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sivanghi ggi01:23
ggiOh, hello.01:30
ggiNot much going on just now, it seems.01:33
sivangwell, 01:34
sivangit's kind late for us .. although hornbeck should be here somwhere :)01:35
sivangas he is in the states, and has opposite timezone compared to everyone else.01:35
sivangare you interested in helping out the doc project?01:35
=== sivang smiles evilly :)
ggiYes, at least I will be in a couple of weeks' time. I'm kind of busy with essay writing just now, so I'm just... observing.01:36
sivangI see. nice. Are you already familiar with DocBook ?01:41
ggiNo, I don't think so. I'll go look it up.01:42
sivangI have some a task that would only require somebody going over a manual in it's xml docbook source form, do what it says and fix it to fit Ubuntu :)01:43
sivangmore specifically, I am referring to the gnome user manual which needs updated for Ubuntu.01:43
sivangas quite some desktop elements are modified 01:43
ggiWell, I suppose I can have a look. Where will I get it from?01:45
sivangactually, this is not yet hosted on some central server, but I have a version I already started modifying locally.. We are working on setting up a server to do svn/arch at the moment, and when we have it - we'd put it there 01:46
ggiDo you have a list of things that need to be fixed?01:48
sivangwell, I can send you the file, so you could pick up where I started..01:49
sivangwhen you get tired of this,01:49
sivangI will take over again..01:49
sivangit could use a rework, so you would just need to read it section by section,01:50
sivangtry and follow the instructions,01:50
sivangand fix where ever you think it deservs on. We could be having diffs , so we'll see what we've done.01:50
sivangother then that,01:50
sivangtake a look at the new doc team page : lemme know if it's anyway useful in helping you find out what you want,01:51
sivangit's in : http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/teams/documentation01:52
sivangor was it that brough you here the first place?01:53
ggiWell, I've looked at it before.01:53
sivangok, then we have a wiki todo list,01:54
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sivangdepends what you best prefer to do, do you have any preferences with regard to documentation work? would you like me to send you the user manual so you could take a glance?01:55
sivanghi skyrider! (ggi, no I'm not a welcome bot :)01:56
skyriderhi ;)01:56
sivangI would like to welcome you to the wonderful doc team channel01:56
sivangfor Ubuntu, the human linux distro :)01:56
ggiYeah, you could do that. It's getting late (or early) where I am, so I probably won't look at it until morning. I'm finding it hard to focus just now.01:57
skyridersivang: I know what Ubuntu is01:57
ggiWhat size is the file?01:57
sivangnothing biggy.. It's a snapshot of the CVS head of the 2.6 manual..01:57
sivangonly the C dir is there, for the C locale , meaning english in the meanwhile. translations should come afterwards.01:58
sivangskyrider : didn't mean in in an offense, sorry :)01:58
ggiOk. Well, you can send it to ggi@btinternet.com.01:58
skyridersivang: ;)01:59
sivangok, thanks. have a look, you can mail me back sivan@workaround.org about it,01:59
sivangalso make sure you subscribe to the mailing list01:59
sivangwe have a very nice set of jokes going htere :)02:00
sivangthere's a link from the docteam main page I before pasted.02:00
ggiSubscribed. :)02:02
sivangWhere are you from ggi ?02:03
ggiBonny Scotland, as they say.02:03
skyriderWhere are you from sivang? 02:04
sivangskyrider : Israel, and you?02:04
skyriderI'm from Ukraine02:04
skyriderBut my native language is Russian02:04
sivangah! It's probably dead cold by now ...:-/02:04
skyriderand of cource I know Ukrainian :)02:04
skyriderNot so much02:05
=== Hoodster [~alan@adsl-11-179-21.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangIn Israel, I have many Russian immigrants freinds :)02:05
ggiIt's pretty cold in Scotland too. It might snow tomorrow, or so I'm told.02:05
skyriderIt is about +5 C right now02:05
sivangah, well being Israeli, that is enough cold for me :)02:05
sivangHey Hoodster !02:06
HoodsterHi All? Is there a Scotsman in this group? I lived in Scotland for a while and loved it!02:06
HoodsterHi sivang!02:06
sivangyes there is,02:06
sivangggi is :)02:06
skyridersivang: we all have to much Russian immigrant friends there :)02:06
sivangI really like to hear Russian, Germen.. would love to learn those sometime02:07
sivangso , are all new people that just joined just accidently reach here? or did you visit some web page? :)02:07
HoodsterI found out about this IRC channel from the Ubuntu forums just a minute or two ago.02:08
skyriderI've already knew about this chanell for few weeks.02:08
skyriderform mail lists02:09
skyrideri'm subscribed to ubuntu-doc too02:09
sivangoh and btw, we have some pending job of working out the gnome-user-manual for anybody interested....:)02:09
sivangI just nagged at ggi fro that :)02:09
HoodsterPlease forgive me for asking noobie questions. Doesn't gnome have a user manual?02:10
sivangskyrider : would love photos of your place if you could send, especially in the snow ;)02:10
ggiMailing lists as well. Why, I remember when this team's inception on the -devel list.02:10
sivangHoodster : noobie questions are welcomed here! Sheeesh, that's a secret,02:10
HoodsterI came to this channel to see what activity there is in the doc and I have an interest in contributing to the Ubuntu cause.02:10
sivangthis channel follows the tradition of #gnome-love..02:10
HoodsterI mean "documentation department"02:11
sivangyes  no problem.02:11
skyridersivang: I don't have winter photos02:11
sivangskyrider : non would also be great :)02:11
skyridersivang: Actually I don't have too much summer photos too :)02:11
sivangok, then *any* photo would do :) Russia is beautiful I know02:11
ggisivang: Did you send that file?02:12
sivangok, for the sake of my new 3 nice people here, here goes (I should make it a wiki page)02:12
skyridersivang: I'm in Ukraine! :) But it's neighbourgh of Russia.02:12
ggiA wiki page about Russia?02:13
sivangnono ggi, about the gnome manual task :)02:13
ggiI see.02:13
skyridersivang: I have to search a little for photos  actually.02:13
sivangno prob, take you time! no hurry :)02:13
skyridersivang: Give me your e-mail and I'll mail you some links.02:13
skyriderProbably tomorrow because it's 3:14am now02:14
sivangskyrider : no prob, sivang@gmail.com02:16
sivangggi : it's 3M ...oops02:16
sivangit that ok?02:16
ggiYeah, it should be fine.02:16
HoodsterAre you all the main documentation people for Ubuntu?02:17
ggiMaybe I should start using my Gmail account, now that they've apparently added POP and SMTP support.02:17
skyriderggi: really?02:18
skyriderGreat news from gmail!02:18
sivangtha have????02:18
=== sivang is stunned
ggiI think so. It may not be active on all accounts yet. I saw it on Slashdot yesterday, I think. I'll go look for a link.02:19
sivangtrying to send you...02:21
sivangbut my evo is buggy, using ubuntu unstable :)02:21
ggiWell, I can't find the /. link, but here's the story on ZDNet: http://news.zdnet.co.uk/internet/0,39020369,39173340,00.htm02:21
ggiI *would* be using Hoary, but I can't seem to get a working installation from the recently released Array CD. GRUB keeps just hanging. I attribute it to laptop flakiness though.02:23
ggisivang: Is it not working? I haven't received anything anyway.02:27
sivangi have a very bad upstream..02:27
sivangbad bad bad israeli ISP!!!!02:28
ggiHey, it could be worse.02:29
skyridersivang: You don't know anything about Ukrainian ISP02:30
sivanghow bad is it?02:30
skyriderbad phone lines02:30
sivangman, I thought those went of the world02:30
skyriderAnd (surprise) high costs02:30
sivangskyrider : are you using such connection now?02:30
skyridersivang: yeah :(((02:31
sivangggi : you also on dial up? I have some irish freind who only 2 weeks ago got broadband..:-/02:31
ggiNo, I'm on regular British 512/128 ADSL.02:32
skyriderI can't dream about nothing except 115k DSL here. :(02:33
sivangggi : nice02:35
sivangskyrider, nevermind.. It should hold you from helping the doc project , if you like.02:35
sivangshout your name on the -doc list, I think there's translation work to get done..02:36
sivangalthough the translation framework is at it's dawn,02:36
sivangthat is why I cannot tell exactly02:36
skyriderright now I'm working on something like Ubuntu post-install guide for russian-peaking users02:37
HoodsterIs the doc mail list the best way to get involved in contributing?02:38
ggiWell, I'm going to give up trying to fix this GRUB thing for now. Night all!02:40
sivangHoodster : well, you could always hang out here and see what's going, but the mailing list should be used for offering new ideas, and also consulted before making drastic changes.02:40
sivangnigh ggi!02:40
ggisivang: I'll expect your e-mail to have uploaded by morning :P02:40
sivangggi : btw, I would stay with warty at the mean whiel ... hoary is not so stable :)02:41
sivangggi : I sure do hope so02:41
sivangit still sending..02:41
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has left #ubuntu-doc [""Goodnight!""]
sivangHoodster : you should also take a look at the documetnation project / team realted wiki pages, the ubuntu main documentation section etc.02:42
sivangthis should be a good starting point.02:42
sivangwe also have a wiki todo list,02:42
sivangand there that task that needs done for the next release,02:42
sivangmodifying the gnome-user-maunal to fit ubuntu's quirks02:42
sivanghowever, we need to first set up the svn/arch server, so it could be worked collaboritly ..02:43
Hoodstersivang: I reviewed the todo list and there was only a limited I thought I could take on at this moment (due to inexperience with creating wiki's) and interaction in a community like Ubuntu. So, I need to start with something small or in conjunction with someone else, perhaps.02:43
HoodsterTo get my feet wet.02:44
sivangno problem, there is planty of stuff to do, however this task ir rather big, and is merely reading a document explaining how to do stuff in the gnome desktop, the source looks like html (nothing special really)02:45
sivangand one should just follow the instructions, and say / modify where it needs it to suit Ubuntu desktop.02:45
sivangbut not a problem,02:45
sivangtell me what you would like on contribing, or even better mail the list about it02:46
HoodsterI know HTML, quite well. If that will help.02:47
HoodsterI am confortable with editing raw HTML code, rather than a GUI editor.02:47
sivangit will help you greatly..02:47
sivangdocbook is xml02:48
HoodsterWell, if xml is like html, then I could pick it up quick.02:48
sivangyes, you could. you could also read about this,02:51
Hoodstersivang: One idea I had for contributing at the wiki site was a description of how to create mount points for those Ubuntu users that dual boot with MSWindows. I saw a wiki page on how to mount a MSWindows share over a network, but not on the same machine. This was something I had to do when I first installed Ubuntu. However, it might be covered someplace and I missed it or it is too noobieish.02:51
sivangHoodster : find something called Room101 on the wiki, add it there ok ? :)02:51
Hoodstersivang: I read something about Room101 but I hadn't actually been there.02:53
Hoodstersivang: Thank you for the suggestion.02:53
sivangno problem, you see this si something that should get automated in the future versions of Ubuntu , and room101 is for those nasty hacks that need to disappear02:54
skyridersivang: Just for your information: I've created https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RussianDocumentation wiki page02:56
Hoodstersivang: Thank you for the explanation. I just found the Room101 page. Now I have to figure out how to add content to it (hehe)02:56
skyriderand written https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UbuntuRussianLocalizationHOWTO02:56
sivangskyrider : :)02:56
skyriderit's a work in progress...02:56
sivangskyrider : ah! this is SUPERB!02:57
sivangjust saw the howto, amazing 02:57
sivanglooks very promising, thank you ! (although I cannot read all of this)02:57
skyriderI can't work on it today anymore (4:00 am here). I'll continue writing tomorrow.02:59
=== George^Deka [~deka@203-173-44-118.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangskyrider : have you looked at https://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/local/ ?03:00
sivangskyrider : was it you who added the ru section there?03:00
skyridersivang: yes03:00
George^Dekahi all03:00
skyriderI'm admin of russian mailing list and #ubuntu-ru03:01
sivangfinally we meet, why didn03:01
sivangyou say in the first place?03:01
sivangHey George^Deka! I'm nearly fainting..03:01
skyriderWhy I should start conversation with such words? ;)03:02
sivangdidn't sleep at all..03:02
George^Dekahey sivang why you nearly fainting03:02
sivangremember last time you been here?03:02
sivangget no sleep since :)03:02
sivangskyrider : :)03:02
sivangi'm about 24 hours awake03:02
George^Dekasivang: what time is it there03:02
sivangsome nice new people dropped by, so I couldn't leave them to an sleepy channel :)03:03
sivangand I had some mainpage works etc..03:03
George^Dekasivang: do a world of good for the newbies03:03
sivangI do! I just can't resist them!03:03
George^Dekasivang: i will finally install ubuntu onto my main machine 2nite or 2morrow03:03
sivangno problem, make sure you stick to warty the meanwhile..it's getting icky ont he desktop for hoary03:04
sivangskyrider : make sure you add anything you finished to the main section, thanks03:04
HoodsterQuick question: I am in Room101 and logged in. To add an entry at the bottom of the page, I need to fill in the two white boxes (subject and content) and click the 'add a comment' link. correct?03:05
sivangGeorge^Deka , say hello to Hoodster03:05
sivangHoodster : lemme get there also03:05
George^Dekasivang: i only got dialup anyway03:05
HoodsterHey George^Deka! You from the Ukraine too?03:05
George^Dekasivang: with x.o getting in and everything03:05
sivangI can see...03:06
George^Dekahi Hoodster - no im for australia, how are you03:06
Hoodstersivang: What about that last white box at the very bottom? Do I need to anything with that?03:06
George^Dekaroom101 ?03:06
sivangHoodster : sec.03:06
sivangHoodster : just click on the "edit" tab, to edit the doc source.03:07
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: I am okay. Getting my feet wet with Ubuntu documentation. How many people are part of the Ubuntu documentation team? Is it many contributing equally or are there a main 10 or 20 people doing most of the work?03:07
George^DekaHoodster: i am only new too, getting my feet wet (but sivang correct me if i am wrong i have been fairly active and quite vocal) in my first week. There is about 10 people really at a guess.03:09
George^DekaHoodster: how familiar are you with firefox ?03:09
Hoodstersivang: The edit page looks like the main page, which I don't want to edit really. But rather, I want to add a new page that links at the bottom of the Room101 page. Am I missing something?03:09
HoodsterI use firefox at home and at work.03:10
sivangGeorge^Deka : I just realized I know nothing of the international community :) skyrider came here, and I jumped on him with my stipid newbie welcoming commette !03:10
George^DekaHoodster: wheres room 101 page never heard of it03:10
sivangHoodster: sec, sorry be with you in a sec.03:10
George^Dekasivang: it happens03:10
skyridersivang: :)03:10
George^Dekasivang: get hoodster on ReST and he can add to my firefox howto03:11
George^Dekaits got ages to go still03:11
George^Dekagood place to learn a  reall active document03:11
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: see https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Room10103:11
George^Dekaohh i thought room101 must of meant teaching but its bug workarounds hey03:12
sivangGeorge^Deka : yes, it's the place for the nasty hacks which need get automated in future version of Ubuntu03:13
George^Dekasivang: cool now i get it03:13
skyriderI have small question: can I mark some text bold _and_ italic same time using ReST?03:13
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: Tell me more about your Firefox HowTo...03:14
George^DekaHoodster: to add a subpage to room101, use the bottom textbox marked new parent, name, replacement, subtopic: then click create03:14
George^DekaHoodster: its just very basic now, if you go into edit you will see comments for things i want to add03:15
George^DekaHoodster: if you know how to upgrade from 0.9.3 to 1.0 your more than welcome to add that03:15
George^Dekaas long as it is instructions from binaries03:15
sivangHoodster : to create a new page, just use the www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/MyPage url03:15
sivangHoodster : and create the new page, then you would need to add a link to it by editing the room101 page.03:16
Hoodstersivang: Okay, I am getting it.. I will check it out. Never done a wiki before....03:16
sivangall in all, I am _very_ poor at ReST (I prefer MOinMOin much better) and plovs should be the authority on this.03:16
sivangAlexander Poslavsky, if I am not mistaken :)03:17
George^DekaHoodster: follow my instructions they are easier03:17
sivangcome to think of it, I do not know ReST at all03:17
sivangGeorge^Deka : I will leave you too to work out now,03:17
sivangHoodster : George^Deka's might be easier, I have a tendency to do things in awkward ways :)03:18
sivangSo kids, nanny is going to sleep ..:)))03:18
skyridersivang: bad. Thanks anyway03:18
Hoodstersivang: See yea. Get some zzzzz...03:18
sivangskyrider : why bad?03:18
skyridersivang: Good night!03:18
skyridersivang: you don't know ReST03:18
sivangno I dont :)03:19
skyriderit's bad ;)03:19
sivangyes it is, however I am going to do stuff in DocBook, so it's not that bad after all03:19
sivangI would even feel much better in plain HTML03:19
sivangbut that rest...ah!03:19
skyriderDocBook is great03:19
sivangyes, I rally love XML03:19
skyriderBut I don't have time to earn it :(03:20
skyriderlearn it 03:20
sivangGeorge^Deka : Love them newbies for me will ya? :)03:20
sivangwhen I'm away03:20
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: I didn't notice the bubble help that pops up when the mouse cursor is over those links (reparent, rename, delete! and create). Thank you for the tip!03:20
sivangskyrider : basically, it's not that ahrd to get the hang of it, and then you would be okay with only few tags. take a look at http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocBook03:21
skyriderI've already read that and much more actually03:21
skyriderBut I don't feel comfortable with it03:21
sivangskyrider : ah ok...no prob03:22
sivanganyway, people this is really good night now!03:22
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: Do I need still need to fill in the two other white boxes (subject and content) or will a new page appear after I click on the 'create' link that I edit?03:22
George^Dekano leave them empty03:23
George^Dekacya sivang - ill take over for you03:23
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: Thanks!03:23
George^Dekanew wiki page will appear03:23
sivang_ZZzzZzzZzhmm, I don't snore that much03:24
skyriderGood bye everybody03:24
sivang_sleepnight skyrider03:24
George^DekaHoodster: i started with ReST because of plovs, but your choice really ReST is more powerful03:24
George^Dekacya skyrider 03:25
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: Could you please explain what ReST is?03:25
George^DekaHoodster: there are many different langauges you can write the wiki, the 2 preffered ones are ReST and MoinMoin03:26
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: I am intrigued to know more about ReST03:26
George^DekaHoodster: wait 1 second03:26
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: Do I need to read up on ReST before attempting to create a wiki page?03:26
George^DekaI just copied the template and started that way03:27
George^Dekabut a little reading does not hurt03:27
George^Dekaill point you in the right direction03:27
=== sivang_sleep is for moinmoin
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: I am starting to get it. ReST stands for RestructuredText.03:29
George^Dekathere is a link there to a specific page on ReST for more info and tutorials03:31
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: Thank you for the links.03:32
George^Dekatook me forever to find it03:33
George^Dekabloody hidden03:33
George^Dekaplovs_:  i think the documentation team area needs a cleanup etc..03:33
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: Documentation Team?03:34
sivang_sleepGeorge^Deka : yes it does, however we do have a new page by now on the main site for the team03:35
George^DekaHoodster: there is a wiki page called documentationteam03:35
George^DekaHoodster: dont worry about it now03:36
George^Dekasivang_sleep: really, never knew03:36
sivang_sleepGeorge^Deka : how do I make a link in rest?03:36
George^Deka'what i want the link to say <http://linklocation>`03:37
sivang_sleepthis are backticks??!?!03:37
sivang_sleepI thought they were for shell use only..:)03:37
George^Dekait was writen by perl or python (forget which one) fanatics03:38
George^Dekait may even have __ after the end backtick03:38
sivang_sleepdang! in the first tick is plain? or back also?03:39
HoodsterGeorge^Deka sivang_sleep: I thank you for the documentation instruction and encouragement. I will try to add that wiki page and will return to this forum because I am highly motivated to contribute to the Ubuntu community. I must go now. Thanks again!03:39
sivang_sleepI mean, here 'wha.... ?03:39
George^Dekathey are the things on the tilde key next to the 1 key03:40
sivang_sleepok thanks03:40
George^Dekahere is a example03:41
George^Deka`look on Google <http://google.com>`__03:41
George^Dekayou do need those __ afterwards03:41
sivang_sleepyes, it killed me for the moment, and in this late/early hour..03:42
sivang_sleepI must say moin moin is bettter..03:42
sivang_sleepfor new people also wanting to contribute03:42
George^Dekai know its not the easiest to start off with - but its like python03:43
George^Dekacya Hoodster 03:44
George^Dekai better go too03:44
George^Dekacya all03:45
George^Dekaquite possibley be back on 2nite03:45
George^Dekamy time 6 or 10 hours away03:45
hornbeckanyone around?06:32
hornbeckyou guys are always asleep when I am awake06:42
hornbeckgood morning06:43
plovs_how's it going with the server?06:43
hornbeckits running06:44
hornbeckI switched it to debian sarge06:44
hornbeckwould you mind checking my ssh for me?06:44
plovs_do you have icq/gaim?06:44
hornbeckyeah 06:44
hornbeckemudork99 on aol06:44
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=== mercurus [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-174.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckI hate ssh :-)07:36
hornbeckI am going to bed07:36
=== mercurus_ [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-23.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ChrisHJust booking the flight.09:54
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ChrisHOkay... found a flight and hotel room. Looks like I will book the whole story in an hour. Sorry guys... I'll be with you. :)10:41
plovs_workChrisH, very nice10:43
ChrisHplovs_work: Same days as you btw. :)10:46
plovs_worknice, how will you fly?10:52
ChrisHIn a plane.10:56
ChrisH:) Nah... Lufthansa direct flight from Hamburg to BCN.10:56
ChrisHI managed to keep the costs under 1000 EUR. Expensive though.10:57
enricoChrisH: tried Ryan from Hahn to Girona?11:16
enricoChrisH: www.skyscanner.net11:16
ChrisHThey only offer Germany -> UK.11:21
ChrisHThat website seems to display trash.11:22
plovs_ChrisH, http://www.bookryanair.com Reus -> Frankfurt 14,99Euro11:46
plovs_ChrisH, or over london, 1 euro hamburg - london!11:48
enricoplovs_: 1 euro plus taxes, visa fees, extra whatevers... it will be like 25 euros12:01
enricoChrisH: Well, ryanair has Hahn->Gerona for like 16GBP+18GBP =~ 34GBP =~ 50EUR return12:04
enricoThen you need a train to Frankfurt, the bus to hahn (frankfurt to hahn was 11euro one way an year ago)12:04
enricoSo it's 50+22+train to frankfurt12:04
enricoplus, of course, girona<->matar12:05
enricoBut it should all be much less than 1000eur12:05
enricoThe problem is, Ryanair leaves hahn at 6.25 in the morning12:05
enricoAh, no, also at 19:3512:05
plovs_i'm trying to find flights from riga-barcelona, straight connection, nothing under 800$ (a nice one 2021$, return ticket)12:08
plovs_what online companies have you tried? http://www.vueling.com/ http://www.finnair.com http://www.bookryanair.com12:09
enricoplovs_: The only low cost from Riga that I see goes to Frankfurt hahn12:15
enricoplovs_: you can then get another low-cost from hahn, but you'll probably have to spend the night in the airport12:15
plovs_enrico, yes, that's no fun12:16
enricoplovs_: riga->hahn is up to 23 GBP one way12:16
plovs_enrico, i'll try to fly over amsterdam12:16
enricowww.sleepinginairports.net :)12:16
enricoAll the tips&tricks you might need12:16
ChrisHplovs_: I need a direct flight. My wife and my son (8 months old) will come with me. It's too much hassle otherwise.12:17
plovs_ChrisH, yes, with your family it's better not to rough it12:18
enricoaccording to www.sleepinginairports.net, sleeping in Hahn is not easy12:19
enricoGosh, yes: it you move with family that's really not an option12:19
ChrisHplovs_: It's the first time we'll be leaving town with the baby anyway. She deperately wanted to come with me. Let's see what she will do there.12:20
ChrisHplovs_: Cooking? Carrying the mascot? :)12:20
ChrisHplovs_: She's more the user type.12:20
plovs_ChrisH, it's still nice to have m with you i suppose i'll be traveling alone and it will be very weird, i haven't been alone for a week for ages12:27
ChrisHMe neither. I hate traveling alone.12:28
ChrisHShe said she wanted to meet a few new people and practise speaking english.12:28
ChrisHShe'll probably take the baby for a walk at the sea and be half-time at the conf.12:29
ChrisHplovs_: Do you happen to know how far from the hotel the conference will be? Do we need to travel by train/taxi forth and back?12:29
plovs_ChrisH, no idea http://www.tecnocampus.com/eng/presentacio.htm is where we'll be at12:30
ChrisHHmm. So Mataro is a suburb to Barcelona. And the hotel is in Mataro, too. Hmmm. Can't be that far.12:37
plovs_ChrisH, http://www26.germanwings.com/12:41
plovs_ChrisH, not many flights from hamburg though12:42
ChrisHHamburg -> Stuttgart? Close. :)12:42
plovs_ChrisH, maybe you can hitch-hike the rest?12:43
plovs_ChrisH, no? ok.12:43
plovs_ChrisH, http://www.skyscanner.net/day/de/cheap-flights.html also nothing (good) from haburg12:44
ChrisHI think I'll do it through our biz service. (Employees get 5% less to flights.)12:45
ChrisHWhen I got it booked I need to care about the most important issue: a wireless card.12:47
plovs_ChrisH, still looking for one as well12:49
plovs_ChrisH, if i can't find any i'll bring a small hub and cables12:49
ChrisHI don't have wifi at home either. But I'm willing to try it.12:51
sivang_sleephey ChrisH is comfing after all!!!!01:21
sivangMOrning all!01:21
ChrisHsivang: Hi. :)02:09
=== ChrisH has just confirmed the flight
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
WWGood morning all.02:14
WWChrisH: Just dropped by to say thanks for adding BOFs to the wiki :)02:15
WWYour nice writeup saved me a session with google.02:15
ChrisHWW: :)02:15
ChrisHWW: I was searching for the meaning for long enough myself.02:15
hornbeckgood morning02:20
sivanghey hornbeck, whassup?02:26
sivangcan we have a current updates on doc affairs? anybody willing?02:26
=== sivang feels bit lagged
hornbeckhey sivang02:27
hornbeckI am working on the book02:27
hornbeckand the server02:27
sivangnice ok, and the server?02:27
hornbeckI am going to throw the server out the windowo02:27
sivangI have had some 2 more newbies here last night (see the logs),02:27
sivangwe really need to get the gnomedocs on a server,02:28
hornbeckI got one the other night02:28
sivangI have 2 people willing to give hand on it02:28
sivangwho was he?02:28
hornbeckChrisH has a server up right now right?02:28
sivangChrisH : it's all up and working?02:28
sivangbtw, we also need something to make order of the international community..:002:28
sivangYD , the russian admin came here, and I popped on him with my newbie welcome flood ...:)02:29
hornbeckI thought I was in this room but I was in ubuntu-devel when skyrider came in and I started talking to him about docs02:29
hornbeckso he got interested02:29
plovs_hi guys02:30
hornbeckhey plovs02:30
plovs_hornbeck, i just saw a server flying by, yours?02:31
hornbeckmight be02:31
hornbeckdebian sarge is sucking my ass02:31
hornbeckit errors on everything02:32
hornbeckapache2 can't be installed02:32
hornbeckssh decided it did not like to work anymore even inside the network02:32
hornbecksubversion would not install02:32
hornbeckjust a bunch of poop02:32
plovs_hornbeck why don't you use woody+backports?02:33
hornbeckdon't know02:33
hornbeckhave not tried :-)02:33
hornbeckI think that is next02:33
hornbeckthis server will run02:33
hornbeckand it will run good02:34
hornbeckeven if I have to use gentoo, it will work02:34
plovs_hornbeck i only run woody, ask chris what he uses02:34
hornbeckI was talking to some local users yesterday who do server stuff02:35
hornbeckthey all use slackware02:35
plovs_hornbeck, hmm, i used to but i like debian better02:35
hornbeckI used to use slackware on the desktop02:36
hornbeckI cannot believe I went this long using linux and never built a webserver02:36
plovs_gentoo is nice as well, just takes too much time to install02:36
hornbeckgentoo is real nice, but it has always broke on me02:36
plovs_hornbeck, i found updating slack less easy then debian, the packages are newer, though02:37
plovs_ChrisH, what do you run on your servers?02:38
hornbeckwell I have always used swaret for slack02:38
hornbeckhe either uses woody or sarge02:38
hornbeckI read last night that ssh was a problem in both sarge and sid02:38
hornbeckso that might be some of my problem02:39
plovs_hornbeck, try woody, you have a fast pipe, you can install it in an hour, then add stuff from backports.org and you're done, later you can pin stuff from sarge02:40
plovs_my woody servers have uptimes of 6/7 months02:41
plovs_(4 of them)02:41
hornbeckok, I will download a install disk real quick02:42
sivangChrisH : https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=335302:43
sivangChrisH : http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/02:43
sivangChrisH : check latest howtos :)02:44
hornbeckman the debian installer hates lcd's02:44
plovs_hornbeck, yes it does, at least some of them, even ubuntu does btw02:44
hornbeckyeah, that is still the debian installer though :-)02:45
plovs_i have an old crt for this02:45
hornbeckthe only monitor I have right now is a lcd for my server02:47
hornbeckI am ordering a nice server with crt02:48
hornbeckgetting a t1 line also :-)02:48
hornbeckI am happy02:48
plovs_hornbeck, cool02:48
hornbeckmy boss is paying for all of it02:49
plovs_hornbeck, but if you use framebuffer then lcd is ok, and some lcd work fine02:49
plovs_hornbeck, your boss? are you blackmailing him?02:49
hornbeckhe is a cool guy02:49
hornbeckI am going to host a site for himi02:49
plovs_would say so02:49
hornbeckhe is buying my a six thousand dollor server02:50
plovs_what is it sun?02:50
hornbeckhe said "You cannot run a server on a piece of crap"02:50
hornbecka high end dell server02:50
plovs_how much space do you have a terabyte?02:51
hornbecksomething like that02:51
hornbeckits nice02:51
hornbeck2 gig ram02:51
hornbeckdual xeon's02:51
plovs_a bought an hp for < $1000 (without drives)02:51
plovs_what will you run? MS windows 2003?02:51
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu-doc []
hornbeckhe wanted to order it with RedHat enterprise installed02:52
hornbeckwe are going to use debian02:52
plovs_ok, i was already typing a long reply02:52
plovs_installing is a pain though02:52
plovs_if you want to use woody02:53
hornbeckwoody just finished installing on my server02:53
hornbeckwill not boot though02:53
hornbeckI think it wrote the bootloader wrong02:54
plovs_boot from the cd02:55
hornbeckI am02:55
plovs_lilo leaves something to be desired :)02:55
hornbeckthis is grub02:55
plovs_i only have problems with grub on old computers, then i put it on hda102:56
hornbeckI normally do mbr02:57
hornbeckbut I think I skipped that step this time :-)02:57
plovs_we need a telepathy enabled installer02:57
hornbeckthat would be nice03:01
hornbeckman the boot loader is all messed up03:03
plovs_i think i got my tickets figured out 350 euro's back and forth03:24
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanghornbeck : what were you discussing on -devel ? :)03:43
sivanganything interesting?03:43
hornbeckoh me and that guy03:46
hornbeckI told him we needed translations03:46
hornbeckcause he is russion03:46
hornbeckyou know I never make it to work on time anymore, you guys never talk till it is time for me to leave03:47
plovs_i can check the russian but i can't translate myself03:48
plovs_hornbeck does woody work?03:48
hornbeckI redid the bootloader by hand and still would not boot03:48
hornbeckI think I found the ssh problem though03:48
hornbeckI did have a firewall running on the router, and I think that was blocking it03:49
hornbeckwe will see in a sec03:49
ChrisHBack, people...03:52
hornbeckChrisH: what do you run on your servers?03:52
ChrisHplovs_: Debian/Sarge, Apache2, Subversion. Worked from the first moment.03:52
ChrisHplovs_ => hornbeck03:52
plovs_hornbeck, nice if it gets rubbed in, right03:53
hornbeckif I knew what I was doing it would more than likly work :-)03:53
hornbeckhave to learn sometime03:53
plovs_hornbeck, funny it did not work03:54
plovs_is it possible to install debian over ssh?03:54
hornbeckI don't know?03:54
hornbeckman beagle will not build lately03:55
ChrisHhornbeck: What about your server? Fixed it finally?03:56
ChrisHhornbeck: What's wrong?03:56
hornbeckeverything :-)03:56
hornbeckI can get apache to work03:56
hornbeckthat is it03:56
hornbeckI am caught up on ssh03:56
ChrisHhornbeck: apt-get install apache2 and that's it...03:56
hornbeckI want it to work03:56
ChrisHhornbeck: What do you run there? Warty?03:57
hornbecksarge right now03:57
hornbeckchanged over03:57
hornbeckapache takes alittle more than apt-get install apache203:57
hornbeckconfig files03:58
ChrisHJust copy/paste the few lines. I didn't change anything else here either.03:58
hornbeckI think I figured out the ssh problem so it should all be good in alittle while03:59
hornbeckI have to go to a meeting first though03:59
ChrisHIf in the meantime anyone likes to help working on the FAQ and needs an account to subversion just tell me.04:01
hornbecksarge will not let me install apache204:01
=== George^Deka [~George_De@037.a.008.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^Dekahey all04:02
hornbeckapache2-mpm-perchild/prefork/worker all error out04:02
George^DekaChrisH: which faq?04:02
hornbeckoh well, I will work on it later04:02
hornbeckbye guys04:02
George^Dekabloody warty wont install04:02
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: plovs_ has started to move the current two cluttered FAQs into a DocBook/XML file.04:02
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: I'm currently working on some general questions about Ubuntu. And we could of course use help there.04:03
George^Dekawell installed step1 but wont boot after that04:03
=== sivang pokes plovs_
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: e.g. someone who keeps an eye on mailing lists and adds FAQs voluntarily04:03
plovs_sivang, what's up?04:03
George^DekaChrisH: yeah sure, but let my get my warty fixed - now to find those helpful folk in #ubuntu04:03
=== ChrisH thinks we need two Doc Teams... :) One team with working systems and... another team. :)
sivanghey plovs_ :) just wanted to know if you need a hand on the faq , or any other stuff..04:04
plovs_sivang, too late04:07
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangjoin #ubuntu-devel04:17
ChrisHsivang: Batteries out again?04:17
ChrisHmsg sivang You are sooo stupid. :)04:17
George^DekaChrisH you forgot the / look whos stupid now04:19
sivanghe meant it that way, I think :)04:21
sivangbtw, does anybody how I tell gnome to use alsa?04:21
sivangit's suddenly using OSS04:21
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: That was on purpose. :)04:23
ChrisHAnyone got a recommendation on a cheap wifi card for the conf?04:24
ChrisHsivang: Shouldn't one of us (you?) start writing a doc-team-newbie-welcome page? Lulu already told us we should have some information what's currently on the to do list. So we can figure out what is in which state.04:26
ChrisHsivang: I'm confused, too, as my focus is on the FAQ currently.04:26
plovs_sivang, hi04:27
George^Dekasorry im not with it trying to make my machine boot04:27
plovs_ChrisH, doc-team-newbie-welcome: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocumentHowto04:31
plovs_ChrisH,  what's currently on the to do list  https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/WikiToDo04:32
plovs_sivang, there is really nothing to help with, it is just stright-forward editing04:33
ChrisHplovs_: Ok. Although there is probably more than just tasks regarding the Wiki. FAQ maintenance from suggestions and mailing lists. Translation of documents (who translates what). Fixing man pages. Handling announces or perhaps a "Ubuntu Weekly News"...04:33
sivangChrisH : yes ofcourse, pending..:)04:34
plovs_ChrisH, yes we should add all that stuff to either a doc-team todo-list or bugzilla04:34
ChrisHplovs_: I suggest Wiki. New users will probably just create a Wiki account and can easily add their tasks there.04:35
plovs_sivang, would you mind making a page and add the tasks ChrisH mentioned to it, and the stuff from wikitodo etc? I would rather continue with the faq04:36
sivangofcourse, not a probem.04:36
sivangbut it is going to be in MoinMoin :)04:36
ChrisHsivang: Okay... then I will learn MoinMoin, too... :)04:37
=== sivang is not so comfortable with ReST
plovs_sivang it is really not that hard, by the time you have finished you doc you'll be a pro  https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocumentHowto04:40
sivangok, lemme have a go at that :)04:40
plovs_sivang, and comment on that page, one day it is supposed to be a userfriendly newbie-doc04:41
sivangwhat, the wiki? Or ReST ? (Yeah, like that is ever going to happen...)04:42
George^Dekafirst time i missed the link to the other rest pages04:42
=== George^Deka needs his own personal linux guru so i can get this bloody system working - damn getting no where after hotplug
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: Does hotplug just hang?04:46
George^Dekaseems like it, it does not say anything after hotplug and its just hanging there, i did have 2 modules that gave me errors before but blacklisted those and no change still hangs04:46
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: I had trouble with a USB card reader. Just removing the extra hardware once and booting helped for the next time. Don't ask me why.04:47
plovs_do you guys use the remote desktop?04:48
George^DekaChrisH: Good idea iv got a usb printer on it04:48
ChrisHplovs_: Yes.04:49
plovs_ChrisH is this supposed to work:04:49
plovs_ChrisH, i have a vnc connection to my main desktop04:49
plovs_ChrisH, i have fluxbox on vt804:49
plovs_i go to vt8, my vnc connection goes bananas04:50
plovs_vt7 is normal gnome04:50
George^DekaChrisH: no avail04:50
ChrisHplovs_: Weird.04:50
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: Even without the printer?04:50
plovs_ChrisH, my wife wants to watch a movie, i want to use gnome, i have only one monitor here, i thought i had it fixed04:51
George^DekaChrisH: Well i thought it didnt work, but it did hang for only a second, im in !!!04:51
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: cool04:51
George^DekaChrisH your my saviour04:51
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: :)04:51
plovs_George^Deka, hotplug is slow04:52
George^Dekaplovs_: hotplug is crap now i need a smoke to recover from the pain it caused me04:53
George^Dekahope i didnt accidendly do a upgrade during installation, cause im on dial upn (broadband is so expensive here)04:55
plovs_ChrisH, what do you think would it be good idea to subdivide the divisions in the wiki?05:07
ChrisHplovs_: How exactly?05:07
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-56-506.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovs_ChrisH, under installation i have: vmware/virtualpc  java/mono  but also first installation questions05:08
ChrisHplovs_: Ah, you mean <sect3>? Why not.05:09
plovs_ChrisH, anyway i'll first finish it then we can work on layout and videoclips05:13
ChrisHplovs_: Yeah, right. :)05:13
=== ChrisH wonders if we should agree on a single Wiki format (be it Moin or ReST)
George^DekaChrisH: yes we should05:14
George^DekaChrisH: can docbook convert to ReST05:15
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: Not yet AFAIK. But I would take the challenge to write an XSLT stylesheet to do the conversion.05:15
George^Dekawell my theory is docbook is so much easier to learn, and if we did everything in docbook it could then be converted to go into anything we wanted, portability05:16
=== sivan_away yays for George^Deka
George^Dekabecause then in theory howtos can be put on the wiki or plone and yelp05:17
plovs_George^Deka, ReST is for unfinished docs, wiki-able docbook is for stable docs, only the doc-book can alter them05:17
ChrisHI don't completely like the Wiki approach. But if you give me a few days I'll try the XSLT.05:18
plovs_ReST -> docbook would do the trick docbook -> ReST would not work in the long term05:18
George^Dekaplovs_: good point, but maybe we just need the svn server for unfinished and we tell each other here and in ML05:18
plovs_George^Deka, sure, for the stable documentation, especially the stuff we want on the cd05:19
George^Dekayeah but whats the point in writing it in complicated ReST, when we are going to have to re-write it in docbook05:20
George^Dekathats the issue the re-writing05:20
plovs_George^Deka, ReST is not complicated (like riding a bike, really simple after you know how)05:21
plovs_George^Deka, rewriting is a pain yes05:21
plovs_George^Deka, ReST -> docbook , we need a python-wizard for that05:21
George^Dekaplovs_: yes it is not the most complicated - but docbook because of its xml format is easier - espicially for someone new to documentation05:22
George^Dekaplovs_: we do need a python wiz for that, wonder if mark will put a bounty up for it ?05:22
plovs_George^Deka, i humbly disagree, ReST is easier then docbook, docbook is *better*05:22
plovs_George^Deka, put it the wiki in wikitodo or our todo list05:23
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^Dekaput what in there a ReST to docbook converter05:24
WWHi all05:24
George^Dekathen we can clearly state everything is to be done in ReST (poor sivan_away)05:24
=== WW scans log
ChrisHThre are ReST to Docbook converters already.05:25
ChrisHJust that the output will hardly look like we want it to be.05:25
George^Dekayeah well just found one - http://docutils.sourceforge.net/sandbox/oliverr/docbook/05:27
George^Dekaand its python by the look of it05:27
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: Care to try it out?05:28
George^Dekamy system is still installing so not yet05:29
George^Dekabut soon05:29
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: Press the "turbo" button. ;)05:29
George^Dekait dont have one05:30
George^Dekait boots!!!05:33
George^Dekathink i set my resolution too low cause couldnt remeber what i usually use05:38
plovs_ChrisH, how do i make a numbered list?05:39
ChrisHplovs_: <orderedlist>?05:40
ChrisHplovs_: http://www.docbook.org/tdg/en/html/orderedlist.html05:41
ChrisHplovs_: There is an example.05:41
plovs_ChrisH, thanks05:42
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu-doc []
George^Dekabrb going to get on my new nix box05:47
ChrisHbbl, going home05:47
=== George^Deka [~george@037.a.008.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^DekaChrisH: this thing will take a while to get going i think05:55
George^Dekawhat irc client do you people use05:57
sivan_awayit sucks06:00
George^Dekathats what i am thinking, is there away to make it put the colon after someones name if its at the start of the sentance automatically06:07
George^Dekai had been using chatzilla the otherday it kicks ass over xchat06:07
George^Dekaif only i could use chatzilla in a firefox tab then i would be set06:08
George^Dekai cant even find where to put the on connect options06:10
=== George^Deka is now known as George_Deka
=== George_Deka is now known as George^Deka
George^Dekahow did you people go about upgrading fx to 1.0? i want to know details, did you rem distro vers ? did u just use the tar ? find a repo or what06:22
George^Dekathis is good for me and the documentation06:22
=== plovs2 [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^Dekahow did you people go about upgrading fx to 1.0? i want to know details, did you rem distro vers ? did u just use the tar ? find a repo or what06:34
George^Dekanite all07:07
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@host34-170.pool8290.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovs_ChrisH, awake?10:38
ChrisHplovs_: Yes. Just committed my part.10:39
plovs_ah, ok, well, i probably did something wrong, i added faq_ap_error10:39
plovs_which is my version of the faq10:39
plovs_i got errors syncing10:39
plovs_can you diff and patch?10:40
ChrisHplovs_: Can't you just "svn rm" it?10:40
plovs_well i can off course but my updates are in faq_ap_error10:40
plovs_i could not upload my faq.xml10:40
ChrisHah, okay10:40
plovs_can you diff and patch?10:41
ChrisHYou could check out an older version of the faq.xml and run "diff" on it to see what you need to paste into the "real" faq.xml10:41
plovs_ok, i'll put my changes in then10:42
ChrisHHow come you edited another document? Accident? :)10:44
plovs_no, i tried to commit and got an error, so to not accidently loose my data i copied it to faq_ap10:46
plovs_i'll just mv to faq.xml and try to commit again10:46
ChrisHOk. Either that works perfectly or there will be nothing left afterwards. :)10:47
plovs_well, looks like it worked10:47
plovs_my stuff is all there10:48
ChrisHJust that all my changes are lost now. :(10:48
plovs_i have a diff10:49
ChrisHDo you restore my changes?10:52
plovs_how do i checkout v29?10:53
plovs_it is yours10:53
ChrisHsvn update -r 2910:54
plovs_are your changes in 29?10:57
plovs_because i am wondering how to unite the diff10:58
plovs_the dif i had is the same as a dif between 29 and 3010:59
ChrisHPerhaps we need to read a little more in subversion.tigris.org11:02
plovs_yes, i am reading now, we somehow crossed eachother11:04
ChrisHPerhaps something like "svn revert"...11:04
plovs_it is all there v27,v29 and v30, but how to unite it11:04
plovs_i made copies of all 311:05
plovs_in a seperate folder11:05
plovs_i think i fixed it, i put the following file in svn test.xml, can you test it11:11
plovs_ok, uploaded it11:11
enriconeed svn help?11:12
sivanghey enrico!11:12
plovs_enrico, i messed up the faq, now we need to entangle it11:12
plovs_ChrisH, does test.xml have your commits?11:12
ChrisHI check.11:13
enricoplovs_: if you have any specific question about svn, I can try to help11:14
ChrisHNope... my changes are gone again.11:14
ChrisHenrico: Cool!11:14
enricoplovs_: just put my name on the channel and I'll be summoned11:14
enrico(unless I'm offline)11:14
plovs_enrico, well, we have three versions v27,v29 and v3011:14
plovs_enrico, and on the way we lost ChrisH additions11:15
plovs_ChrisH, which one still has them?11:15
ChrisHrevision 29 still has them11:15
sivangare we talking about the FAQ here?11:15
ChrisHthen plovs_ committed revision 30 (after a file rename) and my changed were overwritten11:15
enricohow about make a diff between 27 and 29, then apply it to 30?11:16
plovs_enrico, it fails all over11:16
enricosvn diff -r 27:2911:16
plovs_enrico, ok, i try11:17
enricoTHat generates the diff 11:17
enricothen you can use patch to apply to 3011:17
enricoDo I have access to that repository?11:17
plovs_enrico then patch faq.xml < 27-29.diff ?11:18
enricoplovs_: yes11:18
enricoand see what happens11:18
enricowhere faq.xml comes from v3011:19
plovs_ChrisH, can you svn up to 32?11:19
plovs_ChrisH, and check?11:19
plovs_ChrisH, nope, 32 is a mess11:20
enricoIs there a public read-only access to that at least?11:21
ChrisHlet's see11:21
ChrisHenrico: sure... http://ubuntu.workaround.org:8080/faq11:22
ChrisHenrico: I can instantly give you write access. Thanks for your help.11:22
enricoCool!  How do I do a write checkout?11:22
ChrisHenrico: "svn co http://ubuntu.workaround.org:8080/faq" should work11:22
ChrisHenrico: /msg me a password you like to get for the write access and I'll set up an account11:23
enricoChrisH: do you have a gpg key?  If yes, just tell me the key ID11:23
plovs_enrico, so we need to resolve the difference between v29 and v3011:24
ChrisHenrico: should be 79CC658611:24
ChrisHenrico: will you send me a password?11:25
enricoChrisH: yes, encrypted via mail.  Is that ok?11:25
ChrisHenrico: /msg had been sufficient :)11:25
enricoChrisH: that's cleartext transmission :)11:25
ChrisHenrico: after all... we can revert changes if the repository would get compromised11:25
enricoChrisH: Sent11:28
ChrisHenrico: k11:28
enricoSo, we have that the changes from v27 to v29 are lost in v32: is that correct?11:28
ChrisHenrico: Yes, I think so.11:29
plovs_enrico, can we revert to 29?11:31
enricouhm, ehu11:31
ChrisHenrico: account created11:31
enricoehi, I mean: all changes from 27 to 29 are also in 3211:31
enricoI just went through the whole diff11:31
plovs_32 doesn't parse11:32
plovs_i have a diff of my changes from 29 -> 3011:32
plovs_can we revert to 29? 11:32
plovs_then i just add my changes and were done11:32
plovs_so delete 30 - 3211:33
enricoWait: the contents in the rest of the document are ok.  We just have to make it parse11:33
enricolet's see...11:33
ChrisHenrico: 32 contains two files!11:34
enricoChrisH: I'm at version 32 and I have Makefile README faq.xml test.xml ubuntu.xsl11:35
ChrisHenrico: try "grep DOCTYPE faq.xml"11:35
ChrisHenrico: you'll see that these are the two versions just concated11:35
enricoOh!  So nice!11:36
enricoI suggest to split that in two files, then use meld on them11:37
enricoapt-get install meld11:37
plovs_enrico, is just reverting to 29 not easier?11:37
ChrisHI'll split them and join that manually.11:37
=== ChrisH just wonders how that has happened
enricoI just checked with meld: the second half is just an old version11:38
enricoJust delete the second half of the file11:38
ChrisHDid it. Commited. 33 should be clean now.11:40
enricobtw, I so much suggest to aptitude install meld11:40
ChrisHenrico: I run "vim -d"... worked well for me11:41
plovs_doesn't parse11:42
enricovim -d is cool as wel11:42
enricoplovs_: parses here11:43
enricoplovs_: try rm faq.xml; svn update11:43
enrico(or mv faq.xml faq1.xml :)11:43
plovs_yes, removed it and svn up, now it's ok11:44
plovs_ChrisH, my stuff is ok, yours?11:44
ChrisHplovs_: same11:45
enrico"svn blame -r32 faq.xml"  shows that the second half comes from plovs, so it may have been plovs' copy that was broken somehow11:45
ChrisHenrico: Great!11:45
ChrisHenrico is da bomb11:45
ChrisHenrico: I know it. It must have been plovs_ mistake. ;)11:45
=== enrico cheers at the thing working again!
plovs_enrico, but how did 30 happen? (32 is just 30 patched with the diff between 27 and 29)11:46
=== plovs_ bows his head in shame
enricoplovs_: it's not your fault, probably11:47
ChrisHplovs_: No need to. I'm also interested in how to resolve such conflicts. Using subversion the normal way is boring if everything works. :)11:47
enricoI imagine something borked somewhere11:47
plovs_enrico, thanks for fixng it11:47
enricono problem!11:48
plovs_ok, updated 34, the faq have basically been put in, now they need order and checking12:00

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