mjg59Mitario: Rocking12:00
mjg59So much rock12:01
jbaileyjdub: Both gotom and I have newer glibc snapshots, you could probably use one of those.12:01
mjg59upgrade-notifier just runs in the background and pops up an icon?12:01
pittimdz: could you please have a look? https://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/~pitti/usn-shadow.txt  TIA!12:01
jdubmdz: why crack? exposure to bugs with limited testing scale?12:01
jdubjbailey: mmm, that's what benh suggested.12:01
thomMitario: dude, this is totally sweet12:02
mjg59The Debian patches bring in vast steaming piles of crack. And it's mostly Sven Luther's fault.12:02
jdubjbailey: you guys are only stuck due to platform support, right?12:02
mdzjdub: glibc is a nontrivial essential package where we don't have a lot of expertise on the team12:02
jbaileyjdub: Stuck?12:02
jbaileyjdub: No, waiting for sarge to release.12:02
mjg59Sweet, sweet crack12:02
jdubjbailey: ahr. usual answer.12:02
seb128jbailey: oh, you too ? :)12:02
jbaileyjdub: We froze glibc 14 months ago.12:02
pittifabbione: still here?12:03
mjg59I need a fuckoff-big SMP machine to do these builds12:03
thompitti: i suspect the X team are currently too drunk to type straight12:04
mjg59Bloody X team12:04
pittithom: it's a bit urgent, but I wait until tomorrow12:04
thommjg59: kernel? I built inotify support on my x40. no fun *at* all12:05
mdzthom: hmm, the firefox open-in-new-tab magic doesn't seem to be working. was that an ubuntu patch?12:05
mjg59thom: Aw, shit. Forgot to add the inotify patch.12:06
mjg59Ah well, that's not what I'm testing :)12:06
thommdz: no, that was a debian one12:06
mdzpitti: the text looks fine; I assume that you examined the code for the facts of the exposure, I cannot verify that part12:06
thommdz: you get new windows all the time now?12:07
pittimdz: okay, then away with it. Thanks for proofreading12:07
Mitariophew, that was a large wiki update12:08
=== aes [~andrew@proxy.emma.cam.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59thom: Thankfully I'm building this on a 2.4GHz P4, not my laptop...12:09
mdzthom: I get stuff opened in the current tab, rather than a new one12:09
mdzthom: the option was removed from the config file, too12:09
thommdz: suck :( can you file a bug, i'm just about to pass out12:11
mdzthom: sure12:11
thommjg59: yeah, that'll not be quite so painfull12:11
mjg59Oh christ12:11
mjg59The C3 has started a GL screensaver12:11
thom(well, when this firefox build finishes)12:11
mjg59Running on the vesa X server12:11
mdz    - Removed FIREFOX_OPEN_IN stuff, so that firefox now obeys to "open12:11
mdz      links from other applications in" setting. (Closes: #279073) (MH)12:11
elmoyou TRAMP12:12
mdzthom: looks like there is a setting somewhere which supersedes it12:12
pittielmo: ?12:12
elmopitti: I just did 44 upgrades of perl and NOW you release a USN for shadow?!12:12
mdzelmo: it's no biggie12:12
elmoHATE YOU ALL12:12
pittielmo: don't shoot the messenger... :-)12:12
thommdz: preferences/advanced/tabbed browsing12:13
thomjust found it12:13
pittielmo: I waited so long because joey wanted to keep this undisclosed12:13
mdzthom: you say that as if the drop-down menus work :-)  I just upgraded firefox while it was running12:13
mjg59Oh ARSE12:13
pittielmo: but it just appeared on full-disclosure12:13
mjg59Out of disk12:13
thommdz: meh, i do hope they fix that12:14
thomotherwise i shall be asking mark for the funding for a small nuclear device12:14
mdzthom: ooh, good new stuff there12:14
jdubthom: ... but they already use the POWER of xml and javascript. what more can they do?12:14
thomand an f1612:14
mdzforce new window -> new tab12:14
mdzthings I missed from the tab extension12:14
elmopitti: yeah, just ignorre me, I'm just ranting at the unfortunate timing12:15
thomyeah, just a shame they went for the dumb default for the open in thing12:15
pittielmo: perfectly understandable12:15
pittielmo: however, it really doesn't matter for our servers, if you mean that12:15
pittielmo: it's just a flaw with expired accounts, and not even a big one12:15
elmopitti: I know, but my scripts whine at me mercilessly if I leave security stuff unpatched12:16
thomhrm, upgrade-notifier appears to have kamikazed out of my notification tray12:16
jdubthom: ephy+firefox == fasssssst12:17
thomjdub: i bet12:17
Mitariothom, uhmm? :)12:17
thomno, i'm being stupid12:17
thomignore me12:17
seb128jdub: that's because of the missing typeahead :p12:18
=== thom giggles at seb
thomwhy won't firefox break here12:18
seb128this bug is for you thom12:18
seb128I'm rebuilding a firefox package here :)12:18
seb128there is no evidence in the upstream bugzilla that the typeahead support is broken in firefox12:19
seb128I want to test it :)12:19
thomit breaks on the buildds. it breaks for Mithrandir. why will it not break here12:19
thomseb128: be my guest12:19
thomseb128: you'll note, however, that gentoo, redhat, debian, and us all turn typeaheadfind off12:21
thomseb128: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=260948 http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6419612:22
Mithrandirseb128: want an account on ravel to debug?12:22
seb128debug what ?12:22
thomMithrandir: i think i have one, actually12:22
thomremind me of the host name?12:23
Mithrandirnope, you don't have any account.12:23
pittielmo: maybe wait until tomorrow, there is a whole bunch of new flaws that I have to fix12:23
mdzpitti: your advisory said that only login was affected, but chfn and chsh are in passwd12:23
thomok, yes please12:23
Mithrandirif you want one, drop me a signed mail with user name and ssh key.12:23
pittimdz: argh12:23
pittithe title was correct, but the package don't12:24
thomjdub: please moderate thom@canonical.com through to hoary changes12:24
elmopitti: DUDE.  I just finished shadow.12:24
pittimdz: sorry for that. 17-2?12:24
elmojdub: you restored to moderating hoary changes?12:24
mdzpitti: nah12:24
seb128thom: ok ok, sorry for the noise :)12:25
pittimdz: I can at least correct the web site12:25
thomseb128: :-)12:26
thomseb128: bug marco :-)12:26
jdubelmo: it was never moderated, and don't think it's on now.12:27
jdubsomething else is going on.12:27
thomjdub:  hoary-changes-bou (  0) Your message to hoary-changes awaits moderator approval12:27
thom* a few12:27
jdubhrm, no message here...12:27
jdubah, because i am not admin of that list :)12:29
elmoI'm off back to the hotel, night all12:30
pittiNight elmo!12:30
seb128thom: <chpe> wouldn't adding pref("accessibility.typeaheadfind", false) to firefox' default prefs be enough ?12:34
=== aes [~andrew@proxy.emma.cam.ac.uk] has left #ubuntu-devel []
seb128thom: do you know where I should make the change ?12:35
seb128it's already off12:36
thomseb128: i'll try it again in the morning, but i seriously don't think it's doable12:38
seb128but how the typeahead works in firefox for the moment ?12:38
thomit uses find as you type (FAYT) which is built in12:39
seb128thom: 12:45
seb128<chpe> ok, I see what the problem is. there's extensions/typeaheadfind, and toolkit/components/typeaheadfind12:45
seb128<chpe> they both register the typeaheadfind contract-id12:45
jdubwoo :)12:47
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomjdub: caillion has gtk stock icon stuff happening for firefo12:50
thomseb128: does he know how to fix it? :-)12:50
jdubthat's rad12:50
seb128thom: probably, waiting for a reply from him :)12:50
thomjdub: http://christopher.aillon.org/blog/dev/mozilla/20041104-stock-icons.html12:51
seb128<chpe> it may be as simple as changing the contract ids...12:51
seb128<chpe> (they SHOULD have changed them, since the 2 .idl are incompatible! )12:51
seb128* chpe tries that12:51
=== mjg59 tries this again on the partition with more than 400MB free
thomif i can nail down this amd64 ftbfs, i might see if i can land it12:52
jdubthom: ... marco helping out with firefox. *cry*12:52
mjg59Jesus. There's huge amounts of shit in the kernel that hasn't been updated in years12:52
thomjdub: yep12:53
thomjdub: gnome + moz integration *is* his bag, baby. so it's not too surprising12:54
Mitarioumm, cool we have an ubuntu installer?12:54
thomMitario: hm?12:57
=== Mitario reads hoary-changes katie@blablabla mail for util-linux
Mitarioumm, ubuntu-meta12:57
thomoh, right12:58
pittinight, guys!01:04
mjg59Now it's decided to rebuild everything.01:05
=== mjg59 decides not to try to understand the kernel build system
mjg59Ironically, the C3 craptop doesn't support the ACPI C3 power state01:06
mjg59Hmm. Nor does it have a sleep button.01:07
Mitarioyaay, upgrade-notifier has a context menu again01:08
mjg59Mitario: If I run upgrade-notifier, should I see anything unless there are updates available?01:09
Mitarioonly if there are updates01:10
jdubmjg59: it's a NOTIFICATION icon. :-)01:11
thomMitario: is there a cron job or something that would notify the app?01:13
Mitariothom, there is a cronjob file in the package, it's only disabled for now because it's probably going to be moved to the apt package01:13
Mitarioupgrade-notifier is notified via dbus when the cronjob has run01:14
thomjust grabbed the source package :-)01:15
=== KeyserSoze [unbound@pound.ifndef.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== KeyserSoze [unbound@pound.ifndef.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== KeyserSoze [unbound@pound.ifndef.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomMitario/mvo: if synaptic could go away again when it finishes the upgrade, that'd be cool too01:18
Mitariowhen synaptic and update-manager is finished, it will all be integrated in a nice triangle :)01:18
Mitariothom, already happens :)01:18
Mithrandirthom: you should be set up now; ravel.hpc2n.umu.se; prod maswan or me if you need anything in any chroot.01:18
thomMitario: didn't just now01:18
Mitariohmm, weird01:18
Mithrandirmaswan: I gave thom an account on ravel01:18
mjg59jdub: That's what I thought, but I wanted to be sure :)01:19
=== Mitario checks
=== mjg59 fixes up more Warty patches to apply against bleeding-edge kernels
thomMithrandir: thanks duder. moz-firefox build deps would be nice if they aren't already there:-)01:19
Mitariothom, ah, synaptic is called without --non-interactive, thats why01:19
Mitariowill be fixed soon :)01:19
thomMithrandir: oh, and can you add me to the hoary chroot?01:20
mjg59Shame I absent-mindedly fucked up my source tree, but, hrmph.01:20
thommjg59: heh01:20
thomMitario: cool01:20
Mithrandirthom: done.01:21
Mithrandirthom: they're in the hoary chroot01:21
mjg59With luck, I can get that back...01:21
thomMithrandir: merci bien01:22
mjg59xscreensaver really should have an option not to run GL screensavers without hardware GL01:24
mjg59keybuk's favourite libvte bug is still there01:25
thomwaaagh, i are thoroughly bored of watching firefox compile01:40
bob2how long does it take on your amd64 beast?01:41
thomfookin' hours01:41
thomactually, i'm lying, it's about 40 minutes, and about the same to construct the diff :/01:41
mjg59I have a kernel01:42
mjg59Now I just need to wait for it to turn into a deb...01:42
Mithrandirthom: want ccache?01:42
mjg59Why does xscreensaver seem to choose an openGL screensaver every single time?01:43
=== mjg59 watches another <1FPS screensaver crawl past
thomMithrandir: if there's space, definitely01:43
jdubmjg59: our screensaver selection is almost exclusively GL ;)01:43
mjg59jdub: I wish to introduce you to a world of pain01:43
Mithrandirthom: installed01:44
jdubmjg59: i raised this point myself...01:44
mjg59Oh lord why does the kernel build system want to build the docs before giving me the kernel deb?01:44
Mithrandirmjg59: it's evil, of course.01:44
Mitarioi'm off to bed01:50
Mitariocya guys01:50
mdzmjg59: make-kpkg kernel-image01:51
mjg59mdz: Nah, I want a full set of kernels01:52
mdzmjg59: oh, you're building the entire linux-source package?01:52
bob2bah, thanks for crashing, firefox01:57
mjg59pivot_root: No such file or directory01:59
=== mjg59 wonders what causes that
bob2hrm, why is dpkg saying a hal event file has changed?02:00
=== moyogo [~moyogo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59Ah. My kernel has built without including the vast majority of the modules.02:05
mjg59No, it's built the modules. They just haven't ended up in the package.02:06
thomoh good. firefox segfaults on ravel, this makes life easier02:07
=== thom really goes to bed
mjg59Oh. That would be because I've FUCKED IT UP.02:07
jdubnight thom :)02:07
=== thom giggles at mjg59
=== jamesh_ [~james@203-59-50-191.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mjg59 blows away the build tree and prepares to start over
mdzmjg59: ccache-able, I hope02:09
thombut why does it not segfault when you run the same command manually02:09
mjg59mdz: A-ha ha ha.02:10
=== moyogo [~moyogo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzthom: DH_COMPAT?02:11
mdzthom: fakeroot?02:11
=== mojo__ [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mojo__hi all ppl02:12
bob2oh, awesome, firefox's ugly default web browser interface has been replaced with a much simpler and smaller one: http://egads.ertius.org/~rob/firefox.png02:13
mojo__Why we still using old version 2.0.1 of libgnomecanvas and libgnomeuimm whilst 2.6 is out02:13
thombob2: heh02:13
mojo__bob2: I dun find the default firefox GUI ugly at all02:13
bob2mojo__: the new one is much cleaner02:14
thombob2: got extensions installed?02:14
bob2thom: no02:14
mjg59I want a webbrowser like that02:14
bob2mojo__: no extraneous buttons, text boxes, scrollbars or webpages02:14
thoma language pack for your crazy not-quite-english?02:14
mojo__bob2: lol02:14
mojo__bob2: yes, it's better02:14
bob2another weird thing is that for the past two weeks, I've always had a text cursor in the pages02:15
thomkillall firefox-bin and try again02:15
jamesh_bob2: sounds like a DTD/translation issue02:15
bob2ie a little I-bar you can move around with the cursor keys, letter by letter02:15
thommdz: debian/compat is 4; running under fakeroot but don't the buildds use sudo?02:16
bob2some do, some don't02:16
mojo__bob2: I find that gnome-applet now contains trashapplet so y there is still trashapplet app seperate in our respo.?02:16
mdzthom: they all use fakeroot, at least in Ubuntu02:16
thomoh, right02:16
bob2mojo__: hm, waiting to be removed maybe?02:17
thomber, but i built it locally with fakeroot02:17
bob2package removal requires elmo-intervention, aiui02:17
mojo__bob2: ok then,02:17
bob2thom: ah, started ok this time02:18
bob2but now fonts look blurry-as02:18
bob2did we sync the fucked fontconfig from sid?02:18
thombob2: you upgraded underneath the poor thing, didn't you?02:18
mojo__bob2: it's also good time for us to move to gcc3.4, all libgnome to newer version, I hate keeping all old shit here in my super small sized HDD box02:18
bob2thom: um, er, ah02:18
mojo__new 2.9.1 just out02:18
thommojo__: um, you realise warty won't change?02:19
thommojo__: hoary has gnome 2.9.102:19
mojo__thom: i know, but just some program up to 2.9.1, the libgnome is still 2.8.102:20
mojo__thom: click on About GNOME02:20
mojo__should we get rid of esd and bring jack or polyaudio in?02:21
thommojo__: please read http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~mako/hoary_kickoff-20041025-summary.html02:23
thomhrm, upgrade-notifier is multiplying02:23
thomi now have 7 of them02:23
bob2erm, bizarre, I still have a cursor in the webpage instead of up/down moving line-by-line02:24
moyogohmmm, www links are opened in an existing window of firefox 0.99, how do i get back to a new-window mode?02:26
jdubthom: same is happening to me with sesssion dbus daemons :|02:26
mojo__moyogo: editing some xml file in the firefox, search for a article in wiki of Ubuntu02:27
thommojo__: preferences/advanced/tabbed browsing02:27
thomuh, moyogo, even02:28
thomit's an option02:28
mojo__thom: hehe, u know a better way, I still play around with xml file02:28
moyogooh, sorry, i meant from other apps, like xchat, gaim, etc...02:28
mdzan ode to gnome-terminal02:29
mdzgnome-terminal, why are you so slow?02:29
thommoyogo: yes.02:29
thommoyogo: you need to change the pref in firefox02:29
thomthen it does the right thing02:29
thommdz: heh02:29
moyogothom: thanks02:29
thomwhy oh WHY does the wiki say "Howto's"02:29
thomWhat does the howto own? 02:30
mdzthom: it's a wiki, fix it :-P02:30
mojo__quote: Mark Shuttleworth stated that, "GUI installer is on the hoary list, but it has a question mark on it and I won't commit to having a GUI installer for hoary as it will back us into a corner." That said, it something that people will start working on.02:30
thomi am with extreme prejudice02:30
mojo__so what is our GUI installer? Annaconda, SuSE Yast or Mandrake Installer???02:31
mjg59It'll be d-i, but graphical02:32
mojo__really? cool02:32
mdzI suppose it would be in poor taste to upload binaries built on Ubuntu to Debian...02:32
mdzdamn Debian and its binary uploads02:32
mojo__mdz: same opinion here02:32
mojo__mdz: we shouldn't merge,02:32
mdzmojo__: hmm?02:33
Kosaithom: Apostrophes can be used to pluralise, eg. CD's and 1980's.  I imagine the author chose to pluralise because "Howtos" is misparsed, and if you're going with "HOWTOs" then you're accepting that it's an abbreviation and an apostrophe is therefore okay.02:34
mojo__mdz: I got this msg: thom: Apostrophes can be used to pluralise, eg. CD's and 1980's.  I imagine the author chose to pluralise because "Howtos" is misparsed, and if you're going with "HOWTOs" then you're accepting that it's an abbreviation and an apostrophe is therefore okay.02:34
jdubKosai: that is incorrect.02:34
Kosaijdub: Which part?02:35
mdzKosai: apostrophes for pluralization02:35
mojo__mdz: I got this msg: glade-2: error while loading shared libraries: libgnomedb-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:35
mdzKosai: http://www.angryflower.com/aposter.html02:35
KosaiIt's clearly not "incorrect", since you'll find it in style guides, and it's the "CDs" from that's traditionally considered incorrect.  You can say that you disagree with it, which is not the same thing.02:35
mojo__mdz: when installing it, it doesn't take libgnomedb as its dep, it'd be a problem with the maintainer02:35
thomKosai: my english teacher would've hung drawn and quartered me if i tried to use an apostrophe for pluralisation02:36
mdzmojo__: possibly02:36
jdubthom: i would've been extradited to the US.02:36
Kosaithom: *shrug* I'm a "CDs" person.  I just wouldn't expect a non-geek to be, and wouldn't profess it as Plain Wrong.02:36
jdubthom: by the *education* department.02:36
mojo__mdz: darn, I got libgnomedb installed and new it still complains, defintely a bug!02:37
Kosaithom: For further insight, consider the phrase "Mind your p's and q's."02:37
jdubKosai: i don't even use apostrophes when i *say* it.02:37
Kosaijdub: You say "Mind your ps"?02:37
Kosai'cause that could scare a lot of Unix geeks :)02:37
moyogoone could say "Mind your pees and queues"02:39
KosaiOne could, but I think one would be further elucidating my point.02:39
mojo__ppl, can u ppl check for me, whenever u copy a text from different programs and paste it here, it just takes all msg that other chatter just type in and paste it out, it happens here with me, can u guys recheck, thx?02:40
bob2mojo__: that would depend on the IRC cilent, but, no, it doesn't happen with irssi + xterm02:41
Kosaimojo__: Primary vs. selection clipboards?02:41
mojo__bob2: I'm using XChat02:41
mojo__Kosai: if u use X-Chat, plese check for me. thx in advance02:41
KosaiIf you're doing an Edit->Copy, you need to be pasting with an Edit->Paste rather than a middle-click.02:41
KosaiI don't use xchat.02:41
moyogoxchat's ctrl+v pastes whatever text is selected02:42
mojo__darn, this bug happens not only with XChat but also with FireFox, I just pasted some error text from my GNOME terminal, and it just paste all words u guys just talked02:42
mojo__werid, it'd be XChat save text in buffer clipboard02:43
Kosaimojo__: This is fundamental enough that I suggest it's not a bug, but your understanding of how X11 selections work.02:43
mojo__Kosai: can u explain?02:43
mdzmako: around?02:44
Kosaimojo__: There are two clipboards.  One is copied to and pasted from via Edit->{Copy,Paste} menu commands, one is copied to and pasted from by selecting text to copy and middle-clicking to paste.02:45
KosaiIf you're mixing those two models, you will not be pasting what you think you copied.02:45
mojo__Kosai: oh i c02:45
mojo__Kosai: oh ic02:45
Kosai(This isn't at all on topic for #ubuntu-devel, by the way.)02:45
mojo__Kosai: devel need to learn and updates everyday, don't we?02:46
mdzmako: please fact-check https://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/shipit and update as appropriate so that it answers the new "when are my CDs coming?" FAQ02:47
mojo__mdz: I hope the CD Cover is pretty02:49
mdzmojo__: they are02:50
=== mjg59 builds a working kernel
mjg59Well, except that it hasn't loaded the input drivers. Ho-hum.03:14
mjg59Hang on. They're supposed to be static.03:16
makomdz: thanks! :)03:51
mdzmako: I removed the bit which said we would ship them sometime after warty released :-)03:51
makotomorrow i am mailing everyone who requested a cd and wasn't sent one and will update shipit as well03:52
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-082-065-071.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
moyogodoes firefox 0.99 break sound with flash?05:17
moyogoi can't hear a thing but i'm not sure what's the cause05:17
=== x4m [~max@106.227-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontmdz: germinate ensures that build-deps are satisfied within the component (tree).   pb was that sbuild used diff logic to pick the build-depends...05:42
=== lamont works on bootstrapping sbcl
=== pampa [~santiago@c68.112.163.226.dul.mn.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont bets no elmo.
lamonthrm.. arts needs help from someone who cares about universe and kde06:28
jdublamont: that'06:36
jdublamont: that'd be... not any of us! :)06:36
lamontjdub: yeah - that's why I just told the -devel community to care. :-)06:37
lamontsbcl about to be bootstrapped on ppc.06:38
lamonti386 is a bit behind, because it's bootstrapping more packages in the bundel06:38
=== lamont wanders off for a little bit
mdzzsh: segmentation fault  cvs up -jupstream_version_2_4_{0,1} -d06:49
lamontmdz: :-(06:59
lamontmdz: sbcl bootstrapped on ppc, will bootstrap i386 the rest of the way in the morning, need to run to denver tomorrow, which'll nuke a fair part of my day...07:08
mdzlamont: what's in denver?07:09
lamont(i386 may also get ghc5 and cmucl and maybe even smlnj)07:09
lamontwife's dragging me down for a hotel meeting tomorrow lunch07:09
lamontso 1 hour meeting, 90 min each way travel :(07:09
lamontthen saturday I head to the bay area, where I'll be working for a couple of weeks with the conf in the middle, as discussed.07:10
lamontmako around?07:10
makolamont: yesah07:12
lamontmdz: so tomorrow will be a bit of a strange(r?) schedule for me, but should be productive...07:12
=== lamont sleeps
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-082-070-249.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== netfighter [~netfighte@netfighter.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== netfighter [~netfighte@netfighter.student.supporter.pdpc] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
fabbionemorning guys08:11
fabbionehey mdz08:12
fabbionei feel all strange08:12
fabbioneit was ages i couldn't sleep this long08:12
mdzfabbione: did you sleep well?08:19
mdza weight was lifted :-)08:19
fabbioneyeah well08:19
fabbionenow it needs to hit the archive08:19
fabbionethat is going to be hard08:19
fabbionethe other things in the TODO list are long and borig08:20
fabbioneso mdz.. did you notice any side effect after the upgrade?08:26
fabbioneother than the keyboard thing08:34
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=== KeyserSoze [unbound@pound.ifndef.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHi guys08:46
fabbionemdz: i found the problem for the keyboard thingy08:47
fabbionedoes anybody know how to validate xml data?08:47
pittifabbione: I always use the perl bindings for the Xerces parser (a very good one)08:50
pittifabbione: can do both DTDs and XML Schema08:50
fabbionepitti: i found the error08:53
fabbioneand a way to "validate" it ;)08:54
pittifabbione: "the" error?08:54
pittifabbione: you mean the keyboard layout thingy?08:54
fabbioneit's a bunch of merge errors in xorg.xml08:54
fabbionenothing too difficult to fix08:54
fabbionejust a royal pain the butt ;)08:54
fabbioneit took more time to find the gnome application name than to do the fix08:58
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Mithrandirmdz: uhm, you resolved 692 as notwarty?  Is it nothoary as well?09:28
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=== cenerentola [~enrico@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cenerentolacan i speak with jeef.waugh10:00
cenerentolajeff actually10:00
danielscenerentola: jdub10:01
cenerentolathat is...10:01
cenerentolajdub: got to speak with you...10:01
=== winkle [~winkle@lgh3814234.vittran.norrnod.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sid77 [~sid77@host100-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionegooody another X.org bug fixed10:24
=== mvo_ [~egon@p5081B0FD.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== shlomil [~shlomi@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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sivangmorning all10:35
=== fabbione larts capplets
sivanghi fabbione10:36
fabbioneand libxklavier with a HUGE cluebat!10:36
fabbionehi sivang 10:36
sivangfabbione : we need your help :) mako said you are to guy to ask for irc channels logging 10:36
fabbionesivang: yes...10:37
fabbioneoh actually.. i need to remember to move the logs to a public place10:37
fabbionesivang: i need to know the channel at least ;)10:38
ChrisHfabbione: Just out of curiosity... how do you log? I enabled logging in .irrsi and could imagine just copying the files. Is there a decent automatism?10:41
ChrisHfabbione: Perhaps a "lurk bot". :)10:41
fabbioneChrisH: i use bitchx and i enable logging per channel10:41
fabbionea script at night will rotate the logs10:41
fabbionenothing too fancy10:42
ChrisHfabbione: Ah, okay.10:42
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091aaf.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneirssi can do the same10:42
fabbioneChrisH: and i have "wartylog" that does the job for us10:42
fabbionei only forgot to put the logs in  public accessable place ;)10:42
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-39-233.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
__danielhai seb12810:45
fabbionehey seb10:45
fabbioneseb128: should we talk about libxklavier?10:46
fabbionecan we change the build-deps and the build system to do something more sane?10:47
fabbionelike.. build-deps on xlibs, check if /etc/X11/xkb/rules/xorg.xml exists and set the proper values for it?10:48
seb128what's the problem ?10:48
fabbioneif not check if xfree86.xml exists (and not as symlink)10:48
fabbioneand in case revert to it10:48
fabbioneseb128: x.org will change xfree86.xml to xorg.xml10:49
fabbionethere is a compatibility symlink10:49
fabbionebut the keyboard setup stuff is supposed to use the new one (capplets)10:49
fabbionevia that lib10:49
fabbionealso.. the lib ships it's own copy of xfree86.xml10:49
fabbionethat's really really bad10:49
fabbioneit should get it from the system directly with the proper builddep10:50
fabbioneit does it only for tests10:50
fabbionebut it will spot errors earlier if it uses the system one10:50
seb128and what's the problem with cdbs so ? :)10:50
fabbioneit's not urgent tho, but if you can provide us a fix we can test it10:50
fabbioneseb128: cdbs sucks.. but that's another story :P10:51
__danielcould someone of you initiate a sync with libgdamm1.3* (version number 1.3.4-1) in experimental debian? i built packages from debian source and it all went quite fine :-)10:51
fabbione__daniel: please mail ubuntu-devel explaing also why we need to sync it10:52
fabbionesyncing from experimental is not necessarely good ;)10:52
__danieloh ok... thank you, i wondered what was the appropriate way10:52
seb128fabbione: feel free to change whatever you want in libxklavier, or let me know what changes do you want exactly if I should do the changes (1.11 has been released yesterday I was going to package it today)10:53
fabbioneseb128: ok.. than i will wait for the new upstream10:53
__danielfabbione: libgdamm1.3 won't make the systems in general unstable ;-)10:53
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=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-24-45.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
amufabbione: on my g4 PB xorg doesnt work. You got mail, about logs and the config  11:17
Mithrandirhi amu11:17
amuhi Mithrandir 11:18
Mithrandiramu: I poked a little bit around in your cd build setup; do you have a design document of some sort?11:18
amuMithrandir: on devel ? which one now i have 3 builds, mmaker, ibuild and a native   11:19
Mithrandiramu: on devel, yes.11:20
amuMithrandir: no docs for now ;) 11:20
=== froud [~sean@ndn-64-57.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandiramu: ok, so I have to read code and grok it that way. :)  Which one is the one I should look at?11:21
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneamu: got it.. daniles is checking, but please use the mail alias next time11:36
fabbioneamu: can you try set Option "UseFBDev" "false" ?11:37
amufabbione: mail alias ?11:38
azeemx-psychos@canonical.com, probably11:39
fabbioneyes.. read the mail... use xsprintbugs@fabbione.net11:39
azeemah, close :)11:39
amufabbione: yap, also not working ;)11:40
amufabbione: ok11:40
seb128elmo_away: hum, reject gtkhtml3.6 if possible .. if that's too late don't worry that's not a big deal11:41
fabbioneamu: daniels says it's a known upstream bug11:42
amufabbione: sorry, after my xorg session upgrade last night, evolution isnt working anymore :) guess asap i need a reinstalltion11:45
=== elmo [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneamu: evolution has nothing to do with X11:47
fabbioneamu: if evolution does trycky things.. it needs to be fixed11:47
fabbioneamu: anyway.. you should be able to avoid a reinstallation11:48
fabbioneamu: just do a apt-get install xserver-xfree8611:48
fabbioneit should deinstall xserver-xorg11:48
fabbioneand everything should be working fine again11:48
seb128what's exactly the problem with evolution ?11:49
fabbioneamu: we need a backtrace from the debug server11:55
fabbioneamu: can you help us?11:55
amuseb128: run a upgrad to hoary, now removed all evolutions dirs, started it again, and at the point, where i chosse my timezone, it hangs and my syslods goes to 99%  11:57
amufabbione: no prob, tell me what i should do 11:57
amuseb128: chosse/choose11:58
seb128that's nothing due to x.org11:59
seb128that's a bug with GNOME 2.911:59
seb128reported several time and 100% reproducible11:59
fabbioneamu: install xserver-xorg-dbg11:59
fabbioneamu: and gdb it11:59
seb128amu: reinstalling will not help ... BTW I'm upload 2.1.0 today which will fix the problem12:00
amuseb128: before i upgrade, run a backup, now my mails are in the backup. How i can read old mails with evo, no way. Untar everything to a tempdir, reading them with mutt. I thought i should tell fabbione about it and sended him a mail ( with mutt ) about my problems, which i have 12:04
seb128sorry but you should  not run hoary if you don't want to deal with any problem12:05
seb128that's a devel branch we can't avoid all the bugs12:05
seb128you can't create a new account on a fresh evolution installation, but if you have a old ~/.evolution it should just use it, not ask for an account creation and not hang on the tz selector12:06
danielsseb128: ah cool, thanks for the new evo stuff12:06
amuseb128: no prob with it.I still know how to use mutt :) 12:06
fabbioneamu: as soon as you can please try to gdb the xserver12:07
bob2seb128: would it be better if "totem" Depended on totem-gstreamer | totem-xine, so that gnome-fifth-toe doesn't remove totem-gstreamer?12:10
amufabbione: on work :) 12:10
fabbioneamu: cool12:10
seb128bob2: in debian it does, in warty/hoary we don't use the dummy package so we don't care12:10
=== mvo_ is now known as mvo|lunch
pittielmo: Morning! Can you please sync lvm10 1:1.0.8-8 from Debian?12:15
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091aaf.pool.terralink.de] has left #ubuntu-devel []
elmopitti: done12:16
pittielmo: thx12:16
danielspitti: you forgot the 'k' and 'bye'12:17
pittidaniels: hmm, not yet time for the "bye" part :-)12:17
pittidaniels: BTW, I tried to get my VGA out working on my iBook. fabbione promised it would work with x.org, but it doesn't :-((12:17
pittidaniels: does that mean I need to keep OS X just for presentations?12:18
danielspitti: how fast is your machine?12:18
pittidaniels: 800 MHz12:18
danielspitti: if you don't mind building xorg, I'll feed you a patch that should make it work12:18
danielsi don't have access to a powerpc, sorry12:19
danielselmo: any chance I could get access to the chroot on adare?12:19
pittidaniels: hmm, if I start now, it could be ready by the conference :-)12:19
bob2it won't take that long12:19
bob2how much disk space does it take?12:19
bob2will pbuilder work or do I need to remember the sbuild incantations again?12:20
pittidaniels: btw, the problem seems to be the frame buffer; if I disable UseFBDev, then the external screen works perfectly, but the internal screen flickers; if I enable framebuffer, the internal screen works, but the external doesn't12:20
danielspitti: yeah, that sounds exactly like an fwpll thing12:20
pittidaniels: does that ring any bell?12:20
danielsbob2: pbuilder should work fine12:20
pittidaniels: I even tried to enable this fwpll option, but it doesn't do anything; the patch makes it work?12:21
bob2pmdisk should work with dri enabled now, too12:21
bob2in xorg land, I mean12:21
elmodaniels: done12:21
danielsbob2: pmdisk?12:21
bob2oh, I'll let you do it then12:22
danielselmo: cheers dude12:22
fabbionepitti: chill down dude... it's the first release ;)12:22
bob2daniels: = Yet Another Suspend-to-disk System12:22
pittifabbione: hey, I was curious! :-)12:22
fabbionepitti: we are happy enough that it works :-)12:22
fabbioneand not even everywhere 12:22
danielselmo: yellow hates my key12:23
pittifabbione: do you have an idea why the automatic upgrading did not work?12:23
elmodaniels: err, yellow's amd6412:23
fabbionepitti: no. it works here and it worked for several people12:23
elmoyou asked for powerpc12:23
bob2pitti: were you running hoary before?12:23
danielselmo: sorry, adare12:23
danielselmo: i'll try again with -idiot12:23
bob2the upgrade worked perfectly for me12:23
fabbioneit doesn't need warty or hoary12:24
pittibob2: I had hoary on my desktop, warty on iBook; neither upgrade installer xserver-xorg12:24
fabbioneit requires you to have ubuntu-desktop installed12:24
pittifabbione: ah, I didn't have ubuntu-desktop12:24
pittifabbione: this could explain the issue12:24
fabbionethat's why there was a new version in the archive12:24
danielselmo: yeah, works perfectly, thanks12:24
fabbioneif you remove the standard stuff you are on your own12:24
pittibob2: I did not see any flaws during the upgrade too, but it just kept my old xserver-xfree86 package and did not install the -xorg one12:25
bob2pitti: ah, right12:25
bob2pitti: sleep on g4 ibook's may happen very soon, btw12:25
pittibob2: even better :-)12:25
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sivangfabbione : #ubuntu-doc12:32
sivangfabbione : :)12:32
fabbionesivang: ok.. will do in a sec12:38
sivangfabbione : thank you, no need to rush anyways :)12:38
fabbionesivang: it takes a minute12:39
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=== Topic for #ubuntu-devel: Ubuntu development -- general discussion and support on #ubuntu | Happy Hoary Trail! | BE THE SIGNAL | Warty release is DONE, long live Hoary | http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2004-October/000005.html | please do NOT upload ubuntu-meta
=== Topic (#ubuntu-devel): set by fabbione at Thu Nov 4 16:20:25 2004
|trey|Any reason why apt-listbugs isn't installed by default? Would be nice for people running hoary  :)12:43
bob2it doesn't integrate into synaptic12:44
sivangfabbione : Thank You!12:45
|trey|bob2, happen to know if differences with console-data and locales would be reason for "perl: warning: Setting locale failed."? when using APT/dpkg on terminal?12:48
|trey|(just making sure due to not being able to set it right now... waiting on it to finish...)12:49
|trey|If something else is at fault, it would be nice to know  :)12:49
bob2did you generate the locale you're trying to use?12:50
|trey|bob2, yup... dpkg-reconfigure locales does that...12:51
|trey|bob2, "locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory" "locale: Cannot set LC_MESSAGES to default locale: No such file or directory" "locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory"12:52
|trey|bob2, those are some of the errors I am getting... look like I have to do it again, I have only changed locale in locales... where else should I check?12:53
|trey|bob2, rarely do I successfully get UTF-8 working correctly   :(12:53
bob2I dunno12:53
|trey|bob2, :(12:53
|trey|bob2, ahh.. the file it mentions it can't find is /usr/bin/locales (area I copied from didn't contain that... seems important  ;) )12:55
|trey|bob2, wouldn't that be part of package 'locales' though? that is installed... idgi  :(12:56
=== mvo_ [~egon@p5081B0FD.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
|trey|bob2, grr... it seems to work, just farts that out... report bug?12:57
|trey|bob2, ugh, to make console use UTF-8, dpkg-reconfigure what? looked at "low" for console-common and console-data... neither ask about locale  :(01:01
=== |trey| cries :(
=== herzi [~herzi@d022133.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandir|trey|: locales?01:03
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
|trey|Mithrandir, en_US-UTF-8 is an example of a locale...01:04
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandir|trey|: you need to run dpkg-reconfigure locales.01:04
MithrandirI know what a locale is.01:04
|trey|Mithrandir, done... thats when I started getting the error...01:04
|trey|Mithrandir, its also what I am using though... but why would it be complaining about no /usr/bin/locales? mores to the point, why is it looking for that?01:05
Mithrandir/usr/bin/locale, I'd guess?01:05
|trey|Mithrandir, ahh, yeah...01:06
|trey|Hmm, ok, well thats there... so now I'm really confused  :(01:07
|trey|Mithrandir, hmm, I probably haven't restarted X since I generated locale, could that be why?01:08
Mithrandirno idea, I dislike utf801:09
|trey|Mithrandir, Ubuntu is switching to UTF-8 everywhere...01:09
MithrandirI know, and it sucks, IMHO.01:10
=== jdub looks at Mithrandir
|trey|Mithrandir, whats wrong with it in your opinion?01:10
Mithrandir|trey|: it requires me to switch all the bazillion systems I log into at once.01:11
|trey|Other then it always giving me errors when I try to use it, I have nothing against it...01:11
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
|trey|Mithrandir, would be better if UTF-8 was configured as part of postinst, afaik, its not though  :(01:12
|trey|If it is, it didn't work here, that I can say for sure...01:12
Mithrandir|trey|: still won't change all my _other_ systems.01:12
|trey|Mithrandir, oh, I don't have any _other_ systems to worry about  :(01:13
|trey|Mithrandir, Universal Text Format is a Standard though...01:14
|trey|Oh, on a side note... my instuctor marked me off 2 pts on my final lab due to assuring me '//server/location' is not the format for UNC..01:16
|trey|Else I would have gotten a 100... damnit, not complying with standards is annoying.01:17
|trey|Kinda fucked up though, he knows I mainly use Linux... he should have let it slide, it works damnit, last I checked, things that work are correct?01:21
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== |trey| shuts up cuz he's talking to himself...
=== froud [~sean@ndn-64-57.telkomadsl.co.za] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
|trey|damnit @ me rambling here... thought I was in #ubuntu, not -devel, sorry  :(01:25
=== cho-cho [~rubini@ip50-190.dialup.wplus.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
amufabbione daniels: ping 01:44
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-24-45.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomMithrandir: do you have any ideas *at all* on why ldd should segfault? :(01:50
=== boglot [~logbot@mentors.workaround.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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danielsamu: pong02:10
=== thom pokes Mithrandir some
seb128fabbione: ping ?02:36
fabbioneseb128: pong02:38
lupus_Err http://archive.ubuntu.com hoary/main gstreamer0.8 0.8.7-1ubuntu1 (dsc)02:38
lupus_  302 Found02:38
lupus_no sources available?02:38
seb128dunno if that's due to X.org, but the "select to copy and middle click to paste" doesn't work between my emacs and my GNOME apps02:38
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomseb128: use a real editor ;-)02:39
fabbioneemacs is broken02:39
seb128it was working before the xfree upgrade :p02:40
seb128thom: gedit ? :)02:40
fabbionesomething else is broken02:40
fabbionebut not X02:40
fabbioneseb128: that's a definition02:40
seb128I just wanted to let you know that the copy/past is broken here02:40
fabbionei would need to reproduce it02:40
fabbioneso from emacs to what?02:41
=== fabbione bloats his system with emasc
seb128emacs to any gtk+ app02:41
seb128gedit for example02:42
seb128or gnome-terminal02:42
fabbioneseb128: probably it needs to be recompiled02:43
fabbionei don't think our buildd is there yet02:43
fabbionethere was a new drop of libxaw that might have break something02:43
seb128do you have the problem too ?02:43
fabbionei can reproduce it02:44
fabbionedunno in xfree8602:44
danielsyeah, I blame Xaw02:44
fabbioneso do i02:44
seb128it was working before the xfree->x.org for sure02:44
fabbioneseb128: well someone will have to fix Xaw applications to use the new interface02:44
fabbionereverting xaw isn't really an option02:45
daniels(and we now have not one, not two, but three different major versions of xaw. yay!)02:45
bob2api or abi changes?02:46
bob2what could the possibly be changing in it thesedays?02:48
bob2altering the argument list for the drawFuglyText() function?02:48
danielsit's not funny.02:49
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=== boglot [~logbot@mentors.workaround.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielspitti: please put http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/xorg/radeon_drv.o in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers, put 'Option "UseFWPLL"' in the Device section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:06
=== pitti fires up his laptop
bob2then I can plug my laptop to a crt and it will Just Work?03:06
danielsbob2: Hopefully03:06
danielsbob2: (that applies to you, too)03:06
fabbioneseb128: i am afraid the problem is in gtk*03:07
fabbioneseb128: rebuilt emacs with latest xaw still has the problem03:07
pittidaniels: I hacked the default config quite a bit in the meantime. Is the FWPLL option the only one required to get VGA OUT?03:07
danielspitti: i'm told so03:07
fabbioneseb128: are we sure there are no buildtime flags in gtk to recognize X.org/Xfree86?03:08
danielsbob2: yeah, my bad, on the way03:08
fabbioneseb128: btw.. emacs to xterm works03:09
fabbioneso it must be the receiving gtk application that goes bong03:09
danielsbob2, pitti: try now03:10
pittidaniels: still 404 :-(03:10
danielsdaniels@rookery ~ $ ls -l public_html/xorg/radeon_drv.o 03:10
daniels-rw-r--r--    1 daniels  warthogs  2327838 Nov  5 14:10 public_html/xorg/radeon_drv.o03:10
bob2it's there for me03:11
bob22 327 838 bytes03:11
pittidaniels: now it works; I think the forced proxy of my ISP has bitten me03:11
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-153-250-47.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bob22b44a78ad9de3dcecda5301d8e498ee3  ./radeon_drv.o03:13
=== Mitario [~michiel@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitariohi everyone03:15
bob2daniels: right?03:15
pittidaniels: I want to kiss you!!!!! IT FINALLY WORKS!03:16
pittidaniels: However, just using the option is not enough03:16
pittidaniels: I inserted it into another configuration file I hacked before03:16
jdubplenty of time for that kind of thing in december03:16
danielspitti: can you pass me the config file?03:16
jdubyou guys want to share a room? :)03:16
pittidaniels, bob2: I will clean up the configuration changes03:16
seb128fabbione: ok, I'll have a look03:17
pittijdub: wanna join us? :-)03:17
bob2pitti: thanks dude03:17
danielspitti: ill03:17
danielsjdub: i'm already in with sideshow03:17
danielsbob2: yeah, probably03:17
bob2daniels: hah03:17
danielsbob2: think I deleted it from my laptop after copying adare->rookery03:17
bob2ah well03:17
bob2it didn't break pitti's machine, so I'll live03:18
pittibob2: www.piware.de/xorg.conf03:18
pittibob2: however, this is still the messy one03:18
pittibob2: I publish the minimal changes to the wiki after cleanup03:18
bob2pitti: yeah, I'm diffing yours and mien to see what to change03:19
pittidaniels: thanks a lot, dude! I'm going to wipe OS X now :-)03:19
danielspitti: rad03:19
danielsglad to see it works03:19
=== pitti starts to sing "The X-Men rock da house"
bob2pitti: do you have working ctrl-alt-f1 with your keymap?03:19
pittibob2: yes03:20
pittibob2: at least with my "exec xterm" window manager :-)03:20
pittibob2: this is the fastest one to test configurations (with startx)03:20
pittilamont: oink03:20
bob2pitti: heh, right03:21
pittiI will disconnect my desktop from the monitor now, to hook it to the iBook :-) 03:21
bob2pitti: hrm, you're using the "ati" driver, not the "radeon" one03:21
pittibob2: I think these are pretty much aliases03:21
danielsbob2: doesn't make a difference03:21
bob2ah, cool03:21
danielsexcept where ati fails to properly pass through to radeon because it's crap03:22
bob2hm, now to find my hitherto useless crt adaptor03:25
pittibob2, daniels: okay, it is enough to add the UseFWPLL option and change UseFBDev from true to false03:26
bob2pitti: what's mergefb and enablepageflip do?03:26
daniels... iiiinnteresting03:26
pittibob2, daniels: BTW, falsing UseFBDev alone has always given screen flicker effects03:26
danielsi call bong03:27
pittibob2: enablepageflip is IIRC only a speed enhancement03:27
pittibob2: otherwise I have no idea; I blindly played around with some 10 Options03:27
bob2pitti: do you get flickering without usefbdev now?03:27
danielsmergedfb is so you can do overlays on dual-head03:27
bob2= xvideo?03:27
robtaylorhmm, i'm still having a problem getting my postinst called on 1st boot :/ 03:27
pittibob2: yes, without the FWPLL option the screen still flickers when not using the framebuffer03:28
danielsit is what it says on the box -- it merges both displays into one big fb, so the hardware sees a 3200x1600 (e.g) fb to overlay on to03:28
danielsbob2: xv and dri03:28
bob2wow, awesome03:28
pittibob2, daniels: BTW, external screen will only work if the monitor is connected _before_ X start; but this is good enough for me :-)03:28
danielspitti: it's probably syncing to the wrong head, then03:28
bob2is there any bongness like "you have to have the crt plugged in while booting"?03:28
danielspitti: try Option "DevicePresence" for that03:28
robtaylorcan anyone help? http://pastebin.ca/193003:28
bob2ah, right03:28
robtaylorwrong channel =)03:28
pittidaniels: with which value?03:29
bob2daniels: if I start a new X server to test this, will it make the other two running *with* UseFBDev "true" puke?03:30
sjoerddaniels: do you know if people with an albook (radeon 9600) have tested xorg with dualhead ?03:30
pittisjoerd: good news!03:30
pittisjoerd: yesterday I still used XFree86 without knowing it03:31
danielspitti: just on its own03:31
sjoerdpitti: hehe03:31
danielsbob2: arsed if I know.  i used to think it was fairly safe, then I made thom angry03:31
bob2pitti: are you still Mr HAL, btw?03:32
pittibob2: Yes, I suppose03:32
pittidaniels: no noticeable difference03:32
danielssjoerd: no idea, sorry03:32
danielssjoerd: that said, I'd be very surprised if it worked at all03:32
danielsit should fail to detect your BIOS and error out03:32
pittidaniels: in particular, if I attach the external screen after X start, I just see a dark OpenFirmware output03:32
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittidaniels: or was this option to work without framebuffer interface?03:33
sjoerddaniels: i didn't get xorg to work when i compiled it myself, but that was some time ago..03:33
bob2daniels: does that merge option give me xinerama-type fun if I plug in a crt?03:33
sjoerddaniels: i harass you when i get xorg debs for debian..03:33
amudaniels: with the xorg-debug package the xserver runs.03:33
bob2pitti: should I bug you on IRC or in bugzilla then? :)03:34
danielsoh my god, my screen is very colourful03:34
danielsamu: 03:34
danielsamu: ARGH03:34
pittibob2: if you have enough information, bz is preferred :-)03:34
bob2pitti: sure, will do03:34
pittibob2: but we can work it out interactively03:34
danielspitti: DevicePresence assumes all devices (e.g. external CRT) are present so you can attach them later IIRC03:34
bob2pitti: it's just hal (or maybe g-v-m) doesn't auto-mount removable media with NTFS filesystems03:35
pittidaniels: nope, not even with value "True"03:35
danielsamu: can you please provide an strace with -s 1200 of running Xorg :0 -logverbose 999999999 -verbose 9999999999 -ac ?03:35
pittibob2: right, known bug03:35
danielsamu: (of the non-debug server)03:36
bob2pitti: ah, couldn't find it in bugzilla03:36
pittibob2: my arch head already does this03:36
danielspitti: ahr, suck :\ not really sure then, sorry03:36
bob2pitti: is it related to having to mount it ro?03:36
bob2pitti: oh, awesome03:36
pittibob2: I just noticed the lack of pmount NTFS support yesterday :-)03:36
bob2pitti: ahhh03:36
pittidaniels: still, restarting X is not a big deal; it's a huge improvement that it works in principle. Kudos!!! Many thanks!03:37
danielspitti: no worries dude :)03:37
danielsenjoy it03:37
danielsnow to debugging this heisenbug. hoorah!03:37
danielsthom: still think firefox sucks now? :P03:37
pittidaniels: hmm, but for the general public, this should work out of the box some day...03:37
pittidaniels: good luck!03:37
amudaniels: tell me just what i've excatly to do, step by step 03:38
danielspitti: yeah, absolutely03:38
danielspitti: ta03:38
pittibob2: my current pmount arch head only mounts it ro anyway03:38
bob2daniels: are all these options safe to set in xorg.conf by default?03:38
danielsamu: install xserver-xorg, run sudo strace -s 1200 -ff Xorg :1 -logverbose 999999999 -verbose 99999999999 -ac > ihatexorgandthisiswhy 2>&1, send the logfile to xsprintbugs@fabbione.net03:38
danielsbob2: no03:39
danielsbob2: presence or lack thereof needs to be autoprobed, and the docs I have have a hole of sorts in them on that03:39
amudaniels: thx03:39
bob2daniels: ah03:39
bob2well, time to test this baby out03:40
=== Mitario going home
Mitariocya soon03:42
pittibob2: I really like my laptop now :-)03:42
pittibob2: I change the wiki03:42
danielsah, pll2!03:45
sjoerddaniels: scary question. do those debs have a chance to work with debian or are there big changes needed 03:45
danielspitti: i think I see something here that should let it work without fbdev03:45
danielssjoerd: should work ok03:45
sjoerdcool.. i'll try to break my system one of these days with them then :)03:45
pittidaniels: BTW, enabling fbdev has been the default all the time in Sarge and Warty03:46
danielspitti: yeah03:46
danielspitti: but it should fix the syncs everywhere03:51
pittidaniels: that would be nice :-)03:51
danielspitti: prepared a patch now, seeing if it builds/applies (it's a very nice diversion from ^%*U#$ BIOS code), if it does I'll drop you another radeon_drv03:51
pittidaniels: that would mean UseFBDev no could be the shipped default for all platforms?03:51
danielspitti: i'd hope so03:52
sjoerdpitti: do you have the current pmount source available somewhere, if got some time to dig through it toninght03:52
pittisjoerd: you can always check out the arch tree03:52
sjoerdlocation ?03:53
pitti    sftp://pitti@chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/home/warthogs/archives/martin.pitt@canonical.com--200403:53
pittisjoerd: oops, of course you have to s_sftp://pitti@_http_03:53
elmopitti: err, that won't work either03:53
pittielmo: right, the password03:53
pittisjoerd: I just send you the current head03:54
elmomirror it to rooekry?03:54
danielspitti: can you please send me your XFree86.0.log? (yes, XFree86, not Xorg)03:54
pittidaniels: sure03:55
pittibooting again...03:55
pittidaniels: http://www.piware.de/XFree86.0.log03:58
danielsnothing changed!03:59
bob2daniels: no go03:59
danielspitti: will throw you a new module later with the improved fwpll patch and some debugging04:00
pittidaniels: for X.org?04:00
danielspitti: itmt, if you want to debug your X server, I would love you forever04:00
danielspitti: yeah04:00
bob2daniels: all I seem to get is what looks like openfirmware04:00
pittidaniels: meaning, I shall install the debug package?04:00
danielspitti: if you can start XFree86 (debug version) under gdb (WARNING -- MUST DO THIS REMOTELY, REALLY), put a breakpoint in RADEONGetBIOSParamaters and print the value of pInt10, that'd rock04:01
danielspitti: yeah04:01
danielsbob2: using pitti's conffile, or?04:01
bob2hrm, wait, brb04:01
danielsbob2: (remember -- /etc/X11/xorg.conf)04:01
bob2yeah, I had usefbdev true, then false a few lines later04:02
pittidaniels: ugh, 51 MB. Download ETA 12 minutes...04:03
danielspitti: yeah, sorry :\04:04
danielspitti: (this is xserver-xfree86-dbg, right?)04:04
pittidaniels: oh, no04:04
pittidaniels: xorg04:04
danielsyeah, I kinda need XFree86 to debug the problem any further04:04
pittidaniels: downloading...04:04
daniels(i suspect that pInt10 == 0 for some bizzare reason on xorg)04:04
pittiwhat a pity that it removes my shiny new xserver-xorg :-)04:05
danielsoh, hold on04:06
danielsthe BIOS never gets found04:06
danielsdon't worry about -dbg, sorry04:07
pittianything else I can do for debugging that?04:07
danielsi'll just give you a radeon_drv for xorg with lots of debugging04:07
danielswait until my build finishes ;)04:07
pittibtw, girlfriend alert in about 40 minutes :-)04:08
danielsthat's possibly the one advantage of being on the other side of the world -- uninterrupted hacking04:08
danielsotoh, i'm not sure it outweighs the negatives04:08
pittiwell, it's a tradeoff - but I think doing other stuff than _only_ hacking, at least at the weekend, has its good sides04:09
danielsbut while I am over the other side of the world and doing not a whole lot much else, could you please throw up your Xorg.0.log? ;)04:09
pittiI'm just behind a NAT, so I cannot easily give you an account here04:09
danielsyeah, that's fine04:09
pittidaniels: well, if you do need an account for debugging, I can dig an SSH tunnel through my server04:09
lamontKeybuk: btw, zsh and screen want some keybuk-love04:10
danielspitti: nah, it's OK thanks04:10
danielspitti: plus, you don't want me debugging X on your box, just ask Kamion :)04:10
pittidaniels: you mean I shall backup my stuff first? :-)04:10
danielspitti: his face went white in Oxford when I was in the middle of debugging something, and the screen suddenly went blank for a few seconds04:10
danielspitti: nah, it'll just be unusable when I keep on starting X04:10
pittidaniels: I wouldn't be here anyway, so I could not frighten04:11
pittibut one after the other04:11
danielsif it's still a problem in a month, I'll just borrow your iBook or Kamion's Powerbook04:11
pittidaniels: go and visit .dk a bit04:11
pittidaniels: sure, in .es it will be easier04:11
amudaniels: yippi, xorg runs, the problem was /etc/X11/X wasn updated, if i link it by hand to xorg, without any configuration, and run startx, it works well04:11
pittidaniels: maybe this time I can actually keep and use my crossover cable :-)04:11
danielsamu: oh, right04:12
danielsamu: rock04:12
pittidaniels: last time, I borrowed it to somebody and never found it 04:12
danielsamu: seems like XFree86 was loading X.Org modules?04:12
danielspitti: ugh04:12
danielspitti: i blame bob204:12
pittidaniels: nevermind, I got a new one in the meantime :-)04:12
danielspitti: yeah, I've been seeing a fair bit of Kbenhavn :) very, very nice place04:12
danielspitti: ahr04:12
pittidaniels: make sure you enjoy the weekend with fabbione 04:12
pittidaniels: I mean APART from your laptop :-)04:12
danielspitti: heh :)04:13
amudaniels: dont think so, Xfree was totally removed by xorg04:13
danielspitti: yeah, I totally will04:13
=== lamont must go get ready for his long drive tomorrow
danielsamu: and you didn't have xserver-xfree86-dbg or anything installed?04:13
amunow xorg & xorg-dbg 04:13
danielselmo: ping04:14
amurc  xserver-xfree8 4.3.0.dfsg.1-6 the XFree86 X server04:14
elmodaniels: ?04:14
lupus_there are xorg packages?04:15
danielselmo: how much ice cream would I need to buy you for you to test whether or not xorg works on your powerbook? (i very, very strongly suspect the answer is yes)04:15
fabbioneamu: did you upgrade from sarge/sid or from warty?04:15
pittidaniels: "yes" as a reply to "how much"?04:15
fabbioneyes = a lot ;)04:16
amufabbione: a new & clean warty installation, upgraded to hoary04:16
danielspitti: yes -> it will almost certainly work04:16
fabbionethe upgrade makes sure to change /etx/X11/X04:16
fabbioneif it didn't that something went wrong from the beginning04:16
elmodaniels: dude, I'm 200 miles away from my desktop, my powerbook is my only computer right now04:18
danielselmo: uhm04:18
danielselmo: i'm pretty sure it will work? :)04:18
pittielmo: works fine on iBook G4 (Radeon 9200)04:18
Keybuklamont: keybuk love?04:18
danielselmo: works on amu's as well04:18
danielselmo: just need a last datapoint04:19
danielselmo: but if you want to do it later that's cool also04:19
elmodaniels: I'd really prefer to wait till I'm home (tomorrow) if you don't mind - I've just got too much to do at the DC to throw in 'upgrade to hoary and install a new X' to the mix04:19
danielselmo: sure, that's cool.  cheers.04:19
daniels(where are the other members of the fabled powerbook cabal when you need them?)04:20
amufabbione: hmm it was like this, probably my mistake was running apt-get install xorg-dbg04:20
pittisjoerd: http://www.piware.de/pmunt-head.tar.gz04:20
pittisjoerd: have to go now, gf calls :-)04:21
fabbioneamu: that's why i posted a specific procedure :-)04:21
sjoerdpitti: nice timing i just wanted to ask you :)04:21
pittisjoerd: I'll return to my computer in about an hour, I suppose04:21
sjoerddaniels: i've got one, it just doesn't run ubuntu04:22
amufabbione: are there other reports?  except me?04:23
danielssjoerd: how do you feel like potentially breaking it?04:24
sjoerddaniels: not a big problem, but i'm leaving for home now04:25
sjoerddaniels: be back in an hour or two04:25
fabbioneamu: nope04:25
danielssjoerd: cool, thanks04:26
lamontKeybuk: monster-merge was the last upload of the package, which is ftbfs on 2 (zsh) or 3 (screen) architectures04:30
=== ftwig [~ftwig@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukoh, file bugs on me04:31
KeybukI'll look over the weekend04:31
lamontdamn blind tab-typing04:33
Keybukthere is no "ok", so I can never be Keybok :(04:34
lupus_why is openoffice 2.0 devel in rpm :(04:44
lupus_I want deb packages :p04:44
lamontKeybuk: that's key<tab>ok05:00
lamontbecause, dammit, nicks should be unique in the first 3 chars...05:01
=== zul [~chuck@zul.developer.gentoo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontkeybuk: actually, screen isn't you05:06
lamontmdz: please sync bug#269366 from debain05:06
mdzlamont: it's already there05:07
lamontseb128: would arts be you as well?05:07
lamontmdz: color me blind05:07
seb128lamont: not really05:08
lamontseb128: checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.3) (library qt-mt) not found.05:08
lamontguess I'll look at the configure output05:08
zulso any kde support yet?05:10
lamontzul: no plans for kde to be 'supported' on ubuntu that I know of, but it's known to work on warty/i38605:20
lamontppc needs help05:20
zulbecause im looking for a way to help out05:20
lamontzul: current blocker for kde/hoary is arts, which is FTBFS on i386&ppc05:21
lamontfails to build from source05:22
=== lamont just tossed them back into the blender, will look at them later today, possibly
lamontunless someone else beats me to it05:23
lamont(arts is main, so I can play with it... :-)05:23
lamontsbcl, cmucl, ghc5 bootstrapped on i38605:24
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHi mdz!05:30
seb128hi mdz 05:31
thommorning oh fearless leader05:32
seb128mdz: we have already get several dups on bugzilla/list for #2384 this week, I think we should consider to upload the fix in warty05:33
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsmorning mdz05:39
mdzseb128: if you would like to do a warty-updates upload, the patch looks safe to me05:39
seb128ok thanks05:39
fabbionehey mdz05:45
fabbionemdz: can you test the patch i sent about the xml file please?05:46
fabbionemdz: and let me know if that fixes the problem for you?05:46
elmomdz: why's 3118 assigned to me?05:48
mdzfabbione: yes, I need to boot one of the machines05:48
mdzelmo: because it was fixed in Debian and waiting for the new package to come in05:50
=== boglot [~logbot@mentors.workaround.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== fabbione just got his sparc station back!
fabbioneWARTY TIME!05:52
lamontfabbione: warty or hoary?05:53
lamonthoary is _MUCH_ easier to bootstrap./05:53
fabbionelamont: well... 05:53
fabbioneHOARY TIME!05:53
lamontfabbione: start with a current sid chroot.  Build everything once.  use that archive to build a new chroot, and build everything there.05:53
fabbionei need to mount the table first05:54
lamontthen get d-i working05:54
fabbionelamont: stop.. i need to first find a place where to mount it05:54
fabbioneinstall it05:54
fabbionecreate the chroots05:54
fabbioneand so on..05:54
fabbioneit will take some time05:54
fabbionesince i killed my sparc mirror recently.. i think05:54
lamontfabbione: that was the 20 second version of the complete instruction set.05:54
fabbionelamont: ahah i know :-)05:54
lamontlike I said, hoary is much easier.05:54
fabbionei need to learn the way of sbuild first05:55
lamontwarty requires finding the right magic snapshot.debian.net spot, etc...05:55
fabbioneand wait daniel buildd to finish05:55
tsengis hoary semi safe atm?05:55
lamontfabbione: if it's still being annoying next week, I can give you what I'm using on ia64...05:55
lamonttseng: some folks are self hosting.  safe is a relative term,.05:55
fabbioneotherwise i won't have space where to store the debs05:55
thomtseng: it's fine here...05:56
danielsfwiw, I've given up on attempting to read /var/mail/daniels with mailx05:56
tsengill give it a go perhaps05:56
lamontdaniels: lol05:56
danielsdoesn't scale well to 781 w-b/buildd messages05:56
fabbionelamont: nahh i will figure my way around it and bug you if i am really depressed :)05:56
daniels492 built, 381 to go05:56
fabbionelamont: also.. next week is still Xsprint05:56
fabbioneso i won't do anything fancy until the end05:56
lamontfabbione: yeah - I'm doing it without the benefit of wanna-build/buildd.  just good old sbulid and quinn-diff05:56
lamontand a shell script or two.05:57
lamontstage1 71305:57
lamontstage2 82005:57
lamontchanges files on ia6405:57
fabbionelamont: i already some stuff scripted, but it uses pbuilder05:57
fabbionelamont: i would really like to find the time to learn the way of sbuild properly05:58
danielssbuild -d h xorg_6.8.1-0.205:59
danielswith -A if you want it to build arch: all stuff05:59
lamontfabbione: on my list of things to do is get our versions of sbuild, buildd, buildd-config, and gcc-opt consistant and happy for hoary05:59
fabbionelamont: i am not sure how much work X.org will give us in the next weeks, but if it is relatively low i might join you in preparing these things06:01
lamontseb128: you're not going to be happy with e-d-s...06:01
fabbionelamont: i have been doing X without any break for too long and i start to feel a bit tired of it06:02
fabbionei need a little "brain break"06:02
lamontfabbione: the biggest issue is that buildd-config conflicts with debootstrap now (both deliver warty.buildd...)06:02
seb128lamont: I'm building again, but in a pbuilder now06:02
lamontgcc-opt needs a little bit of love to do things a bit better than it does.06:02
lamontseb128: same error, fwiw06:02
seb128lamont: all the GNOME packages update the control with control.in in the clean target06:03
seb128lamont: and the stupid eds doesn't06:03
danielsdaniels@trider-g7:~/build$ grep 'currently building' build-progress06:03
danielsopenoffice.org_1.1.2-2ubuntu6: currently building06:03
danielsoh god.06:03
seb128lamont: just figured that I need to debian/rules update-control06:03
lamontdaniels: hehe06:03
danielsfabbione: don't even breathe on trider, dude, I want the buildd to finish before I leave :P06:03
lamontdaniels: openoffice.org:         06:29:18 (1 entry, sigma 00:00:00)06:03
lamontthat's on our buildds06:03
seb128are we going to sync oo.o 1.1.3 ?06:03
lamontwill require a merge, of course.06:03
danielslamont: oh my god.06:04
lamontdaniels: that's building arch-all as well06:05
thomseb128: yeah, it's on my list06:05
fabbionecarlos: ping06:05
lamontwithout arch all, it's more like 4 hours.06:05
seb128thom: ok :)06:05
lamontopenoffice.org:         04:38:19 (2 entries, sigma 02:21:50)06:05
lamontthat's ppc06:05
fabbionedaniels: no no.. i am not going to add more load on the trider-g706:05
danielslamont: phew, I don't think we're building with -A here06:05
lamontslower, but not building arch-all06:05
fabbionelamont: my machine is slow.. there is nothing to do about it atm06:06
fabbioneand elmo doesn't want to gimme concordia06:06
danielsoh cool, OOo failed, seemingly06:06
daniels/proc needs to be mounted06:06
lamontdaniels: yes06:06
thomdaniels: yeah06:06
thomOOo is no fun06:06
lamontseveral things require /proc in the chroot06:06
=== moyogo [~moyogo@Ottawa-HSE-ppp4039116.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomWTF? this is fucking weird - that fakeroot bug only happens in a chroot06:07
fabbionelamont: we should write a policy for it06:07
carlosfabbione: pong06:07
danielslamont: yeah, I've got about 5/6 failed on /proc06:07
fabbionecarlos: do you have time to do a test for me?06:07
Mithrandirthom: no, not really.. it shouldn't.06:07
thomon my amd64, i can build just fine on a hoary system, but in a chroot on the same system i get the segfault06:07
carlosfabbione: if it does not requiere to reboot my computer, yes06:08
fabbionecarlos: no reboots, probably (not even sure) a logout/login on X06:08
lamontapplying patch 21-asn-negative-length to ./ .../usr/share/dpatch/dpatch-run:06:08
lamont+/usr/share/dpatch/dpatch-run: No such file or directory06:08
lamontbad squid06:08
thomMithrandir: there is something very freaky going on here06:08
carlosfabbione: ok, tell me06:09
Mithrandirthom: kernel issues, possibly?06:09
lamontfabbione: I have "so you want to port ubuntu to arch X, supported by debian" and "so you want to build your own bits" papers to write06:09
thomMithrandir: i guess it must be, but why only in a chroot06:09
fabbionecarlos: as root edit the following file: /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/locale.alias06:10
fabbionecarlos: go to en_GB section06:10
Mithrandirthom: make sure devpts is mounted06:10
lamontthom: fwiw, still dies with a good amd64 system outside the chroot...06:11
carlosfabbione: I'm there06:11
thomMithrandir: can you do that on ravel?06:11
fabbionecarlos: and add en_GB.UTF-8<tab_as_manytimes_as_needed>en_GB.UTF-806:11
fabbionesave the file06:11
pittielmo: some food for you is arriving :-)06:11
=== pitti ducks
fabbionecarlos: you might have to logout and login again to see if that fixes the problem06:12
danielslamont: so, er, see you in February?06:12
Mithrandirthom: done06:12
danielslamont: the papers06:12
carlosfabbione: I have already an entry for en_GB.utf-806:12
thomMithrandir: still segv06:13
lamontheh - hoping to get them written this month06:13
carlosen_GB.utf8                                      en_GB.UTF-806:13
lamont_before_ hoary freezes... it's harder if we froze06:13
Mithrandirthom: what is the command line you're using?06:13
danielslamont: a friend of mine who admins huge clusters asked about a very small, specific problem, and got the 'so, you've just bought a 300-node cluster' manual06:13
lamontit's more of a cookbook..  many steps are prefaced by "do whatever it takes to...."06:13
thomMithrandir: fakeroot dpkg-shlibdeps debian/mozilla-firefox/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/libsmime3.so >/dev/null segfaults, dropping the fakeroot from the front doesn't06:13
lamontdaniels: heh06:14
=== lamont must run, back in a few hours
Mithrandirthom: weird; running it as root doesn't segfault06:14
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fabbionecarlos: it's case sensitive06:16
fabbionecarlos: note the UTF806:16
thomMithrandir: you see the segfault as a normal user though, right?06:16
carlosI cannot logout at this moment, but then I could test other thing...06:17
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-143-227.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzfabbione: your patch fixes the bug for me as well06:17
fabbionemdz: cool.. because it's already in for 0.3 :-)06:17
carloshhm, ok I need to logout/login06:18
mdzfabbione: do you have a todo list for what needs to be done before uploading to hoary?06:18
danielsmdz: yes06:18
fabbionemdz: yes06:18
Mithrandirthom: yes.06:18
=== Mithrandir installs strace
fabbionemdz: we need to have the buildd run completed and that is happening in parallel to:06:19
danielsMithrandir: aww, you broke up the flow06:19
fabbione1) branding06:19
fabbione2) patch reviewing06:19
fabbione3) import stuff from Debian trunk06:19
fabbione4) fix ati driver for ppc06:19
danielsmdz: a) see buildd run out, b) branding, c) patch audit, d) merge fwpll patch for ati/powerpc, e) break out shared libraries, f) trunk merge (no particular order)06:19
fabbione5) prepare all the other packages that needs to be fixed and go in in sequence06:19
danielsg) steal patches from 6.8 branch as needed06:19
fabbionedaniels was typing faster :-)06:20
danielsalthough g is not strictly necessary pre-hoary as it's not an orginisational thing06:20
fabbionebut that's the stuff more or less06:20
danielsor however you spell the stupid word06:20
fabbionez) get gtk a clue on copy&paste06:20
fabbionehem give06:21
mdzz) can wait :-)06:21
Mithrandirthom: something is on amusingly large amounts of crack:06:21
daniels) murder xprint and xaw in their sleep06:21
Mithrandirfakeroot sh -c 'LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1  dpkg-shlibdeps debian/mozilla-firefox/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/libsmime3.so > /dev/null'06:21
Mithrandir/usr/bin/perl: error while loading shared libraries: libdl.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:21
fabbionemdz: well that's why it is marked z06:21
daniels(i'm told this sorts after z in dansk)06:21
mdzfabbione: yes, but the list was supposed to be prerequisites for hoary06:21
daniels) make default implementation build really quicker06:22
danielsand of course, ') steal concordia06:22
thomMithrandir: um, rock06:22
Mithrandirthom: so it might be TLS-related.. somehow.06:22
fabbionemdz: dude.. we are 3 days ahead of work and we are still working hard. let's get as much as we can while daniels is here06:22
fabbionemdz: some of the stuff like the ati driver for ppc is important06:22
thomMithrandir: *covers eyes*06:23
fabbionemdz: we will hit the archive around tuesday06:23
mdzfabbione: agreed06:23
fabbionemdz: so that we will have 3 more days to crack together06:23
danielsmdz: don't forget also that we still have things to do to ease the transition around grumpy06:23
=== Mithrandir gives thom a large pile of crack.
fabbionemdz: but not before buildd will finish06:23
=== daniels stares at the shiny scrolling output in the other xterm.
daniels... concordia ...06:23
thomMithrandir: oh no, amd64 port problems are all you :-)06:23
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== thom hands the large pile of crack back
sjoerddaniels: still interested in breaking my system ? :)06:24
carlosfabbione: same problem06:24
danielsthom: so who's maintaining firefox onw?06:24
Mithrandirthom: I never asked for TLS to be turned on for amd64.  That's just crackful. :)06:24
danielssjoerd: fo'shizzle06:24
fabbionecarlos: ok.. sorry.. my ideas are limited.. but it's an harmless gtk error06:24
thomdaniels: me. Mithrandir just needs to fix fakeroot :-)06:24
fabbionecarlos: coming from xlibs06:24
thomMithrandir: *g*06:25
Mithrandirthom: I seriously need to kill you sometime.06:25
carlosfabbione: I know it's harmless, don't worry06:25
Mithrandirthom: I'll see what I can do.06:25
=== thom promises to procure alcohol in large amounts
danielsmdz: oh, and to drag a list discussion in here06:25
thom(assuming i don't lose all my cash playing poker with wil wheaton in vegas)06:26
danielsmdz: the most amusing part of splitting the modular tree right is when you realise that four libs use internal (i.e. FooI.h) Xt headers06:26
danielsmdz: so you actually need to install the entire suite of 'internal' Xt headers in its -dev package for craptastic cruft like Xaw to build06:26
Mithrandirthom: can't you bring some real beer from .uk?06:27
danielsthom: have they ever considered going anywhere else?06:27
Mithrandirthom: if you do that, I might forgive you.06:27
thomMithrandir: certainly06:27
danielsthom: i mean, surely you'd get more work done if it wasn't for the prettyflashyshinylights06:27
thomdaniels: seems not06:27
danielsMithrandir: why from .uk? wouldn't it be easier to just get it straight from .au?06:27
Mithrandirdaniels: you make decent beer in .au?06:28
danielsMithrandir: fo'sho06:28
=== thom falls off his chair laughing
Mithrandirdaniels: then you bring some as well, next time, and we'll see.06:28
Mithrandir.no doesn't make much good beer, sorrily.06:28
danielsMithrandir: er, I won't be in Australia in between now and .es06:28
Mithrandirdaniels: then get some other aussie to bring some, or bring it for decconf+106:29
thomright, fireworks time06:29
danielsMithrandir: we won't need to bring it for december+4 (tentatively titled 'april'), seemingly06:29
danielsthom: seeya dude06:29
danielsMithrandir: although canberra isn't a part of australia, so we'll still need to import the coopers ;)06:30
Mithrandirdaniels: whatever.  Bring me beer! :)06:30
danielsMithrandir: it shall be done06:30
Mithrandirthom: it seems fakeroot messes around with LD_LIBRARY_PATH and preloads stuff..06:36
MithrandirLD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libfakeroot.so.0 LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS=1  /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 debian/mozilla-firefox/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/libsmime3.so06:37
MithrandirSegmentation fault06:37
Mithrandirlooks like a normal bug somewhere in fakeroot to ge.06:38
pittilamont: got half a minute?06:42
=== herzi_lap [~herzi@c206199.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittilamont: I'm afraid the debs of my squid upload have vanished somewhere06:42
pittilamont: I uploaded to the security queue over an hour ago, and the accepted queue is empty06:43
mdzseb128: firefox doesn't seem to want to open .pls files with rhythmbox, but with totem instead06:45
mdzseb128: I didn't think that totem could even read .pls files, but surely rhythmbox is a better default06:45
mdzseb128: is this a firefox issue or a rhythmbox one?06:45
seb128mdz: neither of them, that's the mime system06:47
seb128Desktop files associated with audio/x-scpls06:47
seb128and it picks the last one in the alphabetic list IIRC06:48
mdzhow can we fix it?06:48
seb128mdz: could you add a audio/x-scpls=rhythmbox.desktop in /etc/gnome/defaults.list ?06:48
seb128and test if that fixes the problem06:48
fabbionepitti: ping06:49
pittifabbione: pong06:49
mdzseb128: ah, defaults.list has audio/x-scpls=totem.desktop06:49
fabbionepitti: 2327, it's probably time to take a look to it.06:49
seb128mdz: ok, that's it probably (if firefox uses the mimesystem correctly)06:50
fabbionepitti: i would like you to discuss it with the ppc community and come up with the proper fix/solution06:50
mdzseb128: yes, that fixes it06:50
seb128please open a bug on desktop-file-utils as a reminder06:50
=== lamont really gone for a while
seb128I'll fix that in the next upload06:50
pittifabbione: can we do that maybe at the mailing list? We might reach a broader audience there06:51
fabbionepitti: sure.. do it in the way you prefer, but my knowledge of ppc is limited06:51
fabbionepitti: i need someone that understand the problem 100% to talk with the ppc community06:51
pittifabbione: okay, I will write a mail with the details06:51
fabbioneand i am not in the position to do it06:51
pittifabbione: I think I have a decent understanding of the problem and impacts06:51
sjoerddaniels: sig11 ;)06:52
fabbionethat's why i am asking you06:52
danielssjoerd: ugh06:52
pittifabbione: added to my ~/.todo :-)06:52
danielssjoerd: do you have xserver-xorg installed?  what version?06:52
danielssjoerd: i suspect it's launching the xfree86 server instead -- with Debian, you might need to force Xorg06:52
danielsoh wow06:52
danielswhat happens if you run sudo Xorg :1 -ac -verbose 9999999999999, from a terminal06:53
sjoerdit complains about unresolved in libGLcor.a06:53
fabbionesjoerd: that's normal06:53
fabbionenothing to worry about it06:53
=== ogra [~ogra@p508EB0EE.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirfabbione: do you know if anything has happened to the sparc port?06:53
ograhi guys06:53
MithrandirI recently came across a small cache of U5 and similar boxes.06:53
danielssjoerd: if you could put the full Xorg.0.log somewhere, that would be rad06:53
danielsMithrandir: well, fabbione just got his sparc back today06:53
danielsI have an U5 at home too that I should get going ... after Christmas,06:54
=== stratus [~stratus@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sjoerdah i had the wrong resolution configured still..06:54
sjoerdnow it starts, but the screen turns white slowly06:54
ograi'm looking for a method to get a udi listing for hal on the commandline or in perl ....06:55
fabbioneMithrandir: i got my sparc back today06:55
danielssjoerd: ... wha?06:55
danielssjoerd: a slow fade to white?  does it stay at full white?06:55
sjoerdogra: lshal06:55
fabbioneMithrandir: planning to put it online sometimes during the weekend06:55
ograsjoerd: thanks ;)06:55
Mithrandirfabbione: ok, do you know if we're aiming for a hoary sparc?06:55
sjoerddaniels: slow fade to all kind of colors 06:55
danielssjoerd: bonnnng ... you don't have any horizsync/vertrefresh/whatever lines in?06:56
danielssjoerd: does Option "UseFWPLL" help?06:56
danielssjoerd: can you put your Xorg.0.log up somewhere?06:56
daniels(does your mother's maiden name start with a F, and was she born on a Sunday?)06:56
fabbioneMithrandir: well lamont said that it is much easier to bootstrap hoary than warty.. so i guess yes06:57
Mithrandirfabbione: cool. :)06:57
fabbioneMithrandir: once i have the buildd at stage2 i will start uploading the packages somewhere06:57
fabbioneMithrandir: the problem is d-i06:57
Mithrandirfabbione: so you're setting up a buildd and such?06:57
fabbionehaving only one sparc is difficult to test06:57
fabbioneMithrandir: yup06:57
MithrandirI can get you more sparcs easily, but I'm not sure I can give away ultras.06:57
Mithrandirso that's not too usable06:58
fabbioneMithrandir: for me console access would be fine06:58
sjoerddaniels: removed modelines, added UseFWPLL true.. still the same06:58
Mithrandirfabbione: that should be easy to get.06:58
fabbioneMithrandir: and a setup where i can change the kernel/initrd.gz to boot via network is enough06:59
sjoerddaniels: do you have ipv6 or just ipv4 ?06:59
danielssjoerd: could you please paste your full config and log?06:59
danielsyah, ipv606:59
Mithrandirfabbione: I really want to get that box set up somewhere which is !bedroom, though.06:59
Mithrandiror I think my gf will really, really, _really_ kill me.06:59
fabbioneMithrandir: eheheh06:59
=== robtaylor is now known as robtaylor|away
seb128lamont: ah ah, evolution-data-server built this time :p06:59
fabbioneMithrandir: it will take quite sometime to reach phase206:59
fabbioneso there is no rush.. trust me06:59
Mithrandirfabbione: Karianne and I are moving together in the summer and we're certainly going to have a place for servers (she's not as geeky as I, but fairly close), so at least then it should be fine.07:00
fabbioneehehe cool!07:01
fabbionei am happy about that07:01
sjoerddaniels: http://spring.luon.net/~sjoerd/Xorg.1.log07:01
sjoerddaniels: and http://spring.luon.net/~sjoerd/xorg.conf07:01
=== froud [~sean@ndn-64-57.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
daniels(WW) RADEON(0): You may not have enough display bandwidth for current mode07:02
danielsIf you have flickering problem, try to lower resolution, refresh rate, or color depth07:02
danielsdoes switching to a lower depth help?07:02
sjoerd16 bpp same problem07:03
danielssjoerd: try removing HorizSync/VertRefresh lines07:03
Mithrandirdo we have madison or something like it?07:04
sjoerddaniels: same with twho black lines in the middle07:04
froudUnder what group would you define training materials in a spec file "Documentation / HTML" or "Documentation / Other"?07:04
sjoerdoh UseFBdev true works :)07:06
danielssjoerd: ... hm07:06
danielspitti: ping07:06
mdzseb128: another problem I have is that when rhythmbox finishes playing a stream over http, it pops up an error dialog "Unexpected end of stream!" and stops07:06
sjoerdstrange with Xfree UseFBDev gave troubles07:06
Mithrandirthom: does LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libfakeroot.so.0 LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS=1  /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 debian/mozilla-firefox/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/libsmime3.so segfault only in the chroot?07:07
mdzseb128: even though the end of the stream is actually expected07:07
seb128mdz: do you have a stream uri to test that ?07:07
mdzseb128: I can provide one07:09
sjoerdgotta eat07:09
danielssjoerd: i'll throw you a new radeon_drv in a sec07:09
danielsseb128: please ask owen taylor about it07:10
danielshe knows more about this stuff than myself and fabio have forgotten07:11
mdzseb128: I looked at the code, and it seems that it is written to always give that error when a stream ends, without even checking the reason07:11
danielswhat's more, he's the main gtk guy ;)07:11
mdzseb128: I think because it is written for internet radio, rather than streaming files over http07:11
seb128mdz: I'll update rb from 0.8.5 -> 0.8.8 now, let's see if that's fixed with the update first07:11
seb128mdz: probably yes07:11
seb128daniels: ok07:12
seb128daniels: but I doubt that's a GTK+ bug, owen would have fixed it upstream07:12
danielsseb128: selections and the interactions to do with them are notoriously complex07:13
danielsif it was a xorg 6.8 thing, a lot of people would've bitched very loudly07:13
seb128daniels: ok, will ping owen about this, that's the best to do :)07:14
seb128daniels: I've no idea on how to debug this07:14
danielsi have no will to07:15
seb128he he07:15
danielsseriously, in between Xaw/Xt and GTK ... it's massively complex07:15
seb128but somebody will have to ... hopefully owen will be helpful :)07:15
danielsotaylor will know it an order of magnitude better than I07:15
danielsyeah, he's a very, very smart guy07:15
mdzseb128: I also discovered some confusing behaviour in the process of testing this07:17
seb128oh ?07:17
mdzseb128: when the error dialog comes up, it appears on the current desktop07:17
seb128hum, why don't we have a bug report about the rhythmbox merging ?07:17
mdzand if rhythmbox is elsewhere, the window becomes unresponsive07:18
seb128unstable has 0.8.8 and hoary 0.8.507:18
seb128mdz: ok, that's happening for several app :/07:18
mdzI would expect that if the rhythmbox window is hidden, and I click on the panel icon, it would bring up both the window and the error dialog together07:18
seb128I've it frequently with epiphany too07:18
mdzI thought this worked in the past, but maybe I am thinking of something else07:19
sjoerddaniels: k07:21
pittidaniels: pong, sorry, phone07:21
mdzseb128: hmm, we need a debhelper merge in order to build it07:21
pittilamont: may I bother you again? This time, squid did not build on amd64... (soooooory)07:22
seb128mdz: hum, no. I'll merge it now07:22
pittilamont: at least, it was not uploaded to the queue07:22
seb128mdz: why do we need a debhelper merge ?07:23
mdzdpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: debhelper (>= 4.2.22) 07:23
mdz debhelper | 4.2.21ubuntu1 | http://archive.ubuntu.com hoary/main Sources07:23
seb128ok, I've already merged it in fact07:23
danielspitti: no worries07:23
seb128and I've bumped the Build-Deps too high07:23
seb1284.2.21 is enough07:23
Mithrandirok, the segfault is TLS-related.07:24
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sjoerddaniels: starting aterm with the composite extension on crashes the server btw..08:04
danielssjoerd: awesome08:04
danielsnot surprising though08:04
sjoerddaniels: that's just generic composite immaturity or .. ?08:07
cenerentolajdub: are you there?08:27
ChrisHfabbione: I have set up an IRC log of the #ubuntu-* channels on http://workaround.org/cgi-bin/irc (beta). sivang told me that he asked you to put up a log. He didn't know I was working on it already.08:34
tsengsorry if i missed this somewhere, but was was the rationale for choosing bogofilter over spamassassin?08:37
tsengbogofilter so far has been alot less successful for me08:37
tsengafter a few weeks of training08:37
mdzfaster, simpler, more stable and more supportable08:43
mdzseb128: rhythmbox ftbfs08:51
mdzseb128: it seems the build-depends change did not take effect08:52
seb128are successful08:52
seb1281 was the old one08:52
seb1282 is today's one08:52
mdz0.8.8 > 0.8.508:52
mdzAfter installing, the following source dependencies are still unsatisfied:08:53
mdzdebhelper(inst 4.2.21ubuntu1 ! >= wanted 4.2.22)08:53
mdzSource-dependencies not satisfied; skipping rhythmbox08:53
seb128I've uploaded this one08:53
seb128one hour go08:53
seb128the 0.8.8-1ubuntu1 is one week old08:53
=== pl0vs [~knoppix@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128hum, evolution 2.1.0 is ftbfsing08:55
stratusAre you planning to put beagle in hoary? I guess not because it's buggy and written in c#, but...08:58
tsengi dont think beagle is hoary material, but id like to see the deps go in so its not such a PITA to build08:59
stratustseng, oic09:01
=== mdz_ [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128tseng: what's missing for the deps ?09:03
seb128mono is in09:04
stratusseb128, read: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/BeagleInstallHowto09:05
seb128stratus: using universe is not a PITA for the build imho09:06
seb128stratus: tseng was probably speaking about extra stuff missing09:06
stratusseb128, maybe inotify.09:07
danielssjoerd: generic composite immaturity, yah09:18
sjoerddaniels: did you have a new radeon_drv to test or ?09:20
danielsyeah, just finished building while I was out to dinner09:20
danielsthere you go.  if your cat spontaneously catches fire because of that driver, not my fault, and all that.09:23
danielsyou might want to try various combinations of usefwpll and/or usefbdev09:23
danielswhen pitti comes back, if someone could point him to that and tell him that should work with *just* usefwpll, that would be great, thanks09:23
danielsright now i'm off to the hotel to crash into bed09:23
danielsvery, very tired09:23
danielsgoodnight all09:23
sjoerddaniels: thanks09:24
sjoerddaniels: have a good night of sleep :)09:24
danielsno worries, good luck09:24
danielsi sure will09:24
danielsand a good morning of sleep, and probably a good afternoon of sleep if I don't get bed sores by then ;)09:24
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mdz_seb128: strange; I am not able to reproduce that glade-2/gnomedb thing09:39
seb128mdz_: weird, the soname has changed apparently ...09:46
seb128$ ls /usr/lib/libgnomedb*09:47
seb128/usr/lib/libgnomedb-2.so.1  /usr/lib/libgnomedb-2.so.1.1.009:47
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mdz_zsh: no matches found: /usr/lib/libgnomedb*09:51
mdz_seb128: on my system it is not even linked with libgnomedb09:51
seb128you don't have the -gnome version ?09:53
mdzI installed glade-2 because that is where the bug was reported09:53
seb128hum, I'm wondering why the rhythmbox build logs are not here09:54
seb128I've uploaded the package like 2 hours ago09:54
mdzI did not see it on hoary-changes09:55
seb128Announcing to hoary-changes@lists.ubuntu.com09:55
seb128I got the ACCEPTED mail09:55
seb128and I've it in my hoary-changes folder09:55
seb128Fri,  5 Nov 2004 18:30:03 +0000 (GMT)  (19:30 CET)09:56
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Mitariohi everyone10:09
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Calvinanyone knows where i can get hold of fabbione's fix : xfree86_4.3.0.dfsg.1-6ubuntu24 ??11:00
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