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George^Dekahi all02:33
George^Dekahi hornbeck02:43
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hornbeckdo you know anything about apache?02:49
robertjwhats the rub?02:54
hornbeckI have opensoftdesign.org02:55
hornbeckit is pointed to my server, the same server as the svn server02:55
hornbeckI can
hornbeckbut I cannot opensoftdesign.org/book02:55
hornbeckI know it is something I am doing wrong02:55
robertjdoes pinging opensoftdesign.org work02:55
hornbeckI don't know, you can try02:56
hornbeckyou can go to it through a webbrowser and it is my blog02:56
hornbeckwhys that02:56
hornbecktry it in a web browser02:57
hornbeckdo I need to be running dns here at the server?02:57
hornbeckI will be back, I am going to go eat real quick03:00
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robertjyou have to register your ip address with go-daddy's nameservers03:03
hornbeckwho's go-daddy03:18
robertjthe address parking that domain03:22
robertjI thought you registered your domain through them03:22
hornbeckI used freebsdportal.com but they look like the same place I think03:26
hornbeckI have to run though, I will check it out more.03:27
hornbeckThanks though, and grab the svn version of the Book, the work directory has the newest version I was working on.  Book-main.xml will launch it.03:27
hornbeckThanks Robert03:27
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HoodsterHi All03:46
ChrisHMorning friends and italians... ;)08:30
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lulumorning all :o)10:14
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ChrisHlulu: moin :)10:40
luluGorgeous day this side of the world :o)10:42
ChrisHlulu: Just send some weather. It's cold and raining here. :(10:47
luluChrisH: light a fire and grab a cup of good coffee :o)10:51
ChrisHbbl... fire alert... ;)10:52
luluplovs_work: morning!10:52
plovs_worklulu, how are the plans for WikiWishes, will those things be implemented?10:54
luluplovs_work: can you be more specific? You mean the whole wiki wish list to be done?10:55
plovs_worklulu, that would be nice, off course, but especially moving the oldwiki and dtml scripting10:58
luluplovs_work: I don't know if you saw James Troups' response - he should eb getting to the wiki move this week. He's just gone to the datacentre and I will see him later today and remind him :o)10:59
plovs_worklulu, and dtml scripting, that would be cream on the pudding11:01
plovs_workok, off to lunch11:01
luluplovs_work: I'll certainly ask for the cream/cherry!11:02
plovslulu, marvellous!11:53
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=== sid77 ciao
luluhi sid77!01:34
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hornbeckI'm back02:43
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plovs_workChrisH, awake? we need help with webdav03:26
ChrisHplovs_work: sure03:27
hornbecknice, webdav here we come03:27
ChrisHplovs_work: for your funky idea about a to do list through evo? :)03:27
plovs_workChrisH, yeah, and well, eeuh to play around with evolution as well03:28
ChrisHplovs_work: I like the idea. :)03:28
sivangHey all03:28
ChrisHsivang: Hey, Obi Wan. :)03:29
sivangChrisH : Hey Luke :)03:30
plovs_workChrisH, could you make s write-up of webdav? i want to do it at home as well03:33
ChrisHplovs_work: Uuuh. Tricky. I haven't done that much with webdav besides svn.03:33
plovs_worksivang, did you ask me about sip-phones?03:34
plovs_workChrisH, ok, then we'll have to figure it out first03:34
ChrisHsivang is now the master of sip phones :)03:34
plovs_workhornbeck, http://www.serverwatch.com/tutorials/article.php/10825_2176771_203:35
hornbeckI will look at it03:35
sivangyes, plovs_work I am thinking of an experimental way to do collaborative working in DocTeam - enter SIP Phones!03:35
ChrisHYou'll probably not need the "loadmodule" stuff. Apache2 has DAV built-in.03:35
sivangwe could extend this to whole canonical/ubuntu work scheme :))03:35
plovs_worksivang, i use skype sometimes, you're supposed to be able to conference as well03:36
plovs_worksivang, but i prefer chat and im and mail03:36
plovs_worksivang, less intrusive afaik03:36
sivangplovs_work : ok 03:37
hornbeckplovs_work: I will set this up in alittle wihle03:37
ChrisHVoice-ICQ would be nice. :)03:37
hornbeckwhy not use yahoo?03:37
hornbeckit has voice ability03:37
hornbeckcan conferance03:37
hornbeckI used to use it all the time with groups03:37
ChrisHlinux? firewall?03:38
plovs_workhornbeck, i've got webdav running, easy as pie (which is not that easy i'm told)03:38
plovs_workChrisH, skype conquers it all, and has messaging as well, and is NON-FREE03:38
hornbeckcan webdav run on apache2?03:39
hornbeckI am finding stuff for apache 1.303:39
plovs_workhornbeck, yes just dumb the following in httpd.conf:03:40
plovs_workDAVLockDB /var/www/lockfile/DAVLock03:40
plovs_workDAVMinTimeout 60003:40
plovs_work<Directory "/var/www/dav/">03:40
plovs_work    DAV On03:40
plovs_work    AuthType Basic03:40
plovs_work    AuthName test03:40
plovs_work    AuthUserFile  /var/www/passwd/webdav03:40
plovs_work    AuthGroupFile /dev/null03:40
plovs_work    Require user test03:40
plovs_workhornbeck, and make u user test with password (you need apache-tools, with htpasswd)03:41
hornbeckyou need that for svn also03:41
plovs_worksivang, if you want you can try skype, i am alexander.poslavsky at skype03:41
plovs_workhornbeck, just the folder then DAV on is important03:42
hornbeckok I will try it03:42
sivangplovs_work : ok, I will let you know when :)03:45
hornbeckplovs_work: Ok it is there, now what?03:47
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hornbeckhey robert03:48
plovs_workhornbeck, looking here as well, i am trying to put a task-list on the web, locally, not so simple03:49
hornbeckhow do I add the webcal:// to the server03:51
hornbeckit is asking for it03:51
plovs_workhornbeck, can't get it to work here as well03:56
hornbeckI am not getting it04:01
plovs_workhornbeck, that makes two04:02
plovs_workhornbeck, we need a howto04:02
plovs_workfor dummies04:02
hornbeckI am searching right now04:04
plovs_worki'm gonna get st to eat04:04
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luluhornbeck and all: as per our discussion, thanks John :o) Mark has agreed that we can have an svn server to be set up in the Canonical datacentre for the doc team to use. ETA end of next week. James will be in touch with you, John on this. Thanks for all your help. It's likely that it will be under docteam.ubuntulinux.org..... :o)04:19
plovslulu, thanks04:23
plovshornbeck, i've got a read only tasklist now04:23
hornbeckI cannot get anything :-)04:24
hornbeckI am heading out for a second though04:24
plovshornbeck, webcal://test:12@
plovsand you should have tasks.ics in your /var/www/dav/ or whatever04:25
plovshornbeck, still, this is rather useless04:25
hornbeckcan I just "touch tastks.ics04:25
plovshornbeck, sure go ahead04:25
plovshornbeck, but carefully04:25
luluplovs: dtml...04:26
plovshornbeck, i actually don't know04:26
plovslulu, yes???04:26
luluplovs: I've had a chat to a guru or 2 :o)04:26
=== plovs ........
plovslulu, who said ....04:27
=== plovs is feeling the tension rise
luluwhat exactly do we need dtml for, so we can find a way to achieve the goals with scripts that people can use, but not compromise the security of the site/wiki?04:27
smI can answer that04:28
luluby being able to create and edit them?04:28
smhello lulu, plovs04:28
lulusm: go ahead!04:28
plovssm, the man of the hour04:28
luluhiya! :o) 04:28
=== sm bows
smwell, you need it for dynamic lists etc, which everyone is so keen on04:29
plovsand a database frontend for the hardware database which should just be in a database04:29
=== plovs has to run away, will read the log, see you guys
smit weakens security more than moin macros, because it's an open ended scripting language - someone could write dtml to erase all zope objects (worst case)04:29
luluthat's what I heard...04:30
smyou can prevent that by restricting permissions of the wiki folder's owner04:30
lulusm: could we not have prewritten scripts that we can call...04:30
=== sid77 bye!
lulusm: but not editable...04:31
luluand anyone can "link" them in a page...04:31
smyes we could.. moin-a-likes.. but that would take a bit of time04:31
smwhich I seem to be terribly short of :)04:31
smit's probably a good idea; I personally find dtml worth the bother and use it everywhere04:32
lulusm: what skills would people need to write these scripts?04:32
luluand does anyone else in the team have them?04:32
smsome python programming ability, willingness to dive into the zwiki codebase, with pointers from me04:33
lulusm: what if we drew up a list of specific scripts that we need....and put a bounty and a deadline on it?04:33
luluand is this a priority over and above the other things on the wish list?04:34
luluperhaps we should prioritise things on the wiki wish list?04:35
smthat's a great idea04:35
smbounties make it easier for me (or anyone) to justify it04:36
smI am due to review WikiTodo & WikiDiscussion04:36
=== plovs_work peeks in
luluOk - so who can prioritise the wiki wish list to represent what most people would want to see handled in order...? could you do this?04:37
smmy priorities right now are your two bugzilla issues04:37
lulusm: yes...04:37
smyes I'll make a pass at it today.. maybe plovs can advise me04:37
plovs_worklulu, i'll be able to help, but only in three for hours from now04:38
plovs_worksm, i  meant04:38
smplovs if you like, pick a time to check in ?04:39
plovs_worksm, 19:15utc ?04:39
plovs_worklulu, what about the other points on the wish-list?04:41
smer utc is.. remind me ?04:41
luluplovs, sm - that's great.....04:41
luluplovs: I think you guys need to prioritise the wiki wish list and let's go from there ok?04:41
plovs_worklulu, np04:42
plovs_worksm, it is now 15:42utc04:42
plovs_workso 19:15 is 3,5 hours from now04:42
smok, 3.5 hours from now then04:42
smis utc = gmt ?04:42
luluthanks guys :o)04:42
smthx lulu04:43
plovs_worklulu, see ya04:43
=== sm upgraded to ubuntu yesterday :)
=== plovs_work welcomes sm to the club
plovs_workok, now i really have to go, see you in 3,5 hours, bye all04:44
smsee you04:46
luluthanks :o)04:48
smlulu, plovs: but this issue of custom tags vs dtml can use some more discussion/exploration imho04:48
smwe can see how it works out04:49
luluok - perhaps you could do that on email to the list?04:54
lulusm: sound sane?04:54
smI find email difficult sometimes.. but yes perfectly sane04:55
smI'll send something short right now04:56
lulusm: cool - then everyone can give their opinion. could u cc steve@canonical.com too please. thanks :o)04:57
lulusm: thanks!04:58
smquoting from the above log, hope that's ok05:03
sivangsm : SImon?05:10
smhello sivang05:19
sivanghi sm05:20
smwhat are you working on ?05:23
hornbeckman this calendar is pissing me off05:28
=== sm is now known as sm-breakfast
hornbeckplovs: good to see you on the tomboy list :-)05:41
=== sm-breakfast is now known as sm
=== rcaskey returns
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sivanghi again sm, wasn't here sorry06:54
sivangsm : Working on bunch of stuff, docs, new comers help, gst,yelp fixes ..:)06:54
sivangsm : btw what is the dtml script things? I find those posts to the list cryptic somehow..06:55
smit's about putting scripts/macros in wiki pages07:01
smto generate listings automatically, etc07:01
sivangany bounties invloved? (my unemloyed self is talking :))07:02
smnot yet07:05
smsee the list, perhaps there will be07:06
smare you a python coder ?07:06
sivangjust started with that, so guess it would not apply for me anyhow :)07:06
sivangI've been a C,C++,Java,bits perl hacker..07:06
smas we organize the WikiTodo list, I would think there'll be some good bounty candidates07:07
smwell if you want some pointers, ask me07:07
smhelp is always welcome07:07
smsee you07:07
sivangok, bye07:08
sivangsm : I am also working on a top level, not wiki specific todo list07:09
sivangsm : you on your way out?07:09
smI was.. yes, must work07:10
smI'll be back in an hour to talk todos with plovs07:10
=== sm waves
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lulunight all :o)07:24
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plovshi guys08:02
plovshornbeck, any news about evolution?08:04
hornbeckI just got back08:04
hornbeckwe will have to make a calendar first08:04
hornbeckthan we can link to it08:04
hornbeckwe have to figure out how to make the .ics file first08:04
plovshornbeck, make one and copy it from .evolution/ folder08:05
hornbeckahhh good idea08:05
hornbeckyou are so smart :-)08:06
hornbeckI can not open it08:13
hornbeckwhat was that page again?08:13
plovsthat page ?08:14
hornbeckthe one about setting up the webcal08:14
hornbeckyou posted it in here08:14
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plovsah, brb08:14
plovssm, shall we work from top to bottom? i'll make a new write-up on a seperate page, ok?08:22
smalright then08:22
=== sm logs in, as usual
smare we including plone todos ?08:23
plovsmaybe all08:24
sm* make login cookies persist08:24
smwhy should we log in every day08:24
plovssm, maybe for a week or so08:26
smI was thinking about three ways to track these going forward - bullet list, zwiki issue pages, bugzilla08:27
smbullet list is right for now eh08:28
plovssm, yes, a list, we send it to the ml for review and then but it in bugzilla, ok?08:28
plovssm i'll keep a list08:30
plovs1. persistent login08:30
plovs(we can renumber later ok?)08:30
smbien sur08:31
plovsWhen editing, a link to a summary of available markup , is this possible?08:31
smmy mind is a bit foggy.. go ahead08:31
=== sm r e a d s
smfor sure08:32
smwhat exactly is needed do you think08:32
smwell we can go into it later08:32
plovsin moin, there was a short explanation of the markup-language08:32
plovswhen you press edit08:32
plovsat the bottom of the page, under the edit box08:33
smmoin-like markup explanation (for each page type)08:33
smwhat else do we have here..08:33
plovsan RSS feed of changes would be extremely useful -- MarkShuttleworth08:34
smcheck.. that's not hard08:34
plovsmoin has this (you'll hear this a lot)08:34
smdoes he know about mail subscription I wonder08:34
smzopewiki has it08:34
plovsmaybe we just need to advertise it and pretend we fixed it :-)08:35
plovsTable Of Contents08:35
smfor moin page types ?08:36
smrst already does it, right08:36
plovsi think we use ReST and moin only08:36
smand this should be optional right ? some moin pages won't want this ?08:37
smso: moin-like table of contents macro for moin pages08:37
plovschoice is nice, but always is better then never08:37
plovsand ReST?08:38
smit's in rest already08:39
sm.. contents08:39
smsomething like that08:40
smit's in the rst docs08:40
plovsreally, duh08:40
smI believe08:40
plovsrst or ReST? or both08:40
smrst = restructured text08:40
smI use it in preference to varied spelling/capitalization08:40
plovsmoin:  internal wiki links with labels - [wiki:ThisPage Description] 08:41
plovsoff course if hacking moin is a lot of work we can settle with rst08:42
plovsbut at least one markup language should be ok08:42
smput it as an issue, sure08:42
smIMHO it's a non-priority08:42
smbut if someone wants to bounty it..08:43
plovsi'll put it at the bottom08:43
smcan you use html in moin btw ?08:43
plovsif you turn it on, usually turned of and advised not to08:43
plovsit just parses whatever you write08:43
plovsmoin: page list regular expresions - [[PageList(Howto$.*)] ]        (idem dito?)08:44
smis that a way to achieve labelled wiki links right now then ?08:44
sm(html in moin)08:44
plovssorry i thought you meant in real moin, no in the wiki it doesn't work afaik, but i don't use moin often08:45
smme neither08:46
smpage list - that's the general need macros issue, right08:46
=== rcaskey [~rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu-doc
smI think we have a proposed solution there08:47
smto work on, I mean08:47
plovsdoes dtml work in moin?08:47
smI think.. not08:48
smyou saw the latest list discussion, right08:48
plovsanti dtml: related: right now DTML doesn't work in RST either. It's only available in the structured text and HTML page types.08:49
plovswe'll put the moin stuff in but lower in the list, i think, we should have a working solution first, ok?08:51
smwe should probably just list the issues and prioritise them according to the community's need08:53
plovsAllow pages that list the current page to be included - [[FullSearch()] ]  one more moin macro08:54
plovsit's kindoff the same as PageList, i'll file it there08:55
plovsconsider installing PTS for skin i18n (http://zopewiki.org/PlacelessTranslationService)08:55
smyes - that would translate the plone & zwiki skins somewhat08:56
plovsthis looks nice, but does it make the site even slower?08:56
smand comes basically for free, so seems like a good idea08:57
plovsthen we should put it high in the list08:57
smhmm it might interact with caching08:57
smI think we won't know without trying08:57
plovsthe admins can figure that out :-)08:57
smactually it needs some discussion on the list; the caching guru(s) may know08:58
smI don't know who that is08:58
plovswe just make the list, they can sort it out08:58
smbut ubuntu is international, so it should be looked into08:58
plovsin moin we had icons, flags, road-signs etc, (this is my first one, we spoke about this already)08:59
smthese would work only in moin pages ?08:59
plovsrst, more pages are being done in rst atm09:00
smI don't think you want to mess with standard rst though.. ?09:00
smor maybe you do; an issue to discuss09:00
smyou're sure bugzilla is the place ? I agree it would be nice to have real issue pages09:00
smbut I'm replying to one now and it sucks09:01
smwell partly because I can't remember my login09:01
plovs;-) that makes life hard09:02
plovsDeleted Pages do not show up in changes09:02
smnever mind.. let's get the list first09:02
plovsthis is a real problem afaik09:02
plovsto keep track of the wiki, RecentChanges should work well09:03
plovsis it possible to see  Deleted Pages, somewhere?09:06
smplovs: yes, by subscribing09:06
plovswell, i do not want to subscribe to the whole wiki, so then what?09:07
smthen it's an open issue09:07
smcurrent recent changes can't show them easily09:08
plovsok, i added it09:08
smthx.. what else09:08
plovsAdd a spelling checker to the editor.09:08
smoh, there's also http://ubuntulinux.org/wiki/recycle_bin/folder_contents09:08
smor a view like http://zwiki.org/RecycleBin09:09
plovscan i subscribe to that?09:09
plovsi like http://zwiki.org/RecycleBin09:10
smwe could pretty easily set this up (not as a wiki page) on ubuntu09:10
plovsRecentChanges? in moin has a feature which allows the user to set a bookmark timestamp09:11
smright.. open issue09:12
plovsThe frontpage has a recent items, block (left-top) stuff from the wiki does not go there, or how can the doc-team add content there?09:12
=== bsm117532 [~bsm117532@adsl-67-117-125-146.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
smonly published items appear there09:14
smsomething to look into09:14
smshould not be a problem09:15
plovsAdd a spelling checker to the editor.09:15
smyou mentioned that one09:15
smwhat else have we09:16
smsurely that's everything :)09:16
plovsplenty left09:16
smthese are all site and wiki software todos, right09:16
smnot wiki content09:16
plovsRecentChanges? calls everything new, even if it is just an update, very confusing. New, updated and removed as indicator would be much more usefull09:16
smno.. only pages created in the last week09:17
smwe can probably do better09:17
smhmm I have to go shortly09:17
plovsyes, it's late09:18
smwhere are you ?09:18
plovslatvia, it's 22:19 here09:18
smlos angeles09:18
plovsah, ok09:18
plovssome more quickly09:18
smso how to move forward - 09:19
plovsusernames in recentchanges are not clickable09:19
bsm117532someone please go moderate my post to ubuntu-doc...09:19
smsome of these need discussion, some don't ..09:19
bsm117532didn't want to join the mailing list...09:19
smthey all need prioritisation and the ability to be bounty-ised if they aren't happening quickly enough..09:19
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovsmake optional change note, not optional09:20
smaha, I dispute that09:20
smopen issue09:20
smis opening a bunch of bugzilla issues the next step ?09:20
plovsthat's ok, i still think i'm right :)09:20
plovsno i send it to the mailing-list for the other to say what they want done first09:21
plovscould the favourites box be added as a useroption?09:21
smI don't know.. I need to talk about process for a sec09:21
plovsthat was the last one09:21
smso you'll keep the wiki list for a bit longer, and we can adjust the ordering there based on list discussion09:22
smmaybe you can number them there, to facilitate that discussion ?09:22
plovsok, will do that, and clean m up a bit09:22
smthere are two in bugzilla already, which we should link09:23
smI have the urls somewhere09:23
smhttp://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3613 09:23
plovsshould i put all the items concerning RecentChanges together?09:24
smfor now, yes please09:24
smsomething to think about - there is also the http://zwiki.org/IssueTracker 09:24
plovsok, i'll add those as well09:24
plovswe don't have that? looks nice09:25
smso in some cases there'll be a page there for in-depth discussion09:25
smyou have that 09:25
smit's bugzilla-lite09:25
smif you want to try, make a page named [#1 some issue] 09:26
plovsnice, i'll try09:26
smbut I'm just pointing out we'll need to keep the different trackers in mind and try to avoid duplication09:27
smplovs, thanks09:27
plovsyes, thank you09:27
smis this a good hour for you ? I am often on earlier as well09:27
plovsdepends, sometimes i'm busy all day until 23:00 sometimes i have time of during the day... jus ttry09:28
plovsdo you use icq/gaim?09:28
plovsyou mind if i would use it if i have a question, or mailing-list?09:29
plovsor irc?09:29
smchat is good for me09:29
=== cenerentola_ [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
smoften better than email09:29
smif I'm free, I'll chat09:29
smI hang in #zwiki and #zope09:29
smas you know, of course09:30
smthx.. see you later09:30
plovsok, thanks, yes, i know, see ya09:30
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=== littlepaul [~littlepau@pD9520F57.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
littlepaulChrisH, can i ask you something?10:15
sivanghey littlepaul, ChrisH is currently away I think, what's up?10:16
littlepaulwanted to ask something about the http://irclog.workaround.org/10:17
sivangah yes, I might help on that..what do you want to know?10:19
littlepaullogging #ubuntu would be interesting for me and others - there are a lot of good discussions10:19
littlepaulbut #ubuntu has a few thousend lines per day but maby this is also the reason for living out this channel10:23
sivangare you thiking of some kiand if exarction method for info?10:25
littlepauli thought about Security Announcements and Workarounds like the actual sed problem10:27
sivangyou mean a seperate channel?10:27
sivangI can add news item to the main website10:28
sivangif you're interested in it10:28
littlepauli am10:28
sivangok, then10:31
sivangI was wondering what is the workaround for the sed problem..10:31
sivangwhich holds my apt back10:31
littlepaulsmurfix posted this workaround  Quick workaround for the sed problem in hoary: edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/sed.postinst as root, add "exit 0" in the second line...10:32
littlepaulsivang, it is late for me so i must go off now 10:37
littlepaulcu and thx10:38
sivangok, no prob10:38
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sivanghey littlegreenman11:55
sivangwhat's up?11:55
littlegreenmanhei sivang break from work :D11:56
littlegreenmanhow u doing?11:56
sivangfine, you? how's portugal in winter?11:56
littlegreenmanbeen thinking about the open office manual thingy11:57
littlegreenmanand i was wondering what is it we want to achieve, one11:57
littlegreenmanand two, isn't there anything written already?11:57
littlegreenmanfirst, is it for11:57
littlegreenmanI am a newbie, never used a pc and/or word processor11:58
littlegreenmanor i come from microsoft word11:58
littlegreenmanor been there done that, want to know more11:58
littlegreenmanor all of the above....11:58
sivanghmm, have you mailed the list about it already?11:58
sivangone things sounds really good to me, as you said you are a word processore specialist,11:59
sivanga document like ms word --> OOo/AbiWord/KWord would be great,11:59
sivangbut do mail the list so we would have some more review to find you some already existing works you could use or derive on.12:00
sivangif you are interested (and have the ability) to start something from you own especially for this subject - superb.12:00

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