mdzwhat is "e-baking"?12:05
mdzoh, maybe he meant banking12:05
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubnow i have battery info, i have to figure out why this machine chews so much battery12:17
=== herzi_lap [~herzi@c167250.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== herzi_lap [~herzi@d006099.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thommjg59: no ooops, but no firmware load either01:14
=== sivang sivang_asleep
ddaaThanks everyone for the help in setting up the T42p. I have updated wiki.ubuntulinux.org. The page contains older more complicated instructions for T42 and a different model of T42p, if you could get the original authors to check and aggregate the instructions, that would be great.02:02
drbytejdub: and what machine is that02:39
drbyte(so i can avoid buying one :P)02:39
pl0vsddaa, you should no longer use wiki.ubuntulinux.org bur use www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki02:42
jdubnow that acpi is a-ok03:14
jdubi can't close the lid of my laptop when i'm using my external monitor/mouse/keyboard03:14
jdubbecause it locks the screen and chvts03:14
amu;) 03:17
=== amu 's first burn of the hoary-live-2.6.9-20041107-03.iso
mjg59thom: Works fine here...03:43
jdubyo mjg59 03:44
jdubmjg59: did you look into paul's kernel patches much?03:44
jdubmy laptopt totally chugs the battery life03:44
jdubpaul drain03:44
jdubi linked them on -devel03:44
mjg59Never heard of him, I'm afraid03:44
jdubhe's the garnome maintainer03:45
jdubbut also03:45
mjg59(Sorry, just back from robtaylor's. He was in the process of having the council ask him to turn the music off)03:45
jdubhas recommended patches linked by me from -devel03:45
mjg59I'll take a look03:45
mjg59(V, v drunk)03:46
jdubwhat's the best way to replicate the kernel builds the buildds do? apt-get source linux?03:47
jdublinux-source-... was poo03:47
jdubroughly speaking03:47
mjg59linux-source-foo, dpkg-buildpackage03:53
amu2 error's hoary compared with warty 03:53
mjg59It'll build lots of them03:53
amuE: Couldn't find package x327003:54
amuE: Couldn't find package pr328703:54
jdubmjg59: but not how the buildds do it...03:54
mjg59Uh. What do the buildds do, then?03:55
mjg59How is it different to what the buildds do?03:56
jdublinux-source... is not the same as apt-get -b source <blah>04:01
mjg59Oh, I see what you mean04:02
mjg59I /believe/ that the buildds do it from linux-source, but produce individual packages that have different source dependencies04:02
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitariohi everyone05:08
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitarioanyone knows who's maintaining apt in ubuntu?05:28
bob2in what sense?05:29
bob2it's still mdz's baby05:29
Mitariopackage maintainer05:29
Mitarioah, ok05:29
bob2ubuntu doesn't have the same sort of package maintainership as debian05:30
Mitariowell, call it 'standard uploader' then ;)05:30
Mitarioi mean, i guess someone is a bit more responsible for one package then the rest of the ubuntu maintainers05:31
=== SuperL4g [~colbyirc@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzddaa: thanks for writing up your laptop findings for the wiki07:10
fabbionemorning guys07:12
mdzgood morning07:12
fabbionehey mdz07:12
fabbionemdz: probably today we will do another internal drop07:13
fabbioneand it should be the last one07:13
fabbionetuesday -> archive07:13
mdzready to test when you are07:13
fabbionebuildd has completed07:13
fabbioneno failure07:13
fabbionemdz: yup.. we are going to split some libraries07:14
fabbioneand we need to test a new autoconfiguration feature of X.org07:14
fabbioneif the latter works we can get rid of 90% of the external tools we are using07:14
mdzgreat news on the build test07:14
mdzwhat kind of autoconfiguration does the feature provide?07:15
mdzif it could only choose the driver, that would make me so happy07:15
mdzbecause we could ditch discover1 for hoary07:15
fabbionemdz: it does everything07:15
fabbionejust remove /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:16
fabbioneand try to startx07:16
fabbioneit detect all my hardware perfectly07:16
fabbioneincluding video card07:16
fabbionebut the keyboard layout07:16
fabbioneor you can also try to remove one single section only07:17
fabbionelike the Monitor one07:17
fabbioneand it should create an autodetected one07:17
fabbioneproblem is that it doesn't save it in the config07:17
fabbionethere is a tool in X.org to do so, but we need to test it 07:17
mdzwhy save it, if it can do it automatically?07:18
fabbionebecause you might want to customize after?07:18
mdznice to have07:20
=== cc [~byte@byte.fedora] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bob2networkmanager looks awesome07:22
mdzE: Couldn't find package networkmanager07:24
=== mdz pouts
bob2thombot's packaging it07:24
bob2which reminds me, his Sources file is broken07:24
mdzwow, if you search for 'blackdown deb', the Ubuntu wiki resources are in the top 5 :-)07:26
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-082-069-238.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionewanna build and quinn-diff are ready08:22
fabbionetime to configure sbuild08:22
mdzfabbione: why so much infrastructure for just a build test?08:24
fabbionemdz: ????08:24
fabbionethat's for the sparc port of hoary08:24
mdzoh, I thought it was for x.org08:24
fabbionex.org has been done already08:24
fabbioneas i wrote before main compiled perfectly08:24
mdzso it was doubly surprising :-)08:24
fabbionewe are not going to kick in universe08:25
fabbionebut yes.. we did use wanna-build & co also for that08:25
fabbionebut we had the setup ready before the Xsprint08:25
bob2cpufreqd's default config uses acpi, which is (afaik) useless on ppc08:31
bob2is it a bug that it doesn't modify that based on the arch?08:31
mdzbob2: doesn't particularly matter, since cpufreqd is unsupported :-)08:37
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has left #ubuntu-devel []
sjoerdbob2: cpufreqd sets the right type in postinst08:44
sjoerd(in debian thatis)08:45
mdzhoary and sid have the same cpufreqd08:50
bob2yeah, thought I was in a different -devel channel :)08:50
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneAutomatic build of choose-mirror_1.06ubuntu1 on vultus5 by sbuild/sparc 1.170.509:41
fabbioneBuilt successfully09:41
fabbionePurging chroot-hoary/build/sparcbuildd/choose-mirror-1.06ubuntu109:41
fabbionetime to kick the buildd09:41
danielscool :)09:42
fabbionedaniels: yeah.. i had to fight with sbuild..09:45
fabbionei couldn't understand why it was not using the chroot :-)09:45
fabbionedaniels: are you on the way here?09:45
danielsfabbione: i have to do my laundry at some stage, was thinking of doing that this morning instead of tonight09:46
fabbionedaniels: ok, take your stuff here09:47
fabbionei will drive you to a laundry09:47
danielsfabbione: oh cool, thanks09:47
fabbionedaniels: so we can take a break in the middle of the day09:47
fabbionei might have to do some laundry too09:47
fabbionedaniels: do you think you can do me a little favour coming here?09:49
fabbionei am really too lazy to go out right now ;)09:49
fabbionenah well09:49
fabbionei will go out09:49
fabbionegetting some fresh air is good :-)09:49
danielsfabbione: yeah sure :) that's fine09:50
danielsso what's the plan?  i was just about to jump in the shower and catch the train09:50
fabbionejust come here...09:50
fabbioneit's fine09:50
=== steve [~steve@static24-72-62-185.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
SuperL4gis there a way to pass ESSID and WEP info before you start the install, so I can get connectivity before the first reboot? as it stands right now, I have to do the install without the network, then reboot, then update.  If I could pass the options pre-install it would update everything up front and save about 20 minutes. :)09:51
danielsok, cool09:52
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneState changes at 2004 Nov 07 10:43:44 for distribution hoary:10:48
fabbione--merge-packages(hoary): db3_3.2.9-20 changed from Building to Installed by sparcbuildd as sparcbuildd10:48
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-164.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== winkle [~winkle@lgh3814234.vittran.norrnod.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thommdz: will probably upload NM on monday or tuesday12:24
=== cc is now known as drbyte
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cenerentolaany lovable canonical ppl in here?01:12
danielsi don't know about 'lovable' as such ...01:12
=== Mithrandir ruffles daniels
thomMithrandir: fixed fakeroot yet? ;-)01:14
thom(i saw the mips bug, which looked more or less identical)01:14
Mithrandirthom: possibly, yes.01:14
thomoh? rock.01:14
Mithrandirthom: it's probably a libc compile bug, I haven't tried upgrading to the new-compiled libc yet, but that's a simple thing to do01:14
thomif you need me to test just shout01:15
thomi saw your conversation with drow as well. so was it bad nptl/tls options in the build?01:15
cenerentoladaniels: id like to know all you can tell about the italian ml...01:15
cenerentolasince the btlug.it [italian ubuntu linux community]  site is now up01:16
Mithrandirthom: I think so, but I haven't tracked it yet.  I need to fiddle around a little01:16
Mithrandirthom: I miscompiled glibc again, it seems.01:17
=== Crushed_Cigar [~amoeba@ACC0BA2B.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsMithrandir: yo dude01:42
=== maskie_ [~maskie@196-30-110-87.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== zopi [~chatzilla@AMontsouris-152-1-16-188.w82-123.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zopiHi 01:51
zopisorry to bother you01:51
zopifor my problem of yesterday01:51
zopislow installation01:51
zopithe problem has been solved I have made my Hard Disk in Master01:52
zopiin Slave mode the installation is very slow !01:52
mjg59zopi: Do you mean the disk was a slave without a master?01:52
=== maskie_ [~maskie@196-30-110-87.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ddaamjg59: thanks for pointing out the old wiki issue. Though I put the comments on new wiki and just got the name wrong when writing my message here.01:57
zopimjg59 : yes01:58
ddaaDuh... zwiki is terminally confusing...01:58
ddaaThe tabs change (or do not change) in a completely unpredictable manner :-(01:59
tuo2 Umm.. random question.. Is there a good reason why we are using a self-signed certificate on https://www.ubuntulinux.org ?02:04
tuo2bob2: care to enlighten me?02:04
bob2not sure if I can :-)02:05
bob2elmo or thom would be the people to ask02:05
mjg59ddaa: Hmm. You shouldn't have /dev/eth*02:05
azeemnobody at canonical has expertise with internet certificates I guess ->;)<-02:05
mjg59But do you mean that there's no network interfaces?02:06
mjg59Well, based on thom...02:06
ddaamjg59: well, okay... there are not here with warty kernel either...02:07
bob2do any unices have /dev/eth?02:07
ddaaNeverthell, networking works with warty kernel, but not with yours.02:07
danielsbob2: if you asked thom about the ul.o certificate, he'd give it to you :P02:07
=== ddaa 's ignorance of kernel things painfully shows
mjg59ddaa: Weird. I'm running it fine on here.02:08
bob2daniels: hahahaha02:08
mjg59ddaa: Does suspend to RAM work with it?02:08
ddaamjg59: yup02:08
mjg59Cool. Did you need any kernel arguments?02:08
mjg59acpi_sleep=foo ?02:09
tuo2azeem: funny. ;)02:09
ddaaI used the same acpi_sleep=s3_bios as needed with the current kernel02:09
ddaaDid not test w/o it.02:09
=== ddaa reinstalls the kernel to test w/o acpi_sleep argument
mjg59ddaa: It probably does need it, but there's something else you could test02:12
mjg59ddaa: If you could install the video-post package from http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~mjg59/laptops and then add /usr/sbin/video_post to the start of your resume script, that would be good02:12
mjg59With a bit of luck, that'll avoid the need for the kernel argument02:12
ddaamjg59: let me test things properly...02:13
ddaaabout eth1, the error I get is "no such device".02:18
ddaaHowever the device appears in the Gnome Device Manager (I do not know if that means anything)02:19
=== ddaa grumbles has he keeps forgetting to run update-grub
mjg59ddaa: Does lsmod show that the modules are loaded? Does dmesg say anything?02:21
danielsmjg59: what does video_post do?02:22
mjg59daniels: soft-boots the video card02:22
mjg59It's pre-vesa, I think02:24
ddaaipw2200 shows in lsmod output02:24
danielsmjg59: oh02:24
mjg59daniels: But yeah, it does int 10 stuff02:25
mjg59ddaa: Hmm. Anything in dmesg?02:25
danielsoh my god, it's almost straight ripped from the xfree86 soruce02:25
ddaaYes. Detected, but "Unable to load firmware: 0xFFFFFFFE"02:25
mjg59daniels: It is indeed02:26
mjg59ddaa: Grr. Weird.02:26
mjg59I thought I had that fixed.02:26
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsKeybuk: yo02:27
Keybukyo, hey what's happenin' dude?02:28
mjg59ddaa: Oh, damn. Sorry, I managed to miss half the patch.02:28
mjg59Ugh. I'll fix that.02:29
ddaamjg59: the network problem is the big show-stopper. The other issue is the cpu freq applet. I have not checked whether freq scaling actually works though.02:29
mjg59ddaa: Right, I'll sort out the networking stuff02:30
danielsKeybuk: not much, just archifying xorg02:32
ddaaMh... interesting... without acpi_sleep, the machine did not actually hang... the video and the sound were out, but I was able to reboot it by blind-typing.02:33
danielsseems plausible02:33
ddaaDid not actually went as far as trying that with the warty kernel...02:33
mjg59ddaa: Ok - it'd be great if you could see if video_post brings it back02:34
ddaamjg59: next step02:34
ddaahowever, after that there is another time consuming test: checking how much batter power it actually consumes over 8 hours.02:34
ddaamaybe I'm having false impressions, but I thought the acpi_sleep parameter might be needed to get the proper sleep state.02:35
mjg59No, acpi_sleep just changes how the video is reinitialised on resume02:36
danielsno, acpi_sleep=s3_bios just runs through the video bios to reinitialise the video card when it comes back02:37
ddaamjg59: kudos! video_post at the start of the resume script makes it happy02:41
thommjg59: "miss half the patch" is that ipw2100 firmware loader related?02:44
ddaamjg59: do you want me to check something for the cpu scaling support, or is the issue well known?02:47
mjg59thom: All firmware related02:47
mjg59ddaa: If you could, though I think that there's something broken in the realm of ACPI processor management02:47
mjg59If you have the cpufreq-acpi module (can't remember what it's actually called) loaded, changing to cpufreq-centrino may be better02:48
ddaamjg59: not that I can have a lot of initiative, but I'd happily run any test you want.02:48
ddaa(as long as it does not involve throwing the the lappy on the floor)02:48
mjg59ddaa: If you could stop powernowd, rmmod acpi, modprobe cpufreq-centrino and then restart powernowd, that would be good02:49
thommjg59: ah02:49
ddaamjg59: ack02:49
mjg59Oh, lord. More of last night is coming back to me.02:50
ddaahu... no acpi module at all...02:50
ChrisHmjg59: Did you update anything laptoppy? I could check it out tomorrow at work. (Toshiba Tecra 8100)02:50
=== mjg59 wonders why robtaylor|away owns a Shampoo CD
mjg59ChrisH: Yeah, though the kernel is a bit broken at the moment :)02:50
mjg59ddaa: Hmm. Does modprobe speedstep-centrino work?02:50
mjg59(sorry, not cpufreq-centrino)02:50
ChrisHmjg59: Just update to newest hoary?02:50
mjg59ChrisH: No, this is outside hoary02:50
ddaaMh... modprobe acpi => no such device. No helpful output in dmesg or syslog.02:52
danielsmjg59: oh, oh.  is he in trouble?02:52
mjg59ddaa: modprobe speedstep-centrino ?02:53
danielsmjg59: i have an ogg for that song to hand02:53
mjg59daniels: That's... unnecessary02:53
mjg59Unless you want to upset anyone in your vicinity02:53
danielsmjg59: just wondering if you wanted a copy02:53
ddaamodprobe speedstep-centrino: no such device. dmesg says "no table support for CPU model "Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.70GHz" and "try compiling with CONFIG_X86_SPEEDSTEP_CENTRINO_ACPI enabled"02:54
mjg59Hm. Right.02:55
mjg59So the problem is in the ACPI processor module.02:55
mjg59Thanks, that narrows it down02:55
ddaaYou're welcome. Thanks for working on making my lappy work :-)02:56
ddaaThe nice thing with working in Canonical, is that you can whine at the people who actually have the ability to fix the issues :-)02:57
danielsmjg59: last night, had you been out all night, and hadn't been home?02:57
bob2ddaa: haha02:58
fabbioneddaa: remember that some Canonical emploies are dangerous...02:58
ddaabob2: getting hardware specs from Apple would involve a commando raid...02:59
bob2ddaa: I just want someone to break into broadcom's offices 02:59
thombroadcom would be much more productive02:59
thomhas no-one tried using darwin drivers?02:59
ddaafabbione: bah, you are just posturing as a Dangerous Evil X Maintainer. We all know you are a nice dude :-P02:59
mjg59daniels: Strictly, no03:00
bob2thom: I get errores during modprobe!03:00
mjg59thom: Secret plans are in motion03:00
=== fabbione open the president bag with the nuclear sodomotron remote control
mjg59There are no darwin drivers, AFAIK03:00
=== fabbione and points the target to France
mjg59There are binary-only Linux drivers for MIPS03:01
bob2which I begged kinnison to reverse engineer03:01
thomor s/darwin/OS X ; which should be more or less the same no?03:01
bob2benh has some tools to sniff what mac os x drivers do03:01
mjg59thom: Sure, there are OS X drivers03:01
mjg59So I guess you could do something ndiswrapper like...03:02
thommjg59: that was kinda what i was thinking, yeah03:02
mjg59But we've got someone working on a better solution03:02
danielsmjg59's secret laptop cabal03:02
bob2oh, mac ndiswrapper, eeevil03:02
=== mjg59 thinks he's fixed the firmware loader
daniels(which is later revealed to be a room full of monkeys with albooks)03:02
mjg59New packages soon03:02
bob2there's a standing offer of as much beer as you can drink for whoever hacks up a working broadcom driver03:03
danielsbob2: you forgot the most important stipulation03:04
danielsbob2: *cold* beer03:04
bob2if they claim it in london, I'll bring an esky to cool it03:04
ddaabtw, I was quite surprised at the sobriety of the Canonical dudes in Oxford.03:04
ddaaI would have expect much more liberal beer-gulping.03:04
azeemthey drank whiskey?03:05
thomin the hotel? NFW03:05
ddaaazeem: stevea drank expensive (and excellent) whisky03:05
thomit was more expensive than norwegian beer03:05
bob2spain had better be cheaper03:05
mjg59We had poor quality wine and vodka from the petrol station03:05
danielsthe wine wasn't abysmally bad03:05
danielsit was drinkable03:05
ddaabut really, you'd have to be a bit out of your mind to spend that much money on perfumed ethanol...03:05
bob2and poor quality movies to go with it03:05
=== ddaa begs bob2 not to resume the Antitrust line...
danielsbob2: that you didn't even watch, I might add03:06
bob2I tried to watch it03:06
mjg59In the real world, when you kill people, they die03:06
thombob2: first time i've seen quality used in any sense about antitrust03:06
bob2but it was in the distro room03:06
bob2and I was sleepy03:06
bob2distro room = bob2's nap room03:06
ddaadaniels: It might even been watchable, if it had some kind of sound besides the built-in speakers of a powerbook...03:06
thomas demonstrated during the pygtk talk03:07
danielsmjg59: it's not just ones and zeroes!03:07
bob2thom: hah03:07
mjg596 minutes to upload this stuff03:07
mjg59I want more bandwidth03:07
danielsbob2: so how many times did you apologise to jamesh?03:07
thomhrm, time to get to sainsburys and back03:07
bob2daniels: a dozen on the bus back to london03:07
=== ddaa tries videopost with an innocent warty kernel
danielsbob2: heh03:08
bob2so, I hate you all, i368 owners03:08
danielsi368? wassat?03:08
thombob2: join the x40 cabal03:09
mjg59If this works, then I just need to fix the acpi processor stuff03:09
danielsbob2: one day you'll wake up with an iBook LCD in your bed03:10
bob2thom: don't tempt me03:11
ddaamjg59: video_post seems to do the right thing with the warty kernel (with acpi_sleep).03:11
danielsddaa: and without acpi_sleep?03:12
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-200-178-150.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thombob2: you know you will, it's just a matter of time03:12
ddaadaniels: Hu. I meant _without_03:12
bob2daniels: yeah, with a broadcome wireless chip through it's head03:12
bob2thom: hah, it is, sadly03:12
ddaadaniels: feels like including it in you thinkpad-acpi stuff?03:12
danielsbob2: eveeerrrryboooodddyyyyy comes to x4003:13
danielsalright, time for me to go do laundry and head back to the hotel03:13
danielsin no particular order03:13
mjg59Need to check the license situation on video_post first03:13
mjg59The guy from Intel hasn't actually included any copyright information03:13
bob2I shoulda waited until we had a distro team before buying, so I could copy them03:13
danielsmjg59: most of it is ripped *verbatim* from various places in xfree8603:13
danielsi'd be stunned if his additions were even copyrightable03:13
mjg59Oh, yeah03:13
mjg59It's all X11 license based stuff03:14
danielsso it'll all be either mit or bsd to egbert eich03:14
danielsanyway, I'm out03:14
mjg59ddaa / thom: New kernel on http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~mjg59/laptops should fix the firmware stuff03:17
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has left #ubuntu-devel []
=== ddaa is away for a moment
=== thom reboots
=== azeem looks at irc
thommjg59: does the suspend-to-disk button work for you, ooi?03:28
thommjg59: and still the firmware load problem03:29
mjg59thom: With ibm-acpi, yes03:29
mjg59thom: Gah. Fuck.03:29
mjg59thom: Remember that it won't load the firmware unless /sys is mounted03:30
mjg59You're doing a full boot rather than just init=foo?03:30
thomyeah, full boot03:31
mjg59And it's the same error as before?03:32
thomyup :/03:32
thomok, i really have to go get milk03:32
thomback in about 1503:32
=== herzi [~herzi@d014153.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sivang [~sivan@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Mitario wakes up
Mitariohello everyone04:02
sivangHey Mitario, what's new?04:03
Mitarionothing much really :)04:03
thomMitario: hey, so when i logged out and logged in again, i ended up with about 7 upgrade notification icons04:07
Mitarioyou probably started them all manually? :)04:08
thompretty sure i didn't, but maybe04:08
Mitarioupgrade-notifier puts every instance of itself in gnome-session04:09
thomNetworkManager has some code to ensure it's only in the session once, iirc. might be worth stealing?04:10
Mitarioah, good idea04:13
sivangMitario : are you working on the auto update applet?04:14
Mitariowith michael yeah04:15
sivangmust be cool thing04:16
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitariohmm, no hoary updates the last day?04:19
=== mjg59 gives up and moves to a clean kernel tree again
mjg59This all gives me increased respect for the kernel maintainers04:24
=== play [~play@lns-vlq-31-nce-82-253-190-64.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
playhi everyone04:45
=== sivang [~sivan@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
playi have some troubles with K3B and Warty... K3B doesn't detect my DVD burner :( It seems it's a problem with the 2.6.8 kernel. Does somebody know a patch ?04:51
playi enjoy very well Ubuntu ! good work ! ;)04:51
thomplay: #ubuntu is the support channel04:52
thomthanks :-)04:53
playok Thom :) Sorry. bye04:54
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ddaamjg59: I confirm persistent of the firmware loading problem with your newer kernel.05:25
fabbionei found a warty chroot from debconf4 :-)05:27
fabbionelost in one my machines 05:27
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mjg59Lovely kernel crack.05:57
mjg59Argh. Except swsusp has now broken.06:03
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== mjg59 has DPMS management code
Keybukmjg59 is KERNEL BOY06:48
=== ddaa can't wait test mjg59's new kernel
=== Mithrandir gives mjg59 some more crack
mjg59ddaa: http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~mjg59/laptops/http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~mjg59/laptops/06:55
mjg59Working firmware, working processor stuff06:55
ddaamjg59: well, actually I am going to way for unison to finish munching my disks :-)06:56
ddaaUnless you are going to bed soon, then I'll postpone unison.06:56
=== Mithrandir wonders why ddaa thinks mjg59 is on moscow-ish (or more eastern) time.
mjg59ddaa: Heh. No, I'll be awake for a while yet06:58
ddaaMithrandir: not thinking time, but working on the Arch team teached me that people can go to bed at any hour, irrelevent of where they actually live.06:59
ddaa* not thinking that06:59
Mithrandireven in the early afternoon?  I can go to bed anything between 22-ish and 12-ish, but not between 12 and 22, that's just wrong.07:00
mjg59Can C do switch statements on strings?07:00
Mithrandirmjg59: no07:00
Mithrandirhow would you switch on a pointer?07:00
mjg59Yeah, thought not07:00
mjg59It'd make life massively easier, though07:00
Keybukwell, you can, provided you're switching on literal equality07:00
Keybuknot just strcmp() returning a particular value07:01
ddaamjg59: if you are concerned by performance, you could probably hack something nifty as a "internable string", with compile-time interned values.07:02
ddaaBut it would probably not fit any definition of "simple".07:02
Keybukyeah, there's a nice quark layer in glib though :)07:05
=== herzi [~herzi@d014153.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
herzihmm, if i switch to vt01 by pressing ctrl-alt-f1 i cannot get back or get to another vt07:14
=== SuperL4g [~colbyirc@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59If people could test the dpms package at http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~mjg59/laptops/ that would be great07:19
mjg59Note: it'll turn the screen off, but won't turn it back on unless you run it with the on argument. It doesn't track mouse or keyboard events.07:20
danielsheh, funny you shoudl mention that07:20
danielsI was tooling with some Radeon DPMS code in the laundromat07:21
danielsjust as junkcode07:21
mjg59This is really, really simple07:21
danielsit compiled; probably didn't even work, but it was fun in any case07:21
mjg59And should be entirely hardware independent07:21
danielsusing VBE?07:22
mjg59Just call 0x4f10 with an argument07:23
mjg59Arse. The craptop only produces one lid event per open/close07:31
ChrisHmjg59: well... "dpms standby" worked. But when I try to get back I have a changed resolution. Far wider than high.07:31
mjg59ChrisH: Hmm. Was this under X?07:31
mjg59Or on the console?07:31
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ChrisHmjg59: yes, sir07:31
ChrisHmjg59: X07:31
mjg59ChrisH: How did you try to get back? Just dpms on?07:32
ChrisHmjg59: yes07:32
ChrisHmjg59: switching to the console (Alt-Ctrl-F1) and back (Alt-F7) restored the resolution.07:32
mjg59ChrisH: What graphics hardware is this?07:33
ChrisHmjg59: Not a notebook actually. ;)07:33
ChrisHmjg59: GeForce 5900 XT07:34
mjg59Hm. nv or nvidia drivers?07:34
ChrisHmjg59: The evil non-free nvidia module (nvidia-kernel-2.6.6_1.0.6106-3).07:34
mjg59Tricky for me to track down, then :)07:35
ChrisHmjg59: I could try with "nv" in a few minutes. Just need to finish a Wiki article.07:35
mjg59Sure, no problem07:36
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-4-55.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsi blame nvidia07:42
cenerentolawhat about mataro... 07:43
danielscenerentola: yeah, that's nvidia's fault, too07:44
mjg59daniels: I'm thinking of this for the stuff that's in /usr/share/acpi-support/screenblank at the moment - downside is that in the absence of a lid event on open, the screen isn't going to come back07:44
danielsmjg59: do we know of anything other than the craptop that don't issue a separate lid event?07:45
=== ddaa boggles at how insanely fast the t42p is...
ddaathe only reason left i have to use my 5 years old destkop is the ability to have _two_ screens... well, and the fact that external video does not quite work yet, too :-)07:46
mjg59daniels: I don't know of anything else, but it's a possibility07:46
mjg59Unfortunately, I doubt there's a programatic way of us working that out...07:47
=== cenerentola is away: I'm busy
danielsmjg59: gah07:48
danielsddaa: what sort of video chipset?07:48
mjg59T42 ought to be ATI07:49
danielsshould work OK with atitvout07:49
ChrisHmjg59: Do you happen to know where the 'nv' module can be found in the 2.6.8 kernel config? I seem to be blind.07:50
ChrisHmjg59: I'm so stupid. Forget it. ;)07:50
=== ChrisH has had too much coffee today
danielsddaa: you might want to try xorg and the 'Option "UseFWPLL"' option07:50
mjg59ChrisH: There isn't one, as far as I know07:50
mjg59It's only a 2D driver, so it doesn't need kernel support07:50
danielsddaa: that should do the trick (possibly in combination with atitvout) when the monitor's plugged in before X is started07:51
mjg59daniels: Have you had a chance to test the i830 dual head stuff under xorg?07:52
danielsmjg59: if you could ship a big-arse CRT to room 531, First Hotel Vesterbro, Vesterbro 23-29, Kbenhavn, I promise to do my best :)07:53
danielsmjg59: it looks pretty promising, though -- supports both pipes separately07:54
daniels(iirc you can also pick which pipe overlays go to)07:54
mjg59daniels: xorg-common is missing a depends on lsb07:56
mjg59/etc/init.d/xorg-common: line 10: /lib/lsb/init-functions: No such file or directory07:56
danielsyou can just sub in the xfree86-common init script anyway, does the same stuff07:56
danielsthanks for the heads-up07:56
=== steve [~steve@static24-72-62-185.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59/etc/init.d/xorg-common: line 22: log_begin_msg: command not found07:58
mjg59That's just a deb/ubuntu thing, right?07:58
danielsyeah, we have all kinds of LSB initscript crack07:59
ChrisHmjg59: same effect... nvidia and nv. I have taken photos and will upload them. Give me a sec.08:08
ddaadaniels: I can only assume xorg is hoary stuff...08:08
mjg59ChrisH: Weird08:10
danielsddaa: hoary + external archive08:10
danielsddaa: read your list mail08:10
mjg59daniels: Massive breakage shifting from xfree->xorg if I was using the i830 drm previously08:10
ddaadaniels: sure... just have a few hundreds of them08:10
danielsmjg59: the bios probably needs poking in a non-vesa way for non-vesa modes08:10
mjg59Oopses all over the place08:10
danielsmjg59: does it go away if you restart?08:10
mjg59daniels: For the DPMS stuff, it shouldn't really matter08:10
mjg59But yeah...08:10
danielsmjg59: you'd think not ...08:11
mjg59Doing it on the console is likely to be safe08:11
danielshence the chvts in thinkpad-x40-support08:11
danielswhich I need to resurrect now I've lost my sources for the new stuff08:11
mjg59Christ. Now the firmware loader has broken again.08:12
=== mjg59 is confused
=== zopi [~chatzilla@AMontsouris-152-1-17-199.w82-123.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ChrisHmjg59: http://workaround.org/dpms/08:12
danielsmjg59: not my fault!08:13
mjg59ChrisH: Haha08:13
mjg59That is *so* cool08:13
ChrisHmjg59: Very funny. ;)08:13
mjg59I've no idea why it's happening, though08:13
ChrisHmjg59: Looks like C=64 retro style. Perhaps you should offer a "--no-commodore-64" option.08:13
danielswhoa, that's bong08:15
mjg59daniels: Is composite on by default?08:15
mjg59Ah, yes08:15
danielsmjg59: no08:15
=== nasdaq4088 [sdfsd@tkp-ip-nas-1-p238.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59Oh, maybe that was elft over from me palying with stuff at some point, then08:15
danielsmjg59: Section "Extensions"\n\tOption\t"Composite"\t"Enabled"\nEndSection08:15
danielsmjg59: noting that composite and GLX are currently mutually exclusive08:15
mjg59Ha, no - I wanted it off08:16
danielswhat, you don't enjoy X crashing repeatedly? :P08:16
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59daniels: Strange as it may seem...08:17
danielsmjg59: but it's fun ... you can get backtraces and send them to us08:18
thomdaniels: he's not allowed to play with X till he fixes the firmware loader ;-)08:18
danielsmjg59: btw, xorg fixes the only-one-X-instance-at-once problem08:18
danielsthom: that's what you think.  but which is more shiny? :)08:18
thomdaniels: swsusp08:18
danielsthom: fwiw, it's 2C right now, and I just went running before in a singlet and shorts.  does London get much colder?08:19
danielsthom: yeah, fair point08:19
thomis the ultimate shiny08:19
thomok, you're a freak08:19
danielsthom: although, in winter, not having any suspend at all and starting X compiles is the ultimate shiny08:19
thomlondon probably won't be any colder than that, no08:19
danielsthom: you put it in your backpack and it warms your back a bit :)08:19
ddaamjg59: kernel news: cpufreq works however the firmware for ipw2200 still fails to load.08:19
danielsthom: to be fair, as I said, I was running08:19
mjg59ddaa: Hmm.08:19
ddaamjg59: suspend to ram... suspended... and that's about all.08:20
ddaaIt won't wake up.08:20
mjg59ddaa: Weird.08:20
ddaaWant me to run some additional diagnostic?08:21
mjg59ddaa: What do you mean by won't wake up?08:22
ddaaThe moon led stays lit, no cpu or hd activity, no reaction to keyboard or lid actions.08:22
ddaaIt's sleeping for all I can tell.08:23
nasdaq4088interesting article: http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1714680,00.asp#talkback08:23
mjg59Have you tried the power button?08:23
ddaaShort presses have no effect.08:23
ddaaA long press will probably shut it down though.08:23
mjg59Try for a couple of seconds08:23
mjg59Less than 4, but more than 108:23
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ddaaDone. No effect.08:24
mjg59Can you reboot it and take a look at the contents of /proc/acpi/wakeup ?08:24
mjg59Any hotplug gurus around?08:24
ddaamjg59: btw, it's still w/o any acpi_sleep option.08:25
mjg59ddaa: Shouldn't make any difference08:26
ddaaNot that it should make any difference from what you said.08:26
mjg59(Well, in theory)08:26
ddaamjg59: LID08:27
ddaamjg59: LID and SLPB have sleep state = 3 and status = *enabled.08:28
ddaaall the rest is sleep state 3 and status disabled except for PCI1 and AC9M which have sleep state 4.08:29
ddaanot the * in "*enabled"08:29
ddaa*note the *08:29
mdzmjg59: what about hotplug?08:32
mjg59mdz: How many arguments should the kernel be passing to hotplug when it's loading firmware?08:32
mdzmjg59: I'm not sure it passes any arguments; it should send a few environment variables08:33
mdz#       ACTION=%s [add or remove] 08:33
mdz#       DEVPATH=%s [in 2.5 kernels, /sys/$DEVPATH] 08:33
mdz#       FIRMWARE=%s08:33
zopidoes acpi=off is writting on the wiki for Via Chipset ?08:34
zopibecause before enable it Ubuntu was very slow to install and booting !08:34
mdzzopi: I have a VIA chipset and it works fine without acpi=off08:34
zopimdz : arf 08:34
=== mjg59 discovers that the hotplug is trying to send firmware to /initrd/sys
=== bronson [~bronson@node-40240852.sjc.onnet.us.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59ddaa: Can you try umount /initrd and then rmmod ipw2100; modprobe ipw210008:41
mjg59Hrm. No, that /shouldn't/ be it08:42
=== __randy___ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ddaamjg59: umount: /initrd: device is busy08:45
=== ddaa goes single user
ddaadevice is still busy08:47
mjg59ddaa: Ah - umount /initrd/sys08:49
mjg59Then umount /initdr08:49
mjg59I see what the problem is...08:49
ddaaseems to work better08:51
=== x4m [~max@225.159-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ddaaokay, that I had to fiddle a bit to unfuck resolvconf, but I can now ping the outside world.08:54
mjg59ddaa: There's a new initrd-tools at http://www.srcf.ucam.org/08:54
ddaano additional action requested besides installing it?08:55
mjg59If you could install that and then either reinstall the same kernel image or do mkinitrd -o /boot/initrd.whatever08:55
=== ddaa will stick to good'ol dpkg
ChrisHSome of you guys are probably still maintaining Debian packages. Are you using Ubuntu on your workstations and doing packages from there? Or do you have a seperate installation for Sid. I'd like to reinstall to Ubuntu but am not sure if I will break anything.09:01
ddaamjg59: dude, you rock09:02
mjg59ddaa: Excellent09:02
thomChrisH: use a debian chroot, but i'd strongly recommend you keep a sid partition around for testing09:02
ddaabut suspend to ram is stiff fubared09:03
mjg59ddaa: That's a bit weird. I've just tested it here.09:03
ddaamjg59: actually, on wake-up, it emits a small bip and the battery led turns on.09:03
ddaaThen that's all...09:03
mjg59ddaa: Can you try with init=/bin/bash ?09:04
ChrisHthom: I'd probably use pbuilder or debootstrap anyway. So I guess it could be possible.09:04
ddaamjg59: not right now, I'm called for dinner.09:04
ddaamjg59: but I'll do when I get back.09:04
mjg59ddaa: Heh, no problem :)09:05
__randy___Where to do I go to submit a package request for Hoary?09:07
thommjg59: ok, that initrd-tools has fixed wireless for me09:10
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59ddaa: Hmm, I can reproduce that now09:11
=== mjg59 [mjg59@cavan.codon.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59ddaa: Ah, got it09:21
mjg59ddaa: It needs the PCI hotplug drivers blacklisted09:21
Mithrandirfakeroot has stopped segfaulting09:24
Mithrandirseems I got completely rid of TLS in the process, though :/09:24
thompossibly not ideal09:24
Mithrandirpossibly very non-ideal. :/09:25
lupus_the 2 icons in the panel09:27
lupus_firefox, evolution and help09:27
lupus_by which package are they put there?09:28
lupus_because the evolution icon points to evolution-2.009:28
lupus_instead to evolution09:28
seb128will be fixed in the next upload09:29
mjg59Hmm. I'm now very, very confused about the suspend/resume issue.09:44
ddaamjg59: still want me to try with init=/bin/bash?09:58
mjg59ddaa: If you could, that'd be great09:58
ddaaI s'pose that I should remove ro option too?09:58
mjg59init=/bin/bash seems to work fine for me. If I run hotplug, things don't work. If I load the same modules by hand, things do work.09:58
mjg59There's something subtle going on09:58
lupus_k I have music on a vfat partition10:01
lupus_but if you mount a filesystem10:01
lupus_you can not point to the link on the desktop10:01
lupus_to the filesystem10:02
lupus_created by gnome-vfs (g-v-m,hal)10:02
lupus_the problem seems to be that the old app does not support this kind :S10:05
lupus_in it's fileselector10:05
ddaawhat's the command to remount root as rw?10:06
thommount -o remount,rw /10:07
ddaaI'm definitely not managing to get something out of that init=/bin/bash situation10:14
ddaamjg59: okay, if I hack off /etc/init.d/hotplug, then s3 works okay in single user mode.10:27
mdzelmo: around?10:30
Mithrandirdoko: around?10:32
ddaamjg59: okay, with hotplug hacked off, I can suspend-to-ram and it wakes up okay.10:42
ddaaeven if full multi-user mode.10:43
ddaaof course, suspend to disk, cpufreq, and the ipw2200 (once loaded manually) still work okay10:44
ddaahowever, the hibernate key is inoperative... but I suppose that's because I am missing some module.10:46
=== ddaa awaits further requests
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-161-8.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ddaamjg59: wow...11:20
ddaadid /etc/init.d/hotplug stop, then pressed the sleep button.11:20
ddaaIt worked....11:20
ddaaNow, try to figure that one out :-)11:21
ddaanevermind, was using warty kernel.... (me blushes)11:22
mjg59ddaa: I think  there's some strange timing issue or something11:25
ddaaMh... anything to back that up, or it's just because you just have no idea?11:25
mjg59I'm finding that I get some strange messages from acpi under certain circumstances with this kernel11:27
mjg59Odd stuff about functions returning AE_TIME11:27
Mithrandirthom: it seems libc is at fault, but we build glibc the same as debian, where the problem doesn't show.11:28
Mithrandirthom: so I'm thinking of blaming doko.11:28
Mithrandir(or gcc)11:28
mjg59Which is odd, because there's almost no difference between 2.6.10-rc1-bk17 and 2.6.10-rc111:29
mjg59In terms of acpi, anyway11:29
ddaaWell, maybe you can make me a 2.6.10-rc1 kernel so I can test what is going on?11:29
ddaaThat would narrow the problem somewhat.11:30
mjg59Ah - the previous kernel I gave you had more recent acpi11:30
mjg59Hang on, let me try something...11:30
mjg59Hrm. Damnit, this may require rebuilding all the modules as well.11:33
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