carlosBradB: is it normal?: Posted by  165  at  2004-11-07 08:48 PM12:37
carlosBradB: it's from a comment added to the ubuntu website12:37
carlosseems like it's using the id instead of the real name or nick name12:37
BradBthere's a bug for that12:37
BradBi had that working; i'm not yet sure what broke it, because i haven't looked12:38
carlosok, I was browsing the we and saw it, not sure if it was a know bug12:38
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BradBhm, i guess a malone bug doesn't have an "absolute url".03:39
BradBit seems to me we need to give locations to our objects in order to, for example, provide URL's to bugs in notification emails.03:42
BradBas it stands, a bug container doesn't contain bugs03:42
BradBit just looks like it does, but there's no true container/contained relationship there.03:43
stubWe need an absolute URL - just hasn't been done yet. It will be particularly important if we get to doing bugtracker virtual hosting for projects (gnome.launchpad.org)03:46
BradBwell, sure, that's exactly the problem i'm pondering03:46
BradBit seems to me that without locations though, bugs can't have absolute URL's03:47
BradBi.e. without implemented IContained03:47
BradBand bug containers implementing IContainer03:47
BradBi need this right now, for notification emails.03:48
stubThe Z3 mechanism is to use an adapter to IAbsoluteURL, which is how I would expect it to be implemented. It doesn't require containment (although I had all that stuff in an earlier implementation of Malone, and it worked quite well that way).03:48
stubAs a quick fix, it would involve writing an adapter from IBug -> IAbsoluteURL that just hardcodes the URL03:48
BradByep, that doesn't work though03:48
BradBbecause of VH'ing03:49
stubAnd this could be replaced with a non hardcoded url later03:49
BradBhow can something that doesn't have a home have an absolute URL?03:49
stubBecause you give it one - you could give an object an absolute url of www.google.com?q=Malone%20Bug%206543 if you want, although that would be rather... ummm.... odd.03:50
stubWe would need to determine 'one true url' for objects though if they can be accessed in different contexts (launchpad.ubuntu.com/bugs/12, gnome.ubuntu.com/bugs/12, launchpad.ubuntu.com/projects/gnome/bugs/12)03:53
stubWhich is a UI decision03:53
BradBi wonder why we don't just use locations03:54
BradBsince by not using them, our containers, well, aren't.03:55
stubIt is because SteveA has been arguing about the the differences between containment and traversal03:55
stubI don't see a problem with organising our stuff in a containment heirarchy though.03:56
BradBme neither, particularly since our naming scheme gives the impression that we have containers and objects contained in them, when we in fact don't.03:56
stub(Like I said - I had it like that at one stage.  I pulled it to make the code more similar to the Rosetta and Soyuz implementations.03:57
stubWhich is why Malone has containers and other tools have sets ;)03:57
BradBthat term would make a hell of a lot more sense03:57
stubAlthough that implementation had problems, because it was setting __parent__ during traversal, which meant only objects traversed to had it set up properly.03:58
BradBsetting __parent__ during /traversal/? eek.03:58
BradBi'd expect __parent__ gets set when an object is added to a container03:59
stubI've since learnt about descriptors which are probably the correct way of doing it.03:59
stubBug.__parent__ would need to be a descriptor that calls getUtility(IBugContainer)03:59
stubOr we can pull out that Utility bullshit since we don't need to switch between PostgreSQL/stub implementations any more04:00
stub(Hmmm.... probably best leave that in or we have to reengineer the entire traversal mechanism for Malone)04:01
BradBstub: as long as we've got true containment relationships, absolute URL's seem like a SMOP04:04
BradBsimple matter of programming04:04
BradBwithout that, i have no idea how we do an IAbsoluteURL adapter that works with VH'ing.04:05
stubIf we have true containment relationships, the programming already exists (There are already adapters from IContained -> IAbsoluteURL)04:05
BradByeah, that makes sense.04:05
=== BradB can't wait till Zope 3 is Googlable
stubI think we can go with a hardcoded IAbsoluteURL adapter for Bug right now (we aren't doing vhosting yet, although we might need to interrogate request or set an environment variable to determine the server url.04:07
BradBwell "hardcoded", but not, because it has to be able to work when developing locally.04:08
BradBhardcoded at least to the point that it's $SERVER_URL + "/malone/bugs/" + bug.id04:08
stubDo we have access to request as a global now?04:08
stubI think we do, but can't remember how to access it...04:09
BradBnot that i'm aware of (which isn't to say there isn't though)...i don't know if there's a utility that can give you the request.04:09
BradBin stock Z3, there doesn't seem to be such a thing.04:09
BradBthen it's just r.getApplicationURL() + "/malone/bugs/" + str(bug.id) sorta thing04:10
stubJim was writing thread specific globals, which has been fed into the threading module in python 2.4 IIRC04:10
BradBspeaking of which ++apidoc++ really needs to not raise a NotFoundError on favicon.ico04:13
stub++apidoc++ needs its cool tree icons too...04:13
stuboh... I hacked my local Z3 to fix that.04:13
BradByeah, i remember you mentioning it somewhere, couldn't remember what it was though.04:14
stubI thought it was a bug in the favicon implementation, so was hoping Steve would look into it.04:14
stubThere are two page templates mentioning favicon in the apidoc area - remove those bits.04:14
BradBah yeah04:18
BradBbradb@oxygen:~/launchpad/lp/sourcecode/zope/src/zope/app/apidoc/browser$ grep -rn favico *04:19
BradBdetails_macros.pt:25:          tal:attributes="href context/++resource++favicon.png" />04:19
BradBmenu_macros.pt:27:          tal:attributes="href context/++resource++favicon.png" />04:19
stubAhh sod. SteveA doesn't have an account on lunchfood04:24
stubCan't assign him bugs ;)04:24
BradBheheh...he doesn't? eeek.04:25
BradBhe does04:27
stubok - I need to go pay for my Barcelona tickets and get some groceries. Any bugs you think I should be looking at when I get back, or do you want me to look at the IAbsoluteURL stuff?04:28
BradByou could look at formatting bug report text and comment text if you want.04:28
BradB<pre> and s/\n/<br \/>/ are, of course, not viable options, so have fun04:29
stubHas there been a decision on how that is actually supposed to be done?04:29
stuboic - make it up, make it sane.04:29
BradBno idea...04:29
BradBstub: no, it's simpler than that, but much harder.04:31
BradBstub: the only thing i mean by "formatting" is to have everything look precisely as it looks now, except that user-entered line breaks should show as line breaks when rendered04:32
stubWhich sounds like newline-to-br, but you said that isn't a viable option?04:39
stubit is if you htmlquote as part of the procedure (?)04:40
stubdef newline_to_br(txt): return htmlquote(txt).replace('\n','<br/>'04:41
BradByeah, that looks good04:43
stubok. I'll knock that up and some sort of TAL syntax to make it not suck04:43
BradByeah, that's what i was hoping for (tal syntax)04:43
BradBis this something that'll be fixed in z3 then?04:44
stubIt might already be there for all I know - "structure context/foo/zope:newline_to_br" or something similar. I'll ask about rolling it back to Z3 if it isn't in there already.04:53
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(Kinnison/#launchpad) I guess it's good that I never quite get to the coding stage before the glaring bug stares back at me and makes itself known11:16
=== Kinnison ponders whiteboarding this one
SteveAKinnison: it's usually possible to write some of the tests before even thinking about the algorithm11:26
KinnisonSteveA: the issue I have is that the algorithm I end up choosing will, to an extent, dictate the data structures the function needs to be given11:27
KinnisonSteveA: I can't write "testbinarydomination" until I know what _dominateBinaries() will need to be passed to do its job11:27
=== SteveA admits that he has no idea what dominating binaries involves
KinnisonI think I've gone full-circle back to the simpler algorithm so I'm almost ready :-)11:28
Kinnisonwell, Domination is in the glossary :-)11:28
KinnisonSteveA: how was your holiday?11:28
SteveAKinnison: it was very good.  went to sicily and lounged around and ate well and walked up hills11:35
Kinnisonsounds good11:36
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KinnisonMorning cprov, salgado 12:03
salgadomorning Kinnison12:04
Kinnisonsoyuz people: Given a binarypackage.id how do you decide what architecture it is for?12:06
KinnisonEsp. how do you decide if it is arch-specific or arch-independant?12:06
salgadoKinnison: BynaryPackage.build.processor ?12:12
Kinnisonwell, binarypackage.build.processor.processorfamily gets me most of the way there12:12
Kinnisonbut it doesn't tell me which of the binarypackage rows are arch-independant12:12
KinnisonUnless we create an arch-independant processor or something; but that won't sit right with the rest of the publishing stuff12:13
debonziKinnison, another way is packagepublishing.distroarchrelease.processorfamily12:17
Kinnisonagain; doesn't help on the whole arch-specific vs. arch-independant thing12:17
Kinnisonelmo: ping?12:17
debonziKinnison, uhmmmm .. I think I dont know the arch-independant concept .. what you mean with it?12:20
Kinnisonbinary packages are either specific to a given architecture or are shared among all of them12:20
KinnisonE.g. vim is arch-specific, but vim-common is arch-independant12:20
KinnisonI.E. vim-common is arch: all12:21
debonziKinnison, right.. I see 12:21
=== debonzi thinks a bit
debonziKinnison, is it too stupid to have and processorfamily.name='all'? does it hurt any concept?12:24
Kinnisonerm; where did that extra ping come from I wonder12:25
=== Kinnison loses control of his irc client
Kinnisonplease wait while I try to restore normality12:26
debonziKinnison, :)12:26
Kinnisonthere; better12:26
lifelessKinnison: did you see anything in the CVS protocol that would let me probe for the remote servers time ?12:26
Kinnisondebonzi: right; where do we link that in?12:26
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KinnisonIt's going to cause all sorts of amusing issues with referential integrity IMO12:28
debonziKinnison, you mean witch page?12:30
Kinnisonpage? I'm thinking of the database itself12:30
=== Kinnison is trying to work out how the hell lucille is going to manage arch:all packages built as part of an arch:any sourcepackage
debonziKinnison, oohhh.. sorry.. I missunderstood12:31
KinnisonBecause currently there's no way to actually determine the architecture of a package referenced in a publishing record12:31
KinnisonThe most I can say is "it is most likely to be <foo arch>"12:31
=== Kinnison thinks he needs to sit with elmo (and probably mark) and try to hammer this our
=== debonzi debonzi thinks Kinnison thinks right
debonzicarlos, morning12:34
KinnisonMorning carlos12:34
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lifelessKinnison: ping12:59
Kinnisonlifeless: pong12:59
lifelesslifeless> Kinnison: did you see anything in the CVS protocol that would let me probe for the remote servers time ?12:59
=== Kinnison does't remember. Let me check
Kinnisonlifeless: Any particular reason to want it?01:10
lifelessyeah, to filter commits that are in progress01:10
Kinnisonoh blergh; yeah01:11
=== Kinnison workraves
carloshmm, any explanation about this: /home/carlos/Work/dists/launchpad/lib/canonical/lp/sql.py:51: FutureWarning: Need to set add_missing_from=false in /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf02:08
salgado-afkcarlos: I think this is to help finding out bad queries02:09
salgado-afkthis way, postgres will not add missing from clauses in queries, and then the query will break. 02:10
carloslunch time02:24
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KinnisonFAILED (failures=12, errors=4)04:25
Kinnisonanyone else getting lots of 'make check' errors?04:25
BradBthe code checked in on chinstrap passes all the tests when run on chinstrap04:26
KinnisonI've done a blank database schema make too04:27
BradBwhat does the exception look like?04:27
BradB(for one of the failing func tests)04:27
KinnisonFailed example:04:27
Kinnison    print http(r"""04:27
Kinnison    GET /malone/bugs/2/ HTTP/1.104:27
Kinnison    Referer: http://localhost:9000/malone/bugs/204:27
Kinnison    """)04:27
BradBpaste.husk.org for the full tb04:27
BradBKinnison: you're running the tests with "make check" presumably?04:34
Kinnisonon a fresh db04:34
BradBwhat had you just changed?04:35
KinnisonI just star-merged :-)04:36
=== Kinnison checks if launchpad is missing any of his patches
BradBKinnison: have you cd database/schema; make'd lately?04:37
KinnisonLike I said.. a fresh db04:37
Kinnisonlaunchpad is not missing anything from me04:38
=== BradB wonders why Mark Shuttleworth is duplicated three times there
BradBKinnison: are there any other func tests failing?04:42
KinnisonBradB: yes04:43
=== Kinnison tees the output to a file for you
BradBwee hee, tee!04:44
BradBmy hunch is that there's something b0rked about your configuration, not yet sure what though.04:45
Kinnisonquite possible04:46
BradBdude, try this04:46
BradBhm, well, it's a bit of a longshot, but...04:46
BradBdrop your DB's first04:47
Kinnisonthe schema make does04:47
BradByeah, actually PgTest does it in between stories too, urph04:47
KinnisonIf you can spot the obvious problem which has eluded me; you win a prize04:49
BradBi don't know what the u/p is to access that page04:51
BradBjust mail it to me: bradb@bbnet.ca04:51
=== Kinnison sends it to whatever evolution already has for you
Kinnisonwhich I think is @canonical.com04:54
BradBKinnison: have you got a connection open to launchpad_ftest atm? it's worth verifying.04:56
BradByour db isn't getting reset properly.04:56
Kinnisonfresh bootup04:57
BradBthere's a connection open to launchpad_ftest when there shouldn't be. due to that, it fails to reset the db.04:58
BradBput an import pdb; pdb.set_trace() in lib/canonical/ftests/pgsql.py, line 72.04:58
BradBand then "n" over:04:58
BradB            name = zapi.getUtility(IConnectionName).name04:58
BradB            db_adapter = zapi.getUtility(IZopeDatabaseAdapter, name)04:58
BradB            if db_adapter.isConnected():04:58
BradB                # we have to disconnect long enough to drop04:58
BradB                # and recreate the DB04:58
BradB                db_adapter.disconnect()04:59
BradB(which is code i added to disconnect from the db, so that statements further down can drop it)04:59
BradBand make sure it doesn't raise a ComponentLookup error the second time through onwards (the first time through it does, because the config hasn't been loaded for that func test)04:59
KinnisonOkay; let me finish this food and I'll do that05:08
BradBand, if it doesn't raise a CLE, then you could step down to the place where it drops the DB and then look at what other connections are open to launchpad_ftests05:16
Kinnisonstill waiting...05:16
Kinnisonit didn't stop05:21
BradBeh, something sounds very b0rked about your config05:26
BradBit might be that you have another version of the code installed somewhere else, i dunno.05:26
=== Kinnison shrugs
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carlosSteveA: hey, welcomed back05:40
SteveAhi carlos05:57
cprovHi everybody, I apologize for not be present today ...06:14
cprovKinnison: any new about publishing system ? do you need help ? I need :), how to get librarian interface for sourcefiles portlet in sourcepackage page ?06:15
KinnisonThe launchpad instance should probably have a global instance of canonical.librarian.client.FileDownloadClient which has been initialised according to some global config somewhere (I don't understand zope so you'll have to get someone who does to do that bit)06:17
KinnisonThen you can simply call fooobject.getFileByAlias(the_file_alias)06:17
Kinnisonwhere fooobject is that FileDownloadClient instance06:17
Kinnisonthe alias is the value of the column libraryfile in sourcepackagereleasefile06:18
cprovKinnison: great !! there is something already published to play ? Any idead about how will be the behavior to download an .orig or .deb using Zope ? 06:18
Kinnisonanything gina has imported has those files in the librarian ready06:19
Kinnisonno idea how you would stream it through zope06:19
KinnisonI have a patch (uncomitted) which would allow you to get the URL out; but I haven't finished and tested it yet06:19
KinnisonI could bubble that to the top of my todo if you'd like06:19
=== Kinnison might be able to get it done later tonight (about 23:00 my time) since I'm going out at 18:00 for shopping and to go to a restaurant
cprovKinnison: yes, or if you'd like help for test it, just send it to me 06:20
KinnisonIt has some utf-8 changes in it too; so I'll have to test it well first06:21
cprovKinnison: ok, as you want, just let me know if you need help06:24
=== BradB never knew you could do foo = `bar` in Python
cprovBradB: what do you mean ? bar = 2; foo = `bar`, then foo is '2' ...is it tricky ?06:29
BradBit's surprising06:32
BradB`` is normally for stringifying the output of a shell command, where i come from. odd that python ok's things like ``, but not (foo ? bar : baz)06:33
=== BradB takes a copy of the ubuntu site to debug an ugly perms problem
BradBSteveA: ping06:34
SteveAhi brad06:34
cprovBradB: aha, it surprises me too 06:34
BradBSteveA: hey! how was your vacation?06:35
SteveAthanks, it was great06:35
SteveAI'm very refreshed06:35
BradBgood to hear06:35
BradBSteveA: we've got a problem with placelessness now.06:35
BradBSteveA: i want to be able to provide a URL to a bug, e.g. in a notification email06:36
BradBas well, i'm sure there are lots of places we either do, or will want to provide an absolute URL for a given object (a bug, a source package release, a whatever)06:36
BradBin a placeful world, this is simple (and, AFAIK, well-supported in Z3, with an adapter from IContained to IAbsoluteURL)06:37
SteveAwell, kind of06:37
BradBhow do I provide an absolute URL for things that don't live anywhere though?06:37
SteveAit is actually a little more trickly than that06:37
BradBSteveA: point being though, if i implemented IContained, getting my absolute url in Z3 Just Works, right?06:38
KinnisonBradB: would it amuse you to know that having had a snack; the ftests run okay now?06:39
BradBKinnison: computers suck06:39
KinnisonBradB: I blame a gremlin06:39
SteveAit's trickier than that06:39
SteveAconsider the situation where you want an XMLRPC request on an internal ip address and port to signal the sending of email06:40
SteveAbut, the email will need to have the official URL used06:40
SteveAone element is the domain and protocol and port to use.  another element is the path of the url to use06:41
BradBSteveA: that's trivial to work around though06:41
BradBe.g. with /etc/hosts06:41
SteveAthe path can be handled with a correct absolute url implementation  06:41
SteveAnot with /etc/hosts, I think06:41
SteveAI don't think we need IContained06:41
BradBor just using the real url?06:41
BradBit seems to me we do. i have zero understanding of how to provide an absolute url that works with VH'ing for objects that have no location.06:42
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BradBSteveA: what's your proposal for providing an absolute url to a placeless object?06:43
BradBthe only way i can see is to make some assumptions about the $SERVER_URL, which will not obey the principal of least surprise, i think.06:44
SteveAright now, I have some ideas, and some principles.  I need to consider this properly, though.  Right now, I'm up to mid-thursday's email ;-)06:44
SteveAShall we chat about this tomorrow morning (your time) ?06:44
BradBsure. i'll be around by 14:00 GMT06:45
SteveAok, great06:45
BradBSteveA: another issue of pressing concern is answering the question "when do we consider a bug 'resolved'?"06:45
BradBmaybe you, mark, stub and I need to chat about that one06:46
SteveAin malone, or in our own processes?06:46
SteveAI guess you mean in malone06:46
BradBin malone. we've got a couple dozen bugs reported, several of which are fixed, but we have no way of signalling that currently06:47
BradB(or, at the least, if it's doable, it's entirely unclear how to mark a bug "resolved")06:47
SteveAthere's a resolved in the DBSchema status isn't there?06:47
BradBi don't see it in the UI, so i guess not06:48
BradBthere is a "Fixed" on infestations, and a "Closed" on assignments, but that's a few levels of indirection, i.e. confusing.06:48
BradBi don't want to have to mark something infested to be able to say i fixed that bug.06:48
SteveAso, something with no infestation should be considered "Fixed" by default ?06:49
BradBno. the only assumption about a bug with no reported infestation is that noone reported an infestation.06:50
BradByou've got:06:50
BradB1. a bug report, which describes something that isn't working as expected.06:50
BradB2. an assignment to zero one or more packages or products, which is simply a way of getting that bug in the face of the person who should see it (e.g. the maintainer of the source package.)06:50
BradB3. infestations, which say precisely which versions are affected by this bug, and exactly how they're affected.06:51
BradBin many real world scenarios, the bug will be so quick to fix that going to the effort of #3 won't be worth it.06:51
BradBbut then, let's say you're doing a listing of bugs that are outstanding. how do you know which bugs haven't been fixed? what if all the "assignments" are "closed", but there's somehow still an infestation or two that are marked as "affected" (instead of "fixed")?06:53
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SteveAand, what about bogus bugs?06:56
SteveAit should be easy to say "not a bug"06:56
BradByou can mark infestations as "won't fix"06:59
BradBbut again, that requires two levels of indirection, if you will (e.g. assigning to a package, and then specifying an infested version of that package too)06:59
BradBthe workflow really needs some thinking through (i've reported a bug for it in malone)07:01
SteveAit's a recurring problem in launchpad -- we're modeling complex things, but we have pretty simple overall actions sometimes07:02
BradBis there a meeting on wednesday? maybe we can discuss it then.07:02
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
SteveADid stu arrange a time for the next meeting at the end of wednesday's one?07:04
sabdflhi all07:04
sabdflhey SteveA, have a good break?07:05
kikohello mark07:05
BradBSteveA: no07:05
BradBhi sabdfl 07:05
sabdflam just catching up now07:05
sabdflany immediate news?07:05
SteveABradB: I think this is something best disussed among you malone folks, perhaps with some input from james or kinnison07:05
SteveAsabdfl: great break.  very refreshed.  still catching up on email / code.07:05
=== kiko catches up on tons of weekend email
BradBsabdfl: two pressing issues in malone: 1. how to get a URL to a bug (seems like a bit of a doozy with placeless objects), and perhaps slightly more urgent 2. answering the question "is this bug resolved?"07:06
=== Kinnison -> out, I'll bbl
sabdflbradb: regarding number 2: "it depends on your perspective", it depends on the assignment to your context07:12
sabdflfor example, if you are upstream, then check the product assignment07:12
BradBwhat if an assignment is "closed", but the infestation says "affected"? what if there's an infested release of a product for which there's been no assignment of the bug to that product?07:13
BradBmore specifically, several of the bugs at https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs shouldn't be showing, because they're already fixed. i don't know how to decide which ones to show and not show though.07:16
SteveAbrad and I are going to talk in detail about 1 tomorrow07:19
sabdflBradB: yes, that page is just listing every bug in the system07:20
sabdfli guess a "show me the bugs view" is useless without a context07:20
sabdflneed to show the bugs for a product or source package07:20
sabdflor possible a project or distro, which are aggregates of products and packages respectively07:20
BradByes, i think the mdz's of the world will want a god view07:23
BradBthere's a third pressing issue to note too, which is the need for a combo box (it's exceedingly difficult to choose values for certain fields currently)07:24
=== SteveA --> gym
BradBsabdfl: (sticking with #2 for the moment) by "context" do you mean we turn the bug listing into a search form (e.g. to specify packages assigned to, products assigned to, etc.) with default search params set based on the current user where possible?07:32
sabdflsee the bugs assigned page i've done07:32
sabdflit's basically a search form07:32
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BradByeah, ok. the implementation of this gets slightly hairy (because e.g. we need all the package and product assignment and infestation search fields to i. allow us to easily choose from a huge # of options and 2. be multi-select), but i don't see any other way07:35
BradBIOW, the search criteria widgets will take up a lot of real estate07:36
carlosDo we have already an example about how to create a temporal database to do some funtional tests?07:46
carlosI mean, how to integrate it into the make fullcheck command07:46
carlosthe rosetta functional tests are broken at this moment because all database changes we did07:46
BradBinherit from LaunchpadTestCase07:47
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carlosBradB: is it documented in any place?07:47
=== carlos is not talking about page tests
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BradBcarlos: only in the docstring of the class (which is pretty pithy)07:49
BradBsorry, there's LaunchpadFunctionalTestCase too (which inherits from LaunchpadTestCase)07:50
BradBother than that, i'd just read the other functional test cases07:50
carlosok, thanks07:50
carlosI'm trying to file my first bug report with malone07:56
carlosfor Rosetta07:56
BradBfile it against the source package rosetta07:57
carlosWhich ones should be the "Source Package" and Product?07:57
carlosyeah, that was my question :-)07:57
BradBpsychic i am :P07:57
carlosBradB: should I select a product?07:57
carlosI suppose you already know that... but it's not too user friendly...07:57
carlosalso, the lists should be sorted by name07:58
carloshow could I assign the bug or set its severity, priority or just change its status?08:00
BradBcarlos: yep, malone isn't launchpad friendly, because it's not built for systems like launchpad, but rather for linux distributions with source packages and products.08:00
BradBcarlos: and there's a bug already filed for sort order (but we need a combo box too, of course)08:00
BradBcarlos: by editing the package assignment08:01
carlosooh, we need a way to show the user that it's clicking over that field08:02
carlosI did not saw that's the way to edit it...08:02
BradBwhat do you mean "that it's clicking over that field"?08:02
BradBoh, click to edit08:02
carlosit did not thought about it08:03
carlosi did not thought about it08:03
carloshmm, last comment about malone :-P08:03
carlosthe bug report comes from your mail domain instead of canonical or ubuntu, is that normal?08:03
carlosFrom: noreply@bbnet.ca08:04
carlosReply-To: noreply@bbnet.ca08:04
carlosTo: carlos.perello@canonical.com08:04
carlosSubject: 'Fix Rosetta functional tests' added08:04
carlosDate: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 18:58:40 -0000  (19:58 CET)08:04
BradBthat's fixed, but not deployed08:04
BradBif you think there are things that are weird about malone, by all means take a look and see if someone's already reported it and if not, feel free to report it.08:05
carlosWill do, don't worry08:06
BradBcool, thanks :)08:06
carlosWe use hardly the BTS from Rosetta08:06
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dafBradB: any chance of getting Malone notification emails to include bug numbers any time soon?10:43
BradBdaf: the idea is to put the URL in there, which isn't trivial. i'll be discussing that with SteveA tomorrow morning10:45
BradBelmo: ping10:45
dafI think having the bug number would be good enough for now10:45
dafto get Dilys working with Malone, at least10:46
BradBah yeah, i could indeed throw it in the subject line10:47
BradBto also be consistent with bugzilla10:47
dafthat would be groovy10:47
carlosdaf: dilys is not doing her work today, I closed two bugs and did some commits and I don't remember see them in the channel10:55
dilysBug 2147 resolved: We are not setting the iscomplete flag when a translation has all needed strings11:06
dafah, found it11:06
dafI recently made dilys use a config file, and the Bugzilla address in the config file was wrong11:07
carlosdaf: :-P11:20
=== dilys feels better
=== Kinnison sniggers dilys
SteveAdaf: what is the earliest reasonable time you can attend a launchpad meeting?11:31
dafwell, I thought 8am was possible, but it seems I was wrong11:32
dilyssay foo11:32
dilysme foo11:32
dafSteveA: I'm willing to try for 8am one more time11:35
KinnisonSteveA: are you thinking tomorrow or wednesday?11:36
carlosdaf: what time is 8am in UTC ?11:45
dafcarlos: 12:0011:46
SteveAKinnison: wednesday11:50
KinnisonSteveA: *nod* just thought I'd check and remind myself :-)11:50
SteveAlet's say 12:30 UTC then.  sound okay?11:51
daffine for me11:51
Kinnisonyip; sounds good11:52
SteveABradB: 11:53
=== SteveA --> bed

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