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(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) this has been a lazy group today :-)05:31
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) good night guys05:31
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(plovs/#ubuntu-doc) moin06:38
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) hey plovs06:55
(plovs_work/#ubuntu-doc) a new day ahead, i hope to get my ghost cd to boot today07:04
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(plovs_work/#ubuntu-doc) today is a good day!08:41
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ChrisHHas anyone of you guys ever configured WiFi on Ubuntu?01:09
(plovs_work/#ubuntu-doc) nope01:30
ChrisHAh, got it now.01:31
ChrisHwfconfig... we really need some information on that. There are three pages about WiFi on the Wiki but none tells anything but the list of supported chipsets. :(01:34
(plovs_work/#ubuntu-doc) everybody in barcelona is supposed to use it01:43
(plovs_work/#ubuntu-doc) we need a howto01:44
ChrisHI don't have WLAN at home so I'm probably not a good information source yet.02:00
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) good morning02:14
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) and I have wifi02:14
ChrisHhornbeck: Hi. You are invited to write a Wiki entry. :)02:25
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) I will see if I have time today, if so I will do it today :-)02:30
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) the problem is, mine just always works :-)02:30
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(plovs_work/#ubuntu-doc) hornbeck, good morning02:33
(plovs_work/#ubuntu-doc) hornbeck, as a frontend to subversion (nice link) http://projects.edgewall.com/trac/wiki/TracOnDebian02:34
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) plovs_work: cool I will check it out02:52
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) plovs_work: that has alot of dependencies02:55
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) I don't think the Cananical guys will go for it02:55
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) Canonical02:55
(plovs_work/#ubuntu-doc) ah well03:09
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) anyone know if you can move blogger archives to wordpress03:11
(plovs_work/#ubuntu-doc) http://wiki.wordpress.org/BloggerImport03:16
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) nice, thanks I am lazy and trying to write this wifihowto03:16
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) there is already a wifihowto on the wiki03:27
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) just is not very good03:27
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enricoHello very nice people!05:11
enricoI'm catching up a bit in the list05:11
enricoAnd I've booked my tickets to the conference (!)05:12
enricoDo we already have a wiki page with our plans for the conf?  Else, I can go on and create one05:12
ChrisHenrico: We only have BOFs created by Sivan and me. Lulu was about to create an agenda.05:31
ChrisHenrico: from what I heard the morning will have a fixed agenda from lulu and the rest of the day is free for anything. So I guess we should just meet then.05:32
ChrisHenrico: Are you leaving on the 8th?05:32
enricoOn the 9th05:32
ChrisHOkay. Sivan, Alex (plovs) and me will be there from the 8th to the 11th iirc. So we should probably use the 8th and 9th for talking about our things to do.05:33
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enricogosh... we'll meet for just a little little...05:37
ChrisHSorry. But I cannot afford to live there for two weeks. :)05:38
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sivangHi All05:52
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ChrisHsivang: Hey, it's him! :)05:54
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sivangah, that's better :)05:58
sivangHi ChrisH05:58
ChrisH|-|3y, Z1\/4/\/ 0|_|) B|_||)|)Y.05:58
enricoChrisH: do you have more news about the morning fixed agenda you mentioned before?06:16
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cenerentolaenrico: time for me?06:19
enricocenerentola: after you wrote me insults in private for all the afternoon?  No.06:25
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ChrisHenrico: I just heard from lulu that she was about to get it done and publish more information about the conference in general. Haven't heard from her about that topic since. Must have been about a week ago.06:32
silbsguys - lulu is working on the schedule. It will only be a draft and probably won't be out till Monday. If you have specific bof sessions that you would like scheduled, please list them on the wiki (if you haven't done so already).06:37
cenerentoladoes someone know anything about linguaplone?06:38
ChrisHsivang: I think a few more general information on the conference is badly needed. Questions and more BOFs will probably come up later automatically.06:38
ChrisHsivang: sorry06:38
ChrisHsilbs: I think a few more general information on the conference is badly needed. Questions and more BOFs will probably come up later automatically.06:38
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silbsChrisH: like what?06:40
ChrisHsilbs: Where is the location? (The website of it is a little awkward.) What is canonical planning to present? What can visitors expect? Currently it's just "we'll share the same rooms for two weeks".06:42
cenerentolathx guys for the immediate answer..hehe;)06:43
silbsChrisH: i realise that may be frustrating, but to a large extent that is what you should expect. This isn't a conference with scheduled speakers, panel discussions, debates.06:44
silbsChrisH: there will be several bofs scheduled per day, but to a large extent the value is in having the people in the same room, pair programming, planning work, etc06:45
silbsthe bof schedule lulu is working on will provide the general structure for the day, and we have already told you it is being worked on06:45
silbsthe location is at the hotel. I'll update the wiki to reflect that - the information has been vague because everything is being planned.06:46
silbsTecnocampus is still helping sponsoring the project, but the rooms there didn't work out.06:46
silbswe are still 2 weeks out - the may seem like a short time to you, but that is ages in Ubuntu/Canonical time :)06:47
ChrisHsilbs: The Tecnocampus is near the hotel?06:49
ChrisHsilbs: Or are the BOFs being held at the hotel?06:50
silbsthere are several tecnocampus buildings - one is <10 min walk, one is approx 20 min walk. But we aren't holding events there anymore.06:50
silbssee above - everything at the hotel now06:50
ChrisHsilbs: k. What will the tecnocampus being used for then?06:50
silbsChrisH: nothing will be at the tecnocampus. Everything will be at the hotel.06:51
ChrisH18:46 < silbs> Tecnocampus is still helping sponsoring the project, but the rooms there didn't work out.06:51
ChrisHsilbs: I'm must curious about the kind of sponsoring they will do. :)06:51
ChrisHsilbs: Personally I like the idea of having it all held at the hotel. My wife and my baby come with me and it's easier to not travel long distances.06:52
silbsChrisH: they have facilitated our being in Mataro, helped with the planning, and they are making a financial contribution.  06:52
ChrisHsilbs: kind06:53
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ChrisHsilbs: Sorry for my ignorance. Are you from canonical?06:54
silbsChrisH: yes - sorry, should have introduced myself. I am Jane Silber.  I'm the Canonical COO.06:55
ChrisHsilbs: pleased to meet you... I'm just an inferior contributor in the doc team ;)06:55
silbsChrisH: not at all - you guys are the important ones. I just try to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes so you guys can do the important work!06:56
ChrisHsilbs: What does stand COO for? Chief Obscurity Officer? Chief Organisational Officer?06:58
silbsChrisH: all of the above :)06:58
ChrisHsilbs: Well, I guess we will all have a clearer picture of who we are after Mataro. :)06:59
silbsChrisH: hope this helped. We'll get a schedule out as soon as we can - suggest bofs as you see fit.  I'm off now - good night.06:59
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enricoChrisH: ok, so we can start throwing our wishes07:03
enricoI started a DocTeamAtConference page where we can do that07:03
ChrisHVery good.07:07
enricoI'll announce it on the list07:08
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plovs__hi guys!07:38
aswhey enrico! Still around?07:51
enricoasw: about to go to dinner!07:52
aswOK. I'm going to be in London dec 2-13 and I might be able to drop by for the doc BOF.  07:53
aswIf I come, I would arrive the 9th and leave the 10th.  Will you be there then? 07:53
aswThat's thurs/fri. 07:54
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aswhi plovs07:54
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enricoasw: I'll leave on the 9th afternoon, unfortunately07:56
enricoI got a plane to Taiwan to take on the 10 early morning07:56
aswI could adjust my schedule and just as easily come on the 8th/9th. but it will depend on the schedules of other people I need to see.07:58
aswI'm glad I caught you. Have a good dinner. 07:58
aswI've done quite a bit on the little project I mentioned to you in our last chat.07:58
sivangasw : what project is that?07:58
plovsenrico, hi, you'll make a page for the doc-team conference stuff?07:59
enricoasw: the Graal? 07:59
aswsivang - hi btw - in my non-existent spare time I'm working on an idea to fund certain types of free (as in freedom) communities. 07:59
enricoasw: that's great news, then07:59
=== enrico goes having dinner
enricoasw: after the dinner I'll be curious08:00
sivangasw : ah awfully nice! You have some kind of fund organization after you?08:00
aswsure I'm often around (but often I forget to mark myself "away" when I'm not.) 08:00
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