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BradBspiv: it's amazing how non-trivial it is to format bug report text and comment text.11:17
BradB(until browsers support CSS 2.1 anyway)11:18
spivBradB: I know :)11:20
=== BradB gave up for now
spiv"wrap: pre" or something.11:20
BradByeah, but that's the same as pre just about11:20
BradBit's white-space: pre11:20
spivBasically the choices are <pre> or give up :)11:20
BradBi want CSS 2.1's: white-space: pre-wrap (or pre-line)11:21
BradBand then it Just Works11:21
BradBor ZPT needs a special case to output tr/\n/<br \/>/11:21
BradBtal:content="linebreaks foo" or something11:22
spivBradB: I know that planet.twistedmatrix.com uses "white-space: pre-wrap -moz-pre-wrap -opera-pre-wrap -o-pre-wrap -pre-wrap;" :)11:25
spivAnd "overflow: auto;", which is cute.11:25
spiv(That site is a Planet for the Twisted community)11:26
BradBthat actually works? hm11:26
=== BradB will give a shot shortly
spivI don't know if it works, I just know it's in the CSS :)11:27
BradBthat site is screwed up in safari. the logo, about, extra stuff in the left column appears after all the blog entries.11:30
spivBlah :(11:32
spivYeah, same in konquerr.11:33
spivHmm, although that might be the fault of the broken entry.11:33
BradBafter i learned of the web developer plugin for firefox, i'm more or less ready to drop safari for any serious work11:35
spivYeah, it's awesome.11:35
carloswhat does that plugin?11:38
BradBallows you to see, for example, the css that's being able to whatever you aim your pointer at11:41
BradBsome cool form stuff11:41
BradBin short, it gives you much, much more info about the page you're looking at (the kinds of more detailed things you might want to know if you're developing the thing you're looking at), and gives you finer grained control over how you submit forms and such.11:42
spivAnd also trivial but handy things like "resize to 800x600".11:43
BradBspiv: what does "-" signify in CSS like "white-space: -foo" then?11:45
carlosinteresting ....11:46
spivA non-standard attribute that the browser implementor wants to provide, but doesn't want to risk clashing with a future standardd 11:46
spivSo in this case, pre-wrap was specified in a CSS 2.1 or CSS 3 draft spec, or something, and so this is how Moz and friends support these features without clashing  with the final spec if it turns out to be different :)11:49
spivAs I understand it, anyway.  I can't remember where I read all this.11:49

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