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sabdfldaf: you watching?03:40
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cprovstub: ping07:58
stubcprov: pong08:06
cprovstub: hi, dude !! working on weekend :) Are the two Newest PGViews from kiko commited ?08:10
BradBstub: you're not fixing any of the bugs reported in malone, are you? it's probably best if noone else works on them until we figure out a sane workflow for resolving bugs (because i've fixed a few of the bugs reported already, but there exists no way yet to resolve and ignore them)08:12
stubBradB: I talked to mark on Friday night. He likes bug summary and description, so might be a bit early to pull it.08:12
BradBHe'd be the only one who does. :)08:13
stubcprov: The views are in that kiko sent to launchpad. I got an email from salgado with an update to it.08:13
stubsalgado's aren't in08:14
cprovstub: no, I'm not working on Malone bugs ... 08:18
cprovstub: no salgado isn't in, but I suppose those view he sent you are "drop the two broken and insert new ones" 08:20
stubBradB: No - not working on the bugs I sumitted into Malone. Just thoughts so they wouldn't get lost :)08:20
stubcprov: yes.08:21
cprovstub: the code is updated and expect the new views08:21
stubcprov: ok. I'll push them in after I wake up today.08:22
BradBstub: what's the legitimate reason behind keeping summary in there? virtually every bug i've reported i've copied and pasted the title into summary to try and figure out how to fill that field with something. non-malone-developers will be confused.08:22
BradBi have to decide whether it's worth fixing the page tests right now to account for the removed field. i hope it is.08:22
cprovstub: lol, thanks08:23
stubBradB: The reason is so it can be used in tooltips and similar on the bug search pages. Which we aren't at the moment, and probably isn't a good idea.08:25
BradBi think simply reading the title is sufficient for that purpose08:26
stubIt is useful for display, but I don't think Mark quite appreciates how annoying it is during initial entry.08:26
BradBi'm desparately lazy. i'll be really disappointed if malone doesn't support desparately lazy users.08:27
stub(if 70% of our bugs don't warrent both a description and a summary, our users are being pissed off 70% of the time)08:27
stubMark was talking about sticking some sort of template for the users to fill out in the description trying to elicit details, but that seems a gross hack to me and will just fill up the DB with crap. 08:29
BradBstub: what might be cooler is to have the diagnosis be the thing that comes up in a tooltip. the title should be worded clearly enough to make the reader say "oh yeah, that one". if hovering their mouse over it then gives them the blurb on what's causing the problem, that'd be cool, but then, i can't even be arsed to aim my mouse at a bug long enough for a tooltip to come up. i just end up clicking.08:29
stubYup. diagnosis could be our way out.08:29
=== stub goes to bed
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spivWe'll see what Mark thinks after all the summaries turn out to be "See description" ;)08:43
BradBheh heh08:46
=== BradB proposes a patch: UPDATE bug SET shortdesc = "See description";
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!lilo:*! Hi all. If you can help with French <-> English translation, please message me10:56
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