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mjg59ddaa: Ok, think I've got it12:47
mjg59Newer acpi code seems to help12:47
mjg59Just let me do a couple of checks12:47
=== ddaa lets mjg59 do a couple of checks
mjg59No, that's not happy.12:49
mjg59Oh, now that's very odd12:49
mjg59The video has come back, but the sleep light is still on12:49
mjg59Which implies that it's woken stuff up but never called the return from sleep ACPI methods12:50
mjg59Gah. No, this is irritatingly broken.12:53
ddaamjg59: I'm turning into a pumpkin12:53
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mjg59ddaa: Sorry, I'm entirely failing to track down the problem here.12:57
ddaabah... sleep on it... maybe you'll get new ideas.12:58
ddaaor maybe give me additional instructions to isolate what in hotplug is breaking.12:59
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ddaaIn any case, goodnight.01:00
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hornbeckjdub: you around?06:55
=== winkle [~winkle@lgh3814234.vittran.norrnod.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lifelessmdz: ping07:18
jdubhornbeck: yo07:34
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(seb128/#ubuntu-devel) hum11:16
maswanelmo: We're reducing the frequency of updates for the ftp.acc.umu.se mirror, pending fewer "max connection reached" cron mails.11:17
fabbionethat's the patch we were looking for11:18
fabbioneto kill the X pattern11:18
seb128nice name :)11:19
maswanthis way, we'll only get it once a day, like all the other cron mails saying something is broken. :)11:19
=== sivang [~sivang@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubseb128: ah no, it's okay11:28
=== mojo_ [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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robtaylorfabbione: hurrah! at last!11:47
fabbioneno it won't be today11:48
fabbionei found a bunch of bugs that need to be fixed before release11:48
robtaylorfabbione: boh. its only a two line chage ;)11:49
mojo_fabbione: y he cheered up? is it b/c X.org out already????11:49
fabbionerobtaylor: ?11:49
fabbionemojo_: what?11:49
robtaylorfabbione: i was talking about xorg-redhat-die-ugly-pattern-die-die-die.patch11:49
robtaylor<fabbione> ahhaha11:49
fabbionemojo_: please write plain english11:49
fabbionerobtaylor: ahh11:50
mojo_fabbione: I just want to ask when the 1st beta CD of Hoary that contains X.org out?11:51
fabbionemojo_: we need to get X.org into the archive first11:51
jdubmojo_: there won't be a 'beta' until march11:51
mojo_jdub: thx for the info11:51
mojo_I and my friends has finished creating pure GNOME theme for Downloader X (d4x), I'm looking forward to seeing some maintainers here to include d4x in next release (I still work on optimizing d4x for Ubuntu)11:55
sivangIs there a current list of bounties for Hoary already?12:01
=== Kamion turns cdimage's cron.daily back on
Mithrandirhi Kamion, how's the head?12:15
Kamionmuch better now, thanks12:15
Mithrandirgood to hear. :)12:15
thommorning folks12:17
jdubmorning thom12:17
seb128hey thom 12:17
=== kent [~kent@h104n1fls24o825.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirthom: if you have any great ideas on why our libc is broken while the one in Debian is fine, I'd be very grateful.12:18
Mithrandirthey're built the same way12:19
thomexactly the same? if you build the two packages manually you still get brokenness on our one?12:21
thomsomething freaky that linker optimisation does?12:21
thom(it seems unlikely, but i thought i'd throw it out there(12:21
=== fabbione commits suicide
Mithrandirfabbione: please, don't12:25
fabbionefoo 1.0 ships /etc/foo.conf12:25
fabbionefoo 2.0 ships /etc/foo2.conf12:25
jdubthom: i don't think we do linker optimisation for libc12:25
fabbionethe upgrade doesn't remove foo.conf12:25
jdubthom: only gnome packages that do it in debian/rules12:25
fabbioneif even foo.conf is not modified12:25
Kamionfabbione: that's a feature12:25
Kamionwell, not sure about when it's not modified12:26
fabbioneKamion: it sounds a bug to me12:26
fabbioneand i need to workaround it for approx 20 files12:26
Kamionwhen it's not modified, maybe12:26
fabbionei understand perfectly when it is modified12:26
Mithrandirthom: I'm going to build the pure64 on hoary and see if that helps.12:26
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionesoooo now i need to add a shit load of checks into upgrade scripts12:27
Kamionwhat does it mean when update-mozilla-firefox-chrome tells me "E: /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions/installed-extensions.txt still present. Registration might have gone wrong."?12:27
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== fabbione wants to orphan X
thomKamion: that you might have old extensions that haven't registered themselves with 1.0 correctly, i believe12:28
fabbionejdub: you can adopt it now.. so you can split your l33t composite libraries and fix the 200K bugs as well :-)12:28
=== fabbione watches jdub paiting the walls with fresh blood while fighting with Imakefiles
=== pinhead shows jdub the pleasure of pain
Kamionthom: the thing is that I'm in the process of converting an old extension *to* 1.0, and this error only started to show up in the middle of the conversion12:30
KamionI'd kind of like to know what exactly "might have gone wrong"12:30
thomKamion: oh, right. no idea :/12:32
cenerentolajdub: have you got time for me..?12:36
=== silbs [~sbsm0084@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cenerentolakamion: i love you12:36
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionuh, ok12:38
cenerentolasorry but is that difficult to speak with any canonical's related with PR?12:41
cenerentolaare you all going to mataro?12:41
jdubeveryone in canonical is going to mataro12:42
jdubi'm here now12:43
jdubwhat can i help you with?12:43
cenerentolaas you may not know.. an italian ubuntu community was born12:44
cenerentolalas... 12:44
jdubyou posted about it on the mailing list12:44
cenerentolathat was an italian spoken link12:44
cenerentolabtw... as you said ive contacted the guys from ubuntuforums..12:45
cenerentolaits all ok for them, the forumll be up in moments.. now what about the mailing list?12:45
jdubit's on the way12:45
cenerentolathx.. now what about translating the website...12:46
cenerentolashould i host it on ubuntulinux.it12:46
jdubthe ubuntu site is translatable12:47
jdubspeak to lulu 12:47
jdubabout it12:47
cenerentolaor that's not necessary, and youre going to host it on ubuntulinux.org12:47
cenerentolamind im not talking about the wiki... ok then12:47
cenerentolawhat about the cds? 12:48
jdubwhat about them?12:48
cenerentolaive ordered about 90 cds.. for free give-aways12:48
cenerentoladuring the linux day, nation-wide...12:49
cenerentolabut as otherlugs said theyre not enough...12:49
lulucenerentola: we're looking into linguaplone for the website, but it will be a little while before it's up and running. So, in the interim, we suggest you go ahead and translate, and we can integrate your translation work when it's in place.12:49
sivanglulu : have you checked the credential problem on the CMS ?12:52
=== plovs_work [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lulusivang: looking into it :o)12:54
Kamionthom: *sigh* was a one-character mistake in the install.rdf file, url:mozilla:... instead of urn:mozilla:...12:55
Kamionnice of it to give me such a clear error message so that I didn't have to compare it against another install.rdf file line by line to figure out what was wrong, wasn't it? :)12:55
thomKamion: see my total lack of surprise01:02
=== silbs [~sbsm0084@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cenerentolakamion: let me introduce you to the beauties of perl that could do it for you... larry bless01:04
Kamioncenerentola: I'm sorry, but you're making no sense01:04
=== Kamion <-- already a perl hacker
Kamioncenerentola: perl or indeed diff wouldn't have helped, I was comparing the sense of the files not the exact text.01:05
cenerentolakamion: it could tell you what words written in a certain manner did appear in only one file01:07
=== sid77 [~sid77@host99-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sid77 hello
cenerentolakamion: that was a joke01:08
jdubthom: so, a funny thing happened when my acpi started working01:21
Kamion... on the way to the forum01:21
thomjdub: ahr?01:22
jdubthom: i popped my laptop on the dock, closed the lid, and turned to the keyboard/mouse as usual01:22
jdublock and chvt :-)01:22
jdubuh oh!01:22
jdubso i've been thinking about an NM-like power management controller01:23
Keybuktedious, long-winded and a long wait at the end?01:24
jdubalso, i can't find a way to figure out if this machine is docked01:25
jdubdmidecode | grep Chassis -A 1001:25
thomyou don't get any events when you dock at all?01:25
thomKeybuk: heh01:26
jdub^ returns the docking station stanza if i booted docked01:26
jdubwell, the USB CD device turns up01:26
jdubbut otherwise, no01:26
jdubi'll have to investigate further01:26
jdubthough, even if i can find something for this lappy, it's going to be very hard to generalise01:26
jdub(one of the benefits of separate windows drivers is setting policy for the particular hardware, not generalising in the OS)01:27
jdubthom: read nm list recently?01:28
thomjdub: walters VPN stuff?01:29
jdub"let's redo dhclient!"01:29
thomit's MAJOR crack01:29
thomand typical redhat01:29
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-4-55.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomsooo, i get an alpha tomorrow01:33
Keybukheh, what kind?01:34
thom500Mhz ev601:35
thomso google tells me01:35
jdubyou're collecting heaters? :)01:36
cenerentolajdub: what about the cds then?01:36
thomjdub: i nearly have everything that debian supports bar the silly arches01:37
thomwell, if you count mips* as silly, i'll have the lot soon01:37
Keybuknot bad01:37
Keybukit's just about getting cold enough for me to boot mine up again01:37
ChrisHWe (Doc Team) are about to install a repository. Is "arch" the tool to use in Ubuntu? I had intuitively used SVN. Or does it really not matter? :)01:40
jdubcenerentola: the CDs are being distributed this month01:41
jdubcenerentola: please try to keep discussion on channel :)01:41
jdubcenerentola: and be patient for answers01:41
cenerentola<cenerentola> ive ordered about 90 cds.. for free give-aways01:41
cenerentola<cenerentola> during the linux day, nation-wide...01:41
cenerentola<cenerentola> but as otherlugs said theyre not enough...01:41
jdubcenerentola: the CDs are being distributed this month, if other LUGs want to order CDs, they can too01:42
cenerentolathey told me to do the job... as they're looking at btlug, as the community center in italy01:42
jdubso what's the problem?01:44
cenerentolaam i allowed to order more cds?01:44
jdubjust go to the site and change your order01:45
cenerentolaok thx01:48
fabbioneok... the config file issue should be solved01:48
=== fabbione runs another build
fabbionecache hit                         32852901:50
fabbionecache miss                         1990001:50
fabbioneit's not like i have been speding cpu cycles on anything else :-)))01:50
=== fabbione grabs some food
seb128fabbione: I've forgotten to mention it, but since the Xfree -> X.org I get "Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by Xlib" and "Gdk-WARNING **: cannot set locale modifiers" when I start a GNOME app02:01
thomseb128/fabio: me too02:02
seb128cool :)02:02
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionjdub: so, given that I've just built the first probably-working Hoary CD set, when do you reckon would be a good target for Array CD 1?02:08
jdubKamion: so i've been thinking about hoary cds02:08
jdubKamion: i kinda think it's a bit weird to have announced testing cds so early ;)02:09
Kamiondepends on your point of view :)02:09
jdubmaking installer changes already?02:09
Kamion(impossible to get installer testing any other way)02:10
Kamionwell, I did just do the mass merge from Debian02:10
Kamionand yeah, expect a number of early installer changes02:10
jdublet's just do it then ;)02:10
jdubthough probably make the announce blurb scary enough02:10
jdubso that people don't feel that CD availability == 'beta' or encouragement, etc.02:11
Kamioncan I put in a request for array cds to be scheduled for Wednesdays this cycle? :)02:11
jdubwednesday is the optimal day02:11
Kamionthe sounders being on Monday tended to result in me coming in after the weekend to find they were totally hosed02:11
jdubmmm, they weren't meant to be monday ;)02:11
Kamionafter a while, they weren't. :-)02:11
Kamionok, let's make this Wednesday's cron.daily run be Array CD 1 then02:12
jdubi dunno why i copied the older gnome style calendar02:12
jdubi'll fix that up 02:12
Kamiongive it a couple of days to settle02:12
Kamionbeta> yeah, I set the CD label to "Alpha"02:13
Mithrandir"early crack". :)02:13
fabbioneseb128, thom: i always got that message since X4.1.002:13
fabbioneif you can figure out what is wrong it would be cool02:14
Kamionjdub: (historically, the two-week CD cycle has been pretty good at making me get off my arse and finish my current round of changes, too :))02:14
thomelmo: please sync wireless-tools from unstable02:19
fabbioneelmo: please sync apache from unstable02:20
seb128elmo: please sync gnumeric 1.3.93 from experimental02:21
fabbioneelmo: please xorg from fd.o02:21
seb128oups, gnumeric 1.3.93 is in unstable02:22
seb128but still, need a sync02:22
dokomithrandir: could you solve your glibc build problem?02:35
Mithrandirdoko: nope :/02:36
Mithrandirdoko: the problem goes away if I turn off TLS02:37
Kamionseb128: any news on that fam/gamin thing in libgnomevfs2-common?02:37
seb128gnome-vfs2 (2.8.3-0ubuntu3) hoary; urgency=low02:38
seb128  * debian/control.in:02:38
seb128    - Build-Depends on libgamin-dev | libfam-dev.02:38
seb128installed here02:38
seb128I've forgotten to upload ?02:38
=== sid77 [~sid77@host99-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Parting..."]
Kamioncould be, dunno, just looking at germinate output02:39
seb128Kamion: I was probably waiting to restart a session with the new package to be sure that all is ok02:39
seb128Kamion: uploading now02:39
jdubseb128: i've been using gamin on warty for ages now, btw :)02:40
KamionI'll go fix libwvstreams3-base now02:40
dokomithrandir: did you prepare a new ia32-libs-openoffice.org package, or can I upload one without lib32gcc1 when I update to the new gcc-3.4.3 package?02:41
Mithrandirdoko: no, I haven't done it.02:41
Mithrandirso please upload a new one in sync02:41
fabbionedoko, Mithrandir: is it normal that gcc fails all the test suite and still considered to build fine?02:44
fabbioneFAIL: gcc.c-torture/compile/20000504-1.c,  -O3 -g  02:44
fabbionei see pages and pages of stuff like this02:44
dokowhich architecture?02:44
doko3.3, 3.4, snapshot?02:44
dokoon the buiildd?02:45
doko20001226 is the only testcase that fails at http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.php?&pkg=gcc-3.3&ver=1%3A3.3.5-2&arch=sparc&stamp=1098710590&file=log&as=raw02:48
=== nmf [~nmf@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionehmm weird02:49
Mithrandirfabbione: I don't know anything about gcc. :)02:50
fabbioneok cool02:51
fabbioneconfig file transition is ok02:51
fabbionepeople might have to merge manually if they did some modifications, but that's how it is02:52
=== fabbione wonders if daniles is still alive
dokofabbione: are you working on a sparc port?02:53
dokodaniel alone in Copenhagen, part II?02:53
fabbionedoko: yes to the sparc port02:55
fabbionedaniel was very very ill this morning02:55
fabbionehe wrote me in pvt "brb"02:55
Kamionouch :(02:55
fabbioneand he didn't come back anymore02:55
fabbionei think he has been hitted by danish primes ;)02:55
Kamionhang on, I thought you guys were in the same building?02:55
fabbionei might have to go and take a look if he doesn't resurrect within dinner time02:55
fabbioneKamion: he still sleep at the hotel02:56
fabbionemy house is a building site02:56
fabbionei don't really have place for people to sleep here02:56
fabbionehe barely has a chair where to sit :)02:56
Kamionwell, hope he gets well soon02:56
fabbioneyeah i am pretty sure he will be alright02:56
thomgrah, are any of the gnome anoncvs mirrors even vaguely up to date?03:00
seb128define "vaguely"03:01
jdubdepends on your definition of 'up to date'03:01
thomless than 2 days delta?03:01
tsengthat reminds me, whats up with the tarball feed on pgnome/news03:02
jdubtseng: dunno, noticed it but haven't checked03:02
fabbionedaniels is still alive :-)03:17
dokoelmo: please sync gcc-3.3 from unstable03:17
fabbioneand the ati driver fix is compiling now03:17
Mithrandirso you haven't been able to kill him with danish food, yet?03:17
fabbionetime to mount the metal bars on the dinining table :-)03:17
fabbioneMithrandir: nope :(03:17
dokodanish "food"? flavours and colour addons dominate danish food (although a good hot dog ...)03:18
fabbionedoko: he had a hot dog yesterday evening03:19
fabbionethat's why he is close to die03:19
=== kent [~kent@h104n1fls24o825.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dokofeed him danish soft ice cream, that will help ;)03:22
carlosseb128: new evolution does not let me send any mail...03:22
carlosseb128: is it a know bug?03:22
carlosseb128: it gives me connection refused, but the server works from a direct telnet session03:23
=== hornbeck_ [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128carlos: not a ssl issue ?03:23
carlosseb128: the smtp + ssl is activated after the connection is done (it uses also the port 25)03:24
=== hornbeck_ is now known as hornbeck
carloslet me change the smtp server...03:24
seb128carlos: it that ok if you don't use an ssl connection ?03:24
carlosseb128: testing it, btw, after the upgrade the auth option for the smtp is disabled, I need to renable it by hand (but i'm not able to test it at the moment)03:26
carlosseb128: yes, the problem is the "Use Always SSL option"03:28
carlosfor sending, without it, it works03:28
seb128ok, so that's not an evolution problem apparently :)03:28
carlosare you sure?03:28
=== amu [~amu@n6-76.dsl.vianetworks.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
carlosSame options, same server, evolution 2.0 worked without problems...03:29
seb128the last bug reports about this have been closed a NOTXIMIAN IIRC03:29
seb128saying that's due to the server which is buggedf03:29
seb128hi amu 03:29
carlosseb128: could you give me an URL for that bugreport, please?03:29
fabbioneamu: we have a fix for that segfault you were getting with X.org03:34
seb128carlos: I've http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=68444, but it was with an imap server .. looking for mail sending03:35
carlosseb128: don't worry03:35
carlosI will search for it03:35
carlosI thought you had it located already03:35
fabbioneworkrave is yelling and screaming at me03:35
seb128carlos: have you tried to wait some minutes ?03:36
Mithrandirdid we ever get a ical feed with meetings and stuff?03:36
carlosseb128: some minutes?03:36
carlosfor what?03:36
carlosthe problem is that it does not reachs the server or it tries to connect to the wrong server03:37
seb128carlos: to get the mail sent03:37
carlosthe server logs does not have any connection attempt logged03:37
carlosseb128: yes, and same error03:37
seb128oh, you have an error ?03:38
seb128I thought is was just hanging03:38
seb128ok, so probably not the same issue I was thinking of03:38
seb128if you open an upstream bug please Cc: me :)03:38
carlosseb128@debian.org or canonical.com?03:39
seb128I've not created different accounts with the new email03:40
sivangseb128 : have you patched #2221 yet?03:40
seb128sivang: no, so many bugs, I've not had time yet :/03:40
seb128sivang: if you want to test the fix that would be nice :)03:41
carlosseb128: I will look at it tonight after work hours, I can use my local smtp server until it's fixed03:41
sivangseb128 : got it! :)03:41
=== sivang finally found a reasonable patch to test
sivangseb128 : did you track down the bug at all ? or just attched the proposed patch?03:43
sivangseb128 : I mean, I understand what happened in the perl code, just not sure when it did :)03:43
seb128I've not added anything03:43
seb128the upstream devel has attached the patch which has been commited in the CVS03:44
sivangseb128 : ok, I will test the fix03:52
jdubfar out03:54
jdubstupid bogofilter03:54
jdubgar gar03:54
=== jdub reads "we punched you in the face again!" in the bogofilter NEWS file
thomtime to try NM with a wired connection, lets see how badly this breaks04:30
thomoh well04:36
Kamiond'oh! I never uploaded the merged countrychooser04:37
elmothom/fabbione/seb128/doko: done04:40
fabbioneelmo: also x.org? ;)04:43
fabbioneelmo: thanks btw.. you still rock!04:43
Mithrandirelmo: seems we don't have elfutils in universe, could you sync that?04:43
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sladendoes anyone have pictures from Oxford of the usplash whiteboard?04:44
elmoMithrandir: I don't see it in Debian ?04:44
elmoMithrandir: #22176104:45
elmofabbione: just apache, I'm afraid04:45
thomelmo: grazi :-)04:45
Mithrandirelmo: sorry, I'm trying to track down what the package is; I need it for some glibc debugging.04:45
Mithrandirelmo: argh, ok.04:45
thomsladen: i thought someone had it, but can't recall who04:46
sladenthom: that's what I thought too.04:51
sladenthom: can you remember who else was around and awake?04:51
Kamionit didn't all get transferred to the wiki?04:51
sladenKamion: yes, hopefully.  I'm drawing to draw up all the documentation I can04:53
thomsladen: Kinnison ?04:53
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=== sivang [~sivang@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionedaniels: you around?04:58
danielsfabbione: yeah, just got in04:59
danielsreading email now04:59
danielsthe fruit didn't help any, but I'm at least capable of basic mobility now04:59
Mithrandirdaniels: how are you feeling?04:59
danielslike utter crap05:00
Mithrandirwhat happened?  stomach revolt?05:00
danielsquite violent armed revolution, yes05:02
danielsso I spent most of today in bed; dragged myself up and went out to find some real food and got some fresh air before, starting to feel vaguely human again05:03
fabbioneany arch guy around?05:03
danielslesson #2 for the week: pasting URLs into mutt can cause mail loss05:18
=== sivang wonders if there is any way of feeding mutt with food from stdin
danielsjust paste http://www.happycow.net/europe/denmark/copenhagen/ into the folder of your choice05:21
danielslist folders recommended (glad I didn't lose any personal/non-archived mail)05:21
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ddaafabbione: wassup?05:25
fabbioneddaa: i am having a problem with baz05:27
fabbioneto tag a release05:27
fabbioneand i was searching a simple wy to do an "export"05:28
ddaatag was phased out in favor of switch05:28
ddaa* in favor of branch05:28
ddaaWhich does tag+switch05:29
danielsddaa: the problem is that xorg--debian--6.8.1-0.3 is apparently an invalid version05:29
danielscan the version not have a - ?05:29
fabbionebranch: invalid version name -- xorg--debian--6.8.1-0.305:29
ddaadaniels: no, it cannot05:29
danielstagging for every debian revision is pretty important to us, because it's the only way to ... ah crap05:29
ddaaif you want to call you revisions by arbitrary names, use a one-line config05:29
danielsany way around this, other than a text file noting that 6.8.1-0.3 == --patch-9?05:30
danielshave a config that looks like '6.8.1-0.3 xorg--debian--6.8.1--patch-9'?05:30
ddaaThe usual practice is to create a 'dists' category with all configs.05:30
danielsany documentation I should be reading on configs?05:30
fabbioneddaa: ok.. what about "export"?05:30
ddaadaniels: no, make the arbitrary version the name of the config file05:31
mdzlifeless: pong05:31
ddaathe content of the configs only gives the revision and the directory name to get to.05:31
ddaafabbione: how generic an export do you want?05:31
ddaaWant support for spaces and other weird stuff in file names?05:32
fabbioneddaa: like cvs export or svn export05:32
ddaaThe "simple" export, until it's implemented in baz, looks like:05:32
fabbioneddaa: i want something that works indipendently of what i have05:32
ddaa(me checks if that's not already in the wiki, that's a faq)05:32
ddaafabbione: the fully general one is a bitch, let me look05:33
danielsddaa: oh, right05:33
ddaabecause of drug-abuse^W^W pika-escaping in inventory output05:33
danielsddaa: so, echo versions/6.8.1-0.3 xorg@canonical.com/xorg--debian--6.8.1--patch-9 > dists/version-6.8.1-0.3 ?05:33
fabbionei think i will be faster removing .arch by hand05:33
ddaadaniels: would call it something like dist/xorg/6.8.1-0.3, and It would use a fixed source tree name (e.g. xorg) instead of "versions/6.8.1-0.3"05:35
danielsddaa: ok, thanks05:36
fabbionedaniels: ok. i killed the arch stuff.. i will release with what's in the archive now05:36
ddaafabbione: let me look, there is probably a script around05:36
fabbionedaniels: mind to take care of tagging?05:36
fabbioneddaa: i have done already thanks05:36
ddaafabbione: why ask for something if you cannot be bothered to wait 5 mins for the answer?05:36
Kamionfabbione: you could just use dpkg-buildpackage's support for excluding files05:36
=== michiel_ [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionthen you can just build out of a working tree05:37
ddaafabbione: notwithstanding that you make me feel like an idiot.05:37
fabbioneddaa: because i am in short of time. sorry. nothing to make you feel like an idiot05:37
fabbioneKamion: oh nice.. thanks. i will look into that05:38
Kamionyou want the -i option05:38
fabbioneddaa: again.. thanks. i appreciate anyway and having an official way to do so is better05:38
danielsfabbione: i'll start building up some configs tonight05:38
fabbioneddaa: i am still here listening..05:38
danielsfabbione: i might have to drop off in a bit (or maybe I'll just put some gloves on and sync my mirror) because my hands are freeeeeeeeeezing ;)05:38
Kamionfabbione: the default value for -i already ignores {arch} and .arch-ids, though05:38
Kamionfabbione: unless you're building a native package, you should just be able to build away ...05:39
ddaafabbione: okay, it's going take a little time, the recipe on the wiki is shit.05:39
fabbioneKamion: ah ok.. i need to see how it interact with dpkg-source -b05:39
fabbioneddaa: ok thanks :-)05:39
Kamionfabbione: this is in dpkg-source05:40
fabbioneKamion: even better :-)05:40
fabbioneanyway... 6.8.1-0.3 is building.. expect a drop in a hour or so05:40
fabbionetomorrow we will go live05:40
fabbionedaniels: i will leave as soon as i can update the package files05:42
fabbionedaniels: gf is pretending some time with her05:42
fabbionedaniels: and i can't say she is not right05:42
danielsfabbione: sure, tha's fine05:46
danielsfabbione: if you need me to ssh in, check progress, upload, whatever, let me know05:47
danielsfabbione: i've got a while till I'll go back and crash05:47
fabbionedaniels: nah i have evertything under control05:48
fabbionedaniels: go and rest05:48
fabbioneand come back alive tomorrow05:48
fabbionedaniels: get ready for a long run :-)05:49
danielsheh :)05:49
Kamionelmo: any idea where wvstreams 3.75.0-1ubuntu3 went? I got an ACCEPTED mail, but the actual package seems to have disappeared into the ether05:52
fabbioneelmo: do you think you can be around tomorrow when we upload x.org?05:53
danielsfc3 out with gnome 2.805:58
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azeemwhat version is NLD featuring?06:00
tsengif it matters.06:03
tsengfrom what ive seen so far, it doesnt feature anything revolutionary06:04
tsenga bit of integration with with novell network services06:04
tsengand the openoffice improvements ximian has had for about a year now06:04
Mitariohello everyone06:04
fabbionedaniels: only ppc missing :-)06:07
danielsfabbione: rad06:08
fabbioneit's building the debs now06:08
fabbioneok.. they are all up06:15
fabbionemail is on the way06:15
fabbionechroots are clean again...06:16
danielsso we do the split and then upload?06:16
fabbionedaniels: yes. split -> test -> test -> test -> test -> test -> test -> upload06:16
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091be7.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionedaniels: than we need to run to the airport and catch the first plane directed to any unreachable island in the pacific06:17
danielsheh, cool :)06:17
danielsaustralia is pretty unreachable in late december, i discovered :P06:17
danielsplus, we have no internet there06:17
fabbioneyeah.. but people must not know where we are going06:18
fabbionei am off :-)06:18
fabbioneeverything is in place06:18
fabbionemail is out06:18
fabbionedaniels: if you see mako around ask him to prepare an official announcement06:18
fabbioneor something06:18
fabbionecya tomorrow06:19
danielsok, sure06:19
danielsnight dude06:20
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=== Kamion has languagechooser changes that at least make a brave attempt to do UTF-8 by default
danielsKamion: nice one06:25
danielsok, I'm heading back to the hotel (battery virtually dead, should attempt dinner anyway) now, might be online later on depending on how I feel06:25
Kamiondoes anyone know if .UTF-8@euro locales are useful for anything?06:26
danielselse, see you all tomorrow06:26
Kamiondefault currency choices or something?06:26
MithrandirKamion: they're not useful.06:26
Kamionare they identical to .UTF-8?06:27
=== Kamion looks at #274491
seb128Kamion: #1755 06:29
Kamionyeah, that's pretty much the same as Debian #27449106:29
Kamionah, but with more useful information06:30
seb128yeah :)06:30
Kamionok, so the installer shouldn't perpetuate those06:30
=== herzi [~herzi@d058175.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
justdaveI was hoping Apple would have updated Disk Utility in 10.3.6 (just came out a couple days ago) so it wouldn't crash when you try to burn Ubuntu images, but no such luck.06:50
ddaafabbione: in case you read the backlog, here is the excruciatingly complete recipe to export an arch tree: http://wiki.gnuarch.org/moin.cgi/Arch_20Recipes#export06:54
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fabbioneddaa: cool!07:21
ddaafabbione: It's also likely that fai has something packaged for that.07:21
ddaaIn the medium term, baz should have something built-in, too...07:22
ddaaNow, you understand why I could not answer right away? :-)07:22
fabbionesorry but mine wasn't a complain07:23
fabbionei don't want you to feel that way07:23
fabbionebut yes i understand :-)07:23
Kamionfai? argh, name-clash07:23
ddaaKamion: yeah, yeah... feel free to propose another name to abentley... anyway, most/all of it is probably going to be folded into baz eventually.07:24
ddaafabbione: I just got irked by the "how can I do this? <scramble to find the correct, non-obvious, solution> Nevermind, I did it by hand." But I understand you were in a rush. So no problem.07:27
fabbionegotta go for real now07:27
=== ddaa -> dinner
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Mitariois there a way to check which version of ubuntu is installed? (hoary, warty for example)07:42
amuless /etc/lsb-release07:43
Kamionelmo: can I have busybox-cvs-floppy-udeb, di-utils-bootfloppy, load-floppy in main please?07:45
amuKamion: maybe i'm little late, but happy birthday! 07:47
Kamionamu: thanks :-)07:47
=== sivang [~sivang@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
MithrandirKamion: do you remember what we did about the netboot branding thingies?08:04
MithrandirKamion: (as elmo reported in 3246)08:04
Kamionit's just choose-mirror, branding like any other08:04
Kamionlooks branded to me08:04
Mithrandirhmm, why does elmo say it's not?08:05
Kamionthe only mention of Debian I see in choose-mirror is in fuzzy templates08:06
Kamionah, the version in warty had some missing branding08:07
Kamionit's fixed in hoary08:07
Mithrandiroh, ok08:08
Mithrandircare to comment that on the bug?08:08
Mithrandiror should I08:08
Kamionjust did08:08
KamionMithrandir: a generated file had been branded rather than the file from which it was generated08:08
Mithrandirheh, ok.08:08
Mithrandirbut that's fixed now?08:14
Kamionyep, I fixed it when doing the merge from Debian to hoary08:15
=== jbailey [~jbailey@dragonfly.fundserv.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Kamion claims first "done" blood on HoaryGoals
MithrandirKamion: bah, you rock, as usual. :P08:31
Kamiondon't worry, the rest are a lot harder :)08:31
dokomithrandir: did you get a mail about my ia32-libs-openoffice.org upload?08:34
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionMithrandir: can you reproduce #2651?08:45
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=== dasenjo [~dasenjo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsKamion: ohnoyoudinnit08:53
danielsKamion: <418A6337.7020401@canonical.com> on Thu, 04 Nov 2004 18:13:27 +0100 says you didn't claim first blood :P08:54
Kamiondaniels: I see no "done" on HoaryGoals :)08:55
danielsKamion: ber08:55
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MithrandirKamion: I can try tomorrow evening or so.09:19
=== vuntz [~vuntz@fennas.vuntz.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Mithrandirthom: what's the easiest way to redirect people from www.foo.com to www.bar.com; both are on the same site, and I'd like deep links to be redirected properly as well.09:41
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=== vuntz dteste son ordinateur
=== amu__ [~amu@n6-77.dsl.vianetworks.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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amudamm, freenode expect now a running ident? 10:03
ChrisHIt did that always. But you can REJECT that port and still get in.10:04
=== Fwiffo [~user@jep.dhcp.kampsax.dtu.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
amulooks like the last 30min. I cant join :( 10:06
carloshow could I see why aptitude is trying to install gstreamer-editor?10:09
=== sivang [~sivang@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomMithrandir: same VirtualHost ?10:23
Mithrandirthom: preferably, yes.10:24
MithrandirI know I could use mod_rewrite, but it's so totally overkill. :)10:25
thomwith different vhosts it's trivial - RedirectMatch /(.*) www.bar.com/$1 in the foo.com VirtualHost10:26
MithrandirI could set up different virtualhosts, but it's silly, IMHO.10:26
thomotherwise, you're in mod_rewrite territory - you'd need to do a RewriteCond for the host, then RewriteRule similar to the redirect i just gave you10:26
Mithrandirthat's even more silly.10:27
thomagreed (on both counts)10:27
Mithrandirit's less work to write another apachemodule.10:27
Mithrandirrenamevhost or something.10:27
thombut if both are the same virtual host, why bother?10:27
Mithrandirone is going away at some point.10:28
Mithrandirso it's a gentle nudge for people to see the new url and update.10:28
Mithrandir(raw.no -> err.no)10:29
thomurgh, it never works10:29
Mithrandirof course it doesn't work, but it doesn't hurt either.10:29
Mithrandirit doesn't work 100%, it works the first 80% or so.10:29
Mithrandirwhich leaves the second, third and fourth 80%.10:29
carlosMithrandir: the best option IMHO is a Redirect Permanent 10:31
carloswith that google like applications will update the links to the new URL10:31
Mithrandircarlos: I don't care about google, it'll pick up the new url fast enough.10:32
Mithrandircarlos: I care about people remembering URLs.10:32
carlosMithrandir: the redirect permanent is like the RedirectMatch10:32
carlosso the people will see alse the new url10:32
Mithrandircarlos: yes, but it requires another vhost.10:32
carlosbut as you already know, you will need two virtualhost entries10:32
Mithrandirwhich is silly.10:32
Mithrandirthom: what's a simple, standalone module I could use as a template?10:33
|trey|Mplayer in hoary used to provide codecs as part of the package, legal problems with that?10:35
thomMithrandir: mod_example? :-)10:36
Mithrandirthom: it should be in its own source pkg.  I'm goddamn lazy. :P10:37
|trey|Without the codecs, might as well not have mplayer around  :(   no w32codecs package makes it useless  :(10:39
thomi need to package mod_zeroconf soon, that's pretty trivial. but i'd just grab the apache2 source and look in modules/experimental/10:39
mdz|trey|: I do not find that to be accurate10:39
pitti|trey|: I wouldn't go that far; for me mplayer works just great without any w32 codecs10:39
|trey|pitti, I can't play any movies that I have around now... for me, that makes my players useless  :(10:40
pitti|trey|: odd, I can play everything - DivX, DVDs, MPEGs, ...10:40
pitti|trey|: which codecs do you use?10:41
|trey|before the last upgrade, they all worked, thats why I have them around...10:41
Mithrandirthom: already at it10:41
|trey|pitti, the old mplayer-* packages used to include those codecs... last upgrade switched to marillats packages... these don't have codecs, and no w32codecs available...10:42
|trey|I forget who was maintainer before, but it wasn't Christian...10:42
pitti|trey|: ah, this may be a bug; I compiled mplayer myself, with all codecs10:42
|trey|pitti, you should upload that package then, far more useful  :)10:42
pitti|trey|: I did not package it, I just compiled the upstream sources10:43
pitti|trey|: I doubt that many people would like my version :-) No gui at all, just command line :-)10:43
pitti|trey|: but it is very fast because of this :-)10:43
|trey|pitti, atleast replace -nogui  :) thats what I use anyways  :)10:43
lifelessmdz: pingpong10:44
mdzlifeless: hi10:44
sjoerdpitti: did you have time to look at your arch thingie10:44
lifelessso yeah, tla in warty.10:44
pittisjoerd: I tried it myself and got the 40410:44
|trey|pitti, would be greatly appreciated... seems silly to not provide the codecs when we provide mp3 etc already in multiverse  :(10:44
pittisjoerd: however, I do not know why; it works fine with a browser10:45
sjoerdpitti: ah ok, them i'm not doing something stupid :)10:45
pittisjoerd: I also tried to replace '@' with '%40', but that didn't do it...10:45
sjoerdpitti: it tries to access it with webdav stuff10:45
pittisjoerd: I'll ask an arch guru how to confine that to plain http10:45
mdzlifeless: yeah?10:51
lifelessI thought it might be faster to chat here, rather than bug back n forwarding.10:51
mdzlifeless: I outlined the options in bugzilla; what makes most sense to you?10:51
mdzlifeless: have you talked to asuffield by any chance?10:51
mdzthat's the best option from where I sit: Debian updates to more recent tla, and we follow Debian10:52
lifelessnot about this specifically, but I have in the past. When Tom labels a new release as having happened, then asuffield will update his debian package for tla.10:52
Mithrandirasuffield is alive in #debian-devel on opn now, fyi10:52
lifelessI guess I'm more interested in the policy: I'm rather confused that we are considering updating tla in warty at all.10:53
lifelessasuffield does have daily debs of toms current code too.10:55
mdzlifeless: we aren't considering updating tla in warty10:57
mdzbut in Ubuntu (i.e., hoary)10:57
lifelessah, so this is for hoary. Right.10:57
lifelessI'd do a ubuntu-versioned package of baz after we release 1.010:58
lifelessand let tla 1.3 come when it comes. 10:58
mdzit only needs an ubuntu version if it's a Debian package that's different in Ubuntu10:58
mdz1.0-1 is fine for this10:58
mdzok, sounds good10:58
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=== Mithrandir gets crushed under mod_example.
thomyay, bye bye fam11:06
pittithom: does that mean that gamin is now activated in Hoary?11:07
thomseems so, yeah11:09
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
opiI've come across funny thing in DI11:11
opihaving same problem with Ubuntu and Debian Sarge (netinstall)11:12
pittisjoerd: I released pmount 0.3 which fixes all of your issues11:12
opihow do you think, where should I put my raport? DI developers, Ubuntu Bugzilla? Both? :)11:12
pittisjoerd: it's now at my hp and I just uploaded the debian package11:12
pittiopi: bugzilla is preferred for bugs 11:12
sjoerdpitti: cool, nice work ;)11:13
pittiopi: if you have general questions or an installation report, then mail might be better11:13
mdzopi: search bugzilla _before_ filing a new bug11:14
opimdz: okey11:14
sjoerdpitti: only the group thingie is left then ?11:14
opipitti: well, I just try to put new software on old box11:14
pittisjoerd: yes11:14
pittisjoerd: well, and of course the missing uid checking for ext2 and the like11:15
opipitti: first time I've got Installation running without problem, but I've messed up and decited to restart11:15
opipitti: after that (I do not know why) DI didn't go behind module loading stage11:15
opipitti: for both Ubuntu and Debian11:15
opiI know it sounds funny11:16
pittiopi: did you change any hardware since then?11:16
pittiopi: did you check the CD for faults?11:16
opiit was separated by 15 secs of reboot11:16
opipitti: ISO had good MD5 (my other box is installed from it)11:16
opipitti: and CDR looks ok11:16
pittiopi: you can boot the CD in expert mode and test the CD in the menu11:17
opipitti: ok, I didn't knew about Test in expert11:17
opipitti: I only did ,,custom'' before ;)11:17
sjoerdpitti: what was the behaviour if it can't get the uid again ?11:18
=== sjoerd forgot
pittisjoerd: it just allows it11:18
pittisjoerd: it = unmounting11:18
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