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Narthello, my ubuntu install takes forever on boot on 'Configuring Network Interfaces', and after it boots, my onboard LAN doesnt work... I'm running an Athlon64 with Giabit Lan of an nForce3 250gb chipset... anyone ran through this?12:00
IOStorm<---- UBER NOOB!12:01
Nartinstalled nForce drivers, enabled it, moved forcedeth into blacklist and still nothing :(12:02
LifesizeKenDollNart: what blacklist?12:02
LifesizeKenDollIOStorm: hehe12:03
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Riddelloldfish: incidently you could just use my KDE packages12:03
smyay, -M option12:04
=== corbob gets errors at boot about not finding modules, and other stuff but just ignores them cause it still boots and works fine;)
NartLifesizeKenDoll, sorry /etc/hotplug/blacklist12:05
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oldfishRiddell, I just apt-get -b source xmms, and its doing automatically, however it installed dependancies binary only, I will have to see if I can have everything compiled next, and btw it is compiling it for i68612:05
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encryptio__hey guys.12:08
t17mhhrmph -- so, I'm well along with my debian-to-ubuntu conversion. The only tricky part are packages I have to "downgrade" to the ubuntu version -- can anyone thing of a quick way to tell aptitude to select all versions with "ubuntu" in the name?12:08
encryptio__xorg is screwed.12:08
encryptio__how do i boot to init3 with yaboot?12:09
t17mhnevermind -- figured it out. synaptic lets you filter by words in version... once I've done that it's pretty easy to do manual (though if someone has a fast way...)12:10
alexeijhsame with aptitude, limit and put "~Vubuntu"12:10
scumlerdoes anybody know how to make Ubuntu recognize an aztech1008 isa-pnp sound card?12:11
smhmm grep --line-buffered maybe good for realtime stuff12:11
crimsunt17mh: there's an even faster way.12:11
crimsunt17mh: force apt to consider anything in the ubuntu repositories at higher priority than anything in debian12:12
crimsunt17mh: man apt_preferences12:12
t17mhcrimsun: Now that's what I'm talking about :)12:12
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amathisif I hooked up a slave WinXP (bleh) HD, would ubuntu detect it and give me a purrty dual boot, or would I need to edit /etc/lilo.conf   ?12:13
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crimsunadd it to grub's menu.lst12:14
=== RobLinux is away: I'm busy
amathisoops, that is right >D ubuntu uses grub12:14
amathiscrimsun~ how12:14
t17mhcrimsun: will aptitude follow /etc/apt/preferences automatically or should I use apt-get?12:15
crimsunamathis: if you don't feel comfortable editing menu.lst manually, you'll have to generate a new menu.lst using grub-install12:16
amathiscrimsun~ ah, so grub install will reinstall grub WITH linux and windows?12:16
crimsunt17mh: I've used apt-get; not certain about aptitude12:16
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t17mhcrimsun: It's easy enough to do it that way then.12:18
thoreauputict17mh: learning apt's command set is always worthwhile anyway12:19
sjoerddaniels: can mergeFB do no-square setups ?12:20
sjoerdmy lcd screen has a huge virtual size now :(12:20
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danielsnot to my knowledge, sorry12:20
danielsit's sort of difficult to make a non-rectangular fb12:20
sjoerdah well, at least it works.. that's the most important12:21
Nartanyone running nForce 3 based gigabit onboard lan with ubuntu?12:22
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amathisok, I hooked up my second HD, how can I configure GRUB to dual boot?12:35
epodCan anyone help me set up firefox 1.0 on warty?  It will only run as root once I install it12:36
socommamathis: add an entry to your /boot/grub/menu.list12:36
socommepod: where did you install it?12:36
socommepod: under which directory?12:37
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epodin /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/12:38
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socommepod: have you linked it to /usr/bin/firefox?12:39
amathissocomm~ hmm, if it is the second HD, what would the 'root' be? (hdb, 0) ?12:39
epodsocomm, yes12:40
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nimcwhen will firefox 1.0 be available on synaptic ?12:40
socommamathis: most likely hdb.12:40
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socommnimc: it's available on hoary.12:40
amathissocomm~ do I need to have a 'kernel' and 'initrd' ??12:40
amathisor is that just for linux boots?12:40
nimchow come its not available on warty then?12:41
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epodsocomm, I installed it as root, since my user account can't write to /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox - and I used the installer, btw12:41
socommamathis: linux only, other OSes don't need that.12:42
thoreauputicnimc: because warty is the stable (read "frozen") version, and the release cycle is about 6 months12:42
amathissocomm~ ok, wish me luch >_^12:42
socommamathis: good luck.12:42
nimcthoreauputic, so whats the point of the synaptic updates ?12:42
socommepod: run `ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox'12:43
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thoreauputicnimc: security, mainly12:43
amathissocomm~ heh, forgot to ask.. with lilo, you gotta re run 'lilo'12:43
amathissame for grub?12:43
socommamathis: grub you don't need that.12:43
epodsocomm, I did that.12:43
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nimci don't understand why not have firefox 1.0 upgrade there? just because no one think it's important enough to bother and do it, unlike security ?12:44
socommepod: now alt+f2 and type firefox.12:44
epodsocomm, it doesn't work12:44
epodsocomm, you already asked me if I'd linked it.12:44
encryptio__help me! i've got a corrupted gdm display -- my cursor is fine, I can log in, but all I see is sheared images.12:44
cardadordebian unstable already have the new nvidia driver 66.29. Will it be released for Ubuntu?12:44
thoreauputicepod: you didn't need to install in that dir, and you didn't need to install as root either - your permissions are now foo-barred12:45
socommepod: so what's the error?12:45
jindHi pk_cen :)12:45
epodsocomm, one second and I'll tell you12:45
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epodI have to reinstall it12:45
epodshould I install as sudo or in a root shell?12:45
socommthoreauputic: he probably wanted a global installation.12:45
epodthoreauputic, I want a global installation.  How ought I to be installing it?12:46
socommepod: shouldn't matter.12:46
smmore about less12:46
thoreauputicsocomm: the package manager is probably totally confused now12:46
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smit shows initial results right away - don't have to wait for piped-in command to finish12:46
xaerodoes Ubuntu have better AMD64 support than Debian does?12:46
epodthoreauputic, I didn't install it with dpkg, since it's an installer12:46
socommthoreauputic: yes, but it will probably overwrite whatever you install by hand.12:47
nimcwhy not add firefox 1.0 to synaptic for warty users? it must be very popular....12:47
socommxaero: ubuntu == debian unstable.12:47
mjrxaero, well, yes, since Debian doesn't have official amd64 support :)12:47
mjr(though there is the as yet unofficial port)12:47
xaeroyeah, that's what i'm running now12:47
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smand, it's perfectly happy to let me page my entire half-gig logfile as well as following the latest data, highlighting search patterns and even numbering the 3 million lines if I want12:48
xaeroI have to set up stuff in chroots and shit =/12:48
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smclearly I should have been using this pager from-the-future a long time ago12:48
thoreauputicepod: I'm aware of that12:48
smthanks :)12:48
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mjrxaero, for running 32-bit software? That's pretty much the same over here.12:49
xaerolike openoffice12:49
xaeroand cdega12:49
mjrwell, in ubuntu, you don't need that for openoffice12:50
mjrbut that's probably 'cause there's a special ia32-libs-openoffice.org package12:50
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@host34-170.pool8290.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
mjrfor cedega, you'd probably have to do chroot magic, yes12:50
=== amathis [~amathis@amathis.linuxfordummies] has joined #ubuntu
xaerowell the problem is, i can't get direct rendering in the chroot =(12:51
mjrxaero, no, that's not actually the problem12:51
amathissocomm~ grub gave error when I chose the windows one12:51
amathissocomm~ is there a fail safe way for me ? ^_^12:51
socommamathis: what's the exact error.12:51
xaeromjr: oh no?12:51
amathissocomm~ could not parse (hdb, 0)12:51
socommamathis: hdb is probably the wrong device.12:52
amathissocomm~ how can I look at the devices then?12:52
mjrxaero, I'd wager that your version of the DRI kernel driver doesn't actually support 32-bit clients on a 64-bit kernel at all12:52
mjrwhich seems to be the case for my ubuntu kernel, anyway12:52
xaeroI don't use DRI12:52
xaeroI use nvidia12:53
socommamathis: cd /dev/ && ls hd*12:53
mjrare they supposed to support it?12:53
socommamathis: should be /dev or /.dev12:53
xaeromjr: dunno12:53
xaerobut i know other ppl got this working with nvidia12:53
xaeroa guy in the debian/amd64 chan12:53
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socommamathis: hd1, maybe?12:54
mjryou do have /dev inside the chroot too, and access to the nvidia device nodes there?12:54
socommhd0 is the first disk, hd1 should be the second/slave.12:54
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amathishda  hda1  hda2  hda5  hda6  hda7  hdb  hdb1  hdc  hdd12:54
=== robust [~robust@c-217472d5.01-167-70697410.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
amathisit is hdb12:55
robusthmm .. what is the default admin password in ubuntu , my xf86config isnt correct and i need to edit it ;(12:55
mjrrobust, there is none, use sudo12:55
socommamathis: yeah, but you'll need something like `root (hd1,0)'12:55
amathissocomm~ will try12:56
robustmjr: can you explain howto use sudo really quick ;> ?12:56
robustbe a pal..12:56
socommamathis: wait.12:56
mjrsudo command12:56
mjr(runs command as root, after you enter your own password)12:56
t17mhrobust: often I type the command first so I can use tab completion, then C-a to the beginning of the line and type sudo :)12:56
socommamathis: http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Multiboot-with-GRUB.html12:57
mjrxaero, hmh, 1.0-6106 does seem to support 32-bit clients; check that yours is up to date12:57
xaeroi have 662912:57
t17mhrobust: You can also open a root terminal, or just sudo sh to get a root terminal.12:57
mjrrighto, then the dev stuff12:57
=== Lowry [~Lowry@CPE-144-136-201-14.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Lowryhi all12:58
thoreauputict17mh: sudo -s works for a root shell, too12:58
socommamathis: try `root (hd1, 0).12:58
robustif i use sudo sh it asks me for a password ...12:58
shaveryour password12:58
t17mhrobust: that's *your* password, not the admin password.12:58
shavernot root's12:58
robustwell .. i've tried mine a couple of times ..12:58
robustill try again12:58
robustit worked ;>12:58
t17mhSo actually... I'm in the midst of this debian-to-ubuntu migration. If I wanted to eliminate the root account for completeness and do it the ubuntu way, how would I go about it...?12:59
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dleI just installed Warty onto a system with a Radeon 9200se vid card.  on boot-up, it gets as far as starting GDM, then the screen turns into colour noise.  i can't get to a console either.  Any ideas?01:00
xaerot17mh: debian-to-ubuntu?01:00
mjrdle, hmh. I'll guess: boot into recovery mode and change /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 to use the radeon driver instead of ati; probably won't work for you, but I had a problem with that (though it only prevented X startup, which is why I don't believe you have the same problem)01:02
t17mhxaero: yup. just switched to ubuntu sources :)01:02
mjrbut just in case01:02
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=== amathis [~amathis@amathis.linuxfordummies] has joined #ubuntu
dlemjr: thanks.  recovery mode is an optionat the boot prompt?01:03
amathisok, now it says... Filesystem Unknown01:03
mjrdle, yes01:03
amathisis there a way that grub can just search and do it for me?01:03
xaerot17mh: ok01:03
nimcwhich driver is supposed to be faster, ati or radeon ?01:04
xaerot17mh: so u can change to ubuntu without reinstalling :D?01:04
robusti have another questions does someone know what hor and vert sync i should have (im using a lg 1915s)01:04
socommamathis: no, but there are ways you can pass arguments to it.01:04
t17mhxaero: I'll find out :)01:04
xaerowhat gcc are the amd64 packages with?01:04
xaero*compiled with01:04
amathissocomm~ could you elaborate please?01:04
mjrnimc, the ati driver is supposed to start the radeon driver when needed (but it bugged out on me, hence the manual change)01:04
nimcmjr, ok... and what are the drawbacks of just using the radeon driver in xf86config-4 ?01:05
socommamathis: grub lets you entercommands before you boot, I think it's escape or something to get into it's command line.01:05
mjrnimc, well, it won't automatically work if you switch your card to a non-radeon ati? ;)01:05
socommamathis: what is the exact entry you have for your second hard disk01:05
nimchehe ok01:06
amathislet me pastebin it.01:06
robustcan someone be super kind and find out what horizontal and vertical sync i have to use on a lg1915s ?01:06
nimccould anyone help me with getting direct rendering in glxinfo to work ?01:06
amathissocomm~ http://pastebin.com/11934301:07
mjrnimc, there's a vague chance, what's your card?01:07
zezwhere could I find some info on ho wto install the official ATI drivers?01:07
socommamathis: xp?01:08
amathissocomm~ yessa01:08
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nimcmjr, radeon 7800 (which is about the same as 7500) in a31p ibm thinkpad laptop01:08
zezcool, some other people are working with readon cards01:08
mjrnimc, ok, I happen to have a thinkpad with 7500, so I'll recommend that you first limit your resolution to 800x600 and see if it offers dri then01:09
=== Exasparilla [~alex@247.88.cm.sunflower.com] has left #ubuntu []
socommamathis: http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Multiboot-with-GRUB.html01:09
=== epod has his radeon working, but tuxracer has weird shard looking graphical issues
socommamathis: I think you need to add `rootnoverify (hd1,0) before `chainloader +1'01:09
nimcmjr, before that, another question... is there any way that might get the fglrx binary driver to work?01:09
zezepod: how did you install the drivers?  They are rpms01:09
epodzez: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/BinaryDriverHowto01:09
socommamathis: and move makeactive to be the last part of your win xp entry.01:10
=== mjr 's 9250 works fine with tuxracer, but flashing artifacts with nwn; hoary's x.org server thankfully fixed that :)
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mjrnimc, I don't know about that01:10
zezepod: thanks01:10
epodmjr: my 9600 has issues with tuxracer, works fine with postal2, haven't tried nwn yet01:10
epodzez: np01:10
t17mhzez: as a rule, you can install rpms with alien, but it's not ideal.01:10
nimcmjr, so just to change the resolution now and try glxinfo ? or do i need a reboot ?01:10
epodnimc: you'll need to restart x01:11
mjrepod, well, I'm using the free dri driver01:11
mjrnimc, just01:11
epodmjr: ohh, I'm using fglrx01:11
nimcok i'll try just...01:11
mjrthing is, at least the 7500 had too little video memory for dri to even bother with high resolutions01:11
=== [alt] [~alt@177.Red-213-97-230.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu []
mjrnimc, umm, except it won't do if you just change the res with ctrl-alt-+ or whatnot01:12
=== counterfeitliver [~counterfe@rrcs-67-52-122-167.west.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
mjryou have to actually free up video mem, that is, configure X to use a 800x600 resolution from the start, and restart X01:12
=== stf [~sfa@CPE-65-30-44-3.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
nimcwell it didnt work by changing res in gnome01:12
mjrI'll note that I haven't actually gotten around to trying this on Ubuntu, this is based on my experience with Debian and installing DRI drivers on that01:13
mjryes, it's not "supposed" to work01:13
mjrthough it'd sure be nice if it did ;)01:13
nimcso what to do, changing res in gnome and rebooting is not enough ?01:13
epodI hate this.  My internet connection here at work keeps dropping01:13
=== epod suspects a router is dying/dead
=== Hashar [~hashar@Hashar.wikipedia] has joined #ubuntu
nimcand if it works in 800x600, what next? i'm not planning to stay at 800x600....01:14
mjrnimc, if it works in 800x600, you make serverlayouts in the XF86Config-4 for a full-res server and for a 800x600 server, and start a separate 800x600 server if you want 3d; cumbersome, but them's the breaks as I know them01:14
mjrand you need to limit the resolution in said /etc/X11/XF86Config-401:15
nimcmjr, ahh so its not supposed to help for getting it to work in 1600x1200 ?01:15
mjrnimc, no, it's not01:15
mjrbut try it anyway, at least it might tell you where the problem is01:16
nimcyes i want to try anyway...01:17
nimcso what to do, changing res in gnome and rebooting is not enough ?01:17
mjrhow much video memory does your box have?01:17
nimci think 32meg...01:17
mjras I said, edit /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 and restart the X server01:17
cenerentolahi there...01:17
cenerentolacan someone tell me how can i disconnect a user?01:17
thoreauputiccenerentola: you mean delete a user account?01:18
mjrand by the way, in case you weren't aware of this, you can run multiple X servers at once, so if that's the issue, you could probably run your desktop at full resolution and switch to another server and back for games and such01:18
nimchmm what to edit ? i see 4 section with 1600x1200 with different depth ?01:18
cenerentolano... lets say im root.. and i want to disconnect an hacker who has logged in01:19
=== glens [~glens@203-173-29-122.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
mjrnimc, check the defaultdepth and change the corresponding section's Modes line to just say "800x600"01:19
nimcahhh right... i see01:20
nimcok, gonna do it and reboot, brb01:20
thoreauputiccenerentola: kill his shell, I guess01:20
=== sanitario [~sanitario@1-1-8-8a.gka.gbg.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== Deviled [~despair@pD958F93F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
socommcenerentola: traceroute + gps + shotgun.01:22
Hasharhello :o) I am wondering, since ubuntu is based on debian can I migrate to it just by changing the apt sources ? :o)01:23
=== srivatsa [~suryanas@] has joined #ubuntu
cenerentolasocomm: chaingun01:24
cenerentolathx guys01:24
Hashargiven I am under debian actually :p01:25
mjrHashar, you might have to get your hands dirty a bit in places, but in principle yes, though the results are not guaranteed01:25
mjrI first upgraded from sid01:25
mjrI hear that upgrades from sid have become less... automatic recently, as it's progressed01:26
robusthow can i make the cursor move faster when i'm using no mouse , only numpad on keyboard..01:26
mjrnow I run a fresh install, tho01:26
Hasharwell I will probably make a copy of my hard disk, remove most package and then try an upgrade :p01:27
=== shampoo [~shampoo@jknotzke.mtl.istop.com] has joined #ubuntu
shampooHi everyone01:27
shampoois there a way to enable ldap in evolution ?01:27
Chibishampoo :o01:27
=== Chibi thinks gaim's coloring is evil. o_o
=== nimc [~nimc@cable-129-176.inter.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
t17mhHashar: I'm in the middle of an debian-to-ubuntu. I have a fresh install on the other box in the room :) In addition to updating sources, I'd add a line to /etc/apt/preferences to make it choose ubuntu sources over others -- I used release a=warty myself.01:28
sanitarioChibi: the multicolor nicknames?01:28
ChibiYes. The colors always match the person's name. It's madness.01:28
mjrnimc, how's things?01:28
nimcmjr, it was totally messed up, i got a 1600x1200 display that had 4 quarter-of-the-screen mirrors, each 800x60001:28
sanitarioChibi: you know you can turn it off?01:28
mjrnimc, funny01:28
ChibiYes, That's not what I mean, though.01:28
dlemjr: i did as you suggested.  now X won't start at all, but at least it drops me to a shell.01:28
nimcmjr, and glxinfo still said direct rendering: no01:28
sanitarioChibi: ok, that's good01:29
mjrdle, well, that's progress then ;)01:29
Hashart17mh> going to try that. Do you have any url for the apt repository ?  :o)01:29
mjrnimc, righto. Then I'm out of ideas really.01:29
ChibiThe colors always match the user on a subliminal level. It's like Gaim has some sort of built in... o_o... thing... for freaking you out.01:29
nimci had to reboot, it was messed up. now back in normal 1600x120001:29
dlemjr: it blinks several time when trying to start.01:29
Hashardownload site on ubuntu.org only point to .iso :(01:29
robustis it possible to get xorg in ubuntu with the use of apt-get ?01:29
dlemjr: is there a config utility i could run in the shell?01:29
sanitarioChibi: ah, I see... weirdness...01:29
mjrnimc, I might have a look at my own 7500 laptop under ubuntu this weekend, might learn something new then01:29
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mojo_good morning every101:30
mojo_how re u guys today??01:30
ChibiI've gotten Debian with X onto my 133 pentium. :D01:30
=== RobLinux is back (gone 01:15:51)
thoreauputicdle: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8601:30
ChibiWith 30 megs of ram.01:30
t17mhHashar: I grabbed archive.ubuntu.com warty main restricted universe multiverse... then two others for warty-security and warty-updates01:30
dlethoreauputic: htanks.01:30
mjrcome to think of it, I'm not even actually sure that 7x00's have support in ubuntu, I just kinda assumed since my 9250 works too ;)01:30
ChibiIt runs rather nice for the circumstances. I might attempt to put ubuntu over it today.01:30
nimcmjr, there wasn't supposed to be any extra action needed when it's in 800x600 for dri ?01:30
Hashart17mh> thanks :) Will try that next week :o)01:31
mjrnimc, nah. But, there's one more thing. See /var/log/XFree86.0.log01:31
t17mhHashar: np -- if you stick around irc, I'll let you know how mine works out later tonight.01:31
mjrnimc, and see if there's some mention on why DRI/DRM wouldn't be enabled01:31
mjrdle, well, you can pretty much edit /etc/X11/XF86Config-4. Recommend seeing that log I just mentioned too, it might tell you something on why it won't start01:32
nimcmjr, i dont see anything special there01:32
t17mhHashar etc. Okay -- the install is done. I'm going to reboot just to be sure I kill all active processes and see how it goes with the new ubuntu stuff.01:33
Hashargood luck !01:33
mjrnimc, hm, just checking, but /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 does have a line saying 'Load    "dri"' in it, doesn't it? :)01:33
dlemjr: editing the X config file is not likely to be useful to me.  I wouldn't know what to substitute/remove/etc.01:34
nimcmjr, doesn't seem so01:34
=== JanneM [~JanneM@gk4.leo-net.jp] has joined #ubuntu
mjrnimc, ah. I see. This might mean that Ubuntu doesn't actually support it out-of-the-box, but let's try anyway; add, in Section "Module" that line, and also Load "glx" and Load "GLcore"01:35
robustsorry for asking but how do i search for packets with apt-get ?01:36
mjrapt-cache search01:36
robustok ;=01:36
=== lemsx1 [~lemsx1@p78-56.acedsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiDoes anyone have one of those little dot in the middle of your keyboard mice? :o01:36
=== nefertati [~no_name@samo364-a059.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
nimcmjr, i have glx glcore and dri in xf86config-4 - but not in /var/log/XFree86.0.log01:37
robustmjr: but that just finds packages that have been installed right? how about things that havent beeen installed ?01:37
mjrrobust, no, it searches the whole database01:37
mjr(the one that you have apt-get updated)01:37
nimcmjr, sorry i misread what u said... looked for load dri in the log file.... sorry01:37
mjrnimc, oh, okay then01:37
robustso mplayer and centericq doesnt exist .. that's not good ;(01:38
dlemjr: editing the X config file is not likely to be useful to me.  I wouldn't know what to substitute/remove/etc.01:38
=== raphael [~raph@rberbain.net1.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu
mjrdle, I don't think there's a useful setup tool in this situation01:38
=== sanitario [~sanitario@1-1-8-8a.gka.gbg.bostream.se] has left #ubuntu []
mjrdle, you might try to catch some of the nice Ubuntu folk and ask more from them01:39
mjror the mailing lists01:39
=== asubedi [~asubedi@pcp04534808pcs.oakrdg01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
LowryAny ppc users have suggestions for getting dri to work on a powerbook g3?01:41
=== pdaoust [~paul@S010600400559f412.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== pdaoust [~paul@S010600400559f412.ok.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu []
cefwell, glad I didn't have anything important on that machine I tried upgrading to hoary.. ho hum01:44
=== rjek [~rjek@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== NJperson [~njperson@ool-44c0b138.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
rjekErr, stupid question time: What package are the libc manpages in?01:45
dlemjr: phooey, the reconfigure didn't help at all.01:46
mjrwell, I did say I didn't think it was that01:46
=== xanthus [~Xan@xanthus.irc.fedora-es] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
=== discord [~discord@c66-235-3-16.sea2.cablespeed.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== sjoerd [~sjoerd@fire.ipv6.luon.net] has joined #ubuntu
robustcan someone recommend a command line music player that can handle shoutcast servers ?01:48
robustthat is available in apt-get ofcourse .01:48
discordcan ubuntu use debian packages?01:49
LifesizeKenDolldiscord: yes01:49
LifesizeKenDolldiscord: but it's recommended to use Ubuntu's if available01:49
=== gabe [~gabe@static24-72-77-242.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
NJpersonCan someone help with connecting via dialup. I have a PCMCIA modem that I can connect to an iSP but Firebird, mail, ping, etc  dont work01:49
cefdiscord: depends on the depenancies really01:50
discordoh im having trouble with the nvidia-glx package01:50
discordit says01:50
=== JDahl [~yyy@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
discordTo enable the driver, run "sudo nvidia-glx-config enable"01:50
discordwhich i did01:50
discorddo i need to change XF86-4config myself?01:50
nimcmjr, do u remember what should be about normal glxgears fps numbers for radeon 7500 with and without dri ? i get 200 fps without dri01:50
cefdiscord: no you don't .. did you log out and restart X?01:51
robustsoon i dont feel like playing with ubuntu anymore ... gentoo wait for me ! ;P01:51
discordbut i didnt see the nvidia logo01:51
dlemjr: Do you know what the fundamental problem might be?  Is it that the card is just not well supported?01:51
=== cristian [~cristian@ppp-98-205.26-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== jcole [~jcole@atlwebproxy2.core.hp.com] has joined #ubuntu
discordso i dont think its working01:51
discordhmm maybe i didnt log out01:51
cefdiscord: did you actually restart X?01:51
jcoledoes anyone here have the deb-src entries enabled in sources.list?01:51
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-222-13-66.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== parax [~parax@84-122-224-241.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== discord [~discord@c66-235-3-16.sea2.cablespeed.com] has joined #ubuntu
discordsomething about glx driver not found01:53
discordbut according to synaptic it is there01:53
cefhrm... do you have restricted in your sources?01:53
=== jackthetripper [~jim@jackthetripper.active.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
mjrnimc, I don't, but I'm guessing maybe some 500 with01:54
paraxa quick question: I will go to upgrade to hoary... what do you recommend me, to use dist-upgrade or simply upgrade? the first one upgrades more packages, but deletes trashapplet and blt-common01:54
mjrdle, 9200 cards _should_ be well supported and should work out of the box01:54
cefdiscord: when you installed nvidia-glx, did you follow the faq?01:54
=== billytwowilly enjoys his mobility radeon 9700 and the whole not working with xorg yet, although works with xfree
nimcmjr, i do see some errors in the log... drmOpenDevice: Open failed01:55
=== shaver [~shaver@off.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== jackthetripper [~jim@jackthetripper.active.supporter.pdpc] has left #ubuntu []
cefdiscord: restricted contains stuff that isn't 100% free (eg: the nvidia module).. and without that, you can't run the nvidia driver01:57
=== parax [~parax@84-122-224-241.onocable.ono.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== asubedi [~asubedi@pcp04534808pcs.oakrdg01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
discordi didn't know there was a faq01:58
discordbut i think i installed that restricted yesterday01:58
mjrdle, though I think it probably won't help, you might try to add to the Device section the line: ChipId    0x596401:58
discordlet me check01:58
=== Dethread [~Dethread@24-205-231-52.slo-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
mjrand restart X01:58
cefaha.. hold a sec01:58
discordis their a package for kernel sources01:58
bob2you don't need the kernel source01:59
cefdo you really need the kernel source?01:59
discordbut is their a package for them01:59
cefbob2: thanks01:59
bob2yes, there is a a package for the kernel source01:59
mjrnimc, hmh, the dri device node in /dev either doesn't exist or you don't have permissions for it01:59
zenwhenI compiled the driver for my webcam and insmodded it01:59
zenwhenand when I plugged it in01:59
zenwhenit worked01:59
zenwhenIm boring02:00
mjrnimc, but I shan't at this time speculate further on that02:00
=== NJperson [~njperson@ool-44c0b138.dyn.optonline.net] has left #ubuntu []
cefbob2: upgraded my desktop to hoary.. it now fails to boot.. I blame daniels02:00
=== BeTa [~beta@beta.loc.e-glop.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2cef: hah, worked fine for me, which is lucky for daniels02:01
=== visor [~gustavo@] has joined #ubuntu
cefbob2: grub has lost the kernel.. *sigh*02:01
cefbob2: and an older kernel cant find the rootfs02:01
discordwhere is that package at i could not find the sources last night02:01
Deviledcould somebody tell me which software should i use for get my webcam working? i mean, its found and installed, but i dont know the app-name which i should use.. lol02:01
bob2cef: hm, that older thing sounds like a initrd issue02:02
bob2discord: you do not need the kernel source to get the nvidia driver working02:02
bob2why do people end sentences with "lol"?02:02
cefDeviled: tried gtkam?02:03
Deviledbob2, not everytime :)02:03
cefbob2: the older kernel used to boot though, which is the problem02:03
cefbob2: oh well.. was thinking of reinstalling anyway. wanna set the drive with lvm02:04
Deviledcef, "gtkam" is not found, andapt-get knows nothing about apt-get.. :/02:05
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
Deviledahh, i mean about gtkam02:05
bob2gtkam - GTK+ application for digital still cameras02:05
bob2it's in universe02:06
cefahh.. wrong app anyway02:06
cefcan't remember what the webcam app I used to use was... hrm02:07
=== RobLinux [~RobLinux@user-0cev21p.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Libranet]
=== Elyran [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bluefoxicy [~bluefox@pcp485126pcs.whtmrs01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_So. I'm trying to pin Hoary down, and have Synaptic still work as expected, but im not having much luck.02:10
bluefoxicyis it yet possible to order LiveCDs?02:10
bluefoxicymy cd burner is being a bitch02:10
bob2wasabi_: "pin hoary down"?02:10
bluefoxicyand I'm low on CDs anyway02:10
bob2bluefoxicy: the i386 warty cds include a livecd02:10
wasabi_bob2, using apt pinning. Just like stable/testing02:10
wasabi_bob2, i want updates on currently installed hoary pacakges tracked, but new installs to come from warty02:10
bluefoxicybob2:  and they're free?  I have no money :P02:10
Deviledcef, thx anyway :)02:10
bob2wasabi_: gah02:10
wasabi_bob2, yeah.02:11
bob2bluefoxicy: yes02:11
bob2wasabi_: well, I don't know if synaptic supports that, but, erm, good luck02:11
wasabi_bob2, apparently it doesn't. ;)02:11
wasabi_Since it ain't workin!02:11
bob2pinning will be fun02:12
bob2and by fun I mean "going to break"02:12
bluefoxicybob2:  any recommendation for how many should be ordered at once?  The CDs I understand are relatively cheap, whereas the shipping has significantly (within scope) more cost.  What woud be the most ample balance where the Ubuntu project is not inconvenienced, but where the shipment is not a financial waste due to the abnoxious cost of shipping?02:12
bob2bluefoxicy: erm, the more you order, the more it costs02:13
bob2bluefoxicy: order as many as you think you need, but I think you might be too late02:13
bob2orders closed on 12th, iirc02:13
bob2there might be time, depending on timezones02:13
bluefoxicybob2: "Since shipping will often be more than the cost of the CDs, please feel free to request multiple CDs to give away and share with friends."  <-- Just worried about that :)02:13
bluefoxicybob2:  I'm not worried right now02:14
bluefoxicyI'm waiting for Hoary before I do any ordering of anything02:14
bob2hoary is 5 months away02:14
bluefoxicyI usually burn liveCDs of gnoppix (which as i understand is now just the Ubuntu Release LiveCD) whenever it comes out; but my CD burner. . well, cdrecord just hangs02:14
bluefoxicyI've still got ~8 Gnoppix 0.8.1beta5 CDs left to just hand out to random people, and they go very slow :)02:15
bluefoxicyI only handed 2 out to my Unix class for chrissake.02:15
cefbob2: yeah re: 12th.. I have no idea if it closed.. I amended my order after the first lot had shipped.. the new lot haven't been marked as shipped yet, so nfi if I'll actually get all the amended cd's02:15
bob2ah, yeah, it was 12th, so you might have time if you do it now02:16
bob2cef: ah, right02:16
=== discord [~discord@c66-235-3-16.sea2.cablespeed.com] has joined #ubuntu
cefbob2: yeah re: 12th.. I have no idea if it closed.. I amended my order after the first lot had shipped.. the new lot haven't been marked as shipped yet, so nfi if I'll actually get all the amended cd's02:17
ceflater ppl02:17
=== jin [~jin@220-244-249-169.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== dewey [~dewey@c-67-168-51-181.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
discordwill i take a preformance hit if i use a smp kernel on a uniprocessor machine?02:18
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-88-128.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|evening. Can someone tell me how to add a command to my window manager startup script, if I am logging in through gdm?02:20
ChibiGot the mouse working :D02:20
bob2discord: yes02:20
discordthe package manager will not let me remove the smp kernel sense i am running it02:21
bob2Matt|: you can add it to your gnome session, it depends what you're trying to do02:21
bob2discord: why did you install the smp one to begin with?02:21
=== dasenjo [~dasenjo@] has left #ubuntu []
bob2discord: but just select the UP one without removing the other02:21
discordit must have happened by accident02:21
discordi did02:21
Matt|bob2, ok i'll explain a bit better. I want to start nautilus when starting my window manager from gdm, in order to use it to draw the desktop02:21
discorddo i need to press a key to have grub let me select the kernel02:22
discordcause i saw no option to do so02:22
bob2Matt|: the easiest way is to create a ~/.xsession and run everything from there02:22
=== Elyran is now known as Mirno
Matt|bob2, that would involve disposing of gdm right?02:22
bob2Matt|: no02:22
Matt|discord, normally the escape key02:23
Matt|discord, you can set a particular kernel as defaul02:23
discordi will reboot again02:23
bob2Matt|: select the "debian session" or custom or something from gdm02:23
discordhow do i do that02:23
Matt|bob2, oh i c02:23
bob2the one that's not named after a wm ;)02:23
Matt|bob2, i'll give that a try02:23
Matt|discord, you could try running "sudo boot-admin"02:24
Matt|discord, if not, you'll have to edit your grub configuration file02:24
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-42-221.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|Be RiGhT bAcK02:27
discordMatt| , is boot-admin a package i have to install?02:27
=== Temet [~temet@lns-vlq-42-lil-82-252-72-172.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirakmy gnome is dead02:29
=== Temet [~temet@lns-vlq-42-lil-82-252-72-172.adsl.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Bye"]
JanneMservices will be held next friday02:29
lemsx1mirak, get a midget then02:29
Rene_SI killed my Gnome last night02:29
Rene_SI am now on the run in KDE02:29
LifesizeKenDollRene_S: tis an evil beast you toy with02:29
=== lemsx1 you murderers!
mirakRene_S:  me too I installed kde02:30
discordn/m ill edit the menu.lst file02:30
=== Hikaru79 [~hikaru79@d57-4-59.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
LifesizeKenDollhow'd your gnomes die?02:30
Rene_SI am being Harboured by Mepis until the heats off02:30
mirakI can't log into gnome but nothing happens02:30
lemsx1just remove all .gnome* directories and .gconf02:30
miraktaskbars are empty02:30
miraklemsx1: the poor really didsn't make it02:30
lemsx1.gconf* of course02:30
Rene_SI did nasty things to mine, installed a bunch of odd things02:30
miraklemsx1: that's not enough02:31
lemsx1mirak, man, that's sad... what does .xsession-erros say?02:31
lemsx1mirak, ~/.xsession-errors02:31
Rene_SI am going back to Ubuntu as soon as I wake up a little more02:31
miraklemsx1: I don't know02:32
mirakkde reseted it02:33
mirakI checked in but I don't remmeber02:33
Rene_SThink i am gonna stick with Warty too, dunno what happened but everytime  I opened a window all my windows would open and close02:33
lemsx1mirak, if you kill gdm (/etc/init.d/gdm stop) and then run gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /02:33
lemsx1mirak, that should effectively make all defaults available02:33
lemsx1mirak, kde hurts my eyes02:33
mirakgconftool-2 --recursive-unset /02:34
mirakwhy a / ?02:34
Rene_SMine looks like gnome now02:34
=== lemsx1 blood coming out of my eyes just from reading k d e
mirakin fact I like both02:34
lemsx1mirak, / means "the root of the tree"02:34
mirakwhat I don't like in gnome is the poor applications menu02:34
lemsx1mirak, don't worry is not your filesystem :-D just your XML keys02:34
miraklemsx1: yes by02:34
Rene_SMepis is almost like Ubuntu, only in KDE02:34
mirakah ok02:34
lemsx1mirak, poor? that's in ubuntu. not in vanilla debian02:35
miraklemsx1: I don't remember how it is in debian02:35
lemsx1mirak, in ubuntu you get a newbie's menu (nice, but limited)02:35
mirakhow can I have all the apps ?02:35
=== hypa7i1 [~leigh@] has joined #ubuntu
lemsx1mirak, in debian you have the most useful things in the menus and then another menu with everything possible under a special "Debian" submenu (powerful, but cluttered)02:36
=== Temet [~temet@lns-vlq-42-lil-82-252-72-172.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
miraklemsx1: yes, like in kde02:36
Rene_SI get that in Mepis too02:36
lemsx1mirak, i have no idea how you do this in ubuntu... perhaps if you install gnome 2.8 from Debian :-D02:36
Temetcan someone tell me how can i use "fuser" to know which process is using a file ?02:36
hypa7i1hey all, i'm trying to use the ubu cd to do a memtest, if it goes straight back to the boot menu (text menu even) when i choose memtest is it safe to say that my ram is shot?02:36
lemsx1mirak, don't worry too much about those other apps since you might never really launch them02:37
bob2Temet: fuser -v /path/to/file02:37
hypa7i1i was hoping it would be a little more informative than just going back to the menu02:37
miraklemsx1: I have mixed source with sid ...02:37
Temetthaks a lot bob202:37
=== discord [~discord@c66-235-3-16.sea2.cablespeed.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2hypa7i1: does booting it off a floppy work?02:37
miraklemsx1: I am really sure to not launch them if they are not in the menu02:37
Rene_SHmm dunno girl, might wanna check that out02:37
visordo you people have problems with rhythmbox taking too much time to load the songs and build the playlist?02:38
LifesizeKenDollvisor: mine seems fine, it takes about 5 seconds for 11 gigs02:38
Rene_SNo i dont have anyproblems with rythmbox02:38
hypa7i1haven't tried that, bob202:38
hypa7i1oooh and i am able to boot into the full livecd but it dies after like 2 minutes02:38
lemsx1mirak, lol. i get your point... ... you might be able to do a simple script that creates a .desktop file for all files in /usr/bin :-) and then put the .desktop files in /usr/share/applications ;-)02:39
hypa7i1like, gnome loads, i open firefox, i open the terminal, poof, it reboots02:40
visorLifesizeKenDoll: uhmm then i shall figure it has something to do with either samba or characters in spanish :S02:40
LifesizeKenDollvisor: how long does it take you?02:40
visori had the same once, with some other distros and different versions02:40
=== discord [~discord@c66-235-3-16.sea2.cablespeed.com] has joined #ubuntu
visorLifesizeKenDoll: it had like 10 minutes and it even didnt loaded the half of the music (about 3gb)02:41
LifesizeKenDollvisor: strange02:41
visorso i deleted the xml db playlist and tried again, but as i said, i guess it has something to do with special characters in song names maybe02:41
Temethey, hi LifesizeKenDoll ! ;)02:42
visorand i noticed too that when rhythmbox was actually gathering the info and loading the files the cpu gone wild and the laptop felt really really warm, temp got like about 75 degree (celsius)02:42
LifesizeKenDollHey Temet02:42
LifesizeKenDollhow's it going?02:42
=== stodge [~stodge@CPE0080c8790cda-CM000039179a5e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Temetwell, thanks LifesizeKenDoll02:43
LifesizeKenDollI didn't compliment you?02:43
visorbut well, totem does it, its just you know, its better to have a playlist, and since xmms wont load music from remote well...02:43
Temetwhy are there so many peoples with nicks starting with "life" ?02:43
Temetthat's boring02:44
genyou're boring02:44
LifesizeKenDollcause I'm a Lifesize Ken Doll02:44
visorbecause they can02:44
Rene_SBB in a bit gotta re Ubuntu02:44
visorbecause.... just because02:44
genthere are two02:44
genhow is that a lot?02:44
hypa7i1hey LifesizeKenDoll i hear barbie dumped you02:44
Temetlol LifesizeKenDoll , i don't understand what it means02:44
hypa7i1she's with that surfer dude now02:44
TemetKey Doll ....02:45
LifesizeKenDollTemet: Ken is Barbie's boyfriend02:45
Temetyep, allright LifesizeKenDoll02:45
LifesizeKenDollhey everyone: It's Divorced Barbie - comes with half of Ken's stuff02:45
hypa7i1not anymore!02:45
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-42-221.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Temetsorry, I'm not a great fan LifesizeKenDoll02:45
=== seba [seba2004_5@] has joined #ubuntu
LifesizeKenDollneither am I, but whatever02:46
visorbtw i didnt know that there was a .deb of guifications for gaim so if any's interested... you can grab it on guifications.sf.net02:46
visorit works with ubuntu like a charm02:46
visorand you dont have to break nor install thousand of deps to have it working02:46
mirakgnome is crap02:46
visoryeah, i like crap i guess02:47
visorbrb guys02:47
mirakit's really dead now02:47
=== Rez [lorez@lorez.staff.freenode] has joined #ubuntu
LifesizeKenDollI like Gnome02:47
hypa7i1argh!  this computer is messinated02:47
bob2an eRezer of love02:48
mirakI can't log02:48
mirakit's dead02:48
mirakI can log in fact02:48
bluefoxicyI wonder02:48
mirakbut I can't do somthing02:48
Temethey LifesizeKenDoll , i have a great plugin for xmms on me FC2 , that allows me to use some keyboard shortcuts. Do you know if it's possible with ubuntu ?02:48
bluefoxicyCould you get the Debian Installer to use a Gnome interface?02:48
genwhy don't you get the plugin and see02:48
Temetgen , it's not in synaptic02:49
LifesizeKenDollTemet: yea it is02:49
LifesizeKenDollTemet: it's called xmms-itouch02:49
bob2bluefoxicy: you could get it to use gtkfb02:49
genoh shit, so if it's not there, it won't be anywhere amirite02:49
bluefoxicybob2:  what about full net install?  Only the bare minimum needed for the net installer is there, everything taht can be downloaded is02:49
lemsx1mirak, what you mean you can login but not do crap?02:49
LifesizeKenDollTemet: sudo apt-get install xmms-xf86audio02:49
mirakI have a up panel with nothing02:49
bob2bluefoxicy: yes, debian already does that02:49
LifesizeKenDollthat's the one in apt02:49
bob2and has for years02:50
mirakand a bottom panel with just clear the dekstop and kill a window02:50
bluefoxicybob2:  Take the Ubuntu LiveCDs, put this on them, have them come up, load Gnome, bring up the Install process, run you through it, begin the install, then background02:50
mirakkill window doesn't work02:50
lemsx1once you are login you can, say, switch to CTRL+ALT+F1 and then from a console (logged as yourself): xterm -display :002:50
Temetyeah LifesizeKenDoll , i'va got that one, but i can configure it :/02:50
bob2bluefoxicy: I suppose so02:50
bob2I really don't get this whole "we have to install from a livecd!" thing02:50
wasabi_I have yet to get any debian netinstall working how I want it to.02:50
miraklemsx1: that won't get me far02:50
wasabi_Always too much to set up.02:50
LifesizeKenDollComputer->Desktop Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts02:50
lemsx1mirak, my guess is that you are missing tons of stuff02:50
Temetsorry LifesizeKenDoll , I can't02:50
LifesizeKenDollTemet: why not?02:51
bluefoxicybob2:  Just a passing thought, rather than sitting through the installer, maybe actually boot into a usable system and install leasurely02:51
bob2wasabi_: that's debian, not anything to do with the netinst side of it02:51
wasabi_I want to plop the ubuntu cd into the server, run a command which asks me config questions, and have clients work instantly. ;)02:51
lemsx1mirak, once you have a terminal the possibilities are limitless02:51
Temetconfigure button in xmms is not active LifesizeKenDoll02:51
wasabi_bob2, i mean setup of the net install process.02:51
wasabi_actually, i know little about d-i02:51
wasabi_it might be easier.02:51
bob2a ubuntu netinst would be exactly the same as a cd install, except that it downloads a lot of stuff02:51
miraklemsx1: nautilus won't even run02:51
LifesizeKenDollTemet: on the top menu in gnome02:51
bob2wasabi_: huh? the netinst install is identical to the cd install02:51
wasabi_bob2, last I tried debian, i used fai.02:52
wasabi_and I was very disappointed with it02:52
lemsx1mirak, from a terminal you can: gconftool2 --recursive-unset /02:52
wasabi_bob2, need unattended.02:52
=== WX [~chris@h-68-166-219-29.snvacaid.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
miraklemsx1: I have don it it won't gelp02:52
LifesizeKenDollTemet: `gnome-keybinding-properties`02:52
lemsx1mirak, then you can call nautilus from the terminal also: nautilus02:52
Temetwait a minute02:52
miraklemsx1: and I can't run nautilus even in kde02:52
mirakwithout nautilus you can't do much in gnome02:52
bluefoxicybob2:  yes, it would; except that also you don't need a big CD full of installation data.  I prefer the concept of LiveCD with Installation Process available so the user can keep one CD around.02:52
miraklemsx1: nautilus don't work02:53
bob2bluefoxicy: ok02:53
lemsx1mirak, you have to first get to gnome (gnome-session) and then from a session you will be able to fix gnome completely... don't worry too much... its simple02:53
wasabi_bluefoxicy, you'd have to package the software on one CD twice. Once as packages for the install, and again for the bootable os.02:53
bluefoxicywasabi:  net install.02:53
wasabi_oh. it can already do that.02:53
=== _pi_ [~user@78.Red-80-26-0.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
lemsx1mirak, get to gnome, open a terminal, open xchat (xchat &) and then talk from there02:53
bob2wasabi_: no, the install packages are downloaded02:53
=== idaho45 [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_well, i assumed he wanted more than it already did. :002:53
bob2the livecd has no installer02:54
wasabi_it don't? how sad.02:54
bob2it's a livecd02:54
bob2if you want to install, you use the install cd02:55
bluefoxicyImagine that the Ubuntu LiveCDs gave two main:  "Ubuntu LiveCD," "Ubuntu Installer."  The Ubuntu Installer would be a Curses (or X11 if you fancy) Debian-Installer doing Net-install; while the "Ubuntu LiveCD" would be a LiveCD from which you could either do liveCD things or run a GUI based Debian-Installer.02:55
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-42-221.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
bluefoxicyOne CD to download and keep track for both needs, plus the ability to kick off the install and then go google for shit02:55
bluefoxicyif you have a problem in the install, you can get right into the IRC channel or read the Wiki02:55
hypa7i1i personally am pretty happy having separate ones02:55
genas am i02:55
mirakI am back02:56
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
lemsx1mirak, from gnome-session now?02:56
Adrenalhow do i install evolution version 202:56
lemsx1mirak, kill the panel: pkill gnome-panel02:56
Adrenalcos the command on the website won't work02:56
wasabi_I thought warty came with evo 2.02:56
bob2Adrenal: "won't work"?02:56
Adrenalno rpm02:56
Adrenalin ubuntu02:57
bob2Adrenal: lordy02:57
wasabi_oh jeeze.02:57
genyou are lost adrenal02:57
bob2Adrenal: evolution in warty is version 2.0, and is installed by default02:57
Adrenalits a download command02:57
bob2you already have it02:57
=== tvon [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenalits 1.502:57
Adrenaland i want the sweet fedora one02:57
Adrenalwith weather and what not02:57
bob2that's from my ubuntu cd02:57
wasabi_and um.02:58
Adrenalnot on mine02:58
wasabi_don't immediatly try to install rpm's on ubuntu.02:58
wasabi_unless you know what you're doing.02:58
miraklemsx1: then ?02:58
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-125.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
bluefoxicyhypa7i1, gen:  Alright, but consider the LiveCD just being augmented.  It would gain possibly 20-40M in its image size, correct?  This could be ignored if you prefer a separate CD (you may want to just download the 20-40M netinstall CD for example, or you may want CD based installs); but it would follow the "Swiss Army Knife" philosophy: you may just be interested in a knife, but there's a saw and a screwdriver there if you need02:58
lemsx1mirak, k, did the panels came back? if so, try adding things to it (like the Gnome menu)02:58
Adrenaleven on the datebase for synaptic02:58
Adrenalits only the 1.5 install02:58
wasabi_Adrenal, dpkg -l evolution02:59
lemsx1mirak, also, try launching gnome-terminal (since that has tabs)02:59
miraklemsx1: the panels where already present02:59
Adrenaloh, i c, it is the 2 version02:59
bluefoxicythe two questions here are, 1.  Is this easy to implement; and 2.  is the trade-off (size of the LiveCD increases, and somebody has to do this) worth the benefits?02:59
wasabi_uh huh02:59
mirakbut I can't do anything on them02:59
Adrenalbut how do i make it like the fedora version02:59
Adrenalwith weather and what not?02:59
wasabi_what does that mean.02:59
bob2bluefoxicy: are you offering to implement it?03:00
bob2Adrenal: use fedora03:00
lemsx1mirak, the panels are "hunged up" ?03:00
bluefoxicybob2:  no, just getting the idea out and bouncing it off your heads :P03:00
bob2if that's all you care about, just use fedora03:00
lemsx1mirak, if you click on them, they don't work03:00
Adrenalno, i prefer ubuntu03:00
Adrenalfixes dependiecies atomatically etc03:00
bob2Adrenal: well, then use ubuntu's evolution03:00
bob2Adrenal: it is possible to install rpms, but you will break things03:01
Adrenalbut is there anyway to make eolution like fedora's?03:01
hypa7i1bob2, Adrenal, you can do weather in ubu Evolution03:01
lemsx1mirak, what was the last thing you did before this happen? did you mismatch libraries or something?03:01
miraklemsx1: no they don't03:01
hypa7i1they're just rss feeds03:01
bob2hypa7i1: hah, I thought so03:01
Adrenali relised that03:01
miraklemsx1: I don't know03:01
lemsx1mirak, like, did you use binaries from two different repositories03:01
miraklemsx1: I add the same problem on mandrake03:01
=== mipooh [~mipooh@] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenalmeh, i'll try it myself03:01
miraklemsx1: yes but I add this problem on mandrake also03:01
lemsx1mirak, are you using the same $HOME as when you had mandrake?03:01
genDo you guys know of anyway to check hotmail via thunderbird03:01
miraklemsx1: yes, but I removed .kde and .gnome stuffs03:01
hypa7i1may i msg you bob2?03:02
lemsx1gen, you can use a proxy03:02
bob2hypa7i1: er, ok...03:02
gendidn't think of that03:02
mirakthat's a gnome bug03:02
genonly way?03:02
lemsx1mirak, that might not be enough, you still need to remove other things like: .gtkrc's and what have you03:02
mirakI have heard somebody saying he have this problem03:02
miraklemsx1: I have removed it03:02
lemsx1mirak, that's not a bug. that's a problem with your installation03:02
bob2gen: there are some packages in debian that let you access hotmail like a pop3 account03:02
bob2gen: you could set one of them up03:02
genpackages such as..03:03
lemsx1mirak, why don't you try moving your $HOME to other place, say mv /home/mirak /home/mirak203:03
miraklemsx1: I tried creating another user and log in it and result is the same : gnome is dead03:03
mirakliving dead03:03
bob2gen: such as the oens found by "apt-cache search hotmail"03:03
lemsx1mirak, and then re-create your $HOME and leave it blank :-)03:03
=== mipooh [~mipooh@] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
mirakI have tried with a new user, what I can I do more ?03:04
genthank you bob03:04
lemsx1mirak, that's not enough. you need to be able to login with a user tha thas a blank directory03:04
lemsx1mirak, your /etc/skel might be messed up also03:05
lemsx1mirak, /etc/skel gets copied to e/a new user $HOME dir03:05
miraklemsx1: lemsx1 a new user nececarily have a blanck folder03:05
Lowry any ppc users have ocr suggestions?03:05
lemsx1mirak, not true03:05
miraklemsx1: so what do I do with skel stuff ?03:06
lemsx1mirak, did you create the new user using an application? say adduser, useradd, or whatever? then it's not blank03:06
=== hypa7i1 is now known as hypa7ia
lemsx1mirak, first things first. rule out that with a blank dir you can login fine03:06
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-88-128.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
miraklemsx1: mmm I am thinkin to something, maybe my PATH is not set up corectly03:07
lemsx1mirak, if you messed up gdm.conf's PATH, that's possible... also your /etc/profile03:08
lemsx1mirak, you should NEVER touch those files03:08
lemsx1what do you get from echo $PATH ?03:08
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
Temetoki LifesizeKenDoll , i had a trouble with a f*cking key that didn't want to configure!03:08
lemsx1mirak, /bin and /usr/bin should be there03:08
Matt|hi there. I've just installed icewm and there are a couple of problems. Can you guys help me with it? Prob 1 is that the logout command does not work. Prob 2 is that the icons have disappeared from nautilus.03:08
lemsx1mirak, also, gdm.conf define's a path for gnome's binaries03:09
=== CerBerO_ [~CerBerO@CM128-mapu0-46-54.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
lemsx1mirak, that's fine03:09
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S01060050ba84f285.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
lemsx1mirak, mv yoru home dir /home/karim to karim2, recreate karim (mkdir karim; chmod 0700 karim; chown karim:users karim) and03:10
TemetLifesizeKenDoll , do you know how to modify the $PATH except by modifying .bashrc?03:10
lemsx1mirak, and then re-login03:10
Matt|hi there. I've just installed icewm and there are a couple of problems. Can you guys help me with it? Prob 1 is that the logout command does not work. Prob 2 is that the icons have disappeared from nautilus.03:12
=== Pres-Gas [~robert@66-208-230-166.ubr02a.lwrnce01.in.hfc.comcastbusiness.net] has joined #ubuntu
XenguyIf I want to try installing Ubu on an older box, and in case it becomes necessary, how easy would it be to ditch Gnome and substitute a leaner WM like, say, windowmaker?03:15
Matt|Xenguy, that is what i have done too03:15
Matt|Xenguy, not too difficult03:15
BurgundaviaXenguy: how old is the box?03:16
XenguyMatt|: can you offer any tips on an easy method then?03:16
bob2remember that things other than gnome have less magic03:16
Matt|Xenguy, just install the pacakges no problem03:16
bob2like automounting and such won't work03:16
XenguyBurgundavia: it' a pentium 233 I think03:16
Matt|less magic *laughs*03:16
BurgundaviaXenguy: ouch03:16
XenguyBurgundavia: hehe03:16
BurgundaviaXenguy: I have a Duron 750, and I have no problems with Gnome, but your 233 might03:17
Matt|bob2, do you have any suggestions for those 2 problems i'm having ^^ ??03:17
XenguyBurgundavia: I have debian with wmaker on it now, and it actually works for my wife (she's a student ATM)03:17
bob2Matt|: no, sorry03:17
Matt|bob2, k03:17
Matt|bob2, i reckon the logout button not working must be a bug03:18
bob2sounds like it03:18
bob2depending on how you started things in ~/.xsession03:18
Matt|bob2, icewm-session03:18
bob2that's all?03:18
XenguyMatt|: so how do you 'deactivate' Gnome -- just 'apt-get uninstall gnome', or ... ?03:18
Matt|matt@kallisto:~ $ cat .xsession03:18
Matt|xscreensaver &03:18
Matt|nautilus -n &03:18
Matt|Xenguy, you can leave gnome on if you like03:19
Matt|Xenguy, just select a different window manager when you log on03:19
=== zez_ [~zez@adsl-208-190-209-238.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
zez_This is a new problem for me.  since I installed the fglrx drivers, my screen is too tall for my display03:20
=== holycow [~yada@S0106002078ccd651.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2use your monitor controls to adjust it03:20
XenguyMatt|: I'm not clear on your method, but I'll figure it out, if and when I have to03:20
zez_bob2: thats not the problem03:20
zez_if I mouse up and down, the screen scrolls so I can see it all03:21
Matt|bob2, that .xsession looks ok to you?03:21
bob2tho I've never run nautilus outside gnome03:21
Matt|Xenguy, when you boot, you get a login screen. From that screen you can choose which desktop environment to use03:21
=== asubedi [~asubedi@pcp04534808pcs.oakrdg01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|bob2, me neither :)03:21
XenguyMatt|: hrm, sounds good -- I didn't know that option existed.  Thanks :-)03:22
Matt|bob2, it's nice because I can get transparency in my terminal and xchat if I use nautilus to draw the desktop03:22
bob2ah, right03:22
bob2you can use Esetroot for that, too03:22
Matt|hmm maybe better03:22
Matt|but i'll stick with it for now03:23
Matt|it can't be the cause of the logout problem03:23
bob2no filemanager, of course03:23
Matt|is icewm supported by ubuntu?03:23
Matt|maybe i can't even file a bug03:24
bob2no, it's in universe03:24
=== George^Deka [~george@205.b.011.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== mike_douglas [~mike@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|bob2, does that mean there might be a debian bug on this?03:25
=== moosehead [~moosehead@68-118-138-77.rcp11.ubr1.kea.ne.nebi.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2there might be03:25
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-30-203.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|where is debian bugzilla03:26
lemsx1mirak, any good news?03:26
bob2debian's bts is love03:27
mooseheadne1 want to help a newbie setup an airport card on a powerbook???03:27
hypa7iamoosehead: airport or airport extreme?03:27
mirakI am in gnome03:27
Matt|mirak, did you cure your xserver?03:27
mirakI removed .bash_profile03:27
mirakI don't know why this file is a problem, I never modified it03:27
=== Chibi [~chibifs@pcp09403250pcs.monroe01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mike_douglashey, I've upgraded to Hoary, and following the guide on the wiki, I changed my locale to a UTF-8 one. Now I'm getting a bunch of warnings like: locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory03:27
mirakMatt|: I put back xfree8603:27
=== ophie [~ophie@c-24-13-87-121.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirakbut I failed to make work xorg03:28
lemsx1mirak, you simply removed .bash_profile and it worked?03:28
miraklemsx1: yes03:28
lemsx1mirak, i guess some wrong variable being setup from that?03:28
bob2mirak: did you generate the locale?03:28
lemsx1mirak, so no Gnome bug after all uh?03:28
hypa7iamoosehead: doesn't autodetect?03:28
mirakmmm bob2 wich locale ?03:28
bob2erk, sorry, not you03:29
bob2mike_douglas: did you ghenerate the locale?03:29
mooseheadI just installed the card. ubuntu was already installed03:29
Matt|bob2, can't see a bug there03:29
Matt|must be something wrong with me03:29
hypa7iamooshead, can you paste your lspci to me?03:30
mirakbob2: what are the locale ?03:30
mike_douglasbob2: ya03:30
=== limaunion [~limaunion@172-166-114-200.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|i'm off to bed03:31
Matt|i'll sort it out another time03:31
Matt|nite nite03:31
lemsx1mirak, locales are the translation for programs. that was for somebody else03:31
=== bluefoxicy [~bluefox@pcp485126pcs.whtmrs01.md.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["That's]
miraklemsx1: how can I know what is wrong in .bash_profile ?03:35
lemsx1cat it here03:36
=== mikelds is now known as mikelds_away
lemsx1cat .bash_profile_old > xchat :-)03:37
=== lemsx1 just kidding
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
lemsx1put it somewhere or put the whole thing in #ubuntu-offtopic03:37
lemsx1to cut the noise here a bit :-)03:38
=== r3 [~r3@c-24-5-112-20.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Cyzada [~blah@spr1-watf2-3-0-cust151.asfd.broadband.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== pepsi [~pepsi@p190.n-sfpop05.stsn.com] has joined #ubuntu
CyzadaI have a problem with my install... anyone willing to help plz?03:42
lemsx1Cyzada, post your problem03:42
hypa7iasure Cyzada, ask away03:42
lemsx1Cyzada, you will find an "hear"03:43
hypa7iazenwhen: awesome, eh?03:43
zenwhenhopefully they will be sued hard03:43
hypa7iai <3 the broken windows icon03:43
hypa7iaseriously :-)03:43
=== natea [~natea@h000f66a887c6.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
lemsx1zenwhen, what's soundforge? gpl app?03:43
CyzadaWell... when I start it up... it says that the XServer could not start because of an invalid config and it just leaves me at a command line I can't even use...03:43
hypa7ialemsx1: worse, proprietary03:44
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S01060040f4acc23c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
lemsx1hypa7ia, oh lord03:44
hypa7iaCyzada: is it saying invalid or wrong permissions?03:44
hypa7ialemsx1: yeah, eh.  chickens, home, roost, all that03:44
zenwhenlemsx1, no03:44
zenwhencommercial audio editing app03:45
hypa7iaCyzada: darn.  because i know how to fix the permissions from the command line :-/03:45
Cyzadahmm.. can you teach me that so I can try it?03:45
hypa7iawell, if the error message didn't involve ICEauthority then it's got nothing to do with my fix :-/03:46
Cyzadaoh, dam03:46
hypa7iaanyone else know about x config errors?03:47
=== frogger_ [~frogger@roc-66-67-58-171.rochester.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Cyzadabrb, I'll reboot and copy down the exact message03:47
r3does the default install CD include gcc?03:48
hypa7iano, r303:48
hypa7iai think it may be on the cd, but it's not included by default03:49
=== Cyzada [~blah@spr1-watf2-3-0-cust151.asfd.broadband.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jind [~jind@217-17-134.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== electricsheepdre [~sean@ip68-111-69-6.oc.oc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
electricsheepdrefor some reason I can't see the side pane in nautilus03:52
electricsheepdrethe help file says to select view > side pane03:53
electricsheepdrebut there is no side pane option under view, or anywhere else that I can see03:53
wasabi_Browse mode.03:53
visorelectricsheepdre: browse mode03:53
Cyzadak, it says "We cannot seem to start the X Server (your graphical interface). This is most likely because it is not configured properly." then some stuff and it tells me its temporarily disabled the X server... before that when its booting up tho... it does say something about Permission Denied03:53
hypa7iawhat file is permission denied?03:54
Cyzadadunno... want me to restart and check?03:54
electricsheepdrehow to I set it to browse mode?03:54
Cyzadait passes really quick tho...03:54
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp34-10.lns1.adl1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iahmm, Cyzada, was it XFree86 something?03:55
electricsheepdrehow to I set nautilus to browse mode?03:56
hypa7iaokay, i'll msg with how to fix the permissions issue in text mode :-)03:56
Cyzadakk :)03:56
r3ok, found gcc .deb file on CD.  how do i install?03:57
hypa7iar3: are you in gnome?03:57
GammaRayelectricsheepdre: the prefs03:58
=== robust [~robust@c-297472d5.01-167-70697410.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-30-203.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
robustdoes someone know how toget a mx1000 mouse to work in ubunuty ?03:59
robustubuntu .. sorry03:59
GammaRaywhy.. I otta knock your An introduction to Unix designed for students who will continue on in the Unix series or who will need to use Unix after transferring to a four-year institution.04:00
miraklemsx1: thanks04:00
GammaRayTopics include:04:00
mirakyou were the right person04:00
miraklemsx1: but this problems comes from ubuntu, not the users04:00
mirakI didnt not changed04:00
=== GammaRay flails in the wind
=== justdave [~dave@] has left #ubuntu ["Poof"]
=== justdave [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iar3: sorry to disappear there.  you should be able to install it with synaptics04:02
hypa7ialemme find the right package04:02
lemsx1mirak, ?04:02
lemsx1mirak, no problem04:02
hypa7iar3: install build-essential04:02
lemsx1mirak, perhaps remainder files from mandrake (yikes!)04:03
LowryI have an ati rage mach64 card on a PPC g3 bronze04:03
=== tolstoy is now known as tolstoy_work
lemsx1mirak, i had a million problems with mdk also04:03
hypa7iarobust: there should be logitech drivers for it around04:03
LowryXFree86-DRI is missing04:03
=== tolstoy_work is now known as _tolstoy
hypa7iagoogle your model and linux :-)04:03
LowryCan I install it?04:04
=== encryptio [~nobody@user-119a28l.biz.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
encryptioreinstallation complete04:04
robusthypa7ia: according to some people in the gentoo forum it shouldnt need any special drivers to work ;/04:04
r3i don't even appear to have synaptics installed.  heh.04:04
hypa7iahmm, then maybe go through the x config and redo it04:04
hypa7iar3: computer -> system -> synaptics04:04
hypa7iarobust: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8604:05
hypa7iarobust: backup your f config first tho04:05
robustomg !!04:05
robustwhat a fucking noob i am.. there was an little on/off switch on the bottom of the mouse04:05
robustit's 03.00 here .. so im tired ok ? ;>04:06
hypa7iahey, i did that earlier, monitor wasn't plugged in :-)04:06
hypa7ia"why's it not booting"?04:06
encryptioi forgot my ethernet cable04:06
robusthehe ..04:06
robusti'll be back.. im going to start everything in x instead04:07
hypa7iain our hearts, even the most leet of us are noobs.04:07
=== encryptio will not use xorg again until hoary release comes out
=== hypa7ia is waiting for a bit too
=== encryptio is pissed at xorg
lemsx1encryptio, what happened??04:08
encryptioxorg rendered my system useless...04:08
lemsx1encryptio, :-D that's why it's better installed from source to /usr/local/xorg :-D04:08
=== ben_ [~ben@pcp03282353pcs.radnor01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
encryptioand my "leetness" made me unable to enable wireless in single user mode, so i was unable to recover anything04:08
encryptiodamn you04:09
lemsx1encryptio, lol04:09
jindsingle user mode does not support networking :P04:09
lemsx1encryptio, i mean, i thought ubuntu dev's got the packages down04:09
lemsx1encryptio, debian people are still trying to packge it04:09
encryptionot in powerpc, apparently04:09
ben_i built an antenna (sp?) for my wireless hub04:09
ben_and now i can get a signal in my room04:10
ben_go me04:10
=== encryptio just got a repeater for his
lemsx1encryptio, ohhhh, ppc is always "special"04:10
=== burntash [~burntash@d149-67-5-40.nap.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu
lemsx1encryptio, in ppc use macos x :-D04:10
lemsx1encryptio, or gentoo04:10
r3hypa7ia:  thanks for the help04:10
burntashi just installed ubuntu on my ibook04:10
encryptiogentoo... gawd04:10
lemsx1encryptio, i'm a mac user. i know your feelings :-)04:10
encryptioi couldn't get it to boot04:10
encryptioi already tried.. and failed04:10
lemsx1encryptio, gentoo???04:10
hypa7ianp r3 :-)04:10
burntashits runnin great, cept my apple key doesnt bring up the menus that you should get from right clicking04:11
lemsx1encryptio, good lord... you need help04:11
=== Cyzada [~blah@spr1-watf2-3-0-cust151.asfd.broadband.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
burntashand the cdplayer wont get any sound even though every other app does04:11
burntashanyone experience this?04:11
encryptioburntash: F1204:11
hypa7iaburntash: try using the kb config tool04:11
Gwildorguys, i just upgraded to hoary (and installed gamin), then restarted to be sure all was still good, and i have a question about xfree86, err, xorg, i really am not sure, can any one help04:11
burntashah Fn-F12 thanks04:11
burntashdo you know about the cd issue?04:11
encryptioit's called "3 button emulation" (F11 is middle click)04:12
=== ntl [~nathanl@user-0vvd96d.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
encryptionope, never tried to "play" a cd. only rip them04:12
=== mario [~mario@] has joined #ubuntu
LowryTime to spin up? on your ibook?04:12
LowryOr not working?04:12
burntashi put a cd in and the cdplayer opens and plays, but i get no sound from it04:13
encryptiooh, that.04:13
Gwildorburntash, dont that happen on all macs?04:13
encryptioyeah, i had that on yellowdog04:13
=== thully [~thully@pm472-11.dialip.mich.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== thully [~thully@pm472-11.dialip.mich.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
encryptionever fixed it... but it plays in xmms fine04:13
lemsx1Gwildor, what's your prob?04:13
Gwildorburntash, i think you just need to use something other thatn CDPLAYER, to listen to it04:13
burntashso far this is running better than genpoo04:13
burntashhavent tried yd4.0 yet04:14
LowryTried Mandrake 10.1 ppc?04:14
LowryWith firewire booting?04:14
burntashnope, havent been much of a mandy fan04:14
Gwildorlemsxl, i am not sure if i am using xorg or xfree gut since i updated to hoary glxgears gives a new strange message04:14
Gwildorlemsx1, can i paste to you?04:15
GammaRayburntash: mandy?04:15
mirakis there a way to have nautilus always in --browse mode ?04:15
lemsx1Gwildor, cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf  :-)04:15
burntashGammaRay, mandrake04:15
lemsx1Gwildor, go ahead04:15
Gwildorlemsx1, what do i do there04:15
lemsx1mirak, go to Preferences and set nautilus to always use browser mode04:15
GammaRayburntash: yea.. but where did you get "mandy"? :-P04:16
lemsx1mirak, or go to latinomixed.com and search for that, i put an article their when 2.6 came out04:16
burntashGammaRay, i dunno, just heard people sayin it for short, like slack :P04:16
lemsx1mirak, in spanish, but you only need to know the gconf keys04:16
Gwildorlemsx1, search for .....?04:16
burntashill plug that slackware is the shit btw =P~~04:16
miraklemsx1: I alaways forget where is this option :p04:16
GammaRayburntash: terrible.. just terrible04:17
burntashhehe sorry04:17
GammaRayburntash: mdk is all I have heard04:17
burntashsynaptic is pretty sweet04:17
lemsx1Gwildor, that was for mirak. to search for "nautilus spatial"04:17
lemsx1Gwildor, what video card/driver you have?04:18
Gwildorlemsxl, mirak, i just realized that, im still not used to being Gwildor, sorry mirak04:18
mirakGwildor: ah yes it's you, I had forgotten04:18
lemsx1Gwildor, lol... that's odd04:19
GammaRayburntash: would be nice if you could search and apply filters though04:19
mirakhow can I have a full of applications gnome menu ?04:19
Gwildorlemsx1, i used to be called MIRAK but it is the mirak that is here now's name, i had to switch, sorry mirak04:20
hypa7iaburntash: http://www.eghetto.ca/~msviolet/Humour/gentoo.jpg04:20
lemsx1Gwildor, ahhh, ok... np04:20
lemsx1mirak, to get a "full" menu depends on what you want to see there...04:21
burntashhypa7ia: thats pretty much head on04:21
lemsx1mirak, if you really want to start tweaking the menu, use vanilla debian's gnome packages....04:21
hypa7iai know eh burntash04:22
GammaRayit's pretty simple to edit the stock menu04:22
hypa7iai lost a day of my life to gentoo.  that's a day i'll never get back :-(04:22
burntashbut theres a day you installed ubuntu, a day youll never forget04:23
burntashlets see how she handles the pr0n04:23
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-200-176-75.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== burntash *ka-boom*
GammaRaysea food?04:23
=== dml [~dml@ppp190-114.lns1.bne1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaburntash: might need some codecs for your pr0n viewing04:25
burntashsome you might need the beer goggle codec04:25
usuali am drunk04:26
usualspeaking of beer04:26
burntashi got drunk last night, playin Circle of Death04:26
burntashthats one of the best drinking games ive learned at college yet04:26
usuali like mexican04:26
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
GammaRayever play infinate loop?04:27
GammaRaynot fun04:27
burntashusual: just dont hit rm -rf04:27
burntashhm runnin gnome-cd doesnt spit out any errors while i play, still get no sound though04:28
kensaiwhere is the atke screenshot app in Hoary. Is it removed because of gnome 2.9.1?04:28
miraklemsx1: wich package ?04:29
GammaRayburntash: missing the analog cable?04:29
ubuntu-geekkensai: i think its moved to gnome-utils in 2.9.1 and i think i heard someone mention that isnt out yet..04:29
burntashwhat analog cable, this is a laptop04:29
GammaRayhmm ic04:29
burntashya, ibook g404:29
kensaiubuntu-geek: Now you answered why whne I hit print screen in my keyboard it says there is no app for this04:30
burntashgnome-cd you suck04:31
GammaRayburntash: take a look at the last patch on this page http://www.geekounet.org/patches/04:32
kensaiI saw in a new that debian developers are looking to ubuntu to see how they can improve debian. I think the two cooperate and compliment eachother.04:32
GammaRayburntash: if that has been merged into gnome-cd, you might have to recompile w/ support04:33
lemsx1mirak, what do you mean which package??04:33
hypa7iakensai: yeah, ubu is feeding patches back into debian04:33
lemsx1mirak, i meant the gnome packages (plural) from debian's experimental repository04:34
burntashGammaRay: how would i do that with synaptic04:34
lemsx1mirak, i use them everyday in all my work stations ... they are not unstable at all. just not allowed to go into unstable or testing for now04:34
kensaihypa7ia: this is going to be good for both as debian will be one of the best distros now for newbies also.04:34
hypa7iayupyup kensai04:35
miraklemsx1: ok I will test that tomorrow04:35
mirakgood night04:35
=== kensai wonders why firefox 1.0final hasn't hit repositories
GammaRayburntash: not sure.. but on teh command line something like this:04:37
lemsx1mirak, no problem...04:37
lemsx1mirak, night?04:37
GammaRayburntash: apt-get source gnome-cd; cd gnome-cd*/; dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b04:37
kensaimaybe there is not much change from RC to Firefox Final04:37
GammaRayburntash: you would have to chnage the ./configure option somewhere in there and perhaps patch the source04:37
GammaRayburntash: I'm not really sure how to the do the former04:38
kensaianybody has used metadistros in Ubuntu?04:39
Chibimetadistros? o.o04:39
=== CerBerO_ [~CerBerO@CM128-mapu0-46-54.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
kensaiChibi: it is for creating distributions04:39
ChibiOh. I thought you meant something else. :P04:39
kensaiChibi: ;)04:40
ChibiBecause my laptop is running Slackware and Ubuntu on the same partition. :o04:40
=== TheIconoclast [~goose@nr10-216-68-187-76.fuse.net] has joined #ubuntu
kensaiChibi: which your liking more? I have used slackware04:40
=== Seq [~chris@CPE0050bf1a898b-CM013349902353.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
LowryI have found this re mach64 and dri on powerbook g3's http://www.geekounet.org/powerbook/driplusxv.html04:41
ChibiSlackware was my very first, I always fall back to it. Ubuntu is looking to change that.04:41
burntashslack :)04:41
LowryHow old/new/useful is the info?04:41
kensaiChibi: Kool04:41
ChibiMy previous gripes with Debian have been kernel compiles/easy breakage04:42
ChibiHaven't had that problem with ubuntu.04:42
LowryWould adding "DMAMode"       "mmio" to the XF86Config-4 file help/work?04:43
burntashhm xmms isnt playing my cd either04:43
burntashshitballs, no player will get sound from it04:43
kensaiChibi: are you in warty or hoary?04:43
=== pdaoust [~paul@S010600400559f412.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
LowryOr do I need the DRI cvs mach64-branch?04:43
kensaiChibi: Good decision ;)04:44
ChibiAll distros I use, I always use the bleeding edge. :P04:44
=== Xenguy [~gnu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== GammaRay is bored w/ bleeding edge
GammaRaynothing ever working is boring04:45
ChibiOh, I never have that problem :P04:45
=== astoltz [~astoltz@ppp-168-253-15-191.den1.ip.ricochet.net] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiSlackware and Ubuntu have fairly stable currents.04:45
kensaiI have that problem sometimes that's what makes it interesting04:45
ChibiDon't update hotplug.04:45
kensaiChibi: I always do04:46
ChibiDon't! o.o04:46
ChibiIt's very broken-prone.04:46
kensaiChibi: I always do until something bad happens to me and I loose everything :)04:47
ChibiHotplug is a very critical thing to break, though. :/04:47
=== JDahl [~joachim@68-69-207-20.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiI have it locked, and intend to keep it that way. No network=hard to recover.04:48
kensaiChibi: hehe04:48
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
kensaiI'm looking for a distro to customize right now and make one of my own, I have installed 3 distros today in my second HDD ;)04:49
kensainone of them I liked04:49
ChibiSlackware is the ultimate start. :P04:50
GammaRaymandrake (-;04:50
kensaiI can't get eth0 to work in slackware04:50
kensaiand ubuntu is too great for me to base something on it I respect it ;)04:50
ChibiTry resetting your modem once. Your dhcp cert might not have expired. I had to do that when I did debian off the net.04:51
kensaiI'll search for the slackware 10 cds04:52
GammaRaywhen I shut down, instead of powering off I get the message "power down". How do I fix that?04:53
=== pdaoust [~paul@S010600400559f412.ok.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== CerBerO_ [~CerBerO@CM128-mapu0-46-54.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
LowryWhy would my lcd screen be "Generic Monitor" and not "powerbook g3 lcd"?04:55
sladenLowry: you can rename if you want04:56
ChibiAll things are Generic Monitor! o_o04:56
sladenit's like saying ''Monitor number 1''04:57
kensaiChibi: Ok I found my slackware cds ;)04:57
ChibiThough I was surprised to see it pick up my P110 as HP P110 rather than Compaq P110004:57
kensaiis there a #slackware in irc.freenodes.net04:57
=== Jeff_ [~Jeff@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
LowryJust wondering if it was detected re "mach64"04:57
hypa7iakensai: i'm sure there is04:58
ChibiThe HP label is just for refurbishing. :o04:58
kensaihypa7ia: hehe there is thanks04:58
Chibikensai- Don't root there, they'll ban you for life. :P04:58
kensaiChibi: root?04:58
ChibiRun as a su. :o04:58
r3how come installer only allocated 250M swap space when i have 512M RAM?04:59
kensaiChibi: hehe I never do that04:59
Lowryand the Xlib: extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0".04:59
Chibir3- Don't let installer manage it for you :/04:59
=== astoltz [~astoltz@ppp-168-253-15-191.den1.ip.ricochet.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
kensaiguys thanks for everything Bye!05:00
=== kensai falls asleep 12 am
ChibiIt gave my laptop 3x the ram.05:00
r3so i guess i'm hosed, or can i resize partitions without initializing?05:00
noneus1sti love transcode ^^05:00
=== Gwildor [~mirak@adsl-68-73-207-12.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
r3but i am loving the flaming head of Dobbs on the xflame screensave...05:03
tsengbig brother, eh05:03
=== dtradd [~dtradd@] has joined #ubuntu
=== cyzada [~cyzada@spr1-watf2-3-0-cust151.asfd.broadband.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gwildorany alternative to gamespy arcade for linux?05:08
bur[n] erdoes ubuntu have a vpn client in it?05:09
hypa7iaGwildor: what's that?05:09
bob2bur[n] er: for what system?05:10
Gwildorhypa7ia, windows game server browser, basically05:12
=== GotD0t [~GotD0t@] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaahh, i nkow not these thigns Gwildor05:14
r3gnome think this ATI card can only do 800x600, and i know it can do at least 10x7.  any way to tweak it?05:14
Seqr3: it's likely not gnome, but your X server using incorrect settings for your monitor05:15
=== hypa7ia [~leigh@] has left #ubuntu []
=== bcaesar [~chatzilla@sid-2068.sid.rice.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S01060040f4acc23c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== dtradd [~dtradd@] has left #ubuntu []
George^Dekadoes anyone know how to setup junk mail filtering in evolution, i cannot follow the faq because the menus are different05:23
bcaesarHelp, Xserver won't let my laptop display 1024x768.  I've looked at the ubuntu wiki, posted a bug on the ubuntu bugzilla, scoured the net for possible fixes, updated my bios, and tinkered with the XF86 config file; all with no success.  My X log shows no errors, it just won't start at 1024x768.  I'm running out of ideas and patience.05:24
=== scoon [~scoon@dsl092-234-243.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
encryptioyou've messed with the refresh rates to set them right, right?05:24
=== scoon [~scoon@dsl092-234-243.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
bcaesarencryptio: I've tried changing the horz sync rate and vert refresh rate, with no change; although honestly I'm not sure what the proper settings for my laptop's lcd are.05:26
George^Dekadoes anyone know how to setup junk mail filtering in evolution, i cannot follow the faq because the menus are different05:27
encryptiomost lcds max out at 60Hz/60KHz (at least, mine does)05:27
=== scoon [~scoon@dsl092-234-243.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== johnnybezak [~johnnybez@203-217-46-158.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
bob2George^Deka: you don't need to repeeat over and over05:29
bcaesarencryptio: my lcd is set to 60Hz right now (and as far as I know it should be), but I still can't go above 800x60005:29
bob2George^Deka: have you follows the SA part of the FAQ?05:29
encryptiobcaesar, i'm out of ideas then.05:30
billytwowillywhere do I find the boot scripts? How would I make ubuntu boot into init 3?05:30
bcaesarencryptio: oh well, thanks anyway05:30
=== hypa7ia [~hypa7ia@] has joined #ubuntu
GotD0thow can i get an MD5 sum of a string05:30
=== p00p [~p00p@] has joined #ubuntu
encryptioGotD0t, in a shell: echo -n "The string" | md5sum05:31
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2billytwowilly: why?05:32
George^Dekabob2: i have installed spamassasin05:32
p00phello, how can i add a mount option to a usb thumbdrive that is auto-mounted when i plug it in? (i believe hotplug is the term?)05:32
billytwowillybob2, I want init 2 to be no gdm. So I set that up, but it appears as if ubuntu boots into init 2 because now I have no gdm on startup05:32
hypa7iap00p it should automount05:33
bob2billytwowilly: yes, 2 is the default on Debian (and Ubuntu)05:33
hypa7iap00p: have you tried it?05:33
p00phypa7ia, it does automount, but i want to add noatime05:33
bob2billytwowilly: /etc/inittab determines the default runlevel05:33
billytwowillybob2, thanks05:33
hypa7iaohh, p00p, i don't know that :-/05:33
p00phypa7ia, thanks anyway05:33
hypa7iano problemo05:33
=== Swad [~Swad@12-217-61-124.client.mchsi.com] has left #ubuntu []
stuNNedwhat's the proper way to restart a daemon in ubuntu?05:34
bob2p00p: ask on the list and hopefully martin will reply05:34
p00pi haven't scoped the list out yet05:34
p00pi will do that05:34
billytwowillybob2, thanks. If I wanted to hack around with the network startup script where would I find that?05:34
bob2(he's pitti on IRC, but not around atm)05:34
bob2billytwowilly: /etc/network/interfaces05:35
bob2billytwowilly: if you want to do fancy stuff, it letys you hook scripts in at various points05:35
billytwowillybob2,  I want to make it check if a cable is plugged into eth0, then use dhcp to get an ip on that first. If no cable, then connect to my access point with essid chris. If no chris, then try and associate with any access point available05:36
bob2billytwowilly: heh, sounds like you want network manager05:36
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has left #ubuntu ["oops]
billytwowillybob2, network manager doesn't appear to be able to do what I want. Attleast it doesn't look that way.05:37
billytwowillybob2, I'd love for you to show me how though;)05:37
bob2hm, I still haven't built it on ppc05:37
bob2I thought it basically did just that, tho...use ethernet if available,m then connect to an AP if not05:37
Seqwhat actually uses postfix in ubuntu-base ?05:38
=== p00p [~p00p@] has left #ubuntu ["you]
stuNNedbob2, how goes?05:40
billytwowillybob2,  hmm. theres this other tool installed called network tools. Is that what you mean?05:40
=== burntash [~burntash@d149-67-5-40.nap.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu
burntashhow do you play a cd in digital mode?05:41
bob2billytwowilly: no05:42
bob2billytwowilly: gnome's network manager thing, which isn't in ubuntu yet05:42
=== oldfishs [~ashley@Ottawa-HSE-ppp255174.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
oldfishshey mates05:42
bob2burntash: xmms-cdread05:42
bob2stuNNed: not too shabby05:42
billytwowillybob2, oh. I thought you meant the thing at computer -> system config _> networking05:42
oldfishsI have the strangest quirk, I dont seem to have a working chdir??? Can everyone else use chdir?05:43
burntashburntash@ubuntu:~ $ xmms-cdread05:43
burntashbash: xmms-cdread: command not found05:43
billytwowillybob2,  do you mean GxSNMP?05:43
bob2burntash: it's a plugin package for xmms, install it05:43
burntashxmms -cdread05:43
bob2billytwowilly: no05:43
=== billytwowilly tries to find the thing bob2 is talking about on the net
burntashdidnt work though05:44
bob2billytwowilly: http://people.redhat.com/dcbw/NetworkManager/05:44
bob2first hit for networkmanager05:44
bob2burntash: are you just guessing as to how to use it?05:44
bob2you need to install it, then run xmms, then select the audio tracks.05:44
defendguinok i just did a rm -rf ~/ there isnt any way to undo that is there?05:44
defendguinok im fucked05:45
bob2what filesystem?05:45
bob2(and remount it ro, NOW)05:45
=== Ruffian|Q| [Ruffian|Q|@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2ext3, you're probably boned05:45
defendguinid have to reboot05:45
burntashwhen i try gnome-cd i get05:45
burntash** (gnome-cd:21589): WARNING **: Generic IO error05:45
billytwowillybob2, thansk05:45
oldfishsI have the strangest quirk, I dont seem to have a working chdir??? Can everyone else use chdir?05:46
defendguinbob2, please help in serious trouble05:46
defendguinschool projects05:46
bob2burntash: gnome-cd won't play cds digitally05:46
burntashxmms and gnome-cd wont give any sound, they can access the cd and get tracklisting but no sound05:46
bob2burntash: as I said, use xmms with xmms-cdread05:46
burntashi get sound in my other apps though05:46
bob2oldfishs: what do you mean that it doesn't work?05:46
defendguinbob2, please help05:47
=== the_grey_ghost [~chatzilla@c211-30-201-194.rivrw2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
bob2defendguin: remount it ro, 5 minutes ago05:47
oldfishsbob2, it doesn't work, thats it, ? I dont know why?05:47
SepheeBearouch I had the same rm -r ~/ problem with someone, anyone know if reiserfs is supposed to handle recovery better than ext3 in that case?05:47
bob2then the best you can hope for is "strings"05:47
bob2SepheeBear: you're screwed on both05:47
bob2oldfishs: what do you mean "doesn't work"?05:47
bob2oldfishs: it doesn't change the directory?05:47
SepheeBearthat answers that question, kinda thought so, thanks bob205:48
defendguinbob2, how can i unmount /?05:48
defendguinits all one partition isnt it?05:48
oldfishsbob2, eg chdir command not found05:48
defendguinfuck im gonna fail school05:48
bob2oldfishs: then use "cd"05:48
bob2dI don't know, I can't see your fstab05:48
the_grey_ghostdoes anyone know how to support a Serial Mouse in Ubuntu?05:48
bob2sudo mount -o ro,remount /05:48
oldfishsbob2, the thing is im using apt-build and it uses chdir05:49
the_grey_ghostor at least how to use keyboard to navigate the menu in absence of a mouse05:49
bob2oldfishs: did you play with the default shell?05:49
burntashhow do i install the xmms-cdread.deb package after i download it05:49
oldfishsbob2, maybe by accident, im trying to install packages by source05:50
bob2oldfishs: does it look like this: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=216135 ?05:50
bob2burntash: apt-get install xmms-cdread05:50
defendguinbob2, its busy05:50
bob2defendguin: with the exact command I gave you?05:50
SepheeBearcant alias chdir to cd? is it not the same thing?05:50
oldfishsbob2, at least not to my knowing, does it work for you, are you using ubuntu?05:50
oldfishsmmm Ubuntu05:50
SepheeBearonly chdir i know is in dos05:50
bob2oldfishs: I've never bothered with apt-build05:50
defendguin / is busy05:50
bob2oldfishs: does it look like that error?05:50
oldfishsbob2, ya cause it bombs after extracting the package and the it chdir, and gives an error no such directory05:51
defendguinplease stop bothering bob205:51
oldfishsbob2, and now I see that chdir doesnt work, maybe it never did.05:51
=== koko775 [~andy@ip-216-117-219-153.keyway.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2oldfishs: so it matches the bug I showed you?05:52
defendguinim gonna kill myself if i dont get info back no05:52
bob2defendguin: there isn't much you can do, sorry05:52
bob2defendguin: do you still have an editor open or something?05:52
oldfishsbob2, sorry i missed that hold n a sec05:52
defendguini need to commit suicide now05:52
gendo it05:52
bob2gen: shut up05:53
r3defendguin ar eyou trying to unmount / or ~/?05:53
bob2defendguin: talk to your teacher05:53
=== kapputu [~sg47@ny-lasalle-cadant1-24-49-98-189.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinsemester is almost over05:53
kapputuhi all05:53
koko775hey, i've managed to mount /dev/sda1 onto /mnt/SATA1 (ro,user,users), but only root can read it, and when ubuntu pops up a window, it says i don't have the permissions necessary05:53
bob2koko775: add umask=002 to the options field in fstab05:54
oldfishsbob2, no thats not it, plus its from 200305:54
kapputubob2: how do I get my DVD-R recognized under Ubuntu05:54
bob2oldfishs: the error is not the same?05:54
oldfishsbob2, do you have chdir, or what package is that in?05:54
bob2oldfishs: why does the year it was reported matter?05:55
oldfishsbob2, no not at all05:55
bob2oldfishs: well, paste your error to #flood05:55
oldfishsbob2, I figured Debian would of fixed it05:55
defendguinthere must be someway to recover this info05:55
oldfishsbob2,  no offence bob205:55
koko775niiiiice, thanks05:56
=== jml [~jml@ppp110-63.lns1.hba1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
oldfishsbob2, do you know if theres a package i could reinstall>05:56
hypa7iadefendguin: are you still on the system you just nuked?05:56
defendguinwhere can i find some file system experts?05:56
defendguinhypa7ia, yeah05:56
bob2oldfishs: debian is a group of people...note the maintainer's replies where he's trying to fix it05:56
bob2oldfishs: paste the error to #flood05:56
hypa7iayou need to get off of it now05:56
hypa7iaboot off a livecd05:56
bob2koko775: it doesn't just work?05:56
oldfishsbob2, right then05:56
hypa7iaso that you're not writing to the drive05:56
hypa7iaext3 is journaled, no?05:57
the_grey_ghostCan Serial Mouses work on Ubuntu (live)? also can I use the computer without a mouse only a keyboard?05:57
=== mom [~mom@adsl-6-123-57.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2the_grey_ghost: don't know about live, but they workl with some manual fiddling in normal ubuntnu05:57
jmlUnder warty, the line in on my audigy card doesn't work at all05:57
=== mom is now known as i_used_to_be_def
the_grey_ghostok, I was going to try it but I can't navigate the menu system via Keyboard interface yet. Any tips?05:58
=== i_used_to_be_def is now known as defendguins_dead
defendguins_deadhypa7ia, ok nowwhat?05:58
jmlI've tried tweaking all of the mixer settings, and I have checked that I'm using the right plug.05:58
bob2the_grey_ghost: ctrl-f1 drops down the Applications menu05:58
hypa7iayou're off the drive?05:58
hypa7iaokay.  the computer is off?05:59
defendguins_deadi did a hard poweroff05:59
hypa7iamsg me, i;ll see if i can help05:59
kapputuhow do I play DVDs in Ubuntu ?05:59
bob2kapputu: wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats05:59
=== CerBerO_ [~CerBerO@CM128-mapu0-46-54.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== max|zzz [~max@] has joined #ubuntu
=== AlohaWolf [alohawolf@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jmlnormally, there's a setting which indicates whether "record" is enabled for a particular mixer channel06:00
=== burntash [~burntash@d149-67-5-40.nap.wideopenwest.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
jmlaumix does not show that setting at all06:00
r3how do i get my xserver to drive my video > 800x600 ?06:01
bob2r3: sure your hardware can do more?06:01
bob2wiki.ubunu.com, what do to do when X autoconfig fails06:01
oldfishsbob2, it will be a sec Im apt-build package, so I have to wait06:01
r3and way higher refresh rates too06:02
r38x6 at 60Hz is a drag06:02
r3oh my aching ayeballs06:02
bob2please follow those steps06:03
billytwowillyI'm trying to compile NetworkManager and I get an error from running ./configure  configure: error: iwlib.h not found. Install wireless-tools. wireless-tools is installed.06:03
billytwowillyAny suggestions?06:03
=== max|zzz [~max@] has left #ubuntu [""]
stuNNedbob2, network-admin in warty seems buggy, haven't really tried yet with warty, is this a known issue?06:03
bob2I don't know06:03
stuNNedbob2, sorry, the latter being hoary06:04
=== burntash [~burntash@d149-67-5-40.nap.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2I don't think g-s-t is all that usable in warty, tho06:04
stuNNedbob2, g-s-t?06:04
burntashburntash@ubuntu:~ $ sudo apt-get install beep-media-player-dev_0.9.6.1-3_powerpc.deb06:04
burntashReading Package Lists... Done06:04
burntashBuilding Dependency Tree... Done06:04
burntashE: Couldn't find package beep-media-player-dev_0.9.6.1-3_powerpc.deb06:04
bob2burntash: install libiw-dev06:04
oldfishsbuild-dir = /var/cache/apt-build/build06:04
oldfishsrepository-dir = /var/cache/apt-build/repository06:04
oldfishsOlevel = -O206:04
oldfishsmarch = -march=athlon-xp06:04
oldfishsmcpu = -mcpu=athlon-xp06:04
oldfishsoptions =06:04
bob2stuNNed: gnome-system-tools06:04
bob2oldfishs: please don't06:04
bob2burntash: yes, you can't use apt to install single files06:04
bob2burntash: your ubuntu machine doesn't have any network access?06:05
burntashbob2: i configured the cd plugin in xmms to play digital extraction instead of dialog and i work now06:05
stuNNedbob2, me neither, i've written simple scripts to connect at different places however hsf modem seems to crap out on me whether warty or hoary06:05
burntashim hooked up to a cable modem right now06:05
bob2burntash: so why are you manually downloading .deb files?06:05
burntashbecause i didnt see BMP in synaptic06:05
oldfishsbob2, well I did find an error, I shouldnt have mcpu and march, so I deleted mcpu, im still waiting for the error to come up again though06:05
burntashso i didnt know how else to install it06:05
kapputubob2: doesn't work in mplayer and totem06:05
kappututotem says that movie could not be read06:05
kapputumplayer says that seek failed06:06
bob2burntash: so, now you have xmms working, you want to install beep as well?06:06
=== nate [~nate@202-0-37-248.cable.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
bob2kapputu: did you read that page completely?06:06
bob2oldfishs: ok06:06
kapputuyes I did06:06
=== Tsjoklat [~Tsjoklat@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklathi all06:06
burntashbob2: yes, never tried it, says it looks better cause of the gtk06:06
kapputuexcept libdvdcss I have all other packages06:06
bob2kapputu: and you install libdvdcss?06:06
kapputui did06:07
nateI am having difficulty copying photos off a USB 1.1 camera06:07
bob2the right version?06:07
kappututhey are .VOB files06:07
oldfishsbob2, I got the error now if your free in #flood let me know and I will post06:07
kapputuwhat do you mean by right version06:07
bob2kapputu: erm, don't mount it06:07
bob2kapputu: mplayer -dvd /dev/hdc dvd://06:07
bob2oldfishs: ok06:07
bob2burntash: ok06:07
nateI keep getting 'usb 2-2: control timeout on ep0in' in /var/log/messages and lockups06:07
nateany ideas?06:07
kapputuwhy /dev/hdc ?06:08
bob2oldfishs: um, that's the *exact* error in the bug report I showed you06:08
billytwowillyis there a wireless-tools devel package?06:08
bob2kapputu: replace it with wherever your drive is06:08
bob2billytwowilly: yes, libiw-dev, as I said06:08
oldfishsbob2, your kiddin?06:08
kapputuwhat does dvd://N do ?06:09
kapputuwhat is N ?06:09
=== LifesizeKenDoll [~LifesizeK@c-67-167-236-249.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2billytwowilly: erm, but my tab completion fucked up and I said it to someone else06:09
billytwowillybob2, sorry, I'm doing three things at once. I missed it because it wan't tagged with my nick.06:09
bob2kapputu: read the manpage (hint, it's the chapter)06:09
billytwowillybob2, no worries, thanks for the help06:09
bob2billytwowilly: my mistake, sorry06:09
kapputumplayer manpage ?06:09
bob2kapputu: yes06:09
nateif this keeps up I may have to go back to Fedora06:09
bob2oldfishs: it looks very very much the same06:09
nateit was looking nice up to now06:09
LifesizeKenDollnate: what's your problem?06:09
kapputubob2: I don't mind reading the manpage06:09
bob2nate: threats are stupid06:09
bob2nate: did you try disabling apic, lapic, acpi, etc?06:10
kapputubut it's 12 at night and have had a few beers06:10
kapputuall I want to do is to watch a movie06:10
oldfishsbob2, shi4 your right06:10
=== ud [~ud@109.a.001.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
bob2kapputu: xine is easier then06:10
r3so i should do this? http://wiki.ubuntu.com/XautoconfigurationDebug06:10
bob2since it brings up the menu by default06:10
bob2r3: yes06:10
Tsjoklatbad timing huh kapputu06:10
nateLivesizeKenDoll: Copying files off a USB camera hangs.06:10
oldfishsbob2, didn't see that before i just searched the bugreport for chdir and seen it. damn06:10
kapputuI rarely watch movies06:11
oldfishsbob2, so what do you figure I do?06:11
Tsjoklatdid you try totem-xine?06:11
kapputuand very rarely watch movies on my laptop06:11
burntashhow do i go about installing BMP06:11
Tsjoklatand what sort of movies do you wish to watch?06:11
natebob2: is there a bugzilla bug I should be searching on?06:11
Tsjoklatthe extension?06:11
Tsjoklatdid you get the w32codecs?06:12
Tsjoklatand libdvdread?06:12
kapputuI din't get libdvdread06:12
natebob2: so far I have tried disabling gpilotd, in case that was conflicting. Doesn't seem to have helped.06:12
bob2burntash: use synaptic to install the beep-media-player package06:12
bob2nate: I don't know, but I would certainly try the apic stuff06:12
burntashbob2: i tried to search for it but i cant find it in synaptic06:13
bob2oldfishs:not use it?  apply the patch?06:13
natebob2: Hmm. What is apic?06:13
bob2burntash: wiki.ubuntu.com/SynapticHowto, it's in universe06:13
kapputuyeah I have libdvdread tpp06:13
natebob2: I take it you don't mean ACPI?06:13
Tsjoklatkapputu didn you read the wiki about what you need for restricted formats?06:13
kapputuI did06:13
kapputuI have all of it06:13
Tsjoklatand still no go?06:13
bob2you don't need w32codecs to watch dvds06:14
Tsjoklatand you tried the xine version of totem?06:14
TsjoklatI never said he did06:14
kapputuyeah I did06:14
TsjoklatI am trying to figure out what he installed and what he didn't install06:14
Tsjoklatand mplayer doesn't like it either?06:15
bob2nate: try booting with the "noapic" kernel command line option06:15
kapputuSeek failed06:15
kappututotem - movie could not be read06:15
Tsjoklatand you installed mplayer?06:16
Tsjoklatto see if that might work?06:16
kapputuand it has worked fine06:16
kapputuI watched a few clips too06:16
stuNNedsame dvd has worked before?06:16
kapputufirst time I'm watching a DVD in ubuntu06:16
kapputuused to work in FC 206:16
=== DarkStarr [~darkstar@pcp03118357pcs.elkton01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatso you tried mplayer and it worked? or it worked on FC2?06:17
Tsjoklatand never worked on ubu06:17
kapputuit worked on FC 206:17
kapputumplayer worked with other formats06:17
kapputunot DVD06:17
kapputufirst time with a DVD on Ubuntu06:17
natebob2: ok, will try06:17
stuNNedkapputu, clean the dvd with asotropic alcohol?06:18
kapputuit's a brand new DVD06:18
kapputugot it from the library06:18
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has joined #ubuntu
tom-cathi folks!06:20
burntashbob2: thank06:20
burntashbob2: thanks06:20
kapputulast thing I want to do is to go to windows and watch it06:20
TsjoklatI am out of options to offer kapputu... I got totem working great with xine so I never had to try to fix it06:20
Tsjoklathi tom06:20
=== jmhodges [~jmh@cpe-069-133-106-188.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
tom-catbob2, I can not rip music from streamtuner :-(06:20
bob2erm, ok06:21
bob2I geuss not being able to violate copyright is bad06:21
tom-catx-terminal crash !06:21
tom-cathi Tsjoklat06:21
oldfishsbob2, what about this here, im trying to install and I get this see #flood, is my system totalled?06:21
bob2it means you're not running it as root, or you left dpkg/apt running somewhere else06:22
=== arun-- [~arun@cm141.omega227.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
oldfishsbob2, should I reboot then?06:23
bob2just run it as root or close the other process06:24
oldfishsbob2, can't figure out why I dont have chdir still?06:24
bob2you still haven't read the bug report06:24
bob2the problem is that it's trying to chdir to the wrong directory06:24
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host237.201-252-92.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
bob2not that chdir doesn't exiwst06:24
oldfishsbob2, have, but how do I add the perl?06:24
bob2what are you asking?06:24
oldfishsbob2, it doesnt for me, i cnat us it in the bash06:24
bob2yes, but that's not the point06:25
bob2it's a perl function called chdir06:25
oldfishsoldfishs, listhening06:25
bob2is your question "How do I apply the fix from the bug report?"?06:25
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-125.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
oldfishsbob2, ok, no how do I apply the fix?06:26
oldfishsbob2,  in the bug report06:26
Tsjoklatwb zenwhen06:26
oldfishsbob2, and how do I kill the process of apt running somewhere. Like I know where somewhere is LOL come on!06:27
bob2um, ok06:27
oldfishsim use to winbloze reboot, or ctrl alt del06:27
bob2yes, rebooting is almost never the right thing to do on linux06:28
=== mojo_ [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
oldfishsbob2, see thats the thing im trying to use my tech support from winbloze in Ubuntu06:28
bob2is /usr/bin/apt-build a perl script?06:28
zenwhendamn webcam didnt work after I rebooted06:28
zenwhenI guess I was happy too quickly06:28
oldfishsbob2, lol i haven't the slightest clue06:29
bob2oldfishs: look at it06:29
oldfishsbob2, i guess cauase thats what the patch is06:29
bob2does it start with a line like #!/bin/perl?06:29
bob2yes, I know the patch is perl, but it doesn't say what file to apply it to06:29
oldfishsbob2, right in , hold on my cats at the door06:29
bob2so we're confirming the probably guess that it's just against apt-build itself06:29
=== chris__ [~chris@c-24-11-28-108.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== nate [~nate@202-0-37-248.cable.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
mojo_good afternoon all Ubuntu fellows!06:30
eazel7how should I add the warty-updates rep to my sources.list?06:30
oldfishsI thought it was code for apt-build, in perl06:30
chris__anyone got a minute to help me with a wireless card problem?06:30
eazel7(I'm in a clean and normal install)06:30
bob2oldfishs: it's a patch06:30
bob2chris__: just ask your question06:31
oldfishsbob2, or is perl a way of patching code, c I would imagine06:31
=== t17mh [~tom@h000502a6bd06.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2the code is a patch for some perl code06:31
oldfishsbob2, so I could paste that into my shell06:31
chris__just installed ubuntu on my IBM t42 and the wireless card is not detected. according to the wiki notes, others have gotten it to work with no problems but mine isnt06:31
mojo_To have the latest Industrial theme and icons, please install Novell Linux Desktop on a PC, then copy all /opt/gnome/share/themes and /opt/gnome/share/icons to equivalent folder in your /usr/share/06:31
oldfishsbob2, right, so I was right in my guess06:32
bob2oldfishs: is apt-builld itself perl?06:32
Tsjoklatwhat kind of webcam do you have zenwhen?06:32
t17mhHowdy -- well, I'm just about done w/ my debian-to-ubuntu migration. Does anyone know where the ubuntu menu stuff is installed from? I've got most of the Ubuntu stuff installed but still don't have the ubuntu menu configuration.06:32
Tsjoklatmojo_ it only takes tree cds of 700mb lol06:32
oldfishsbob2, like I said I really have no clue, how would I know?06:32
chris__in the device manager, I see AR5212 802.11abg NIC listed, but ubuntu apparently doesnt know what it is06:32
TsjoklatI would love to have the files but my modem will have a stroke06:32
bob2oldfishs: 15:29:26           bob2 | does it start with a line like #!/bin/perl?06:33
mojo_Tsjoklat: I wish I can the right to package the Industrial theme and redistribute it06:33
Tsjoklattell me this mojo_ is it really as cool as they say?06:34
Tsjoklathave you installed the distro itself?06:34
chris__anyone got any ideas on how to make ubuntu realize that I have a wireless card06:34
bob2mojo_: you can check that out yourself06:34
mojo_Tsjoklat: yes, it's so cool!!06:34
mojo_Tsjoklat: BUT!!06:34
mojo_Tsjoklat: it's quite slow compare to our Ubuntu06:34
bob2chris__: please file a bug with the output of "dmesg", "lsmod", "lspci" and "lspci -n'06:34
oldfishsbob2, right, well nautilus has a icon saying its perl06:35
bob2oldfishs: ok06:35
oldfishsso i could add the patch to the perl in usr bin06:35
bob2oldfishs: you an capply the patch to /usr/bin/apt-build, yes06:35
TsjoklatI was looking at the screenshots and yes it does look fantastic06:35
oldfishsbob2, cool I tell you how it goes LOL06:36
bob2oldfishs: do you know how to apply patches?06:36
=== dust-puppy [~luc@polar.wikki.net] has joined #ubuntu
mojo_For anyone here who loves to discover new Industrial theme on Ubuntu, please private chat with me!06:39
bob2mojo_: why don't you just find out if it's distributable and then package it?06:40
=== tom__ [~tom@203-206-246-112.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
mojo_bob2: I did, and it's not, you're only allowed to use the old Industrial theme, so I just write some tutorial how to grab the theme from NLD906:43
bob2ew, that's sick06:44
=== caso [~hola@76.Red-80-59-234.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
mojo_bob2: their wallpapers are sick pretty, I just love them so much, I put one on each day06:47
=== Tsjoklat is jealous :P
oldfishsbob2, no and I think im messing up my apt-build06:48
spacey`kimojo_, give us a screenshot:)06:50
=== aokaze [~aokaze@adsl-68-253-236-193.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #Ubuntu
mojo_I will06:50
mojo_but let me find a host first06:50
mojo_then I show all ppl here06:50
=== arun-- [~arun@cm141.omega227.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
arun--where do you guys get the realplayer package06:52
t17mhHrmph... so does anybody know where the beautiful menus come from. Even what I log in as a brand new user, I still have my old (sid) Applications/Actions menus.06:53
bob2olly|home: you can remove and reinstall apt-build to undo your changes06:54
=== Majestic [~Majestic@pool-162-84-146-205.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
mojo_got in06:55
=== meltbanana314 [~meltbanan@ip68-228-44-118.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
zenwhenhow do I add an init script to ubuntu's startup06:56
zenwhenI made a little shellscript to insmod my webcam driver on boot06:57
zenwhenin slackware I would have just added the command to rc.local and saved it06:57
zenwhenhow do i add a command like that to ubuntu's init06:57
Xenguyzenwhen: in debian there is a file in /etc/init.d called bootmisc.sh06:58
Xenguyzenwhen: no idea whether this applies to Ubu also06:58
bob2copy /etc/init.d/skeleton to /etc/init.d/whatever06:58
bob2edit it06:58
bob2"update-rc.d whatever defaults"06:58
bob2all done06:58
zenwhenwhat do whatever06:58
zenwhenand defaults stand for06:58
Xenguyaha - the Ubu way06:59
bob2it's also the Debian way06:59
zenwhenIm used to just adding commands to a text file06:59
bob2whatever is whatever you want06:59
=== aokaze_ [~aokaze@adsl-68-253-236-193.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #Ubuntu
bob2defaults is the word defaults06:59
zenwhenbut... i dont know what i want06:59
bob2yes, there's no text file to edit now, this is a proper sysV system06:59
zenwhenthanks anyway06:59
Xenguybob2: AFAIK bootmisc.sh is the debian way <shrug>06:59
GammaRaywhen I shut down, instead of powering off I get the message "power down". How do I fix that?07:00
Xenguybob2: I see no /etc/init.d/skeleton on my debian system BTW07:00
XenguyGammaRay: that is normal07:00
bob2Xenguy: I see it in woody and sarge07:01
GammaRayXenguy: ok.. so then how do I make it abnormal?07:01
jmlmy hunch is that I'm going to have to investigate at the alsa level.07:01
Xenguybob2: my mistake - it is there (sid)07:01
spacey`kiGammaRay, maybe use some form of powermanagement?07:02
XenguyGammaRay: I don't know (and I don't see it as particularly worthwhile to bother finding out ;-)07:02
dust-puppyis firefox 1.0 available for ubuntu ?07:03
bob2dust-puppy: it's not in warty or hoary, no07:03
bob2ubuntu is leet, sorry07:03
GammaRayXenguy: well maybe you should have kept quiet then07:03
Xenguydust-puppy: currently 0.93 or so07:03
XenguyGammaRay: maybe you should learn some manners07:03
bob2GammaRay: Xenguy chill07:03
=== stuNNed [~stuNNed@adsl-068-209-149-165.sip.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Xenguy bows
bob2GammaRay: if it's a APM machine, load the "apm" module07:04
bob2GammaRay: if it's acpi, you need to find out which module you need, since I don't know07:04
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-125.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
zenwhenXenguy, bootmisc.sh was just what I was looking for. Thanks buddy.07:04
zenwhenI like straight-forward config file editing.07:05
zenwhencam works perfectly now.07:05
Xenguyzenwhen: sure thing, altho I'm now looking at that 'skeleton' file that bob2 mentioned ;-)07:05
=== aokaze_ [~aokaze@adsl-68-253-236-193.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #Ubuntu
zenwhenOh Im sure it would work.07:05
bob2well, either way is fine07:05
Xenguywhatever works, as I always say07:06
zenwhenIf I cared to evolve towards some level of debian enlightnment. :p07:06
Xenguyzenwhen: hehe07:06
=== kapputu [~sg47@ny-lasalle-cadant1-24-49-98-189.bflony.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
zenwhenI have to say one thing though07:06
zenwhenI think thats the second config file Ive had to edit, maybe the third.07:06
zenwhenSince I installed ubuntu.07:06
Gwildorcan anyone help me with a .run file?07:07
zenwhenInstalling slack is quite a different story.07:07
bob2Gwildor: what are you trying to do?07:07
=== SepheeBear [~SepheeBea@24-193-86-118.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gwildorbob2, install ET07:07
GammaRaybob2: thanks.. the apm module did the trick07:07
Xenguyzenwhen: I personally have no problem with that, but I guess the goal is to require no such thing of newbie users07:07
bob2GammaRay: add apm on it's own line to /etc/modules07:07
Gwildorbob2, Enemy Territory07:07
zenwhenI never said that was an issue.07:07
zenwhenIt makes the system great for computer newbies.07:08
zenwhenNot just linux newbies.07:08
Xenguyzenwhen: nod07:08
bob2Gwildor: I don't know what that is, but I assume it's some binary-only proprietary thing.  it has no instructions?07:08
Gwildorbob2, it is a game07:08
Tsjoklattesty mood in here tonight07:08
Tsjoklatfull moon?07:08
XenguyTsjoklat: new moon ;-)07:08
GammaRaybob2: it's a desktop btw.. why would I need a power management module?07:08
zenwhenI like that apt sets up config files when it installs packages as well. I also like not hearing people in #slackware bitch every time i mention apt.07:08
bob2GammaRay: so the kernel can manage the power enough to turn it off07:08
spacey`kizenwhen, well maybe its not hard. but if you don't know it you can't do it the easy way:P with all those tools n stuff07:09
GammaRaybob2: ic.. something I guess mandrake took case of for me07:09
bob2GammaRay: could have07:09
Xenguyzenwhen: they bitch about apt?  Green with jealousy I imagine ;-)07:09
GammaRay-case +care07:09
bob2I'm not sure if it's possible to detect it automatically07:10
=== tweek [icechat5@pcp01570339pcs.indstr01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
zenwhenWell, I know it. Im an ex slackware user. Im just saying its nice to know it, and know you dont need to anymore.07:10
tweekcan anyone help em with an error ive been getting when trying to boot ubuntu07:10
Xenguytweek: which error?07:11
Tsjoklatppl must be having their periods07:11
zenwhenseeing red?07:11
XenguyTsjoklat: new and full moons - look out =)07:11
tweeki tried booting and it said no kernel found so i tried linux noapic and noapic07:11
tweekand i got the same error07:11
bob2they won't help with that07:11
Gwildorbob2, i think i got it ./<filename>.run07:11
bob2what did you do to your system after installing it?07:11
XenguyTsjoklat: the nethack game knows that too (you get funny messages around the new moon time)07:11
tweekit didnt install07:12
arun--i am not using gnome, i am running blackbox, how to check what is my volume setting07:12
TsjoklatI'll stay low lol07:12
bob2Tsjoklat: how do I politely explain to someone that they could ask questions a lot better?07:12
bob2arun--: "alsamixer" in a terminal07:12
bob2arun--: or gmixer, iirc07:12
tweekbob2: would a damaged iso cause this?07:13
Xenguyarun--: aumix may work also07:13
bob2tweek: have you checked that?07:13
tweeki cant07:13
tweeki tried md507:13
tweekbut it keeps crashing07:13
bob2md5sum.xe on windows?07:13
bob2well, you'll have to find some other way.07:14
tweekwhat other options would there be07:14
tweeki tried google07:14
Tsjoklatsuggest how to ask bob2?07:14
tom__tweek maybe u need to instal md5sum.exe in windows07:15
tweekinstall,? it crashes every time its ran.07:15
MajesticUbuntu is going higher and higher on the polls! ;)07:16
tom__no i mean to check the md5sum of your iso in windows is md5sum.exe installed there?07:16
zenwhenwhat polls07:16
George^Dekatweek: it does not crash it just takes a very very long time to give you the md5sum07:16
MajesticDistrowatch, etc07:16
zenwhenwell ubuntu is the only newbie friendly distro thats worth a crap07:16
zenwhenits not a big surprise07:17
Tsjoklatgive me a few minutes and I'll be in here helping who ever needs help.. new/full moon or not07:17
Tsjoklattrying to figure something out and me head is spinning07:17
zenwheneverything else is a windows clone kde based pile of bloat07:17
zenwhenFC3 has a dvd iso07:17
zenwhenhow big of a joke is that?07:18
bob2Tsjoklat: hm people have taken that the wrong way in the past07:18
zenwhena 3GB one07:18
Gwildorbob2, could you help me with ati stuff?07:18
=== regeya [~shane@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gwildor: you need to be a lot more specific07:18
Gwildoror can anyone here help me with ati stuff?07:18
bob2just ask your question07:18
Gwildorbob2, well, i have learned that some ppl know nvidia only, so i was just tryin to sort out some who know ati07:19
tom__gwildor ask away you never know ... eg i have ubuntu running on atu here07:20
bob2Gwildor: to do what?07:20
Gwildorbob2, since i upgraded to hoary, i am unsure if i am using xfree or xorg, and i have a strange (new) output from glxgears07:20
bob2really, just ask your question07:20
Gwildori was working on it :)07:20
bob2Gwildor: dpkg -l xserver-xfree86 xserver-xorg | tail -n207:20
bob2what does that print out?07:20
Gwildorii  xserver-xfree8 4.3.0.dfsg.1-6 the XFree86 X server07:21
Gwildorun  xserver-xorg   <none>         (no description available)07:21
Tsjoklatyou're using XFree07:21
bob2presumably b ecause you removed ubunut-desktop07:21
bob2to install totem-xine or something07:21
LinuxJonesGwildor, you need to dist-upgrade maybe ?07:22
Gwildorlinixjones, well im more concerned with my new glxgears output, than getting xorg07:22
Gwildori will post it on #flood, take a look if you could plz?07:23
LinuxJonesGwildor, if you running hoary why not run xorg ?07:23
Gwildorlinuxjones, i really dont want x to break atm, if x breaks i am bumming, have to re-install07:24
bob2you don't have to reinstall07:24
Gwildorbob2, i dont know what to do without x07:24
Gwildorbob2, err, how to fix it on my own07:24
johnnybezakcd #ubuntu-offtopic07:25
johnnybezaktoo much time in terminal07:26
JDahlwhat do I need to add to sources.list to include the equivalent of non-free?07:26
bob2JDahl: multiverse07:26
JDahlthanks... how about restricted, what's that?07:27
tweekguys i found a nice easy to use program called digestit would that work in the place of md5sum.exe?07:28
TsjoklatJDahl.. what is says: restricted07:28
Tsjoklatsuch as: jave, mp3, wincodecs etc.07:28
JDahlTsjoklat, ok.. so it has no debian-counterpart?07:29
Tsjoklata what?07:29
JDahlI am just trying to figure out what the debian repositories I am used to are called under Ubuntu07:30
despis anyone using fluxbox with ubuntu?07:31
Gwildordesp, from time to time07:31
Tsjoklatthey are not debian reps07:31
bob2JDahl: restricted has no counterpart in Debian07:31
Tsjoklatyou are running ubu07:31
Tsjoklatnot debian07:31
bob2JDahl: it's non-free drivers07:31
bob2Tsjoklat: yes, you don't understand his question07:31
Tsjoklatbob2: no I don't07:32
despGwildor: what would be the easiest way to get it installed under warty?07:32
=== hypa7ia rocks out
TsjoklatJDahl.. could you be more specific about your question?07:32
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Tsjoklat: he's asking what the names of the debian repositores are in ubuntu07:32
hypa7iaheyo Tsjoklat :-)07:32
=== hypa7ia is soooo happy
bob2Tsjoklat: main = main, multiverse = non-free07:32
joolzmorning :-)07:32
Tsjoklatah right07:32
Tsjoklatsorry JDahl... I read your question wrong07:32
=== tt1kk [~ttikk@c-67-180-143-185.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklathi joolz :) hypa hypa :)07:33
=== tronical [~simon@mail.sjs-augustinus.wh.uni-erlangen.de] has joined #ubuntu
Gwildordesp, sudo apt-get install fluxbox07:33
Tsjoklathypa gets me hyper :P07:33
=== hypa7ia grins
TsjoklatI shouldn't be doing ten times at once07:33
Tsjoklatas I said me head is spinning07:34
despGwildor: it's not in any repository I have07:34
Tsjoklatwha crappy Dell hypa?07:34
Tsjoklatwhat even07:34
joolzi'm still on warty, but i would like to apt the latest firefox and gaim. Does anyone know where i can download debs for that?07:34
despnot universe, not multiverse...07:34
Tsjoklatfrom ubu joolz07:34
Tsjoklatjoolz read other window07:34
Gwildordesp, tis in universe07:34
despGwildor: perhaps only the i386 .deb is?07:35
Gwildordesp, ahh, perhaps, ppc?07:35
LinuxJonesgwildor :D07:35
hypa7iai have another machine to install ubu on now!07:36
Tsjoklathuh huh07:36
despGwildor: I was looking at the page of the fluxbox .deb maintainer, but there was no source offered, only the i386 bins07:36
Tsjoklatseems I am not the only one hyper hahah07:36
=== mslade [~mslade@203-217-18-166.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatyou should try NLD hypa07:36
bob2it's very very unlikely that fluxbox FTBFS on ppc07:37
bob2and it's in hoary07:37
=== Despair [~despair@pD958FFDE.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaTsjoklat: NLD?07:37
TsjoklatNovel Linux Desktop07:37
bob2he's pimping Novell's linux distro for some reason07:38
Tsjoklatand I am not pimping shit07:38
bob2sorry, my mistake07:38
hypa7iai'm gonna stick with ubu for now :-)07:38
hypa7iasince it's what i know and all07:38
hypa7iagonna update the new machine to hoary tho07:39
Tsjoklatyeah me too but I am going to give it a go on my test box07:39
Tsjoklatwant to see beagle07:39
bob2hm, beagle shouldn't be too hard to get going on ubuntu07:39
bob2does nld ship with it?07:39
TsjoklatI read the wiki on beagle in ubu07:39
Tsjoklatbut I want to see it first07:40
bob2hm, neat07:40
Tsjoklatand you'll like hoary hypa... I'm loving it07:40
=== mslade [~mslade@203-217-18-166.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iathis machine is gonna be running headless07:41
TsjoklatI am not going to change my distro07:41
Tsjoklatbesides ... to pay fifty bucks...07:41
=== Chris1954 [~xtr112041@222-152-148-89.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
despbob2: what is the default wm in ubuntu, metacity?07:42
JDahlis there a heavy python user among staff here? The python documentation tools are broken (as are they on debian, but the maintainer brushed me off)07:42
bob2desp: yes07:43
TsjoklatJDahl: you asked a Debian maintainer?07:43
bob2JDahl: how so?07:43
dopeybob2: i know fluxbox doesnt ftbfs on ppc.07:45
Chris1954hi, I'm looking around at various distros and have been told ubuntu is good, is anyone prepared to give me some feed back, and comparisons with other distros like, Redhat, mandrake, and Xandros07:45
dopeydesp: the source packages are there, just not linked.07:45
TsjoklatXandros: limited packages (read none you want)07:45
TsjoklatRedhat: pay07:45
TsjoklatMandrake: no comment07:45
TsjoklatSuse: if you are suicidal07:46
TsjoklatDebian: great, just forget the maintainers.. they invinted the word arsehole07:46
JDahlbob2, you cannot build documention with latex2html (e.g., try cd /usr/lib/python2.3/doc/templates; sudo ../tools/mkhowto howto.tex). For that to work you need to manually copy the "html" directory from the python source to /usr/lib/python2.3/docs07:46
Tsjoklatwant more Chris? :)07:47
JDahlbob2, I had the same problem with testing and filed a report, which was largely ignored07:47
bob2Tsjoklat: most debian maintainers are nice people07:47
dopeyTsjoklat: please tone it down a little.07:47
bob2like dopey here07:47
Tsjoklatbob2: I  haven't met one07:47
dopeydamn, you blew my cover.07:47
Tsjoklatdopey: I feel for you07:48
Tsjoklatand don't tell me to tone it down07:48
TsjoklatI don't take crap from debian maintainers anymore thank you very much07:48
Chris1954Tsjoklat: I see you have tried a few. Up till now I have tried about 6 but only been successfully able to load 3 and have found Xandros to be the best  .................. so far07:48
bob2Tsjoklat: chill out, please, and don't make unfair generalisations07:48
TsjoklatXandros is good Chris.. but not a lot of packages07:48
bob2Tsjoklat: I'm sorry you've had troubles with some maintainers, but the vast majority are nice people07:48
Lathiatdopey: haha07:48
Tsjoklatbob2: I never said they are not nice people07:48
bob216:46:35       Tsjoklat |  Debian: great, just forget the maintainers.. they invinted the word arsehole07:49
dopeyhey Lathiat - havent see you around for a while.07:49
LathiatTsjoklat: wtf dude? lose the attitude07:49
Lathiatdopey: :)07:49
bob2JDahl: hrm, is that related to latex2html not being in Debian anymore?07:49
TsjoklatLathiat: get your facts straight: I am not a dude nor a chick07:49
LathiatTsjoklat: Yeh sure you get some bad people around but most of them are good guys, i know plenty of them07:49
dopeyLathiat: you be around in april ?07:49
Tsjoklathappy for you Lathiat07:49
Chris1954I suppose it's what you want really, do you play games write programs or just chat and email07:49
Lathiatdopey: hopefully07:49
Lathiatdopey: partially depends on if my CFP was submitted07:49
dopeyLathiat: what topic ?07:50
Lathiatdopey: multicast dns service discovery07:50
Lathiathave i mentioned linux has lots of quirks that annoyed me? :)07:50
dopeydesp: still around ?07:50
JDahlbob2, no - the packager simply forgot to include the "html" directory - and I expect he has a link to the python source html directory (or setup and environment var), that's why it works for him07:50
Lathiatgetting interface specific multicast to work is unpossible07:50
Lathiatso far anyway07:50
Lathiati must be doing something stupid07:50
dopeyJDahl: is there a bug report ?07:51
bob2JDahl: which bug #?07:51
JDahldopey, hang on.. I filed one a few months bag07:51
Lathiatdopey: also depends on if my miniconf is accepted, which im in doubts about -- the committee expressed concerns its not "linux related" even tho ive run it for the past 2 years, its mostly been linux related etc (i have told them all this)07:51
=== Lathiat shrugs
Lathiatguess if i go not doing either itl be nice to be an antendee and not a presenter or organiser07:51
dopeyLathiat: i had fun, needed to turn on multicasting for a cluster monitoring tool.. didnt find much in the way of docs or tips about it. kinda blackmagick07:51
mojo_Anyone that wants newest Novell Ximian theme, please contact Tsjoklat, he got the link to get the package!07:52
=== mirak_ [~mirak@adsl-68-73-207-12.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
mojo_Anyone that wants newest Novell Ximian theme, please contact Tsjoklat, he got the link to get the package!07:52
Lathiatdopey: heh multicast routing on linux is broken too, you can make it work on freebsd with some black magic07:52
mirak_linuxjones, you still here07:52
Tsjoklathypa tattoe me a she on my head07:52
mirak_mirak, if you are here, i am sorry, my x broke, this is my default name, i kinda hafta use this name for a bit07:53
mirak_can anyone help me fix x?07:53
hypa7ialol, Tsjoklat07:53
bob2you can trivially change your nick07:53
bob2 /nick blahblah07:53
=== mirak_ is now known as Gwildor
Gwildorbob2, thnx07:54
=== koko775 [~andy@ip-216-117-219-142.keyway.net] has joined #ubuntu
koko775hello again07:54
JDahlbob2, dopey: it seems to have been deleted. The maintainer just said "look, it works on my machine, bug report closed"07:54
bob2kkbugs aren't deleted07:54
bob2what number was it?07:54
koko775i'm running hoary, and i can't seem to get the nvidia binaries to work on my amd64 system07:54
koko775i followed the wiki's instructions07:55
koko775Xorg starts up fine07:55
bob2are there non-free nvidia drivers for amd64 in ubuntu?07:55
=== aokaze__ [~aokaze@adsl-68-253-236-193.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #Ubuntu
koko775glxinfo is weird07:55
koko775i used nvidia-glx07:55
dopeyJDahl: you can't delete bugs - do you have the bug # ?07:55
koko775which (i think) required the linux-restricted-modules which was built for AMD64, yes07:56
JDahldopey, bob2: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=274173&archive=yes07:56
hypa7iahey anyone know of any quick ram check apps?07:57
hypa7iai don't need to do a full check, just a "it's sufficiently hosed for me to get a return at the store" kinda check07:57
koko775there's a boot disk which does that with memtest86 or something07:57
koko775google for it i guess?07:57
hypa7iamemtest86 seems to take forever07:57
=== hypa7ia nods
koko775well, that's the only way to be sure eh?07:57
despdopey: yeah?07:58
Lathiathypa7ia: memtest86 loops forever, it does take along time to do one test tho07:58
despdopey: ah...are "there"? can you be a little more specific? :)07:58
Lathiatgenerally if you leave it running for 24-48 hours and it doesnt find an error your probably right07:58
Lathiatjust one cycle doesnt prove its dodgy07:58
koko775anyway, about the nvidia-glx thing, any suggestions on what might be wrong when it gives me the following: name of display: :0.007:59
koko775Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".07:59
koko775Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".07:59
koko775Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".07:59
koko775Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual07:59
koko775Segmentation Fault07:59
bob2koko775: did your kernel oops?07:59
dopeydesp: they exist in the repostory, just arent linked from the webpage07:59
=== linux_galore [~linux_gal@] has joined #ubuntu
koko775what do you mean?07:59
dopeyJDahl: interesting, nothing in debian seems to provide /usr/lib/python2.3/doc/08:00
dopeydesp: one sec, i'll poke it08:00
koko775XOrg and Ubuntu boot up fine...there's a short delay before i get the login screen, but no nvidia logo08:00
koko775and i didn't have the delay before08:00
despdopey: ahh, I see, it's your page :)08:00
JDahldopey: /usr/lib/python2.3/doc/html, you mean?08:00
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@22.140-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
koko775it's a GF FX 5900 so the nvidia-glx should work :/08:01
koko775but isn't08:01
=== Chris1954 [~xtr112041@222-152-148-89.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has left #ubuntu []
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Rene_SWell that was the longest hour of my life08:02
=== Administrator__ [~ttikk@c-67-180-143-185.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7ialol, welcome back Rene_S08:02
koko775i tried commenting out the GLCore thing, etc as per the README.Debian instructions, and changing the driver from nv to nvidia with the same result08:02
JDahlI am pretty sure that my bugreport is solid... I use latex2html with python alot - and I have a completely standard python installation from testing (on my machine at work, at least)08:02
=== bwlang [~bwlang@h00a0cc520a75.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
despdopey: I tried adding the http://logicvortex.net/dists/ sid main repository, but synaptic complains about not having found the powerpc packages list .gz file08:03
dopeydesp: i dont currently have access to a powerpc computer, thus cannot build packages08:04
despdopey: so how can I get the source? add the rep as deb-src?08:05
despsorry if that's a silly question, I'm new to all this08:05
dopeyone second, please08:06
koko775nobody has any suggestions?08:07
koko775hmm, i'll go and try fixing it on my own another few times08:07
=== koko775 [~andy@ip-216-117-219-142.keyway.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== brent [~brent@wblv-ip-nas-1-p155.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
dopeydesp: reload that page. the deb-src though should work, as well08:08
Rene_Shypa7ia, thanks, damned upgrade,  somehow i managed to install Ubuntu without an xserver08:10
hypa7iathat;s craaazy08:10
hypa7iai otoh have half a gig of dead ram08:10
sapto get quicktime working within firefox do i install mozilla-plugin-vlc08:10
=== hypa7ia hunts for the reciept
=== glenn [~glenn@dip-220-235-100-125.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Rene_SI would be returning that for sure08:11
dopeydesp: if you still have problems, i could build you a ppc package08:11
=== HolyGod [~free@pppoe-tun1.securebinary.com] has joined #ubuntu
despdopey: thanks, I'll try it myself first08:12
dopeydesp: no problems.08:12
=== Rene_S is still scratching his noggin wondering how he managed to mess up a paint by numbers install
dopeyRene_S: somehow an install i did at work managed the same, i had to pull in the ubuntu-desktop task by hand, then all was well08:13
Rene_Sdopey, thanks, for telling me that now I feel like a smuck as much :)08:14
=== Dee [~Dee@12-214-240-113.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Rene_Sdont feel like a shmuck as much08:14
Rene_Sapparently my english went with the x server, awol08:15
=== espyrian [~chatzilla@adsl-170.cust203-87-19.sa.chariot.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== aktsuo [~aktsuo@lns-vlq-26-82-254-154-23.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Rene_SWow land of the dead in here this evening08:20
Tsjoklatnew moon Rene08:21
Rene_SWhat ? everyone off there meds or did they turn into pumpkins ?08:22
JDahlspeaking of pumpkins: here's a funny slashdot link (since you're bored), http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=123410&cid=1036784508:24
Rene_SCall me dense, but I failed to see the humour in that post08:26
JDahlyou did?08:26
=== koko775 [~andy@ip-216-117-219-58.keyway.net] has joined #ubuntu
koko775okay, i solved the problem08:27
koko775turns out nvidia-glx only modifies the XFree config file08:27
koko775not the xorg.conf08:27
koko775so i changed it08:27
despis anyone using GGV (the gnome .ps viewer)?  it doesn't seem to support my mouse scrollwheel correctly (i.e. as other programs do)08:27
koko775lots of weird stuff happened08:27
koko775and finally i just modified both08:27
koko775and rebooted once or twice08:27
koko775and it worked08:27
Rene_SYeah, it could be one of them time delayed jokes and around 4 in the morning I will wake up my neighbours with hysterical laugher. or not.08:27
JDahlI guess only time will tell...08:28
koko775glxgears 7194 fps. oh yes.08:28
Rene_SDon't mind me I am just old, and I think I am going senile08:29
desp261 fps :(08:29
despis this how it should be on an ATI Radeon 7000?08:30
hypa7iaDesp: nos08:30
hypa7iaerr no08:30
desphypa7ia: any ideas what should I do, then?08:30
Rene_S16667 frames in 5.0 seconds = 3333.400 FPS08:30
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
Rene_S49581 frames in 5.0 seconds = 9916.200 FPS08:31
=== Dee [~Dee@12-214-240-113.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Rene_SYeah like i will ever see that in a game08:32
=== fabbione destroies a mith
koko775how do i install java?08:32
koko775<--trying to get azureus installed08:32
fabbioneglxgear is not a reliable benchmark08:32
fabbioneyour eye can't see more than 25? fps08:32
fabbioneso even if you get 250 fps08:32
koko775the computer can certainly tell08:32
fabbioneor 700008:32
JDahlkoko775, you can go to blackdown.org or get a binary build from java.sun.com08:32
koko775it isn't a comprehensive test, of course08:32
koko775i went to java.sun.com08:33
=== siimo [~siimo@60-234-129-100.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneit makes no difference for your brain reception speed of images08:33
koko775but i'm not sure how to install it08:33
=== siimo [~siimo@60-234-129-100.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
koko775the bin just extracted stuff08:33
Rene_SOh no, I believe everything my computer tells me is fair, reliable and objective08:33
JDahlkoko775, extract it to where you want it... that's it (as far as I remember)08:33
visorkoko775: just install the bin, symlink the java binary and the plugin to the mozilla plugin directory and youre done08:34
koko775if i want to run it from anywhere, where do i put the man, lib, and bin files?08:34
koko775er, to run azureus?08:34
visorkoko775: by default jre 1.5 installs on /usr/java so that'll do it08:34
=== Tsjoklat [~Tsjoklat@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
visorkoko775: i did that08:35
visorkoko775: i run azureus very well08:35
visorkoko775: with jre 1.508:35
koko775not /usr/local?08:36
=== Majestic [~Majestic@pool-162-84-146-205.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
visorkoko775: i guess you can pass something to the installer, for me /usr/java is better08:37
koko775root@ip-216-117-219-153:/home/andy/azureus # /usr/java/bin/java Azureus208:38
koko775Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Azureus208:38
=== ispmike [~mike@c-24-1-247-78.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-123-57.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
visoruhmm well what jre do you have?08:39
Treenakswhy are you messing with azureus? there's bittornado, which works fine without java08:40
visoroddabe19, i just installed some days ago azureus and jre 1.5.0 and everything went fine08:40
genazureus > *08:40
punkassi installed java-package and got the jre1.5.0 file and it makes a deb for you that you can install then java works system wide08:40
koko775i'd like to install azureus, not out of ignorance but by choice, Treenaks08:41
visorkoko775: hey, did you installed it in the default prefix?08:41
punkassi use azureus..works well08:41
=== bunglon_ [~uwi@] has joined #ubuntu
arun--you have to add the bin directory of java in $PATH08:42
arun--and create a new env variable $CLASSPATH  which will have the current working dir in it08:42
arun--that is  '.'08:42
koko775will that be persistent?08:42
koko775if i change $PATH08:42
koko775and reboot08:42
arun--it depends08:42
koko775where do i change $PATH?08:43
arun--if you run gdm08:43
koko775which I do08:43
punkassuse java-package it works great08:43
arun--then it will be /etc/gdm/gdm.conf something like it08:43
arun--i dot use gdm08:43
arun--so i use /etc/profile08:43
visorkoko775: i did nothing and azureus ran well08:44
punkasscould you just but a symlink in /usr/bin to the java binary08:44
koko775visor: well08:44
koko775it's still not working doing nothing08:44
visorkoko775: azureus has a shell script wich looks for the java bin in /usr/java08:44
visorkoko775: what file youre opening?08:44
arun--what is the error you get? NoClassDefFound?08:45
=== Skif [~emschwar@] has joined #ubuntu
visorkoko775: thats not08:46
visorkoko775: the one08:46
koko775running just "azureus" tells me i need 1.4 or newer08:46
visorkoko775: you should open the shell script, not the jar directly08:46
visorwich version of ubuntu youre running?08:46
=== djtansey_ [~djtansey@djtansey.student.umd.edu] has joined #ubuntu
djtansey_is there a way to do a network install of ubuntu? preferably a network install CD -- i have no floppy and don't wnat to download all the stuff i don't need. thanks08:47
hypa7iadjtansey_: not at the moment afaik08:48
visorkoko775: well something maybe that has to do with libraries, i have warthy08:48
arun--koko775: if you want to execute the application from anywhere, you need to define a $CLASSPATH env and add the jar file ot the classpath08:48
hypa7iafor now i'd just grab the iso djtansey_08:48
punkassif u wanna use java-package here is a great little howto08:48
koko775how do i define those?08:48
punkassthat sets up all your paths etc08:48
djtansey_hypa7ia: i am... again. PITA -- downloaded it from the primary UK site and the iso was corrupted! quit after recording just a bit of it. happen to know any good US mirrors?08:49
Treenaksdjtansey_: take the "broken" ISO and use rsync to fix it08:49
djtansey_hypa: that can get more than the 115 K/s i'm getting from using archive.ubuntu.com's jigdo file08:49
Treenaksdjtansey_: or use the .torrent08:49
djtansey_Tree: tried the torrent. after a few hours it was only downloading at 2.5 K/s08:50
TsjoklatTreenaks: torrent junkie :P08:50
Treenaksdjtansey_: I'll seed :)08:50
punkasskoko775: at the bottom of the page is the one you want08:50
hypa7iai found the spain mirror to be good08:50
djtansey_Tree: how might i do rsync? would it just rewrite the file? how does it fix it?08:50
hypa7iadjtansey_: rsync syncs only the different bits08:50
TsjoklatI usually use the German ones08:50
djtansey_Treenaks: if you feel like it. can i just use the regular torrent?08:50
Treenaksdjtansey_: afaik it does checksums of chunks or something08:50
Treenaksdjtansey_: uh.. if it's still the same yes08:51
Tsjoklat<-- hogs Treenaks bw08:51
TreenaksTsjoklat: I have 100mbit.. you have a modem 8)08:51
=== Tsjoklat hits Treenaks
Tsjoklatyou would NOT mention that ever again08:51
=== Sepero [~a@client68.itam1.hawkcommunications.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Jeff_ [~Jeff@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatand what are you using? glas kabel?08:51
TreenaksTsjoklat: ethernet08:52
=== koko775 [~andy@ip-216-117-219-58.keyway.net] has left #ubuntu []
TreenaksTsjoklat: colocated machine08:52
Tsjoklatgot a room to spare Tree?08:52
hypa7iai got 8MB/s from york u to u of toronto08:53
=== king_arthur [~chatzilla@adsl-181-61.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iayay debian mirror08:53
djtansey_Tree: i'm using the torrent from archives.ubuntu.com08:53
Treenaksdjtansey_: I got it there as well, but I don't know if it's changed08:53
Rene_SBandwidth thief08:53
TsjoklatI feel like I am in the dark ages08:54
hypa7iahey, it was perfectly legit Rene_S08:54
Rene_SSure sure08:54
SkifTsjoklat: hey, so did I... I had DSL before I moved here, and when I got here, no DSL, no cable modem, nothing...08:54
Treenaksthis is not working ("Seeding at 1kb/s")08:54
SeperoI got 10k/s over dialup a couple times before08:54
Tsjoklatisn't that horrible Skif?08:54
SkifI never realized how badly I was suffering with dialup until I had alternatives!08:54
Rene_SI'll believe ya, millions would'nt but I will :)08:54
TsjoklatI had cable modem, then DSL and now dial-up08:54
Tsjoklatthe word alone should be forbidden08:55
gendialup haha08:55
SkifTsjoklat: well, I hooked up with cwx.net, a local 802.11 co-op ISP08:55
hypa7iait was!  i was installing debian on a box for a campus club08:55
hypa7ia2.5 gigs in 15 minutes :-)08:55
djtansey_Tree: running rsync now. also running bt. getting 2 K/s.08:55
Tsjoklathypa does clubs?08:55
=== tronical wonders how many people have successfully upgraded server machines from sarge to warty
=== hypa7ia runs the sex ed centre at u of t
=== Tsjoklat wants to join
hypa7iatronical: not many08:55
Rene_SThere's no one at the sex ed centre08:55
SkifAnd now Comcast is offering cable modem now... I'm tempted, but it might screw up my IPSec tunnel to work :-\08:55
TsjoklatI'll settle for sex ed hypa since that will be the closest to sex I'll ever get08:56
tronicalhypa7ia: hm, that's not too much :)08:56
Rene_Sits Friday, there out having sex08:56
TsjoklatI d/l from a friend who has DSL08:56
Tsjoklatjust have to drive over there to burn it08:56
Tsjoklatthanks for reminding me of that Rene08:56
Tsjoklatpraise the Lord hypa is too busy with setting up her sex club to be out there08:56
Rene_SYour welcome, look at it this way, I am in the same boat08:57
Tsjoklatyou're married08:57
Tsjoklatlast time I checked08:57
=== hypa7ia giggles
Rene_SI am never having sex again, because of that08:57
Tsjoklatoh knock up08:57
=== hypa7ia roffles
Tsjoklattraumatized Rene08:57
Rene_SI used to have sex, now I just read about it in the papers08:58
Tsjoklatshould have gone to hypa's club Rene08:58
TreenaksRene_S: so you're one of the gene pool life guards 8)08:58
Rene_SI like that08:58
Rene_SGonna remember that one08:58
TsjoklatTree: original :)08:58
Tsjoklatit sounds better then having to say you don't do it Rene08:58
Tsjoklatheck I am going to put it in my signature08:58
djtansey_who here has used hoary? i saw it had evolution 2.1.0 -- can you not install the devel version? i need my email to be accessible, after all (thinking of doing an upgrade to hoary before reinstalling. have this odd sound problem that just won't go away -- all sound is now considerably more quiet than it was a couple weeks ago. i don't think i did anything to cause it)08:59
Tsjoklatta Tree08:59
TreenaksTsjoklat: np :)08:59
Tsjoklatthat site you directed me to Tree is hilarious08:59
TsjoklatI like the Ikea one08:59
hypa7iathat's super weird djtansey_08:59
Rene_SI deleted Evolution entirely, using Thunderbird08:59
TsjoklatI am still batling with gpg09:00
genyea hoary has 2.1.0 evo, but i use thunderbird also09:00
Tsjoklatevo hates it09:00
TsjoklatTB uses it just fine09:00
Tsjoklatthat reminds me Tree... I still can't read any of your mails09:00
Tsjoklatare you sure you typed something? :P09:00
Rene_SI just found 2.1 to not work as I would have expected09:00
defendguinubuntu uses ext3 by default dont they?09:00
djtansey_hypa: yup. i found someone else in #ubuntu who said it happened to them. they just reinstalled. i've tried reinstalling gstreamer, rhythmbox, using different kernels. don't know what happened. but now it's so quiet i have ot have PCM on 100 just to really hear it decently (though with PCM at 100 you get cracks)09:00
jmlSorry to repeat the question. Does anyone have any experience with using an Audigy on ubuntu, particularly w/ using Line In?09:00
TreenaksTsjoklat: yeah, quite sure09:00
hypa7ianope jml, sorry09:01
TreenaksTsjoklat: what does enigmail say about the message? does it crash? beep? burn?09:01
Tsjoklatwould you be mighty upset if I flooded you  next week with more emails?09:01
jmlhypa7ia: np09:01
Tsjoklatno... none of that but it basicly tells me to F off09:01
Tsjoklatyou sit in my inbox09:01
Tsjoklatall nice but you don't say nothing09:01
Tsjoklathave no clue what you are talking about jml sorry09:02
TreenaksTsjoklat: go right ahead09:02
TsjoklatI really need to fix it... but I am getting really discouraged09:02
Lathiatdjtansey_: what sound card is this?09:02
Lathiatdjtansey_: sometimes they have a master and PCM channel, have to turn master up as well09:02
TsjoklatI think I'll try again on monday Tree... a bit peeved with my email right now09:02
=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksTsjoklat: ok09:03
Patric1good morning09:03
mojo_Check out new Industrial theme for Ubuntu at: http://opax.swin.edu.au/~2529386/ABC.png09:03
Tsjoklatbtw.. which one do you like better? straw/liferea or blam!09:03
SeperoAnyone know why ubuntu doesn't use reiser as default?09:03
Patric1somebody can help me confiure TV out?09:03
djtansey_Lathiat: intel integrated09:03
djtansey_Lathiat: and have had master up to 100 as well09:04
Patric1got a quistion about adding the lines in Xfree09:04
hypa7iamojo_: that theme is awesome09:04
Lathiatdjtansey_: works fine for me, sure your using headphone out and not line out?09:04
djtansey_Lathiat: only have one line-out. it worked fine for me while using the preview and for weeks after that. then one weekend poof!09:05
Lathiatalso gstreamer apps have their own volume control as well09:05
Lathiattry cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp, to see if its an application/gstreamer thing?09:05
djtansey_Lathiat: tried it with gmplayer and a bunch of other things.09:05
Lathiatso was your kernel upgraded?09:06
djtansey_lathiat: nope. at least not consciously. tried 2.6.7 from 2.8.109:06
Patric1anybody can help me a little bit?09:06
=== Ruffian|Q| [~Ruffian|Q@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Lathiat has no idea then
Lathiattry another kernel09:06
Lathiathand compile one09:06
Lathiatsee if that fixes it09:06
Lathiati know 2.6.8 to work09:07
djtansey_Lathiat: may try that. but 2.6.7 and didn't work. and some ubuntu one did before. so i don't know what's up09:07
=== edulix [~edulix@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatwoo, just realised that the synaptics driver in xorg doesnt break on resume09:09
hypa7ianice Lathiat09:09
hypa7iathe synaptics driver is so amazing09:10
hypa7iait's like 100x better than the windoze one09:10
=== HolyGod [~free@pppoe-tun1.securebinary.com] has joined #ubuntu
Patric1can somebody give me a good howto to configure xfree to watch movies on the tv09:15
LathiatPatric1: well it depends on your video card among other things09:15
Patric1Nvidia FX560009:15
Patric1i'm a little config edditing scared :-)09:16
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
Patric1i found one in german, but my german ends at coursing09:19
Lathiatjust google around, should be one09:20
=== Skif can order beer and find his way to the loo on at least 5 continents
Skifthat's about all, but really, isn't that enough for most purposes?09:20
=== Buzzz [~anders@hd5e25192.gavlegardarna.gavle.to] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatthat's super handy Skif09:20
Tsjoklatwhat more do you need09:20
Buzzzis it possible to get a newser version of firefox in warty?09:21
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-214.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiathrm... i ordered 140 ubuntu cds and the sie reports it only mailed me 50, gah09:23
Lathiatoh well09:23
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@22.140-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
punkassLathiat: how do did u find that out?09:26
=== jml [~jml@ppp110-63.lns1.hba1.internode.on.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== mameluke [~bo@84-72-11-96.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatpunkass: it tells you when you login to shipit09:29
tronicalLathiat: maybe there's a quota on much you can buy ;-)09:29
Lathiatyeh possibly09:30
Lathiati did have a reason for requesting that many tho09:30
punkasshmm not for me..just lets me change my info09:30
Lathiati mean i assume lots of people went stupid so they probably toned them down09:30
Lathiatpunkass: that means your order hasnt started shipping yet09:30
Lathiatmine has, so ner :)09:30
thx1138Hi, i've discovered a minor bug in passepartout (in Universe). Can I make a bugreport via bugzilla, even if it's in Universe ?09:34
=== Patric1 [~patrick@pancake.demon.nl] has left #ubuntu []
Lathiatthx1138: is it an actual program bug?09:35
thx1138it's a packaging bug : the launcher doesn't show up in GNOME menu, even after delogging/relogging09:36
Lathiatah right09:36
Lathiatquite a few packages dont have launchers09:37
bob2thx1138: that's not a bug09:37
bob2and no, don't report universe bugs in our bugzilla09:37
=== yohannes [~yohannes@adsl-66-125-93-4.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
thx1138that's why i asked, before doing a silly thing ;)09:38
=== poin_t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
thx1138thanks guys09:38
=== ArCHoNKoG [ArCHoNKoG@ool-182d58fd.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2you're welcome09:38
=== ArCHoNKoG [ArCHoNKoG@ool-182d58fd.dyn.optonline.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== arun-- [~arun@cm141.omega227.maxonline.com.sg] has left #ubuntu []
=== nate [~nate@202-0-37-248.cable.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
Buzzzis it possible to get a newer version of firefox in warty?09:49
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
Buzzzdaniels, ok.09:49
tronicalmoin daniels09:50
Tsjoklatdaniels.. I read that going to xorg could bust your synaptic... is closing synaptic with a child error one of those things?09:50
=== shoey [~Sprinkler@ppp242-193.lns2.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
mvo_Tsjoklat: what was the exact error and did it happen inside the synaptic terminal? or did it made synaptic crash?09:52
Tsjoklatmvo_ it didn't crash, it didn't happen in the synaptic terminal but after I closed it it popped up09:53
danielsTsjoklat: not that I'm aware of, only 'oh crap libx11 hates your locale'09:53
Tsjoklatwith that error saying: child error etc.09:53
danielstronical: hey dude, sup?09:53
mvo_Tsjoklat: was that a message from gksudo maybe?09:53
Tsjoklatcould be mvo_09:53
Tsjoklatsynaptic runs fine... just when I close it09:53
tronicaldaniels: pondering to play around with ubuntu. _very_ attractive, seeing all the debian core devels working on it :)09:53
danielstronical: you should give it a shot.  i hear it's really cool!09:54
Tsjoklatbut ubu is changing to another su right?09:54
mvo_Tsjoklat: does it happen all the time or only sometimes?09:54
tronicaldaniels: you hear? don't play the innocent ;-)09:54
Tsjoklatmvo_ sometimes09:54
=== tronical read about daniels's xorg package hacks
shoeyhow do you start the gui in ubuntu because "startx" doesnt work09:54
moyogoshoey: /etc/init.d/gdm restart09:55
danielstronical: apparently the X packages rock :P09:55
Tsjoklatmvo_ it is not bothering the crap out of me, I just wondered if it was a known bug09:55
tronicaldaniels: what's your experience with upgrading testing machines to warty?09:55
mvo_Tsjoklat: it would be nice if you could submit a bugreport with the exact error message then. I have seen it here, but only very rarely09:55
=== george__ [~george@ppp3-89.her.forthnet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
=== george__ is now known as theatro
Tsjoklatalright next time it does it again, I'll write down the exact wording and file it09:56
danielstronical: given I've never run a sarge machine -- none09:56
mvo_Tsjoklat: if you are lazy just make a screenshot of the window ;)09:56
danielstronical: should work fine though09:56
Treenaksdaniels: how many people have promised to give you alcoholic beverages? :)09:56
Tsjoklatmvo_ that is okay to do?09:56
tronicaldaniels: ok, that sounds optimistic09:57
mvo_you should be able to get only the error message with gimp :)09:57
Tsjoklatso you have to make a screenshot through gimp09:57
Tsjoklatsince screenshot is removed/not working09:57
danielsTreenaks: a fair few.  there's even an offer of red wine in there, to mix it up with the beer09:57
mvo_Tsjoklat: oh yeah, the joy of hoary ...09:57
Tsjoklatmvo_ gotta love it09:58
Treenaksdaniels: so you'll be drunk all the time at the conference? :)09:58
Tsjoklatpictures Tree... loads of it09:58
TsjoklatI want to see daniels loaded and doing table dances09:58
SkifTreenaks: don't be silly.  He'll have to sleep sometime.09:58
SkifTsjoklat: No.  You don't.09:58
SkifTrust me on this.09:58
Tsjoklathe can sleep on his way home Skif?09:58
TsjoklatI can do with a laugh Skif09:59
danielsTreenaks: good god dude, I need to get some work done too09:59
SkifDon't say I didn't warn you :)09:59
danielsSkif: ... i never danced on any tables.09:59
Skifdaniels: and now's not the time to start :)09:59
Tsjoklatyou  haven't been loaded enough yet daniels.. that's all09:59
danielsSkif: exactly.10:00
Tsjoklatbut thanks for the warning Skif lol10:00
shoeymoyogo: i must be missing something because i dont have that gdm file10:00
=== ricochet [~ricochet@adsl-69-107-88-238.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== duke|ib [dukeku@c-24-21-168-125.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
moyogoshoey: hmmm10:00
Tsjoklatwhoever fixed Alexandria: thanks!10:01
=== tweek [icechat5@pcp01570339pcs.indstr01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
moyogoshoey: do you have the package "gdm" installed?10:01
shoeynot sure10:02
moyogoshoey: what does "dpkg-query -s gdm" show?10:02
Tsjoklatnext bibshelf10:02
=== Klowner_ [~klown@zorg-212-83.revealed.net] has joined #ubuntu
moyogoshoey: that's really weird, if it's not installed, it should be by default10:02
shoeyinstalling now10:03
shoeysorry i went starght to apt-get10:03
=== Hashar is now known as HasharAw
Tsjoklatis there any news about the trash appelt?10:04
Tsjoklatapplet too10:04
moyogoshoey: whatever works ;)10:04
JDahlI'm gonna risk going off-topic: anyone compiled xemacs from cvs and got buffer-taps working?10:05
shoeyno kde ?10:07
=== b_e_n_z [~b_e_n_z@vp183179.kln.uac68.hknet.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ruffian|Q| [Ruffian|Q|@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
moyogoshoey: kde is available, but on universe i believe10:08
moyogoshoey: the default desktop is gnome10:09
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
=== zxy__ [~ralph@host81-154-0-1.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== ] Cyphre[ [~Miranda@gprs40-9.eurotel.cz] has joined #ubuntu
=== VileScum [~mark@notebook.mark.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
shoeyi got gnome to nearly start but got an error10:13
] Cyphre[Hi all, I'm an Ubuntu newbie...and I have a problem10:14
=== Ruffian|JANE| [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Gwaihir [~Gwaihir@] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iawhat's up ] 10:15
hypa7iaerr ] Cyphre[10:15
Tsjoklathey Ruffian10:15
] Cyphre[I installed the system from CD but when I reboot it says "GRUB, loading please wait..." one second after this message i got "Error 18" message..anyon could help me with this?10:15
VileScumHi, I've been mirroring ubuntu in Australia for a whil enow and have listed my mirror on th ewiki, how do I go about getting it listed on the mirror page, I've emailed the address listed but have had no response10:15
=== zxy___ [~ralph@host81-154-0-1.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Ruffian|JANE|] Cyphre[  what distro did you have installed before?10:16
hypa7iaVileScum: check in ubuntu-devel, they might know10:16
hypa7ia] Cyphre[: http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2004-October/003145.html10:16
] Cyphre[Ruffian: I installed the latest 4.10 version from the downloaded ISO image10:17
Ruffian|JANE|] Cyphre[ what did you have installed before Ubuntu10:17
] Cyphre[Ah thanks for the link! I'll try it and let you know...10:18
Tsjoklathypa do you use UTF8?10:18
hypa7iaTsjoklat: yup10:18
] Cyphre[There was Win2K system before..but I select erase whole disk during the ubuntu instalation10:18
TsjoklatI am a tad confused... I read that using UTF isn't that great10:19
Tsjoklatso why would ubu want to go all the way UTF10:19
hypa7iaTsjoklat: i think it's great, there's space for kanji and such10:19
hypa7iait makes internationalization easier Tsjoklat10:19
Tsjoklatfor what?10:19
Tsjoklatwhat is kanji hypa?10:19
hypa7iakanji == japanese chars10:19
Tsjoklatoh hai10:20
Skifand arabic, korean, cryllic....10:20
Tsjoklatwell I still have issues with my funky characters10:20
Tsjoklatit sometimes does it... and sometimes it doesn't10:20
Tsjoklatplus it is hard to do with a dual windows box10:20
SkifI don't remember if it has tengwar or not.10:20
Tsjoklatwindows does not like utf810:20
] Cyphre[cool..I changed in the BIOS from LBA to NORMAL and it look it boots ;) Thanks for the help!10:21
Skifwindows is all utf, eh10:21
hypa7iayay ] Cyphre[!10:21
Skifyour font may not have glyphs for what you're seeing, but that's a different problem.10:21
TsjoklatI am mostly talking about French letters10:22
Tsjoklatand the baggage on top of them10:22
hypa7iayeah, for some reason i have issues with them too10:22
hypa7iaon devrait bugreporter ca, eh Tsjoklat?10:22
=== dis [~dis@81-203-226-252.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== dave_ [~dave@host81-157-41-14.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatcan't even type my own name lol10:22
=== beezly [~beezly@2001:630:63:16:20e:2eff:fe27:ea88] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatsince it is French10:23
=== tweek [icechat5@pcp01570339pcs.indstr01.fl.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
Tsjoklathamana hypa?10:23
=== Skif is typing w/one hand, but not for the reason you think--
=== muhahaha [~muhahahha@31.Red-80-35-118.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
TsjoklatI hope not Skif10:23
Ruffian|JANE|Whats your Router IP hypa7ia??10:23
=== hypa7ia giggles
Skifcat's asleep on my other hand10:23
moyogoshoey: what's the error?10:23
=== Buzzzz [~anders@hd5e25192.gavlegardarna.gavle.to] has joined #ubuntu
TsjoklatI am lost with you hypa10:23
Tsjoklatwhat do you mean by devrait bugreporter ca?10:23
hypa7ianous devrons je voulais dire10:24
muhahahai think i need xorg-devel to compile an app, im using hoary repos, but xorg-devel is not there... any ideas?10:24
moyogoy'a #ubuntu-fr pour les francophiles10:24
hypa7iamuhahaha: got universe enabled?10:24
hypa7ialol moyogo, i was just teasing Tsjoklat really :-)10:25
Tsjoklateventually hypa10:25
muhahahayes hypa7ia10:25
Tsjoklatyes me be pissing pole tonight :P10:25
=== Majestic [~Majestic@pool-162-84-146-205.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== Skif wouldn't think xorg-devel was in universe?
=== hypa7ia wouldn't really know either way, seein as she's still in warty
Skifwell daniels would be the guy to ask, but he's sightseeing right now10:26
daniels(not quite yet)10:26
Tsjoklatfor beer?10:26
danielsTsjoklat: i've been threatened with death if I don't come back with lots of photos10:26
Skifno, for photos10:26
danielsTsjoklat: i answer to a higher master than #ubuntu10:26
=== NanoTek [~NanoTek@APuteaux-151-1-37-250.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatwhich is?10:27
hypa7iaphotos of what?10:27
danielsmuhahaha: which app are you trying to compile?10:27
danielshypa7ia: copenhagen, while I'm visiting10:27
danielsTsjoklat: guess10:27
Tsjoklatdoes this mean you are going to send us pics of you daniels?10:27
Skifdaniels: leave! you'll be here all day, otherwise!10:27
danielsheh, ni10:27
danielsSkif: almost10:27
TsjoklatI am so lost10:27
hypa7iacool, daniels10:27
=== hypa7ia /dcc Tsjoklat a_hug
danielsSkif: just waiting to drag all the photos off the cf card on to my laptop before I go, so I have room10:27
Tsjoklathypa do you know how to set epiphany as default browser for opening in abi etc.?10:27
Tsjoklatta hyap I so needed that10:28
Skifgood plan10:28
Tsjoklathypa too10:28
Tsjoklatif I didn't know better I would expect my period to arrive any second10:28
Tsjoklatso dense today10:28
=== Skif filled a 256M card in portland in one day
danielsSkif: yeah, 256MB's the objective here10:28
=== Tsjoklat sees all the guys run for the lives
Tsjoklattheir too10:28
muhahahadaniels, baghira 0.610:29
=== hypa7ia giggles
SkifTsjoklat: eh, not like I haven't heard the word before or anything10:29
=== tim1 [~Tim@pD9E5D8E8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaTsjoklat: dunno squat about epiphany, sorry :-/10:29
Tsjoklatoh I don't have doubts you haven't but men tend to fear the event more then being circumsized10:29
=== theatro [~george@ppp1-178.her.forthnet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatdon't mean epiph.. just how to set it to be the default browser10:30
TsjoklatI should really give up for today lol10:30
danielsmuhahaha: try xlibs-dev10:30
danielsSkif: yeah, that's aboot right, eh? :)10:30
daniels(bloody usb 1.1)10:30
GammaRayanyone know where I can find the gdm wm scripts?10:30
SkifI never got that; I'm always happy when my SO has yer period.  Sure beats the alternative. :)10:31
Skifdaniels: too right, mate! :)10:31
Tsjoklatwhich is?10:31
muhahahadaniels,  do yo know if repositoresof hoary ar working? then give me an error qhen i do apt-get udapte10:31
Tsjoklatbeing preggers10:31
danielsmuhahaha: yes, they're working fine.  what error do you get?10:31
Tsjoklatding dong10:31
muhahahaErr http://archive.ubuntu.org hoary-updates/main Release10:31
muhahaha  Connection failed10:32
Tsjoklathypa you got some stamps I can lick for your club? it might be the only thing I am good for as of now10:32
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaalas, i'm just the accountant + IT person, don't get to do any of the exciting stuff10:33
Adrenalum, my panel, is gone10:33
Adrenalhow can i create a new one10:33
hypa7ialike OMG give talks in high schools :-)10:33
Tsjoklatas in giving examples? :P10:33
Adrenalwith nothing to click on?10:33
danielsmuhahaha: just a transient problem, it'll fix itself sooner or later10:33
Tsjoklatoh I want to do that10:33
Tsjoklatgive talks10:33
danielsmuhahaha: probably something between your isp and where archive.ubuntu.com is hosted10:33
hypa7iaAdrenal: are the top and bottom ones gone?10:33
muhahahaok daniels so i better wait10:33
=== Chibi [~chibifs@pcp09403250pcs.monroe01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mojo_ [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenali made it so i only have one10:33
muhahahayesterday they worked10:33
Adrenalbut when i booted uo10:33
Adrenalit was gone10:34
Adrenalrestarting doesn't help10:34
Adrenalis there any command?10:34
=== glenn [~glenn@dip-220-235-100-125.nsw.westnet.com.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
SkifTsjokolat: http://www.countyoursheep.com/d/20041001.html10:34
hypa7iaAdrenal: just poiking around, give me a sec10:35
Skifer, Tsjoklat, even10:35
Tsjoklatsame deal Skif10:35
Tsjoklatnice one Skif :)10:35
willanyone tried KDE on ubuntu?10:35
SkifCount Your Sheep is my hero.10:36
Adrenalthats like asking if anyone has tried linux on a dell10:36
hypa7iaAdrenal: can you launch stuff?10:36
visornot me, but im thinking on installing k3b, i have no decent burning software on it :(10:36
Adrenali can only get into gaim because i set it to autostart(thank God)10:36
SkifIt's like The Incredibles-- nice, family-friendly, and rather subversive when you think about it. :)10:36
willUsing anything KDE has bought me problems!!10:36
visoranyone has tried some gnome recording aplication?10:36
TsjoklatI like it Skif :)10:37
hypa7iaoooh i know Adrenal.10:37
willjust fully removed all packages to do with kde* kdesk* etc etc10:37
Adrenalwait a min, if the panels make files, could someone save theres, send it to me, and i launch it?10:37
Adrenalor doesn't it work that way?10:37
hypa7iaAdrenal: i bet that gnome-panel the application isn't running, is all10:37
hypa7iawe need to get it running10:37
SkifAdrenal: try logging out, and back in.10:37
Adrenalwait a sec10:38
Adrenalhow do i log out?10:38
Skifgnome-session should kick in and start it again10:38
hypa7iaSkif: he already tried that10:38
SkifOh, okay, I missed that, soryr.10:38
Adrenali tried changing sessions10:38
hypa7iathat's the same thing10:38
hypa7iaAdrenal: can you create a launcher on the desktop?10:38
SkifAdrenal: try starting a terminal and running "gnome-panel" in it10:38
Skifsee if you get any errors10:39
Adrenalcommand not found10:39
Skifyeah, that's a problem.10:39
Adrenali just typed in 'gnome-panel'10:39
Adrenaland launcher doesn't seem to work either10:39
Skiftry installing "gnome-panel"10:39
Adrenalseems like a problem in the window manager10:39
Tsjoklatnext the box explodes10:40
SkifOr rather, first do 'dpkg -l gnome-panel'10:40
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c220-237-30-95.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaAdrenal: run this:10:40
Tsjoklatwrong channel stv :P10:40
hypa7iaerr argh, how to tell if something is installed from the command line with apt10:40
Tsjoklatdpkg -l filename10:41
Adrenalnever mind10:41
Tsjoklatdpkg -L filename10:41
hypa7iahow about sudo apt-get install gnome-panel Adrenal10:41
Tsjoklateither or10:41
Adrenali'll just install the cd10:41
TsjoklatI can't think nomore10:41
Adrenalas the terminal is telling me to do10:41
hypa7iaAdrenal: are you in the livecd?10:41
muhahahathey are working fine now daniels lot of thanks10:42
mojo_damm it10:42
hypa7iatry the apt-get i mentioned, Adrenal10:42
Tsjoklatwb mojo_10:42
Adrenalinstalling gnome panels10:42
Adrenalthanks guys10:42
mojo_it takes too long for FireFox 1.0 debianized10:42
=== hypa7ia <-- not a guy :-)
Adrenalwhen the world is mine, ur death will be quick and painless10:42
hypa7iafirst against the wall!10:42
Skif'guy' is frequently (but not always) gender-neutral :)10:42
Lathiatsame as dude10:43
Skifdon't call me dude, dude10:43
Skif(name THAT quote)10:43
=== Tsjoklat tattoes SHE on hypa's head
Tsjoklatyou did it for me girl10:43
hypa7iaand this is a sufficiently gendered environment for me to feel the need to contest that label :-)10:43
Adrenalno weather:(10:43
mojo_hooray, I just succeed compiling VBA with GTK GUI, any one need it? pls raise hand!10:43
hypa7iano weather?  you can add it...10:43
Lathiat"The cow says blank, three letters | Dude | Dude! (proceeds to write it down"10:43
Lathiatwhats that off :)10:43
Adrenalnah, the applet is missing10:43
hypa7iaVBA?  WTF?10:43
=== Dougels [~kvirc@moreen133.micro-mania.net] has joined #ubuntu
mojo_VisualBoy Advance -10:44
mojo_Gameboy Advance emulator10:44
TsjoklatVBA hypa come on10:44
hypa7iaAdrenal: might need to install it10:44
Tsjoklatyou knew that one10:44
SkifSHE, eh?  Hrm, you must read H. Rider Haggard before you use all upper-case again. :)10:44
hypa7iaoooh i thought you meant visual basic for applications10:44
Dougelshi folks10:44
hypa7iahence the WTF10:44
Tsjoklatwell hypa and I are usually named dudes10:44
Tsjoklatand when we say we are not dudes we are chickens10:44
mojo_dude, happy news10:44
Skiftweet tweet10:44
mojo_I just play around and remove all old dep in GNOME10:45
Tsjoklatpretty soon I am going to grow something extra...10:45
mojo_now all packages uses GCC 3.410:45
mojo_all new lib10:45
mojo_but it's still buggy10:45
hypa7iaAdrenal: not sure what you need to install to get it tho10:45
Adrenalno biggy10:45
Adrenalfirefox ext does it better anyway10:45
hypa7iaweird cuz i have it10:45
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-147.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaapparently it's sunny and -110:45
TsjoklatI am not happy with FF as of late10:45
Tsjoklatwent to epip10:46
hypa7iatho it's the middle of the night so sunny == wtf?10:46
Tsjoklatthey are being optimistic hypa10:46
hypa7iai guess so10:46
hypa7iagah, so cold in here10:46
Adrenalwhile i'm here10:46
Tsjoklatjust like BBC always claims England is mostly cloudy10:46
Tsjoklatthey don't do sun there10:46
Adrenalis there anyway to change gaim's colour scheme10:46
Tsjoklator snow10:46
Adrenalie-black background?10:46
Adrenalwhite text?10:46
=== Tsjoklat passes the question to hypa
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD9E60AB8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatlol it is sunny and -1 here too hypa10:48
Tsjoklatyou must be contagious10:48
b_e_n_zis jamie oliver famous in the UK?10:48
Tsjoklathe is benz10:48
b_e_n_zi saw his book at the bookstore10:48
Tsjoklathe is a cook10:49
Tsjoklathe does great things10:49
hypa7iawhere are you at Tsjoklat?10:49
Tsjoklatbut watching him on the tube is painful... use subtitles and remove the sound10:49
Tsjoklatright here hypa :)10:49
TsjoklatCA right now10:49
hypa7iaAdrenal: not sure, poked around in the prefs and couldn't find it.  maybe check out gaim.sf.net10:49
hypa7iai wanna go to CA for law school10:50
TsjoklatDutch lived mostly in the UK now in CA10:50
Tsjoklatyou do? what city are you thinking about?10:50
hypa7iawell, whereever new college of cali is10:50
Tsjoklatnew college?10:51
Tsjoklatis that a brand?10:51
hypa7iano, it's a university :-)10:51
Tsjoklattry Chico10:51
hypa7iasan fran apparently10:51
TsjoklatSF is fabio10:51
Tsjoklatbig though10:51
=== hypa7ia nods
hypa7iasame size as toronto i think10:51
TsjoklatI don't like the bridges10:52
Tsjoklatgives me hives10:52
Tsjoklattakes like forever to get over one10:52
=== hypa7ia wants to go to law school
hypa7iawherever i end up :-)10:52
willwho runs ubuntu here on anything less than a 500Mhz machine?10:52
Tsjoklatbecome an attorney?10:52
b_e_n_zused to commute over the dumbarton bridge daily10:52
hypa7iabe the larry lessig of canada :-)10:52
Ruffian|JANE|Umm, take it to #ubuntu-offtopic10:53
Ruffian|JANE|because I want to talk about Ubuntu10:53
Tsjoklatwe were waiting for that Ruffian10:53
hypa7ialol, okay Ruffian|JANE| :-)10:53
Tsjoklatyou have been too silent10:53
=== b_e_n_z [~b_e_n_z@vp183179.kln.uac68.hknet.com] has left #ubuntu []
Tsjoklathypa are you going there?10:54
Ruffian|JANE|will, I had it running fine on my 224MHz test box, but I have Debian and Vector on it now10:54
Lathiat224? odd number :)10:54
=== yeah_ruby [~yeah_ruby@201009184063.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
Ruffian|JANE|225 then10:55
SkifOnly to a computer geek would 224 be an odd number. :)10:55
Ruffian|JANE|its 225MHz10:55
Lathiatits still an odd number10:55
Ruffian|JANE|its a Cyrix..............10:55
Tsjoklatone more comment Ruffian, do forgive me: hypa sounds like an ubu UNI10:55
Lathiat33, 66, 100, 133, 166, 200, 233, 266, 300, 333, 40010:55
Lathiatit could be 250mhz10:55
Lathiatcyrix do 250s10:55
hypa7iai'm a what Tsjoklat? :-)10:56
Ruffian|JANE|no, its a 225MHz10:56
Ruffian|JANE|i checked10:56
SkifI think she called you an institute of higher learning.10:56
Ruffian|JANE|i got it clocked10:56
LathiatRuffian|JANE|: thats so remarkably odd10:56
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has left #ubuntu []
LathiatRuffian|JANE|: its cool :)10:56
LathiatRuffian|JANE|: overclocked?10:56
=== graham [~graham@capella.plus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Ruffian|JANE|no, I clocked it at 225MHz10:56
Tsjoklatthat school sounds like an UNI for ubu peeps10:56
Tsjoklattheir credo10:56
=== Tsjoklat hides from Ruffian now
theatrois there a package with skins for xmms or should I get the ones i like myself ?10:57
=== Ruffian|JANE| Is Looking For Tsjoklat saying "must.......... eat............. brains.............."
=== Tsjoklat cries... nooooo Ruffian me be good.. leave me wee bit brains alone
hypa7iammm, brains10:57
Ruffian|JANE|there delicious10:58
Tsjoklatgood school, nice credo, go for it hypa10:58
=== Skif wonders if http://www.brains4zombies.com/ is still alive
Ruffian|JANE|ok. food time10:58
Tsjoklatis it safe?10:58
willit could be an overclock on a 200!10:58
hypa7iait's very, very safe Tsjoklat :-)10:59
Tsjoklatshe's always after my brains10:59
Tsjoklatno wonder I am as dense as I am as of late10:59
SkifHey, at least she respects you for your mind!10:59
willi run on a 500celeron with a little cache, but gnome can be pig slow :( especially scrolling10:59
Ruffian|JANE|"Who needs wheight lifting when you have steroids?"  --Qoute from worlds best personal trainer10:59
hypa7iaso yeah, new college it totally the hippy social justice ubunterific university of my dreams, Tsjoklat10:59
hypa7iaeww eww.11:00
hypa7iasteroids == gross11:00
Tsjoklatyes I wish I could go too hypa.. I'll fit right in...11:00
hypa7iathis guy from toronto 2600 who's been totally hitting on me for a good 2 weeks does them.  i'm totally grossed out.11:00
Tsjoklatat least something is hitting on you hypa11:00
hypa7iapaf, i get enough attention as is :-)11:01
Tsjoklatlucky twat :)11:01
Ruffian|JANE|isnt there a channel called #ubuntu-offtopic?11:01
Tsjoklatah shit she is back11:01
Tsjoklatwb Ruffian :)11:01
TsjoklatI give up on gender in here11:01
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Tsjoklat hands the mic to Ruffian... talk darnit
hypa7iawebby Adrenal11:03
hypa7iaany luck with the panel?11:03
Adrenalgot it11:03
SkifAdrenal: what did the trick?11:03
Adrenaljust restarted to test it11:03
Adrenaland she's working fine11:03
Skifthoght so.11:03
Adrenalsorrry if i didn't thank u guys before11:03
Adrenalthink i may of found extensions to solve my colours problem11:04
hypa7iano worries, that's what we;re here for11:04
Adrenalbut how do i change the terminals dictory?11:04
SkifIt's *sniff* all right *sniff*... we don't expect a *sniffle* reward.11:04
Adrenallol skif11:04
Adrenaloh yeh, good news for all you gmail guys, pop3 is coming soon11:04
SkifOld news, Adrenal; it's been rolling out for what, almost a week now? :)11:05
Adrenalwell *sniff* excuse me11:05
Adrenalhow do i change the terminals dictory11:05
Tsjoklatyou gotta fix that cold Skif11:05
Adrenalcos found some awesome gui notification ext as well11:06
Skifcd $newdir11:06
Adrenalah ta11:06
=== oferw [oferw@TLV212-235-22-14.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
=== darksatanic [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
willokay everyone: can you try and see if you have this bug? its to do with synaptic : https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=368911:07
Ruffian|JANE|night all11:07
Tsjoklatnight Ruffian11:07
=== ploum [~ploum@21-16.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
willits morning here :)11:08
=== HcE_ [~hc@66.80-202-212.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenalcan't change to the folder on my desktop11:09
hypa7iaAdrenal: cd Desktop/folder?11:10
Adrenaltried that11:10
willadrenal: do you have a lock symbol on it?11:10
Adrenalit says there is no such file or directory11:10
willin windows or linux?11:10
hypa7iaweeeeird Adrenal11:10
hypa7iaand the panel is working?11:10
Adrenalit is now11:10
=== Echylo [~Echylo@186.150-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenali got it11:11
=== HcE_ is now known as HcE
=== llpamies [~llpamies@80-28-230-106.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== johane [~johan@h68n3c1o255.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iawhat did you do Adrenal?11:12
Adrenaljust typed it in again11:12
Adrenaltoo tired to really be bothered about the logic right now11:12
llpamiesI'm using hoary, I installed composite extension for xorg, and added it to xorg.conf.  Now how can I use transparences in gnome ?11:12
mvo_will: looks like a bug, thanks for reporting11:12
hypa7iawill: didn't crash on me11:13
mvo_will: what charackter is this? it does not crash for me ...11:13
mvo_can you reproduce it on your system?11:14
willits the character ?11:14
Adrenali've compressed them both11:14
willit is NOT a '11:15
Adrenalif i send them back11:15
willits is a ?11:15
Adrenal*to someone11:15
Adrenalcould they tell me how to install them?11:15
mvo_will: <will> its is a ?. I assume I have a encoding problem here :)11:15
hypa7iawhat are you trying to install?11:16
llpamiesAnybody have transparent windows in hoary ?11:16
mvo_will: I think I can reproduce it now11:16
mvo_will: thanks11:16
willyeah its like in the french alphabet you have for example an 'e' with an acute over it11:16
=== nuRock [C@] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenaljust some gaim ext11:16
Adrenalguifications and extended prefs11:16
willin swewdish we have ?11:16
nuRockHow can I switch to root?11:17
hypa7iaAdrenal: is it in synaptics?11:17
willalso it can go in the other direction so ? and `11:17
Adrenali'll check11:17
plovs_how do i start a program in a different language? from commandline?11:17
Treenaksplovs_: LC_MESSAGES=zh_CN gnome-control-center11:18
plovs_Treenaks ah, yes, thanks11:18
willit only crashes with ? as opposed to ` with wich there is no problem11:18
willplovs_: set up your keyboard correctly11:19
Adrenalcould we try my idea?11:19
willAdrenal: whats that?11:19
nuRockDoes Warty autodetect even internal modems?11:20
Adrenali send the zip of both tarballs to someone11:20
Adrenalthey install them11:20
Adrenaland tell me what to do11:20
Adrenalcos i can't understand the directions11:20
Adrenali know, n00b11:20
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenalwell, i gtg, thanks anyway11:21
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has left #ubuntu []
willbe back soon ppl11:23
EchyloI have th e same question as llpamies, how to achieve full transparancy of windows?11:23
Echylonot the windows11:23
Echylobut ubuntu windows11:23
hypa7iallpamies, Echylo: i'm not 100% sure that that's working yet11:24
=== Elyran [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iabut don't take my word for it :-)11:24
nuRockHOw do I set my root password?11:25
Echylosudo passwd root11:25
Skifbut that's not really the ubuntu model of doing things; as long as you know what you're doing, you probably will be okay.11:26
Echylophilosophic explosion?11:26
SkifI guess the exigesis was too much for him.11:27
SkifIHNTA, IJLTS "exigesis"11:27
=== Fwiffo [~user@jep.dhcp.kampsax.dtu.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== Fire_Egl [AtlanticaD@] has joined #Ubuntu
nuRockDoes warty detect internal modems?11:34
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-082-210-000.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
Skifreal or winmodem?11:34
hypa7iawarty didn't detect it, but i got a smartlink winmodem working under ubu with the sl-modem package from universe11:36
Echylothink, he has troubles with winmodems?11:36
Skifreal, probably.  Winmodem, prolly not (exceptions on both sides notwithstanding)11:36
hypa7iai was mucho proud :-)11:36
Skifand all that jazz11:37
=== hypa7ia takes a bow
hypa7iahad to run gnome-ppp as root tho11:38
hypa7iableh.  winmodems == death.11:38
nuRockYeah. Total liablility11:38
Skifnah, but definitely winmodems==teh suck11:39
Skifactually, they're kinda neat-- basically, they're raw DSPs with all the controlling logic in software11:39
Skifyou could do all sorts of fun with them, if you had the API11:39
=== Gmail|AWAY is now known as Gmail
=== Skif oversimplifies for effect
Skifthe problem with most winmodems is not that they do stuff in software, but that we don't have the api to fake it ourselves11:40
nuRockI'm trying to install Ubuntu on my friend's computer. His computer was attacked by a virus a year ago, Since he's a non gamer, is it okay to introduce Ubuntu to him?11:41
TreenaksnuRock: it's always OK to introduce ubuntu to pleople11:41
Treenakspeople too11:41
SkifNope, sorry, ubuntu is only for gamers11:41
muhahahai think so Treenaks11:41
muhahahauops, sorry, that was for nuRock11:42
hypa7ianuRock: i'm putting all the noobs i can on ubu11:43
hypa7iakeeping them safe from what ails them :-)11:43
=== gruberman [ENTERPRISE@h131n1fls35o294.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
sladennuRock: yup, you don't need permission---spread Ubuntu freely, and with love11:44
=== ud [~ud@223.a.002.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
nuRockNow to get that modem working.11:45
hypa7iapeace love and ubuntu :-)11:45
hypa7ianuRock: what kind of mode, do you know?11:45
=== Gmail is now known as Gmail|BRB
sladenhypa7ia: you shouldn't have to run ppp as root.  (and please tell me you used sudo if you did :-)  check that the SL modem device is in the dialer group or change it with  sudo chown11:46
Tomcat_pppd runs as root on my box. :o11:46
nuRockI'll look.11:46
hypa7iasladen: uhh, actually i logged into gnome as root </kidding>11:47
=== Elyran is now known as Mirno
sladenSkif: sound-card on the end of your phone-line.  You're responsible for making the squeaks yourself11:48
Skifsladen: true, but you have to hack the rj11 connection yourself (admittedly, if you're talking about doing your own squawking, this isn't a huge deal)11:49
=== Skif is given to understand softmodems have other handy features as well
Skifbut I haven't looked at it very hard11:50
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== Skif sleep now
=== Skif is now known as Skif_away
willoh god, i just tried linspire live cd and was shocked!11:51
willit crashed with screen corruption everywhere :(11:51
=== Mithrandir [~tfheen@vawad.err.no] has joined #ubuntu
muhahahahum i've to say that ubuntu is the better distro i've ever try11:52
=== aadis_fu [~user@] has joined #ubuntu
aadis_fuhello all11:53
hypa7iaglad tohear it muhahaha :-)11:53
hypa7iahey aadis_fu11:53
hypa7iawill, what do you expect, they're imitating that other os :-)11:54
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
muhahahado you know ig there is any kde (or gnome I dont mind) app to turn up/down the sound via keyboard?11:54
aadis_fuany way of getting firefox 1.0 in warty?11:54
=== RubenV [~lambda1@83-134-130-176.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iamuhahaha: you should be able to assign a keystroke for it, not sure how to11:55
muhahahaI haven't see it11:55
nuRockWhat does this mean: GRUB loading, please wait...11:55
nuRockerror 1811:55
hypa7iaaadis_fu: change your sources to hoary, grab it, change back real quick11:56
stvnmuhahaha: it's in keyboard settigns11:56
hypa7ianuRock: gimme a sec, that error just came up11:56
stvnmuhahaha: sorry, keyboard shortcuts11:56
muhahahaok thanks stvn i will give it alook ;)11:56
aadis_fuhypa7ia: ok, thanks :)11:57
=== d3niz [~deniz@] has joined #ubuntu
aadis_futhe dirty hack, eh11:57
hypa7iaalas :-/11:57
Echylosomebody who uses bittornado?11:57
Echyloand can tell me how to launch gui?11:57
hypa7ianuRock: fix is here http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2004-October/003145.html11:58
sladenEchylo: if nothing else, bring up a command prompt, and type 'bittornado &'11:58
=== Gwaihir [~Gwaihir@] has joined #ubuntu
Echyloalready founded it11:59
Echyloon a ubuntuforum11:59
=== Gwaihir_ [~Gwaihir@] has joined #ubuntu
aadis_fuis 1.0 in hoary?12:03
=== Gmail|BRB is now known as Gmail
muhahahai can't find it stvn :_(12:03
muhahahathere are plennty of sohrcuts, but none for the volume12:04
=== jolg [~jolg@h150n2fls32o868.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaaadis_fu: it is12:05
aadis_fuhypa7ia: apt-get install mozilla-firefox tries to pull  0.99+1.0RC1-4ubuntu1 for me though12:05
hypa7iaaadis_fu: note the 1.0RC1 in that :-)12:06
aadis_fuaaaah :D12:06
aadis_fuisn't 1.0 final out?12:06
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-204.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iait is, but it takes the maintainers more than 3 days to get it into the distro :-)12:07
Gmailit sat 13 nov12:07
=== xukun [~xukun@gt1989.uvt.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Gmaili am fixing the topic12:07
xukunhi @all12:08
hypa7iathank you Gmail!12:08
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aadis_fuhypa7ia: ok then, i shall hold on till 1.0 makes it in :)12:09
aadis_futhough i got the acpi-support package today. w00t! hibernate support!12:09
hypa7iai'm doing the same, aadis_fu12:09
Gmailaadis_fu: firefox 1 is in hoary just rc1-412:09
hypa7iaGmail: yup, we just went over that :-)12:09
Gmailhypa7ia: i just got here didn't read above12:10
xukunwhen I log in to ubuntu system using nxlient everything goes well but ater that all I get is a dark screen of remote system without any icons, this is only when I log to ubuntu, is this becouse a fonts problem or I,m missing someting here?12:10
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kristanna [ggabrian@] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaGmail: no worries, just trying to spare you having to explain12:13
=== steffo [~steven@steffo.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Kristannaraspundeti mance-va metzala12:14
hypa7iaxukun: sorry, what's nxclient?12:15
xukunhypa7ia: uups, sec12:15
Kristannada cine stie ce tot ciripesti tu acolo?12:15
Kristannaasa mereti toti pe pluta12:17
Kristannape aici nu sunt si romani dragutzi :) ?12:17
hypa7iaKristanna: #ubuntu-it perhaps?12:18
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== pepsi [~pepsi@p75.n-sfpop03.stsn.com] has joined #ubuntu
xukunhypa7ia: its like vnc, but much much faster and secure, http://www.nomachine.com/12:20
hypa7iarockin, i'll check it out12:20
hypa7iacan't really help you tho at this point, alas12:20
willKristanna:please only speak english in here12:21
willor BASIC hahah!12:21
hypa7iais python okay?12:22
=== arun-- [~arun@cm141.omega227.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
willwell, that sounds good to me12:23
willwhat was gnome coded in again?12:23
willwas it c?12:23
hypa7iac/c++ i'd guess12:24
hypa7iasec, will ask my pocket guru12:24
=== janga [~janga@dialin-212-144-201-216.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
willanyone had any sorrow with their parallel port here?12:25
xukunhypa7ia: mybe you can help me confugure my sound card?12:26
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaxukun: if only... haven;t gotten mine working well at all12:26
Kristannamai greu dc vreau vorbesc dc nu nu k?12:26
hypa7iapocket guru says c as well, will12:26
hypa7iaKristanna: what language are you speaking?12:27
hypa7ias/speaking/writing in/12:27
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willKristanna: NO12:27
Kristannaguess smiily12:27
willthought it was C12:27
pepsidid he just call you smelly?12:27
xukunwell then who is the guru here, no irc can do it without one?12:28
willKristanna:pratar du svenska?12:28
deFryskmogen we alleen maar engels praten ?12:28
Kristannalasa mai ca si eu stiu limbi din astea12:28
pepsithats bs12:28
deFryskjeetje zeg12:28
pepsitoo many 2 letter words yo12:28
pepsii dont believe it12:29
willlasa may mean read12:29
Kristannaspeak for your self12:29
willand something about your ass12:29
pepsiwho claimed to speak for the group?12:29
Kristannano way try again12:29
willah, good english12:30
Kristannainvatza engleza mai ca tu vb mai nashpa k mine12:30
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
pepsivb and dc are words?12:30
willKristanna:you will be kicked if you continue spouting non-ubuntu things mate12:31
Kristannanu ma nebuni12:31
Kristannaso what you are all borryng12:31
Kristannayes roumanian?12:32
pepsiare you getting defensive?12:32
hypa7iamy romanian is a little rusty, alas12:32
Kristannanu am auzit de nici o romanska:))12:32
Kristannasa vedem dc este asa12:33
Kristannaspeak that rusty romanian12:33
=== dadehoog [~dadehoog@PIPP-p-144-134-201-146.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== edulix [~edulix@136.Red-80-59-147.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
edulixhello !12:34
edulixI know it's strange but now I cannot herar any sound, and mixer volume are to 100%12:35
edulixit just stopped working some days ago12:35
edulixwhere should look for logs/problems ?12:35
=== Kristanna [ggabrian@] has left #ubuntu []
willedulix:are your speakers plugged in and/or turned on?12:36
hypa7iaoop, no more romanian for us :-)12:36
=== Chand [~Chand@ABordeaux-251-1-27-71.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== parax [~parax@84-122-224-241.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iaokay, sleep for me12:39
hypa7ianite all!12:39
paraxhypa7ia, good night!12:39
willanyone had problems getting mplayer setup?12:39
=== aktsuo [~aktsuo@lns-vlq-26-82-254-154-23.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tuxta2 [~tuxta2@203-206-21-21.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
edulixwill: oh, I forgot to mention: this is a laptop, and it has speakers attached of course ;)12:39
edulixBTW, it works in suse12:40
=== pk_cen [~cmt@] has joined #ubuntu
tuxta2An Xandros User asks, how is the user friendlyness of Ubuntu?12:40
=== j^ [~j@gw.bootlab.org] has joined #ubuntu
willedulix: try restarting the sound daemon12:40
edulixmy laptop is a Dell Inspiron 4150. in order to get sound I had to append "acpi_irq_isa=7 nolapic" in grub12:41
=== koke [~koke@adsl229-164.unizar.es] has joined #ubuntu
edulixwill: ok I'l try..12:41
=== ud [~ud@223.a.002.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
tuxta2Is ubuntu suitable for the newbie?12:41
willedulix: ok, maybe it is IRQ sharing problem.....have u checked ubuntu bugzilla?12:41
paraxI can't get usb-storage devices to automount on my ubuntu system12:42
=== Muhahahaha [~pablo@31.Red-80-35-118.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
willtuxta2: it was for me, i started about 3 months ago with ubuntu :)12:42
Muhahahaha I've installed via apt "gtk2-engines-gtk-qt" know how I apply it?I mean, the gtk apps loke the same than before install it12:42
tuxta2thanks will12:42
edulixwill: I found the solution in bugzilla, it seems that dell laptops have some problems with that12:43
tuxta2Is ubuntu fully compatible with debian apt repositories?12:43
edulixwill: anyway, as I said, after using that, it worked... till some days ago12:44
=== HolyGod [~free@pppoe-tun1.securebinary.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== shoey [~Sprinkler@ppp242-193.lns2.adl2.internode.on.net] has left #ubuntu []
pepsiparax, is this a stock kernel?12:46
=== ToTo [~ToTo@] has joined #ubuntu
paraxpepsi, what do you mean with "stock kernel" ?12:48
pepsidid you recompile the kernel?12:48
willedulix:that is strange sorry, what have u installed before it stopped working/what configuration changes did u make?12:49
paraxmy current kernel is linux-image-
pepsican you mount them manually?12:49
pepsii assume you mean thumb drives?12:49
=== tuxta2 [~tuxta2@203-206-21-21.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
paraxyes, it's a camera that mounts as a usb-storage device12:49
paraxlet me check12:50
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu
pepsiwell then that could be different than a thumb drive12:50
=== agwibowo [~agwibowo@ppp162-159.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
agwibowodoes anyone have any problem in connecting to msn using gaim in ubuntu?12:51
paraxpepsi, ok, when I plug in, I get this on /var/log/messages: http://www.pastebin.com/11943312:51
Mithrandiragwibowo: worked fine for me yesterday, at least.12:51
=== Echylo is now known as Echy|Schoolwork
paraxpepsi, odisea:/# mount /dev/sdb1 mnt/12:52
paraxmount: No medium found12:52
] Cyphre[guys, I just succesfully installed Ubuntu 4.10. I need to install USB ADSL modem so I can conect to internet. Any ideas how to do it? (I'm Ubuntu/Linux newbie)12:52
agwibowomine always say "error reading from Notification server"12:52
paraxnormally, I could mount it manually on my old Debian system12:52
=== aadis_fu [~user@] has left #ubuntu ["ERC]
pepsiits not listed in mount?12:53
edulixwill: I really don't know, how can I check that?12:54
paraxpepsi, actually I'm on hoary, but didn't work on warty also12:54
paraxpepsi, no12:54
pepsiit knows its ntfs though..12:54
pepsiwait a second12:54
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-88-128.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
paraxthe device fs format is vfat12:55
willedulix: unfortunatly you have to keep it in your mind !12:55
Matt|hi: I have installed icewm and am starting it from GDM: the logout button does not work for going back to gdm, how can I logout? I assume that the problem is that I am starting icewm from gdm and not from startx12:55
paraxhal recognizes it, but look at this: volume.mount_point = ''  (string)12:55
=== _axel [~axel@92.Red-212-170-14.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
pepsiive never had problems with my thumb drive before.. as long as hal sees it i can mount it12:56
paraxmaybe a hal problem then?12:56
pepsino clue12:56
=== plaidinum [~abd@D5775989.kabel.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
_axelhi, im trying to setup fetchmail on my system, i think i got it mostly sorted out and it collects the messages and etc but they're simply not delivered to /var/mail/axel... i have a fetchmailrc which simply says 'poll bla.com with proto pop3 user foo there is baz here'... am i missing something12:57
edulixwill: this is what I can see in my /root/.bash_history that could be related :12:57
_axeldo i have to pass another line for the local mda or what?12:57
pepsifdisk /dev/sdb12:57
pepsiand p12:57
paraxI did it12:57
paraxodisea:~# fdisk /dev/sdb12:58
paraxUnable to open /dev/sdb12:58
pepsiand partition 1 is what you want?12:58
paraxbrw-rw----  1 root disk 8, 16 Nov 13 12:50 /dev/sdb12:58
pepsiwell i notice sometims my removable drives get assigned different things all the time12:58
mojo_hi all ppl12:59
pepsisda, sdb, sdc12:59
paraxhumm... this is really strange12:59
pepsiis it sdb at the moment?12:59
mojo_let check out new Industrial theme (stolen from NLD9) for Ubuntu12:59
paraxsda is a sata drive on my system12:59
paraxyes, at the moment it's sdb12:59
paraxat least, it's what I could see on /var/log/messages12:59
paraxpepsi, this may be useful: lshal dump: http://www.pastebin.com/11943512:59
pepsidid you sudo fdisk /dev/sdb?01:00
Matt|hi: I have installed icewm and am starting it from GDM: the logout button does not work for going back to gdm, how can I logout? I assume that the problem is that I am starting icewm from gdm and not from startx01:00
paraxpepsi, look at the # ;-)01:00
mojo_Matt: Ctrl-Alt F1 - reboot01:00
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|mojo_, but I want to logout, as in go back to the gdm login screen01:01
=== jesper [~jesper@0x50a0747b.bynxx16.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== FallenHitokiri [~TimoZimme@p508BB912.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
paraxpepsi, it's really strange, because it seems that udev recognize my partitions on sdb01:01
mojo_Matt: I think your icewm breaks some part of GDM, there's no such better way to do so01:01
=== MeAndU [~ubuntu32@] has joined #ubuntu
paraxpepsi, odisea:~# ls -l /dev/sdb*01:01
paraxbrw-rw----  1 root disk 8, 16 Nov 13 12:50 /dev/sdb01:01
paraxbrw-rw----  1 root disk 8, 17 Nov 13 12:50 /dev/sdb101:01
Matt|mojo_, ah do you have the same problem?01:01
mojo_Matt: please reboot by that way and reinstall icewm01:01
edulixwell I'm going to reboot and start trying configurations: nolapic, noapic, acpi_irq_isa=7 ...01:01
Matt|its a clean install from yesterday01:01
mojo_Matt: I did, b/c icewm is not designed for Ubuntu, it's for Debian generally01:02
=== bunbury [~andy@81-86-96-52.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
mojo_Matt: therefore pls dun expect icewm works perfectly, y dun u use xfce4??01:02
Matt|mojo_, well I guess it is designed to be distro independent?01:02
kensaiIf I enter cfdisk and the drive shown on top is hda is there anyway to change from within cfdisk to hdb?01:02
Matt|mojo_, *grins* i like icewm01:02
Matt|mojo_, i don't expect it to work out of the box with ubuntu but i'd like to get it working :)01:03
mojo_Matt: then I can't help u here, but I think GNOME is the best with Industrial theme http://opax.swin.edu.au/~2529386/ABC.png01:03
bunburyHello. I tried to change my PATH environment variable by editing /etc/profile, but this has no effect, even after rebooting. How do I do this in Ubuntu, please?01:03
Matt|mojo_, gnome is a bit slow on my comp.01:03
pepsiid kind of strange that it says NTFS, as you said its vfat01:03
pepsibut you should still be able to look at it with fdisk01:03
mojo_Matt: then BlackBox is alternative01:03
pepsiso i dunno :(01:03
paraxpepsi, why you say that it's NTFS?01:04
Matt|mojo_, i am happy with icewm, I just want it to work to gdm01:04
pepsiyour log says NTFS in there01:04
Matt|mojo_, there must be a command I can run to get back to gdm01:04
pepsia second later though01:04
mojo_Matt: let me check01:04
] Cyphre[I connected the USB SpeedTouch adls modem...I can see it in the device manager app. How can I setup it for internet connection? anyone? thanks01:04
Matt|] Cyphre[, it took me 2 weeks to get speedtouch working with linux :)01:05
edulixin bthe wiki, talking about a dell inspiron laptop support, I can read: "#No trouble with the onboard sound after I installed all the apt updates."01:05
paraxpepsi, hum, I see... /var/log/messages says that it's NFTS01:05
mojo_Matt: sorri but i think there is no cmd,01:05
Matt|] Cyphre[, which one do you have?01:05
edulixhow can I install that updates?01:05
paraxbut... I'm pretty sure it's a vfat drive01:05
Matt|mojo_, ok i'm gonna keep looking tho01:05
mojo_Matt: use CDE instead01:05
pepsiyeah, it cant be ntfs.. itd be pretty weird to be ntfs.. but STILL... fdisk should work no?01:05
paraxanyway... you're right, at least it must allow to look at the partition table with fdisk01:06
Matt|mojo_, no!01:06
Matt|mojo_, i've decided to use icewm01:06
] Cyphre[Matt:not a good news for me :/ I need it setup till tommorow.01:06
Matt|] Cyphre[, i'll help you quickly01:06
mojo_Matt: Alcatel SpeedTouch is a *****, I messed up with the firmware a bit then I took me 2 months to fix up I've done01:06
] Cyphre[Matt: i have SpeedTouch USB ISDN01:06
edulixlet's reboot, brb01:06
paraxpepsi, I have a /sys/block/sdb entry01:06
=== LinSpider [~LinSpider@u81-11-186-76.adsl.scarlet.be] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|] Cyphre[, which one is it? what colour? is it like a cycle helmet shape?01:06
pepsiparax, i dunno what that is01:06
mojo_USB type heh? I hate that model!!01:06
] Cyphre[I found some SpeedBundel package but I don't know hot tu use it01:07
pepsiusb internet connectivity of any sort makes no sense at all to me :P01:07
Matt|] Cyphre[, I will help you but you must answer my questions01:07
paraxpepsi, it's a new /proc like system for k2.601:07
] Cyphre[ok, go ahead01:07
Matt|] Cyphre[, i've asked already twice ;)01:07
paraxpepsi, Ubuntu must mount any new device like this automatically, is that true?01:08
] Cyphre[Matt: ah, sorry...I have the green one..flat shape01:08
Matt|green huh01:08
paraxpepsi, because I'm thinking in opening a bug report01:08
pepsiit always does for me, at least once i compiled the usb mass-storage modules01:09
pepsibut again, im just using a thumb drive01:09
pepsinot a camera01:09
paraxpepsi, it must be the same01:09
paraxpepsi, the camera uses usb-storage also01:09
] Cyphre[Matt: what's wrong on green colour? ;)01:09
Matt|] Cyphre[, download this: http://www.hystedjp.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/speedtouch/latest/KQD6both.eni <-- that is the firmware for your modem, it needs to be uploaded to the modem every time you want it to work01:09
pepsiparax, yeah thats why it seems odd01:10
Matt|] Cyphre[, nothings wrong with it, it just isn't the same one I have ;)01:10
pepsicause it knows damn well that its a disk01:10
pepsisorry :(01:10
paraxok, opening a new bug01:10
paraxpepsi, no! thanks a lot for your help ;-)01:11
] Cyphre[Matt: downloading...(I'm on GPRS connection so it will take some time ;))01:11
Matt|] Cyphre[, here are the detailed instructions of how to get it working. I do not know if you will need ALL the sections (for example the ubuntu kernel might be properly configured already). I can't help any further because I have to go out now, but I can tell you that those instructions _will_ work if you follow em. Use the FIRMWARE you've just downloaded.01:11
Matt|] Cyphre[, http://linux-usb.sourceforge.net/SpeedTouch/docs/sargehowto.html <-- instructions01:12
Matt|] Cyphre[, if you are not familiar with linux, you are gonna have a few problems01:12
] Cyphre[Matt: thanks, I'll try it01:12
Matt|] Cyphre[, before you follow that guide, just try copying the firmware to /lib/hotplug/firmware/: it is JUST possible that it may work straight away01:14
] Cyphre[Matt: ok01:14
Matt|] Cyphre[, after you've copied it, make another copy in that folder called "firmware.bin"01:15
Matt|] Cyphre[, then run pppoeconfig and set up your info, then pray01:15
Matt|] Cyphre[, got to go now: best of luck.01:16
] Cyphre[yep, just downloaded the firmware..so now I'll try the first attemp..thanks anyway01:16
] Cyphre[bye for now01:16
=== edulix [~edulix@136.Red-80-59-147.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== koke [~koke@adsl229-164.unizar.es] has left #ubuntu []
=== ] Cyphre[ [~Miranda@gprs40-9.eurotel.cz] has left #ubuntu []
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paraxpepsi, https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=369101:21
paraxpepsi, thanks again! it's good to know that some people are there to try to help you :-)01:22
edulixnow it works ! I just had to use the gnome mixer instead of alsamixer :P01:22
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paraxI must go... see you01:26
miraklemsx1|gone: I can't find the vanilla packages01:28
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ThijsHey everybody, anybody know where I can find how to set true transperency in hoary? I've been looking, but i can only find detailed gentoo documentation01:31
bob2in what?01:31
bob2aka "it's not a general setting, each app has to support it"01:31
Thijsin gnome01:31
bob2more specific01:32
Thijsi've seen some cool screenshots of firefox being transperant, and filebrowsers etc.01:32
ThijsI was wondering how to do that, but couldn't find any info :(01:33
sjoerdyou can use transset to make whole windows transparent01:33
sjoerddon't know if it's package for hoarty yet01:33
Thijsyes, but where do I get transset?01:33
Thijsno it's not i suppose, apt-cache search doesn't spit out anything01:33
bob2it won't be packaged01:33
bob2since x.org only entered ubuntu 7 days ago01:34
Thijsso can it be installed from sourdce?01:34
sjoerdyou can always get it from X cvs.. but it's just a toy to make nice screenshots :)01:34
willis it beneficial to use x.org instead of xfree86?01:34
bob2it supports some hardware better01:34
bob2it's probably not worth upgrading from warty for it01:35
Thijsits just to look cool really, I suppose its still too unstable to call it benificial01:35
Thijsi've been running hoary for about 3 days now, but no complaints yet, just had to do some tweaking while doing the distupgrade, and some Xconfig stuff got messed up01:36
bob2please file bugs01:36
bob2it should upgrade seamlessly01:36
Thijsyes, still not sure how to though01:37
Thijsi'm sorry, still a bit new to linuix01:37
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willhow did u upgrade to hoary?01:38
grahamI've held off upgrading as I heard somebody had problems getting ooffice to run. Is that common, or shall I just do it?01:39
bob2will: wiki.ubuntu.com/HoaryUpgradeNotes01:39
ThijsI changed all instances in sources.list from warty to hoary and did apt-get update, apt-get upgrade01:39
bob2you need to use dist-upgrade, not upgrade01:39
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Thijseven if your sources.list contains hoary already?01:40
bob2if you're moving from warty to hoary, you need to use dist-upgrade01:40
Thijsright, well, i've got it going anyway ;)01:41
Thijsthere was this strange error in the console-data .deb file, where it echoed "NONE" to the screen, and right after that Usage: install-keymap [KERNEL | NONE | something] 01:42
Thijsthere is a post on the forum on ubuntu site with the exact same problem, but no answes yet01:42
bob2it would be good if someone could file a bug01:43
bob2so it can be fixed01:43
Thijsi'll try :)01:44
bob2cool, thanks01:44
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xaeroanybody know how to get direct rendering to work in my ia32-chroot?01:45
Thijsohw, I still have to register01:46
Mithrandirxaero: it only works if you use the nvidia binary drivers.01:46
tweek_hi, i just finished runing my md5sum.exe and got md5sum: WARNING: 18 of 1094 listed files could not be read but it doesnt say what ones couldnt be read ~.O01:46
mirakpan is crap01:46
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xaeroMithrandir: I do.01:46
xaeroMithrandir: Works great ouside the chroot01:46
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Mithrandirxaero: in 32 bit apps as well?01:46
xaeroHaven't run any 32bit apps outside the chroot01:47
Baderis there a faq on how burning from Ubuntu, because I didn't succeed in making cdrecord working and nautilus-cd-burner crash...01:47
Mithrandiryou probably need to bind-mount /tmp01:47
xaeroI've only tried one game so far on this system, World of Warcraft in Cedega01:47
xaeroBader: try using k3b :)01:47
xaeroit's just a cdrecord GUI01:47
Baderk3b is KDE, I don't ant kde01:47
Baderxaero: which one?01:48
xaeroYou don't need KED01:48
Baderxaero: I try with eroaster, gcombust, burn and so on, no one works.01:48
xaeroJust KDE-base01:48
Baderk3b come alone?01:48
xaeroWell, maybe you need KDE-base. I'm not sure01:48
Baderit's needed I think...01:48
xaeroJust try. ;)01:48
xaeroI have K3b without KDE01:48
Baderactually I'm sure it's needed01:48
tweek_how do i make md5sum display what files where messed up?01:49
Bader  jackd k3b k3blibs kcontrol kdebase-bin kdebase-data kdelibs-bin kdelibs-data kdelibs4 libarts1 libflac++2c102 libjack0.80.0-0 libopenexr2 libqt3c102-mt01:49
Bader  libsndfile1 menu-xdg perl-suid01:49
xaerojust do 'apt-cache show k3b', it will show you the dependencies.01:49
xaeroyup, KDE-base.01:49
BaderI don't want them..01:49
xaerowhy not?01:49
BaderI've only 2gig free with one day of use...01:49
xaerodude, KDE-base is not big01:50
Baderand I don't need KDE, I don't want it at all :)01:50
Thijsbob2: what kind of severity does this bug have?01:50
xaeroThen don't.01:50
Baderxaero: in addition, cdrecord should work.01:50
bob2Thijs: just the default, I guess01:50
Baderxaero: I don't understand why he didn't01:50
xaeroBader: 'man cdrecord' please01:50
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Baderxaero: ....01:51
Baderxaero: 97,9Mo is really big for me for a simple burning too.01:51
xaeroK3b is good for backing up your stuff, burn ISOs, everything01:51
Badercdrecord -scanbus don't work.01:51
Baderxaero: I simply don't need it :)01:51
xaeroman cdrecord, please. ;)01:51
deFryskisos kan be right clicked in nautulus to burn01:52
xaerodeFrysk: he doesn't want nautilius01:52
deFrysksorry , didnt follow the conversation01:52
Baderxaero: simply say me what's the device of a cd burner ?01:52
Baderxaero: /dev/XXX ?01:52
xaeroit's most likely either /dev/cdrom or /dev/dvd01:52
xaeroits /dev/{cd,dvd}*01:53
xaeroi have01:53
xaeromy dvd-burner is /dev/cdrom01:53
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tweek_can anyone give me some pointers with md5sum.exe?01:54
bob2tweek_: you really need to find a windows support channel01:55
Baderxaero: it's /dev/cdrw, thx, I was searching something complicated when something simple is available :)01:55
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tweek_i got the thing to run but it wont display errora01:56
Baderby the way, nautilus-cd-burner crash without any error message, any suggestion?01:56
xaeroare the packages in AMD64 optimized for AMD64?01:56
xaero"All Ubuntu packages are compiled using the i486 instruction set, with instruction choices based on the Pentium 4 processor. This combination provides benefits for modern processors without sacrificing compatibility with older and embedded devices."01:56
Thijsbob2: bug submitted, i've worked around it by doing an "apt-get dselect-upgrade" instead of "apt-get upgrade"01:57
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bob2xaero: that's refering to the i3386 port01:57
Baderxaero: just check your kernel compilation options01:57
bob2xaero: the amd64 port is obviously compiled for x86-6401:57
xaerogood ;)01:57
bob2I don't know whether there's any point optimising beyond that on amd64 yet01:57
xaeroI run Debian-AMD64 now, but I think I'm switching to Ubuntu/AMD6401:57
bob2and god it sucks that intel left *one* instruction unimplemented on their version01:58
xaerois there a newer version than "warty"?01:58
bob2hoary is under development01:59
bob2it's more or less equivalent to debian's unstable01:59
xaeroand warty?01:59
bob2= debian stable01:59
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bob2but actually releasing every now and then :-p01:59
xaeroare the packages as old as in debian stable?02:00
xaeroi want sid :>02:00
bob2hoary is more modern than sid02:00
Mithrandirxaero: warty is a stabilized snapshot of sid from late june with updates pulled in.02:00
bob2from a gnome perspective, at least02:01
xaerodoes it have xorg?02:01
bob2hoary, yes02:02
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Mithrandirwarty has xfree8602:02
xenonitehi, has someone tried to enable RSYNCD ?02:02
xaerothat sucks02:03
xaerodoesnt it have an xorg package?02:03
=== thoreauputic [~petros@wolax7-025.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirxaero: warty? no.02:03
bob2hoary has an xorg package, warty does not02:03
bob2warty will not be updated with x.org, either02:04
xaerocant i just use hoary's xorg package? ;)02:04
bob2you can if you want02:04
bob2it'd pull in a buttload of hoary packages, though02:04
bob2and if you want random translucent stuff, you'll be disappointed02:05
cardadorxaero: its easier if you install hoary02:05
ploumI cannot burn a cd :-(02:07
ploumit says that my system is too slow02:07
bob2what sort of system is it?02:07
xenonitehi, has someone tried to enable RSYNCD ?02:07
ploumbob2, a Athlon 2500XP with 512Mo of Ram and a 52x burner02:08
ploum(it burns very well in Debian)02:08
bob2xenonite: it'd be easier if you just asked your question02:08
bob2ploum: using an ubuntu kernel?02:08
ploumbob2, yes02:08
xenonite:) can someone help me to enable the rsync-daemon? i started inetd but no success02:08
bob2xenonite: are you sure it uses inetd?02:09
xenonitebob2: with yoper-linux i used xinetd for it02:09
bob2xenonite: this isn't yoper.  edit /etc/default/rsync and then "sudo invoke-rc.d rsync restart"02:10
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ploumbob2, DMA speed too slow (OK for 17x). Cannot write at speed 40x.02:11
xenonitebob2: whow thank you! that helped exactly!02:13
=== Chand [~Chand@ABordeaux-251-1-32-129.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
xenonitebob2: btw what is the difference of using ``invoke-rc.d rsync restart'' or ``/etc/init.d/rsync restart'' ?02:14
=== evilstoy [HydraIRC@cmung2584.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
bob2xenonite: no difference02:15
=== ogra [~ogra@p508EA5B0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
xenonitebob2: ok thank you!02:15
bob2xenonite: you're welcome02:15
ploumMmm.. strange. When burning in 16x, all my system is slowed down. It seems that DMA is broken02:16
=== monteiro [monteiro@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2it worked under 2.6 on Debian?02:17
=== caso [~hola@76.Red-80-59-234.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
ploumbob2, yes fine02:18
mirakhow to add all the available applications in the gnome menu ?02:19
ogramirak: hit ctrl-l in nautilus...type applications:///02:20
=== gorlist [gorlist@pppd-600.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
mirakogra: and what do I do ?02:20
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-25-35.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
ogramirak: create folders.....or create launchers as you like....02:20
mirakogra: I want to script that02:22
mirakogra: anyway I don't want to add them manually02:22
mirakI would like to have the normal gnome menu02:22
mirakwhere is the applications:/// menu located ?02:23
bob2you don't mean normal gnome menu02:23
bob2you mean "Debian's menu stuck on the bottom of the gnome one"02:24
=== caso [~hola@76.Red-80-59-234.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
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mirakbob2: I mean a menu where I can acces graphically to the applications I just installed02:24
miraklike debian menu yes02:25
seb128you miss some entries in the GNOME menu ?02:25
mirakor just a menu where I could drag and drop the icons instead of having to crate the laucnhers02:25
seb128just go in applications:///02:25
thoreauputicthis seems to be a continuing complaint - particularly with people who aren't used to editing menus and launchers02:25
seb128to create the entries02:25
mirakthoreauputic: it's more about not beeing used to waste time on this02:26
thoreauputicmirak: that wasn't directed at you - it was a general observation :)02:26
mirakin kde when you install an app, most of the time it's in the menu. debian menu whatever02:26
seb128mirak: don't start a troll thanks02:27
mirakseb128: a troll about what02:27
bob2mirak: this is an ubuntu issue, not a gnome thing02:27
bob2mirak: it was deliberately setup like that02:27
seb128mirak: in KDE blablabla02:27
mirakbob2: ok02:27
thoreauputicseb128: erm- it's a fair question02:27
thoreauputicseb128: chill02:27
mirakseb128: it's a usability question.02:27
bob2seb128: everything still has .menu files, right? so installing the menu package and some hackery can get the Debian menu back?02:27
bob2mirak: it was disabled for usability reasons02:27
seb128mirak: nothing to do with KDE/GNOME/whatever02:28
bob2mirak:most  everything in supported will show up in the menus02:28
=== Tsjoklat [~Tsjoklat@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
seb128bob2: no, we need a gnome-panel code change for this02:28
Tsjoklatseb: thanks for filing the trash applet bug02:28
seb128Tsjoklat: no problem02:29
bob2seb128: ah, suck02:29
=== pisuke [~luis@84-120-70-104.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklathopefully it will be fixed before april :)02:29
=== cyrus-tc [~cyrus-tc@pD9515A33.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ogra [~ogra@p508EB1BD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
seb128Tsjoklat: the trashapplet problem is fixed with the new gtk+, but gdm doesn't start with it ...02:30
ograKamion ?02:31
Thijsanyone know how I can obtain the xcomposite.pc file?02:31
mirakbob2: so I have to create all the laucnher manually ?02:31
Thijsneeded for the cvs version of xapps02:31
mirakbob2: launcher02:32
Thijsor actually xcompmgr02:32
=== bowes [~bowes@blk-215-69-91.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
seb128Thijs: probably in libxcomposite-dev02:32
ograThijs:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/02:33
ograThijs: but it will bring your system to the performance edge.....02:34
Tsjoklatso is there a way that I can man fix it seb?02:34
Thijsogra: thanks, i'll check is out02:35
bob2mirak: yes02:35
=== scoon [~scoon@dsl092-234-243.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2but please recognise that it's considered a feature, not a bug02:35
Thijsogra: can I just add this to my source.list?02:36
ograThijs: you use hoary ?02:36
Thijsogra: yes02:36
ograThijs: deb http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/ xcompmgr/02:36
thoreauputicbob2: will installing the menu package get a debian menu, or is it necessary to fool around to get it to work?02:36
mirakbob2: lol, so where I can report anoying features ? :)02:36
Thijsogra: , can I do the same for transset?02:36
bob2thoreauputic: seb128 says it needs a patch to gnome-panel02:36
bob2(and he would know)02:37
ograThijs: is there a package ?02:37
Thijsogra: yeah02:37
bob2mirak: you can discuss it on the -devel list if you think it's a serious issue02:37
Tsjoklatseb: is there a fix for gdm to start up with it?02:37
bob2but it was discussed before release02:37
seb128Tsjoklat: ?02:37
ograThijs: oooooh.... i havent looked for some days....02:37
ograThijs: i think you can02:38
seb128bob2: the issue is "we should add .desktop file for the apps which need it"02:38
Thijsogra: :)02:38
Tsjoklatseb: <seb128> Tsjoklat: the trashapplet problem is fixed with the new gtk+, but gdm doesn't start with it ...02:38
thoreauputicI think it's kind of interesting to consider it a 'feature' when I've had puzzled newbies asking me where the menu entry for their newly installed app has gone :/02:38
bob2seb128: = all packages providng user-runnable programs?02:38
seb128Tsjoklat: yeah, that's a devel version of gtk+ released yesterday with some problems (static build doesn't work and gdm doesn't start)02:38
Tsjoklatseb: so I wonder if there is a fix02:38
seb128Tsjoklat: if you want to fix it feel free, patches are welcome02:38
mirakbob2: well, I see the point of ubuntu, wich is to provide a set of well supported applications etcetera, but what is nice in linux is to have "options". But I agree that for the basic end user target, he doesn't have to be bloated with unecessary stuff. That's what debian menu is made for isn't it ? end of the rant :)02:39
Thijsogra: deb http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/ xcompmgr/, is that all i have to write?02:39
seb128bob2: that's a sensible question. We don't want to reacreate the mess of the debian menu ...02:39
bob2mirak: yes, you obviously have options, gnome in debian uses the debian menu02:39
seb128bob2: so not easy to know which app has its place in the menu or not :)02:39
bob2seb128: hehe, right02:39
ograThijs: thats the sources.list entry, yes.....02:39
bob2mirak: maybe the work being done on a new version of "menu" for Debian would be a good place to start?02:40
=== agwibowo [~agwibowo@ppp162-159.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
Thijsogra: why do I get "ign: http://... transset/ release02:40
ograThijs: for transset add another line and replace xcompmgr/ with transset/02:40
seb128mirak: just read the debian list is enough to understand than the debian menu is a problem for a part of the users02:40
agwibowodoes anyone know how to make gnome not opening new window everytime i click a folder? i want to open in the same window02:40
Thijssame error though02:40
ograThijs: as long as ther Package.gz gets downloaded...everything is ok....02:40
mirakseb128: I don't understand how it can be a problem, since it's a sub menu02:41
bob2agwibowo: isn't that a option in nautilus' preferences?02:41
Thijsogra: oh never mind, i got it working! thanks!02:41
ograThijs: ;)02:41
=== p0int [point@] has joined #ubuntu
seb128mirak: but it's even if you don't understand why02:41
agwibowobob2: how to set it?02:41
=== informancer [~informanc@cougar.stuwo.fh-heilbronn.de] has joined #ubuntu
Thijsogra: you know anymore of these "hidden" repositorys?02:41
Tsjoklatseb: I'll give it a try02:41
mirakseb128: the explain the why. if you have some time02:41
seb128mirak: some users feel lost in it, and don't get why there is a menu in the menu, the differences, etc02:41
mirakseb128: so what ? why do they open it ?02:42
ograThijs: look here: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/BreakMyUbuntu02:42
seb128mirak: the fact is we get regular mail/bug reports about this02:42
seb128mirak: you can deny that if you want but the facts are here02:42
ograThijs: and from the ubuntu-users mailing list02:42
bob2god, they actually made a page called "breakmyubuntu"02:42
=== tommie_ [~tommie@68-235-94-205.miamfl.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
agwibowobob2: how to set it?02:43
mirakseb128: I totally agree it's messy, but I am happy to find in it, the lauchers I can't see in the basic menu. that's only what it's made for02:43
Tsjoklatjust like breakmygentoo02:43
ograbob2: lol02:43
mirakI think02:43
=== johnnybezak [~johnnybez@203-217-46-158.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
ograbob2: is this so bad ?02:43
Tsjoklatmirak: are you talking about wanting the debian menu back in?02:43
bob2agwibowo: I can't see it, sorry02:43
seb128mirak: if the app is an user one and should have a menu entry then we should add the desktop file to improve the situation, just fill a bug report02:43
agwibowoit's quite annoying that it opens a new window everytime02:43
mirakTsjoklat: no, I am trolling about it ;)02:43
Tsjoklatmirak: you don't want it? :)02:43
mirakTsjoklat: yes, you can consider it as a request :)02:44
seb128mirak: but we'll not add stuff like "xdvi"02:44
=== xf_ [~xf@furry.qbalt.com] has joined #ubuntu
mirakTsjoklat: I want it02:44
=== TheManu [~manu@194-185-170-76.f4.ngi.it] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatmirak: I hope you don't succeed sorry02:44
seb128mirak: the debian menu will be removed in GNOME/Debian too in fact since upstream have removed the code to create it in 2.902:44
mirakTsjoklat: succeed to what ? to trolling ?02:44
xf_hi, i'm noticing some applications i'm installing aren't showing up under the gnome/ubuntu menu.  i assume there's something like debian's submenu for these; how would i enable it? is this normal?02:44
Tsjoklatmirak: in getting the debian menu back in02:44
xf_installing via apt-get, of course02:44
Tsjoklatmirak: was one of the main reason for me to install ubuntu02:45
Tsjoklatmirak: for not having it02:45
agwibowoanyone knows how to make gnome not opening new window everytime i click a folder???02:45
mirakI don't see the point in having to create all the icons manually, sorry that's dumb and a waste of time02:45
bob2agwibowo: it's the "always use browser" option, I think02:45
thoreauputicseb128: there you go, another puzzled punter ( xf_)02:45
bob2xf_: no, there's not02:45
xf_mirak: i'm assuming you're having the same problem i am?02:45
Tsjoklatagwibo it is in gconfeditor: always use browser02:45
Thijsogra: I installed transset, no errors, but i cant find it anywhere :) only documentation and a .deb file02:45
bob2xf_: add launchers for things you want02:45
xf_ugh, you have to create them /manually/?02:45
bob2ogra: it just seems like a really stupid way to list external repositories02:46
mirakbob2: I will not take 2 hours to add 20 laucnhers, that's totally dumb02:46
xf_i'm trying to encourage ubuntu for newbies, this is a kick in the teeth usability wise02:46
bob2mirak: then don't02:46
bob2mirak: if you care that much, use debian02:46
agwibowoTsjoklat: where about in gconfeditor ???02:46
Tsjoklatagwibowo: let me take a look02:46
ograbob2: at least it is a way to list them.... should be no prob to rename the site02:46
=== Thijs [~thijs@a185099.upc-a.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
xf_are there menu entries created anywhere when i install packages?02:46
bob2xf_: most everything in supported has launchers included02:46
bob2xf_: no02:46
Thijsogra: grrr, wrong button02:46
mirakbob2: I consider this as a really small feature02:46
Tsjoklatmirak: ubu has been pretty good with adding launchers.. so far I only had to add one02:47
xf_ok, i assume things in universe don't create menu items, then?02:47
seb128xf_: if you think than an app should have a menu entry fill a bug report about it (the app has to provide a desktop file)02:47
bob2ogra: why not call it "External apt repositories" instead of trying to make it sound "cool"?02:47
mirakbob2: a feature that could even be optional02:47
Thijsogra: where should the executable be installed? i'm guess /usr/bin/?02:47
thoreauputicbob2: perhaps the debian menu could be made "optional" (click to include?)02:47
ograbob2: ask plovs.....he created it, i wont change  the name.....02:47
mirakTsjoklat: well when I tried, they did not appeared in the list, or not even in the applications:// menus02:47
xf_x11 applications /should/ create menu items02:47
=== JanneM [~JanneM@gk4.leo-net.jp] has joined #ubuntu
ograThis: try: locate transset02:48
seb128xf_: do you have a list of the app missing a menu entry ?02:48
xf_they do in debian, why don't they in ubuntu? i don't understand the mindset, care to clarify?02:48
xf_ok, a bunch of games i just installed from universe02:48
bob2thoreauputic: that sounds reasonable to me, dunno how feasible it is, code-wise02:48
xf_almost none installed menu items02:48
seb128xf_: the debian menu is a mess, too much useles stuff for the standard users02:48
Thijsogra: I did, came up with only some /usr/share/doc and /var/lib/apt things02:48
mirakseb128: I am a standart user02:48
xf_i agree, but that's why i liked the fact debian had two menus02:48
seb128xf_: the standard user doesn't want "xdvi" in his menu02:48
xf_and it put the 'mess' inside a submenu02:48
ograThis: try: or dpkg --listfiles transset|grep bin02:48
xf_sure, but a standard user is going to get lost if they install something via synaptic and then they can't find it02:49
seb128mirak: and you probably don't want xdvi in the menu :)02:49
mirakseb128: soon you will see standart users bitch about having to manually create icons to applications they just installed02:49
Thijsogra: nothing02:49
xf_mirak: 100% agree02:49
mirakseb128: probably, but if I install amarok or umbrello or eclipse, I want to have them in the menu02:49
seb128mirak: that's a transition to a common menu in the freedesktop standard between GNOME/KDE/..., we just need to provide .desktop files for apps which need it02:49
ograThijs: probably its not ready yet.....i will try it on my hoary box later today....02:49
Thijsogra without the grep I only get /usr/share/doc02:49
seb128mirak: transitions need work and bug reports to point the problems02:49
thoreauputicseb128: the problem is the "standard user" expects to find a menu entry, and thinks something is broken when he/she doesn't02:49
Thijsogra: right, ok.02:50
Tsjoklatagwibowo: apps02:50
bob2seb128: can we just get debian to include the desktop files and then get menu items for free in ubuntu?02:50
agwibowouh huh..02:50
Tsjoklatagwibowo: apps nautilus preferences first box check02:50
Tsjoklathad to type02:50
xf_apps /need/ to install menu items, somewhere.  not having them at all is not a solution to cleaning mess, seriously02:50
seb128bob2: that's the plan02:51
Thijsgotta jet! I'll talk to you later :) this chanel helps :D02:51
=== jind [~jind@217-17-134.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
mirakseb128: can I ask you some technical questions, about how it works ?02:51
JanneMisn't the menu specification such that an app can list several alternative menu placements, and the users system will place it where it fits best?02:51
Tsjoklatso far only Alexandria didn't get in the menu02:51
Tsjoklatbut easy fixed I say02:51
seb128mirak: that's easy, all the file in /usr/share/applications/*.desktop are added to the menu according to the Category used in the .desktop02:52
seb128xf_: I disagree, I don't want "xdvi" in my menu02:52
JanneMso in principle there is no obstacle to have one .desktop file that will place the app correctly across several desktops and distributions02:52
agwibowoTsjoklat: thx!02:52
xf_seb128: is a standard user going to install xdvi?02:52
JanneMseb128: but if you installed, it, why not?02:52
Tsjoklatagwibowo: fixed I take it?02:52
xf_as an experienced user, removing that menu item isn't a huge fuss02:52
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-125.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
xf_as an inexperienced user, they're oging to think the app isn't there if a menu item isn't there02:53
Tsjoklatwb zenwhen02:53
bob2xf_: but as a normal user, it's hard02:53
zenwhenhi there, thanks for the welcome02:53
seb128JanneM: because I've not installed it02:53
xf_sure, i agree, there's a problem there that needs to be solved02:53
=== RubenV [~lambda1@83-134-130-176.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu
xf_but not installing the menu item at all is a bizarre and wrong way to solve it, imho02:53
JanneMseb128: then it's a bug if it shows up in the menu02:53
Tsjoklatzenwhen: greeter job today02:53
mirakseb128: I don't want either, however, having a menu with all apps that you just drag and drop in the menu would be nice. I though it was the purpose of the debian menu. I talk about the concept, not how it's implemented. I don't know how it is handled in debian menu, but *.desktop files seems a nice way to do that02:53
seb128JanneM: it's installed because of some depends02:54
JanneMstill a bug, I'd think02:54
seb128JanneM: why ? the binary is installed02:54
Tsjoklatmirak: I find the debian menu rather hidious.. it tosses everything and anything in it02:54
JanneMan app that needs a dvi viewer should have dependencies that can be satisfied by whichever one you happen to have installed02:54
RubenVanyone else experiencing freezes when modprobing ndiswrapper on boot?02:55
seb128xf_: you think that the debian menu is nice ?02:55
thoreauputicseb128: I guess if you installed, say, lyx, you would end up with xdvi in the menu, right?02:55
xf_seb128: it's not, but it's better than not having the menu item there02:55
JanneMbut once it is on the system, it should of course be in the menus by default02:55
bob2RubenV: you need to talk to the ndiswrapper people02:55
seb128xf_: so we disagree on this02:55
seb128xf_: I've no problem at all with the current menu02:55
xf_seb128: cool, disagreement is healthy02:55
seb128xf_: but I agree than some apps out of main need a desktop file02:55
RubenVbob2: ok, but i was wondering if it's an ubuntu thing02:56
RubenVoff to the ndis channel then02:56
seb128xf_: I just don't want all the entries you can find in the debian menu02:56
mirakTsjoklat: me too. But as I said what I like is that I can just drag launcher items, and put them in the normal menu. KDE have this kind of menu handling system, and that's usable.02:56
JanneMseb128: there is no way for the xdvi package to magically know if you want to have it in the menu or not - but it is a lot easier to remove a menu entry than to add one02:56
xf_seb128: me either02:56
Tsjoklatmirak: that is true02:56
seb128mirak: I've said that 10 times before, just use applications:///02:56
xaerohow do i install a package without its deps?02:56
Tsjoklatseb128: I like the menu too02:56
bob2xaero: what are you trying to do?02:56
seb128xaero: you can't02:56
JanneMxaero: preferably not at all02:56
mirakseb128: IF the menu debian was available in debian:/// and that you could just drag the icons, in applications:/// , would you find this acceptable ?02:56
xaerobob2: install nvidia-glx in my ia32-chroot02:56
bob2xaero: the dependencies are there because it really really needs them02:56
xf_seb128: applications /should/ create menu items by default, like in debian, though.  a bug should be filed if you don't really want the app there, imho02:57
Tsjoklatbut I did find the older way of setting prefences in gnome nicer02:57
xf_it seems the mentality is the reverse right now02:57
RubenVi think the debian menu is the most horrible thing ever02:57
bob2xaero: why do you need to force dependencies?02:57
=== liuser [~x@208.Red-81-44-202.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
xf_lots of users are going to get lost02:57
=== wfx [~wfx@M1435P019.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
TsjoklatI think it vanished in version 2.8? or 2.6?02:57
JanneMit is easy to see something you don'02:57
xaeroThe following packages have unmet dependencies:02:57
xaero  nvidia-glx: Depends: nvidia-kernel-1.0.6629 but it is not installable02:57
mirakseb128: this way you won't hear about the debian menu, since it would not be accessible from the main menu02:57
JanneMt want in a menu and right-click to get rid of it02:57
seb128xf_: we are not going to revert that, at this point just fill bug report to get missing .desktop files02:57
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
xf_ok, assuming that most packages in universe have been built from debian packages, it means they're putting things where the old debian menu was, right?02:57
liuserhi, somebody knows as it is possible to be entered like root ubuntu?02:58
JanneMit is much harder to add a menu entry for an app that you may not even know the name of the binary for02:58
seb128mirak: debian menu entries and GNOME ones don't have the same format02:58
mirakRubenV: I think to, but nothing forces you to enter this menu02:58
Tsjoklatliuser: ubuntu uses sudo02:58
bob2xf_: as was dicussed before you joined, you can't get the debian menu to appear in ubuntu02:58
bob2xf_: it needs patches to gnome-panel02:58
xf_oh, ok, i see02:58
mirakseb128: ok02:58
bob2liuser: wiki.ubuntu.com/RootSudo02:58
xf_ok, alternatively, where the hell is the debian menu normally anyway, i assume it's human readable?02:58
johnnybezakhow many of you guys use the spatial nautilus?02:58
seb128xf_: upstreams have dropped the distribution menu in 2.9, it'll be removed in debian too02:58
Treenaksjohnnybezak: I do02:58
mjrjohnnybezak, I do02:58
bob2johnnybezak: I do02:59
xf_see, i've just installed about 50 games and now i don't know what i installed apart from what showed up in /usr/share/games02:59
mvo_johnnybezak: I do02:59
bob2as much as I use any file manager02:59
wfxhi, totem plays movies extremly quick same with audio and the best i have no sound with totem?02:59
mjr(I don't use Nautilus a lot though, but when I do, it's spatial)02:59
RubenVjohnnybezak: yes02:59
mirakxf_: lol, that's what I was wondering. maybe a script could convert it ;)02:59
xf_making launchers isn't a problem, but i don't know what for02:59
ograbob2: that wiki is out of date.....02:59
stvnjohnnybezak: I do02:59
bob2ogra: how so?02:59
bob2ogra: oh, riught02:59
bob2but the new urls suck02:59
seb128xf_, mirak: there is a discussion about the debian menu and GNOME on the debian-gtk-gnome list, it's about one month old ... just read that for details02:59
johnnybezakis there a way to open new window inside the old window? on mac os 9 where i suppose the finder was "spatial" you could option click and it would open inside the old window, can you do this with nautilus?02:59
xaerobob2: isnt there a way to get direct rendering in my ia32-chroot (i run amd64) so i can play games in cedega in the chroot =(03:00
ograbob2: i pull them from firefox typeahead ;)03:00
JanneMjohnnybezak: I didn't even use a graphical filemanager until s0patial nautilus03:00
mjrjohnnybezak, I don't think so, but you can do shift-doubleclick or doubleclick with middle button, and the old window is closed simultaneously03:00
johnnybezakJanneM: yeah its nice and basic, ive only used kde up till now but gnome is pretty nice: simple and effective03:00
stvnjohnnybezak: you could either use the browse mode or use shift-click/middle-button-click this will close the parent window03:00
Tsjoklatjohnnybezak: gconfeditor: apps: nautilus: preferences: check first box03:00
JanneMjohnnybezak: nope. Sort of contradicts the point of spatial nautilus. Depending on why you want that, however, there are ways to solve it03:00
ograbob2: you just have to have used them one time before.....03:01
bob2ogra: more typing on IRC, I mean03:01
wfxa video clip with 3:56 is played in 38sec. without sound ?03:01
ograbob2: hmm, copy n paste .....03:01
bob2xaero: why don't you just install it?03:01
xaerobob2: its not available o_o03:01
johnnybezakok thanks guys, i think the finder used to just get rid of old window too03:01
JanneMjohnnybezak: either do an open that will close the previous window, use ctrl-shift-w to close all but the focused window03:01
xf_wow, when this happens to debian, there's going to be lots of pissed off users03:01
johnnybezakyeah ok thanks guys03:01
wfxmplayer plays it normal and with sound?03:02
johnnybezakits just when your getting deep into the file system its windows galore03:02
JanneMjohnnybezak: or, if it's the same couple of windows every time, just move the new one on top of the old one03:02
xf_i agree the debian menu is messy, but dropping it altogether is bizarre, imho03:02
liuserthanks at all ufff..03:02
bob2xf_: well, you can dpkg --force-depends it03:02
bob2xaero: ^03:02
xf_force depends what, the old panel deb?03:02
wfxalso gxine only totem make some strange thing03:02
xf_oh, heh03:02
JanneMjohnnybezak: I just do the ctrl-shift-w now and again, when it gets too cluttered03:02
xf_wondered what you ment :p03:02
seb128xf_: if you don't remove it you don't move forward03:02
johnnybezakJanneM: yeah i use flux as my WM so i just tab them03:02
mirakseb128: is that you ebastien Bacher ?03:02
seb128mirak: yes03:02
=== ogra is just improving his python skills
xf_seb128: i guess the mentality is to force package maintainers to add the new freedesktop .desktop files?03:03
seb128xf_: sort of yes03:03
mjrjohnnybezak, oh, and of course, there's the browse option in the file menu03:03
seb128xf_: at least to get bug report if stuff are missing for user and to add them03:03
ogradoes anybody think its worth to follow this path ? --> http://www.grawert.net/startup-settings.png03:03
xf_ok, understand that, but i'm sure there's still a better solution to the problem03:03
seb128xf_: the freedesktop standards should give a common menu between desktops03:03
JanneMI had no idea that debian hadn't already moved to the freedesktop menus long time ago03:03
xf_with debian it won't matter a whole lot because unstable is a moving target, and i'm guessing sarge will be frozen before this happens03:03
xf_but this affects you guys for the next 6 months, at least03:04
bob2xf_: there really aren't that many people complaining03:04
seb128JanneM: the debian menu has moved to the freedesktop format now IIRC03:04
bob2at least judging from here and the user list03:04
mirakseb128: where is located the content of applications:// ?03:04
xf_you probably will once adoption rates increase03:04
seb128mirak: that's a real mess, you don't want to know :p03:04
xf_and it'll probably scare off users. i'm already installing fedora core 3 on a machine i was installing ubuntu on now, for example03:04
mirakseb128: yes I want :)03:04
bob2xf_: really, most people don't care03:05
RubenVogra: if it uses the debian kernel things correctly, yes, looks great03:05
johnnybezakxf_: cos of the menu?03:05
bob2xf_: and I hope you filed bugs on the packages you think should have .desktop files03:05
JanneMxf_: I have fc3 on one machine as well. It feels good to be spoiled with excellent gnome-based distros :)03:05
johnnybezakdebian must have one hell of a menu03:05
ograRubenV: thanks....:)03:05
xf_johnnybezak: yes. it sounds stupid, i'm still sticking with ubuntu on my 2nd desktop machine, but this is for an install where users will drive the package manager to install things03:05
xf_yet they're not adept enough to use the command line, or find binaries03:05
seb128mirak: /usr/share/applications/, /usr/share/control-center-2.0/capplets/ and gnomevfs vfolders in ~/.gnome2/vfolder/03:05
RubenVif the debian menu makes it's way into ubuntu then i'm back off to gentoo03:05
xf_JanneM: heh, choice is good :)03:05
johnnybezakxf_: do these linux users actually exist?03:05
bob2RubenV: why?03:06
JanneMxf_: really, the only surefire way is really for you to babysit the installations03:06
TsjoklatRubenV: so am I03:06
xf_sure do, clients of mine03:06
RubenVthe debian menu is imho a perfect example of a horrible menu03:06
ograRubenV: the menu will be dropped in debian also :)03:06
JanneMjohnnybezak: yes - I have a couple too03:06
xf_installation isn't a problem, it's the users wanting to add new software later03:06
seb128xf_: how does fedora handle that ? they have a sort of debian menu ?03:06
xf_most users can drive synaptic fine03:06
RubenVusability below zero :)03:06
wfxhmmm, totem and rhythmbox makes always pobs...03:06
mirakhuh -> /usr/share/applications/kde03:06
JanneMseb128: they handle it the same way - ie. not at all, really03:06
bob2RubenV: a single submenu at the bottom of the gnome menu is enough to make you switch operating systems?03:06
xf_seb128: well, no, but they've ensured packages do actually add menu items03:07
Tsjoklatbob2: yes for me it will be.. going straight back to gentoo03:07
johnnybezakJanneM: i only did it on my one house mates comp, but it scared him too much hehe (i was sick of fixing windows for him :P)03:07
seb128xf_: as we do03:07
bob2Tsjoklat: why?03:07
mirakseb128: how can I add a new menu entry into the applciation menu ?03:07
xf_yeah, but not for universe03:07
seb128xf_: the supported part has meny entries03:07
Tsjoklathaving no menu; no locked menu was for me the reason to go to ubu03:07
seb128xf_: that's not the supported part ...03:07
RubenVbob2: that and the slow release/development kept me away from debian03:07
JanneMxf_: since my users are friends and coworkers, I have conditioned them to check with me when they want to add something03:07
TsjoklatRubenV: are you my twin?03:07
agwibowois that Ubuntu CD delivery for real?03:07
xf_seb128: sure, but there's plenty of software there that people will want to use03:07
bob2agwibowo: of course03:07
seb128mirak: open a applications:/// window in nautilus and create launcher here or drag&drop existant ones03:08
xf_and there's stuff in there that fedora ships, or one of the well known third party repo's maintain03:08
agwibowoi have ordered it, but haven't received it yet... almost 2 weeks now...03:08
bob2agwibowo: it's canonical's way of saying sharing the love03:08
Tsjoklatbob2:  I don't like it to be force fed something03:08
xf_yes, i realise it's a different angle, but i'm talking from the end user's perspective there03:08
xf_it sounds stupid, but not having menu items for applications will scare off users03:08
RubenVTsjoklat: possibly although it seems very unlikely :)03:08
bob2agwibowo: yes, they're on their way03:08
bob2agwibowo: or will be soon03:08
agwibowohas anyone got it?03:08
bob2agwibowo: yes, some high priority orders have already arrived03:08
seb128xf_: we have menu items for useful apps (ie: the main part) and for some apps in universe03:08
bob2agwibowo: if you ordered after the first batch, you'll get yours mi-december or so03:09
TsjoklatRubenV: you named all the reason that made me leave too.. ex gentoo yourself?03:09
JanneMremember, this "not knowledgeable, but enthusiastic" user is only going to become more and more common03:09
agwibowoi see..03:09
bob2Tsjoklat: what are you being force-fed?  the existence of the submenu?03:09
=== mat [~mat@l01m-26-228.d4.club-internet.fr] has joined #ubuntu
agwibowolooking forward to give them to my friends..03:09
seb128xf_: ubuntu is not that old, we didn't have time to go through universe to add menu entries now but you could help on this instead of running away to an another distro :p03:09
agwibowoconvert them from micro$oft product to ubuntu03:09
bob2JanneM: some people need to balance those a bit ;-)03:09
RubenVgentoo for a long time, but tired of the build problems and the slow development of gnome packages03:09
mirakseb128: how to apply the modifications ? I must restart a session ?03:09
Tsjoklatbob2: yes... I mailed numerous ppl at debian and they told me they locked it on purpose so ppl couldn't mess with it anymore and they didn't have to deal with 'bug' reports...03:09
JanneMbob2: yep. people like us.03:09
xf_seb128: said in here before i'm more than happy to help, where do i sign up?03:09
xf_hmm, are universe packages 'frozen' like they are with the main distro?03:10
TsjoklatRubenV: same here03:10
xf_i.e. would adding a .desktop file be constituted as a change outside of that freeze?03:10
seb128xf_: yes, in warty but hoary is active03:10
Tsjoklatbob2: do a google about locked submenu.. you'll be amazed03:10
JanneMis there a good document on how to build .deps for ubuntu?03:10
seb128xf_: just filling bug report with a desktop file attached should be a good start to help :)03:10
bob2Tsjoklat: well, ok, but you seem to be biased against debian to begin with03:10
RubenVJanneM: looking for that one too03:10
bob2JanneM: you mean packaging software?03:10
seb128xf_: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/participate too03:10
xf_seb128: guess so. cheers.03:11
JanneMI tried to read a couple of debian docs on it, and I couldn't sleep without a light that night03:11
Tsjoklatbob2: why do you think I am???????03:11
wfxhmmm, also gnome-system sound are gone ???03:11
Tsjoklatbob2: after screwing around for two weeks.. being tosses around for another two weeks... wouldn't you be???03:11
RubenVbob2: nothing wrong with a bias against debian, as long as its justified03:11
bob2Tsjoklat: because you refered to all Debian developer's as "assholes"03:11
bob2RubenV: erm, whatever03:11
agwibowoby the way... i forgotten my login in ubuntu website, and their password reminder page is broken...03:11
Tsjoklatbob2: and for your information I run Sid and Sarge on two machines.. and I said arseholes not assholes03:11
Tsjoklatbob2: and that doesn't include all of them03:12
JanneMi was (and still am) pretty negative towards debian after a couple of failed attempts to install it, but ubuntu rocks my world, really.03:12
bob2JanneM: you want to learn how to create packages?03:12
JanneMhow to package them03:12
RubenValthough i must say, apt is the most mature package system i've seen yet03:12
RubenVsame as the debian base system03:12
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2JanneM: www.debian.org/devel/, new maintainer's guide03:12
RubenVso i have a pro ubuntu bias, it combines good stuff with good development :)03:12
JanneMbob2: I think I've looked there already03:12
johnnybezakRubenV: mb its just cos im a deb. newb but i liked urpmi and portage better, but i'm sure apt has its advantages03:12
bob2JanneM: well, there's the guide.  that and policy.03:12
JanneMRubenV: Fedora uses apt as well03:13
=== leonel [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
gorlisti get ran out of input data system halted03:13
JanneMbob2: but that is more politics than technical info03:13
RubenVjohnnybezak: portage is way less integrated then apt03:13
bob2JanneM: no it's not03:13
gorlistdoes anyone know what that means?03:13
bob2JanneM: it's all technical info03:13
=== wfx arseholes!!! words like this here in ubuntu!?
johnnybezakRubenV: how do you mean?03:13
RubenVlook at the way eg kernel installs happen03:13
bob2Debian (and Ubuntu's) secret weapon is not apt03:13
bob2it's Debian Policy03:13
JanneMbob2: I'll take another look. I'm probably mistaken then.03:14
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-30-203.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
RubenVor look at all the update-* scripts03:14
bob2yeah, exactly03:14
Tsjoklatmirak: wb03:14
RubenVanyway, i'm back off studying03:14
mirakseb128: I have lost the toolbars03:15
seb128which toolbars ?03:15
=== b_e_n_z [~b_e_n_z@vp183179.kln.uac68.hknet.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== xukun [~xukun@gt1989.uvt.nl] has joined #ubuntu
JanneMbob2: thanks. I never thought about looking at the new maintainer thing03:16
=== natea [~natea@h000f66a887c6.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
johnnybezakwhat command when you launch gnome tells it what theme you are using, like what initialises gnome themes?03:16
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-045-034.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
JanneMbob2: but you have to admit, when you look at the developer's corner, it is pretty heavy on the politics03:16
mirakseb128: upper and bottom. I created a folder in applications:/// but it seems to lock everything03:16
ogramirak: why did you do this ?03:17
mirakogra: to add a menu in the applications menu03:17
bob2JanneM: well, debian is a big bloody bunch of people, there are a bunch of rules you need to learn to participate effectively03:17
=== SmokingFir1 [~christian@ashanti.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
bob2the "packaging" column is all tech stuff, tho03:17
xukunhi guys and girls, this my sound card think.""CSC6835/-1[0] {WSS/SB" I dont know how to configure it,  any help would realy welcome!03:18
xukunbob2: hi bob2 I thought I will see you here, nice03:18
mirakogra: but obviously you can't03:18
ogramairak: you just create a folder in nautils applications:/// location...!03:18
JanneMbob2: yep. But perhaps the main secondary benefit of ubuntu (beyond the technical chokolaty goodness) is the lack of all that superstructure03:19
SmokingFir1question: to play I a dvd, it works when I do autoplay but when I want to open the dvd manually from totem it just shows a bunch of files.03:19
bob2JanneM: well, we're accumulating beaureacracy03:19
Rene_SIs slashdot nothing more than a forum for the racists, and ignorant of the world ?03:19
b_e_n_zRene_S, yes it is03:19
bob2Rene_S: try #ubuntu-offtopic03:19
=== yerga [~yerga@226.Red-80-39-2.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
xukunbob2: do you think you could help me configuring my onboard sound card in ubuntu?03:20
SmokingFir1how do I play a dvd manually?03:20
johnnybezakRene_S: just change your filter to nothing less than 4 and you won't have to listen to it03:20
bob2xukun: it should Just Work03:20
JanneMbob2: _everything_ is accumulating bureacracy. At one point in the far future, the universe is going to collapse because all matter has been converted to meeting minutes. In triplicate.03:21
bob2johnnybezak: lots of idiots get to +403:21
johnnybezakdammit, mplayer didnt compile03:21
=== arele [~arele@25.Red-81-39-73.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2JanneM: hehehehehe03:21
johnnybezakbob2: haha 5 then :P03:21
=== NewComer [~NewComer@] has joined #ubuntu
=== EfaistOs [~efaistos@m239.net81-64-31.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
EfaistOsthere is no transcode pkg in ubuntu  ?03:21
xukunbob2: well bob2 its not03:21
=== evilstoy [HydraIRC@cmung3792.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
=== arele [~arele@25.Red-81-39-73.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
bob2EfaistOs: wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats03:21
Rene_Sjohnnybezak, hehe, withought my morning coffee the little things bother me.03:22
bob2xukun: do you know which module it needs?03:22
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-56-506.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== Rene_S is gonna enjoy his java, installed in Ubuntu and In his big cup.
JanneMRene_S: actually, I find just keeping it at 2 is enough to get rid of the malicious. The morons are still visible, which is amysing.03:24
=== ud [~ud@223.a.002.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
johnnybezakwhats the mp3 support package called?03:24
johnnybezakJanneM: yeah but you have to read way more crap03:24
bob2for gstreamer apps? gstreamer0.8-mad03:24
EfaistOsbob2, and what about transcod e?03:25
Rene_SJanneM, I will try that, maybe first thing in the AM is not a good time to head there.  Maybe I will start by day with a rousing game of bejeweled or something03:25
EfaistOsbob2, nothinb about it on the page you gave me ...03:25
johnnybezakbob2: what does xmms use?03:26
=== LinuxJones [~LJ@blk-222-206-208.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ograEfaistOs: its also there...in the marillat repository03:27
bob2EfaistOs: good point03:27
bob2johnnybezak: it includes it's own03:27
LinuxJonesCd burning seems to be broken for me after upgrading to Hoary. Is it just me or are others having the same problem ?03:27
bob2EfaistOs: it's in marillat's reposotuiroy, as ogra says03:27
Rene_Sawww someone changed breakout to version 2 and wrecked it :(03:27
=== ogra updates the wiki
=== ben__ [~ben@pcp03282353pcs.radnor01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mattranscode in marillat's repositery won't install03:28
JanneMRene_S: I start with five newspapers from different parts of the world. After that, whatever is eating people at slashdot doesn't feel all that bad anymore.03:28
mat(on warty that is)03:28
ograoh, thanks mat03:28
matit needs libjasper, which is nowhere to be found, and libquicktime 0.9.303:28
matand warty has 0.9.2 only.03:28
ogramat: did you try marillat stable ?03:28
bob2someone brave needs to rebuild them and host them03:28
matogra: not yet, only testing/main right now03:28
johnnybezakgotta love when sound works straight out of the box ahh yeah03:28
ograbob2: stable should be fine03:29
=== twids [~twids@host81-152-161-105.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-30-203.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
matI'll try stable.03:29
johnnybezakwhat is marillat?03:29
JanneMa repository03:29
JanneMwith debian packages of stuff like mplayer03:29
thoreauputicalso a person...03:29
bob2wow, and someone is editing the wiki page without checking things carefully03:30
JanneMthoreauputic: no, that would be Marillat03:30
matanyway someone need to update the wiki about this03:30
Rene_SJanneM, If I were smart enough to read newspapers from 5 different parts of the world I am sure no one at slashdot would even phase me03:30
thoreauputicJanneM: heh - OK - proper nouns and all that....03:30
=== Gcc [~gcc@] has joined #ubuntu
johnnybezakJanneM: will it break ubuntu on me?03:30
Gccguys where can i find the ubuntu cd kernel sources ?03:31
bob2Gcc: linux-source-2.603:31
thoreauputicJanneM: Christian Marillat, from memory03:31
=== informancer [~informanc@cougar.stuwo.fh-heilbronn.de] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
bob2Gcc: but what are you trying to do?03:31
matmarillat / stable wants libstdc++-2.10-glibc2.2 for mplayer. hum.03:31
Gccbob2: to apt-get them03:31
bob2Gcc: why do you want the kernel source?03:32
Gccbob2: driver etc03:32
bob2Gcc: to compile drivers?03:32
Gcci cant find the package damit03:32
Gccbob2: yes03:32
bob2Gcc: which driver?03:32
bob2ubuntu's kernel includes almost every driver in the universe03:33
bob2also, you don't need kernel sources to build drivers [0] 03:33
bob2[0]  except for shit drivers03:33
=== jolg [~jolg@h150n2fls32o868.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
johnnybezakso will marillat kill ubuntu?03:33
Gccbob2: ok just say i want them can i have the pack name?03:33
bob2johnnybezak: no03:33
bob2Gcc: what are you trying to do?>03:34
johnnybezakbob2: ok thanks dude03:34
bob2which driver are you trying to build?03:34
matmarillat/stable transcode has even more failed dependencies03:34
thoreauputicjohnnybezak: no, just cripple it slightly if you are unluky ;)03:34
Gccbob2: damit i just want the sources can i have them03:34
SandmanHow to use experimental source repositories? I Just want to grab the sources03:34
gorlist"run out of input data system halted" how do i fix that?03:34
=== Sandman [~s@CPE-24-164-234-18.new.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
ograupdated: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats03:34
bob2Gcc: yes, what are you trying to build?03:34
matogra: read a few lines up, stable doesn't work better for transcode.03:35
Gccbob2: plz just tell me the pack name03:35
JanneMRene_S: well, actually, only three languiages03:35
bob2Gcc: it depends on what you're trying to do03:35
bob2Gcc: why don't you just say what you're doing?03:36
Gccbob2: i wanna hack them now just tell me the pack name03:36
bob2Gcc: hack what?03:36
JanneMjohnnybezak: in my experience, Marillat's repo works fine with ubuntu03:36
Gccbob2: EDIT03:36
mattesting was nearly usable, I suspect it would install fine if I injected libjasper and the up-to-date libquicktime, but stable has a lot more problems, mainly because it's wanting old stuff I suppose03:36
bob2Gcc: edit *what*?03:36
thoreauputicGcc: you heard of "please" ?03:36
bob2Gcc: you're a kernel hacker and want to modify the kernel?03:36
xukunbob2: its ok now, you know the sound card!03:37
twidsDoes anyone know if layout "2 pages to 1" works in the gnome print dialogue in gpdf?03:37
bob2Gcc: I don't know what is it you want03:37
Gccbob2: plz stop asking i just want the kernel sources pack03:37
bob2xukun: oh, what was the problem?03:37
thoreauputicGcc: go away and learn some manners03:37
bob2Gcc: linux-source-
bob2Gcc: but it's really annoying when people are rude and obstructive like that03:37
johnnybezakdoes marillat have ppc packages?03:37
Gccbob2: i think its not in synaptic03:38
bob2Gcc: whereas if you'd just say what you're trying to do, we can actually help you instead of you going off and breaking things03:38
Gccbob2: ive found 2.6.7 but not 2.6.803:38
johnnybezakgcc: wheres the ubuntu man :)03:38
xukunbob2: I didnt knew the module name for my sound card: CS4236B!03:38
bob2Gcc: read what I said again03:38
bob2Gcc: you're looking at kernel-source-2.6.703:38
bob2you want 00:37:41           bob2 | Gcc: linux-source-
bob2xukun: loading the moduel manually works?03:39
bob2johnnybezak: there is, but it doesn't *quite* work on warty03:39
=== zxy [~ralph@host81-154-0-1.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== zxy_ [~ralph@host81-154-0-1.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
johnnybezakbob2: does it work it all? all i want is mplayer, it wont compile :P03:39
xukunbob2: its loads but I didnt test yet for hearing sound!03:39
bob2xukun: it loaded automatically?03:39
=== zxy [~ralph@host81-154-0-1.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== zxy_ [~ralph@host81-154-0-1.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2johnnybezak: yes, but it needs a package from sid03:40
bob2I forget which03:40
bob2zxy_: please fix your connection03:40
xukunbob2: not this one, I had to figure it doing pnpdump first03:40
Gccbob2: right now synaptic is in use uname said i have 2.6.8 kernel im searching for its kernel sources damit can u understand me?03:40
bob2oh, isa?03:40
ogramat: could you try : deb http://apt.cerkinfo.be/ unstable main contrib non-free03:40
xukunbob2: onboard03:40
ogramat: for transcode03:40
TsjoklatGcc: pretty soon nobody will be willing to help you with the way you are asking for help03:41
bob2Gcc: I don't really understand what you're trying to do, no, since you refuse to tell us03:41
bob2Gcc: as I said, 00:38:55           bob2 | you want 00:37:41           bob2 | Gcc: linux-source-
thoreauputicGcc: I think by now you are on /ignore for half the people here03:41
bob2erm, was I wrong?03:42
Tsjoklatbob2: no03:42
bob2I'm 99.9% certain linux-source- is the kernel source in ubuntu03:42
matogra: was about to. I just hope this won't induce any problems since it includes packages I have installed from elsewhere (like marillat for instance, which I need for libdvdcss)03:42
thoreauputicbob2: the guy really didn't deserve any help - you were extremely patient03:43
ogramat: may be....libdvdcss2 is in the repo.....03:43
JanneMjohnnybezak: when I got mplayer, I had Marillat's repo and universe in my repo list.03:44
bob2JanneM: on ppc, it's harder03:44
bob2JanneM: since they're only built for unstable03:44
deFryskbob2, I'll ad that .01% for you to make it a 10003:44
bob2deFrysk: yay, thanks03:44
JanneMbob2: ahh, didn't realize it was a different arch03:44
matogra: same problems that marillat unstable, plus it wants some libpng that I don't have.03:45
bob2it's not too hard to rebuild, but I'm far too paranoid to distribute them03:45
ogramat: so no transcode...hmm03:45
bob2mayeb someone can convince christian marillat to use ubuntu, then he can build and host them for us ;-)03:45
johnnybezakhmmm didnt work gave me no ppc love03:45
stvngood idea03:45
ogramat: there are sources though....03:45
ogramat: on cerkinfo03:46
=== pk_cen [~cmt@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2johnnybezak: you found the honk source?03:46
bob2honk being the only part of the url I remember, of course ;-)03:46
johnnybezakbob2: haha lol sounds promising no whats with the honk03:46
matogra: I have never used deb-src foo before though, so a binary package would be nice :)03:46
housetierthe techno-honks?03:46
bob2johnnybezak: it's linked from christian's site03:47
bob2but, it's entirely too late for an "early night", so adios, y'all03:47
LinuxJonesCd burning seems to be broken for me after upgrading to Hoary. Is it just me or are others having the same problem ?03:48
JanneMI have lots of problems in Hoary03:48
JanneMit's to be expected, of course03:48
LinuxJonesI think I will go back to warty, I jsut can't leave good dnough alone :D03:49
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-30-203.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
JanneMI only went to Hoary on one machine because I don't actually depend on anything on that one03:49
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
JanneMfor me, neither keyboard, not japanese input method works anymore03:50
mirakseb128: a marche pas03:50
RubenVis the cannadic already in apt somewhere?03:50
johnnybezakhow do i install debs outside the package manager03:50
ograLinuxJones: he is not alone ;)03:50
RubenVdpkg - i debfile.deb03:51
johnnybezakthanks ruben03:51
BenZ|ZzZzZI accidently killed my top gnome taskbar. anyway to reset it to defaults?03:51
LinuxJonesogra, you know if it's possible to downgrade back to Warty, It will probably be easier just to re-install I guess :(03:51
BenZ|ZzZzZer. panel03:51
JanneMRubenV: I use UIM and Anthy03:52
=== scandium [~scandium@p50809243.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
ograLinuxJones: jdub said no....the right answer is reinstall......03:52
RubenVJanneM: yes, i had it too03:52
LinuxJonesogra, ya I kind of figured :D03:52
RubenVbut you had to install the cannadic for anthy manually03:52
JanneMworks really, really well in warty03:52
RubenVor has that changed already?03:52
JanneMI installed anthy from source03:52
LinuxJonesok bbiab03:53
RubenVi know debian.org has a cannadic package for anthy03:53
BenZ|ZzZzZanyone know how?03:53
johnnybezakdoes anyone here know what initializes the gnome themes on login?03:53
RubenVweird debian doesn't include it03:53
JanneMit didn't install from universe when I first tried it03:53
JanneMon the other hand, uim+anthy worked better out of the box for me than iiim did after six months of tweaking in FC203:53
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograjohnnybezak: gconfd03:54
ograjohnnybezak: with gnome-settings-daemon03:54
johnnybezakogra: thanks03:54
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu
JanneMRubenV: also, from what I see, iiim is either a very closed project or all but dead, while UIM is very active03:57
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host237.201-252-92.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
eazel7how can I make a .deb?03:58
zenwhenare there any ubuntu devs in here?03:58
eazel7I mean, I want to package something, how can do I?03:59
zenwheneazel7, you could use checkinstall03:59
zenwhencheck to see if its in synaptic03:59
JanneMeazel7: I just got this link pointed out to me myself: http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/03:59
zenwhenthen you would just configure your source, make it, and use the checkinstall command04:00
thoreauputiczenwhen: sometimes works, sometimes not, in my (limited) experience04:00
zenwhenI was basing my love of it from slackware.04:01
zenwhenIs it not as good in debian based distros?04:01
thoreauputicI tried to use checkinstall with gimp 2, and it refused to work...04:01
=== RubenV [~lambda1@83-134-130-176.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicbut then, gimp is a fairly complex compile I guess04:01
JanneMgimp is a pretty nontrivial package04:01
dopeythoreauputic: i'd love to hear the problems you had with checkinstall.04:02
johnnybezaki'm trying to install mplayer ppc from a source called honk, and its not giving a version number, can i force synaptic to install it anyway04:02
thoreauputicit compiled fine, but I eneded up putting it in /usr/local04:02
=== bwlang [~bwlang@h00a0cc520a75.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
JanneMjohnnybezak: you really sure you'd want to install anything from a source named "Honk"? :)04:02
thoreauputicdopey: well, it just couldn't quite put the package together , it seems - this was a few months ago so I forget the exact details04:03
thoreauputicdopey: it has worked on other things I've built, though mostly04:04
=== twids [~twids@host81-152-161-105.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
johnnybezakJanneM: haha yeah not particurlarly, but its linked off the chrisitan marrillat site, and i would certainly like mplayer04:05
lhbhas anyone builded multisync packages that will work with evolution 204:05
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@22.140-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== ] Cyphre[ [~Miranda@] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicdopey: looks like it was version checkinstall 1.5.3 - maybe there are newer ones?04:05
=== ondar [~ondar@] has joined #ubuntu
johnnybezakok i'm off to bed, these problems can wait till later04:06
johnnybezaknight guys04:06
=== twids [~twids@host81-152-161-105.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
dopeythoreauputic: 1.5.3 is the latest, aside from a 'beta' release04:08
=== ondar [~ondar@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-30-203.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== jolg [~jolg@h150n2fls32o868.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicdopey: ah, OK. I wish I could tell you more, but I didn't see it as a bug since i knew it was expecting a lot to have it work with a build like gimp - it took about 45 minutes to buid, I think04:09
mirakseb128: it doesn't work04:09
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-30-203.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== oly_mk2 [~oly@host81-157-161-176.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
mirakseb128: ok, I managed to add it04:12
mirakseb128: with just Categories=Application;Development;04:13
seb128ok, nice04:13
mirakseb128: adding just GNOME;developpement wasn't enough04:13
mirakseb128: pplciation is the key04:13
oly_mk2okay, been trying to set up net access on my lappy with ubuntu can anyone give me a hand ?04:13
=== StarScream [~am@81-178-144-67.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
seb128sure, you need "Application" for the Applications menu ...04:13
oly_mk2i think i need pcmcia drivers or something04:13
mirakseb128: this requite a relog also04:14
seb128should not04:14
seb128if that happens "killall gnome-panel" does the trick04:14
oly_mk2can i tell if my pcmcia controller is working any way?04:15
oly_mk2its detected as a OZ6933 Cardbus controller in the device manager04:15
=== SeFoKumA [~x@208.Red-81-44-202.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== poin__t [point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Echylo [~Echylo@186.150-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== yann__ [~Yann@p508CF449.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirakseb128: yes this works04:17
=== aokaze [~aokaze@adsl-68-253-236-193.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #Ubuntu
=== twids [~twids@host81-152-161-105.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-200-176-75.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
wfxgnome sound events does not work, totem play movies without audio and to (extrem)fast. gxine and mplayer works fine. What is going wrong, where should i search?04:22
mirakseb128: welll it seems that .desktop files of kde are compatible. they just miss Application, and maybe an absolute path to the icon04:22
=== tweek_ [icechat5@pcp01570339pcs.indstr01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Chand [~Chand@ABordeaux-251-1-32-129.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
tweek_does anyone have a verified md5sum # for i383 i can use o.004:24
usualI swear, in all my years of using linux (mostly debian) I have never been completely satisfied with a dist until ubuntu, it's everything I want so far04:24
=== Jeff_ [~Jeff@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
seb128mirak: oh ok04:25
mjrwell, that's a usual opinion here ;)04:25
usualmjr, I can imagine :) but seriously...I just feel the need to share ...it's a pleasure04:26
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mat tries to build transcode from deb-src
kensaiIf I install a distro on hdb I can use a swap partition in the other disk hda?04:26
mjrand in fact, that may be faster04:27
tweek_where can i find a pre-verified md5sum number ?04:27
Riddellmirak: why would they need an absolute path to the icon, that would go against the icon spec and good practice04:28
mirakRiddell: ask gnome devs, it's gnome that uses absolute path04:29
mirakRiddell: hum no sorry04:30
xaerodoes ubuntu have its own amd64 support chan?04:30
mirakRiddell: eclipse.desktop have absolute path to the icon04:30
=== jvw [jeroen@233pc233.sshunet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatseb128: under applications; system tools: shares I think there should be the gksudo command04:31
Riddellmirak: that's crazy and I refuse to believe the spec allows or encourages it, it should be an icon name and the icon loader looks in the relevant paths to find it04:31
ogramat: hard task :)04:32
mirakRiddell: amarok could find is icon04:32
mirakRiddell: so I put the absolute path ad it workd04:32
Riddellmirak: what did it have before and what did it have after?04:33
matogra: I had to change a few things in the dependancies to get it to build04:33
ogramat: jep, i thought so04:33
xenonitetweek_: of the iso?04:33
matnow I've got a .deb, going to install it04:34
matI have no idea how to test if transcode is fully working though04:34
ogramat: yay04:34
mirakRiddell: just amarok04:34
ogramat: lol, me neither04:34
mirakRiddell: and now the full path04:34
xenonitetweek_: look in the same folder on the ftp-server. there is a file MD5SUMS04:34
mirakRiddell: anyway I don't like how ubuntu handle aliens applications to gnome04:35
matmmm let's see if dvdrip works04:35
Tsjoklatnight all04:35
=== aktsuo [~aktsuo@lns-vlq-26-82-254-154-23.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== stuNNed_ [~stuNNed@] has joined #ubuntu
=== oferw [oferw@CBL62-0-163-131.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
mat* trying dvdrip ... if anyone has some basic testcases to check if transcode is working tell me :] 04:38
=== jg__ [~jg@h005018015b26.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== plovs_ is now known as plovs
Riddellmirak: what is the full path?04:39
=== skallen [~anders@node213-88-181-35.bb.velocitytech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== xuzo [~xuzo@81-203-41-66.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Foxtrot [Foxtrot@ip216-239-87-223.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
Foxtrothello !04:40
=== HrdwrBoB [~matt@bob.is.teh.admin.at.vicnet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== bert_ [~bert@D5775989.kabel.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
bert_can I ask a question here about my ubuntu installation?04:41
Foxtroti have a small question too ask04:41
=== _matti [b782a6a731@mother.fishpool.fi] has joined #ubuntu
StarScreamq, did the ubuntu crew do anything to the debian installer to do the automagic xconfiguration etc.. or is it just like that naturally?04:43
danielsthat was our modification04:44
=== Gwaihir [~Gwaihir@ppp-145-106.25-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu
_mattihey's... I'm having some problems with ubuntu and this usb media panel that goes into a 5.25" slot... basically it identifies itself as a mass storage device cos it has the card reader things, but for some reason ubuntu freezes at boot at the hot plug stage... any ideas?04:44
=== georgia [~georgia@Georgia.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
Foxtrotsorry to ask a really silly question how can i load a small script that execute the following during the startup " echo 0 > /proc/acpi/fan/FAN0/state"04:45
bert_does anyone know how I can install my kernel source files?04:45
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-52.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== tim__ [~tim@h129n2fls32o984.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== restrex [~restrex@] has joined #ubuntu
=== tronical [~simon@mail.sjs-augustinus.wh.uni-erlangen.de] has left #ubuntu []
StarScreamdaniels nice mod :)04:48
=== skallen [~anders@node213-88-181-35.bb.velocitytech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== enabl [~enabl@host81-157-163-89.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Foxtrotanybody can help me out ?04:50
mattranscode now *seems* to work. at least dvdrip doesn't complain04:50
=== ] Cyphre[ [~Miranda@] has left #ubuntu []
StarScreamFoxtrot whats ur prob?04:51
Echyloof course we can help you out04:51
EchyloHumanity for others ? :P04:52
Foxtrothow can i load a small script that execute the following during the startup " echo 0 > /proc/acpi/fan/FAN0/state"04:52
usualStarScream, what mod04:52
restrexubuntu linux rocks heavy metal04:52
StarScreamusual...the whole automagically configure everything on installation...04:52
usualahh ok04:52
StarScreami had heaps of issues installing anything on my ibook04:53
StarScreambut ubuntu was awesome04:53
StarScreamit just worked04:53
Echylosame here04:53
Echyloonly my scanner04:53
StarScreamand i have been using slackware for about 3 years so i don't count my self as a novice04:54
usualI have a veryyyy simple bash script that basically email's me my ip address when executed, I added it as a cron job...when I execute it from a shell myself it works, when cron executes it, it emails me but doesn't add the text it's supposed to...any idea why04:54
Foxtrotso anybody can help me out are what ?04:54
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Echyloyou have something usefull to say?04:55