko: what needs doing?02:09
kikodaf, basically, just test the new sampledata package he's produced and help him into deciding what to do with the original files we have (which are rather broken AFAWCT)02:10
BradB|afkkiko: what does he want to know, if it'll break malone?02:11
BradB|afki hope so, because I've already got python code figuring that out for me02:12
kikothat's right.02:12
kikoand then he wants someone to replace the current files by what we have :)02:12
BradB|afki don't think it's feasible for it to be significant. tests depend on the test data.02:13
BradB|afkbut other than that, if make check passes, he's good to go as far as malone's concerned.02:14
kikotime for me to run, thanks guys02:15
justdavethe common (and supported) way of removing test bugs on Bugzilla is to create a "Test Product" which is set up as restricted so that only the admin can see it.03:49
justdavethen just move all of the test bugs into that product.03:49
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stubMmm... we don't want to have to do the gardening ourselves though, since there will be way too may projects for us to look after.04:46
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bob2lifeless: and I'm not sure why it's whining that there are no cmmits11:52
bob2when there areally are11:52
lifelessbuildbot doesn't look at commits, ignore that.11:53
bob2so what is it syncing?11:53
=== salgado [~salgado@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
lifelessthe UI thing that says 'no commits' isd what you should ignore12:39
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Kinnisony'know; one thing that I dislike about test-driven-development is that seeing a 100% pass rate no longer fills me with joy01:01
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Kinnisontime for me to head off02:56
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BradBdaf: ping03:40
BradBsalgado: ping03:40
salgadoBradB: pong03:41
BradBsalgado: did kiko-afk pass on the message to you about how to know if your sample data will break malone?03:41
salgadoBradB: no03:42
BradB"make check" :)03:42
BradBsalgado: if it breaks any tests, the sample data should be adjusted to not break any tests, unless there's an exceedingly good reason for it to warrant me spending the time to go through and fix all the tests (i.e. the malone forcefield)03:43
BradBsalgado: if "make check" passes, you might not have broken soyuz and rosetta, but you almost certainly didn't break malone.03:43
salgadoBradB: ok, thanks.03:45
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BradBspiv: ping04:39
BradBspiv: we probably want the submitter of a bug to be automatically subscribed to notifications eh?04:41
spivUh, yeah :)04:41
spivI assumed that was already the cae :)04:41
BradBi'll report that and fix it today04:41
spivSo I guess that's a "yes" :)04:41
BradBnope...you didn't get notifications when you reported your bugs, right?04:41
spivI did, actually.04:42
BradBwhich bug #?04:43
spivHmm, the notification emails don't include:04:43
spiv - a bug number04:43
spiv - or a url04:43
spiv12 and 13, which I added today.04:43
BradBAh yeah...I hacked the actual content of the messages in pretty au hazard. Now that it all works though, I can fine-tune what it tells you about the bug, or what's changed WRT to the bug.04:43
spivShould I file bugs about that, or will you take care of it? :)04:44
BradBi'm doing it...just looking at how you're getting notifications right now04:45
BradBoh, it's because i special-cased adds04:45
=== BradB reports that one and the message content one
BradBi'm also still not clear on how to "resolve" a bug, hmph.04:46
BradBBug title has to be widened on the add form too.04:46
BradBdebonzi: ping04:48
BradBer, hm...i'm just wondering if it's worth creating products for m, s, r, and l, instead of filing bugs against "source packages" m, s, r and l.04:49
BradBcalling the lp apps source packages is dirty04:49
debonziBradB, pong04:54
dafBradB: pong04:55
BradBdebonzi: n/m for the moment...i was going to ask you to create products for m, r, s and l (instead of what SteveA had said previously that they'd be treated as "unreleased packages"), but maybe we can wait on that for the moment.05:00
BradBdaf: is dilys getting malone email?05:00
dafI got one today05:01
BradByou should have several more now05:01
dafFrom: noreply@bbnet.ca05:01
debonziBradB, ok05:01
dafSubject: Comment on "What is an "Owner" of a bug?"05:01
BradBoh crap, yeah the bug adding notification really sucks05:01
dafI only see that one05:02
BradBit special cases the owner, and *only* notifies the owner, in fact.05:02
dafah, I see05:02
BradBelmo: do we have any domains with the word "launchpad" in them?05:05
elmoBradB: launchpad.ubuntu.com05:05
BradBi thought we had thelaunchpad.org, but unless i'm reading dig output incorrectly, i guess we don't05:05
BradBelmo: o05:05
BradBer, ok i mean05:05
elmoBradB: we might have a tld with launchpad in it, but I don't know what it is, Mark would tho05:06
carlosdaf: my jabber client does not work at the moment05:23
carlosBradB: any chance to get imported our current bugzilla bugs into malone?05:23
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BradBcarlos: it could be done. sabdfl would have to decide if it's worth the money.05:25
BradB(i.e. nothing exists currently to do it; we'd have to write an importer)05:26
carlosso we are going to throw to the trash current bugs at bugzilla.ubuntu.com when we move to malone :-?05:27
BradBcarlos: what you're suggesting is that it's probably worth the money. mark'll have to confirm that.05:27
dafcarlos: ah05:28
dafcarlos: Did we agree on update makeTranslationSighting so it accepts a list of translations instead of doing several calls with the pluralform number?05:28
dafcarlos: it's not in your mail05:28
dafdgh: I think making it take a list would make it more difficult to update only one translation05:28
daf(paste from Jabber)05:29
carlosyes, I saw that, it's the last thing you saw?05:29
carlos"bad, bad server, no donut for you"05:29
dafyes, that's the end05:30
carlos17:16  <carlos>   hmm, I'm having problems to figure05:33
carlos17:16 <carlos> how to mark a messageset as fuzzy when importing a pofile05:33
carlos17:16 <carlos> inside that method the way it's done now05:33
carlos17:17 <carlos> the only option will be to do it explicity05:33
carlos17:17 <carlos> instead of implicit in that method 05:33
carlosthat's what I wrote05:33
carlosIt's not a bad thing05:34
carloswith the new model we are doing now05:34
carlosok, so I will do it that way05:34
dafwell, the flag should either be set when the message set is created, or have a default and be updated later05:35
carlosdaf: :-?05:35
carlosare you talking about import time?05:35
carlosand fuzzy or in general?05:35
dafI'm not sure, what do you think?05:36
carlosyou are not sure about what are you talking about?05:37
daflots of people do it, they just don't usually admit it :)05:37
carloson import time, when we create a msgset, we could know already if that msgset should be marked as fuzzy or not05:38
carlosso we could set it when it's created05:39
dafhow do we create a message set at import time?05:39
carlos pomsgset = self.pofile.createMessageSetFromMessageSet(potmsgset)05:40
carlosthere are some defaults there, it's easy to fix them05:41
dafok, cool05:41
dafwell, a new messageset should have iscomplete = FALSE and fuzzy = TRUE to begin with, right?05:42
dafactually, perhaps fuzzy should be FALSE05:42
dafwe won't export it if it's not complete05:42
dafI don't think the translator should have to explicitly mark things as not fuzzy05:42
carlosthen, from Rosetta UI, we also know if the msgset is fuzzy or not so we could do the same approach05:42
carlosI don't follow you05:43
spivBradB: Hmm, the forgotten password page is broken on the dogfood server...05:43
spivBradB: I wonder if that's the same issue as the live plone system?05:43
dafok, let's say we have a translator translating GNU Hello into Spanish05:43
dafand it hasn't been translated into Spanish before05:43
dafhe goes to the translation page05:44
daftypes in a few translations, and hits Submit05:44
dafthen, a new PO file is created05:44
dafand createMessageSetFromMessageSet is called for each of the message sets he submitted translations for05:44
dafif those new message sets are fuzzy by default, he's going to have to explicitly set each translation he makes non-fuzzy for them to be used05:45
dafdo you see my point?05:45
BradBspiv: maybe try the live server and see if it works05:46
carloswell, I don't think they should be set fuzzy by default05:46
dafok, neither do I :)05:46
carlosI think I'm not talking clear here :-)05:46
BradBspiv: of course, resetting it on the live server won't mean you can get into dogfood, but still, just to see...05:46
dafcarlos: maybe :)05:46
spivBradB: What do you mean by the live server?05:46
carlosthe method does not accepts if a new msgset is or not fuzzy, I was talking about adding that option05:47
BradB /forgottenpassword, i think05:47
spivBradB: We know that  one's broken, remember the issue form yesterday?05:47
dafBradB: Malone emails don't seem to contain bug numbers05:47
carloswe know if it should be fuzzy or not when we create it05:47
BradBspiv: we know it is with the email address he reported, yeah. i didn't test with any other.05:47
dafcarlos: how do we know?05:47
spivBradB: I tested it with my own :)05:47
BradBspiv: then it's unsurprising that it wouldn't work on dogfood.05:48
BradBdaf: that's reported as a bug.05:48
spivOk, so the dogfood breakage isn't a known issue, but probably the same as the live breakage.05:48
carlosdaf: because we have already parsed that msgset (when importing from a pofile) and from rosetta we also know if we have all needed translations05:49
BradBspiv: that's my hunch05:49
spivSo if we fix the dogfood breakage, then all we need to do is find this mysterious live launchpad and roll out the fix there :)05:49
dafBradB: groovy -- so if, I have a bug number, it's trivial to construct a link to that bug, right?05:49
BradBspiv: not live launchpad, ubuntulinux.org05:49
BradBdaf: yeah05:50
spivBradB: Well, yeah, but where is it's forgotten password page coming from?05:50
spivBradB: It's not plone, from what you say.05:50
dafcarlos: the user interface code shouldn't have to decide whether a message is complete or not05:50
BradBspiv: er, yeah, no idea there05:50
dafcarlos: I think the DB code should do that work05:50
spivBradB: Hence "mysterious live launchpad" :)05:50
BradByes, i know what you mean now :P05:51
carlosdaf: ok, then, how?05:51
spivOk, ta.05:51
spivdebonzi: ping?05:51
debonzispiv, pong05:51
BradBspiv: you can reset it in the db manually though05:51
BradBspiv: can you sudo to launchpad on mawson?05:51
carlosdaf: If we call several times to the makeTranslationSighting it's too difficult to track all translations05:51
spivdebonzi: do you know why the forgotten password page on dogfood is broken?05:52
BradBspiv: er, wait, you didn't forget your password anyway though, right?05:52
dafcarlos: if (len(self.translationSightings()) == self.pluralForms): self.iscomplete = True05:52
dafcarlos: ?05:52
BradBbecause you've been submitting bugs...05:52
spivBradB: I've forgotten andrew@canonical.com...05:52
spivBradB: But I remember andrew+test@canonical.com :)05:52
debonzispiv, no idea.. Im not working on it since the sprint05:52
spivBradB: You win points for observation, though :)05:53
debonzispiv, but I can check if you want05:53
spivdebonzi: that'd be good, I'm getting ForbiddenAttribute: ('getPersonFromDatabase', <canonical.auth.AuthApplication object at 0x46504f8c>)05:54
BradBspiv: there's already a bugzilla bug where i clarified that05:54
carlosdaf: ok, I get the idea05:54
BradBspiv: (that steve's the one to bug, and that i spoke to debonzi about it)05:54
BradBi guess you're not Cc'd on it, perhaps05:54
spivBradB: Yeah, I saw.05:54
dafcarlos: it makes sense?05:54
carlosdaf: but what about the fuzzy flag?05:54
dafcarlos: yeah, the fuzzy flag must be explicit, I think05:55
carlosdaf: if I have four plural forms and I put there only three05:55
carloswe agree that the translator will set/unset it explicit05:55
spivBradB: But if we fix it for dogfood, hopefully it'll be trivial for Steve to fix the live one when he returns :)05:55
dafI mean explicit in the call to the makeMessageSet...05:55
carlosbut if they don't give us enough pluralforms05:55
carlosso that will be set from the UI code05:56
dafI've changed my mind about the fuzzy flag05:56
dafI think fuzziness and completeness should be orthogonal in the database, but related on export05:56
carloscould you then give me a propossal?05:57
BradBoh yeah, ok, cool, useful debugging output.05:57
dafcarlos: sure :)05:57
dafcarlos: ok, so I think a translator should be able to mark a message set non-fuzzy even if it is not complete05:57
dafcarlos: but if a message set is not complete, it should be fuzzy on export05:57
dafcarlos: this method means we don't have to set fuzzy flags on import05:58
dafhow does it sound?05:58
carlosIt's ok for me, I don't have a preference about all this as soon as it's consistent05:58
carlosit's another approach and I see it as valid as the previous one05:58
dafok, sorry for being slow to get this decided05:59
debonzispiv, seems to me that IPasswordResets is not right05:59
dafdid I answer your question?05:59
carloslet me think about it looking for "problems"05:59
dafok, I think maybe I need a bit more sleep05:59
debonzispiv, ops.. wait06:00
carlosso when we import a po file, if we have all plural forms, iscomplete = TRUE if it's fuzzy or it lacks a plural form iscomplete = FALSE06:00
carlosfuzzy = TRUE only if the msgset is fuzzy in the pofile06:01
dafiscomplete = TRUE if we have all translations06:01
daffuzzy = TRUE if it has the fuzzy flag06:01
debonzispiv, yes.. but it is in IAuthApplication .. it does not define getPersonFromDatabase06:02
dafthat's all06:02
dafon export: fuzzy = ((fuzzy = TRUE) or (iscomplete = FALSE))06:02
carlosfrom the website, fuzzy as the translator sets it and iscomplete= TRUE only if we have all pluralforms06:02
carlosI think we will not have any hard problem with this model06:02
dafyeah, I think it's slightly easier than the previous revision06:03
spivdebonzi: That would explain it :)06:03
carloswe fix .po files we will export06:03
carlosand don't touch .po files we import06:03
dafit's nice because it meets "be liberal in what you accept and careful in what you generate"06:04
debonzispiv, also, EmailAddress is used inside auth/__init__.py but is not imported06:04
spivdebonzi: Heh.  Badly broken :)06:05
carlosdaf: true06:06
debonzispiv, and there are some more little thinks :) do you want me to fix it?06:06
spivdebonzi: Yes please :)06:07
debonzispiv, right06:07
salgadoBradB: ping?06:20
debonzispiv, fixed.. Ill merge it into rocketfuel06:22
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spivdebonzi: Great :)06:25
spivdebonzi: Thank you06:25
BradBsalgado: pong06:25
debonzispiv, no problem :)06:26
salgadoBradB: did you removed pkgurgency and binaries from ISourcePackageRelease?06:26
BradBsalgado: Yep, as mentioned yesterday I fixed ISourcePackageRelease to what it used to be, so that it does what it's expected to do (i.e. be an ISourcePackageRelease.)06:28
BradBsalgado: You'll need to create a new interface for the view.06:28
BradBs/be an ISourcePackageRelease/be a schema for a source package release/06:29
salgadoBradB: but pkgurgency and binaries already was in ISourcePackageRelease, they're not part of our view06:30
BradBsalgado: I don't get it, why would they be schema attributes?06:40
BradBthere's already "urgency", which surely must be the same as pkgurgency, and if not, one of them needs renaming06:40
salgadoBradB: pkgurgency is a property to translate urgency using dbschema06:42
BradBsalgado: I'm not sure if that's a common way to handle that, but I don't think we should do that. Schemas are meant to describe what kind of data we want to store.06:43
BradBit turns out that those dbschema vocabs are just more trouble than they're worth, I think06:44
BradBif that stuff were stored in tables, life would be easier (because we could simple do dot access on the relevant sqlobject properties to get the title, instead of BugStatusVocabulary.items[foo.bar] .title, etc.)06:45
salgadoBradB: the fact is that we need pkgurgency in ISourcePackegeRelease, cause if it's not there, classes implementing this Interface will break, as they access pkgurgency06:45
BradBi checked in the change because the tests told me i didn't break anything.06:46
BradBfeel free to add them back though, but i'd suggest first writing a test that breaks because they're not there, and then adding them to make the test pass.06:47
BradB(this might mean generating a functional doctest, which is even better, because you don't have to write any code.)06:49
=== BradB emails lp@ with some tips on what you need to hack to make functional doctests that pass.
salgadoBradB: can you please cc to salgado@async.com.br ?06:52
salgadoBradB: is there something I need to do before running make check?07:18
BradBsalgado: nope07:19
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daf  archive: rocketfuel@canonical.com07:33
daf  revision launchpad--devel--0--patch-73607:33
daf  checksum file: checksum07:33
carlosdaf: press the arch HELP button :-)07:34
dafI'm looking for it! :)07:34
daf> tla panic07:34
daftla: unrecognized command (panic)07:34
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carlosdaf: I found the problem to this new approach (sorry O:-))08:04
dafwhat is it?08:04
carlosdaf: it's solved adding a precondition before calling to makeTranslationSighting08:04
carlosthe fuzzy flag should be set/removed before calling makeTranslationSighting08:05
carlosbecause that also controlls the iscomplete08:05
dafno, it doesn't08:05
carlosif it's fuzzy it's not complete08:05
daffuzzy and completeness are not related08:05
carlosso fuzzy=TRUE and iscomplete=TRUE is valid?08:05
dafof course08:06
carlosok, that also changed since yesterday :-)08:06
daf"complete, but needs review"08:06
carlos# Explicit set of iscomplete08:06
carlos        # If we have all translations, it's complete, if we lack a08:06
carlos        # translation, it's not complete. Also, it's not complete if it's08:06
carlos        # fuzzy.08:06
carlos        if None in self.translations():08:06
carlos            # The set is not complete08:06
carlos            self.iscomplete = False08:06
carlos        else:08:06
carlos            self.iscomplete = True08:06
carlosthat's the code added to makeTranslationSighting08:06
dafcomplete ONLY means "has the correct number of translations"08:06
dafthe two flags are only related on export08:07
carloshmm /s/Explicit/implicit/08:07
carlosand forget the fuzzy comment08:07
daflooks good08:07
dafwe should update the documentation08:11
carlosI know08:18
carlosI'm also trying to guess how to write a unittest for this change08:19
carlosor should It be a functional test?08:19
dafI think it would be difficult to make a unit tet08:43
carlosdaf: yeah, I discarted it already08:50
cprovdaf|carlos: do you know how to delete a row using SQLO ? 08:51
dafcprov: I think it's in The Guide08:52
carloscprov: not sure if it's the same, but SQLObject.delete() should remove it08:52
carlosSQLO == SQLObject08:53
cprovcarlos: aha, yes08:53
carlosI need to sleep more...08:53
cprovcarlos: lol08:53
cprovdaf:our guide in wiki ?08:53
carloscprov: yes08:54
dafcprov: https://wiki.canonical.com/SQLObjectGuide#head-d6f5636098cd458ce9d22939f8e3e8deab0e9bd008:54
carloswww.sqlobject.org has also some documentation08:54
salgadocprov: obj.destroySelf() or cls.delete(id)08:56
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cprovdaf: carlos: salgado: thanks08:58
dafcarlos: I've already gone to sleep once since I got up :)09:01
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carlosdaf: :-D09:02
=== carlos leaves to go to the cinema
carlossee you later09:02
carlosgood weekend if I don't see you before Monday09:02
debonzicarlos, have fun09:02
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