sivangthis also should be task orientd,12:00
sivangas in :12:00
sivang1) Intro - why use Ooo at the first place? how does it comapre to proprierity software : lists of features that are already compatible with msword/other pro. wp soft.12:01
sivang2) Tasks index:12:01
sivang  2.1 : Your first document in the FOSS compatible (nice to have instructions to at least 3 FOSS wps)12:02
sivang   2.2 : Adding pictures.12:03
sivang   2.3 : Writing web pages in the wp.12:03
littlegreenmanwhat is FOSS?12:03
sivangnot specifically in that order :)12:03
sivangFOSS= Free OPen Soure Software12:03
littlegreenmani have a little thingy done12:04
littlegreenmansee in the wiki12:04
sivangAs I am thinking of it, if you could create like a whole section for this, with coming up docs on even12:04
sivang"Using GIMP for photoshop users"12:04
sivangget my idea?12:05
littlegreenmani do... 12:05
=== littlegreenman has time constraints until the end of the week
sivanggreat. YOu're a heavy desktop user?12:05
littlegreenmanbut wanna help as much as i can :D12:05
sivangno problem on the time constraints12:05
sivangthank you!12:05
littlegreenmansivang, explain desktop user12:05
sivanglike someone who is very proficient with desktop usage, 12:07
sivanglike knows WP for well, desktop hacks :)12:07
sivangimage processing stuff12:07
sivangstuff like that12:07
sivangI always envied those desktop masters (even in windows) who knew 2 keys shortcut to everything on the desktop :)12:07
littlegreenmanyeah :)12:07
littlegreenmanwhat i am going to do12:08
littlegreenmanis take a look at *gulp* office manuals12:08
littlegreenmanand see also how they are written... set up12:08
littlegreenmanthey have a headstart over us :D12:08
sivanghttp://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/LearningUbuntuOutline <== take a look in it, I hope it doesn't collide with your wishes..if so maybe you can add stuff to their's?12:09
sivangthis is done by hornbeck and about 2 other people, maybe talk to him also?12:10
sivang+ post to ML :)12:10
sivangwhat is gulp office?12:10
littlegreenman*gulp* is12:10
littlegreenmanswalling dry :) as in i am embarassed12:11
littlegreenmanbut i looked into office :D12:11
sivangwhy embarassed?12:11
sivangI don't see they have a wp section, maybe you can be in charge of it12:12
sivanghornbeck : ping12:12
sivanghow you doing buddy? :)12:12
sivangbusy as always?12:12
littlegreenmanalways present :)12:12
=== hornbeck is trying to set up a zope server
sivangah, are we starting our own wiki? :)12:13
littlegreenmani like how he is always trying to set up something i never heard of!12:13
hornbeckneed that icalender server12:13
sivanghaha, his our "emerging technology" guy :)12:13
sivangeverything just snaps out of the oven, hornbeck puts his hands on it and make it work.12:13
hornbeckwe want a icalender server so we can all use one task list12:13
sivangah, in evo?12:13
hornbecksivang: I try12:13
hornbeckyes in evo12:13
hornbeckzope is not playing nicely though12:14
sivanglittlegreenman : he is very good at it :) but modest :) see if you can found the tomboy howto by him12:14
sivangvery very cool proggy12:14
sivangbeen on my tray since :)12:14
hornbeckI use tomboy from cvs now12:14
hornbeckalot better12:14
sivangwhat features?12:14
sivang(using the tseng one)12:15
hornbeckjust panelapplet functions12:15
sivangwhere is the tomboy howto, btw?12:15
hornbeckno longer have to launch it12:15
hornbeckI don't know12:15
hornbeckI will have to make another one12:15
hornbeckit never made it to the wiki12:15
hornbeckmost people just use tseng's package12:15
hornbeckmy beagle how to is still real popular12:15
sivanganyway, I think we've got someone to do the WP stuff for the book, what do you say?12:15
hornbeckbut beagle is broke for hoary12:15
littlegreenmansivang, what is this tomboy thingy?12:16
hornbeckI say thats great12:16
littlegreenmanor better12:16
littlegreenmanhornbeck, what is this tomboy thingy? :D12:16
hornbecktomboy is a note taking program12:16
sivangan amazing reminder proggy, which act as a local wiki :)12:16
hornbeckreal easy to use12:16
sivangtomboy ---> ROCKS12:16
hornbeckyes, it does12:16
hornbeckI have to go eat guys12:16
hornbeckemail the list if you would like to help with the book :-)12:17
sivangno rpob, will you talk to littlegreenman on his plans ?12:17
hornbeckwe need help12:17
littlegreenmanme too...12:17
littlegreenmani will email the list later12:17
sivanggreat, btw the outline is very good, I think hornbeck would like to see it12:17
littlegreenmanthanks :)12:18
littlegreenmanman, am i tired....12:18
sivangah, I12:18
littlegreenmanworking full time than go home and work some more12:19
sivang've gotten up today at around 5:00pm..after a sleepless night :) 12:19
sivangwhat do you work on?12:19
sivang(if that's ok to ask)12:19
littlegreenmanit's fine... don't have many privacy issues :)12:19
littlegreenmanduring the day in a hotel in lisbon12:19
littlegreenmanat night, ehehehe translations12:19
sivangah, the scropions performed there!12:19
sivangI regretted not being on that amazing performance12:20
littlegreenmanwhen was that?12:20
sivang4 years ago I think,12:20
sivangwhen their last new album went out12:20
littlegreenmani was in england than12:20
littlegreenman(btw not going to bother with spelling errors )12:21
sivangI see.12:21
sivangwho me?12:21
sivangI have alot of them,,12:21
sivangnot native english speaker12:21
littlegreenmanneed also to do some work on my hotel's website... it sucks.....12:21
littlegreenmanit was horrible when i joined12:21
littlegreenmanbut i did a patchy thing12:22
littlegreenmanand now looks like this12:22
sivangis it PHP?12:22
littlegreenmanpure HTML12:22
sivang(you have a link)12:22
littlegreenmanjust text12:22
littlegreenmani am not really a webdesigner12:22
littlegreenmanmy first or second attempt really12:22
littlegreenmanbut i am growing more and more embarassed of it12:22
littlegreenmanso, need to do something12:23
littlegreenmanbtw PHP - i don't program never have... not sure what it means :)12:23
sivangit's an open source language12:23
sivangfor doing  server processed web pages.12:23
sivanggenerate HTML on the fly etc..12:23
littlegreenmanoh... it's a preety static thing i need12:24
littlegreenmanalways the same... all that changes is sometimes a promotion or something12:24
littlegreenmanbut i got a new set of photos really cool of the hotel.. those are OLD12:24
littlegreenmanso, want to make it more inviting... like, hey I wanna go there :)12:24
sivangif I come do I get a discount? ;-)12:25
littlegreenmanand we are going to hire a webdesigner, but that is only next here... so for the meantime they are stuck with me hehe12:25
littlegreenmanyou would get some port 12:25
sivangI see there's an online reservation system, is this yours?12:25
littlegreenmanok, need to go to the shop, will be back in a bit12:25
littlegreenmanjust put it up today12:26
sivangI see. nice12:26
littlegreenmanthat's when i though, wait, i need to do something about this12:26
sivangmaybe you should investigate PHP and mySQL, is the server a linux one?12:26
littlegreenmannot sure, never checked... probably NT or something12:26
sivangok, anyway, I have to go...Talk to hornbeck on the book and the stuff you want to add, he needs some help on it :)12:27
littlegreenmani'll do my best12:27
littlegreenmantake care12:27
sivangyou too! C'ya for the meanwhile12:27
littlegreenmanneed to go as well :D12:27
plovsgood morning people!06:51
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trickiehello all08:43
trickiewould most of the changes on the page http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/WikiWishlist be made to the plone software?08:44
trickieif feel up to some of those task... just wanna get an idea of where to start08:45
trickiei mean i feel up to some of those tasks08:45
plovs_worktrickie, answer to the mailinglist, most things things will be in plone08:52
plovs_worktrickie, and it would be great if some could be implemented with your help08:52
trickieplovs_work, np... will do08:55
trickieplovs_work, whats moin? Sorry, haven't used zope very much, but done a bit of python work08:56
plovs_workmoin is the previous wiki we used wiki.ubuntulinux.org based on http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/09:00
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luluMorning all :o)10:29
=== ChrisH carefully takes a peek from under the bed sheets
trickie_lulu, morning!10:38
lulutrickie_:good morning :o)10:38
plovs_workmorning all10:42
plovs_workChrisH, did you ever make a bootable usb-key under linux?10:42
trickie_well it is evening here... but i hope it is a glorious morning for you all, it is finally getting warm (summer!) where is am10:42
ChrisHplovs_work: Not yet. But i always wanted. :) My mainboard supports booting from USB. Might be fun.10:43
ChrisHplovs_work: I'd also like to try out PXE boot.10:43
plovs_workChrisH, well, when i get it to work i'll let you know10:45
plovs_workChrisH, i need to make a ghost usb-key10:45
ChrisHplovs_work: Cool. :)10:46
plovs_workChrisH, it would be cool if i were a little smarter and a little less handsome10:49
plovs_workChrisH, it doesn't want to work yet10:49
ChrisHplovs_work: All that boot stuff is not really trivial. Ask sivang. He had trouble himself.10:50
plovs_workChrisH, i love this stuff, though, i think it is utterly neat10:51
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George^Dekahi all12:58
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: Hi...01:00
luluGeorge^Deka: hi :o)01:10
plovs_workGeorge^Deka, hi01:19
George^Dekabtw, is there anything i have promised to do and havent yet01:20
George^Dekathis is my workflow - hehehe01:20
George^Dekaif someone can be bothered tell me what we wamt/need from a workflow type of system, (email me)02:04
hornbeckgood morning02:13
George^Dekamorning/nite hornbeck02:14
George^Dekadoes anyone here know how to code?02:14
hornbeckI do 02:15
hornbeckwhat you looking for?02:15
George^Dekawell, check my ML post just now02:15
George^Dekawhat can you code in02:15
ChrisHNow we need a work flow for the task list?02:16
=== ChrisH wonders
hornbeckI use python, Common Lisp, C++, Java, and alittle C02:16
George^Dekawell i use the word workflow all the time (im an accountant)02:17
George^Dekaand a manager (well wanna be manager)02:17
George^Dekaaccounting/managment is where my training is02:17
hornbeckI'm a manager and don't use the word workflow02:17
hornbeckasp is used quite nicely in mono02:19
George^Dekathats asp.net02:19
George^Dekanot asp02:19
George^Dekahows this look? http://www.gotocode.com/apps.asp?app_id=1302:22
plovs_workanybody wants to by a usb-key it has slight scratches from being trampled on with too feet, being thrown against the wall twice, and small hammer-marks02:25
George^Dekaplovs_work: and its still a usb key ?02:26
plovs_workit still has the little cord you can carry it around your neck with02:28
plovs_worki am trying to make a bootable usb key02:28
plovs_workbut i admit defeat and use a bootable cd instead02:29
George^Dekahahaha, yep so much easier02:29
plovs_workdid any of you make a bootable cd with menus etc?02:31
plovs_workit's for norton ghost02:32
George^Dekawhat do you mean exactly ?02:32
plovs_workboot cd -> see menu -> choose intel100pro -> boot dos/netboot&run ghost -> copy image from server -> have tea02:33
hornbeckwould that be earl gray tea with milk and sugar02:35
George^Dekaumm, never done it like that, made dos ones only - so it boots dos then gives you a choice - but if thats what you wnat email me and ill get back to you02:35
plovs_workno milk,no sugar, a slice of lemon would be nice, thank you02:35
George^Dekabedtime cya's later (monday i suppose)02:35
plovs_workGeorge^Deka, see ya!02:36
plovs_workhornbeck, how's svn? the same?02:36
George^Dekawell decided ill leave it open for a few more min while i have a smoke02:36
hornbeckI even talked to some svn guys02:36
hornbeckI will just hope everything is ok till we move it to the Ubuntu Servers02:37
hornbeckyou worked on the faq I see?02:37
plovs_worka little, no time, i'm afraid02:38
hornbeckI understand that02:38
George^Dekacyas again02:40
plovs_workyou still use monowall?02:41
hornbecknope no monowall02:41
hornbeckcould never get it to talk with my isp02:42
hornbeckI am having to use a small netgear router02:42
hornbeckI will be putting in a small cisco in about a month02:42
plovs_worknetworking voodoo it is02:45
plovs_worknothing works today, now i cannot even make a bootable cd02:46
hornbeckman you are having bad luck huh?02:47
plovs_worki did get a new monitor, that was nice, with a dvi connection even02:48
plovs_workbut that was yesterday, it was not snowing then02:49
plovs_worki hate snow02:49
plovs_workunless it's on a tv, which i can turn off02:49
plovs_workwell, at least knoppix still boots02:54
hornbeckthats at least good02:58
plovs_workhornbeck, so what are you up to today?02:59
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hornbeckplovs_work: I am playing with plone03:12
hornbeckgot a zope server running right now03:13
hornbeckabout to try and route it through apache03:13
plovs_workhornbeck, nice03:15
hornbeckyeah, but it is giving me all kinds of errors03:17
sivanghey all03:34
sivanghey hornbeck, did you work out with littlegreenman on the Word Proccessing part of the book? He seemed eager and with the knowhow in WPs03:37
hornbeckno I left before you did03:43
hornbeckand he left right after you did03:43
sivangah ok, he seemed very eager to work with you, make sure you keep up on him.03:59
hornbeckI will04:18
hornbeckanybody around?06:23
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hornbeckhey Robert06:35
hornbeckhow you doing?06:35
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(lulu/#ubuntu-doc) night guys :o)07:50
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(sivang/#ubuntu-doc) is there anybody awake here?11:02
=== enrico is
enrico(not for much)11:17
(sivang/#ubuntu-doc) haha11:17
ChrisHme neither... about to go to bed... see you in my dreams :)11:39

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