dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Must specify both project name and product name to identify a distinct product (patch-774)03:17
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: changed bug listing to list package/product assignments, with corresponding status, severity, priority, etc. (patch-775)03:24
stubBradB: If you are still around, give me a ping when everything you want has been merged - I'm doing a dogfood update today.03:36
BradBoh, pqm stopped hanging...04:02
BradBi guess i have to resubmit my last merge request though04:03
BradBoh, shit, i didn't want to resubmit04:04
BradBpatch-775 is what i wanted in there04:04
BradBstub: by tomorrow i'm hoping to land a few of the search widgets on the bug listing. i banged my head for a while on trying to figure out how to make a search form using a schema. something like browser:schemadisplay, but Zope 3 certainly wasn't trying to help me out on this task.04:06
stubDid you work it out? I haven't tried generating or handling forms from schemas apart form using the addform/editform gumf. 04:08
BradBno. i gave up. i might putzky around when i get back from the grocery store though. a mix of actually trying to make things work slash grokking more of zope 3.04:09
BradBstub: oh, that reminds me.04:11
BradBstub: i was going to ask...i think we need to add owners to assignments.04:11
BradBthe bug listing now shows assignments, but since there's no assignment/owner/displayname, all the user'll see in that column is "-" for now04:12
stubIf you have found a use case, sure (or even if you havn't - nice information to have even if it is never displayed or used)04:12
BradBstub: it's always displayed. check the bug listing (which is really a listing of assignments)04:12
stubSo who should become the owner of all the existing assignments? I might set them to the owner of the bug.04:14
BradBstub: i think setting them to the bug submitter (i.e. bug "owner" :) is sufficient at this early stage.04:15
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!alindeman:*! Quick services work so I can fix some b0rked access list; downtime should be less than a minute04:21
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BradBstub: hm, i guess Zope 3 is missing a browser:form directive.05:26
BradBi want a directive where i can say: for this name, on this object, render a form using this schema.05:28
stubSimilar to registering vocabularies by name? Love those flat namespaces ;)05:28
stuboic - used to attach views to objects05:28
stubThat would be cool05:28
BradBwell, to make a form that does something that isn't adding or editing.05:29
BradBi'm not sure what browser:schemadisplay does, because i haven't actually implemented an small example to try it out, but at best, it's very oddly named.05:29
stubeditform sort of works similarly to what you want already05:29
stubdisplay indicates render-only to me, although that would be pointless because a normal boring view attached to that interface would be just as good...05:30
stub(unless it provides a standard template)05:31
BradBstub: it's possible that browser:addform, browser:editform and browser:form could be collapsed into one directive. from the perspective of someone with a human-sized brain, i really hate when five different variations are given for doing the same conceptual thing, due to implementation details bubbling up to the UI.05:31
BradBfor me those are all "creating a form"05:32
stubaddform and editform would be difficult to collapse, because one is a view on an object that already exists and the other is a view on something else that lets you create an object. They both would benefit from having an abstracted out 'form' though.05:32
BradBi don't really give an ass that one happens to add an object, one happens to make changes to an object, and one submits a form to be emailed05:33
BradBit was slightly to discouraging to see /Stephan Richter/ saying earlier that Zope 3 is too hard. :)05:35
=== BradB tries out browser:schemadisplay, just to confirm what i think it does
stubI suspect it might be - way too much abstraction in all those interfaces. Too many tiny chunks that nobody uses make the bigger chunks you want to use more confusing.05:39
stub(IVocabulary is defined in IBaseVocabulary, IIterableVocabulary and some others - but nobody uses anything by IVocabulary)05:40
BradBstub: not enough development going on by the people that use it to deliver things that work on billable time, i fear.05:41
BradBbut somehow it still feels no worse than what i've developed web apps with before (e.g. webware is not much more fun when you realize, "oh crap, i need to write my own perms system")05:45
BradBand, well, WRT the complaints stephan himself has, 1. we've known for a long time that TTW schemas are on the way and 2. if stephan's not happy with something, that probably means it'll be improved soonish.05:46
stubIts more fun than Zope2 anyway ;)05:48
BradBhell yeah05:48
BradBas complex as it sometimes feels, i'm hooked05:49
stubI've lived a pretty isolated life and only really played with CGI, Zope2, Zope3 and some Java servelet stuff05:50
BradBi've done CGI, HTML::Mason, Webware, Zope 2, Zope 3, mod_perl. i think that's all of them.05:51
stubOh - a small stint maintaining embedded perl, which was real scarey ;)05:56
BradBhm, what's the name of an adapter factory that creates an adapter that does nothing?05:56
BradBi want to adapter I1 to I2, I2 is a subset of the attributes of I2, so nothing is needed to actually adapt.05:57
BradBs/attributes of I2/attributes of I1/05:58
stubThere is an implicit adapter, in that if you IFoo(obj) and obj already provides IFoo then you just get obj back05:58
BradByeah, but this is with b:schemadisplay05:58
BradBit's telling me it can't adapt my I1 to an I205:58
BradBso i have to say that I1 provides I2, I guess05:59
BradBinstead of registering a "null" adapter to achieve that05:59
stubyes. Or have the l1 interface inherit from the l2 one05:59
stuboh fuck off06:01
=== stub kicks pqm
BradBheh, that was me. i love that bug.06:02
stubpqm is not a labomized monkey, it is an autistic one that like to sit in the corner banging its head against the wall ;-(06:02
stublifeless: pqm ping06:02
stubelmo: pqm ping06:03
BradBstub: i thought you killed the pqm infinite loop earlier? because earlier it was looping on your merge.06:03
stubnot me. Just happened that the patch I submitted before I went to bed got processed just after I had my morning coffee.06:03
stubI don't have that sort of access to chinstrap06:04
BradBso yeah, b:schemadisplay simply displays those fields.06:04
stubI think you can build what you want using editform to render and validate a form, which can later be wired up into a .zcml directive.06:05
BradByeah, i was thinking of doing it that way earlier. a bit of a dirty workaround until browser:form is implemented, but it'll do, i suppose.06:07
stubform = SchemaForm(IFoo, default_ifoo)06:07
stubresult = form.handle(request) # returns an object() providing IFoo with attributes all set06:08
stubThe zcml directive would just register a SchemaForm with a givenname and template06:08
stubOh... need a form.validate in there, and request can be passed into the constructor06:09
BradBis this science fiction, or you giving an example of what to put in the view?06:10
stubIt is science fiction, but I think it can be worked up fairly easily using the existing editform06:11
=== stub crosses fingers
BradByeah, it would seem that way06:11
stubBut not this weekend ;)06:13
stubOops... need to head off before the shops close...06:13
stubThere is a patch in the queue to add owners to *BugAssignment and the Malone & test case fallout btw.06:24
=== stub buggers off
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SteveAdon't forget to put on your lens11:52
sabdflmorning, ish12:51
SteveAa couple of python wizards are arriving at my place today, to stay in the spare room for a week or two.12:58
SteveAThere's a pypy (python-in-python) sprint in vilnius.12:58
SteveAIf my ubuntu CDs arrive before they leave, I'll spread a few around, and give some to Laura Crighton to take back to Strakt.01:49
SteveAif not, POV have a cd burner.01:49
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: *BugAssignment.owner (patch-776)03:52
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: polish malone (patch-777)04:02
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BradBSteveA: ping05:07
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SteveAhi Brad10:24
BradBon phone :)10:26
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BradBmaybe i should take this to #zope3-dev10:34
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SteveABradB: I reckon I can look at doing this form thing early next week.  Do you think it would speed up development?11:26
BradBSteveA: yes. e.g. for the bug search form, it takes too much effort to hand-code HTML widgets + validation.11:27
SteveAI did do something a bit like this for my first zope3 project11:27
SteveAbut it was what I ended up near, after hacking / customizing / forking edit-form11:28
SteveAand it was a mess11:28
SteveAso, I think your ideas of doing it afresh, and simply, are better11:28
BradBin the abscense of this, i'll probably have to hand-code HTML, but it'll just cost more money to maintain until a make-my-life-easier browser:form directive exists11:28
SteveAit would be useful to me if you hand-code this one in HTML.  then, it becomes the first candidate for replacement11:29
SteveAbut it provides a real first example11:29
BradByes, i will, because i want something working this weekend no matter what.11:29
BradB(e.g. even if hand-coding is necessary, which for now it is)11:29
SteveAok.  let's talk about it more next week, when you've done the form, and I've emptied some of my todo list11:29
SteveAthanks for bringing this up!11:30
BradBno prob :)11:30
SteveAI think this might lead to more sane add/edit forms eventually too11:30
BradBi hope so.11:30
SteveAif you get an example with more than one form on a page, let me know11:30
SteveAI'd rather work from a real-life requirement than a kind of "it would be neat", of course11:31

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