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ChrisHplovs: rst2xml? Interesting. I fear I need to learn python before though. :)12:42
ChrisHsivang: Yes... complete luxuary. 7 hours of sleep. Hooray!12:42
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fabbionethere.. it's done12:43
fabbionehave fun12:43
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sivangwe have our own log now!12:44
sivangHorray for Fabbione12:44
=== sivang went to make something to eat.
ChrisHWhere are the logs? Because I had modified an IRC bot a few weeks ago to log everything into a database. So everyone could query what was happening when. But if there is already a working solution...12:56
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plovs_workChrisH, an irc bot with mysql or something?01:50
ChrisHplovs_work: Yes. I start a "chrisbot" some time ago when I learned how to use POE (perl object environment).01:51
ChrisHplovs_work: I'm just testing the bot so we have redundancy. :)01:51
plovs_workthat would be nice, and then a web frontend to the database?01:51
WWplovs_work: Hi there01:51
plovs_workWW, hi01:52
WWplovs_work: What's the latest on macros (or something equivalent) in the wiki?  Anything new?01:52
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ChrisHWW: hi01:53
WWChrisH: Hi ChrisH01:53
ChrisHplovs_work: a tiny gui to the database (currently improving it a little): http://workaround.org/irc01:53
plovs_work:-) (smiling for the camera)01:56
plovs_workChrisH, neat!01:57
ChrisHplovs_work: And real time. :)01:57
WWChrisH: Hey, that thing is live?! Cool.01:57
ChrisHplovs_work: At least as long as mentors.debian.net is working because that's where the script lives on. :)01:57
ChrisHWW: Yes. I'm surprised, too, that it works. :)01:58
plovs_workand you log to mysql?01:58
ChrisHHaven't yet switched to postgresql on that machine.01:58
plovs_workthinking about a search-thingie?01:59
ChrisHYes. By text, by nick... It can even log multiple channels.01:59
ChrisHThere are just some to do's left like auto-rejoin on server failure etc.01:59
plovs_workso...you might add #ubuntu #ubuntu-devel?02:00
=== ChrisH is https://www.ubuntulinux.org/portal_memberdata/portraits/490
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ChrisHJust joined all three channels. :)02:01
WWChrisH: Does it print "[names]  -: ..." every time someone enters the room?02:01
ChrisHWW: I think it just does that when it enters the channel itself.02:02
plovs_workhow did you get to https://www.ubuntulinux.org/portal_memberdata/portraits/490 ?02:02
ChrisHplovs_work: Set it in my "personal preferences" i my wiki account02:02
ChrisHplovs_work: I just don't know how I can use that portrait.02:03
ChrisHplovs_work: Took a shot with my digicam yesterday evening and gimp'ed it. :)02:03
ChrisHplovs_work: My wife was looking a little confused when I started to smile for nothing and took photos of myself.02:03
plovs_workah, well you can add it to your "home page"02:03
plovs_worksmiling at your computer, well women who marry geeks must be used to something02:04
plovs_workChrisH, btw you have great postfix stuff02:06
ChrisHThanks. Took a while. :) But it's really nice. I worked on the new tutorials for three weeks during my holidays. And now I'm getting mails about that nearly every day.02:07
ChrisHWriting correct technical documentation can become very time consuming.02:07
ChrisHAsk the people who have offered to translate the documents. They are still on it.02:07
plovs_workpostfix is the easiest of mail-servers i think but that does not make it simple, great job.02:08
plovs_workthe only thing i have not been able to do (and i even bought the book) is having a white-list of users allowed to send mail02:08
plovs_workit is in the faq, but without answer :(02:09
ChrisHAre you restricting who is allowed to send mail from your internal network?02:09
plovs_workwell, not yet02:09
plovs_workwe have two networks, an internal one, and an 'external one'02:09
plovs_workeverybody can sent mail from the external one02:10
plovs_workbut the internal is highly restrictive02:10
plovs_workat least it is supposed to be02:10
plovs_workthe good thing is: one virus in seven (!) years02:10
ChrisHI recently wiped away my virus directory. 3000 mails in half a year. Yowser!02:11
plovs_worki meant one went in, off course there is plenty left02:11
plovs_worki am going to redo the network, the coming months, i might use your howto for woody02:12
ChrisHJust ask if you need help on the config. I think I could help.02:12
plovs_worki use MailScanner atm, with postfix 2.0 backport and amavis02:13
plovs_workbut it is all spagetti now and i want to do it right(tm) without backports, only debian stable02:14
ChrisHAre you running the server on Ubuntu? Because I tend to keep Debian on the servers and just use Ubuntu on the workstations.02:14
ChrisHQustion answered. :)02:14
plovs_worki love ubuntu, but am not yet willing to risk my job with it02:15
plovs_workChrisH, do you use apt-proxy?02:17
ChrisHI did. But at home I just have Debian for my wife and me (server is Woody).02:19
ChrisHAt work I have set up a complete debian mirror. Nice updating systems through 100 Mbps. :)02:19
ChrisHapt-proxy is darn slow. :(02:19
plovs_worki would like to get apt-proxy working for ubuntu as well02:19
plovs_worka mirror would be too havy, we have 4 ubuntu-boxes now02:20
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plovs_workand 4 in the other network02:20
ChrisHProbably. I converted my whole sysadmin department to Debian. :) Plus we have 10-15 servers in the computer rooms running Woody and Sarge. It's probably the same traffic to the mirrors but we are saving time.02:21
plovs_work10-15 is nice, i have 5 servers running woody/sarge,2 bsd firewalls,  rest all w2k02:22
plovs_workthe interisting thing is that only the windows servers require maintenance02:24
ChrisHGet a SUS server. :)02:30
plovs_workyes, that is the plan, but i need one more server to do so02:59
plovs_workand test it off course etc02:59
plovs_workmy internal compuetrs have not been updated for over a year now :-( ,but i hate windows updating by hand03:00
plovs_workChrisH, the bot is down! mayday!03:01
ChrisHplovs_work: Yes, had to fix a bug.03:02
=== ChrisH summons the powers of the logbot...
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plovs_worknice new name 03:02
ChrisHOld name. :)03:02
plovs_workah, you are not ubuntulog, need to clean my glasses03:03
ChrisHPerhaps ubuntulog is what fabbione provides.03:07
plovs_work'spose so03:08
plovs_workok, off to hang out with the friends, see you!03:09
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ChrisHhornbeck: hi03:12
hornbeckhows things this morning03:12
ChrisHhornbeck: morning? Well, that's relative. :)03:12
hornbeckwell morning for me03:13
hornbecknight more than likly for you03:13
ChrisHhornbeck: Am playing with my realtime irc logger.03:13
ChrisHNah... 15:13 here.03:13
hornbeckahh, so afternoon03:13
ChrisHNothing to do at work so I'm working on my docbook tutorial and on that very irc bot.03:13
hornbeckrealtime irc logger huh, sounds interesting03:13
ChrisHBeta: http://workaround.org/irc03:13
hornbeckohhh docbook tutorial03:14
hornbeckman that is nice, what is that written in?03:14
ChrisHIn fact the tutorial is 90% done. But I seem to lack some knowledge of the ReST wiki language.03:14
hornbeckI can help with the ReST part if you want03:14
ChrisHThe bot is a Perl bot using the POE environment. The web interface is a PHP 10-liner. I'm currently beautifying it. :)03:15
hornbeckman that is nice03:15
hornbeckgood job03:15
ChrisHhornbeck: plovs already gave me a link. Just need to read a little I suppose.03:15
hornbeckok, thats cool03:15
ChrisHThanks. I'm in the mood for something useless and redundant. :)03:15
hornbeckuseless and redundant huh, sounds like you are having way to much fun03:18
plovs_workhornbeck, hi!03:24
plovs_worki hate summertime03:24
plovs_workwhen it's wintertime03:24
plovs_worki was wondering why i was the first to leavem usually i'm the last03:24
hornbeckhey plovs03:24
hornbeckits amazing how one part of the wiki says "You are now logged in" when the other part says "Log in"03:26
hornbeckI really hate how this new wiki screws up alot03:26
ChrisHDid you notice that sometimes the wiki (especially the login procedure) is very slow? Or is it just me?03:27
hornbeckyes it is03:27
hornbeckright now it will not let me edit my beagle page03:27
hornbeckhey plovs_work how do you change the size of picture in the wiki03:30
hornbeckmy beagle icon is real big on your icon page03:30
hornbeckcrap, I gotta run, later guys03:31
plovs_workif you get "You are now logged in" when the other part says "Log in" relaod the page03:49
plovs_workwith shift03:49
plovs_workChrisH, can you make the web-page automatically update itself?03:49
ChrisHplovs_work: sounds like your cache is faulty. you aren't using the IE, are you?03:49
ChrisHplovs_work: yes... :)03:50
ChrisHplovs_work: my current work: http://workaround.org/cgi-bin/irc03:50
plovs_workChrisH, you know i have a simple taste: instant gratification, great!03:51
ChrisHplovs_work: ;)03:51
plovs_worki use firefox, and everybody has this problem ... really weird03:52
ChrisHI had that once, too. You better tell it to "reload the page on every request" instead of its automatic mode.03:52
plovs_workChrisH, how do i do that?04:02
ChrisHplovs_work: Hmm. Looks like Firefox has no setting for that. Try setting the cache to 0.04:03
plovs_workChrisH, that's not funny either...04:04
plovs_workthey should just fix the site04:04
plovs_workok, see you later...04:05
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sivangSo, anything new everybody?07:48
sivangI've seen rather lots of traffic went here :)07:48
ChrisHThe docbook-xml article is nearly done in raw format. I need to wiki it.07:50
sivangthis will be the first doc team docbook xml primer07:50
sivangwe really needed that.07:51
ChrisHIt's just a "Getting started" guide. I intend to add information on custom stylesheets, output formats and the like during the weekend.07:52
sivanggreat.I will shortly follow it, I had already started with docbook xml but found most of the resources assume too much knowledge in it already.07:52
ChrisHI hope I can ask you for help in case Wiki starts to hate me. :)07:53
sivangyes ofcourse.07:54
sivangI've got used to it by now, although do not know if it's worth of studying RST, I think I would instead go straight for DocBook XML :)07:54
sivangalthouh the pythin script that converts it looks very nice07:54
sivangbtw, the weblog of the channel looks exquisite07:55
sivanghow did you do that?07:55
ChrisHAdvanced magic.07:56
sivanghmm, ok, and now for some juicy details ?:)07:57
ChrisHTwo parts. One is a Perl script I call "logbot". It uses POE::Components::IRC and is an automated IRC client that sniffs different channels and keeps track who is where.07:58
ChrisHThe log lines are written into a MySQL database. The second part is a Perl script that get the needed information from the database.07:58
ChrisHI had an IRC bot half ready. And as work today was boring I decided to make it a log bot. ;)07:58
sivangChrisH : when I asked from canonical to set us a log , I wasn't aware that you already set it up BTW08:18
ChrisHsivang: fabbione?08:20
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sivangChrisH  : yes08:27
sivangyo pl0vs08:27
ChrisHsivang: I wasn't fast enough. He popped in and did something. I was about to ask if someone would be interested in my solution.08:29
ChrisHsivang: where is his log?08:29
sivangChrisH : I am not sure, I don't think it would be a problem for  you to handle this , you would just need the proper access to the official website or archives,08:29
sivangwwhy don't you discuss this with him?08:29
ChrisHsivang: I do08:30
pl0vshi huys!08:30
sivanghey alex, how you been ?08:30
pl0vsgreat, just been to the movies08:30
sivangyeah? which movie did you see?08:31
pl0vsarthur, hadn\t seen it and it was in the re=run cinema, really cheap08:31
sivangnice, you said you live in the netherlands right?08:31
pl0vsi was born in the netherlands, and spent my youth there, now i live in latvia08:32
pl0vsChrisH, what was the backlog address again, can you maybe put it in the topic?08:34
ChrisHpl0vs: sure08:35
sivangpl0vs : the log chrisH had setup is very cool08:35
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pl0vsChrisH, how can i see the backlog?08:41
ChrisHpl0vs: just use the url08:42
sivang^-- pl0vs08:42
sivangit's real nice08:42
pl0vsyes but back in time08:42
pl0vsnot the last 100 but before that08:43
ChrisHI had to clear the logs two hours ago due to some bugs. :)08:43
pl0vssivang, i saw that you moved the teams, great work08:52
pl0vsbtw i got an ok from jimmac to use his icons on the wiki, he makes really nice stuff08:56
sivangpl0vs : sorry, I didn't move them yet - but I'll have it by end of weekend, I was unfourtanetly busy with physical world stuff..09:09
sivangpl0vs : I guess what we see there was already there.09:09
sivangdo you have a link?09:09
=== sivang is going and will be back tommorow.
sivangnight meanwhile , all09:12
pl0vssivang, a link of what, the icons? it's in the doclist09:12
pl0vssivang, night!09:13
ChrisHsivang: nite09:15
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=== ChrisH is still testing the botlog
pl0vsChrisH, keep on testing!10:38
ChrisHThat action was just for the logs. :) I forgot to implement "/me" actions. :)10:38

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