thoreauputictigmore: which link?12:00
hypa7iacamden: it's TEH ELEET GOODNESS12:00
hypa7iacamden: also, you get to bugtest12:00
hypa7iaand there's composite, of course12:00
camdenhypa7ia: hmmm....12:00
Keybukeclipse: aptitude upgrade x-window-system-core12:00
ograhypa7ia: doesnt work yet12:00
jdubRiddell: ahr.12:00
sladenKirsch: can you  grep name /proc/cpuinfo  ?12:00
hypa7iano composite?  *cries*12:00
jdubRiddell: was hoping to find an industrial/human like theme for kde, and set that as the default for ubuntu12:01
HrdwrBoBhypa7ia: it works12:01
HrdwrBoBit's just.. slow.. and xcompmgr crashes12:01
camdenbut what is composite?12:01
HrdwrBoBcamden: off screen compositing12:01
Keybukcamden: shiny transparent windows, etc.12:01
ograhypa7ia: way to go for this....with composite enabled my desktop feels faster via vnc then on the screen itself ;)12:01
HrdwrBoBallows shadows, transparency and all sorts of things12:01
camdenohh... but it sound like it's not quite ready for a production env.12:02
sladenhypa7ia: you can enable Composite in the xorg.conf, but it has issues12:02
Kirschsladen: cat /proc/cpu | grep name --> model name       : Mobile Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 - M CPU 2.20GHz12:02
eclipsekeybuk, it needs to download like 242MB to install everything12:02
eclipsethat's too much12:02
HrdwrBoBcamden: this is why it's in hoary12:02
hypa7iacool, sladen.12:02
Riddelljdub: is that the theme used by GTK in ubuntu?12:02
camdenhrdwrbob: that makes a hell of a lot of sense. :)12:02
=== hypa7ia is sticking with warty for at least another month
tigmorethis one i need to find a ppc im program for ubuntu that will alow voice conversation to my visually impaired friend thought someone here might have a sugestion thoreauputic but i never got an answer until you12:02
keknehvhow do I remove files after I copy them?12:02
ograhypa7ia: no gksudo ..... so no graphical sysmanagement with composite right now12:02
HrdwrBoBtigmore: gnome meeting12:03
socommtigmore: festival12:03
hypa7iagotcha ogra12:03
Keybukeclipse: I'm guessing you're on warty, and want to just cherry-pick xorg from hoary?  or are on hoary and just trying to reduce your download?12:03
neighborleeis anyone else seeing problems changing download directory ( from dialog not menu ) in firefox 1.0 ?12:03
tigmoregnome meeting does it allow crossover to yahoo im12:03
eclipsei just want to cherry-pick xorg from hoary12:03
thoreauputictigmore: I don't know an answer12:04
=== Tyche69 [~Tyche@cpe-66-1-185-116.ut.sprintbbd.net] has joined #ubuntu
Keybukeclipse: basically that figure is "right" for picking x-window-system-core and all of its dependencies from hoary12:04
Keybukbut that's things like the libc and everything else :)12:04
=== pepsi [~pepsi@p239.n-sfpop03.stsn.com] has joined #ubuntu
keknehvhow do I CUT files instead of COPY them?12:04
epodcan you upgrade firefox that comes with warty to 1.0 yet?12:04
Gwildoreclipse, change to hoary, grab xorg, then switch back to warty, your source.list that is12:04
ograkeknehv: rightclick12:04
sladenKirsch: what modules do you have loaded for it?  -acpi, or speedstep-centrino ?12:04
jdubRiddell: industrial is the gtk+ engine, human is the 'metatheme' in use and gtkrc mods to industrial12:04
eclipseok, so it won't upgrade my gnome 2.8 to 2.9.1?12:04
ograkeknehv: or middleclick and move12:05
Gwildoreclipse, no idea :)12:05
Keybukeclipse: probably will :)12:05
=== Ycros [~Ycros@c211-30-14-115.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== pepsi_ [~pepsi@p239.n-sfpop03.stsn.com] has joined #ubuntu
eclipseGwildor, i tried that but it didn't work12:05
tigmorethank you all that answered i will find the links offered and see give me a few more days with warty and i should be able to return the favor on something else12:05
sladenRiddell: is there a hack to qt to make it use the GTK theme engine, so that KDE stuff will look the same?12:05
Gwildoreclipse, idk then12:05
Ruffian|Q|Why upgrade to hoary when its not even released :-p12:05
socommtigmore: no gnome-meeting doesn't work with yahoo, or MSN12:06
=== Lowry [~Lowry@CPE-144-136-201-14.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
eclipsei guess keybuk is right12:06
Lowryhi all12:06
eclipsewell it's downloading tons of shit...i hope everything will be fine after the installation12:06
tigmorel8ter all thanks12:06
Rene_SRuffian|Q|, Because it offers a great oppurtunity to learn linux and troubleshooting skills at the same time12:06
Riddellsladen: nice idea but you have it the wrong way around http://www.freedesktop.org/Software/gtk-qt12:06
eclipsei hope it won't ruin my linux box12:07
ograRiddell: bah12:07
Keybukeclipse: if you're worried about that ... you shouldn't touch *anything* from a development release12:07
keknehvI'm trying to move stuff on a usb disk to a different directory (it's fat16), but gnome thinks my directories are files...12:07
Townyis there someplace to view on the web what is available through the "universal" repository on ubuntu12:07
keknehvAnd once I right click on something, it dissapears!12:07
sabdflTowny: we'll have a web based archive viewer up in a few weeks12:09
sladenRiddell: how big a project do you think the opposite would be (qt-gtk) and do you think it'd be a project worth doing for Ubuntu12:09
thoreauputickeknehv: on commandline you could use the mv command to move stuff12:09
sabdflnight all12:09
Townysabdfl, is it just a snapshot of the debian unstable repository?12:09
ogranight sabdfl....12:09
sabdflTowny: no, there are a few extra packages in there12:09
sladenRiddell: eg, applications like  k3b  for which I don't know a GTK version appear to fit in fairly well if people installed them12:09
sabdfland we are figuring out how to allow more uploads to univers and multiverse12:10
ograTowny: you can look in here: http://archive.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/dists/warty/universe/binary-i386/Packages.gz12:10
eclipseis there a hoary.iso file that i can download?12:10
Matt|eclipse, nope12:10
Rene_SI personally dont care if K3B is pretty, it needs to work and thats it12:10
Keybuksladen: it still wouldn't be HIGgy though :(12:10
sabdfleclipse: coming tomorrow, i think12:10
ograTowny: for the contents12:10
Matt|oh really12:10
Riddellsladen: well it takes that rare thing of someone who knows the internals to both qt and gtk12:10
sabdfleclipse: try cdimage.ubuntulinux.org12:10
sladenKeybuk: well, this is the general downside of KDE stuff ;-)12:10
sabdflyou're looking for "array cd 1"12:10
eclipseok, thnx sabfl12:10
sabdflarray is the new sounder12:10
eclipseok, thnx sabdfl12:11
Matt|yep it's there12:11
Matt|good one12:11
Riddellsladen: but otherwise it can't be that hard, you just map the relevant gtk calls to qt calls, don't need to play around with eventloops or anything12:11
sabdflerm... it's brand new. thank kamion, and backup :-)12:11
Matt|eclipse, it isn't risky to update from warty tho12:11
sabdflMatt|: hoary could break in glorious ways between now and the freeze though12:11
ograKanion annonced it very nice ;)12:11
Matt|sabdfl, np12:11
Matt|sabdfl, what ways do you have in mind?12:12
eclipsesabdfl, they do have a hoary.iso file12:12
RiddellKeybuk: well you can flip the relevent switch in kde libs to have the OK and Cancel buttons the wrong way around if you want to make it like gnome12:12
sabdflhmm... x.org is in already, so that one's past12:12
=== Twiggy [~scott@] has joined #ubuntu
KeybukRiddell: that's not just what the HIG says though12:12
sabdflwe have a few major changes going in12:12
Matt|sabdfl, where is firefox 1?12:13
sabdflcheck the wiki for details... HoaryHedgehog i think12:13
KeybukKDE apps always stick out like a sore thumb on GNOME, and vice-versa12:13
eclipsei'm gonna download that... thx sabdfl12:13
Keybukpersonally I prefer it if they *do* look jarringly different, then you don't expect them to behave the same way12:13
bigtwhats the command to restart networking and samba i thought it was sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart12:13
Matt|sabdfl, you seem to be a developer so I wanted to ask you something. if I'm having random screenblanks with xorg, should i file a bug? prob is that I have no idea when it is provoked!! :p12:13
jdubRiddell: 'flipping' the "ok" and "cancel" buttons won't make it anything like gnome :)12:13
=== Keybuk chokes on his tea
eclipseubuntu 5.04 is hoary12:14
Matt|eclipse, yes12:14
keknehvHow do I add disks to the disk section?12:14
=== Twiggy [~scott@] has left #ubuntu []
subterrificthere is a gtk theme that uses the colors and such from your current Qt theme, it makes gtk apps look pretty decent under KDE12:14
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@] has joined #ubuntu
sabdfls/is/will be/12:14
HrdwrBoBthe problem is not making K3b look like gnome12:14
subterrificits a freedesktop.org thing12:14
HrdwrBoBthe problem is making a gnome CD writing application which doesn't suck.12:14
ograthe problem is to get rid of k2b12:14
Riddellsubterrific: we know, http://www.freedesktop.org/Software/gtk-qt is already mentioned12:14
sabdflMatt|: do the screenblanks go away when you press a key?12:14
Matt|sabdfl, *laughs*12:15
mirakwhat exactly is setting something suid ?12:15
jdubHrdwrBoB: currently testing coaster, which may go straight to hoary.12:15
Matt|sabdfl, no12:15
sabdflso its a lockup?12:15
HrdwrBoBjdub: excellent12:15
ograHrdwrBoB: so go on, help: http://www.grawert.net/software/mrburns/12:15
Matt|sabdfl, they last 1-2 seconds and go back to screen fine12:15
epodmirak: chmod +s, but that doesn't work properly in 2.6.812:15
sabdfloh, so it freezes for a while, then comes back>12:15
Keybukmirak: suid = setuid ... running the binary makes you "become" the user that owns it12:15
Matt|sabdfl, daniels mentioned when he announced xorg that there would be some random screen blanks12:15
ograjdub: is audio working in coaster ?12:15
hypa7iathe big burning things that are missing are encoded music > cd and video > cd/dvd, right?12:15
Matt|sabdfl, yeah the screen just seems to go away12:15
sabdflthen it's a known issue12:15
sabdfli haven't seen it12:16
epodhypa7ia: yep12:16
sabdflbut im still running warty12:16
Matt|sabdfl, yeah so i should leave it? dunno if he would appreciate bug reports12:16
Keybuksabdfl: coward ;)12:16
jdubogra: don't think so12:16
sabdflanyhow, time to crash, night all, night jdub12:16
jdubnight sabdfl12:16
sabdflKeybuk: hoary on the desktop :-)12:16
=== svenl_ [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-38-169.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|jdub, what do you think? i should file bugs under xorg for screen blanks or just leave it?12:16
hypa7iai guess i'm lucky, haven't had to do either yet12:16
jdubsabdfl: good interview in mail&guardian, btw12:16
ograjdub: do you know a timeframe ? or will the slow development just go on...12:16
Matt|jdub, mail/guardian??? link pls12:17
sabdfljdub: missed that one, url?12:17
=== RobLinux [~RobLinux@user-0cev21p.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Libranet]
mirakKeybuk: so if an application is suid , you are considered as root using it or is there something else ?12:17
subterrificf i'm not mistaken audio is almost working in coaster, i think i've seen the developer in the gstreamer irc channel getting people to test12:17
Keybukmirak: pretty much, yes ... assuming is setuid root12:17
jdubogra: well, for now it works with nautilus-cd-burner. that's a start.12:17
ograjdub: yay, finally....12:17
ograjdub: thats totally enough....12:18
mirakKeybuk: so I want to use shfsmount as a user, so I setted it as suid whith dpkg-reconfigure, that's ok ?12:18
Keybukcommon setuid binaries you will find on your system include "su", "sudo", etc.12:18
jdubnot that it's working on my test system yet, but i think that is a more general problem with my cd burner atm :)12:18
Keybukmirak: it's ok, provided that binary doesn't have any security holes, yes12:18
Keybukgenerally one keeps their number to a minimum and plays it safe with defaulting them to not-setuid12:19
ograjdub: i'm gonna test it.....12:19
tsengjdub: blame bryan anyway, its more fun12:19
Keybukalso not all binaries work anyway, it doesn't *actually* run them as root, it makes their "effective" user root -- the binary needs to do something else to properly "become" root12:19
jdubKeybuk: dude, what was the ATAPI incantation for cdrecord?12:19
Keybukthe general side-effect of that is if the binary runs anything else, what it runs *doesn't* run as root12:20
jdubtseng: don't want to make him cry12:20
Keybukjdub: how the hell should I know?  I don't even own a CD *player* :p12:20
epodfunky article.  That Mark person is lucky if he gets to go into space.12:20
epoddon't own a cd player? ehhh?12:20
Mithrandirjdub: dev=ATAPI:0:1:0 or something, I think.12:20
jdubepod: he's been. :-)12:20
=== RobLinux [~RobLinux@user-0cev21p.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubMithrandir: mm, tried dev=ATAPI, but get:12:21
epodjdub: really? Ok, now I'm envious.  Ah well.  I'm just a ground-dwelling person ;) No spaceflight for me12:21
thoreauputicepod: with a name like Shuttleworth, hey....12:21
jdub(well, lots of spew, but two informative bits)12:21
=== epod laughs
jdubWarning: Using ATA Packet interface.12:21
epodgood point thoreauputic12:21
jdubcdrecord: No such file or directory. Cannot open '0:1:0'. Cannot open SCSI driver.12:21
Mithrandirjdub: try cdrecord dev=ATAPI -scanbus?12:21
jdubMithrandir: that's what i'm doing ;)12:21
Matt|epod, you need to make some serious money, then you can go to space12:22
ograjdub: just dev=/dev/hdX12:22
Matt|epod, soon they will be doing commercial trips :)12:22
jdubogra: aha!12:22
jdubogra: aaaaaha!12:22
jdubthat works :)12:22
eclipseby the way, did u guys notice that Flash on warty is not smooth...for example try to play this flash game and u know what i mean http://www.totebo.com/monkeylander/lander.html12:22
epodMatt|: yeah, it's the whole 'making serious money' bit that is the hang up, but I'm working on it. ;)12:22
Matt|eclipse, flash is not smooth in linux12:23
Matt|eclipse, it's worse if you go to hoary :[12:23
eclipseis hoary the same as warty when using flash?12:23
Mithrandirjdub: it's supposed to work that way, but I can't check, I don't have any IDE burners. :)12:23
epodflash is nice and smooth for me12:23
Matt|epod, i don't believe you :p12:23
eclipseepod, try this link http://www.totebo.com/monkeylander/lander.html12:24
epodMatt|: no, really, I haven't noticed any issues, lol12:24
epodeclipse: I'm in XP at the moment, so it would be moot.12:24
=== HrdwrBoB checks his bank account
epodMatt|: all I do is watch Foamy and Strongbad though.12:24
HrdwrBoBoh look.. the bank is laughing at me12:24
=== HrdwrBoB closes and wishes for serious money
eclipseepod, try that when ur on linux12:24
Matt|HrdwrBoB, laughing in delight or in despair?12:24
epodor mockery?12:25
HrdwrBoBmocking mostly :)12:25
Matt|is the bank manager rubbing his hands or his head?12:25
eclipsei have win server 2k3 so i know it's smooth on there12:25
Matt|eclipse, yeah the flash plugin is rubbish in linux, even since v 712:25
=== jpape [~jpape@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Rene_SOk I have a technical problem, I embedded Ubuntu into my Microwave and now I cant reboot it any ideas ?12:25
epodeclipse: did you install flashplayer-mozilla ?12:25
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
eclipseis there a patch for that?12:25
jdubcdrecord: Drive does not support TAO recording.12:25
jdub^ wtf!12:25
=== hypa7ia lols
epodRene_S: Pop your XP cd in that badboy and put it on high for 30 seconds12:26
eclipseno i got it from macromedia12:26
hypa7iai should try putting it on my old airport router12:26
Matt|eclipse, it's the same thing12:26
hypa7iait's got a 486 in it :-p12:26
eclipsei know12:26
Rene_SFinally i got a laugh12:26
eclipseso there is no patch for that?12:26
epodfor some odd reason mplayer *only* works with vo=gl2 on my ATI card.12:26
epodstupid ati.12:26
Matt|eclipse, no afaik nothing12:26
ograjdub: thats weird12:26
HrdwrBoBeclipse: flash has ALWAYS been slow on linux12:26
eclipseis that right?12:27
HrdwrBoBjdub: try forcing the device12:27
Matt|HrdwrBoB, on my machine it is ridiculously fast, but real jerky12:27
epodMatt|: what is your system, processor wise?12:27
eclipseyes that's what i mean...jerky12:27
eclipsethe jerkiness is driving me crazy12:28
HrdwrBoBcdrecord driver=help12:28
Matt|epod, actually12:28
Matt|( Computer Stats ) [ CPU Model: Mobile Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.00GHz Speed: 1993.059 MHz Cache: 256 KB ]  | RAM Usage: 71/191M [||||||||||]  | [ HD Model: TOSHIBA MK2023GAS Size: 17G with 10G Free ]  | Number of process: 6612:28
cardadoreclipse: by jerky you mean turning black as you scroll the page?12:28
Matt|cardador, *grins*12:28
jdubDevice seems to be: Generic CD-ROM.12:28
jdubcdrecord: Warning: controller returns wrong size for CD capabilities page.12:28
jdubcdrecord: Sorry, no CD/DVD-Recorder or unsupported CD/DVD-Recorder found on this target.12:28
Matt|cardador, he is on warty12:28
jdub^ bong!12:28
cardadorMatt|: ok12:28
eclipsewell...r u using linux right now, cardador?12:29
Matt|cardador, that bug STILL has not been assigned grrrrrrrr12:29
HrdwrBoBjdub: yeah try using device=mmc_cdr12:29
cardadoreclipse: always12:29
epodMatt|: hm, okay :)12:29
HrdwrBoBI had that with a DVD burner I bought12:29
jdubHrdwrBoB: yeah? ick.12:29
eclipseok go to this link and u tell me http://www.totebo.com/monkeylander/lander.html12:29
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-200-178-150.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBthough it would work for CDs12:29
jdubcdrecord: Bad Option: device=mmc_cdr.12:29
HrdwrBoBnot device12:30
=== karamela_______ [~no_name@samo364-a039.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
jdubcdrecord: WARNING: Trying to use other driver on known device.12:30
HrdwrBoBit's still 10:30am, need more coffee12:30
jdubcdrecord: Cannot attach driver for CD/DVD-Recorder.12:30
jdubwith lots of capabilities errors12:30
HrdwrBoBsounds broken12:30
=== marco [~marco@adsl-ull-253-67.44-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBwhat is the drive?12:30
cardadoreclipse: nice monkey game... works fine for me12:30
jdubIdentifikation : 'COB-2K5216      '12:30
jdubRevision       : 'NKG3'12:30
Matt|cardador, flash videos don't play jerky on your setup?12:30
Matt|cardador, try http://www.yetisports.org --> online games --> game of your choice12:31
cardadorMatt|: not the videos, only static figures12:31
cardadorMatt|: let me try12:31
Matt|cardador, also if you have a windows box, that website has the BEST online games :)12:31
eclipseyeah but pay close attention that the game will stop for like 1 sec and continue12:31
eclipseit's a loop12:31
Rene_STrying to Use Linux without at least 13 cups of Coffee voids the Warranty12:32
HrdwrBoBKeybuk: either express or implied12:32
=== Majestic [~Majestic@pool-162-83-245-84.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
cardadorMatt|: tried the first game, baseball with pinguin, and works ok12:33
ograjdub: so how about -dao ?12:33
Matt|cardador, not jerky?12:33
Rene_SThere was on mine12:33
Matt|you must have an awesome rig12:33
cardadorMatt|: no12:33
Rene_SYou all got robbed12:33
eclipsedamn...linux is truely a multitask OS...cause apt-get is installing tons of files and i'm running other apps and there's no slow down12:33
ograjdub: the spec says it knows tao, but it seems the driver doesnt with this drive12:33
hypa7iaeclipse: rocktacular, eh?12:33
socommMost OS are multi taking OS :^/12:33
eclipsei know with windows server 2003 i need to stop other apps when a big install like this12:34
cardadorMatt|: p4 2.4, 1024 ram, gforcerTi420012:34
Matt|/kick cardador grrrrrrr12:35
eclipseso cardador, did u notice that?12:35
Matt|guys, how to use update-rc.d to change scripts at startup?12:35
cardadoreclipse: no, i dont have slowdowns12:35
epodI am stuck with ati.. mobile radeon 9600 128mb12:35
epodcardador: me either12:35
stuNNedi have two copies of libsmb.so, one from libgnomevfs2-common other from gnome-vfs-extras how do i know which one to use?12:36
cardadorMatt|: so did you install xcompmgr?12:36
Matt|cardador, nope12:36
Matt|guys, how to use update-rc.d to change scripts at startup?12:36
eclipsenot slow down but the game would stop for like 1 sec and continue and then stop for 1 sec...it's a loop12:36
Matt|eclipse, its just jerky12:37
Matt|eclipse, his system is too l33t to notice i guess12:37
eclipsecan't be12:37
=== RubenV [~lambda1@kn-upc-1.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu
oddabe19firefox 1.0 final in Hoary yet?12:37
eclipser u running haory, cardador?12:37
Matt|oddabe19, nope12:37
oddabe19damn... any idea when12:37
marcois there someone who can help me, please?12:37
epodI just want to update firefox in warty to 1.0, heh12:37
oddabe19cause it's in debian repos12:38
=== agsansoo [~rup@adsl-66-126-101-98.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net] has left #Ubuntu ["Leaving"]
eclipseepod, just go to firefox.com and download the file12:38
Matt|oddabe19, guess it should be soon then12:38
eclipseit's easy12:38
Matt|marco, shoot12:38
cardadoreclipse: yes horay,  dist-upgrade every day12:38
epodeclipse: I have this aversion to anything I can't apt-get install, because getting it back out is often a pain12:38
eclipseu don't have to depend on apt-get to install all ur software12:38
Rene_SI got a question :  Does anyone know some nice settings for xcompmgr, I cant make heads or tails out of the --help12:39
=== Gmail|SLEEP is now known as Gmail
cardadorRene_S:  xcompmgr -cCfF -r7 -o.65 -l-10 -t-8 -D7 &12:39
eclipseto uninstall firefox, all u have to do is delete all firefox dirs and files12:39
=== mario [~mario@] has joined #ubuntu
cardadorRene_S: i dont use xcompmgr too much cause it freezes X often12:40
=== nimc [~nimc@cable-129-176.inter.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
ograRene_S: its very slow12:40
eclipsecause it's not like windows where they store it in the registry12:40
cardadorogra: the problem for me is not the speed but the stability12:40
cardadorogra: make sure you turn on render accell and all that stuff12:41
ogracardador: for me its both....on my matrox g400 its not usable in the current state :(12:41
xuzocardador: how to turn on render accell?12:41
seek187Ahh those xcompmgr setting slow my machine wayyy down12:41
Rene_Srender accell ?  crap i need to add that12:41
cardadorxuzo: edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf, on section "devices" add Option "RenderAccel" "True"12:42
ogracardador: do gksudo things work for you with xcompmanager ?12:42
ogracardador: i.e. synaptic....12:42
cardadorogra: when i run synaptic, X freezes12:42
ogracardador: yes :(12:43
cardadorogra: maybe that is the problem12:43
=== svenl_ is now known as svenl
xuzocardador: any other tweaks for better performance of xcompmng?12:43
ogracardador: synaptic or X ?12:43
eclipseok i got x.org installed....yay12:43
SimiraMithrandir darling! ;)12:43
Matt|who knows how to use update-rc.d?12:43
cardadorxuzo: make sure you add a section "Extensios" with Option "Composite" and Option "RENDER" "Enable"12:43
Matt|or is there an easier tool in ubuntu?12:43
cardadorxuzo: "Extensions"12:44
xuzocardador: I got it :)12:44
ograMatt|: rm and ln :)12:44
cardadorogra: X12:44
xuzoxcompmng needs some type of accel (from fglrx or nvidia)?12:44
Matt|ogra, is there no better tool?12:44
cardadorogra: my X just locks up and i have to restart it or kill it12:44
cardadorxuzo: i guess12:44
=== bigt [bigt@c-24-99-11-118.atl.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
ograMatt|: i think its the best, so i never use update-rc.d12:45
Matt|ogra, in hoary last week there was a lovely GUI "services-admin" or something, but it's gone again now12:45
xuzono clues about when fglrx will work again with xorg ?12:45
bigtquestion: i'm trying to install a driver or my isa nic and it says use doscp I can't find doscp anywhere any ideas on this please and thanks12:45
ograMatt|: it will come back i think.....12:45
eclipseby the way, does aptitude work the same as apt-get?12:45
Matt|ogra, was there something on the list about it?12:45
Matt|ogra, i hope it comes back12:45
Matt|ogra, i'm trying to help a warty user to add a script to start his adsl modem at boot. If I don't succeed, will you help im out with me?12:46
ograMatt|: nope, but it belongs to the system tools, its just buggy .... i think they solve it till hoary gets stable12:46
cardadorMatt|: is it usb?12:46
spacey`kiMatt|, why not put a script in /etc/init.d and link to it from /etc/rcx.d/12:47
Matt|cardador, no idea12:47
Matt|spacey`ki, yeah that is what we're trying12:47
spacey`kiMatt|, just do it then:)12:47
=== Antares [Antares@ip-7.net-81-220-227.henin.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|spacey`ki, whether it will work or not is another matter12:47
spacey`kiyou can test the script right12:47
spacey`kiif it works12:47
spacey`kiand you add symlinks it will work at boot12:48
Matt|spacey`ki, not necessarily12:48
Matt|spacey`ki, it might not work when called from another directory12:48
redemptionif I have a bash variable that has a new line at the end, how could I remove that?12:48
redemptionin a script?12:48
spacey`kiMatt|, just write it the same way as the other startup scripts12:48
spacey`kithey work12:48
Matt|spacey`ki, i'm not sure if he has written it by hand or not12:49
=== supos [~supos@port37.ds1-gjp.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
spacey`kiwell you can always edit:)12:49
Matt|spacey`ki, for example I had a complicated script which i did not write, and the links in it were all relative (../../): it didn't work when copied to /etc/init.d, nor when linked from /etc/rc#.d12:49
spacey`kiand there is only one way to find out for sure ;)12:49
=== h-t [~housetier@dsl-213-023-046-172.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|spacey`ki, yeah i believe he is trying12:49
spacey`kiMatt|, thats not a good script. but you can easily spot such things if you edit the file12:50
=== h-t is now known as housetier
=== xuzo [~xuzo@81-203-41-66.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
seek187does fglrx work with xorg in hoary?12:51
Matt|spacey`ki, heh. The script was written by the team that do the acx100 package on sourceforge. But i take your point. it was long and I was too lazy to edit12:51
=== aktsuo [~aktsuo@lns-vlq-26-82-254-154-23.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
spacey`kii dont blame you ;p12:51
=== robertj [~robertj@66-188-77-153.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp34-10.lns1.adl1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|spacey`ki, it is annoying because it works much better than the /etc/init.d/networking script12:52
Matt|spacey`ki, maybe i will take the time to edit it12:52
=== spacey`ki googles for acx100 :P
ograMatt|: add persist to /etc/ppp/options and make sure /etc/init.d/ppp start is run on startup....that should be enough12:53
tim1good night everybody12:53
spacey`kiah a wifi card:p12:53
Matt|ogra, for what?12:53
=== oddabe19 [~oddabe19@pcp01471558pcs.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograMatt|: for your friend with the dsl modem12:53
=== stone_ [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|ogra, i assume the ppp script didn't work for him12:54
=== RobLinux is away: I'm busy
Matt|not sure12:54
=== zxy [~ralph@host81-154-6-146.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|he sounds quite competent12:54
ograMatt|: configure with pppoeconf12:54
=== RobLinux is back (gone 00:00:19)
spacey`kiwhat kind of dsl modem is t12:54
Matt|ogra, spacey`ki i do not know12:54
=== zxy_ [~ralph@host81-154-6-146.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|he just asked me to help him add a script12:54
Matt|it might not even be pppoe12:55
spacey`kinever heard of dsl modem using pppeo12:55
spacey`kikind of crappy to use12:55
ograMatt|: if its dsl its some kind of ppp....12:55
Matt|spacey`ki, most of em do12:55
=== ploum [~ploum@21-26.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
socommMost DSL providers use PPPoE.12:55
epodogra: no, the DSL here is static IP12:55
Matt|socomm, yup12:55
spacey`kidsl modems i show up as a lan connection for the pc12:56
ograoh....i'm used to european standars :\12:56
=== haggai [~halls@i-83-67-20-196.freedom2surf.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|ogra, the best ones12:56
ograMatt|: sometimes :)12:56
Matt|argh, a euro-sceptic!! /me lynches ogra12:57
spacey`kiand the dsl providers work mostly with PPPoA or RFC1483  here12:57
Matt|mine is PPPoA but most in the uk are E12:57
ograstill a ppp varinat....12:57
Matt|pppoa really sucks12:57
Matt|took me 2 weeks to get my modem working with linux12:57
=== ogra never tried pppoa
Matt|nearly as long as it took for a router to arrive12:58
spacey`kiMatt|, entirely depends on the modem i think?12:58
Matt|spacey`ki, yes mostly12:58
Matt|spacey`ki, but there is no pppoaconfig12:58
Matt|spacey`ki, pppoa works out of the box with ubuntu?12:58
spacey`kiyour talking about connection pc <> modem or modem<>dslprovider12:58
Matt|i haven't tried it12:58
=== weasello [~weasel@S0106000f3d367e95.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograMatt|: try pppoeconf i think it manages all of them....12:59
Matt|spacey`ki, well both have to work for a connection12:59
Matt|ogra, i've put my modem in the bottom of a draw12:59
spacey`kiMatt|, yes but they are 2 different things12:59
=== weasello [~weasel@S0106000f3d367e95.gv.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu []
Matt|spacey`ki, well in my case, both were difficult :012:59
=== ploum [~ploum@21-26.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
Rene_SIs there a way to make the channel list in xchat sort alphabetically ?12:59
ograMatt|: secret modem ?12:59
Matt|Rene_S, should be default12:59
Rene_SIt looks nasty01:00
spacey`kimost modems i know connect to provider with PPPoA or RFC1483 and connect to the pc with ethernet01:00
=== karamela_______ [~no_name@samo364-a039.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|spacey`ki, yeah so in that case, the second option would be the difficult part01:00
spacey`kiwhy difficult/01:00
spacey`kiethernet is simple01:00
Matt|spacey`ki, sorry misunderstood me01:00
cardadorMatt|: if it connects by usb, you have to modprobe usbnet01:01
Matt|<spacey`ki> your talking about connection pc <> modem or modem<>dslprovider <-- THAT second part01:01
spacey`kiMatt|, ok;)01:01
=== MikeGTN is now known as MikeAFK
ograspacey: eth to modem is cool, my company does this too with its cable modems :)01:01
Matt|yeah that's much better01:01
Matt|usb modems are the worst thing ever01:01
spacey`kinp. but you don't have to configure that in linux i think. you configure that in the modem01:01
spacey`kiogra, i work at helpdesk of a dutch dsl provider01:02
ograspacey: there is a usb port too on the modem....the only issues we got are usb based.....01:02
Matt|spacey`ki, oh i din know that01:02
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
spacey`kiMatt|, at least that how it works in .nl or maybe we just misunderstand each other:)01:02
ograsapce: i ran a installer helpdesk at a german cable provider *g*01:02
Rene_Shmm i think i need to find me a nicer irc client01:02
Matt|spacey`ki, with my usb modem I had to setup the modem-->isp in linux01:02
Matt|Rene_S, xchat is great01:03
ograspacey: ish ....you probably know it.....01:03
spacey`kiMatt|, but that are just configure options for the modem right. not that you have to use PPP stuff from linux01:03
Rene_SMatt|, I thought so too just cant sort anything01:03
spacey`kiogra, ish?01:03
Matt|spacey`ki, no you have to use PPP stuff from linux on mine01:03
Matt|Rene_S, settings --> preferences --> user list --> sort alphabeticaly01:03
ograsapcey`: yep01:03
spacey`kiogra, whats that?01:04
Matt|ish means "sort of"01:04
Matt|i'm hungry-ish01:04
genwhere does xmms keep the skins01:04
ograspacey`ki: the cable company you look at if you turn east ;)01:04
Matt|gen, right click --> skin browser01:04
Matt|oh sorry01:05
=== erik [~erik@] has joined #ubuntu
genmatt:| im asking where to put a skin you get01:05
redemptionanyone know how to remove a newline character from a bash variable?01:05
spacey`kiogra, i have not a clue01:05
Matt|gen, .xmms/Skins01:05
ograspacey`ki: i'm in germany 150km from maastricht...01:05
Matt|gen, ~/.xmms/Skins01:05
pittiredemption: you can filter it through tr or sed01:05
spacey`kiogra, whats there?01:05
spacey`kioh you01:05
ograspacey`ki: lol01:05
spacey`kiwhats with the cable company :p01:05
spacey`kiwhere is that frankfurt?01:06
Matt|ogra, you can't call a cable company ish01:06
ograspacey`ki: i work for them01:06
erikhey, doom3 seems unable to run in this amd64 ubuntu install with the nvidia-glx drivers installed .. anyone know how to fix that?01:06
pittiredemption: XNEW="`echo $X | tr -d \"\n\"`"01:06
redemptionpitti: thanks.01:06
ograMatt|: tell this to our PR group ;)01:06
pittiredemption: (untested)01:06
erikit claims my video card / driver combination isn't up to snuff01:06
spacey`kii helpdesk for zonnet/versatel01:06
Matt|ogra, what does it mean in german?01:06
ograspacey`ki: nope....kerpen....01:06
spacey`kiogra, never heard of it:p01:06
ograMatt|: nothing....not even a slang word01:07
spacey`kiogra, frankfurt is not even close?:p01:07
ograMatt|: no01:07
ograspacey`ki: nope01:07
Matt|well tell em what it means in english :p01:07
ograspacey`ki: masstricht is nearer.... or venlo01:07
spacey`kihehe damn my geographical skills01:07
Matt|mine are bad too01:07
spacey`kikolhn then01:07
Matt|i've heard of maastricht tho01:08
Matt|damn shift button01:08
ograMatt|: they had a american PR consulter.....01:08
Matt|ogra, ouch01:08
spacey`kii live in groningen :P01:08
ograMatt|: lol01:08
spacey`kiup north in .nl01:08
redemptionPitti: THANK YOU ever so much!  I'd been banging my head on a script I wrote for kde for hours befare I even realized thet enviroment variables set by gnome were newline delimited.01:08
ograspacey`ki: i know groningen....never been there though01:09
spacey`kiogra, its a nice place. i like it here01:09
stuNNedmang, wish firefox 1.0 would be released for warty :D01:09
Matt|stuNNed, not a chance01:09
sladenspacey`ki: was there about 12hours a fortnight ago;  went  london->Brussels->Leuvin->Leige->Masstricth->Utrecht->Groningen->Rotterdam->Antwerp->Gent->Brussels->London01:09
stuNNedMatt|, you're on warty as well?01:09
ograstuNNed: nope.... wont....01:09
LowryReading http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=395201:09
Matt|sladen, nice trip01:09
Matt|stuNNed, no01:09
spacey`kisladen, your on some euro trip or something01:09
LowryIs ppc firewire hd supported?01:09
stuNNedogra, dang, oh well01:10
Matt|stuNNed, its easy to install01:10
Matt|go to the website and download, read instructions, :)01:10
sladenMatt|: Eurostar London->Brussels, it only costs 15 EUR extra to get an undated, undestinated ticket to 'ANY DUTCH STATION' and back01:10
stuNNedMatt|, yes...so just remove firefox installed with warty and install from mozilla.org?01:10
Matt|sladen, i need to go to brussels01:10
Matt|stuNNed, yeah01:10
Matt|sladen, whereabouts in london do ya live?01:11
sladenMatt|: Seven Sister, between Finsbury Park and Tottenham01:11
spacey`kimaybe your neigbours01:11
Matt|not too bad01:11
Matt|i'm in docklands01:11
=== RobLinux [~RobLinux@user-0cev21p.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== TrasMontano [~tras@ADijon-152-1-7-176.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
TrasMontanohello everybody01:12
TrasMontanoi've a problem booting my nex kernel01:12
TrasMontanomy new kernel01:12
TrasMontanodo i have to make a initrd ??01:13
Matt|TrasMontano, yes01:13
ograTrasMontano: why did you recompile ?01:13
TrasMontanook because on the wki howto they don't tell01:13
TrasMontanoogra: for supporting High memory01:13
seek187does apt-get keep every upgrade package?? I mean does it delete the older ones? my disk space is getting low01:13
TrasMontano1 Go01:13
Matt|seek187, apt-get clean01:14
seek187ah ok01:14
epodeh? I use linux-686-smp and it works with my 1gb tam01:14
ograTrasMontano: isnt in by default ?01:14
TrasMontanoogra: no :-(01:14
TrasMontano906 Mo regonized01:14
Matt|TrasMontano, anyway, make your initrd01:14
seek187ah that's better01:14
ograTrasMontano: x86 ?01:15
TrasMontanoMatt|: ok, how can i do this? i used the howto in wiki01:15
TrasMontanoogra: yes01:15
Matt|TrasMontano, it doesn't tell you to make an initrd?01:15
Matt|TrasMontano, we need to add that01:15
TrasMontanoi made the dpkg -i ***.deb01:15
TrasMontanoMatt|: a second i give u the link01:15
Matt|"mkinitrd -o /boot/name_of_your_initrd 2.6.8_or_whatever"01:16
Matt|don't forget to add it to your grub configu01:16
ograTrasMontano: you could use the smp kernel....should also work on uni processors01:16
stuNNedMatt|, ogra: fsck it, i'm installing firefox 1.0 :D01:16
=== Ruffian|JANE| [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ruffian|JANE| [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
epodTrasMontano: smp kernel has support for 1gb ram01:17
=== Ruffian|JANE| [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
TrasMontanoMatt|: i've to make mkinitrd in my /usr/src/linux?01:17
Matt|TrasMontano, oh, it says that the deb should install your initrd for ya. if it isn't there, then make it01:17
Matt|TrasMontano, nope01:17
Matt|in /boot01:17
redemptionpitti: out of curiousity, XNEW="`echo $X | tr -d \"\n\"`", could I replace the ` with '? and if not, how is ` special and to what program is it special?01:17
Matt|just do that command01:17
TrasMontanoogra: epod: thx but problem is the same with initrd01:18
ograTrasMontano: is it really not there ? have you looked after dpkg -i ?01:18
TrasMontanoogra: no01:18
epodTrasMontano: eh? apt-get install linux-686-smp01:18
bigtquestion i have a driver for my nic what command do i use to install it? is it netconfig ? if so i can't get it to work anyone willing to help that would be great thanks01:18
TrasMontanoogra: only the old one01:18
epodTrasMontano: no need to muck around with anything01:18
Matt|ogra, i came across another person with this problem last week01:18
=== nonmon [~chuck@mabeys.dsl.aros.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|ogra, howto is obviously wrong01:19
ograTrasMontano: it should be in the .deb, it should read /etc/kernel-img.conf01:19
ograTrasMontano: while building the deb01:19
nonmoni installed wine using apt-get now i cant find it01:19
Matt|ogra, see last line of howto01:19
Matt|god they should seriously tell people to create their kernels by hand01:20
Matt|instead of with debs01:20
genstupid question, how do i take an ss01:20
TrasMontanoMatt|: u made it by hand? think it's better?01:20
TrasMontanoit look so simple with the deb01:20
Matt|TrasMontano, for you the best way is to do as epod says and get the package01:21
Kal_ZakathTrasMontano : of course it's better01:21
Matt|but if you HAVE to make one, it's better to do it by hand01:21
nonmonwhere does apt-get install stuff im new to ubuntu01:21
Matt|nonmon, what do you mean?01:21
Kal_ZakathI always compile my own kernels01:21
genhow do i take a screenshot01:21
thoreauputicnonmon: it installs where it's supposed to go :)01:21
bigtnonmad what did you install?01:21
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
bigtexample xine01:21
TrasMontanoMatt|: if a made one now it don't work with my .deb installed?01:21
bigtyou would do find / |grep xine01:22
Matt|TrasMontano, what is wrong with the smb package?01:22
bigtthats how i do it i'ms ure there is a better way01:22
Kal_Zakathgen : computer - take a screenshot01:22
ograMatt|: why.... its not upgradeable in a clean way to use non .deb kernels01:22
nonmonin suse, which i used to use, it put it in the applications.01:22
genkal_zakath: not an option in hoary01:22
thoreauputicbigt: that's the slowest possible way01:22
Kal_Zakathor qomething01:22
=== xuzo [~xuzo@81-203-41-66.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
nonmonwith ubuntu you have to find what to put there and i cant find wine01:22
bigtwhats the fastest way which <application>01:22
Matt|ogra, if you're upgrading kernels there are new options so you need to recompile anyhow01:22
bigtlike which xine?01:22
ograMatt|: you should always use make-kpkg ....01:23
Kal_Zakathwhy do people use hoary if they aren't developpers ??????01:23
thoreauputicnonmon: type `which wine` or `whereis wine`01:23
Matt|Kal_Zakath, for testing it01:23
bigtok so it is which :)01:23
TrasMontanoogra: the .deb way so?01:23
Matt|hey the screenshot command is gone from the hoary computer menu01:23
Kal_ZakathMatt|  yeah, at least power users01:23
TrasMontanoand after mkinitrd01:23
thoreauputicnonmon: type <command> is even better01:23
Rene_SBecause its a nice way to learn about troubleshooting linux01:23
Matt|and help test for the release01:23
Kal_Zakathfor power users I can understand01:23
Matt|Kal_Zakath, it's nice to get involved and mebbe submit bugs01:24
Kal_Zakathbut usual user should stay at wraty01:24
Rene_SI am far from a power user. as a matter of fact I only started in Linux in June01:24
thoreauputicnonmon: bigt,  e.g. type mozilla01:24
thoreauputicmozilla is /usr/bin/mozilla01:24
Matt|TrasMontano, make your initrd, add the correct line to /boot/grub/menu.lst and reboot01:24
TrasMontanoMatt|: oki i try01:24
thoreauputicfrom the `type` command01:24
ograTrasMontano: make-kpkg --revision=custom.1.0 --initrd kernel_imag01:24
Kal_ZakathRene_S : well I can consider myself as a power user, but I use warty01:25
ograTrasMontano: make-kpkg --revision=custom.1.0 --initrd kernel_image01:25
Matt|TrasMontano, be careful about getting the correct address in your grub config01:25
=== Ycros [~Ycros@c211-30-14-115.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|ogra, *winces*01:25
epodOkay, so can anyone provide any insight as to why only 1 app can access my soundcard at a time under Linux, but under windows if I want to run 4 audio players with 4 different mp3s at once I can?01:25
bigtthor: you good with installing drivers?01:25
nonmonsorry i found it with whereis01:25
epodand, how I fix that issue?01:25
Rene_SKal_Zakath, dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Warty that I couldn't use it, I am just a glutton for punishment01:25
Kal_ZakathRene_S :D01:26
xuzoMatt|: not only icon01:26
epodI freebsd I'd create extra /dev/dsp devices...01:26
bigtand thanks thore for the tip01:26
epodthere must be something like that in linux01:26
Matt|xuzo, hmm?01:26
TrasMontanoogra: ok good way but if a make the mkinitd after it'll don't work?01:26
=== thoreauputic [~petros@wolax8-027.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has left #ubuntu ["The]
Matt|TrasMontano, it's one or the other01:26
xuzoMatt|:  screenshot command on computer menu01:26
Matt|xuzo, it is gone from hoary01:27
xuzoicon and command gone away together01:27
Rene_SKal_Zakath, I spent years doing Window's Beta Tests, I swear I never ran a finished version in my life01:27
xuzoyes, why?01:27
ograTrasMontano: the initrd will be in the deb, so apt can care for it....01:27
Matt|xuzo, they tend to go together01:27
xuzoits a bug?01:27
Kal_ZakathTrasMontano : I only use initrd for bootsplash, it's isn't really needed01:27
Matt|xuzo, although i don't have icons on my menu01:27
Matt|xuzo, no they've removed it01:27
Matt|what screensaver prog is ubuntu using?01:28
TrasMontanoKal_Zakath: without initrd i've VFS unable to mount01:28
Kal_ZakathMatt| : xscreensaver, as usual01:28
ograMatt|: xscreensaver01:28
Matt|ouch i suck01:28
TrasMontanook i made the initrd01:28
ograMatt|: gnome-screenshot01:28
TrasMontanoi try to reboot.....01:28
Kal_ZakathTrasMontano : diddn't had any pb..01:28
Matt|ogra, haven't got it01:28
Matt|ogra, it's been force removed ?!?01:28
Kal_ZakathTrasMontano : did you configured you kernel by yourself ?01:29
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
ograMatt|: gnome-panel-screenshot sorry01:29
=== hypa7ia [~hypatia@user21.megabit.utoronto.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|ogra, np i haven't got that either01:29
ograMatt|: hoary, hehe01:30
Matt|ogra, weird huh?01:30
jdubMatt|: it doesn't exist on hoary atm.01:30
Matt|E: Couldn't find package gnome-panel-screenshot01:30
jdubit was moved into gnome-utils, which hasn't had a release01:30
Matt|jdub, np01:30
jdubit was in gnome-panel01:30
Matt|apt-get install scrot ;)01:30
TrasMontanoKal_Zakath: yes i configure by myself01:30
Matt|thanks jdub01:31
ograjdub: did you mean n-c-b in hoary could create audio ??01:31
TrasMontanoKal_Zakath: maybe i forgot something01:31
xuzojdub: that move is in gnome releases or in ubuntu packaging?01:31
jdubogra: no01:31
Kal_ZakathTrasMontano : then something's wrong with your config01:31
ograjdub: oh....01:31
Matt|jdub, can you advise me of whether to submit bugs under xorg for screen blanking? I know that it is a known issue but I was wondering that maybe they would appreciate bugs filed by hardware01:31
jdubthe screenshot thing is in gnome01:31
Kal_ZakathTrasMontano : think so01:31
jdubMatt|: it's a bug, may as well file01:31
jdubdon't think there are xorg components yet though01:32
ograjdub: got two fine data Cds now ... one with mp3, one with ogg *g*01:32
Matt|jdub, ok will do, only i won't be able to give much info :)01:32
TrasMontanoKal_Zakath: i can show u but i think it was made serously, after a make oldconfig01:32
Matt|TrasMontano, we assure you that if you install the package linux-686-smb, your troubles will go away, and you won't need to build the kernel01:32
TrasMontanoKal_Zakath: only removing some drivers (video, network) and adding hi memory support01:32
Kal_Zakathmake oldconfig is generally a good idea, but if you know what you're doing you can configure it buy yourself01:33
=== borgmeister [~borgmeist@ACBAE396.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
ograTrasMontano: take the smp image01:33
Kal_ZakathTrasMontano : how much RAM do you have ?01:33
TrasMontanolinux-686-smb i look to it01:33
TrasMontanoogra: it'll be the other way thx01:33
Matt|sorry smp01:33
TrasMontanoKal_Zakath: 1 Go01:33
ryanthe installation of ubuntu onto an ibm thinkpad 600 was less than painless01:34
ryanthanks developers!01:34
Kal_Zakathryan : cool to hear it, 'll buy a tp 600 soon01:34
TrasMontanoI REBOOT see u soon !01:34
borgmeisterhow does one get into ubuntu without a password or bootble media? its just a friend broke into my laptop at work today, and i want to know how he did it01:34
TrasMontanoi try01:34
=== TrasMontano [~tras@ADijon-152-1-7-176.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu []
ryanthe only issue i saw was 1. by default, x sets up to start with 24bpp01:35
ryanthis made the lcd screen only use 800x60001:35
ryanwhich was distorted, esp fonts01:35
ryanand slow as hell01:35
ryanso set it back to 16bpp01:35
ograborgmeister: press escape on boot and enter the rescue mode01:35
Kal_Zakathnot really an issue01:35
ryanand its 1024x76801:35
ryanand its much much quicker01:35
ryanand then the sound wasn't detected01:35
Kal_Zakatheasily fixed01:35
ryanand alsa was a headache01:35
ryanbut hey01:35
ryanthe oss module worked fine01:35
borgmeisterdoes that bypass the passwords?01:35
genryan, we arent on aol01:36
ryanmodprobe cs423201:36
ograborgmeister: you are root the....with no pw01:36
borgmeisteri have a password01:36
Kal_Zakathit's signle user mode, init 101:36
Matt|i've off01:36
Matt|bye dudes01:36
ryangen: what01:36
bigtdoes ubuntu support 'custom' ?01:36
borgmeistercheers ogra01:36
borgmeisterthe litte....01:37
borgmeisterguess whos getting a beating tommorow01:37
GammaRayborgmeister: you?01:37
borgmeisterno thankfully01:37
=== TrasMontano [~tras@ADijon-152-1-7-176.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Kal_Zakathgive a slap to you friend from me borgmeister :)01:38
borgmeisteri shall01:39
borgmeisterwell, it was my fault01:39
TrasMontanoHi i'm back :-(01:39
Kal_ZakathTrasMontano : a marche ? (does it work ?)01:39
borgmeisterwe were having an argument01:39
borgmeisterover linux vs mac osx01:39
TrasMontanoKal_Zakath: non a marche pas :-(01:39
Kal_ZakathTrasMontano : what happended ?01:39
ograTrasMontano: smp.....01:39
TrasMontanoKal_Zakath: i has the same problem whith debian01:39
TrasMontanoogra: the only way :-(01:40
=== weasell1 [~weasel@S0106000f3d367e95.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograTrasMontano: the better way ;)01:40
Kal_Zakathand what's the pb exactly ?01:40
ograTrasMontano: the upgradeable way01:40
TrasMontanoKal_Zakath: VFS unable to mount unknown block (0,0)01:40
ograTrasMontano: the painless one01:40
Kal_Zakathogra : doesn't agree01:40
borgmeisterand he said hed break into my system faster than i could his01:40
ograKaloz: why ?01:40
borgmeisterive never used mac osx01:41
Kal_Zakathunless you know what you are doing01:41
bigtdang i can't get terminal to open :(01:41
borgmeisteranyway, im buying the beer01:41
TrasMontanoSMP is not slower than i386 in uniprocessor?01:41
ograKal_Zakath: so you know how all the bits and pieces in ubuntu work together and know what you can en/disable ?01:41
ograTrasMontano: nope01:42
Kal_Zakathogra : at least, I have a compiled kernel that works perfectly01:42
ograKaloz: so what will you do if you upgrade to the next release ?01:42
Kal_ZakathI'll recompile another one :)01:43
TrasMontanoKal_Zakath: i think i know what i do but 2.6.8 (compiled by me) never work in my computer, vmware too....01:43
TrasMontanodebian or ubuntu now01:43
TrasMontanothe same problem01:43
Kal_ZakathTrasMontano : you can't get vmware to work ?01:43
ograKal_Zakath: ok....if you like the extra work....01:43
TrasMontanoVFS ....01:43
Kal_Zakathogra : yeah, I'm workless at the moment, so I have plety of time :)01:44
TrasMontanoKal_Zakath: no 2.6.8 kernel compiled by me in vmware01:44
ograTrasMontano: install the smp kernel ... will work fine01:44
TrasMontanovmware work perfectlcy01:44
Kal_Zakathok ok01:44
TrasMontanoogra: i dl the smp, but u agree with me normaly it should work01:44
TrasMontanoogra: and smp will boot? it's my real problem, the support of high memory is other thing01:45
sladenKeybuk: re HIG;  would a wrapped Qt app be any worse than OOo ?  (Eg.  A re-skin with some effort towards bringing it closer to HIG) ?01:45
ograTrasMontano: i dunno what or how you compiled (and dont want to know) but its useless....if it doesnt work, thats why there are prepackaged kernels01:46
Keybuksladen: nope, but OOo are actually trying01:46
ograTrasMontano: as long as you dont fiddle around with your menu.lst everything is automatic in ubuntu01:46
TrasMontanook... i understand u want i install a prepaged kernel and don't compile mine01:46
TrasMontanoogra: yes i saw, but you don't clean the kernel? it's all enabled by default01:47
ograKal_Zakath: i only compile kernels for servers, as i  want it monolithic there with only the needed options, but i think its useless for desktops01:48
ograTrasMontano: yep... for desktop use its ok....01:48
spacey`kiogra, i think exactly the same01:48
TrasMontanowhat is monolithic??01:49
spacey`kino module support01:49
TrasMontanooki !01:49
ograTrasMontano: if you plug in anything on a deafult ubuntu kernel, the module will get loaded fine.... if the module is missing you have to recompile....you loose comfort....01:49
TrasMontanoogra: but it boot slower01:50
ograTrasMontano: so i stay with the default and ipress my friends with sticking in their usb cams without installing a driver ;)01:50
=== logic [~logic@222-152-251-45.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
=== Dekkard_ [~doofus@adsl-68-74-5-155.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
spacey`kiTrasMontano, don't shut it down ;p01:51
TrasMontanoogra: LOL !!01:51
ograTrasMontano: how much slower (in minutes) ?01:51
TrasMontanoogra: no in minutes lol01:51
TrasMontanook i exmplaim what i want to do really01:51
=== stodge [~mike@CPE0080c8790cda-CM000039179a5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
ogratrat: so you cant afford some seconds for comfort ?01:51
TrasMontanoubuntu is more for my desktop but i want to make un gateway (firewall, proxy)01:52
TrasMontanoogra: you are right i know01:52
=== [Phaedrus] [Phaedrus@] has joined #ubuntu
TrasMontanoi want to make a gateway with a debian or debian like distribution, optimizing it, securing it, for doing only its job01:54
ograTrasMontano: dont tell my GF01:54
TrasMontanoogra: GF?01:54
seek187wow enemy-territory runs like crap01:55
cardadorseek187: whats your graphic card?01:55
seek187radeon 920001:55
ryanpoor poor ati users01:56
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
ryanthe shit they have to put up with :(01:56
genryan, stop being a fanboy01:56
TrasMontanoso for making my gateway i've to stay on 2.4.XX kernel?? (i know it's not the topic of the chan) i just want youre advise01:56
seek187does fglrx work with xorg in hoary?01:56
ryangen: shut up.01:56
seek187or can I even use it with a 9200?01:56
=== seek187 is confused
Mithrandirryan, gen: please calm down.01:56
genno problem01:57
=== ogra knows its time for bed now.... 2am
ogranight guys......01:59
gennight ogra01:59
TrasMontanonight ogra just a question01:59
gentoo late tras01:59
TrasMontanono pb01:59
TrasMontanobut maybe anybody know the solution01:59
=== ubll [ubll@rdu74-145-084.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
TrasMontanowhy when i dl the smp-k7-image il download the linux-image-2.6-k7-smp it download the linux-image- too???????02:01
HrdwrBoBTrasMontano: linux-image-2.6-k7-smp is a meta package02:01
HrdwrBoBit simply points to the latest version02:01
robertjif you play mpgs and they are showing up as all black, but you have audio, what's the likely solution?02:01
TrasMontanowhat is meta package?02:02
HrdwrBoBit's a package that has no real contents02:02
ryanrobertj: video output plugin?02:02
HrdwrBoBit's use is depending on other packages02:02
ryanrobertj: which player are you using?02:02
spacey`kisee it like a symlink02:02
=== weasell1 [~weasel@S0106000f3d367e95.gv.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu []
robertjtried totem with gstreamer and xine02:02
HrdwrBoBspacey`ki: kinda yeah02:02
TrasMontanoHrdwrBoB: thx i understood02:02
robertjboth give the same result (well xine is blue screen instead of black)02:02
ryanrobertj: you may have much better luck with mplayer02:02
spacey`kianyway good night /me zzzz02:02
TrasMontanorobertj: try to get xine-ui02:03
robertjThe selected video_out device is incompatible with this codec.02:03
robertjVDecoder init failed :(02:03
robertjOpening video decoder: [libmpeg2]  MPEG 1/2 Video decoder libmpeg2-v0.3.102:03
TrasMontanospacey night ;-)02:03
robertjthat's from mplayer02:03
=== warty [~warty@Dynamic-IP-cr2001189621.cable.net.co] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBrobertj: what does mplayer -vo sdl give you02:03
=== Exasparilla [~alex@247.88.cm.sunflower.com] has joined #ubuntu
robertjHrd: I dont see anything really abnormal02:04
genvlc solves all problems :)02:04
=== TrasMontano [~tras@ADijon-152-1-7-176.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu []
robertjHrd: what would I be looking for02:05
ryanhas anyone had the chance to try out the new nvidia drivers02:06
HrdwrBoBrobertj: nono, mplayer -vo sdl file.mpg02:06
=== Elyran [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBrun it with file.mpg as the file you want to play02:06
ExasparillaHi - I just switched over from Debian, and I have a question:  I own a ZCom XI-325 802.11b card (I think it's prism2).  The orinoco_cs modules get loaded.  No wlan0 shows up in my /dev.  What do I need to do to get wireless working?02:06
robertjHrdwrBoB: i did that02:06
HrdwrBoBdid it work?02:06
robertjcomplains about not finding a matching colorspace02:07
robertjCould not find matching colorspace - retrying with -vf scale...02:07
robertjOpening video filter: [scale] 02:07
HrdwrBoBwhat is your video card02:07
=== cef_work [~cef@fw2.amc.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== bwlang [~bwlang@h00a0cc520a75.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gwildorogra, do you remember what Matt| told me to install after i upgraded to hoary?02:10
Gwildorogra, nvm found it02:12
bigtwhat does this mean ? could not look up internet address for bigtony.example.com This will prevent GNOME from operating correctly. It may be possible to correct the problme by adding bigtony.example.com to the file /etc/hosts.02:13
bigtit just started happening :(02:13
=== tritium [~Tritium@12-203-252-127.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Bernhard [~bernhard@chello212186163163.32.11.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu
logicbigt: did you just apt-get upgrade? I got the same after I upgraded ... hasn't caused me problems but its annoying02:18
nomasteryodadid you add - bigtony.example.com to the file /etc/hosts ??02:18
bigti don't know what the deal is02:18
=== Kennyjb402 [~Kennyjb40@] has joined #ubuntu
bigtno i haven't02:18
nomasteryodait will fix it02:18
bigtjust put it like that ?02:19
bigtwith the local loopback or what?02:19
nomasteryodathe localhost needs a name02:19
nomasteryodaand that update must have given it one02:19
bigtlet me try02:19
Gmailwhen is the .deb firefox 1 final coming into the responsories>02:19
KamionExasparilla: you shouldn't expect to see network interface names appear in /dev; they never do in Linux02:22
KamionExasparilla: the interface should be eth0 rather than wlan0, I'd expect02:22
=== duuke [~greg@82-44-218-145.cable.ubr10.haye.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
suposGmail: which repository? It's in debian unstable now02:23
KamionGmail: when it's done02:23
=== Chibi [~chibifs@] has left #ubuntu []
Kamionshouldn't expect it to be long02:23
=== ubll [ubll@rdu74-145-084.nc.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
GmailKamion: every what does debian merge to ubuntu?02:25
Kamionwhen developers have time02:25
Kamionit's a semi-manual process02:25
Kamionit's part of our standard work day, but that doesn't mean that the merge of something as large and complicated as mozilla-firefox is easy or quick02:26
sysopjust curious...anyone know a Ubuntu shipped CD eta?02:27
jdubthis month02:27
sysopsweet! :-)02:27
Gmailsysop: rumer are that some of the first order to australia arre in australia as of yesterday02:28
=== Kennyjb402 [~Kennyjb40@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
sysopGmail: Makes sense if they're being shipped from South Africa I guess. The states will probably take much longer! :-) USPS sux sometimes.02:30
KamionI wouldn't imagine that they're being shipped from SA02:31
KamionCanonical isn't based there02:31
sysopUK then?02:31
KamionI'm not privy to the details, but the UK seems a rather more likely candidate given that all our admin stuff is here02:32
KeybukKamion: NL isn't it?02:32
Gmailsysop: i said the first lot not all02:32
KamionKeybuk: is it? ok02:32
KeybukI seem to recall mako saying something about it02:32
=== Gmail is now known as Gmail|AWAY
Kamionah, well mako would certainly know better than I :)02:32
makoi know02:32
Keybukmako: so where are they coming from? :)02:32
makothe cds are coming from the netherlands02:32
makothey started shipping this week02:32
makothe high priority ultra urgent orders went out wednesday02:33
makoergh.. monday02:33
Keybukwho's are "high priority ultra urgent"? :)02:33
makoKeybuk: people who responded to teh mail to say "this is ultra urgent"02:33
robertjAny big companies asking for cds?02:33
genanyone know any good stats display programs? such as cpu usage, disk space left, temps, etc..02:34
makorobertj: we sent a a bunch to redhat :)02:34
gento display(desktop)02:34
makoand threw in a little display box!02:34
robertjmako: I'm really glad Ubuntu came along when it did02:34
sysopredhat! huh :-)02:34
Kal_Zakathgen : gkrellm02:34
robertjotherwise I really believe Novel could have done naughty things to Linux02:34
makoclee: did you get your cd's yet?02:34
genthanks kal02:34
=== mako got his today
Kal_Zakathgen : ork gdesklet if you are more courageaous :)02:35
sysoprobertj: I agree...thankful for ubuntu now!02:35
genwhy would i need to be corageous for something so simple?02:35
makoit will take a couple weeks for everything to leave the factory and then some time for it make its way in the mail :)02:35
genas in, it should be simple02:35
robertjHehe, is there anything we can do to shake more money out of your sugar daddy?02:36
robertjWrite him letters, send him flowers ;)02:36
tolstoyawhat nasty things would novel have done?02:37
=== Gwildor [~mirak@adsl-68-73-207-12.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
GwildorSWeeT, i made it guys02:44
cleemako: Not as far as I know02:45
cleemako: I wasn't at the office today though02:45
=== TheIconoclast [~goose@nr10-216-68-189-238.fuse.net] has joined #ubuntu
makoclee: ok, it probably came today02:57
makoclee: the other US packages i know of did02:58
makoclee: they're great looking02:58
Keybukmako: should I expect CDs tomorrow UK then?02:58
=== RobLinux [~RobLinux@user-0cev21p.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Libranet]
makoKeybuk: if you were on the high priority lisy, you should already have it02:58
makoKeybuk: otherwise, i don't know but you're at teh top of the list and it's only coming from the nl so i'd expect is soon02:59
makoKeybuk: as long as they are shipping in the order that i gave it to them (in the order it went into the DB) which you would put you in the first 30 packages02:59
=== kingkevbo [~kevin@12-222-226-202.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
Keybukso it should arrive before I'm not here then :p03:00
cleemako: well, thanks :)03:00
kingkevboGreetings everyone, I have a question on how security updates work in Ubuntu03:02
Keybukkingkevbo: what is your question?  (and I'm trying to resist giving "because we don't let thom near them" as the answer already <g>)03:02
kingkevboI know that main gets security updates, and that universal is "not supported03:03
HrdwrBoBbut yes03:03
kingkevboBut does that mean that noone updates universe?03:03
=== Amaranth [~travis@63-229-188-179.sxcy.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2universe does not get security fixes03:04
bob2nor does it change after a release03:04
bob2the development branch of universe gets updates from sid03:04
Bernhardbut they have to be extra-compiled for umbuntu?03:05
bob2they're binaries03:05
kingkevbooic, so no new versions in universe once the snapshot is taken of Sid03:05
=== Foxfyre [~dark@c-24-30-93-207.mw.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Bernhardbut not the same binaries as in Sid?03:05
FoxfyreHowdy folks03:06
bob2Bernhard: they're rebuilt, yes03:06
Bernhardbob2, thanks03:06
billytwowillyWhen buying an addon PCI IDE card is there anything I should look out for? Should they all just work with linux?03:06
bob2www.linux-ide.org has a list of supported ones, iirc03:06
FoxfyreSo I got a new wireless card today for my laptop, and Ubuntu is not recognizing it immediately. Where do I go to add hardware?03:07
bob2is it supported by linux?03:07
bob2if so, it should Just Work03:07
FoxfyreI'm double checking now03:08
billytwowillyFoxfyre, what did you get?03:08
kingkevboThanks for answering my question bob203:09
FoxfyreTrendware, cheapo card. As it turns out it's not supposed to work with Linux. Boy do I feel like an idiot.03:09
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
kingkevboUgh, I've had so many headaches w/ wifi cards, finally I just got an Orinoco Classic Gold03:10
hypa7ialol kingkevbo, that's what i did too03:10
hypa7iabut i finally got my internal card working03:10
kingkevboI love it when manufacturers change chipsets and they can't even tell you what's under the hood03:11
FoxfyreI'm on a tight budget so this is what I got for now03:11
=== briareus [~briareus@Briareus.linuxfordummies] has joined #ubuntu
kingkevboI can sympathize Foxfyre03:11
=== billytwowilly hates it when manufacturers don't tell you what chip they are using
FoxfyreAlright, well thanks, seeya all later03:12
kingkevboI would really like to use Ubuntu on a server I am planning to colo.... Any suggestions on dealing w/ security?03:14
HrdwrBoBkingkevbo: use only stuff in main :)03:14
billytwowillywoot! found one and it's cheap103:14
billytwowillybob2, thanks for the info03:14
bob2kingkevbo: use supported stuff and subscribe to debian-security-announce, which will have advisories for some more stuff from universe03:15
bob2of course the versions differ, etc, but it's something03:15
billytwowillyhhmm. Ok, this says it has a 40 -pin connector. I thought IDE used 80 pins??03:16
grellibillytwowilly no03:16
kingkevboShould I compile from source for non-main?03:16
billytwowillygrelli is in here!03:16
grelliIDE is a 40pin connector, but ata100/133 cables have 80 conductors03:16
bob2ata-100 uses 80-pins 40 are extra ground conductors03:16
bob2kingkevbo: that won't help...03:17
grelliand yes, I am in here03:17
kingkevboI'd still have to keep up w/ advisories, of course03:17
billytwowillyA fellow Edmontonian in #ubuntu. That's neat03:17
bob2kingkevbo: what'03:18
bob2s  the advntage of compiling yourself then?03:18
kingkevboWell, the packages wouldn't be updated, so why not download tarballs directly when an advisory hits?03:19
bob2or get the source from sid and rebuild03:20
=== asdf_46 [~john@2Cust115.tnt2.den4.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
kingkevboAh, yup, I could :-P03:20
kingkevboduh ;-)03:21
=== ben [~ben@pcp03282353pcs.radnor01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
JDahlbob2, we were talking about a wiki for openAFS/Ubuntu yesterday: after testing it more I am putting it on hold - the kernel module is still much to buggy, even crashes linux occasionally03:21
bob2JDahl: ah, that sucks03:21
benis there a way to de-uglify qt?03:22
=== BeTa [~beta@beta.loc.e-glop.net] has joined #ubuntu
beni installed it from apt-get and it's so ugly03:22
benin skype, all the icons are cut off and stuff like that03:22
kingkevboThanks for the advice bob2 :-)03:23
bob2kingkevbo: you're welcome03:25
bob2I guess no one is using it03:29
bob2try the list03:29
asdf_46ben, I have never messed with that, but there is probibly a hidden directory in your home folder with kde stuff you could change the theme.03:29
hypa7iahey, i have to either do some crazy bios hacking or apply a patch to the kernel and recompile it.  are there any advantages to running a custom kernel?03:32
HrdwrBoBhypa7ia: not overly03:32
sladen<Riddell > epod: install kdeartwork-styles and put widgetStyle=plastik in ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals03:33
benasdf_46, ok, i'll look03:33
asdf_46hypa7ia, depends on who you ask03:33
sladenhypa7ia: what are you having to do crazy hackery for?03:33
hypa7ialol asdf_4603:33
hypa7iasladen: it involves decompiling the DSDT and patching it03:34
benasdf_46, I see a .qt folder, but it's just got a single plugin file thing03:34
benno themes :(03:34
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-50-191.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iathere;s a bug in the acpi in my notebook03:34
asdf_46hypa7ia, what kind of notebook?03:34
benhypa7ia, dude, same with me i think, ubuntu won't recognize my acpi, even though the bios says that's what my laptop is running03:34
Rene_SClose the pages really fast and squish the bug03:35
benRene_S, rofl03:35
hypa7ia<-- not a dude :-)03:35
bendudette ;)03:35
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-130.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaasdf_46: ASUS M6N laptop03:35
beni have a compaq03:36
hypa7iaben, what kind do you have?03:36
benwhich are none to store bios on the harddrive03:36
hypa7iamine's the one that LinuxCertified is selling :-)03:36
benwhich is the stupidest thing i've ever seen, but w/e03:36
hypa7iaibought it barebones and didn't pay the M$ tax :-)03:36
bennot none03:36
=== eclipse [~eclipse@h000f3d43838f.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
eclipseafter i upgraded to x.org when i try to move the icons on my desktop it shows the border line of my desktop...so is there a way to disable that feature?03:38
bob2has someone filed a bug?03:38
noneus1stare there any problems with new x.org and firegl?03:38
eclipseis that a bug?03:38
eclipsewell i'm using nvidia driver03:38
sladennoneus1st: I don't know.  Have you found one?03:38
bob2eclipse: it sounds like it to me03:39
bob2noneus1st: it won't work03:39
sladeneclipse: what do you mean 'border line' ?03:39
noneus1stbob2, thanks. so no xorg update03:39
eclipselol, u have the same thing/bug?03:39
ryaneclipse: i believe that is nautilus...03:40
ryanand i believe its just to let you know where the icon will be dropped03:40
ryanopen the computer window, for example03:40
eclipsewell for example, if i move an icon to a different area on my desktop it shows the 4 lines from 4 angles03:40
ryanand drag an icon over it03:40
ryanand the border will go from the root window to the computer window03:40
eclipselike a box of a desktop03:40
=== Kennyjb402 [~Kennyjb40@] has joined #ubuntu
eclipseryan: but i never had that before03:41
=== labanux [~laban@] has joined #ubuntu
eclipsei don't like that feature/bug03:41
ryaneclipse: yeah well i think it might be a new 'feature'03:41
eclipseit could be a bug or something03:41
ryansince nautilus got updated03:42
noneus1stnice i have to update 151 packages. my last update was last week03:42
ryanlet me locate a changelog03:42
eclipsewell, i think it's nautilus cause it's on the desktop03:42
eclipsewell, i think it's NOT nautilus cause it's on the desktop03:42
ryan...nautilus draws the desktop03:43
asdf_46Any ideas on a ndis wrapper wireless card not getting a dhcp address?03:43
bob2the ndiswrapper people would probably be a better source of info03:43
labanuxdid someone know how to turn off the ubuntu03:43
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-211.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
eclipseryan, do u know a way to disable that feature?03:44
asdf_46bob2, thanks, i'll chek it ouy/03:44
=== MoonSweep [~MoonSweep@sanctuaire.net] has joined #ubuntu
ryaneclipse: no; i'm looking for the changelog though to determine if its a bug or feature03:44
labanuxi try : computer .>logout >turn off, but it doesn't work03:45
=== nessmuk [~nessmuk@214.205-206-70-0.interbaun.com] has joined #ubuntu
labanuxthen i try halt -p03:45
labanuxit still got the same03:45
labanuxi try again shutdown -h now03:45
=== Cygnia [~cygnia@adsl-64-142-84-190.sonic.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2labanux: does running "modprobe apm" first help?03:45
labanuxbut my ubuntu still can't turned off03:45
nessmukanybody know how to set up English Dvorak in Ubuntu?03:45
labanuxmodprobe apm?03:46
bob2labanux: assuming you mean "I tell my computer to shutdown, but it doesn't power off"03:46
labanuxwait a minute.., i'll try it03:46
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
labanuxbob2: yeah.., exactly like what you said..03:46
ryaneclipse: unfortunately according to the NEWS file `nautilus 2.8.2 was updated without a news entry'03:47
=== sebast123 [~sebb@Sherbrooke-HSE-ppp3607503.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
labanux sudo modprobe apm03:47
labanuxFATAL: Error inserting apm (/lib/modules/ No such device03:47
eclipseryan: so it's a bug?03:47
labanuxthat's the error message..03:47
ryaneclipse: still don't know.03:47
eclipseman i think it;s a bug03:47
kingkevbolabanux:  Is APM turned off in your BIOS?03:47
eclipseplus i don't like that when i move an icon03:48
bob2you probably need some acpi thing then03:48
bob2no idea which one, ask on the list03:48
labanuxi don't know..03:48
ryani suppose you could try filing it and see if a developer clarifies the situation03:48
eclipseryan: it was fine before i upgrade from xfree to x.org03:49
ryaneclipse: yes, but when you upgraded to x.org, i'm sure your nautilus was updated as well03:49
bob2labanux: ask which ACPI modules you need to load to be able to powerdown, on the list03:49
eclipsebut i didn't upgrade gnome03:50
labanuxkingkevbo: so.., i must turn on the apm on my bios setting..?03:50
=== fluxy [~chatzilla@ADSL-TPLUS-15-187.intnet.mu] has joined #ubuntu
=== fluxy [~chatzilla@ADSL-TPLUS-15-187.intnet.mu] has left #ubuntu []
sladenmjg59: acpi module to be able to poweroff ?03:50
eclipseryan: well, r u having the same problem as me?03:51
labanuxbob2: what list did you mean..??03:51
ryani get a border yes03:51
ryanbut i don't consider it a problem :)03:51
bob2labanux: erm, the ubuntu-users one03:51
kingkevbolabanux:  Well, it could be that APM is turned off in the BIOS, or like bob2 said, your BIOS could be ACPI-compliant03:51
eclipser u running hoary or warty?03:52
labanuxkingkevbo: acpi compliant..??03:52
=== nessmuk [~nessmuk@214.205-206-70-0.interbaun.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== nessmuk [~nessmuk@214.205-206-70-0.interbaun.com] has joined #ubuntu
labanuxbut the  system say "load_acpi_module"03:53
=== adoyretsamon|utn [~tux@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
labanuxbut then the computer was stalled03:53
labanuxand nothing happend03:53
ryaneclipse: i'm running hoary03:53
nessmukanybody know how to set up English Dvorak in Ubuntu?03:54
kingkevbolabanux:  There are 2 types of power management used by PCs:  APM and ACPI03:54
labanuxkingkevbo: so how can i know which type does my computer use?03:55
eclipseryan: r ur animated cursors flickering when browsing the web?03:55
bob2if you're using animated cursors, you have already lost03:55
eclipsebob2: what do u mean?03:55
kingkevbolabanux:  Check in your BIOS..... Usually there will be a place where you can turn on APM/ACPI.....That will tell you which one you have03:57
=== noneus2nd [~noneus@p54800701.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
labanuxi'll try it first..03:57
MoonSweeplabanux: type "lspci" and see if you have an APM or ACPI system03:57
labanuxif it's succes.., i'll tell you03:57
=== paws [snowball@paws.csh.rit.edu] has joined #ubuntu
benhow do i check my bios?03:58
kingkevboMuch better idea MoonSweep :-)03:58
=== sebast123 [~sebb@Sherbrooke-HSE-ppp3607503.sympatico.ca] has left #ubuntu []
MoonSweepkingkevbo: yes but too late... he left :-/03:59
=== visor [~gustavo@] has joined #ubuntu
visorhi people03:59
=== labanux [~laban@] has joined #ubuntu
eclipseryan: do your animated cursors flicker when ur online?03:59
=== Kennyjb402 [~Kennyjb40@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
labanuxMoonSweep : i've try using lspci..04:00
visori have a question, maybe a stupid one, but as long as only in ubuntu i saw this working well...04:00
labanuxMoonSweep : and this is the output 0000:00:00.0 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8377 [KT400/KT600 AGP]  Host Bridge (rev 80)04:01
labanux0000:00:01.0 PCI bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8237 PCI Bridge04:01
labanux0000:00:0f.0 RAID bus controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VIA VT6420 SATA RAID Controller (rev 80)04:01
labanux0000:00:0f.1 IDE interface: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C586A/B/VT82C686/A/B/VT823x/A/C PIPC Bus Master IDE (rev 06)04:01
labanux0000:00:10.0 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82xxxxx UHCI USB 1.1 Controller (rev 81)04:01
labanux0000:00:10.1 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82xxxxx UHCI USB 1.1 Controller (rev 81)04:01
labanux0000:00:10.2 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82xxxxx UHCI USB 1.1 Controller (rev 81)04:01
labanux0000:00:10.3 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82xxxxx UHCI USB 1.1 Controller (rev 81)04:01
labanux0000:00:10.4 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. USB 2.0 (rev 86)04:01
labanux0000:00:11.0 ISA bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8237 ISA bridge [K8T800 South] 04:01
labanux0000:00:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 60)04:01
labanux0000:00:12.0 Ethernet controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT6102 [Rhine-II]  (rev 78)04:01
tsengeasy there champ!04:01
labanux0000:01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE] 04:01
bob2labanux: please don't do that again04:01
visorwhen you open a remote uri in nautilus like smb:// or sftp:// it is suppossed to access them through gnome-vfs2, doesnt it?04:01
=== AndyFitz [~andy@] has joined #ubuntu
visorwell thing is, if you play a mp3 file say, within nautilus but this file is located in a remote smb server, this is all done by gnome-vfs2 backend?04:02
=== bwlang [~bwlang@h00a0cc520a75.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2if you mean, "can I use non-gnome apps to play it", then no04:03
kingkevbolabanux:  looks as if your power management has been turned off in the BIOS04:03
bob2unless it does something dodgy like copying to /tmp04:03
bob2which it might do04:03
labanuxbob2: hah..??? what's up..??04:03
=== alerios [~alerios@] has joined #ubuntu
labanuxbob2: what's my mistake..??04:03
bob2labanux: don't paste lots of stuff like that again04:03
visorbob2: actually, i know maybe this is not the channel to do so, but... i can play anything or open anything in ubuntu04:03
AndyFitzI broke my XF86Config-4 file.  any idea how to execute the ubuntu wizard that sets it up ?04:03
bob2AndyFitz: read the top of the file04:04
AndyFitzI managed to run something through aptitude but it didnt save it anywher04:04
visorbob2: but i just installed suse gnome rpms and i cannot do the same (i need suse... business things)04:04
hypa7iaAndyFitz: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8604:04
Keybukadnans: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8604:04
bob2visor: did you read wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats?04:04
AndyFitzhypa7ia:  cheers heaps.  thanks buddy04:04
=== alerios [~alerios@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
visorbob2: the odd thing is that i can open say an image, or a document remotely within nautilus but not the mp3, video and so, it says theres no plugin toplay, but thats not the reason because if i copy the remote file i can open it locally04:05
labanuxbob2: oh..., i;m sorry .., i don't know about that04:05
hypa7iano problemo AndyFitz04:05
=== BrittBS [~Britt@12-203-176-186.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu
erikhey, is there a good email checker applet?04:06
erikor how does one monitor for new email in gnome2.8?04:06
visorbob2: and yeah, as i said, i have no problems for this with ubuntu, just in suse unofficial gnome, so i thought maybe someone had a hint04:06
erikI'm used to wmbiff in wmaker04:06
=== BrittBS [~Britt@12-203-176-186.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
visorerik: i think there is one within applets in the panel area04:06
erikvisor: can't find one04:06
erikthen again i'm using hoary so maybe it's taken out04:06
=== ben [~ben@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2it's not in hoary, indeed04:07
visorerik: just click in "Add to panel" -> "Inbox monitor" and youre done04:07
visoruhmm i see04:07
erikguess I'll go hunting04:07
Keybukit's not in upstream either04:07
visori have warthy04:07
Keybukthere's a bounty for one that uses evolution to do it04:07
bob2visor: it's been removed from upstream gnome 2.904:08
Keybuk(a GNOME bounty, that is)04:08
erikdown with evolution!04:08
=== hypa7ia loves evolution
erikhypa7ia: can evolution do threading?04:08
visorbob2: i didnt know04:08
=== Keybuk is still amused there's not a "Kreationism" yet
HrdwrBoBevolution is good04:08
Keybukerik: sure.04:08
erikKeybuk: how?04:08
HrdwrBoBlol Keybuk04:08
Keybukerik: Ctrl+T04:08
kingkevboTrue erik04:09
bob2Keybuk: KONTACT04:09
=== erik bets it's not as nice as gnus
benwhere's the file with the acpi=off stuff?04:09
erikben: /boot/grub/menu.lst ?04:09
benyeah, thanks :)04:09
erikevolution seems to have issues with my ISAP box04:10
erikIMAP box04:10
kingkevboKeybuk:  so Evolution will do threading?04:10
Keybukkingkevbo: yes.04:10
erikC-t doesn't seem to do any threading04:10
BrittBSerik, yeah ... i'm actually filing a bugreport about that right now04:10
kingkevbow00t :-)04:10
benuh, i couldn't seem to find anything about acpi in my bios04:10
erikBrittBS: about IMAP?04:10
beni did find something about speedsetp settings04:10
Keybukerik: is View -> Threaded Message List  ticked?04:10
BrittBSerik, yes04:10
visorbob2: so i can deduct that if totem its not able to play (in suse... not ubuntu :P)  remote files complaining about plugins (wich i have) and being able to play locally those very same kind of files, and opening remote files (like images) works the problem is in totem itself not in gnome-vfs2/nautilus, doesnt it?04:10
=== Pariente [~Pariente@Dynamic-IP-cr2001189621.cable.net.co] has joined #ubuntu
erikKeybuk: yes04:10
beni can set speedstep settings from my bios, is it supposed to be that way04:11
Parientecan some one tell me how to install a live of ubuntu04:11
bob2visor: hrm, I don't really know, but it sounds reasonable :)04:11
Keybukerik: then it should be threading away04:11
=== Ruffian|JANE| [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
benisn't cpufreq and powernowd supposed to control that?04:11
kingkevboI haven't gotten a chance to play much w/ evolution.... nice04:11
erikKeybuk: nope :(04:11
Keybukerik: *shrug* works fine for me04:11
erikKeybuk: using warty or hoary04:11
AndyFitzoh bummer., hyp7ia: its not creating or modifying any files in /etc/X1104:11
visorbob2: well then, lets start tracking the thingie in totem code, thanks anyway :)04:11
Keybukerik: both04:11
erikI'm using evolution 2.1.0 from hoary04:11
erikhm, weird04:11
Keybukactually, I don't think I've actualled tried 2.1 yet04:11
hypa7iaAndyFitz: you did it sudo, right?04:11
AndyFitzthis is on hoary btw04:12
erikat any rate all the nice emacs keybindings don't work so I don't thin kI'm going to be able to use evo :p04:12
benhow can i know if i have acpi?04:12
AndyFitzI was sudo while executing it04:12
erikben: sniff around in /proc/acpi ?04:12
benisn't there a quick command that tells u?04:12
benlike lspci or something?04:12
Keybukerik: well, yes, it's not emacs *shock*04:12
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-50-191.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
AndyFitzps -e04:13
AndyFitzoops :P04:13
bob2ben: read your motherboard manual04:13
erikKeybuk: ok this is weird04:13
hypa7iaAndyFitz: that's really weird04:13
erikKeybuk: evo DOES thread *some* messages04:13
hypa7iayeah, the threading is kinda lame04:13
erikKeybuk: but not all threads for some reason ... its as if it only does microsoft threading hints or something04:13
Keybukerik: it threads on References/In-Reply-To only (ie properly)04:13
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaand new messages don't bring threads to the top chronologically04:13
Keybukmails with just the same/similar subject don't get threaded (because it doesn't know where to put them in the tree)04:14
AndyFitzhypa7ia: I'm running hoary04:14
Keybukhypa7ia: sort it by date ...04:14
hypa7iaAndyFitz: are you maybe using xorg then?04:14
AndyFitzwith main universe multiverse restricted etc04:14
Parientemy eth0 is not working in ubuntu.......04:15
Parientecan some one help04:15
Keybukerik: turn on the subject-thread plugin :)04:15
AndyFitzI didnt notice it change to xorg  but sometimes I apt-get without looking04:15
erikKeybuk: I've got a "References" header here and it's not threading on it04:15
erikAND an In-Reply-To04:15
=== scoon [~scoon@dsl092-234-243.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
Keybukerik: you sure you've got the parents ?04:16
hypa7iaAndyFitz: that might have something to do with it, but i don't really know... plus i'm running hoary04:16
erikit didn't Keybuk yep04:16
Keybukit works fine in 2.004:16
erikKeybuk: yep04:16
hypa7iaerr warty rather04:16
Keybukit could be a 2.1 bug, of course04:16
erikmust be ... it's very clear04:16
hypa7iaKeybuk: i do have it sorted by date04:16
erikthe messages are even right next to eachother in the list because they were chronologically next to each other04:16
erikbut it didn't hook em04:16
bob2erik: do you have the parent?04:16
erikbob2: yeah04:16
hypa7iathe sorting by date should be by the most recent message in the thread04:17
erikhang on04:17
erikscreenshot coming04:17
AndyFitzsee I was editing XF86config-4 and the backup was overwritten.  I think its just a configuration error .  but for some reason  dpkg-reconfigure wont replace my problem04:17
=== noneus [~noneus@p54800701.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
erik... after an incredibly long "Opening folder imap4://......"04:17
AndyFitzand the file made by Xfree86 -configure04:17
AndyFitzdoesnt work :-/04:18
bob2AndyFitz: did you read the top of the file or not?04:18
bob2it explains exactly how to get debconf to touch it again04:18
noneusso i updated to xorg. my fglrx stuff still works.04:18
bob2hm, I thought someone said the ABI changhed04:18
scoonhey all04:18
scoongreat distro04:19
AndyFitzthe top of what file . XF86Config-4 ?04:19
GotD0tdoes anybody know an app that i can open a WPS file with04:19
scooni am coming from gentoo and I bet someone has heard this before04:19
bob2AndyFitz: yes04:19
visoris it _sane_ to add unstable sources to apt just to update say, gaim?04:19
scoonhow do you get a script to load up during boot ?04:19
visorme not being a debian guru.. you know i dont want to break the system04:19
AndyFitzthe top says Section "ServerLayout"04:19
=== ben [~ben@pcp03282353pcs.radnor01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2visor: debian unstable or hoary?04:19
bob2AndyFitz: erm, so you nuked the file completely?04:20
AndyFitzthat file is toast04:20
hypa7iascoon: obligatory gentoo joke :-) http://www.eghetto.ca/~msviolet/Humour/gentoo.jpg04:20
visorbob2: does hoary has updates packages for gaim?04:20
AndyFitzI need to make a new one04:20
bob2visor: I don't know04:20
bob2it has 1.0.204:20
erikhttp://ebourget.net/~erik/child.png <- gnus displaying the child    http://ebourget.net/~erik/parent.png <-- gnus displaying the parent  http://ebourget.net/~erik/bzzt.png <-- evolution not threading04:20
visorthen it does... well, i think ill try that one04:21
bob2scoon: copy /etc/init.d/skeleton to /etc/init.d/whatever, edit it, run "update-rc.d whatever defaults" or so04:21
AndyFitzbob2: is there a way to recreate the file.  since reconfigure doesnt do this04:22
erikKeybuk: you agree that evo should be threading that one?04:22
erikif so, I'll go bugreport evo about it04:22
bob2AndyFitz: yes, but I don't know it04:22
bob2ask on the list04:23
spivAndyFitz: The instructions at the top of the file you nuked say:04:23
seek187whats a good cd buring app in hoary?04:23
erikseek187: nautilus burns CDs04:23
spiv# If you have edited this file but would like it to be automatically updated04:23
spiv# again, run the following commands as root:04:23
spiv#   cp /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 /etc/X11/XF86Config-4.custom04:23
spiv#   md5sum /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 >/var/lib/xfree86/XF86Config-4.md5sum04:23
spiv#   dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8604:23
hypa7iaheh nice conspiracy header erik04:23
seek187it does?04:23
erikhypa7ia: :D04:23
erikseek187: yeah04:23
erikseek187: go to burn://04:23
seek187what about isos?04:23
erikseek187: or right-click on an ISO and hit "burn to cd"04:23
seek187cool thx04:23
erikalternatively a lot of people like k3b and i'm sure it's in universe ... it's kde-requiring though04:24
GotD0tdoes anybody know how to open a .wps file?04:24
AndyFitzthansk spiv04:24
erikGotD0t: sounds like wordperfect ... openoffice?04:24
=== Gmail|AWAY is now known as Gmail
ben"ACPI disabled because your bios is from 2000 and too old04:24
benwhy does it do that?04:24
Keybukerik: indeed, how curious04:24
hypa7iano WP filters in OOo04:24
GotD0terik: nah... its MS Works04:24
erikhypa7ia: :(04:24
bob2ben: because almost all old acpi motherboards were unusably buggy04:24
bob2ben: it's possible to force it on04:24
bob2(if you think it will work)04:24
spivAndyFitz: no worries04:24
benbob2, it worked on mandrake04:24
benwithout having to force anything04:25
Gmailoooh my mail box is full i hope its the cds well i need to wait till my dad opens it04:25
bob2ben: with the same kernel version?04:25
GotD0tgmail... you cant get the mail yourself?04:25
erikhey, does ubuntu do ACPI laptop suspension?  if so, how?04:25
bob2it works a lot better in hoary04:26
bob2it depends on the laptop a lot04:26
GmailGotD0t: goot r00t? no my dad has the key (we got a new mail box a few days a go)04:26
benbob2: oh, i'm not sure about that...04:26
erikbob2: how do I uh make it happen?04:26
Rene_SDoes no one use a desktop computer anymore ?04:26
erikassuming my laptop is supported04:26
hypa7ianow THAT would make me want to update to hoary04:26
erikRene_S: nope04:26
benRene_S, nope04:26
hypa7ianope :-)04:26
Rene_SDamn i feel out dated04:26
hypa7iaactualy i'm gonna be putting ubu on a desktop tomorrow04:26
erikI just put ubuntu-amd64 on a desktop today04:27
erik... TOTALLY AWESOME04:27
Rene_SIm too clumsy to have a laptop04:27
beni want to put ubuntu on my desktop, but my parents would reak out04:27
benRene_S, rofl04:27
kingkevboRene_S:  I do, but I have the laptop too :-)04:27
hypa7iamine's an old dell, 900 mhz i think04:27
benbob2, what were u saying about hoary being better with laptops?04:27
erikwhere the jesus do I report a bug for "novell evolution"?04:27
bob2ben: no, I didn't say that04:27
benhypa7ia, mines an older compaq, 600mhz :p04:27
bob2erik: ubuntu's bugzilla, /topic04:27
benbob2, what did u say?04:27
hypa7ialaptop is like 2x better than the desktop04:28
bob2ben: I said ACPI suspend will work a lot better on hoary04:28
BrittBSerik, or http://bugzilla.ximian.com/ if you know it is evo specific04:28
erikximian sounds good :p04:28
=== aktsuo [~aktsuo@lns-vlq-26-82-254-154-23.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
benwell, i'm gonna tray acpi forced on and hope for the best04:28
Rene_Sits bad enough I gotta compete with the digital camera freaks, soon I am gonna need a laptop anyhow04:28
hypa7iabob2: is that "will" as in "doesn't yet"04:28
bob2hypa7ia: "will" as in "when it releases"04:29
hypa7iaRene_S: ASUS04:29
hypa7iaahh, gotcha bob2 :-)04:29
bob2it probably does now if you're running a mjg59-special-edition kernel04:29
kingkevboI'm running a mighty 500MHz Celeron .... woo hoo04:29
=== fader [~segfault@dsl-082-082-250-081.arcor-ip.net] has left #ubuntu []
Rene_Shypa7ia, prolly there is a nice little Korean place I get all my comp stuff at on Queen St04:29
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pariente [~Pariente@Dynamic-IP-cr2001189621.cable.net.co] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== wasabi [~wasabi@] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaRene_S: which one?04:31
hypa7iai got mine at canada computers04:31
hypa7iaNO WINDOZE04:31
=== memer [~memer@CPE00d0b70f422a-CM013299903459.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iawas very excited about that.04:31
seek187Anyone know where the download site is for the live cd?04:31
Rene_Shypa7ia, trying to find the card someplace, i dont go there that often so the name escapes me04:31
bob2seek187: same as the download site for the non-live cd04:31
seek187ok thx04:31
=== ben [~ben@pcp03282353pcs.radnor01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
kingkevboWell, it's been fun, thanks again bob2 for the advice, see ya later04:32
Rene_Shypa7ia, hmm can't find the card at the moment04:33
hypa7iano worries04:33
Rene_Shypa7ia, wife cleaned up my piles04:33
=== The_Real_Rya [~phazeshif@227-242.suscom-maine.net] has joined #ubuntu
The_Real_Ryawww.cleftintherock.net 24/7 Christian Rock mp3pro stream, follow directions on bottom left of page to listen in :-P04:33
=== The_Real_Rya [~phazeshif@227-242.suscom-maine.net] has left #ubuntu []
benwell acpi half works04:34
benit recognizes when it's plugged in04:34
AndyFitzproblem fixed !!04:34
hypa7ialol, we got irc-spammed04:34
AndyFitzthaks hypa7ia, spiv04:34
AndyFitzthanks LOL04:35
=== dasenjo [~dasenjo@] has joined #ubuntu
scoonanyone: how do i get a script to load at boot04:35
Ruffian|JANE|www.google.com you will find you answer there :-p04:38
visorsoon: put it under /etc/init.d with +x permissions and do links to it in /etc/rc3.d /etc/rc4.d and so on04:38
bob2scoon: I told you already04:39
scoonRuffian|JANE|: thanks for the obvious.  but I am really looking for something like rc-update in gentoo04:39
scoonvisor: so that is the only way ? no runlevel editor04:39
bob2scoon: which part of my answer was confusing?04:39
tsengman update-rc.d04:39
bob2scoon: of course there is, update-rc.d, gnome-system-tools in hoary, sysv-rc-conf04:39
visorscoon: thats the "standard way" i guess04:40
Rene_SOk i been running this xcompmgr all night and I dont see anything different04:40
scoonthatnks for all the help: but can someone tell me when /etc/inittab gets exec'd04:42
bob2scoon: during boot04:42
bob2scoon: you don't need to edit it04:42
=== RobLinux [~prettyboy@user-0cev21p.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
AndyFitzokay . now xorg is being installed :)04:43
AndyFitzfeels like I fixed it to uninstall it04:44
=== Antares [Antares@ip-7.net-81-220-227.henin.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaokay.  should i go hoary?04:46
hypa7iai have to go do dishes anyway :-)04:46
noneusi have hoary works fine. bt one thing. dvd playback is lagging.04:46
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaoh, that doesn't bug me too much04:46
RobLinuxanyone here knows the difference with Libranet and Ubuntu?04:46
hypa7iaRobLinux: different philosophy, different release cycles04:47
kensaiRobLinux: Ubuntu rocks04:47
hypa7iathat too :-)04:47
noneusi switched from crux to ubuntu. ubuntu is easy to use and fast.04:47
kensaianyone can give me a good fstab line for my dvd rom?04:47
RobLinuxWhat's Ubuntu Philosophy :)04:47
noneusread at ubuntulinux.org04:48
RobLinuxI'm going to the website dont worry ;)04:48
kensaiRobLinux: everythiong is free and will stay free04:48
bob2kensai: you don't need one04:48
kensaibob2: why?04:48
hypa7iaRobLinux: ubuntu is an Nguni wrord meaning "humanity towards others"04:48
scoonso, inittab exec order anyone ?04:48
bob2scoon: what are you trying to do?04:48
bob2scoon: you don't ever need to edit inittab04:49
kensaibob2: cdrom has a line in fstab04:49
hypa7iaand you can prolly see that the community is pretty friendly :-)04:49
noneusi have a question to ubuntu-calendar. is there every month an update for a new wallpaper?04:49
bob2kensai: gnome-volume-manager will handle it04:49
=== RobLinux is back
bob2noneus: yes04:49
kensaibob2: so i just put a dvd and magic it starts?04:49
noneusi use alsamixer anyway. i don't like gnome-mixer04:49
RobLinuxUbuntu can use other windows manager? kde, xfce ?04:49
bob2kensai: you don't need to mount it to play it04:49
noneuskensai, that's it.04:49
bob2RobLinux: yes, but they're not supported04:49
Rene_SFriendly, You can all rot in eternal damnation04:50
noneusRobLinux, Yes but ubuntu installs gnome by default.04:50
bob2kensai: when you install it, totem will start04:50
=== hypa7ia shakes her fist at Rene_S
noneustotem is one shitty appication. that totem-gstreamer never worked here.04:50
Rene_Shypa7ia, beats throwing a fry pan at me04:50
bob2it works fine, but it won't play your pirated movies or mp304:51
bob2or dvds04:51
hypa7ialol Rene_S04:51
kensainoneus: hehe it is totem sucks04:51
hypa7ianow bob2, many of my mp3's are perfectly legal04:51
kensainoneus: mplayer rules04:51
hypa7iaat least 10% of them :-)04:51
Rene_Sgxine does a better job of front ending than that totem thing04:52
=== memer [~memer@CPE00d0b70f422a-CM013299903459.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2scoon: what are you trying to do?04:52
RobLinuxbob2: their not support meaning no support if something doesnt work or  ?04:52
=== bwlang [~bwlang@h00a0cc520a75.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2or are you doing some sort of bizarro gentoo mind-game-troll?04:52
RobLinuxbob2: yes I know I used it before gnome is default :) I was here before I dont know if anyone remembers me04:52
bob2RobLinux: only things in the "supported" section of ubuntu gets security updates, etc04:52
RobLinuxbob2: got'cha04:53
bob2RobLinux: lots and lots more stuff is in universe, but it doesn't get security updates until the next release04:53
memeruh-oh. trying to try ubuntu...got the disc in but it seems to be hanging at "loading module ide-cd"  for the last. like, 10 mins?04:53
bob2memer: sure the cd burnt ok?04:53
hypa7iamemer: livecd or install?04:53
ryanbob2: in other words, totem doesn't work for anything useful ;)04:53
RobLinuxanyone knows if i can run it via vmware ?04:53
bob2RobLinux: ubuntu?  sure...04:54
bob2there are some notes in the wiki about it04:54
memerhm. right. y'know, ive never had a problem with that as i do it on my wife's mac (which i think has a checker built in or something. could be talkin out by a** tho).  this is the install disc04:54
RobLinuxya cool04:54
Rene_SA viewmaster has a better chance of working than totem04:54
memeruh, is there  a quickie tutorial on how to check the burn? *ducks as he surfs to ubuntu site*04:55
hypa7iadoes upgrading to hoary break anything?04:55
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
RobLinuxI'm gonna run it on my laptop which is fast .. right now i'm on my linux box (im a newbie) by the way... and im dual-booting here on my desktop celeron 634mhz 256mbsdram 20gb Yoper & Libranet ... my laptop is amd athlon xp-m 2800+ 768mb ddr 30gb so it should better :)04:55
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
Rene_SDepends, didnt break anything on mine04:55
WWHello world.04:55
Rene_SBut I use a real computer04:55
tsengRene_S: you should see the restricted media page on the wiki before spreading a bunch of FUD04:55
hypa7iaRene_S: :-p04:55
bob2memer: "md5sum /dev/hdc" or so04:56
bob2Rene_S: please try to stay helpful04:56
hypa7iaall i care about as far as breakage goes is evolution and firefox04:56
Rene_Stseng, I did, and I tryed actually using it, it doesnt play anything on my comp ever,  Just hangs04:56
WWA quick poll for the channel regulars: What are the top five most frequently asked questions here?  ("What is the root password?" is already on the list!)04:56
tsengWW: luckily there is also an faq on the wiki (see topic)04:57
memerbob2: um, i've found the page with the checksum things, but not sure what to do with it. i'm on a windows computer right now, btw. do i have to go back to my wife's mac where i burned it?04:57
=== Antares [Antares@ip-7.net-81-220-227.henin.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu
ryani've had totem playing useful things before04:57
ryanbut its not very reliable04:57
tsengmemer: you can compare your md5sum with the one on the mirror04:57
tsengfor that cd image04:57
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jonoxer [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
=== zoidberg [~chatzilla@r253008161.resnet.cornell.edu] has joined #ubuntu
ryani was hoping to be able to just view the online clips and such without hassle but that is unfortunately not possible with totem in the least04:57
tsengmemer: if they are not identical, you have corrupted image or media04:57
bob2WW: "I broke my X config file, how do I get it back"04:58
memerhow do i nkow what md5sum is on the disc?04:58
WWtseng: Yup, but I'm curious what about which ones are really the _most_ frequently asked.04:58
bob2memer: there's a md5sum.exe program for windows04:58
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
Rene_Stseng, it wont even allow me to load a file or anything it just loads the nice gui and freezes so my remark about the viewmaster is valid, in my experience.04:58
bob2memer: don't know if it can check the actual cd tho04:58
tsengWW: those are really04:58
memeroh, cool. thanks, i'll give it a whirl04:58
bob2ryan: not with totem-xine?04:58
tsengRene_S: not in mine, so i hope you are trying to file useful bug reports04:58
ryanbob2: totem-xine was the one that was hit and miss04:59
kensaibob2: It does not started my dvd04:59
ryanbob2: gstreamer has never worked at all for me, with totem04:59
ryanbob2: video-wise04:59
Rene_Stseng, I will, and I will try and keep my viewmaster comment out of it :)04:59
bob2kensai: computer -> desktop -> removable media04:59
tsenggstreamer only currently supports fairly open and well known codecs04:59
bob2kensai: is it enabled?04:59
bob2kensai: do you havea working dvd player installed?04:59
tsengunfortunately there isnt a lot of good open source support for windows media and the like05:00
AndyFitzw00t!! 320x240 ubuntu gnome05:00
=== Protege61894 [~twitch@c-24-20-16-182.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ryanAndyFitz: that sounds hot.05:00
bob2ryan: yeah, it only plays a very limited number of video formats05:00
bob2tseng: they can all use windows dlls on i38605:00
=== Protege61894 [~twitch@c-24-20-16-182.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
ryanbob2: have they ever considered using mplayer as the backend instead05:00
tsengbob2: gstreamer can?05:00
ryanor is there just huge legal issues05:00
bob2ryan: no way05:00
kensaibob2: nope it doesn't appear there as I don't have an fstab line for it05:00
=== Protege61894 [~twitch@c-24-20-16-182.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2tseng: no, not gstreamer05:00
AndyFitzhttp://andy.fitzsimon.com.au/gtkrc   - small modification to the gtkrc and  the gnome font properties and its sweet05:00
bob2kensai: ignore fstab05:00
kensaibob2: OK05:01
bob2tseng: the dlls are not distributable anyway, ubuntu can never ship them05:01
kensaibob2: i'll keep trying thanks05:01
ryanso whats wrong with mplayer05:01
ryanit ..works05:01
bob2ryan: mplayer is a huge bucket of legal problems05:01
Protege61894I need help installing some drivers. Specifically Nvidia NFORCE and ATI Radeon 9600 drivers.05:01
bob2Protege61894: wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto05:01
ryanbob2: but only in certain countries, no?05:01
bob2kensai: you don't see anything about dvds drives in that config box?05:01
AndyFitzall menu's panels and toolbars with 16x16 pixel icons  . makes it look like a PDA could run gnome easily05:01
bob2ryan: yes, but the patents are actively enforced05:02
=== fredix [~fred@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mestaphelees [~Captain@d142-59-231-163.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
AndyFitzyet I can't take a screenshot. for somereason its nolonger in the computer menu and when  I use the panel screenshot applet  I get an error " cannot execute gnome-screenshot'05:03
tsengAndyFitz: its moving to gnome-utils05:03
tsengAndyFitz: but that module hasnt been released yet05:03
tsengit will be back soon05:03
nomasteryodaryan: it will continue to be used by the community though, as it's the only really functional choice  =)05:03
hypa7iato confirm, ati binary drivers are broken with xorg right?  so i should hold it backif going to hoary?05:03
bob2well, someone claimed it worked today05:04
AndyFitztseng.  thanks for the info I can wait05:04
bob2but I was sure daniel said it wouldn't05:04
tsengAndyFitz: gimp can take screenshots in the meantime05:04
tsenghypa7ia: last i checked ati binary drivers conflicted with xorg > 6.805:04
bob2or "import -window root" from imagemagick05:04
tsenghypa7ia: but the ati oss driver is very good these days05:04
tsenghas decent 3d support with dri on my card05:05
AndyFitzthanks tseng, I always thought it was funny that gnome-panel was the package that handled screenshots05:05
hypa7iatseng: should i then just remove fglrx before going to hoary?05:05
tsengAndyFitz: i also like a package called scrot05:06
tsenghypa7ia: sounds like a decent plan05:06
tsenghypa7ia: change "Driver" back to "ati"05:06
hypa7iaahh yes05:06
Rene_SOdd I wonder why they removed the services-admin tool out of the gnome sytem tools05:06
bob2"they" = "gnome system tools upstream"05:06
bob2and "they" reenabled it recently05:06
memerok, thanks guys. i went back and checked the md5sums and it seems to be waay off from what it should be. bloody hell.  any tricks to avoid that, or is it just luck o the draw?05:07
bob2burning at a slower speed often helps05:07
Rene_Show recently because as far as i can see i have all the updates till 7pm est and I can not find em05:07
=== natea [~natea@h000f66a887c6.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
tsengmemer: also confirm that the iso you are burning from the is whole thing05:07
bob2Rene_S: it's enabled in the version in hoary05:07
tsengmemer: and matches the md5.. otherwise download/rsync it again05:07
memerbob2, tseng, many thanks.05:08
Rene_SCannot display location 'file://service-admin'05:08
Rene_SDetails: The specified location is invalid.05:08
=== michael315 [~michael31@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
=== dad__ [~dad@80.cust10.sa.dsl.ozemail.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== oddabe19 [~oddabe19@pcp01471558pcs.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== yam [jj@rev-193-97.virtu.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== RobLinux is back
memeruh, just before i burn this again, what's a recommended 'safe' speed for burning? 8x?05:12
tsengmemer: depends on your burner, but 8x sounds pretty safe if youre in no hurry05:13
Rotundyou don't have burnproof on your burner?05:13
memerburnproof? it seems to go up to 16x speed05:13
RobLinuxwhen are other window manager gonna be supported with ubuntu?05:14
=== Protege61894 [~twitch@c-24-20-16-182.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== justdave [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ryanpg [~ryanpg@c-24-12-251-134.client.comcast.net] has joined #Ubuntu
RotundRobLinux: Supported, never.  available, already05:17
Rotundthat's my guess at least05:17
bob2please don't make statements like that unless you're sure :-)05:18
Rene_SThe sky is falling !!! The sky is falling !!!05:20
Protege61894i keep getting a   No precompiled kernel interface was found to match your kernel; this means05:21
Protege61894  that the installer will need to compile a new kernel interface.05:21
Protege61894when i try to install nvidia drivers05:21
nomasteryodait is all the time05:21
RotundOkay.  I'll reword it.  This distro is heavily geared toward GNOME.  My guess is they will stick with the one that currently best supports GNOME.05:21
bob2Protege61894: read the instructions again...05:21
bob2Protege61894: you need to install linux-headers-$(uname -r)05:21
bob2(dunno if the wiki says that or not)05:21
Rotundbob2: is that better?05:21
bob2heh, yeah :)05:22
=== Xenguy [~gnu@] has joined #ubuntu
Protege61894bob2: sudo: nvidia-glx-config: command not found05:22
bob2erm, that's weird05:23
bob2I hope some idiot hasn't modified the wiki to only work with hoary05:23
bob2erm, "hlepful soul"05:23
Rotundokay.  gstreamer has issues keeping the audio and video from a wmv synced05:23
RotundYet mplayer and gxine (which both use ffmpeg to decode it, I believe) do fine05:23
bob2gstreamer can play wmv at all?05:24
Rotundbob2: w/ gst-ffmpeg it can05:24
Rotundand I think you need w32codecs05:24
Rotundftp://cipherfunk.org/pub/packages/ubuntu/, warty, main05:25
bob2sounds like a bug in gstreamer, I think they use the gnome bugzilla now?05:25
Xenguyhello all - still struggling with pppoe on a new Ubu install...05:25
Rotundyeah.  I'll probably try to look into it a bit more05:25
bob2Xenguy: I thought you fixed it?05:25
Rotundfind other things that would render via ffmpeg and see how they do05:25
Xenguybob2: no, that was someone else; my problem remains...05:25
bob2Xenguy: you removed them both from /etc/network/interfaces and pon still didn't work?05:26
Xenguybob2: I am not sure I actually have a 'pppoe' package installed :-/  pppoeconfig *is* installed tho -- my question: do others here have any "*pppoe*" packages installed (e.g. rp-pppoe, or pppoe, or ... ?)  ?05:27
Xenguywhat does Ubu use for pppoe by default - Roaring Penguins software?05:27
=== wasabi_ [~wasabi@c-67-162-246-175.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dragoanyone wouldn't know about building the zc030x webcamera driver from the cvs under ubuntu would they?05:28
bob2Xenguy: yes05:28
bob2Xenguy: install it then05:28
Xenguybob2: what is the package name for that then?05:28
=== orospakr [~orospakr@CPE00a00cc1c1a6-CM00407b87b341.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2or maybe it uses the kernel one now05:29
=== punkass [~punkass@S01060040f47277e5.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Xenguybob2: hrm, I believe I tried to install that, but I got an error of some kind -- I will try again to make sure05:29
punkassany one running the quake2 package?05:30
=== Xenguy boots to Ubu; biab...
RobLinuxbob2: how much gb should i have for ubuntu via vmware?05:30
bob2RobLinux: to install you need 1.8GB of disk or so05:30
XenguyRobLinux: you need 1.8-2Gb for just Ubu AFAIK05:30
bob2go 2GB to be safe05:30
Xenguybiab then05:31
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
RobLinuxdefault is 4, i put 6 just incase05:31
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noneushey guys05:35
noneusi have a problem with mldonkey05:35
noneuswhen i change allowed_ips mldonkey sets this var to its default after every start05:35
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=== RobLinux installing Ubuntu
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tom_how can i see the log of exactly what appeared on the screen during bootup05:43
tsengthe kernel log can been seen by running dmesg05:44
tom_tseng ty does that show exactly all the init boot messages as shown on the screen?05:44
crimsuntom_: change BOOTLOGD_ENABLE=No to BOOTLOGD_ENABLE=Yes in /etc/default/bootlogd05:45
=== seacyd [~c@p213.54.160.219.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu
tom_crimsun ty05:45
Se7him stillwith this wierdo problem05:47
tom_any short solutions to the Device 'i823650' does not have a release() function, it is broken and must be fixed05:48
=== zxy [~ralph@host81-154-6-146.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Rene_Syeah uninstall pcmcia-cs05:50
hypa7iapcmcia_cs, no?05:50
bob2no package in debian or ubuntu has _ in the name05:50
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tom_so that is loaded by default by ubuntu even though i have no pcmcia on my desktop pc?05:53
bob2it shouldn'e05:54
bob2but sometimes it can't tell05:54
tom_bob2 ok ty guys05:54
bob2like on my ibook05:54
Rene_Sor something to that effect05:55
Rene_SI dont memorize 10 000 package names05:55
tom_ok thats removed05:55
Rene_Stry rebooting05:56
Rene_Sif i am wrong you can sue me05:56
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
tom_rene_s yep will just do that bootlog change and give it a run05:56
=== lamont_r [~lamont@c-24-6-251-226.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Xenguy [~gnu@] has joined #ubuntu
Xenguybob2: here's what I found out about 'pppoe' package...05:58
Xenguybob2: synaptic sees only 'pppoeconf' -- no 'pppoe'...05:58
Se7h./setup.sh: line 88: /home/seth/.setup21082: Permission denied05:58
Se7hThe setup program seems to have failed on x86/glibc-2.105:58
Se7hcan anyone help on this ?05:58
Xenguybob2: apt-cache search pppoe  <- lists only pppeoconf...05:59
bob2well, it's in universe05:59
bob2Se7h: what are you trying to do?05:59
Se7hin this case05:59
Se7hinstall a game05:59
Se7hbut it gives me that05:59
Se7heach time i try to run a .run file06:00
bob2.run is meaningless06:00
thoreauputicXenguy: that would be because pppoe is pulled in by pppoeconf (apt-cache depends pppoeconf)06:00
bob2tho in this case it seems to be a shell script06:00
=== noneus [~noneus@p54800701.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Se7h: is /home mounte noexec or user?06:00
Xenguybob2: dpkg -l *pppoe*  <- gives 'pppoe' [ un   pppoe   <none>   (no desc. avail.)]  and pppoeconf [ ii   pppoeconf   1.0.8ubuntu2  <description>] 06:01
bob2Xenguy: ok...06:01
Se7hle' me check06:01
bob2thoreauputic: if apt-cache search doesn't see it, it can't be pulled in as a dependency06:01
noneushi there. my mldonkey stinks. i've set allowed_ips too the right value. but i still cannot connect from my laptop.06:01
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD9518646.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Xenguybob2: also I see some reference to rp-pppoe.so on boot up (something about Roaring Penguin's stuff)...06:01
thoreauputicbob2: well it's in apt-cache depends pppoeconf06:02
Se7hi cant remember the file06:02
Rene_SIf your donkey stinks can i suggest some Dove, it smells nice and has 1/4 moisterizing cream :)06:02
seek187does nautilus always take a year preparing to write a cd before it actualy writes the disk?06:02
thoreauputicbob2: however, I'm using sarge so I guess it could differ06:02
Xenguythoreauputic: I'm trying to verify that I actually have pppoe installed06:02
bob2thoreauputic: yes06:03
thoreauputicXenguy: what does `type pppoe`  say?06:03
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Xenguy: if "dpkg -l pppoe" doesn't list it, it's not installed06:03
Xenguybob2: so I guess I'm left wondering if I need package 'pppoe', and if so, how I can get it?06:03
bob2Xenguy: if you need it, it's in universe, which (of course, haha) requires network access06:03
Xenguythoreauputic: I'm in debian now (for net connectivity); I can only check questions like that if I disconnect, then reboot into Ubu :-)06:04
Xenguybob2: heh06:04
=== Ycros [~Ycros@c211-30-14-115.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
bob2it only needs libc and ppp installed, tho06:04
thoreauputicXenguy: ah - sorry I jumped in ignorantly - I'll stfu :)06:04
Xenguybob2: should I re-install I wonder (why wasn't it installed to begin with)06:04
Xenguythoreauputic: all input is appreciated actually :-)06:05
bob2Xenguy: well, since it wasn't installed by default, I suspect it's not neccessary, but I have no other idea06:05
bob2I've never setup dsl on a linux machine before, so I'm just guessing06:05
Xenguybob2: does synaptic for example show you 'pppoe' as installed?06:06
bob2I do not have it installed06:06
XenguyDoes anyone here who uses DSL/pppoe have package 'pppoe' show up in synaptic?06:06
bob2hrm, weirdly, it says it needs ppp or pppoe06:07
bob2what error do you get in your logs when you run "pon"?06:07
=== DamageControl [~1@Ottawa-HSE-ppp264372.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Rene_Snoneus, If your donkey stinks try some Dove. it smells nice and has 1/4 Moisterizing creme  :)06:07
hypa7iai have pppoeconf and pppoe06:07
Xenguyhypa7ia: this is warty then, and from a CD install ?06:08
Xenguybob2: I'll check the logs next time I try 'pon' then06:08
hypa7iayuppers Xenguy06:08
hypa7iapppoeconf is in main, even06:08
hypa7iahave you tried the network setup tool?06:09
XenguyOK, so I think there is something foobar'd with my install somehow :-/06:09
Xenguyhypa7ia: pppoeconf, yep (but if pppoe is not showing up, that explains why the config ain't working ;-)06:09
hypa7iapppoe is in universe i think06:10
Xenguydamn, Ubu looks so promising -- I just want to get on the Net with it ;-)06:10
hypa7iaat least it doesn'thave the littleubu symbol next to it06:10
Xenguyhypa7ia: wha? If pppoe is in universe, does that mean it is not on the CD?  (But that would make no sense)06:11
=== tom_ [~tom@203-206-246-112.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
XenguyAre there any 'universe' packages on the install CD then?06:11
tom_well that was a cleaner boot06:11
=== bluewheel [~bluewheel@sng.its.monash.edu.au] has joined #ubuntu
bob2if you look at the dependencies of pppoeconf, it says it needs a recent version of ppp or pppoe06:11
bob2Xenguy: no06:12
AndyFitz400x300 gnome : http://andy.fitzsimon.com.au/shot01.png  http://andy.fitzsimon.com.au/shot02.png  http://andy.fitzsimon.com.au/shot03.png06:12
Rene_Stom_, did that solve your issue ?06:12
Xenguybob2: I am now officially confused06:12
tom_rene_s i no longer get one of the eroors yes ty but i still have some more06:12
Xenguybob2: I don't understand - are you saying that pppoe is not on the install CD?06:12
Rene_Stom_,  yeah i get em too, mostly related to laptop stuff06:13
tom_crimsun i chnaged that setting for bootlog .... where do i look now for the messages that are displayed?06:13
suposXenguy: ppp troubles?06:13
=== DamageControl [~1@Ottawa-HSE-ppp264372.sympatico.ca] has left #ubuntu []
Xenguysupos: yes06:13
bob2Xenguy: yes, I'm almost certain of that06:13
crimsuntom_: /var/log/boot*06:13
bob2I'll check06:13
Xenguybob2: tx06:13
suposhold on a sec, I saw something about that in a review06:14
Rene_Stom_,  when i get a new install i normally take out pcmcia, raid, evms, and mdadm06:14
hypa7iaoh, yup, ppp was there06:14
Xenguysupos: tx a lot06:14
hypa7iais there.  in main.06:14
Rene_Stom_,  and ppp stuff because I am a cable user06:14
tom_i will learn rene but slowly lol06:14
suposXenguy: http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=8407&page=406:14
Xenguysupos: how is anyone connecting via pppoe if that package is not on the install CD - that makes no sense to me06:14
tom_i use adsl06:14
Xenguytom_: do you use pppoe ?06:15
Rene_Sthen dont play with the ppp or ppoe stuff06:15
suposXenguy: that is a review of the preview relaese, but the issues may remain06:15
bob2Xenguy: right, pppoe is not on the cd06:15
=== Xenguy boggles...
suposisn't pppconfig on the cd?06:15
bob2supos: it is06:15
bob2see, this makes me think you just need ppp06:16
Xenguysupos: yes06:16
thoreauputicsupos: pppconfig is for dialup, I think - pppoeconf is a different matter06:16
suposXenguy: and that won't do the trick?06:16
suposoh sorry then - I just assumed it was the same06:17
tom_crimsun no luck on that file .....06:17
suposNever mind me then :)06:17
bob2Xenguy: ok, just pppoeconf on a default system should work06:17
bob2ie without pppoe06:17
Xenguysupos: well so far I haven't been able to connect, but it could be another unknown issue -- I had thought maybe it was the fact that pppoe wasn't installed on my system06:17
tom_i just checked bootlogd again and the yes is ok06:17
Xenguybob2: ahhh06:17
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
Xenguybob2: so you have it on good authority that I don't need pppoe to get connected to the net via a default install, yes?06:19
bob2the pppoe package, yes06:20
tom_Xenguy i am on a router/modem so no i dont need pppoe on my pc as such06:20
wasabi_so where can I order a boxed copy of ubuntu? :)06:20
hypa7iawasabi_: no boxes yet, but pressed cds at http://shipit.ubuntulinux.com06:21
wasabi_yeah already got some.06:21
Xenguywasabi_: Yer too late for the free ones AFAIK, but perhaps there are commercial alternatives?06:21
wasabi_Just, when I feel like it's worht it, I tend to put money down for it. ;)06:22
=== Witigonen [~richardm@c024h036.dorm.reed.edu] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iano, they're still shipping out the free ones06:22
WitigonenHey all.  I have a pretty basic question about grub.06:22
Xenguybob2: thanks for clearing up this issue - now I just have to figure out what the real problem is :-)06:22
WitigonenSo, I've got an XP install on an IDE drive when my primary drive is SATA.  So, its (hd0,0).  What's my IDE drive, then?06:22
Rene_SBasic answers, Yes, No, Maybe06:23
wasabi_Witigonen, for grub, it should be hd106:23
wasabi_grub is numbered consecutively06:23
bob2Witigonen: windows doesn't like booting off anything but the first disk06:23
Witigonenbob2, in Windows' view, it is the first disk since it doesnt' recognize the SATA drive without third-party drivers.06:23
wasabi_bob2, first disk on any given controller.06:23
Xenguyhypa7ia: shipping yes, but stopped taking orders for free delivery on the 11th or 12th (check the web site, maybe there is still time, but the deadline is like *now*)06:23
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d9-59.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_well, somehow it works with sata.;)06:24
bob2Witigonen: hah06:24
crimsuntom_: see the bottom response here: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=23256906:24
bob2wasabi_: hrm, ok06:24
bob2long time since I'vae had windows installed06:24
wasabi_bob2, yeah, im not 100% what the rules are anymore.06:24
wasabi_But somehow it will boot off a secondary Sata controller06:24
neighborleejust wondering have their been any updates in last two weeks or so ...synaptic isn't showing ( just ran mark all upgrades) anything to 'apply' so I wanted to verify...??06:25
wasabi_hit refresh in synaptic.06:25
=== Gmail [~Google@gnu-debian.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== AndyFitz [~andy@] has left #ubuntu []
tom_crimsun ty looks like it dioesn't work here the06:26
=== Ycros [~Ycros@c211-30-14-115.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaoh, Xenguy, i stand corrected.  i ordered mine like a week ago :-)06:26
tom_crimsun just have to get a 6 foot high monitor ;-)06:27
bob2neighborlee: warty only gets updates for security fixes06:27
neighborleebob2, oh ok06:28
=== jwagler [~jwagler@d142-173-26-246.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
jwaglerAnyone know if you can install from the live cd?06:29
=== gardion_ [~chatzilla@d142-173-26-246.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
gardion_Hello, anyone know if you can boot of the live cd?06:30
bob2jwagler: no, you can't06:31
bob2gardion_: yes, that's kinda the point06:31
neighborleesigh...okay this is weird..trying to run ( just installed latest firefox 1.0 ) firefox and its bringing up a 2x4 window saying: title="&mainWindow.title;"_________________________^ < ??? ;-))sigh06:31
bob2restart firefox06:31
neighborleetried with no effect06:31
neighborleeonly way it works is as root06:31
=== dstahan [~dstahan@MTL-HSE-ppp176990.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleewhich is kinda bad LOL06:31
bob2does it work for other users?06:31
neighborleenot sure other than root06:32
bob2are you sure you restarted it completely?06:32
Rene_SFirefox 1.0 works fine for me06:32
neighborleeno other users here than root atm anyway06:32
jwaglerSo then the live cd is only meant as a demo06:32
bob2jwagler: yes06:32
neighborleebob2, its been doing it but I thought installing the latest firefox would have fixed it06:32
thoreauputicneighborlee: did you install it as root? you don't need to you know ( I assume you used the mozilla.org installer)06:33
dstahanAre the nvidia drivers easy to install for ubuntu?06:33
tom_i will try rebooting and see if i can catcha a glimpse of what its objecting to06:33
neighborleethoreauputic, I hope I didn't LOL...yeah I used the installer06:33
=== tom_ [~tom@203-206-246-112.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
mbbjust noticed my laptop (hoary), been sitting unused for a couple of hours - hard drive activity every few seconds. What would that be?06:34
=== Tex [tex@beer.tclug.org] has joined #ubuntu
bob2mbb: disk syncing06:35
bob2neighborlee: you installed it as root?06:35
neighborleethoreauputic, to be safe i'll reinstall06:35
neighborleebob2, if I did it certainly was not on purpose :(06:35
bob2reinstall firefox, right?06:35
Rene_SHmmm my wife hasnt stopped by any of your houses has she ?06:35
=== KingShawn [Blck_Mattr@c-67-163-118-170.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_I seem to be unable to get libpng12-dev installed. It seems to want to downgrade libpng12-0.06:35
thoreauputicRene_S: yeah she's right here and says hi ;)06:36
KingShawni think im bout to check out ubuntu guys06:36
neighborleeKingShawn, kewl ;-=)06:36
KingShawnit better then redhat?06:36
Rene_Sthoreauputic, keep her, she's fired06:36
neighborleeKingShawn, heh well..IMNSHO..'yes'06:37
thoreauputicRene_S: heheh06:37
=== bitserf [~ljb@222-152-19-7.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
KingShawnwhats that mean?06:37
mbbbob2: thanks. is there a way to stop that, other than hibernate/suspend (which doesn't work well on this old machine)?06:37
neighborleeKingShawn, I could give you a raft of reasons why but that would be crude LOL ( PM me if you want some)06:37
KingShawni want some reasons06:37
KingShawnim curious before i install06:37
=== Lowry [~Lowry@CPE-144-136-201-14.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
bitserfinteresting...xorg with drop shadows is slower on my radeon 9600xt than it is with the onboard i810 at work :)06:37
neighborleeKingShawn, well one I dont feel bad giving you is I never found it completely stable...06:38
mbbbob2: and, if it's not too deep a subject, what is actually being done by disk syncing?06:38
KingShawnya its not stable already06:38
neighborleeKingShawn, which to no surprise really as its a testbed of sorts for RHEE06:38
KingShawnonly been using it for 1 day06:38
=== RobLinux [~prettyboy@user-0cev21p.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu []
KingShawni mean its stable to an extent06:38
Gmailneighborlee: delete your profile06:38
Gmailneighborlee: if you want to back up your password i'll tell ya which files they are06:38
KingShawnbut as for windows crashing etc06:39
Gmailneighborlee: delete your profile06:39
Gmailneighborlee: if you want to back up your password i'll tell ya which files they are06:39
=== daculas [~dac@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailam i online??06:39
neighborleeKingShawn, and I really dont much like 'yum06:39
bob2mbb: hdparm -S20 /dev/hda (or whatever)06:39
bob2Gmail: duh06:39
Gmailneighborlee: delete your profile06:39
Gmailneighborlee: if you want to back up your password i'll tell ya which files they are06:39
bob2Gmail: stop it06:39
Gmailsorry if flooded the same message a few times06:39
thoreauputicGmail: that's 3 times...06:39
Gmailbob2: sorry my connnection stuffed up06:39
Gmailand i resent it not sure if it will send06:40
bob2mbb: when programs write data out, the kernel doesn't actually write it to disk straight away, it just stores it in memory...I meant to say flushing, which is when the kernel writes out all those stored bits so they're actually on the disk06:40
neighborleeGmail, i've tried that ( profile erasure) but it doesn't seem to matter....06:40
Rene_SWanted : New Wife, must know how to tell time ....06:40
neighborleebob2, k I just reinstalled as regular user and still it does that ....shrug dunno ...is anyone else seeing this ? ;(06:41
Gmailneighborlee: i had that same error when i upgraded firefox and they told me to delete my whole .mozilla folder and it helped06:41
daculasanyone tried install ubuntu from the harddisk here?06:41
mbbbob2: thanks2. (man hdparm coming up...) This happens even tho the machine has not done anything for a couple of hours, eh? What would be an example of what it needs to write?06:41
bob2mbb: I'm not sure06:42
daculasI want to ask some question about loop device, help?06:42
bob2just ask06:42
bob2mbb: the -S option controls how often it gets written out06:42
neighborleeGmail, hmm lemme try that then06:43
daculasok, first I boot from grub using vmlinz and initrd extracted from the iso06:43
Gmailoh crap am i still online?06:43
bob2Gmail: stop it06:44
bob2are you capable of not being annoying?06:44
daculasgoes to the mini shell06:44
Xenguyhypa7ia: I ordered 10 just under the deadline wire -- wonder if they'll arrive before Xmas ? :-)06:44
Gmailbob2: i am having mager connections problems huge lag...06:44
neighborleeGmail, whew ...thx that did the trick..whoda thunk poor .mozilla was getting in the way LOL06:44
Gmailneighborlee: np06:44
neighborleeGmail, makes no sense as firefox should be using its OWN prefs file but hey..main thing is its working ;-)))heh06:44
daculasmount the partition where iso located. but when I tried to mount iso file with mount -o loop command. ERROR appear!06:45
=== Xenguy disappears again to work on an Ubu net connection...
bob2daculas: sudo modprobe loop06:45
daculasmount : could not find any device /dev/loop06:46
=== agsansoo [~rup@c-24-130-22-3.we.client2.attbi.com] has joined #Ubuntu
daculasso that modprobe will install the loop device for me, right?06:46
bob2it will load the module, and then udev will create the device nodes06:47
daculasmaybe that's why I can not find loop device, it wasn't be created. I just trid to create by myself, sure failed.06:48
bob2yes, you need to load the module06:48
daculasI will test it, thanks, bob!06:48
noneuswow mldonkey remote adiminstration really rocks06:49
=== Tex [tex@beer.tclug.org] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedany ideas why java plugin takes so long to load?06:49
crimsunstuNNed: java 1.4?06:49
stuNNedcrimsun, yes06:49
Gmailhmm when will real player upgrade to version 10 it still on version 8 and that 3 years old06:49
crimsunstuNNed: java 1.5 loads _much_ faster06:49
noneusi have 1.5 and ni problems.06:49
despcan someone tell my why the application icons in the workspace switcher disappear when I'm using certain themes?06:50
stuNNedcrimsun, noneus: how can i get 1.5 is there a .deb somewhere?06:50
crimsunstuNNed: not yet.06:50
stuNNedcrimsun, noneus: is this blackdown or sun?06:50
noneusdesp, because the theme don't have these specific app-icons06:50
crimsunIBM's port of 1.5 will be out next year.06:50
stuNNedcrimsun, did you install just the jre?06:50
noneusstuNNed, sun06:50
stuNNednoneus, ok thanks06:51
despnoneus: ahh. thanks06:51
crimsunstuNNed: I use IBM's 1.4.206:51
noneuscrimsun, hmm i like ibm. are they good at java?06:51
crimsunstuNNed: (jdk, because I do globus development)06:51
Rene_SDunno but Maxwell House is ok at it :)06:51
despcan someone point me to a good, concise web resource on developing my own theme for Ubuntu's whatever (Gnome 2.8?)06:51
crimsunnoneus: the IBM port runs on more platforms and has jvm tuning in addition to security extensions06:52
stuNNedcrimsun, ah ok then, i'll give it a try, does IBM have a standard jre with plugin?06:52
crimsunstuNNed: yes06:52
despI've just finished making my own color scheme for vim, and I love it06:52
noneusagsansoo, ???06:52
stuNNedcrimsun, thanks, i'll try that, screwed up and tried to upgrade firefox/java on my own now java takes real long time to load06:52
noneuscrimsun, thanks. i'll try it when i'm bored by sun's.06:53
neighborleebob2, wouldn't there have been upgrades for someone going from warty preview though to warty-release ? ( or were there any significant fixes/changes)06:53
=== DeviantDog [~Samchi@adsl-223-210-148.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunnoneus: for most users, 1.5 is the way to go06:53
=== brdweb [~mitch@c-67-160-31-163.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsungranted if you're ppc, it's moot06:53
agsansoononeus, oops06:54
noneuscrimsun, especially for me. i use it for a mldonkey gui and as a browser plugin. sun should be good enough06:55
DeviantDogis there any service control for ubuntu?06:55
crimsunDeviantDog: man update-rc.d06:55
=== michael315 [~michael31@dsl-] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== DA-MAN [~DA-MAN@24-205-67-249.pas-mres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #Ubuntu
crimsunDeviantDog: to control services, man invoke-rc.d06:55
=== moyogo [~moyogo@Toronto-HSE-ppp3717856.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== IOM_Detox [~IOM_Detox@user-0c8hgc8.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
DeviantDogdoes anyone know if ppc version supports airport extreme?06:56
bob2DeviantDog: no linux system supprted that06:57
bob2neighborlee: yes, mainly bug fixes, tho06:57
stuNNedcrimsun, can't seem to find an ibm jre package, would you happen to have a url?06:57
DeviantDoghow bout pcmcia linksys card?06:57
brdwebanybody having problems with hotplug after switching to hoary?06:58
neighborleebob2, oh ok..which I can get I take it in the patch repository..or should I be upgrading via a direct download of the new release I wonder...06:58
crimsunstuNNed: https://www6.software.ibm.com/dl/lxdk/lxdk-p06:59
crimsunstuNNed: you have to create a login.06:59
DeviantDogok new to this versioning system of ubuntu, hoary is? next version?06:59
crimsunDeviantDog: yes.06:59
stuNNedcrimsun, much appreciated06:59
DeviantDognot available yet?06:59
crimsunit's being tested right now.07:00
bob2neighborlee: I don't know what you mean07:00
crimsunyou can help test it.07:00
DeviantDoghow bout ppc version?07:00
neighborleebob2, well I mean for the 'fixex' you mentioned07:00
neighborleefixes < grrr07:00
=== IOM_Detox [~IOM_Detox@user-0c8hgc8.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
crimsunDeviantDog: what about it?07:01
neighborleesounds like m$ is in denail LOL >>> ie: firefox not threat to IE...hahahah07:01
DeviantDogwhere to find info on hoary on ppc?07:01
neighborleedenial sorry ( damn fingers)07:01
crimsunDeviantDog: same as hoary on i386 ;-)07:02
=== Gmail is now known as Gmail|BRB
brdwebDeviantDog: if you want to test, just replace all instances of 'warty' with 'hoary' in your /etc/apt/sources.list file and then to apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade07:02
DeviantDogI see ok thanks07:03
bob2neighborlee: between the preview and release, it was mainly only buxfixes that were uploaded07:03
=== DigDug [~misleb@dsl092-128-119.chi1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleebob2, ok..which I get where though..;-)07:06
=== agsansoo [~rup@c-24-130-22-3.we.client2.attbi.com] has left #Ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== michael315 [~michael31@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
DigDugSo I installed Ubuntu... is it ok to grab packages from Debian sarge if they aren't in ubuntu?07:07
DigDugI mean, is it safe as far as stability and whatnot07:07
=== aokaze [~aokaze@adsl-68-253-236-193.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #Ubuntu
neighborleedoubtful anyway would install07:07
aokazeHello everyone07:07
crimsunDigDug: sure, but it'd be "better" to use packages from universe or multiverse.07:07
noneusi installed torcs debian packages successfully07:07
crimsunDigDug: but they're all unsupported07:07
=== brakrl [rlynch@dsl092-235-011.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunwhen things break, you keep all the pieces.07:08
=== dadehoog [~dadehoog@pipp-p-144-138-229-174.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleenoneus, ;-)07:08
DigDuguniverse or multiverse??07:08
brakrlhey all, just installed ubuntu 8oP07:08
HrdwrBoBDigDug: I would recommend *not* using deb packages07:08
neighborleenoneus, is there a editor yet for linux for torcs ? ( or i'm thinking of wrong racing game )07:08
neighborleebrakrl, kewl ;-)07:08
brakrlhow do i exit to cli mode07:08
DigDugHrdwarBob: yeah? I should plan on compiling stuff that isn't in Ubuntu?07:08
brakrli tried telinit 3, killall -9 gdm, killall -9 X07:09
=== RubenV [~lambda1@kn-upc-1.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu
aokazeI have ordered the free Ubuntu CDs and I am waiting for them to come.  Anyone can tell me how different it is from Debian Sarge?07:09
noneusneighborlee, no idea. i just play the game.07:09
crimsunbrakrl: sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop07:09
neighborleebrakrl, Ctrl-Alt F1 will also do it07:09
HrdwrBoBDigDug: no, universe is a lot of packages :)07:09
neighborleenoneus, oh ok no biggir07:09
DigDugaokaze: seems to be the same installer as sarge but it doesn't ask as many questions.07:09
brakrlcrimsun: thanks07:09
noneusmainly in university if my professor talks shit again.07:09
brakrlneighborlee: thanks07:09
stuNNedcrimsun, 1.42 is latest IBM java?07:09
DigDugHwdwrBob: hehe07:09
crimsunstuNNed: yes.07:10
neighborleeDigDug, yup..much easier07:10
crimsunstuNNed: for certain arches07:10
brakrlthanks again, peace07:10
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
aokazeIt will run the same packages as Sarge right?07:10
HrdwrBoBDigDug: are you digdug of qdb fame07:10
stuNNedcrimsun, do you have j2se-common installed in ubuntu as well is ibm's java?07:10
DigDugaokazae: seems to. I installed the PAN newsreader out of sarge and it pulled its dependancies from ubuntu07:11
DigDugNrdwr: no.07:11
crimsunstuNNed: I do not.07:11
HrdwrBoBah ok07:11
stuNNedcrimsun, ok, got it07:11
DigDugRight now I am trying to figure out why I don't just run Debian. ;-)07:12
=== mercurus [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-174.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
aokazeI currently have Sarge installed here so I am just wondering if there is anything I should know before switching07:12
neighborleewe're #13 at distrowatch ;-0007:12
crimsunDigDug: are you looking for reasons to run Ubuntu (Warty|Hoary) instead of Debian Sarge?07:12
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskpan is in universe07:13
DigDugcrimsun: well, i hadn't planned on asking so directly, but yeah, I guess.07:13
aokazeI am just wanting to know what to expect and how to transfer over if I decide to go over07:13
erikDigDug: I'm totally a ubuntu convert from debian ... not a gnome/desktoppy fan but it's a more stable sid :p07:13
crimsunDigDug: Ubuntu is focused on a streamlined GNOME 2.8+-based desktop distribution; its base is from Debian Sid.07:13
neighborleeaokaze, well for starters most things you'll be doing everyday just 'work' ..if that helps <G>07:14
DigDugaokaze: Transfer.. like move data? I keep 3 OS partitions on my computer and one data partition. That way I can play with all the distribtuions I want and have all my data in one place.07:14
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
DigDugcrimsun: I'm used to XFCE4, myself.07:14
cef_workubuntu has a smaller focus than debian.. it helps in all manner of ways07:14
crimsunDigDug: the menu structure for Ubuntu's GNOME is much more sane.07:14
seek187yeah it is!07:14
neighborleeyup ;-)indeed07:15
aokazehmmm I dont use GNOME07:15
erikI like how ubuntu separates the ssh-server and ssh-client packages too.07:15
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp34-10.lns1.adl1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== rodney_ [~rodney@hs3-149.amtelecom.net] has joined #ubuntu
erikthat was always a debian pet peeve07:15
crimsunDigDug: that's fine; I use Benny's xfce4.2beta2+cvs debs on a Ubuntu Hoary+Debian Sid/experimental mix.07:15
erikaokaze: don't have to07:15
neighborleeI think kde was to be added to universe but not sure when...?07:15
rodney_I am new to Linux and Ubuntu.07:15
erikit would have been *CRAZY COOL* if ubuntu had gone with runit as its init system07:15
crimsunrodney_: welcome.07:15
neighborleerodney_, hi there ;-)07:15
erikbut that would be too much to ask I guess :(07:15
DigDugcrimsun: thats xfce4 from sid?07:15
rodney_Only used it for a few hours.07:15
brdwebone thing that bugs me is when package maintainers don't add menu entries.. happens quite often with ubuntu packages. No huge deal as I just add them myself but still.....07:15
crimsunDigDug: no, Sid only has 4.0.607:16
=== aitrus [~foouser@67-50-98-121.dsl1.chi.il.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleebrdweb, yeah I agree with that..but hey I bet in time they will07:16
DigDugAhh, crimsun do you have apt source list for that package?07:16
aokazehmmm so Ubuntu is from Sid and not Sarge?07:16
erikaokaze: yes07:16
crimsunaokaze: it's based on a Sid snapshot07:16
rodney_It was a pain to figure out how to connect to my cable internet connection. Really hard. Besides that, everything is great!07:16
crimsunheavily stabilized/tweaked07:16
aokazeoh...  I was told it was Sarge from someone who was installing it before07:17
cef_workaokaze: sort of.. some packages are from sid, some from sarge.. depends how broken things are at the time of choice07:17
neighborleerodney_, odd it should have detected it straight away ;(07:17
crimsunaokaze: well...packages migrate from Sid->Sarge, so...07:17
neighborleerodney_, but kewl on the other fronts ;-)07:17
=== Twiggy [~scott@] has joined #ubuntu
=== brakrl [rlynch@dsl092-235-011.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedcrimsun, i don't know what's up, no matter what java plugin i use, it takes a really long time to load a java applet07:17
crimsunDigDug: careful, you can break stuff.07:17
brakrlthanks for the help all07:17
aokazeit will use Sarge packages fine then?07:17
brakrldoes ubuntu solely use apt-get or does it have its own package manager?07:18
=== deFrysk is a former fedora user and tried fc3 yesterday
cef_workie: if say there is a severe problem in sid with a particular package, then usually it's the sarge version that gets chosen, unless it's deemed important to fix the problem (because of other dependencies)07:18
=== Xenguy [~Xenguy@] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleebrakrl, apt-get/synaptic07:18
deFryskvery dissapointing07:18
erikbrakrl: apt-get.  there are other frontends but it's all debian package management07:18
brakrlneighborlee: whats synaptic?07:18
crimsunDigDug: http://www.os-cillation.de/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=deb-news07:18
Se7hremind me07:18
neighborleebrakrl, just a front-end to apt-get ;-)07:18
neighborleebrakrl, nicely integrated ;-)07:18
Se7hwhat/where's the partitions file ?07:18
brakrlneighborlee: ah okay, im a total ubuntu/debian virgin07:18
neighborleebrakrl, np07:19
=== mgoose [~icechat5@nat01-quad2-ext.Rutgers.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
mgoosehello all07:19
rodney_While looking through the programs in Synaptic, I noticed something called pppoeconf so I ran it in the admin terminal and got it going.07:19
=== brakrl rotated between slack, arch, fedora and suse
mgooseis there a quick way to login and reset my passwd07:19
hypa7iaevenin' mgoose07:19
cef_workaokaze: depends on the dependancies.. especially since sarge is a moving target still07:19
brakrlhas anyone else tried fc3?07:19
mgoosebeing the idiot that i am i somehow set it during the install but cant login in gdm07:19
DA-MANi tried fc3 and thought it was a piece of shit07:19
=== Gmail|BRB is now known as Gmail
neighborleebrakrl, ;-) I think many of us have in search for that one distro <wink>...07:20
deFryskbrakrl, I did but went straight back to ubuntu07:20
DA-MANslow, bloated and cluttered07:20
aokazehmmm....  I think I might just experiment with it but I only have 5gb HD07:20
crimsunDA-MAN: no need to trash-talk other distros ;-)07:20
deFryskDA-MAN, in a nutshell :)07:20
DA-MANcrimsun, not trash talking, just giving my opinion07:20
mgoosearch, try arch linux07:20
mgooseno extra bs installed07:20
rodney_can the file extractor on ubuntu extract .sit files?07:21
cef_workerm, no distro wars please.. we've chosen a distro for the channel..;07:21
DA-MANcef_work, it's not a distro war. it's an opinion07:21
mgoosewhich brings me back to my question, how do i reset the passwd07:21
mgooseany ideas plz?07:22
DA-MANmgoose, single user mode07:22
cef_workDA-MAN: I could comment about opinions.. but lets just drop things here.. *grin*07:22
Xenguybob2, greetings from the Net, via Ubuntu :-)07:22
=== seacyd [~c@p213.54.160.219.tisdip.tiscali.de] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
DA-MANcef_work, ok07:22
rodney_when is firefox 1.0 going to added to synaptic?07:23
mgoosehaha jk07:23
seek187I just downloaded mine and ran the installer07:23
=== seek187 got sick of waiting
DA-MANlookslike it was reverted, who knows when07:23
crimsunrodney_: probably within the next couple days07:23
rodney_it installs cleanly seek197?07:23
mgooseits probably in experimental, no?07:23
crimsunrodney_: it just went into Sid yesterday07:23
seek187rodney_, yeah07:23
brakrlhow do i get the libs for rhtyhmbox to play mp3's?07:23
deFryskapt-get install gstreamer-plugins07:24
rodney_scuse me, im stupid, what's Sid?07:24
deFryskto get them all07:24
brakrldeFrysk: thanks07:24
Xenguyrodney_, debian 'unstable'07:24
mgooseoh btw DA-MAN how do i login to single user mode?07:24
crimsunrodney_: Debian Sid. That's where the majority of Ubuntu packages are culled from (unless they're GNOME-related)07:24
mgooseor anybody, for that matter07:24
Xenguybob2, it was a stupid 'username' mistake on my part - duh07:25
rodney_Since I'm new I'll play it safe and wait for Firefox 1.0 to appear on Synaptic.07:25
deFryskrodney_, in warty ?07:26
mgoosebe brave, man07:26
Xenguyrodney_, warty's default version works just fine AFAIK07:26
mgooseits fun07:26
seek187yeah it will come to hoary not warty... I think anyway07:26
=== HolyGod [~free@pppoe-tun1.securebinary.com] has joined #ubuntu
rodney_Yeah deFrysk07:26
deFryskhoary runs pretty good here07:26
seek187yup runs fine for me too07:26
deFryskrodney_, it will not appear in warty07:26
rodney_Xenguy, warty's firefox displays some websites strangely then in 1.0.07:27
crimsunI like the stability of 0.9.307:27
brakrldeFrysk: i tried gsteramer-plugins and it wasnt a package so i searched and found libgstreamer-plugins, but it says i have it, and i dont have mp3 support for rhythmbox07:27
Gmailwarty is frozzen no update at all!!!07:27
Se7hi cant run .run files07:27
Xenguyrodney_, avoid such (stupid) web sites ;-)07:28
Se7him stuck07:28
crimsunbrakrl: it's a faq, but you need to enable universe and install gstreamer0.8-mad07:28
deFryskbrakrl,  not sure why it does not work07:28
rodney_Ok. Guess I'll be waiting until April 2005. lol07:28
Gmailhoary will be frozzen in 4?months07:28
=== mdz_ [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskbrakrl, what crimsun said07:28
Se7hbrakrl use xine07:28
GmailSe7h: gxine07:28
brakrlcrimsun: how do i enable universe?07:28
deFryskbrakrl, add it to /etc/sources.list07:29
Gmailrodney_: hoary is already open07:29
Se7h./setup.sh: line 88: /home/seth/.setup2349: Permission denied07:29
Se7hThe setup program seems to have failed on x86/glibc-2.107:29
deFryskuncomment the line wich includer universe07:29
crimsunbrakrl: select it in Synaptic, then update07:29
deFryskor what crimsun  said07:29
crimsunbrakrl: or edit /etc/apt/sources.list manually as deFrysk said. ;-)07:29
crimsun(I'm a conffile guy; it's a Debian holdover)07:30
brakrlcrimsun: thanks07:30
=== stuNNed [~stuNNed@adsl-068-209-149-165.sip.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedcrimsun, are you using warty or hoary?  and firefox .9 or 1.0?07:31
brakrlcrimsun: if i edit the /etc/apt.sources.list to have universe will it automatically search there?07:31
crimsunstuNNed: Hoary (kernel from Warty) mixed with Debian Sid+experimental. mozilla-firefox 1.0-2 from Sid.07:31
deFryskhoary runst 1.0rc107:31
stuNNedcrimsun, eh, i dare not to go there :)07:31
rodney_I need to make sure I'm using a stable release because my Powerbook with Ubuntu is gonna be a 'mission critical' computer. i.e. I need to make sure my sermons don't go missing.07:32
stuNNedcrimsun, where'd you get that mozilla-firefox from sid? ;)07:32
crimsunrodney_: Warty is perfect07:32
=== Majestic [~Majestic@pool-162-83-245-84.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunstuNNed: it's in Sid's pool07:32
stuNNedcrimsun, i can get the .deb on the web?07:32
deFryskshould be in hoary soon then07:32
crimsunstuNNed: sure, but I'd wait a couple days. It'll probably be in Hoary within days.07:33
crimsunHoary syncs with Sid very often.07:33
stuNNedcrimsun, but...Hoary...isn't that unstable?07:33
deFryskunstable as in untested07:33
crimsunit's stable in my experience.07:33
=== Xenguy [~rdw@] has joined #ubuntu
deFrysknot as in unusable07:33
Xenguyahhh, irssi  :-)07:34
wm_eddieI must get firefox 1.007:34
deFryskwhy must ?07:34
=== Xenguy wonders why...
wm_eddiebecause 0.9 is broken!07:34
deFryskwhere ?07:34
crimsunwm_eddie: you're still using 0.9?07:34
Xenguywm_eddie: define broken07:34
crimsun0.9.3 seems "ok" here.07:34
wm_eddiecrimsun: http://wm-eddie.info/~wm_eddie/stilldisabled.png07:35
stuNNedcrimsun, how did you hold back and keep Warty kernel?07:35
wm_eddieThat happens to me all the time and it's really pissing me off.07:35
wm_eddiethe OK button is always disabled.07:35
crimsunstuNNed: I use apt-pinning to keep the linux-* (well, kernel-related) packages pinned to warty-security07:36
=== KingShawn [~shawn@c-67-163-118-170.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunmy configuration is complicated, because I pin between warty-security, hoary, sid, and experimental07:37
KingShawnim diggin it07:37
Gmailwhy am i banned from #ubuntu-offtopic07:37
KingShawni liked it before i ever even saw the interface07:37
deFryskGmail, ask there07:38
rodney_On my powerbook I've lost the ability to 'right click.' In OS X I just had to hold the command button. Now that doesn't work.07:38
thoreauputicGmail: heh - that's quite an achievement07:38
wm_eddieActually I think maybe it's a problem with the real player plug in now that I think about it.07:38
GmaildeFrysk: i am banned from there?07:38
=== Arnald [~Arnald@81-86-116-102.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskGmail, no clue07:38
KingShawnaww dood07:38
KingShawnUbunut is awesome07:38
crimsunGmail: were you flooding in privmsg?07:38
Gmailis bob2 here?07:38
deFryskUbunut , lol07:39
crimsunGmail: or otherwise being obnoxious?07:39
KingShawnim liking this better then any distro07:39
thoreauputicGmail: /whois bob207:39
Gmailcrimsun: one guy in #freenode i pm and figlet looped it self hence flooding him07:39
seek187Gmail, you're the only one on the ban list there lol07:39
rodney_Ever notice how on the Ubuntu website the login screen has pretty people, but on the os itself the login screen is plain?07:40
seek187rodney_, you can change it07:40
crimsunrodney_: yes. The splash screen was reverted/changed at the last moment.07:40
seek187its included07:40
neighborleeso...guys where again do I get the fixes ?07:40
Gmailsorry for caps07:40
deFryskgay ?07:40
Gmailthe happy people07:41
thoreauputicGmail: get over your homophobia07:41
crimsunall right, let's kill this discussion about the older splash right now, thanks :-)07:41
neighborleeyeah its like so old school07:41
rodney_where can I put the older splash screen back?07:41
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S01060040f4acc23c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
KingShawnthis is nice07:42
KingShawnas heck07:42
crimsunrodney_: HumanCircle GDM theme, I believe?07:42
seek187rodney_, Computer > System Config > Logon Screen Setup07:42
deFryskand what seek187 said07:43
stuNNedcrimsun, ok so far IBM's java is pretty clean, fast, and seems stable (so far) :D07:43
crimsunstuNNed: indeed.07:43
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
erikis there any JRE/JDK in ubuntu universe/multiverse/main?07:43
eriktux.org work?07:44
rodney_That's the trick seek187. Thanks.07:44
deFryskflashplugin-nonfree is there though07:44
crimsunerik: yes. The ones from Sun and IBM work, too.07:44
brakrldoes anyone know how i can update a specific package through apt-get07:44
erikcrimsun: cool07:44
seek187erik, might want to read this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=371307:44
seek187robertj, n/p07:45
seek187er rodney07:45
seek187IBMs java works better than suns?07:45
rodney_what can we use for p2p on this thing?07:46
mercurusxmule or amule ... both work07:47
=== tuxakka [~tuxakka@dsl-sjkgw2o7b.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
erikthanks seek18707:48
Xenguy /q07:49
rodney_i see xmule or amule is not in synaptic. looks like i get to 'try' my first linux program install07:49
hypa7iarodney_: they're in universe07:50
hypa7iaboth of em07:50
tuxakkaI wonder what cause ubuntu gnome-2.8 to display large X in the middle? It ain't mouse cursor cause it is arrow and moves correctly, this X stays still, looks bit similar than in old twm where mouse cursor was X07:50
rodney_I'm sorry for being such a dumb ass and asking all these questions. I'm new.07:51
=== JIMC [~chatzilla@student.imc-krems.ac.at] has joined #ubuntu
rodney_how do i access 'universe07:51
crimsunrodney_: there's no need to apologize.07:51
seek187rodney_, in synaptic go to Settings > Repositories and check universe then Reload button07:51
hypa7iathey're the greyed out entried in synaptics07:52
hypa7iaand don't worry rodney_, i only learned that last week :-)07:52
seek187me to :P07:52
JDahlspeaking of universe: whoever moved xemacs there should be punished - badly07:52
crimsuntuxakka: are you able to switch to a console to more the X server output?07:53
rodney_got it. thanks!07:53
tuxakkacrimsun yes what should I check?07:53
JIMChi i have installed ubuntu in a software raid is it possible to boot the system any suggestions?07:54
crimsuntuxakka: where does the logfile end?07:54
neighborleecrimsun, I'm feeling rather dumbbutt atm myself LOL..where do I get 'fixes' for ubuntu if not through synaptic ?07:54
GmailJDahl: universe means its from debian sid07:54
tuxakkacrimsun which log, x log?07:54
JDahlGmail, doesnt it also mean that ubuntu wont support it?07:54
mdztuxakka: regarding the "large X", the answer is in the FAQ07:55
tuxakkamdz thanks07:55
=== corbob [~corbob@d66-183-252-158.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunmdz: ah, thanks.07:56
crimsunneighborlee: you can get them through Synaptic.07:56
GmailJDahl: it means if there is a problem we don't support but debian does07:56
bob2Gmail: ?07:57
stuNNedso to upgrade to Hoary just change names 'warty' in sources.list to 'horay' ?07:57
=== Xenguy [~gnu@] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskstuNNed, yup07:58
deFryskstuNNed, but i would keep the warty lines in also07:58
Gmailbob2: why i am banned from #ubuntu-offtopic?07:58
stuNNeddeFrysk, and watch the breakage in real action? ;)07:58
deFryskstuNNed, :D07:58
stuNNedreal time even :|07:58
neighborleecrimsun, well07:58
mdzstuNNed: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryHedgehog has instructions07:58
GmaildeFrysk: why leave them edited out?07:59
neighborleecrimsun, i tried but mark upgrades doesn't seem to be pulling anything in..that or i have themall..which I doubt but...07:59
thoreauputicstuNNed: if you *really* put 'horay', you'd break it before you started ;)07:59
mdzthere are a couple of additional steps at this time07:59
stuNNedmdz, got it, muchos gracias07:59
stuNNedthoreauputic, ;)07:59
thoreauputicstuNNed: :)07:59
deFryskGmail, I kept the warty lines in not commented out07:59
neighborleecrimsun, i've been out of linux for a week or two and figured surely there were updates i'd missed but maybe NOT07:59
GmaildeFrysk: did you also pin hoary? or you might have some problems08:00
crimsunneighborlee: updates to Warty or Hoary?08:00
deFryskGmail, no probs whatsoever08:00
neighborleecrimsun, warty08:00
crimsunneighborlee: Warty doesn't receive updates, only warty-security and hoary do presently.08:01
seek187where the heck do you download IBMs javavm at anyway I cant find it08:01
neighborleecrimsun, hmm odd...whats the reasoning behind that08:01
crimsunneighborlee: it's stable. The only updates are security fixes.08:02
thoreauputicneighborlee: stable= not changing08:02
neighborleecrimsun, hmmm well ..LOL I should have known it was that simple...08:02
=== tuxakka [~tuxakka@dsl-sjkgw2o7b.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
=== acecase-win [~me@ky-24-159-156-35.midtn.chartertn.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunseek187: https://www6.software.ibm.com/dl/lxdk/lxdk-p08:03
rodney_well a mule sucks! it always crashes on me08:04
acecase-winwhat should i add to /etc/apt/sources.list to get new packages then universe?08:04
seek187rodney_, I know I just tried installing both of them and they both crashed on me :/08:04
GmaildeFrysk: do you know what pin is??? please edit out warty08:04
deFryskGmail, ?08:04
rodney_seek187, guess that's why ubuntu didn't include them on the official downloads08:05
stuNNedbash:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales <-do i run this after hoary upgrade or before?08:05
GmaildeFrysk: is warty there still is xfree in haory there is only xorg now you will couse problem if you don't know what you are doing but you have another option and that is to pin hoary08:06
deFryskstuNNed, after ,08:06
stuNNeddeFrysk, thanks08:06
deFryskalso run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg08:06
deFryskto set xorg up08:06
=== hypatia [~hypatia@user21.megabit.utoronto.ca] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskGmail, ;)08:06
rodney_Well I have been using Ubuntu for about 5 hours now and I have to say it's really cool.08:07
stuNNeddeFrysk, crimsun, thoreauputic: here goes, upgrading to hoary!08:08
=== hypatia is now known as hypa7ia_
deFryskstuNNed, good-luck08:08
stuNNeddeFrysk, i see xorg is held back, well guess with install that later :)08:08
deFryskstuNNed, use dist-upgrade08:08
stuNNeddeFrysk, yep :)08:09
punkassdist-upgrade didnt work for me with xorg...after that i had to do a apt-get install xserver-xorg08:09
punkassthat removed xfree and put in xorg08:09
=== Dethread [~Dethread@24-205-231-52.slo-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2punkass: yes, because you removed ubuntu-desktop08:09
deFryskpunkass, nut sure if it is still like that with the 3rd update of xorg08:10
punkassyes correct08:10
=== aktsuo [~aktsuo@lns-vlq-26-82-254-154-23.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkasswhen i changed to totem-xine it removed it08:10
deFryskpunkass, yup , me too08:10
=== hypa7ia_ is now known as hypa7ia
stuNNedbob2, is there a way to have totem-xine and not have evolution but have ubuntu-desktop? ;)08:11
=== Xenguy [~gnu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== KingShawn [~shawn@c-67-163-118-170.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Twiggy [~scott@] has left #ubuntu []
KingShawncan anyone help me with ubuntu?08:11
bob2if you want a custom system, you get a custom system08:11
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedbob2, so a custom system is w/out ubuntu-desktop?08:12
bur[n] erbut evolution is so cool08:12
Xenguybob2: did I remember to thank you for all your help?  :-)08:12
bob2stuNNed: if you remove it, you're saying "I don't want the defaults anymore and I know what that means"08:12
XenguyKingShawn: that is the purpose of this channel08:13
bob2Xenguy: heh, cool08:13
Xenguybob2: finally - joy :-)08:13
=== bdale [~bdale@rover.gag.com] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
JDahljust curious... roughly how many people were involved in making Warty?08:15
XenguyJDahl: 4208:15
Xenguyj/k - I don't actually know08:16
KingShawnwell it seems08:16
KingShawni can sudo to root08:16
KingShawnbut if i try to acces synaptic08:16
KingShawnit wont let me08:16
bob2KingShawn: please try to put a complete sentence on one line08:16
KingShawnlike the pword is different or soemthing08:16
bob2if you run synaptic from the menu, it will ask for your user password08:16
punkasswhat happens if you try: sudo synaptic08:17
XenguyKingShawn: there should be only one password AFAIK08:17
XenguyKingShawn: unless you have done custom setup for a root user08:17
KingShawnthank you08:18
KingShawnya synaptic is nice08:18
KingShawni like this distro better then any others so far08:19
neighborleeKingShawn, my feelings too ;-)08:19
acecase-winima ubuntu newb so I don't know how to say this but, what is the word for the newer package set then universe?08:19
=== Ruffian|Q| [Ruffian|Q|@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Xenguyacecase-win: your question is a bit unclear08:20
KingShawnthats alot of packages08:20
acecase-wini have ( deb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary universe ) in /etc/apt/sources.list but i want new packages then what i get with that08:21
danielssjoerd: see benh's comments in #freedesktop08:21
acecase-winyeah sorry im a total apt newb :)08:21
seek187That's about as new as that get08:21
=== Majestic [~Majestic@pool-162-83-245-84.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
acecase-winbeen using gentoo for a couple years now08:22
corbobif i have updated to hoary, to go back to warty would i just change my sources.list file back?08:22
bob2corbob: you can't go back08:22
sjoerddaniels: hmm nice :)08:22
bob2acecase-win: universe has nothing to do with the newness of software08:22
bob2acecase-win: if you're using hoary main and universe, you have the newest of everything08:22
deFryskhoary=unstable (newer)08:23
seek187horay is newest08:23
seek187er hoary08:23
acecase-winit allows the "unstable" packages dosn't it?08:23
KingShawnso are all the packages listed in synaptic what come on the install + update?08:23
deFryskhoary allowes that08:23
bob2acecase-win: what are you really trying to do?08:23
KingShawnoh i see08:23
KingShawni found some that i dont have08:23
acecase-wini want a newer webmin at the moment08:23
acecase-wini can't install any of the modules cause it sais i have an old version08:24
bob2acecase-win: 1.160 is the newest version in ubuntu08:24
acecase-winthats the one i want but thats not what im getting08:24
bob2well, I don't know what you did to your sources.list then08:25
bob2well, I do, but I don't know how  you want to fix it08:25
bob2you want to run the most unstable version of ubuntu?08:25
acecase-winof everything :)08:25
acecase-wini want the equiv. of useing ~x86 for gentoo08:26
stuNNedacecase-win, https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/GuideToHoary08:26
bob2well, this isn't #gentoo, so I can only guess ~x86 means "I want to submit patches to fix bugs"08:26
bob2oh, a wiki page, neat08:27
bob2I hope it has a big fat warning08:27
corbob~x86 basically says use expirimental ebuilds08:27
=== |^JaMeS^| [~nobody@cvip-dsl-205-154.cvip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== labanux [~laban@] has joined #ubuntu
acecase-winyeah sorry ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" allows portage (emerge's apt-get) to install the newest possible packages "expiremental packages"08:30
=== frog1298 [~frog1298@adsl-63-200-124-247.dsl.mtry01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
|^JaMeS^|is there an LDAP package for ubuntu?08:30
JDahlI cant seem to find latex2html... anyone happens to know what package it is in? (apt-cache search didnt show anything)08:31
kremlynapt-cach search ldap08:31
bob2JDahl: it's non-free08:31
acecase-winthank you stuNNed. multiverse is the word i was looking for :)08:31
XenguyJDahl: what about -> dpkg -S latex2html08:31
bob2Xenguy: that tells you which package it's in if you have it installed08:31
bob2multiverse does not contain newer software08:32
stuNNedacecase-win, np yw :)08:32
Xenguybob2: ahh, OK so it is apt-file then?08:32
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-251-226.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedbob2, i'm excited about using a distro so close to debian08:32
bob2Xenguy: yes08:32
frog1298this is a newbie question: just installed ubuntu and I am having a really hard time adding to the PATH env variable.  I have changed the .bash_profile and still nothing.  Any suggestions?08:33
XenguyJDahl: if you can find the 'apt-file' package, install that -- it will enable you to track which package contains latex2html even if you don't have the package installed08:33
|^JaMeS^|source .bash_profile08:33
XenguystuNNed: me too08:34
corbobwill firefox 1.0 be making it into the hoary repository any time soon?08:34
XenguystuNNed: basically it is debian (but a desktop, user-friendly Debian :-)08:34
=== stuNNed wonders if upgrading to Hoary on the laptop will fix his hsfmodem problems
stuNNedXenguy, :D08:35
=== Gmail is now known as Gmail|AWAY
JDahlisnt it called "non-free", e.g., deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty universe non-free ?08:38
thoreauputicfrog1298: do `less /etc/profile` - you will see the PATH for "system wide". You can add to that, although there are other ways08:39
stuNNedbob2, to get P4 HT support i need to be running an SMP kernel?08:39
frog1298thoreauptic thanks!08:39
=== gabe [~gabe@static24-72-77-242.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== tewny [templar@cs2417482-84.houston.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== lrn [~liran@lrn.user] has joined #ubuntu
lrnMorning all.08:41
lrnI just installed apache2 at my box08:42
lrnWhere i can see the files of it?08:42
lrni mean the index.html etc..08:42
ironwolfhow does one turn on SHMConfig in xorg?08:42
stuNNedlrn, dpkg -L apache208:42
danielsironwolf: edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf, in the section with 'Driver "synaptics"', add 'Option "SHMConfig"'08:43
=== luckie [~luckie@] has joined #ubuntu
lrnstuNNed nop08:43
lrncan`t find the good one08:43
tewnyanyone running a athlon64 system with ubuntu ?08:44
stuNNedlrn, `find / -name index.html` ?08:44
=== timte [~tim@h129n2fls32o984.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
lrnfound it here /usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.conf08:44
KingShawnim just loving the doc debs08:45
tewnythere is no hcl for ubuntu ?08:46
ironwolf'Driver "synaptics" isn't a part of the xorg.conf  How do I get xorg to rediscover stuff?08:46
=== AlohaWolf [alohawolf@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolfdaniels: should I change the Driver "mouse" to Driver "synaptics" ?08:48
=== bluewheel [~bluewheel@adsl-139-77.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
bluewheela quick query, how does one get usb audio to work, My stock speakers are being picked up and used. Any ideas ?08:50
stuNNedwhich locale should i use if in u.s. english ?08:51
lamont_rdamn that was a cool noise.08:51
stuNNedn/m figured it out08:52
stuNNeden_US.UTF-8 UTF-808:52
lamont_rdaniels: why does restarting X on ironwolf's laptop make sounds like an aborted drum beat?08:53
danielslamont_r: ...08:53
lamont_rand how did you compress the entire screen down to just that cursor in the top left? :-)08:53
danielslamont_r: have you just come back from a long night? :08:53
daniels:P, even08:53
danielsum, what's the aborted drum beat sound coming from?  the monitor?08:53
lamont_rwell, laptop.. so it's hard to tell if it's from the speakers, or somethign else...08:54
lamont_rah, now (after killing more gnome crap), it's bitching about a bad config... guess that's progress08:54
danielsweeeiiirrrrd ...08:57
lamont_rand vt switching is either slow or non-existant08:58
=== Xenguy yawns...
=== stuNNed [~stuNNed@adsl-068-209-149-165.sip.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNeddo enable p4 ht support do i need an smp kernel?09:01
=== Witigonen [~michael@c024h036.dorm.reed.edu] has joined #Ubuntu
WitigonenHaving trouble with my grub.09:02
=== rodney_ [~rodney@hs3-149.amtelecom.net] has joined #ubuntu
WitigonenSo, the line should read, 'kernel (hd0,0)/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda5 ((where Ubuntu is installed))?  What am I missing, what's wrong?09:04
=== paws [~paws@paws.csh.rit.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== chemaja [~chemaja@c220-237-32-86.brasd1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== binary_10 [~binary@adsl-67-118-14-29.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskman does the mplayerplugin ever Rock!!09:10
TreenaksdeFrysk: if you like that, try mozplugger ;)09:11
seek187is there a command line way of turning the volume up and down??09:14
=== king_arthur [~chatzilla@adsl-48-50.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
Xenguyseek187: aumix ?09:15
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@h168n3c1o1027.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
seek187mmm don't think that will work09:15
seek187well maybe it will09:15
seek187I'm trying to map the volume wheel on my keyboard09:15
deFryskits in the panel09:15
danielsgreat.  every time I try to post something with Pan, it hangs, and the stack trace is EIGHYT-EIGHT FUNCTIONS DEEP09:15
Xenguydaniels: excellent :-)09:16
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-169.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu
Xenguydaniels: is that universe?09:16
Treenaksseek187: alsamixer09:17
Treenaksdaniels: use evolution ;)09:17
seek187yeah aumix isnt going to work09:17
seek187ok ill try that now09:17
wm_eddieseek187: Have you tried Computer > Desktop Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts?09:17
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-251-226.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== netmonk [~netmonk@] has joined #ubuntu
=== netmonk is now known as the_keymaker
=== the_keymaker is now known as netmonk
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-251-226.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
wm_eddieit should have Sound: Volume Up and Volume Down09:18
seek187wm_eddie, no im using lineakd the keys are all mapped just need to figure out the command for up one notch and down one notch09:18
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-251-226.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
seek187good idea09:19
Treenaksseek187: lineakd? why not just use the gnome shortcut key thingy?09:19
ironwolfdaniels: What exactly should I change in Driver "mouse" to make it synaptics and happy?09:19
=== b_e_n_z [~Mercedes@vp183179.kln.uac68.hknet.com] has joined #ubuntu
seek187cause I wanted my volume wheel on my keyboard to work lol09:19
=== stuNNed [~stuNNed@adsl-068-209-149-165.sip.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksironwolf: "synaptics" :)09:19
wm_eddieIt doesn't work with gnome Keyboard shortcuts?09:20
seek187I dunno let me see09:20
stuNNedironwolf, might need to install xorg-driver-synaptics09:20
Treenaksseek187: what kind of keyboard do you have?09:20
seek187Well that was a waste of time09:20
Treenaksseek187: what kind of keyboard do you have?09:20
=== seek187 uninstalls lineakd
wm_eddieGNOME: sometimes too simple.09:20
seek187it works with the gnome thing09:21
seek187cool didnt know I could do that09:21
Treenaksseek187: is it like the 2505 ?09:21
ironwolfstuNNed: xorg-driver-synaptics is installed.09:21
seek187Treenaks, not sure09:21
seek18723 key09:21
stuNNedironwolf, ok, n/m then09:21
ironwolfTreenaks: here goes everything... might be back.09:21
Treenaksseek187: change "pc104" or "pc105" in your xorg.conf or XF86Config-4 to "hp5105"09:22
=== mercurus_ [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-23.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
labanuxis someone cna help me how to turn off the ubuntu09:22
labanuxmy ubuntu can't turned off..09:22
seek187Treenaks, what for?09:22
wm_eddielike as in power button turn off?09:22
Treenaksseek187: that way X will recognise your "special" keys by name (the "WWW" button will be XF86WWW, etc.)09:22
labanuxit's all stalled when getting the message acpi_module_called09:22
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-251-226.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Xenguy laughs...
Treenaksseek187: so if you assign them in the gnome shortcut manager, you'll see the name of the key instead of some code09:23
labanuxwm_eddie: even using power button .., it still doesn't work..09:23
seek187let me look at the config for the 510509:23
wm_eddieHows that possible....09:23
Treenaksseek187: /etc/X11/skb/symbols/inet09:23
Xenguylabanux: pull the plug, man :-)09:23
labanuxcan anyone give me the solutions for this..?09:23
seek187Mines the SK-250609:24
labanuxXenguy: pull the plug..??? What this mean?? i don't understand..., explain please09:24
Treenaksseek187: oh wait09:24
Xenguylabanux: unplug your computer :-)09:24
Xenguylabanux: that should turn things off09:25
labanuxXenguy: Weeekkkkkkkkkssssssssss..................09:25
deFrysknew firofox in hoary09:25
labanuxXenguy: then i'm turned off myself.. too09:25
seek187is it?09:25
wm_eddielabanux: The actual solution is to either fix ACPI or try APM, or APIC...09:25
deFryskits not 1 ;p09:26
seek187lol oh09:26
punkasson a dell laptop i had to use   nolapic  on the grub kernel boot line09:26
seek187well i'll keep my 1.0 then :P09:26
=== w0t [~liran@] has joined #ubuntu
w0twhy i can`t see movies?09:27
w0ti installed the w32codecs09:27
punkassare you using totem-xine?09:27
w0tcan`t install totem-xine09:27
w0tpunkass http://pastebin.com/11913609:28
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-251-226.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkasswhoa...never seen that before09:29
chemajai cant find the doco for a floppy boot + ftp install of ubuntu... please help!09:29
w0thelp me in this!09:29
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@19.138-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksw0t: are you getting totem-xine from ubuntu, or do you have debian repositories in your sources.list?09:30
ironwolfchemaja: not currently available that I'm aware of.09:30
w0tTreenaks i followd by the wiki guide about it09:30
=== chemaja cries
ironwolfchemaja: it's better this way.... :)09:31
=== BugS [~narcotic@] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicw0t: you have all the required repositories in your /etc/apt/sources.list , uncommented?09:32
deFryskdoes anyone know why realplayer does not work ? (nvidia-driver? )09:32
BugSwhy is the firefox version so old? havent somebody packaged 1.0 ?09:32
wm_eddiedeFrysk: the nvidia-driver shouldn't have anything to do with realplayer...09:33
thoreauputicw0t: because it looks like some of the repositories are out of synch (wrong versions)09:33
=== binary_10 [~binary@adsl-67-118-14-29.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskwm_eddie, so why does it not startup then ?09:33
wm_eddiedeFrysk: What's it printing?09:33
ironwolfhurray! bug 2153 is fixed in hoary. :)09:33
thoreauputicBugS: if you want 1.0, it's easily installed with the mozilla.org installer09:33
deFrysk(realplay.bin:12457): Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by Xlib09:34
deFrysk(realplay.bin:12457): Gdk-WARNING **: cannot set locale modifiers09:34
deFryskwm_eddie, that where it ends09:34
thoreauputicBugS: and it's only been out for a few days!09:34
fabbionedeFrysk: that's a harmless warning09:34
BugSwhich means that i should remove the ubuntu version?09:34
wm_eddieLANG=C realplay try that.09:34
deFryskfabbione, thats what i thought09:34
deFryskwm_eddie, get no autput but also no realplayer09:35
deFryskit just hangs09:35
=== aokaze [~aokaze@adsl-68-253-236-193.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has left #Ubuntu ["Leaving"]
wm_eddieI can't remember the name of the program that tells you what system calls a program is making...09:36
=== binary_10 [~binary@adsl-67-118-14-29.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicwm_eddie: strace?09:37
ironwolfI'm seeing a non-functional battery monitor in hoary with xorg.  What do I check?09:37
seek187Treenaks, is there a list somewhere for keyboards for xorg.conf?09:37
ironwolfsorry, by non-functional I mean it's sitting at 0% all the time. even when on battery09:38
b_e_n_zironwolf, in your kernel, is the ACPI battery module present?09:38
b_e_n_zironwolf, is that module loaded if it's present in the kernel?09:38
Treenaksseek187: uh yes, but I usually look around in /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/inet (if it's an internet keyboard, otherwise just stick with pc104 or pc105)09:38
ironwolfb_e_n_z: standard hoary kernel, I don't see it in lsmod.  How would I check?09:40
deFryskwm_eddie, http://www.pastebin.com/11913809:41
punkassdeFrysk: i just installed realplayer and it seems fine09:42
punkassi am watching a vid with audio09:42
=== adsb-work [~adsb-work@avco79.avcosystems.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
deFrysk+r even09:42
deFryskmust be hoary then09:43
punkassi am using hoary09:43
seek187hmm my keyboard isnt in there... oh well most of the buttons work and the only ones I really care about work09:43
deFryskcould it be my utf8 setting ?09:44
punkasssweet even the firefox real plugin works09:44
wm_eddiedeFrysk: I see waitpid(-1, and then the window shows up.09:44
wm_eddiedeFrysk: I'm using UTF-809:44
deFrysk@euro ?09:44
deFrysk ?09:44
wm_eddiepunkass: untill you need to open or save a .ram file...09:44
punkassthen i just use realplayer and paste in the url09:45
=== Mr_Smiley [~smiley@CPE-144-136-187-57.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskit even shows up in my menu09:48
deFrysksilly realplayer09:48
ironwolfanybody?  If the battery indicator doesn't work by default, what do I check before filing a bug?09:54
wm_eddieironwolf: For my laptop, I switched to a 2.4 kernel and APM.  but it's really old...09:55
wm_eddiepre 199909:55
=== _axel [~julia@92.Red-212-170-14.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Treenakswm_eddie: don't switch to 2.4 and APM09:56
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
_axelhi, im setting up a laptop for my mom, i cant seem to find the way to set firefox to show menus and dialogs in spanish...09:57
_axelis that some language pack i must install myself or can it be done via ffox options?09:57
b_e_n_z_axel, you need to install a language pack like you do in mozilla09:57
=== duke|ib [dukeku@c-24-21-168-125.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
wm_eddieTreenaks: Well you see, it's a laptop with no ACPI support.09:58
Treenakswm_eddie: you can disable ACPI, and ACPI can disable itself if it detects your PC is too old09:58
Treenakswm_eddie: in 2.609:58
_axeland also, i noticed warty has ffox 0.93 or something, should i install 1.0 myself from the mozilla.org packages or the ubuntu one is ok?09:59
seek187how do you "clean" your old debs thats taking up space?09:59
=== Klowner [~klown@sid41.revealed.net] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksspt-get clean09:59
bluewheelapt-get clean09:59
wm_eddieTreenaks: I tried that.  2.6s APM doesn't work.10:00
Treenakswm_eddie: file a bug..10:00
Treenakswm_eddie: 2.4 is not supported at all for ubuntu10:00
seek187ohhh I kept thinking it was apt-cache clean10:00
seek187ok thanks10:00
bob2_axel: the one in ubuntu works fine10:00
wm_eddieOther than sound (which is another monster of a problem) 2.4 works fine.10:01
_axelhmm, hwere are those damn language packs10:01
=== Elyran is now known as Mirno
ironwolfTreenaks: how do I verify ACPI is running?10:02
Treenaksironwolf: dmesg | less10:02
Treenaksironwolf: it tells you "ACPI Disabled" if it's disabled10:03
Treenaks(or something like that)10:03
wm_eddie> I found that there were power management issues with my10:04
wm_eddie> ThinkPad 600e and Debian In my case, APM was dead, dead,10:04
wm_eddie> dead. is the fix for that.10:04
Treenaks2.6.8.4 does not exist, it must be debian-specific patching10:04
bob2-4, perhaps10:04
wm_eddiewell I must go to bed.10:05
wm_eddieit's 4am...10:05
ironwolftreenaks: if ACPI is disabled is it reasonable to assume the battery monitor won't work?10:05
wm_eddie"I don't see such a thing. Perhaps you mean 2.6.9-rc4?"10:06
wm_eddieprobably if I upgrade to that kernel it might work.10:06
wm_eddiealso I need to get the thinkpad control program working.10:07
wm_eddieI think the sound problem I'm having is because of something in the bios.  and I can't enter the bios because of a keyboard error.10:07
=== Zindar [~bagfors@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mrjive [~mrjive@host-45-42.noicomnet.it] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksooh.. IBM acpi "specials"10:11
bitserfanyone else here have an ipod that occasionally just stops working with the ubuntu kernels? works fine with win32/freebsd10:11
bitserfieee1394: Node added: ID:BUS[0-01:1023]   GUID[000a270002762d57] 10:11
bitserfieee1394: The root node is not cycle master capable; selecting a new root node and resetting...ieee1394: Node changed: 0-01:1023 -> 0-00:102310:11
bitserfthats all i get when i plug it in, no matter how many times i reset, or reformat the ipod. but sometimes it works.10:11
=== Lowry [~Lowry@CPE-144-136-201-14.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB2305.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== zinc [~zinc@ACC3456B.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
LowryAnyone with a powerbook/ibook?10:14
bluewheelLowry, Yep10:14
LowryCould you try turning on subpixels in fonts10:14
bluewheelyea ...10:15
LowryDo you get a blue problem around your text?10:15
LowryI get a very thin blue blur around all text10:16
=== NanoTek [~NanoTek@APuteaux-151-2-9-112.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
LowryIs this a reported bug?10:16
NanoTekhey everybody10:16
bluewheelyea same problem for me, interresting, i've never tried this before10:16
LowryI sent it in a a png file - no feedback yet10:17
=== Mr_Smiley [~smiley@CPE-144-136-187-57.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Mr_Smileyi'm just wondering.. if there's a new release of ubuntu can i just use apt-get to bring me up to date or do i have to reinstall?10:18
=== seek187 [~seek187@67-42-50-63.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2apt-get, of course10:19
ironwolfMr_Smiley: my understanding is that when hoary goes live apt-get will do the job.10:19
bob2this isn't some half-arses redhat derivative ;-)10:19
bob2even now apt-get will do the job10:20
LowryAnyone know if ubuntu supports firewire booting?10:20
bob2does your bios?10:21
Mr_Smileyyeah just making sure :)10:21
LowryMac user10:21
=== silbs [~sbsm0084@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
LowryOpen firmware10:21
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mjr [~mjr@ip212-226-158-253.adsl.kpnqwest.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== jobezone [~jobezone@a83-132-20-109.netcabo.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== grape [~grape@adsl-068-209-089-247.sip.gsp.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== oferw [oferw@DSL212-235-121-28.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
=== phil_ [~phil@host81-152-64-229.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== dissident [~chatzilla@c211-30-201-194.rivrw2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== dissident [~chatzilla@c211-30-201-194.rivrw2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== dissident is now known as the_grey_ghost
=== umarmung [~holger@pD9E69924.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
the_grey_ghostOK can I post a newbie question here. I have vague linux familiarity but am Largely Windows Based.10:29
the_grey_ghostCan Ubuntu Read NTFS drives?10:30
b_e_n_zthe_grey_ghost, yes10:30
subterrificthe_grey_ghost: yes, but not write to them10:30
the_grey_ghostOkay, What about fat 3210:30
NanoTekyou have to create your own kernel to write on it10:30
NanoTekthe_grey_ghost, no problem10:30
subterrificthe_grey_ghost: fat32 yes, and read/write works10:30
NanoTekyou can xrite on ntfs but it is expermimental and you have to compile your kernel10:31
the_grey_ghostOkay so if I wanted to transfer data between NTFS and Ubuntu then all I would need would be a FAT 32 buffer10:31
NanoTekit is the best choice10:31
the_grey_ghostor is there a problem there?10:31
subterrificNanoTek: the NTFS write support is really sketchy. last time i tried it a few months ago, you could only modify files, not create any new ones and you couldn't mkae files any bigger10:31
=== trukulo [~mzarza@26.Red-81-45-239.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== phil_ [~phil@host81-152-64-229.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu []
NanoTeksubterrific, that's why i said it is experimental :D (very exp.)10:32
=== tweek_ [icechat5@pcp01570339pcs.indstr01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
the_grey_ghostok, my next question is worse. can ubuntu communicate with other windows machines ranging from XP onwards.10:34
bob2how do you mean?10:34
=== bitserf [~ljb@222-152-19-7.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
the_grey_ghostover a tcp/ip network. Ie could an internet connection be shared easily enough providing I told it a gateway10:35
the_grey_ghostor could it print to a Windows Print server?10:35
trukuloyep, with samba10:35
the_grey_ghostCool I know samba10:35
trukulofirst one, proxy or masquerade10:35
tweek_my freind recomended me ubuntu linux can anyone giveme a rundown on burning the .iso?10:36
LowryMac or pc burn?10:36
bob2tweek_: from linux?10:36
tweek_from windows10:36
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-18.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
the_grey_ghostu got nero?10:36
LowryTry the forums http://www.ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=510:37
=== Elw0od_21 [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-18.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== king_arthur [~chatzilla@adsl-48-50.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
LowryThey have apps and burn reports from many users10:37
tweek_wow im so blind thanks alot10:37
=== Elw0od_21 is now known as elwood
=== Elw0od_21 [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-18.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== ud [~ud@199.a.001.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
the_grey_ghostdoes ubuntu come with any windows emulators, I have heard that they are reasonable as far as emulators go10:41
bob2tho it's not an emulatore ;-)10:42
trukulojdub, hei, i'vew found your trousers, come to #ubuntu-offtopic jdub10:42
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c220-237-30-95.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
the_grey_ghostok I vaguely remember Wine or Winlix or something. They don;t support direct X 9 do they10:43
bob2Cedega does (www.trangaming.com), but it costs money10:43
trukulothe_grey_ghost, i don't know10:43
=== ToTo [~ToTo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== beezly [~beezly@2001:630:63:16:20e:2eff:fe27:ea88] has joined #ubuntu
the_grey_ghostok, getting too far in. thanks guys i will have to try wine.10:44
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-8-58.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== lm [~lm@cajal.aragob.es] has joined #ubuntu
=== linux_mafia [~max@222-152-245-72.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
tweek_would nero burn the ubuntu .iso corectly?10:48
bob2if it burns it as an iso10:48
the_grey_ghostyea Nero burns ISO's good10:49
the_grey_ghostI burnt about 1,000 of them that way10:49
tweek_so just download the i386.iso and burn with nero?10:49
NanoTekbut as an image10:49
the_grey_ghostyea load it as an image just don't add it to the compilation10:49
NanoTekbefore check your iso file with md5sum10:50
tweek_ok il try brb10:50
Lowryhave the cdr verified10:50
tweek_i love fast mirrors10:51
the_grey_ghostdoes Ubuntu come with mono the .net emulator. I have a few VB.net programs that I want to run (yes I hate VB as a language, but thats what they are written in )10:51
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c220-237-30-95.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== skel [~xxx@ip-232.net-81-220-21.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu
seek187the_grey_ghost, it's in my package list10:52
=== skel is now known as skelll
bob2the_grey_ghost: it's available for warty10:52
the_grey_ghostthanks seek18710:52
the_grey_ghostthanks guys10:52
bob2I don't know hos usable winforms is10:53
skelllafter the installation the boot hangup when it try too load the e100 module10:53
=== phil__ [~phil@host81-152-64-229.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
skelllpci.agent seem segfault :/10:54
=== king_arthur [~chatzilla@adsl-48-50.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== phil__ [~phil@host81-152-64-229.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete]
=== kent [~kent@h104n1fls24o825.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
skelllany tips ?10:55
Treenaksskelll: are you overclocking?10:55
bob2skelll: does "dmesg" show an oops?10:55
skelllbob i can't dmesg the comp is freezed10:56
bob2erm, wow10:56
skellli had debian sid on this computer so it should work (my HD just crashed)10:57
tweek_md5sum.exe crashes after start what could  cause this?10:58
bob2you'd need to find a windows support channel10:59
LowryTry a different app mb?10:59
the_grey_ghostok one more question, but a relevant one (slap me if there is an explanation on the site but I can;t find it) What is the difference between warty-install-i386 and Warty-live-i38611:00
=== linux_galore [~linux_gal@098.a.005.syd.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
tweek_would missing dlls cause it?11:00
Treenaksin linux?11:00
tweek_im on windows11:01
bob2the_grey_ghost: do you want to install ubuntu?11:01
skellltweek go ask in windows channel11:01
LowryEnd user reply - boot and run vs install?11:01
tweek_want to check the iso before burning11:01
skelllmost people here don't know windows11:01
bob2Lowry: right11:01
skelll(i don't)11:01
deFryskwindows crashes on anything11:01
Treenakstweek_: maybe there are other md5 programs?11:02
the_grey_ghostbob2- Yes. I am currently downloading both warty-install-i386 and warty-live-i38611:02
bob2the_grey_ghost: the -install one is what you use to install ubuntu11:02
=== schnizzle [~devolve@c-24-18-108-40.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskdoes warty cd have a media-check ?11:02
the_grey_ghostok what is the live one then?11:02
Lowrylive will run from the cdr11:02
=== MeAndU [~ubuntu32@] has joined #ubuntu
the_grey_ghostokay. Thanks heaps11:02
Lowryinstall will only install from the cdr11:02
=== Mr_Smiley [~smiley@CPE-144-136-187-57.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
schnizzleanyone need help with a pxe install??11:03
bob2the_grey_ghost: you boot the cd and can get a taste of ubuntu11:03
Mr_SmileyI can get xsane to work when i run it as root, why doesnt it work as a user? I suspect it is something to do with permissions..11:03
skelllok i try to reinstall then , what is the prefered file system on ubuntu ? (i installed reiserfs)11:03
Lowrylive will let you look and try but might be slow if on a cdr11:03
schnizzleand.. how do i get rid of the x in the middle of my screen??11:03
bob2schnizzle: what sort of video card do you have?11:04
schnizzlebob2: its a savage on a toshiba laptop11:04
bob2heh, it's always a savage11:05
schnizzlei see an x cursor...11:05
schnizzlebut my arrow or whatever moves around fine11:05
bob2you need to enable SWcursor11:05
schnizzlebob2: how11:06
Mr_Smileywow everything works in ubuntu i have gotten scannner :O and printer working fine..11:07
tweek_does ubuntu come with a media player?11:08
schnizzlebob2: SWcursor??? wheres it at?? how do i enable...??11:09
elwoodschnizzle,  in your xconfig11:10
LowryMy powerbook went to sleep and will not wake up11:10
tweek_that it?11:10
Lowryhad to reset11:11
LowryWould there be a log ?11:11
ryandaniels: are you in?11:11
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-18.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@h168n3c1o1027.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Lowry: is it a g4 with nvidia/11:13
Lowryati 8 meg pro lt11:14
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@h168n3c1o1027.bredband.skanova.com] has left #ubuntu []
tweek_is installing ubuntu harder or easier than redhat?11:16
b_e_n_ztweek_, much easier11:16
LowryLike os x11:16
LowryJust a few questions11:17
tweek_wow thats awesome11:17
bob2Lowry: it should work11:17
tweek_im burning now :)11:17
tweek_under nero data>make data cd?11:18
LowryDo you have an iso option?11:18
tweek_no i dont : /11:19
the_grey_ghostNO not through make data11:19
the_grey_ghostTweek_ are u using express or the full version?11:19
tweek_demo >.<11:19
LowryBurn image mb?11:20
the_grey_ghostok run nero express and go disk image or saved project11:20
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Chibi [~chibifs@pcp09403250pcs.monroe01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tweek_burn image to disc refers to iso image?11:21
the_grey_ghostFrom full go CD, Create CD, Other cd formats and then Create a cd from an image file11:21
Adrenalhow do i enable a root account?11:21
Adrenalanyone, help a brother out?11:22
bob2Adrenal: please read the FAQ11:22
Adrenaloh sorry11:22
Adrenalwhats the site?11:22
bob2Adrenal: please read the /topic11:22
Adrenalagain, sorry11:23
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
the_grey_ghosttweek_ if that dosen't work go file>burn image>  then just open the iso11:24
tweek_i dont have nero express and ive hade nero 5 mins and my demo has expired  : /11:25
tweek_so im looking for a fullversion11:25
=== chekoty [~ag@protect.webwo.de] has joined #ubuntu
the_grey_ghostthat is just weird. Do you have any of the CD's that came with your CD burner?11:26
LowryIs there no open or shareware option for win?11:26
tweek_im just looking for a torrent but i hate when suprnova dies everyonce and a while11:27
=== Ruffian|JANE| [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-18.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== letheus [~s7s@port915.ds1-he.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ruffian|JANE| is now known as Ruffian-ZzZzZz
letheusI have just ripped a cd with 'Grip'. But i have no idea where it stored the tracks? Can anyone help me? Probably a stupid question :)11:31
NanoTekmaybe in .grip11:31
NanoTekin your HOME11:31
=== |^JaMeS^| [~nobody@cvip-dsl-205-154.cvip.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
letheusWhere is Grip?11:31
=== Ruffian-ZzZzZz is now known as RuffianZzZzZzZ
letheusIt?s not in HOME11:31
NanoTekcd ~/.grip11:31
tweek_nero has no keygen protection11:32
NanoTeknautilus --browser ~/;grip11:32
NanoTeknautilus --browser ~/.grip11:32
=== RuffianZzZzZzZ is now known as RuffianSoldier
=== RuffianSoldier is now known as Ruffian-ZzZzZz
NanoTekor you can make an updatedb & locate xxxx if the name of the file is xxxxx11:33
=== markhannon [~mark@c211-28-79-132.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
tweek_winrar displays the iso as aziped folder should i unzip or burn as is11:34
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-082-210-039.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
letheusi tried nautilus --browser ~/.grip, but it just opens Abiword snd shows alot of weird code.11:35
letheussnd = and11:35
=== michael315 [~michael31@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
NanoTeklog in root11:36
NanoTekmake updatedb11:36
NanoTekand then locate your file with the name as an arg11:36
letheusNanoTek, ok11:36
=== basaxon [basaxon@pcp08146056pcs.tsclos01.al.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
LowryCDRDAO for xp?11:38
=== MeAndU32 [~ubuntu32@] has joined #ubuntu
letheusNanoTek, okay, i have found the tracks. Thank you :)11:44
NanoTekyou're welcome11:45
=== tweek_ [icechat5@pcp01570339pcs.indstr01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== aktsuo [~aktsuo@lns-vlq-26-82-254-154-23.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
tweek_i jsut tried boting my ubuntu disc it said press enter or press f1 for help11:47
tweek_but it just kept loadibng 2 files and rebooting11:47
tweek_what might cause this11:47
Treenakslots of things11:48
=== cyrus-tc [~cyrus-tc@pD9527DD3.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Treenakswhat kind of PC is it?11:48
trukulotweek_, try append nolapic11:48
tweek_whats that?11:48
Treenakstweek_: read the help (F1, F2, etc.)11:49
Treenakstweek_: it'll have a short explanation11:49
tweek_ i did11:49
tweek_f1 linux enter11:49
tweek_and it looped11:49
Treenakstweek_: nonono11:49
Treenakstweek_: read the help there11:49
Treenakstweek_: and act accordingly11:49
trukulotry: linux nolapic (then enter)11:49
tweek_ thanks11:49
tweek_ill return if it doesnt work :p11:50
=== cardador [~jose@srt1.dq.fct.unl.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== Telep [~danikoski@61-36.dhcp.cs.uta.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== jpvcx [~jpvcx@g3140.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== tweek_ [icechat5@pcp01570339pcs.indstr01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tweek_ok the message i got when i tried noapic is kernel image not found11:57
Treenakstweek_: put it after linux11:58
Treenakstweek_: so linux noapic11:58
Treenakstweek_: not just noapic11:59
tweek_tried that also11:59
tweek_it just did the same thing as before11:59
Treenaksmaybe it isn't called "linux", the name is on the first page11:59
=== tim_ [~tim@h129n2fls32o984.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== agenteo [~agenteo@] has joined #ubuntu
tweek_is that the error you think the kernel image is missing?12:06
=== jolg [~jolg@h150n2fls32o868.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Peltoilves [~peltis@tolu.edu.hel.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== idaho45 [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
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=== thuisfred [~thisfred@c529d80b4.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Hikaru79If I have a CD I want to burn, how can I make an image of the whole CD's contents so that I can burn that?12:43
jdubHikaru79: on the command line, or with a gui?12:44
Hikaru79jdub, either12:44
stvnHikaru79: do you need it to be bootable, or is it just a data cd?12:44
Hikaru79Just a data cd12:44
stvnHikaru79: why not use the nauilus-CD burner facility?12:44
jdubHikaru79: on your nautilus window, click Places > CD Creator12:44
=== telemaco [~telemaco@] has joined #ubuntu
jindTo burn iso: cdrecord -v -dev 0,0,0 -speed 24 -driveropts=burnproof fil.iso - Find right device with cdrecord -scanbus12:45
jdubHikaru79: that will pop up a window you can copy files to12:45
=== mark__ [~mark@c211-28-79-132.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
jdubHikaru79: then do File > Write to CD...12:45
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-149.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
jdubHikaru79: it's really easy :)12:45
Hikaru79Well, I know i can just copy the files to the new CD and then burn12:45
jdubHikaru79: that window should pop up if you insert a blank disc, too12:45
Hikaru79But if it's a software that has to be installed, etc., is that enough?12:45
mark__Does anyone know how to add the debian menu to the bottom of the gnome menu?12:45
stvnHikaru79: how do you mean software to be installed, like packagers and executables or like linux install CDs12:46
Hikaru79Windows software, actually12:47
Hikaru79Just two CD's with a Windows program'12:47
stvnHikaru79: normally you can just put the .exe on the CD via nautilus, unless you need it to be installed before windows is started12:47
Hikaru79Oh, OK12:47
Hikaru79=) Then that's enough12:47
=== carlos [~carlos@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD9518646.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== michael315 [~michael31@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
svenljind: what is the benefit of -driveropts=burnproof ?12:56
=== challange [~challange@159.98-182-adsl-pool.axelero.hu] has joined #ubuntu
challangecan anybody help me12:56
challangeI have a partition12:56
challangewhere windows xp is located12:57
challangeand I want to make a boot menu or sth12:57
challangeto use xp too12:57
jindsvenl,  You enable the burnproof function so the burning does not get buffer underruns - if your burner supports it12:57
svenljind: ah, thanks.12:57
challangeand when I installed windows12:58
challangethen I had to install ubuntu again cause there is no chance to install the grub only12:58
challangei dont know WHY12:58
challangei have to install the hole system12:58
svenlchallange: don't install windows then.12:59
challangewindows overwrites the boot record12:59
challangeyeah well that can be a solution:D12:59
challangebut I need to12:59
svenlchallange: you just have to rerun grub, so it installs itself in the boot record.12:59
challangewhen I boot from install cd01:00
=== acuco1 [~acucos@albota.nuigalway.ie] has joined #ubuntu
challangeor when I boot from windows?:D01:00
svenlno idea, i never installed ubuntu, but it is based on the debian-installer, so probably you could install the grub .udeb in the initrd, and call it from there.01:00
svenlnot sure though.01:00
=== acuco1 [~acucos@albota.nuigalway.ie] has left #ubuntu []
challangecause win can't see linux partition01:00
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
challangethere is no chance01:01
svenlchallange: best idea is to create the partition table, reboot, install windows, and then install linux (ubuntu or debian or whatever).01:01
NanoTekchallange, exp2fs01:01
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-211.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== fords [~sibn@c-24-21-200-202.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
challangesvenl, yeah I did that but when I wanted to install ubuntu it halted and said it can't install grub01:02
=== acuco1 [~acucos@albota.nuigalway.ie] has joined #ubuntu
challanged installer asked me01:02
fordsmy profound apologies for asking such a stupid question, but i'm sure other people have had this same problem.  i'd gladly look it up if i could, but i've spent the last half hour trying to find TFM.01:02
=== arc_ [~arc@] has joined #ubuntu
fordsthat said, is there a forum/bbs/newsgroup for users?01:02
challangeif I want to use windows as well01:02
challangei said yes01:02
challangeand installation has failed01:02
challangei dont really understand01:03
=== xukun [~xukun@gt1989.uvt.nl] has joined #ubuntu
svenlchallange: fill a bug report, it should work.01:07
=== gabe [~gabe@static24-72-77-242.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== steve [~steve@static24-72-77-242.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
svenlchallange: at least debian-installer works for this kind of stuff, so ...01:08
=== malte` [~malteo@host42-170.pool80116.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== ermo [~ermo@3E6B20D4.rev.stofanet.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== plfiorini [~plfiorini@host78-165.pool62211.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
plfiorinido you plan to hack debian-installer adding a gnome gui?01:15
fabbioneplfiorini: no01:15
Kamionfabbione: ?01:15
fabbionethere will be a GUI but it will be gtk based01:15
fabbioneoh well01:16
jordifabbione: not even as a medium term goal?01:16
Kamionthat's not clear01:16
fabbioneif you want to consider gnome = gtk01:16
fabbionethan yws01:16
Kamionfabbione: it's entirely possible that it will have at least some GNOME components01:16
jordiok, I guess we all understood gnome=gtk in this case :)01:16
fabbioneKamion: ah01:16
jordiKamion: like what?01:16
Kamionwell, certainly glade01:16
jdubfabbione: same thing these days :)01:16
fabbionejordi: heh01:16
fabbionejdub: i am purist :P01:16
KamionI could imagine that HIGgy dialogs would be valuable too01:16
jdubsoon, there will not be a libgnome(ui)01:17
xukundid anybody updated to Hoary?01:17
=== fabbione would be more happy if there was no X
jdubKamion: (all gtk+ level)01:17
=== hw-tPh [~hw@c-baf6e253.511-2-64736c11.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
danielsx is fine, just not in the installer :P01:17
fabbionexukun: yes..01:17
Kamionjdub: ah, ok01:17
jdubdaniels: what about tinyx and friends?01:17
fabbionedaniels: let's all go back to ConsoleFB!01:17
NanoTekfabbione, you can use the framebuffer if ou wnat01:17
=== jordi tickles daniels.
fabbioneNanoTek: yes i am aware of that ;)01:18
jdubdaniels: would be much nicer to be able to use X :)01:18
danielsjdub: i dunno, just seems more sensible to use gtk's native framebuffer stuff01:18
jordiIs gtkfb usable at all?01:18
=== PAndU [~ubuntu32@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubjordi: not these days01:18
danielsif we're only going to use x for like one window to wrap the framebuffer anyway ;)01:18
jdubdaniels: can't do a11y and friends01:18
jorditoo bad :|01:18
=== fredix [~fred@] has joined #ubuntu
danielsjdub: problem is that framebuffer detection fails once every never01:18
danielsjdub: hm01:18
jdubdaniels: and all the X stuff is very easily retargetable, etc.01:18
hw-tPhSoo...will I be flamed if I ask something about Hoary? :-o01:18
danielsi suppose if we could beat the resolution and crap out of the fb, we could wrap x around the framebuffer01:18
jordihw-tPh: why would you?01:18
fabbionehw-tPh: well.. it depends..01:19
danielsfor a11y01:19
NanoTekfabbione, but if you use it and it crash evetything is crashed01:19
NanoTekkernel too01:19
jdubdaniels: that'd be ideal.01:19
danielsjdub: mmm01:19
xukunfabbione:  I,m asking becouse I just installed Warty on my system I,m not wondering if I should update to Hoary01:19
=== merhojt__ [~jimmy@h74n1c1o885.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubdaniels: of course, we can always just fail for stupid hardware and make users use the text-based one01:19
hw-tPhI was just wondering if XFT has changed significantly? I can't use my Proggy fonts anymore.01:19
danielsjdub: hmm, true01:19
fabbionexukun: hoary is the unstable branch. if you can deal with random breakage, yes.. you can update.. otherwise wait01:20
jdubKamion: is it possible to use normal debs in the installer?01:20
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneNanoTek: my "rant" was a joke..01:21
xukunfabbione: thanks I will take a chance. any tips before I hit the road?01:21
hw-tPhI can deal with it, and I'm not complaining - just asking a little question.01:21
fabbioneNanoTek: zless /usr/share/xorg-common/changelog.Debian.gz and scroll a bunch of lines down ;)01:21
fabbionexukun: apt-get dist-upgrade or use dselect or synaptic01:21
fabbionexukun: don't do partial upgrade01:21
fabbionehw-tPh: it should still be there and working...01:22
xukunfabbione: what about the sources.list, no changes needed in there?01:22
hw-tPhfabbione: Yes, it appears to be working for most fonts but just not these ones. Perhaps they are screwed. I'll have to look that up.01:23
seek187xukun, just change "warty" to "hoary" in all the lines in sources.list and apt-get update01:24
xukunseek187: thanks01:24
Lowrythen apt-get upgrade01:25
seek187apt-get dist-upgrade01:25
LowryI have a font question01:25
LowryWhat is needed to get smooth fonts on the ppc?01:26
Kamionjdub: no01:27
Kamionjdub: what do you need to do?01:27
LowryIs there more to download or is it set up?01:27
Kamionjordi: gtk/directfb works fine01:27
=== stratus [~stratus@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubKamion: just thinking about the a11y stuff and depends, and fearing the number of udeb recipes required :)01:28
Kamionthe majority of them are done already01:29
Kamionnormal .debs aren't an option :)01:29
Kamionapart from anything else you generally want to build them differently for the installer: -Os, that sort of thing01:29
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host81.201-252-83.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
eazel7isn't there a basedebs.tar for warty?01:31
Kamionuse debootstrap01:31
eazel7I have debootstrap01:32
eazel7I'm on gentoo01:32
Treenakseazel7: why not just install using the CD?01:32
Kamionoh, you want to do the "download just one file and stick it on a disk somewhere" thing?01:32
eazel7can't burn it01:32
Kamionyou should be able to cross-install using a localish mirror nonetheless01:32
=== thoreauputic [~petros@wolax7-199.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
eazel7'install&configure in a chroot jail'01:33
Kamionthere's documentation for that01:33
eazel7that's what I'm searching now01:33
Kamioneazel7: http://archive.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/installer-i386/release/doc/manual/en/apcs03.html01:34
Kamionit's a bit rough, but should give you the idea01:34
xukunwhich gcc version is there in warty?01:36
eazel7if I have downloaded the warty cd, should I download the 'basedebs' from web again?01:39
eazel7I mean, are they differents?01:40
Treenakseazel7: they're not different, and if they are, it'll be fixed by the aptitude step later on01:40
ermoI'm currently sampling warty. How's the progress with integrating X.Org coming along in hoary?01:40
eazel7Treenaks: thanks01:40
jdubermo: done. it's great.01:41
ermojdub, really? Kewl!01:41
jdubermo: (well, there are always things to do in a devel branch...)01:41
ermojdub, hehe01:41
hw-tPhermo: I just upgraded to Hoary. It works very well for me.01:41
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
mjryep, X.org in hoary works fine; I upgraded my gaming ubuntu install to it ;)01:41
ermomjr, say again 'your gaming ubuntu install'? Could you elaborate a bit?01:41
ermo(if it's okay in here, I mean)01:42
eazel7is the i8xx issue solved in horay?01:42
Treenakseazel7: i8xxs issue?01:42
=== jobli [~jobli@h229n2fls312o291.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
eazel7(well, the problem is with X.org 6.8.x)01:42
mjrwell, my main system is Warty/amd64, but I have a small Hoary/x86 partition for 32-bit DRI games01:42
eazel7Treenaks: some crashes01:42
mjrDRI didn't support 32-bit clients on the 64-bit kernel at least out of the box01:42
ermojdub, is the X.Org integration running 'in parallel' with debian unstable? Or are you going seperate ways for now?01:42
eazel7Treenaks: you must disable some accel to make it work better01:43
ermomjr, I'm totally n00b when it comes to linux gaming. I'm one of those play it safe types who has an xp box just for gaming.01:43
=== port7 [~bob@speedcen.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
ermomjr, could you perhpas point me to a ressource, where I might learn more about the current state of gaming on linux?01:44
Treenaksermo: linuxgames.org ?01:45
ermobtw, great job on warty, folks! Like I said, I've only sampled it, but it seems to be great :D01:45
Treenaksno that's a spammer01:45
mjrermo, ok; To put it more simply, basically, 3d acceleration only works for 64 bit apps on the stock 64-bit kernel. This is being corrected, but I don't know about the progress really. Meanwhile, I need that 32-bit partition for mostly Neverwinter Nights.01:45
Treenaksermo: linuxgames.com01:45
ermoTreenaks, thx. I knew I would look like an idiot when asking ;)01:45
mjrand yeah, linuxgames.com01:45
ermomjr, Treenaks: Thanks. I'll scamper off and read up on it and ask smarter questions from now on...01:46
=== SmokingFire [~christian@ashanti.xs4all.nl] has left #ubuntu []
Treenaksermo: :)01:48
xukunif gcc is installed in warty, then way is this? sudo dpkg -s gcc Package `gcc' is not installed and no info is available.01:49
xukunI must be doing something wrong01:49
Treenaksxukun: it's not installed by default01:49
Treenaksxukun: you should install build-essential01:49
=== jind [~jind@217-17-134.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksxukun: it could also be that the package is called gcc-3.3 or something01:49
ermoOne more q: How does Fedora Core and Ubuntu compare technically (not philosophically)? Anyone here who have experience w/both?01:50
Kamionxukun: gcc isn't installed by default01:50
ermo(I've never tried fedora)01:50
seek187I've tried it for about 10 minutes :P01:50
ermoseek187, heh01:51
=== seek187 didn't like it at all
hw-tPhComparing Redhat and Debian, eh? Apples and oranges...01:51
xukunTreenaks: apt-get install build-essential?01:51
Treenaksermo: most rpm-based distributions have a problem with trying to decide what's best for you.. I want to edit the config and be done.. not edit the config, then edit the default config and then hope it isn't stored elsewhere01:51
Treenaksxukun: yes01:52
ermoTreenaks, that's a good point.01:52
ermoTreenaks, do you mind if I quote you on that?01:53
plfioriniermo, fc 3 doesn't even install here01:53
Treenaksermo: where?01:53
jdubermo: ubuntu branches from debian sid01:54
jdubermo: sometimes ahead, sometimes behind :)01:54
plfioriniermo, and ubuntu is more polished01:54
ermoTreenaks, eh, in my local danish AAUUG. I found that it somehow 'rings true'?01:54
=== merhojt__ [~jimmy@h74n1c1o885.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
seek187and faster01:54
Treenaksermo: ok :)01:54
ermoso much for a biased opinion ;)01:54
xukunwhat is the story about ati cards and hoary?01:55
plfioriniseek187, yep - redhat/fedora always loaded too much in their init scripts and i don't want to know how many patches they do for gcc and glibc01:55
xukunor should I say X.org and ati01:55
ermoDon't the open source drivers (for <R300) work well with X.Org? *holds breath*01:56
plfioriniseek187, hoary has also xrender 0.9 which is better - my r250 works better with shadows now although it still suck with translucent windows01:56
hw-tPhIt's not so much the ATI cards but the drivers ATI supply.01:56
ryandaniels: are you in?01:56
=== yeah_ruby [~yeah_ruby@201009181112.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
plfioriniermo, afaik fglrx doesn't run with xorg so you have to use the OSS drivers that are not the same :-/01:56
seek187Yeah my shadows work well too but I took them off cause after awhile it started getting boggy01:56
seek187Yeah ATI needs to build a new driver01:57
xukunso as long as I use the the open source driver I would be save?01:57
plfioriniseek187, hehe xcomposite is still not stable01:57
ryanrats, missed him by about half an hour :/01:57
seek187I can barly play ET01:57
seek187plfiorini, heh nope01:57
plfioriniseek187, but it's good to see that xfree is dead01:57
seek187I know01:58
ryanxcomp is kindof annoying01:58
ryaneach setting has its share of bugs01:58
ermoplfiorini, you sound like the guy to ask: I bought a <$100 radeon RV280 card specifically for use with the OSS drivers for my ubuntu box. How do well do the OSS drivers work (I assume you've tried them)01:58
plfioriniermo, is rv280 the radeon 9200 just like the ibook g4 1.1 onboard?01:58
ryanserver side only has weird issues when i scroll with the mouse wheel, it leaves garbage in gaim im windows and the nautilus desktop wallpaper selector01:58
ryanand with -c, for example, resizing the nautilus windows leaves LOTS of garbage01:59
=== ronalde [~ronalde@xblade.lacocina.nl] has joined #ubuntu
ryanbut the other bugs don't appear01:59
plfioriniryan, luminocity should be good, using opengl but i haven't tried it yet01:59
ronaldegoodday, anybody any clues on how to get my Plextor SATA DVD-writer working?01:59
plfioriniit's owen's WM01:59
ermoplfiorini, it's a 9250. I believe it's an 'improvement' (die shrink? consolidation/integration)?02:00
ryani find it funny that with the 6111 nvidia drivers i was able to use both xcomposite and gl apps at the same time02:00
ryani just upgraded to the 6629 drivers02:00
ryanand now i can't use gl with the xcomposite extension loaded02:00
Mithrandirronalde: I don't think SATA DVD burners are supported by the kernel yet. :/02:00
=== telemaco [~telemaco@] has left #ubuntu []
hw-tPhryan: The 6229 drivers are crap. They don't work with most widescreen LCD's.02:00
hw-tPhryan: I'm sticking with 6111.02:01
plfioriniermo, i installed warty rc on my ibook (it's the only decent distro out ther for PPC, maybe gentoo is good too but i haven't tried)02:01
ronaldeMithrandir: ic ;(02:01
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
ermoplfiorini, oh ok. Would you care to relate your experience?02:01
plfioriniermo, the OSS drivers work good anyway i had problems with xcomposite (i compiled xorg 6.8.1 by hand)02:01
Mithrandirronalde: if somebody gets me one, I can surely test. ;)02:02
plfioriniermo, i had problems with metacity that caused a xserver crash and using xfwm i managed to get xorg running with shadows but it was really slow02:02
plfioriniermo, anyway radeons work good using the xorg drivers, but i want to try them playing quake 3 :)02:03
ermoplfiorini, :D02:03
ronaldeMithrandir: well maybe this output from dmesg makes sense to you (3 lines):02:03
seek187plfiorini, I tried on my 9200 its so choppy I couldn't play it02:03
ronaldeata2: dev 0 cfg 49:0f00 82:0000 83:0000 84:0000 85:0000 86:0000 87:0000 88:040702:03
ronaldeata2: dev 0 ATAPI, max UDMA/3302:03
ronaldeata2: dev 0 configured for UDMA/3302:03
plfioriniermo, glxgears give me 5329 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1065.800 FPS02:03
Kamionplfiorini: why the rc?02:03
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
plfioriniermo, it's glxgears running on my rv250 (radeon 9000) using hoary02:04
ermoplfiorini, ok.02:04
plfioriniermo, have you got some glxgears output to compare?02:05
xukunronalde: S-ATA is common kernel subsystem now, so it is supposed to work - but I don't have any first02:05
=== nevyn [~nevyn@c211-28-49-238.brodm1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
ermoplfiorini, no. Not yet.02:05
plfioriniermo, k02:05
ermoplfiorini, sorry :/02:05
ronaldexukun: where to post a bug, debian, ubuntu or kernel02:05
plfiorinigotta study something, i have an exam :(02:06
=== fords [~sibn@c-24-21-200-202.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["tired]
=== plfiorini is now known as pl_study
xukunronalde: I,m not sure02:06
=== davii [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu
=== merhojt__ [~jimmy@h74n1c1o885.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
ermopl_study, but thx for your input.02:09
eazel7could someone paste the sources.list for me, please?02:10
Kamiondeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main restricted02:10
=== RobLinux [~RobLinux@user-0cev21p.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
Kamiondeb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main restricted02:10
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
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=== pisuke [~luis@84-120-70-104.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== mwh_ [~henrik@3E6B0EDA.rev.stofanet.dk] has joined #ubuntu
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mwh_umh im having trouble getting sound on my laptop, its an Acer TravelMate 200002:20
=== ermo is now known as ermo^away
mwh_I read somewhere that it uses the sound module atiixp and I can load it but still get no sound02:20
mwh_what can I do?02:21
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host81.201-252-83.telecom.net.ar] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete]
danielsthis may sound like a stupid question, but is there a hardware mute button on there?02:21
ermo^awaydaniels: I recently heard someone jokingly comment: 'There are no stupid questions, only idiots who don't know how to shut up!' (btw, your question was quite sound, IMHO)02:23
mwh_umh I cant change the volumen with the gnome volume applet02:23
ermo^awaydaniels, ;)02:23
mwh_and I cant change the settings, its says no mixer is available02:23
=== jind [~jind@217-17-134.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
danielsmwh_: ok02:24
xukunhow can I choose a different resolution than 800x600?02:26
xukunby Screen Resolution there is only 800x600 and 640x48002:27
mwh_xukun, you will have to change the XF86Config file02:27
mwh_im not sure if there is a tool for it02:27
mwh_you can search the file its in /etc/X1102:28
=== ermo^away is now known as ermo
mwh_for 800x60002:28
mwh_then just put some other resolution in there02:28
mwh_1024x768 for example02:28
xukunmwh_: I see thanks02:28
=== ronalde [~ronalde@xblade.lacocina.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== acuco1 [~acucos@albota.nuigalway.ie] has left #ubuntu []
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=== pk_cen [~cmt@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
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=== SMut [~Steffen@u7-24.dsl.vianetworks.de] has joined #ubuntu
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=== leonel [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
SMutHello! Great distro so far - the first one which worked fine with my JVC MP XV-941 laptop neatly together!02:37
=== chuck_ [~chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
SMutUnfortunately I'm a KDE user normally so I'd like to know if it will be possible to get KDE running?02:38
=== leonel [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mrjive [~mrjive@host-45-42.noicomnet.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== zul [~chuck@zul.developer.gentoo] has joined #ubuntu
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
mjrSMut, it is possible; kde is available in the (unsupported) universe repository02:39
mjr...or you can see if you'll get used to gnome ;)02:39
RiddellSMut: I have some KDE 3.3 packages02:39
SMutmjr, THX - Gnome isn't that bad, really :-)02:40
RiddellSMut: "deb http://jasmine.19inch.net/~jr/away/ubuntu/ unstable main02:40
RiddellSMut: requried hoary02:40
=== RobLinux [~prettyboy@user-0cev21p.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
SMutRiddell, THX I'll check it out!02:43
=== SMut boots his JVC...
=== _axel [~julia@92.Red-212-170-14.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
_axelhi, im trying to setup sound on a laptop, alsamixer shows a detected device 'Via 8235 Realtek ALC202 Rev 0' but the gnome mixer shows no sound devices found02:46
linux_mafiaomfg, the banner ads at www.linuxsecurity.com are those "get the facts" microsoft ones that say linux is more expensive than MS server, lol02:46
danielslinux_mafia: yes, and also at linuxtoday.com02:47
_axeland i cant get any sound, and alsaconf does not seem to be installed... any hints?02:47
mjr_axel, hmm, might you not have snd-mixer-oss loaded?02:47
mjr(and snd-pcm-oss)02:47
_axelmjr: they seem to be loaded02:48
_axeli have snd-02:48
=== ninehrcoma [~ninehrcom@bukake.caro.net] has joined #ubuntu
mjrok, well, I'm out of guesses02:48
_axelsnd_pcm_oss snd_mixer_oss02:48
_axeland snd_pcm02:48
=== bitserf [~ljb@222-152-10-78.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
LifesizeKenDolljust like sex, software is better when it's free - it just has a higher TCO02:49
=== CHRlS [~no@] has joined #ubuntu
ninehrcoma_axel: you have a problem with sound?02:50
_axelninehrcoma, yup02:50
ninehrcomawhat is the prob02:51
_axelninehrcoma, alsamixer shows it found the card but the gnome mixer cant find any02:51
ninehrcomano tabs in the mixer?02:51
_axelrather, an error popup02:51
_axelno mixer devices found when clicking on 'open volume control'02:52
ninehrcomawhat do you have in /etc/modutils/alsa02:52
=== fredix [~fred@] has joined #ubuntu
_axelninehrcoma, i have /etc/modutils/alsa-base which contains 'above snd-pcm snd-pcm-oss'02:53
=== jolg [~jolg@h150n2fls32o868.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
ninehrcomatry this02:54
ninehrcomavi /etc/discover.conf02:54
ninehrcomaadd a line that says02:54
ninehrcomawhat audio card do you have02:54
_axeli think the card IS detected actually02:54
=== agenteo [~agenteo@] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksninehrcoma: not /etc/modules and/or /etc/hotplug/blacklist ?02:54
_axelvia 8235 realtek alc202 or so02:55
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-32-186.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
ninehrcomais this a 2.6 kernel?02:55
_axelthats a question for me?02:55
Xenguyninehrcoma: yes02:55
ninehrcomai added to discover.conf02:55
ninehrcomaskip i810_audio02:55
Xenguyninehrcoma: er, by default02:55
ninehrcomathat is the oss driver for my card02:55
ninehrcomaXenguy: exactly, so I don't ever use /etc/modules02:56
ninehrcomathen I add a file in /etc/modutils called alsa02:56
ninehrcomashould I paste what i have in mine?02:56
ninehrcomakeeping in mind it is for an intel i810 card, you simply replace the module specific stuff with the alsa modules for the via card02:57
xukunHmm after upgrading to hoary, I get this error every time I restart X. "No volume control elements and/or deveces found02:57
xukunanybody know what this means02:57
_axeli wish02:57
Treenaksninehrcoma: never load oss drivers02:58
ninehrcomai dont, but initially it did02:58
ninehrcomaand i had to stop it so that alsa would work properly02:58
_axelso the prob is oss getting in the way?02:58
ninehrcoma_axel: would you like me to email you what i did?02:58
ninehrcomanot sure that people want me cutting and pasting into the chat here02:58
_axelninehrcoma, please02:59
=== Mitario [~michiel@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mwh_ [~henrik@3E6B0EDA.rev.stofanet.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== natea [~natea@h000f66a887c6.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
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=== NanoTek [~NanoTek@APuteaux-151-2-9-112.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
mwh_Hi, im having problem getting sound on my laptop, I updated ubuntu and now it seems to load the correct module, im getting a click-sound from the speaker at least, umh but when alsactl wants to restore its soundsettings it says no soundcard was found03:01
mwh_can it be that the chipset is only supported by OSS and not by Alsa?03:01
mwh_how can I use oss instead of alsa?03:02
=== gnurt [~gnurt@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Netminder [~mcroydon@phaser850.connext.net] has joined #ubuntu
xukunHow can I bring old onboard sound card and network to life in ubuntu?03:05
=== vincent [~vincent@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ChabiVI [~chabi@126.red-62-101-174.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu
vincenthi! I have a problem compiling gstreamer0.8-mad03:07
jdubwhy are you compiling it?03:07
=== BugS [~narcotic@] has joined #ubuntu
vincentcannot exec cc1plus : No such file....03:08
vincentto get mp3 working!03:08
BugSi cant start openoffice on my fresh installed ubuntu03:08
jdubvincent: install it03:08
Treenaksvincent: you can just install it..03:08
vincentis it in synaptic?03:08
Treenaksvincent: apt-get install gstreamer0.8-mad03:08
Treenaksvincent: always look for packages first03:08
=== ssam [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
BugS $ openoffice03:08
BugSOpenOffice.org for Debian - see /usr/share/doc/openoffice.org/README.Debian.gz03:08
BugSrunning openoffice.org setup...03:08
BugSsetup failed (code 0).. abort03:08
BugS---- Please read /usr/share/doc/openoffice.org/README.Debian.gz for known problems -----03:08
Treenaksvincent: you might need to enable the 'universe' repository03:08
vincentI'm not used with apt-get03:09
BugSi saw the readme, and i couldnt find a sollution03:09
Treenaksvincent: apt-get is the same as synaptic, but for command line people03:09
Treenaksvincent: you can also search for it in synaptic03:09
vincentI understood03:09
xukunI even can see my onboard sound and network card in lspci(old system)03:09
vincentconflict error when running both! ;)03:09
xukunany idea's?03:09
Treenaksvincent: no conflict.. it's just that some people prefer one, and some the other03:10
vincentwhen you run apt-get, if synaptic is opened, there's a error message!03:10
mvo_you can't run both at the same time :)03:11
=== Kal_Zakath [~Kal_Zakat@20-118.a2f.dsl.net4all.net] has joined #ubuntu
mvo_but otherwise they mix fine03:11
xukunI think I need isapnptools, but apt-get does not show, where can I find this?03:12
=== RobLinux [~prettyboy@user-0cev21p.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu []
vincenthow to enable 'universe'?03:13
BugScan anyone help me?03:13
=== _axel [~julia@92.Red-212-170-14.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
vincentnot me... i'm so noob03:14
thoreauputicBugS: you installed with synaptic or apt-get?03:15
seek187vincent, in synapic go to  Settings > Repositories and check both the greyed out entries03:15
seek187then hit the reload button03:15
BugSthoreauputic: installed it by default, from the cdrom.. then it didnt worked and i tried to dpkg-reconfigure it03:15
BugSbut still the same problem03:16
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-11.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
xukunseek187: do you how I can install my isa sound card?03:17
=== TrasMontano [~tras@ADijon-152-1-7-176.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
seek187mmm, not sure sorry03:17
TrasMontanoHello evby !!03:17
thoreauputicwhat happens if you run    oowriter  ?03:17
=== rcaskey [~rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicBugS: ^^^^03:17
BugS$ oowriter03:18
BugSOpenOffice.org for Debian - see /usr/share/doc/openoffice.org/README.Debian.gz03:18
BugSrunning openoffice.org setup...03:18
BugSsetup failed (code 0).. abort03:18
BugS---- Please read /usr/share/doc/openoffice.org/README.Debian.gz for known problems -----03:18
TrasMontanoanybody as compiled his kernel succefully ???????03:18
TrasMontanoI386 !03:18
TreenaksTrasMontano: one question mark is enough, and please don't shout03:18
xukunseek187: I need isapnptools I think but apt-get cant find it, this is becouse of the sources.list I think03:18
TreenaksTrasMontano: and yes, poeple have successfully compiled their kernels03:18
TreenaksTrasMontano: please take the time to read up on "kernel-package" (the Debian and Ubuntu way of building kernels)03:19
seek187xukun, , yes thats why just do what I had vincent do03:19
=== mwh_ [~henrik@3E6B0EDA.rev.stofanet.dk] has joined #ubuntu
mwh_hi, its me again, im still having trouble with my sound03:19
thoreauputicBugS: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall openoffice.org03:20
=== wu_ming [~wuming@220-244-233-78-nsw-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mwh_I dont have an /dev/dsp03:20
BugSthoreauputic: did that, twice03:20
thoreauputicBugS: :(03:20
Treenaksmwh_: /dev/dsp is OSS, ubuntu uses ALSA and ESD03:20
wu_minghi anyone know how to get chinese inputing to work?03:21
mwh_Treenaks, okay, alsa cant find my soundcard03:21
TrasMontanoTreenaks: thx it's the emocion...Sorry.  I read the kernel-package, i configured and compiled, but after reboot "kernel panic VFS unable to mount"03:21
jdubalthough generally via the oss compat interface, rather than alsa directly03:21
Treenaksmwh_: tried to figure out?03:21
mwh_Treenaks, do you know how to enable oss instead of alsa?03:21
xukunmwh_: which sound card do you have03:21
mwh_Treenaks, I get a click-sound when the driver for my soundcard is loaded03:21
=== Mithrandir [~tfheen@vawad.err.no] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksmwh_: you don't want  that03:21
mwh_xukun, two secs03:22
TreenaksTrasMontano: did you select the driver for your root device to be compiled in? if not, did you build the initrd?03:22
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
mwh_IXP150 AC'97 Audio Controller03:22
TreenaksTrasMontano: (and, what's wrong with the stock kernels?)03:22
=== wu_ming [~wuming@220-244-233-78-nsw-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
mwh_snd_atiixp sound driver loaded03:22
mrjivewhen i do a dpkg-reconfigure xsever-xfree86 questions about monitor and resolution are not asked anymore, anybody knows why?03:23
TrasMontanoTreenaks: i compiled the driver and i tryied with a initrd, same problem03:23
mwh_Treenaks, but if oss works with the card?03:23
tsengmrjive: because ubuntu is modified to probe the monitor instead where possible03:23
TrasMontanounregonized block (0,0)03:23
mrjivetseng: is there a way to re-probe monitor?03:23
Treenaksmwh_: you want alsa, really03:23
mrjivesince i moved this pc to another place with a better monitor...03:24
TreenaksTrasMontano: well, don't know03:24
TreenaksTrasMontano: just use a stock kernel then03:24
tsengmrjive: xresprobe03:24
mwh_Treenaks, how to get it to recognize my snd-card then?03:24
mrjivetseng: ok thx03:24
TrasMontanoTreenaks: what is a stock kernel ?? precompiled?03:25
TreenaksTrasMontano: yes the one ubuntu came with03:25
Treenaksmwh_: well, the driver loaded, so it is recognised03:25
Treenaksmwh_: maybe you're having an interrupt problem? (cat /proc/interrupts, look for your sound card)03:25
TrasMontanook i want High memory support and ntfs writing03:25
xukunmwh_: what does cat /proc/asound/cards show?03:26
mwh_--- no soundcards ---03:26
mwh_Treenaks, cant seem to find my snd-card there03:27
mrjivetseng: where can i find doc about xresprobe? if i launch it: Driver must be specified.03:28
xukunmwh_: try alsaconf03:28
jdubmrjive: what kind of card do you have?03:28
Treenaksmwh_: what does dmesg say? /proc/interrupts?03:29
vincentThank you Seek187 !!!!03:29
Treenaksmwh_: what kind of motherboard?03:29
seek187vincent, np :)03:29
mrjivejdub: i'm trying it on another machine now... i was just testing how it works03:29
jdubmrjive: what's your video card?03:29
mrjivejdub: anyway the videocard i have to use it is a ati 920003:30
jdubmrjive: ok, type 'xresprobe radeon'03:30
jdubif you have the proprietary driver installed,03:30
daniels'sudo xresprobe radeon'03:30
jdub'xresprobe fglrx'03:30
danielsjdub: ... even if he does03:30
jdubyeah, sudo helps )03:30
danielsjdub: sudo xresprobe radeon is still good03:30
jdubdaniels: oh? handy03:30
mrjivejdub: do you know ati radeon 9200 to work fine with ati video drivers?03:30
jdubthey do03:31
mrjivejdub: i did not find radeon among modules, only ati or vesa ,,,03:31
mrjivei mean proprietary drivers03:31
=== NanoTek [~NanoTek@APuteaux-151-2-9-112.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
danielsjdub: yeah03:33
=== mako_ [mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu
danielsjdub: it's just used if you need to do a panel probe or something equally non-ddc that involves starting x03:34
danielsjdub: something you can do without 3d ;)03:34
danielsmrjive: yeah, it works fine with the proprietary drivers, but also works fine with the free driver called 'ati'03:34
mrjivedaniels: but with ati it has no 3d...?!03:35
mrjiveehi mako :)03:35
danielsmrjive: should work fine03:35
mwh_xukun, I dont have alsaconf installed it seems03:36
mrjiveanother thing: my HD seems to go to sleep very very often... can i disable this?03:36
Treenaksmwh_: alsaconf is deprecated, hotplug should load everything03:36
Treenaksmwh_: try booting with noapic03:36
mwh_Treenaks, I will03:36
=== Zimpee [~thingy@adsl037155.vnet.hu] has joined #ubuntu
mwh_Treenaks, how can I find out what motherboard im using .. is it the chipset you want?03:37
mwh_Treenaks, its from ati thats for sure03:37
xukunI can see a lot of info after doing pnpdump but I dont know which modules to use for my sound and network cad03:38
Treenaksmwh_: paste the output of lspci -v on pastebin.com03:38
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== labanux [~laban@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Zimpee_t [~jjj@adsl037155.vnet.hu] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksxukun: those shuold have loaded automatically03:38
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-251-226.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-11.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
mrjiveElwood: :P03:39
xukunTreenaks: I have no sound and my second 3com network card is not there?03:39
mwh_Treenaks, it should be posted now03:39
Treenaksxukun: IRQ problems?03:40
Treenaksmwh: it seems to be on irq 16903:40
mwh_pci -v Fri 12th Nov 14:3903:40
Treenaksmwh_: so maybe the ati driver is broken for those APIC-interrupt-stuff things03:40
xukunTreenaks: cat /proc/interrupts does not show anything03:41
mwh_Treenaks, same as cardbus03:41
xukunis reboot reeded after installing isapnptools03:41
Treenaksmwh_: ah it's a laptop?03:41
mwh_Treenaks, yes03:41
Treenaksxukun: you don't need isapnptools anymore, that's 2.2 kernel work03:41
Treenaksxukun: new drivers should just hotplug03:41
Treenaksmwh_: ah.. ok03:42
=== SmokingFire [~christian@ashanti.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksmwh_: those are notoriously harder.. don't know :(03:42
Zimpee_ti have tried to install mplayer with Gui, ./configure --enable-gui says:  ... Checking for GUI ... yes Error: PNG support required for GUI compilation, please install libpng and libpng-dev packages... But they are installed. but have different versions. i tried to install each, it said, that it will remove 450mb, the whole system i think. I can do nothing. help03:42
mwh_Treenaks, is there something I should take care of then?03:42
xukunTreenaks: that is what everybody is saying but then where is my sound card and network which are onboard?03:42
=== Zimpee [~thingy@adsl037155.vnet.hu] has left #ubuntu ["lef]
Treenaksmwh_: try booting with noapic03:43
=== Skinny [~zinc@ACC3456B.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
mwh_ok bbl03:43
xukunTreenaks: its an old p3 system03:43
Treenaksxukun: what does 'lspnp' tell you?03:43
Treenaksxukun: does it show the cards?03:43
xukunTreenaks: sec03:43
Zimpee_tsomebody? mplayer?03:46
TreenaksZimpee_t: www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats03:48
ironwolfZipmpee_t: I hear mplayer is in multiverse, though I haven't apt-get'd it yet.03:49
Zimpee_tapt-get doesn't work i think03:49
=== jobli [~jobli@h229n2fls312o291.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== bwlang [~bwlang@h00a0cc520a75.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tmp [~tmp@host81-155-144-232.range81-155.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Zimpee_tironwolf, synaptic can't see it03:50
Zimpee_tTreenaks, i can't see help for this problem03:51
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jonathaN1 [jonathan@beacon.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksZimpee_t: it explains how to install mplayer.03:51
TreenaksZimpee_t: really, reat it.03:51
ironwolfIn Hoary if I don't have ACPI does it mean I can't get the battery monitor (laptop)?03:53
Treenaksironwolf: yes03:53
=== mwh_ [~henrik@3E6B0EDA.rev.stofanet.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== stodge [~mike@CPE0080c8790cda-CM000039179a5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
stodgeAnyone aware of an Ubuntu package for wxGlade?03:54
ironwolftreenaks: thanks.03:54
mwh_umh pci=noacpi did not help?03:54
mwh_neither did noacpi03:54
Treenaksacpi != apic03:54
Treenaksit's noapic or pci=noacpi03:55
stodgenoapic nolapic?03:55
=== jolg [~jolg@h150n2fls32o868.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
Zimpee_tTreenaks, can you show me, where they solve my problem?03:55
=== spiritz [~spiritz@ca-sqy-5-196.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
mwh_Treenaks, eh I did a pci=noacpi I think03:56
TreenaksZimpee_t: "How do I install DVDCSS/etc. or other legally questionable packages?"03:56
mwh_Treenaks, and one just with noacpi03:56
Treenaksmwh_: pci=noacpi is not the same as noapic.. try booting with noapic nolapic03:56
Treenaksmwh_: "a p i c" vs "a c p i"03:56
spiritzI messed up with synaptic and hoary updates. Grub do not find my kernel anymore. How can I go back in my system to reinstall the kernel properly? I tried to type 'rescue' with warty's cd but nothing happens. What would u do?03:57
stodgenoapic disables "buggy APIC" code apparently, and is sometimes recommended when trying to install with older or fussier hardware. THat's what I read anyway!03:58
=== jujimufu [juji@] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksmwh_: it disables the local apic as well03:58
Treenaksmwh_: wikipedia has definitions if you want them03:58
mwh_Treenaks, okay so its liek this noapic nolapic03:59
mwh_not pci=noapic03:59
Treenaksmwh_: yes03:59
mwh_ok ill try03:59
cleemako_: so the CDs are here03:59
cleemako_: and they are indeed sexy03:59
jujimufui have a problem with ubuntu.04:00
Treenaksclee: they've arrived? where on the planet are you? :)04:00
cleeTreenaks: Westford, MA, USA04:00
Treenaksclee: USA would've been enough :)04:00
=== malte` is now known as malte`afk
Zimpee_tTreenaks, it doesn't mean any in connection with gui and libpng. and the trouble is that i have different versions of libpng and libpng-dev04:00
Treenaksclee: anyway.. I hope my CDs will be there as well (.nl)04:00
jujimufuI can't install it.04:00
jujimufuI can't install ubuntu linux 4.1004:00
TreenaksZimpee_t: you wanted mplayer right?04:00
Zimpee_tTreenaks, yes04:00
Treenaksjujimufu: please be more specific04:00
jujimufuit stops at 40%04:01
=== xukun [~xukun@gt1989.uvt.nl] has joined #ubuntu
jujimufuIt didn't actually stop, but it wouldn't continue.04:01
spiritzNone of you is able to help me with my kernel? I'm clueless04:01
jujimufuIt was still, at 40% for about 3 hours...04:01
stodgeCAn anyone view the Ubuntuforums site properly? All I see is HTML code and not the site contents.04:01
spiritzjujimufu : you should check the cdrom integrity with md5 files04:01
danielsstodge: works for me04:02
jujimufui got the cdrom from a magazine.04:02
xukunok this are my network card and sound card: Crystal WDM Audio04:02
stodgeHmmm odd04:02
spiritzswith to the console with ctrl+alt+f1/2/3/4/... and look what's being installed04:02
spiritzand what's the error04:02
=== mwh_ [~henrik@3E6B0EDA.rev.stofanet.dk] has joined #ubuntu
spiritzIs there no "rescue" mode in Ubuntu?04:03
mwh_nolapic and noapic, did not make a difference :(04:03
jujimufui dunno.04:03
mwh_alsa still cant find my snd-card04:03
Kamionjujimufu: 40% of what?04:03
Kamionjujimufu: i.e. what dialog?04:03
mwh_spiritz, yes I think there is04:03
jujimufuSo, after I find the exact error ,what should I do?04:03
mwh_spiritz, linux single04:03
spiritzmwh_ : how do you get use it?04:03
Kamionjujimufu: tell me what it is04:03
stodgeDamn I must have screwed up my file associations in Konq04:03
mwh_spiritz, when yoiu but up you can boot into single mode04:04
=== George^Deka [~George_De@037.a.008.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionspiritz: not really unfortunately04:04
spiritzmwh_ : then I should type linux single in grub configuration ?04:04
George^DekaHi all04:04
Kamionspiritz: as said, there's a recovery mode once you have an installed system (press Escape, you'll see it on the menu); using the CD as a rescue disk is *possible* but really requires you to be an installer part-expert04:05
mwh_Treenaks, do you have some good ideas I could try out?04:05
jujimufu40% of the installation.04:05
jujimufuthe one called "installing the ubuntu base"04:05
jujimufuor something like that.04:05
Kamionyou mean "Installing the Ubuntu base system"04:05
Kamionjujimufu: alt-f3 should show you what it's currently doing04:06
erikhey, is the warty X server capable of non-cloned dualhead?04:06
Kamionand what's the text below the progress bar? it should say "unpacking <package name>" or something similar04:06
erikI'm having a bitch of a time getting it going04:06
erikon a dual-head matrox g40004:06
=== telemaco [~telemaco@acm.escet.urjc.es] has joined #ubuntu
spiritzKamion : ok thanks for ur answer. I saw the Recovery Mode in the grub list but since I broke the kernel it won't start neither (it says it can't find the kernel file). Is there a tutorial somewhere to get in the rescue mode with the CD?04:06
mjrerik, it is04:07
spiritzerik : sure, it's XFREE.04:07
mwh_spiritz, I think ubuntu should have added a rescue target to grub04:07
erikI'm using a config file from a debian box that had dualhead working :/04:07
mjrerik, if you're still around in an hour or two, I can send you my old dual-head G450 config for reference04:07
erikmjr: that'd be pretty sweet04:07
George^Dekatrying to install warty when i am booting into the second step i get the following errors:   modprobe: FATAL: error inserting pciehp (path to pciehp.ko) Operation not permitted   - modprobe: FATAL: error inserting shpchp (path to shpchp.ko) Operation not permitted04:07
erikI'll probably clobber it into working before then but if not I'll be desperate :)04:08
mwh_spiritz, try knoppix04:08
mjror well, just gimme an e-mail address and I'll send it when I get where the box is04:08
mjryea, can't hurt to have a backup ;)04:08
spiritzmwh_ : as a rescue boot disk?04:08
erikmsg sent04:08
Kamionspiritz: approximately: run through the installer UI up to the *beginning* of the partitioning stage (at which point nothing has yet been written to the disk), switch to tty2, create whatever mount points you want, mount the partitions you want, chroot into them04:08
spiritzKamion : awesome, thank you I'll that04:09
spiritzdo that04:10
=== superted_ [~superted@] has left #ubuntu []
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has joined #ubuntu
George^DekaCan anyone please shead any light on my issue04:10
George^Dekatrying to install warty when i am booting into the second step i get the following errors:   modprobe: FATAL: error inserting pciehp (path to pciehp.ko) Operation not permitted   - modprobe: FATAL: error inserting shpchp (path to shpchp.ko) Operation not permitted04:10
=== Kal_Zakath [~Kal_Zakat@20-118.a2f.dsl.net4all.net] has joined #ubuntu
stvnGeorge^Deka: nothing to worry about04:10
George^Dekawell it wont boot past that04:11
=== stodge [~mike@CPE0080c8790cda-CM000039179a5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu []
TreenaksGeorge^Deka: it could take some time to go past that04:11
George^Dekaits been sitting there for like 5 minutes04:12
KamionGeorge^Deka: boot in the way I mentioned to spiritz above, add those two modules to /etc/hotplug/blacklist in the filesystem you just installed04:12
George^Dekaill reboot it, this time may have been in recovery mode hoping that might get it04:12
Kamionoh, you can boot with init=/bin/sh too04:13
mwh_spiritz, yes04:13
=== devusb [mhelton@devusb.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu
George^DekaKamion: how do i boot with init=/bin/sh04:18
=== jpape [~jpape@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu
spiritzpress E when you see grub04:21
KamionGeorge^Deka: get to the grub menu (press Escape to do that if necessary), move the cursor to the Ubuntu option, press e, follow the on-screen instructions to edit the kernel command line, add " init=/bin/sh" to the end, press b to boot04:21
George^Dekaso i edit the kernel line04:21
spiritzKamion : I made it and mounted the partition. Now you told me 'chroot' into them, I didn't get that, what does that mean?04:22
=== jind [~jind@217-17-134.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
George^DekaKamion: how do i get the permisions to edit the blacklist file ?04:26
=== Lance [~chatzilla@pD95EFE52.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== NanoTek [~NanoTek@APuteaux-151-2-9-112.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
spiritzsudo vi blacklist?04:28
George^Dekadid not seem to work spiritz cause i have not got passed the 2nd stage04:29
=== adnans [~adnans@linuxgoeroe.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
xukunwhy cant I do alsaconf in ubuntu?04:30
Gwildoranyone here today?04:31
=== yerga [~yerga@226.Red-80-39-2.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
KamionGeorge^Deka: you're root, you should have them already. make sure the partition is mounted read-write ('mount -n -o remount,rw /')04:36
Kamionspiritz: well, it kinda depends what kind of rescue task you're trying to perform ...04:36
deweyGwildor: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx we all sleeping04:36
=== seth_ [~MUAHAHAH@] has joined #ubuntu
=== RobLinux [~RobLinux@user-0cev21p.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== RobLinux is away: I'm busy
=== mrjive [~mrjive@net-206-24.noicomnet.it] has joined #ubuntu
George^DekaKamion: thanks for that but it still gets no where - now the last thing i see is hotplug04:40
lemsx1hello all04:41
George^DekaNow when booting i get nothing after starting hotplug04:41
mirakI just realised that the ati drivers where removed because they depends of Xfree8604:43
mirakcan this drivers work with xorg ? or is it just a dependcies problem ?04:43
=== pl_study is now known as plfiorini
mjrprobably a dep problem04:46
mirakmjr: you mean I can fix the deps from the source package ?04:48
mrjiveis there a way to know if cds i ordered have already been shipped?04:49
=== Majestic [~Majestic@pool-162-83-245-84.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== eclipse [~eclipse@h000f3d43838f.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
eclipseanyone knows the password to su?04:50
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-251-226.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirakeclipse: sudo -s04:50
mirakeclipse: or sudo passwd root04:51
=== jind [~jind@217-17-134.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
eclipsei know but i'm trying to run k3bsetup and it wants the password to su04:51
Kamioneclipse: it'd be pretty silly of us to ship a distribution with a default root password that everyone knew, wouldn't it? :)04:51
danielseclipse: so run 'sudo k3bsetup'04:51
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-62.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
Kamioneclipse: there isn't one unless you set it yourself.04:51
danielseclipse: but run 'touch ~/.ICEauthority' first04:51
=== arthurr [~arthur@cc57620-a.groni1.gr.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
eclipseok thnx04:52
eclipsedaniels, what does "touch ~/.ICEauthority" do?04:53
mirakis someone good in autmount ?04:53
deFryskman touch04:53
danielseclipse: it will make your desktop actually work and let you log in after you've run sudo k3bsetup04:53
danielsprovided you run it before you run sudo k3bsetup04:54
=== steffo [~steven@steffo.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
eclipseby the way, anyone knows if there's a patch for Flash?04:57
spacey`kieclipse, what kind of patch?04:59
eclipsewell, flash is jerky when i try to run a game05:00
eclipsetry this game and see what happens http://www.totebo.com/monkeylander/lander.html05:02
=== noda [~adam@modemcable009.99-37-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== ploum [~ploum@21-16.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
George^Dekai stuffed up installing the packages, does anyone know what packages get installed on the standard system - is there a meta-package to install05:04
nodaI installed xcompmgr from http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/xcompmgr. Now my X (on an ATI Radeon mobility 9000) runs very slowly. Is there anything I can do?05:04
nodaOh, and how do I get drop-shadows? :)05:05
ironwolffor irda support, I modprobe irda ircomm ircomm-tty, then I was trying to irdadummp to find my palm and it's not finding anything. hints/howto?05:06
danielsnoda: um, you can rewrite X's acceleration architecture to make it quick05:06
danielsshort of that, nothing05:06
=== fsmw [~Fernando@113-108-124.adsl.cust.tie.cl] has joined #ubuntu
eclipsehow come i can't install kcontrol?05:07
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-56-506.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== Sander__ [~Sander__@] has joined #ubuntu
=== wizz_ [~wza@D5E00194.kabel.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
nodadaniels: Damn :(. Would it be better if ATI's binary drivers worked with x.org?05:08
suposuhm, anyone know what's the deal with Gnoppix and the Ubuntu live cd?05:10
ironwolfsupos: huh?05:11
=== oferw222 [oferw@DSL212-235-64-122.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
=== wizz_ is now known as wza
suposironwolf: yeah, on the gnoppix page it says that gnoppix is based on ubuntu lcd, and that gnoppix and ubuntu is working together05:13
=== wasabi [~jhaltom2@] has joined #ubuntu
=== xuzo [~xuzo@bolgo.cent.uji.es] has joined #ubuntu
eclipsehow do u disable some of the start-up processes?05:16
ironwolfubuntu live cd = gnoppix currently for all intents and purposes.05:17
agenteois there a translation tool (or plugin) in Ubuntu? Like a babelfish... but on my desktop05:17
xuzothere is any ubuntu live cd for ppc arch?05:17
danielsnoda: nope05:17
lamont_rxuzo: patches welcome. :-)05:18
=== VoodooTux [~max@82-32-9-126.cable.ubr02.azte.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
lamont_rxuzo: seriously though, I understand that's a feature goal for hoary05:18
danielsnoda: aside from the fact the 9200 isn't a screamingly quick card, using Composite guarantees you the slowest possible path through X's acceleration architecture05:18
xuzolamont: i have access to some g3/g4/g5 ppc machines05:19
xuzolamont_r: some to "tool" to build it?05:19
lamont_rxuzo: that'd be the part that needs to be hashed out, I believe.05:19
VoodooTuxsorry in advance for lowering the level of discussion in here, but does Ubuntu install with a default root password, or have I just entered a root password at some point and then forgotten about it?05:19
lamont_rthe actual packages are the same as the ones on the install CD05:19
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolfVoodooTux: ubuntu disables root by default, it uses sudu.05:20
xuzolamont_r: are you on development team?05:20
VoodooTuxhow do i make use of sudu?05:20
lamont_rxuzo: yes05:21
=== mtl [~mtl@a80-186-92-200.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
lamont_rironwolf: sudo, dammit05:21
eclipsehow do u disable some of the start-up processes?05:21
=== zerokarmaleft [~zerokarma@adsl-68-92-107-72.dsl.tulsok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolfVoodooTux "sudo command to be run" or "sudo -s"05:21
nodadaniels: Oh, I was under the impression Composite was meant to make things fast and pretty :)05:21
xuzolamont_r: then if I can build some CD, can I contact you?05:21
spiritzis there an ATI video card owner using X.org around?05:21
VoodooTuxok, thanks guys05:21
nodaspiritz: Aye. Works great except when xcompmgr is installed :)05:21
=== VoodooTux [~max@82-32-9-126.cable.ubr02.azte.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
=== Despair [~Despair@69-169-250-171.lndnnh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
lamont_rI'm not actually the liveCD guy, but I am the buildd guy...05:21
spiritznoda : which ati driver driver are u using?05:22
lamont_rso the liveCD build process will eventually run on "my" machines.05:22
nodaspiritz: Whatever the default is05:22
arthurrX.org crashed on my 920005:22
ironwolfshouldn't buildd generate the LiveCD? ;)05:22
xuzolamont_r: ok, next week I will try to do some tests05:22
spiritznoda : well, I tried to get one from ATI.com but it seems that they only support XFREE05:22
nodaspiritz: I don't use hardware acceleration. X.org's 2d drivers are fine05:23
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
spiritzhehe ok, since I paid for a nice video card I'd like to use it a little bit05:23
xuzonoda: I have an ati card, and new features like shadows seems to be very slow without 3d accel05:23
lamont_rironwolf: that's why I build it... :-)05:24
nodaxuzo: How do you make shadows show up? :)05:24
xuzonoda: xcompmng05:24
xuzoxcompmgr sorry05:24
nodaxuzo: I installed it but I see now shadows (and it's very slow)05:24
spiritzxuzo : so you've been unable to install ATI drivers too?05:24
nodaspiritz: Those won't work until ATI releases them.05:25
xuzospiritz: yes, drives compile, but X.org crashes05:25
=== sanitario [~sanitario@dynamic-46-100.chl.chalmers.se] has joined #ubuntu
xuzothey say something like: incompatible module05:25
sanitario*whine* when is the ubuntu-calendar-november due?05:25
spiritzdamn Ati sucks, because of their stupid policy I must stick to Xfree or get a slow xwindow with X.org05:26
=== hussein [~me@] has joined #ubuntu
DespairATI claims they'll have xorg support in their next release.05:26
husseinis anyone around?05:26
spiritzDespair : how long ago did they claim that?05:26
husseinI have a comment about ubuntu's installation process...05:26
Despairspiritz: yesterday.05:26
spiritzsounds good05:26
husseinI was wondering if any developers were here...05:27
spiritzDoes ati release new drivers every week or so like nvidia detonators?05:27
wasabiubuntu is awesome. period.05:27
Despairspiritz: They've not done a great job of living up to claims, particularly about their OpenGL support. So as usual, it's a wait and see.05:27
Despairspiritz: no, about every 1-2 months.05:27
stvnhussein: there are, but if you really want you comment to be heard it's better to file a bug05:27
Kamionhussein: yes?05:27
husseinwell, I was installing ubuntu on a pc on my uni LAN05:28
=== encKe` [~encKe@ppp-65-67-227-161.ded.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
husseinand I only have a 10.x.x.x IP05:28
husseinwhen asking whether I wanted to download stuff from the internet05:28
husseinIt didn't ask me whether I wanted to use a proxy for apt05:28
husseindebian doesn't do this05:28
husseinso it just hung05:29
xuzolamont_r: packages in x86 liveCD have any tweak for... laptop support ?05:29
husseinI guess it tried to do an apt download05:29
Kamionhussein: yeah, there are some proxy glitches, there are some bug filed about it05:29
lamont_rhussein: if you cannot talk to archive.ubuntu.com, then it asks for a proxy, or should05:29
husseinwell it was taking an awfully long time to timeout...05:30
Kamionhussein: I suggest running at a lower debconf priority level05:30
lamont_rxuzo: don't think they do05:30
husseinKamion, uhm, how?05:30
Kamionbacking up to the second stage main menu should do it, I imagine05:30
eclipsecan u install .rpm files under ubuntu?05:30
Kamioneclipse: not directly; use alien05:30
lamont_rapt-get install alien05:31
Kamionhussein: I think the problem is that whoever configured your network made things timeout rather than just rejecting them, which basically sucks05:31
eclipsehow come there's no mplayer in ubuntu?05:31
Kamionlamont_r: it's installed by default05:31
lamont_reclipse: hoary multiverse05:31
=== pisuke [~luis@84-120-70-104.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
Kamioneclipse: we prefer not to get sued05:31
lamont_rKamion: ah, even better05:31
xuzolast question :P, can ubuntu install directly on a firewire disk?05:32
husseinKamion : my whole network sucks, as do my sysadmins, though there is little I can do with either05:32
eclipselol...thanx lamont_r05:32
=== Chand [~Chand@ABordeaux-251-1-47-221.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionhussein: unfortunately we lost the proxy battle to the "thou shalt have fewer installer questions" rule :)05:32
Kamionxuzo: not on powerpc, because yaboot's ofpath program doesn't understand them; not sure about other architectures05:33
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S01060040f4acc23c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
husseinit sucks to have third-world internet05:34
arthurrIs there an way to integrate the computer menu into the applications menu? I have a small screen and it takes up a unnecessary big part of my only panel05:34
=== scumle1 [~papapep@FW-111-248.go.retevision.es] has joined #ubuntu
husseindebian pretty much dies on sucky internet05:34
Kamionwe'll try to fix that proxy bug for hoary, it's an annoying one05:34
scumle1does anybody know how to setup an aztech1008 sound card?05:35
scumle1any guide? help? advice?05:36
sanitarioKamion: do you know anything about when ubuntu-calender-november will appear?05:36
Kamionsanitario: I thought it already had05:36
sanitarioKamion: hm... weirdness...05:37
Kamionsanitario: note that addressing individual developers about stuff you don't know to be in their sphere of interest is generally a bad idea, though :)05:37
Kamionsanitario: I think it's in warty-updates, which may not be in your sources.list by default05:37
sanitarioKamion: yeah, I know, sorry05:37
sanitarioKamion: oh, thanks for the tip05:38
=== Buzzz [~anders@hd5e25192.gavlegardarna.gavle.to] has joined #ubuntu
eclipseanyone in here knows a lot about mplayer?05:39
husseineclipse, I do05:39
hussein(hehe, well, not "a lot")05:40
husseinbut I'll try to help05:40
=== jind [~jind@217-17-134.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
eclipseok, i have amd cpu and when i run mplayer it says 3DNow is supported but disabled05:40
eclipsehow to i enable it?05:40
husseinhow'd you compile it05:40
eclipseok, how do i do it?05:41
husseindid you get the binary from someone?05:41
husseinor did you compile it yourself?05:41
eclipseno i got the binary thru apt-ge05:41
husseinthen it won't optimize for your cpu05:41
eclipsecause i want full performance out of mplayer05:42
eclipseso i should download the source and compile it?05:42
lamont_reclipse: actually, if you have a P4 machine, warty multiverse has an mplayer that'll work.  any other i386 cpu, and well, life sucks05:42
=== maz1977 [~maz@gw-cu.metafora.mi.it] has joined #ubuntu
maz1977hi all05:43
eclipsedamn...that suc05:43
=== aitrus [~foouser@] has joined #ubuntu
maz1977shuld I post some questions?05:43
eclipsewell, can u enable it in the conf file?05:43
lamont_reclipse: that was what got fixed in hoary. :-(05:43
husseinwell eclipse, you can compile it yourself05:43
=== mh21 [~mh21@itk-88.bas-net.by] has joined #ubuntu
eclipsemaybe i should do that05:44
lamont_rprobably best05:44
eclipsecan u give the command to compile it for amd cpu?05:44
husseinunpack the source05:44
hussein./configure --help should show you the options available05:44
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-62.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== scumle1 [~papapep@FW-111-248.go.retevision.es] has joined #ubuntu
WWmaz1977: Just ask05:44
husseinusually you'll want --enable-gui05:45
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
hussein./configure --enable-gui05:45
husseinthere are others too, you might want to look at05:45
husseinafter that it's just make and make install05:45
=== Gavrila [~Gavrila@213-140-6-102.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
Gavrilahi there05:46
=== hussein heads off for a snack
maz1977It's the first time I use a debian dist, I work with redhat normally05:46
=== Chewie [~gabi@] has joined #ubuntu
maz1977I have some question about debian packages05:46
scumle1maz1977: and how do you feel?05:46
=== silvio [~silvio@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
scumle1maz1977: I mean, how are you managing it?05:47
Gavrilahow would you set up your home email system having many accounts to deal with, and only one pc for everyday use?05:47
ChewieDo you know if the X.org packages work on a Debian sid?05:47
=== bratsche [~cody@adsl-68-94-61-191.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== NanoTek_ [~NanoTek@APuteaux-151-2-11-91.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== mh21 [~mh21@itk-88.bas-net.by] has left #ubuntu []
maz1977I'm try to find where files are05:48
=== mario [~mario@] has joined #ubuntu
scumle1maz1977: for example?05:48
aitruswill the nVidia drivers be updated for Warty?05:49
Kamionnothing will be updated for warty apart from security fixes05:49
maz1977list of installed packages?05:49
=== mustang03 [~john@sofko936.students.duq.edu] has joined #ubuntu
scumle1maz1977: I think you should install Aptitude package, it will help you05:50
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
maz1977ok. right. Install aptitude. mmm how? apt-get install aptitude?05:51
=== ik5pvx [bofh@host216-255.pool62211.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
mustang03Hello all...quick ubuntu question: With the default apache2 install, what config file has the redirect to /apache2-default?05:51
scumle1obviously :-)05:51
Kamionmaz1977: aptitude is installed by default.05:51
scumle1maz1977: just run aptitude, then05:51
mustang03I want to access the root of my server at http://localhost/ but it redirects to http://localhost/apache2-default/ and I can't find the config file that points to that05:52
maz1977ok find05:52
WWIn gFTP, is the "FTP" protocol actually secure FTP?  I.e. like running sftp from the command line?05:52
bratscheWe keep getting all these non-1.0 updates for Firefox.05:52
=== bratsche wonders when we get the 1.0 update. =)
=== Sander__ [~Sander__@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Chewie [~gabi@] has left #ubuntu ["Terminando]
Kamionit's in Debian, so shouldn't take long now05:52
scumle1mustang03: I think it was in httpd.conf, if I'm not wrong05:53
bratscheAll these 0.99+PR1.0 versions are really broken on amd64.  That's why I want the 1.0 release.05:53
Kamionthey've been working fine for me on amd6405:53
maz1977scumle1: I have download a .deb file. How can I install it?05:53
Kamionis there a particular fix in 1.0 you know about?05:53
mustang03scum...I checked there....in apache2, httpd.conf is only a placeholder05:54
mustang03any other thoughts?05:54
bratscheI've been told that 1.0 doesn't have all these amd64 crashers.05:54
scumle1maz1977: dpkg -i package.deb05:54
bratscheI guess I could just install from tarball and find out.05:54
tmpanybody having problems listening to radio on rhythmbox?05:54
=== kormoran [~krischan@p5090ADB4.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
bratschetmp: Yes.05:54
maz1977scumle1: thanks05:55
bratschetmp: Rhythmbox just freezes, yes?05:55
tmpbratsche: yeah m805:55
WWAnybody?  gFTP = secure FTP?05:55
tmpbratsche: is there any fix for that?05:55
bratschetmp: I don't know yet.05:56
xuzoWW: with secure FTP are you telling sftp?05:56
bratschetmp: Are you on x86 or amd64?05:56
=== devusb_ [mhelton@devusb.user] has joined #ubuntu
maz1977ALL: why root is disabled?05:56
Kamionbratsche: we support three architectures, not just two ... :)05:56
Kamionmaz1977: see the FAQ05:56
tmpbratsche: ubuntu-ppc05:56
WWxuzo: I'm using gFTP, and it has an FTP option. I'd like to know if that is "secure" FTP, like running sftp from the command line.05:56
mustang03Has anyone managed to remove the redirect to /apache2-default?05:57
Kamionsftp really doesn't have much to do with FTP05:57
xuzoWW: nautilus can use sftp protocol05:57
tmpbratsche: thx anyways, atleast i'm not just me05:57
WWI guess my question is about gFTP.  Is the FTP protocol in gFTP secure?05:58
bratschetmp: I'll try to ask around.05:58
XenguyWW: AFAIK gftp has a secure 'sftp' option - but you should get a 2nd opinion on this to make sure :-)05:59
=== jind [~jind@217-17-134.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
bratschetmp: Someone told me there was an issue with this, but they thought it turned out to be gnome-vfs related.06:00
tmpbratsche: cheers m8. is there beep, the xmms gtk2, available? i don't know its pkg name06:01
Kamionbeep-media-player I think06:01
tmpaha, cheers buddy.06:02
bratscheI'm getting debugging information to the rhythmbox guys to see if they can help us out here.06:04
=== [Miles] [~paissa@] has joined #ubuntu
=== JDahl [~yyy@] has joined #ubuntu
[Miles] hi06:04
TelepI'm trying to install Monkey Journal (from source), and the configure script complains that it cannot find "pygtk-2.0"... what can I do? I checked that the python-gtk stuff should be installed06:05
=== maz1977 [~maz@gw-cu.metafora.mi.it] has left #ubuntu []
tmpbratsche: nice, can i help in anyway?06:05
bratscheI got a gdb bt now and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it.06:06
bratscheLike who to send it to or whatever.06:07
scumle1Telep: and it's the right version? the one that your source package is looking for?06:08
=== Shadow-Tez [~tbjones@adsl-68-20-39-234.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
tmpbratsche: i 'm looking through the bugzilla now ...06:10
bratscheAnything interesting?06:10
tmp http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14035506:11
=== maz1977 [~maz@gw-cu.metafora.mi.it] has joined #ubuntu
maz1977who needs help to apache2 default?06:13
=== NanoTek [~NanoTek@APuteaux-151-2-11-91.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
tmpbratsche: i think its a gstreamer related problem , rhythmbox has problems syncing with an online radio playlist06:16
=== orospakr [~orospakr@ip-] has joined #ubuntu
=== j^ [~j@gw.bootlab.org] has joined #ubuntu
bratschetmp: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=156789 might be the same bug we are experiencing.06:17
tmpbratsche: i would look into the code if i could , but ... :P all those C programs scare the hell outta me :P06:17
bratscheNo, that's not the same bug we have.06:17
wasabiI'm having a problem with my clcok applet.The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_ClockApplet". Details: Failed to resolve, or exten ... continued06:17
tmpbratsche: nope , its not the smae06:19
=== mbb [Mike@d5-160.rb.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bohrbug [~birger@ti211310a080-3940.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== cocaxx [~cocaxx@port-212-202-51-68.dynamic.qsc.de] has joined #ubuntu
bohrbugDoes anyone have experience using ubuntu as server only? I consider upgrading from Debian Woody06:21
cocaxxdoes ubuntu use x.org as the default X?06:21
wasabicocaxx: not yet.06:22
wasabicocaxx: it is available in Hoary. It's apt-get installable.06:22
wasabiBut, it's not part of Warty.06:22
=== yz_ [~yz@] has joined #ubuntu
tmpbratsche: i installed streamtuner and beep-media-player, now i can listen to radio , yay06:22
tmpstreamtuner uses xmms by default, but just replace that in preferences06:23
JDahlbohrbug, I would stick with kernel 2.4 for a server06:23
=== jpvcx [~jpvcx@g3140.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== jarping [~jarping@84-122-52-67.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
JDahlbohrbug, and ubuntu is a great desktop distro - but (in my opinion) debian/testing is better for a server06:24
=== cocaxx [~cocaxx@port-212-202-51-68.dynamic.qsc.de] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
bohrbugJDahl: I see, but I have been waiting and waiting for Sarge to come out06:24
scumle1has anybody been able to setup a aztech1008 sound card?06:24
=== noneus [~noneus@p54800701.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
maz1977some great software to burn dvd?06:25
bohrbugJDahl: I could do that of course, just use Testing06:25
Kamionwasabi: X.org is the default in Hoary, mind you.06:25
tmpbratsche6666666666666666666666666666666: i installed streamtuner and beep-media-player, now i can listen to radio , yay06:25
tmpshit , sry06:26
bratschetmp: Cool.06:26
bratscheI'll try it out.06:26
=== bohrbug [~birger@ti211310a080-3940.bb.online.no] has left #ubuntu []
bratscheI still want to see rhythmbox get fixed, of course.06:26
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-110-102.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
tmpbratsche: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=153393 . "Bug 153393: Rythmbox crashes when trying to play any radio station"06:26
=== plovs2 [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
bratschetmp: That is not our bug though.06:27
=== Zugwrack [~zugwrack@cs2427112-94.houston.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
mbbI noticed that my laptop does a hard disk access every few seconds, even when it's been just sitting for a while. Why, and how do I stop that?06:27
bratschetmp: Ours doesn't crash, it freezes.  That's why I thought that other bug (the one that says infinite loop) was ours.06:28
=== maz1977 [~maz@gw-cu.metafora.mi.it] has left #ubuntu []
=== Echylo [~Echylo@162.201-201-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
tmpbratsche: yeah, u r right!06:28
bratschetmp: But if you run "rhythmbox -d" then we get different output from the infinite loop bug I posted earlier.  That's how I knew it wasn't ours.06:28
ZugwrackGuys I used synaptic to install the smp kernel for my G4...dmesg now has this message...device-mapper: error adding target to table06:28
Zugwrackdevice-mapper: : dm-linear: Device lookup failed06:28
eclipsedamn it's so easy to compile mplayer under ubuntu06:29
=== pdaoust [~paul@S010600400559f412.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
tmpbratsche: i tried it, it stops here ... "[0x100d8788]  [rb_player_sync_pipeline]  rb-player-gst.c:627 (17:13:50): syncing pipeline, [0x100d8788]  [rb_player_sync_pipeline]  rb-player-gst.c:669 (17:13:50): PAUSING pipeline"06:30
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== _MacGyver_ [~MacGyver@port-195-158-172-213.dynamic.qsc.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== seacyd [~c@p213.54.180.61.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== Protege6181984 [~none@host-77-126.dhcp.pdx.edu] has joined #ubuntu
bratschetmp: It doesn't actually crash though.  The program is still running, and if you get the PID from ps then you can use gdb to attach to the process.06:32
lamont_rdaniels: hehe - ironwolf wants to have your love child... :-)06:33
=== zez [~zez@adsl-208-190-209-238.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Protege6181984I need help installing Nvidia Nforce drivers06:33
NanoTekyou have a howto on ubuntuforums.org06:34
NanoTekProtege6181984, http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=371306:35
NanoTekSection 206:35
zezI'm trying to install xcdroast and I can't seem to find it with apt-get.  what is the package called or what is another way to burn a cd?06:35
=== _MacGyver_ [~MacGyver@port-195-158-172-213.dynamic.qsc.de] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== tvon [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== adnans [~adnans@linuxgoeroe.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
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=== Bader [~bader@irc.u-psud.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mirv [~tajyrink@vipunen.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu
mbbhas anyone here played with 'gparted' on ubuntu?06:36
=== skar [~skar@] has joined #ubuntu
Mirvany idea if this's a known problem: hda=120GB, hdc=DVD-ROM, hdd=80GB.. hdd gives 30 seconds of errors while booting and mounting /dev/hdd1 hangs. booting from SUSE boot disk (kernel 2.6.5) works fine, as it worked with the SUSE 9.1 over which I installed Ubuntu?06:38
Protege6181984I need help installing Nvidia NFORCE drivers, the motherboard drivers NOT the video drivers. Can anyone help?06:38
Baderhow to specify to the instal program to use my actual partitions, and only formatting them?06:38
=== ironwolf whaps lamont_r
=== lamont_r apologizes
zezBader, just delect the partition and it willgive you options as to what you want to do.  It confused me too06:39
MirvI mean, accessing /dev/hdd(1) works fine with others in non-Ubuntu. Anyway, disconnecting the DVD and placing the 80GB drive to /dev/hdc (master) gets the hdd working again.06:39
Baderzez: but he says me to delete them...06:40
skarhi, is there any good rss reader software with minimize to tray feature?06:40
Mirvit's a bit scary that a hard disk stops working after installing Ubuntu06:40
=== NanoTek [~NanoTek@APuteaux-151-2-11-91.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Mirv(i'm searching the forums etc. at the same time here)06:41
tmpzez, apt-get install xcdroast06:41
Baderzez: thx, I'll try it..06:41
zeztmp:  I did and it said it doesn't exist06:41
=== pdaoust [~paul@S010600400559f412.ok.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu []
skarand after changing /etc/environment, how do i apply it without restarting?06:41
zezPackage xcdroast is not available, but is referred to by another package.06:41
ZugwrackHow do I go about finding out what is causing this output from dmesg? device-mapper: error adding target to table06:42
=== aitrus [~foouser@67-50-98-121.dsl1.chi.il.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
Zugwrackzez: Do you have the repository that the file comes from enabled?06:42
Mirvthe errors were things like this: kernel: hdd: status error: status=0x7f { DriveReady DeviceFault SeekComplete DataRequest CorrectedError Index Error }06:42
=== eclipse [~eclipse@h000f3d43838f.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== pdaoust [~paul@S010600400559f412.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
eclipsewhere do i go to get <libpng>?06:45
=== LifesizeKenDoll [~LifesizeK@c-67-167-236-249.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== punkass [~punkass@S01060040f47277e5.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
pdaoustquick question: does anybody know the environment variable that sets the system's default text editor? I went 'crontab -e' and it brought up VIM, which I'm still completely confused about.06:45
xuzopdaoust: EDITOR06:46
pdaoustxuzo: thanks!06:46
zezahhh!!!  i guess that would be universe06:46
LifesizeKenDollpdaoust: update-alternatives06:46
pdaousteclipse: libpng can be found in the Ubuntu repository06:46
pdaousteclipse: it's not called libpng tho; it's called libpng2, libpng3, libpng10-0, and libpng12-006:47
pdaousteclipse: kinda confusing, but hey... ^_^06:47
pdaoustLifeSizeKenDoll: wow, this is a confusing command. does it allow me to specify an editor like nano instead of vim, or does it just allow me to specify a different location for vim?06:49
pdaoustLifeSizeKenDoll: (i.e., does the replacement program have to be VI-compatible?)06:49
=== xaero [~xaero@varghaugen.no] has joined #ubuntu
pdaoustoho! I see... I took a look in the /etc/alternatives directory and it has a bunhc of symlinks... so I use update-alternatives to change the location of those symlinks, eh?06:51
xuzopdaoust: update-alternatives sets the destination of /etc/alternatives/editor symlink, it can be used to set sistem wide editor.06:51
ermopdaoust, yes.06:51
pdaoustfunky. thanks for the help!06:51
pdaoust(new to Debian)06:51
ermopdaoust, oooh. In for a treat (and some frustration initially)06:51
ZugwrackIs there a wiki on getting and installing rythmbox?06:52
ermopdaoust, you owe yourself to check the debian documentation. There's a policy document, which gives a lot of background info06:52
pdaoustermo: I like it already. Moved from Gentoo, which I stuck with for so long because of its lovely package manager. But after a hard drive crash, I had to get everything up and running as quickly as possible. So I checked out Ubuntu, because it was all the rave and I wanted something apt-based (it was a toss-up between Fedora and Ubuntu)06:52
pdaoustermo: I sure like not having to compile my packages ^_^06:52
ermopdaoust, funny. Sounds like we have the same pattern of usage.06:53
pdaoustermo: really? are you an ex-Gentooer?06:53
ermopdaoust, was considering fedora too. Haven't used gentoo for a while...06:53
ermopdaoust, yes.06:53
pdaoustZugwrack: it does come with the default install of Ubuntu; what sort of problems are you having?06:53
pdaoustermo: cool. So why did you choose Ubuntu over Fedora?06:53
Zugwrackpdaoust: Hmmm..lemme see didn't know it installed default06:54
ermopdaoust, I've used debian on my servers for years.06:54
pdaoustZugwrack: it's just called 'Music Player' in the GNOME menu.06:54
pdaoustermo: so it was just more familiar then.06:54
ermopdaoust, i'm used to the layout, the package tools, the administration model.06:54
ermopdaoust, in a sense yes.06:54
=== PAndU [~ubuntu32@] has joined #ubuntu
pdaoustermo: so here's another question: why did you choose Ubuntu over, say, MEPIS? (I guess the real question here is: do you prefer GNOME over KDE?)06:55
Zugwrackpdaoust: Thanks...let me plugin my iPod and see what happens...heh06:55
=== pdaoust went to go answer the phone
ermopdaoust, I'm a gnomer, yes. Ever since I grasped the vision of gnome2 and the people dedicated to that project, I was a goner.06:55
=== tmp [~tmp@host81-155-144-232.range81-155.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
wasabiDoes synaptic let you add hoary to the repositories, and monitor for upgrades from hoary, for the stuff you installed... but never automatically upgrade warty to hoary?06:56
zezI'm a longtime black/fluxbox user and switched to KDE a while ago and now want to try gnome.  gnome isn't bad but you can't beat K3B for burning cd's06:56
=== Bader [~bader@ipy.aurore.u-psud.fr] has joined #ubuntu
ermopdaoust, guess you could say that the gnome philosophy appeals to me.06:57
Baderhmm, how force the installer to recognize my partitions?06:57
zezplus I'm having a hell of a time connecting to my NT server06:57
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pdaoustzez: yep, K3B is still the best06:58
Zugwrackpdaoust: Have any experince with importing folders with rythmbox using an iPod? I don't see any choices for a device related to the iPod in rythmbox..06:58
=== tom-cat loves k3b
pdaoustermo: yeah, same here... I like the 'Just Works' philosophy (if I had the money, I'd buy a Mac)... I guess I'm sick and tired of thirteen zillion different tools for the job.06:59
ermopdaoust, lol. I could've said that, verbatim.06:59
pdaoustZugwrack: gee, I wish I could say I've had the privilege of using an iPod...06:59
pdaoustZugwrack: no such luck though ^_^06:59
Zugwrackpdaoust: Ok07:00
ZugwrackBTW I love Ubuntu on my mac07:00
pdaoustZugwrack: heh, that's cool. what about Mac OS? prefer Ubuntu?07:01
zezI love my dual 450 G4 mac but the old powermac SUCKS07:02
=== ermo is now known as ermo^af
=== ermo^af is now known as ermo^afk
pdaoustZugwrack: ah, so you have Ubuntu instead of Mac OS 8 or 9 or whatever?07:02
pdaoust(on the PowerBook)07:02
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ZugwrackAt this point it is still dual boot...I am a newcomer to debian linux...although I have played with mandrake 10.1 on PC07:04
=== hypa7ia [~leigh@] has joined #ubuntu
ZugwrackI like your previous comments love the "just works" attitude07:05
pdaoustZugwrack: yessir. Sometimes you just don't want to be a guru -- you just wanna get your work done.07:05
ZugwrackPPC installs are a nightmare due to limited development07:05
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pdaoustZugwrack: yeah, my heart goes out to you. I used to use Gentoo, and their PPC packages would always be a little behind their x86 packages too.07:05
ZugwrackHowever...Ubuntu was the easiest install I have ever had on PC or PPC....first impression is that the repository(ies) are quite adequate for my needs07:06
=== foie [~foie@pD9FF8B9A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
wasabiWhat tools are used to build ubuntu stock kernels?07:07
=== thom [~thom@amnesiac.heapspace.net] has joined #ubuntu
Zugwrackpdaoust: If you ever do buy a mac you won't want to own a PC :->))07:07
wasabiI notice they are linux-* and not kernel-*07:07
wasabiSo, it's not kernel-package.07:07
danielslamont_r: heh07:08
pdaoustZugwrack: yeah, I was impressed with the installation too. It automatically discovered my funky keyboard and screen's default resolution (have a flat panel) and a host of other things... let's see, what really surprised me... it was some exotic piece of hardware07:08
pdaoustZugwrack: If I ever do buy a Mac I won't have the money for a PC :-))07:08
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foiehow can i make a gnome-panel shortcut for the alt-TAB command?07:09
Zugwrackpdaoust: Depends on what you buy...if you consider the Mac OS X operating system pretty much has all the tools you need...plus you have the Darwin layer(BSD) so it integrates with Linux just fine...07:09
pdaoustfoie: what sort of shortcut do you want to create?07:09
pdaoustfoie: oh, you just want to remap alt-tab to something else?07:10
foieyep, to a panel button07:10
xuzommm, the egg-like G3 ppc, blue & grey, are supported?07:10
foiei installed expoctiy and would like to use it with the mouse, too07:10
pdaoustZugwrack: yeah, I'm also really enticed by Objective C and stuff like that07:10
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=== Badcel [~Badcel@p5086EEE4.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
pdaoustfoie: oh boy, I guess first you'd have to remap task switching to something other than alt-tab, otherwise GNOME will complain07:11
pdaoustfoie: what's the panel button you want to remap it to? (does expocity have a panel button?)07:11
rcaskeyhehe, if you ever own a mac, and spend all your time doing *nixy stuff on OS X, you will hate OS X07:11
hypa7iahear hear07:12
zezI just use my mac for editing video of my baby07:12
foiei c, thats sad, no it replaces the normal task switch with an macosx style sxpose07:12
Badcelhi, how can i find out if samba is running?07:12
rcaskeyno it doesn07:12
rcaskeyOS X has apple+tab07:12
rcaskeywhich is pretty and fully functional07:12
zezBad: ps ax | grep smbd07:13
Badcelthx :)07:13
pdaoustbloody hell.... I'm trying to edit my crontab file (using vixie-cron, seeing as it's the default cron daemon)... anyone know how to make an entry run every five minutes? I've got */5 * * * * * fetchmail -as but it complains about a misformed entry07:13
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
pdaoustfoie: sorry, I was thinking about something else. So do you want to remap alt-tab to expocity?07:13
=== ionte [~jonatan@w103-1.vildanden.afb.lu.se] has joined #ubuntu
foiei just wana create a custom panel starter, cant translate it direct, im german<