=== hornbeck 's back
hornbeckChrisH you around?12:08
sivanganyway people, I'm off to bed12:53
sivangbeen a wreck of a day on the code front..mostly perlish12:53
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hornbeckanyone around?02:52
=== zippy_ [~justin@adsl-67-115-135-242.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
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WWAnyone here?04:14
WWWell, someone will eventually read the logs, so I'll just talk to myself for a bit.04:22
WWTake a look at WikiSandBox.  I think there may be a bug in how ReST processes literal blocks.04:23
=== WW makes one last wave to the log readers, and quits.
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hornbeckanyone around tonight?06:14
plovs_good morning06:35
hornbeckman the server is running great :-)06:47
hornbeckI still have no svn working06:47
plovs_so what are u running? apache?06:47
hornbeckbut I have my blog up, and have the book hosted, and a few other things06:47
hornbecksvn needs apache2 though06:47
hornbeckI tried to get it to work but threw all kinds of errors at me06:48
plovs_you can run both at the same time or not?06:48
hornbeckI hear you can, but I don't know how06:48
hornbeckI would not mind moving to apache2 but I would have to know how to reset everything06:48
hornbeckall docs are for regular apache06:49
plovs_ah well, in time06:49
hornbeckmono moved to svn today06:49
plovs_i had very troubles with it...06:49
plovs_btw have you seen ChrisH svn?06:49
plovs_runs nicely, we have the faq in it, runs great in yelp06:50
hornbeckgood deal06:50
plovs_i put the old faq in it, now we have to clean it up06:51
hornbeckso you are going to the conference06:51
plovs_faq.xml -> yelp faq.xml 06:51
plovs_probably yes06:51
hornbeckthats cool06:51
plovs_some last details, but i hope to go06:51
hornbecklulu emailed me saying they could pay for me to go06:52
plovs_still need a laptop06:52
plovs_hornbeck, cool!06:52
hornbeckbut it takes 6-8 weeks for me to get a passport :-(06:52
hornbeckso those dreams died fast06:52
plovs_hornbeck, aarhh, so long?06:52
plovs_here we all have one, the countries are so small06:53
plovs_you  cross borders 20 times a day06:53
hornbeckyeah, I never travel so I never got one06:53
hornbeckso I am going to get one that way I have it06:53
plovs_in the states you can travel a lot without ever leaving the states06:53
hornbeckalso I would be gone all of December if I went06:53
plovs_holland is < 2 hours wide06:54
hornbeckI bet it is alot nicer there though06:54
hornbeckthe USA sucks06:54
hornbeckto many people, to much polution, to much hate06:54
plovs_depends, some places here suck as well, if not harder06:54
plovs_but the hate, you've got a lot yeah06:55
hornbeckpeople here are just stupid :-)06:55
plovs_an polution, get used to it, 4 more yers of bushisms ahead06:55
hornbeckI did not like Kerry either though06:56
hornbeckhe was nothing but a liar just like the rest of them06:56
plovs_choice between two evils06:56
hornbeckI choose neither06:56
hornbeckvoted "none of the above"06:56
plovs_i liked *that* movie06:56
hornbeckbrusters millions06:56
plovs_:-) bing!06:57
hornbeckRichard Pryor was amazing06:57
plovs_back in the days06:57
hornbeckwell he can't really even talk anymore06:57
plovs_he might rattle06:57
hornbeckhave you ever seen stir crazy?06:58
hornbeckthat is funny06:58
plovs_ok, got to run to work, i'll be back onine in 3 hours06:58
plovs_no, not yet, must see06:58
hornbeckok I will be in bed then06:58
plovs_ok, good night!06:58
plovs_sleep tight!06:58
hornbeckhmm, yelp in hoary will not open these docbook files07:04
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hornbeckI have to go in a sec07:41
hornbeckits almost 1am here07:41
hornbeckyou can create pages that are translations and add the word Russian to the beginning of the title07:42
hornbeckwe need that pretty bad if you are interested07:42
hornbeckbut I have to run, thanks for helping if you decide to 07:42
skyriderok. I'll try07:43
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=== sid77 ciao
=== mercurus [~mercurus@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovs_workhi guys09:37
=== ChrisH has just set up a mirror server :) => 6 MB/sec!
ChrisHCould you try? http://ubuntu-mirror.workaround.org09:50
plovs_workChrisH, ok!09:51
plovs_workChrisH, yep, works ok09:51
plovs_workChrisH, can you take a look at the faq? is my indention etc ok?09:52
ChrisHplovs_work: did you reiterate my comments from yesterday?09:52
plovs_worki *think* i did, take a look and comment09:52
plovs_workChrisH, blast, i forgot my password at home, can you change it09:53
ChrisHplovs_work: sure09:53
plovs_workChrisH i started at the end09:57
plovs_workbtw i spoke with mdz, he said if we want to we can create an additional package for yelp in yelp, eg the faq etc, then offer it, it will get in10:01
plovs_workcheckout: /usr/share/gnome/help/zenity/C/zenity.xml it has more tags then we use eg to be used together with <screen>10:04
ChrisHHmmm... yes.10:10
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ChrisHMornin', lulu... :)10:19
luluChrisH: Good morning :o)10:20
luluand all!10:20
ChrisHplovs_work: I'm reviewing the faq now... all changed checked in?10:24
ChrisHHmm. We should decide whether we use the english (s) or american (z) spelling of words. I tend to use 's'. :)10:31
luluChrisH: we decided on British English for Ubuntu :o)10:37
plovs_workChrisH, formatting ok?10:44
plovs_workChrisH, <imagedata fileref="figures/zenity-calendar-screenshot.png" format="PNG" we could use this to add an ubuntu logo10:45
ChrisHlulu: yes, sir! :)10:51
luluChrisH:  ;) 10:52
ChrisHplovs_work: Sure. Icons, graphics... whatever. In the future we will probably have an installation CD and an FAQ CD (codename "plovs").10:52
ChrisHplovs_work: I'm fixing a few minor things. "CONFIGURATION" was all in caps. Some empty <para></para> sections. Nothing big.10:53
ChrisHplovs_work: We need to keep in mind that either we use <screen>...</screen> or if it spans multiple lines the verbatim block must begin in column 1 (even if it looks ugly in the XML).10:54
plovs_workChrisH, yess it did look ugly10:54
plovs_work installation CD and an FAQ CD (codename "plovs"), sounds nice10:55
ChrisHPerhaps we can even add high-res video. :)10:55
plovs_workactually yesterday i saw how to make video demos's ...10:56
plovs_workand i was wondering ...10:56
plovs_worksince i agreed with you last time ...10:56
ChrisHChanges checked in...10:57
plovs_workChrisH, ok, what about: <programlisting> ?10:58
plovs_workChrisH, is used in zenity calendar for longer listings, might be better for eg XFREE-stuff ?10:59
ChrisHplovs_work: programlisting is visually the same thing as <screen>10:59
plovs_workChrisH, but in docbook it lines up correctly afaik (see zenity.xml) I have no preference just telling what i read11:01
plovs_workok, off to eat, be back in 30 minutes11:01
sid77Awaya question: how are the pages organized under the wiki?11:15
sid77AwayI've to submit italian translations: I made new ones under / or can I move under a "subfolder" (if this concept exists)11:16
ChrisHsid77Away: No, Wikis arrange all pages on the same leve.11:22
ChrisHsid77Away: We definitely need to figure out how translations are handled.11:22
sid77Awayok, thanks, noticed reading german translations11:22
ChrisHsid77Away: I wonder if the wiki has the possibility to say "this part is for browsers that are set to 'italian'"11:23
sid77Awayis there a policy for naming?11:23
sid77AwayI'm going to create something following the german style11:23
sid77Awaylike: ItalianDocumentationInstallationHowTo-x8611:23
sid77Awayhow awful 8/11:24
sid77AwayInstallationHowTo-x86-it sounds nicer ;)11:24
ChrisHlulu: Do you know how we can mark parts of the wiki as being of a certain language?11:26
ChrisHsid77Away: You should probably call it anything and just link it to https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/ItalianDocumentation11:27
sid77Awayyes, sure that was my plan11:27
luluChrisH: nope :o( but why don't u ping simon michael, Zwiki guru! and I'm sure he can help.11:28
ChrisHlulu: k11:30
=== ChrisH is out for lunch
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=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangMorning all / or should I say good afternoon?12:28
ChrisHsivang: Say what you want. My brain says "night". :)12:35
sivangChrisH : haha :)12:35
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovs_workok, back for a sec01:00
plovs_workChrisH, yelp complains: Use of deprecated SAXv1 function endElement01:01
plovs_worksivang, hi01:01
sid77Awayfirst set of italian howto are up, going to lunch, bye!01:03
plovs_worksid77Away, well done!01:09
=== mercurus_ [~mercurus@PIPP-p-144-134-201-235.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ChrisHplovs_work: I see that warning, too. No idea what that means.01:29
sivanghey plovs_work01:37
sivangwhas'up all?01:37
ChrisHplovs_work: The FAQ looks good so far. What's next... would you include the other Wiki FAQ page? I would later (when I'm at home) "invent" some more general FAQs that I wrote down when I started with Ubuntu.01:38
sivangah , website is speedy, wiki is01:38
ChrisHplovs_work: I'm thinking about: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/FrequentlyAskedQuestions01:39
hornbeckgood morning01:43
sivangmoring hornbeck,01:48
sivanghow was your night? :)01:48
ChrisHhornbeck: Hey...01:48
ChrisHhornbeck: Any news on your server/network trouble?01:48
hornbeckmy night was full of exciting sleep01:49
hornbeckthe server should be working fine01:49
hornbecksvn did not work from your instructions though01:49
hornbeckI now have ftp access set up to01:49
ChrisHhornbeck: What went wrong?01:50
hornbeckwhen I would try to connect it would have internel server errros01:50
ChrisHhornbeck: Shall we fix that now?01:51
hornbecksure, I have about a half hour01:51
hornbeckis that enough time?01:51
ChrisHhornbeck: Let's try.01:51
hornbeckI am running apache 1 right now01:51
ChrisHWhy not 2?01:51
hornbeckbecause typeing sudo apt-get apache gave me one :-)01:52
hornbeckalso I could not find much docs for two01:52
ChrisHI suggest installing "apache2". The svn/dav implementation is much easier there.01:52
ChrisHI have started with apache2 a few day ago. It's really not that hard.01:52
hornbeckso do I need to uninstall apache1?01:52
ChrisHYou better do.01:54
hornbeckok, svn and apache2 are now installed01:54
ChrisHOkay... now let's try from my quick wiki page.01:55
hornbeckI am at the page01:56
hornbecknow the /home/svn/faq do I need to mkdir that before anything else?01:56
ChrisHNot necessary.01:57
ChrisHhornbeck: Like a hand? (ssh access?) I could help setting up the apache.01:59
hornbeckI don't know if my ssh is working01:59
hornbeckyou can try01:59
hornbeckyou remember your login?01:59
plovs_workhornbeck, good morning!02:02
hornbeckgood morning02:02
sivanghornbeck : not working, the ssh that is02:06
luluhornbeck: morning :o)02:07
hornbeckmorning lulu02:07
sivanghornbeck : but I do get your ping.02:07
hornbeckyeah I know ssh is not working sivang :-)02:07
plovs_workChrisH, i can work on the rest of the faq  tonight02:10
plovs_workChrisH, https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/FrequentlyAskedQuestions that is02:10
ChrisHplovs_work: Cool. I could imagine that we publish the first version on the Wiki somewhere (lulu is actually finding a place for us).02:11
plovs_workChrisH, nice, so i'll incorperate the rest tonight, and then some more cleaning up02:12
ChrisHplovs_work: Good work, Sir.02:12
plovs_workChrisH, i would like to use this opportunity to congratulte you as well02:12
lulume too! :o)02:13
ChrisHplovs_work: Why's that? :)02:13
plovs_workChrisH, it's a healty 8 pound faq!02:13
ChrisHplovs_work: Oh, no, not another baby.02:13
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plovs_workChrisH, what do you think, the wiki-faq has many links to wiki-pages, remove the entry or incorporate the info, i prefer the latter, just the faq will become quite big02:30
ChrisHI second that. Don't worry about size. The yelp version will be included as a zipped package. And the XHTML page can be automatically split into multiple pages.02:31
plovs_workChrisH will we add to further reading? messy, but convenient, hmm02:32
plovs_workChrisH, "click this link to go the wiki, to learn how to use nano..."02:33
ChrisHI'd like to try to get everything useful into the XML file itself without too many external links.02:35
plovs_workChrisH, might be more convenient yes02:36
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=== sid77 re
=== sid77 [~sid77@host98-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== sid77 re
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanghi enrico!04:00
enricoFinally configured irssi to join here by default!04:01
enricoHello all!04:01
sivangwere you always been using irssi?04:01
enricoI was using BitchX and I was too lazy to do anything advanced with it; then someone told me irssi is better04:02
enricoSo now I use irssi, and I'm too lazy to do anything advanced with it04:02
enricoBut irssi's defaults are better :)04:02
enricoI want a preferences dialog :)04:02
sivangyou console devil...asking for dialogs..04:04
enricoWhen I have the time to learn a new language, I prefer python or german instead of IRC commands04:05
=== enrico is not 31337 enough
sivang31337 ?04:07
enricosivang: elite, but written in an elite way04:07
sivangeverybody on ubuntu are elite, right? and even those who just joined us :)04:08
enricoBTW, for computer jargon I suggest installing most of the dict-* packages04:08
enricothen you just "dict elite" or "dict heisenbug" or "dict tla" and so on04:09
enricoOnce you get the habit of using dict, you become omniscent and everyone respects you ;)04:09
ChrisHenrico: Hi, boss. :)04:09
ChrisHenrico: Actually you can configure irssi until it looks good enough and then run /saveconf04:10
enricoChrisH: Hi!  But I'm a servant, not a boss!04:10
enricoChrisH: ah, ok.  What I have problem is remembering the sequence of commands to add channels that keep being around when I restart irssi, and also to remove such channel and reorder them04:11
enricoChrisH: my problem is that if you tell me now, then I forget next time04:11
ChrisHenrico: "enrico" who? :)04:11
=== enrico needs a cheat sheet
enricoChrisH: I'm Enrico Zini04:12
=== sivang is the boss :)))
ChrisHenrico: I figured that. Are you from GER, too?04:12
enricoChrisH: GER?04:12
sivangChrisH : hint - he can teach you how to make good pasta04:12
enricoChrisH: ah, Germany.  No, I'm Italian04:12
ChrisHenrico: If you want to learn German: I can speak it quite well. I'm just a lousy teacher. But I'm teaching it to my son currently so if you like to join... :)04:13
sivangChrisH : you already have one student for the conference..:)04:13
enricoChrisH: ja!  Das would be gut04:13
ChrisHenrico: Na, fein. :)04:13
=== enrico dicts fein
enricoFound!  Dict is great!04:14
enricoChrisH: Das would be fein!04:14
ChrisHenrico: Regarding irssi... in your ~/.irssi/config you probably have a channels = () section. Add an entry like: { name = "#ubuntu-doc"; chatnet = "freenode"; autojoin = "yes"; },04:16
enricoChrisH: so you don't do it with IRC commands either.  I edited the config file as well04:17
ChrisHenrico: I don't think that autojoin can be configured while being online.04:18
ChrisHenrico: It's like a .bashrc, .zshrc or .vimrc... you take a whole day to customise it and never care about it again.04:18
enricoChrisH: I think "/channel add -auto ircnet channelname" would do for adding.  I don't know about moving and removing04:18
ChrisHenrico: Ah.04:18
ChrisHenrico: Oh, well, the documentation on irssi is really bad.04:19
=== sid77 [~sid77@host100-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== sid77 re
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
enricoI'm catching up on open issues after brasil: has everything been sorted out wrt #ubuntu-doc channel ownership?04:45
ChrisHenrico: Not publicly yet. During the #ubuntu-meeting I openend up the channel and had the Chanserv register it. Is there an issue?05:10
enricoChrisH: no, not really: I just wanted to check if everything is right or if there is something else to do.  Someone raised the issue of channel ownership during the meeting05:18
enrico<honest>I actually don't know precisely what channel ownership means</honest>05:18
enricoHowever, it's my role of getting things sorted out, so I was checking if there was something left to do05:18
ChrisHenrico: If you enter a channel which not exists yet, the channel will be created and you become the operator.05:18
enricoI also see 'ubuntulog' hanging around05:19
ChrisHenrico: As you probably want to sleep sometimes you don't want to loose the op.05:19
enricoChrisH: ah, so "channel ownership" means the registering with chanserv thing05:19
ChrisHenrico: So you can register yourself with Nickserv and the channel with Chanserv and thus get the op permissions back.05:19
enricoChrisH: cool. But how come Chanserv is not on che channel at the moment?05:20
ChrisHenrico: Chanserv is a special user (bot) from the freenode.net system. It does not need to be in a channel.05:21
ChrisHenrico: "/msg Chanserv help" if you are curious05:21
ChrisHenrico: Currently sivang and I have signed up as operators. But we tend to stay on "normal" permissions unless there is really something bad going on (kiddies flooding the channel with useless junk just for the fun of it).05:22
enricoCool, then, everything is sorted out.  Thanks, guys!05:22
hornbeckanyone still around?06:40
luluyup! howzit going?06:52
hornbeckhave you ever used arch before?06:52
hornbeckdo you know how to pull a archive?06:53
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckwell I am off to work again07:12
ChrisHAh... pizza has arrived. :)07:12
ChrisHhornbeck: Nah, haven't used arch before.07:14
hornbeckChrisH I get webdav errors from my server07:14
hornbeckwhat could cause that07:14
ChrisHhornbeck: Let's see...07:14
ChrisHhornbeck: The subdirectory is still /faq ?07:15
ChrisHhornbeck: Hey, I get an SSH connection!07:15
ChrisHhornbeck: ...just not for long. Your server kicks me out...: ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host07:15
hornbecknice, but you can get through?07:16
hornbeckhow can I fix that07:16
hornbeckI have a arch repos set up07:17
ChrisHSo we are silently switching to arch?07:17
hornbeckwell I am going to set one up07:17
sivangare we?07:17
hornbeckwe can use what ever but the devs us arch07:18
ChrisHI thought we were happy with svn. :)07:18
hornbeckthat is what Ubuntu uses overall07:18
hornbeckwe can use svn07:18
ChrisHThe devs use arch for _some_ purpose. Many parts are still in CVS.07:18
hornbecksvn is fine07:18
ChrisHAnd nobody is really urged to use anything special. :)07:18
hornbeckcalm down07:18
hornbeckI plan a svn server for us07:18
ChrisHI'm not enraged. I promise.07:18
hornbeckI still would like a arch server though07:19
hornbeckwhen you used ssh for me, did you log in with your username?07:19
ChrisHI'd like to try it out, too, once. Just was surprised.07:19
ChrisHI wasn't even asked for a username. The connection was interrupted. What does your auth.log say?07:19
hornbecktry ssh chrish@
ChrisHssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host07:20
cenerentolacan i speak?07:21
hornbeckyes please do07:21
cenerentolahi then...07:21
cenerentolawith UbuntuLinux ITALIA we are now 07:22
hornbeckChrisH I know the problem, I will fix in a bit07:23
cenerentolamaking some hominid-proof how-tos... since theyre referred to clerks, or where-did-solitaire-go-ppl07:23
hornbeckyou will be able to log in by tomorrow07:23
ChrisHhornbeck: ok07:23
hornbeckI have to run07:23
hornbecklater guys07:23
cenerentolaas we are porting ubuntu in our  local public administration...07:23
cenerentolaare you interested in this how-tos...07:24
cenerentolathe only difference between normal how-tos.. is that every mouse-movement is specified07:24
ChrisHcenerentola: Sounds interesting. What kind of howtos are those really? Introductions for migrations from Windows?07:24
cenerentolasorry but mummy is calling for dinner.. and she gets crossed easily at dinner-time... will i find you in 20 min?07:25
ChrisHcenerentola: Sure. Bon appetit.07:26
cenerentolaim itaian... not french...;)07:26
ChrisHcenerentola: I'm none of both. :)07:26
hornbeckChrisH try to login now07:37
ChrisHsame story07:37
hornbecktry again07:38
hornbeckwhat ip are you coming from07:41
hornbeckI need to add you to my hosts.allow07:41
cenerentolacrish: ill come back later..07:42
hornbeckChrisH: ok, now try07:43
hornbeckmaybe that was it07:43
lulunight all :o)07:43
hornbecknight lulu07:43
ChrisHhornbeck: sorry :(07:43
ChrisHhornbeck: But it sounds a little like hosts.allow.07:43
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu-doc []
hornbeckwell one last try07:44
ChrisHhornbeck: :(07:47
hornbeckI guess I will have to do some more research07:47
hornbeckok, sorry about that07:47
ChrisHIt's a little hard to help from the remote... :(07:48
hornbeckyeah, I know07:48
hornbeckonce I figure out the ssh stuff the rest will be easy07:48
ChrisHWow... mirroring the archive takes ages.07:50
plovs_?? ????07:53
plovs_hi guys07:53
hornbeckhey plovs07:54
plovs_hornbeck, how are things on the server front?07:54
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovs_hi ww07:55
ChrisHThe server does not like us.07:55
WWHey there07:55
plovs_did you nmap?07:55
ChrisHI get a port 22 connection but get thrown out later. Sounds like hosts.allow/hosts.deny.07:55
hornbeckI have sshd: ALL in hosts.allow07:56
WWDumb question... the program that runs when I click on the life preserver icon is yelp, right?07:56
hornbeckWW yes07:56
hornbeckwhich yelp seems to not work in hoary right now07:57
hornbeckat least not for me07:57
hornbeckI have to head back to work07:57
plovs_hornbeck, see ya07:57
plovs_ChrisH, i will start on the wiki-faq07:59
WWSadly, yelp does not have a search option. "Find" appears to only look in the current page.07:59
WWOr did I miss something?07:59
ChrisHWW: Nah, you are right.07:59
sivangI think shaunm is alredy working on the find option of the yelp..08:08
sivangbut I am not sure how table this is..08:08
ChrisHNice. IMHO it should at least give the same features like the Windows help.08:13
plovs_ChrisH, how do i write &08:45
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu-doc []
plovs_ChrisH &amp does not work (i am trying to find it at the docbook site)09:04
ChrisHIt's: &amp;09:04
ChrisHSame as in HTML.09:04
plovs_ChrisH, after running make, the color of code-blocks is really ugly, is this the official colorscheme?09:14
ChrisHProbably not. I just took one of the 5,000 stylesheets that the web site uses. When uploading the HTML it will probably look right.09:14
ChrisHIf you don't care about styles you may as well remove the line from the .xsl file that sets the stylesheet.09:15
plovs_ChrisH, no prob i just noticed it because it is bright red, that's all09:18
plovs_the faq in the wiki is quite unorganized09:18
ChrisHOh, yeah...09:19
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovs_ok, good night all09:45
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangIs the FAQ already in shape to move it into the main website?10:09
sivangChrisH ?10:09
ChrisHplovs has completed his work on the larger part. The second FAQ comes tomorrow. And I'm currently writing a few articles on general topics (what is ubuntu, what is different from debian, etc.)10:11
ChrisHBut I agree that we could have a first version online tomorrow.10:11
sivanggreat. Have you already posted the svn howto so I can start checking out?10:11
ChrisHLong time ago. :)10:12
=== George^Deka [~deka@203-173-44-118.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^Dekamorning all10:36
sivanghey George^Deka10:36
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: Morning? Oh, well... yeah, I feel like monday morning. :)10:37
George^DekaChrisH: well its friday morning here - we are on opposite sides of the globe - im in Australia10:39
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: Yes, I guessed that from the .net.au domain. :)10:40
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: How is the friday? Is it worth getting up? :)10:40
George^DekaChrisH: well its nice and warm here, though im @ work but havent clocked on yet10:41
=== George^Deka is now known as George^D^Work

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