littlegreenmangonna try12:01
littlegreenmanlast edited 7 hours ago by Alexey Molchanov12:02
skyriderlittlegreenman: can you load it?12:02
skyriderI try to sendnew version12:02
skyriderbut I can't12:02
littlegreenmanit's fine in my browaer12:02
littlegreenman??? ????????? ???????? ???????12:02
skyriderlittlegreenman: thanks12:02
sivanghey littlegreenman12:03
littlegreenmanhello sivang12:03
skyridersivang: hi12:03
littlegreenmanskyrider, are you translating pages to russian ,or creating your own?12:03
sivanghow are you? where from? (Hi Skyrider!) welcome to doc team channel 12:03
skyriderlittlegreenman: it's my own12:03
littlegreenmani'm from portugal, been translating some wiki pages to portuguese12:03
skyriderI'm also working on translations of other pages now12:04
littlegreenmancool skyrider i just don't have the expertise... i am a translator, so help that way :D12:04
littlegreenmanwhat's up sivang12:05
sivangyou're also a translator? spanish community? :)12:05
skyriderActually I don't have good writing skills too but somebody has to do it. So I try and hope community will help me fix my mistakes :)12:05
littlegreenman:) portuguese though... no pt channel for ubuntu12:06
littlegreenmanyeah skyrider i know how you feel...12:06
sivangah portugal, brazil, spain, italy..places to see..:)12:06
sivangthen make up one!12:06
littlegreenmani think if someone kickstarts it, then other feel the need to help as well12:06
sivangyou shall be responsible for the channel12:06
littlegreenmansivang, i will feel lonely there :)12:06
littlegreenmanhow does one reg the channel?12:06
sivangah well, I can join in there also :) but I don't know portuguesse, although love it's sound.12:07
=== littlegreenman lost his cigs
littlegreenmansivang, :D where u from?12:07
littlegreenmanto much trouble to whois you and nicer this way eheheh12:07
sivangIsrael 12:08
skyriderlittlegreenman: I can give you some cigs ;)12:08
littlegreenmanthank skyrider just found them12:08
littlegreenmani feel the ubuntu wiki is not very geared towards newbies......12:08
littlegreenmanI am a newbie myself in terms of linux, trying to translate that to my language12:08
sivangthis is on the works, if you can suggest fixes etc, or even bug us on the mailing list that would be great.12:09
littlegreenmansivang, would love to go to israel. have a good friend from there12:09
sivangyou do?12:09
sivangI love to learn portougeese12:09
sivang(damn so many spelling mistakes)12:09
littlegreenman:D means hello12:09
sivanghow do you say CHampaigne?12:09
sivanglike the drink12:09
=== skyrider loves to learn English *cough*
littlegreenmansivang, the same way man... champagne... 12:10
=== sivang thinks skyrider knows english very well
skyriderWhat do you think about vodka? ;)12:10
sivangis it also the language spoken in brazil?12:10
sivangah smirnov12:10
littlegreenmanyeah sivang12:10
littlegreenmanthere is a debate about that actually12:10
littlegreenmancause is same lang12:10
littlegreenmanbut they use it slightly differently12:10
sivangI like the language alot, watched "Presencia De Anita" , "Dona Flour" etc..12:11
sivangactors like mel lisboa12:11
littlegreenmaneuropean portuguese and brazilian portuguese are more differente than british english and american english12:11
littlegreenmansivang, :D wow!12:11
sivangbrazilian has this whistelling sound!12:11
littlegreenmanit's more.... rythmic12:11
sivangand this legatto sounding12:11
littlegreenmanhave you seen... the city of god?12:11
sivangit's awesome12:11
littlegreenmanbrazilian movie12:11
sivangcity of god?12:11
sivangno, I will look for it on my DVD lib12:12
littlegreenmanvery good....12:12
littlegreenmangoona search imdb12:12
littlegreenman1 sec12:12
littlegreenmanbefore we had mtv portugal, we would have the israeli one... many adds from your side of the world :D12:13
skyriderI've just restarted firefox and now I can load my page. Horray!!! *dancing*12:17
littlegreenmangreat skyrider12:18
littlegreenmanit was working fine on mine....12:18
littlegreenmani am loving this whole ubuntu experience12:18
littlegreenmani have tried different linux distros... usually my brother would convince me....12:18
littlegreenmanbut finally something that a newbie like me can use....12:19
littlegreenmanand with the whole power of linux12:19
skyriderI can't say I'm newbie but I like it very much12:20
skyriderand constantly convincing my friends to it :)12:20
skyrider(I mean Ubuntu)12:20
littlegreenman;) yeah i know... they are getting tired of me....12:20
skyridersivang: ping12:21
littlegreenmanwindows users need a system to work with no much hasle12:21
littlegreenmanas windows friendly as possible... i think ubuntu has that... i haven't been to xp for a few days now...12:21
littlegreenmani can do my work here...12:21
littlegreenmanas well, if not better than with xp12:22
skyriderlittlegreenman: great12:22
skyriderUnfortunaly I can't say the same about me12:23
littlegreenmanhow come?12:23
sivangsorry, was busy12:23
skyriderI have to use some proprietary progs to do laboratory works for the university12:24
skyridersivang: what about irc logs?12:24
littlegreenman:( that sucks skyrider12:24
skyriderlittlegreenman: I know12:24
sivangoh, mako is working on this, let's see if I can bug him now (he's on NYC time)12:24
littlegreenmanskyrider, i only need office and a desktop environment for internet use... so i have all i need....12:25
skyridersivang: yes12:25
littlegreenmanand the best thing is although it is kind of a slow machine it runs smoothly, something i coulnd't with xp12:25
littlegreenmanwas already planing an upgrade12:25
skyriderlittlegreenman: it's good. I need Visual C++, Altera MAX+ 2, Xilinx ...12:26
skyrider... Enterprise Architect12:26
littlegreenmanect... :D12:26
skyriderlittlegreenman: what machine do you have?12:27
littlegreenmanthat was what i was gonna say12:27
littlegreenmani am running:12:27
littlegreenmanCPU: AMD-K7(tm) Processor, 499.346MHz12:27
littlegreenmanRAM 192 MB12:27
littlegreenmanmy friend just bought a few weeks ago a 3.2 Ghz Intel with 640 MB ram12:27
littlegreenmannot sure about ram12:28
littlegreenmanmy xp config was already ....................................................12:28
skyriderHe-he. Mine is better: Duron 750, 256Mb RAM12:28
sivangI have 2.6Gigs HT intel machine..12:28
skyriderlittlegreenman: is your friend crazy?12:28
sivangubuntu is great here12:28
littlegreenmanskyrider, it was a promotion... cheap cheap12:28
littlegreenmanEUR 99912:28
littlegreenmanwith a 19 in TFT monitor12:28
littlegreenmanor maybe 1712:29
littlegreenmannot sure :D12:29
sivangin protugal?12:29
skyriderlittlegreenman: not bad ;)12:29
littlegreenmanyep sivang12:29
sivangpretty good12:29
littlegreenmani know... but that is basically what you need to have a smooth xp experience.. which i don't have12:29
skyriderI think I can buy such machine here (in Ukraine) even cheaper :-P12:29
littlegreenmanand i have a smooth ubuntu experience believe me....12:29
littlegreenmanskyrider, ;)12:29
sivanglinux is known to run better on less hardware then xp12:29
littlegreenmani know sivang12:30
littlegreenmanand this one, it boots, and it just goes all so well12:30
sivangwhat adds did you get btw ? :)12:30
littlegreenmanit got all my HW... everything12:30
sivangwhat are you studying littlegreenman?12:30
littlegreenmanwhay past that sivang :D i work....12:30
littlegreenmanstudied public relations12:31
littlegreenmanand now i am in the tourism business12:31
littlegreenmanand do translation12:31
littlegreenmanand do translations12:31
sivangyou said something about HW that's why I asked.12:31
littlegreenman:D sorry12:31
skyriderlittlegreenman: is a PR man. he-he :)12:32
sivangmaybe you can be on the PR team or something :)12:32
=== littlegreenman is a pr man alright
littlegreenmanof ubuntu :D yeah... i have to tell you12:32
littlegreenmanthis is one sweet experience from a windows user perspective12:32
littlegreenmaneveryone is saying, 12:32
littlegreenmanoh it needs this12:32
littlegreenmanor still needs that12:32
littlegreenmanbut for me... it's fine12:33
littlegreenmanthe only problem is the world at large12:33
littlegreenmanfor instance it's so easy to install whatever program you need12:33
littlegreenmando a search on the net, and then execute it, i mean on windows12:33
sivangit's way kool12:33
littlegreenmanon linux you use synaptic which is easy as hell12:33
littlegreenmanbut there isn't the whole12:33
littlegreenmanetc etc etc etc12:34
sivanglittlegreenman : I see your english is pretty fine, why don't you start a doc on the wiki about that? something of official nature? to act as a base for some PR and advocacy?12:34
littlegreenmanwith loads and loads of progs 12:34
sivangyou could make it in other latin langs afterwards :)12:34
littlegreenmanthat's a good idea... 12:34
littlegreenmani went to distrowatch yesterday12:35
littlegreenmanand ubuntu is right on top there with other more popular distros12:35
sivangah nice, didn12:35
littlegreenmanbut you google it and there isn't much.... 12:35
sivang'check them a while12:35
littlegreenmanit does need some publicity12:35
littlegreenmanand maybe it's just me, new to this whole thing, but there seems to be a buzz about the whole thing12:36
sivangno there is. It's one of the most spoken currently ,I think.12:37
littlegreenmanthink so as well12:37
littlegreenmanthere isn't much ubuntu specific help for windows switchovers though i feel12:38
=== littlegreenman has his brother to help out
sivanglittlegreenman : actually, I have started http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/StartingTheJourney12:40
littlegreenmanis that yours? i did see it today.. didn't have time to read....12:41
littlegreenmanthat's very important... i don't know... but what 70% of computer users use windows based systems?12:41
littlegreenmanmaybe more?12:41
littlegreenmanwe need to convince these people that the windows system is substandard....12:42
littlegreenmanthat you don't need to keep on buying new hardware... upgrading... upgrading....12:42
littlegreenmanthere is out there software that does the same and more (if you want to look) for less12:43
littlegreenmani actually wanted to learn more... about linux... any good resources?12:43
sivangactually, if you are interested in debina,12:45
sivangdebian, 12:45
sivangthere a nice one somehwhere.. (looking)12:45
littlegreenmangonna have a look sivang later thanks....12:46
sivangthis is something AWESEOM for newbies12:47
sivangI really like it,12:47
sivangfunny too12:47
littlegreenmanthis what i needed... gonna have a look, maybe incorporate some into the portuguese documentation wiki of ubuntu12:50
littlegreenmanthanks sivang12:50
sivangactually this document I am working is based on some amazing one by a nice peorson from ibm.12:51
sivang(the starting the joureny)12:51
sivangI am working on making it 'ubuntuized'12:51
sivangthat would be great12:52
sivangif you could have it in english also,12:52
sivangthat would be also good,12:52
sivangwould provide a good ground for other translators maybe12:52
littlegreenmanenglish is the "world" language.... it's way important......12:53
littlegreenmanand having one good document in english, means everyone could easly translate it into their languages.....12:53
sivangyes, I just said that :)12:54
sivanglittlegreenman, what is your name btw?12:54
sivang(if you don't mind me asking)12:54
littlegreenmanDiogo Heleno12:55
littlegreenmani was just rephrasing what you said into my own words :D12:55
sivangah cool12:55
littlegreenmanafter passing the littlegreenman siv :D12:55
littlegreenmando u subscribe to the ubuntu doc mailing list?12:56
sivangyes, I do. were you posting there?12:56
littlegreenmanno no, subscribed today :D12:56
littlegreenmancool.... i need to go... work very early tomorrow... but we need to get in touch... this whole newbie ubuntu thing is something that needs to be done... and maybe i can help u12:57
sivangno prob, yo can always mail the list, everybody here would be glad to help on that.12:58
sivangmail the doc list, present yourself etc :)12:58
littlegreenmanyeah, might do that....12:59
sivanglaterz !12:59
littlegreenmanok, goodnight all gotta go12:59
hornbeckI'm back01:04
sivangyo dude01:04
sivangcongretz on the server01:04
sivangfinally :)01:04
hornbeckit seems to be working good01:04
sivanghow my package been treating you?01:04
hornbeckthe gnome-docs?01:04
hornbeckI have not started yet01:05
hornbeckI was about to start working on them01:05
sivangI meant, the yelp01:05
hornbeckthat is great01:05
sivangcould you believe this is one missing XSLT directive?01:05
sivangwhat caused the bug..01:05
hornbeckare you sending a fix upstream 01:05
hornbeckor is it just Ubuntu?01:05
sivangOh, the fix came from upstream, with whom I worked this out :)01:06
hornbeckdoing a great job you are01:06
sivangI hope :-)01:06
sivangI am not getting too much wiki work done though :(01:06
hornbeckI have not done wiki work in days really01:07
hornbeckI have just been doing outlines and stuff for this book01:07
hornbeckI don't think it will be what I wanted01:07
hornbeckbut I think it will be a great thing for Ubuntu01:07
sivangI recalled now,01:07
sivangsomeone came here today,01:07
sivangwas interested in the book01:07
hornbeckI need to check the log01:08
sivanghe wants to help out on this.01:08
hornbeckI need some help01:08
hornbeckdid you guys point him to the svn server?01:08
sivangrobertj_afk now01:08
sivangah, I didn't remember the url and loging stuff, so not :)01:09
sivangyou might want to msg him or something01:09
hornbeckcool I just read what he said01:10
sivangsee what I meant?01:10
hornbeckI really need seme help in parts01:10
sivangI figured01:10
hornbeckmainly the applications sections01:11
hornbeckI just don't have time to work through them01:11
sivanganyway, be back in 3001:11
sivanghey enrico01:50
hornbeckI have my gpg key01:50
sivangseems like more and more people are getting interested in helping01:50
enricohornbeck: did you upload it to a keyserver?01:50
enricogpg --send-key <your key id>01:51
enricosivang: that's great news!01:51
sivangyes, I had someone from portugal here01:52
hornbeckenrico: its sent01:52
enricoWe may be making the breakthrough discovery that being friendly actually helps :)01:52
enricohornbeck: what is your key ID?01:52
hornbeckbeing friendly helps?01:52
sivanghe would like to help on the newbie doc corner, pointed him at 01:53
hornbeckmy email address01:53
hornbeckhornbeck at freeshell dot org01:53
hornbeckhow do I get yours?01:53
enricohornbeck: my key: gpg --recv-key 797ebfab01:54
sivangenrico : yes, being friendly works.01:55
enricosivang: once we prove that, we write a paper and publish it on slashdot01:55
enrico"Revolution!  Being friendly helps!"01:55
sivanghe would like to work on something like http://newbiedoc.sourceforge.net/01:55
sivangfor ubuntu01:55
sivangcould we have a check run to see how much sbscribers we have on ubuntu-doc ?01:56
hornbeckI can check 01:56
sivangplease do01:56
enricohornbeck: do you confirm me your key ID is D38F22AB ?01:58
hornbeckwe have 61 people subscribed to ubuntu-doc01:58
hornbeckhow do I check that enrico?01:59
hornbeckyes that is it01:59
enricohornbeck: gpg --fingerprint hornbeck ad freeshell dot org01:59
enricoit should give you some key info and the fingerprint01:59
enricothe key info start with something like:01:59
hornbeckI just did gpg --list-keys01:59
hornbeckthat is the number02:00
enricopub  1024D/797EBFAB02:00
enricoThe thing right of the slash it's 8 hexadecimal digits and it's the key ID02:00
enricoIt's the same as the last 8 digits of the fingerprint02:00
hornbeckman I love learning new things :-)02:01
enricohornbeck: I'm sending you the password then02:01
hornbeckso people can just use my key id to pull my gpg stuff?02:02
enricoTrust is based on key signatures02:03
enricoYou meet people in person, check official documents with photo IDs, get the key fingerprint from the real person02:03
enricoThen, you know that is the fingerprint of the key corresponding to that person; you download the key from a keyserver, check the fingerprint and you know it's the right key02:04
enricoAt that point you may want to certify that you checked, so you sign his/her public key and upload it02:04
hornbeckbut do I need to give them that number or my email address like I gave you?02:04
hornbeckboy, I have alot of reading to do02:05
hornbeckgpg, subversion, docbook, apache02:05
hornbeckI will never get docs written :-)02:05
enricohornbeck: No, I was just doing a very stupid check, just in case I downloaded a wrong key.  However, I have no way to trust your key now02:06
enricohttp://www.lysator.liu.se/~jc/wotsap  is a web of trust pathfinder02:06
enricoTry getting the path between 135ea668 (Stallman) and 797ebfab (me)02:07
enricoYou can see that there are various people of which I checked the identity, which in turn checked RMS' identity, so I have a trust path to Stallman02:08
enricoOf course, I may not trust those intermediary people and I may choose not to trust stallman's key anyway02:09
enricoBut that's how trust work in the world of web of trust02:09
enricoSo, the thing is at the ubuntu conf, or whenever you meet people with GPG keys, cross-signing keys02:10
hornbeckhow do you sign someone elses key?02:10
enricogpg --edit-key <key id>02:10
enricothen you issue the 'sign' command02:10
enricoYou'll be shown the fingerprint which you have to check with one obtained from a trusted source02:10
hornbeckdoes it upload it automaticly?02:10
enricoNo, it just keeps the signature in your keyring02:11
enricoplease don't sign my key!02:11
hornbeckwhy don't sign your key?02:12
sivangenrico : you met debian's lead? :)02:12
enricoBecause you haven't met me in person and I could be a man in black trying to earn a GPG certification of your trust :)02:12
enricosivang: sure!02:12
hornbeckenrico: I will remember that02:13
enricosivang: picture at the restaurant with tbm: http://eddie.casa/extern/enrico/galleries/2004-02-23-Martin/martin/thumb/dscf0007-1-0.html02:14
hornbeckI guess I really will have to go to some conf's now02:16
enricohornbeck: once you have a GPG key, you're doomed ;))02:16
hornbeckit looks like it02:16
hornbeckcan I just back up my .gnupg folder in case of computer dieing?02:17
enricohornbeck: what's the date in your computer?02:17
enricohornbeck: sure02:17
enricohornbeck: that's all the data gnupg stores around02:17
hornbeckNov 14th 7:17 right now02:17
enricohornbeck: of course, that needs to be treated with care02:17
enricoIt tells me that they key has been created on 2004-11-13 (?)02:18
hornbeckhold on02:18
hornbeckit shows it was made on 2004-11-14 on my computer02:19
enricoMust be the keyserver02:19
hornbeckhey robertj02:20
hornbeckI hear you are interested in the Ubuntu Book?02:20
hornbeckwell what kind of information you looking for?02:20
hornbeckyou can see the outline at http://ubuntulinux.org/wiki/LearningUbuntuOutline02:21
robertjoky, does that have info on the svn repostiory?02:21
hornbeckI have not put that info there yet02:22
hornbeckthe svn server is
robertjI've been doing some thinking though02:22
robertjand I think the basic manual should avoid command line stuff with the exception that it have a pointer to a "Using Ubuntu from the Command Line"02:23
hornbeckI thought about it, but I really need to be shown the advantage of that02:23
robertjhornbeck: well it cuts down on dead-tree weight02:24
hornbeckI am always open to having my mind changed :-)02:24
hornbeckthat is true02:24
robertjusers have a phobia of thick manuals02:24
enricohornbeck: sent the password02:24
robertjalso people probably need a bit of help with paripherals02:24
robertj"Scanner, camera, printer, etc"02:25
hornbeckrobertj: how about you email me with all of your ideas, we can than start going back and forth and get some work done on it02:25
robertjI do need to get things down, I will try to do that tonight02:26
hornbeckcan you pull my email from the mailing list?02:26
robertjit's archived02:26
robertjjust a bit of background02:26
hornbeckI would be glad to have you help02:26
robertjI'm a sysadmin in a mostly Mac school, we run Linux on the backend, and are switching more and more stuff over to Ubuntu02:26
hornbeckI am switching a library to Ubuntu02:27
hornbeckpublic library02:27
robertjthat should be a breeze02:27
hornbeckyou would think02:27
robertjany problems?02:27
hornbecka few, but it is getting done02:27
hornbecknothing I cannot figure out02:27
robertjbtw, how does gnome react to having it's home directory chmodded 555 ;)02:28
hornbeckthe fun has been learning to build a web/svn server this past week02:28
hornbecknever tried02:28
robertjso how are you locking it down02:28
robertjI thought kiosk and lockdown stuff was'nt slated until 2.1002:28
hornbeckenrico: you are added02:30
enricohornbeck: thanks02:30
hornbeckrobertj: we are not locking it down really.  I have it set to load a desktop with no panels, just some icons02:30
hornbeckwe are not really worried about someone doing anything02:31
sivangmainly working on a prototype currently, right?02:31
hornbecksivang: that is a different project02:31
robertjI'll be right back02:31
robertjchanging computarss02:31
hornbeckwell I am off to dinner02:33
=== robertj [~robertj@66-188-77-153.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robertjAnyone home?02:55
sivangme here :)02:58
sivangHow you bee robertj ?02:58
robertjI'm working on hacking out my take on a preferred index03:00
robertjWant me to make a scratch page on the wiki and work on it together?03:01
sivangyes, whenever you do something, and wish people to see it and comment, just put it on the wiki. it would be great, and provide ground to more contrib on your started stuff.03:02
robertjwell I meant really short term03:02
sivangpreferred index to what?03:02
robertjthe book, current at http://ubuntulinux.org/wiki/LearningUbuntuOutline03:03
sivangok, if you think something else should be the index,03:03
sivangthen just create another page with say, the same name but add like "ALternativeIndex" to it,03:03
sivangand then fire off email to the mailing list,03:03
sivangrequesting for feedback.03:03
sivangusually that is how we do stuff here :)03:04
sivangeven if it is 2 lines, it's ok. maybe your 2 lines would inspire someone to do 200 lines on it...:)_03:04
robertjurgh, sloooow wiki ;)03:16
sivangI know. it's being worked on...03:17
hornbeckI'm back03:25
sivanganyhow, I need to upload my version of the gnome-doc03:25
sivangthat should be the curret version,03:25
hornbeckyou have access to it03:25
sivangI had it chaged.03:25
sivangok, how do I do that?03:25
sivangnow that you are svn_central@hornbeck.org :)03:26
=== robertj is wikkifying his brief outline
hornbeckI thought you where going to make diffs against them and patch the current svn03:26
hornbecksivang: people have already pulled the gnome-docs so others may be working on them03:27
hornbeckif we pull it all than we may mess others up03:27
sivangthat is bad03:27
hornbeckI would suggest checking out the svn03:27
sivangOk, I will write to the mailing list..03:27
sivangand then?03:27
sivangdiffing ?03:27
hornbeckdo svn diff file > file.diff and patch it03:27
hornbeckI think that would work03:28
sivangthen check it back in?03:28
hornbeckthan svn commit03:28
hornbeckso that it will be in revision03:28
sivanghow do the versions get merged?03:28
hornbeckI honestly don't know :-)03:28
hornbeckthey just do03:28
hornbeckyou may be able to check out the svn, delete the files and commit what you have back03:29
hornbeckI don't know if that would work but it may03:29
hornbeckhow much has been changed?03:29
robertjthats my first hack at it03:30
sivangbtw, have you tried "03:30
sivangapt-get install gnome-app-install ?03:30
robertjI was the one who asked about it in ubuntu-devel to get jdub to pipe up ;)03:31
robertjsilvang: what do you think of that outline?03:32
hornbecknope have not tried it03:33
hornbeckwhat is it?03:33
robertjhornbeck: it's a new installation frontend for packages03:33
robertjit mimicks the Application menu structure and you check the applications you want, uncheck those you don't03:33
robertjpress apply and then it installs/uninstalls to make it work03:34
hornbeckI will check it out03:34
robertjhornbeck: did you check out that alternate index?03:34
hornbeckI like what you have here, robertj03:34
hornbeckI am looking now03:34
robertjneed to find a place to put in CD burning03:35
robertjmaybe Adding PAripherals should just become "Paripherals"03:35
robertjSince it's internal some people may not think of CD-Burners as paripherals though03:36
hornbecka Common Task group03:36
hornbeckwith cd-burning, email, web browsing03:36
robertjBut im against having deeper nested indexes03:36
hornbecktake out applications03:36
hornbeckput that stuff in common task03:36
hornbeckwhat you think?03:36
robertjI can't think of any other apps people would be interested in that wouldn't be covered by that03:37
robertjso actually all of Switchers goes away and become common tasks03:38
hornbeckso lets remove applications and add a common task, with music, web browsing, cd burning, email03:38
robertjAnd lets promote it to become item #203:38
hornbeckcommon task?03:39
robertjits a tossup03:39
hornbeckI think gnome than common task03:40
hornbeckso they know how to use gnome before trying to figure out where things are03:40
robertjWell I was thinking it could be illustrated 1 2 303:40
robertjThe instant gratification section03:40
robertjis "Learn by Doing" too condescending?03:41
hornbeckLearning by doing does not work for people who are not computer inclined03:42
hornbeckthey need super hand holding03:42
hornbeckso a Using Gnome before common task would help because they would learn where things are in the panels03:42
hornbeckI teach a linux class and it is amazing how much hand holding is needed for simple things03:43
robertjwell I was thinking it should show everything03:43
robertjstart off with the screen03:43
hornbecklike one chapter?03:44
robertjhave a little red circle around the applications menu03:44
robertjthen a picture of the cursor over the menu with the menu down03:44
hornbeckthat would be nice03:44
robertjPrinting costs may be prohibitive though03:44
hornbeckso take out the using gnome, and tie it all into learning the other things03:45
hornbeckwe are looking at seeking a publisher03:45
hornbeckso printing cost is something we need not really worry about03:45
hornbeckif anything it will be online03:45
robertjFor now common tasks goes to #3 though03:47
hornbeckwith Using Gnome #2?03:47
hornbeckI am doing a proposed idea under yours03:49
hornbeckok, check that out03:57
robertjhrmm, I think its better not to touch synaptic03:59
robertjand I think Common Tasks should get it's own chapter03:59
robertjThat way the first page index can only be two levels deep but they will still all show up04:00
robertjlet me revise mine again04:00
robertjcheck that out04:04
robertjI left out managing windows04:04
=== robertj adds it back in
hornbeckI think just a create cd would work, don't need two04:05
hornbeckhave the two together04:05
robertjthe two don't have that much to do with each other from a user perspective though04:06
hornbeckmost people just "burn cd's"04:06
robertjone uses Nautlius (that's Gnome to brandma) and one uses Rhythmbox04:06
hornbeckohhh, ok04:06
hornbeckI got cha04:06
hornbeckthat works than04:06
robertjor will by Hoary hopefully04:07
hornbeckApplications at the bottom can be taken out04:07
hornbeckunder common task a word processor section would be nice04:07
hornbeckinstead of a whole section on OpenOffice04:07
hornbeckwhat you think?04:08
=== robertj tries again
robertjHow about make mailing labels?04:10
robertjtoo advanced/04:10
hornbecktoo advanced04:11
hornbeckI changed my section again04:11
hornbeckcheck it out04:11
robertjHow about Write a Letter instead of Word Processing04:13
hornbeckthat works04:13
hornbeckI must say this is nice having someone give ideas about this :-)04:14
robertjI think we should have an applications section in more info or elsewhere04:14
robertjleft hand column IE icon, right hand column, firefosx04:14
robertjleft hand colomn photoshop, right hand column gimp04:14
robertjleft hand iTunes/Mediaplayer, right hand Rhythmbox04:15
hornbeckto let them know the equivalent04:15
hornbeckthat works04:15
hornbeckbut not in depth howto's for apps04:15
hornbecknot a whole OpenOffice section04:15
robertjthe more info section was not to be a "how to use openoffice"04:15
robertjits a "URL is here, order a printed manual here"04:15
robertjaka the "Pimp your Application" section04:16
hornbeckit could be "icons/urls/blurb about app"04:16
=== George^Deka [~george@181.a.007.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckhey George04:16
sivangyo Geroge!04:17
George^Dekahi hornbeck, sivang04:17
robertjlet's think about that one04:17
sivangrobertj : your ideas looks similar to what enrico's had envisioned :)04:17
robertjI mean, everyone will browse through the menu, and there really isn't anything much to add besides "if the three word synopsis interests you, put the application name in google"04:18
robertjchanged again04:21
hornbeckthat looks good04:22
hornbeckok, so are you happy with that layout?04:22
hornbeckalright, I will start changing the docbook file, do you have time too go through the wiki and change those pages?04:23
robertjI'm concerned about the Get Online seciton04:23
robertjactually no, I gotta go in 7 minutes04:23
robertjpromised the Mrs we would go get hot chocolate ;)04:23
robertjGet Online has a lot of variables04:23
hornbeckI have to do stuff with my wife in alittle while also04:24
robertjmainly winmodems and pppoe that are concerning04:24
hornbeckyou want to leave that out for now?04:24
robertjconfigure a modem is easy enough for some people but it should probably go under paripherals04:24
hornbeckor how could we approch that?04:24
robertjand if you have a network with dhcp, well, you really don't need a section04:24
hornbeckso we will leave that section out.04:25
hornbeckWill you have any time tomorrow?04:25
robertjmaybe it needs a chapter04:25
robertjyeah, I will04:25
robertjI'll be on at work04:25
hornbeckI will start working on this tonight, and I will work tomorrow on getting the wiki up to speed with it04:25
hornbeckmy first task is to change the docbook version04:25
robertjactually, I'd rather we spent time fleshing out some of the subsections first04:26
hornbecksuch as?04:26
robertjParipherals, System Config, mainly04:26
robertjDual-boot partitioning for installation04:26
hornbeckI updated the page04:27
hornbeckThats fine, but the problem is if we leave the other's there with this drastic of a change others could start working on it and be completly off base04:28
robertjAlrighty, you going to be on alter tonight?04:28
hornbeckI would like to at least get a basic layout change and work through that04:28
hornbeckI will be on and off for about another three hours04:28
robertjok, I might be back on later04:28
robertjI'd advise telling people to chill until Wed04:28
hornbeckI will start working on the changes04:28
hornbeckI will mail the list04:29
robertjDocBook should be the very last step04:29
hornbeckI have more in the docbook than on the wiki04:29
hornbeckThat is something I work on everyday04:29
robertjI've got a very bad opinion of DocBook04:29
hornbeckbut I can hold on it till we get some more down04:29
hornbeckdocbook is great04:29
robertjits great in a million different ways ;)04:30
robertjbut it's still a pain to do some simple tasks04:30
robertjanyway, Gotta go!04:30
hornbeckhave fun04:30
robertjsee you tomorrow if not tonight!04:30
robertjwill do, thanks for the chat!04:30
hornbeckthat was fun :-)04:30
George^Dekais there a way to install win32 codecs without installing mplayer04:33
hornbeckI am not sure04:33
hornbeckBut I am taking off04:33
hornbeckBe back later04:33
George^Dekacause i dont really want to install mplayer04:33
George^Dekacya later04:33
=== zippy [~justin@adsl-64-169-89-71.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== robertj_afk returns briefly
hornbeckloggin off for the night06:36
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovs_workgood morning07:06
hornbeckgood morning07:06
plovs_workhornbeck, do you have dns entry already or not yet?07:09
hornbeckI don't have a domain to lock onto it yet07:09
hornbeckI would like ubuntudocs.org07:09
hornbeckjust need to get the money and register it07:09
hornbeckthan they could be ubuntudocs.org/faq07:10
plovs_workhornbeck, sounds good07:10
hornbeckthat would work good07:10
plovs_workwhat's the ip again? i'm at work atm07:10
hornbeckhow can we get pages on the actual Ubuntu site changed?07:11
plovs_workhornbeck, just change them07:12
hornbeckthe Community Council site has links to the old wiki07:12
hornbeckHow do I do that?07:12
hornbeckthere is no edit tab?07:12
plovs_workhornbeck, login?07:12
hornbeckI did07:12
hornbeckit is a locked page07:12
plovs_worksome pages are locked by the admins07:13
hornbeckyeah that is one of them07:13
hornbeckand it links to the old wiki for the agenda07:13
plovs_workmake a link on the wiki called: ThingsThatSuckInTheWiki07:14
plovs_work1. slooooow07:14
hornbeckvery slow07:14
plovs_work2. needed pages locked07:14
plovs_work3. old wiki still not redirected07:14
hornbeckhas asw talked in awhile?07:14
hornbeckhe is always logged in07:15
hornbeckbut I never hear him say anything07:15
plovs_workhe's kind of quiet07:15
hornbeckI guess07:15
hornbeckbut I am off to sleep, I have along day tomorrow07:15
plovs_workreminds me of the story of the finnish guy who had been dead for six years before they found him07:15
plovs_workhornbeck, ok, goodnight07:15
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=== trickie [~trickie@203-217-43-161.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
trickiehornbeck, you around?08:18
=== sid77 [~sid77@host99-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== sid77 ciao
=== trickie [~trickie@203-217-43-161.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== skyrider [~skyrider@kid.stu.cn.ua] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== lulu [~lu@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
lulumorning all! :o)10:51
plovs_worklulu, morning10:52
luluhey! Did you have a good weekend?10:52
plovs_workvery nice, lots of guests, i'll need a week to rest from the weekend10:53
plovs_workgood the weekends are a couple of days apart10:53
trickiei am glad monday is over... he he 10:59
lulutrickie: for some :o)11:06
luluplovs_work: just got your email - working on it.11:08
plovslulu, ok11:31
=== skyrider [~skyrider@kid.stu.cn.ua] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangMorning everybody!12:13
skyridersivang: morning12:13
sivanglulu : Hi! Any news on an announcement section? ;)12:14
ChrisHlulu: Morning... did you read? I booked the flight. :)12:26
ChrisHlulu: Wife and mascot will come, too.12:26
sivangmascot? he should be wearing a baby's penguin shirt :))12:28
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-doc
lulusivang: yes - worked on it on Thurs - am going thru my email box - will be back in touch on this one shortly.12:29
plovs_worksivang, good morning12:29
plovs_workChrisH, moin12:29
luluChrisH: that's great news! I did read so :o)12:29
plovs_worklulu, any news on moving the old wiki?12:32
luluplovs_work - that should have been done :o( could you check status with  James Troup on that today?12:33
plovs_worklulu, ok12:33
ChrisHplovs_work: moin12:37
=== silbs [~sbsm0084@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovs_workChrisH, what do you use for backup?12:58
ChrisHplovs_work: afbackup01:00
plovs_workChrisH, thanks01:06
ChrisHplovs_work: I also tried bacula which seemed quite nice but it hang here and there. afbackup isn't perfect either (doesn't tell when a tape is broken) but most of the time is okay.01:06
sivangplovs_work : that means there should be not more old wiki?01:15
plovs_workChrisH, ok, looking now01:28
plovs_worksivang, the old wiki should be moved to oldwiki and the new one should also answer to wiki.ubuntulinux...01:28
sivangah great.01:28
sivangthis is how it's supposed to be, I think.01:28
plovs_worksivang, yeah, think so too01:32
=== mercurus [~mercurus@PIPP-p-144-134-201-116.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanghi mercurus01:43
sivangmercurus : are you working on anything specific to the doc team? :) I think I've seen you around..02:06
mercurussivang, I made a start on a multimedia HOWTO02:22
mercurusbut I finished my last exam 3 hours ago, so I'm having a bit of a break :02:23
hornbeckgood morning02:24
sivangmercurus : ah great, what are you studying?02:25
mercurussivang, law and political science02:26
plovs_workhornbeck, i thought you would be sleeping, so i asked you by mail02:29
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckI was sleeping :-)02:30
hornbeckI just got up02:30
hornbeckI walk straight to the computer02:30
plovs_workhornbeck, that sounds familiar02:32
hornbeckits like a magnet02:32
hornbeckdrawing me in02:32
plovs_workhornbeck, that's why it's called the web :-)02:35
hornbeckyour one smart guy plovs02:36
hornbeckSo anyone else going to download Solaris 10?02:37
=== rcaskey_ [~rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu-doc
rcaskey_hello all02:38
rcaskey_how are things going?02:39
hornbeckwell, they are good. Eating breakfast getting ready for a new day02:40
plovs_workhornbeck, you? solaris 10?02:45
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangwhy the %#$%$ would I want to download solaris? I have Ubuntu :)02:47
hornbeckI guess you guys don't like to play around with things02:48
hornbeckand sivang: not even two weeks ago you where still running debian exclusivly02:50
plovs_workhornbeck, i played with solaris 9, i liked some of it02:50
ChrisHSolaris is only for ugly people. ;)02:50
hornbeckhey enrico, did not see you there02:50
=== mercurus is installing a debian sarge system now ...
hornbeckman I cannot touch solaris than, I am to pretty02:51
sivanghornbeck : I have Ubuntu rnning as my main system for the last 2 moths already 02:51
enricohornbeck: where?02:51
plovs_workChrisH, solaris is for very rich people (thay can afford it to be ugly)02:51
ChrisHI have enough licenses at work for our former firewalls. But I'm not ugly enough for it.02:51
hornbecksivang: I thought like a week ago you said you was still on debian, because Ubuntu would not run on your laptop right02:51
ChrisHMy last experience with the "package management" system of Solaris was... Solaris: "There are unmet dependencies. Do you want to have them resolved?" Me: "Yes" Solaris: "Then do it, dammit! And come back when you have."02:52
hornbeckthats great02:52
sivanghornbeck : ah, the laptop is other story, my main system has been running Ubuntu the last 2 moths :))02:52
plovs_workso solaris and redhat are related?02:52
hornbecksivang: I misunderstood, I thought the laptop was your main system02:53
hornbeckman plovs: you bet me to it02:53
plovs_worki never understood why they sticked to rpm, for the rest it is not that bad02:54
sivanglaptop is , "Dell [don't know how to choose good ACPI supporting BIOS, don't know how to do good PCI controllers]  Inspiron 8200 here : https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=231502:54
plovs_worksivang, a company that uses the word dude in it's commercials should not be trusted02:54
=== enrico bows to THE DUDE
plovs_workbows to enrico02:55
hornbeckI use a dell 600m, its like butter02:55
hornbeckjust smoooooooooooth02:55
hornbeckeverything is supported just fine02:55
plovs_workfatty and high cholestrol?02:55
enricofries on high temperatures?02:56
hornbeckI am american, we don't do things that are not fatty and high cholestrol02:56
sivangplovs_work : something like that..02:56
plovs_workhornbeck, would be nice to see how solaaris and linux nfs play along now02:57
hornbecksee you are coming around now02:57
hornbeckI knew that you wanted to try it :-)02:57
plovs_worki don't, i'm just addicted to os-es02:58
plovs_worki even installed ME once02:58
hornbeckman, that was going to far02:59
hornbeckI installed freedos once02:59
plovs_workbut actually i did like some things of solaris, but i like debian better02:59
plovs_workfreedos, so did i in bochs02:59
hornbeckwell I never said I was switching my computers to it02:59
hornbeckI just said I was going to download it and play with it03:00
=== sivang would love to try FreeBSD though
hornbeckFreeBSD is nice03:00
plovs_workfreebsd is nice actually03:00
sivangI reckon it's much better then solaris03:00
hornbecksame guy made both03:00
sivanghe did?03:00
hornbeckwell, same guy made BSD and solaris03:01
hornbeckBill Joy03:01
plovs_workthere is a lot of money behind solaris03:01
plovs_worksolaris is bsd+lots of other stuff on top03:01
hornbeckBill Joy was on the main team for BSD in the 70's and was one of Sun's founders03:01
plovs_workoff course it is only really good on sun hardware03:01
sivangwhat bsd?03:02
sivangor, freebsd?03:02
hornbeckSolaris is only really good on Sun hardware03:02
sivangbtw, I thought there was an army of developers behind freebsd, not one person.03:02
hornbeckBSD was before freebsd03:02
hornbeckBill Joy was one of lead developers03:02
hornbeckfreebsd is alot of people03:03
hornbeckI was saying they both have their roots in the same guy03:03
sivangah ok, could you believe that the people who made winNT /(XP?) are some of those who created OpenVMS ?03:04
hornbeckwhat is OpenVMS?03:04
plovs_worksivang, not openVMS VMS03:05
sivangnot OpenVMS03:05
sivangplovs_work : OpenVMS was made by digital also?03:05
sivang|| what's the difference between the two?03:05
plovs_worksivang, i ask the mighty google03:05
plovs_workhistory of NT:03:06
plovs_workor how they took a stable OS and made it fundamentally insecure 03:07
plovs_workyes, all digital guys03:07
plovs_worktogether under cutler03:07
hornbeckwell guys, I am going to go after my boss now about UPS, Backup drives, and a better router for the server03:08
hornbeckI will be back when I get them03:09
plovs_workhornbeck, did you know that openwall is build on top  of freebsd?03:09
hornbeckyou mean monowall?03:09
plovs_workhornbeck, yes off-course , duh03:09
hornbeckyou are just OpenPlovs today huh?03:09
plovs_workhornbeck, i was thinking about openbsd when i wrote that03:10
hornbeckI think I need openhornbeck.org03:10
plovs_workhmm, that sounds like kevin whatshisname03:10
hornbeckthat makes you sound like you are in jail though03:10
plovs_workyeah, plovaris03:11
plovs_worklet's stay with Ubuntu03:11
hornbeckbut I am off to get stuff03:12
plovs_workok, see ya03:12
rcaskey_Linux is making me happy03:12
rcaskey_unlike OS X, it does not segfault randomly and unmount devices with no errors03:12
plovs_workrcaskey_, adding more memory always helps with OS X03:12
rcaskey_not great, but it shouldn't segfault and behave that badly03:13
plovs_workhmm, good thing you can install Ubuntu then :-)03:14
lulusivang: ping03:18
rcaskey_%s/can\ install/have\ installed03:18
sivanglulu : pong03:20
plovs_workrcaskey_, are you interested in writing or helping with documenting ubuntu?03:22
rcaskey_I worked with hornbeck yesterday to revise the top-level index03:22
plovs_workrcaskey_,  top-level index of what?03:23
plovs_workrcaskey_, the faq?03:25
rcaskey_the book03:31
lulusivang: we are good for go on the news section - you need to create a news item (an announcement) and it should publish fine. 03:32
sivanglulu : ah great! thanks!03:33
lulusivang: the portlet should appear below quick links and above Amazon - we are customising Amazon to show one book and rotate them randomly, soon.03:33
sivangthat's nice03:33
lulusivang: let me know when you've published one and I'll have a look. Tx :o)03:34
plovs_workrcaskey_, ah, ok03:34
sivangthanks lulu and also thank the others who munge the zope :)03:34
luluBradB's our man :o)03:34
sivanglulu : am I go to just go and publish? is there anyway I can sumbit it for review to you before I got and make it public?03:35
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== sid77_away yabooting ubuntu!
=== mercurus_ [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-247.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovs_worksivang, i suppose that's a yes 03:50
sivangplovs_work : I just wanted to make sure, you have an option in the plone - to keep something private untill you set it as published03:51
lulusivang: yes publish. I need to check the default workflow of it. I'm sure it's fine - go ahead and I'll get back to ya.03:51
plovs_worksivang, knock and you'll be opened as they say...03:52
sivanglulu : thanks03:52
plovs_worksivang, where will the news items pop up?03:52
sivangplovs_work : somwhere upper then the amazong item I think03:52
WWHey doc folks.03:52
=== sid77 [~sid77@host98-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-doc
lulusivang: we have an ubuntu workflow that replaces the plone workflow. we have the default help centre (documentation) workflow that works a little differently and then folder workflow. I think the news item is part of help centre....03:53
=== sid77 re
WWHere's a small request... add a FAQ (or something) about the "warty-updates" repository.  I'd do it myself, but I don't really know what it is!03:53
sivanglulu : ok, I think I'm starting to grasp it. but it does display in the main mapge? (not /docu...) this is important in order to ease new comers on navigating to stuff :)03:54
plovs_workWW, what do you mean? how to update to warty?03:54
=== lulu goes and has a look
WWplovs_work: No, just an explanation of the "warty-updates" repository... what it is, what is Ubuntu's policy about adding to it, etc.03:55
=== sivang goes for a break. lulu, msg me with your findings, thanks :)
lulusivang: will do03:56
WWplovs_work: ... how and when to use it, etc.03:57
plovs_workWW, i'll take a look at it tonoght03:58
WWplovs_work: I could find nothing about it on the Ubuntu web page, and it is not in sources.list by default.  I only learned about it through the forums.03:58
plovs_workWW, forums link?03:58
WWplovs_work: just a sec...03:58
WWplovs_work: For example, this one show a sample sources.list that contains warty-updates: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=369104:00
WWplovs_work: One more tidbit: Kamion in #ubuntu said there is a bug filed about sources.list not containing warty-updates.  I haven't looked for the bug yet.04:01
WWplovs_work: The bug is 3122.  This bug also mentions the lack of documentation :)04:04
plovs_workWW, thanks, i'll look at it today04:06
rcaskey_plovs: have you seen http://ubuntulinux.org/wiki/LearningUbuntuOutline yet?04:11
lulusivang: ping04:19
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-154-142.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu-doc []
=== sid77 [~sid77@host98-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-doc
lulusivang: u there?05:00
sivanglulu : back, but I have to go again in a minute05:03
sivanglulu : what have you come with?05:03
lulusivang: ok - we seem to be having a problem05:03
sivanglulu : it doesn't add the section?05:04
lului saw u created the news item in undo_form05:04
lulucan u tell me where it's saved the item?05:04
lulucan u send me the link please?05:04
luludid you publish it, or keep it visible?05:04
sivanglulu : ah I didn't IMHO :) I just closed the browser window after trinyg to create one, as a test merely05:04
sivanglulu : lemme check05:04
sivangwiki's fast though.05:05
sivangwas slow last night05:05
luluok - please redo a proper announcement that u want to keep and publish so i can see where it appears.05:05
sivangok, lulu, will do.05:06
sivangI can't find nothing of the last try BTW05:06
sivangwhere did you find it?05:06
luluonly in the undo form where I see a news item was created.05:07
lulubut I couldn't find the actual doc anywhere....05:07
luluplease redo and we'll go from there.....tx!05:07
sivangno prob05:07
sivanglulu : pong, working on it , I want to make a news item about gnome-app-install06:13
lulusivang: ok - will you be ready in the next half hr or so?06:13
sivanglulu : yes, I will ping you when it's done..I'm in the process of collecting info about it06:15
lulusivang: ok.. np06:15
rcaskey_sivang: it's not very, err, done06:22
rcaskey_I'd hld back06:22
=== littlegreenman [~diogo@a83-132-20-14.netcabo.pt] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanglulu : the WYSIWYG editor oopses on me, won't let me change font size. etc..06:36
sivangclicking the 'fonts' icon gives nothing, trying text formatting.06:37
sivangok, this helps.06:37
=== sid77_away [~sid77@host98-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu-doc ["Leaving"]
luluSivang: you can turn kupu off in your preferences....there are bugs in it with Firefox...06:40
sivanglulu : ok, thanks06:40
sivanglulu : how can I create a code secion in kupu ?06:53
lulusivang: in kupu - I click on source and do it in html <pre> and  </pre>07:00
=== littlegreenman [~diogo@a83-132-24-215.netcabo.pt] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanglulu : ok, thanks again!07:04
littlegreenmansivang, hi!07:07
littlegreenmansivang, do u know how to get mp3 files playing on ubuntu?07:08
sivanglittlegreenman : hi!07:08
sivanglulu : just added the news item, can't see where it went...07:08
plovshi guys, gals!07:09
plovslulu, yes?07:09
plovsplovs_work, yes, i saw the outline07:13
=== plovs is talking to himself
plovsrcaskey_, yes I saw the outline07:13
sivanglittlegreenman : http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats07:14
rcaskey_plovs: any thoughts?07:14
littlegreenmansivang, yeah, just been there... don't think it's helping, the music player of ubuntu does not play...07:15
littlegreenmangonna try totem07:15
littlegreenmanno sound....07:15
plovsrcaskey_, chapter 2 is basically the gnome manual07:16
sivanglittlegreenman : you can try totem, totem-xine, XMMS also plays MP3 given the right plugin.07:18
littlegreenmansivang, damn... the volume was down!!!!07:18
plovsrcaskey_, adding and removing software, very usefull i hope07:18
=== littlegreenman feels silly
sivanglittlegreenman : hmmmmm .....;-P07:18
littlegreenman:D why does it come down by default? and why do i blame ubuntu right away?07:18
littlegreenmanlive and learn.... it's not all ubuntu's fault... 07:19
plovslittlegreenman, welcome to the world of music! and yes it always does that and we all hate it07:19
littlegreenmanplovs :)07:19
plovsrcaskey_, basically it looks good, but a lot needs to be written in a couple of months07:20
sivangplovs : maybe this should be noted somewhere on Room101 ?07:20
plovssivang, good idea, i really hate it when it does that, i also have been staring at the sound-system07:21
=== plovs goes to buys some fruit
sivanglittlegreenman : would you add it? go to http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Room101, add what you just did, try make it understandable as much to other people :)07:22
littlegreenmanyep :)07:22
sivanglittlegreenman : thanks07:24
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lulunight all :o)07:32
sivangnight lulu07:32
lulusivang: let's get that announcement done tomorrow when you're done, ok?07:32
sivanglulu : I was done :) but couldn't find it..07:33
sivangnever mind, tommorow, tommorow :)07:33
lulusivang: ok - send me an email with the details...07:33
sivanglulu : I will try find them :) close the window since..07:34
lulusivang: you've added a news item right?07:34
sivanglulu : yes, can't find it no more though07:34
lulubut u are working on it again aren't you?07:35
sivanglulu : I redid it07:35
sivanglulu : saved,07:35
sivangstill - can't find it07:35
sivangnever mind, we'll see tommroow07:35
sivangdon't want to hold you 07:35
luluok - weird. will you report a bug and file it on BradB please in Bugzilla?  thanks :o)07:36
luluhe will be able to work on it today.07:36
lulushould be able to :o)07:36
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lulusivang: thanks!07:36
littlegreenmansivang, https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/CantPlayMP3s07:37
sivangsuperb! obligatta!07:38
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sivang(or whatever it's spelled)07:38
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littlegreenman:D obrigado :D07:39
sivangok, at least I tried littlegreenman07:39
littlegreenmanactually, if you are a woman you say obrigada, if you are a man you say obrigado07:39
sivangok, thanks07:39
littlegreenmanand a very good attempt at that :D07:39
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littlegreenmanthat's actually how it sounds... :)07:39
=== littlegreenman meant no harm by it.... :)
sivangI heared mostly brazillian portougese, so..07:40
sivanganyway, people I'm out for today...not so well..see you all tommorow07:41
=== sivang is now known as sivang_away
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hornbeckserver is going down for about five minutes for install of UPS09:25
plovshornbeck, you obviously do not understand what an UPS is used for09:27
rcaskey_I've got a UPS that lasts 20 seconds on my machines09:28
ChrisH"Server is going-down for high-availability."09:28
rcaskey_it's a consumer ups with like 6 servers plugged into it. It's enough to keep the departmental webserver on during the flickers we have09:28
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovswhat's the bugzilla address?09:36
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckUPS is in place :-)09:37
plovshornbeck, checked svn works09:37
hornbeckgood deal09:37
hornbeckI checked it to09:37
plovshornbeck, what router did you get?09:38
rcaskey_hornbeck: thought any more about the structure of the book?09:38
hornbeckI will be putting in a nicer router tonight09:38
hornbeckare you robert?09:38
hornbeckjust like to know who I am talking to09:38
rcaskey_robertj@work ;)09:38
rcaskey_sorry about that09:38
hornbeckI think we should go with the index we came up with last night for now09:39
rcaskey_No elaboration?09:39
hornbeckas we go if we see other things that need to be added we can add09:39
hornbeckthe problem is, if we start adding to much, we will not get it done09:39
rcaskey_I think it's the other way around09:39
rcaskey_if we elaborate more people can "get the picture" and write a few paragraphs09:39
hornbeckok, I am open to suggestions09:40
rcaskey_I'd suggest we figure out what we want to cover in section 109:40
hornbeckthe installing section?09:40
rcaskey_I put Ubuntu through the wife test09:41
rcaskey_and it failed on the partitioning stage of installation09:41
hornbeckI put it through the boss test :-)09:41
rcaskey_how'd he do?09:41
hornbeckmine failed in every section almost09:41
hornbeckwe had to completly start over like three times09:41
rcaskey_what is there besides partioning to fail at?09:41
rcaskey_Apple does a good job with their username09:42
rcaskey_you put in your first and last name and it concatonates and truncates09:42
hornbeckcomputer name threw him off also09:42
rcaskey_You put in Robert Caskey it creates "robertcaskey"09:42
hornbeckthats a good idea09:42
hornbeckwish I could afford a apple to try it out09:42
rcaskey_Computer name should be set without asking09:42
rcaskey_hornbeck: You can emulate OS X now if you have a beefy machine and a lot of patience09:43
hornbeckI think each part of the installer should be gone over pretty good in the book09:43
rcaskey_I wonder how much that will change before Hoary 209:43
rcaskey_err doh, hoary ;)09:43
hornbeckI wonder also09:43
plovsit's said to not to change much09:44
plovsno graphical installer etc09:44
hornbeckwell we will go with what we have and try to make last minute changes when it comes time09:44
plovshornbeck, you can try osx with pearpc, i tried it, quite nice09:45
hornbeckyou have to have a OSX disk though09:45
plovswe have a g4 at work, i just used the install cd's from that one09:46
rcaskey_hornbeck: did you know their was an Ubuntu in a Nutshell bounty?09:46
hornbeckI was thinking this may quilify for it :-)09:46
rcaskey_I'm gaim if you are09:46
hornbeckbut I don't know what they are looking for09:46
rcaskey_how much is the cash?09:46
hornbeckdon't know09:47
hornbeckwe can ask in -devel09:47
rcaskey_I'm trying to log into the wiki to look about but it is slooo09:47
plovshornbeck, http://news.com.com/Sun+to+set+Solaris+free%2C+after+a+fashion/2100-1016_3-5450749.html10:04
plovshornbeck, solaris prizes10:04
plovshornbeck, 120$ - 360$ a year sure beats redhat10:05
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=== sivang_away is now known as sivang
sivanghornbeck : have you asked on -devel regarding the nutshell bounty?10:33
hornbeckyeah, I did a second ago10:35
sivanghornbeck : anybody answered?10:35
hornbeckI have to get ahold of Jdub10:35
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littlegreenmanhi hornbeck, Diogo Heleno here (pt transl)11:06
littlegreenmanhornbeck, got ur msg11:06
=== littlegreenman way of saying hi
hornbeckhow you doing11:22
littlegreenmangood... tired... working... getting cross eyed :D11:23
littlegreenmanbut loving my ubuntu11:23
hornbecksame here, I am waiting to go pick up my new router11:24
hornbeckhoping they call soon11:24
littlegreenmanif it's like the washing machine delivery people... they never call... or they call but then it's not there.....11:26
=== Nicknam1 [~Nicknam1@S0106000c7649501a.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckwell my boss is meeting me at the store to purchase it and I am waiting for him to call11:33
sivanghornbeck : your boss is sponsering the server?11:40
hornbecksivang: yes11:46
sivanghornbeck : for the svn?11:48
hornbeckyeah, in return I am going to host a few pages for him11:49
sivangah cool11:50
hornbeckI think so11:50
hornbeckhe is a good guy11:50
hornbeckbought all the stuff to do backup's to11:50
hornbeckand a UPS, and now the router11:50

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