plovs_i'm of to sleep, thanks ChrisH for not revoking my svn-pass yet, enrico for saving the day12:01
enricoplovs_: please sleep well: it wasn't your fault, I bet :)12:01
ChrisHplovs_: Why should I revoke anything? Kidding? :)12:02
ChrisHplovs_: That's the advantage of a repository. If anything breaks just go back to an earlier version.12:02
ChrisHplovs_: If you ever find me cancelling an account for such a poor reason I deserver to be banned from here!12:03
plovs_:-) night guys12:03
ChrisH. o O ( and if anything breaks seriouly just ask enrico :) ) O o .12:04
=== sivang LOLs
sivangenrico : are busy at the moment?12:04
enricoabout to go to bed: can I be of last-minute help?12:05
enricoChrisH: make a daily backup of the repository, just in case :)12:06
sivangenrico : I would like to start putting stuff into yelp, do you know anything of it?12:06
sivangI already thought about creating a ubuntnu-doc pacakge,12:07
enricosivang: no, but I can study in the next days12:07
enricomaybe hornbeck knows about it, too12:07
sivangok, I am also in contact with shaunm, it's author so we should be able to get help from him also..12:07
sivanghowever, as I am not that experienced I find it at times hard to understand his instructions :)12:07
=== sivang tries to show that he is doing _something_ :)
enricosivang: just pretend you know a lot and forward those instructions around :)12:11
=== enrico goes to bed
sivangGood night enrico12:12
plovs_sivang, still awake?12:20
sivangyes , trying to get some work done after I've been pretty ill most of the day12:21
plovs_too bad12:21
plovs_yelp just uses docbook12:21
sivangplovs_ : I know, I am thinking of creating a package that will hold our docs from our svn server,12:22
plovs_if you are interested in that, make a list of docs you would like t o have in yelp12:22
sivangand will just copy the docbook xml documentation to somwhere (/usr/share/ubuntu-doc) and then run update-scrollkeeper12:22
sivangso it would get registered12:23
plovs_we should see if we can get all the important docs in yelp12:23
plovs_including manpages12:23
plovs_and we need to bug the author to fix searching12:24
plovs_some manpages are good12:24
sivanghavn't given though to that, but I know there are several gtk tools which let you read man pages in gnome12:24
sivangyes they are..some aren't :)12:24
plovs_man pages are build from docbook12:24
plovs_at least they can be12:24
plovs_we want to get the faq in yelp as well12:25
sivanganyway, I am trying now to do some of the tasks up this backlog :)12:25
sivangafter which I will go through my task list from the doc meeting summary12:25
sivang at least, I think I am feeling better 12:26
sivangbtw, read the bug?12:26
plovs_btw i prefer info pages over doc pages12:26
sivangI never got along with info :)12:27
plovs_i spoke with mdz about help docs, we can just make packages12:27
plovs_for yelp i mean12:27
plovs_i found tickets btw, will order on monday12:28
sivangyes, I had that answer from him sometime ago, I think. however yelp is going to need some lovin for release:)12:30
sivangI have 3 pending orders which I can cancell..12:30
sivangI'm bargaining to get the lowest price I can :)12:30
sivanghow much did you find?12:30
plovs_yes about yelp, cool about the tickets12:31
sivangI mean, what price? (you don't have to answer if you don't want too)12:31
plovs_350 euro12:31
sivangI see.. well mine's around 350-400$..still trying to get another discount :) It's kind'a acceptable here :)12:32
sivangbut this is the price from europ I heared :)12:32
sivangit's kind'a expansive there12:32
sivangyou in holland or something?12:32
sivang(if I recall right)12:32
plovs_i'm in latvia atm but from holland12:33
sivangah right ;)12:33
plovs_and i'll fly over belgium12:33
sivangnice, you said your sister is there , right?12:34
plovs_prices are so weird, between 1 euro to 1000 euro a ticket12:34
plovs_yes, i'll be visiting her12:34
sivangthat's nice :)12:34
sivanganyway, could you help me with some wiki catching up?12:35
sivangI've basically avided ZWiki , until I could have a personal session with it's master :)12:35
plovs_well quickly before my eyes close by themselves :-)12:35
plovs_ok, shoot12:35
sivanghow I should be adding pages?12:35
sivang(It's not the same as was in MoinMoin I remember)12:36
plovs_go to the bottom of the motherpage it has a box, add a name and add page12:36
plovs_pages are sorted in a tree12:37
sivangmotherpage == fronpage ?12:37
plovs_no there should not be anything under FrontPage12:37
plovs_AllPages is the root12:37
plovs_and then by theme: HowTo Warty etc12:38
sivangok, so if I want to add something to https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryGoals12:38
plovs_another page?12:38
sivangI am adding our UDP list of hoary goald12:39
plovs_if it for us, go to docteam, otherwise under https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryHedgehog12:39
sivangstrange, it shows me the source in ReST Of the UDP page12:39
sivangthat was imported from MoinMOin12:40
plovs_if i touched it, then it is no longer in moin12:40
sivangI am also thinking of adding yet another section to FP,12:43
sivang"I want to help"12:43
sivangdevided to sections for, artwork, docs, development,advocacy12:43
sivang(another of my "good" ideas")12:44
plovs_What if you make a page for it and link to it from the frontpage12:44
sivangyes , better12:44
plovs_instead of many links12:45
sivangyes to not clutter the main apge12:45
sivangthat would mean that we remove the "Want to help?" at the top of page12:45
plovs_Maybe make it link to your new page12:46
plovs_WikiToDo is also under wiki12:46
sivang.. is remakr?12:46
sivangok, great. not to add YASTFP12:46
sivangYet Another Section To Front Page12:47
plovs_i had almost deciphered it :)12:47
sivang**How can you help? Check out the WikiToDo list**12:47
plovs_put https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocumentHowto on your page, it explains how to create wiki-pages12:47
sivanghow does it know where to link ?12:47
plovs_ WikiToDo is a WikiWord12:47
plovs_it automatically links12:48
sivangah, at least that was kept in ReST :)12:48
plovs_so would SiVang if you would like it to12:48
plovs_i can't believe http://wiki.ubuntu.com still has not been fixed12:50
plovs_it's weeks now12:50
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@host34-170.pool8290.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangHow can you help? Check out the general TodoList? and for the blogger in nature, the WikiToDo list12:50
sivangthis is ok?12:50
sivangprovide a shortcut to the wiki to do list12:50
plovs_sure, you can make sections on the todo page as well12:52
plovs_and then add graphical work there as well12:52
sivanghmm..I leave the icons for you :)12:52
sivangyou icons addcit!12:52
plovs_i read how you can make videos as well, of your linux desktop12:53
=== sivang hides
plovs_i have one how jakub draws a new icon in gimp12:53
plovs_really nice12:53
plovs_he makes lots of gnome icons12:54
plovs_he might make an icon for the wiki as well12:54
plovs_but we should get our text in order first12:55
plovs_text is more important then layout12:55
sivangI always like some upstream lovin' :)12:56
plovs_speaking of late, it's almost 2 o'clock, i need to get some sleep12:58
plovs_cu tomorrow12:58
=== skyrider [~skyrider@ppp3.pool.123.com.ua] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanghey skyrider!01:10
skyridersivang: I've written some info about myself - you can find it at https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AlexeyMolchanov01:12
sivangthanks! I am thinking of adding some internationalization section to the docteam page, so we would know about each lang community administrators and people.01:14
skyridersounds good01:16
sivangHowever this may have some common parts with the Internationalization team..01:17
sivangso I am still not sure about it01:17
skyriderProbably it's better to discuss this on ubuntu-doc01:18
skyrideror ubuntu-translators01:18
=== sivang reminds himself to subscribe to the translators list
sivangI've seen you did some more wiki work, great.01:21
sivanghttp://kid.stu.cn.ua/~skyrider/ <== what's there ? :)01:21
skyrider"Nothing useful yet" ;)01:21
skyridersome random stuff I ever was interested in01:22
sivangah nice. this is the uni webserver?01:22
sivanghttp://kid.stu.cn.ua/~skyrider/docs/debian/apt/guide.html/ <== this is also on debian doc corner?01:22
skyriderBut it's only copy of standard debian docs01:23
sivangok, you got them handy :)01:24
skyriderOur students usually don't have access to internet (*shame to the university*)01:24
sivangI am also learning packaging at the moment01:24
sivangyes , it is a shame01:24
skyriderso I've decide to make some useful docs available for them01:24
skyriderToday my good friend with my help translated one more HowTo01:26
skyriderResult here: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HowToGetHelpRussian01:26
skyriderYou are welcome :)01:27
sivangcould you please have a list of all translated material under the russian community page / or somwehre on the wiki?01:27
sivangwe must make sure no good work like yours slipps away01:27
sivangI liked the icons01:28
skyriderit's already there: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RussianDocumentation01:28
sivangnice, yeah I found it now :)01:28
=== sivang is releived :)
skyriderSome more restructurization of that page needed01:29
sivangno prob, just make sure everything will go there01:29
skyriderBut it is task for the future01:29
skyridersivang: Of course!01:29
sivangbtw, you didn'01:29
sivangfind me any links for you01:29
sivangthat damn [ENTER]  :)01:29
skyrider:) What links?01:30
sivangyou found any photos for where you are? :)01:30
skyriderOops, sorry!01:30
sivangthis is me : http://www.pbase.com/jsr2497/haifa01:30
skyriderI have them. But I need to choose some nice for you01:30
sivangI hope this doesn't take too long to load on dialup01:30
skyriderIt's loading................................ ;)01:31
skyriderVery beautiful place01:32
sivangyou might find this also useful :)))01:32
skyriderOh, Bikini girl! ;)01:33
sivangyeah :)01:34
skyriderVery interesting photos :) Thanks01:35
sivangno problem. I really like what Ubuntu is doing to us :)01:35
sivangmaking freinds all over the world,01:35
sivangsharing, getting to know each other.01:35
sivangit's amazing :)01:35
sivangI really support that01:37
skyridersivang: I have a serious question: where I can find irc log of all Ubuntu channels?01:37
skyridernot on  http://irclog.workaround.org01:37
skyriderI'd like to see it splited but days01:38
sivangskyrider : ah! a very good one. This is something I am working on with mako, lulu and well, fabbione as he is the logger guy..:)01:38
sivanglemme see if I can get someone to talk to me on this,01:38
sivangWe might be able to split days over irclogs.workaround.org01:39
sivangI'll check01:39
skyriderIt wold be great if logs will be colorized by irclog2html.pl script by our famous :) Jeff Waugh01:40
skyriderI' look on it01:40
sivanghe done that script? nice..01:40
sivangmail me at sivan@workaround.org , with a link to that script as well as bugging me on the log thingy so I won't forget, could you ? (sorry for asking, but I tend to have very shortem memory)01:41
skyriderI was surprised too01:41
skyriderHey make have that script01:41
skyriderlook for example on commuity meeting logs: http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~mako/cc-meeting_log-20041109.html01:42
skyriderthere is a link to it at the bottom of that page01:42
skyriderOoops! You should read it like 'Hey _mako_ have that script'01:43
sivangjust found it..01:44
skyriderI'll mail you tomorrow (today) anyway.01:44
skyrider"irclogs.workaround.org could not be found" WTF?01:48
sivanghmm lemme check01:48
sivangI am going to get something to eat , ttl01:55
skyriderI'm going to sleep01:56
skyriderAll this week I've slept no more than 3 hour/day. :(01:57
skyriderGood bye!01:57
=== trickie [~trickie@203-217-43-161.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanghi trickie02:47
=== George^Deka [~george@205.b.011.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^Dekahi all03:10
=== trickie_ [~trickie@203-217-43-161.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanghey George^Deka03:14
George^Dekahi trickie, fellow ausie about time03:14
George^Dekahi sivang, shouldnt you be cathching up on sleep03:14
sivangI did some, then went out, then got some enregy back :) Now I'm trying to put up some more work :)03:15
George^Dekasivang: cool, in a week or 2 i will need more work, did what i said from doc meet just not done the fx doc.03:18
trickie_hi George^Deka03:19
George^DekaHas anyone here upgraded to fx1.0 - how did you go about it. - rem the package ? delete the dir ? symlink to the normal fx dir?03:19
George^DekaCause there are so many ways about going about it, i want to know what people have done so i can workout what is the best03:20
George^Dekafor myself and the fx howto03:20
sivangGeorge^Deka : I just dist-upgraded to hoary, it was there03:24
=== trickie_ [~trickie@203-217-43-161.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^Dekayeah thats one way, but if your staying on warty03:25
sivangWell, you might be able to add hoary sources, and install just about that package,03:28
sivangbut if it depends on stuff from haory, that it might break stuf..:)03:28
sivangI have no other idea, then that.03:28
George^Dekayeah i know03:36
=== Hoodster [~alan@adsl-11-179-21.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanghey Hoodster!03:41
sivangI see my nightly buddies start coming in ...:)03:41
HoodsterHi sivang! I did it! I posted the wiki page we spoke about yesterday at Room10103:41
=== sivang is having a look
George^Dekahoodster: ill have a look to you know off hand what the address for room101 is03:42
sivangHoodster : 2 words = (superb,thank_you!) :)03:43
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: Yes, it is https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Room10103:43
George^Dekaalso i had a problem installing last night was hotplug had to pyll out all usb devices and it worked, should that go in room10103:43
Hoodstersivang: No, thank you. I do think I was a bit wordy. I also don't know how it will be received. That makes me most nervous.03:44
HoodsterBefore I forget, Hi George^Deka: It is good to see you again.03:44
sivangGeorge^Deka : that can go there, plus I would recommend opening a bug against it03:44
sivangHoodster : don't worry about it. However , I am not sure if the reboot is neccesary - if you had trouble with gnome, even logout --> login could help03:45
sivangcheck that..if you find it's ok, you could change the page in the future. And don't worry, we are very nice happy bunch of people here03:45
Hoodstersivang: Yeah, you are right. The reboot is left over from my windows days (hehe)03:46
sivangno prob :)03:46
HoodsterI didn't add my name to it, so I have no idea if anyone can really find out who posted it. Is it anonymous at the moment?03:47
HoodsterI also just noticed that I did not truly folllow the Room101 instructions in the white box. I did not name the hardware/software or anything like that...03:48
sivangwell, this is basically a general issue , so I think that might be appropriate if you just mentioned something that this related to dual booting, pc system or something.03:49
sivangbut hack, it would get corrected by Alex Poslavsky anyways I guess, if he find the need.03:49
sivangdon't worry too much about it03:49
HoodsterI don't like to do it, if it isn't correct (LOL)03:51
sivangJust adopt the habit, of when you finish something on the wiki, post the list ask for comments etc..03:52
sivangthis is the general way how we do stuff here, that would get attention by other memebrs and you would get comments and corrections :)03:53
trickie_Hoodster: i am getting something craziest thing when i look at that URL 03:53
trickie_Hoodster: a little window opens up titled 'Gecko' and '%pippkiDTD' as the text 03:54
sivangtrickie_ : let us here it03:54
trickie_Hoodster: The main window doesn't load03:55
Hoodstertrickie_: I don't know, the url link in XChat works for me. Does anyone else have a problem with it?03:55
trickie_Yeah i think it must be my firefox... looks like a rendering error03:56
trickie_hence 'Gecko' as the title of the little error window03:56
Hoodstertrickie_: I am using Firfox
trickie_just opened it from a term and it worked ok...03:58
trickie_that was wierd03:58
sivangI didn't03:59
sivangI use 1.0 on hoary03:59
trickie_i am using RC1 on hoary04:00
trickie_every now and then i get some wierd stuff like but can't reproduce it04:00
Hoodstertrickie_: Nothing like being on the cutting edge of technology (hehe). How is the Hoary experience?04:02
trickie_Hoodster: Great!04:02
trickie_Hoodster: i really like this distro... i must say it is the nicest linux experience i have had04:03
trickie_Hoodster: that why i hang out here... try to find something to help out on04:03
Hoodstertrickie_: What did you use before Ubuntu?04:03
trickie_Hoodster: well i have a OSX laptop that i use at home and at work, and at work i got a dual boot WinXP/Fedora box04:04
trickie_Hoodster: buti just bought an new AMD64 CPU, so i thought i would try out ubuntu's AMD64 release...04:05
trickie_Hoodster: and it is fantastic!04:06
Hoodstertrickie_: Like you, I am here to see how I can contribute. I just posted my first wiki page with the expert help of sivang and George^Deka. I am ready for more...04:06
trickie_Hoodster: So that is Room101?04:06
Hoodstertrickie_: Good to hear Ubuntu works well with AMD64, I am going to recommend it to a co-worker that has this CPU.04:07
sivangok guys, I'm currently working on the a more dignified TodoList for us..I will get it ready by sunday I guess :)04:07
Hoodstersivang: Okay. I will be out of town on Sunday and Monday. I probably view the new page Tuesday and show up here Tuesday night to see how I can contribute.04:08
sivangno problem Hoodster , that's cool :)04:08
sivangevery help is blessed04:08
George^Dekathanks hoodster, i had not even reallised my issue04:10
George^Dekathanks hoodster, i had not even reallised i have the same issue04:10
George^Dekashould it not be a howto ?04:11
HoodsterGeorge^Deka: Your quite welcome. I love to help.... It is sort of a combination of a feature request and a workaround....04:12
HoodsterI am sure it can be described a couple of other ways. It is, what it is.... (hehe)04:12
Hoodstersivang: Without divulging the specifics of the updated ToDoList, will it be lengthy and span months or will it be short and specific with target dates within one to two weeks?04:14
sivangI am not sure about target dates, this might get more formal outlinening on the conf IMHO, but there is an ever growing list of stuff need get done that I am going to put there, and would keep short and pointy :)04:15
sivangbasically the wish is to have 3 major things for hoary release:04:16
George^Dekasivang, is the updated list up yet (at least partway through completion ?) so i maybe able to take stuff04:17
Hoodstersivang: Will it be a requirement that I use Hoary? I am using Warty. I would hate to not be able to contribute because I am incompatible.04:18
hornbeckChrisH: you around?04:18
sivang* Fix Ubuntu already shipping documentation, re bug https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=335304:18
sivang* Pacakge and deliver stuff from wiki / other sources to be available offline, through yelp (GNOME help browser) 04:19
sivang* Establish the infrastructure to allow broad community participationo in contributing.04:20
sivangthis are high level ofcourse..04:20
sivanghornbeck : he's way in bed :)04:20
sivanghornbeck : how the server going?04:20
hornbeckI am working on the svn right now04:21
hornbeckbut I am getting a server error04:21
hornbeckI followed his instructions to the t04:21
sivangyou'll just have to wait to (our) mornig :)04:21
sivangthat is, UTC+204:21
trickie_hornbeck: you need some help with svn?04:22
hornbecktrickie_ yes04:22
trickie_hornbeck: i know a little04:22
hornbeckI have apache set up04:22
trickie_hornbeck: whats the issue04:22
hornbeckI set up svn from ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Subversion04:22
hornbeckwhen I try to access it, it errors with "Alert!:HTTP/1.1 500 Internel Server Error04:23
hornbeckI am not sure what I am doing wrong04:23
trickie_hornbeck: ok... can you access the apache error log?04:24
hornbeckcould not open the requested svn filesystem is the last one04:25
trickie_hornbeck: ok... give me too secs04:25
trickie_hornbeck: have you got the filesystem location mapped to a web accessible URI?04:27
hornbecktry it04:27
sivang<m:human-readable errcode="160029">04:28
sivangCould not open the requested SVN filesystem04:28
sivangit couldn't open the file...04:28
sivangbut apache is running04:29
trickie_has the filesystem path got priviledges for the apache user04:29
hornbeckthat works04:29
hornbeckI don't know04:29
trickie_hornbeck: what are the privilesdges for the subversion repository on the filesystem04:30
hornbeckhornbeck: 77704:30
hornbeckall open04:31
George^Dekahornbeck: do you have ssh going on the machine ?04:31
hornbeckssh will not work for some reason :-)04:31
hornbeckhave never been able to get it to work04:31
sivangdamn.. ReST is killing me, hornbeck could you help me ? I started changing something on the FrontPage, namely the link to the wiki to do list,04:33
sivangcould you revert it ?04:33
sivangfor some reason it's giving me System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 28); backlink04:33
sivangInline strong start-string without end-string.04:33
sivangor George^Deka ? any ReST guru here...04:33
George^Dekaim trying to get to the frontpage first04:34
George^DekaReST aint that bad, iv only been using it for 3 days, just read the doc and you cant go too wrong04:35
sivangwhy can't adding a link ? 'JUst work' ?? :)04:36
George^Dekabased off the error you didnt end the bold04:36
George^Dekabut ill have a look, loging in now04:36
George^Dekait can if you add it right04:36
trickie_hornbeck: hard to figure out what is without seeing how u set up the repository location the apache conf file04:36
George^Dekasivang, what was the link you were trying to add - location ?04:39
sivangjust revert it back to the already 'WikiToDo'04:39
sivangwhich is already exsiting..04:41
sivangI will continue ReST tommorow :) it's not easy for late hours :)04:42
George^Dekawell if you have the doc u wanna link, i can add the link easy enough04:42
George^Dekathink i worked out what you did wrong you did **text ** and it should be **text** i think04:43
George^Dekafixed it, i have not reverted it for the time being04:46
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^Dekasivang, fixed04:50
=== George^Deka brb smoke time
George^Dekasivang, i did not revert it though for now - see above i explained your error04:51
sivangsorry, I had some urgent irc convos04:52
George^Dekai understand04:59
George^Dekashit ddint even have my smoke, check the page now05:01
sivangi see the old version..strange..05:03
George^Dekashift refresh05:06
sivangstill the old line..05:07
sivangwith the TodoList05:07
sivangnot WikiToDO05:07
sivangnot WikiToDo05:07
trickie_hornbeck, you still trying to get it working?05:07
George^Dekayeah i left it as todolist, i can change it to wikitodo if you want05:09
trickie_hornbeck, http://svnbook.red-bean.com/ has details about mod_dav_svn if you don't already have it05:10
HoodsterThank you all for the help. I will return to see how else I can help. If I get some ideas, I will be sure to discuss them here first.05:10
sivangyes if you could, thanks :)05:12
George^Dekasivang will do05:19
sivangthanks..I'm nearly dropping :)05:19
George^Dekadoes anybody know how to set up junk email filtering in evolution ??? the faq does not make much sence - the places it tells you to go are not in evolution 205:20
George^Dekasivang, dropping ?05:20
sivangeyes closing by themselves..05:21
George^Dekai know what you mean.05:23
sivangI'm off ...Zzzzz05:25
=== trickie [~trickie@203-217-43-161.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckI'm back05:51
hornbecksorry it's my wifes birthday so I was doing stuff with her05:52
hornbecktrickie_ You around?05:58
George^Dekahornbeck: do you know how to install tomboy? these isn't a howto06:01
hornbecksudo apt-get install tomboy06:02
hornbeckI use cvs though06:02
hornbeckoh wait06:03
hornbecktomboy is in tseng's repos06:03
hornbecklet me find it06:03
hornbeckthe top repository 06:03
trickiehornbeck: sorry... doing a few things myself06:04
trickiehornbeck, but yeah back06:04
hornbeckI can access the svn repos locally06:04
George^Dekathanks, ubuntu really needs mono etc in the universe atleast, should be supported though06:04
hornbeckjust not through apache06:04
hornbeckmono is in universe06:04
hornbecktomboy is not06:04
trickiehornbeck, ok... it must be in your httpd.conf file06:05
hornbeckwell I have never setup apache before the day before yesterday06:06
hornbeckif I gave it to you could you look at it?06:06
trickieyeah for sure..06:06
trickiewanna mail it?06:06
hornbeckI am putting it online for you06:07
hornbecksee if that works06:08
trickie404 06:08
hornbeckok, what is your mail address06:08
hornbeckon its way06:10
hornbeckthanks for the help06:10
trickieso what is the file system path to the repository?06:12
hornbeckshould it be in my home directory?06:13
hornbeckI did not think of that06:13
trickieyeah... i think /var/www is the default sites document root06:15
trickieso apache would be getting confused about which way to server it06:15
trickieserver it06:15
trickieyeah i would try moving it under your home dir06:16
trickieand make sure the apache2 user can access that directory06:16
hornbeckhow do I do that(man that makes me seem like such a newb)06:17
trickiealso... you needn't wrap the Location in a virtual host06:17
hornbeckI just want to make sure I am doing it right06:17
trickieok.. how about i write up some quick instructions and mail you back06:17
hornbeckplease :-)06:17
trickienp... get it to you soon... just gotta keep an eye on some things here06:18
hornbeckI kinda got it to work06:19
trickieso you still need a hand?06:19
hornbeckyes alittle, I am getting url not found on server now06:20
hornbeckbut it knows its a svn 06:20
hornbeckI can lynx to it now06:20
hornbecknow I get could not open the requested svn filesystem06:25
trickieso now the default document root is not /var/www06:26
trickieor did you move the repository?06:26
hornbeckit is now /home/hornbeck/docs06:26
hornbeckI moved it06:26
hornbeckand it started kinda working :-)06:26
trickieare you getting asked for the http auth?06:26
hornbeckI am if I try to go through the router06:27
hornbeckI got a authorization failed06:27
trickiedid you set up the password using htpasswd?06:28
hornbeckI think06:28
hornbecklet me try again06:28
hornbeckI just tried but it did not take it still06:29
hornbeckit will not authorize the passwords06:31
hornbeckdoes the password file need to be readable by more than root?06:32
trickieapache runs as root initally at start up then moves to the user apache206:32
trickieyeah i would set it to 74406:33
trickiedid you run htpasswd with sudo?06:33
hornbeckshould I not have?06:34
trickiedoesn't matter really06:34
trickieas long as you change it so other users can read it06:34
trickieit doesn't store plaintext passwds or anythingh06:35
hornbeckit is not working :-(06:35
hornbeckcloser though06:35
trickierun 'tail /var/log/apache2/error.log06:36
trickieany errors there?06:36
hornbeckfile does not exist /var/www/favicon.ico06:37
hornbeckclient denied by server configuration: /usr/share/doc06:37
trickieok... you need to get rid of the virtual host i think06:38
trickieyou only need the Location block06:38
hornbeckI did get rid of the virtual host06:38
trickiethe default virtual host is serving your request first06:38
trickieoh ok06:39
trickietry getting rid of the LimitExcept block06:40
trickiejust have Require valid-user06:40
trickieby itself06:40
trickiecould you send through your conf file again?06:41
hornbeckon its way06:42
hornbeckit is only failing on authorization06:46
trickiesent it back06:55
trickietry that...06:55
trickiei'll be back a bit later if it odesn't work06:55
hornbeckit still will not authorize07:13
hornbeckwell I am off to bed, I will be back tomorrow evening07:24
hornbeckhehe its working :-)07:24
hornbecknothing there yet :)07:25
hornbeckthe svn seems to work07:36
hornbeckfor passwords please email me07:36
George^Dekahornbeck, i cant be bothered emailing but i want one07:44
George^Dekahornbeck, what irc client do you use, i am getting sick of xcrap07:45
=== trickie [~trickie@203-217-43-161.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
trickiehornbeck: any luck?07:54
George^Dekahe said its working, think he went bed07:54
ChrisHMorning gals... :)12:29
=== dadehoog [~dadehoog@PIPP-p-144-134-201-146.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanghowdy all12:50
hornbeckgood morning02:12
=== Hoodster [~alan@adsl-11-179-21.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckman, slow night, I can still see the stuff I wrote before bed02:15
hornbeckChrisH: you around?02:17
hornbecksivang: you around?02:17
HoodsterHi all. I have a question about transferring useful information from the forums to the wiki. Is this a desirable thing to do?02:18
hornbeckyes, any form of doc is desirable02:18
Hoodsterhorbeck: Thank you for replying. Has someone taken this task to heart? (hehe)02:19
hornbecknot that I know of02:19
Hoodsterhehe, I am trying to think hard of ways I can contribute. Although I know HTML and I just yesterday began learning ReST, I am afraid that I don't have expertise for the more technical documentation. I am also interested in adding/improving documentation to the current release, because I don't use the next one. So, one I idea is to have someone actively read the forums for useful HowTo's information that would make the Ubuntu a really 02:22
Hoodstercomplete document.02:22
hornbeckthat is a great idea02:23
hornbeckor transfering over the forums faq, and howto's02:23
HoodsterI would be interested in helping do this. I think this would be an ideal task for me. 02:26
ChrisHhornbeck: hi :)02:28
HoodsterThe way I would go about it, is not transfer anything until it had been tested by a minimal number of users with success. Then report that new HowTo/tip to this chat room and discuss its usefulness and uniqueness (no need to add multiple pages with the same information). If the document team agrees that it is good to add to the wiki, then I would create a new wiki page.02:28
ChrisHHoodster: You could be a great help with the new FAQ!02:29
ChrisHHoodster: We have collected the Wiki pages to write an FAQ in a single DocBook/XML document.02:30
ChrisHHoodster: Help in what you propose would be desperately needed.02:30
ChrisHHoodster: Someone who follows the forums and the mailing lists and who adds those entries to the docbook FAQ would be a great help.02:30
HoodsterChrisH: How long will it take to get up to speed on xml?02:31
ChrisHHoodster: Very quick. I have prepared a short introduction. Let me fetch the link...02:31
hornbeckHoodster: docbook is easy stuff02:31
ChrisHHoodster: All you need is a text editor (vim?) and "subversion" installed. So you can check the FAQ out and back in.02:32
Hoodsterhornbeck: Easy compared to what? (hehe) python? fortran? HTML? (hehe)02:32
ChrisHHoodster: It's very similar to HTML.02:32
hornbeckcompared to eating icecream on a hot day02:32
ChrisHhornbeck: you may want to start here: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocBook02:32
HoodsterChrisH: I know HTML, so that is good.02:32
ChrisHHoodster: It's like HTML with different tags.02:33
hornbeckChrisH: I may want to start there?02:33
ChrisHHoodster: The template is already complete. So all you had to do is write small articles in the sections where you think they fit.02:33
HoodsterChrisH: Sounds easy enough. I will be interested in giving it a try.02:33
hornbeckHoodster: it is pretty easy to understand02:34
ChrisHHoodster: Great. We can create a repository account for you so you can upload your changes directly.02:34
HoodsterDo I do the actual editing offline or online?02:34
hornbeckHoodster: offline02:35
HoodsterDo I upload the new files via local ftp client or is that uploading done through an HTML webpage?02:36
hornbeckthrough subversion02:36
ChrisH"apt-get install subversion" first02:36
ChrisHhornbeck: Well... it uses HTTP. Subversion knows a few schemes for data transmission.02:36
HoodsterWhat is subversion exactly?02:36
ChrisHHoodster: A repository system like CVS.02:37
plovs_hi guys02:37
ChrisHhornbeck: Looks like the repository on your site is now even read-protected?02:37
ChrisHplovs_: Hi, Alex!02:37
hornbeckplovs_: my repository is working02:37
hornbeckChrisH: when did you check02:37
HoodsterChrisH: I am not all that familiar with CVS, is this a content control mechanism?02:37
plovs_hornbeck, yes! 02:37
ChrisHhornbeck: 1 minute ago02:37
ChrisHHoodster: Yes. But it's not really hard.02:38
hornbeckI just had someone check it and they said it was fine02:38
ChrisHHoodster: see http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/SubVersion02:38
ChrisHhornbeck: I can't access it. I get a username/password prompt on the web browser.02:38
ChrisHhornbeck: We should probably keep it free for all to read.02:38
ChrisHhornbeck: Didn't you take my sniplet for the apache config?02:38
HoodsterChrisH: Do I install subversion with sudo?02:38
ChrisHHoodster: yes "sudo apt-get install subversion"02:39
hornbeckChrisH: I planned on it02:39
hornbeckChrisH: brb, let me see whats wrong now02:39
HoodsterChrisH: subversion is installed02:40
HoodsterHow do I see the current status of the xml docs? Or do I need to wait for the repository account?02:41
plovs_ChrisH, 02:42
hornbeckChrisH: try it now02:43
plovs_hornbeck, ok, pulling out stuff now02:45
plovs_now it stopped ??02:46
plovs_now it continued02:46
plovs_added the faq to the repo02:48
hornbeckgood deal02:48
plovs_added makefile and README as well02:49
hornbeckI still have to learn how to add things :-)02:50
hornbeckI guess with the add command02:50
plovs_svn add README Makefile02:50
plovs_svn ci02:50
plovs_i am a pro already02:51
plovs_i even managed to mess things up yesterday02:51
hornbeckgood deal02:51
plovs_fortunetely enrico and ChrisH repaired it :-)02:51
hornbeckwell, I am about to head off for  a yoyo comp, so I will be back this evening02:52
HoodsterChrisH: When you have a moment, let me know how to get started. I glanced the XMLdoc HowTo, but I still don't know where to begin.02:53
ChrisHhornbeck: better02:54
plovs_ok, be back later as well02:54
ChrisHHoodster: subversion installed?02:54
HoodsterChrisH: yep!02:54
ChrisHHoodster: try: svn co http://ubuntu.workaround.org:8080/faq02:55
ChrisHhornbeck: checkout worked02:55
hornbeckif I remove something how do I commit it02:55
ChrisHhornbeck: svn rm ...02:56
HoodsterChrisH: I did that and I have 5 lines tha begin with the letter A02:56
ChrisHhornbeck: so you have put all subproject into the same repository... hmm, ok02:56
ChrisHhornbeck: look at your current directory02:57
hornbeckis it bad to have them all in the same repository?02:57
hornbeckor do they all need different <Location>02:57
ChrisHI think different Locations would make sense.02:58
ChrisHIf I only wanted to work on the FAQ I had to download all the gnome2-user-guide stuff also.02:58
hornbeckso that all needs to be changed in the apache2.conf?02:59
ChrisHhornbeck: I assume you do backups regularly etc.02:59
ChrisHhornbeck: Yes.02:59
hornbeckChrisH: yes I do02:59
hornbeckand going to even more so now02:59
HoodsterChrisH: I apologize for needing beginner help. I read the SubVersion wiki at ubuntu, but I still don't know how to interact with subversion. Do you have any link I can go to read up on it so that I can be of use (hehe)?03:01
ChrisHHoodster: That was the primer (the second half).03:01
ChrisHHoodster: Usually all you need to do is just change what you want.03:02
HoodsterChrisH: Do I need to create a password file?03:02
ChrisHHoodster: Make sure they still work (e.g. run it with "yelp faq.xml" or run "make" and watch for errors03:02
hornbeckHoodster no03:02
ChrisHHoodster: Once you are happy with your changes you just run "svn ci" to check your changes back in.03:02
ChrisHHoodster: more complete: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.0/ch03.html03:03
HoodsterChrisH: I don't quite understand. I think the problem is that I don't quite understand the basics. Thank you for the link, I will check it out. What did the syn co command do?03:04
HoodsterI think the svn co probably copied files, but to where?03:05
ChrisHHoodster: Do you know a /little/ about repositories? 03:06
HoodsterChrisH: No, unfortunately, I don't. I suspect that a repository is a place were items are stored.03:06
ChrisHHoodster: Exactly. Okay... let me put it like this...03:07
HoodsterPerhaps the svn co was a checkout command?03:07
ChrisHYes. You get a copy of the files on the server.03:08
ChrisHYou then just edit the files and upload your new files through "svn ci".03:08
ChrisHci = check in03:08
ChrisHco = check out03:08
HoodsterI have used a program that uses the same concept.03:08
ChrisHThe server will then magically "merge" your changes.03:08
ChrisHThe magic is that different people can do changes to the files. And all can upload their changes which will be merged into a final document (if possible).03:09
HoodsterChrisH: Where are these file? That is what I need to know first I think. I did the svn co command you gave above.03:09
ChrisHSo if you work on part A and I work on part B of the same document we won't collide.03:09
HoodsterChrisH: I get it. :) Now, where are these files? hehe03:11
ChrisHIn your current directory.03:12
ChrisHAnd a copy is kept on the server (which is currently here with me).03:13
hornbeckcan I svn commit file:///03:14
HoodsterChrisH: Boy, was I dense on that one. I was looking in that directory, but just didn't see it. For some reason, I was looking for a directory called svn, not faq. My apologies.03:14
hornbeckif I try to go svn commit it errors out on authorization03:14
ChrisHSorry if I'm stalling. Got my mother-in-law's PC in VNC for a quick help. :)03:15
hornbeckthats cool03:15
HoodsterChrisH: There are two xml files, a makefile, ubuntu.xsl and a readme file.03:16
HoodsterIs there any way to see the output before I update the repository? I can't do it in my browser because of no styles.03:19
ChrisHHoodster: either "yelp faq.xml" or "make" and then view the html file in your browser03:19
hornbeckit will suck if I cannot work on my own thing 03:20
ChrisHHoodster: For the "make" you need to have these packages installed, too: docbook-xsl and xsltproc03:20
HoodsterChrisH: The yelp command worked, but I suspect you knew it would (hehe)03:21
HoodsterChrisH: oops! I forgot to say thanks!03:21
HoodsterChristH: This is cool!03:22
ChrisHHoodster: you are welcome :)03:22
HoodsterChirsH: Sorry for spelling our name incorrectly.03:22
HoodsterOops! I did it twice! I must be getting too excited over this subversion.03:23
ChrisHHoodster: Well, at least I know who you mean.03:23
HoodsterPlease correct me if I get this wrong. There is only one file to edit. The entire xml doc is this one file, unlike HTML.03:24
ChrisHHoodster: Yes. The faq.xml is the FAQ we are working on. The Makefile (do you know "make"?) will create the html file for you (if you have the packages above installed).03:25
HoodsterI am installing them now and will test out the make command.03:29
=== alan__ [~alan@adsl-11-179-21.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
alan__ChrisH: My system froze and I had to reboot. I lost the make command. Is it svn make faq.xml?03:37
alan__This is Hoodster.03:38
ChrisHalan__: no... just run "make". See if you have the "make" package installed03:39
alan__ChrisH: I have make03:41
alan__ChrisH: I am not 'make' knowledgable. I tried make faq.xml but that didn't work. What is the command?03:42
ChrisHalan__: just run "make"03:42
sivanghey peopel, back for a while03:42
alan__ChrisH: Okay, I got it. I simply did a ls command and now see the newly created faq html file.03:43
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alan__Hi sivang: I, with the help of ChrisH, is getting deep in the xml doc project. ChrisH has been very patient and get me up and going with subversion. I am so green, I am amazed he hasn't given up yet (hehe).03:45
alan__How do I change my nick back to what I had it to before?03:45
=== alan__ is now known as Hoodster
HoodsterI figured it out.03:46
sivangwell, he will not give up. He is a very special AI robot, I have written during my last college semster , cool ha ?03:46
sivanghe even responds to emotions, 03:46
sivangChrisH : :-)03:46
sivanghe is far more superior to dpkg and other, on freenode, which you might be familiar with from #debin03:47
HoodsterChrisH: Now that I am getting the basics, I just want to revisit my original idea.03:47
sivangcould you remind me , Hoodster?03:49
sivang(about what)03:49
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hornbeckChrisH: all the repositories are by themselves now03:53
hornbeckI will do a wiki write up tonight03:53
hornbeckI am leaving for the day now though03:54
sivanghornbeck : server is ready?03:54
hornbecksivang yes03:54
ChrisHhornbeck: very good03:55
ChrisHhornbeck: Let's try to migrate the contents when you are up again. :)03:55
hornbeckI should be up03:55
HoodsterThis idea is to have someone (I will volunteer) to search the Ubuntu forums, and keep up on it, the HowTo forum would be suitable for transferring to Ubuntu Dcoumentation. ChrisH suggestion was to transfer some or all of this information to the new faq.03:56
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
HoodsterIs there still an interest in doing this?03:56
hornbeckwell guys I am out03:57
hornbeckemail me if something does not work and I will try to get it fixed03:57
HoodsterWhat I mean is that I have an interest and this would be something that could suite my skill level. I regularly visit the forums and would be happy to add information to the faq or some other site.03:58
HoodsterUbuntu page I mean.03:58
HoodsterSee yeah hornbeck.03:58
HoodsterI don't want to make any specific suggestions now, because I suspect that there might be a lot of contributions already made that have not been updated to the repository. Is this correct?04:01
ChrisHNot really. :)04:07
ChrisHThere have been two FAQ wiki pages on ubuntulinux.org. plovs and I have rearranged them into the docbook document.04:07
ChrisHThe FAQ has been started a few days ago (3 or 4) and we planned to upload the current version this weekend for letting other people review it.04:07
HoodsterChrisH: So, I noticed that the How do I install java is not complete. I know there is a HowTo at the forums and I have successfully installed java. However, I suspect that someone else might have completed this in the new FAQ. If not, then this might be a good place for me to start. What do you think?04:09
ChrisHHoodster: Yes, do that. plovs and I have commited our changes already. Even if not: just change what you think should be changed.04:10
ChrisHHoodster: There is no "chief editor". All contributions are welcome.04:10
HoodsterChrisH: Okay, I will do that (update the java). It will be a good starter.04:12
ChrisHHoodster: If you have questions about the docbook, then just ask.04:13
HoodsterI know I am full of questions, but they keep on coming. The new FAQ has one level of subtopics (i.e., the actual questions). Will there more more sublevels? In other words, will the organization change much as the FAQ grows?04:14
ChrisHplovs also asked about that. I think we should stay with sect1 and sect2 for the first. If you think that another sect1 category is needed - then add it.04:16
ChrisHThere are a few entries that don't fit really into either "installation" or "configuration". Perhaps this should be the same category anyway.04:17
ChrisHMoving articles around is probably less work than writing it correctly.04:17
HoodsterI was also thinking that wouldn't it be useful to indicate which release of Ubuntu a particular page in the FAQ page applies or will there be completely different FAQ for the upcoming Hoary release?04:25
plovs_Hoodster, yes, there will be different faq's or we will indicate which parts are outdated04:33
plovs_ChrisH, so will we start using hornbeck's svn now or yours?04:33
plovs_sivang, ping!04:37
sivangplovs_ : pong!04:38
plovs_how much have you worked on the gnamo-manual?04:38
sivangI did alot of rebranding, fixed some desktop instructions etc..04:39
sivangI more people last night wanting to help on that, I think hornbeck did not do any changes since my version..I need to check out his and compare to my version.04:40
plovssivang, some questions from the faq are answered in the gnome-doc -> gnome doc needs to be put on the web-site04:40
sivanglike what?04:41
sivangno, what questions ? ;)04:44
HoodsterI noticed that there is text in the java section of the faq.xml file that does not show up. It seems this text is useful because it is a link of where an answer can be found. There is also a note to FAQ team members that also does not show up in the HTML file. Thus, it appears in the HTML file that java question was not answered, but I think it is. Am I doing something incorrectly?04:44
plovssivang, ah, duh, about changing background etc04:44
plovsHoodster, i had not yet made up my mind what to do with the java and mono-questions04:45
sivangok, when are we expecting to replace the current FF (Fine Faq) with the docbook produced one04:45
sivangI will add those to the main faq, and then produce it and upload to the main faq04:46
sivangit's a mess how it's now, I think we've alreayd agreed on that :)04:46
plovssivang, we have to finish it, sb should finish up the order and fix loose ends04:47
plovsHoodster, so those two questions still need to be answered04:47
Hoodsterplovs: Well, my two cents worth is that the link will be useful. As it stands now, nothing appears under the java, thus appearing incomplete. I think having something is better than nothing (hehe).04:47
=== skyrider [~skyrider@ppp1.pool.123.com.ua] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Hoodsterplovs: Would it be okay if I modified that portion of the faq.xml?04:48
plovsHoodster, we try to keep the number of outsie links as low as possible, if you *need* an outside link for the answer then the answer is wrong04:48
plovsHoodster, logic: we want the faq in yelp for people without net-access (who will be upset if we have a lot of outside links)04:49
plovsHoodster, so we need a full java answer in the faq, but i have no java -> eg no answer04:49
Hoodsterplovs: No, I don't need an outside link. This is what I will do. I will add instructions that will set up the java as it appears here http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3713 (I will give credit to this poster as well, if desired).04:50
HoodsterI have followed those instructions and they work well I find.04:51
plovsHoodster, good, you work on john's or chris's svn?04:51
plovsso we don't end up with 2 faqs04:51
Hoodsterplovs: ChrisH got me started on the faq.xml this morning. I assume I have something compatible with his. Does this sound correct?04:52
Hoodsterplovs: I can certainly understand the need to minimize the number of links when a link is used as the answer rather than posting the answer directly. What about posting the answer directly and then directing the reader to a link that provides additional information. I can see how this can be beneficial but also not wanted. Can you elaborate?04:55
plovsHoodster, preferably not, if somebody has web-access he will be able to find answers on the site04:57
plovsyou might add links remarked out though, and if we later change our mind, we can easily put it in04:58
Hoodsterplovs: Good suggestion04:58
=== sivang is out for reboot
plovsHoodster, we'll slowly work out what works best ;-)04:59
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovssivang, many things have changed from 2.4/2.6 in gnome05:11
sivangI was working with 2.805:11
sivangthe manual , that is05:12
sivang2.8.1 to be more exact05:12
plovsis that what john has in his repo?05:13
sivangplovs : supposed to be, however I am not sure if he did any changes05:15
sivanghe didn't have time to work on it, IMHO05:15
plovssivang, what did you use as base?05:16
sivangplovs : 2.8.1 guide05:17
plovscould you send your stuff to me? in a tgz?05:17
HoodsterOkay, I added the instructions to the faq.xml file, but they don't showup. I have a couple of choices: I can just add it in and let someone else make it show up. Alternaively, I can try to figure out how to make it show up now. Which is preferred?05:18
plovsHoodster did you upload the file?05:19
plovsHoodster, with svn ci? I would like to take a look05:20
sivangplovs : are you going to put it into crish's snv repo?05:21
Hoodsterplovs: Not yet. I have no idea what this will look like. I inserted tags that I could figure out pretty quickly. However, I am there is the more formatting that I would like to do. However, it would be helpful know how it currently looks (hehe). I am unfamiliar with xml code, so I am figuring things out as I go along.05:21
Hoodsterplovs: Should I upload it now?05:22
plovssivang, it?? gnome-doc? faq?05:22
sivangplovs : gnome-doc05:23
plovsHoodster, dcc it to me then, i'll diff it to my faq and walk you through it05:23
plovssivang, hornbeck has gnome-doc in his svn, but it doesn't yet work 100% (atm it is more MSsvn)05:24
plovsHoodster, it doen't want to work :-(05:24
sivangok, so ChrisH's05:25
Hoodsterplovs: This is the first time I dcc in xchat. I probably don't have xchat setup correctly.05:25
plovsHoodster let me send you a file05:25
HoodsterI think I know why dcc is not working. The 'DCC IP Address' in xchat is not filled in.05:27
plovsHoodster, DCC GET plovs ?05:27
plovsHoodster, send me again please05:28
HoodsterDCC GET plovs05:28
plovsHoodster, /DCC GET plovs05:30
plovssivang, could we maybe also try? dcc-ing is tricky sometimes05:31
Hoodsterplovs: I see three file requests and the status are 'connect', but the % doesn't change.05:31
plovsHoodster hmmm05:31
plovsHoodster, do you have in preferences, file transfers, get ip-address from serer ticked?05:32
Hoodsterplovs: one more try. I made a few changes.05:32
plovsHoodster, DCC RECV connect attempt to Hoodster failed (err=No route to host)05:33
plovsHoodster, try:  /DCC GET plovs05:33
Hoodsterplovs: I will try again.05:33
Hoodsterplovs: I have already initiated the dcc connect. It is thinking about it, but it isn't getting through.05:34
plovsHoodster, your ip= ?05:34
HoodsterSshhhh (hehe)05:34
HoodsterI am trying to see what works.05:35
HoodsterThis is tough.05:35
plovsHoodster, do you have in preferences, file transfers, get ip-address from serer ticked?05:35
HoodsterWhat File Transfer setting should I be using in xchat?05:35
Hoodsterplovs: I just changed it to that.05:36
HoodsterThe send ports in xchat are empty. Do these to be filled?05:36
plovsHoodster, no, that is speed stuff05:37
plovsHoodster, you only need to tick all the tick boxes afaik05:37
plovssivang, can you help?05:37
sivangsorry, busy with something else, didn't see what went here. Help with what?05:38
Hoodsterplovs: I ticked all the boxes at the bottom, even the 'Save nickname in filenames'05:38
plovssivang, can you dcc me something?05:38
sivangah ofcours! I am so sorry alex05:39
HoodsterWhat port is this information going over? Could I be blocking it. Right now, I only send traffic over port 8005:39
sivangI will try, see if my firewall does that.05:39
plovsnot working either...05:40
plovssivang, can you send to hoodster?05:40
HoodsterI am offering the file to sivang, see if it works.05:41
plovssivang try:  /DCC GET plovs05:41
plovsHoodster, sivang this is not such a smashing succes i must say05:42
plovsHoodster can you just mail it to me then?05:42
Hoodsterplovs: I know, I am thinking that my firewall is blocking.05:42
plovsor mine05:43
plovsor both05:43
plovsor all three05:43
sivangplovs : I will put it somewhere the web, and you could download it05:43
plovssivang, just mail it05:43
Hoodsterplovs: quick question. I got a message stating 'faq.xml from 7512. Is the 7512 a port?05:43
sivangplovs : already tried that :(05:43
sivangI have a very bad upstream05:44
plovssivang, you have a password to john's svn?05:44
HoodsterIf that is the port, then I know that I must open it up because my firewall will block it.05:44
Hoodsterplov: yes, I can email it to you.05:44
plovsHoodster, try to open the port, who knows05:44
plovsHoodster, alexander.poslavsky AT gmail.com05:45
sivanganyway guys, I am having some very bad network problem on top of everything else...05:45
sivangI am going for some network maintainance05:46
sivangsee you in a couple of hours..:(05:46
plovssivang, ok! see ya!05:46
plovsHoodster, you have a password to hornbeck's svn?05:47
=== alan__ [~alan@adsl-11-176-110.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
alan__plovs: I am reading the xchat FAQ and the dcc may not have worked because I had not restarted xchat, which appears to be required after setting the File Transfer setting.05:53
plovsalan__, i'll restart as well, brb05:53
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovsok, let's try again05:55
plovsalan__, can't connect05:57
plovsip addresses look ok now05:58
plovsHoodster, either upload it to svn under a different name or mai lit06:01
ChrisHHoodster: what is the exact message?06:02
plovsChrisH, (err=Connection timed out) or no route to host06:02
alan__ChrisH: There really is no message. The DCC just times out. No data is sent or received.06:03
plovsChrisH, can i send you something to test?06:03
ChrisHAh. Okay. :)06:03
ChrisHplovs: sure06:03
alan__plov: I will up load with a slightly different name.06:03
plovsChrisH, ok, waiting06:03
plovsalan__, on what server?06:03
plovsChrisH, ? doesn't work 06:04
ChrisH18:03  plovs GET: 0B of 611kB (0%) - 0.00kB/s - ETA (stalled) - boxes4.jpg06:04
ChrisHplovs: I'm not not sure where it is... I think it's hanging06:04
alan__plovs: not sure what server. I attempted a svn ci filename.xml and it did not work. It said that this file is not under version control.06:05
=== alan__ is now known as Hoodster
ChrisHHoodster: did you add the file you wanted to upload? like "svn add filename.xml"?06:05
plovsHoodster, :-) svn add ... -> then -> svn ci06:05
HoodsterChrisH plovs: no, I will do that now.06:06
plovsChrisH, time-out error06:06
Hoodsterplovs ChrisH: I did the svn ci and I get a --This line, and those below, will be ignored--, what do I do to get back to a prompt. I don't know vi.06:09
plovsesc - : wq06:09
plovsfirst type something with i  <my message>06:10
plovsso: i<my message><esq>wq06:10
Hoodsterplovs: I am now at a prompt that asks me about a log message and the options abort, continue or edit, which should I choose?06:12
plovsabort and try again06:13
Hoodsterplovs: I didn't quite undertand the i <my message> part. When do I do this? Before press Esc key?06:14
plovspress the i, type your message, press escape, press w, press q06:15
HoodsterWhat message am I typing?06:16
plovsI am hoodster i am a very cool guy, or anything else you think is important to later understand you did06:18
Hoodsterplovs: I added the message (a bit different though). It is now asking me for a password. What do I enter?06:20
plovswhat server are you working on? 06:20
Hoodsterplovs: I have no idea. ChrisH set me up.06:21
plovsdid ChrisH give you a pasword?06:21
HoodsterChrisH: Can you help?06:21
Hoodsterplov: I don't recall if he did or didn't.06:22
plovsHoodster, ChrisH might be offline atm, just send it by mail for now06:25
HoodsterChrisH: How do I do that?06:25
Hoodsterplovs: How do I do that?06:25
plovsHoodster, mail the doc you wrote to me as attachement06:27
Hoodsterplovs: What I mean is... Where do I find your email addresses? Are they at the Ubuntu website? I need a bit of orienting.06:28
plovsalexander.poslavsky AT gmail.com06:29
HoodsterOkay, I think i found it. It is at the top of the FAQ page.06:29
plovsyes also :-)06:29
Hoodsterplovs: I just sent it.06:31
plovsHoodster, ok, got it06:32
plovsHoodster, where did you make your changes06:34
Hoodsterplovs: To the java section near the bottom.06:36
Hoodsterplovs: I get to it quickly by doing a find for "How to install java"06:38
Hoodsterplovs: I don't quite understand why the text does not show up. Is there a simple explanation? hehe06:40
plovsHoodster, yes, you missed a couple of characters ;-)06:45
Hoodsterplovs: Please educate me. Which ones? Useful info for me.06:48
plovsHoodster, just send it06:49
plovsbe back in a while06:49
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== ChrisH bows before the holy secretary
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
enricoThe only holy thing here is the Cow! :)07:12
enricoapt-get moo07:12
enricocenerentola: ? :)07:17
plovshi enrico07:17
plovsHoodster, well?07:18
enricohi plovs !07:19
cenerentolasorry ppl but ill hijack enrico for a while07:19
Hoodsterplovs: sorry for not responding, however, I have made signficant progress!07:33
Hoodsterplovs: Can I send you my updated java portion now via email?07:34
HoodsterTo All: I added a new file to the repository (if there is more than one, not sure which, hehe). This new file is called faq_hoodster.xml and contains updated portion on how to install java. I will be signing off for now, but I look forward to doing more work.07:43
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
WWHello world.10:18
HoodsterHey ww10:19
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== Hoodster [~alan@adsl-11-171-240.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
WWHello again.10:24
=== ChrisH waves to WW
WWI was going to check out the faq and experiment with xml, but "svn co" didn't work.10:26
ChrisHThe FAQ is currently at http://ubuntu.workaround.org:8080/faq10:26
WWOK, I'll try that.  I got the other command from the mailing list.10:27
ChrisHIt is 69 - not 169. And we will probably move the current archive there in the next days. John hat some trouble with his server so the respository is still on my server.10:27
plovsChrisH, does ssh work now to john's server?10:28
WWChrisH: Ah, that was an IRC typo; I used 69 when I gave the command.10:28
ChrisHplovs: haven't tried10:28
ChrisHplovs: Just tried. Nope. Same error.10:28
plovsChrisH, could you take a look at what i wrote to the mailing-list? i would like to get everybodies opiniion on it10:30
ChrisHplovs: Just read it.10:31
ChrisHplovs: IIRC sivang was about to create a proper todo list. I don't like the Wiki approach that much as information is spread throughout the whole site.10:32
ChrisHplovs: We surely need more information for both writers and translators.10:32
ChrisHplovs: There will be probably an increasing number of people joining here and just asking "how can I help?"10:32
plovsChrisH, that's why we need a proper answer for them, using those pages we have10:33
ChrisHplovs: IMHO all *organised* parts should be in DocBook. May it be the FAQ or whatever is to come.10:34
ChrisHplovs: The Wiki is a good place to plan the conference or to lists download mirrors.10:35
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovsChrisH, i agree all real docs in docbook, i have been reading the docbook-book (partly) and really like it10:44
plovsi like the wiki for docs in progress10:44
=== ChrisH nods
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovsand working with docbook was surprisingly fast i must say10:46
ChrisHplovs: It just looks ugly. :)10:47
plovsonly <screen> does, it really bugs me it does not line up10:49
plovsChrisH why did you use article for the faq and not book?10:50
ChrisHNo reason really. Is book better suited?10:51
plovsa book might be easier to cut in pieces, and subdivide10:53
plovsthe faq is getting quite long10:53
ChrisHplovs: Ah, now I remember. <article> is what yelp expects.10:53
plovshmm, the gnome docs are book afaik, no?10:53
=== ChrisH checks
ChrisHIt's either <legalnotice> or <article>10:54
plovslook in yelp desktop, userguide, it looks like <book>10:58
=== plovs tries to find xml
ChrisHplovs: I don't know for sure really. But you can use <sect1> <sect2> <sect3> in both. You could try out how the XHTML looks for a <book>10:59
plovsis book, well the only difference i liked is the index on the left, we could add morecategories, would be a lot of work maybe11:01
=== trickie [~trickie@203-217-43-161.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovsbut i do not know enough about docbook to say anything more11:01
ChrisHplovs: In yelp that leads to a TOC with more levels! That would be great.11:02
ChrisHplovs: Shall I convert it to book?11:02
ChrisHgo, go, go... :)11:04
ChrisHHmm. The TOC is gone in the XHTML output. Why that?11:06
plovsChrisH, if you look at /usr/share/gnome/help/user-guide/C/gosbasic.xml you'll see all what we call <sect1> is called chapter11:09
ChrisHIt does not appear as a chapter on html so...11:09
plovsmaybe s/sect1/chapter/g and s/sect2/sect1/g ??11:09
ChrisHah... i see...11:09
ChrisHprobably... I'll try11:10
WWHey, I've been experimenting with adding an index to the faq.11:13
WWIn html, it works well.11:13
WWI mean the html output.11:14
ChrisHWW: which xsl params did you set for that?11:14
WWNone.  I'm editing faq.xml11:14
ChrisHWW: A manual TOC?11:15
plovsChrisH, no a ReST TOC11:16
plovsChrisH, very nice btw11:17
ChrisHHuh? What now? FAQ? ReST? TOC?11:17
=== ChrisH is confused
WWTake a look:  http://math.colgate.edu/~wweckesser/faq.html   Scroll down to "Index"11:17
WWI don't know why Index doesn't show up in the ToC11:17
ChrisHWW: nice11:18
ChrisHBut how do you do a TOC in a <book>? That's the question.11:18
WWOh, I see what you were asking... it's not a ToC, it's an index that I added.11:18
ChrisHDid you use <book>?11:18
ggiIs anybody running Hoary here? There seem to be problems with yelp.11:18
WWNo, article.  I just added <index /> at the end, and then added lots of <indexterm><primary>keyword</primary></indexterm>11:19
trickieggi, i am11:19
ChrisHWW: I also did that in <article>. But <book> seems to be suited better. I'm working on it having a TOC, too.11:19
WWChrisH: Does book use the same keywords for the index? (I hope so.)11:20
ChrisHWW: I'm pretty sure it does.11:21
trickieggi, i cannot load any docbook xml files with yelp11:21
WWIf you like the index, I'd be happy to commit it.11:21
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ChrisHWW: It looks a bit... chaotic... with the long strings.11:21
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ggitrickie: Yeah, neither can I. I was trying to look through the GNOME docs.11:21
=== ChrisH swears on his .xsl file
sivanghey ggi11:22
sivangnetwork up again :)11:22
ChrisHsivang: Back from getting cookies? :)11:22
ggihi sivang11:22
WWChrisH: That's the default for the index... It uses the question.  I think if the output were a printed book, they would be page numbers.11:22
sivangChrisH : I got back from that already, had network done after ...didn't I tell you about it ? :)11:22
ChrisHWW: Perhaps we can fine-tune that?11:23
sivangnot 'done'11:23
ChrisHsivang: Not really. :)11:23
WWChrisH: I suspect tweaking xsl parameters would help, but I'm not sure which ones, or how to do that.11:24
ChrisHAh! :)11:25
ChrisHFound it... :)11:26
trickiesivang, hello!11:29
sivangHi Trickie! At least I'm catching you new comers at a reasonable time :)11:30
trickieChrisH, http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/TOCcontrol.html - talks about TOC parameters for XSL11:30
trickiesivang, yeah... what is the time in your part of the world?11:30
ChrisHtrickie: Thanks. That's the page I'm on currently. ;)11:30
trickieChrisH, awesome!11:30
ChrisHProblem was: if there is a <sect1> but no <chapter> then no TOC will be generated. Argh.11:30
sivangbut last night it was around 6:00am, after a sleepless night 11:31
trickiesivang, 9.30am sunday morn here... nice and fresh-faced11:32
sivangwhere you at?11:32
plovsChrisH, i found it11:34
ChrisHOkay... works.11:34
ChrisHI've just checked in a version of <book> with a changed .xsl definition file that generates a TOC.11:35
trickiesivang, melbourne australia11:35
ChrisHCheck it out and check for yourself. :)11:35
ChrisHI just wonder why 'yelp' hangs on the faq.xml file. :(11:35
plovsChrisH, ok! i'll check it out11:35
sivangah! you could go to the sydney lug!11:35
sivangit looks like one of the nicest LUGs on earth :)11:35
sivangPeople, what is in the works currently? still on the faq?11:36
WWHmm... the Index shows up in the ToC in yelp, but the actual index page is blank.11:37
ChrisHWW: I didn't yet include an index.11:37
WWChrisH: That was about my copy... I haven't updated anything.11:37
ChrisHWW: ah, ok, sorry11:38
=== WW talks to himself now and then...
trickieChrisH, works for me! I still can't load anything in yelp, but the html output looks nice11:39
ChrisHtrickie: Cool.11:39
ChrisHThe FAQ seems to become really large. We should chunk it into multiple pages. I'll try that tomorrow.11:40
ChrisHIf you don't mind I'll go napping.11:40
trickieggi, do you know if there is a bug report for what is happenning in yelp?11:40
sivangthere is,11:41
sivangyou talk about the 'document could not be process" ?11:41
trickiesivang, cool11:41
sivangI am already talking about it with yelp11:41
sivang's author, the amazing shaun mckane11:41
trickiesivang, ok... i get a xsl import error11:42
ggitrickie: bug number 355711:42
=== ChrisH is curious how long the FAQ will be when he gets up again
trickiesivang, i'll have a look11:42
sivangyes that's the one11:42
sivangso FAQ is the main work now?11:42
trickieChrisH, i can have a look at chunking it if you wan11:42
ChrisHtrickie: Yes, thanks.11:42
=== ChrisH is out
ggiIs there anything in svn for the FAQ yet? I don't seem to be getting anything.11:44
plovsChrisH, I'm chopping it up right now (the faq)11:45
trickieggi, it is in ChrisH's svn... http://ubuntu.workaround.org:8080/faq11:45
trickieggi, svn co http://ubuntu.workaround.org:8080/faq11:46
ggiThanks trickie11:46
sivangplovs : seen your mail11:49
plovssivang, it's partly what we already spoke about11:52
sivangyes I noticed...I am also going to *finally* add the goals list to HoaryHedgod page11:52
plovssivang, :-)11:53
plovssivang, please comment!11:53
sivangah,, on the way!! :)11:53
sivangsorry for all my delays this weekend11:53
plovssivang, how the  network? solved?11:55
sivangyes, for the time being :((11:56
sivangtook me off for abour 2 hours, after which I had to go out to arrange some stuff11:56
sivangabout 20 router reboots, one cable guy, and one cable singnal meter..11:57
sivanghopefully the gnome manual is going to be uploaded to ChrisH's svn server..11:57
plovssivang, all's well that ends well11:59
sivangyes, however only for the time being. from my experience, when it starts , it keep bugging for about a week, after which things stabialize, then off to more 9 months without a problem, till 'see you next time!' :-/12:00

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