(kiko/#launchpad) sabdfl, ping?12:06
=== BradB [~bradb@modemcable010.194-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
(kiko/#launchpad) one for all all for one!12:25
BradBdebian was my first linux (because it was only $35; redhat was like $110). it's good to be home.12:27
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(Kinnison/#launchpad) night all01:21
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #launchpad
BradB|outstub: i followed your instructions verbatim on lp@ for restoring a dogfood db, and it ended up blowing away my hard drive in Panther.02:09
=== BradB|out is now known as BradB
stubThats funny - I don't remember putting a mkfs in the instructions anywhere.02:11
stubYou had a good chunk of free disk space?02:11
BradBthe process went from doing weird things like spitting out messages "Invalid character \n" and "Invalid character \N", to running the full test suite more than once, to apparently rm -rf /'ing02:12
BradBthe good news is that now i'm just running Ubuntu, the bad news is that, heh, shit.02:14
BradBstub: have you tried restoring the 11-18 dump? i'd be curious...02:17
=== BradB [~bradb@modemcable202.193-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
stubThat sounds impossible given the instructions just used three comands, none of which have anything to do with launchpad. If the test suite got invoked, you either had a psql in your path that wasn't postgresql or you had some pretty major file system corruption.  Its the sort of thing I can only imagine happening it you had the equivalent of 'ln /usr/bin/bash /usr/bin/psql. I've restored from that particular dump twice now using the 02:36
BradBit blew me away too. literally.02:38
stubMmm... and took any audit trails along with it, so we will never know. 02:39
stubYou have just inspired me to finally go and buy that external harddrive for backups.02:39
(daf/#launchpad) I could use one of those02:40
BradBme too02:40
BradBi didn't lose anything that can't be recovered, except time...OTOH, i make it back with tla in linux, heh02:40
(daf/#launchpad) is there a standard way of finding the user's home directory in Python?03:18
(kiko/#launchpad) hmm03:20
(kiko/#launchpad) there is os.path.expanduser03:20
BradBeh, why isn't there a keychain package?03:27
(daf/#launchpad) ?03:31
(daf/#launchpad) kiko: great, thanks03:31
=== BradB [~bradb@modemcable202.193-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
(daf/#launchpad) BradB: keychain package?03:37
BradBin ubuntu03:38
(daf/#launchpad) like the debian-keyring package in Debian?03:38
BradBi dunno, maybe03:39
BradBi just wanted ubuntu to help me out a bit here, trying to avoid typing my password for pubkey auth'ing03:39
(daf/#launchpad) pubkey authing what?03:41
BradBdaf: during ssh auth03:42
(daf/#launchpad) isn't that what ssh-agent does?03:43
BradBkeychain is used with, not in place of, ssh-agent03:44
(daf/#launchpad) ah, I see03:45
(daf/#launchpad) it must surely be in universe03:46
BradBahaha, there we go...i'll have to take a look through there03:46
BradBbut, eh, not worth it.03:47
BradBdaf: what are you using instead of keychain?03:47
(daf/#launchpad) I just use ssh-agent03:48
BradBdaf: don't you have to type your key's p/w every time you open a shell then?03:48
(daf/#launchpad) no03:48
BradBer, well, every time you login03:48
(daf/#launchpad) yes03:48
(daf/#launchpad) it's run as part of the X session03:48
(daf/#launchpad) when I log in03:48
BradBi was hoping to avoid that part03:48
(daf/#launchpad) which is maybe once a week03:49
(daf/#launchpad) on average03:49
(daf/#launchpad) I guess having to run ssh-add when I run is marginally annoying03:49
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(daf/#launchpad) dilys: welcome back07:07
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: many fixes for the PO import script (patch-822)09:43
(sabdfl/#launchpad) mornign all09:54
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[nickolas(~nickolas@163puntacana92.codetel.net.do)] hi! are u busy?10:23
=== Kinnison stares irritatedly at piles of SQL
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Kinnisonhi debonzi 11:39
KinnisonSo does 'make check' run the ftests? And if so; how come it doesn't tell me how many it ran or how well they went?11:43
debonziKinnison, 11:50
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Setting NDIFF_REPORT as Default PageTest Failure Report Format (patch-823)12:02
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(sabdfl/#launchpad) what's with the clausetables?12:41
(sabdfl/#launchpad) do they improve performance?12:41
(sabdfl/#launchpad) cprov: i see you've added a lot of clauseTables, do they improve performance?12:56
cprovsabdfl: no AFAIK but postgres avoids "add_missed_From_tables" by default12:56
cprovsabdfl: sorry, I was unclear, I just added them because postgres doesn't add them by default 12:56
(sabdfl/#launchpad) how does the add_missed_from_tables thing work?12:57
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
cprovsabdfl: postgres.conf , if true postgres will add all missed from tables automatically in every query, default is false01:00
(sabdfl/#launchpad) what happens if it doesnt have the missed tables?01:00
(sabdfl/#launchpad) and where is that useful dogfood dump backup being stashed now on mawson?01:01
cprovsabdfl: the query will fail if you forget some clause table, just it  01:03
(sabdfl/#launchpad) ok.... haven't seen that yet01:03
(sabdfl/#launchpad) hiya carlos01:04
(sabdfl/#launchpad) buenos dias?01:04
(sabdfl/#launchpad) have to get into the spirit for es-conf01:04
carlossabdfl: yep01:05
carlossabdfl: you should ask daf his spanish book :-P01:06
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(elmo/#launchpad) SteveA: ?02:33
(SteveA/#launchpad) hi elmo02:49
(elmo/#launchpad) SteveA: I can't get the uploader to run in an upate-to-date copy of launchpad; I sent you a traceback - any chance you could have a look at it? 02:52
(SteveA/#launchpad) looks like a failure to run "make" in the launchpad/sourcecode/zope directory02:53
(elmo/#launchpad) blink02:54
(SteveA/#launchpad) although, to be fair, it is that dependency that I've agreed with the other zope3 maintainers shouldn't be in the ftp server02:54
(elmo/#launchpad) I thought I'd done that in this tree - I remember it running make check for eons in london. but apparently not. thanks, I'll try that02:55
(SteveA/#launchpad) k02:55
(SteveA/#launchpad) one change I need to make to the ftp code is to isolate the callbacks with a try:except:02:55
(SteveA/#launchpad) I'd suggest leaving the filesystem.py and server.py modules intact except for bugfixes, and treat the main() of server as running a test server02:56
(SteveA/#launchpad) then write an uploader.py to actually do what you need it to do02:56
(elmo/#launchpad) yeah - I'm getting permission denied on uploads, so I'll start there ;)02:57
(SteveA/#launchpad) how did you invoke it02:58
(SteveA/#launchpad) ?02:58
(SteveA/#launchpad) a couple of notes02:58
(SteveA/#launchpad) you need to create the directory that is the "root" for uploads02:58
(SteveA/#launchpad) inside the root will be one directory for each client's main connection02:58
(elmo/#launchpad) as in your example and in my mail02:59
(SteveA/#launchpad) I'm not sure what the error is if that directory doesn't exist or isn't writeable02:59
(elmo/#launchpad) I precreated the dir02:59
(elmo/#launchpad) anyway, sorry, I can/will debug it - I just didn't want to do that when zope was involved :)02:59
(SteveA/#launchpad) not got jabber running?03:02
(elmo/#launchpad) woops, have now03:15
(elmo/#launchpad) ah, hmm, I see what you mean about the try:except:'s03:31
(elmo/#launchpad) ./lib/ThreadedAsync03:38
(elmo/#launchpad) ./sourcecode/zope/src/ThreadedAsync03:38
(elmo/#launchpad) #03:38
(elmo/#launchpad) what's up with that? they seem the same?03:38
(SteveA/#launchpad) yeah03:50
(SteveA/#launchpad) the things in lib are often symlinks to things in sourcecode03:50
carlossabdfl: ping03:55
carloswho is importing the projects/products into launchpad's dogfood database?03:58
(elmo/#launchpad) SteveA: a real symlink, or you mean, virtually?04:01
(elmo/#launchpad) oh it is a real symlink. jesus I am so not having a good day04:01
(SteveA/#launchpad) elmo: take 10 mins for a nice cup of tea perhaps?04:10
(sabdfl/#launchpad) elmo: don't forget to breathe ;-)04:19
(SteveA/#launchpad) daf, carlos: nice work on making the po import script clearer04:30
carlossabdfl: ping?04:30
carlosSteveA: it was all done by daf, but thanks04:30
carlossabdfl: I don't understand our current set of projects/products in launchpad_dogfood04:31
(sabdfl/#launchpad) carlos: i think those mostly came in from a run of nicole04:34
carlossabdfl: for instance, we have gedit as product and project04:34
(sabdfl/#launchpad) which looks for sourceforge / freshmeat projects with the same name as packages04:34
(sabdfl/#launchpad) it's automated, so not very smart04:35
(sabdfl/#launchpad) it's just a way for us to get a quick start on a lot of data04:35
carlosthen is it ok If create a gnome project and add there gnome-applets and gnome-panel?04:35
(sabdfl/#launchpad) we'll start to build the real production project/product db properly in Jan04:35
(sabdfl/#launchpad) yes, if they are not already there04:35
(sabdfl/#launchpad) please do!04:35
carlosno, they are not04:36
carlosok, thanks04:36
(sabdfl/#launchpad) can you be sure to link them to the relevant package names too?04:36
carloswe have launchpad down at the moment...04:43
(SteveA/#launchpad) elmo: I'm about to submit a merge request to pqm to add a try:except: with logging around the callbacks.04:44
(elmo/#launchpad) SteveA: sooper, thanks04:45
(elmo/#launchpad) this is going to sound silly, but is baz safe to use for launchpad? I only ask, 'cos IIRC kinnison and/or sabdfl weren't using it on Wednesday05:04
(SteveA/#launchpad) elmo: the advice from the arch team has been to use baz05:08
Kinnisonelmo: I'm only not using baz because I'm used to tla now and can't afford the mental-shear to switch05:09
carlosdo we have .deb packages already?05:09
(elmo/#launchpad) I think they're linked off bazaar.canonical.com05:10
carlosSteveA: I'm importing now the .pot/.po files into a test database at mawson and as soon as I see it worked I will do it into the dogfood database05:28
carloswow, mawson is really fast (my laptop takes some minutes, mawson took just some seconds...)05:29
(sabdfl/#launchpad) elmo: i haven't wanted to try baz till it was at 1.0, but if the arch guru's recommend it i'll give it a shot05:30
(sabdfl/#launchpad) hm... jblack not around? ddaa? arch team awol?05:33
(sabdfl/#launchpad) elmo: maybe you can help, the deb download page for bazaar is formatted in a way that makes it rather hard to know which link to click on :-)05:33
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(elmo/#launchpad) hmm, sucks yeah, I'll fix the apache config05:41
(sabdfl/#launchpad) so... anybody know where on mawson to find the regular dogfood db dump?05:45
(elmo/#launchpad) locate(1) sez /srv/launchpad.ubuntu.com/database-backups/05:45
carlosanyone knows how to execute launchpad?05:46
carlosdogfood one is down and rosetta alpha is also down05:46
(elmo/#launchpad) as of, yesterday, rosetta alpha was still running as daf05:46
(elmo/#launchpad) dunno if that's been fixed yet tho05:46
carloselmo: I'm working on kill that instance05:47
carlosbut it's supposed to be running until I finish importing some data05:47
carloselmo: where are you leaving today?05:47
carloswe will need your help to do the virtual domain change05:48
carlos /s/where/when/05:48
(elmo/#launchpad) carlos: I'm at home - so I'm not going anywhere05:48
carlosbut I suppose you will go to sleep :-P05:48
(elmo/#launchpad) sleep's usually optional if necessary05:49
(sabdfl/#launchpad) WALLS! look out for the fast-moving WALLS!05:50
(sabdfl/#launchpad) elmo: mawson thinks it's rosetta?05:50
(elmo/#launchpad) sabdfl: it's a bit schizo still - I'll finish off removing vestiges of the old name after I've done the uploader05:51
(sabdfl/#launchpad) ah05:52
(sabdfl/#launchpad) that would be a nice goal for hoary05:52
(sabdfl/#launchpad) "make it so the machine name is specified in one-and-only-one place"05:52
(sabdfl/#launchpad) (sane place)05:53
kikohmmm 05:53
kikohow do we deal with /etc/hosts?05:53
(elmo/#launchpad) hmm, pychecker doesn't work with the zope code05:55
(elmo/#launchpad) do you guys not use it?05:55
=== BradB never does
BradBgetting too crazy about code quality too early isn't worth it (moderation, everything in, etc. but still, the most important thing is having good tests proving that your stuff works))05:56
BradBelmo: particularly because we have this rule with launchpad development now that says "if somebody makes a change and it breaks your app, it's *your* fault" :)05:57
BradBSteveA: is your pqm merge looping?05:59
(elmo/#launchpad) yes06:00
(elmo/#launchpad) killed.06:00
BradBhere goes mine...06:01
=== Kinnison stares at a diff in "what the fuck is that then" mode
carlosis postgresql thread friendly?06:03
=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
carlosI mean, if I execute several process importing data into postgres will it use the other mawson's processors?06:04
kiko-fuddo you mean frontend or backend threads?06:05
(elmo/#launchpad) carlos: you're likely to be IO bound, not CPU bound anyway06:06
(sabdfl/#launchpad) BradB: where did you find those instructions for restoring a dogfood dump?06:06
carloselmo: ok06:06
carloskiko-fud: backend06:06
(elmo/#launchpad) oh dear god - pychecker has some how broken my tree06:06
(sabdfl/#launchpad) elmo: correctly, i hope06:07
(elmo/#launchpad) no, as in the uploader, even Steve's original unmodified thing no longer imports. my brain is going to implode.06:08
BradBsabdfl: in stub's email to lp@. my suspicision is that there were chars in the dump file that OS X didn't like, and then all hell broke loose (it spit out tons of "Invalid character \N" and "Invalid character \n" messages, then somehow start running the test suite, several times over, then onto rm -rf /'ing)06:08
(sabdfl/#launchpad) exciting06:08
BradBelmo: who knows how to find out what the last pqm merge was on chinstrap?06:09
BradBmine started, but i have no idea what ended up happening to it.06:09
(sabdfl/#launchpad) oh god06:10
(sabdfl/#launchpad) that's definitely not going to work06:10
(elmo/#launchpad) bradb: star-merge: unable to merge unrelated trees.06:11
(sabdfl/#launchpad) piping to less gives a ton of binary nonsense06:11
BradBelmo: wee, that sounds fun.06:11
(elmo/#launchpad) BradB: is what's at the end of the log for your pqm request06:11
(elmo/#launchpad) I assume you'll get mail about it eventually06:11
(elmo/#launchpad) arch command star-merge ('brad.bollenbach@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0',) failed (512): tla exited with error code 2* build reference tree for brad06:12
(elmo/#launchpad) .bollenbach@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0--patch-13506:12
(elmo/#launchpad) that too, at the top06:12
(elmo/#launchpad) everything else is noise06:12
(sabdfl/#launchpad) BradB: those instructions must be bogus06:14
BradBsabdfl: did you try following them? i'd be curious to know if they worked for you.06:15
(sabdfl/#launchpad) no, they don't06:15
BradBi did it verbatim, i.e. exact same day and everything.06:15
(sabdfl/#launchpad) the bunzip2 produces a semi-binary file06:15
(sabdfl/#launchpad) there is SQL in there, but not as you know it06:16
(sabdfl/#launchpad) it's all mixed with binary junk06:16
BradBsounds like my hunch was correct perhaps :/06:16
(sabdfl/#launchpad) ok, this output should be sent to pg_restore06:20
(sabdfl/#launchpad) but it has problems06:20
(sabdfl/#launchpad) and i suspect stubb will need to do some more work06:20
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: added batching/paging to bug listing (patch-824)06:47
BradBsabdfl: i learned that lesson the hard way. on the upside, it gave me an excuse to install ubuntu. :P06:53
=== BradB gets food before continuing on the Super Widget
=== BradB is now known as BradB|lunch
(daf/#launchpad) carlos: hi07:04
carlosdaf: hi07:04
(daf/#launchpad) how's things?07:05
carlosI had some problems with the scripts (will fix with the planned refactoring) but now I'm importing the first set of files into a temporal database07:05
carlosit takes too long07:05
carlosit's too long07:05
(daf/#launchpad) hmm, really?07:06
carlosthe pot was really fast07:06
(daf/#launchpad) ok, if one or two files work in the temporary database, then I think it's ok to do the real thing07:06
(daf/#launchpad) ah, but the PO files are slow?07:07
carlosalso, the statistics update method seems like it's broken 07:07
carlosbecause it always give you 007:07
(daf/#launchpad) ok, I guess we should try doing more profiling work07:07
(daf/#launchpad) hmm07:07
carlosbut that's not a problem07:07
carloswe could fix it later07:07
carlosdaf: I want to add some code to allow imports that don't have plural form information07:08
carlosand they don't have any plural form msgset07:08
carloslike gnome-panel, lots of files are being rejected because we don't have the plural form information07:08
(daf/#launchpad) that would be fine07:08
(daf/#launchpad) that's the way things should be07:09
carlosand rosetta and dogfood server are down 07:09
(daf/#launchpad) if there are no plural msgstrs, no plural form information should be necessary07:09
(daf/#launchpad) they're down?07:09
carlosI asked for the virtual info change already so we don't depend on admins07:10
carlosas the .po files are being imported already (you should have it in your inbox)07:10
(daf/#launchpad) yep, just read it07:11
(daf/#launchpad) looks good07:11
carlosdaf: so, I'm going to import real data into dogfood07:12
carlosis that ok?07:12
(daf/#launchpad) yeah, if the test import seemed to work07:12
(daf/#launchpad) any idea on why the PO import might be so slow?07:13
carlosno idea, I need to do more profile07:14
carlosdid we solved the problem that made an update with every field change?07:14
(daf/#launchpad) no07:15
(daf/#launchpad) well, not sure07:15
(daf/#launchpad) we can try using the same techniques as we did before for analysing the performance07:15
(daf/#launchpad) I suggest we get a Postgres log for an import of a 2-msgid PO file07:16
carloslet me start the import07:16
(daf/#launchpad) and examine the queries and how long they're taking07:16
(daf/#launchpad) sure, go for it07:16
carlosand I get on it07:16
carlosok, profile mode on07:23
(daf/#launchpad) on your own machine?07:24
carlosit's easier for me to work that way07:26
carlosit's slower, but easier07:26
carlosand mawson is already with a high load07:26
carlosimporting .po files07:26
(daf/#launchpad) right, and it would slow down the import even more07:26
(sabdfl/#launchpad) so guys, can imports only be done behind the scenes via a script?07:26
(sabdfl/#launchpad) how big is a really big po file?07:26
(daf/#launchpad) the biggest in Ubuntu are aroudn 4500 messages07:27
(sabdfl/#launchpad) so not huge07:27
(daf/#launchpad) well, that is huge07:27
(daf/#launchpad) comparatively speaking07:27
(daf/#launchpad) it might be a week of work for a translator working full time07:27
(sabdfl/#launchpad) not huge in storage terms07:28
(sabdfl/#launchpad) seems we could create a table to store "uploaded PO files"07:29
(sabdfl/#launchpad) i'm trying to think of a way to get people putting PO files into rosetta themselves07:29
carlossabdfl: but only as a temporal storage, right?07:29
(sabdfl/#launchpad) carlos: exactly07:29
(sabdfl/#launchpad) so it's a link off the project / product pages07:30
(sabdfl/#launchpad) "start translating this product"07:30
(SteveA/#launchpad) how big is it in mk ?07:30
(SteveA/#launchpad) how big is it in kb ?07:30
(SteveA/#launchpad) I mean, how big is that 4500 message file in kb?07:31
carlosthat's more or lees the web upload feature we have planned to implement but adding a moderation queue07:31
(SteveA/#launchpad) we could implement a queue that puts a raw po file in the zodb, and then have a separate app server / script to process that into the database behind the scenes07:32
carlosSteveA: I think it's less than 1 MB07:32
(SteveA/#launchpad) so, there are no technical problems there07:32
carlosbut it could reach the 1MB easily07:32
carlosSteveA: that procedure sounds good07:33
(SteveA/#launchpad) and, it certainly fits the "this can be nuked and it isn't a disaster" model of using the zodb 07:34
(SteveA/#launchpad) we'd change from MemoryStorage to FileStorage, though. that's no big deal.07:34
(sabdfl/#launchpad) i think we could do a "sanity check" on the file, and store it, then Daf could import it behind the scenes, and mail the user that it's ready to go07:36
=== salgado [~salgado@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
(sabdfl/#launchpad) the main thing would be to keep it really simple, but get it up asap07:38
(daf/#launchpad) SteveA: well, the size might vary a lot, but one 4000-message template I have here is nearly 400kb07:39
(daf/#launchpad) storing PO files on the server sounds to me like something the librarian might do for us07:39
(SteveA/#launchpad) there's the issue of storing the file, and the issue of maintaining the queue. the queue could be as simple as daf's mailbox for now.07:40
(sabdfl/#launchpad) i dont want to get complicated07:40
(daf/#launchpad) yeah, let's do the simplest thing that works07:40
(sabdfl/#launchpad) daf's mailbox hasn't got us a lot of traction thus far ;-)07:40
(SteveA/#launchpad) storing the file could be as simple as sticking it on the filesystem in a particular directory under a name that gets mailed to daf07:41
(SteveA/#launchpad) or even, just mail daf the po file07:41
(SteveA/#launchpad) mailing daf the whole file is easiest for now.07:41
(SteveA/#launchpad) 30 minutes' work07:41
(SteveA/#launchpad) to write a mail thing that has an attachment07:41
(SteveA/#launchpad) and that includes reading the example in the python standard lib07:41
(sabdfl/#launchpad) except we want to be able to show in the web form that there is a translation there waiting to be processed07:41
(SteveA/#launchpad) then use an annotation to store the metadata07:42
(sabdfl/#launchpad) but yes, mail would be a start that could be done... tonight ;-)07:42
(SteveA/#launchpad) I need to check with stub that keeping a Data.fs around on the dogfood server is okay, and how the config file should look for that07:42
carlosdoes any one have rights to execute launchpad's dogfood?07:44
carlosit would help me a lot to test that the po imports are being done correctly...07:44
(elmo/#launchpad) carlos: dude, you do07:45
(elmo/#launchpad) it runs as 'launchpad'07:45
(elmo/#launchpad) you can become the launchpad user now07:45
carloselmo: ok, let me ask again....07:45
carlosdoes any one have rights and the knowledge to execute launchpad's dogfood?07:46
(elmo/#launchpad) heh07:46
carlosI don't have any idea about how it's executed07:46
carlosdon't think a screen + make run is the usual solution...07:46
(daf/#launchpad) I think it might be as simple as running "make run" somewhere in /src07:50
(daf/#launchpad) using screen gets around the fact that launchpad is not daemonised yet07:50
carlosok, dogfood server working again07:55
carlosand I forgot to import the .pot file first07:55
(daf/#launchpad) oops07:57
carlosdaf: isn't dogfood server automatically updated from rocketfuel?07:58
(daf/#launchpad) I don't know, I'm afraid08:03
carlosok, the pot was imported08:03
(daf/#launchpad) ah, good08:04
=== BradB|lunch is now known as BradB
(sabdfl/#launchpad) carlos: no, it isnt auto-updated08:29
(sabdfl/#launchpad) stub tends it lovingly08:29
(sabdfl/#launchpad) night all08:29
carlossabdfl: ok, night08:30
carlosdaf: there is a problem with the virtual hosting08:37
carlosof rosetta.shuttleworthfoundation.org08:37
carlosSteveA, daf: around?08:38
carloswe get links to: https://rosetta.shuttleworthfoundation.org/rosetta/prefs08:38
carloswhen it should be https://rosetta.shuttleworthfoundation.org/prefs08:38
(daf/#launchpad) carlos: hmm08:42
(daf/#launchpad) might be a matter of moving the /+/08:42
(daf/#launchpad) or /++/, or whatever it is08:42
(daf/#launchpad) the virtual hosting URLs confuse me08:42
carlosdaf: well, me too, if that makes you feel better :-)08:43
(SteveA/#launchpad) hello carlos08:45
carlosSteveA: hi08:45
(SteveA/#launchpad) what does the vh config look like now?08:45
(SteveA/#launchpad) is it as in the email?08:45
carlosProxyPass / http://localhost:9020/rosetta/++vh++https:rosetta.shuttleworthfoundation.org:443/++/08:46
(SteveA/#launchpad) that looks like it should work as you want08:47
(SteveA/#launchpad) oh08:47
(SteveA/#launchpad) it is not a virtual hosting problem08:47
(SteveA/#launchpad) it is just that the links are wrong08:47
(daf/#launchpad) ah08:48
(SteveA/#launchpad) the breadcrumbs are wrong too08:48
carlosabsolute links instead of relative ones?08:48
(SteveA/#launchpad) well, they can't be relative ones08:48
(SteveA/#launchpad) I suggest a quick hack for now08:49
(SteveA/#launchpad) that is, add some code in the page template that is the rosetta main template08:50
(SteveA/#launchpad) on the rosetta layer08:50
(SteveA/#launchpad) that looks to see if there is "rosetta/++vh++" in the URL08:50
(SteveA/#launchpad) and if so, uses alternative links08:50
(SteveA/#launchpad) this is a hack until I have done the "context-specific urls" work08:50
(SteveA/#launchpad) also, don't show stuff that you need to be logged in to see until you're logged in08:51
carlosdaf: could you do it? or should I add it into my TODO list?08:51
(SteveA/#launchpad) I guess I should make the standard unauthorized page redirect to /+login?camefrom=URL08:51
(SteveA/#launchpad) but, I must go and watch a film now08:52
(daf/#launchpad) ok08:52
carlosSteveA: enjoy it08:52
(SteveA/#launchpad) thanks08:52
(daf/#launchpad) we should probably take the breadcrumbs off the main template08:53
(daf/#launchpad) that's one change I missed08:53
carlosdaf: I'm going to leave also in about 30 minutes or so 08:57
carlosdaf: I hope tonight the initial import is done08:57
carlosone thing I will try to fix this weekend is the statistics thing08:58
carlosbecause althought there are translations the pofile thinks it's 100% untranslated08:58
(daf/#launchpad) hmm09:05
(daf/#launchpad) one hack to fix the links would be to redirect /rosetta/rosetta/* to /rosetta/*09:05
=== carlos don't have any idea about it
dilysNew Malone bug #55: "we should be able to import always pofiles without plural forms", submitted by Carlos Perell Marn09:07
carlosdaf: dude, we need to optimize the import...09:08
carlosreal    62m52.963s09:08
carlosuser    2m39.403s09:08
carlossys     0m9.266s09:08
carlos8 po09:08
carlosthat's in mawson09:08
(daf/#launchpad) ouch09:08
carlosabout 512 messages each po09:08
carlosman, I really suck09:09
carlosI think the import is not being done as it should...09:10
=== carlos checks
carlosok, the import was done correctly09:11
carlosI cannot understand how is that a .pot import is so fast09:13
carlosbut the .po is so slow...09:13
carlosthe gnome-applet's .pot import took about 1 minute (I think less than a minute) and it has more than 1300 msgsets09:14
(SteveA/#launchpad) well, a pot file stands on its own, and is related to its product09:14
(SteveA/#launchpad) a po file is related to the pot file09:14
(SteveA/#launchpad) so importing a po has an effect on the pot data in terms of relationships09:15
(SteveA/#launchpad) (getting food before the film)09:15
(SteveA/#launchpad) (ridicule, groovy french film about institutionalized piss-taking)09:15
carlosSteveA: I know a .po file should take more time, but about 10 times more ?09:16
(SteveA/#launchpad) hmm09:17
carlosIn about 1 hour we will have the data imported (finally)09:17
(SteveA/#launchpad) okay, that's great09:18
(SteveA/#launchpad) I wonder if we can profile po importing to see what takes all the time?09:18
carlosSteveA: yes, daf asked me that already09:18
carloswe did it already a month ago09:18
carloswe should do it again with latest code changes09:18
(SteveA/#launchpad) what was taking all the time a month ago?09:20
carlosduplicated queries, several updates for the same table instead of just one update with all changes and some other things I don't remember at the moment09:21
carloslet me check09:21
carlosok, I should leave now09:26
carlosif you need anything from me just send me an email, I will try to be online tomorrow to fix the statistics of the imported pos09:27
=== kiko-fud is now known as kiko
=== lifeless_ is now known as lifeless
kikosabdfl, I finally have an account on malone10:41
kikoBradB, sabdfl: isn't "the complete bug list" something resembling 200,000 bugs on bugzilla.mozilla.org?!10:42
kikoBradB, Add -> Add new bug or Report new bug on the complete bug list page, btw.10:43
BradBkiko: no idea, but, as you can see, our "complete bug list" is filtered on what the user wants to see. it'll get better filtering once the super widget is in place.10:47
kikowe have 250,000 bugs in bugzilla.mozilla.org.10:48
BradBso by default, you'll only see what you want to see, which is unfixed bugs (new or accepted) for stuff you maintain.10:48
kikogot my suggestion for the button label change?10:48
kikothe text for the front page should change, then10:48
BradBit will, yeah10:48
kikoit should say "View my bug list" or "View open bugs assigned to me" or "in packages I maintain".10:48
kikobut okay, back to reporting my karmabug.10:48
BradBkiko: those are "quick searches"10:48
BradBthat will be available on the listing page itself.10:49
=== kiko clicks a link and sees this massive Select SourcePackage window
kikowhat is this "4" thing?10:49
BradBkiko: ask stub, he implemented it. :)10:49
BradBkiko: what i'm working on now is making a widget that doesn't suck.10:49
BradBusing "Sources" in Zope 3, which are somewhat new.10:50
kikoI see10:50
BradBSources, btw, are Z3's thing to deal with huge vocabs.10:50
kikoBradB, cprov needs some timpeters-fu on his difflib hack, I'm going to try and proxy some upstreamage10:50
lifelesskiko: know of a patchlib for python ? something that can parse patches ?10:51
kikonope -- difflib goes the reverse direction, too. hmmmmm.10:51
kikoI know of one for Perl if that helps..10:51
BradBPerl rocks10:52
kikolifeless, "parse" in what sense, btw?10:52
=== kiko posts bug
kikowaits waits wait10:53
kikoBradB, bug for you babe10:54
dilysNew Malone bug #56: "Implement initial karma-gathering framework", submitted by Christian Robotton Reis10:54
kikoBradB, look at bug 56.10:54
kikopackage 44bsd? :)10:54
kikothat's borks10:54
BradBkiko: dude, stub implemented that dirty search widget stuff.10:54
kikonot just search widget, dude, it misreported the package10:54
BradBi was a bit surprised when it just put ID's in the boxes, but oh well, it's going away anyway.10:54
lifelesskiko: parse in take (say) the output of diff -NRup olddir newdir and create an iterable of file-diffs, each of which is a collection of hunks10:55
kikothat's not my point -- the ID was translated into something else10:55
=== BradB looks
kikolifeless, hmmmm. yep, beats me10:55
kikodude, filling out the summary is a pain in the @#@!!10:56
BradBkiko: i know :/10:56
kikoit should *not* be a requisite for filing bugs, really10:56
kikoit can be an optional field to be used instead of the initial description, IMO.10:56
BradBkiko: i already fixed it, with patch-100, but sabdfl refused to let it happen. :/10:56
BradBkiko: he'll change his mind though, because *every* user (including me) has whined about it.10:56
kikoin bugzilla, the initial description is the bug summary11:02
kikoit would be trs cool to have an optional summary to substitute it11:02
kikobut most bugs wouldn't use it, because some bugs have short lifespans11:02
kikoBradB, I get the feeling also that unless we want do discourage ascii art in the description, the textarea should be 80 cols wide and server-wrapped.11:04
kikoit's very useful in bugzilla11:04
dilysNew Malone bug #57: "Collect karma for bugs reported", submitted by Christian Robotton Reis11:05
kikoBradB, I shouldn't get an +add control if I am already ..11:07
kikothe +add control in the box is confusing 11:07
kikohow do I CC: another user?11:09
=== BradB [~bradb@modemcable202.193-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
BradBugh, that's the second time gnome's hung on me today11:13
kiko<kiko> BradB, I shouldn't get an +add control if I am already ..11:17
kiko<kiko> oh.11:17
kiko<kiko> the +add control in the box is confusing 11:17
kiko<kiko> how do I CC: another user?11:17
kikoBradB, also, see bug 5611:17
kikofirst my comment came out with some gnarly double-spacing11:17
kikothen 44bsd-rdist is confusing me11:17
BradBkiko: to Cc people, just click Subscribe. there's no way yet to do it while adding a bug, but i'm aware that that'll be required.11:18
BradBwith problems with the widget, i think stub would be the one to address that.11:18
BradBkiko: that ugly <pre> crap was also done by stub.11:19
BradBon bug messages.11:20
kikoBradB, could the Person listing in the Add Person page (bad title) be ordered in some way?11:25
BradBkiko: yeah, but again, the person, sourcepackage, product widgets are going away, so anything else done to them is more-or-less wasted effort.11:27
kikohmmm, going away.11:28
BradBto be replaced by something that's usable, yeah.11:30
BradBwhich will look and be used somewhat differently.11:30
BradBi.e. search and select11:30

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