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sjoerddaniels: mwoah, dualhead works ! :)12:17
danielssjoerd: sweet!  with the benh patch, or?12:17
sjoerdthere are some issues.. but basically it works12:18
=== sjoerd is very very happy
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tsengoh my, rich burridge has taken planet gnome by storm12:55
chrisaLooks like most of his semi recent posts are being shown12:59
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mojo_hope u guys release a beta disk soon01:26
mojo_cause sometimes when I test the program01:26
mojo_or update new program01:26
mojo_whole thing breaks (I know it will break)01:26
mojo_then I reinstall the Ubuntu Warty and update all over again01:26
mojo_it consumes lots of time01:26
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bob2the reinstall step sounds like your problem there...01:58
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tsengyeah im not sure what the point of that is02:31
tsengbut there is a beta installer posted to the ml02:32
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mojo_tseng: beta installer ??? where? can u pls show me?02:57
mojo_I just have Novell Linux Desktop installed, it runs much slower compare to Ubuntu but I still love its theme. Is there any chance we adopt their Industrial theme for GDM, bootsplash and other stuff?02:59
bob2it's certainly possible, but I don't think looking identical to Novell is in the plan02:59
mojo_bob2: while developing Human theme, i think we can use Novell Industrial as default theme03:01
tsengmojo_: no, you can find the mailing list archives for yourself03:03
tsengthe subject is Array CD 103:05
bob2if hoary is making your system unusable, tho, make sure you're filing bugs :)03:06
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sivangdarn, hoary-changes is getting spam alreayd ?03:58
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sladenbob2: jdub's Ubuntu theme was(?) called 'indubstrial' IIRC04:11
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bob2hm, sure iit's not a TYPO?05:03
=== sivang is now known as sivang_away
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mojo_hehe, hi all ppl06:25
mojo_I just copy all theme and artwork files from Novell Desktop to Ubuntu06:26
mojo_it works perfectly06:26
mojo_and the theme is so so so called master piece of art06:26
mojo_is it possible to use Novell theme in Hoary without encountering any legal issues??06:27
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fabbionemorning guys07:45
=== mslade is now known as Micksa
mojo_good monring08:10
mojo_how's ur progress fabbi?08:10
fabbionemojo_: progress about what?08:11
fabbioneit's in hoary08:18
fabbionesince a almost a week08:18
mojo_i know08:18
mojo_it runs well08:18
fabbionewell there is not much more than xfree8608:18
fabbionethey are the same sources'08:18
fabbionewe are just waiting for people to realize that :-)08:19
mojo_can u explain to me this:08:19
fabbione"hey i updated to X.org but nothing changed.. is that normal?"08:19
bob2fabbione: composite is too slow!08:19
mojo_as I read in the Linux Certification Book by HaddyLo Publisher08:19
fabbionebob2: known problem.08:20
fabbionebob2: composite is a) buggy b) slow08:20
mojo_they said Xfree86 was created as GNU to server all Linux community08:20
fabbionebob2: that's an upstream very well known issue08:20
mojo_and to do same thing as another X server08:20
bob2xfree86 was not created by gnu08:20
bob2gnu adopted it as their window system, tho08:21
bob2but continue to argue about the license08:21
mojo_but how come recently they announce not to be free at some point anymore?08:21
fabbionexfree86 was born at the MIT.08:21
bob2(mit/x11 one, not the BRaVe New License idiocy)08:21
mojo_do Xfre886 want to kill themselve?08:21
bob2mojo_: apparently they do08:21
fabbionemojo_: it's all written in the FAQ08:21
mojo_i c08:21
bob2mojo_: people.debian.org/~branden/xsf/08:21
mojo_poor little pathetic Xfree8608:21
fabbioneit's in the packages too08:21
fabbioneno it's not xfree86 fault08:22
fabbioneit's fault of Dawe >something>08:22
fabbione /usr/share/doc/xorg-common/FAQ.xhtml.gz 08:22
fabbioneit should be updated enough to report all the crap that happened to xfree8608:22
mojo_i understand now08:23
mojo_fabbione: I just grab the latest Industrial theme from Novell Linux Desktop08:26
mojo_fabbione: I want to pack it up but I'm not really sure whether Ubuntu allow to use it or not08:26
fabbionemojo_: it depends from the licence08:28
mojo_fabbione: I don't find any documents related to this08:30
mojo_fabbione: but I think if Industrial is used in Ubuntu then new Industrial theme is OK too08:30
fabbioneiirc we had to revert to an older version because of licence issues08:30
fabbioneyou need to talk with...08:30
fabbioneprobably jdub08:31
=== fabbione goes off line
=== jblack drops his jaw when he sees no bugzilla reports for firefox.
jblackAm I the only guy that has a problem with firefox getting stuck for 20-30 seconds at a time, and crashing every few dozen forms? 08:46
bob2heh, swinburne09:08
danielsunimelb pride09:09
danielsfabbione: David Dawes09:09
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VileScumHi, I've been mirroring ubuntu in Australia for a while now and have listed my mirror on the wiki, how do I go about getting it listed on the mirror page, I've emailed the address listed but have had no response10:17
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mojo_what version OOo is that of Novell Linux Desktop? I mean the one that has some GTKFileChoose conversion code. I want to see that version in Hoary.10:31
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mojo_where are u pitti???01:04
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truluxdoes anybody hear for the meeting on #debian-hardened?03:06
mvo_any arch gurus available?03:09
bob2mvo_: jah03:09
mvo_cool! 03:10
mvo_here's my questions:03:10
mvo_if I branch of say apt--MAIN--0 (branchname: apt--mvo--0)03:10
=== herzi_lap [~herzi@pD9E3C194.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvo_and now I'm in apt--mvo--0, how do I get the missing patch ? tla missing?03:10
bob2"tla missing apt--MAIN--0" will show what's missing03:11
bob2star-merge is how you bring them03:11
mvo_is there a way to make "apt--MAIN--0" the default param for tla misssing?03:11
bob2not in baz or  tla, unfortunately03:12
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mvo_can I request a whishlist item for this ;) ?03:13
bob2hehe, sure03:13
mvo_ok, tla misssing apt--MAIN--0 tells me: "not a directory ($PATH/{arch}/apt--MAIN--0)03:14
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-30-203.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvo_but apt--MAIN--0 lives on apt@arch.ubuntu.com03:14
mvo_is there something wrong with my branch :( ?03:14
bob2tla missing apt@arch.ubuntu.com/apt--MAIN--003:14
mvo_that's a pretty long name ...03:14
bob2this is the sort of thing we're looking at for baz03:15
mvo_I'm pretty new to arch, but do people really type all this in? no shortcuts?03:15
bob2well, I use my shell history03:15
mvo_ok :)03:16
bob2probably just "ctrl-r apt@a<enter>" for me03:16
bob2you might want to start creating shell aliases :-)03:16
mvo_yeah :)03:16
bob2but yeah, it does suck, sorry :-/03:16
mvo_I'll proably need help resolving conflicts in a minute, stay tuned :P03:17
bob2heh, sure03:17
mvo_does a arch branch always has exactly one ancestor? or can you have more than one?03:18
bob2well...it's kinda complicated03:18
bob2you can create a tree that is made up of two branches on top of each other03:18
bob2and you can branch *into* one branch more than once03:19
bob2but normally, yes, they only have one ancestor03:19
=== mvo_ mind boggles
bob2heh 03:19
bob2in the common case, "yes, only one ancestor" :-)03:19
mvo_well, I was wondering if the default for "tla missing" should be the ancestor then :)03:20
bob2well, good point, but another common use is the current default, "what am I missing from the current branch"03:20
bob2tho I'd bet your suggestion is more common03:20
mvo_the other variant is used when you just check out a branch?03:21
mvo_maybe a shortcut command like "tla missing-ancestor" (none will notice one more command ;)03:22
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mvo_anyway, I have a bunch of conlicts of in po files. with svn I usually just delete them and check them out again. can I do that with tla as well?03:22
bob2there're a few commands that could do with defaulting to the ancestor03:22
mvo_cool! go for it :)03:23
bob2hm, no, deleting files will not get tla to revert them03:23
bob2which side of the merge do you want to keep?03:23
mvo_the upstream branch side03:24
=== RubenV would like to request a resync on ndiswrapper
RubenVlatest in universe is .10, release is .1103:26
RubenVbuild files are in the release so it shouldn't be a problem03:26
bob2RubenV: is it in sid yet?03:26
RubenVmy laptop freezes when probing ndis on boot, hopefully .11 fixes it03:26
bob2mvo_: hrm03:26
RubenVabsolutely no idea03:26
bob2"resync" = "pull from debian"03:26
RubenVit's called ndiswrapper-utils i think03:28
RubenVsec :)03:28
RubenVseems like it's nowhere around :)03:28
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mvo_bob2: so this is a problem :) ?03:40
bob2mvo_: yeah, I'm trying to find a simple solution :-/03:40
mvo_oh, thanks a lot03:40
mvo_IIRC I read something about it on the wiki03:41
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mojo_yay! Novell Edition of OOo is awesome!04:37
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RubenVPackage esound was not found in the pkg-config search path.05:52
RubenVPerhaps you should add the directory containing `esound.pc'05:52
RubenVis there an esound-dev pkg of some kind?05:52
paulproteuslibesd0-dev ?05:53
azeemRubenV: which package are you building?05:53
RubenVi'm checking out the vu meter work by rodney dawes05:54
RubenVpaulproteus: aha, i was searching for esound05:54
paulproteusRubenV: Sure thing.  The Enlightened Sound Daemon's internal name is esd; Debian calls it esound.05:54
azeemor try polypaudio05:55
RubenVgentoo calls it esound too :)05:55
paulproteusYes, polypaudio does a lot less sucking than esd a lot of the time.05:55
paulproteusThere's another package called esd; I can't remember what it is off the top of my head.05:55
RubenVazeem: i try to stay close to the main ubuntu dist05:55
azeemRubenV: hoary switched to polypaudio, AFAIK05:56
RubenVi'm on hoary and i'm not having any polyp* installed yet05:57
RubenVweird :)05:57
azeemwhat about libpolyp*?05:57
mjg59It's in universe05:58
mjg59Not in supported05:58
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Mitariolo all06:07
mvo_hi Mitario 06:17
mvo_I uploaded a new version of the update-manager06:17
mvo_some small tweaks, like desktop file and icon and a small bugfix06:17
mvo_you may want to sync it with your repository06:17
Mitarioyeah indeed :)06:18
Mitarioany word from kerneljanitors? :)06:18
mvo_the icon is not uebernice, if you have a cool idea, just change it06:18
mvo_unfortunatelly not yet :(06:18
mvo_gustavo was not onlne all day06:18
Mitariook np06:19
Mitario* tree is already up to date :)06:19
mvo_otherwise I would have nagged him :)06:19
mvo_give me a second06:19
=== mvo_ calls tla archive-mirror
mvo_arrgggs, mirrored wrong repostitory06:22
=== mvo_ calls tla update-mirror again :)
mvo_can you please tla update?06:22
mvo_everything ok? no missing files? 06:28
mvo_I keep forgetting to tla add s.th. usually ;)06:28
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paulproteusGood morning. 06:35
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=== wasabi_ thinking about offline desktop operation for a nfs mounted ~ and ldap/kerberos based network.
RubenVyou need something like coda07:30
wasabi_Yeah. Mostly im thinking about the desktop experience right now. What the user would see.07:31
wasabi_and pam/nss.07:31
RubenVwell, it should be transparently actually07:32
wasabi_It cannot be.07:32
wasabi_There are simply things that need to be known.07:32
RubenVlike what?07:32
wasabi_Well, I refuse to believe that the synchronization at reconnection is possible without some level of user interaction07:33
wasabi_In all cases.07:33
wasabi_I think the user should know when he's not logged into his network (has a kerberos ticket), and should be able to plug in his cable and be prompted for it.07:33
wasabi_He needs to know he's "offline"07:34
=== infinity tries to remember if NT warns you that you're offline when it can't find a domain controller, or if it just falls back to cached creds and assumes you knwo what's going on...
wasabi_it falls back, and sometimes things break.07:35
wasabi_Like synchronized shares.07:35
wasabi_and those damned roaming profies.07:36
wasabi_i think the easiest place to start is with altering NSCD to do long term caching in the case of a connection error in nss_ldap or whatever.07:39
wasabi_and after that, some sort of pam_cache module to do login caching.07:39
paulproteuspam_cache - http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2004-May/msg00382.html 07:40
paulproteusHmm, that sounds really ugly.  Here's hoping you do it in a saner manner, and then release it. ;)07:40
wasabi_heh. Yeah. Well, the idea is similar.07:42
RubenVis there a program to see what files a deb installed?07:44
RubenVapt ain't in my fingers yet07:44
RubenVhmmm, this question belonged on the main channel, sry07:45
wasabi_RubenV, dpkg -L07:53
RubenVthx, appearantly, it has the same interface as qpkg on gentoo07:57
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lamont_rmjg59: commenting out the screen blanking fixes the issue.!!09:51
mjg59lamont_r: Weird. Sounds like an X bug of some sort.09:53
=== mjg59 goes out
KeybukX bug? shocking09:56
lamont_rmjg59: well, it could be some interaction with the bios and blanking - only shows up if you leave the lid closed > 10 minutes or so..10:00
lamont_rI'll see if I can reproduceit with xorg when I get home10:00
KeybukI think I have a known X.org bug ... it randomly blanks the screen even when typing10:02
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Nafallohi ppl.10:20
Nafalloguess what. warty just died on me. or more correctly... gnome's nautilus and all panels.10:21
NafalloI got the weather panel and the hide desktop left :-P10:22
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Nafalloanyway. I'm moving over to hoary :-).10:28
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NafalloKyaneos: hi10:32
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danielsKeybuk: yeah, known issue10:57
danielsKeybuk: unfortunately it's XFree86 4.4 and I've seen the code10:57
danielsKeybuk: so I've posted a plain-English description for someone to cleanroom.  it's dead simple.  you wanna do it? :)10:57
thomyeah, i see the weird blanking thing10:59
danielsit's not weird at all11:00
danielssome clown refactored the dpms code and forgot to put the 'when there's input, reset the timer' code in11:00
danielsi'd say it's perfectly normal behaviour for that sort of code :P11:00
Keybukhave you withdrawn you^Whis commit access? :)11:02
danielsdaniel@tycho:~% ssh gabe.freedesktop.org getent passwd dawes11:02
danielsEnter passphrase for key '/home/daniel/.ssh/tycho-gabe': 11:02
danielsdaniel@tycho:~% 11:02
danielsthere's better reason than the dpms crap to not give him access11:03
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