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stubBradB: The existing vocabulary tests should show you what is needed.12:47
stubUrgh - which I can't find any more. I could have sworn there were some there :-(12:49
stubAnd the work I did splitting up the Launchpad harness into standalone setUp and tearDown methods never landed.12:52
BradBIt'll be worth deploying a new dogfood once I land this bug-id-in-subject-line-on-add patch12:52
stubBradB: Yup12:52
=== BradB waits while make check runs
stubharness.LaunchpadFunctionalTestCase is supposed to setup the database and all the Z3 infrastructure for functional tests (although Carlos was going to land a patch last night I think because I forgot to actually call the superclasses setup/teardown).12:54
BradBstub: I know. The problem is, this isn't a functional test.12:55
BradBA functional test is like "add a bug".12:55
BradBI wanna test one teeny little thing, that just happens to grab some data from the outside world.12:56
stubYup. I moved the pgsql.py harness into ftests because SteveA seemed to be saying it was a functional test because it hit the database, but I think you are right and it should stay in the Unit test area.12:57
BradBstub: SteveA, daf and I had this argume^Wdiscussion in London. :P12:58
stubI think pureist thinging says you need a stub implementation of the database, but in our environment SQLObject are just another provided datatype that we should be treating like dictionaries.12:58
BradBstub: My major concern there is that stub implementations are a Real World Nightmare to work with.12:59
BradBThe rely on knowing the *implementation* of the code your testing, which is masochistic.12:59
stubHey - I think I personally caused the stub implemenations in soyuz and rosetta to be dropped because I never bothered with it in Malone and it worked dammit ;)01:00
BradBI built the world's most solid credit card payment processing on the same philosophy (i.e. test stubs usually suck)01:01
BradBs/processing/processing system/ # okay, there might be one or two better01:01
BradBdaf: I'm now just waiting on tla as I land the bug id fix. Can we expect dilys's malone notifications to be working tomorrow?01:03
=== BradB tells tla to fogo na bomba
=== stub wonders if he should attempt upgrading to Hoary
BradBstub: what's the status of airport cards being supported in linux?01:16
BradBi want to install ubuntu on my other powerbook (the 15" 867 MHz), and see if it'll run faster than this 1.5 GHz one.01:16
stubI have no idea. I'm not on a mac any more so haven't been following.01:16
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: add bug id to subject line in bug add emails. cleanup bug add machinery and remove some dead chickens. (patch-764)01:28
BradBstub: anytime you want to rollout a new dogfood, go ahead.01:31
stubOohh..... from z3-users01:35
stubNo, but in order for them to work well, the have to be ILocations; you can put  a proxy around the values before returning them using  zope.app.location.locate(object, parent, name).01:35
stubMight be possible to hack that into our publisher method and make everything that is traversable to locatable01:36
BradBthat's what i was saying though :)01:43
BradBwe need locations01:43
BradBthe way it is now is screwed up. bugcontainers contain bugs, but bugs don't know that they're in bugcontainers.01:44
stubMmm.... it might be trivial to switch it on though - I suspect it involves changing a single method. I might give it a try ;)01:49
stubBradB: I spoke too soon last night about the bug watches. Our internal bugzilla is setup so you need to be logged in before you can see a bug. I suspect we need to extend the BugTracker table to contain a username and password, and refactor the checkwatches.py script to goto that tracker types login form, login, and maintain the auth information when it then checks the bugs on that external tracker. Which is annoying because we proba01:59
stubHmm... maybe I could just hardcode auth information in there for our internal one...02:00
BradBwatches in general will need to support the possibility that logging in to the remote system could be required02:01
BradBis the intent for dogfooding that we'll be watching dogfood bugs that were already reported in bugzilla? (i.e. before i got jdub to make that impossible)02:03
BradB...until they're migrated in a week or two.02:03
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dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.0: Making test-dir-regexps.sh posixly correct (patch-64)02:20
BradB|afkstub: so will there be a new dogfood by the time Canada wakes up tomorrow?02:58
stubBradB|afk: yup03:01
stubIt is pretty trivial for me to rollout now and difficult to screw up.03:02
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stubSteveA: ping04:44
dafBradB|away: sure, as long as I have some sample emails to work with06:18
stubdaf: At this stage, I think we just want to report the subject line of emails that have an errors-to: set to bounces@canonical.com - that should be future proof while we tweak the templates.09:26
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=== Kinnison dances
lulumorning :o)10:18
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KinnisonMorning sabdfl 01:00
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sabdflstub: how did that popup page selector work out?01:11
sabdflhiya BradB|away01:11
stubsabdfl: Partially done. I think it will be running by the end of tomorrow.01:12
stubItegrates happily as a standard widget, and the popup is working. I just have to have the popup contain content and the javascript to push the value back to the form.01:13
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sabdflKinnison: what's been the focus since you got archives published?03:28
Kinnisonsabdfl: "The focus" ?03:29
Kinnisonsabdfl: gina-wise, the dogfood server and hoary03:29
Kinnisonsabdfl: lucille-wise, getting a pile of unit-tests done for all the publishing stuff and then the domination and unpublishing stuff03:29
Kinnisonsabdfl: I have been prioritising dogfood over lucille recently; although that has receeded into nearly no time now03:30
KinnisonSo apart from periodic dogfood related sidelines; I'm back to lucille full-time03:31
sabdfldo you think the spanish inquistion will need to roast your tosies to get derivative distros working before christmas?03:31
Kinnisonmy toesies?! eep!03:31
=== Kinnison doesn't want his toes roasted; that's fer sure
KinnisonHopefully wednesday next week will leave me pretty much clear to get single-distro working nicely03:32
KinnisonDerivative distros needs all the policy stuff assuming we're not faking it03:32
KinnisonHopefully we'll get a chance to discuss some of that next week03:32
sabdflwe'll start as simple as possible03:32
KinnisonDo you want me to try and come up with an agenda for wednesday?03:32
sabdfljust a list of packages to be included03:33
sabdflgood idea to have an agenda03:33
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sabdflmornin' bradb03:37
sabdflnice cleanup work in malone btw on the bug add forms etc03:37
BradBdilys integration should be a real possibility today. i'm sure we'll end up reformatting the notification emails at some point, but they provide everything dilys needs now.03:39
sabdfli think we should make the product / package selection compulsory for new bugs03:44
sabdflgiven the Packaging table which links product and package, we should be able to make it quick03:44
BradBwhat do you mean "make it quick"? make it quick to figure out if the selected a package or product?03:46
ddaaspiv: can I disable globally the stderr proxy twistd puts in place?03:49
spivddaa: hmm03:49
ddaaI suspect it's what causes the gdb stuff to segfaults03:50
ddaaI successfully got the gdb macros to run on a dummy python script.03:51
sabdflBradB: selecting a package should immediately preselect the relevant product03:51
spivddaa: there's no option in twistd to do it... 03:52
spivddaa: it's a hack, but the simplest way would be to edit the startLoggingWithObserver function in twisted/python/log.py03:52
spivChanging the default value of setStdout should be sufficient.03:53
BradBsabdfl: ah. IOW, /both/ are required.03:53
ddaaspiv: well, then when is it done? I am happy if I can just add a bit of client code to restore sys.stderr out of sys.__stderr__ at some point.03:53
spiv(that flag affects sterr too)03:53
spivddaa: Well, it's done before running the tap/tac.03:53
spivSo I suspect you could sort it out in buildbot's master.cfg thing.03:54
sabdfli'm not sure we can require both, since we can't be certain that the product entry has been created03:54
sabdflalso, the bug might not exist upstream03:54
ddaaspiv: I'm interested in doing that in the slave.03:54
sabdflfor example, if it's purely a packaging bug03:54
sabdflthen it only exists in the package, not upstream03:54
BradBsabdfl: is it worth auto-selecting the product then? i would have thought it'd be common that the bug reporter would have no idea if the bug exists upstream.03:56
spivddaa: I suppose you could do it with something that does "reactor.addSystemEventTrigger('before', 'startup', setattr, sys, 'stderr', sys.__stderr__)"03:57
BradBsabdfl: stub was saying that maybe there was a specific reason that we don't want the product selection widget on the bug add form too. i think he was saying that it would confuse users (i.e. it's probably enough for us to leave it to the package maintainer to decide if a product assignment is warranted.)03:57
spivddaa: Personally, I'd just edit log.py ;)03:58
=== ddaa looks at spiv with blank stare
sabdflhmm... good idea03:58
spivddaa: I don't know the slave code well enough to know where a good spot to put that call would be, hence my slightly vague advice.03:58
=== ddaa follows spiv advice
BradBsabdfl: ok, i'll remove it today.03:59
sabdfli think it would also be possible to add a bug directly to a product, which creates the bug, and a bug-product-assignment03:59
sabdflremember, we want to be able to use malone for pure-upstream projects too03:59
BradBsabdfl: that's technically how we should be assigning bugs to malone.03:59
BradBmaybe two add forms? i'm not sure...04:00
sabdflgo to the product, then "file bug"04:00
sabdfli'll have a stab at that04:00
Kinnisonowwwie! unittests hurt my fingers04:01
sabdflwhat are the semantics of page test creation now?04:01
ddaaspiv: your suggestion does not seem to work terribly well...04:04
BradBsabdfl: each dir in pagetests is a "story"04:05
BradBsabdfl: for each "story", a fresh db is created.04:05
BradB./makepagetest {xx,nn} some cool test04:05
BradBxx if it's stand-alone, nn if it depends on the previous test.04:05
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Fix zopeless bug for Carlos (patch-765)04:06
BradBthat puts the test in pagetests/, then you move it to the appropriate story and elide all the crap not related to what you're testing.04:06
spivddaa: Hmm :/04:07
BradBsabdfl: i /think/ that it's appropriate for each app to be a story. i started that malone dir, because standalone was starting to get a bit overwhelming. we might want to gradually make standalone/ go away (and the tests therein be moved to malone/ soyuz/ rosetta/ and launchpad/)04:08
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sabdflso creation is unchanged, just move them to a story afterwards?04:19
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ddaaprogress... I added the sys.stdout/stderr restauration hack at some essentially random place, and now it segfauts just a bit later04:25
ddaamh... well, no... actually, just at the same place :-(04:27
ddaahehe... that was the "print local variables" that screwed at some point :-)04:33
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ddaaHere it goes.04:42
BradBsabdfl: correct (sorry, wasn't paying attention to this window for a while)04:42
ddaaHehe! Not even needing gdb actually...04:43
ddaaI got a familiar "interrupted system call" from within cscvs04:44
ddaaat a point where I used to have an occasional hanf04:44
sabdflBradB: any reason why the page test creation is not recording a POST?04:49
BradBsabdfl: that should work fine...you're posting on port 9000?04:50
sabdflthought i did04:51
sabdfljust tried again and it seems to have got it04:51
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sabdflBradB: i think we need a datecreated on the bugassignment tables05:20
sabdflso we can see a list of the bugs assigned to a product, in order of assignment05:20
sabdflor a list of the x latest bugs assigned05:20
sabdflmind if i go ahead and create that?05:20
BradBwe don't yet have that? yes, please feel free to create them. :)05:21
BradBsabdfl: while you're at it...do we want to add a "note" to assignments and infestations? mdz mentioned something about wanting this.05:22
sabdflcould be tricky to display though05:22
BradBwe could elide it as necessary "blah blah blah..."05:23
sabdflcan I sort() a list descending?05:54
BradBfoo.sort(lambda a, b: cmp(b, a))05:55
sabdflwow, that's immediately obvious, innit05:56
sabdflthanks :-)05:56
BradBno prob :)05:56
spiv"foo.sort(); foo.reverse()" works well as well :)05:59
BradBslower though06:00
spivBradB: Actually, no.06:01
BradBoh, because it's all done in C?06:02
spivBradB: The cost of doing n log n python function calls tends to strongly outweigh the cost of reversing the list in C :)06:02
BradBindeed, indeed.06:02
BradBlooks like 2.4 will make this operation even faster with reverse iteration06:06
spivYeah.  And also with supporting a keyfunc to sort.06:10
spivSo you could do "foo.sort(keyfunc=operator.neg)"06:11
spivToo many ways to do it ;)06:12
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lulunight all :o)07:43
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BradBdaf: ping08:18
dafBradB: pong08:42
BradBdaf: do you have enough info now to get dilys going with malone?08:49
dafI'm working on it as we speak08:50
BradBdaf: will we be able to also see who submitted a bug? (i just realized that there's no way to see who made a *change* currently, be at least we know who submitted a bug.)08:52
BradBs/be at/but at/08:52
dafif you want to :)08:53
dafactually, I don't see that information in the report08:53
BradBSubmitted By:08:54
BradBdaf: yes, it's useful to know who submitted that. then we can jump into conversation with that person on IRC, knowing who just submitted it.08:54
dafah, in the headers08:55
BradBactually, it's currently Owner:, but I made a little fix so that when the next version is rolled out it'll be Submitted By:08:55
BradBno, in the add mail itself08:55
dafoh, *right*08:55
dafwhere's Malone, by the way?09:02
BradBa bug is at https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/$bugnumber09:02
dafand what's my password? :)09:05
BradBi dunno, you tell me :)09:07
BradBit's whatever it is in ubuntulinux.org09:07
BradBit's just a dump from production.09:07
=== daf tries to remember if he has an accoutn
BradByep, you do09:09
=== daf wonders what the password is
BradBthere's a forgotten password link, that hopefully works correctly on dogfood. you could give it a shot and see what happens.09:14
dafwhere is it?09:14
BradByou see it from going here: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/09:15
daf"Your account details have not been found." :-/09:16
BradBdaf: you were using the wrong email address. it's dafydd.harries@canonical.com. you've got mail.09:18
dafI also have an account at daf@muse.19inch.net, apparently09:20
dafthe forgotten password thing works09:20
dafbut it has an incorrect link in the email09:20
BradBcan you file a bug for that and assign it to debonzi?09:21
dafwell, the link is http://www.ubuntulinux.org/forgottenpassword/...09:21
dafand it should be https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/...09:21
dafdoes the code have some way of knowing the correct prefix?09:22
BradBit should have a way. perhaps it wasn't implemented.09:22
BradBdid you confirm that it's actually correctly resetting the p/w and allowing you to login to dogfood/09:23
dafalso, it redirected me to http://canonical.com after I'd reset my password :)09:25
BradBthat's something debonzi and steve worked on, so the bug should probably be assigned to debonzi09:26
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BradBdaf has a bug for you09:27
BradBin forgottenpassword09:27
dafI'll file it in a second09:27
debonziBradB, daf.. right.. just do it :)09:28
debonzidaf, Im going for dinner and Ill take I look on it latter.. see you all09:32
dafdebonzi: sure09:32
dilysNew Malone bug #39: forgottenpassword email has incorrect link09:35
BradB(submitted by Dafydd Harries)09:35
dafwell, I guess I could parse "Owner: ..." for now09:36
dafhow's this:09:42
dilysNew Malone bug #39: "forgottenpassword email has incorrect link", submitted by Dafydd Harries09:42
BradBsure. if other #launchpad'ers don't like it, they'll let us know :)09:44
daftrue :)09:45
sabdflhi all10:11
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sabdflgood work daf10:12
sabdfl& bradb10:12
dafsabdfl: thanks10:14
SteveAI have cookie login working nicely in my tree.  I need to do something about pagetests before I merge though, otherwise we'll end up with a bit of a mess.10:15
BradBwhat kind of mess?10:15
sabdflhopefully you can't merge a mess ;-)10:15
BradBexactly :)10:16
dafBradB: I think you can close #33 now10:16
SteveAI could make it merge, by cleaning up the current mess with a hack.  but there would be difficulties when creating new pagetests.10:17
BradBSteveA: because of expirations?10:17
dafSteveA: doesn't the basicauth still work?10:18
sabdflSteveA: the layers work a *treat*10:18
SteveABradB: no, because of authentication.  although basic auth still works, when you create new pagetests, there will be cookie headers that need eliding.10:18
SteveAsabdfl: cool10:18
BradBSteveA: we elide a lot of stuff anyway. i don't see the problem.10:19
SteveAthere's a limitation in the session/cookie api 10:19
SteveAyou can't see if there is a current session without making a current session10:19
SteveABradB: I really like that you can create a pagetest, and immediately run it again.  it would be a shame to lose that.  Then again, it might encourage more elision ;-)10:20
BradBSteveA: we've already agreed (sabdfl and I, and I think others) that we elide a ton of stuff. we've never been able to record-and-run anyway.10:20
BradBe.g. you have to elide AuthorizationError's, dates, Content-Length, etc. anyway10:21
=== sabdfl wonders if it's worth climbing on the "elide everything but one specific page feature" soapbox again
=== sabdfl decides everyone's heard that message already :-)
sabdflwhat's the tal foo to give you assignee/browsername OR "No assignee" ?10:22
SteveAin implementing this stuff, I've found a number of bugs I need to file on zope310:22
SteveA |10:22
BradBSteveA: cool10:23
SteveA  tal:content="context/whatever | default"10:23
sabdfldefault being?10:23
SteveA  <p tal:content="context/whatever|default">The default</p>10:23
SteveA  <p tal:content="context/whatever|string:The default">This is always removed</p>10:23
BradBSteveA: I'm looking forward to the bug of not ignoring elisions in diffs output to be fixed, because it's a major pain to do a lot of eliding until that's fixed. Also the broken <BLANKLINE> elisions needs to be fixed.10:24
SteveAyou can actually string a load of "|"s together10:24
sabdflfirst one that works matches?10:24
SteveABradB: noted :-)10:24
SteveAZope3 keeps its own copy of the relevant libs, so we can change them there10:24
SteveAeasier than changing them in the python libs10:24
SteveAalthough, we might be able to get such bugs fixed in python before 2.4 final10:25
sabdflis it possible to use the same addform with different contexts, and do some different post-processing?10:26
sabdflfor example10:26
sabdfli want to "add a bug to a product"10:26
sabdflactually, all I want to do is add the bug10:26
BradBsabdfl: make a new schema for that.10:27
BradBi think you can:10:27
sabdflthen after adding it, i want to add the productassignment10:27
BradB1. create a base schema common to both add forms (bug + package and bug + product)10:27
BradB2. inherit and create a schema for bug + package.10:28
sabdflbase schema should just be IBug10:28
BradB3. do the same for bug + product.10:28
sabdflfactory should just be Bug10:28
BradBsabdfl: no, it's a schema for rendering a form to add a package.10:28
sabdflyou can use the full IBug schema, then restrict the elements using...10:28
BradBsabdfl: schemas are, among other things, there to help zope render forms for you. IBug doesn't include product or package.10:29
sabdfli don't want product or package10:29
BradBoh, ok10:29
sabdflthe use case is:10:29
sabdflnavigate to the product or package in doap or soyuz10:29
sabdflthen click on "file a new bug for this product/package"10:29
sabdflnow all i need is fields from the bug10:29
sabdflcreate the bug10:29
sabdfl*then* create the product/package bugassignment10:30
BradByou just need to configure two addforms then, i think. one hanging off product, one off package.10:30
BradBwhat we've got now is hanging off BugContainer.10:30
BradBer, but hrm, that might not work.10:30
sabdflbtw, i've created a Title field10:31
sabdfland it automatically gets a nice widget10:31
sabdflno need for the displayWidth stuff10:31
BradBi thought the displayWidth stuff was a feature :)10:32
sabdflTitle and Summary10:32
BradBnot all titles will want to be the same width.10:32
sabdflit's a feature i didn't know about so I subclassed TextLine :-)10:32
sabdflit was fun10:32
BradBwe just needed a top-level browser:widget, rather than only a subdirective.10:32
BradBbut anyway, hm10:32
sabdflthe idea is that we can have consistent validation rules for a Name, a Title, a Summary (ShortDesc) etc10:32
sabdfli'm just learning here10:33
BradBi too would have to play around a bit to figure out the best way to do what you're wanting to do with products/packages + filing bugs. maybe SteveA has a more immediate solution.10:35
sabdfli think it's under control10:39
sabdflwell... there are two ways I can think10:39
sabdflwill let you know what i come up with10:39
BradBsabdfl: got a moment to discuss how to provide a useful bug listing, that more clearly shows the user what stuff they need to fix? (or to get someone else to fix :) i think i have an idea.10:45
sabdflok fire away10:45
BradBsabdfl: ok, so here's the thing:10:45
BradBwe need one screen in malone where i can go to find out what bugs i need to fix.10:46
BradBin malone, bugs are assigned to packages or products and infest specific versions of products and packages (to which they may or may not be assigned)10:46
BradBassignments talk about work needing to be done. infestations just describe the way in which a bug affects a particular version of a thing.10:47
BradBso, for our main bug listing ("Outstanding Bugs" or something) we can totally ignore infestations.10:47
BradBwe need to show that somewhere, but on a different screen10:47
sabdflthough we do need to think a little about the connection between infestation and assignment10:47
BradBsabdfl: there isn't always one.10:48
BradBsabdfl: for products and packages that have infestations, we can provide some kind of link or whatever, but that's the easy part.10:48
BradBso, we show the Outstanding Bugs table with all the columns, including a "package" column, and a "product" column, one of which will be populated in each row.10:49
BradBand by "all the columns" i mean things like severity, priority, assignee, etc, of course.10:49
sabdflso it's really "outstanding bug assignments"10:49
BradBmm...kind of. i thought "outstanding bugs" made it more clear, but...10:49
BradBassignments is a bit of jargon we may not want to include in the title of that page.10:50
sabdflthis is one area where i've been tempted by postgres inheritance10:50
BradBsabdfl: a guy i used to work with in quebec city is the guy who implemented inheritance in sqlobject. :)10:50
BradBbut anyway, does that seem about right?10:51
BradB(there's still some issues though, but i think they come down to validation really, rather than altering the fundamental view i have in mind of how this interface should present info)10:52
sabdflyes it does10:52
sabdflhold on a sec10:52
sabdfljust checked my implementation of the assignment report10:52
sabdfli was trying to focus on the bug itself10:53
sabdflbut i can see the point of including the assignment info10:53
BradBthe issues i'm referring to are, e.g. what if there's an infestation saying "affected", but the bug isn't assigned to the corresponding package? things like that. i think we can work that out though, because an infestation is, afterall, not a statement of work.10:53
sabdflthat's what i was saying above10:54
sabdflwe are going to have to polish off quite a lot of that stuff10:54
sabdflfiguring out usability10:54
sabdflpeople will take time to understand the model10:54
sabdflthey will assume that saying "this version has the bug" is the same as saying "please fix it!"10:55
BradByes, they may indeed10:55
sabdflso the "add an infestation" should default to adding an assignment too, say, with a checkbox, that can be removed10:55
sabdflperhaps if you set "victimised" as the infestation then the assignment is by default not created10:56
sabdflthese are polish items10:56
BradByes, i was just about to mention that...10:56
BradBi'll focus on coming up with a better listing first off, in any case.10:56
sabdfldo you want me to revamp the bugs assigned report?10:56
BradBsabdfl: i think it'll be folded into the Outstanding Bugs page.10:56
BradBe.g. one field on which you can search will be assignee10:57
BradBand, by default, it may show all the bugs you've been assigned. or not, but either way, another screen won't be needed, i don't think, once this works right.10:57
BradBnor will the screen i created, for the bugs submitted by10:58
BradBi would expect that too to be a field i can search on10:58
sabdflwhere is the outstanding bugs page?10:58
BradBIt's what the "Bugs" page is now becoming.10:59
BradBer, hm, it shouldn't be called "Outstanding Bugs", I guess10:59
BradBthat's just what the default params will retrieve10:59
=== debonzi [~debonzi@200-158-107-151.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
BradBsabdfl: random though: yeah, a checkbox on an infestation like "[]  notify the maintainer of this package" should make the user's life much easier. it would then create the assignment, if needed.11:03
debonzidaf, did you file the bug for me?11:03
BradBsabdfl: i'll proceed with modifying the listing then first, to bring it inline with what we've just discussed.11:04
dafdebonzi: yeah11:04
BradBthanks for the feedback11:04
dafdebonzi: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/3911:04
debonzidaf, ohh right.. I was looking for it in the launchpad package :)11:05
dafdebonzi: doh, mea culpa11:05
debonzidaf, one question about that bug..11:08
debonzithe url is www.ubuntu.org because AFAIK it is been used in the ubuntulinux site.11:09
dafthe same one?11:10
debonziI beliave soo..11:10
dafI mean, the same one for launchpad and for ubuntu11:10
dafah, hmm11:10
debonziSteveA did it.. He nows better than me how it is been used..11:10
debonziyou can even see that I changed the styleshee for forgottenpassword to be the same as www.ubuntulinux.org11:11
dafwell, perhaps we should get SteveA to look at it tomorrow11:11
debonzidaf, I belive so11:12
debonziIf he says it is ok too change, its just one line :)11:12
dafperhaps we can use the magic context things he was talking about to fix it11:12
debonzidaf, yes.. sounds good11:13
debonzidaf, do you know about this magic context ?11:13
dafdebonzi: nope :)11:13
debonzidaf, ok.. I ll take a look :)11:13
debonzidaf, request.get("HTTP_REFERER", "") gives me http://localhost:8086/ ... What do you think?11:18
dafdebonzi: that's because of the Apache proxy11:18
debonzidaf, I mean... do you think I can use it to compose the email ?11:19
dafdebonzi: hmm, I don't think that's reliable11:19
dafdebonzi: it's not important -- I suggest we just ask SteveA when we see him11:20
debonzidaf, fine.. lets do that way11:20
dafthanks for taking a look11:21
debonzidaf, welcome11:21
=== BradB is now known as BradB|afk
sabdflBradB|afk: close to keyboard?11:46

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