Matt|logan2048, can you ping an ip address?12:00
=== azeem_ [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu
andrilAny helpers with sound issues here - Just installed C-Media 8738 Soundcard12:00
XenguystuNNed: cool12:00
logan2048LinuxJones, it's trying to do the dhcpdiscover on, is that normal?12:00
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-144-192.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
XenguystuNNed: if warty is based on debian 'sid', then that makes sense12:00
logan2048Matt|, no.  network unreachable.12:00
LinuxJoneslogan2048,  ifconfig -a | grep inet12:01
LinuxJoneslogan2048,  what's the output of that command12:01
=== Xenguy clears more data from the target HD...
logan2048LinuxJones, two inet6 entries, and "inet addr: Mask:"12:02
LinuxJoneslogan2048,  that must be the wrong module for your network card12:02
Matt|what type of net card is it?12:02
tom_lance, you still there?12:03
logan2048It's a Cnet Pro200..12:03
Matt|what sort is that?12:03
Matt|build in?12:03
=== Dre[A] mcatcher [~Dreamcatc@195-240-197-240-mx.xdsl.tiscali.nl] has joined #ubuntu
logan2048LinuxJones, when I downloaded the drivers from the distributor, it came with the dmfe stuff (from 2001).  someone here told me to use the modprobe to add it since it's common or whatever.12:04
logan2048Matt, it's a pci 10/100 wired nic.12:04
Dre[A] mcatchersay a question, i left my computer running ubuntu for a whyle and now i return but there's just a black screen with a flikkering whyte underscore lighting up12:04
=== jps [~jps@user-0cetu9t.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
Dre[A] mcatcherhow would i return to my desktop?12:04
jpshi all. i'm on ubuntu on a pentium m laptop, and alsa seems to think my integrated speakers are headphones (and the sound quality is quite low). have you heard of anyone else having this problem?12:04
Matt|Dre[A] mcatcher, it's not the screensaver?12:05
Dre[A] mcatcherno12:05
Dre[A] mcatchercause nothing happens when i press a button12:05
Matt|have you tried pressing the up or down keys or the return button?12:06
=== diesel [~diesel@c-67-166-112-20.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dre[A] mcatcherits like when you boot, a whyte underscore on a totaly black screen12:06
=== mroth [~mroth@c-24-7-101-45.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Do]
Dre[A] mcatcheri know it didnt cut out cause my irssi is still running on other server12:06
wm_eddiedamn, tseng's ubuntu mono repository is too old.12:06
=== icu [~e2@S01060004e2b2e013.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
dieselHi.  I just installed Ubuntu.  Everything looks good except there is a black X in the middle of my screen.  Anyone know how to fix this?12:06
wm_eddiediesel: I've heard of this before.12:07
logan2048Matt|, any idea what I could do with this thing?12:07
=== tt1kk [~ttikk@c-67-180-143-185.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesdiesel,  >> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/hwcursor12:07
Matt|logan2048, fraid not much. I'm surprised it isn't supported out of the box12:07
icuhas anyone had any trouble with their system freezing when you close the lid?12:07
=== bilb0_ [tmaster@cpc4-staf1-3-0-cust237.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|logan2048, the key is that the light will come on when you insert the correct module12:07
LinuxJoneslogan2048, it sounds like a problem with your network, maybe a bad cable or router needs some tweaking12:08
logan2048Matt|, the light on the nic?12:08
Matt|logan2048, yes12:08
Matt|icu, laptop?12:08
icuMatt|: yes, dell 600m12:08
=== tom_ [~tom@d57-68-204.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
logan2048LinuxJones, It worked fine with Fedora Core 2 and 3 (test3) this afternoon.12:08
dieselLinuxJones, thank you!12:08
Dre[A] mcatchermatt, any suggestions what could be up as i cant figure out how to get back to my screen?12:09
Matt|icu, does it come back up when you lift up the lid?12:09
ionswhy is Synaptic asking me to insert the Warty disc when I try and install something?12:09
BigNastyKid909does anyone know the command to run any file...e.g.: .png, .jpeg in the terminal??12:09
Matt|Dre[A] mcatcher, fraid not12:09
Matt|Dre[A] mcatcher, maybe you could kill the Xserver12:09
Dre[A] mcatcherdammit, it happens all the time12:09
=== tmartin [~tyler@ip68-6-112-163.sb.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
icuMatt|: no the problem is that it freezes entirely and I have to hold down the powerbutton to kill it12:09
tmartinhey all12:09
tom_have a problem regarding my video card ppls, just installed the drivers and ran UT2K3 to test it..12:09
logan2048Matt|, the light on the nic is on.. heh.12:09
Dre[A] mcatcheri cant do anything, there is no commandprompt12:09
=== [Phaedrus] [Phaedrus@] has joined #ubuntu
tom_keep getting error in my console saying12:09
Matt|logan2048, ok module is correct12:09
tom_fcntl: Operation not permitted12:10
tom_fcntl: Operation not permitted12:10
tom_Couldn't set video mode: Couldn't find matching GLX visual12:10
Todd_MA_1975ions: because you have the cdrom listed as a repository12:10
tom_Exiting due to error12:10
Matt|icu, you can remove the script which makes it blank when you close the lid12:10
tmartindoes anyone know of program that allows me to run xwindows apps on a remote machine12:10
ionsin sources.list?12:10
icuMatt|: I did and it still freezes12:10
tmartinsomething that would allow me to catch the X windows calls through an ssh shell or something12:10
Todd_MA_1975ions: yes12:10
LinuxJonesTom_, did you make the changes to /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 ?12:10
Matt|icu, you removed /etc/acpi/events/whatever?12:10
ionswell I am looking at that file now and I don't see that listed12:10
dieselOne more question:  I was not asked for the root password upon setup, how do I create the root user with the password that I want?12:10
Matt|diesel, you don't need a root user12:11
LinuxJonestmartin, vino, tightvnc12:11
Matt|diesel, you can use the sudo command to get root privileges with your first user account12:11
tom_LinuxJones, I think so12:11
icuMatt|: i'm guessing it's a bug in acpid12:11
tom_i should probable check though12:11
Matt|icu, i guess so too: it is full of bugs12:11
BigNastyKid909diesel: run the root terminal, type in passwd to change password12:11
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu
icuMatt|: I didn't have it with mainline debian unstable though12:11
dieselhmm, no root user.  that is strange12:11
Matt|icu, acpi is not working properly on my computer12:11
LinuxJonesdiesel, the root account is locked by default, use sudo instead and typr your user password12:11
Todd_MA_1975ions: Do you see it listed in Synaptic under settings repsoitories?12:11
=== merlin0 [~vinfonta@host40-47.pool80117.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Kal_Zakathdiesel : if you want to su in a term, just sudo -s12:12
merlin0what is prelink?12:12
Matt|icu, i have never had it before on other distros either12:12
LinuxJonesTom_, cat  /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 | grep nv12:12
ionsahh thanks! Todd_MA_197512:12
Matt|icu, have a look for the bug and if there isn't one then file it!12:12
LinuxJonesTom_, it needs to return nvidia12:12
mirakI have a sound problem12:12
mirakI have no sound12:12
tom_LinuxJones, this is an ATI card though12:12
icui searched for lid and there wasn't anything12:12
Matt|icu, ok12:13
merlin0mirak: you hardware is know working in linux?12:13
mirakI have sound already, but it dispaeated12:13
LinuxJonesTom_, oh sorry12:13
icuMatt|:  i'll remove acpid and see if that fixes it12:13
Todd_MA_1975 ions: It is safe to remove if you want - then it will donwload from Ubuntu.  It is also the very first line in the sources.list which is easy to miss12:13
LinuxJonesTom_, that won't work then will it ;P12:13
icuMatt|: i'll shut it down12:13
mirakmerlin0: yes, it was working not later than 3 hours12:13
tom_LinuxJones, hehe, probalby not ^^12:13
Matt|icu, there seem to be a couple of acpi services in ubuntu: i don't understand how it works12:13
tom_LinuxJones, radeon 9200, is there a command I can type in to check?12:13
LinuxJonesTom_, lsmod12:14
andrilsound issue here too12:14
logan2048Matt|, if that's the right module for my nic, theres still hope, right? ;)12:14
tom_LinuxJones, just type that in?12:14
Matt|logan2048, yu[12:14
Matt|logan2048, network must be set up wrong12:14
Matt|which devices have you got in "ifconfig -a"?12:15
ionsNow when I open Synaptic I get this error: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open(11 Resource temporarily unavailable)12:15
tom_LinuxJones, K, list of random things12:15
=== svenl_ [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-14-21.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesTom_, yes and look for the fglrx (or whatever it is)12:15
Matt|ions, that is when you are (a) already using the database, i.e. from a terminal, or (b) are not root12:15
yann__how do i install a debian src package (java-virtual-machine-dummy) as described in the java for ppc howto?12:15
LinuxJonesTom_, I don't have an ATI card so I don't know the module name exactly12:15
Matt|does anyone recognise this error message: ** (process:3912): CRITICAL **: file eggdesktopentries.c: line 2223 (egg_desktop_entries_add_group): assertion `egg_desktop_entries_lookup_group (entries, group_name) == NULL' failed12:15
logan2048Matt|, eth0, lo, sit012:16
tom_LinuxJones, line says fglrx                 207876  012:16
Matt|logan2048, set up your network using the network-admin program12:16
Matt|logan2048, you are using x right?12:16
=== dtradd [~dtradd@] has joined #ubuntu
logan2048Matt|, yeah..12:16
andrilC-Media 8736 Sound Card Issues - any help?12:17
Matt|sorry andril :(12:17
=== evandro [~evandro@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesTom_, maybe it's a problem with the game and this version of x-server. Best to check google with the error you posted earlier.12:17
andrilMatt|: is it that bad?12:17
Matt|andril, it means I can't help: I don't know anything about sound12:18
tom_LinuxJones,  thatr reminds me: ther is another error I just started getting12:18
logan2048Matt|, this is what I have been using..  that and playing with /etc/network/interfaces..  neither seem to work.12:18
ionsMatt|: that was the problem (I had a Synaptic instance open) ty12:18
tom_LinuxJones,  when i try to open screen resolution changer, I get:12:18
=== sa1 [~samcompto@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|logan2048, oh sorry: i came in midway through your problem i guess12:18
=== IrcOfDelphi [~IrcOfDelp@24-119-146-114.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|logan2048, you have a router?12:18
tom_The X Server does not support the XRandR extension.  Runtime resolution changes to the display size are not available.12:19
logan2048Matt|, thats fine.  :)  Yeah, a Linksys router/AP12:19
Matt|can you ping it?12:19
=== icu [~e2@S01060004e2b2e013.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonestom_, the resolutions are not in your x-server config file.12:19
logan2048Matt|, host unreachable.12:19
tom_LinuxJones, is there some way i can fix that12:19
icuMatt|: Apparently not a acpid bug as it still died after I had shutdown the daemon12:20
Matt|icu, check for any oter daemons called acpi ;)12:20
tom_LinuxJones, only started getting this one after installing the driver12:20
=== sa1 [~samcompto@] has left #ubuntu []
Matt|logan2048, oh dear12:20
Matt|logan2048, you are using dhcp?12:20
LinuxJonestom_, read the top of /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 about making manual changes to the file. After doing what it says >> dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8612:21
logan2048Matt|, at the moment I have it statically setup..  but I don't care either way..  when I use DHCP it can't find a dchp offer12:21
icuMatt|: there's [kacpid] 12:21
tom_LinuxJones, how can I read it?12:22
=== nescafe [~Nesafe@adsl-216-62-208-140.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
tom_LinuxJones, ohh, I see12:22
Matt|icu, acpi-support?12:22
tom_LinuxJones, whoops ^^12:22
LinuxJonestom_, heh12:22
Matt|logan2048, :(12:22
Matt|logan2048, your router has gone down briefly you think?12:23
=== LinuxJones is on a smoke break
logan2048Matt|, nope.. using it with this computer..  and the system ubuntu is on now worked fine with Fedora 2 today..12:23
mirakI really don't know what I must do to get the sound back12:23
Matt|logan2048, what were you using to obtain dhcp offer?12:24
logan2048Matt|, it looks for dhcp on, is this normal?  cause I know that's not where the dhcp should be, and if I can change that/specify that, it might help.12:24
=== HaRDaWaY [~jugon@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|logan2048, give it a try12:24
tom_LinuxJones, so, do I just run those three commands then?12:24
=== encryptio [~nobody@user-11faoc3.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
tom_cp /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 /etc/X11/XF86Config-4.custom12:24
tom_#   md5sum /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 >/var/lib/xfree86/XF86Config-4.md5sum12:24
tom_#   dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8612:24
=== HaRDaWaY [~jugon@] has left #ubuntu []
logan2048Matt|, it was automated in the network restart stuff.  - how would I specify the dhcp sever location?12:24
logan2048hrrm. okay.12:25
encryptioAPT Question: Is there a way to delete the package lists? Or, re-get the entire listing?12:25
Matt|encryptio, press the refresh button?12:26
Matt|apt-get update?12:26
Matt|hey where has /etc/network/interfaces gone in hoary?12:26
encryptioNot apt-get update, the opposite (kind of). I want to delete the files, like i never got the list.12:27
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|oh it is still there sorry12:27
Matt|encryptio, sorry dunno12:27
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|encryptio, why do you want to do that?12:27
kensaiwhere is the the grub splashscreen in the ubuntu artwork now?12:28
encryptioMatt|, I want to try something. I have a hunch it'll change what packages are missing.12:28
=== socomm [~socomm@adsl-69-104-217-104.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== hypa7ia [~leigh@user15.megabit.utoronto.ca] has left #ubuntu []
robertjis their new wallpaper available yet?12:30
robertjOctober is so last month ;)12:30
Matt|robertj, yup12:30
LinuxJonestom_, yeah then you should be able go through and select more monitor resolutions12:30
robertjis it not in hoary?12:30
=== wulfbane [~wulfbane@ip68-11-232-117.br.no.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== wulfbane_ [~wulfbane@ip68-11-232-117.br.no.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|robertj, don't think so12:31
Todd_MA_1975 robertj: IT's not in hoary yet....Theyhaven't figured out the "right" way to add it to hoary12:31
robertjuh oh, this is a serious problem12:31
encryptioI've tried to install several packages, that I _know_ exist. Like grip, and parts of kde. Error Message: "E: Package grip has no installation candidate", and before that, "Package grip is not available, but is reffered to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source." I have universe set up.12:32
Dre[A] mcatchera question, i want both the flash and the java plugin for mozilla whats the package name so i can apt-get them?12:32
robertjI need to learn more about apt-pinning-foo12:32
Todd_MA_1975robertj: It is a nice picture...12:32
robertjis it linked on the wiki anywhere?12:32
socommencryptio: you need to search for the actual package name for instance `apt-cache search grip | grep -i grip'12:32
LinuxJonesencryptio, did you apt-get update ?12:32
=== linux_galore [~linux_gal@142.b.001lg.syd.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
logan2048Matt|, I don't know, maybe I didn't know what I thought I did. lol12:33
=== Humanzee [~tom@82-37-209-120.cable.ubr06.dudl.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
encryptiosocomm, it's not there. but in another installation, also up-to-date, it is there and installable.12:33
mirakhey, plz help me or give me an hint, the device /dev/dsp doesn't work anymore, I don't know why12:33
Matt|logan2048, huh?12:33
encryptiomirak, are you part of the group "sound" or "audio"?12:34
LinuxJonesencryptio, are you using synaptic ?12:34
logan2048Matt|, trying to get that DHCP to work.  I thought I could specify the location of the dhcp server, but I didn't know what I was doing.12:34
socommencryptio: have you edited  your /etc/apt/sources.list ?12:34
encryptioLinuxJones, i can, but i usually use dselect.12:34
mirakenabl: 29(audio)12:34
encryptiosocomm, yes. to include main, security, and universe.12:35
LinuxJonesencryptio, I think you need to update the repoistory lists apt-get update12:35
socommencryptio: I'm guessing you've ran apt-get update too.12:35
encryptioLinuxJones, socomm, I have.12:35
Dre[A] mcatchera question, i want both the flash and the java plugin for mozilla whats the package name so i can apt-get them?12:35
encryptiomany times.12:35
LinuxJonesencryptio, I have grip available for install you must have messed up your sources.list entries12:36
encryptioI've had this problem with every debian-based install in my history.12:36
encryptioLinuxJones, http://interweb.us/~encryptio/sources.list.txt12:36
=== jps [~jps@user-0cetu9t.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
mirakencryptio: anyother idea ?12:36
=== BigNastyKid909 [~poO@lsanca1-ar62-4-12-143-140.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirakDre[A] mcatcher: I am not sure there is a pacjage12:37
encryptiomirak, sorry, that's the only one that I have. I've gotten around it with the grouping thing, but nothing else.12:37
Dre[A] mcatchermirak, do you know another way to get the plugins12:37
Dre[A] mcatchercause internet without them is like a computer without os, useless12:37
Dre[A] mcatcheri meant something more direct ^^12:37
miraksice it's not free no12:38
LinuxJonesencryptio, here is my list >> deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty main restricted universe multiverse12:38
socommencryptio: does apt update properly, IE: no errors?12:38
mirakknoppix have a nice way to install flash though12:38
encryptioDre[A] mcatcher, try searching the forums. The java for mozilla is there, i'm thinking flash is too.12:38
=== Phr0stByte [~phr0stbyt@ip24-250-124-175.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
encryptiosocomm, yep. it updates fine.12:38
mirakDre[A] mcatcher: java can't be redistributed12:38
Phr0stByteYeah! Updated nVidia drivers, Baby!!!12:38
Dre[A] mcatcherk12:38
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
mirakI am a bit pissd12:39
mirakpissed about the sound12:39
mirakI have tried almost everything12:39
encryptiowhat happens, exactly?12:39
mirakI have sound before but now I don't12:39
mirakesd won't start12:39
robertjOkay here is a stumper12:39
mirakit says that /dev/dsp is an unkown device12:40
robertjopen a terminal, run this game using sdl. No sound. Open a terminal. Run a command, any command, run the game, sound works12:40
mirak/dev/dsp: No such device12:40
mirakrobertj: mmm what ?12:40
mirakwich game ?12:40
robertjmirak: wesnoth12:40
socommrobertj: does sdl spit out an error like ( /dev/dsp in use)?12:41
mirakscuse me I am playing gnometris12:41
mirakI am kidding12:41
robertjno audio device available12:41
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
mirakI have this error12:41
mirakrobertj: wesnoth ?12:41
socommrobertj: another application is probably using sound, whilst sdl cannot access /dev/dsp.12:41
robertjsocomm: but if I start the terminal and run ls and run the game it works fine12:42
socommrobertj: hmm, you may want to report it as a bug to the wesnoth team.12:42
Matt|robertj, that is awesome12:43
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
robertjMatt: yeah, any command at all makes it work12:43
=== icu [~e2@S01060004e2b2e013.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
encryptioi'll be back in a sec.. got to switch to wireless.12:43
Matt|even a "command not found"?12:43
robertjnope, command not found doesn't work12:43
icuMatt|: It's a kernel bug cause I can did at the beginning of the bootup sequence as it says "loading ubuntu..." and it still freezes12:43
=== encryptio [~nobody@user-11faoc3.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|icu, oh i c12:44
robertjtrue, ls, whoami, all seem fine12:44
Matt|icu, file it12:44
icuMatt|: happens both with 386 and 686 kernels12:44
encryptioanyone here ever fixed a workspace count error when running 3ddesktop?12:44
Matt|icu, it is an error on their build i guess12:44
Matt|icu, file it and it will be fixed quick12:45
icuencryptio: yes go into the config file and enable "workspaces"12:45
robertjdo you think the mixer takes its hands off those devices or something?12:45
robertjlike "oohh someone needs to use this"12:45
icuthrough what Matt|?12:45
Matt|ubuntu bugzilla12:45
encryptioicu: what config file?12:45
icu /etc/3ddesktop/3ddesktop.conf12:46
socommrobertj: report the bug to the wesnoth team, but it is most likely that your audio is probably being usde by another process.12:47
robertjI think it may have something to do with the "click" made from clicking the terminal window12:47
socommrobertj: yeah probably a problem with esd.12:47
encryptioicu: change what?12:48
socommrobertj: I've done some programming with SDL and it will usually not get audio if another application, esd in this instance, is using the audio device.12:48
=== hellmuth [~hellmuth@p5091712C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
icuencryptio: uncomment the line workspace   on12:49
robertjsocomm: I bet clicking the terminal icon and causing the"click" makes it happen again12:49
socommrobertj: did you compile esd support into SDL/SDL_mixer?12:49
robertjerr takes the device back12:49
robertjso: i'm using the stock config12:49
socommrobertj: try disabling esd, that my help.12:49
yann__has someone experience with mol (mac on linux), espacially how is the speed? is it worth it?12:49
robertjkillall esd did the job12:50
socommrobertj: esd from gnome's start up, or add support for esd in your SDL's build.12:50
robertjso it is esd conflicting12:50
socommrobertj: well there you go :^)12:50
encryptioicu: still only one workspace: "get property WIN_WORKSPACE failed - setting one" and then the same about WIN_WORKSPACE_COUNT12:50
robertjI guess we should pretty please either debian upstream or ubuntu to do this12:50
robertjbut sdl is in universe12:50
socommrobertj: did you install SDL from a binary package, or compile it yourself?12:51
robertjfrom the package12:51
icuencryptio: uncomment the emwh line aswell12:51
=== francofai [~kvirc@adsl-ull-200-184.41-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
socommrobertj: it probably is not compiled with esd support then. Try installing the esd `dev' package, and compiling SDL/SDL_mixer from scratch. That will allow SDL to utilize esd for sound.12:52
socommrobertj: that or just kill esd whenever you wanna play an SDL game :^)12:52
robertjbtw, I killed esd and started it and now I don't have any sound in gnome12:52
robertjdoes it need to run as user gdm or something?12:53
socommGNOME uses esd for sound.12:53
Dre[A] mcatcheranyone mind helping me with the install of java on my machine, i coudnt find it in the thread on the forums12:53
encryptioicu: thx, got it working now. had to set the texturesize too, my videocard isn't very good.12:53
socommrobertj: you can just launch esd as a regular user.12:53
icuencryptio: np, put something the wiki, had to figure this out myself12:53
robertjsocomm: didn't fix it12:54
socommDre[A] mcatcher: install from SUN's website, that's how I installed. Oh  if you install from SUN don't forget to make all the proper links to your browser and /usr/bin directories.12:54
=== |^JaMeS^| [~nobody@cvip-dsl-205-88.cvip.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
encryptioicu: I will, once I get back from playing pool.12:54
socommrobertj: you'll probably have to restart GNOME for esd to be lauched properly.12:55
=== francofai [~kvirc@adsl-ull-200-184.41-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
Dre[A] mcatchersocomm: there's a thread on the forums, im trying to follow it but i get an error12:56
Dre[A] mcatcherwhen i try to move the files it says the files are not found12:56
=== robertj [~robertj@66-188-77-153.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== hjkl [~rewrwrewr@c5-ctn-177.dial-up.net] has joined #ubuntu
socommDre[A] mcatcher: you probably got the wrong path. You can just press tab to complete commands and paths.12:56
=== robertj [~robertj@66-188-77-153.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
socommDre[A] mcatcher: for instance type `ls /us' then press [TAB]  and it will automatically complete the command for you.12:58
=== [ZACK] [~zack@res-68-112-60-087.cam.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
robertjokay, got the problem12:59
robertjsudo apt-get install libsdl1.2debian-esd12:59
robertjsocomm: excuse my lazyness, but I'm err, lazy12:59
[ZACK] hey, I would like to add more sources to my sources.list I would like the DEBIAN sources. Anyone have a list of them?12:59
=== Hoodster [~alan@adsl-11-179-21.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
HoodsterHi All01:00
robertjZack: try #debian01:00
[ZACK] k01:00
=== [ZACK] [~zack@res-68-112-60-087.cam.sc.charter.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
robertjhow can I see all packages installed that suggest libsdl1.2debian-oss01:01
robertjthat's not a base package is it?01:01
robertjso I guess one of these games suggested it01:01
HoodsterI am trying to syn gnome-pilot with my Palm m505. I have tried /dev/ttyUSB0 and /dev/ttyUSB1 but neither work. I have modprobe usbserial and modprobe visor, but neither work. dmesg indicates that the palm is detected. Not sure what else to do. Anyone have any tips?01:02
=== hellmuth [~hellmuth@p5091712C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
socommrobertj: so does it work now?01:04
robertjoky here is the skinny01:04
=== andril [~andril@adsl-3-133-144.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== [Siff] [~fate@ip68-103-157-136.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjwesnoth, as does probably every other sdl game, depends on libsd1.2debian01:04
encryptioDre[A] mcatcher, there's a wiki piece on java: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Java01:05
robertjwhich depends on either libsdl1.2debian-oss, libsdl1.2debian-esd, libsdl1.2debian-arts, libsdl1.2debian-all, or libsdl1.2debian-alsa01:05
robertjby default it installs libsdl1.2debian-oss01:05
mirakthere is no modconf in ubuntu ?01:06
socommrobertj: so just get libsdl-esd.01:06
robertjso if the ubuntu package is changed to provide libsdl1.2debian-esd instead of oss by default, then all sdl games become happy01:06
icuMatt|: I submitted the bug. What's the response time on these things typically?01:06
robertjI've already apt-get installed libsdl1.2-debian-esd and everything works01:06
Matt|icu, v quick01:06
andrilhello aain01:07
icuMatt|: A day?01:07
robertjis esd staying the default with Ubuntu 2?01:07
Matt|icu, when i submitted my bug, it was allocated real quick and i got some responses straight away. it isn't fixed yet tho :(01:07
mirakicu: what is the bug ?01:07
Matt|*my acpi bug01:07
andrilI have sound now - but not with Mulimedia apps - any help???????01:07
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjor will eventually gstreamer & gnome get pushed over to alsa backends?01:07
robertjdoes Gnome even support any sinks besides esd?01:08
icumirak: Pressing the lid sensor on my dell 600m causes everything to freeze even when booting the kernel. Did not happen with pure debian.01:08
robertjis it currently using gstreamer which goes to esdsink>01:08
andrilMatt|: how about you? I have sound now but not with sound apps01:08
socommrobertj: don't think so. esd == gnome artsd == kde.01:08
mirakrobertj: you have sound problems too ?01:08
robertjesd == dieing01:09
robertjesd is on it's way out01:09
socommI think most multimedia apps have an option for which driver you want to use.01:09
robertjis there any way to apply patchsets to universe packages?01:10
=== Charlie_ [~charlie@h39248.upc-h.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
socommrobertj: no, patches are applied to source files.01:10
tmartinhi im trying to have a remote machine connect to mine so i can view it over x windows.  Ive set the DISPLAY env variable on the machine to my machine address but the remote machine still says it cant connect to an X Server.  Anyone know what im talking about?01:11
=== redemption [~redemptio@ip68-6-90-117.sb.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjsocomm: its just a virtual package, it could probably be fixed by hand if policy permits it01:11
redemptionAnyone know where ubuntu's distribution of nautilus hides the scripts directory?01:11
=== paulproteus [~paulprote@h-67-102-97-191.mclnva23.covad.net] has left #ubuntu []
robertjokay this is tupid01:13
robertjI need to file an upstream bug with debian01:13
robertjlibsdl1.2debian-all should be provided by libsdl1.2debian01:13
=== GnuHippy [~jason@] has joined #ubuntu
GnuHippyDMA mode won't stay enabled on my drivers01:14
fissytmartin, are you doing X forwarding over ssh?01:14
socommGnuHippy: try adding a script to enable it on boot.01:14
[Siff] how should i change permissions on a mounted partition? or can i get it to prompt me for a pass when i want to access it?01:15
=== steffo [~steven@steffo.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== sivang is now known as sivang_asleep
redemptionSiff, could you change the permissions in fstab so the permissions will be set when you mount it?01:17
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-66-20-101-158.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
redemptionAnyone know where to put nautilus scripts with ubuntu?01:18
fissycan't you just change the permissions of the folder the partition is mounted to?01:18
[Siff] redemption: should i put it in fstab if i only need to access it tonight?01:19
redemptionsiff, no probably not, in that case, are you able to change permission to the directory that the stuff is mounted to?01:20
=== encKe` [~encKe@dsl-33.crcom.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
redemptionfissy, That doesn't seem to work for me, any idea why?01:21
mirakhow do I enable oss ?01:22
cardadorredemption: make the scripts executable01:22
fissyredemption, fairly sure01:22
=== icu [~e2@S01060004e2b2e013.vc.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu []
redemption...ah... *sigh* I feel really stupid.01:22
socommmirak: you probably gotta load a module.01:22
=== chibifs taps his foot.
redemptionThanks cardador, fissy01:22
chibifsI don't remember floppy disk drives being so... slow01:23
fissydid making them executable do the job? i'd have thought it wouldn't matter since its run by interpreter01:23
=== VR- [VR@148-108.200-68.tampabay.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== VR- is now known as VR
redemptionI haven't tried yet, but I'm trying right now.01:23
=== VR is now known as VR^
tmartinanyone know how i can configur xhost so i dont keep getting the msg "access control disable, clients can connect from any host"01:24
bur[n] ertmartin: xhost+01:24
bur[n] eruhh... that's supposed to be a plug01:24
redemptionyep, that worked.  the scripts just need to have the executable permission set.01:24
bur[n] erplus even01:24
stuNNedwhat samba tool does network-admin use?01:24
zenwhenKamion, I just wanted to give you Kudos on warty warthog being a great release and having fixed all the things I whined o you about a long while back.01:24
redemptionCardador, fissy, once again, thanks.01:24
fissyok, i'll remember that redemption :D01:24
tmartinafter the + i put the remotes servers machien address?01:24
chibifsI shall finish it... I shall have Ubuntu on my laptop if it takes me all month >.<;01:25
[Siff] redemption: ugh, how do i do that from a console? only root has perms right now01:26
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-68-153.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|what is the difference between flashplayer-mozilla and flashplugin-nonfree?01:26
=== chutwig [~edmundrhu@nat01-easton-ext.Rutgers.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
socommMatt|: is there a description01:27
redemptionsudo chmod ugo+rw -R "name of directory"01:27
redemptionthat should work Siff01:27
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|socomm, yes but i don't understand it01:27
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S01060040f4acc23c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|plus, has anyone else had flash problems when going to hoary?01:28
socommwhat does flashplayer-mozilla description say?01:28
redemptionSiff, However, that will make everything in that directory readable and writable by everyone, until you reset the remissions, I believe.01:28
socommMatt|: no issues here.01:28
dieselI have downloaded libdvdcss2 and w32codecs, yet totem still does not want to play DVDs?  Any suggestions.01:28
Matt|Macromedia Flash Player01:28
Matt|The Flash Player lets you experience animation and entertainment in your01:28
Matt|Mozilla web browser.01:28
billytwowillyMatt|,  got a webpage I can use to find out?;)01:28
Matt|ok i have discovered the difference01:28
Matt|Billytwowilly what do you want to find out?01:29
socommMatt|: flashplayer-mozilla is probably automated, where flashplayer-nonfree requires user intervention.01:29
billytwowillydiesel, totem with gstreamer is a pile of garbage.. use mplayer or xine01:29
[Siff] redemptionwould taking the last w out of the ugo+rw make it read-only?01:29
=== MobyTurbo [~chai@as5300-3.216-194-7-65.nyc.ny.metconnect.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|socomm, yeah think so01:29
billytwowillyMatt|, If flash is busted01:29
Matt|socomm, i'll just reinstall flashplayer-mozilla01:29
=== chutwig [~edmundrhu@nat01-easton-ext.Rutgers.EDU] has left #ubuntu []
Matt|billytwowilly, oh. http://mdke.mine.nu01:30
socommMatt|: for what it's worth I installed flash by hand.01:30
Matt|billytwowilly, clock applet on the left hand side01:30
Matt|socomm, oh i c01:30
Matt|socomm, maybe a better idea01:30
yshow can i make my default mp3 player xmms?01:30
=== MobyTurbo [~chai@as5300-3.216-194-7-65.nyc.ny.metconnect.net] has left #ubuntu []
socommMatt|: maybe ...01:30
Matt|socomm, the flashplayer-mozilla package is called ...-warty ;)01:30
Matt|no sorry01:30
redemptionSiff, yep01:30
socommMatt|: I don't have that package in my cache.01:31
billytwowillyMatt|, works fine, except when I click on it it gets a bit messed up.01:31
=== bilb0 [tmaster@cpc4-staf1-3-0-cust237.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|socomm, i'll just download it by hand01:31
[Siff] redemption, I/O error... thanks so much anyway, lol01:31
socommMatt|: good luck.01:31
=== jonathan__ [~jonathan@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|socomm, what is the flashplayer for linux like atm? last time i used it it wasn't as good as in windows01:32
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-144-192.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== dtradd [~dtradd@] has left #ubuntu []
mirakI about to throw ubuntu by the window01:33
=== nescafe [~Nesafe@adsl-216-62-208-140.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|mirak, you keep saying your system is working then it buggers up01:34
Matt|mirak, do you think the problem could be due to user-intervention ;p01:35
=== nomasteryoda [~tux@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirakuser interventions through synaptic or apt01:35
redemptionsiff, hmmm, is the drive already mounted?01:35
mirakit seems there is lot of broken deps01:35
[Siff] redemption: i did 'mount -t ntfs /dev/hdb2 /mnt/winxp'01:36
socommMatt|: Don't know I haven't used Windows for several years now. But for my use, mostly flash movies/games,  it works perfectly.01:37
[Siff] redemption: i can see it in nautilus, and get a properties window01:37
Matt|socomm, i can't play some flash games v well they are a bit jerky01:37
redemption...Ah, you are trying to mount a ntfs filesystem.  are you trying to make it writable?01:37
redemptionThat will be dificult.01:37
Matt|difficult = suicidal01:38
socommMatt|: probably your processor.01:38
[Siff] haha, actually no, under no circumstances do i want to modify it01:38
Matt|socomm, lol01:38
encryptiodoes anyone know how to set keyboard shortcuts to run a command line program?01:38
[Siff] just read it01:38
Billoxdoes anyone know if postfix's mail command can be used to send an attachment?01:38
Matt|socomm, the flash games run faster than on windows, but much more jerky01:38
socommMatt|: have you tried lowering the quality?01:38
Matt|socomm, is an idea01:38
redemptionit's already mounted, siff?01:38
Matt|socomm, at the moment i have a problem with it tho01:39
=== Heisenberg [~Dpilat@210-86-68-237.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|same as billytwowilly: the flash displays are jerky01:39
socommMatt|: you can try reporting as a bug to macromedia, though I doubt they'll care.01:39
Matt|socomm, if you go to http://mdke.mine.nu, does the clock go screwy when you click on the screen or address bar01:39
Matt|socomm, it is only since updating to hoary01:39
Matt|socomm, must be firefox-0.1001:39
[Siff] did i mount it wrong to be read-only?01:40
socommMatt|: let me check.01:40
[Siff] redemption: i did 'mount -t ntfs /dev/hdb2 /mnt/winxp'01:40
Matt|socomm, also try http://www.190.it01:40
socommMatt|: could not be found.01:40
Heisenberggood afternoon, fellow ubuntuers: how do I prevent Ubuntu to revert to the default dns IP ( even though I have saved the actual ones (again and again)...???01:40
redemptionSiff: yet, you can't read it?01:40
[Siff] i mounted it from the root console01:41
Matt|socomm, for me, when i click on the address bar, the flash movie blacks out and refills01:41
Heisenberg...and even edited resolv.conf?01:41
mirakhow can I force removing of OSS sound system ?01:41
Matt|socomm, http://mdke.mine.nu is up i think!01:41
redemptionsiff: try this "sudo chmod -R o+rx 'name of directory'"01:42
socomm190.it worrks fine here.01:42
Matt|socomm, what v of firefox?01:42
socommMatt|: and mdke.mine.nu displays fine too.01:42
Heisenbergafter rebooting, that us...01:42
Heisenberger, is01:42
Matt|socomm, damn you01:42
Matt|the problem is only after going to hoary i said01:42
socommHow do I upgrade?01:43
Matt|anyone on hoary and has flash installed with their firefox browser?01:43
socommapt-get dist-upgrade?01:43
Matt|socomm, it is unstable01:43
Heisenbergworks here..01:43
[Siff] chmod: `/mnt/winxp': Input/output error01:43
socommMatt|: hmmm.01:44
Matt|Heisenberg, what works?01:44
socomm[Siff] : ntfs?01:44
Heisenberger, sorry.. Matt, I have warty, not hoary..01:45
Heisenbergstill, can somebody please give me a hint why Ubuntu continues to use the wrong DNS after every new boot??01:45
=== keknehv [~ryanh@c-67-172-140-150.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
keknehvHow do I stop gnome from opening everything in a new window?01:46
encryptioallright, a 3ddesktop howto is now in the wiki. (by me).01:46
encryptionow i'm gonna play pool.01:46
Matt|encryptio, cool good work01:47
Matt|keknehv, go to applications --> system tools --> configuration editor01:47
dieselwhat are the sources to get mplayer for ubuntu?01:47
Matt|keknehv, then go to apps --> nautilus --> preferences and change "always use browser" to true01:47
redemptionSiff: try unmounting the device then mounting it again with -o ro -t ntfs01:47
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu
[Siff] redemption: i did -t ntfs01:48
[Siff] should i try -o ?01:49
redemptionsiff: nvrmind that won't work.01:49
redemptionjust a sec.01:49
Matt|anyone on HOARY and has flash installed with their firefox browser?01:50
Matt|cardador, have you any problems with it?01:51
Matt|cardador, try http://www.190.it : my problem is that when i click the address bar or minimise and then restore the window, the flash video blacks out and refills as the video proceeds01:51
cardadorMatt|: yes, some black images01:51
ionshow do I start ssh?01:51
Matt|cardador, ok01:51
Matt|ions, ssh01:52
Matt|ions, followed by the address01:52
cardadorions: or you can use nautilus01:52
HeisenbergMatt, could you give me a hint regarding the DNS server issue?01:52
Matt|Heisenberg, i would like to, but i suck at computers01:52
ionsyeah I can ssh out but when someone tries to ssh into my box it gets blocked01:52
Matt|ions, you got an sshd server running?01:52
Matt|cardador, what are we gonna do about these black images>01:53
ionsno - that's what I ned01:53
Matt|ions, ok01:53
cardadorMatt|: dont know, i guess its a bug01:53
Matt|cardador, i'm gonna file it against firefox01:53
cardadorMatt|: ok01:53
Matt|i love feeling like i'm playing a part01:53
cardadorMatt|: do you have a nvidia card?01:54
redemptionokay, Siff, try 'sudo mount -o umask=000 -t ntfs /dev/hdb2 /mnt/winxp'01:55
redemptionSiff: that should work.01:55
Matt|cardador, nope01:55
Matt|cardador, ATI, am running it in 2d atm01:55
mxpxpodit there a way to easily switch over to gcc-3.4 for compiles?01:56
Matt|mxpxpod, not really: you can run gcc-3.4 manually as a command01:56
mxpxpodMatt|: ok01:57
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
ionsthe connection is refused when my friend tries to ssh into my box yet I can ssh out01:57
ddaaI added new configuration instruction for ThinkPad T42p on "https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops". Feedback (on the wiki page) welcome.01:58
kensaiMy dvd-rom was not in the pc when I installed ubuntu If I connct it now will ubuntu recognize it and add it to /etc/fstab ?01:58
azeemions: the ssh server is disabled by default01:58
=== Mojo_Jojo [~Mojo@d205-250-56-39.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
cardadorions: try sudo apt-get install sshd01:58
redemptionSiff: that work?01:58
ionsE: Couldn't find package sshd01:58
Mojo_JojoHi, I get this error when I try to run nwn Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)01:59
azeemMojo_Jojo: that's a generic error01:59
Mojo_Jojooh...ok what causes it?01:59
azeemanything could cause it I guess02:00
Matt|cardador, i've submitted it as bug 3302, feel free to add02:00
=== legba [legba@fbi.tried.to.hack.me.but.my.files.were.too.cryptik.org] has joined #ubuntu
shank_why is the kernel cache'ing so much of the fs?02:00
[Siff] umount: /mnt/winxp: device is busy02:00
[Siff] umount: /mnt/winxp: device is busy02:00
shank_its really degrading my performace02:00
Matt|nite nite02:00
Mojo_Jojook, how can I fix it so I can play nwn??02:00
shank_oh nm02:00
redemptionmojo, the linux game faq deals with this.02:01
Mojo_Jojoredemption, do you have a link?02:01
redemption... just a sec.02:01
jdubshank_: it's not degrading your performance.02:02
redemptionmojo, how'd you install nwn?02:02
shank_jdub, i was looking at top on the wrong machine :-)02:02
redemptionmojo: http://icculus.org/lgfaq/02:02
Mojo_Jojousing an installer a friend sent me02:02
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-15-250.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Mojo_Jojothanks for the link02:02
jdubshank_: regardless, that idea is wrong.02:02
shank_jdub, quick heckling me02:03
legbaanyone wanna walk me through using another kernel?02:03
jdubpays to know how stuff works :)02:03
legbacan i simply download the k7 kernel and fix grub?02:03
shank_jdub, your assuming i don't02:03
azeemlegba: install crosshurd from Debian unstable02:03
Mojo_Jojowow thats alot of links haha02:03
legbaazeem how do i unmask the unstable packeages?02:03
jdubshank_: "why is the kernel cache'ing so much of the fs? its really degrading my performace"02:04
legbai'm quite new to debian sorry02:04
azeemactually, perhaps crosshurd is in universe, dunno02:04
jdubshank_: based on that, i thought i'd help you understand what's going on02:04
shank_jdub, yes, cause i thought it was caching 410MB worth of shit on a 512mB laptop while swapping out 300mb of stuff02:04
legbasynaptic is quite nice i must admit02:04
=== chemaja [~chemaja@c220-237-32-86.brasd2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== [ZACK] [~zack@res-68-112-60-087.cam.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Hikaru79Are the ubuntu repositories down? o_O02:04
=== mxpxpod is now known as mx|gone
shank_jdub, but as i said, i was looking at the wrong top02:04
[ZACK] Hey, I just got Mplayer on CVS. I am left with a folder called "Main" I also have the FFMPG too. What should I do now?02:05
redemptionMojo: that actually doesn't deal with the problem, sorry.02:05
=== BenZor [~bnurmi@CPE-141-168-13-137.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
legbais there a default rootpass?02:05
BenZorevening ubuntu people!02:05
legbai don02:05
azeemlegba: no02:05
BenZorlegba- use "sudo"02:05
=== Elyran [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
legbawasn't asked for one during instal...02:06
redemptionmojo: are you in the directory you installed nwn to when you run nwn?02:06
housetier[ZACK]  what do you want to do?02:06
BenZorlegba- your account has administrative privledges, just login as you and use sudo02:06
legbais this a typical debian convention?02:06
[ZACK] housetier i want to install Mplayer02:06
azeemlegba: not if you ran Mac OS X before02:06
azeemlegba: no02:06
Mojo_Jojoredemption, yeah i'm running it strait from the directory02:06
legbawell it's an athlon - and yes i run osx too02:07
=== suzan [~suzan@p50847540.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
legbathis will be put on the g4 if things work out02:07
jdublegba: it works the same way as osx (almost)02:07
housetier[ZACK]  isnt that in one of the repositories? also I heard its easier to use the tarball than the cvs tree02:07
legbaand i do know sudo02:07
legbaso where shall i go to find crosshurd?02:07
desplegba: if you want root, you can just set the root password02:08
redemption...hmmm, I'm sorry Mojo, I don't think I know what's wrong. sorry.02:08
legbadesp sudo passwd?02:08
azeemlegba: you should try to go without a root password02:08
despsudo passwd root02:08
Mojo_Jojoredemption, thats ok :)02:08
despI think02:08
despor just use sudo su02:09
azeemlegba: and do not worry about crosshurd, that was probably ill advice02:09
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-15-250.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
legbawell true enough i can't think of a reason to have root02:09
despazeem: you can fuck up your system quite thoroughly just using sudo02:09
=== natea [~natea@h000f66a887c6.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
socomm`sudo -s' then `passwd' to change roots password.02:09
legbathanks - would at least like to set it randomly02:09
socommdesp: do you gotta specify root?02:09
azeemlegba: why?02:10
socommazeem: security reasons maybe?02:10
jdublegba: it's currently disabled, which is more secure than 'randomly set'02:10
legbawell presumably all ubuntu has same pass?02:10
despsocomm: hm, I guess not...02:10
legbaah thanks jdub02:10
jdublegba: *disabled*02:10
legbajust what is crosshurd?02:11
legbacross compilation?02:11
azeemDescription: Install a Debian system02:11
legbapretty sure i got onea those.02:11
=== tmartin [~tyler@ip68-6-112-163.sb.sd.cox.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== socomm [~socomm@adsl-69-104-217-104.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has left #ubuntu [":wq"]
azeemthe basic idea of crosshurd is to install another kernel (like BSD, or GNU/Hurd), which you asked for02:12
azeembut I guess that wasn't *really* what you asked for02:12
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenalwhats the name of that app that shows weather and system details on the desktop?02:12
cardadorAdrenal: gdesklets02:12
Adrenalhow do i get it?02:13
cardadorAdrenal: install it with synaptic02:13
Adrenalof course02:13
=== BeTa [~beta@beta.loc.e-glop.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ddaa [~ddaa@nemesis.xlii.org] has left #ubuntu []
=== [ZACK] [~zack@res-68-112-60-087.cam.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== diesel [~diesel@c-67-166-112-20.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
[ZACK] hey, i was trying to compile Mplayer and I got this error: zack@ubuntu ~/MPlayer-1.0pre5 $ /home/zack/MPlayer-1.0pre5/configure02:17
[ZACK] Detected operating system: Linux02:17
[ZACK] Detected host architecture: i38602:17
[ZACK] Checking for cc version ... not found02:17
[ZACK] Checking for gcc version ... not found02:17
[ZACK] Checking for gcc-3.3 version ... not found02:17
[ZACK] Checking for gcc-3.2 version ... not found02:17
=== aran [~aran@Toronto-HSE-ppp3926700.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
[ZACK] Checking for gcc-3.1 version ... not found02:17
[ZACK] Checking for gcc3 version ... not found02:17
[ZACK] Checking for gcc-3.0 version ... not found02:17
[ZACK] Checking for cc version ... not found02:17
[ZACK] *** Please downgrade/upgrade C compiler to version gcc-2.95.x or gcc-3.x! ***02:17
[ZACK] You are not using a supported compiler. We do not have the time to make sure02:17
[ZACK] everything works with compilers other than the ones we use.  Use either the02:17
[ZACK] same compiler as we do, or use --disable-gcc-checking but DO *NOT* REPORT BUGS02:17
[ZACK] unless you can reproduce them after recompiling with a 2.95.x or 3.x version!02:17
jdubit is trying to tell you that you need to install a compiler02:17
[ZACK] Note for gcc 2.96 users: Some versions of this compiler are known to miscompile02:17
[ZACK] mplayer and lame (which is used for mencoder).  If you get compile errors,02:17
[ZACK] first upgrade to the latest 2.96 release (minimum 2.96-85) and try again.02:17
aitrusholy flood batman02:18
[ZACK] If the problem still exists, try with gcc 3.x (or 2.95.x) *BEFORE* reporting02:18
[ZACK] bugs!02:18
[ZACK]     *** For details please read DOCS/HTML/en/users-vs-dev.html ***02:18
dieselOn the debian website there is an option to boot from a floppy and perform a net install.  Is that option available for Ubuntu?02:18
[ZACK] Error: Bad gcc version02:18
jdubplease don't paste here02:18
[ZACK] Check "configure.log" if you do not understand why it failed.02:18
[ZACK] zack@ubuntu ~/MPlayer-1.0pre5 $02:18
jdubit is trying to tell you that you need to install a compiler02:18
[ZACK] ...... what should Ido?02:18
nomasteryodaopen new tab dude then do it that way02:18
housetier[ZACK]  please don't do that again02:18
nomasteryodadirect to one person02:18
jdub[ZACK] : install mplayer from marillat's repository instead of building it02:18
jdub[ZACK] : you don't have a compiler, and if you don't know that error means you don't have one, you should be using packages02:19
mirakwhen I try to acces the sound mixer I got this error : No volume control elements and/or devices found.02:19
=== niroht [~niroht@c66.168.19.108.mad.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
dieselLost in Zack's garbage, I asked:  Is there a Ubuntu net install option that I can start from a floppy?02:19
jdubdiesel: no02:19
jdubdiesel: though you could do a minimal woody install, and upgrade (following the directions on the wiki)02:20
[ZACK] sorry guys, I am new to IRC and I didnt know that would happen, i wont come back again, i promise. I just wanted some help02:20
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
aitrus[ZACK] : don't run away with your tail between your legs.  live and learn.02:20
aitrus[ZACK] : now you know.02:20
[ZACK] sorry02:21
aitrus[ZACK] : do you have  "build-essential" isntalled02:21
mirakgnome believes my mixer is my bttv card02:21
despI changed my text and background colors in gedit to white-on-black, but the text insertion point (cursor) remains black.  is this because gedit sucks, or because I missed something?02:22
jdubmirak: i bet your kernel believed it first :)02:22
jdubmirak: load your sound card's module in /etc/modules02:22
jdubthat ought to fix it02:22
mirakthe module is loaded02:23
mirakI force loading in /etc/modules02:23
mirakI mean it's already in it02:23
jdubbefore your bttv module?02:23
mirakI don't know about the before, but I think so02:23
=== lugorX [~ben@roc-66-66-209-96.rochester.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
dieseljdub, that is probably what I will do.  thanks for the suggestion.02:24
=== mx|gone is now known as mxpxpod
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
=== geKow [~geKow@pD95F81E9.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenali installed it, alongside some library thing02:25
Adrenaland it won't start02:25
geKowgood evening (or so)02:26
Adrenali installed gdesklet, and it won't run02:26
VR^i downloaded "warty-release-install-i386.iso.torrent" from http://releases.ubuntu.com/warty/ ... how can i check if the file is complete?02:26
nirohtyour bittorrent program should tell you when the download is complete02:27
=== Bilbo [~bbaggins@cpe-66-189-53-201.ma.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
geKowmay I ask a newbie question?02:28
defendguingeKow, NO02:28
VR^niroht, it did. i just wanted to be sure it's complete02:28
nirohtVR^,  you can compair your .iso file to the .md502:28
nirohta491903a2d2197651864dec3836d85e0  warty-release-install-i386.iso02:29
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
despis it possible in gedit, the default Ubuntu editor, to have the cursor visible over a black background?02:31
=== jyh [~chatzilla@c-24-6-120-128.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== [ZACK] [~zack@res-68-112-60-087.cam.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== efb [~efb@200164138105.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesgeKow, what is your question :P02:32
Hikaru79I just installed the "3ddesktop" package... how do I activate it? ^^ ;;02:32
geKowoh... I just installed ubuntu on my older laptop and it won't recognize my wifi card02:33
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenalc'mon, anyone know why gdesklet won't run?02:33
LinuxJonesgeKow, have a look here >> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCards02:33
legbawell looka this02:33
legbasynaptic just installed new kernel :)02:33
Hikaru79Synaptic can install new kernels?? >_>02:34
=== geKow looks
housetierdid it run "lilo" too?02:34
legbayup :)02:34
legbawell grub anyhoo02:34
Adrenalanyone at all?02:34
[ZACK] Hey, you probably know me from a while ago for my flood. I have a question now. To install Mplayer I have to copy the codecs in a directory where it requires root responsibilitys. What is the command where I can create a new folder in usr/local/lib?02:35
Hikaru79Just type 'sudo' and then the command02:35
legbasudo mkdir usr/local/lib02:35
Hikaru79And it'll ask you for the password, put it in02:35
BenZorHow do you start samba?02:36
Pizbit[ZACK] : Why can't you just insall the w32codecs package?02:36
despPizbit: is it available for PPC?02:37
PizbitNo idea02:37
=== orospakr [~orospakr@209-195-116-123.c1.ac1.otton1.isp.cyberus.ca] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitPPC = foreign to me:)02:37
=== HaRDaWaY [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mojo_Jojo [~Mojo@d205-250-56-39.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== [ZACK] [~zack@res-68-112-60-087.cam.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Mojo_JojoHey, in UTGOTY it installer and runs but when I change the resoultion to 102x768 it doesnt look good at all :(02:39
[ZACK] how do I add .dlls to a root responsibility folder?02:40
=== Hikaru79 [~hikaru79@d57-4-59.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== moyote [~moyote@c1-1e205.neo.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== yann__ [~Yann@p508A5A0A.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
legba102x768 is quite low...02:42
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-44-28.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Mojo_Jojoit just fine for me...and it looks good on my monitor02:42
legbai think you might be meaning 1024x768...02:42
[ZACK] can someone awnser my question02:42
[ZACK] please?02:43
Mojo_Jojolegba, yeah thats it02:43
crimsun[ZACK] : would you rephrase? It's unclear.02:43
[ZACK] i need to add some files to a root folder.02:44
cardador[ZACK] : what exactly do you want to add?02:44
[ZACK] ALOT of dll files02:44
[ZACK] codecs02:44
despso the cursor color is hardwired in gedit. jesus02:44
cardador[ZACK] : use synaptic and install w32-codecs02:44
despI can't believe I'm the first person that'd want to have white text on a black background in an editor02:45
[ZACK] i dont know what synaptic is02:45
crimsun[ZACK] : are you using the Ubuntu distribution?02:45
legbasynaptic is in system menu02:45
cardador[ZACK] : computer > syst config > synaptic02:45
[ZACK] k02:45
legbaquite a nice app02:46
PizbitDon't think he has the marillat respository somehow.02:46
cardadorPizbit: multiverse dont have it?02:46
Mojo_Jojothis sucks one games wont play and another has shtty resolution haha what a night02:46
crimsunI'm not even sure he's using Ubuntu.02:46
[ZACK] i am02:46
Pizbitcardador: Nah, tis marillat02:46
Pizbit[ZACK] : Read this and add the marillat repository in synaptic, hit "reload" then install w32codecs http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats02:47
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S01060040f4acc23c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== niroht [~niroht@c66.168.19.108.mad.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
[ZACK] how do I add it?02:49
[ZACK] nvm02:49
nirohtwhy would gdm display my dualheads correctly, but once i log in X only displays 1 monitor correctly?02:49
legbathat was very helpful pizbit, thanks02:50
legbait's a lot easier than with rpm-based distros02:50
=== Pizbit chuckles.
legbathough i must say gentoo takes the cake here :P02:51
geKowwell... my card isn't listed in that page... its an RTL8180 based one02:51
Pizbitlegba: I agree, it's much nicer to spend several days waiting for a full usable system than following 2 minutes worth of instructions:)02:52
legbadesp you may want to try kwrite02:52
despin gnome?02:52
PizbitEnough of that though:)02:52
legbapizbit hehe - yeah i know gentoo isn't for the impatient - sorry offtopic ;)02:53
legbadesp kwrite seems to run fine in gnome...02:53
legbayou could also try emacs02:53
despactually, I'm reading a vim tutorial now02:53
geKowLinuxJones  my card isn't listed in that page... its an RTL8180 based one02:54
legbawell i'm very biased here so i'll let you use vim.02:54
crimsunvimtutor? :-)02:54
chemajai'm running a fresh ubuntu warty install, with an NVIDIA TNT 16MB card, using the 'nv' driver. I've just installed 'gstreamer0.8-mpeg2dec' so that totem-gstreamer can play MPEG video. It works, but the video is *slightly* jerky. This wasn't the case when running FedoraCore2 on the same hardware, with the 'nv' driver. However, I *was* using the 'xine' backend. Has anyone else noticed similar problem with the gstreamer backend?02:55
mjrI'd wager it's the gstreamer backend, it's only now being fixed to play video back properly02:56
mjrrecommend that you use totem-xine for now02:57
chemajamjr: ok, thanks.02:57
Pizbitchemaja: If you want to use the xine backend you can get w32codecs from this link, if you enable universe you can switch to totem-xine  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats02:57
chemajaPizbit: thanks.02:57
legbahehe that link is quite usefull02:58
LinuxJonesgeKow, >> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/answers.php?action=viewarticle&artid=28602:58
Pizbitlegba: It gets pasted, a lot.02:58
ben_does anyone know how i can configure powernowd to scale back the cpu when running on battery?02:58
=== Freedomzen [~rob@ip68-9-228-216.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
geKowoh, thx a lot02:59
Pizbitlegba: It's still 1 per 1000 lines in my log file:) I noticed how often it showed up so I became interested in the ratio02:59
LinuxJonesgeKow, ndiswrapper is installed by default I believe02:59
timelloevandro, fala bixo02:59
nirohtany thoughts on my dualhead gdm vs x problem ?02:59
legbanot a bad ratio... maybe add it to topic?02:59
=== geKow checks
legbaniroht is the other monitor setup in gnome?03:00
Freedomzenok like ubuntu and do not wanna scratch it...but enemy-territory will not start I have started it from the console and it hangs on sound initialization has anyone seen this?03:00
legbai've used things like xinerama to do that03:00
PizbitFreedomzen: killall -9 esd then run it03:00
chemajaooh, totem-xine wants to remove 'ubuntu-desktop' (not that i mind losing the copyright or changelog) :)03:01
PizbitProbably a nicer way to stop esd but I don't care.03:01
Pizbitchemaja: That's fine03:01
Freedomzenheh I need my ET03:01
chemajaPizbit: yea i know... but it would scare the hell out of some noobs :)03:01
Pizbitchemaja: You have no idea...03:01
mjrchemaja, it has :)03:01
nirohtlegba, setup how? i've tried fireglcontrol, and modifying XF*4 in /etc/X11 ... havn't done anything with xinerama, unsure what it is exactly03:01
legbathat kinda bugs me :P03:01
=== dargo [~dargo@245.Red-80-39-84.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
legbayou have a firegl?03:02
chemajaPizbit: so I'm guessing 'ubuntu-desktop' is useful if you want to revert to a semi-clean ubundu intstall..03:02
legbaxinerama is a fancy pants way to display on multiple monitors03:02
chemajai'm also guessing noone has used it for that purpose03:02
nirohti don't think so, but the wiki (or somewhere) said you can use it to control how the monitors act, has no effect it seems tho03:02
legbaah wel if you don't have a firegl i'd leave that alone ;)03:03
=== nonmon [~chuck@mabeys.dsl.aros.net] has joined #ubuntu
nirohtlegba, how would i setup the 2nd one in gnome, other then in XFConfig-403:03
legbathey tend to be expensive cards - which is why i asked.03:03
=== [ZACK] [~zack@res-68-112-60-087.cam.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
legbaapt-get xinerama03:03
evandrotimello, fala capitao03:03
[ZACK] is there anyway to get root without sudo?03:04
legbasynaptic :P03:04
ben_can anyone help me?03:04
legbazack what you need root for?03:04
chemaja[ZACK] : i think 'sudo -s' is what you're after03:04
[ZACK] thanks :)03:04
Freedomzen[ZACK] , or sudo passwd03:05
Freedomzennew password03:05
Freedomzenthen su03:05
Pizbitchemaja: Well, if you dis-upgrade to hoary(not now, but when it's released) it will come into effect since they'll have added some dependencies too it which means you wont get some new stuff, but you can just install it again then then reinstall totem-xine after the upgrade:)03:05
chemaja[ZACK] : beware the subtle differences in the environment as compared to a full 'su -' login03:05
[ZACK] ok03:05
FreedomzenPizbit, that worked great btw thx03:05
nirohtlegba, it is 'xinerama' right? apt-get/synaptic cant find it03:06
Freedomzenpbwebing it now03:06
chemajaPizbit: ok, but would NOT installing 'ubuntu-desktop' and dist-upgrading leave your system in an inconsistent state?03:07
PizbitProbably not I reckon:)03:08
[ZACK] OK, how do I OPEN a folder as root.03:08
chemajaPizbit: i'm guessing it wouldn't break anything, but it might cause many Ubuntu installations to eventually deviate from the intended Ubuntu upgrade path. Maybe not with Hoary, but with the next release down the track (ie. if more than one dist-upgrade is done without 'ubuntu-desktop')03:08
=== Pizbit nods.
cardador[ZACK] : its easier if you explain what you want to do03:09
=== linuxalien [~zorb@c-24-2-80-89.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
chemaja[ZACK] : you mean in Nautilus, right03:09
=== Se7h SIC
=== zenkov [~zenkov@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mitochondyu [~mitochond@pool-162-83-236-50.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ubuntu-geek [~ubuntugee@] has joined #ubuntu
=== zenkov [~zenkov@] has left #ubuntu ["Now]
=== chemaja would like to thank mjr & Pizbit for the totem-xine tip: video is now running smoothly.
=== chemaja feels the need to document this online somewhere... maybe the wiki... maybe its already there!!
mitochondyuneed help with xine....03:12
mjra shame, really, that it's necessary; I hope gstreamer gets polished up soon, it's clearly the Way To Go otherwise ;)03:12
mitochondyuwhen i use full screen video seem pixelated03:13
Pizbitmitochondyu: Poor quality video?03:13
PizbitThere you go...03:13
mitochondyui use regular xine-gui03:13
mitochondyuusing radeon 9700pro03:14
mitochondyuxv as video driver03:14
mitochondyutryed others still the same03:14
=== nonmon [~chuck@mabeys.dsl.aros.net] has joined #ubuntu
ben_i need to know how to scale back the cpu03:14
linuxalienHiya Chuck, it's me Joe03:15
nonmoni need to know how to install the nvidia driver init 3 doesnt work03:16
linuxalienIs it possible to switch to command line (without X) in Ubuntu by typing "init 3" as root? Or do you have to do it another way?03:16
crimsunnonmon: did you install the restricted modules package?03:16
Pizbitlinuxalien: Open a terminal?03:16
mjrlinuxalien, don't know about that, but changing init levels is unnecessary; /etc/init.d/gdm stop03:17
PizbitEr, what exactly do you want?03:17
nonmonhow do i do that... i just installed it today03:17
linuxalienPizbit: I think mjr gave me the answer. :)03:17
linuxalienmjr: Thanks!03:17
crimsunnonmon: which kernel are you using? `uname -r`03:17
mjr(of course, if you just meant that you want a text console without necessarily stopping X, normal ctrl-alt-f[1-6]  will do)03:18
legbaspeaking of which03:19
HaRDaWaYone question, anybody use cedega/winex?03:19
linuxalienmjr: It's to install the nvidia drivers which complain when X is running.03:19
legbais there an easy way to set default runlevel in ubuntu?03:19
mjrlinuxalien, righto03:19
nonmonim using the latest03:19
crimsunlegba: $EDITOR /etc/inittab03:19
jdublinuxalien: apt-get install nvidia-glx doesn't have any problems when X is running...03:19
mjrlegba, you mean besides editing /etc/inittab?03:19
crimsunlegba: but Ubuntu, like Debian, doesn't play runlevel games03:19
=== ben_ [~ben@pcp03282353pcs.radnor01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
linuxalienjdub: Oh nice, another way to do it. Thanks!03:19
legbaoh i see what you're saying03:20
jdublinuxalien: that's the way you should be doing it03:20
legbajust tell it to not start x hen?03:20
linuxaliengood deal.  I'm helping a friend and I don't use ubuntu.  That's sweet that it uses apt-get.03:20
chibifsWhew, here we go. I've finally got debian 2.0's apt reading from the ubuntu disc. :D03:20
nonmonit looks like its working thanx guys and gals03:22
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has left #ubuntu ["later.."]
nonmonill probably be back if i cant find what im looking for on google03:23
=== DeusInvictus [~deus@chcgil2-ar7-4-34-172-009.chcgil2.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
chibifsRe-installing the ubuntu base over debian 2 base. :D03:23
=== DeusInvictus [~deus@chcgil2-ar7-4-34-172-009.chcgil2.dsl-verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
linuxalienThanks guys.  :)03:23
linuxalienI'm gonna go watch Dawn of the Dead.03:23
chibifsWish me luck, if this screws up. It's another 25 floppies of base install >.>03:24
LinuxJoneslinuxalien, that movie sucks :)03:24
SuperL4gis there a 2.6.9 kernel image for Ubuntu yet? or will kernels be frozen between releases?03:25
jdubSuperL4g: the stable release gets security and high-impact bugfix updates only03:25
linuxalienLinuxJones: Yeah, but I like cheesy horror flicks. hehe03:25
arananyone know how to add new apps to the Applications menu?03:25
LinuxJoneslinuxalien, you must LOVE Fright Night :D03:25
=== AlohaWolf [alohawolf@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
linuxalienLinuxJones: hehe Hmmm Can't remember seeing that one but I have heard of it.03:26
mjraran, from the right-click context menu of the submenu you want to add to03:26
LinuxJoneslinuxalien, it is a 3 star Vampire flic, I really liked it03:26
linuxalienLinuxJones: Hmmm vamp movies are cool.  I like vamps and werewolves and aliens.03:27
aranis it possible to add a new category?03:27
mjrdon't know03:27
LinuxJoneslinuxalien, yeah my favs too :)03:27
ben_is IceWM lighter weight than xfce?03:28
LinuxJonesben_, I don't think you would notice a difference03:29
linuxalienLinuxJones: Right on!  I even dream about them and it doesn't scare me much anymore. hehe03:29
=== nescafe [~Nesafe@adsl-216-62-208-140.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJoneslinuxalien, I watched The Exorcist when I was 11, I didn't sleep for a week :D03:30
ben_LinuxJones: ok, thanks03:30
ben_i found an app that will import gnome menus to xfce :)03:31
LinuxJonesben_, They are small you just install both :)03:31
linuxalienLinuxJones: hehehe I watched Jaws when I was like 6 or something hehe.  I'm not really sure of the age but I was like "cool!" but scared too.03:31
ben_LinuxJones: well i was thinking about icewm because it actually looked a bit nicer than xfce03:32
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ben_and there's not that obnoxious mac os bar thing at the bottom03:32
LinuxJoneslinuxalien, I have a fascination with sharks. It still scares me to go swimming even tho there has been 1 reported shark attack within 500 miles in 100 years :)03:32
=== iainm [~iain@c211-28-245-186.eburwd5.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
linuxalienLinuxJones: hehehe Yeah, I won't swim in the ocean.  Hey, my niece needs help.  I'll bbl to talk about scarey movies some more. hehe  Having multiple computers means multiple tech support sessions. :P03:35
LinuxJonesben_, I like xfce over icewm personally.03:36
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
ben_LinuxJones: what's the command to untar a file?03:37
chibifsben's 4.2 packages at oscillation work.03:37
ben_is it untar -xzf ?03:38
LinuxJonesben_, tar xfv03:39
=== TheManu [~manu@194-185-220-154.f4.ngi.it] has joined #ubuntu
chibifsHmmmm... update-rc.d missing from path..03:41
LinuxJonesben_, you can also jsut dbl click it and open with fileroller03:41
LinuxJoneschibifs, you need to sudo -s into a privileged console03:41
chibifsI'm rooting on it right now03:42
chibifsDon't even have sudo yet. :P03:42
LinuxJoneschibifs, eh ?03:42
chibifsInstalling ubuntu via debian-potato :P03:42
=== weasello [~weasel@S0106000f3d367e95.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJoneschibifs, ahhh sneaky :)03:43
=== geKow [~geKow@pD95F81E9.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu []
chibifsOn an old 586 laptop that can't boot from cd03:44
chibifsHad to install base from floppies. :P03:44
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@neuro.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJoneschibifs, yikes that's a bit of work.03:45
chibifsYep. 24 floppies. :D03:45
chibifsAnywho, I need to run, I'll work on this more later. :P03:45
ben_i wanna use gnome, but it eats too much memory for my system03:48
aTypicalben_, buy more memory.03:48
ben_i already have, lol03:49
ben_it had 64megs before03:49
BenZorAnyone know if there's a way to haxor the ibook's "sleep" led, to a HDD activity light?03:49
ben_now it has 192 megs03:49
vortex25Ok, I'm getting ready to do a fresh install of Ubuntu, I have a 120gb hard drive that I am dedicating to Ubuntu, if I want to keep a persistant home directory how big should I make the / (root) partition?03:49
vortex25I'm just looking for a safe estimate that will allow for growth w/o wasting a lot of space03:50
=== briareus [~briareus@Briareus.linuxfordummies] has joined #ubuntu
bob2BenZor: there's a kernel option for it03:52
LinuxJonesvortex25, 10 gigs will be lots for root.03:53
=== sidney [~sidney@68-174-152-195.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
robertjvortex: anything that wont fit in a few gigs should reside in either /home /var/ usr/local or /root03:53
sidneyis the ubuntu team not updating software anymore?03:53
=== eclipse [~eclipse@h000f3d43838f.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2sidney: erm, warty is stable, it doesn't get new software03:54
BenZorbob2- where would I find it?03:54
robertjvortex: so you can always take your home partition, split it, and mount those as well03:54
bob2hoary is under development, quite heavily03:54
sidneynot even gaim?03:54
eclipsecan someone help with one thing03:54
robertjI'd say 20 gigs will be plenty though unless you are doing something wierd03:54
bob2sidney: the point of a stable release is that it doesn't change03:54
bob220GB is insane for /03:54
eclipsehow do you put the trash icon on the desktop?03:55
LinuxJonesvortex25, I only use 2.4 gigs on my 5 gig partition for root on my desktop03:55
vortex25ok, so I'm thinking something from 5-7gb would suffice03:55
jdubeclipse: /apps/nautilus/general in gconf (use gconf-editor)03:55
bob2sidney: hoary has 1.0.203:55
sidneycan i get a cd of hoary?03:55
bob2sidney: no03:55
robertjbob2: I've got 10 gigs used on my / at work03:55
eclipseok thnx03:55
bob2robertj: does that include /home and a big /var?03:55
jdubsidney: hoary is in development03:55
robertjit includes a big /var03:55
vortex25I just don't want to make it all one partition so when I reinstall I can keep all my documents easily, but I do have an external, so I guess it wouldn't be a big deal03:56
bob2robertj: ah03:56
ben_anyone have any experience with damn small linux?03:56
bob2ben_: the people in the damn small linux channel probably do03:56
=== noneus [~noneus@p54800D51.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjI mean he no doubt can make 5 work, but when you have a mammoth hd, you probably wont use it anyway03:56
robertjunless you are hoarding mp3s03:56
robertjor oggs, or pr0n, or whatever03:56
sidneyjdub: so there is no cd or easy way to obtain it?03:57
bob2sidney: what are you trying to do?03:57
sidneyget some updated software!03:57
vortex25tv eps actually :)03:57
sidneyfirefox, gaim... stuff like that03:57
vortex25but I will probably burn them to dvd03:57
bob2sidney: then use hoary, if you want to help find bugs03:57
bob2the point of a stable release is that it does not change03:57
sidneyi'll help03:57
sidneybut i want an easy way to install... is there?03:58
eclipsehey i got it working, thx jdub03:58
bob2sidney: install warty. move to hoary.03:58
jdubsidney: if you think you can handle the development branch, you can just upgrade from warty to hoary.03:58
sidneyhow do i do that?03:59
jdubs/warty/hoary/ in sources.list03:59
eclipseby the way, how to u edit the applications menu?03:59
jdubeclipse: go to applications:/// in nautilus03:59
jdubeclipse: beware it's hidden because it doesn't work well03:59
vortex25is I just generally right click on the Menu, hit Entire Menu and Add Item03:59
sidneyso 's/warty/hoary/' in sources.list?04:00
sidneythats it?04:00
eclipsedamn, ur pretty good at this jdud04:00
jdubi don't recommend that you use the devel branch unless you are very familiar with debian04:00
sidneyso when will it be more stable?04:01
sidneylike 6 months?04:02
bob2it releases as stable in 6 months04:02
bob2well, 5.504:02
legbawarty is still relatively new...04:02
jdubhoary preview in march, final in april04:02
jdubthere's a release schedule on the wiki04:02
sidneyyeah... but getting older every day04:02
legbabut the idea is a new unbuntu every 6 months04:02
=== mercurus [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-48.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
jdubsidney: try woody!04:02
legbaty sid even04:03
ben_is there anyway to get rid of/replace nautilaus?04:03
ben_it's a memory hog04:03
sidneyman, im liking ubuntu... works with all my hardware without any work!04:03
jdubsidney: it would not be possible to provide support for ubuntu if we didn't have stable releases04:03
eclipseafter using gnome for a few days i think it's much better than kde04:03
sidneybut not as updated as i would like... but i mean, what is!04:03
legbaeclipse try fluxbox :P04:03
aTypicaleclipse, I agree.04:03
legbasidney gentoo is - but's that's a whole other can of worms...04:03
eclipsei like that too but it doesn't have a desktop04:03
robertjI also reocmmend fluxbox for lighter installs04:04
aTypicalNot with trying fluxbox, bot that Gnome is better than KDE.04:04
eclipsei want to be able to put files on my desktop04:04
=== keknehv [~ryanh@c-67-172-140-150.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
legbayou can with fluxbox.04:04
robertjeclipse: why?04:04
sidneydoes gentoo come with gnome off the bat?04:04
legbasidney look at www.gentoo.org04:04
legbait's built from source.04:04
robertjThe only reason I can think of to put files on your desktop is so you can access them using the hide/show desktop hotkey04:04
sidneyyeah... :(04:04
legbaas well as being off topic :P04:04
bob2not as updated as you'd like?04:04
eclipsecause i want to my documents on my desktop to it's quicker to access04:05
bob2it only came out 3 WEEKS AGO04:05
jdubsidney: ubuntu is the most up-to-date stable, supported distro you'll get, particularly with regards to desktop software.04:05
legbaeclipse - again, you CAN with fluxbox.04:05
sidneyyeah im sure...04:05
Pizbiteclipse: Why not put them into your gnome-panel?04:05
sidneybut when it was in unstable pre-release stuff was getting updated and i was loving it04:05
PizbitOr even bind keyboard shortcuts to them:)04:05
eclipsei'm talking about document files not links04:06
sidneyevery day i would run synaptic and have a bunch of stuff to update... those were good times... good tims04:06
legbaor put a symlink to them... it's really quite easy to do eclipse.04:06
ben_does anyone use xfce4?04:06
jdubsidney: that was bugfixes only, for the most part.04:06
legbai also use icewm04:06
ben_is there a way to get rid of the mac os type thing on the bottom?04:06
legbayep - check the config file ;)04:06
ben_it's like a toolbar, but it's big and ugly and annoying :p04:06
eclipsehow do u put icons on fluxbox?04:06
keknehvI attempted to rebuild and install xscreensaver from jwz.org, but now I have lost the configuration utility in Computer->Desktop Preferences04:06
keknehvHow do I re-enable it?04:07
ben_legba: ...where's the config file?04:07
Pizbitjdub: I think some people are simply just addicted to updating, whether it's a placebo or a real update doesn't matter.04:07
jdubkeknehv: why on earth are you *building* xscreensaver?04:07
sidneygreat... well i'll check out gentoo (again)04:07
legbaeclipse - a package called fluxbox-desktop if i'm correct04:07
keknehvBecause I was missing some screensavers04:07
sidneygive me updates (fake ones even) and i'll be happy04:07
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbitsidney: I know!04:07
jdubkeknehv: there are no screensavers missing in the ubuntu xscreensaver package04:07
Pizbitsidney: Setup a cron job to un-install random packages at night *g*04:07
sidneyits the thing of "yeah... im getting bigger and better every day with my NEW updates"04:08
sidneyPizbit: good idea04:08
keknehvYes, there were. I installed it and things like Webcollage (wacked) weren't there04:08
legbahehe - so true sidney04:08
Dekkardwhehe he siad gentoo04:08
eclipselegba, can u put like image files on the desktop?04:08
sidneyso gentoo updates regularly?04:08
legbayou can put icons there, yes04:08
jdubkeknehv: it is there.04:08
jdubkeknehv: there is no need to rebuild xscreensaver, at all.04:09
legbaif you want flux backgrounds that's relatively easy04:09
Pizbitsidney: Gentoo is a *lot* more hassle than ubuntu04:09
bob2sidney: #gentoo04:09
=== ions [~chris@d141-50-73.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
sidneyi know i know... i hear04:09
bob2sidney: if you want random possibly broken stuff, use hoary04:09
bob2but do not whine if it breaks04:09
ben_a pixel just broke on my lcd04:09
eclipsethen i should try fluxbox...ok i'm going to apt-get flux-box04:09
bob2file bugs :)04:09
Pizbitben_: It happens.04:09
sidneyand with ubuntu, it does have some packages that are missing that i want04:09
legbaapt-get fluxbox ;)04:09
bob2sidney: for example?04:09
sidneyanother reason to switch.. but whats keeping me is that IT WORKS04:09
ben_Pizbit: lol, it's on a 5 year old laptop to :p04:10
legbabob2 there are quite a few...04:10
bob2legba: like?04:10
ben_i'm stunned it lasted this long without a broken pixel04:10
sidneybob2: gimp-gap, tomboy (unstable i hear), f-spot (unstable too)...04:10
legbabob2 debian > ubuntu04:10
PizbitHeh, nice.04:10
sidneybob2: some media players04:10
bob2sidney: tomboy and f-spot are packaged for ubuntu04:10
bob2sidney: mplayer, xine, vlc etc are packaged04:11
robertjjdub: I've got a question. Is it possible that a contrib package could be placed in hoary's universe if licence and rational are permitting?04:11
jdublegba: only slightly - universe and multiverse *are* debian.04:11
Pizbitlegba: You know what universe is yeah?04:11
bob2legba: yes, but only slightly04:11
jdubrobertj: yes04:11
eclipsehey legba, it can't find fluxbox on the server04:11
bob2sidney: wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats04:11
legbajust saying - there are a few.04:11
bob2sidney: if you want them in ubuntu main, complain to your local Idiot Patent Holder04:11
bob2legba: sure, but very few that people care about :)04:11
sidneyno, media players not formats04:11
legbalook you asked ;)04:11
robertjjdub: because sdl installs oss support by default and having it default to esd or all would be more appropriate for ubuntu04:11
eclipsedo i have to edit the source.list?04:11
bob2sidney: yes, media players are subject to patents04:11
sidneyespecially (i cant remember which) but the one that supports the dell jukebox04:11
bob2sidney: which is why no one sjips them04:11
sidneyi hate patented formats04:12
robertjI'm forwarding it upstream (well as soon as I unb0rk Evolution ;)04:12
Dekkardeclipse yes04:12
keknehvdang. Well then, how do I revert back to it?04:12
sidneywe should (and do try) to boycott them04:12
stuNNedsidney, gnomad2?04:12
Dekkardfluxbox is in there somewher.04:12
sidneystuNNed: i believe so04:12
=== markhannon [~mark@c211-28-79-132.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== benjanet [~benja@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
legbahmm ubuntu on a dell is quite funny.04:12
Adrenalhey, anyone here use gdesklets04:13
legbaalmost a contradiction04:13
=== smo [~soneil@] has joined #ubuntu
robertjlegba: why is that?04:13
legbamajor philosophical differences04:13
sidneystuNNed: any idea where i can get it for ubuntu?04:13
Adrenalgdesklets, anyone?04:13
Adrenaleven a help site?04:13
sidney:( sorry not me04:14
jdubAdrenal: google for gdesklets04:14
bob2Adrenal: just ask your question04:14
jdubAdrenal: the first site that comes up is the one you want04:14
Adrenali installed it, but it won't start up04:14
Adrenallike, i click the shortcut in accessories04:14
bob2Adrenal: you read the README?04:14
Adrenalit loads04:14
Adrenalthen it goes away04:14
Adrenalwithout opening04:14
jdubAdrenal: see the website.04:14
bob2Adrenal: you read the README?04:14
=== asubedi [~asubedi@pcp04534808pcs.oakrdg01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjlegba: I don't know many hardware manufacturers who are in it for the love of the game04:16
=== glens [~glens@203-173-28-216.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
legbai infact sell hardware for a living too.04:17
robertjbtw, we probably would benefit from a cronjob for flushing package cache04:17
=== aran [~aran@Toronto-HSE-ppp3926700.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
legbayeah i agree robert04:17
ben_what's the best ram defragger for linux?04:17
legbaram defragger?04:17
=== aran [~aran@Toronto-HSE-ppp3926700.sympatico.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
legbaum - you don't need one ben04:17
robertjben: linux lets your memory stay full unless its needed to store something else04:18
jindThe kernel itself arranges the memory efficient04:18
bob2DracosX: please stop it04:18
legbathe only thing i can think of that's even close to that is garbage collection04:18
aitrusDracosX: what are you doing?04:18
robertjhrmm, someone needs a boot04:18
ben_dracos needs to be banned04:19
legbathat's pretty dracosx04:19
legbacan you do it again?04:19
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o bob2] by ChanServ
aTypicallegba, pretty stupid.04:19
alindemanYou keep hitting my ascii art hilight :)04:19
aitrusuh oh!04:19
=== mode/#ubuntu [+q dracosX!*@*] by bob2
ben_ahah :p04:19
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o bob2] by bob2
aitruseven better than a ban04:19
bob2alindeman: oooh, that is a good idea04:19
jind+q is quiet?04:20
ben_anyway to get rid of nautilus? it's a memory hog04:20
PizbitAhh, havn't come across q before04:20
ben_or replace nautilus04:20
bob2it's a dancer thing04:20
jindSmart move on a dumb fellow04:20
bob2ben_: kill it04:20
bob2DracosX: /msg me when your cat gets off the keyboard :)04:20
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
jindkill -9 `gpreg nautilus`04:21
mercurushmm ... is there a GUI tool for Ubuntu to configure Samba (ie. netbios name, domain - so it can browse other machines) ?04:22
ben_jind: how do i keep it off, like all the time?04:22
bob2mercurus: nautilus can browse smb shares04:22
ben_are there any light weight window managers that can install over gnome and keep all the menus and stuff?04:23
legbasmb:// afaik mercurus04:23
=== niroht [~niroht@c66.168.19.108.mad.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
ben_like how ubuntu gnome magically adds new apps to the menus04:23
robertjben: I believe fluxbox plays nice04:24
bob2ben_: erm, are yo usure metacity is a serious ram hog on your machine?04:24
mercurusbob2: yes, and there is the "network" window ... I found configuration in there ... but it informs me that SMB support is unavailable04:24
mercuruswhat do I need beyond the base samba packages ? smbclient ?04:24
bob2you don't need samba to browse windows shares04:24
robertjUbuntu's extra weight is'nt extra04:24
bob2you need samba to *serve* windows shares04:24
robertjthere is a reason all that stuff is there04:24
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
legbaease of use :P04:25
legbaamazing it's one cd really04:25
legbamakes MEPIS look silly imho04:25
mercurusbob2: ok ... so how does one ensure that "SMB support" is present ?04:25
bob2mercurus: I don't know, but you don't need samba installed04:25
robertjmercurus: select "Network" from the Computer menu04:26
bob2isn't mepis just another one of those livecd things?04:26
ben_bob2: well lets see; ubuntu gnome, 3 firefox tabs, x-chat: 50% ram; xfce4, 3 firefox tabs, x-chat: 95% ram.04:26
PizbitIt'd be gnome-vfs, which should be installed anyway.04:26
legbamercurus - try typing smb:// as an address in your web browser and tell me what happens04:26
robertjthen if you see the machines on the network, your good04:26
bob2ben_: um, ok04:26
legbaMEPIS is both livecd and full debian system04:26
robertjif you need to serve out files, that's a different matter04:26
ben_bob2: oops, reverse them04:26
bob2ben_: but metacity is a very very very very very very tiny pary of gnome04:26
ben_95% for ubuntu gnome, about 50 for xfce04:26
bob2something like gnome-panel probably uses more memory than metacity04:26
ben_i think it's gnome in general that uses alot more memory04:27
bob2so replacing metacity won't help much, if at all04:27
legbakde seems worse ben ;)04:27
=== Hawkwind [~SoS@Hawkwind.linuxfordummies] has left #Ubuntu []
mercuruslegba: blank window ... I need to configure a workgroup and netbios name ... but I can't use the graphical tool Ubuntu provides, because it is convinced I lack SMB Support04:27
ben_well, basically what i wanted was a ubuntu interface on a lighter weight desktop environment04:28
legbathen install samba-base04:28
bob2ben_: there is no ubuntu interface04:28
ben_but i don't think that's going to happen, lol04:28
bob2ben_: you mean gnome?04:28
legbai think he means gnome04:28
ben_bob2: yeah, the modified gnome that ubuntu uses04:28
jdubben_: where are you getting your memory usage figures?04:28
legbaprolly the whole ubuntu *theme*04:28
bob2ben_: you want gnome with out gnome?04:28
ben_bob2: i get my figures from little desktop applets04:29
legbaflux can look *similar* to gnome... as can icewm...04:29
mercuruslegba: I have samba-common installed ...04:29
robertjmercurus: what tool is that?04:29
jdubben_: they're not giving you useful data04:29
legbathat tool probably takes up a chunk too ben04:29
kensaiXFCE themed with Human is the best for a lightweight desktop ;)04:29
ben_the reason i like the ubuntu gnome theme thingy is because it's easy of use and adding of new apps when they are installed04:29
legbathanks for the tip kensai ;)04:29
robertjmercurus: mine prompts me to install support04:29
=== IRCDragon [~dragon@] has joined #ubuntu
mercurusrobertj: in Computer -> System Configuration -> Networking: general tab, down the bottom04:30
nirohtlegba, no xinerama luck yet.. mind looking at my config ?04:30
mercurusrobertj: Warty or Hoarey ?04:30
ben_for example, if i install thunderbird under xfce, it won't add it to any menu, but if i do it on gnome, it gets added to a menu04:30
robertjmercurus: somewhere in between04:30
robertjmore Hoarey than Warty04:30
ben_and i can easily access the control panels and apps and stuff04:30
legbaanyone wanna help me get universe in synaptic :P04:30
mercurusrobertj: I'm on pure Warty for the moment ... which package does it prompt you to install ?04:31
legbai'm really a debian newbie.04:31
ben_legba: omg, i had that problem before04:31
ysis anyone using ubuntuppc?04:31
ben_i checked them off but it didn't work at all04:31
linux_galoreben_: depends you can tell XFCE to read the gnome menu's files every time it starts up04:31
bob2ys: lots of people04:31
robertjdoesn't say04:31
ben_linux_galore: how?04:31
Pizbitlegba: Settings -> Repositories04:31
=== chuen [~chuen@cablelink40-252.intercable.net] has joined #ubuntu
mercurusrobertj: can you approve it, and then wait and see what it does :P ?04:31
linux_galoreben_: its in the config settings on were it gets the menu info04:32
yshey bob2.  do you know where i can get a copy of sources.list?04:32
robertjI just finsihed rming my cache a few minutes ago so I only ahd like 4 to choose from ;)04:32
bob2ys: whats wrong with the one ubuntu installed?04:32
mercurusrobertj: thank you :)04:32
jdubys: /etc/apt/sources.list04:32
legbaagain - anyone want to help access *universe* in synaptic?04:32
jdubys: it's all there already04:32
Pizbitlegba: Then add universe to the lines that have main in them04:32
legbai have added it yet it clearly is not there.04:32
ysit was fine, but i've been messing around w/ it and it's not working properly04:32
Pizbitlegba: Did you hit "reload" afterwards?04:32
=== [Mirak] [~[Mirak] @adsl-68-74-28-228.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
[Mirak] hi hi04:33
legbalemme try that ;) - told you i'm a synaptic noob, apt-get feels better04:33
ben_heh, i might just go back to gnome and live with some slowness :p04:33
legbalike a fuzzy sweater04:33
PizbitPersonally I reckon the button is poorly named.04:33
=== BenZ|iBook [~bnurmiibo@CPE-141-168-13-137.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
legbamaybe update sources?04:33
robertjthat panel could use some help04:34
robertjI need to learn python and spruce it up04:34
[Mirak] roberj, DO it04:34
legbathe mouse-over helps a bit04:34
=== iainm [~iain@c211-28-245-186.eburwd5.vic.optusnet.com.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
mercurusben_: you can improve performance by turning icons in menus and toolbars off04:34
legba10 points for that lmao04:34
=== GnuHippy [~jason@blk-222-217-193.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbitrobertj: If you find out a good howto on using python ti create applets, let me know:)04:34
robertjmainly Description: %h server (Samba %v) could just show up as whatever it evaluates to04:34
=== remorse [~najib@cm179.omega32.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoreheard they will be doing python on Linux at Granville TAFE04:35
GnuHippyIs there anybody out there using X.ORG on Ubuntu?04:35
linux_galorenext year04:35
robertjand Domain/Workgroup should give you a dropdown with any detected + "Other..."04:35
legbanew python book just came out...04:35
BenZ|iBookcan you bind the apple key to alt somehow? :p04:35
[Mirak] GnuHippy, not yet.....04:35
LinuxJoneslegba, what new python book ?04:35
mercurusrobertj: aye, just installing samba now ...04:35
legbaoreilly i reckon04:35
legbaone sec04:35
ysanyone know where i can get anythere copy of sources.html? or possibly msg theirs to me. please.04:35
GnuHippyno I mean that have compiled it themselves04:35
[Mirak] ys, source.list?04:36
mercurusI was happy to do it manually, but my father is testing the open source waters with the Ubuntu CD I gave him yesterday04:36
ysMirak: yes. thanks04:36
linux_galoreI need to get a good python book....Im not a fan of oreilly books04:36
Pizbitys: http://www.pastebin.com/11753004:36
nirohtany xinerama gurus want to offer some help?04:36
GnuHippyIs there anybody out there using X.ORG on Ubuntu????04:36
linux_galoreoooh cat womans on TV04:36
kensaiis it safe to remove all the data on /tmp ?04:36
GnuHippycompiled from CVS04:36
Pizbitkensai: Uhm, why?04:37
kensaiI don't know isn't that like a temporary file?04:37
=== rachel [~rachel@81-86-241-218.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubkensai: you shouldn't delete everything in /tmp during operation04:38
jdubkensai: when you reboot, it'll be done anyway04:38
kensaiit is always removed on reboot?04:38
[Mirak] ys, its there for ya04:39
kensaiI here people add a command to automatically erase /tmp at boot04:39
rachelIme having a prob with PHP install, it tries to download .php when I go to a .php file.04:39
jdubno, it is done automatically04:39
kensaiThanks OK04:39
=== dml [~dml@ppp190-28.lns1.bne1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== rachel is now known as ftwig
=== matt__ [~matt@pool-70-18-204-71.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
legbahmm odd - can't find that book04:40
legbayou aren't talking about jython are you04:40
Pizbitftwig: Have you uncommented the mime-type setup in the apache config? (assuming apache heh)04:40
mercurusrobertj: hmm ... it configures ok, but there's no evidence of connectivity ... ie. nothing shows up in smb:// or network://04:40
kensaiIf I have crossoveroffice installed spyaware can't be installed as easily as in windows?04:40
kensaiOr it won't work at all?04:40
robertjmerc: do you have any other windows machines sharing files ;)04:40
mercurusrobertj: yes, three windows and two samba :)04:40
Pizbitmercurus: Just copy the samba config from a working machine then, but backup the current one:)04:41
legbapizbit - did you mean java applets? as in jython?04:41
Pizbitlegba: No04:41
robertjIs there a Windows Network icon in your Network Places?04:41
mercurusPizbit: I can get it working ... but I want to get it working, the Ubuntu way :)04:41
linux_galorekensai: with crossover you usually install it as a "user" in the /home/user_name/cxoffice path for securities sake and yes you can install a virus04:41
Pizbitlegba: As in gnome-panel applets04:41
robertjerr "Computer|Network"04:41
legbapython gtk then04:41
Pizbitmercurus: Ah, I've always hacked the config04:41
GnuHippyDMA mode wont stay enabled on my drives in Hoary does anybody else have this problem??????04:41
mercurusrobertj: there isn't ... but smb:// shows a blank, but existing node04:42
linux_galorekensai: but all it will do is damage the fake windows/  directory04:42
Pizbitlegba: I know some, converted my monitoring program to gtk2 from tk, but I'm specifically wanting infomation on creating applets, a howto:)04:42
kensailinux_galore: where is this fake windows directory?04:42
ftwigPizbit:yes - u mean AddType application/x-httpd-php .php - in apache2.conf04:42
robertjI think this panel is a bit whacked04:42
legbayou can always ask for one pizbit04:42
linux_galorekensai: hold on let me get the path04:42
mercurusPizbit: ah ... this is so I can provide instructions to a frist-time linux user :p04:43
robertjmy stuff was showing up, then I changed my workgroup name, now I show up in the old workgroup name and no other computers are listed04:43
kensailinux_galore: you ahve crossoveroffice running?04:43
Pizbitlegba: I've only started looking at it, havn't found anything on google yet, give it another go another time, gota go atm.04:43
=== Pizbit runs away.
=== umarmung [~holger@pD9542C31.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
dmlGnuHippy, I'm not using Hoary, but what IDE chipset have got? Maybe a module is not being loaded...04:44
mercurusrobertj: interestingly I appear to be locked out of the LAN ... there's a permission denied orange lock on the Network icon04:44
LinuxJonesGnuHippy, you can add the commands to a custom script which starts when you boot your comp :)04:44
GnuHippyVIA KT800Pro04:44
=== kingsley [~kingsley@dsl-47-149.nas.com] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galorekensai: Ive got it installed but I havent got anything installed on this machine right now under it  the path is ~/cxoffice/support/dotwine/fake windows/04:45
legbakensai - what package is HUMAN theme in?04:45
=== ben_ [~ben@pcp03282353pcs.radnor01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
kingsleyWhose CPU here has the fastest clock speed?04:45
chuenhello, i am having trouble with my ps/2 mouse on my laptop and warty04:45
ben_certainly not mine, lol04:45
ben_chuen: continue04:46
linux_galorekingsley: what about multi cpi riggs04:46
linux_galorekingsley: and how do you define speed04:46
legbachuen - have you disabled the onboard mouse in bios?04:46
kensailegba: which human theme?04:46
legbafor xfce4?04:46
dmlGnuHippy, sorry can't help.  I had a similar problem with Intel ICH6.  Just had to change the order the kernel modules loaded04:46
kensailegba: just a minute04:46
chuenno, i can't disable it or do not know how to do it04:46
legbai'm assuming it's in xfce4-themes04:46
chuenit just does not work04:46
linux_galorekingsley: click speed doesnt define cpu speed anymore04:46
chuenwith kernel 2.604:47
robertjremoving samba made the shares reappear04:47
legbagnome-look hehe04:47
mercurusrobertj: lol ...04:47
kensailegba: yeah it is04:48
mercurusrobertj: had you done any previous configuration ?04:48
kensailegba: you see it?04:48
legbayessir i do04:48
legbai prefer milk though04:48
kingsleyWhose CPU here has the slowest clock speed?04:49
kensailegba: LOL so why you asked for it?04:49
legbawell i haven't seen it yet so i need to try it ;)04:49
legbadidn't realize ubuntu was using human04:49
linux_galorekingsley: my Big Ben english clock has a 1hz clock cycle lol04:49
mercurusrobertj: so it just worked out of the box ?04:50
robertjmerc: yes but if you install samba it stops working04:50
robertjanyone around that can confirm that on a fresh warty install?04:50
robertjIm on hoary04:50
legbai am04:50
kensailinux_galore: So if spyware where installed won't it show on cxoffice installed programs?04:50
mercurusrobertj: this is ugly. :x04:50
legbashall i test our theory?04:50
robertjlegbea: see if you see your network04:50
robertjand the workgroups04:51
robertjif so, apt-get install samba, check again04:51
legbaaight one sec04:51
linux_galorekensai: yes they will under the plugins section04:51
legbayessir in fact even firefox will browse it04:51
legbawell sortof half-assed.04:51
legbapardon the language04:51
linux_galorekensai: although I doubt they will actually work in many cases...ive only seen a few windows worms that wine can actually run04:51
robertjlegba: so samba doesn't cause it to b0rk04:52
legbameaning - i don't have samba installed04:52
mercurusthis is odd ... before I'd touched it, it didn't work.04:52
kensailinux_galore: Sorry for too much asking I'm freaking scare of spyware thts why I don't use Windows anymore If it wasn't for just one single programm which have no equivalent in Linux I won't install cxoffice neither04:52
[Mirak] Woa, major deja vu04:52
linux_galorekensai: ok if you have cxoffice installed under a Linux user account like crossover recommend then if you get spyware its no big deal just delete the fake windows directory and install the exe programs again04:53
robertjok, install samba and see what happens04:53
legbanautilus nework browse is fine robert04:53
bob2hm, spyware is really scaring a lot of people off windoes04:53
bob2that's amazing04:53
legbak one sec04:53
robertjjust do it from synaptic or the cmd line04:54
robertjthen check it right off, don't touch any settings04:54
nomasteryodabob2, that's a good thing for Linux04:54
linux_galorekensai: also spyware cant escape the user account under crossover...remember your still running Linux not windows04:54
mercurushmmm now "network" won't even appear in a nautilus window04:54
bob2nomasteryoda: yeah, I'm just surprised people don't put more effort into not getting it on windows04:54
linux_galorekensai: and wine wont allow apps to escape the fake windows directory04:54
legbasamba-common is installed by default, here goes with samba04:54
bob2changing OS seems like a rather drastic solution04:54
nomasteryodabob2: yea... spybot S&D is excellent04:55
nomasteryodaand free04:55
kensaibob2: Spyware isn't the reason I changed actually it was for having a more powerfull desktop. But spyware makes me never return to Windows again ;)04:55
[Mirak] i have the perfect fix for a spyware free windows box04:55
=== vinc1 [~andrew@pcp0010492223pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
legbathe only thing that works fairly well is pestpatrol04:55
bob2kensai: ah, heh :-)04:55
XenguyHello - I have a gateway box running on harddrive #1, and I want to add a 2nd harddrive and install Ubuntu on that.  It's been awhile since I did a fresh install; is there any risk that I won't be able to boot into *either* HD1 *or* HD2 once I'm done installing Ubuntu (i.e. I want to have the choice of which HD/OS to boot into) ?04:55
nomasteryodakensai: i love showing them how much better linux is04:55
legbasb sd hasn't been updated for a bit04:55
bob2come for the lack of spyware, stay for the KWALITY04:55
kensailinux_galore: Thanks for everything04:55
nomasteryodathe dekstop is really nice04:55
linux_galoreI give ubuntu my 8 thumbs up for the desktop04:56
nomasteryodawhat's the african word for quality?04:56
bob2nomasteryoda: Ubuntu!04:56
legbarobert - a-ok after samba install - no settings touched04:56
nomasteryodai knew you'd say that04:56
nomasteryodaand ubuntu is tops too04:56
kensaiI admit I use Linux for almost a year now But I use windows in another PC when a new Splinter cell comes out. Damn cedega not supporting it04:56
legbaafrican isn't a language, guys.04:56
chuenben: it is just not recognized..04:56
nomasteryodakensai: Windows is for games04:57
[Mirak] firefox, with download accelerator plus ad default download manager....all spyware that trys to load goes thru download accelerator.....and you can stop it04:57
linux_galorekensai: I play CS in crossover works fine just install directx and IE 6 first04:57
nomasteryoda[Mirak] : i have seen several things try to install on my system04:57
vinc1anyone know why my printer shows up in the device manager, but isn't detected in the add printer menu?04:57
nomasteryodatoo funny04:57
legbarobertj - you catch that?04:57
=== ys [~mike@nat01-starkey-ext.Rutgers.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
kensailinux_galore: But CS is supported04:58
linux_galorealthough the CS installer should install directx anyway04:58
robertjlegba: ok, just checking04:58
kensaishould I try installing splinter cel in crossover office?04:58
linux_galorekensai: officially ?? last I looked it wasn't04:58
kensaiRight you are sorry CS is not officially suported04:59
Xenguyhrm, was my question unclear then?04:59
linux_galorekensai: looks in  frankscorner.org first see what hacks are needed04:59
kensailinux_galore: Thanks05:00
kensaidoesn't cxoffice already have directx?05:01
ftwigIme having a prob with PHP install, it tries to download .php when I go to a .php file - i've uncommented the mime type from apache.conf05:01
linux_galorekensai: most of the hacks are minor just grab the dll and install this or that and edit the wine config file05:01
=== arun-- [~arun@cm198.omega226.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
ben_yay, my broken pixel fixed itself :)05:01
kensaiOk very much thanks linux_galore05:02
linux_galorekensai: no actually winex is better for directx05:02
[Mirak] ben_, how long's it been broken?05:02
kensaiI'll install cedega too shortly05:02
bob2ftwig: did you install libapache2-mod-php4?05:02
kensaijusty that cedega is a bit harder to install05:03
arun--anyone using fluxbox?05:03
ben_heh, turns out that gnome doesn't use as much memory as i though :p05:03
ben_the meter thingy was buggy05:03
ben_so i got gkrellm instead05:03
linux_galoreben_: cant beat the free -m command05:03
kensaiHey everyone there has been no update in Hoary for a while now right?05:04
=== mercurus [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-48.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
arun--ben_: actually gnome uses about 100+ MB for me, thats why switched to fluxbox05:04
[Mirak] kensai, i got 2 the other day....2 days ago05:04
bob2ben_: it's not buggy, it's just there is no single value for "how much ram does this program use?"05:04
linux_galorekensai: getting update withdrawals huh05:04
[Mirak] kensai, i think 1 was "zip" or something like that05:04
kensaiI get updates every like 30 minutes05:04
bob2dinstall runs every 3 or 4 hours05:04
bob2I forget which05:05
mercurusarun--: my GNOME uses 64 ... or thereabouts05:05
bob2erm, katie, I guess05:05
[Mirak] kensai, well, i havent checked since then05:05
kensaiBut now I don't have an update since 12pm05:05
ben_gnome uses about 70 megs of ram for me05:05
ben_wow, open office takes a looong time to load05:05
chuenso no one with problems with mouse and laptop hu?05:05
ftwigbob2:I did however have php4 (universe) installed at some point and have removed that05:05
ben_is there an magic cpu optimization tricks?05:06
bob2ftwig: you're using apache2, right?05:06
vinc1anyone a printer expert05:06
[Mirak] kensai, i just checked....i dont have anyy new05:06
bob2just ask your question05:06
mercurusvinc1: what type of printer ?05:06
kensai[Mirak] : then I'm ok ;)05:06
bob2asking if there's an "expert" around is silly and means people *won't* answer you05:06
vinc1it's a HP officejet k60 connected via usb05:06
[Mirak] kensai, kk :)05:06
mercurusvinc1: ah .. HP DeskJets or Canon i-series I could help :(05:06
vinc1bob2: well nobody answered the first time, so i figured I'd get your attention05:06
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
matt__can anyone recommend a friendly GUI FTP client for linux?05:07
=== kensai Goes to sleep is midnight and I have to get up at 7am
=== meatwad [~meatwad@ip68-6-55-83.sb.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Xenguymatt__: gftp05:07
mercurusvinc1: if no-one else has any suggestions try linuxprinting.org05:07
ben_what's the point of virtual ram?05:07
mercurusmatt__: gFTP.05:07
ben_all it seems to do is slow things down and kill my battery life :p05:07
bob2ben_: so you can run more programs than you can fit into physical memory05:07
arun--anybody knows how to setup backgrounds for fluxbox?05:07
bob2ben_: you can disable virtual memory (swap) if you want05:07
mercurusarun--: use wmsetbg or similar05:08
ben_what will happen when i run out of memory?05:08
kensaiBye and thanks everybody and please remember Boycott www.linuxtoday.com is sponsored by Microsoft Corp.05:08
ben_will it just crash or something...05:08
bob2kensai: so is slashdot05:08
bob2ben_: depends on your kernel version05:08
bob2ben_: it will either freeze completely, or start nuking processes05:08
kensaiBut slashdot is not exclusively for LINUX05:08
GnuHippyDoes anybody else have a video overlay bug in Hoary?05:08
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
kensaiLinux today says is exclusively for Linux05:08
ben_is there a quick way to optimize linux for my exact cpu?05:09
linux_galorewonder if ubuntu will be selling laptops pre loaded05:09
mercurusben_: recompile it.05:09
kensaiand they have been displaying anti-linux ads05:09
arun--mercurus: thank you it worked, i thought it was only for windowmaker05:09
bob2ben_: the kernel? yes.  install linux-image-<cpu>05:09
Adrenalhow i get the driver for an nvidia card installed?05:09
mercurusarun--: it is for X generally :)05:09
bob2Adrenal: wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto05:09
ben_bob2: and that's it?05:09
bob2ben_: to optimise the kernel, yes05:09
mercurusAdrenal: there's a HOWTO on binary drivers05:09
XenguyTrying again: am I taking a risk if I am currently using Debian on HD#1 with lilo, and I do a fresh Ubuntu install on HD#2 and use grub?  Will I have a choice of which HD/OS to choose at boot time?05:09
linux_galorekensai: Linux Today exclusive for Linux ?? yeah right see all the Windows 2003 adds on the site last few months05:09
ben_that was easier than i though, lol05:09
chuenlinux_galore: i hope ps/2 mice will work05:10
mercurusXenguy: GRUB will detect the other OS, and offer oyu the choice05:10
mercurusI dual boot Debian testing and Ubuntu quite happily05:10
kensailinux_galore: Thats why distrowatch.com states that we should boycott them05:10
bob2Xenguy: yes05:10
bob2Xenguy: the ubuntu installer should detect the other install and list it in grub's boot menu05:10
GnuHippywhat is the next debian release after sid?05:10
mercurusGnuHippy: experimental05:10
bob2GnuHippy: sid never release05:10
bob2GnuHippy: the next release after sarge is "etch"05:11
kensailinux_galore: It is inmoral for us to see something Like that M$ ads on Linux today.05:11
linux_galorechuen: lol only laptop Ive found thats 100% Linux are only available in the USA from linuxcertified05:11
bob2mercurus: no, experimental a) is not a full debian suite and b) is not ever releasing05:11
Xenguymercurus / bob2 thanks, it sounds like I can go ahead safely then05:11
[Mirak] etch is the shit.....the charachter that is05:11
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenalsorry, what was that site?05:11
mercurusbob2: sarge is less unstable than sid, right ?05:11
mercurusAdrenal: use your buffer05:11
GnuHippywhen will they run out of toystory characters?05:11
linux_galorekensai: well what pissed me of with Linux Today was all the "get the facts" adds on the site when the "get the facts" stuff is total FUD05:12
=== kensai fall asleep now and say BYE to all as he's eyes shut.
LinuxJonesGnuHippy, given the Debian release schedule 208605:12
bob2mercurus: yes05:12
kensailinux_galore: Thats right burn them burn them!!! LOL05:12
bob2mercurus: well, sometimes not, but it's getting very very close to a release05:12
ben_if i upgrade the kernel, can i unistall the old one?05:12
bob2ben_: yes05:12
mercurusbob2: ah ... and testing is a pseudonym for sid ?05:13
bob214:09:35           bob2 | Adrenal: wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto05:13
bob2mercurus: for sarge05:13
bob2mercurus: sid is unstable05:13
bob2mercurus: when sarge releases, it remains "sarge", but is also "stable".  etch will be the new testing.05:13
bob2ben_: keep the old one until after you've booted the new one, tho05:13
ben_how to i make apps run at the start of a session?05:13
ben_bob2: ok05:13
=== wulfbane [~wulfbane@ip68-11-150-184.br.no.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kensai writes /exit
bob2ben_: in gnome?  computer -> desktop -> session05:14
Xenguymercurus: in your dual-boot setup, do you have testing on one HD, and Ubuntu on a 2nd HD ?05:14
mercurusbob2: ah ... I' downloaded a sarge netinstall image yesterday ... which appears to be "testing" but was marketed as sarge05:14
linux_galorekensai: exaple of gets the fast...hai looks windows is cheaper than Linux if we install windows on a Xeon server then compare that to installing Linux on an IBM Power5 server ........ only small fact missing the Power5 server is 10 times more expensive and can run over 240 services at the same time  yep 240 versions of apache if you want ..........would love to see Windows 2003 do that on a single Xeon machine from del05:14
bob2mercurus: yeah, sarge now is is testing05:14
mercurusXenguy: no, separate / partitions on a single 80 gig /dev/hda05:14
Xenguymercurus: OK05:14
linux_galoreexample of get the facts*05:14
GnuHippyisn't sarge supposed to be stable by now?05:14
bob2GnuHippy: it's very close to release05:15
GnuHippyor are they going to release another Woody ;)05:15
bob2a woody revision came out last week05:15
GnuHippyI know05:15
mercurusbob2: I get it ... so woody, sarge and sid are separate identities at different stages of development ?05:15
ben_what's sarge?05:15
GnuHippythats correct05:15
mercurusat the moment sid is unstable, sarge is testing (before it goes stable) and woody IS stable ?05:15
ben_where can i get woody?05:16
GnuHippyyou don't want woody05:16
mercurusben_: debian.org will point you to a mirror05:16
bob2mercurus: right05:16
=== niroht [~niroht@c66.168.19.108.mad.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoreso what was the answer to my..will ubuntu be selling a Linux Laptop05:16
bob2mercurus: except, to confuse it further, sid is always unstable :-)05:16
ben_linux_galore: nobody answered :p05:16
mercurusbob2: how ? :P05:16
bob2ben_: sarge is Debian's testing release, which will hopefully release soon05:16
linux_galoreben_: chickens lol05:16
mercurusor is that just because packages get added to sid first ?05:16
ben_anyways, i gotta reboot because i downloaded the special kernel for my cpu05:16
GnuHippySid is always unstable because he was the antagonist05:16
legbai honestly think vncserver should be part of main packages05:16
=== TheIconoclast [~goose@nr10-216-68-189-238.fuse.net] has joined #ubuntu
mercurusso to extrapolate, Warty is stable, and Hoary is unstable, and there is no testing release for Ubuntu ?05:17
bob2mercurus: they always go to sid05:17
ryeIs anybody using a flash drive for storing their RSA/DSA private key?05:17
bob2then to testing after 14 days of no RC bugs05:17
bob2rye: yes05:17
bob2mercurus: right, no testing05:17
ryebob2: Are you using it with only Linux?05:18
bob2mercurus: but testing is less important with ubuntu, since the release cycle is a lot shorter, and the requirements for hoary are gighter (ie no really buggy shit)05:18
linux_galoreIm thinking of setting up a Renta Nerd company here in Sydney and leverage Linux through it05:18
bob2rye: yes05:18
mercurusrye: no ... but if I were, I'd setup fstab to mount the usb drive under /home/$USER05:18
legbabob2 any reason vncserver isn't part of amin?05:18
bob2linux_galore: isn't that calld "the slug list and the offer of a case of beer"? ;-)05:18
=== chuen [~chuen@cablelink40-252.intercable.net] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
bob2mercurus: well, imho05:18
linux_galoreI keep bumping into all these people with lots of money and no time05:18
bob2legba: I don't know...05:18
mercurusbob2: are you an Ubuntu developer or a Debian developer or both ?05:18
LinuxJoneslinux_galore, Sydney Australia ?05:19
linux_galorebob2: the people I see dont have time to post a question nor do they have the time to care05:19
GnuHippyI downloaded the kernel-source package but the new nvidia installer still says I don't have it05:19
linux_galoreLinuxJones: yep sydney05:19
bob2legba: the usual criteria is "stable, usable by a large proportion of people, and supportable by the security team"05:19
mercurusGnuHippy: use the nvidia binaries ... not the source.05:19
ryeHere's the issue I'm facing right now.  I have Mac OS X at home and Ubuntu Linux at work.05:19
legbabob2 - yesy esy and yes05:19
=== chuen [~chuen@cablelink40-252.intercable.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2mercurus: a debian maintainer, not in nm yet, but I work for canonical05:19
GnuHippyI am05:19
bob2GnuHippy: you don't need the kernel source to get the modules05:19
bob2GnuHippy: wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto05:19
mercurusin "nm" ?05:20
bob2linux_galore: ah, right05:20
GnuHippyI am talking about the new binary on www.nvidia.com05:20
bob2mercurus: nm = debian new maintainer queue05:20
GnuHippythere are new nvidia drivers out today05:20
ryeSo the issue is that my flash drive is formatted with VFAT which is ok for most uses but not for private keys because of StrictModes=yes in sshd_config.05:20
bob2GnuHippy: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)05:20
mercurusGnuHippy: I know, there are Ubuntu pre-compiled binaries that will soon be updated05:20
linux_galorebob2: when you have two kids a company and a very full social life you dont have time to stuff around they just want it fixed and it to stay that way05:20
chuenagain, just want to know if anyone has a ps/2 mouse working??05:20
linux_galorebob2: so you ring rent-a nerd05:21
linux_galoreheh heh05:21
mercuruschuen: yes, I'm using a PS/2 mouse05:21
ryeThe permissions change every time I mount the disk in both Linux and mac os x.05:21
ysare there any ppc users around?05:21
bob2linux_galore: that would be a pretty good deal05:21
bob2ys: yes05:21
legbalinux-galore - we have that service in canada05:21
legbaworks well05:21
chuenmercurus: did you have to edit any file?05:21
mercurusrye: permissions, or ownership ?05:21
linux_galorelegba: Ive seen the same in the USA05:21
[Mirak] any ppc users around?05:21
ysbob2 may i have a look @ your source.list?05:21
mercuruschuen: no ... worked out of the box05:21
bob2ys: #flood05:21
bob2[Mirak] : yes05:21
ryemercurus: permissions, chmod.05:21
mercurusrye: odd.05:21
[Mirak] bob2, paste me your source.list pls05:22
[Mirak] bob2, #flood or pm ...doesnt matter05:22
bob2ys: [Mirak]  #flood05:22
nirohtyou can't have both xinerama and dri?05:22
ryeSo I'm going to attempt to partition the disk into a ufs partition for mac os x, ext3 for linux, and the rest vfat.05:22
linux_galoreIm thinking rent-a nerd can leverage not just Linux but also be used to help people buy stuff and install things like the stereo with its 100 wires and 4 books to read05:22
ysbob2 - is kde supported on the ppc ubuntu?05:22
ryeWhat do you think the chances of that working are?05:22
bob2ys: kde is in universe05:22
chuenmercurus: i guess its a pc..05:22
bob2ys: it's available but not supported, on all architectures05:23
linux_galoreI already have the job of installing all the high tech gear with my friends and neighbours05:23
GnuHippywe have geeksquad here in Canada05:23
ysi'm getting errors installing it05:23
mercurusrye: I've not tried re-partitioning my USB drive ... but best of luck :P05:23
GnuHippyit is the same thing05:23
[Mirak] bob2, i may have missed it...paste again plz :)....sorry05:23
legbathanks gnuhippy - forgot name05:23
ysbob2: have you isntalled it?05:23
mercuruschuen: x86 desktop, yes.05:23
ysmirak: you didnt'05:23
bob2ys: no05:23
bob2ys: you're using the one from universe, right?05:23
Mitariodoes anyone have an idea what the format for cronjob files in /etc/cron.d should be?05:24
linux_galoreGnuHippy: we dont have that here.......Ive already got a high roller socialite who wants to joint venture with me I already look after all her friends  ie buying tech stuff advice installing software wiring up the lan05:24
chuencould you share the x86config-405:24
bob2Mitario: copy an existing one05:24
Mitariodon't have one :)05:24
bob2ys: paste the error to #flood05:25
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mercuruslinux_galore: the only problem would be on-going support05:25
linux_galoreGnuHippy: one thing Ive noticed many dont care what the OS is long as it works05:25
jsubl2howdo you fix the .Xauthority file after k3b screws it up05:25
bob2Mitario: 30 7    * * *   root    test -x /etc/init.d/anacron && /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d anacron start >/dev/null05:25
chuenmercurus: could you share the x86config-405:25
linux_galoremercurus: pay me by the hour I dont care05:25
bob2Mitario: that's an example05:25
Mitarioah, normal crontab format, thanks05:25
LinuxJonesjsubl2, jsut delete it and log in again05:25
mercurusafter a while you'd have a VERY large customer base, all of whom are continually breaking things, and making you come around to fix problem sthat "you caused"05:25
bob2Mitario: with an extra colum for the user05:25
bob2I thiknk05:25
linux_galoremercurus: still pay me by the hour05:25
mercuruschuen: #flood05:25
=== kastorff [~kastorff@user-119a28l.biz.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ben_ [~ben@pcp03282353pcs.radnor01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ysbob2: is that what you get?05:26
=== vinc1 [~andrew@pcp0010492223pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
ben_well crap is definately faster05:26
linux_galoremercurus: also Im a fully qualified electronics engineer right down to chip level05:26
ben_but um, i still get an annoying error on startup05:26
chuenmercurus: have to go, thanks anyway05:26
[Mirak] bob2, ys, quanta causing a problem...maybe?05:26
bob2ben_: what error?05:27
ben_it keeps having permission problems when loading hotplug stuff05:27
ben_anyone know how to fix that?05:27
bob2ys: paste your sources.list05:27
ben_besides turning off hotplug, because i use that alot05:27
bob2ben_: "operation not permitted"?05:27
[Mirak] ys, it seems that quanta is the problem05:27
mercuruslinux_galore: that doesn't mean your customers will be any less likely to break everything and demand you fix it :P05:27
ben_bob2: yes05:27
bob2ben_: ignore it, it's harmless05:27
bob2ben_: or blacklist those modules in /etc/hotplug/blacklist05:27
jsubl2LinuxJones, thanks05:27
ben_ok, lol05:28
ben_is there a way to not make it ring the system bell when it's booting?05:28
ben_it's really loud and annoying05:28
linux_galoremercurus: I will just have to be up front....Im only here to help you and you pay me by the hour....I dont offer any warranty05:28
bob2ys: your sources.list is broken05:28
=== zenwhen_ [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-95.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2ys: add the line I paste to it05:28
bob2run "sudo apt-get update"05:28
bob2try again05:29
mercuruslinux_galore: apart from that implied by the Fair Trading Act and the Sale of Goods Act ... and if you incorporate, the Trade Practices Act05:29
linux_galoremercurus: well there are lots of other services companies out there they get by05:29
=== Mr_Smiley [~Mr_Smiley@CPE-144-136-187-57.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
ysbob2: what do you want me to add?05:30
bob2ys: the line I gave you05:30
Mr_SmileyWhen trying to partition the drive, it tells me an error saying it is unable to create the partition. Anyone had this problem?05:30
bob2you're missing the main repository05:30
linux_galoremercurus: also being a service company offers you some flexability...you can walk away from the customer in future05:30
[Mirak] ys, deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main restricted05:30
=== niroht [~niroht@c66.168.19.108.mad.wi.charter.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
yswhen did you give me a line?05:31
bob214:23:34           bob2 | deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main restricted05:31
[Mirak] ys, he pated it in #flood "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main restricted"05:31
mercuruslinux_galore: yeah, just make sure you tell people that the only warranty on the parts is the manufacturer's :)05:32
Mr_Smileyanyone had trouble with the ubuntu partitioner?05:32
ysstill giving me problems05:32
legbagnome fifth toe :)05:32
ysMirak, bob2: it's still giving me the same error05:33
=== linux_galore [~linux_gal@214.a.005.syd.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
bob2ys: paste the error and your sources.list again05:33
[Mirak] ys, did you apt-get update?05:33
ysMirak: yep05:33
mercuruswb linux_galore: yeah, just make sure you tell people that the only warranty on the parts is the manufacturer's :)05:33
nomasteryodado you have another partitioner?05:33
[Mirak] ys, paste the error again05:33
chibifsDamnit, failure. ;_;05:34
Mr_Smileynomasteryoda maybe why? :)05:34
ben_is there a shortcut to log out?05:34
ben_or end the session05:34
linux_galoremercurus: and the terms of the contract are when I arraive and leave all knowlege after that time are chargeable stop them ringing me 1am in the morning05:34
Mr_Smileytheres windows on hda1, and i'm trying to make a swap and root partition, when it tries to format the root partition i get an error saying it is unable to :/05:34
bob2ys: apt-get update05:34
bob2not upgrade05:34
bob2ben_: you can make one05:34
mercuruslinux_galore: good plan :)05:35
=== Pariente [~Pariente@Dynamic-IP-cr2001184760.cable.net.co] has joined #ubuntu
ben_bob2: how?05:35
bob2ben_: computer -> desktop -> keybindings05:35
chibifsBroke the root filesystem, have to go through all of that floppy mess again. ._.05:35
nomasteryodaMr_Smiley: try checking with Partition Magic05:35
Mr_Smileynomasteryoda ok05:35
mercurusben_: if you want an icon, it can be added as an applet to a gnome-panel or dragged onto the desktop frm the Computer menu05:35
Parientecan some one tell me of a filesharing prongram in the ubuntu repositori list??? please???05:36
nomasteryodaMr_Smiley: you can get a good bootable one from Hirems... google for it05:36
ysbob2: i did update05:36
linux_galoremercurus: although the people I look after now dont ring me often they usually go through my middle person at the local tennis club or something05:36
mercurusPariente: xmule05:36
nomasteryodaMr_Smiley: lots of HD tools05:36
legbapariente - in universe try amule05:36
Mr_Smileynomasteryoda ok thanks05:36
legbadon't use xmule..05:36
mercuruslinux_galore: lol05:36
bob2ys: you still haven't added the line I told you to05:36
Parientemercurus: is it aesy to use????05:36
mercuruslegba: my experience with xmule was positive ... did you have problems with it ?05:36
Mr_Smileynomasteryoda i can't seem to google it link? :)05:37
legbaspeed and stability05:37
=== eclipse_ [~eclipse@h000f3d43838f.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
legbahence the existence of amule05:37
linux_galoremercurus: its a good deal i play with neat new hardware i cant ever dream to buy and she gets lots of thanks and a cut from her socialite buddies and keeps mum about the whole deal05:37
ParientethanX 10000005:37
ysbob2: i did it's in the middle of it05:37
eclipse_does anyone know how to install k3b on ubuntu?05:38
bob2eclipse_: aptget install k3b.05:38
Parienteapt-get install k3b..05:38
chibifsapt-get install k3b05:38
chibifsI lose.05:38
eclipse_i tried it but it said not found05:38
linux_galoreto install k3b you will have to install qt and kde base05:38
nomasteryodaMr_Smiley: just sec05:38
bob2linux_galore: no you don't05:38
bob2eclipse_: you need to enable universe05:38
bob2eclipse_: wiki.ubuntu.com/SynapticHowto05:39
linux_galorebob2: k3b uses qt and kde stuff05:39
bob2linux_galore: yes, but apt does that for you05:39
legbasynaptic has a problem with lower resolutions.05:39
mercuruslinux_galore: indeed ... almost sufficient encouragement for me to take up tennis :P05:39
legbathis should be fixed.05:39
Parientepeople i installed ubuntu but surpricingly had many problems with eth005:39
linux_galorebob2: duh I know that but thats what will happen05:39
[Mirak] ys, uncomment that universe line.......quanta is in universe05:39
nomasteryodaMr_Smiley: sorry...hirens boot cd ...
bob2Pariente: can you be more vague?05:40
Parientehad to go back to morphix05:40
Mr_Smileynomasteryoda thanks05:40
mercurusbob2: how exactly does Canonical make money ?05:40
nomasteryodaexcellent toolset05:40
legbahirens boot cd is illegal.05:40
legba!google ubcd05:40
Dre[A] mcatcherYoure search can be found at: http://www.google.com/search?q=ubcd++++05:40
nomasteryodabut i own the tools too05:40
nomasteryodamakes it easier05:40
nomasteryodato have them on a CD than on bunch of crappy diskettes05:40
mercuruslegba: wht is it illegal ?05:40
nomasteryodacause it has lots of proprietary programs on it05:41
legbabecause it's pirated windows software mostly05:41
Parientebob2: i didn't get what you say??05:41
legbaubcd is free as in no fines.05:41
linux_galoreyeah Im still scratching my head on how canonical will make $$$05:41
=== Hikaru79 [~hikaru79@d57-4-59.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
nomasteryodaworks great too05:41
ionsanyone here use gnump3d?05:41
nomasteryodalove that05:42
bob2anyway, windows warez is fairly off-topic05:42
bob2Pariente: what sort of problems?05:42
nomasteryodabob2: this is a dos diskette05:42
nomasteryodacd i mean05:42
bob2same thing05:42
nomasteryodaions: i do05:42
bob2mercurus: linux_galore there are plans05:42
ionsdo you know if gnump3d is set to autostart when you install it?05:42
nomasteryodayou have to add it to your startup files05:43
linux_galorebob2: ooh goody will they sell me a laptop with ubuntu on it next year in Sydney05:43
bob2linux_galore: I don't know05:43
bob2linux_galore: you could ask05:43
linux_galore<humour> ^^05:43
ionsk thanks nomasteryoda05:43
legbanomaster - just recommend ubcd from now on...05:43
nomasteryodaions: np05:43
nomasteryodawill do05:43
nomasteryodathanks for the tip05:43
nomasteryodalegba: i use that toolset too05:44
linux_galoregoto grab a new laptop next year05:44
linux_galoreIve got four laptops not one of them has enough grunt to run gimp 2.x05:44
bob2x40s are very popular in ubuntu-town05:44
linux_galoreso Ive been told......... Im looking at the new ACER's05:45
linux_galorewonder if IBM still sell a cheap generic anymore05:45
bob2r-series is pretty cheap05:46
legbaibm's are great for linux05:46
[Mirak] linux_galore, wanna sell any?05:46
linux_galorebob2: thanks05:46
linux_galoremirak: Im in sydney05:46
[Mirak] linux_galore, nvm05:46
=== mercurus has a T42 on its way
[Mirak] linux_galore, shipping would kill me....theyd want an arm or something05:47
linux_galorethinking of giving the laptops away05:47
bob2linux_galore: www.computerbank.org.au05:47
legbat42's are good too :)05:47
[Mirak] linux_galore, for free!!, maybe i will pay for shipping05:47
linux_galorebob2: yeah I know computer bank05:47
=== jcole [~jcole@atlwebproxy3.core.hp.com] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoremirak: only crappy P1's 32-48mb ram05:48
mercurusthe second lowest T42 ... 2378JZM ... but it'll do what I need, and is nice and solid.05:48
linux_galorelooking up the IBM r series05:49
=== jgeorgeson [~justin@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
jgeorgesonany here familiar with the synaptics touchpad driver?05:50
ysdoes anyone use warty for ppc?05:50
legbar31s are nice linux_g05:50
legbacan get them cheap used05:51
bob2ys: just ask on the list05:52
ionsnomasteryoda - how do I add gnump3d to startup files?05:54
corbobis it possible to get the forward and back buttons on an internet mouse to work in ubuntu?05:55
bob2install the firefox extension05:55
corbobwireless intellimouse explorer...05:55
corbobfrom synaptic?05:56
nomasteryodaions: O_O05:57
ionssame as any other distro?05:57
nomasteryodashould work05:57
ionsk nm, stupid question then05:57
nomasteryodai only do mine when i feel like it05:57
corbobi suppose on the 9th it might be a good idea to upgrade everything, as firefox 1.0 will be out...05:58
nomasteryodaions: i made another user for that05:58
nomasteryodato keep my box a little safer05:58
=== Lowry [~Lowry@CPE-144-136-201-14.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
bob2warty will never have firefox 1.005:58
nomasteryodaions: i ssh into the box and start it as the user by using screen05:58
jgeorgesonbob2: any idea what the extension is called/05:58
bob2hoary already has pr105:58
legbawarty will stay the same...05:59
bob2warty will never be updated05:59
nomasteryodaions, screen is cool05:59
bob2it's released now, it only gets security and critical bug fixes05:59
ionsyeah screen rocks05:59
corbobi thought i read somewhere about 18 months of updates...05:59
corboboh ok05:59
bob218 months of security updates05:59
corbobhow will upgrading from one version of ubuntu to the next go?05:59
ionshopefully well05:59
=== ubuntu-geek [~ubuntugee@] has joined #ubuntu
ionsxorg will probably require the most attention06:00
ionsbut that's easy06:00
bob2jgeorgeson: http://easygestures.mozdev.org/06:00
bob2xorg packaging is not easy06:00
=== SuperL4g [~colbyirc@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ionsohhh ty06:01
nomasteryodai restricted mine06:01
nomasteryodato my work ip and my lappy06:01
nomasteryodacan open when needed06:01
LowryAny ppc users have scanner zoom problems?06:01
nomasteryodaby having an extra conf file06:01
corbobwhat's gnump3d if you don't mind me asking...06:01
nomasteryodamp3 streamer06:01
corbobah i see06:02
nomasteryodato stream your collection when you need it06:02
ionsreally nice Web based streamer06:02
nomasteryodavia browser06:02
corbobah that makes sence, gnu mp3 (d)aemon06:02
nomasteryodalow resources06:02
ionsdoes oggs too06:02
legbaapache seems to do that laready ;)06:02
ionstrue, but gnump is prettier06:02
legbawhat does it add?06:02
legbathere's a reason right there06:03
legbai've been doing rendezvous locally06:03
jgeorgesonlinux only?06:03
nomasteryodait's very cool indeed06:03
ionsif you have your stuff well organized it's great06:03
legbaor LAMP06:03
legbai do have it well organized06:03
bob2hm, I should finish my musicd06:03
nomasteryodaor you can go random06:03
legbaon-the-fly playlists are where it's at06:03
linux_galoreouch IBM prices are not cheap06:04
linux_galoreon laptops06:04
legbahate to say it but wmp10 has the feature06:04
jgeorgesonlinux_galore: compared to whom?06:04
bob2so does every modern player06:04
legbaname another one bob206:04
ysbob2: i still can't get it working06:04
jgeorgesonbob2: they're talking about streamers, not players06:04
corboblegba, define on the fly playlist...06:05
bob2legba: which feature?06:05
linux_galorejgeorgeson: acer and most tw brands.........you can get cheap models buts the cpu's are slow and the features are not there06:05
bob2jgeorgeson: oh06:05
legbanamely music i have yet to hear ;)06:05
corboblegba, rythm box can generate playlists based on whatever criteria you give it...06:05
nomasteryodahey, gnump3d does mpg videos too06:05
legbahmm too bad it looks like garbage still.06:05
jgeorgesonlinux_galore: i haven't looked at acer, but i worked at a place doing tech support for TI when acer bought the laptop division from them. i wouldn't compare acer to ibm06:06
legbati still make acers?06:06
jgeorgesoni'd compare acer to emachines06:06
legbai mean06:06
legbawell acwer has used hon hai for some designs so you are wrong jgeorgeson06:06
linux_galoreactually ACER make a really cheap 17" laptop06:07
corbobemachines == crap!!!06:07
Lowrytry ppc ubuntu on a power/ibook06:07
jgeorgesoni did say 'i haven't looked at acer"06:07
Lowrydual boot with os x06:07
linux_galorethe acer stuff i saw on show yesterday looked really well made and looked very nice06:07
legbayeah they switched ODM's06:07
nomasteryodaions: it's been months since i last used mine06:08
nomasteryodai don't even remember the password06:08
linux_galoreI thought the price on the laptops would be expensive but when the rep said AUD$1300 for the standard model my jaw dropped06:08
nomasteryodai go to my den with the laptop06:08
nomasteryoda... and listen using gnump3d06:09
legbalinux_g that model isn't recommended for linux06:09
linux_galorelegba: I'll write all the models down but the 17" one looked nice06:09
legbaprolly 3000 series06:10
linux_galorelegba: AUD$2350 for a 17" laptop with a huge 120Gb hardisk and a nice ATI card hit the spot06:10
legbai'd go geforce go if i were you06:10
linux_galorelegba: yeah I use nvidia on all the desktops06:11
legbajust easier06:11
linux_galorethat will be the killer with most laptops is have they got an nvidia card....del have a cheap model AUD$1899 with a fx5200 mobile card 14.1" screen06:12
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
jgeorgesonbe careful with dell. with ship busted DSDTs (acpi issues) and unless their bios implementation of the intel integrated graphics chips is busted06:13
legbahe's right.06:14
jgeorgesonand if you have any problem, even if it's bad hardware, they won't listen to you if you're not troubleshooting with windows06:14
nomasteryodajgeorgeson: i got a new dell laptop06:14
nomasteryodaand Ubuntu would not install06:14
jgeorgesonwhat model?06:14
nomasteryodaand suse was almost as bad06:14
LinuxJonesnight all06:14
=== LinuxJones [~LJ@blk-222-206-208.eastlink.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
jgeorgesondoes it have the intel i8x0 chipset06:14
nomasteryodamight just06:15
bob2the DSDT suckage can be worked around06:15
nomasteryodanot sure06:15
nomasteryodaheck, it wouldn't even boot from the CD06:15
nomasteryodabut at least it did in suse06:15
nomasteryodabut screen was black and blue06:15
nomasteryodai mean 2 colors06:15
jgeorgesonbob2: yeah, i'm still trying to get into figuring that out, i did recompile the dsdt, haven't rolled it into the kernel though06:15
=== aran [~aran@Toronto-HSE-ppp3926700.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
nomasteryodabut Ubuntu has been good elsewhere06:16
jgeorgesonnomasteryoda: i had to backroll my bios using the floppy installer to get it to work with even the vesa driver06:16
jgeorgesonthe floppy bios installer, that is06:16
nomasteryodai might have to do that too06:16
nomasteryodais a work laptop06:16
nomasteryodai always put linux on them06:17
Gmailok need help quicj i got someone on the phone tring to type in hebrew in OOo but he can't he already did computer>...>keyboard>layout>isreali...>and swap to it, and he also went into OOo tools > options > lang. settings > hebrew06:17
nomasteryodaeven if the fools will only use Windows06:17
jgeorgesondid you try booting with acpi=off or noapic?06:17
nomasteryodamakes my life easier to fix them06:17
nomasteryodawill do that monday06:17
nomasteryodabut on the upside06:17
nomasteryodasuse saw and installe the bluetooth adapter06:17
nomasteryodawas amazing06:18
jgeorgesonsuse 9.2?06:18
legbaor 9.1?06:18
legba9.2 IS amazing06:18
nomasteryodabut the bootables suck06:18
nomasteryodarequire 256mb system ram06:18
jgeorgesoni tried the livecd to check out the acpi stuff, same result as ubuntu06:18
legbathough 8.2 was best yet06:18
jgeorgesoninspiron 260006:18
nomasteryodalegba: thought?06:19
=== aran [~aran@Toronto-HSE-ppp3926700.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
nomasteryodai have 6 distros +xpee on my Inspiron 750006:19
GnuHippywhat is the kernel module for the VIA KT800 Pro chipset?06:19
jgeorgesonthat's crazy, how big's your disc?06:19
nomasteryodalegba: was wondering if you meant thought or though06:19
legbathough sorry06:19
bob26? why?06:20
encryptionomasteryoda, do you just have one swap partition?06:20
nomasteryodato show off to lug memebers06:20
Gmailcan someone quickly help me it wound be really thanked for06:20
encryptioand one home folder?06:20
nomasteryodacommon area for sharing06:20
nomasteryodabut not commmon home06:20
jgeorgesonGmail: i have no idea how to fix that06:20
nomasteryodacauses problems06:20
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
=== BenZ|iBook [~bnurmiibo@CPE-141-168-13-137.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailok abiword is only 5MBs06:24
nomasteryodaUbuntu 4.1, SuSE 9.1, Slackware 10, Libranet, Mandrake 10.1, Fedora core2 and xpee06:25
nomasteryodakinda crazy06:25
nomasteryodabut fun06:25
=== FireEgl [Proteus519@] has joined #Ubuntu
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-95.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== AlohaWolf [wulfie@] has joined #ubuntu
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-54-9.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mbbanyone know what file might store info about sound card resources? Looking for DMA now, troubleshooting a sound oddity.06:28
mbbjgeorgeson: thanks, stand by, gotta start the laptop.06:30
encryptioright on, man.06:30
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp38-150.lns1.adl1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jgeorgeson [~justin@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== AlohaWolf [alohawolf@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jgeorgeson [~justin@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
mbbjgeorgeson: dma only said "4: cascade", doesn't tell me anything. the problem is,06:42
mbbsound is all garbled and slow, *unless* my nic or wireless pcmcia are plugged in. then normal. Sounded like an irq deal to me, but don't think that's it now. you have any troubleshooting ideas?06:43
linux_galorehmm T22 thinkpad are cheap on ebay06:43
mbbnot just ubuntu, happens with Knoppix too.06:43
jgeorgesonthinkpads tend to work pretty well with linux06:44
=== encryptio [~nobody@user-11faoc3.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
jgeorgesonhm, i'm guessing your sound card isn't an old isa one?06:44
mbbjgeorgeson: thinkpad 390x, built in. essolo.06:45
jgeorgesonmbb: /proc/dma was all i had without searching google06:45
mbbanother user on the mailing list has same model, does the same thing. I'm still dreaming of a fix or workaround, but I've got many hours in it, no luck!06:46
jgeorgesonmbb:  http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=http://adequat.c2a.fr/linux/howtos/390x/&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dessolo%2Blinux%2Bdma%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D06:46
jgeorgesonloading pretty slow though, might be down06:46
mbbit works normally in ms windows 98. haven't tried a non debian based live cd.06:47
Hikaru79What is Ubuntu's equivalent of Windows' "ipconfig -all" again? ^ ^;;06:47
jgeorgesonifconfig -a06:47
bob2ip addr06:48
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-83-3.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== adoyretsamon|tl [~nomastery@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== adoyretsamon|utb [~tux@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
jgeorgesonmbb: have you checked out linux-thinkpad.org?06:50
jgeorgesonmbb: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/post-118677.html06:51
adoyretsamon|utbthat is scary06:51
jgeorgesonadoyretsamon|utb: ?06:51
adoyretsamon|utbthe warning06:51
adoyretsamon|utbabout sensors06:51
jgeorgesonoh, yeah06:51
adoyretsamon|utbold, but good info06:52
=== Outlander [~Outlander@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
adoyretsamon|utbi know my EPROM would be fried if i had one06:52
adoyretsamon|utbHey Outlander06:53
jgeorgesoni haven't looked at lmsensors since '98/'9906:53
adoyretsamon|utbgot it running on my suse desktop06:53
adoyretsamon|utbgood info06:53
adoyretsamon|utbkeeps my amd from frying06:53
=== Xenguy [~gnu@] has joined #ubuntu
jgeorgesondoes acpi report temp info06:54
mbbjgeorgeson: linuxforums, been there. my bios doesn't have that option.there are a number of versions of the 390x.06:54
adoyretsamon|utbnot sure06:54
mbbbut hadn't seen linux-thinkpad.org, looking at that now.06:54
adoyretsamon|utbbios does06:55
adoyretsamon|utbi get fan speeds and CPU /MB temp06:55
adoyretsamon|utbdisplay them in gkrellm06:55
Xenguywell that was one short install attempt :-/06:55
GnuHippywhat is the kernel module for the VIA KT800 Pro chipset?06:55
XenguyThe install hung at 'Loading components of the Ubuntu Installer', at 'Retrieving e2fsprogs-udeb'...06:56
bob2Xenguy: sure the cd burne properly?06:56
XenguyJust started flashing at me like a stobe light :-(06:56
bob2GnuHippy: why?06:56
Xenguyer, strobe06:56
=== luke [~handle@ppp230-44.lns1.bne1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
Xenguybob2: I guess I'll try burning another copy06:57
bob2Xenguy: check the md5sum of the cd06:57
linux_galorelol IBM thinkpad 390 AUD$2106:57
GnuHippyI want to enable DMA on my drives06:57
Xenguybob2: OK06:57
adoyretsamon|utbGnuHippy, hdparm06:57
adoyretsamon|utbi use it06:58
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-95.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
GnuHippysudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)06:59
GnuHippy HDIO_GET_QDMA failed: Invalid argument07:00
GnuHippyalso why doesn't it work when I set it in disks-admin07:01
adoyretsamon|utbGnuHippy, this is old, but it is good info on hdparm07:02
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=== hacked`` [~hacked`@modemcable088.34-201-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== linuxalien [~zorb@c-24-2-80-89.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
hacked``can anyone help me set up kismet, once and for all07:05
=== vera [~vera@n219078232004.netvigator.com] has joined #ubuntu
tom-cathi folks07:05
Xenguybob2: how do I check the md5sum of the CD (I don't have the original .iso file, just the burned CD) ?07:06
bob2md5sum /dev/hdc07:06
verahi I am getting annoyed by a >350mb mem. usage for gnome-vfs-daemon07:06
Xenguybob2: OK, tried that but was taking a long time - I'll try again07:06
bob2hacked``: install it.  read the README.  run kismet_server and kismet_client07:06
veradoes anyone know how can I reduce it?07:06
=== oferw [~ofer@DSL212-235-96-75.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
mbbhacked``: what does kismet not do for you?07:08
GnuHippyadoyretsamon|utb that guide didn't work07:08
=== jgeorgeson [~justin@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
GnuHippysetting using_dma to 1 (on)07:09
GnuHippy HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not permitted07:09
=== schifo [own3d@modemcable088.34-201-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
hacked``mbb, it doesnt work07:12
hacked``get a gay message07:13
hacked``ie. FATAL: Unable to open cisco control file '/proc/driver/aironet/eth1/Config' 2:No such file or directory07:13
Xenguybob2: hrm, here's the output (doesn't look good)...07:13
Xenguybob2: # md5sum /dev/hdd07:13
Xenguyerror processing /dev/hdd: failed in buffer_read(fd): mdfile: Input/output error07:13
Xenguybob2: any idea if that is the CD, or some different issue?07:14
nomasteryodaGnuHippy: did you do it07:15
nomasteryodasudo hdparm07:15
GnuHippyI did07:16
GnuHippyI know07:16
nomasteryodai mean really07:16
=== hikaru79_ [~hikaru79@d57-4-59.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== hikaru79_ is now known as Hikaru79
mbbhacked``: what does it do when you try? I had to edit the config file here, tell it what chipset and driver.07:17
bob2Xenguy: could be a dodge cd, could be a dodge drive07:17
bob2Xenguy: burn at a slower speed might help07:18
hacked``mbb, thats the problem, im not sure what chipset/driver i have07:19
veracan anyone help me with this gnome-vfs-daemon problem ? I run top and it says it is using 95% of cpu and 60% of memory07:19
LowryAny ppc users on?07:20
Hikaru79I'm having a small issue with java programs; for some reason, all my java programs will automatically close themselves if I close the terminal window from which I ran them07:20
Hikaru79Is this normal?07:20
Hikaru79Isn't there a way to run Java programs WITHOUT a terminal window open for it?07:20
Xenguybob2: I guess I'll try burning another CD -- thanks07:20
mbbhacked``: what do you know about the wireless card? brand, model, does it work with ubuntu at all, etc?07:20
Hikaru79I could do it on Debian... but on Ubuntu it doesn't work :(07:20
veraHikaru79,: ./program &07:21
bob2Lowry: lots, just ask your question07:21
hacked``yep, works perfectly, im using it now07:21
LowryAre lucent 802.11b card supported from the cd?07:21
bob2Lowry: yes07:21
bob2well, some at least07:21
LowryI just wanted to add it and networking crashed07:21
Hikaru79vera, what do you mean?07:21
bob2"networking crashed"?07:21
LowrySelected eth107:22
hacked``mbb, its a cisco, on my toshiba satellite pro 6100 laptop07:22
hacked``mbb, actually its a prism 2 card07:22
Lowryrebadged lucent silver07:23
GnuHippyhow do I alias my SATA drive as ATA from grub?07:23
bob2alias it? why?07:24
nomasteryodabob2: he wants to use hdaparm07:24
nomasteryodaand it doens't support scsi07:24
nomasteryodaso alias SCSI=IDE ?07:24
GnuHippy setting using_dma to 1 (on)07:25
GnuHippy HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Invalid argument07:25
GnuHippythats the error I get07:25
mbbhacked``: I went to "http://www.kismetwireless.net/documentation.shtml" and read the Section 11 about Capture Sources07:25
nomasteryodabob2: it's a SATA drive07:25
nomasteryodamounted on /dev/sda107:26
bob2I know07:26
bob2I'm pretty sure they all enable dma by default07:26
bob2unless some idiot vendor made a broken one already07:26
nomasteryodatotally possible07:26
nomasteryodalots of idiots out there07:26
bob2GnuHippy: file a bug07:26
mbbhacked``: and in my case, edited /etc/kismet/kismset.conf - changed source=mdwif_g,ath0,madwif_gsource and It Just Worked.07:26
GnuHippywell DMA isn't enabled on my DVD burner and my whole system crawls when burning07:27
nomasteryodambb, cool07:27
GnuHippywhich doesn't happen in other distros07:27
nomasteryodaGnuHippy: mine did07:27
nomasteryodauntil i set it07:27
bob2your dvd is sata?07:27
GnuHippyno IDE07:27
=== mac2612 [~mac2612@pool-70-18-115-50.buff.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== TheIconoclast [~goose@nr10-216-68-189-238.fuse.net] has joined #ubuntu
nomasteryodaunless things have changed, the default is to make most compatible...i.e. slower, but working07:29
nomasteryodai enable 32bit disk access on the HDs too07:29
GnuHippywell DMA was enabled in Windows by default07:29
mac2612hi guys, just installed ubuntu, and totem's crashing whenever I try and open something in totem07:29
nomasteryodamac2612: does that for me too07:29
nomasteryodaany movie07:29
nomasteryodai got mplayer07:30
mac2612songs too?07:30
GnuHippyyou need the codecs to handle the movie07:30
nomasteryodathat fixed07:30
schifoguys, fedora 3 just came out 10 minutes ago, what is ubuntu's response ?07:30
GnuHippytotem-xine and w32codecs etc07:30
mac2612it's not in the apt-get sources, so it's a pain07:30
nomasteryodamac2612: yes it is07:30
GnuHippyyou have to add universe and multiverse07:30
mac2612gnuhippy, totem-xine will uninstall ubuntu-desktop for some reason07:30
mbbhacked``: another site worth a look is http://www.linux-wlan.org/docs/wlan_adapters.html.gz for finding chipset, etc about a wide range of cards07:31
nomasteryodamac2612: just try mplayer07:31
GnuHippyget mplayer and compile it from source07:31
mac2612nomasteryoda, that's probably what I'll do in the end07:31
nomasteryodaapt-get install mplayer works07:31
GnuHippymake sure you install w32codecs before you compile it07:31
mac2612I'm more farmiliar with mplayer anyways07:31
bob2schifo: um, what is there to respond to?07:31
nomasteryodait's very sweet07:32
nomasteryodabob2, LOL07:32
GnuHippyfedora sucks07:32
mac2612yeah I've compiled mplayer before07:32
GnuHippyup2date sucks07:32
GnuHippyyum sucks07:32
bob2RANDOME LINUX #32837 came out today, too07:32
bob2we should issue a press release!07:32
GnuHippybecause linux distro should really compete that heavily ;)07:32
schifobob2, there needs to be a rapid response to competitor's news07:32
nomasteryodabob2, but it is good another distro was released07:32
bob2schifo: why?07:32
GnuHippydistro wars are stupid07:33
bob2schifo: what is there to say?07:33
schifobob2, distro war07:33
bob2schifo: huh?07:33
nomasteryodaschifo: i have 6 on my laptop... not a war07:33
schifobob2, ex: new ubuntu version out monday07:33
bob2no one older than 13 takes "distro wars" as anything more than a joke07:33
schifothat would be a response07:33
bob2schifo: that would be stupid07:33
mac2612well at least they encourage competitiveness07:33
bob2there's 5.5 months left in hoary's development cycle07:33
nomasteryodaexperimentation is what i like about it07:33
GnuHippyhoary pwnz07:34
nomasteryodahow long is the timeout on sudo?07:34
=== g4b3 [g4b3@210-54-108-133.dialup.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
GnuHippyI think it is 5 min07:35
GnuHippyis the AMD64 build good yet?07:35
GnuHippyI may switch over to that to see if I can get DMA working07:35
=== wfx [~wfx@M1435P019.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
mdzGnuHippy: absolutely07:36
mdznomasteryoda: default is 15min07:36
GnuHippyare the hoary packages all there for AMD64?07:36
wfxwhere do i find a apt resoure for the eclipse ide07:36
mdzGnuHippy: essentially07:37
mdzthere are probably some failures out in universe, but then, there are for i386 too07:37
mac2612hmm is the ppc build oldworld compatible?07:37
nomasteryodamdz, even better07:38
nomasteryodamac2612: i've got an old world powerbook07:38
bob2mac2612: I don't think it will boot on it07:38
mdzmac2612: the software will generally run on it, but the installer isn't very smart about oldworld07:38
mdzyou'll likely need to set up the boot loader yourself07:38
nomasteryodaruns yellowdog07:38
mac2612yeah, bootx probably07:38
mac2612yeah I don't like yellowdog very much07:39
nomasteryodame too07:39
nomasteryodait's deadhat07:39
nomasteryodaif i could move to Ubuntu07:39
nomasteryodai certainly would07:39
mac2612it's just an even worse implementation of redhat07:39
mac2612hmm well I'm gonna have a look at it sometime07:39
nomasteryodai only have 48mb ram07:39
nomasteryodathats the issue07:39
mac2612on my powercomputing clone07:39
bob2the installer should just run in 48MB07:39
mac2612I was trying to run linux on a 1400c with 16mb ram07:40
bob2but gnome will be very unhappy07:40
nomasteryodabob2, good07:40
nomasteryodamy gnome was unhappy07:40
mac2612yeah, but you could substitiute gnome with like icewm07:40
nomasteryoda... i got the thing from the dumpster07:40
nomasteryodawanted to try linux on it07:40
linux_galorewonder if they will do a DVD version of Ubuntu considering DVD based machines are around 3-4 years old now07:40
mac2612lol, our school stole 486s out of a BOCES dumpster and gave them to teachers07:41
=== tima [~tim@mebax17-b135.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
nomasteryodamac2612: lol07:41
nomasteryodastole as in got them07:41
nomasteryodanot nicked07:41
mac2612took them out of the trash07:41
hazmatare developers running hoary for a desktop?07:41
linux_galoreheh heh @ dumpster diving for mhz07:41
mac2612they were eduquest 486-25s07:42
mac261270mb harddrives crammed with win9507:42
bob2hazmat: you'd have to ask them, but all new packages being uploaded are expected to have been tested on hoary07:42
mac2612they'dve made great linux terminals though07:42
=== linuxalien [~zorb@c-24-2-80-89.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["parting]
mdzlinux_galore: yes, we'll roll a DVD image07:44
mac2612nomasteryoda, that was awhile ago, our elementary schools art department and resource rooms got stuck with 486s while some got PIIs and PIIIs07:44
mdzmaybe a couple of varieties07:44
mdzhazmat: I'm running hoary on all my desktops07:45
nomasteryodagreat to hear mdz07:45
nomasteryodaon both counts07:45
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-54-9.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== GnuHippy [~jason@blk-222-217-193.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
wfxhmmm, cant find eclipse 3.0.x07:49
encryptiowhat id3 editing software do you guys recommend?07:51
=== jdandr2 [~jdandr2@pcp622590pcs.mainf01.in.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
encryptiotime to search google07:52
jdandr2I am rying to get the ov51x driver working on ubuntu (for my eyetoy) .. from http://alpha.dyndns.org/ov511/download.html#ov51x ...   when I type make, it says no directory  /lib/modules/
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-082-069-238.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
mac2612encryptio, kinda depends on what you're doing with it07:53
smojdandr2: You most likely need linux-headers- installed07:54
encryptiojust editing tags..07:54
encryptiosimple. i don't need much else07:54
mac2612like mass editing?07:55
jdandr2smo, yeah, but they don't appear to be in ubuntu's repositories, I jump from 2.6.7 to 2.6.907:55
mdzencryptio: rhythmbox07:55
mdzjdandr2: note 'linux' rather than 'kernel'07:55
mdz(this is in the FAQ, by the way)07:55
jdandr2mdz, dooh, sorry07:55
mac2612yeah I'd go with rhythmbox usually07:55
jdandr2mdz, I usually roll my own kernel so haven't had this issue07:55
nomasteryodarhythmbox is great07:56
=== hectorvs [~hector@] has joined #ubuntu
jdandr2mdz, sorry to say it, but doing what the faq says doesn't work ... : apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r` --- is not the default kernel?07:57
mdzjdandr2: is obsolete07:57
mdzthe headers were removed from the archive along with the kernel07:58
mdzthat's pre-warty stuff07:58
mdzsudo apt-get install linux-386 will get you the latest one07:58
LowryI am getting unknown device with my lucent wireless card07:58
mdzjdandr2: if you installed a pre-release, you should read this: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/WartyWarthogUpgradeNotes07:59
=== gen [~jiston@] has joined #ubuntu
=== g4b3 [g4b3@210-54-108-133.dialup.xtra.co.nz] has left #ubuntu []
hectorvsanyone have experience using guessnet-ifupdown and waproamd?08:08
mdzhectorvs: it looks like NetworkManager is how we'll be accomplishing the same things in Hoary08:08
=== mercurus1 [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-48.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
encryptiohow do I edit a wiki I created?08:09
encryptiooh, "edit".08:09
=== mercurus1 is now known as mercurus
=== encryptio shakes his head
hectorvsmdz: so i guess i have to hold 5 more months =)08:09
mdzhectorvs: not necessarily; you can upgrade to hoary anytime you like08:10
mdzif you're willing to accept instability from time to time08:10
hectorvsmdz: hmm... where is the list of improvements hoary is having?08:11
=== mercurus [~mercurus@] has joined #ubuntu
=== zxy [~ralph@host81-154-147-204.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== zxy_ [~ralph@host81-154-147-204.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzhectorvs: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryGoals08:12
=== teletype [teletype@mercy.prism.net] has joined #ubuntu
hectorvsmdz:  in which category does the automatic wireless detection fall into?08:15
GammaRayGNOME 2.10? hih?08:15
GammaRayerr huh rather (-;08:15
mdzhectorvs: NetworkManager08:16
=== mercurus [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-48.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== ions is now known as ions|away
mdzGammaRay: huh?08:16
hectorvsmdz: thanks =)08:16
teletypei've been using linux since slackware 0.99pl14, and i have to say ubuntu is probably the most impressive distro i've seen08:16
GammaRaymdz: my question exactly08:16
mdzGammaRay: I don't understand your question08:16
teletypeif there's any developers here, kudos =)08:17
GammaRaymdz: what's up w/ that version?08:17
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=== smo [~soneil@] has joined #ubuntu
hectorvshey mdz: is there a way for ubuntu to have a nice startup screen (like a loading screen) at boot up instead of the ugly startup text?08:17
smo*ahem*  wrong window08:17
mdzGammaRay: when hoary is released, it will include GNOME 2.1008:17
mdzhectorvs: that's the "usplash" item on the same page08:18
GammaRaymdz: gnome is currently at 2.8.x.. where do they get "2.10" from?08:19
=== alvariux [~alvariux@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzGammaRay: GNOME uses a release numbering scheme similar to Linux08:20
mdzGammaRay: 2.8 is a stable release, 2.9 development, 2.10 stable, etc.08:20
GammaRayhmm I guess i just assumed 3.0 was next08:21
GammaRayI read 2.10 as 2.108:21
|trey|GammaRay, 3.0 would represent a break of binary compatibility... there won't be one..08:21
GammaRayI'm sure they could think of something ;-)08:22
hectorvsmdz: the gnome-background-properties keeps crashing on me every time I open it, this happened ever since i tried to add a readonly wallpaper through the drag and drop... how can i fix this? =(08:25
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
GammaRayis it just me or are some tools missing from gnome-system-tools?08:26
GammaRaylike the bootloader and the run level editors08:27
|trey|GammaRay, I see both...08:28
bob2same here08:28
schifoi was wondering if anybody can help me get my orinoco driver into monitor mode08:28
|trey|'Boot' and 'Services'...08:28
GammaRayhmm.. what are the bins called?08:28
schifohaving a hard time08:28
schifodownloaded the patch08:28
schifonot sure how to apply08:28
schifoor if i even have the correct patch08:29
hectorvsi cant change my background! =S the app crashes everytime!08:29
mdzGammaRay: the init script manager was disabled upstream08:29
|trey|'boot-admin' and 'services-admin'08:29
hectorvshow do i reset it?08:29
mdzit breaks things08:29
GammaRaymdz: don't see either when I do dpkg -L gnome-system-tools | grep bin08:29
mdzGammaRay: exactly08:29
=== teletype [teletype@mercy.prism.net] has left #ubuntu []
mdzthey're disabled08:29
smohectorvs: You could try editing ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml to remove the wallpaper that's causing issues .. I'm not sure if there's a more graceful aproach08:30
GammaRayso why does |trey| here have them?08:30
mdzyou'll have to ask |trey|08:30
hectorvssmo: thanks! thatss what i needed, lemme check08:30
GammaRayme asks |trey|08:30
mdzbecause Ubuntu doesn't ship the run level editor08:30
|trey|GammaRay, running hoary, haven't upgraded in the last 24 hours... maybe thats why?  :/08:31
mdzah, they might be re-enabled in the 2.9 release in hoary08:31
mdzdisabled for 2.808:31
mdzI wonder whether they actually fixed the breakage, though08:31
mdzsome people went and compiled it and tried to use it on ubuntu anyway08:31
mdzand it rearranges the boot order and breaks it08:31
GammaRay2.8? what version number scheme is that? (-;08:32
mdzthe one I just explained?08:32
|trey|GammaRay, quit being nit-picky... 2.8.x is what he meant...08:32
GammaRayoh so you are refering to gnome's08:32
GammaRay|trey|: I'm not.. just confused08:33
hectorvssmo: it worked great, thanks!!08:33
=== |trey| hits something really hard
GammaRayseriously.. I knew about the whole odd-even scheme before.. it just never crossed my ditsy head that we would hit 10 instead of roll over08:35
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=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
wfxwhere do i find glib-gettext >= 2.2.008:45
=== DracosX [~Dracos@cpe-024-211-254-183.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== radion [nt0us4@abi62.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
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=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
wfxi also searching for glib-gettextize09:04
wfxit should be a part of glib-2 but where do i find it09:05
=== Mojo_Jojo [~Mojo@d205-250-56-39.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
wfxthere are debian packages for this: ftp://ftp.gtk.org/pub/gtk/v2.2/09:06
PizbitNot thinking of the packages gettext and gettext-base are ya?09:07
wfxhase the wrong version i need gettext >= 2.2.009:08
PizbitWhat're you compiling?09:09
wfxim a developer of teg.sf.net and have swithc ot ubuntu for development.09:09
=== Mojo_Jojo [~Mojo@d205-250-56-39.bchsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
wfxswitch to :-)09:10
wfxPizbit, any hint?09:14
=== nomasteryoda [~tux@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== hurr [~jiston@] has joined #ubuntu
=== wfx this is bad, must i realy swithc back to my old distribution?
PizbitGot universe and all that enabled?09:16
mdzwfx: libglib2.0-dev09:17
wfxmdz, is installed09:17
=== alka_trash [~homer@c-67-166-91-212.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
alka_trashhey everyone09:17
mdzwfx: contains glib-gettextize09:17
wfxah no ! not the dev :-)09:17
mdzwfx: the answer to all other questions of the same form is http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/warty/Contents-i386.gz09:18
alka_trashI was thinking that it would nice to have a Ubuntu tweaking section in the forum09:19
wfxmdz, big thx.09:19
alka_trashLike some speed enhancements09:19
mdzlike what?09:20
alka_trashlike removing some unneeded modules09:20
alka_trashand hdparm09:20
mdzthat won't make your system any faster09:20
alka_trashHmm there must be somthing09:21
mdzthe interesting bits of hdparm are enabled automatically by the kernel now09:21
alka_trashhow about Xfree09:21
mdzalka_trash: if there were a magic switch to make your system faster, we'd enable it by default :-)09:21
alka_trashmdz: I was thinking there must be something09:22
alka_trashother than cpu specific builds09:22
alka_trashhow about pre-linking09:23
alka_trashI've heard that this is a speed up, on some systems09:23
=== wfx wow i need a lot :-)
smoI think the only "tweak" ubuntu's needed on my system, was my dualhead/TwinView setup.  Past that, not needing hours of tinkering has been the major attraction.  I do have real-life things to do afterall09:25
mdzalka_trash: you'd be surprised09:25
alka_trashI am surprised09:26
mdzwe already do linker optimization, which, it turns out is a bigger win than prelinking, without the drawbacks09:28
=== duke|ib [dukeku@c-24-21-168-125.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mctavish [~dcahill@] has joined #ubuntu
alka_trashI love ubuntu, it's a great OS, and I feel that  ( and probably a lot of people here ) I like to tweak computer setting to get everything customized. My first complaint  : Ubuntu needs to be less polished,  so I have to tweak with the OS.    :) he he09:29
wfxok it compile fine and works :-)09:29
mdzalka_trash: LD_DEBUG=statistics /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ld-linux.so.2 <path to program>09:30
mdzalka_trash: will show you some statistics09:30
mdzthose are the upper bounds on improvement due to prelinking09:30
mdzhere's a typical value:09:30
mdz     16662:       total startup time in dynamic loader: 63510809 clock cycles09:30
mdz63M clock cycles on a 2GHz system is about 0.03 seconds09:31
=== wfx is now known as wfx_away
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=== Kotaka [~anonymous@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ygnome [~michael@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ernie [~ernesto@ip70-185-21-238.ma.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== volvoguy [~volvoguy@pcp09041910pcs.rocsth01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
volvoguyhi all09:38
=== Ruffian|JANE| Wants To Bone Ubuntu.......... TWICE!
mctavishhi ho. How is the merge coming along? I read there was some nervousness about it.09:39
Ruffian|JANE|wwhats merge?09:39
hurrstop being a nub ruffian09:40
mctavishwarty-sid-hoary. Or something like that09:40
Ruffian|JANE|oh ya09:40
TongMastermctavish, I was riding you this morning, conditions weren;t very good but I enjoye it just the same.09:40
Ruffian|JANE|hurr? wtf?09:40
volvoguyhey, can someone help me with a menial task? i have a whole drive full of mp3's, multiple levels deep. for some reason they're all showing up as executables. is there an easy way to recursively change them all?09:41
mctavishReally? I don't remember. I must have been still asleep.09:41
TongMasterThe cold water woke me up at least but you performed quite well.09:41
mctavishHo yeah, mctavish make surfboards don't they09:41
TongMasteryeah :)09:42
smovolvoguy: find?  eg, find /your/mp3s/ -name "*mp3" -exec chmod 644 "{}" ";"09:43
SuperL4galka_trash: I wouldn't mind knowing how to remove some of those unneeded modules.  I know it's only cosmetic, but I like good looks. ;)09:45
volvoguysmo: that probably needs sudo too, right? what do the characters at the end do?09:45
SuperL4galka_trash: I thought it would have been /etc/modules.conf, but that wasn't it.09:45
Ruffian|JANE|aaah, My kittie left me a nice regurgitated present09:45
smovolvoguy: depends who owns those files.  if your user owns them, it shouldn't need sudo.  "{}" is replaced by the filename, and ";" has a point too, I just don't know it ;o)09:45
smo(I'm a parrot-fashion kinda guy)09:46
=== Pizbit grins.
alka_trashSuperL4g: I felt that it would help free up unused memory09:46
SuperL4galso... how I can turn on my Atheros network card from the beginning, so I don't have to reboot to access my network the first time09:46
volvoguysmo: thanks! going to process 10,000 files now. :-)09:46
SuperL4gas it stands now, I have to install with no network, then reboot, and associate with my ESSID & WEP key, and then update09:46
alka_trashSuperL4g: I guess that's not the case, oh well , it amazing I would swear that my computer was faster after removing those unused modules09:47
SuperL4gif I could do it up front it would just update everything during the install and save about 20 minutes09:47
=== Ruffian|JANE| [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
maskievolvoguy, AFAIK the ";" means carryon and do not stop until the end .. or something to that affect09:48
SuperL4gis that possible?09:48
=== Ruffian|JANE| [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Ruffian|JANE|stupid net split09:49
volvoguymaskie, thanks! i'll have to check out the man page for the shell.09:49
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=== wfx_away is now known as wfx
volvoguyso, i just replatformed a SuSE server with Ubuntu. that drive of mp3's is reiserfs and i've already had to fix up some owner/group things and permissions things (it worked great smo!). any other issues i should expect to run into, getting this thing going in Ubuntu?09:57
volvoguywell, kinda. linux A to linux B. :)09:58
SuperL4g    - Make sure all words are spelled correctly.10:00
SuperL4g    - Search the Web for documents that contain " replatformed"10:00
=== b_e_n_z [~Mercedes@vp183179.kln.uac68.hknet.com] has joined #ubuntu
SuperL4gb_e_n_z: sup?10:00
volvoguyi seem to always get hung up on fstab. it should be a straightforward "/dev/hdd1 /home/music reiserfs defaults 0 0", right?10:00
b_e_n_zSuperL4g: yo10:00
GammaRaySuperL4g: my buzz word dectector was going haywire10:01
GammaRayI cringe when I hear people talking about "plating up food" on cooking shows10:01
SuperL4gis there a way to pass ESSID and WEP info before you start the install, so I can get connectivity before the first reboot? as it stands right now, I have to do the install without the network, then reboot, then update.  If I could pass the options pre-install it would update everything up front and save about 20 minutes. :)10:03
volvoguy:-) hey, when you only have one friend with a computer science degree, you tend to steal their terminology.10:03
=== Ruffian|JANE| [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
SuperL4gtell him he needs to go back to school, then! :)10:03
volvoguyand i used it the way he uses it. but you're right, it doesn't seem to mean anything. heh.10:03
=== Ruffian|JANE| [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== Ruffian|JANE| [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ruffian|JANE| is away: sleeping................. ZzZzZzZzZzZ Ghetto Dual Boot RULES!
maskievolvoguy, maybe migrate might be beter suited --- migrate Linux A to Linux B10:05
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
volvoguyyou guys just delay your answers to make people look stuff up, don't you? :-) with things fixed and mounted like my example, things seem to be working good locally. now i just need to turn this into an smb share.10:06
=== Ruffian|JANE| is back
=== Ruffian|JANE| is away: Sleeping................. My Gheto dual boot owns!
volvoguyat least i didn't "paradigm shift" my server. buzzwords never seem to make sense. like the line in "A Princess Bride" - "That word you keep using. I do not think it means what you think it means." :-)10:08
GammaRayvolvoguy: god I hope you didn't watch that by choice10:09
mdzSuperL4g: the installer does allow you to configure the network interface immediately, if it is detected by the installer.  Unfortunately, the installer and the installed system use entirely different hardware detection methods in Warty10:10
volvoguyok. back to work. we *kinda* have a gui to set up smb shares in Hoary, but we have to do it manually in Warty, correct?10:10
=== FallenHitokiri [~TimoZimme@p508BB049.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
volvoguyGammaRay: what do you mean!? i've comitted the entire script to memory! it was a cult favorite in my band. one member even had the theme music played at his wedding. hehe.10:11
Hikaru79Where do you edit the mimetype associations of Firefox?10:11
GammaRayso.. this band you keep speaking of...10:12
plovsvolvoguy, hi, how is installing going?10:12
Todd_MA_1975volvoguy: yep. shares-admin isn't in Warty10:12
volvoguyGammaRay: i'm sure you never heard of us (heard in the past tense). we haven't done it professionally since the early 90's.10:13
volvoguyhey plovs. install is good. big hard drive full of files is good. now i just need to do some smb.conf tweaking.10:14
GammaRayvolvoguy: all my music is from the early 90's (-;10:14
plovsvolvoguy, what did you mean with headless?10:14
GammaRayaround 93, they just stopped making good music10:14
plovsvolvoguy, in your mail to ubuntu-doc10:15
volvoguyGammaRay: ok. i'll give you a free tshirt of you've heard of us. we had the brilliant name "glorious thunder" - and i wasn't in the band when they picked that name. :-)10:15
Todd_MA_1975Hikaru79: Looking at about:config it looks like the global file is /etc/mime.types and individual user at ~/.mime.types10:15
Hikaru79Thanks, Todd =)10:16
GammaRayvolvoguy: never heard of ya :-P10:16
volvoguyplovs: eventually this is just going to be a fileserver. no video card, and i really don't need to run Gnome.10:16
GammaRayvolvoguy: the name could have been worse..10:16
GammaRaycould have been britney spears or something10:17
volvoguyGammaRay. I know. I can't even repeat some of the alternative ideas. hehe.10:17
SuperL4gmdz: yeah, and while the installer detects the ethernet NICs it does not see the wireless NIC. :/10:17
GammaRaylive was not the greatest name10:18
plovsvolvoguy, if you want some sort of frontend use webmin10:18
volvoguyplovs: i haven't searched the site or the list yet, but i'm sure it's pretty easy to just boot to a console instead of a full gui.10:18
SuperL4gmdz: which is strange, because if I execute a shell from the installer, it shows that the modules for the Atheros NIC are loaded. :)10:18
GammaRayfor one.. is it live or live?10:18
wfxGammaRay, hmmm by this nick i must think on birth control ;-)10:19
=== quinophex [foobar@home.quinophex.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== MeAndU [~ubuntu32@] has joined #ubuntu
volvoguyplovs: webmin is a samba thing, right? *going to check out the repositories*10:19
SuperL4gwebmin is a webmin thing10:20
wfx:) webmin can do alot10:20
SuperL4gyou can say that again10:20
GammaRaywfx: it's actually named after a band who took their name from the song GammaRay by guess who10:20
volvoguyjust remember - the more options i get, the more questions i ask you. :-)10:21
GammaRaywebmin... is uh.. webmin10:21
plovsvolvoguy, webmin can make windows users admin a *nix box10:21
wfxok, i leave. have a nice day10:21
=== plovs hmm maybe that was not a very good recomendation
GammaRayI find it easier to just crack open a text editor10:21
=== wfx [~wfx@M1435P019.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
smovolvoguy: It's not as confusing as it sounds. webmin is what it claims .. web-based admin.  You feed it plugins depending on what you want to admin with it.  webmin-samba is one of them10:22
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu
GammaRayin a gui you have to have a checkbox for "everything". it gets confusing.10:22
volvoguyplovs: i'm going to take a peek at it. looks like it must be in universe? also, i'm not a windows user but my mom is and i don't think she could admin a *nix box. :-)10:22
GammaRaywindows users can't admin windows boxes10:23
Hikaru79I'm trying to run BitTornado here... I installed it and everything but when I open a torrent with btdownloadgui.py, simply nothing happens... what'd I do wrong? ><10:23
plovsvolvoguy, it is the easiest way to admin samba, i think10:23
=== quinophex [foobar@home.quinophex.org] has joined #ubuntu
GammaRayhave you seen window's permissions?10:23
volvoguythanks plovs!10:24
volvoguythe general idea with services is that if it's installed, it's going to run. is that a fair statement? once in install the samba server and edit smb.conf, and restart samba - that should be it?10:25
=== Gmail [~Google@gnu-debian.user] has joined #ubuntu
GammaRayvolvoguy: if it has a symlink in /etc/rcS.d/ it should10:27
=== quinophex [foobar@home.quinophex.org] has joined #ubuntu
volvoguyThanks GammaRay.10:28
GammaRaytake a look at update-rc.d10:29
plovsvolvoguy, updating the howto how to do this, wait 5 minutes10:29
=== JDahl [~joachim@ca-westla-cuda5-c1a-114.stmnca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
volvoguywow. tons of webmin plugins! it doesn't specify for apache - anyone know if it handles apache2?10:30
volvoguythanks plovs!10:30
JDahlis there no 'kernel-source-2.6.8'?10:30
plovsis it correct that if i use update-rc.d and the service gets updated, does the service start to run again?10:30
plovsvolvoguy, yes it does10:30
alka_trashhey everyone, I just got back from a security patching class10:31
alka_trashinteresting stuff10:32
volvoguyplovs: cool. i might just have to bug you for more info in private chat. (or is it better to keep things public so everyone can learn?) gotta watch that signal to noise ratio.10:32
erniehey guys, im having an issue on my laptop when i leave it alone for a while on my home wireless netowrk i cant get back on the internet unless i log into my router and renew dhcp, any suggestions?10:34
alka_trashI went to Seattle Wa for a company called Patchlink, the rep said that there software will patch Linux, when the question came up about how can you keep up with all the distro's she said that there company patches everything. then I thought that this was a marketing ploy.10:34
alka_trashI just went to there site, I'm not finding much about patching linux.10:35
b_e_n_zernie: sounds like your ap/router has config issues10:36
volvoguyhey plovs: webmin-apache is dependant on apache 1.3. do i need to install 1.3 and 2.0?10:36
alka_trashCorporations are feeling the pressure to keep there systems up to date10:36
erniewell, it works ok on windows10:36
plovsvolvoguy, no, then don't use it10:36
volvoguyplovs: ok. i REALLY only needed samba anyway. thanks!10:37
alka_trashyes, it does but to clump linux together like windows I think is impossible10:37
alka_trashunless your talking about just one distro ( redhat, Suse )10:37
plovsvolvoguy, good, it should work with apache2, maybe ask on the mailing-list10:37
volvoguyplovs: ok. will do.10:37
alka_trashso these stats come out about linux and they only pertain to one distro,10:38
maskieernie, there is some issues with software suspend on laptops and when it wakes up ... there is some stuff on the wiki about it10:38
JDahlI cannot find either kernel source or headers for 2.6.8 which is standard for ubuntu...10:39
plovsvolvoguy,  https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UbuntuBootupHowto, and stop /etc/init.d/gdm you will no longer have a graphical login or remove gdm off-course10:40
smoJDahl: ubuntu names then linux-(source,headers,images,modules) rather than kernel-  .. it's covered on http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/WartyWarthogUpgradeNotes10:40
maskieJDahl, and the kernel is
volvoguythanks plovs!10:41
alka_trashI know I'm ranting but, I think the whole windows security thing is a conspiracy, it's there to create money. why else would MS release a tool to fix the issue made by another company ( Slahvic )10:42
=== nefertati [~no_name@samo364-a092.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
=== yann__ [~Yann@p508A5688.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
alka_trashit's like they are making things half ass purposely and then making to pay for the fault.10:44
volvoguyi tend to agree with you alka_trash. how many MONTHS did they work on SP2, and then in a matter of WEEKS they announce 10 major security issues that still aren't fixed. sheesh.10:44
=== Lowry [~Lowry@CPE-144-136-201-14.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Kotaka     - ?10:44
nefertatihello i ust downloaded gnome-ppp but i dont how to install it. i opened synaptic but i cant find it in the list. can someone help me?10:44
hurrmore security issues because more use it10:44
alka_trashMS says here's "here's Microsoft Baseline security analyzer for free, but if you want something that you can really use and report on you have to pay 50,000 for10:46
alka_trashoh bTW it made by this company10:46
LowryI am looking for a bug report - but it was not saved to my flash drive10:46
LowryIs there a "console" app like in os x10:46
volvoguyi don't know if that's true though hurr. that's almost like saying that microsoft knows windows better than linux devs know linux. the quantity of installs doesn't really factor in.10:47
LowryWith a list of logs?10:47
volvoguyLowry - you can find all kinds of logs in /var/logs. the console is in the applications menu under system tools.10:48
mjrKotaka, 10:48
Kotaka   10:49
alka_trashLinux is way easier to install anyhow, insert CD boot live version of linux, click on click click, install live cd onto harddrive. done ---------- and yes it can be harder depending on what you need to do, but that relative to windows to  :)10:49
alka_trashwhat happens to linux it that there is always something that you can openly tweak with10:50
nefertatii just downloaded gnome-ppp but i dont how to install it. i opened synaptic but i cant find it in the list. can someone help me?10:50
alka_trashnefertati: sodo dpkg -i <package>10:50
nefertatithanks alka_trash10:51
=== ernie [~ernesto@ip70-185-21-238.ma.dl.cox.net] has left #ubuntu []
nefertatialka_trash it says " status database area is locked by another process"10:55
alka_trashnefertati: close symantic10:55
volvoguyhey plovs. if you're still here, i discovered that if you select apache2 to install first and THEN select webmin-apache, you don't get dependency messages.10:56
alka_trashIt would be cool if a forum had a point system that people could give you points if you help them10:56
volvoguythere are generic sites like that on the web alka_trash.10:57
plovsvolvoguy, ah good, i was wondering why it didn't work10:57
nefertatialka _trash "Couldn't find package gnome-ppp-0.3.17.tar.gz"10:58
alka_trashvolvoguy: man it's hard competing against the world with ideas  :)10:58
volvoguyi don't remember the name, but on some, people ask questions and then pick the best answer from whoever replies. then they get paid. :)10:58
volvoguythere's nothing new under the sun alka_trash. :)10:58
volvoguynefertati: you either need to be in the directory with the deb file, or use the whole path "dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb"11:00
volvoguyoops. with a sudo in there too. :)11:00
yann__he is not using a .deb package... it's a tar.gz (probably source file)11:02
nefertatinow its .tar11:02
yann__then untar11:02
=== Buzzzz_ [~Anders@hd5e25192.gavlegardarna.gavle.to] has joined #ubuntu
yann__cd into the dir, check if there is a file like readme or install11:03
yann__you will probably have to compile the thing yourself11:03
volvoguyoops. sorry 'bout that. strange that isn't in the repositories.11:04
=== the_one [~xxx@kotivayla-134-170.tikkacom.fi] has joined #ubuntu
nefertatii tryed synaptic but i cant find it11:04
Buzzzz_is it possible to put emacs or vim in gnomes program menus?11:05
nefertatiin which file i had to download the file. because now it is desktop11:05
yann__Buzzzz_: you could take gvim, that should show up11:06
Lowry Where would bug report tool keep past crash logs?11:06
=== Gwaihir [~Gwaihir@ppp-181-91.25-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu
the_oneguys, I need to start k3b setup to and it asks me for the root password, and my password doesn't work. Any suggestions?11:06
Buzzzz_yann__, oki. should try that. but you can't put other programs there?11:06
volvoguynefertati - yeah. i checked too. if it requires compiling, i'm going to leave that to someone more knowledgable than myself.11:06
yann__Buzzzz_: so far i had no need to. so i do not have a clue how to ;-)11:07
=== ReX_ [~mario@] has joined #ubuntu
=== dargo [~dargo@245.Red-80-39-84.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Buzzzz_yann__, oki thanks11:07
nefertati:( i dont know how to compile.11:07
yann__Buzzzz_: well gvim does not show up here in my menus...11:08
=== spektr [~spektr@M906P010.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
the_onehow can I make cdrecord and cdrdao run with root permissions?11:08
=== haakon [~hakon@cD9089A1D.sdsl.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
Buzzzz_yann__, ok.. A shortcut on the desktop will do then11:09
yann__nefertati: what does the readme/install file say? usually just do a ./configure && make && make install11:09
smoBuzzzz_: "nautilus applications:/" .. you should beable to right-click and add launchers within there11:09
=== b_e_n_z [~b_e_n_z@vp183179.kln.uac68.hknet.com] has joined #ubuntu
volvoguynefertati: there's a debian package for gnome-ppp, but you might want to ask the mailing list to see if anyone has tried it yet.11:09
nefertatiok now gnome ppp its a dir now i cd to it... i typed ./configure but... it says "hecking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c11:10
nefertatichecking whether build environment is sane... yes11:10
nefertatichecking for gawk... no11:10
nefertatichecking for mawk... mawk11:10
nefertatichecking whether make sets $(MAKE)... yes11:10
Buzzzz_yann__, I have never used gnome before so..11:10
nefertatichecking for intltool >= 0.21... 0.30 found11:10
nefertatichecking for perl... /usr/bin/perl11:10
nefertaticonfigure: error: XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool"11:10
=== beans [~misterken@24-205-252-61.mb-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
Buzzzz_nefertati, seems that you miss a perl module11:10
beansi've decided that the build-dep option for apt-get is the finest ever11:10
nefertatiwhat can i do for that? buzzzz_ ?11:10
Buzzzz_nefertati, try to fetch it from CSPAN11:11
volvoguynefertati: i think that's the "libxml-parser-perl" package in synaptic.11:11
the_onenobody can help?11:12
nefertatii 'll go to see vovlvoguy11:12
=== beans can help
=== fga [~vircuser@APuteaux-151-1-41-195.w82-124.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
volvoguysorry the_one. i haven't tried k3b yet in ubuntu.11:13
the_onenot especially k3b, but there sure is a command to set root permissions to cdrecord and cdrdao, any help with that is appreciated11:15
nefertativovlvoguy: there is an libxml2 and libxml2-python2.311:15
supertedmy friend is getting constant problems with the permissions of the .ICEauthority file, so that he can't log in, is there a long-lasting solution?11:15
plovsthe_one, chmod +s11:17
plovsthe_one, sudo chmod +s <program>11:17
volvoguynefertati - try searching for "libxml-parser-perl"11:17
the_oneplovs: thanks, I'll try that11:18
=== JonUbuntuNewbie [~chatzilla@client-785-p-2-lns.glfd.dial.virgin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== trickie [~trickie@203-173-44-76.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
JonUbuntuNewbieHey all - the ubuntu wiki/site doesn't mention much about vnc.  I tried  "apt-get install vnc-common" and it says its there.  How do I run the darn thing?11:18
nefertativolvoguy : nothing11:19
=== mctavish [~dcahill@] has left #ubuntu []
volvoguyhi Jon - try the applications menu under internet. "terminal server client".11:19
bob2 /win3111:19
mjrvnc-common is only the common files for vnc stuff, there's no clients or servers there11:20
plovsJonUbuntuNewbie, or under Computer > System config > Re,ote Desktop11:20
mjrinstall vino for a gnome-integrated server11:20
=== Kal_Zakath [~Kal_Zakat@20-118.a2f.dsl.net4all.net] has joined #ubuntu
volvoguyfor a server, try computer - desktop preferences - remote desktop11:20
JonUbuntuNewbiethanks volvoguy, but it's the server I want to run11:20
plovsJonUbuntuNewbie, it's already there11:20
smovolvoguy: Is that vino?11:21
plovsJonUbuntuNewbie Just set allow other users to view your desktop11:21
JonUbuntuNewbieaha, I just found something called vino-server.   Running that seems to do the trick :-/11:21
smoapparently so .. that's kinda hot.  I shall have to remember that one11:22
nefertativolvoguy : i search it but i found nothing11:22
alka_trashvino = vnc11:22
volvoguynefertati: that package has an ubuntu logo next to it, so i assume it's in main. do you have the universe repository enabled?11:22
=== svenl_ is now known as svenl
volvoguyyep smo. pretty slick huh? :)11:23
volvoguycan anyone else verify that for nefertati?11:23
alka_trashgood night everyone11:24
volvoguyg'night alka_trash. thansk for the help!11:24
smolibxml-parser-perl appears to be in warty/main.  It should show up11:24
=== alka_trash [~homer@c-67-166-91-212.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
Kal_ZakathI can't see attached images anymore in the wiki, i.e. this page : http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UbuntuArtwork11:24
Kal_Zakathwhy ?11:25
volvoguyi think that's because we switched wiki software Kal11:25
volvoguyi have the logos and color swatch in SVG format if you need them.11:26
plovsKal_Zakath, it's an old not updated page, try https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Artwork11:26
bob2nefertati: where you here yesterday?11:26
bob2I solved your problem11:26
bob2but I forget what it was11:26
nefertatiim not sure abou that volvoguy.but how i will enable the unuverse repository :??11:26
plovsKal_Zakath, and volvoguy has more artwork11:26
nefertatiyes bob211:26
bob2nefertati: what were you asking about?11:26
Kal_Zakathvolvoguy : yeah, I would need this stuff, where can I get it ?11:27
Kal_ZakathI'd like to create a bootsplash theme11:27
plovsnefertati, https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AddingRepositoriesHowto11:27
Kal_Zakathas I got bootsplash working11:27
JonUbuntuNewbieI didn't install vino - it just seems to be there.  So all is well.   A bit slow on my local area network, connecting from my Apple OS X.11:27
volvoguyKal_Zakath: i'll put it on a webserver. give me a minute. :)11:27
Kal_Zakathok, cool11:28
Kal_Zakaththanks m811:28
nefertatii .m trying to install gnome-ppp but synaptic cant find it.11:28
plovsKal_Zakath, how did you get bootsplash working?11:28
Kal_Zakathplovs : compiling my own patced kernel11:29
volvoguyKal_Zakath: i have two logos and the color swatch in SVG. do you need any more than that?11:30
plovsKal_Zakath, ok, too much work11:30
Kal_Zakathvolvoguy : well, I think it's all I need, thanks :)11:30
volvoguyok. brb.11:30
Kal_ZakathI brb too :)11:31
plovsnefertati, try to download http://packages.debian.org/unstable/net/gnome-ppp and install it with sudo dpkg -i <name>11:31
=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
JonUbuntuNewbiecheerio folks11:32
=== JonUbuntuNewbie [~chatzilla@client-785-p-2-lns.glfd.dial.virgin.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has left #ubuntu []
bob2virgin runs an ISP now?11:32
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has joined #ubuntu
volvoguyKal_Zakath: http://www.volvoguy.net/ubuntu/ubuntu_svg.tar.gz11:32
=== quinophex [foobar@home.quinophex.org] has joined #ubuntu
volvoguyplovs: is there some reason the SVG files didn't get moved to the new wiki?11:33
plovsnefertati, you might need wvdial as well11:33
plovsvolvoguy, yes ... i am lazy11:33
plovsvolvoguy, uploading pics is a pain11:34
plovsvolvoguy, but feel free to do so11:34
volvoguyplovs: yeah... i noticed that.11:34
Kal_Zakathvolvoguy : ok, thanks again11:34
volvoguyplovs: i'll see what i can do tomorrow. it's 5am here and i've been too busy chatting to get my work done. :-)11:35
=== L|nu}{ [~linux@ti112210a080-3372.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
volvoguyKal_Zakath: you're welcome.11:35
plovsvolvoguy, it would be great if you could repair http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UbuntuArtwork11:35
plovsvolvoguy, ask on ubuntu-doc for help with ReST if you need it11:36
plovsvolvoguy, i'm quite often there11:36
bob2rEstRuCTUreD tExT11:36
=== Witigonen [~richardm@c024h163.dorm.reed.edu] has joined #ubuntu
plovsbob2, ;)11:37
WitigonenHey everyone.  What's the best way to install the iTouch package for XMMS?  Does that even work in Ubuntu and/or Gnome?11:37
yann__Witigonen: you could use acme, that is a gnome tool for multimedia keyboards, works like a charme for me11:38
Witigonenyann__, Oh, that's awesome, thanks.11:39
WitigonenAny recommended way of getting it?11:41
volvoguyplovs: sure. i'll take a look at it tomorrow. i need to sign off for now. i want to get your opinion about moving the user-created art over to the other page i made... but tomorrow. :-) have a good night everybody!11:42
Gmailyuck sf.net downgraded to fedora 2 from debian potato they cound of upgraded to ubuntu11:42
plovsvolvoguy, see ya11:42
smoIt's a step in the right direction11:42
yann__Witigonen: hmmm.. got to check in which src it is in11:42
WitigonenAlso, is it possible to mount just a specific folder of a /dev device?11:42
WitigonenHm, alright.11:43
WitigonenI guess I'll just make a link to that folder, then.11:43
bob2you mount whole devices11:43
bob2the kernel doesn't know whats on it until it's mounted11:43
bob2you can mount directories from one place to another, tho11:43
Kal_Zakaththe logos I just got are screwed up11:44
WitigonenWait, really?  That's amazing.  I'll do that.  Thanks, bob2.11:44
bob2so /mnt/music/nirvana could be mounted on /home/blah/ROCK11:44
bob2Witigonen: mount --bind /source/dir/ /destination/dir/11:44
yann__Witigonen: I think it is in universe11:45
Witigonenyann__, what's the specific package name, then?  A search for acme yields only a couple of unrelated perl things.11:47
bob2acme's gone11:47
bob2the gnome keybinding thing lets you do that now11:47
bob2but I doubt xmms listens to gnome11:47
bob2so you'll need some magic11:48
Witigonenbob2, I've never had success with xmms listening to gnome.  Volume controls work with that, though.11:48
bob2I used to bind my window manager to run "echo play | xmms-shell" when I hit some key combo11:48
plovsbob2, use pmount then you can mount as a user11:48
bob2plovs: hrm? with the bind mount thing?11:49
supertedhow can i solve stuff like this ? libartsc0 (>= 1.3.1)11:50
WitigonenOh, curses.  I had to kill xine and now my sound card is taken.11:50
plovsbob2, i spoke too fast it is only for /dev/ ,to mount as user11:52
WitigonenAny idea why playing a DVD makes everything suddenly horrendously laggy?11:53
=== Buzzz [~anders@hd5e25192.gavlegardarna.gavle.to] has joined #ubuntu
WitigonenThis is with Xine... Totem can't play the DVD because I don't have the plugins for it.11:53
Witigonenlibdvdcss2 is installed.11:54
bob2are you on an ibook by chance?11:54
WitigonenNo, but I do have an ATI card.11:54
WitigonenI'm on a 3Ghz AMD processor.11:54
WitigonenAnd fglrxinfo is reporting ATI drivers.11:55
bob2is it better if you get rid of them?11:56
WitigonenI haven't tried that.11:56
=== kick_b [~pelle@h159n2fls34o294.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
LowryDoes bug-buddy keep a log of past crash reports?12:01
=== marooned [~gsmaclean@c-24-8-2-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jiyuu0 [~jiyuu0@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Witigonen [~richardm@c024h163.dorm.reed.edu] has joined #ubuntu
WitigonenOkay, I need some help getting my sound working... XMMS when it plays mp3s just blazes through them (no, not using the DiskWriter plugin) and there aren't any system events at all, including login stuff.12:05
=== thoreauputic [~petros@wolax7-220.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== Amaranth [~travis@amaranth.user] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksWitigonen: could you paste the output of "lsmod | grep snd" to www.pastebin.com ?12:06
=== ubll [ubll@cpe-065-184-044-045.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== glens [~glens@203-173-29-122.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksWitigonen: what kind of machine is it?12:09
WitigonenTreenaks, i386.  Or do you want the detailed specs?12:10
=== superted [~superted@] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksWitigonen: I mean, is it a laptop, or a desktop, etc.12:10
WitigonenTreenaks, desktop12:10
WitigonenTreenaks, it has a webcam with a microphone via USB plugged in.12:10
WitigonenTreenaks, but sound has been working before.12:11
=== JStrike [~joel@cpt-dial-196-30-178-188.mweb.co.za] has joined #Ubuntu
TreenaksWitigonen: what if you reboot with the webcam unplugged, and only plug it in after booting?12:11
Treenaksdoes that fix it?12:11
JStrikeCan I get Firefox to detect my Java installation?12:11
WitigonenTreenaks, let me try that.  brb.12:12
TreenaksJStrike: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats12:12
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-68-153.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeI have install Java already. That is not what I asked12:14
=== Witigonen [~richardm@c024h163.dorm.reed.edu] has joined #ubuntu
WitigonenTreenaks, that worked, thanks.  Strange that it was working before.12:15
JStrikeI want to find out how to get Firefox to detect it12:15
TreenaksWitigonen: it has to do with the order of detection.. for some reason USB audio (from the webcam) is detected _before_ the audio on your mainboard12:15
WitigonenTreenaks, Okay.12:15
TreenaksI don't know of an easy way to fix this..12:16
WitigonenEr... uh-oh.  XMMS is still not playing mp3s.  Just skips through them.  It seems like gstreamer isn't installed... but it is.12:16
Treenaksxmms doesn't use gstreamer12:16
WitigonenTreenaks, I don't reboot that often, nor do I use the webcam that often.  So, it's not a big deal.12:16
TreenaksXMMS should use the ESD output plugin, probably12:16
crimsunJStrike: how did you install the plugin?12:16
WitigonenWell, xmms WAS playing mp3s about two reboots ago.  So strange!  I've tried OSS, alsa, and eSound and they all do the same thing.12:16
JStrikecrimsun : What plugin?12:17
crimsunJStrike: ..Java?12:17
JStrikeIs there a Java Plugin as well?12:17
Matt|mdz are you around?12:17
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksJStrike: did you read the web page?12:17
crimsunJStrike: yes, that's what the web browser will use12:17
TreenaksWitigonen: XMMS should be in its default settings..12:17
cenerentolahi there12:18
JStrikeTreenaks : Yes12:18
JStrikeI have Java installed already12:18
TreenaksJStrike: have you read the _entire_ page?12:18
=== Witigonen tries reinstalling it.
JStrikeNot the Java Plugin though12:18
TreenaksJStrike: it has a separate piece on installing it in ffox12:18
crimsunJStrike: ..but did you symlink the plugin?12:18
AmaranthSo, on the 9th will someone be making firefox 1.0 packages?12:19
JStrikeTreenaks : No it doesn't. It goes on to mention DVD, CSS, etc. Nothing about FFox12:19
Matt|is firefox 1 due out?12:19
AmaranthOn the 9th, yeah.12:19
TreenaksMatt|: tuesday, afaik12:20
WitigonenWhy would XMMS be doing this?12:20
TreenaksWitigonen: uh, to annoy you? :P12:20
Matt|have you guys got the flash problem that i have?12:20
WitigonenTreenaks, well, of course!  Hehe.12:20
AmaranthI would have expected debian sid or ubuntu to have either 1.0PR or 1.0RC already, actually.12:20
TreenaksWitigonen: try beep-media-player, it's a GTK2 version of xmms12:20
TreenaksWitigonen: basically12:20
AmaranthI guess everyone is just waiting for 1.012:20
JStrikecrimsun : Is there some info somewhere about getting it working?12:20
Matt|Amaranth, ubuntu warty will stick with 0.9.312:21
cenerentolamatt: with all our love... good morning12:21
Matt|cenerentola, buongiorno12:21
Todd_MA_1975Amaranth: Warty won't have 1.0 as they are only doing security fixes into it.  Hoary will probably have it.  Warty originally had the RC1 but they went back to 0.9.3 because of some serious bugs12:21
JStrikeTreenaks : Are you sure you pointed me to the correct page?12:21
Amaranththat explains the weird version12:21
Matt|cenerentola, use my whole nick please so I can see your messages!12:22
smoJStrike: http://serios.net/content/debian/java.php  (linked from http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/Java)12:22
TreenaksJStrike: yes, at the very bottom12:22
WitigonenTreenaks, beep works.12:22
TreenaksJStrike: actually, you'll need the /wiki/Java page12:22
Amaranthso hoary is like either testing or sid from debian?12:22
TreenaksJStrike: maybe I was one click ahead12:22
crimsunJStrike: you need a link from that page, which others have mentioned12:22
TreenaksAmaranth: at the moment, it feels like it, yes12:23
JStrikeTreenaks : Dude, the final line is "mplayer-mozilla" in relation to getting video working with restricted formats12:23
Todd_MA_1975Amaranth: Exactly....12:23
TreenaksJStrike: then sorry, you should look at the bottom of the Java page (http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Java)12:23
AmaranthAre their packages for it already? Can I just change warty to hoary in sources.list?12:23
crimsunMatt|: yes, my installation exhibits similar problems.12:23
JStrikeOk. Thanks. Looking12:23
TreenaksAmaranth: you can, but it's horribly unsupported :)12:24
Matt|crimsun, its horrible huh?12:24
=== Amaranth sucessfully installed j2se1.5 (5.0) as a deb following that guide
crimsunMatt|: if you have spare HD space on a fast machine, I suggest you build a debug version of mozilla-firefox12:24
Matt|Amaranth, i wouldn't recommend it yet12:24
AmaranthTreenaks: The day it gets Xorg I don't care how supported it is. :P12:24
WitigonenTreenaks, by uninstalling, removing the .xmms directory from ~/, and reinstalling xmms it now plays perfectly.12:24
Matt|crimsun, i don't know how :(12:24
=== trickie [~trickie@203-173-44-76.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
crimsunMatt|: instructions are in the mozilla-firefox changelog12:24
AmaranthI know how to pick and choose packages from different versions.12:24
Matt|crimsun, maybe I can try12:24
AmaranthI just use ubuntu sources because of GNOME 2.8, mostly.12:24
TreenaksWitigonen: ok.. well, good luck then12:24
Matt|crimsun, i'm not much of a geek tho12:25
cenerentolamatt| ... ok sorry12:25
Matt|cenerentola, np12:25
=== gruberman [~sdasd@h9n2fls35o294.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunMatt|: I apologize, it seems my version of mozilla-firefox is from sid, not hoary.12:25
JStrikeTreenaks : They dont mention Firefox. Are you refering to the "Method 5: Use java-virtual-machine-dummy" method?12:25
Matt|crimsun, i've never built a debian package in my life12:25
JStrikeMust I do that over my installed copy12:25
TreenaksJStrike: no, the very bottom of that page says:12:25
AmaranthMatt|: Just get the installer from mozilla.org and install it into /opt12:25
AmaranthMatt|: That's what I did, works fine with flash.12:26
TreenaksJava in Firefox --eric spierings, Sat, 06 Nov 2004 09:05:49 +000012:26
AmaranthJava isn't working, but I hate java on webpages anyway.12:26
Treenaksand then explains how to enable it12:26
JStrikeI dont see that12:26
Matt|Amaranth, yeah i will: but i hope that ubuntu will be able to get it working12:26
smoJStrike: Quite literally "the very bottom" .. someone's tacked on a small note covering firefox's difference from the mozilla instructions12:26
crimsunAmaranth: if you installed into /opt, you probably need to symlink the Java plugin manually12:26
JStrikeThat is most certainly not there. The last line is "Or try one of these actions: AttachFile, DeletePage, LikePages, LocalSiteMap, RenamePage, SpellCheck"12:27
TreenaksJStrike: are you looking at wiki.ubuntu.com or http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Java12:27
Treenaksyou should use the second one12:27
Matt|crimsun, so you think the bug should be submitted against sid, not ubuntu?12:27
=== Seveas [seveas@213-73-236-154.cable.quicknet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeAh. I was looking at http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/Java12:28
crimsunMatt|: more than likely12:28
JStrikeThanks Treenaks12:28
crimsunMatt|: I'll have to inspect more closely first12:28
=== darksatanic [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunI'll try installing 1.0RC2 somewhere12:28
AmaranthTreenaks: Cool, that worked.12:29
BenZorUh, how do i enable SSH in ubuntu?12:29
AmaranthXorg is in hoary?12:29
AmaranthBenZor: Install sshd.12:30
Matt|Amaranth, don't think so yet12:30
BenZorah ok12:30
AmaranthMatt|: A bug is filed about it not upgrading cleanly.12:30
crimsunBenZor: the client or the server?12:30
BenZor"cant find pacakge sshd"12:30
AmaranthBenZor: Whoops, try ssh.12:30
AmaranthIt installs the client and the server, iirc.12:30
crimsunBenZor: sudo apt-get install openssh-server  <-- if you want the server12:30
BenZoropen ssh-server12:30
BenZoryeah, i just found it12:30
Matt|Amaranth, about xorg?12:31
BenZoris there an easy way to auto config samba :(12:31
TreenaksMatt|: end of the month, at the earliest (is what I heard)12:31
AmaranthMatt|: Yeah, https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=43112:31
crimsunBenZor: just install it :)12:31
BenZorcrimsun- apt-get install samba?12:31
Matt|Treenaks, heh I heard this weekend12:31
crimsunBenZor: pretty much12:31
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
BenZornow its rejecting my password :(12:32
Matt|Amaranth, that bug was submitted by the guy making the packages12:32
thoreauputicBenZor: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/SettingUpSamba12:32
WitigonenOookay.. I'm on a very large network and on said network are many Windows computers that share many files that make me happy.  So.  samba.  How?12:33
thoreauputicWitigonen: ^^^^12:33
Matt|Amaranth, note the "reporter" and "assigned to" fields are the same12:33
Matt|hi cardador12:33
cardadorhi Matt|12:34
cardadorcoaster 0.1 is out. anyone was able to install it?12:34
=== Fwiffo [~user@jep.dhcp.kampsax.dtu.dk] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthBenZor: If you want a nice network browser for samba check out either jags (GNOME) or komba2 (KDE)12:35
cardadorAmaranth: nautilus works very well12:36
AmaranthHmm, if cdrdao is defunct (can't be killed) and it using my cd burner is there any way of getting it to eject or am I SOL until I reboot?12:36
AmaranthOh, hey, it just got wiped out by init.12:37
=== fsc [~lilbuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== yogeex [~yogesh@] has joined #ubuntu
fscanybody know if there is a deb for wxWidgets2.5 out there?  this is gtk1.2 stuff is crap12:38
Witigonenthoreauputic, thanks.12:38
BenZorYou guys rock12:39
BenZor#redhat is like "OMFG BUY SUPPORT U N00BZOR"12:39
fschaha. rofl12:39
Amaranthfsc: libwxgtk2.4 uses GTK1.2?12:40
AmaranthWow, no wonder my wxPython app looks like crap.12:40
fscAmaranth, yep. and it looks like crap12:41
WitigonenSo, I'm betting the answer to this is no, but is there any way to browse iTunes shared music?12:41
BenZormore themes are availiable in gnome-themes?12:41
AmaranthYou can't make an iTunes Music Store interface that looks like that, it just isn't allowed.12:41
=== dargo [~dargo@245.Red-80-39-84.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthWitigonen: On your local network?12:41
WitigonenAmaranth, yes.12:42
thoreauputicBenZor: gnome-themes-extras I think12:42
fscwe need a wxWidgets2.5 deb.  it's painful to look at gtk+1.212:42
yogeexhi everyone. is there any way to get a graphical boot up screen? (as in the case of the live cd)12:42
BenZoravaialiable but is referred to buy another name12:42
AmaranthI doubt tunesbrowser is in apt, check out http://crazney.net/programs/itunes/tunesbrowser.html12:42
BenZorthat has been obseleted..12:42
=== Amaranth hugs crazney for helping him figure out iTunes 4.5
danielstunesbrowser is not in apt, no12:43
AmaranthThat man is a god.12:43
danielsi never packaged it for debian because it would have to go in non-free (apple mdns stuff)12:43
danielsso it'll have to go into restricted for ubuntu if/when I get to packaging it12:43
thoreauputicBenZor: apt-cache search gnome-thems maybe12:43
=== wulle [~wulle@D5E0CA49.kabel.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthWithout him and Jon Lech Johansen helping me out none of my work would be possible.12:43
azeemdaniels: is mdns not an interface/protocol or something? Can't you use it with howl or os?12:43
=== azeem just woke up
danielsazeem: iirc he was looking at making it use howl, but he's been busy with uni exams and essays lately12:44
azeemah, sounds promising at least :)12:44
BenZ|iBookoh, this comp is on irc too =p12:44
Amaranthdaniels: You talk to him a lot?12:45
=== Deviled [~deviled@pD9E4FA91.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirakthere is an unresolved dependency with kcontrol12:45
AmaranthI haven't seen him since he figured out iTunes 4.5 and the channel we were talking it sort of died.12:45
mirakin universe12:45
danielsAmaranth: yeah, I'm pretty good friends with him (he goes to the same uni as me)12:46
WitigonenAmaranth, thanks, I'm configuring/making now.12:46
Amaranthdaniels: Tell him he needs to get his ass back online. :P12:46
danielsAmaranth: heh, he has been online (as recently as ~4h ago), but just not on that channel (#lhl?)12:46
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-038-252.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthchannel we hung out in was phpTunes12:46
Amaranththe name of my last attempt at the iTMS12:47
Amaranthsince then I've decided only a true renderer will be good enough12:47
Amaranth#phpTunes rather12:47
Amaranthwhoa, xchat allows you to close the server tab and not be disconnected from the server12:48
Witigonenbe back later, everyone.12:49
Amaranthdaniels: Heh, everyone in that #lhl channel has been idle longer then crazney12:49
=== cenerentola is now known as cene|pappa
=== basaxon [basaxon@pcp08146056pcs.tsclos01.al.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== chemaja [~chemaja@c220-237-32-86.brasd2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== francofai [~kvirc@adsl-91-74.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthhmm, i wonder how much work it would be to put tunesbrowser functionality into RhythmBox12:51
AmaranthThey both pretty much have the same interface.12:51
Matt|good idea cene|pappa12:52
Matt|Amaranth, yeah they do: nice idea12:52
Amaranthof course, it would probably take me less time to just duplicate RhythmBox in C# or Python :p12:52
AmaranthI'm horrible with C.12:53
Matt|i only know english12:53
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
eimAnyone configured a PcTel Windmodem on Ubuntu. Yesterday I had some troubles setting up such a device on kernel
=== thoreauputic [~petros@wolax7-220.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
fscI need to update some global environment variables for all users.  where should i do that, /etc/.profile?12:55
thoreauputiclose the dot12:55
fscenvironment or profile?12:55
thoreauputichmmm... my /etc/environment has only LANG=en_GB12:57
thoreauputicfsc: what are you changing?12:57
=== b_e_n_z [~Mercedes@vp183179.kln.uac68.hknet.com] has joined #ubuntu
smo/etc/profile is for "Bourne compatible shells" .. /etc/environment should be read by Xsession & co too12:58
fscthoreauputic, PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH12:58
BenZorum, is there a codec pac for ubuntu?12:59
fsci don't have an /etc/environment and yes I want this for Xsession too12:59
Matt|BenZor, w32codecs12:59
thoreauputicfsc: you can change PATH in /etc/profile12:59
fscso I should create an /etc/environment then?12:59
Matt|BenZor, http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RestrictedFormats12:59
BenZorok and i have nfi how to install them01:00
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thoreauputicfsc: not sure of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH , sorry01:00
AmaranthLD_LIBRARY_PATH is a bash variable, so I would assume you need to put it in /etc/profile01:01
thoreauputicfsc: why not try it and see? you can comment it or delete it if it doesn't do as you expect01:01
BenZorand those are only for i386.. not fo powerpc..01:01
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AmaranthBenZor: For ppc you are SOL unless an opensource plugin exists.01:02
fscthoreauputic, well when i log into my desktop i want it for everything just not Bash shells01:02
BenZorOh GOOD01:02
=== BenZor launches his mac into his neighbours backyard
AmaranthBetween RealPlayer (does it have ppc?), gstreamer, and mplayer the only things I can't play are wmv3 files.01:02
BenZormy new laptop should be here soon.01:02
AmaranthBenZor: I'll take the Mac. :P01:03
thoreauputicfsc: yes, but the PATH variable for instance applies to all X programs as well01:03
BenZori wanted to play divx/xvid01:03
AmaranthOh, those are available.01:03
fscthoreauputic, yeah, that should work01:03
Amaranthtry apt-cache search gstreamer-*01:03
Matt|BenZor, follow the guide on that website I think you will be ok01:03
thoreauputicfsc: give it a bash , as it were *grin*01:03
BenZorjeah, what am i looking for?01:03
thoreauputicfsc: sorry about the bad pun :)01:03
Matt|BenZor, last section01:04
AmaranthBenZor: apt-get install gstreamer0.8-plugins01:04
Matt|BenZor, oh no sorry01:04
Amaranthclaims to get them all, i guess its a metapackage01:04
BenZor"Not availiable, obsoleted, only available from another source"01:04
BenZor"no installation candidate"01:04
Matt|BenZor, have you added universe?01:04
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BenZorMatt|- how do i do that?01:05
thoreauputicfsc: to check the result just do a `source /etc/profile` (no need top restart)01:05
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thoreauputic*to restart01:05
Matt|BenZor, edit /etc/apt/sources.list01:05
Amaranthdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main restricted universe01:05
Amaranthdeb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main restricted universe01:05
Matt|BenZor, uncomment the lines with universe in01:05
BenZornow try again?01:06
Amaranthor maybe the ubuntu sources.list is different, i started with debian sid base install and added from there01:06
AmaranthBenZor: apt-get update first01:06
Matt|BenZor, or if you are using synaptic, hit refresh01:07
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BenZora whole lot of packages have unmet dependanceis01:08
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b_e_n_zwhat exactly is this outrage?01:11
kensaiI'm so impatience to see XOrg in apt01:11
bob2it's really not that great01:12
bob2b_e_n_z: ?01:12
Amaranththe improved ati drivers are enough for me to want it01:12
bob2hm, true01:12
Amaranthi'm stuck with an ati radeon 7000 that ati doesn't want to support anymore01:12
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b_e_n_zbob2: in that article, it says that someone in the debian community was outraged by unbuntu...01:13
Amaranthand large ammounts of work are being done on getting opensource drivers for the latest cards too01:13
kensaiAmaranth: thats the price of owning ATI ;)01:13
Amaranthb_e_n_z: Some people in #debian didn't like it because they saw it as a fork.01:13
danielsyour poor 7000 won't see much improvement, I'm afraid01:13
danielspretty much the only thing done affecting r1xx has been mergedfb (so you can do overlays on dual-head) iirc01:13
Matt|Amaranth, me too01:13
thoreauputicb_e_n_z: also the comments about knoppix in the article are inaccurate01:13
b_e_n_zAmaranth: then what about knoppix and others?01:13
bob2kensai: nvidia is even worse01:13
Matt|daniels, my card is support now :) IGP 340M01:13
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bob2kensai: no accelration at all, in fany of the free drivers01:14
kensaibob2: in what way?01:14
Amaranthdaniels: bzFlag only shows every other character oh chat and such, if just that can get fixed I'll be happy.01:14
kensaibob2: I play every windows game better in Linux Nvidia has the best Linux support in a driver there is for Linux01:14
thoreauputicb_e_n_z: in fact even linspire has put stuff back into open source (nvu html editor for instance)01:14
bob2kensai: on intel01:14
bob2kensai: if you use a kernel version they support01:15
bob2kensai: for now01:15
kensaibob2: on AMD01:15
bob2kensai: amd, intel, samf diff01:15
Amaranthon x8601:15
Amaranththats what he means01:15
bob2kensai: what happens when they stop updating it?01:15
Amaranthon ppc you are SOL01:15
bob2you'll be stick on an old crappy kernel01:15
b_e_n_zAmaranth: i was thinking more along the lines of... since ubuntu's developers were handpicked from debian, perhaps someone got upset when they were not "picked"01:15
kensaibob2: Why would they?01:15
bob2kensai: you think they will update drivers for your card forever?01:15
Matt|b_e_n_z, i didn't think that article was nasty: it looks quite complementary01:16
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kensaibob2: nope just like it happens in windows01:16
b_e_n_zMatt|: yea, but i am just curious about that "outrage"01:16
Amarantheven if they did someone would make a module or something for the kernel to make it binary compatible with the last supported kernel for that driver01:16
thoreauputicMatt|: as I said, it has inaccuracies01:16
kensaibob2: the current drivers are good enough to stay forever like that01:16
bob2kensai: erm, no01:16
bob2kensai: the current drivers will not work with new kernels01:17
AmaranthThey don't even support all of OpenGL, afaik.01:17
AmaranthI know ATI doesn't with their drivers.01:17
kensaibob2: well they update everytime a new kernel comes out01:17
AmaranthOr didn't, at least.01:17
bob2kensai: I'm asking if you think they will do that forever01:17
Amaranthbob2: The kernel part of the driver is very small, I don't even think they need to update anything to make it run sometimes.01:17
bob2Amaranth: yes, but sometimes it breaks, like with 2.6.901:18
bob2and it breaks on -mm every second week01:18
AmaranthOf course, once you recompile your kernel you need to reinstall the driver, which is a PITA.01:18
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kensaibob2: well why wouldn't they? If they want to keep selling their cards they will?01:18
AmaranthWho uses -mm on a production machine? (not for testing/debugging)01:18
b_e_n_zAmaranth: gentoo users are usually insane, like they go for ck, love and other insane kernels01:19
bob2Amaranth: "breaks on -mm now" == "breaks in mainline next week"01:19
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bob2ck is pretty sane01:19
bob2if a bit flakey01:19
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AmaranthSo when the Ubuntu CDs ship I'll have 10 of them show up at the place I used to live?01:20
bob2if you didn't update your address, yes01:20
AmaranthDoh, I don't have a forwarding address setup.01:20
bob2kensai: do any companies continue updating drivers for years after they've sold the hardware?01:20
b_e_n_zi think you only see ck shine if you are watching dvd, ripping dvd, compiling your 10000+ C++ code all at the same time...01:20
Amaranthck is realtime?01:20
bob2I'm just trying to point out that "binary modules" are not the same as proper linux support in the long-term01:21
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bob2Amaranth: when did you put in your order?01:21
kensaibob2: But nvidia has one driver that is general for every card so 6800 cards driver still gives a boost to geforece 2 cards01:22
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Amaranthbob2: The day they got slashdotted. :P01:23
bob2which time? ;)01:23
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mercurushmm ... is there a GUI tool capable of burning to audio tools and compatible with kernel 2.6.8-1 included with Ubuntu ?01:23
mercurus*audio formats01:23
bob2k3b is the "best", sadly01:24
Amaranthbob2: The first time.01:24
Amaranthk3b is t3h suck :p01:24
hOnAbYhi to all01:24
Amaranthcdrdao keeps dieing on me01:24
mercurusbob2: I refuse to install the majority of KDE ...01:24
hOnAbYThis is my first time here in this chat room01:24
mercurusin fact, I refuse to install qt.01:24
bob2mercurus: ok.01:24
mercurusso ... cdrecord it is :)01:24
bob2mp3burn works well01:25
Amaranthok, address updated and number of CDs switched around01:25
hOnAbYheck... its been a long time since i've chatted on an IRC channel01:25
Amaranth5 x86, 1 ppc, and 4 amd6401:25
Matt|xcdroast does it doesn't it?01:25
bob2tho I still use my el-dodgo shell script01:25
mercurusbob2: are there any plans to rectify it ? or should I be hassling GNOME developers for nautilus ?01:25
Amaranthi'm going to hand them out at my local LUG01:25
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
bob2mercurus: rectify what?01:25
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
mercurusbob2: the absence of a graphical tool that can burn audio (not data) cds01:25
Amaranthtoo bad there isn't a KDE theme that makes it use GTK01:25
hOnAbYi logged in cause i need help01:26
Amaranththe only way to make everything look the same is to use KDE and the gtk-qt engine01:26
hOnAbYany body here still using a dial-up connection?01:26
bob2mercurus: rhythmbox has support, I think01:26
bob2dunno how good it is01:26
Matt|only cvs01:26
bob2hOnAbY: I was01:26
Amaranthrhythmbox doesn't have cd burning01:26
bob2Matt|: ah01:26
bob2only in cvs apparently01:26
Amaranthits trying to be an iTunes clone, but it isn't there yet01:26
bob2itunes is a poor interface to clone, anyway01:26
Matt|xcdroast does audio burning i'm pretty sure01:26
bob2so does gcombust01:27
hOnAbYhi bob2... i just have a question on how to optimize the dial-up connection in ubuntu...01:27
mercurusyes, but these are all GTK1.2 clients ... and most rely on 2.4.x kernels ...01:27
hOnAbYactually, i'm a newbie in linux... but ubuntu seems to be a good distro to start with01:27
mercurusthe absence of SCSI emulation makes them painful01:27
bob2mercurus: rely on 2.4? how so?01:27
bob2if they refuse to take a device name, they're buggy and broken01:27
mercurusbob2: scsi-emulation ... they try and setup their own devices01:28
bob2surely nothing is still that bad?01:28
hOnAbYyes... optimize...01:28
hOnAbYmy internet connection seems to be slower than when im using windows xp01:28
bob2hOnAbY: how do you mean?01:28
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mercurusI'd rather have all gtk2 apps01:28
hOnAbYwhen im using windows, my speed is at least 45kbps01:29
Matt|hOnAbY, is it a winmodem?01:29
hOnAbYbut when im using ubuntu, same modem and same internet connection, i cant even complete the speed test on www.bandwidthplace.com01:29
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hOnAbYi dont really know what driver ubuntu is using... ppp0... ttys0 my modem is SupraExpess 56k01:30
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bob2is it internal?01:30
hOnAbYi think it is using winmodem01:31
hOnAbYbob2: nope... external01:31
thoreauputicmaybe change mtu with ifconfig?01:31
hOnAbYby the way, when i installed Red Hat 9 before... the speed is ok01:32
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zopiis it possible to make a boot floppy ?01:33
=== d3niz [~deniz@] has joined #ubuntu
zopican I make it when I do the installation ?01:34
hOnAbYhi thoreauputic... how do i do that?01:34
zopiwith busybox ?01:34
hOnAbYsorry, again. im a newbie.01:34
d3nizplease do U know why gimp can't save ?01:34
AmaranthhOnAbY: man ifconfig?01:34
AmaranthI'm not being mean, I really don't know if that will work.01:34
thoreauputich0nAby, for instance sudo ifconfig ppp0 mtu 57601:34
bob2zopi: what are you trying to do?01:35
LowryTrying to play dvd's on a g3 powerbook - what will work better with the g3  xine, mplayer, vlc or ogle?01:35
bob2d3niz: is your disk full?01:35
thoreauputicAmaranth: just changd it here as above01:35
d3nizbob2 no 2.6% in use01:35
thoreauputicAmaranth: was 1500, now ifconfig says 57601:36
zopi bob2 : try have a boot floppy to rescue01:36
d3nizSaving '/home/deniz/Desktop/gimp designs/aa' failed:Unknown file type01:36
hOnAbYok... thanks, i'll give it a try...01:36
bob2d3niz: give it an extension01:36
bob2d3niz: aa.png or whatever01:36
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Amaranthd3niz: Or choose a type from the dropdown list on the save dialog.01:37
d3nizbeb2 thanks i forgot it this simple thing:S01:37
hOnAbYby the way, did you guys know that the Modem add on on the GNOME toolbar doesnt work when you use the Connect and Disconnect button?01:37
d3nizthanks :)01:37
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d3nizI must goo now see U01:38
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hOnAbYhi... just a followup question...01:40
bob2did that help?01:40
hOnAbYwill the ifconfig mtu setting apply imediately... or do i have to disconnect and reconnect?01:41
bob2it will take effect immediately01:41
bob2if it has any effect at all01:41
hOnAbYok... let me try the bandwidthplace again...01:42
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nefertatii tryed to connect to internet with wvdial and says black listing what thsi means?01:44
AmaranthHey, wtf, gmail is putting things on top of my scrollbar!01:45
=== maskie_ [~maskie@196-30-110-87.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthnefertati: Dunno, I waited until I got DSL to use linux, too many hassles with dialup.01:45
bob2diealup is easy01:46
thoreauputicbob2: she tried that - couldn't connect for some reason01:46
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nefertatiwhy? amaranth?01:46
hOnAbYnow this is really a stupid question... but i'll ask anyway, what does the MTU does? what is the typical values that u guys use to assign your MTU? i know, windows optimizers uses that to speed up the internet connection... but what is it for?01:47
bob2oh, right01:47
bob2hOnAbY: it's t he "maximum transfer unit"01:47
Amaranthnefertati: My last expierence before DSL with Linux was trying to get a winmodem to work, it never once dialed.01:47
AmaranthOf course, these were the days of Redhat 5.0 being the latest and greatest distro.01:47
thoreauputicAmaranth: this isn't a winmodem though01:47
bob2it determines what size the "blocks" are that linux sends to your isp01:47
nefertatiamaranth i dont have win modem. my modem dials but sometimes when i dila it says no dial tone or no carrier. i have to type alot of time wvdial to get connected .01:48
Amaranthnefertati: No idea, sorry.01:48
hOnAbYim from the philippines Amaranth... and yes I agree with your sentiment, but DSL is very expensive here in our country01:48
bob2thoreauputic: did pon/poff work better?01:49
hOnAbY...and i think that having a slow internet connection should not be a hindrance to use Linux01:49
nefertatiobo2 pon dotn work at all01:49
nefertatibob2 dont work at all01:49
AmaranthhOnAbY: Compared to Japan and South Korea it's very expensive in the US too, but I know what you mean. :)01:49
AmaranthI'd almost be willing to move to japan just for the cheap 100mbps access.01:49
thoreauputicbob2: It's all a bit of a mystery01:49
AmaranthImagine how much 'stuff' you could pull down a day on that. :D01:49
nefertatilol amaranth01:50
thoreauputicbob2: she discovered wvdial herself, I think after pppconfig failed01:50
bob2ah, cool01:50
thoreauputicbob2: she's a trier :)01:50
GmailAmaranth: what am i doing?01:51
zopibob2 : thanks01:51
AmaranthGmail: hehe, the website01:51
bob2Gmail: change your nick01:51
bob2being named after a webmail service is annoying and silly01:51
hOnAbYwell... i guess, the mtu settings did not do me any good...01:51
nefertatibob2 i managed to conenct with wvdial. but i have to type wvdial many times to manage to get connected because it says all the time no dial tone and no carrier.then it says black listing.01:51
Amaranthooh, bob2 can enforce that too, watch out01:52
hOnAbYthe test result still failed... The test key was not accepted01:52
hOnAbYtest timeout01:52
bob2Amaranth: no01:52
hOnAbYby the way, what was the default mtu settings? i just want to put it back01:52
Amaranthbob2: Well, you can't make him change his nick but you can make him leave if he doesn't.01:52
thoreauputichOnAbY: but what download speeds are you getting with, say, apt-get update or something ?01:52
bob2Amaranth: that's really never going to happen01:52
AmaranthUnless access 20 isn't op in this channel.01:52
bob2hOnAbY: 150001:53
=== niroht [~niroht@c66.168.19.108.mad.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailbob2: change your nick01:53
bob2Gmail: no01:53
Gmailbob2: no01:53
nirohtso with the binary ati drivers.. how do you export to the tv?01:53
AmaranthGmail: You work for Google in AUS?01:53
bob2Amaranth: no, he does not01:53
GmailAmaranth: Yes****01:53
bob2Gmail: my nick is a) unique, b) not named after a website, b) not confusing, c) not annoying, d) not designed to avoid bans01:54
=== maskie_ [~maskie@196-30-110-87.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gmail: please stop lying01:54
hOnAbYi just use the network-admin on the ubuntu computer/system configuration menu01:54
hOnAbY...to connect01:54
hOnAbYbut i fount out that it uses wvdial too01:54
hOnAbYsince it saves the settings on the wvdial.conf01:54
Matt|it's not much of a ban if he can just change his nick to avoid it :)01:54
bob2it wasn't in here, and he used host cloaks to evade it, too01:55
Gmailbob2: i am only banned from a few channels and they are #debian* and #cpgnuke my nick doesn't avid any of there bans01:55
Matt|oh i c01:55
GmailMatt|: cloacks don't avid bans its called changing isps01:55
bob2Gmail: it's still pointlessly confusing, since you have nothing to do with Google01:56
hOnAbYhmmm... guys... did any of you noticed my question about the default MTU settings?01:56
AmaranthI didn't know you could get a cloak set as a user of something.01:56
bob2hOnAbY: I answered, 1500, probably01:56
Gmailbob2: yes i do my uncul is friends with the CEO01:56
bob2Amaranth: projects can get project-specific cloak01:56
bob2Gmail: even if that is true, *you* still have nothing to do with google01:57
hOnAbYbob2: oh... sorry, didn't notice... thanks a lot for your help guys01:57
BenZ|iBookguys you made my laptop run so much better, thanks heaps =D01:57
Amaranthbob2: Yeah, I had an osi hosting one. But I thought you could only get them if you were a dev.01:57
nirohtno ati export->tv thoughts?01:57
bob2hOnAbY: sorry we couldn't find a complete answer for you01:57
hOnAbYno problem...01:57
spektrI just installed warty and upgraded nv to the proprietary nvidia 6111 driver. It works, but now my system freezes after few minutes. Nvidia released driver version 6629 two days ago. Will it ever enter warty-restricted? Or what is the best way to upgrade to this version?01:57
=== arun-- [~arun@cm198.omega226.maxonline.com.sg] has left #ubuntu []
bob2spektr: no, it won't, but it will presumably go into hoary soon01:58
bob2niroht: #ati might be a better place to try01:58
hOnAbYi guess, the problem really is I need a to have a faster internet connection.. eg. DSL or CABLE01:58
bob2hOnAbY: do things like apt or wget work at the speed you expect?01:58
spektrbob2: But hoary will be released in april - that's a long time...01:58
bob2spektr: yes01:59
=== the [~xx@kotivayla-134-170.tikkacom.fi] has joined #ubuntu
bob2spektr: if you want to help debug hoary, you can use it now01:59
hOnAbYnope... thats why i wanted to speed up my connection... i want to update the packages01:59
bob2but randomly updating packages in stable defeats the point of freezing01:59
hOnAbYmy current synaptic listings says i need to download 33MB worth of packages01:59
hOnAbYand i cant leave my internet connection open since i only have one phone line, and i usually get emergency calls from the office02:00
spektrbob2: Err... I tried warty because I was too lazy to debug sarge. ;-)02:00
=== the_one [~xx@kotivayla-134-170.tikkacom.fi] has joined #ubuntu
bob2hOnAbY: can you do it overnight or something?02:00
the_onehi again02:00
bob2hOnAbY: you can still order an ubuntu cd if you like02:00
hOnAbYbob2: i guess i can... and im planning to do it tonight... im just worried that it will take more than the whole evening.02:02
hOnAbYbob2: 500kb download takes about 1 hour to complete02:02
hOnAbYsorry im exagerrating... 500kb took about 30 minutes02:02
bob2wow, that is very slow02:02
the_oneI need some help with reconfiguring my fstab, somehow after I installed k3b while trying to set permissions for cdrecord and cdrdao I messed up my ubuntu so much that I couldn't logon anymore, now I reinstalled, and I'm not sure what I'm doing in fstab, just can't seem to get my ntfs partitions to show up02:02
=== polytan [~Miranda@reims-1-62-147-4-66.dial.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthIsn't the Ubuntu installer the exact same as the Sarge one?02:03
hOnAbYbob2: yup... that what I meant when i say i need to optimize my modem connection02:03
bob2Amaranth: no02:03
GmailAmaranth: no02:03
the_onewhat is the command for unmount?02:03
bob2the_one: /dev/whatever /mnt/whataver ntfs umask=002 0 002:03
bob2the_one: umount02:04
=== Pizbit [~Pizbit@203-79-124-44.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
hOnAbYits soooo slooow02:04
GmailAmaranth: the boths use d-i but are set up in diffrent ways02:04
the_onewhat is the logical drive's ID? hda5?02:04
hOnAbYwhen i used Red Hat 9 the speed was ok... almost the same as the speed im getting when im on windows02:04
bob2the_one: you'd have to find out for yourself02:04
bob2the_one: "fdisk -l /dev/hda" will help02:04
bob2hOnAbY: please file a bug02:04
GmailhOnAbY: red hat makes linux slower than winbloat 0_0 0_002:05
hOnAbYthats why i was asking you guys... cause it might have something to do with either Debian or Ubuntu's default settings02:05
the_onebob2: thanks for the suggestion, will try them right now02:05
danielsGmail: dude, enough with the red hat/OMG M$ bashing please02:06
hOnAbYGmail: i know... it was really a bad choice for a newbie like me02:06
hOnAbYbob2: yup i will file a bug report. I just wanted to make sure that it is really a problem u know.02:07
mirakhow to obtain broken packets with synaptic ?02:07
=== knotanutt [~gehrman@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2hOnAbY: cool, thanks a lot :)02:07
bob2mirak: you mean fix?02:07
GmailhOnAbY: yea more n00bs need to know that02:07
Gmaildaniels: i am saying facts based on what other people are saying02:08
the_onebob2: is there any way to get write access on the ntfs partition?02:08
bob2Gmail: please stop it02:08
mirakbob2: I manage to do it with apt but not with synaptic02:08
bob2the_one: no02:08
mirakbob2: there is a problem with kcontrol02:08
bob2the_one: well, yes, called "captive ntfs"02:08
mirakit won't install02:08
the_oneis it easy to set up?02:08
bob2the_one: but it's a naaaaasty hack, and if it breaks you get to keep both pieces02:09
hOnAbYbut aside from the bad internet connection... i really like UBUNTU!!!02:09
=== johane [~johan@h128n6c1o255.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2it apparently works pretty well, which is disturbing02:09
=== karevoll [karevoll@b140c.studby.ntnu.no] has left #ubuntu []
bob2I don't know02:09
bob2mirak: I don't know, I don't use any kde stuff02:09
the_onebob2: could it hurt the data on the ntfs partition?02:09
=== atomic0x [~adam@CPE000cf16ce484-CM014060204561.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
danielsGmail: 'red hat makes linux slower than winbloat'02:09
hOnAbYok, again thanks for all your help guys! specially bob2, thoreauputic and Amaranth02:09
mirakbob2: I can't find a descente gnome mp3 player02:09
bob2the_one: they claim not02:09
danielsGmail: just ease up on the red hat/microsoft bashing, yeah?02:09
bob2the_one: it works by loading the windows ntfs driver into the linux kernel02:10
thoreauputichOnAbY: you're welcome :)02:10
the_onebob2: who is they?02:10
bob2the_one: so I'd say it's more likely to explode and crash the machine than actually damage data.02:10
bob2the_one: the author, I guess02:10
bob2I've only heard of it, never used it02:10
bob2mirak: I use cplay...rhythmbox is a bit crashy, but not too bad02:10
the_oneI guess I have to google for it02:10
mirakbob2: rythmbox won't load half my mp302:11
Amaranthbtw, pigeon looks nice for cd burning software02:11
bob2the_one: yeah02:11
bob2mirak: ouch02:11
bob2mirak: do you have any .jpg files in your music directory?02:11
bob2weirdly, that causes problems for some people02:11
Amaranthonly problems i've ever had with rhythmbox have actually been gstreamer issues02:12
Amaranthlike the time i accidently wiped out my home dir and had to redo everything :/02:12
hOnAbYby the way, is there an xmms skin to match the Human theme?02:13
=== atomic0x [~adam@CPE000cf16ce484-CM014060204561.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu []
mirakbob2: I guess yees02:14
hOnAbYooops... dont answer that, i already found one... just wish me luck on the download speed... hehehe... :D02:15
hOnAbYsee you all guys... thanks for the help again02:15
bob2hOnAbY: don't think so02:15
mirakAmaranth: recently I add luck about that02:15
mirakAmaranth: I did rm -fr * sometinhg/*02:15
mirakAmaranth: in my homedir02:15
mirakand I was able to cancel before it destroyed important folders02:16
shank_bob2, ubuntu still goes smoothly here :-)02:17
bob2hah, cool02:17
=== shank_ anticipates hoary
shank_mirak, did you get your sounds issues figured out?02:18
=== wfx [~wfx@M1435P019.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
mirakshank_: yes02:18
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-68-153.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
shank_mirak, what was the problem?02:19
mirakshank_: OSS and alsa where both loaded02:19
shank_mmm? specifically the emu10k1 drivers for oss and alsa?02:19
mirakshank_: removing the OSS module was a pain. There was even circular dependency between modules or something02:19
mirakshank_: for oss02:19
mirakshank_: snd_emu10k1 is for alsa02:19
shank_mirak, sounds awful02:19
shank_mirak, i know :-)02:20
mirakI didn't :)02:20
shank_all snd_* stuff is for alsa02:20
shank_mirak, how did the emu10k1 OSS drivers get installed?02:20
mirakso my forst move was to force the load of emuk10k1 in /etc/modules02:20
mirakshank_: I think I installed soma package that installed the module in the libs02:20
Treenaksshank_: you don't want them, the ALSA drivers are better, and OSS isn't really much supported02:20
mirakthen hotplug or the kernel choosed this one first02:21
bob2that is very very odd02:21
=== leonel [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2I have a emu10k1, and I only have alsa loaded02:21
=== citybird [~citybird@217-162-169-191.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu
shank_Treenaks, i know, but thanks for the info02:21
bob2Treenaks: the oss emu10k1 driver is pretty pimp compared to the alsa one02:21
mirakthe management of modules is really crappy in linux kernel02:21
shank_Treenaks, have some experience with sound stuff02:21
citybirdhow is wireless under ubuntu?02:21
bob2Treenaks: and it supports multi-opening, so dmix etc doesn't help02:21
bob2mirak: it's not the kernels fault02:21
mirakthe kernel just choose the first he find02:21
bob2mirak: no, hotplug does02:22
Treenaksbob2: the ALSA api is just that bit nicer for the things the 10k1 can do02:22
mirakfor the hardware02:22
citybirdand does it support reiser4 yet?02:22
Lowrynight all02:22
bob2mirak: if you blacklist emu10k1, it shouldn't be loaded02:22
shank_mirak, ah02:22
bob2citybird: wireless is excellent for supported cards02:22
mirakbob2: it's blacklisted02:22
bob2citybird: hahahaha02:22
bob2citybird: reiser4 isn't even in linus's kernel yet02:22
spektrHow do I access the parts of a gnome window that is larger than the screen (vertically). I can grab it using the alt-key, but I can't move the top side outside the screen. (I'm a long time KDE user & gnome n00b....)02:22
mirakbob2: I had problems on a macintosh, the load of some module was inverting the drives, so I was obliged to rebuild kernel without some modules, or something02:23
citybirdbob2: can i use it after a custom kernel compile? it's in the mm sources02:23
=== Jeffrey [~jgregory@uomatlas3.cern.ch] has joined #ubuntu
bob2citybird: sure...02:23
bob2citybird: just out of curiousty, do you use gentoo?02:23
bob2mirak: that is very very weird, please file a bug :)02:23
citybirdbob2: yea, but the wireless support sucks right now.02:23
mirakspektr: unrezisable windows are really a huge crap. I encountered this problem in kde many times02:24
citybirdbob2: and i want to play with gnome2.802:24
Amaranthcitybird: To use a lot of cards you have to use that program that runs a Windows driver.02:24
AmaranthI think it's called Project Evil02:24
shank_people who file bug reports ++02:24
TreenaksAmaranth: ndiswrapper02:25
mirakbob2: I think they know. In fact on debian ppc, the dist-upgrade doesn't touch the kernel configuration at all. You really can end easily with a system that won't bout at all02:25
AmaranthProject Evil must have been a nickname02:25
bob2Amaranth: there's reasonably few cards that need it nowadays02:25
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD9518455.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
citybirdbob2: i have a netgear wg511, support built into the kernel02:25
bob2mirak: hm, that is true02:25
TreenaksAmaranth: project evil is for freebsd, according to google02:25
bob2mirak: but if you're not sure that it's a known issue (the first thing), please file a bug02:25
cardadorcoaster 0.1 is out. anyone was able to install it?02:25
=== Gwaihir [~Gwaihir@ppp-116-84.25-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu
citybirdif ubuntu doesn't work i am going to go out and buy another card.02:26
bob2citybird: is htat a prism card?02:26
bob2or prism54?02:26
bob2ubuntu supports both02:26
bob2so it shouldwork02:26
citybirdi hope so. ill let you know after it's installed02:27
spektrmirak: thanks for the word "resize" - I realized that I can resize the window using the window-menu.02:27
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== TheMuso [~luke@dsl-202-173-132-131.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== atomic0x [~adam@CPE000cf16ce484-CM014060204561.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
mirakanyone know how I can keep my mozilla thunderbird settings from the other distro I was using02:28
mirakI don't know why they are doing this crap thing in mozilla02:28
atomic0xcan anybody help me figure out an initrd problem?02:30
bob2mirak: you should be able to just copy them02:30
mirakbob2: where ?02:31
mirakI use the same home folder02:31
bob2is the same version of thunderbird?02:31
atomic0xI used mkinitrd to build a new one for 2.6.10-rc1 and when I boot i get the following messages:02:31
=== arun-- [~arun@cm198.omega226.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
=== dargo [~dargo@245.Red-80-39-84.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== MeAndU [~ubuntu32@] has joined #ubuntu
mirakbob2: yes02:34
mirakbob2: I already had this problem with thunderbird02:34
Jeffreyatomic, looks like you don't have the right filesystem modules in your initrd.  You could just cheat and compile them into the kernel instead of as modules.02:35
dargoi have a problem with grub , i can't boot windowsXP02:35
=== rer [jaross@intel6.math.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu
cardadordargo: what happens exactly?02:36
=== Ycros [~Ycros@c211-30-14-115.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== aktsuo [~aktsuo@lns-vlq-19-82-255-33-155.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Jeffreywhy is that a problem ....02:36
citybirdheh, some people need the security of a dual boot solution Jeffrey. the are not really ready to let go yet.02:37
dargowhen I select windows for boot the console not reponse02:37
=== Kal_Zakath [~Kal_Zakat@20-118.a2f.dsl.net4all.net] has joined #ubuntu
dargomy idea is uninstall grub and install lilo02:37
cardadordargo: no02:37
=== mjr needs dual boot for gaming... linux/amd64 and linux/x86 for 32-bit 3d apps ;)
cardadordargo: try this - go to your pc bios and change the hard disk geometry from AUTO to LBA02:38
eimIs GNOME revelation not available in universe? It's a GNOME based password manager, very useful.02:38
mjra newer driver might fix that need02:38
dargowhere is that?02:39
cardadordargo: reboot your pc and press DEL (normally its like this)02:39
=== jorisK [~jorisk@kempermann.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
atomic0xJeffrey:  I mounted the initrd and checked it out.  I've got ext3 which is what my root partition is.  Do I need cramfs as well?  I think that's what the initrd image is02:39
dargothanks I'm goint to prove02:39
dargoone moment :P02:40
cardadordargo: good luck02:40
Todd_MA_1975eim: revelation is in universe.  I have it installed & working02:40
jorisKhello everyone, is there anyone that can recommend me an cd-r record program that allows me to record audio cd's? The built-in in Ubuntu only writes files...02:40
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-109.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Jeffreyatomic, is the initrd specified correcly in grub?02:40
cardadorjorisK: k3b02:40
AmaranthjorisK: I've never used it but Pigeon CD Recorder looks very nice.02:41
atomic0xJeffrey: yeah the image name is specified correctly using grubs initrd parameter02:41
citybirdubuntu only makes 2 partitions?????02:41
AmaranthjorisK: And it's meant for GNOME, unlike k3b.02:41
bob2citybird: by default02:41
Amaranthcitybird: sarge only makes 302:41
bob2citybird: why do you want more?02:41
AmaranthI can understand having /boot seperate/02:42
bob2citybird: if tou want more, make them02:42
Jeffreyatomic0x: *shrug* not much to go on.02:42
citybirdi will :-)02:42
AmaranthThat way it can't be messed with unless you mount it.02:42
=== malte` is now known as malte`afk
citybirdi know. that's why i make it seperate02:42
Todd_MA_1975eim: OK - maybe revelation is only in Hoary universe.  I don't see it on my warty box.02:42
Jeffreyhaving home seperate is a good idea too02:42
atomic0xJeffrey: thanks for your help anyways.02:42
bob2 seperate /boot is kinda pointless02:42
Amaranthbob2: How so?02:43
Matt|my cdburner is not detected by xcdroast!!! does anyone know what I can do?02:43
eimTodd_MA_1975: What about gpass?02:43
zenwhenin fact there is NO good reason to have a seperate /boot02:43
AmaranthMatt|: Use another cd burner.02:43
bob2Matt|: use a less buggy program02:43
atomic0xmatt: ide-scsi=hdx02:43
bob2Amaranth: lilo and grub can boot anywhere on modern disks02:43
Matt|atomic0x, where do i put that?02:43
Amaranthxcdroast was meant for 2.4.x kernels02:43
Jeffreyspeaking of universes, is there a list of all the ubuntu debian servers somewhere?02:43
zenwhenits not like your kernel is going to explode and catch your data on fire02:43
thoreauputicatomic0x: not in 2.6.* kernels02:43
Matt|Amaranth, bob2, i like xcdroast :)02:43
bob2Amaranth: so there's no need to have a partition close to the front02:43
bob2Jeffrey: you mean ubuntu mirrors?02:43
Jeffreyzenwhen: if you're running multiple distros having a seperate boot helps02:44
Jeffreybob2: yes02:44
zenwhenHow so?02:44
Jeffreysorry, just started playing with ubuntu last night02:44
legbayou don't have to worry about the MBR02:44
atomic0xMatt: add ide-scsi=/dev/hd(whatever) to your kernel's boot parameters.  make sure scsi emuluation and scsi cdrom is enabled in your kernel02:44
Matt|thoreauputic, Amaranth, i have used xcdroast happily with the kernel in the past02:44
AmaranthCan they all use the same kernel?02:44
Matt|atomic0x, thanks02:44
zenwhenI have lilo installed in my MBR and just poot my kernels for ubuntu in the /booyt for my slackware install02:44
Jeffreyzenwhen: you can put all of your kernels on one boot partition and not have them mounted02:44
bob2Jeffrey: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/download/02:44
Jeffreyso when your autoupdate screws with your boot, you can copy stuff from the local /boot to your real boot partition02:45
thoreauputicMatt|: yeas - I meant ide-scsi=hdx is not used for 2.6 kernels02:45
zenwhenIf auto update screws my boot, I just fix it.02:45
Matt|thoreauputic, but, "enable scsi-emulation" is an option under the ubuntu boot-admin program??02:45
zenwhenI dont need to cut off a chunk of my hard drive to do that.02:45
bob2Matt|: enabling scsi-emulation has other consequences02:46
Todd_MA_1975eim: not in Warty or Hoary...Only thing I see in Warty is fpm02:46
Jeffreyzenwhen: the 100 mb out of my 60 gb harddrive is a small sacrifice02:46
Matt|bob2, ah i c02:46
bob2Matt|: I'd strongly recommend using a better program that doesn't have this bug02:46
thoreauputicMatt|: *shrug* I only know what I read about scsi emulation being deprecated in 2.6.*02:46
bob2one of the consequences is that it might not work at all02:46
zenwhenJeffrey, im not willing to sacrifice anything for somehting that grant ms no concievable gain. Im not saying you shouldnt. Im saying I see no reason.02:46
bob2since no one is maintaining the 2.6 ide-scsi stuff02:46
Matt|bob2, I can try other programs. But at the same time, I know that I have used xcdroast happily on this PC with the same kernel on another distro02:47
Matt|bob2, maybe there is another solution02:47
bob2Matt|: well, I would assume it's possible to configure xcdroast to use an ide device02:47
zenwhenI cannot type this morning.02:47
Matt|bob2, ok i have been able to manually add the drive :)02:48
Matt|bob2, how are you today btw/02:48
bob2ah, cool02:48
citybirdunder the partitioning tool where is the option to make a partition swap???02:48
Jeffreybob2: those are the isos, what about repositories for more software?  There seems to be a lot missing02:48
bob2Matt|: I'm good thanks, ho'ws life?02:48
Matt|bob2, fine :)02:48
=== Buzzz [~anders@hd5e25192.gavlegardarna.gavle.to] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Jeffrey: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/Archive02:49
zenwhenJeffrey, you coulc always add the debian unstable repos02:49
eimTodd_MA_1975: And gringotts.02:49
Jeffreyzenwhen, then I'd have to ask where those are.  So far I've only been using redhat and gentoo.02:49
zenwhenEventually I'll be running Debian unstable if I keep installing packages from it though.02:49
JeffreyI love gentoo, but I am looking into Ubuntu to install for my parents.02:49
Matt|Jeffrey, good on ya02:50
bob2zenwhen: please don't advise people to do that02:50
mirakanyone know how to import a thunderbird profile from a new install ?02:50
zenwhenbob2, oh. Well the Ubuntu repos are severely lacking.02:50
atomic0xJeffrey I used to use gentoo all the time, but I switched about a month ago and haven't looked back since02:50
thoreauputicJeffrey: less /etc/apt/sources.list02:50
zenwhenOnce I can install the software I need form them, I'll install hoary and use them.02:51
bob2zenwhen: in what sense?02:51
zenwhenOutdated software and far less choice.02:51
bob2universe froze in june02:51
zenwhenI saw quite a few packages02:52
zenwhenthat were older than what was in unstable02:52
citybirdnm, found it02:52
zenwhenNot acceptable for me. Im not saying everyone should.02:52
Jeffreywhats the difference then between universe and multiverse?02:52
zenwhenUbuntu is great.02:52
=== [Miles] [~paissa@] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputiczenwhen: How awful! How old ! June?02:52
legbaubuntu is incredible.02:52
[Miles] hi02:52
bob2Jeffrey: universe is free software, multiverse may not be02:52
zenwhenIm not knocking ubuntu at all. Im just saying I cant run outdate software. It makes me feel dirty.02:53
citybirdi will pass jugement as soon as it's installed. so far the partitioning tool is very simple. (only lacking the option for reiser4 ;-)02:53
[Miles] ubuntu does not detect my isa sound blaster card, any url to get help?02:53
bob2well, that's a personal issue, I guess02:53
=== thoreauputic lights a candle for zenwhen
bob2[Miles] : try asking on the list02:53
zenwhenUbuntu doesnt seem to have any ssues having a little Debian tossed in.02:53
zenwhenIm not going to ask anyone to support it.02:54
bob2and please don't advise random people to do that, unless you warn them that they're on their own02:54
[Miles] bob2: on the ,ailing list?02:54
citybirdthe install disk did not detect my pcmcia network card. something that should be ok after the install is complete?02:54
[Miles] mailing02:54
bob2citybird: it should have02:54
zenwhenI dont need support. Theres nothing a reinstall wont fix.02:54
bob2[Miles] : lists.ubunut.com02:54
[Miles] thanks02:54
Jeffreythoreauputic, thanks.  I was trying to do stuff graphically (to make sure my parents could use it), didn't think to check the file.  duh.02:54
bob2zenwhen: yes, you can do whatever you want, but please don't advise newbies to do so02:55
citybirdbob2: i guess it thinks my dhcp server is slow.02:55
bob2Jeffrey: synaptic has options for editing the sources.list02:55
zenwhenbob2, understood.02:55
bob2thanks :-)02:55
citybirdholy! i just saw it install the reiser4 progs??02:55
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-68-153.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
Jeffreybob2: for editing it yes, but it doesn't have nicely commented out available respositories02:56
citybirdtime to google >-)02:56
legbaubuntu just killed my ssh dsa key...02:56
=== labanux [~laban@] has joined #ubuntu
legbayou tell me lmao02:57
bob2the one in /etc/ will be nuked by install, and nothing should touch ~/02:57
legbathe later is gone02:57
bob2did you ask ubuntu to format ~??02:57
legbaand it's all the way in the other room02:57
legbai installed full gnome desktop02:57
legbathen restart x02:57
legbaand bam - no ssh no vnc02:58
bob2are you guys really "laughing out loud"?02:58
labanuxhi..., is there some one can help me02:58
Jeffreymy girlfriend: "your hair looks like that one guys ... bruce presley"02:58
legbai am :)02:58
legbacause i'm testing this distro02:58
labanuxi have an error message when booting the ubuntu02:58
Jeffreynext question, .OGM and .MKV support in xine/totem?02:58
labanuxthe error message are telling about : shpchp and pcichp02:58
TreenaksJeffrey: depends on the codec used inside02:58
labanuxwhat's wrong in my ubuntu?02:59
JeffreyTreenaks, assuming xvid02:59
TreenaksJeffrey: not by default, see http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats02:59
bob2labanux: ignore them02:59
bob2labanux: they're harmless02:59
Matt|"the ubuntu"03:00
labanuxmy friend said that the error message about shpchp and pcichp is for controlling hte usb..03:00
TreenaksMatt|: ?03:00
labanuxis taht true?03:00
Treenakslabanux: no, they're PCI hotplug drivers03:00
Treenakslabanux: and as most systems don't have PCI hotplugging support (only extremely expensive servers, basically)...03:00
bob2labanux: you can add them to /etc/hotplug/blacklist to stop the warnings03:00
Matt|Treenaks, adding "the" to ubuntu gives it a kinda personal sounding flavour that i like03:01
Treenakslabanux: you can get info on what a module does with modinfo03:01
Treenakslabanux: (modinfo shpchp for example)03:01
mjrhmm, RestrictedFormats might be updated to include the mention of libxvidcore4 being in multiverse03:01
labanuxwait a minute.., i'll try to edit /etc/hotplug/blacklist03:01
Matt|mjr, good idea, do it03:01
legbabob2 this is gunna be a good bug report.03:02
mjrdon't know how :)03:02
Treenaksmjr: it's a wiki, log in and click the 'Edit' link03:02
legbalemme get over there and startup bitchx03:02
Matt|mjr, register and use edit03:02
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-13.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
mjrright, well, maybe later, now my lunch is burning in the kettle03:02
Matt|what are you cooking in a kettle?03:03
labanuxi have try this "modinfo shpchp", and this "modinfo pciehp", and it seems you're right03:03
labanuxit says about the PCI hotplug..03:03
=== amin2 [~amin@] has joined #ubuntu
labanuxwait a minute.., i'll try to edit /etc/hotplug/blacklist03:03
=== Kyaneos [~Kyaneos@80-26-155-213.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #ubuntu
amin2it is claimed that ubuntu is glued with python. How is it ? Anybody can explaine to me ?03:05
Kyaneoswhere is the apt log file???03:05
bob2amin2: it's not, yet03:05
Matt|hi. who knows what is going on with acpi on ubuntu?03:05
Matt|my screen blacks out when I lower the lid03:06
nevynamin2: it is. they use python for lots of scripts like postinst and stuff.03:06
nevynamin2: and some late init scripts and stuff.03:06
JeffreyMatt|, if I do force=acpi it won't boot :-(03:06
Matt|Jeffrey, acpi sucks on ubuntu03:06
Kyaneoswhere is the apt log file??? please03:06
mjrMatt|, lentil/quinoa/onion/broccoli-stuff for burritos03:06
Matt|i can't tell my battery state03:06
citybirdwell, well, well, it looks like the dreded thinkpad warm boot poltergeist has struk again.03:06
Matt|mjr, wow awesome03:07
amin2Well, I think it is like JDS and Java03:07
Matt|i have removed all the scripts in /etc/acpi which have "lid" in the name, and it still blanks when i lower the lid03:07
thoreauputicKyaneos: what are you trying to do or find out?03:07
Matt|and a guy on here yesterday had his laptop crash whenever he lowered the lid, even after just booting the kernel03:08
labanuxsomebody..., could you tell me, where should i edit the /etc/hotplug/blacklist to ignore the shpchp?03:08
citybirddoes ubuntu support bootsplash and framebuffer at boot?03:08
bob2labanux: just add the module name at the end03:08
bob2citybird: no03:08
labanuxok.., thanx03:08
Matt|citybird, framebuffer is there, not bootsplash03:08
bob2citybird: it's buggy and pointless.  hoary will have a better userspace solution.03:08
citybirdright, thanks03:08
Kyaneosthoreauputic, i want to remind what packages i installed with apt-get install gdesklets03:08
amin2Matt|, my battery'state says N/A too03:08
citybirderr, how do you enable root??03:08
Matt|amin2, try typing acpi in a terminal and see if it works03:09
bob2citybird: why?03:09
Matt|amin2, if you use acpi03:09
bob2citybird: and "it's in the FAQ"03:09
Matt|"it's in the FAQ" is pretty close to rtfm03:09
citybirdyea, stupid question, i know better03:09
bob2but it *is* in the FAQ03:09
Elwoodrtfm is the only way to learn :)03:10
thoreauputicKyaneos: apt-cache depends gdesklets03:10
citybirdand i *DO* know bettter03:10
Matt|Elwood, no, this is a support chan03:10
thoreauputicKyaneos: will tell you the dependencies03:10
Matt|it is here to help people, not to help them help themselves03:10
=== labanux [~laban@] has joined #ubuntu
nevynMatt|: I was stunned tonight when configuring debian on a toshiba 300CDT EVERYTHING in acpi is supported03:10
cardadorKyaneos: open synaptic,  search for gdesklets, go to properties and installed files03:10
bob2typing out the same answers a thousand times a day is pretty tedious03:10
nevynMatt|: including cpu scaling and screen brightness controlls.03:11
Matt|citybird,  http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/root03:11
Matt|nevyn, wow03:11
=== chemaja [~chemaja@c220-237-32-86.brasd2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksnevyn: wow, that would mean toshiba has learned to write valid ACPI tables03:11
labanuxhow can i acces my usb flash disk in ubuntu?03:11
Matt|nevyn, my brightness control is working03:11
nevynMatt|: old laptop tho.03:11
cardadorlabanux: normally, just plug it in03:11
nevynTreenaks: nah kernel has "special" support for it.03:11
Matt|labanux, it doesn't work when you plug it in?03:11
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-44-28.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== hbbs [~hobbes@pD9E569F0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-200-178-150.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
nevynbut it's compile in the debian kernels.03:11
ElwoodMatt|, supports for me is just tell you hints to find the right way03:12
Kyaneosthx cardador thoreauputic03:12
labanuxyes it doesn't show anythong when i plug in the usb03:12
Matt|Elwood, well it depends on your target audience. I would never give my mother hints to find the right way. Just tell her the answer!03:12
Matt|labanux, oh dear03:12
Matt|bob2, yeah i know it is tedious03:12
hbbshi, when I doubleclick on an mp3-file, totem video player starts up. i want to change that behaviour, xmms should be the default app for mp3s. How?03:12
citybirdso basicly all users have sudo access to the system or can you set this from user to user somewhere?03:12
Matt|labanux, try "tail -f /var/log/messages" and then plug it in, and read the messages03:13
labanuxwhat should i do to make my usb flash being detected?03:13
legbahbbs in file associations03:13
hbbslegba where to find that?03:13
legbaunder computer menu03:13
labanuxok, wait a second03:13
legbasystem config03:13
Matt|bob2, but the more questions like that we get, the more users are joining ubuntu all the time03:13
citybirdman this is so much easier than redhat package manager update.03:13
Matt|bob2, you could put the root faq page in the topic actually, because it must be the most common question, along with RestrictedFormats03:13
Kyaneoscardador, it is not that i want03:14
bob2Matt|: teaching them to read the FAQ is a valid aim in and of itself03:14
cardadorKyaneos: what do you want03:14
bob2Matt|: no one ever reads the topic03:14
citybirdbob2: here here03:14
=== rom1_ [~rom1@d213-102-224-215.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|bob2, yeah but you could refer them to the topic, instead of having to give the url each time03:14
Matt|bob2, or just give the url of the faq homepage03:14
bob2hm, good point03:14
labanuxi've plug it in03:14
Matt|bob2, in the latter case, then they can search for the right faq themselves03:15
citybirdjust put the url in a macro so it's easy to spit out :-)03:15
bob2Matt|: wai,the FAQ *is* in the topic03:15
bob2citybird: I have03:15
Matt|labanux, any messages in the terminal?03:15
Matt|bob2, oh *laughs*03:15
Kyaneoscardador, what packages apt installed when i did apt-get install gdesklets-data03:15
bob2Matt|: the first item, no less03:15
Matt|bob2, oh yeah i feel thick03:15
labanuxand there's so many messages.., and it seems the system detected the usb03:15
Matt|will refer people to it in the future03:15
bob2Matt|: heh, I didn't notice until I went to change it :)03:15
rom1_[beginner] I need some help... Using Ubuntu every download hangs (when using either apt-get or wget). Any ideas? thx.03:15
cardadorKyaneos: in synaptic you can checj that, just search for gdesklets, then installed files03:15
labanuxit even can tell the vendor of the usb flash03:15
thoreauputicKyaneos: apt-cache depends gdesklets-data03:16
Matt|labanux, ok that is a good sign03:16
thoreauputicKyaneos: same principle - you need the right package name is all03:16
legbarom1 - might be sign of bad card or bad driver03:16
Matt|labanux, so make a directory in which to mount it "mkdir /media/flash"03:16
cardadorlabanux: you dont have a sda1 icon in computer -> disks?03:16
Matt|labanux, then mount it like this "mount /dev/sda /media/flash" <-- hopefully sda is the right device03:17
legbamight want to install automount03:17
citybirdone quick question. if ubuntu updates are based on a release wouldn't this make updateing to the latest version a problem after 18 months??03:17
Kyaneosi want to know what packages i installed with gdesklets-data03:17
Kyaneosmy English is too bad03:17
rom1_legba: Ethernet card? (I'm using a DSL router so that should be no problem. Plus I can listen to mp3 radios without interruption)03:17
labanuxyeah.., i dont have sda1 icon show up in mys dekstop03:17
Matt|citybird, there is a release every 6 months03:17
thoreauputicKyaneos: why do you need this information?03:17
=== _hbbs [~hobbes@pD952673C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|maybe so he can remove them all *grins*03:17
legbaum dsl router? do you simply mean a router?03:17
Matt|i have a dsl router ;)03:18
Kyaneosthoreauputic, because i want to remove gdesklets and its dependencies03:18
cardadorKyaneos: open synaptic > search "gdesklets" > click on gdesklets > at the bottom choose "installed files"03:18
_hbbslegba maybe i missed your answer, i got disconnected03:18
Matt|it's a router and a modem03:18
cardadorKyaneos: so just rigth click on gdesklets and choose remove03:18
citybirdMatt|: right like redhat. but after the lifecycle of the relase was done there were no updates to the latest version of packages like the kernel and so forth. this made upgradeing with the latest cd a necessity.03:18
legbaso you plug your dsl into the router? (rolls eyes)03:18
thoreauputicKyaneos:sudo  apt-gat remove gdesklets03:18
rom1_legba: I mean DSL modem plus router. So the dsl connection should be transparent03:18
Matt|citybird, you can update without a cd03:18
Kyaneosthoreauputic, and its dependencies??03:18
legbathank you for admitting defeat.03:19
=== Todd_MA_1975 [~todd@h000f6632661b.ne.client2.attbi.com] has left #ubuntu []
thoreauputicKyaneos: why?03:19
Kyaneosbecause i do not need they03:19
Matt|legba, there are routers with modems inside03:19
BenZ|iBookNight all =)03:19
legbayes there are03:19
rom1_legba: you don't plug anything. It's built in03:19
citybirdMatt|: i have a problem with this. so when the new version comes out there will be an upgrade to the new release so there will be no need to reinstall?03:19
legbado you have one?03:19
=== BenZ|iBook is now known as BenZ|zZzZz
legbareset it03:19
=== _hbbs still wonders where to change the file associations ...
labanuxSo , if i make the dir /media/usb, then mount it manually.., is that means that i can't use hotplug for accesing my usb flash?03:20
Matt|citybird, sure03:20
rom1_legba: nope... Did that, plus it perfectly works under windows03:20
legbaunless you're simply out of diskpace rom103:20
legbatry df -a03:20
legbain console03:20
labanuxthan everytime i want to acces my usb.., i should mount it manually03:20
legbalabanux - automount does these things03:21
Matt|labanux, maybe you can configure automount03:21
Matt|or hotplug or whatever03:21
rom1_Nope... 29% occupation for the fullest partition03:21
legbadoes it simply time out or hang forever?03:21
rom1_but any wget will hang right in the middle... I'm thinking MTU problem perhaps?03:21
legbahave you tried making the box a DMZ temporarily?03:21
legbashouldn't be an MTU problem03:22
legbaif it worked in windows should work fine here03:22
labanuxmount -tvfat /dev/sda1 usb03:22
labanuxmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1,03:22
labanux       or too many mounted file systems03:22
labanux       (aren't you trying to mount an extended partition,03:22
labanux       instead of some logical partition inside?)03:22
legbai'm of the opinion linux networking is BETTER than windows ;)03:22
labanuxis that something wrong with my command?03:22
rom1_But I had the same problem using Mandrake03:22
labanuxit show the same error message for /dev/sda03:23
rom1_What's DMZ by the way?03:23
=== BenZ|iBook [~bnurmiibo@] has joined #ubuntu
labanuxany suggestion for to solve this problem?03:24
labanuxany suggestion to solve this problem?03:24
azeemrom1_: demilitarized zone03:25
cardadorlabanux: on all ubuntu pcs i've tried, i just plugged it my usb pen and it was mounted automatically03:26
cardadorlabanux: an sda1 or usb icon will appear on computer > disks03:26
citybirddoes ubuntu use xfree or xorg?03:27
legbadmz means all routing goes toyou unless staticly defined03:27
cardadorxorg will be on hoary soon, i think03:27
labanux i hear the same thing about this from my frind using ubuntu.., but why it doesn't work in my PC? hiks... :(03:27
wfxif i do fuser -km /mnt/smb/public i get an io error?03:28
cardadorlabanux: have you tried a different usb pen?03:28
legbaeh? warty uses xfree? jeez...03:28
wfx/mnt/smb/public is a public smb share03:28
legbarom1 do you have other pc's?03:28
_hbbsis there a config file where I can change the default applications for file types manually?03:28
legbai'd like to know what the transfer between them is like03:28
citybirdthat's gonna be one heck of an upgrade from xfree to xorg03:28
cardador_hbbs: right click on file > properties > open with > add03:29
=== d3niz [~deniz@] has joined #ubuntu
labanuxyeah.., i ve try using two diffrent usb pen03:30
=== kasey70 [~kasey70@247.Red-213-97-10.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
_hbbscardador, thanks, thats easy :-)03:30
labanux but it still have the same thing <-- no action at all03:30
cardadorlabanux: maybe you can file a bug03:30
labanuxa bug?03:31
labanuxhmm.., maybe.03:31
cardadorlabanux: or ask in the user mail list03:31
_hbbsbut there has to be a file either, or a way to browse through the file associations ...03:31
_hbbsby hbbs :-)03:31
kasey70someone knows where are the modeline lines in te XF86Config, i need to modify them03:31
labanuxCause before using Ubuntu, i use Fedora 2. And in Fedora 2 there's no problem to accesing the usb pen03:32
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-104-110.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Rotund [~joe@d29-36.rb.lax.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
cardadorlabanux: so that means no problem with your pc, maybe its a bug03:33
Rotundanyone else have problems w/ gnome-panel?03:33
Kamionzenwhen: thanks, belatedly03:33
RotundIt just hangs on my computer and doesn't respond to anything03:34
FallenHitokiriI installed k3b as the HowTo told me and now I have got a 2.4MB big strace-log, because k3b crashes every time I try to start it.03:34
zenwhenKamion, yw. Now i just need to get some semblance of kernel source that actuall works installed. INstlaing VMWare is proving to be impossible.03:34
Kamionjust apt-get source linux-source-
=== umarmung [~holger@pD9E699D0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
zenwhenIm not seeing that version in apt03:35
cardadorRotund: have you tried to restart X?03:35
zenwhenoddly enough03:35
Rotundoh yeah03:35
BenZ|iBookScientists have recently dicsovered that most women will, at some time in their life, contain small amounts of intelligent DNA. Unfortunately for a large majority of females, this is only a temporary state, as over 95% of them will spit it out.03:35
RotundIt occurred when I switched to "two screens one card" instead of TwinView w/ my NVIDIA card03:36
Rotundnow even coming back it's messed up03:36
RotundIt's obviously a setting though as my other user works03:36
d3nizhi =)03:37
=== atomic0x [~adam@CPE000cf16ce484-CM014060204561.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu []
cardadorRotund: try to copy the settings from the other user03:38
Rotundgood point03:38
=== thoreauputic_ [~petros@wolax6-077.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mercurusBenZ|iBook: part ?03:39
wfxi have 3 smb shares on one disk and one have an i/o error what can be the fault03:39
=== tlocke [~tlocke@user-4509.l2.c5.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== JeffreyB [~jeffreyb@1Cust218.tnt1.lincoln.il.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== thoreauputic_ is now known as thoreauputic
wfxthere is no error on disk (i login to the server)03:40
=== JohanH [~johan@as9-2-6.b.bonet.se] has joined #ubuntu
wfxonly here on my client is somthing worng with the mounted directory03:41
=== citybird_ [~citybird@217-162-169-191.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu
citybird_well that was a painless install03:41
FallenHitokiriI try to open access my cddrive but I get mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist03:41
FallenHitokiriwhat can i do?03:41
wfxis it scsi03:42
=== JeffreyB [~jeffreyb@1Cust218.tnt1.lincoln.il.da.uu.net] has left #ubuntu []
Kyaneoswhere is the apt log file??03:43
Kamionzenwhen: check for deb-src lines in /etc/apt/sources.list03:43
tlockeI've created a HowTo on Wiki, but I'm unable to add it as a sub-topic. Does anyone know how it gets added as a sub-topic?03:43
KamionKyaneos: apt doesn't log, sorry03:43
Kyaneosthank you Kamion03:44
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-44-28.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
wfxFallenHitokiri, what show you "cat /var/log/dmesg | grep scd0" use pastepin.com03:44
=== arun-- [~arun@cm198.omega226.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
FallenHitokiriwfx: there is no output03:45
BenZ|iBooker, whoops @ paste before, wrong window03:45
wfxFallenHitokiri, do you look if the right scsi driver loaded03:46
legbayou should be shot.03:46
=== encryptio [~nobody@user-11fai99.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
FallenHitokiriwfx: if the right scsi.driver would not be loaded my system couldn't start because I boot from a scsi-diskl03:47
=== JStrike [~joel@cpt-dial-196-30-178-188.mweb.co.za] has joined #Ubuntu
tlockeHi, does anyone have any experience of using the Ubuntu Wiki?03:47
wfxFallenHitokiri, :) now i know this03:47
=== Sbux [user770@maisel-gw.enst-bretagne.fr] has joined #ubuntu
SbuxHello everyone03:48
JStrikeInstead of everyone creating their own inotify kernels for Beagle, is not possible for someone to create a repo with the inotify kernel and beagle debs03:48
SbuxI would like to ask a question if possible03:48
JStrikeOr is making debs tougher than that?03:48
mirakI  have installed ati drivers03:48
mirakhowever they don't seem to be enabled03:48
wfxFallenHitokiri, hmm im not sure if it works but test it ;-) "cat /proc/partitions"03:48
thoreauputicSbux: don't ask to ask - just go ahead and ask :)03:49
mirakI have configured them with fglrxconfig03:49
dopeyJStrike: building debian packages of kernels is easy. look at the kernel-pkg tool.03:49
Sbuxhehe ok, I am not able to install gdesklets on my ubuntu desktop03:49
FallenHitokiriwfx: sda (sda1, sda2, sda5) dm-0 dm-103:49
Sbuxwhenever I start the daemon, it says that there are modules deprecated03:49
FallenHitokiribut in my fstab there are entrys for both devices03:50
Sbux/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/__init__.py:90: GtkDeprecationWarning: gtk.mainloop is deprecated, use gtk.main instead03:50
Sbux  self.warn(message, DeprecationWarning)03:50
cardadormirak: change it in /etc/X11/XF86Config-403:50
=== EfaistOs [~efaistos@m239.net81-64-31.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
mirakcardador: I have done that03:50
cardadormirak: have you followed the howto?03:51
mirakI did like I did on mandrake03:51
mirakwhere is this how to ?03:51
cardadormirak: did you use apt to get the drivers?03:51
Sbuxany idea ?03:51
=== Kyaneos [~Kyaneos@80-26-155-213.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirakcardador: yes03:52
JStrikedopey : I am aware that it isn't too hard. I was just wondering why there is so much duplication of effort, instead of someone posting their kernel and beagle  debs in a repo?03:52
cardadormirak: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/BinaryDriverHowto03:52
=== xuzo [~xuzo@81-203-41-66.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeAnd I am not sure if it is totally safe to use debian kernels with Ubuntu. Have there been any changes?03:53
dopeyJStrike: sorry, i don't know much about the projects you mentioned.03:53
JStrikeOr does Ubuntu use standard kernels?03:53
=== tlocke [~tlocke@user-4509.l2.c5.dsl.pol.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
wfxFallenHitokiri, the modules sd_mod, sg, sr_mod are up03:54
JStrikeIf tseng would add them to his repo, I am sure he would make many people happy03:54
=== tuhl [~tuhl@pD9E8B868.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
wfxFallenHitokiri, normaly hotplug should it load03:54
FallenHitokiriwfx: one moment please. I'm rebooting (tryed to load apm ;) )03:54
=== tuhl [~tuhl@pD9E8B868.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu []
wfxFallenHitokiri, you have sr003:55
mirakcardador: thanks03:56
wfxFallenHitokiri, must also leave 2min back03:57