plovssivang, that's networking for ye!12:09
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
WWArgh... anyone who writes more than 5 lines of XSLT code without comments should be taken out and... well, I won't say what horrible punishments they should suffer.12:14
sivangshot on site, as they like to say on #debian12:17
WW(Just to be clear... my previous comment was triggered while reading autoidx.xsl and other DocBook xsl files, not by something written by someone here :)12:21
plovsyes, got the faq in book form, with index etc, looks really good!12:25
=== sivang is working on the yelp bug..seems it has something to do with packaging
plovswhat yelp bug?12:26
plovssivang, your running hoary?12:30
sivangyes :-(12:30
ggisivang: It's not that bad, surely?12:31
sivangwell not, but many things break occasinally, and it's worse then sid, because ubuntu is advancing much faster :)12:31
ggiThough I do see what you meant about Evolution being a bit... unstable.12:31
WWplovs: By "index", do you mean index or Table of Contents.12:32
sivangevo tends to crash12:32
sivangthank god for mutt12:32
=== ggi clicks randomly on Evolution... *boom*
sivangggi, I am preparing the gnome-user-manual repo btw12:32
sivangso shortly, anyone interested would be able to do work on it12:33
ggiWell, as I said, I'm kind of busy with essays right now, but in a week or so I'll be able to start properly.12:33
ggiSpeaking of which, I'm off to drink sugary stimulant drinks and write some essays. Bye all!12:34
plovsWW, table of contents12:34
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has left #ubuntu-doc ["Essay-me-do"]
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu-doc []
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plovssivang, still awake?01:31
sivangplovs : yes buddy, present and accountet for :)01:31
sivanggot my mail?01:31
plovscould you do an svn up in ChrisH svn?01:31
sivangup the /C folder of the gnome manual?01:32
sivangwhat's the address again?01:32
sivangsvn.work... ?01:32
sivangdid it01:37
sivangit 'just worked'01:37
plovs http://ubuntu.workaround.org:8080/faq01:37
sivangconfiguration.xml  faq_hoodster.xml   Makefile   part3.xml  trouble.xml  unsorted.xml01:37
sivangcontributing.xml   faq.xml            part1.xml  README     ubuntu.xml01:37
sivangfaq-guide.xml      install-issue.xml  part2.xml  test.xml   ubuntu.xsl01:37
sivangthis is what I got01:37
plovstry faq-guide.xml01:37
plovsyelp faq-guide.xml01:37
plovsor is your yelp still dead01:38
sivangdead, I will have to have it from cvs01:38
sivangI will grab one form warty01:39
plovsi asked ogra t otest it as well01:44
sivanghave some stranege idents01:45
plovssivang, still needs a lot of work, the faq01:46
plovsbut a bunch of small ones is easier01:46
sivangthis is after the devision to small files?01:46
sivangok, obvisously there is something I want to fix right away01:46
plovsfaq-guide.xml is yes01:46
sivangit says "GNOME 2.8 desktop guide"01:46
sivanggoing to change it,01:47
sivanghow do I commit my changes afterwards?01:47
plovsthat's where i ripped it from01:47
plovssvn ci01:47
sivangthe templates?01:47
sivangall in all looks very promising01:48
plovsi hope this is what our docs will be like01:48
plovsdid you update?01:51
sivangnot yet, still looking at it01:52
sivangso the old faq.xml is obsolete by now?01:53
plovsyes, it has been cut in pieces01:54
plovssivang, what kind of packages are you planning to make?01:57
plovsfrom your mail01:57
HoodsterHi guys, I am back for a bit to do a bit more work on the FAQ. A quick question. What exactly does the 'honorific' refer to exactly?01:58
plovsHoodster, hi!01:59
plovsHoodster, no idea01:59
Hoodsterplovs: Hi, What does Dipl.-Inform mean? (hehe)01:59
plovsHoodster, check out the faq from the repo with svn up01:59
plovsHoodster, dressed diplomats?01:59
plovsHoodster, i cut the faq in smaller pieces02:00
plovsHoodster you'll have to put your changes in by hand02:00
Hoodsterplovs: okay02:00
plovssivang, what is NM work?02:01
hornbeckhey plovs02:14
hornbeckcan you readd the faq stuff to the svn server02:14
plovshornbeck, hi! sure02:16
hornbeckdid you see the address change?02:18
plovshornbeck my password fails02:22
plovsoh, let's try the address02:22
plovsno, password refused02:24
HoodsterHey guys, I am having trouble opening the new (just updated) faq.xml file with gedit. Is there something I am doing wrong?02:28
HoodsterWhat I mean by updated is that I did a svn up command02:29
plovsHoodster mkdir old ; mv * old (in the correct dir) ; svn up02:29
sivangplovs : ubuntu-docs package would contain all our production quality docs that we want to have available offline, like the faq, STJ , FirstSteps etc.. would install this docs in an appropriate place, and call up the scrollkeeper thingy to register all the docs.02:30
plovssivang, super!02:32
plovsHoodster, ok?02:32
Hoodsterplovs: No, However, I spoke incorrectly. The problem I am having is with yelp. Yelp crashes when opening faq.xml. Is this expected?02:33
sivangplovs : I inted to also maintain other software that relates to docs, yelp on of them. :)02:33
plovsHoodster, if faq.xml is not correct then yes it is suposed to do it, try yelp from Applications02:35
plovssivang, nice, so you yelp-maintainer, we want search! now! :-)02:35
Hoodsterplovs: Please forgive me, but I don't understand 'yelp from applications'. What does this mean? hehe02:35
sivanghaha! Well, if I through yet another feature request at shaunm, he would just make me a yelp hacker..he has this inent :)02:36
Hoodsterplovs: I don't see yelp in the application menu. I think this is what was meant, but I don't see it.02:36
plovsyou can run yelp by pressing the application-menu in the left upper corner of the screen02:36
plovsHoodster, it's called help02:36
plovssivang, would be nice to have though02:37
plovsHoodster, does it work?02:37
sivangplovs : yes, I think he's working on something that would be done by hoary's release, that is gnome 2.1002:38
plovssivang, good02:38
plovssivang, did you install a backported yelp, yet? or not today?02:38
hornbeckgoing for dinner02:39
sivangplovs : installed yelp from warty, yes.02:39
sivangbut I am now going to test the fix I think I have for the current bug02:39
plovsok, hornbeck needs to do that as well i suppose02:39
plovsHoodster, well? does it work?02:39
HoodsterLOl, I am getting confused, but loving it. However, my confusion might be clearing. What will running Help help me (hehe). I did launch 'Help' from the Applications menu, but I can't tell it to open a specific file.02:39
plovsHoodster, but it works?02:40
Hoodsterplovs: Oh, yes, the Help program does work.02:40
plovsthen faq.xml is broken02:40
plovsHoodster, try: svn checkout (in another folder)02:41
Hoodsterplovs: For instance, I can successfully run 'yelp trouble.xml'02:41
plovsyelp faq-guide.xml02:42
Hoodsterplovs: That did the trick!02:43
trickiesivang, how could i install the wart version of yelp?02:47
trickiesivang, i am currently running hoary02:47
trickieand i just can't seem to get yelp running02:47
plovssivang, trickie, put it in the wiki as well!02:49
sivangI am using a dirty workaround,02:52
sivangI changed my /etc/apt/sources.list lines to have 'warty' instead of 'hoary'02:53
sivangthen, apt-get update02:53
sivangapt-get remove yelp02:53
sivangapt-get install yelp02:53
sivangand I have the warty version...02:53
sivangbut this comes without warranty :)02:53
trickiei might just wait... the rest of my haory install works well02:54
trickiehoary rather02:55
trickiei don't have access to the svn repos, but i have a change to the ubuntu.xsl file in the FAQ that chunks the 'book' up into multiple files02:56
trickieshould i just send a diff out on the mailing-list?02:56
plovstrickie, sure, that would be good02:56
plovssivang, you can do this with pinning as well02:57
HoodsterHi guys! I made a few more additions to the java section of the install-issue.xml file. I am ready to upload. Should I give it a go? I did not change the file name this time.02:58
plovsdo you have a password?03:01
Hoodsterplovs: Yes, thanks to ChrisH.03:01
plovsHoodster, sure, try it03:03
plovsHoodster, well?03:05
Hoodsterplovs: I tried it and I got the message 'commit failed (details follow)' then 'MKACTIVITY of /faq/.....03:06
Hoodsterplovs: Not sure if it worked.03:06
plovsfailed is always bad...03:06
plovsHoodster, you only changed install-issue.xml, right?03:06
Hoodsterplovs: No, I also changed the faq-guide.xml by adding my name to the author list. 03:07
Hoodsterplovs: Do I have to upload both files at once?03:07
plovsok, copy those two files somewhere safe, rm * in the faq dir and do svn up, then copy paste your changes back in03:08
plovsi also made changes, maybe that is why it did not work03:08
sivangplovs : pinning?03:11
plovssivang, http://jaqque.sbih.org/kplug/apt-pinning.html03:13
plovssivang, http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-apt-get.en.html 3.1003:14
Hoodsterplovs: No that did not work. I will go ahead and email the files.03:14
plovsHoodster, no wait03:14
plovsHoodster did you do svn up?03:15
sivangplovs : you use pinning?03:17
sivangplovs : and the second doc I didn't see where it talks about it too.03:17
plovssivang, i used to on debian03:17
sivangplovs : ah nice, we should modify this for ubuntu also :)03:18
Hoodsterplovs: Yes I did, I did do svn up03:18
plovsyou use pinning if you want debs from woody and sarge03:18
plovsHoodster, now just open the files and copy/paste your changes back in, then svn ci03:19
sivanganyway, am headed to bed, night all!03:19
Hoodsterplovs: I did exactly that....03:19
plovssivang, night!03:19
HoodsterNight sivang!03:19
sivangnight fellow doccers !03:19
plovsHoodster, and what did svn ci do?03:19
trickienight sivang 03:20
Hoodsterplovs: First, it asked me to add a message. I did that. Then, it asked me for a password, but it defaults to my local login name, but that is not correct. So, I simply press enter. It asks me for a username, so I type the name that ChrisH gave me. Then it asks for the password, which I type it in. Then, strangely, it asks for the username and password again. Then the fault error message.03:21
plovswhat if you type the password after your login name?03:22
Hoodsterplovs: I did that once and I recall that svn kicks back to the cursor with a difference error message (can't remember exactly what it was though).03:24
plovsHoodster, just mail the diff then, i'll put it in03:26
Hoodsterplovs: Okay, I sure wish I could get it to work. I wonder if my username and password is no longer current. Was there a major change earlier in the day? Just trying to think of all possibilities.03:27
plovsHoodster, we have been using svn only a couple of days, my password at hornbeck does not work either :( 03:28
plovslater it will be ok03:28
plovsi hope03:29
Hoodsterplovs: I sent it. 03:29
plovsgot it03:30
Hoodsterplovs: I have a question. I was wondering if it would be desirable to add to the top of the install-issue.xml file that not only does the page increase ones skill in installing apps, but it will increase the functionality of the OS. My point is that it is more than just an educational exercise. A minor consideration I know.03:31
Hoodsterplovs: oops! I just re-read that page and it doesn't seem to have the beginning statement about skill.03:33
Hoodsterplovs: One last question and then I will stop for a few days (hehe). Will there be a way to search the FAQ?03:35
trickieplovs, you get my patch on the mailing-list?03:39
plovsHoodster, sivang said they are working on it for 2.1003:40
trickieplovs, i initially sent it from the wrong address03:40
HoodsterPlovs: Thanks.03:40
plovstrickie, yep, on the doc-list03:40
plovstrickie, thanks03:40
plovsHoodster, how many changes did you make?03:40
plovsi added your name and java03:40
HoodsterPlovs: Not much. That was all. Just the section under java and the name.03:41
Hoodsterplovs: Actually, there is quite a bit to the java section, but it all in consecutive lines, so it is an easy cut-n-paste.03:42
plovsHoodster, ok, do svn up and check it out!03:42
plovsdedicated to the hoodster03:42
=== George^Deka [~george@128.b.008.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^Dekahi all, so lots been happening while i have been away i see03:47
Hoodsterplovs: Thanks for the recognition! However, when I did a complete checkout, I don't see the added java section. Perhaps I am checking out from a different repository?03:48
HoodsterHi George^Deka!03:48
Hoodsterplovs: I sorry, but I gots to get some sleep. 03:49
plovsGeorge^Deka, hi03:51
George^Dekahi hoodster, plovs 03:53
George^Dekaso how to i setup svn access, i have never used svn or the like03:53
plovsGeorge^Deka, https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/SubVersion03:59
plovsgoodnight all04:12
trickiegood night plovs 04:12
trickiehello George^Deka 04:12
trickiewell i am outta here also...04:12
trickietake it easy guys04:12
George^Dekachrish: noticed your subversion wiki page does not have how to install svn for repo users04:23
George^Dekai take it that it is -- apt-get install subversion ??? just for the end user stuff04:24
hornbecksudo apt-get install subversion04:29
George^Dekathought so, was just thinking there may have been sep packages for client and host04:32
hornbeckall the same package04:49
=== George_Deka [~george@243.b.011.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George_Dekai cant get svn to work, what is the repo ?05:14
hornbeckwhat are you trying to pull?05:14
hornbeckthe faq?05:14
George_Dekahornbeck: yep the faq05:22
hornbecksvn co
hornbeckthat will pull it down for you05:26
hornbeckno problem05:48
=== George^Deka [~george@243.b.011.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^Dekahey hornbeck07:55
hornbeckwhats going on?07:55
hornbeckI am off to bed, goodnight08:00
George^Dekacya all08:04
sivanganybody awake? 09:56
=== ChrisH has a terrible headache...
sivangHey Chris, I've also risen up today feeling mostly unwell, what will be the end of this flues...10:13
ChrisHNo idea. A coworker also told about that. Perhaps I shouldn't have gone to the gym on friday. :(10:13
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=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovs???? ???????10:50
plovsoj, good morning10:51
plovsChrisH, did you checkout thefaq?10:54
ChrisHEven the patch from Nick Loeve...10:54
plovsso what do you think doing it like this? all in little pieces?10:56
plovswhat about the divisions?10:57
plovsi find it easier to work on smaller docs 10:58
plovsChrisH, what about hornbeck's svn? i can't upload to it anymore, i could yesterday, once?11:00
plovsChrisH, i'll continue using yours until this is sorted out11:01
=== cenerentola_ [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ChrisHplovs: Yes, I sorted that out with hornbeck already. We are using my repository until everything works fine there.11:44
plovsChrisH, ok11:46
ChrisHplovs: I'm completely happy with the chunks like this.11:50
plovsChrisH, do you have axperience with glosterm entries?12:55
ChrisHNot really.12:58
plovsChrisH, i'll ask enrico then, i added a glossary, and would like to cross-link12:59
=== Hoodster [~alan@adsl-11-171-240.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovsHoodster, hi!01:22
HoodsterHi Plovs01:23
plovsHoodster, you might ask for a password from chris then you can apply yourself01:23
HoodsterI am about to leave for my business trip, but I wanted to come back and congratulate you and the rest of the doc team on the great work being done on the FAQ01:23
Hoodsterplovs: I will do that before I leave. I take it that the username/password might have changed, thus I am no longer authenticated. When I do a svn up, nothing is updated and it returns At revision 2 message. It could also be that nothing new has been uploaded. Not sure which.01:25
plovsHoodster, you might be looking at the wrong address, we still use  http://ubuntu.workaround.org:8080/faq01:26
plovsHoodster, At revision 43. it should say01:28
Hoodsterplovs: Okay, I will do a full check out.01:29
plovsChrisH, did you ever look at trac? http://www.edgewall.com/trac/01:29
ChrisHplovs:  not yet01:29
Hoodsterplovs: I did a full checkout but the yelp does not like the faq.xml file. It crashes for some reason. It is at revision 43.01:31
plovsHoodster, faq-guide01:35
plovsHoodster, ?01:38
Hoodsterplovs: That is not what is checked out.01:45
HoodsterFrom the ubuntu.workaround.org url01:46
plovsHoodster, svn checkout http://ubuntu.workaround.org:8080/faq01:47
plovsshould give you:01:47
plovs[white 149]  faq > svn ls01:47
HoodsterA  faq/ubuntu.xml01:49
HoodsterA  faq/part1.xml01:49
HoodsterA  faq/part2.xml01:49
HoodsterA  faq/ubuntu.xsl01:49
HoodsterA  faq/part3.xml01:49
HoodsterA  faq/install-issue.xml01:49
HoodsterA  faq/README01:49
HoodsterA  faq/faq-guide.xml01:50
HoodsterA  faq/glossary.xml01:50
HoodsterA  faq/unsorted.xml01:50
HoodsterA  faq/contributing.xml01:50
HoodsterA  faq/faq.xml01:50
HoodsterA  faq/configuration.xml01:50
HoodsterA  faq/trouble.xml01:50
HoodsterA  faq/faq_hoodster.xml01:50
HoodsterA  faq/Makefile01:50
HoodsterA  faq/test.xml01:50
HoodsterA  faq/IconUbuntu.png01:50
Hoodsterplovs: I try again.01:50
plovsHoodster, ok, now cd faq ; yelp faq-guide.xml01:50
Hoodsterplovs: It works now!01:51
plovsHoodster, ok!01:51
Hoodsterplovs: I will try the upload01:52
HoodsterThe upload seemed to work that time.01:55
HoodsterI got both files to upload. It seems working now.01:56
plovsHoodster, ok, now you can start working on the normal faq01:58
plovsHoodster, we will use faq-guide.xml and all files it references01:59
Hoodsterplovs: Okay, I won't be available until Tuesday evening. I hope I can contribute then.01:59
plovsHoodster, great!02:00
Hoodsterplovs: I have to go now. I feel like I have accomplished something, with your and Chris's help. Thank you so much. I have done only a little bit, but hope to do more.02:00
HoodsterHave a good time all!02:00
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangI have a fixed pacakge for yelp,02:05
sivangcould people help me test?02:05
sivangthis fixes all navigational problems, still a problem is there when you click the 'title page' on the left side02:06
plovssivang, i can help, but in a ouple of hours, i'm of shopping02:10
sivangplovs : ok, gemme you email, I'll send you the .deb there02:11
plovsalexander.poslavsky AT gmail.com02:11
sivangplovs : you still able to reproduce that bug?02:17
hornbeckChrisH, plovs: either of you around?03:56
hornbecksivang: you here?03:56
ChrisHhornbeck: jau...03:57
hornbeckI borked the passwd file on the server04:01
ChrisHhornbeck: eek04:01
hornbeckI was using the -c everytime with htpasswd204:01
hornbeckso it would overwrite the whole thing04:01
hornbeckSooooooo, I need everyone's passwords again :-)04:01
hornbeckeverything else is fine, I am able to commit locally now04:02
ChrisHhornbeck: Nothing in the backup? ;)04:02
hornbeckI borked it right before last night's back up04:03
hornbeckso I am backing up twice a day now04:03
ChrisHthen it will probably break three times a day :)04:04
hornbeckhow often do you do backups?04:05
ChrisHI use afbackup with an incremental once a day and full once a week (at 4:30 CET).04:05
hornbeckok, so I am not doing it wrong with a twice a day04:06
ChrisHEvery quarter I run a full backup of core parts (documents, emails, repositories, web site) on DVD.04:06
ChrisHOnce a day should be completely sufficient.04:06
ChrisHThat reminds me... I should retire the current set of DAT tapes before they break.04:06
hornbeckI must say, running a server is fun, but alot more work than I thought04:06
ChrisHIndeed. Security. Configuration. Users...04:07
hornbeckI never gave you guys the credit you deserve04:07
hornbeckDo you run Hoary?04:12
hornbeckyelp seems to be broken04:22
ChrisHhornbeck: What about the DNS entry? A repository with just an IP address is boring. :)04:22
hornbeckdo you have access to dns?04:22
hornbeckI have not gotten that far in figuring things out yet :-)04:23
ChrisHDNS is really weird. I already offered a hostname in the .workaround.org domain.04:26
hornbeckI have opensoftdesign.org04:26
hornbeckhow would I make subdomains04:26
hornbecklike faq.opensoftdesign.org04:27
hornbeckor gnome-docs.opensoftdesign.org04:27
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckthose are really long though04:27
ChrisHIs the DNS server running on your machine?04:27
hornbeckgood god, I have to learn DNS now to :-)04:27
ChrisHDon't mean to scare you but DNS is a little tricky04:29
hornbeckI am sure I could get it04:29
ChrisHWho is authoritative for that domain? Cause if it's your ISP you either need to change the domain information or at least set up a hidden primary server.04:29
hornbeckI set them up at freebsdportal.com04:30
hornbecklike three years ago04:30
hornbeckI used to have off site hosting04:30
ChrisHIf you can let others do the DNS stuff. It can break a lot of things. And without a decent secondary server a single line problem can make the domain "unknown".04:31
ChrisHIt took me quite a while to get it working. And as you remember just a week ago the secondary server failed which already cause a little chaos.04:32
ChrisHI've lost countless mails in the beginning until everything was set up fine.04:33
ChrisHIf it wouldn't be such a hassle I'd probably do hidden-primary again.04:33
hornbeckI will have to research it04:33
ChrisHHave someone near you who is a little familiar with bind.04:34
hornbeckI could not get subversion working till I sat down and read a good deal of docs myself04:34
hornbeckI think I have someone04:34
hornbeckI have to go get my daughter from my wife real quick04:34
hornbeckbe back in a bit04:34
plovssivang, what bug?04:53
sivangthe yelp hoary bug when browsing docs05:11
hornbeckyelp seems to be very broken in hoary05:12
plovssivang, i do not have hoary yet05:13
plovshornbeck, you might investigate copying to a remote server, automatically05:14
sivanghorbeck : you willing to be my test subject ?  I have a supposed to be fixed package I created.05:14
hornbeckyes I will check it out05:14
plovshornbeck, i so much hate tape (on windows)05:14
hornbeckI might look into coping to remote server05:15
hornbecktape is not that bad05:15
hornbeckcd is not bad for right now05:15
plovshornbeck, i never used tape on *nux05:15
hornbeckI thought about external drive05:15
hornbecka mount -> copy -> unmount everynight05:15
plovsan old 486 with nfs is enough05:16
hornbeckI already have like 4 computers in this room05:16
hornbeckbut I will see if I have something else to hook up05:16
plovswhere will you put the new dell?05:16
hornbeckin place of the sony I am using right now05:17
hornbeckI could use the sony for backup05:17
plovsyou have a cupboard with airco and ups?05:17
hornbeckI have them sitting on my desk and I have ups coming tomorrow05:18
plovsthe small once are not that expensive on ebay, and a lot quiter05:18
plovsi have a bunch of comps at work and it drives me nuts05:18
hornbeckyeah, it is pretty loud in my office with all these05:18
plovsone amd, with a fan like a small airplane05:18
plovshornbeck have you seen the new faq?05:19
hornbeckthe docbook one?05:20
plovshornbeck, i just can't compliment myself enough for it05:20
plovshornbeck, yes but in bookform05:20
hornbeckI read through it05:20
plovshornbeck, the one in a bunch of small docs05:20
hornbeckis it the one in svn right now?05:20
hornbeckOT: my boss moved three computers in his house to Ubuntu yesterday05:21
hornbeckhe has never used linux before05:21
plovshornbeck, and three in the same time? brave (or ...)05:22
hornbeckyeah, he took out all his windows boxes05:23
hornbeckhe was that impressed05:23
plovshornbeck, could you make a small write-up on pinning? i'm not goos at it but sivang would need it (before he blowse up his computer)05:23
plovshornbeck, maybe i found something already05:24
hornbeckwhat is pinning?05:24
hornbeckmaybe I know it as something else05:24
plovshornbeck, yes running one version of debian but installing packages of the other05:24
hornbeckahhh, ok05:25
hornbeckthat is called pinning?05:25
hornbeckhuh, learn something everyday05:25
sivangplovs : no I'm  ok :)05:25
plovsi'll write a small howto 05:25
hornbecksivang: you blowing stuff up05:25
plovssivang, yeah right! 05:25
sivangI fixed that package, I am going to put it somewhere so you'll be able to downlod it05:26
sivangand test.05:26
plovssivang, i heard how you installed yelp from warty, wearing a helmet05:26
plovssivang, cool!05:26
sivanggot it fixed now,05:26
sivangso this is yelp from hoary :)05:26
plovssivang, hornbeck needs it05:26
sivangbtw, the pinnig is great!05:26
sivangthanks for the link05:26
hornbeckyes, hornbeck needs it05:26
hornbeckI want the link05:26
sivangI configured apt to do pinning and it's just rocks for develpoment process.05:27
plovssivang, i'll do a write-up, you can check, ok?05:27
sivangeverybody! please mail me at sivan@workaround.org everything you want me to do, I'm unable to keep track :)05:30
sivangthis would be great as my todo list, and my tomboy lists are already outdated.05:30
hornbeckI don't want you to do anything :-p05:30
plovsyour email-address got just harvested05:31
plovsnow you'll get lots of email05:31
plovshornbeck, i always try to make him do lots of things05:31
plovshornbeck, how is ssh?05:32
plovshornbeck, :-(05:32
hornbeckI also have no reason to have it open now05:32
hornbeckso I am not worried about it05:32
plovshornbeck, ok05:33
plovshornbeck, trac is supposed to be a nice frontend to subversion, you know it? http://www.edgewall.com/trac/05:33
sivangsahsa , please mail me ok? I that would enable me to track down one thing after another, I need this...ppllleeeaassse ! :)05:33
sivanghornbeck, also if you have anything for review :)05:34
plovssivang, as soon as i have written it05:34
sivangok, thanks05:35
plovshornbeck, can you email me your apt/sources.list?05:35
hornbeckif I have anything for review it will go on the mailing list05:35
plovsfrom hoary?05:35
sivangI have some strong mail filter there..:)05:35
plovssivang, let me subscribe you to some lists then05:35
sivanghey hey hey :)05:35
sivangplovs! didn't mean that in such a way :)05:35
hornbeckplovs: on its way05:36
sivangI don't want to get mail from "F%$#%@$#XXX@myD667K.COM" :)05:36
plovssivang, ;-)05:36
hornbeckwell I have to give the kids baths05:37
sivangplovs : anyway, finally it's time to upload the gnome manual.05:37
sivanghappy bath! for hornbeck's kids05:37
plovshornbeck, thanks and have fun05:37
hornbeckthe gnome-manual is uploaded05:37
hornbeckwrong address05:37
hornbeckthat is right05:38
plovshornbeck, sivang, nice, i can finally check it out05:38
sivanghornbeck : this is the version I've given you? Did you do *any* changes since my version?05:38
hornbeckI put this all in the mails I have sent to the list05:38
hornbecksivang: no05:38
hornbeckbut you can check mine out, run a diff, patch it, and commit it back05:39
hornbeckI will be back in about 30 minutes05:39
sivangok, no prob. C'ya!05:40
sivangit's good you didn't do any changes, it would spare me the diffs05:40
hornbeckI am going to start making changes this week though05:41
hornbeckI have alot of time off this week, so docs are going to be getting done05:41
plovshornbeck, good to hear05:45
plovshornbeck, now go wash the kids!05:45
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangplovs : awsome!06:26
sivangread it06:26
sivanghow is that for a quick review?06:26
sivangplovs : using hoary?06:28
ChrisHInformation about "apt-cache policy" and the apt_preferences man page would be nice.06:29
plovsChrisH, to that doc?06:30
sivangtrue, I already used the debian version of this document, so didn't think it was missing.06:31
sivangChrisH : using hoary?06:31
ChrisHplovs: yup06:31
ChrisHsivang: I don't use hoary here.06:31
sivangok, I have my package on the web,06:32
ChrisHsivang: Just pinned the ncpfs package so I can mount my novell share at work.06:32
sivangwaiting to be tested..06:32
ChrisHsivang: Looks good so far. Did you do it alone?06:34
sivanghhmm, no :(06:35
sivangjust changed whatever I to change (some XSLT for yelp) and repackaged.06:35
sivangI'm a fake :)06:35
hornbeckwhere is it at sivang07:06
hornbecksivang: it did not fix my problems :-(07:08
hornbeckit installed fine but still will not render my files07:08
sivanghornbeck : you sure? I tested it over my system, over and over and it fixed my problem.07:09
sivangwhat was your problem?07:09
hornbeck"The file could not be processed"07:09
hornbeckon every doc07:09
sivangthat's strange07:09
sivangtake a look at the file:07:09
sivangsee if you have there:07:10
sivang <!-- == db.xref.target == -->07:11
sivang   <xsl:template name="db.xref.target">07:11
sivang     <xsl:param name="linkend"/>07:11
sivang     <xsl:value-of select="concat('#', $linkend)"/>07:11
sivang   </xsl:template>07:11
hornbeckwhere at?07:11
hornbecknever mind07:11
sivangtell if you have this file anyways, it may be missing and I know the solution to this.07:12
hornbeckI don't even have the gnome directory07:12
sivangfix on the way :)07:12
sivangI know exactly what to do!07:12
sivangthanks john07:12
hornbeck:-) good07:12
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanghornbeck : try again07:23
sivangdpkg --purge yelp07:23
sivangthen download the new packages from the same location,07:23
sivangand install07:23
hornbecksame name?07:34
sivangfind it on the same location http://sivan.workaround.org/ubuntu07:35
hornbecksame error07:35
=== cenerentola is away: I'm busy
hornbeckit did not fix it :-(07:37
sivangshit, could you see if now you have :07:39
hornbeckno I don't07:45
hornbeckI still don't have /usr/share/xml/gnome07:45
sivangok, fixing..07:48
sivangthanks again - john07:48
hornbeckno problem, I need it fixed as much as you need to fix it :-)07:49
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckhey enrico08:36
enricohello everyone!08:36
hornbeckyou see I finally got the subversion server running :-)08:37
hornbeckso I need user and pass for you08:37
ChrisHhornbeck: Are you confident we can migrate already?08:37
hornbeckI am fairly confident08:37
hornbeckI don't know of anything else I can do08:38
ChrisHThen let's do it, baby. ;)08:38
hornbeckif you can see something I am missing let me know08:38
ChrisHI'll complain a lot! :)08:38
hornbecka big UPS is going to be put in place in the morning08:38
hornbeckI am working on another machine to rsync this one right now08:38
ChrisHhornbeck: what about that: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.0/ch05s03.html#svn-ch-5-sect-3.508:39
hornbeckhave not read that yet08:39
ChrisHSounds simple.08:39
hornbeckhave you done it before?08:40
ChrisHNot yet.08:40
enricoto migrate?  You just use svnadmin to do a dump 08:40
enricoand then restore the dump08:40
ChrisHYes... dump is done. :)08:40
hornbeckhow different is the faq from what I have08:40
hornbeckplovs uploaded most the files last night08:41
ChrisHhornbeck: I suggest you use all old revisions, too. So you better erase your version and restore this over it.08:41
ChrisHhornbeck: The dump is at: http://workaround.org/faq.dump08:41
=== ChrisH officially stops his repository now
hornbecklet me read this over real quick08:42
hornbeckso I don't screw it up :-)08:42
ChrisHenrico: Is it just "svnadmin load dumpfile"?08:42
ChrisHenrico: And I guess everybody needs to "svn switch" to the new repository...08:43
hornbeckdo I completely erase what I had?08:43
enricoNo: svnadmin load should just add the things in the dump. I don't know what happens if you have things in the dump and in the repo, though (but you can specify a REPOS_PATH for the load oepration)08:44
hornbecksvnadmin dump myrepos | svnadmin load newrepos08:44
hornbeckwould that work?08:44
ChrisHProbably not. "dump" is what I did.08:44
hornbeckI am going to try this :-)08:45
hornbeckI will let you know08:45
=== ChrisH crosses fingers
hornbeckCan't open file "faq.dump/format': Not a directory08:47
enricohornbeck: did you create the new repository first?08:47
enricois the new repository called faq.dump?08:48
hornbeckno it is called faq08:48
hornbeckthe dump file is called faq.dump08:48
enricoWhat was the command you gave?08:49
enricoDid you say svnadmin load faq.dump?08:50
hornbecksvnadmin load faq.dump08:50
enricodo svnadmin load faq < faq.dump08:50
enricothe parameter to svnadmin load is the repository, not the dump file08:51
enricothe dump file goes in stdin08:51
hornbeckthat worked08:51
hornbeckit loaded08:51
hornbeckcrap something went wrong08:52
hornbeckI fixed it08:53
hornbeckok the repository is up and running08:53
ChrisHWhat is the official URL?08:53
hornbeckI will work on actual domain names08:54
enricohornbeck: is that a static IP?08:54
ChrisHSo everybody needs to run: svn switch --relocate http://ubuntu.workaround.org:8080/faq
hornbeckand I just backed up so the repository is nice and backed up08:57
=== boglot [~logbot@mentors.workaround.org] has joined #ubuntu-doc
enricoRelocate worked great here08:58
hornbeckgood deal08:58
hornbeckwell I am going to go and start doing some work for today09:02
hornbeckI will be checking in09:02
hornbeckemail if something goes wrong with the server09:02
enricohornbeck: please tell if you need help in registering names09:03
hornbeckdomain names ?09:05
enricohornbeck: yes09:05
hornbeckI could use some help yes09:05
enricohornbeck: Did you have any plans for it?09:06
hornbecknot really09:06
sivanghornbeck : apt-get install gnome-doc-utils, then if you already installed my package, try again.09:07
sivangif not, remove any former yelp packages, and install mine's.09:07
enricohornbeck: I'll ask if there is some nameserver namespace we can fiddle with, then09:07
hornbeckubuntudoc.org would be nice :-)09:07
hornbecksivang: that worked :-)09:08
hornbeckI was missing that package09:08
sivangI'm your savior :)09:08
hornbecknow I can check my own work09:09
sivangI needed it so bad, so I figured I'll just go and fix it.09:09
hornbeckthats cool09:09
sivangbtw, the title page thingy still won't work - it's code in working, so it would be fixed until 2.10 goes out.09:10
sivangmeaning, the code for it has not yet been written by upstream.09:10
sivangbut I think most of the browsing on the right side will now work :)09:11
hornbeckI just needed it so I could check my book09:12
hornbeckmake sure there was no errors09:12
enricoI'll be back in a couple of hours09:16
plovshornbeck, i haven't followed the conversation, should we use your svn now, or not yet?09:19
hornbeckplovs: yes09:21
plovsChrisH, i can not connect to http://ubuntu.workaround.org:808009:21
hornbeckChrisH's server is no more09:21
plovshornbeck, ok, let me checkout yours then09:21
hornbeckok, we exported his repository to mine09:22
hornbeckif you read the log they said how to use svn switch for it 09:22
plovshornbeck, what is the link?09:23
plovs69.155.172.150/faq ?09:23
hornbeckplease don't tell me its not working 09:24
hornbeckplovs: have you ever used gpg before?09:24
plovshornbeck, first it did not work, then i removed the faq dir and now it worked!09:25
plovshornbeck, hardly09:25
plovshornbeck, but i want to learn09:25
hornbeckI made my key09:25
hornbecknow I don't know how to use it :-)09:25
hornbeckplovs: did you use svn switch?09:25
hornbeckor just svn update?09:25
plovshornbeck, i have a dir called Chris and a dir called John :-)09:26
hornbeckwell all the old stuff out of my faq was deleted09:26
hornbeckthan we moved his over09:26
plovshornbeck, i'll test it now09:26
plovshornbeck, it works great09:27
hornbeckgood deal09:28
hornbeckplovs: have you sent elmo your gpg key?09:28
plovshornbeck, i haven't made one yet09:28
hornbeckI am working on it but don't really get what I am supposed to use out of the output09:28
plovslet me find some docs on it, time to learn something new 09:29
hornbeckI am reading the howto right now09:30
plovswhich one? link?09:30
hornbeckI think I may have figured out how to get the key09:32
hornbeckgpg --export -a09:32
hornbeckwill give me a full key09:32
hornbecknow I just need to learn how to use it09:32
plovshornbeck, ok, made a key as well09:38
hornbeckhave you figured out the key id?09:38
plovshornbeck, still reading09:39
hornbeckI would like to be able to add this to evolution09:39
hornbeckcool I got it09:41
plovsin evolution?09:43
hornbeckone sec09:45
hornbeckyou have to gpg --list-secret-keys09:46
hornbeckthan it gives a output09:46
hornbecklooks like this09:46
hornbecksec   1024D/Number 2004-11-14 Name09:47
hornbeckthe Number you put into your evolution account09:47
hornbecktools, settings, edit your account09:47
hornbeckthan security09:47
hornbeckso now I will mail out with my key09:47
plovshornbeck, ok, got it, now i have to wait until my gmail account is updated for pop09:51
hornbeckthats cool09:51
hornbeckI wonder if mine is09:51
=== trickie [~trickie@CPE-61-9-137-188.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckhey trickie09:57
trickiehornbeck: hello!09:57
hornbeckhows it going?09:57
trickietrickie: ah not too bad... monday morning at work :(09:58
hornbeckwhere are you located?09:58
trickiehornbeck: melbourne, australia09:59
trickiehornbeck: u?09:59
hornbeckLawton, Oklahoma, USA09:59
hornbeckit is 3:00pm Sunday afternoon09:59
trickiehornbeck: ah... sunday afternoon... very nice09:59
plovstrickie, you just made our day!10:00
trickieplovs: yeah?10:00
plovstrickie, yeah, you're at work and we still enjoy our weekend10:00
trickieplovs: ha ha ha enjoy!10:00
plovstrickie, friday it will be the other way around, 5 days to go10:01
plovstrickie, hang in there10:01
trickieplovs: thats right... you guys just wait :)10:01
hornbeckwell I am going to buy some groceries10:02
hornbeckbe back afterwards10:02
plovshornbeck, see ya10:02
trickiehornbeck: see ya10:02
trickieChrisH: you around?10:02
sivangtrickie : he felt bad, went to bed I think10:03
sivanghow you been trickie?10:03
trickiesivang: yeah great...10:03
trickiesivang: was just gonna ask him for some svn access... that was me who sent through the patch on the mailing-list, then i remembered he wouldn't know that :)10:04
trickiesivang: how are you?10:04
sivangAH I think I've seen it,10:04
sivangregarding some XSLT right?10:04
trickiechunking the faq into multiple files10:05
sivangI'm fine thanks, fixed the yelp bug today - if you are using hoary, you might want to use my pacakge :)10:05
plovstrickie, it's hornbeck who gives out svn keys nowadays10:05
trickieah ok... is it in the repos? just do an update?10:05
sivangyeah, svn@hornbeck, pleased to server you! :)10:05
plovstrickie, we moved to his server10:05
trickieah ok...10:05
plovssivang, surf10:05
trickiewell i might ask him abit later...10:06
trickiewell guys... i gotta get into some work... so i will be around but mainly just observing...10:06
trickietalk to you all soon10:06
plovstrickie, see ya10:06
sivanglaterz buddy10:06
plovssivang, what does the GNU FDL license mean? Free Documentation License i used a doc with this license as base for pinninghowto10:21
plovsthe wiki is so slow it almost goes backwards10:22
sivangyes, noticed, btw, have you looked at http://home.twcny.rr.com/nerode/neroden/fdl.html ?10:28
plovssivang, thanks for the link10:35
plovsgood night all!10:35
sivangnight plovs!10:35
=== ChrisH_ [~chaas@gw.workaround.org] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== robertj [~robertj@66-188-77-153.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robertjhowdy all11:04
sivanghey roberttj11:04
sivangwhat's up?11:04
robertjNot alot11:04
robertjI heard there was serious talk of a book running around11:04
sivanga book abount Ubuntu ?11:05
sivangyou interested?11:07
robertjmight be11:07
sivangit's hoenbeck you should be talking to :) are you interested in conributing?11:08
robertjPerhaps, I still don't know much about it11:08
robertjeverything I see reads "It could be this, or that. What a great idea!"11:08
sivangI thought I've seen you on -devel previosuly, are you a developer?11:09
robertjno, I just hang around there because I've got questions that tend to creep over the scope of normal user questions11:10
sivangAh nice11:11
sivangwill you be interested in contributing to ubuntu doc front?11:12
robertjThat's very probable11:12
robertjI'm interested in a very concise manual11:12
robertjmaybe a part 1. Ubuntu Linux part 2. Default Applications11:13
robertjA clickity-click-click guide through Ubuntu11:13
sivanghave you seen Hornbeck's last post to our list?11:15
sivangthat's what brough you here?11:17
robertjWell, just kind of interested to tell the truth11:17
sivangok, that's nice. What truth is it ? ;)11:19
robertjbut this is a brief stop by11:19
robertjin 10 minutes I have to log off and get ready to head out11:20
robertjill be back later 11:28
=== trickie [~trickie@CPE-61-9-137-188.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangyo trickie11:36
sivangfeeling at home already? :)11:38
trickiesivang: i might be a bit hard to talk to today... at work... doing work :)11:38
trickiesivang: yeah for sure11:38
trickiesivang: i am so excitied to be helping out... finally feel like i have a grasp on how to get taks to do ect11:38
sivanghas someone finally put the todo list I have been promising?11:39
trickiesivang: looking forward to diving into that list too11:39
sivangok, great. I will have it sometime soon, let's say by the end of this week?11:40
sivangnahh, tommorow11:40
sivangbe better.11:40
trickiesivang: cool11:52
=== littlegreenman [~diogo@a83-132-21-17.netcabo.pt] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== skyrider [~skyrider@ppp2.pool.123.com.ua] has joined #ubuntu-doc
skyriderhi, guys11:56
skyridercan you load https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HowToGetHelpRussian ?11:59
skyriderI try to do this, but no result11:59
skyriderit's very strange because I can load almost all other wiki pages12:00

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