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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/cscvs--devel--1.0: implement a basic full tree CVS update() (patch-39)12:58
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(sabdfl/#launchpad) anybody seen weird failures with SQLobject where code works perfectly in one setting and fails in another?01:11
carlosnot here, or I didn't detected it yet01:22
cprovsabdfl: can you be more specific ? I've got wierd things using SQLO in LP, since today my writes via LP aren't commited in DB 01:23
(sabdfl/#launchpad) is there any way to see a listing of all the SQL commands that SQLos is generating?01:24
carlossabdfl: What I do is looking at postgresql log01:25
carlosis not a perfect way to do it, but it helps01:25
(sabdfl/#launchpad) carlos: is there a way to make postgres show all the SQL, not just errors?01:35
carlossabdfl: yes01:35
(sabdfl/#launchpad) how?01:35
carlosedit /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf01:35
carlosand set log_statement = true01:35
carlosthat will dump all queries to the database 01:36
carlosremember to reload it01:36
salgadoit's good to use a 'log_min_duration_statement = 0'. this way you got the execution time of each statement, too01:41
(SteveA/#launchpad) hi carlos02:50
carlosSteveA: hi02:50
(SteveA/#launchpad) do you know the place that the conference is in at all?02:51
carlosI think it will be in the hotel finally02:51
carlosbut I have never been there before02:51
carlosif that's what you are asking02:52
(SteveA/#launchpad) do you know the surrounding area at all?02:52
(SteveA/#launchpad) my girlfriend is visiting right at the end of the conference, but she is trying to find out about opportunities to do horse riding near to there.02:52
(SteveA/#launchpad) she is crazy about horses02:52
carlosI could ask, just a second...02:53
carlosSteveA: don't know, but it's really close to Barcelona so it should be a place to do it02:54
(SteveA/#launchpad) ok, we'll have a look on the web and see what there is02:55
(SteveA/#launchpad) thanks02:55
carlosok, found a place02:56
carlosESCUELA   D'EQUITACIO ELS TRES TOMBS   VEINAT DE MATA, 66   *08307   MATARO   93 757 63 2902:56
carlosnot sure if there is a website02:56
carlosSteveA: the phone: +34  93 757 63 2902:57
carlosif they cannot attend you in english, just tell me what do you want to ask and I could call for you02:57
(SteveA/#launchpad) that's right in mataro02:57
(SteveA/#launchpad) thanks02:57
carlosSteveA: right02:57
(SteveA/#launchpad) ok, aiste will try to call them later, and if communication isn't working, we'll ask for your help02:58
(SteveA/#launchpad) thank you carlos02:58
carlosSteveA: no problem02:58
carlosSteveA: http://www.centroecuestrellavaneres.com/ <- That's another place, it's near Matar The phone: +3493792880203:01
(SteveA/#launchpad) thanks03:06
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BradBelmo: has gnome everyone hung on your powerbook?06:10
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BradBok, getting fairly sick of gnome hanging on me06:47
KinnisonDoes it completely hang; or just lock X?06:48
BradBthat's three times in the past two days...this past time all i was doing was scrolling through the INSTALL file of perl
KinnisonI.E. can you ctrl+alt+F1 ?06:48
BradBKinnison: i'm not sure. i tried various key combos to kill X and nothing happened.06:48
BradBok, see i didn't know about that one.06:48
BradBi was doing ctrl + alt + delete (i.e. backspace on a pb)06:48
Kinnisonctrl+alt+f1 should drop you to a text console06:49
BradBbut whether it's "just" hanging X, or hanging everything, this is getting annoying.06:49
BradBer, yeah, i do recall that one actually (just switching to console rather than trying to kill X), just didn't think to do it. oh well, i'll try the next time maybe.06:53
KinnisonIf it happens; check if you've started something which has grabbed mouse/keyboard input and got lost06:54
Kinnisonrhythmbox is a good one for that06:54
BradBKinnison: has gnome hung on you too?06:57
KinnisonBradB: It hung up for my dad. The last time it did it was rhythmbox06:57
BradBeeek, that's embarrassing to hear things about linux desktops hanging. :/06:57
KinnisonIt's X's fantastic tendancy to let apps exclusively grab the mouse/kb and not give them back06:58
kikoIt happens using ion, too.06:58
kikofirefox is the mail culprit.06:58
BradBmain, you mean?06:59
BradBthat seems to have been the common factor with all the times it hung for me.06:59
kikomain. yes.06:59
BradBi'm not running anything fancy at the moment, normally just a terminal, xchat and firefox.06:59
kikoit's probably not hung -- just focus is in the wrong place.07:00
BradBkiko: when i can't move my mouse or anything? i'd say it's hung. :)07:00
kikoit can't be gnome's fault07:00
kikoand yet ctrl-alt-bs still kills it?07:00
BradBlike, literally, a few mins ago, i was scrolling down the INSTALL file of perl 5.8.5 and whoop, it stopped scrolling. yay, gnome hung.07:01
kikoit's not gnome.07:01
BradBkiko: no, it doesn't.07:01
kikoit's X.07:01
kikoand the network still works?07:01
BradBas i mentioned ctrl-alt-delete ain't killing it.07:01
BradBi dunno07:01
kikocan you try pinging it from another box?07:01
kikomore likely than not, kernel bug.07:01
BradBi saw nothing in kernel.log.07:01
kikodoesn't matter07:01
BradBi guess the kernel isn't always smart enough to log why it hangs :)07:02
kikothe hang could simply freeze the kernel in its tracks, no disk access would be relevant 07:02
BradBbradb@oxygen:~ $ uname -a07:02
BradBLinux oxygen #1 Thu Nov 18 13:59:38 UTC 2004 ppc GNU/Linux07:02
BradBbradb@oxygen:~ $07:02
kikoI dunno..07:02
kikobut it sounds like a kernel hang.07:02
BradBkiko: so you're saying that you've had this sort of thing happen too?07:03
kikoI'm saying that a mouse freeze is 99% of the time a hardware issue, and 1% a software issue. Since your hardware seems to be unquestionable at this point..07:03
KinnisonIf you can ssh in from another machine it's more likely an X issue somewhere. Something to do with mouse or keyboard capture07:03
kikoof these 1%, I'd say 90% of them were kernel bugs and 10% were X bugs.07:04
kiko0% would be gnome bugs. :)07:04
BradBkiko: i didn't say it was a mouse freeze though. as i say, i had my finger on the page down button scrolling in a terminal, and whoop, dead.07:04
KinnisonThat button would do a mouse capture certainly07:04
Kinnisonyou couldn't move the mouse pointer either?07:05
kikobut the mouse froze, right?07:05
kiko<BradB> kiko: when i can't move my mouse or anything? i'd say it's hung. :)] 07:05
kikofollowing the 99-90-10 rationale.. :)07:05
BradBwhat i meant though was that it doesn't freeze *as* i was moving my mouse.07:05
kikosounds like a kernel issue to me. could be just a misbehaved driver, could be kernel preemption bugs on your hardware, could be something more obscure. 07:06
BradBkiko: so has gnome hung for you too in ubuntu?07:06
kikobeing honest, "gnome hung" is too ill-defined, but I'd say no.07:06
BradBkiko: well, have you had it happen that you were working and then all of a sudden could no longer move your mouse or enter any kb input and had to hard reboot your machine?07:07
kikonever. but I'm on i86. and mind you, don't say "gnome hung" because "gnome" doesn't actually exist as a single piece of software that *could* hang :)07:08
=== Kinnison has never had a desktop-freeze with Ubuntu
Kinnison(x86 only of course)07:09
BradBwhat kernel are you guys running?07:09
Kinnisonand on the laptop 2.6.7 (debian)07:10
=== BradB thinks i should upgrade to X.org
kikoBradB, first, find out if you can ping the hung machine07:18
kikoif you can't, the upgrade is likely to make things worse, not better.07:19
kikoI'd say sshing in is a better test07:21
kikothen you can check how X is doing07:21
kikoand if you can't ssh, well, it's proof it's a kernel thing too.07:21
BradBthat would bring little comfort to having just replaced OS X with Linux :)07:23
kikoit can happen on non-standard architectures.07:27
kikoit's rare though.07:27
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kikoBradB, any other hangs so far?10:37
BradBnot yet!10:37
BradBit'll probably happen before the end of tomorrow though10:38
kikoremember to ssh in10:38
kikowhat should I take you as a pre-xmas gift?10:38
kikoyou get to choose, isn't that rad10:38
BradBa wireless nic that works with pbg4 + linux! :)10:40
KinnisonDon't we have someone working on a broadcom driver now?10:41
kikoBradB, an orinoco card?10:45
BradBi'm not sure what the best nic is for my hardware/software.10:46
BradBhm, nobody in #ubuntu seems to know either. i might have to get the specifics from elmo.10:56
kikohe uses orinoco cards, fwiw10:58
BradBah. i'm also really curious to know if he's been experiencing the same hanging problems that i've had. i'm still slightly concerned about this OS switch, if this is something i'm going to have to rely on a kernel developer to fix.11:00

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