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Nafallohmm, hoary = odd :-P12:05
NafalloI have ubuntu-calender installed and have only one background to chose from for example.12:06
jdubthe calendar stuff hasn't been sorted out properly in hoary12:06
NafalloI made the upgrade path from warty, but I can only see warty final image. the widescreen is gone. that's odd thing number two about backgrounds.12:07
Nafallonow I only have to decide which release to stick with ;-)12:09
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amu"%" do we have a acpi guy here ? 12:28
=== skaught [~skaught@S0106000f3d3c620f.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitarionite all12:40
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Astharotgood evening (GMT+1 :)01:45
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ggiShould I enter anything in Bugzilla to distinguish Hoary bugs?01:47
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mojo_Hi all ppl03:27
mojo_I'm wondering whether the Font Viewer feature available in GNOME? I can view font using Ximian GNOME in NLD9.03:27
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mojo_why icons of OOO still using XPM04:35
mojo_I think we should use PNG from now on04:35
tsenggreat idea, submit a patch04:36
mojo_tseng: for patch, I have no idea out of changing the icons of shortcut manually04:37
mojo_tseng: but I do have all new icons from latest NLD9 to be used04:37
mojo_tseng: I also clean up and arrange all names04:37
tsengif you were following the mailing list04:37
mojo_tseng: I can send it to u04:37
tsengyou would know that the plan is to sync up w/ newer openoffice work from debian, redhat, and novell during the hoary cycle04:38
tsengso keep an eye open for that04:38
mojo_so who will take care the artwork for Hoary?04:38
tsengi see you offer some good ideas here, but im not sure you are following up by reading the mailing lists, watching bugzilla, etc04:39
mojo_tseng: honestly to say04:39
tsengthe proper way to propose things are to a) read bugs/mls to make sure its not already known/being worked on04:39
mojo_I still don't quite get how to coop with devel here04:39
mojo_can u explain to me?04:39
tsengand then submit your idea in the form of a bug or a mailing list post04:40
tsengthere, explained04:40
mojo_i see04:40
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lamont_rany mplayer literate folks around?06:15
lifelessfor some value of literate, yes.06:47
lifelessso, why are you recursive ?06:47
lamont_rroving, dammit06:49
=== lamont_r was trying to turn some .tif's into a .mpg
lamont_rfinally figured it out.06:49
lamont_rmplayer didn't like 2048x1556 jpgs...06:49
lamont_r640x480 works much better06:49
lifelessah. used to things like function_r :)06:49
lamont_ryeah, I'm used to being picked on, though.. :-)06:51
lamont_rand I must admit it was worth the pain to get the mpg06:52
lamont_rtwisted 4 seconds of stuff06:53
fabbionelamont_r: do you have any idea why buildd would automatically build twice a set of packages?06:54
=== tuo2 is now known as tuo2-frizbee
lamont_rfabbione: couple of reasoins06:58
fabbionesuch as?06:59
lamont_rfirst is quinn-diff vs w-b diffs (does your wanna-build --list=all output have ':partial' in the output?)06:59
lamont_r2nd is that I've seen it do that, but can't completely explain why...06:59
lamont_ror rather, I've seen quinn-diff say it wants things built when it shouldn't.06:59
fabbioneok i am checking.... just a second07:00
fabbioneWarning: Package gcc-3.4 was not in uploaded state before (but in 'Needs-Build').07:00
fabbionei think qd or wb went banan07:01
lamont_rcould be.07:01
fabbionedevel/gcc-3.4_3.4.3-0ubuntu0: Installed [required:partial] 07:01
=== lamont_r doesn't have any wanna-build installations
fabbionebut the first build was successful07:02
fabbioneok let me see... i just gave a reset to the wb database07:02
fabbionehmm i think wb was confused07:04
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tuo2nickserv identify foobar08:18
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bob2  98     Nov 12 akitzing@bndlg. (1.6K) Can I use D-Bus via network?08:43
=== chrisa gets out the cluebat
lamont_rbob2: is that a "no", then? :-)08:50
=== lamont_r grumbles at bad dvds.
danielsactually, you can use D-BUS via the network08:54
danielsthere's even a field in it for specifying endianness :P08:54
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danielscould we please restrict hoary-changes posts to messages from katie?11:41
bob2anyone using networkmanager atm?11:41
sabdflanybody know what the html element for a tooltip is?11:56
ChrisHFor images?11:58
danielssabdfl: it's not 'alt', is it?11:58
ChrisHIMHO the tooltips are just ALT="" attributes within <img> tags.11:58
danielsthat would be more IIRC than IMHO11:59
sabdflok, i thought there was a "hover" or some-such attribute which could work on a td element11:59
bitserfsabdfl: firefox uses TITLE=""11:59
danielsyour opinion has little to no effect on the HTML standard ;)11:59
danielssabdfl: could well be id or title or one of those11:59
sabdfltoo true11:59
sabdfltitle it is :-)11:59
Mithrandirsabdfl: title's the correct one, yes.  Many UAs show the ALT attribute if no title is present.12:26
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fabbioneMithrandir: hey01:00
fabbioneMithrandir: 700 packages to go for phase1 :-)01:00
fabbione1 ftbfs (exactly as in debian)01:00
fabbioneall the others are still go 01:00
fabbioneMithrandir: i think in a few days we can start phase2 and tweaking kernel/x.org/d-i01:00
=== fabbione -> food
Mithrandirfabbione: woo01:03
bob2Mithrandir: how expensive is a 100mbit/s connection in norway?01:03
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-39-245.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirbob2: no idea, really.  You'd usually want to co-lo for such a connection01:08
Mithrandirmy 100Mbit connections are all university connections (so they're free)01:09
bob2Mithrandir: ah...what's the fastest you can reasonably  get at home?01:09
Mithrandirbob2: 8032/864, at about 120E/month.  so, for some value of "reasonable".01:11
Mithrandira 3000/704 is closer to 80.01:11
bob2ah, thanks01:11
Mithrandir(you have a few companies offering 100Mbit as well, but it's not generally available)01:12
Mithrandir(at anything resembling "reasonable cost", that is.)01:12
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amusomeone runs a fresh hoary with no or less changes compared to the default installation 05:07
=== lemsx1 [~lemsx1@p78-56.acedsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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lemsx1amu, less traffic here :-) this is the patch: http://lwn.net/Articles/110898/05:38
lemsx1amu, of course, that is already applied in 2.6.905:39
amulemsx1: well, you dont know if the patch, or the problem is fixed in the uptodate kernel, right, thats why i asked you, did you tested the bug against the ubuntu kernel, and probably very interessting who you did it05:44
=== Keybuk [~scott@syndicate.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
amulemsx1: please post your expolit here05:51
lemsx1amu, sorry. i'm not an ubuntu users, just debian (using vanilla kernels)05:56
lemsx1amu, this is a discussion going on now in debian-security mailing list05:56
lemsx1amu, so the threat is real. i have not try to exploit this code (and will not try anyway). I simply upgraded to 2.6.9 05:57
lemsx1amu, are you subscribed to the debian-security ml ? if not, you can simply read the archives of today and yesterday from http://www.debian.org05:58
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ironwolfis there anything like a hoary install CD? or just install warty then upgrade?06:07
mirakwhat is gstreamer ?06:08
sivangironwolf : yes there is, experimental though :) but please ask such on #ubuntu, ok? :)06:09
=== ironwolf_ [~ironwolf@c-24-6-251-226.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangseb128 : ping06:17
sivangseb128 : I have partial fix to the yelp bug, made with some up from upstream :)06:20
sivangseb128 : would you have time to test a .deb over your hoary?06:20
seb128where is the problem ?06:20
seb128I prefer to get a patch than a deb if possible :)06:20
sivangseb128 : ah ok, just wanted to test a package on another system then mine06:21
sivangseb128 : so if it works I'll send the patch to bugzilla06:21
amulemsx1: *lol* nope it isnt clear, i'll ask you again for exploit-code, what you do is, without knowlegg to spread disconcertion into the channel. If you use your own kernel, thats your problem, i'm sure your vanilla kernel has the bug, otherwise the bug where'nt published there. If you liked to be serious-taken, then examine it simply whether kernel are open to attack. If not, that is restrained childlike.06:21
sivangseb128 : http://sivan.workaround.org/ubuntu/06:21
lemsx1amu, k amu. i get your point. however, since this kernel bug is so recent i automatically assumed that it wasn't patch in ubuntu's kernel. my appologies for injecting "FUD" into the channel06:22
amulemsx1: hury up, i want take over one of elmos's maschine ;)06:23
lemsx1amu, i'll be sure to keep my paranoia to myself06:23
lemsx1amu, the exploit code should be simple to derive if you get the patch i posted earlier06:23
lemsx1amu, and who's elmo anyway ;-)06:23
ironwolf_elmo is the postfix God.06:38
amulemsx1: I trust our kernelmaintainer. I can't believe he didnt take care about it, if there is something strange.06:38
amuhehe some people say elmo is the monarch of the monarchs ;) 06:39
sivangseb128 : I said it's 'partial' because of the 'title page' problem which still occurs.06:40
ironwolf_I wouldn't go that far.  daniels maybe... not elmo. ;)06:40
seb128sivang: do you have a patch ?06:40
sivangseb128 : yes, just rechecked on my system - updating bugsy as we speak :)06:40
amuironwolf_: i thought lamont is the postfix god ?!? 06:42
ironwolf_amu I thought lamont was ubuntu postfix got, but Elmo was more general postfix god.  I could be wrong.06:43
ironwolf_amu: now that I think of it, I thought it was lamont who told me elmo was the postfix God.06:47
amuironwolf_: ;) 06:47
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amudaniels: which lib or what replace -lxkbfile_pic  06:53
=== shaya [~spotter@user-0ccembr.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
shayawondering, anyone running ubunti on a recent thinkpad (say t42/p)06:56
danielsamu: -lxkbfile06:58
shayadaniels: did you make some private packages to make ubuntu play nicer w/ your thinkpad?06:59
danielsshaya: http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/x40/07:03
amudaniels: thx07:04
shayadaniels: any chance we'll see software suspend working with it?07:05
danielsshaya: see mjg59's post to -devel07:06
ChrisHmdz: I hadn't imagined that python has some features built-in that perl needs the cookbook for...07:06
shayadaniels: ubunto or debian-devel?07:07
shayaalso whifch thread?07:07
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seb128sivang: yelp HEAD works fine here07:19
sivangseb128 : ah ok, so you're going to  repackage ? (I patched from HEAD)07:20
seb128sivang: I'm going to wait the next release07:21
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=== cenerentola is away: I'm busy
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lupus_does gnomecanvas really use a lot of gnome stuff or what is the reason it isn't in gtk?09:02
Keybukit's just not in GTK+09:16
=== enrico is now known as enrico_away
Keybukit's future-deprecated too, so won't ever be ... Cario will replace it09:17
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-2-173.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lupus_I would like to see most gnome programs only use gtk :)09:18
Keybukthey do09:19
Keybuklibgnome and libgnomeui is mostly crud these days, and getting folded into GTK+ where appropriate09:21
Keybuklibegg has most of the "GNOME-specific" code, and when the APIs get stable that'll get folded elsewhere too09:22
Keybukthough obviously GNOME apps will still depend on things like GnomeVFS, folding that into GTK+ would be bloat09:22
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lupus_the ic 09:24
pittiHi guys09:25
infinityKeybuk : Is doogie's name missing from 'dpkg --license' intentional? :)09:26
Keybukinfinity: nope, I don't think he ever added himself to it09:30
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lupus_transset and  xcompmgr09:44
lupus_are there packages for these?09:44
danielsdeb http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/ xcompmgr/09:44
lupus_I only find the libxcomposit09:44
danielsthere's a transset package, but it's broken, and I don't have the willpower or energy to upload a new version tonight09:44
lupus_ic :)09:44
lupus_xcompmgr -cfC is in that package?09:45
lupus_k :)09:46
Keybukdaniels: so, X.org blanks when you're typing ... but won't blank when the lid is closed ... shiny09:47
danielsKeybuk: you should get an X4009:48
danielsKeybuk: i hear they suspend nicely :P09:48
danielsKeybuk: and, seriously, do you want to cleanroom the dpms stuff?09:48
danielsKeybuk: it's literally six lines, all of which are almost completely identical sets of 209:48
Keybukcleanroom in what sense?09:49
infinityReimplement it without looking at the Evil Infected XF86 code.09:49
danielsKeybuk: i've looked at the code and put a plain english description up for someone else to make the exact same patch again09:50
danielsi'm licence-tainted09:50
lupus_daniels, when are you going to include xcb09:50
lupus_because you wanted it tested :)09:50
Keybukdaniels: sure, bug me tomorrow when I'm at work09:50
danielslupus_: i'll have packages of the modular tree up after i do the release in the next week or so09:50
danielsKeybuk: cool09:50
danielsKeybuk: what're your core hours these days?09:51
danielsKeybuk: (i'm on lunchpad hours, obviously)09:51
Keybukroughly UK09:51
Keybukwill be up and about 9-10 tomorrow09:51
danielsah cool09:51
shayadaniels: composite works well on your x40?09:55
shayaslow as shit on my t42p09:55
Keybukcomposite in slow shocker09:56
danielsnah, i don't bother using it09:56
danielsway too slow, nothing really compellingly cool09:56
Keybukluminocity *is* cool though09:57
danielsluminocity is craaaaaaack09:58
Keybukit's very sweet crack though09:58
Keybukfinest columbian09:58
danielstop-class shizzle09:59
shayaso does ubuntu's gnome 2.9.1 have any specialized unbutu patches like the 2.8 did?10:01
Keybukit has the same patches10:04
=== jdub [~jdub@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
shayadaniels: doex expocity depend on composite, or does it work fine even w/ it disabled?10:04
danielsdepends on composite10:06
danielswell, I haven't look at it, but kind of hard to redirect off-screen drawing otherwise :P10:06
shayaI don't really care about off screen drawing, I just want fancy task switching :(10:08
shayaI would think one just needs xdamage for that10:08
shayaor does xdamage need xcomposite?10:08
danielsnah, it's composite that depends on damage10:08
danielsyou could kinda fake it out without composite10:08
danielsbut it would suck10:08
danielswell, the implementation would be nasty10:10
shayaskippy already does it w/o either10:10
pittimdz: here?10:14
Keybukdoesn't that just grab the root window and chop it into kibbles?10:14
danielsKeybuk: hence 'nasty'10:14
Keybukyeah, the windows wouldn't change :)10:15
shayasome pets like kibble10:16
shayaunsure why10:16
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangseb128 : patches available, b.u.c #355710:22
Keybukmdz: one thing I thought of, I can trivially set merge-o-matic up to keep an up-to-date "patches" directory automatically; do we want to do that/10:22
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mdzKeybuk: broken down if they are in the diff, otherwise one monolithic patch?10:50
mdzpitti: yes10:50
mdzbut not for long10:50
Keybukyeah, just so we can keep track of what we've patched10:50
mdzthat would be useful10:51
mdzthere are patches that haven't gone upstream yet, and that will help remind us10:51
mdzI need to submit the kernel-package stem patch10:51
shayamdz: any idea when software suspend will be in ubuntu?10:52
pittimdz: just a quick question: Do you agree that it is okay to have people (like Gerardo) fix security holes in Warty's universe?10:52
pittimdz: (after review by me, of course)10:52
mdzshaya: there seem to be some unresolved questions about which implementation, which version, etc. that need answers first10:52
mdzpitti: yes, absolutely10:52
mdzpitti: I saw the traffic on security-review, it's great that he's getting involved10:52
pittimdz: although it's universe, it gets uploaded to warty-security as normal?10:52
shayamdz: is it a feature hoary is going to have, just a q of when, or even that is up in the air?10:53
pittimdz: he said that he likes to fix universe packages too, for training :-)10:53
mdzpitti: yes, should work.  You already did an update for a universe package, right? (apache 1.3)10:53
pittimdz: yes, but it had some components in main10:54
mdzshaya: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryGoals10:54
mdzpitti: check with elmo if you have doubts10:54
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mdzthe firefox packaging is...interesting11:07
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mdzKeybuk: still here?11:15
mdzKeybuk: in the firefox merge, there is a patch to browser/locales/en-US/chrome/browser-region/region.properties11:16
mdzone of the bits ended up in dropped11:16
mdzbut the others seemed to just disappear11:16
Keybukreally?!  that's odd11:16
mdzor maybe I've screwed something up11:17
Keybukthat doesn't have that change11:17
Keybukremember, mom applies the Debian patch to the Ubuntu package ... not the other way around11:18
mdzyes, mozilla just does some interesting things during the build process is all11:18
mdznot your problem11:18
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mdza bunch of autogenerated stuff ends up in the diff11:20
Keybukof course it's interesting, thom's been near it <g>11:20
mdzI resolved the conflicts, and the resulting package builds and looks good, but fails to install due to weirdness in the update-m-f-chrome script11:21
mdzI can't see any reason why our changes would affect this, but they're difficult to review due to all the noise11:21
mdzthe .deb ships with a symlink in it, update-m-f-chrome runs the registration process, tries to delete the symlink and replace it with an identical one11:22
mdzapparently this is intentional11:22
Keybukdo we have any changes to firefox that carried over to 1.0 ?11:22
mdzoh yes, a bunch11:23
mdz 53 files changed, 10734 insertions(+), 107 deletions(-)11:23
mdzas I said, a lot of autogenerated noise though11:23
thomKeybuk: bite me :P11:23
mdzthom: aren't you supposed to be drinking and gambling? :-)11:24
thomthe FF clean targets suck11:24
thommdz: apache hackathon11:24
thomwith beer11:24
=== Keybuk bites thom
thomgambling happens later11:24
mdzthom: any clue about this?11:24
mdzUpdating mozilla-firefox chrome registry...mv: cannot stat `/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults.ini': No such file or directory11:24
mdzsomething is deleting the symlink before that bit gets to it11:25
mdzeven if I touch defaults.ini, the same thing happens11:25
mdzit's the script itself11:26
mdzhow can this possibly work?11:26
mdzmizar:[/space/tmp/mdz/tmp/firefox]  grep defaults.ini =update-mozilla-firefox-chrome11:26
mdzrm -f  ${LIBDIR}/defaults.ini11:26
mdzmv ${LIBDIR}/defaults.ini ${VARDIR}/11:26
mdzln -fs ${VARDIR}/defaults.ini ${LIBDIR}/11:26
mdzso that link is shipped in the .deb, deleted, then it attemps to move it and recreate it exactly the same again11:27
mdzeven if we assume that defaults.ini is supposed to be created between the rm and the mv11:27
mdzthat's still CRACK11:27
mdzwe don't patch that script at all11:29
mdzit's as if they decided to do the symlinks in the .deb rather than managing them with the script, and forgot to remove the code from the script11:32
mdzanyone have a Debian unstable system handy with firefox installed?11:44
carlosmdz: my sister's computer is still a debian unstable box, I can install firefox easily11:45
carlosmdz: what do you need?11:45
mdzcarlos: I need ls -l /{usr,var}/lib/mozilla-firefox/*.ini11:45
mdzafter installing 1.0-211:45
carlosok, updating && installing11:46
mdzrm -fr ${HOME}11:46
mdz^^ always nice to see in a maintainer script11:46
carloswho did that?11:46
mdzwhoever wrote update-mozilla-firefox-chrome11:46
mdzit sets HOME to a temporary directory earlier in the script11:47
carlosmdz: hmmm, so I should be carefully installing it?11:47
carlosoohh, ok11:47
mdzone day, though, someone will remove that and forget about the rm :-)11:47
mdzthat will be a bad day11:47
carlosyep :-(11:47
mdzthom: is it just me, or does this package go to some lengths to hack around things in wrapper scripts which might be better fixed by patching the programs which actually do the work?11:51
mdzthis update-m-f-chrome script is a prime example11:51
carloscarlos@Gollum:~$  ls -l /{usr,var}/lib/mozilla-firefox/*.ini11:52
carloslrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 39 2004-11-14 23:51 /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/components.ini -> /var/lib/mozilla-firefox/components.ini11:52
carloslrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 37 2004-11-14 23:51 /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults.ini -> /var/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults.ini11:52
carlos-rw-r--r--  1 root root 24 2004-11-14 23:51 /var/lib/mozilla-firefox/components.ini11:52
carlos-rw-r--r--  1 root root 48 2004-11-14 23:51 /var/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults.ini11:52
mdzcarlos: thanks11:52
mdzso basically, it ships those symlinks in the .deb, deletes them, runs a program which creates regular files there, renames the regular files to the target of the symlink, and then recreates exactly the same symlink11:53
mdza problem which seems better solved by pointing the program at the new location instead11:53
thomwere it anything else, i'd agree11:54
thomthe big trouble with mozilla stuff is that there's so much interrelated stuff in so many different plkaces (in different languages) that it's hard to be sure you've done it right11:55
mdzanyway, in Ubuntu, firefox-bin -register doesn't create the files at all, so everything breaks11:56
mdzin the 1.0-2ubuntu2 I just built11:57
mdzwhich is nothing but carrying stuff forward, and didn't even get near that code as far as I knew11:57
mdzthe usual "mozilla components randomly segfaulting" explanation, oddly enough, doesn't apply this time11:57
mdzit exits successfully without doing half of what it should have11:58
mdzeither something's wrong with the ubuntu diff, or something's wrong with my build environment in a very subtle way11:59

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