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Nafalloanyone needed for swedish translation?12:06
plovsNafallo, hi12:08
Nafalloplovs: hi there :-)12:08
plovsNafallo, mail to ubuntu-doc@lists.ubuntu.com, that might help12:11
plovsNafallo, translation is not running smoothly yet12:11
plovsNafallo, no better to this list12:13
plovscouldn't find the link so fast12:13
Nafallohehe, I was just about to ask ;-)12:13
plovsit's late...12:13
NafalloI'm already signed up for everything but -users ;-)12:13
plovsusers is *very* busy12:14
Nafalloand -[locales]  ofcourse ;-)12:14
plovsi read users, develop and doc12:14
Nafallohehe, I noticed ;-)12:14
plovsso talk on the translation-list, they know more12:14
Nafallooki :-)12:15
Nafallothey include translation of docs, right? :-)12:15
plovsyes, the lot12:20
plovsok, got to sleep12:21
plovssee ya!12:21
Nafallosee ya12:21
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George^Dekahi all06:40
George^Dekai am about to finally start writing my firefox howto - ill base it on 1.0 (out in 5 hours) - what should i use to write it moin or docbook ?06:53
plovsGeorge^Deka, hi!07:02
plovsGeorge^Deka, write it in ReST07:02
George^Dekaplovs: okay, i dont know ReST but looks simple enough (can docbook not export to ReST ?)07:04
plovsGeorge^Deka, not that I know, but in the wiki ReST is easier to change for others until the doc gets 'stable'07:05
plovsGeorge^Deka, see for example: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocumentHowto07:05
plovsGeorge^Deka, let me know if something is not clear in the example there, i'll update it07:06
George^Dekaokay cool, yeah seen that. 07:06
plovsGeorge^Deka, and the ReST page07:06
George^Dekabtw where should i put it while it is unstable07:06
plovsGeorge^Deka, just add draft to the top (like in the example)07:06
plovsGeorge^Deka, make it under HowTo07:07
George^Dekathanks plovs07:09
plovsGeorge^Deka, anytime :-)07:09
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GeorgeDekacan someone tell me does firefox handle mailto links correctly (ie opening in evolution) - im not in ubuntu atm07:50
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GeorgeDekacan someone review the work i have done on the firefox howto please08:16
GeorgeDekait is only 10-20% done so far08:17
GeorgeDekaemail me george.deka+nospam@gmail.com (this was done because of the irclog)08:18
GeorgeDekacya all later08:19
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nightlybuildHi folks !09:26
plovs_worknightlybuild, hi!09:38
nightlybuildHi plovs, did you talk with Daf ?09:38
nightlybuildabout the translation wiki and his organisation ?09:39
dafI don't believe we did09:40
nightlybuildok, so i start french translation in a txt format. We will see later for the wiki...09:42
plovs_workhi daf!09:46
plovs_workso you are on the translation team i suppose?09:48
plovs_workdaf, ?09:49
dafI organise the translation team09:53
plovs_workah, nice09:55
plovs_workwe have somebody coming in every once in a while asking what to translate, where should we send them?09:56
daftell them to message me on IRC (/msg daf) or send me an email (daf@canonical.com) or look at the wiki page https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/TranslationTeam, or some combination of the three :)09:57
plovs_workok, thanks09:58
dafno problem09:58
plovs_workDafyddHarries, that's you?09:58
dafI should talk with some doc people about making doc translation more organised09:58
dafyes, that's me09:59
plovs_workyes, it would be nice to have a page of stuff to be translated, in order of importance or something09:59
plovs_worklike FrontPage, FAQ etc10:00
dafhas the doc team standardised on formats for documentation?10:00
plovs_workin practice: newbies moin, core-team:ReST, support-docs: ReST and docbook10:00
dafwhat's support-docs?10:01
plovs_workall the docs that end up not under wiki, but under support10:01
dafah, I see10:01
dafwhere do they live?10:01
plovs_workthose we would like to make available off-line eg in yelp10:01
dafah, I see10:02
plovs_workmaybe you, as trans-team, can make a mail to the doc-team what you would like us to do, then we can workout some sort of a system10:02
dafok, I'm not too clear on what the best way to organise things is at the moment10:03
dafthe translation team is still rather nascent10:04
dafand I'd like to see some work getting done before we standardise how it's done10:04
plovs_workjust like everything ;-)10:06
plovs_workwell, at least i know whom to bother now10:06
plovs_workyour im my tomboy notes now10:07
plovs_workok, got to go, work calls, see ya!10:07
dafsee you :)10:09
ChrisHMorning, friends... :)10:10
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ChrisHlulu: morning, lulu10:20
luluChrisH - Morning!10:21
nightlybuildmorning !10:30
luluHey guys! volvoguy sent me this link on the Northern lights - check this gallery of pics - nature is truly amazing! http://www.spaceweather.com/aurora/gallery_01nov04.htm10:31
nightlybuildNote that the wiki and the web site have different account information (sigh) so until we figure out how to sync them up, you'll need different accounts on them to edit them separately.10:45
nightlybuildIs that always true10:45
nightlybuildI can edit the wiki from my website account, so...10:46
ChrisHnightlybuild: No longer. The old Wiki had. But as most of the content on the web site is Wiki driven this is deprecated info.10:52
mercurusnightlybuild: likewise ... possibly old information ?10:52
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lulunightlybuild: the ZWiki and website do not have a different authentication system. Are u thinking of the old wiki and the website?11:30
lulunightlybuild - I'll change that FAQ - thanks for pointing that out. 11:33
nightlybuildthanks Lulu11:34
nightlybuildso i don't translate this part anymore11:34
lulunightlybuild: just need to check a bug we had yesterday on the plone help centre (documentation) where people couldn't add things...11:35
luluotherwise anyone can change/edit  FAQs!11:35
lulunightlybuild: yup - leave that one for the moment :o)11:35
nightlybuildlulu: i was talking about french translation, not original FAQ ;-)11:36
lulunightlybuild: gotcha!11:37
nightlybuildhum, it seems that there is not yet a translation #chan for ubuntu, am i wrong ?11:39
luluwe need to bring translators and doc pepes together - Daf and I are having a chat as to how we can dovetail the two. The more channels we have the harder it is for people to track them....11:45
luluwe do have separate mailing lists tho'11:45
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plovslulu, ListOfAllPages has been done11:57
luluplovs: hey wow!  12:08
lulucan we rename the page to AllPages?12:08
luluand can we also do an Alphabetised list?12:09
luluand OrphanPages?12:09
luluand and and..... :o) ok - I'll add them to the wiki wish list!12:09
luluplovs: That rocks :o) thanks to u and Simon.12:10
ChrisHlulu: If you don't mind me asking... how many people are currently working for Canonical? I just know wrong info from the press. And what are the limitations to non-Canonical staff? Is the package maintenance, selection and maintenance done by Canonical? I wondered if there are parts of the project where Canonical keeps out other people. The "Mark chose a few DDs and founded Ubuntu" sounds a little mysterious.12:24
ChrisHlulu: It's probably a tightrope walk to sponsor a project and at the same time be neutral enough to not disturb the volunteer contributions.12:26
ChrisHlulu: To be honest my first impression was: "Canonical pays the DDs. You are free to contribute." :)12:26
ChrisHlulu: There are probably not such tight rules like in Debian currently. :)12:30
=== nightlybuild is now known as nightlybuild_
luluChrisH: we have a little over 30 people on the Canonical staff that were brought on board to get the distro up and running, and we are working on a lot of other tools.12:38
luluthe neutrality isn't difficult...seems to be going fine.12:38
ChrisHIs the package maintenance part limited to Canonical? I could imagine that in the long run a good deal of disappointed DDs would join such a promising project as Ubuntu.12:39
luluChrisH: we have a bounty system for people to be paid for work that needs to be done and can suggest bounties they'd like to do - see: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/bounties12:40
luluChrisH: package maintenance is not limited to Canonical. http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/teams/12:41
ChrisHlulu: So I assume that Mark hired the DDs for the "project ignition phase" but in the long run wants it's intended to be driven by volunteer contributions?12:43
luluChrisH: absolutely - a community distro run by/for the community :o)12:44
lulubut he has committed funding to help it get onto its feet.12:44
ChrisHlulu: I see. Well, I've been contributing to Debian for the last two years. And I just wondered which parts of Ubuntu are free to the non-canonical public.12:44
ChrisHlulu: There are some downsides to Debian that already drove developers away. So I think it's only natural to keep an eye on where people want to contribute. :)12:46
luluChrisH: what are the downsides so we can be careful not to replicate?12:46
ChrisHlulu: There is a nice document "lessons learned". I can dig out the link if you like. For me personally it's bureaucrocy, flame wars and a general flow of negative emotions.12:47
ChrisHlulu: People who would be valuable assets just block important positions. The project leader does not do that much about it.12:47
ChrisHlulu: Why would I want to be attacked personally by people that just want to distinguish.12:49
luluChrisH: Please could you send me the link. I think it's very important we have a happy and fulfilled community who'd contributions are valued and people are not blocked, but also we need to have a clear direction and path.12:50
ChrisHlulu: After a few personal comments (via email) from long-term DDs I learned: - don't try to change it, - don't subscribe to debian-devel (unless you have asbestos pants), - work privately with other developers you like (don't do it publicly)12:50
ChrisHlulu: I have a bunch of emails in my folder reading "I don't dare to support your position publicly. But I think you are right. I have tried to improve things myself for a while but only can maintain a decent level of motivation by not going to deep into the project."12:51
ChrisHlulu: http://liw.iki.fi/liw/texts/debian-lessons12:52
luluChrisH: I'd encourage you to put all this in an email to m if you can make the time - lu@canonical.com and we can go from there - does that sound sane?12:52
luluthanks for the link :o)12:52
luluChrisH: would this help explain free/non free: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/components/12:52
ChrisHlulu: Sure.12:52
luluChrisH: thank you!12:53
ChrisHlulu: I know that I may sound potentially manic-depressive. But actually it's painful to voluntarily sacrifice spare time for such people.12:53
ChrisHlulu: I was really impressed by the sounds of #ubuntu-devel compared to #debian-devel. (Stay there a while and read if you can take it.) People here are so friendly. And I hope that the project will keep up the high social quality.12:55
luluChrisH: I'll pop in. Ubuntu is a great community already and we have a strict code of conduct. If we all pull together, and respect each other's values/differences and encourage each other in making Ubuntu a great distro as well as a fun place to hang out, Ubuntu will go a long way.12:59
luluChrisH: I have to go and get some pressing work done. Thanks for the chat and do send me that email. :o)01:00
ChrisHlulu: I will. Thanks for the answers.01:01
luluChrisH: no worries - catch ya later.01:01
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plovs_workhi guys03:07
=== sivang [~dannyh@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanghi all03:25
sivangthis is me :)03:25
sivangnew people on the channel ha? nice03:25
plovs_worksivang, hi03:25
sivangwho are the new fine ubuntu-doc channel hanging out people? :)03:25
plovs_worksivang, all asleep i suppose03:28
plovs_worksivang, many translation people start to pop up03:28
sivangI see, nice to see we are getting momentum03:29
sivangwhat about the italian front?03:29
sivangI read some posts about it in list03:29
plovs_workChrisH, interisting read http://liw.iki.fi/liw/texts/debian-lessons03:31
plovs_worksivang, no idea, translation stuff needs organisation03:32
luluhey guys - I also spoke to Daf today.... we need a process of prioritising work that needs translating. Is it best for translators to start with documentation that is in the Documentation area on the website so they know they are the polished docs and won't change much....03:36
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ChrisHplovs_work: I know. I posted that link here. :)03:40
plovs_workChrisH, yes, got it from you, food for thought03:41
ChrisHplovs_work: indeed food... not entirely fat-free :)03:41
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=== x4m [~max@162.156-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #Ubuntu-doc
plovshi x4m04:32
sivanglulu : agreed04:32
sivanglulu : I would also don't mind having stuff which are already shipped with ubuntu, that need translation04:33
x4mplovs, ki04:33
sivanghey again all, hi ChrisH04:33
plovsx4m, you into documentation?04:33
ChrisHsivang: hiho04:34
sivangChrisH : Jau :) anything new on the svn/arch server ?04:35
ChrisHsivang: Didn't hear anything from hornbeck.04:36
plovsChrisH, probably sleeping04:36
plovsChrisH, hornbeck that is04:36
ChrisHWork has been unexpectedly busy today. I was about to start with the FAQ DocBook template.04:37
plovsChrisH, same here, gona build a new vpn tomorrow04:38
plovsChrisH, i *love* thevim plugin though04:39
plovsChrisH, superfast04:39
ChrisHplovs: Yeah, makes things quite easy. I also have this in my .vimrc which is even nicer:04:39
ChrisHmap! ,e <emphasis>04:39
ChrisHmap! ,p <para>>04:39
plovs? lots of spaces ?04:40
ChrisHDidn't you see anything?04:40
plovsi'm impatient04:40
plovsdrank too much coffee today04:40
ChrisH(I mean the "map!"... lines.)04:40
plovsgot hiper04:40
ChrisHWhen you enter ",e" in insert mode you would get an emphasis block.04:42
ChrisHAnd my favorite: map <F3> v/>^Mx04:42
ChrisHIf you are at the beginning of an opening XML tag you can just press F3 and the tag gets cut to the buffer. Go the end of the section and press 'p' (=paste) and it will be appended after the current char.04:43
ChrisHI use that to add tags after the text is already written. We'll need that a lot to add formatting to current documents. I tend to just copy/paste them from the web site.04:43
ChrisHplovs: Have you already started a qandaset with the FAQ from the support page?04:44
plovsChrisH, yes, with a couple of questions04:46
ChrisHplovs: Cool.04:46
plovsChrisH, what does F3 do?04:46
plovsok, typed before i read04:46
plovsChrisH, let's add a vim page to the docbook section04:47
plovsbtw, have you tried Alt<minus> tu speed up the speed of the wiki?04:51
ChrisHOff to home... see you in an hour.05:20
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luluhiya! BradB fixed the bug in Plone - we did a partial upgrade - Documentation section - you should be able to add FAQs, How TO's, Tutorials happily now :o)06:03
lululet me know if there are any problems - thanks :o)06:18
ChrisHlulu: You've got mail. ;)07:30
luluChrisH: thanks Chris! :o)07:31
luluyou're not going to be sitting in the cafe next door now are you?  ;) 07:31
ChrisHlulu: Actually... no. :) I'm in Hamburg/Germany.07:31
ChrisHlulu: And last time I've been to London I caught a bad flu. :)07:33
luluChrisH: lots of that going around at the mo ....07:34
luluI'm off - I'll get back to you tomorrow on your email Chris.07:40
lulunight all :o)07:40
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plovshi guys07:50
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-144-192.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
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plovsChrisH, could you also log #ubuntu-meeting ?08:21
ChrisHplovs: it is already... isn't it?08:24
plovsChrisH, forgive me it's the old age ...08:25
=== sivang LOLs
=== ratpoison [~ratpoison@p508BEDB0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ChrisHsivang: Where would you put announcements? ratpoison is currently sending out translated versions of the X.Org transition announcement. But where would we put that on the web page? I thought we'd ask lulu tomorrow if she could place a link on the start page. What do you think?08:56
sivangwe should 2 sections for announcments,08:56
sivangone would be used for technical stuff related ,08:57
sivangthe other general and administration.08:57
sivangI think we can go ahead and create such on the main documetnation site as we now have access.08:57
ChrisHsivang: I just have access to the documentation subsections. Is that what you mean?08:59
sivangyes, wasn't this what lulu talked that she fixed up ?08:59
ChrisHsivang: I was too busy to follow it exactly.09:00
sivangbtw, if anybody feels he might fix *anything* on the docteam page, just discuss on the list before if it's more then spelling mistake / cosmetic09:00
sivangChrisH : I recall (if I recall right :) she said this is now supposed to be fixed, so we would be able to maintain the documentation site no probe :)09:01
sivang<lulu> hiya! BradB fixed the bug in Plone - we did a partial upgrade - Documentation section - you should be able to add FAQs, How TO's, Tutorials happily now :o)09:01
sivangfor you convinience :)09:02
ChrisHYeah, that's right so far. We can edit the *sub*categories.09:02
ChrisHI just wonder where she intended to see the announcements? These (and translations) should IMHO be handled by the doc team, too.09:02
sivangBtw, what announcments are we talking about? 0:-)09:08
ChrisHsivang: I wonder how you could become the Senior Chief Master Project Editing Manager if you have no idea what's going on. Sheesh.09:13
sivangother then X.org what more announcments we have?09:13
ChrisHNot much yet.09:14
sivangwhat about new maintainers announcments?09:14
sivangI've seen some familiar names on that today09:14
ChrisHsivang: What about that on #-meeting? Did they talk about the maintainer candidates?09:15
plovsok, goodnight guys09:23
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangcongretulations !!!09:24
sivangfor hornbeck!!09:24
hornbeckyeah, congratulations for me09:24
sivangand plovs also09:25
hornbeckwhat is this for09:26
ChrisHhornbeck: Don't listen to sivang. He forgot to take his green pills again.09:26
sivangI'm pleased to announce that the following maintainer candidates have 09:27
sivangbeen approved by the Ubuntu Tech Board, and confirmed by the Community 09:27
sivang - Thibaut Varenet09:27
sivang - Alexander Poslavsky09:27
sivang - John Hornbeck09:27
sivang - Matthias Urlichs09:27
sivangCongratulations to all of them.09:27
sivangon ubuntu-devel@lists09:27
hornbeckhuh, well I am honored09:28
=== ChrisH bows before hornbeck
ChrisHhornbeck: Your honor, may I kindly ask if you got any further with the repository?09:28
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckI just got the server working about ten minutes ago09:29
hornbeckI will be seeking your help in about a hour09:29
hornbeckI have to run to a job real quick09:29
hornbeckbrb guys09:29
ChrisHUh, oh. :)09:29
WWHey folks09:30
ChrisHsivang: Not to forget plovs has also been promoted.09:31
=== ChrisH get another beer
WWWhat's the latest word on editing the wiki FAQ?  09:32
WWplovs: Hey, congratulations.09:32
WWhornbeck: Congratulations to you, too.09:33
ChrisHWW: I'm working on the template this very second.09:34
WWChrisH: That's for DocBook, right?09:35
ChrisHWW: Yes, Sir.09:35
WWChrisH: How will that work on the wiki?09:35
WWChrisH: Will it be easy for Joe User to add his bit to the FAQ?09:36
ChrisHWW: hornbeck is setting up a repository. With a little luck and scripting we can make every committment to the repository be automatically uploaded to the page (or at least put online on his server).09:36
WWChrisH: Hmmm... I'm not sure what that means!  Who does the "committment"?09:37
WWWill it still work like the old system did, where anyone can contribute to the wiki FAQ, and then good entries are occasionally pulled into the main "official" FAQ?09:40
ChrisHWW: Everybody who likes to contribute. I'm not sure about a consensus. But following the doc mailing list is sounds like a self-contained FAQ in DocBook format would make sense.09:40
ChrisHWW: It could be included in Yelp and be put online in XHTML. So we need to include a lot of Wiki pages. That would mean a lot of work for everybody who is interested in that job.09:40
ChrisHWW: Remembering remotely I think someone proposed a FaqProposedUpdates wiki page.09:41
WWplovs suggested something like "StuffToBeUploadedToTheFAQ" (or something like that) during a discussion several days ago.09:42
WWBut that seems like you could just leave the wiki FAQ as "FrequentlyAskedQuestions", and the Doc team could take good entries from there and incorporate them into the official DocBook FAQ.09:42
hornbeckWW: Thanks10:18
hornbeckChrisH: I have a ton of questions10:18
ChrisHhornbeck: Uh oh. :)10:18
hornbeckyeah :-)10:19
hornbeckfirst question10:19
hornbeckapache question10:19
hornbeckhow do I make my domain name show up instead of the ip when you go to it in a browser?10:19
ChrisHhornbeck: Set "ServerName" to something decent.10:20
sivangdocstash ! :)10:21
hornbeckstill comes up with the ip10:21
ChrisHhornbeck: what do you try? doc.workaround.org?10:22
hornbeckI have the domain, opensoftdesign.org10:22
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=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
cenerentolahi there..10:44
cenerentolais there someone who  i can talk with?10:44
ChrisHcenerentola: Hi. Yes, sure.11:00
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ChrisHhornbeck: Low on energy? :)11:00
hornbeckthat was odd11:00
hornbeckeverything just shut down11:00
cenerentolammm... drop of voltage... python missed a space.. and here it is11:00
hornbeckyou can try again ChrisH11:00
cenerentolashhh... microso*t [copyright problems]  is listening for its new advert campain11:01
cenerentolaChrisH: i was looking for Enrico Zini11:03
cenerentolabecause the Italian Ubuntu Community would like to help with doc things11:04
ChrisHcenerentola: Enrico is not always online here. Although the documentation team is mostly present here. lulu (from canonical) urged us to put a list of things to do online. Would you like to translate things? Or would you like to start improving the Wiki pages? Some information seems to be lost since the Wiki transition.11:06
cenerentolaand since ive got a stable internet connection i cant follow the thing through the ml11:06
cenerentolado you mean "hacking" the wiki code? or just editing it?11:07
ChrisHcenerentola: How does a stable isp connection prevent reading the mailing list? ;)11:07
ChrisHcenerentola: Just editing the contents.11:07
cenerentolano.. i cant use the laptop... this is what i mean for "stable"[sarge] 11:08
cenerentolaand they keep me seated from 8:30 am till 6:30 pm, and the internet lab closes at 6:0011:09
plovshi guys! just shortly before bed, congrets hornbeck!11:09
sivangcongretz plovs!!!!!!!!!!11:09
cenerentolathere's no way for me to connect to the internet.. it could seems odd since i study electronic engineering11:09
hornbeckcongrats plovs :-)11:10
plovscool, now we actually have to start movin'!11:11
hornbecknow I have to figure out the whole gpg key thing11:11
ChrisHhornbeck: ...and other things as well. ;)11:11
plovsit sounded important11:12
hornbeckChrisH: I have way to much to figure out right now :-)11:12
plovshow is it going with svn/cvs etc?11:12
hornbeckwe are working on just being able to see my server right now11:12
ChrisHplovs: working on it... some firewall trouble currently.11:12
hornbeckit is up and running though11:12
ChrisHplovs: the faq template is 90% done11:12
plovsChrisH, super11:12
plovshornbeck, need a hand with monowall?11:12
plovswhat's the ip?11:13
hornbeckits not monowall11:13
plovshornbeck, ah, that explains it ;-)11:14
hornbeckyes it does :-)11:14
plovsi was fooling around with all kind off firewall thingies until i was sick of it and settled for m'wall11:15
plovsanyway what is the domain?11:15
hornbeckopensoftdesign.org right now11:15
hornbeckhaving problems with that also11:15
hornbeckit shows up in browser11:15
hornbeckso httpd is working11:15
ChrisHhornbeck: but only for you11:16
ChrisHhornbeck: iptables?11:16
hornbeckyou cannot see the site either?11:16
hornbeckI need a outside connection11:16
ChrisHhornbeck: nope11:16
plovsdns works, but http does not11:16
hornbecktry it now11:16
ChrisHhornbeck: can't even ping it11:17
ChrisHhornbeck: bras1-g9-0.okcyok.sbcglobal.net ( is my last hop11:18
plovsdoes your apacheserver have a static address? or is it inside the wall?11:19
plovshornbeck, ^11:20
plovswell guys have fun, i need to get up in 6 hours, see ya tomorrow!11:23
ChrisHplovs: get some sleep for me too, will you? :)11:24
=== hornbeck_ [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeck_does someone have the ability to kick my old nick11:27
hornbeck_is anyone here?11:28
ChrisHhornbeck: yes11:29
=== mode/#ubuntu-doc [+o ChrisH] by ChanServ
=== hornbeck was kicked off #ubuntu-doc by ChrisH (ChrisH)
=== mode/#ubuntu-doc [-o ChrisH] by ChrisH
ChrisHhornbeck_: I hope I kicked the right one. :)11:30
hornbeck_can you see the server now?11:31
ChrisHhornbeck_: :(11:31
hornbeck_I am really not sure what is going on than11:32
ChrisHhornbeck_: Is your ISP?11:32
hornbeck_that is the dns11:32
ChrisHhornbeck_: in your network range?11:32
ChrisHhornbeck_: Because that's the last hop I can reach.11:32
=== ChrisH would come over and help if it would not be 20.000 kilometers away
hornbeck_can you ping
hornbeck_that is my router11:33
ChrisHhornbeck_: :)11:33
ChrisHhornbeck_: So the hope after the DNS does not shop up. But the .150 does11:34
hornbeck_that does not make since does it?11:35
ChrisHhornbeck_: I don't know that much about your net. Is it sbc <-> router <-> firewall <-> web server?11:35
hornbeck_sbc -> router/firewall -> server11:35
ChrisHhornbeck_: So we can get the firewall but not the server behind it.11:36
ChrisHhornbeck_: Did you enable routing on the firewall?11:36
hornbeck_I am seeing if I can turn off the firewall11:37
ChrisHCool. The FAQ looks already great in yelp. :)11:51
=== hornbeck__ [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc

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