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pl0vsWW, hi04:07
WWpl0vs: Hey there.  I was away lighting the fire.04:34
pl0vsjust finished cleaning up some more pages04:51
WWI noticed!  Looks like you're keeping busy :)04:53
pl0vsthere is still a lot to be done before we have really good docs04:54
pl0vswe still have lots of empty pages04:56
WWWhat happened to your "minimalist" Front Page?04:57
pl0vsupstream preferred a less minimalistic approach04:57
pl0vsit's not too bad, a little full but well, that;s how it is04:58
WWAh.  I haven't check what most of the links contain, but it looks like a lot of it should be static content on the regular web page.04:58
pl0vsthe philosophy is, within 3 links you are on the destination, that is hard with very little links04:58
WWSo the preference is wide, shallow trees.04:59
pl0vsyes, like nautilus04:59
pl0vsi am more used to deeper trees, but i can see the logic05:00
pl0vsat least i got icons :)05:00
WW"Policies & Procedures", "Promotion & Events", "Releases"... would it make sense for these to be on the main page? 05:01
pl0vshow is the faq going?05:01
pl0vsProcedures, is used by devs05:02
pl0vsReleases, has lots of docs behind it05:02
WWWell, whatever, I'm sure there are good reasons...05:02
pl0vsPromotions & Events is empty, but lulu insisted on it, we can always (re)move it later if it does not get used05:03
pl0vsno 1 reason, we needed a new page fast, that's done05:03
WWThe FAQ, however, seems to have moved down the tree a bit... but I guess it is still within three clicks to get to it. :)05:04
pl0vsbut it used to be twice as long05:04
WWMaybe Lulu should google for YAGNI.05:04
pl0vsthe FAQ needs to be on the frontpage05:04
pl0vsi like kiss05:05
WWWhat's the latest on macros (or something equivalent) in ReST or moin or whatever...05:06
pl0vsit will balance out over time, i think some things will move to support, and FrontPage will shrink to nice and minimal05:06
pl0vsthey *still* have not finished installing the site, it still is slow, and caches badly, so no time to code :(05:07
pl0vsReST hast some sort of TOC but it is turned of05:07
WWI have a couple small things that I would add to the FAQ, but without some sort of TOC, the page is already too long.05:07
pl0vsi will bug lulu (again) on monday05:08
pl0vsmaybe an idea is to remove some stuff, as it is also covered somewhere else05:08
pl0vslike mono, maybe a link will do05:08
pl0vsmp3 has a page as well05:09
pl0vsi think you should add (good) points, gives us more reasons for a TOC05:09
pl0vsand feel free to make remarks about the FrontPage, it is not yet finished, a wiki never is05:11
pl0vs(just as long you don't ditch all my icons)05:11
WW...otherwise it wouldn't be a wiki! :)05:11
pl0vsno reason to be overly attached to some page05:11
WWHave you just been collecting icons from the web, snagging whatever looks good?05:11
pl0vsno, it is all legal05:12
WW(and is free, of course)05:12
pl0vsi spoke with jimmac and the gnome people05:12
pl0vsit is all theirs, and Aaron made one icon05:12
WWAh, cool.05:13
pl0vsi especially like http://jimmac.musichall.cz/ikony.php305:13
pl0vsi really like the way jimmac draws05:13
pl0vsit is my absolute favourite, better then mac kde anything (i think)05:14
WWI agree, pretty slick.05:14
pl0vsbut again, feel free to make recommendations etc, just don't steel icons from apple or so ;) they get easily aggitated05:15
pl0vsand add your own off course05:15
pl0vswhat you might do is add a toc by hand in ReST05:16
pl0vsit is a pain off course but better then nothing maybe, i don't know05:17
WWI thought about doing that (like the test I put in the WikiSandBox), but a simple TableOfContents macro would make all the work instantly obsolete!05:17
pl0vs[[TableOfContents] ]  we miss you05:17
WWThat's why I've been waiting to see what happens.05:17
pl0vsdon't hold your breath, things move slooow05:18
WWAlso, I suspect completely rewriting the FAQ in ReST might make some people unhappy.05:19
pl0vsi believe in meritocracy05:19
pl0vsyou work, you choose05:20
pl0vsi only make ReST pages05:20
pl0vsif people don't like it, then they should type faster05:20
pl0vsi think you are the only one touching the FAQ atm05:20
WWAnd you know, the FAQ hasn't changed in quite a while... maybe it05:20
WWit's time for a shake-up.05:21
pl0vsjust make it as clear as possible, maybe like: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/TechnicalBoardAgenda05:21
pl0vslook in the source05:22
WWI'll take a look...05:22
pl0vsif somebody complains, tell them to complain in the doc-list05:22
pl0vsand i will definately flame them for it05:23
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sivangmorning folks :)10:39
ChrisHsivang: moin10:40
=== ChrisH is off to go shopping with wife and kids
sivangHave fun ChrishH10:40
sivangmorning pl0vs10:43
ChrisHHeck. Those other customers in the supermarket behave like it's the last day they every can buy something.12:43
sivangChrisH : this happens in germeny also ???01:09
sivangI thought this was centric to Israel only haha01:09
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ChrisHhi, hornbeck :)02:26
hornbeckHey ChrisH02:27
hornbeckI just got done with your great backlog02:27
sivangHi JOHN!02:27
sivangwhat;s up?02:27
ChrisHI was pretty surprised that it still worked this morning. :)02:28
hornbeckhey sivang02:28
sivangwhat do you think of our newly addition to the doc team? the amazing ChrisH :) ?02:28
hornbeckI think he is great02:28
ChrisHsivang: Put down the "Applause" sign, please. :)02:28
hornbecksorry I have not been around02:28
=== sivang really likes the backlog
hornbeckI had a hot water tank bust, had to tear out a wall to get to it, and still am not done02:28
ChrisHAny features that you would like to see in the log?02:28
hornbeckI should be back to full speed monday02:29
sivangno problem,02:29
sivangafter all it *is* the weekend02:29
hornbeckwell this crap has been going on since wednesday02:29
hornbeckone crappy weekend02:29
hornbeckdoes anyone else use a laptop with Ubuntu?02:30
hornbeckdoes it drain your battery fast?02:30
hornbeckI have dual battery and it just goes fast02:30
ChrisHToshiba Satellite - works well. The Toshiba Tecra at work doesn't do power management and has audio trouble though. Already told mjg59.02:30
ChrisHDidn't try it that long though. KDE on Debian Sarge worked a lot better IMHO.02:31
hornbeckI am on a dell 600m and everything works just uses alot of power02:31
ChrisHBut laptops and linux is a hard issue.02:31
hornbeckyeah it is02:31
sivanghornbeck : uptill now, it has drained my battery,02:32
sivangheat up the system02:32
sivangwork slow as HELLLL02:32
sivangI reverted to debian sarge on the laptop for the meanwhile02:32
sivangBut I might give another chance for Ubuntu on the laptop,02:32
sivangusing only ext3 filesystem.02:32
ChrisHAnd I also have Sid still on this PC because I need to do debian package maintenance. There are fewer workstations on ubuntu than I wanted to have.02:33
hornbeckHoary made my laptop heat up fast02:33
sivangthere have been reports that XFS / resierfs have several issues02:33
sivangunclosed ones :)02:33
sivangwhich might cause excessive disk activity etc.02:33
hornbeckI have all my stuff on Ubuntu at the moment02:33
sivangChrisH : I have only one desktop system (the strongest of them all here) with Ubuntu.02:33
hornbeckyeah I reverted to ext3 and it works alittle better02:33
ChrisHIsn't reiserfs going commercial anyway?02:33
sivangeverything else is using debian02:33
sivangyou mean, they change thier license?02:34
ChrisHI thought I read something that reiserfs4 is no longer bsd/gpl.02:34
sivangI thought they were to stay GPL02:34
hornbeckreiserfs has two licenses02:34
ChrisHreiserfs has screwed a lot of data here. I'm staying on ext3 although xfs is really fast on the proxys.02:34
hornbeckgpl, and a I won't tell if you are using it license02:34
sivangas soon as XFS gets more stable ,02:36
sivangfor a more wide range of hardware - e.g. laptops etc.02:36
sivangthat would be cool.02:36
sivangI am using reiserfs for /02:36
sivangXFS for /home02:36
sivangand ext3 for /boot02:36
sivangon this desktop02:36
sivangwith full fledged Ubuntu.02:37
sivangbut this is a 2.6Gigs HT 512MB machine02:37
sivangwith 2 7200RPM, ATA100 harddrives.02:37
sivangubuntu nearly "killed" the dell inspiron 8200 :)02:37
ChrisHbtw, why is there no german home page for ubuntu yet? ubuntulinux.de has already been registered. Could I help with that?02:37
ChrisHUbuntu is slowly becoming famous over here.02:38
sivangChrisH : talk to mako, he is your man. oh, and lulu ofcourse.02:38
sivangThere are quite some very nice germen people already on the project, which might help you set up it02:38
hornbeckboy, you have to love coffee02:38
=== ChrisH will post on -doc
sivangmako deals with everything community, and lulu is the site(s) admin :)02:39
sivangI love REDMUG02:39
ChrisHmako also from canonical?02:39
sivanghe's the community guy 02:40
hornbeckbrb, reading the gnome planet site02:41
sivanghornbeck : you on black coffe there?02:45
=== ChrisH is on cappuccino
sivangah cappuccino is great, although bit expansive here comapred to other stuff02:47
hornbecksivang: alittle milk, alittle suger02:47
sivangon the black? I prefer it traditional arabic black, we call it "mud" coffe here - because it sinks to the bottom of the glass and looks like mud :)02:49
sivangthere is also an arabic/hindo spice there - "Hel"02:49
sivangit adds bits of bitterness and spice to the coffe02:49
hornbeckwe have coffee02:49
hornbeckI never buy different coffee02:50
hornbeckfolgers is what I buy02:50
sivangcan you send a link ? pic ?02:51
hornbeckof the coffee?02:52
sivangor the package02:52
ChrisHWe should open #ubuntu-coffee for the morning chitchat. :)02:53
sivangyeah :)02:54
sivangah cool02:56
sivangyou seen this:02:56
hornbeckno I don't really look around coffee sites much02:58
hornbeckI am folgers french roast03:00
hornbeckwell I am going to be out for a second to read email03:02
hornbeckback in about ten minutes03:02
sivangwho are the other guy besides sparkes that is no longer on the doc team?03:06
sivangis John Levin still with us?03:09
sivangor was it ben edwards who signed off ?03:10
hornbeckben edwards03:17
hornbeckhe said he may start helping again when he has time03:17
sivangok, no prob.03:18
sivangso Levin still with us?03:18
sivangyou happen to have his email? (I am working on the main site docteam page)03:18
hornbecklet me see if I can pull it up real quick03:19
hornbeckdamn that will be logged and posted to a website03:20
sivangwhy is that a problem?03:21
hornbeckdamn spam spiders03:21
sivangoh shit03:22
sivangI didn't realize03:22
sivangChrisH : you have an idea ?03:22
sivanghow we might protect ourselves ?03:22
hornbeckor hornbeck at freeshell dot org03:23
sivangwe should be foastering this way of discussion URLs agreed03:23
hornbeckwell guys I am off for now, have to get this hotwater tank in03:27
hornbeckI will try to get back on and get some work done later03:27
sivangc'ya !03:27
hornbeckmonday starts "get the book going good" week :-)03:27
ChrisHsivang: if you use an email account on my server you will hardly get any spam04:01
ChrisHsivang: I'm an active in the "anti-spam scene" and have built up good measures to block off spammers.04:01
ChrisHsivang: half of my incoming emails are spam. But I only get one spam per day and 100 ham mails.04:02
ChrisHsivang: I could as well create sivang@member.of.ubuntu.and.sick.of.spam.workaround.org :) But that's probably overkill.04:03
sivangyes it would be an overkill :)04:03
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sivanghey WW04:11
WWHi there04:15
WWIf you have a minute, take a look at NewFAQTest on the wiki (and compare to FrequentlyAskedQuestions).04:16
sivangI will, later, I have to go for about 30 minutes :)04:19
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sivangboy, the new FAQ by WW sure looks good, have you given it a look ChrisH ?06:16
=== kmulligan [~kevin@pcp01065952pcs.rome01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanghey kevin!06:16
sivangI'm sorry I havn't been responsive to your inquiries,06:16
ChrisHsivang: I have. Two broken links. But looks good otherwise.06:16
ChrisHkmulligan: Cheers.06:16
kmulliganGreets all :)06:17
sivangkmulligan : if you'd like, mail me at sivan@workaround.org, with stuff you require from me and I will follow it item by item :)06:17
kmulliganwhat do you mean stuff i require?06:17
sivanghmm, in relation to linuxinto primerily06:20
sivangwe "talked" a bit on the wiki06:20
sivangOh, and I thought it would be better clarify that the LinuxInto / StartingTheJoureny doesn't intend to be a practical guide,06:21
sivangI inted to discuss the background a user needs to know prior to even using a howto or a tutorial for practical benefits.06:22
sivangbut, the input you provided could very well serve me on a sequal to that doc,06:22
sivangin a form of something more practical or get merged into FirstSteps which is currently very very basic06:23
sivangand I recalled you asked me something about making special keyboard keys work under X06:27
sivangI will momentarily send you a nice link,06:27
kmulligani think it was just how to switch workspaces06:27
kmulligani found it and put it on linuxintrowishes06:27
kmulliganctrl + alt + <-- or -->06:27
kmulliganthe only other thing than that was getting mouse 3/4/5 to work06:28
sivangwell this part invloves some 2 utilities from X.06:31
sivangone in which you capture the key codes the keys on the mouse would produce,06:31
sivangthe other sets up a specific program or alike to react to it,06:32
sivangfrankyl, I have used it mostly in XMMS as the reciving application has to implement some kind of interaction with the fireing up process from X06:34
plovshi guys06:44
ChrisHplovs: skol06:45
plovskmulligan, so you found your way to irc?06:47
plovsnice! 06:47
kmulliganive used it before, just didn't know if one came loaded06:48
ChrisHIs there another place than the IRC?06:48
=== ChrisH has changed the irclog URL to something easier: http://irclog.workaround.org
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-doc:ChrisH] : Ubuntu Doc Team - general discussion - backlog at http://irclog.workaround.org
plovsChrisH, nie very usefull, i love irce06:51
ChrisHIRC is easy to get addicted to.06:52
sivanghi plovs, what's up?06:52
sivangHave started to move thing into main site06:52
plovssivang, good! 06:53
plovsi am just looking at what's new, i like the FAQ06:53
plovsWW is doing a nice job06:53
sivangI think we should move the faq by WW to be official faq, it's very nice06:57
ChrisHIs there someone following ubuntu-doc and putting that up in the faq?06:58
plovsyes, he did a good job, looks much better, allthough it needs some more cleaning, some stuff is double in the wiki06:58
ChrisHErrr. s/ubuntu-doc/ubuntu-users/06:58
plovsChrisH, ah, ok06:58
plovsChrisH, i read only the interisting pieces, it is too much06:58
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plovsWW, hi!06:59
WWHey there.06:59
plovskust talkning about you06:59
WWChrisH: I noticed.  That irclog is awesome.06:59
=== plovs says: man, i can't type and eat in the same time
ChrisHWW: Bloody lurker! Thanks. :)07:00
ChrisHplovs: We need to be careful when bashing WW. He's reading us. ;)07:00
WWChrisH: Nah, not lurking, just joined and then decided to see what was up.07:01
sivangWW what is your name ? (I am not sure if I know who you are)07:01
plovsww, but, nice the new faq07:01
WWsivang: Warren, but I also use WW on the wiki.07:02
sivangah ok 07:02
plovsWW, you have no icons on your FAQ?07:06
=== sivang notes that plovs has an icon fever
=== plovs thinks life would not be worth living without icons
ChrisHDoes anyone know how to use the own portrait directly in the wiki? I didn't found that documented anywhere.07:07
WWNo, I didn't add any icons.  Just converting it to ReST and getting rid of errors was a chore.07:07
WWBut hey, it's a wiki.  Just Fix It (tm).07:08
plovsChrisH, no, you can link it back to your homepage, but that's all07:08
plovsChrisH, name-linking doesn't work either yet07:08
plovsin the changes page i mean07:08
ChrisHSo I would still put the graphics up somewhere else. Okay.07:09
=== sivang suggests writing to the mailing list in order to approve WW's new faq for official site
plovsyou can link it (using ReST) with .. image:: IconSambaShares07:10
plovssivang, good idea, do it07:10
plovsand then preplace IconSambaShares with the link to your head07:10
ChrisHHave to check that out.07:11
=== plovs needs a hackergotchi
plovsChrisH, http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/ref/rst/directives.html#images07:11
ChrisHThanks for the link. ReST can be tricky. :)07:12
sivangWW : what's your real name for sake of list email ? :)07:13
WWsivang: Warren Weckesser07:13
sivangWW: thanks. also have you already incorporated the main site07:14
sivangsite's issues into your new wiki?07:14
sivangthis is what I am talking about : http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/faqfolder_view/07:14
WWsivang: I'm not sure what you mean?07:14
sivangI mean, were you intending to have your FAQ as the wiki FAQ, or a main support FAQ ?07:15
WWsivang: It isn't "my" FAQ.  i just converted the existing wiki page FrequentlyAskedQuestions to ReST, so it could have a table of contents. 07:16
sivangoh ok :) sorry about the misunderstanding.07:16
WWsivang: I expect the policy would stay the same... someone from Ubuntu could grab whatever they like from the wiki faq and move it to the main site when they find something they like.07:17
plovssivang, i still do not understand why we should have two faqs07:17
sivangplovs : me neither.07:17
plovssivang, i think we can do that ourselves actually (move it)07:17
sivangOk, I am going to release a post to the list, saying we want WW's07:17
sivangfaq as the official one.07:17
sivangif I don't get any canonical response,07:18
sivangI am going to move it there.07:18
plovssivang, WW, good idea! what do you think about this:07:18
sivangthe current one, is *ahhem*  sh*t ?07:18
plovssivang, agreed07:18
sivangthis is documented on ChrisH logs...07:18
=== ChrisH looks forward to canonical read it :)
WWsivang: The only problem with the current one is that the TableOfContents macro no longer works.07:18
sivangI hope nobody notices that ...07:19
WWsivang: If that macro worked, I would never have done the conversion.07:19
sivangChrisH : could you remove this form the log? :-)07:19
plovsmoving the faq to the official one, putting to the wiki: StuffToBePutInTheOfficialWiki07:19
ChrisHNo problem if you want to have some lines removed. Just remember to send your name and expiry date, too. And btw, I don't take American Express any more.07:19
sivangbut siriously, let's take a quick look at http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/faqfolder_view/07:19
sivangChrisH : hahaha07:19
sivangNo, I stand behind what I just said.07:20
WWsivang: Although I do agree that the current Ubuntu FAQ need to be reorganized.07:20
sivangdoes anybody think a linux distro FAQ should likke like?07:20
WWIt has just two categories, "Ubuntu" and "Support", which seem meaningless.07:20
sivangand i *really* don't think it is anyway comparable to http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/NewFAQTest07:21
sivangwith all do respect.07:21
sivangOppinions people? flame? :)07:21
plovsa faq should be short Frequently does not mean every single possible question07:21
sivangthat's right plovs,07:21
sivangbut do you think some new people can be benefited from using http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/faqfolder_view/ as a start point?07:22
plovsoff course *we* have to figure out how to do it right07:22
sivangI have a hunch they won't..07:22
plovssivang, i have never seen it referred to in #ubuntu or the list07:22
sivangplovs : you mean nobody even noticed it ? It's linked from Ubuntu's main apge07:23
WWsivang: I agree.  A new user asks "How do I get Java to work?" , not "What are the unsupported formats and tools?"07:23
plovsbut if we would incorperate WW's FAQ with this faq and link it to the wiki for missing stuff, so it would be one thing then it would be ok07:23
sivanghe doesn't even KNOW what those puzzled words like "restcited format" mean in the context of Ubuntu07:23
plovssivang, correct07:23
sivangI think it's doing a great diservice for peopole just wanting to make *something* work.07:24
plovssivang, *I* never read it, btw until just now07:24
sivangI didn't want to say anything about it,07:24
plovsi do not like the support section, it is redundant and out-dated07:24
sivangas I was sure someone from canonical would take care of making it something more similar to the wiki's form of FAQs..07:25
sivangbut now as I look it,07:25
sivangit's considered as nothing IMHO.07:25
plovsi think it is considered to be doc-team's job07:25
plovsmeaning yours ;)07:25
sivangno problem. I will ad this to my TODO :)07:26
sivangso we would incorporate WW's with what already there, with links to the wiki where applicable ?07:26
plovsi would like that, ask for consensus on the list, though07:27
plovsand if WW agrees, off course07:27
sivangyes ofcourse,07:27
sivangnothing gets done on the doc team with the consensus thingy :)07:27
plovswhat about a page: StuffToBePutInTheOfficialWiki ?07:28
sivangplovs : yes, thank you. without all sorts of notes everywhere I get lost :)07:28
plovsand then no faq in the wiki, only one faq07:29
plovsWW, would you like to be the FAQ-man?07:29
sivangWW : yes, since you've done such a good work, would you?07:29
WWplovs: But if you simply change the name of StuffToBePutInTheOfficialWiki to FrequentlyAskedQuestions, you end up with the current policy. :)  Which is fine with me.07:30
plovswell, i think we should move all the good stuff to thr 'real' faq-page and empty this one07:30
WWAh, well, if you guys are able to edit the real FAQ, then go for it.07:31
plovsnot only *we*, we are thinking about *you*07:31
plovsWW, that is07:31
plovson the official FAQ07:32
sivangyes, that would be way cool07:32
plovsWW, the offical FAQ-representative07:32
WWplovs: Sorry, I don't think I can be FAQ-man.  I don't have the time or ambition for that kind of committment.07:32
plovsah, ok07:32
sivangplovs : and also adopt the wiki's devide and conquer approahc07:32
ChrisHDidn't follow it. Are you guys planning to do the FAQ in Docbook or Wiki? The latter is probably hard to handle.07:33
plovsChrisH, can we put docbook in the site?07:33
plovsif we can then docbook would be my #1 choice07:33
plovsbut we need something that shows up on the web as well07:34
ChrisHI don't know if we needed to just link the XHTML output from Docbook or if it can produce Wiki language.07:34
ChrisHIs there a way to upload HTML directly instead of using the wiki?07:34
plovsChrisH, yes07:34
ChrisHWiki is collaborative and nice. But handling large FAQs with TOCs, links and footnotes can become ugly.07:34
WWIs docbook easy to use?  One point of the wiki FAQ is that anyone can add to it.07:35
plovsWW, the official faq should be 'locked down' the StuffToBePut.. is open, wiki style07:35
ChrisHWW: That would not work with Docbook. So it depends on we want it ugly and collaborative or neat and restrictive.07:35
ChrisHplovs: I agree. A FaqProposedUpdates wiki page would still be needed and would serve as the input for the FAQ man.07:36
plovsChrisH, do you have some test docbook file?07:36
sivangChrisH : The online official FAQ can be edited with an WYSIWYG editor, very slick07:36
WWChrisH: Main ubuntu site: neat and restrictive.  Wiki FAQ: easy but occasionally messy.  (IMHO)07:36
sivangChrisH : for the offline FAQ manual, ofcourse I support DocBook07:36
ChrisHplovs: I'm currently writing the Docbook tutorial I plan to have online in about an hour. That would perhaps give all here a better idea of how it looks.07:36
plovsChrisH, is it in docbook?07:37
ChrisHplovs: the tutorial itself is not in docbook because I intend to wiki it.07:37
=== sivang awaits the arrival of ChrisH's DocBook tutorial
ChrisHsivang: Would be nice to have the FAQ be easily added to Gnome Help and shipped.07:37
plovsthe reason i asked is, you can use html on the site07:37
=== ChrisH carefully offers to maintain a docbook faq
plovsif we will do the official documentation in docbook then i would love to have a faq about it07:38
ChrisHplovs: sounds a little recursive ;)07:38
plovsyou do perl, you must like that kind of stuff07:39
sivangChrisH : yes ofcourse. I'm planning of taking all the online docs and pacakge them for yelp07:39
ChrisHplovs: well... :)07:39
ChrisHsivang: wiki2yelp?07:39
sivangChrisH : huh?07:39
WWI'll split hairs here... I think you might need a docbook HowTo.  After all, how frequently are people asking about using docbook (not counting those crazy doc-team members :)07:39
sivangChrisH : you mean from docutlils ?07:39
plovsChrisH, docbook2yelp07:39
ChrisHsivang: How do you plan to do that?07:39
ChrisHsivang: Just a wild guess. I didn't even know html2yelp exists. :)07:40
ChrisHplovs: Is there such a thing?07:40
plovsyes, i *think* so let me find it, brb07:40
sivangChrisH : well, hopefully to be assisted by the ReST --> XML script07:40
plovsi need beagle07:40
ChrisHThat's the whole trouble with Wikis. It's hard to convert it into anything but HTML.07:41
plovsYelp reads DocBook. OMF files.07:41
sivanggo manual over stuff the didn't go well,07:41
sivangand then packages it for scrollkeeper07:41
plovsChrisH, a question about docbook:07:41
plovsi can do docbook2html, right?07:42
sivangChrisH : if you use ReST on the wiki, it could be *realtively* easy to convert it to xml07:42
plovssivang, but there is (not yet) an xml2docbook converter07:42
sivangso what were all the talking about the easy way to convert from the wiki to docbook ?07:43
sivangI need tomboy,07:43
sivanganybody know how I can find tseng's repo?07:43
plovs:) in the faq?07:44
ChrisHplovs: yes, docbook to html is trivial. Look at my tutorials at http://workaround.org07:44
plovstomboy is really nice, i use it every day07:44
plovsok, and we can post html on the site07:45
plovsthat means that we should use docbook for bg things and then convert it and upload it07:45
ChrisHIMHO it would be nice to have Wiki for most pages ("who is in the doc team", "welcome to ubuntu" and "restricted formats") but use DocBook on larger articles that are potentially needed to be converted.07:45
plovsand those things can then be used with yelp07:45
ChrisHplovs: seconded07:45
plovssivang, find it?07:46
sivangnot yet,07:46
plovsChrisH, i intend to study docbook today (my wife is out of town, i have free time)07:46
plovssivang, https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/BreakMyUbuntu07:47
plovsChrisH, what do you use to write docbook, emacs?07:47
sivangemacs is great at docbook07:47
sivangbut I think he's using VI :)07:47
ChrisHplovs: There is a reasonably nice plugin for XML in the vim.07:48
plovsnice, i use vim07:48
ChrisHplovs: You may even want to take a look at conglomerate.07:48
plovsChrisH, conglomerate crashed on me07:48
=== plovs installs conglomerate again
plovsChrisH, article, book or set?07:50
ChrisHplovs: article07:51
sivangDarn, am in the middle of hoary upgrade07:51
sivangpkg file is locked07:51
sivangplovs : found it , thanks.07:51
ChrisHLet me put up the first part of the Wiki entry already. Looks like it could prove helpful already.07:51
sivangChrisH : wiki entry of what? :)07:52
WWChrisH: Where are you putting it?07:52
WWChrisH: wait, nevermind...07:52
ChrisHsivang: DocBook07:52
plovsChrisH, that would be nice07:52
sivangChrisH : oh, it's finished ?07:52
ChrisHsivang: Nearly. The first part would allow everyone here to understand the abbreviations and get a "hello world" document compiled.07:53
plovsi'll write a doc, and publish it to the wiki, see if it's as good as they say it is ;)07:54
sivangplovs : about what?07:54
plovsas a test, probably about something important07:55
plovsabout icons, i think07:55
=== sivang LOLs
sivangChrisH : I would also appriciate a tutorial for doing docbook in VIM, using "reasonably nice plugin for XML in the vim."07:56
sivangif it's not already how you're tutorial is put , as a vim guy07:56
ChrisHsivang: No problem. :) already here in draft form07:59
ChrisHCan anybody tell me how to use something like <pre>...</pre> in ReST?07:59
ChrisHAh... literal block I guess. "::"08:00
sivangplovs is our rest expert08:00
sivangI have yet to do a single doc in it,08:01
sivangI might as well start with DocBook altogether08:01
=== ChrisH proudly presents http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocBook
ChrisHAnyone reading it? :)08:25
WWChrisH: Looks like a nice start.  For those of us too lazy to install everything right away, is it possible to add a link to the HTML version of you Hello World example?08:25
sivanglooks very nice08:26
ChrisHWW: Sure. Where shall I put it?08:26
ChrisHsivang: tnx08:26
WWChrisH: Can you make 'test.html' a link right there in the page?08:27
ChrisHWW: To another wiki page?08:27
WWChrisH: I don't know.  Is it possible to upload the html file to the wiki?08:27
WWI haven't tried uploading a complete html file to the wiki... don't know if you can do that.  Anybody?08:29
sivanghoary is crawling into my system.....08:29
ChrisHWW: I have put it on workaround.org - who cares08:29
sivangWW : there's an option when you edit main site pages08:29
=== pl0vs [~knoppix@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
WWChrisH: Thanks.  I'll be using your page when I start experimenting with DocBook for a project of mine.08:35
WWTime to go...  but who knows, maybe I'll be lurking...  :)08:36
ChrisHWW: DocBook has own tags for generating FAQs. Should I provide an example for out internal use?08:36
ChrisHsivang: okay, okay, I won't, I promise!08:37
sivanghoary started to break things for me, I'm headed to a reboot :)08:37
WWChrisH: That would be interesting to see.08:37
pl0vsok, back online08:37
sivangthat wasn't intented for you ChrisH :)08:37
WWLater, y'all.08:37
ChrisHsivang: I know. :)08:37
ChrisHWW: l8r08:37
pl0vssee ya WW08:37
sivangI arrgheed at hoary breaking my mozilla-firefox08:37
sivangC'ya WW08:37
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-144-192.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu-doc []
pl0vsChrisH, nice to see that the log now has autoscroll as well. Super!08:38
ChrisHpl0vs: for the lazy of us :)08:38
pl0vssivang, you are going to the conference?08:39
sivangI wish, I am not sure yet for the travel expanses if I can handle them,08:41
sivangbut I am checking possibilities.08:41
ChrisHWhich conference is it?08:42
pl0vswell, if you go say hi from the doc-team 08:42
sivangI would represent us08:43
pl0vsChrisH, you can escape wiki names with ! like  LaTeX08:43
ChrisHpl0vs: so they don't become links?08:44
ChrisHpl0vs: ic08:46
pl0vsChrisH, it is easier if commands (xslt etc) are in a box as well, beginning with "bash:~$ " BeagleInstallHowto has nice layout08:56
pl0vseasier to copy/paste08:57
ChrisHpl0vs: Okay... I will just finish it. (A dozen more lines.) Then I'll clean it up.08:57
ChrisHpl0vs: Your original text is still there (commented out) in case you want it included.08:57
pl0vsChrisH, nono, yours is much better (despite the fact that it does not have *any* icons whatsover)08:59
sivangChrisH : there is going to be a hoary conference in spain on december08:59
pl0vsChrisH, i tried it, i'm inpressed09:00
sivangChrisH : It would be 2 weeks of hacking, talks etc09:00
pl0vsnow i'll copy it to thw wiki09:00
pl0vssivang, sounds really nice09:00
ChrisHsivang: I didn't know there was an Ubuntu conference. :)09:01
sivangwhat are you working on now fellas ?09:01
sivangChrisH : all canonical employees are going to be there, together with a bunch of interested folks and related09:01
pl0vsChrisH, it's on the frontpage of ubuntulinux and in the wiki in Conference09:01
ChrisHsivang: Two weeks? That's a long time. Is there so much to discuss?09:02
pl0vsChrisH, it's in spain, it's warm, has beaches...09:02
ChrisHpl0vs: I know spain well. But in December it will hardly be that warm. Northern hemisphere. :)09:03
sivangChrisH : I am not sure, but I'm sure mako would have better answers about this, just write to him.09:03
ChrisHsivang: Not that much on the Agenda, yet.09:05
pl0vsChrisH,  still 20+ in the south, atm09:05
pl0vsbtw checkout: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocbookTestHtml09:05
sivanghe said on the conference page that he would wlecome any questions etc.09:05
pl0vsi think the ubuntu guys just want to meet, they might never have met before09:05
ChrisHsivang: I can surely not attend. Both work and family won't allow that. I was very surprised that last year my boss paid the travel for a coworker and me to the LinuxTag.09:05
sivangChrisH : what company do you work for ?09:06
ChrisHsivang: www.otto.com / www.otto.de09:06
pl0vsreally? my mum buys there09:06
ChrisHpl0vs: I have been to the CCCongress for five years until 1999. But with the time there was less hacking (in the productive meaning) but more pr0n leeching. :(09:07
pl0vsChrisH,  at otto or linuxtag ?09:07
ChrisHpl0vs: I'm in the network security team there. Usually it's fun. But out management is laying off 25% of all employees. :(09:07
ChrisHpl0vs: LinuxTag. :)09:08
pl0vsmanagement, firing people and wanting more work done in the same memo!09:08
pl0vson a more positive note, docbook works great!09:09
ChrisHpl0vs: Currently no one is doing serious work there. Everybody is waiting who will get fired. We will know that in 03/2005. Gnarr.09:09
pl0vsi put the html output in the wiki, and it renders ok09:09
sivangpl0vs : have you followed ChrisH new tutorial?09:09
=== sivang also wants to know what is all the fun about :)
ChrisHpl0vs: Cool. And with the stylesheet it looks decent. :)09:10
pl0vssivang, yes, test.html: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocbookTestHtml , renders fine09:10
pl0vswhich means we could write real docs in docbook and then use xslt and put it in the site09:10
pl0vsChrisH, can you add a links section? with the docbook site etc09:11
ChrisHpl0vs: just that people needed to know that the source is docbook so they would not start changing the html code09:11
ChrisHpl0vs: Yes.09:11
ChrisHAt first I found that DocBook/XML was a bad joke. Mostly because most of the programs I got recommended did not work at all. Where couldn't there just be a "do this and that" and a few pointers?09:12
pl0vswe would put that stuff not in the wiki but in the support section09:12
ChrisHpl0vs: (excuse my ignorance) support section?09:12
ChrisHGreat advantage of DocBook: we could have it checked in and out in CVS or SVN because it's plain text.09:13
pl0vshttps://www.ubuntulinux.org/support the 'official' documentation09:13
pl0vshornbeck is setting up svn/cvs for us (doc-team)09:14
pl0vsFedora uses it as well, they have graet looking docs09:14
pl0vswith one style-sheet it all looks the same, really good09:14
=== pl0vs dreams about having icons all over the documentation ...
ChrisHWho has permissions to edit the support page? Only canonical?09:15
pl0vsdoc-team as well, meaning we do09:16
ChrisHPerhaps one day I qualify for edit access, too. No hurry. :)09:16
pl0vsyou already have edit-access09:17
pl0vseverybody has09:17
ChrisHpl0vs: not for the support area09:17
pl0vsit's just not common knowledge09:17
sivangyou have09:18
sivangyes, everybody has09:18
ChrisHDo you see an "Edit" button at https://www.ubuntulinux.org/support ? Or do I need to use the "secret edit link"?09:18
pl0vsgo to documentation/howto's09:19
sivangyou need to create an account09:19
sivangand then log in09:19
ChrisHThere I get an edit link. Just not for the parent pages it seems.09:20
pl0vsno only admin can edit those09:20
sivangafter you logged in,09:20
ChrisHcanonical probably does not want a kid to screw the main support page.09:21
sivangsec, checking09:26
sivangI seem to be able to edit all support pages :)09:28
sivangwhich page do you want to edit?09:28
sivangTell me what you want to edit and I will add it, ChrisH09:28
ChrisHNothing concrete. Just looking for a place to insert WW's Docbookified FAQ later.09:29
sivangI could edit those last night09:30
sivangit seems locked now09:30
sivangmy "edit" bar is gone!!!09:30
=== sivang cries
sivangmaybe someone saw how I referenced the current official faq ? :)09:30
ChrisHsivang: Thanks a lot, sivang. You screwed for all of us! ;)09:31
sivangahh, found it09:32
sivangit was all my human error09:32
sivangthis is how to do it09:32
sivangfrom https://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/09:33
sivangclick on the specific square you're interested in,09:33
sivangthen you can edit it09:33
sivangyou can even add a new item to it09:33
=== pl0vs is smiling stupidly at his creation, tags work! <emphasis>important</emphasis>
=== sivang joines pl0vs in the joyness of creation and has sympathy for such emotions
pl0vsChrisH, and it works great with vim as well09:38
ChrisHpl0vs: Did you install the xmledit plugin?09:38
=== sivang wants some of the DocBook fun in VIM!!
pl0vsChrisH, yes09:39
pl0vsChrisH, would a page like: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/BitTorrent be possible with docbook?09:40
ChrisHpl0vs: Why not? What is special about it?09:40
pl0vscode, looks like code, a note is a note etc?09:41
ChrisHpl0vs: Look at http://workaround.org/articles/ispmail-sarge/09:41
ChrisHpl0vs: I used my own style sheet. But basically there are notes (even different ones: warnings, important, notices) and terminal input.09:42
pl0vsi read that one already ;) this is nice stuff indeed09:43
pl0vsthey have good looking stuff: http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/docs/09:44
ChrisHI'm currently putting together this extra page: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocBookReference09:44
pl0vsthey also use docbook i noticed09:44
pl0vsChrisH, nice09:45
ChrisHpl0vs: Yes09:45
ChrisHpl0vs: And it fits nicely into the rest of my workaround.org pages09:45
ChrisHpl0vs: So it does not necessarily need to look as ugly as the debian documentation. :P09:45
pl0vsthat is what i was wondering about, redhat looks great but is not high quality, debian the other way around09:46
pl0vsi would like to be a bit of both09:47
pl0vsNo, the other bit!09:47
ChrisHDocumentation is fine. But ugly documentation is not funny to read.09:47
sivangChrisH : it looks again, superb09:47
sivangI wanna do DocBook also, waiting for my mentor to finish up with his first student :)09:47
=== ChrisH bows before the kind audience
pl0vsChrisH, will you explain the meaning of the tags somewhere? or is there a good doc somewhere?09:47
ChrisHpl0vs: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocBookReference09:48
pl0vseg keywordset09:48
ChrisHpl0vs: incomplete though. I'll include links to the "real" docs09:48
pl0vsreading http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocBookReference atm09:48
ChrisHThis is the real link: http://www.docbook.org/tdg/en/html/09:48
pl0vsunderstand everything except keywordset09:49
ChrisHpl0vs: why?09:50
pl0vswhat is it used for?09:50
ChrisHpl0vs: In HTML the keywords in the header will be generated from that.09:51
pl0vsbtw you have a space too many before all the lines in the example in http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocBookReference09:52
pl0vsit doesn't parse, until you remove the space09:52
ChrisHpl0vs: haven't saved for a while :)09:53
pl0vssivang, where you working on the debian documentation or only horbeck?09:58
sivangpl0vs : hornbeck and the other new guy, I just suggested we should try and put in shape already shipping docs09:59
sivangand give back to debian on colliding areas09:59
ChrisHI'm done with http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocBookReference - does it look reasonable to you?10:00
pl0vslooks nice10:00
pl0vsi reloaded the page already10:00
pl0vsi am still missing notes, definitions10:01
ChrisHpl0vs: Notes are like <important>...10:02
ChrisHpl0vs: I'll add them.10:02
pl0vsChrisH, see http://fedora.redhat.com/participate/documentation-guide/s1-xml-admon.html10:03
pl0vsor can we just use that?10:03
ChrisHpl0vs: done... what else?10:04
sivangChrisH : which pages did you want to go on the front support page ? new xml howto and ?10:05
pl0vsmaybe better like this:10:05
pl0vs<note><title>Note</title><para>Body of text goes here.</para></note>10:06
ChrisHpl0vs: done :)10:06
ChrisHsivang: uh?10:06
pl0vsi can't reload this fast!10:06
sivangChrisH : wanted to link from "latest" howtos to your new docbook one10:06
ChrisHI start to get a hang on ReST markup. :)10:07
sivangnice page , I'm stunned10:08
ChrisHI would write more but I have no idea of dragons really. :)10:09
pl0vsnow we need a list of stuff they want to be done for yelp10:11
sivangpl0vs : we need to first see if the already shipping stuff is current, and make a new start page for the first yelp doc that is presented when you fire it up10:12
ChrisHpl0vs: to convert docbook to yelp?10:12
sivangyelp is using docbook,10:12
sivangjust with some custom XSLT10:12
ChrisHah, ok10:12
=== ChrisH is preparing a DocBook FAQ test page
pl0vsyelp uses docbook imo10:13
sivangyou can just check out some gnom10:13
sivangdocs sources10:13
sivangfor example, the controversial gnome2-user-guide10:13
pl0vssivang,  how, what from where?10:13
pl0vsusing cvs?10:13
sivangpl0vs : also,10:13
sivangand you can just look it in your system - although that would be the 2.6 docs afaik10:14
sivanglemme see where is the scrollkeeper conf files..10:14
sivangor where are the actual docbook file for this manual.10:15
sivangI am not sure if XSLT is the right word for what it uses,10:18
sivangit's standard DocBOok,10:18
sivangbut yelp has it's own way of rendering stuff10:18
sivangXSLT defines the way the resulting page looks?10:18
ChrisHThere is probably an XSLT to transform the DocBook/XML into yelp format.10:20
ChrisHSame procedure as with html10:20
sivangXSLT defines in which images/ rendering the resulting page should use?10:20
sivangfor example, if a "note" should use once icon in standard docbook, and another on yelp's format?10:21
ChrisHXML + XSLT => output format10:21
ChrisHYou can toggle whether icons are used or just text.10:22
ChrisHthis is a docbook FAQ: http://workaround.org/ubuntu/faq.html10:38
ChrisH(Still needs some nice stylesheet of course. Just plain HTML.)10:39
sivangwe should use the main site's style sheet10:42
pl0vslooks good, what does the docbook source look like?10:42
sivangChrisH, anyway I'm starting with your docbook tutorial, does it say there how to use vim for docbook?10:42
ChrisHsivang: yup10:43
sivangk, great10:43
ChrisHpl0vs: see workaround.org/ubuntu/faq.xml10:43
ChrisHpl0vs: By the way... the xmledit plugin has nice features. Enter "<para>>" in insert mode. :)10:44
pl0vsChrisH, i don't think so...10:44
ChrisHpl0vs: ?10:44
pl0vsChrisH, nice para>>10:45
pl0vsChrisH, it gives text only10:45
ChrisHpl0vs: Use the source, Luke. :)10:45
pl0vsvery nice,maybe this is a better solution for longer docs indeed10:46
ChrisHpl0vs: especially the automatic generation of the question list with correct links... you had to do that all manually in the wiki10:47
pl0vsyes, so we only need a good stylesheet then10:47
ChrisHShould I continue converting the current FAQ?10:47
ChrisHpl0vs: If you just import the HTML into the wiki? Doesn't it use the stylesheet by default?10:47
ChrisHpl0vs: Or how did you do it last hour?10:48
pl0vshttps://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocbookTestHtml does, but we should test it with question/answer and note etc10:48
ChrisHpl0vs: would you upload the faq test page?10:49
pl0vsworking on it as we speak10:49
ChrisHVery good, Sir.10:49
pl0vsno, doesn't work10:51
ChrisHBut it's plain HTML? What did you do differently?10:51
pl0vsi'll put in the test again, and then the faq again10:53
ChrisHTricky... what would we do with FAQ entries that just point to other Wiki pages? That would not work in the Gnome Help.10:57
pl0vsit does not work anymore ???11:00
ChrisHI'm not that sure that having a heavily wiki-linked FAQ is a good thing to be put into Docbook. Opinions?11:04
pl0vsit works... human error .... 11:06
=== pl0vs bows his head in shame
pl0vswhy do the links not work?11:07
ChrisHthey do here11:07
pl0vsah, ok so the faq should be self-supportive for using it in gnome-help11:08
pl0vswell, then we have to 1) put those pages in help as well or 2) remove the links eg answer in the faq11:08
pl0vsbtw it lokks like ... not so good https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocbookTestHtml11:09
ChrisHPutting the whole wiki in the help? Hmmm. Don't like the idea.11:09
pl0vswell, the linked pages, the top 1011:09
ChrisHPerhaps we should find a consensus on where the FAQ will be. If it's just a link farm to other Wiki pages then it would make hardly any sense outside of the wiki.11:11
pl0vsif it needs to be in gnome-help then that won't do...11:12
pl0vsi'll write to the mailinglist11:12
ChrisHIMHO an FAQ should be self-contained without too many external links11:13
pl0vsoff=course wiki-links can be just external links, that would work: eg https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocBook11:16
ChrisHI did it like that before. If that's what "people" want... okay.11:16
pl0vsthere will always be outside links like: "for more info on working with docbook see: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocBook"11:19
pl0vsor does that look bad11:19
pl0vsdoes it work in yelp btw? external links?11:19
ChrisHGood question.11:19
ChrisHAs i said... I'd always try to make it self-contained.11:20
pl0vsit does work11:21
pl0vsit has an outside link to the gpl atm11:21
ChrisHBut is it what we want?11:21
pl0vsmaybe not, it kindoff defeats the whole purpose of putting it in yelp11:22
pl0vsif you have outside links, you might just ass well use a web-browser11:22
pl0vsfor the whole thing11:22
ChrisH...and use the Wiki FAQ :)11:23
pl0vsright... i'll put it in the question to the list11:23
pl0vsok, sent11:25
pl0vsthere is something about writing yelp stuff in yelp: Writing ScrollKeeper OMF Files11:27
pl0vsit looks like docbook, to my untrained eye11:27
pl0vsChrisH, are yo urunning ubuntu? atm11:28
ChrisHpl0vs: not on this PC - but on the laptop11:29
pl0vsi have this funny thing in yelp, in system - synaptic docs, they show up in spanish?11:30
pl0vsthat's too bad since it looks like good documentation, better then we have in the wiki11:31
ChrisHi'll check11:33
pl0vsthis yelp is quite nice!11:34
pl0vsit even has the python tutorial11:35
ChrisHmy docs are in english11:36
pl0vsthen maybe it is because i am running remote X through knoppix etc11:37
pl0vsyou see how nice it looks in yelp, with icons and all for notes and warnings?11:38
ChrisHpl0vs: and still docbook :)11:39
ChrisHpl0vs: do you know if there is a wysiwyg editor for gnome help documents? I know there is an XSLT but I wonder how developers write their docs11:40
pl0vsthe redhat guys use (and advise to use) emacs11:41
sivangChrisH : they use emacs :)11:41
ChrisHEeek. I quit!11:42
pl0vssivang, do you know where the yelp "home-page" is? on my computer i mean, the first page yelp opens11:43
pl0vsChrisH, we can advise vim, for ubuntu11:43
pl0vswhat if we try to make yelp open on first boot, showing the ubuntu-faq, that would be a great help i think11:45
ChrisHpl0vs: Isn't the link in the panel pointing to it?11:47
sivangI think we would be better off letting the user choose when he wants "help!" :)11:47
sivangThis could create much annoyance in some larger, non newbie, already linux familiar audience of Ubuntu.11:47
=== sivang is back for some more work.
=== ChrisH is slowly getting tired (unusually diligent today)
sivangwhat have you fine fellows doc team of me been working on my 1hr absence? more docbook stuff?11:50
pl0vsbut only on first bootup, like the kde config wizard11:50
pl0vsnot a good idea?11:50
pl0vssivang, only docbook here11:50
sivangChrisH : I am sure we could use some wysiwyg editor and have it render yelp's XSLT on the fly , what do you say?11:51
sivang(we need not stick to emacs as the gnome doc people)11:51
ChrisHsivang: You want to quickly write an editor for yelp? Nice.11:52
ChrisHsivang: Done already? ;)11:52
sivangnono :)11:52
sivangI thought we could just have some WYSIWYG xml editor use yelp's XSLT and render it for us as a gui editor..11:53
sivangit isn't possible ?11:53
ChrisHWouldn't know how.11:53
sivanganyway, back again to your DocBook howto11:54
sivangdo you think it would be easy to convert /wiki/StartingTheJourney to docbook? it11:56
sivangplain MoinMoin markup11:56
pl0vsChrisH, if you make an alias between ChristophHaas and Christoph Haas then  your name becomes clickable11:56
ChrisHsivang: trivial11:57
ChrisHpl0vs: you mean in the signature? how?11:57
ChrisHsivang: why not try it yourself after you have read the mini-tutorial?11:58
sivangthis is what I intend to do :)11:58
pl0vsin your homepage: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/ChristophHaas add an alias "Christoph Haas"11:58
ChrisHsivang: I assume your document is quite complete...11:58
ChrisHpl0vs: Hmmm. How would I set such an alias?11:59
pl0vsChrisH, press aliases?11:59
ChrisHpl0vs: I'm so dumb. :)11:59
=== sivang just looks at ChrisH list of maintained packages - cream brings back nice memories of some long ago IRC chat on #debian-mentors with Ben Armstrong and ChrisH himself..

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