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HoodsterHi All01:05
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sivangnight all01:41
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ChrisHMoin... just posted a revolutionary thought on -doc. ;) I'd like to join our effort into a single book.Let me know what you think.02:05
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WWHi folks.04:57
ChrisHWW: hey...04:58
WWHave the wiki login accounts been reset lately?04:58
ChrisHMine works still.04:59
WWHmmm... maybe I'm having a senior moment...04:59
WWYes, I am... nevermind!04:59
WWStrange... I'm editing a wiki page, and my cursor keys don't work in the editor.05:07
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(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) good morning05:32
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sivangChrisH : Hi05:36
sivangChrisH : What's up?05:36
ChrisHsivang: read my posting? 05:42
sivangChrisH : Started now :)05:42
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) ChrisH: I think it is a very good idea to join the projects05:43
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) I just don't want to space it apart and it not get done than05:43
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) We should do a good job though05:43
ChrisHhornbeck: Great to hear that.05:45
ChrisHhornbeck: Currently I'm completely lost. I hear of new organisational wiki pages, new subprojects etc... but I think - just like you - that nothing gets done.05:45
ChrisHhornbeck: If we joined it and everyone would get an own section to work it, that would be simpler.05:46
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) ChrisH: We are starting to try and get to organized05:46
ChrisHhornbeck: Let's say: I take the "server/service" part and look for Wiki pages that deal with it. Once they are in the document the Wiki pages can be removed.05:46
ChrisHhornbeck: That's why I'm curious about your TOC structure.05:47
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) ChrisH: good idea05:47
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) http://ubuntulinux.org/wiki/LearningUbuntuOutline05:47
ChrisHhornbeck: If we have it too freely like "everybody do what they want" then nobody does anything.05:47
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) it can be added to05:47
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) agreed05:47
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) but we are starting to get to many organization pages05:47
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) I cannot keep up with where I am supposed to email or loginto to tell everyone what I am doing05:48
ChrisHI'd like to have a single (!) Wiki page for this documentation project where you (if you like) could propose the TOC structure in a table.05:48
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) if I have a patch do I send to the mailing list, bugzilla, or just add it05:48
ChrisHThen everybody can put their names in where they like to contribute.05:48
ChrisHEvery section gets a file in your repository.05:48
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) well my repository will be moved in the next week05:49
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) going to the Ubuntu servers05:49
ChrisHStill subversion based?05:49
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) yes05:49
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) I think so05:49
ChrisHIs anything done automatically to produce a new set of HTML documents after a check-in?05:49
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) not yet05:50
sivangChrisH : Very good. I agree!05:50
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) I will need your help with that05:50
ChrisHhornbeck: Hmmm. Okay. I'll try. :)05:50
sivangChrisH : THis is much more straightforward approch then we already had,05:50
ChrisHsivang: Okay. :)05:50
sivangI am doing the follow up now :)05:50
ChrisHsivang: I really get the feeling we have so much management that nobody is doing anything. :)05:50
ChrisHsivang: k05:50
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) ChrisH: that is what I was saying05:51
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) ChrisH: did you look at the current TOC?05:52
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) robertj: You still around?05:52
ChrisHhornbeck: haven't compared it to other dox like Progeny. But it looks appealing already.05:53
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) I don't want it compared, we are trying to start fresh not copy :-)05:53
ChrisHWasn't there someone posting on the list about an "idiot's guide"? What about that? :)05:53
ChrisHhornbeck: Nah, just to make sure we don't miss anything.05:54
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) that is by the guys at the forem05:54
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) they don't really want help05:54
ChrisHah, ok05:54
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) ChrisH: How about we post the TOC to the list, than people can give suggestions05:55
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) but this really has to start soon05:55
ChrisHhornbeck: Yes!05:56
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) ok05:56
sivangThe background seciont is mine!05:57
ChrisHhornbeck: Let's rename the FAQ (but keep the Subversion path for now) to something like "Ubuntu User's Guide" (?) and everybody picks a section.05:57
ChrisHsivang: For colorful desktop backgrounds? :)05:57
WWWow, are you really considering not having a FAQ?  At all?05:58
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) ChrisH: lets keep everything how it is right now05:59
ChrisHWW: I could imagine that the FAQ will become a subset of the user's guide.05:59
ChrisHhornbeck: what exactly?05:59
ChrisHhornbeck: you mean until we know what we want (on the mailing list)?06:00
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) ChrisH: yes06:00
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) I thought we where moving stuff into the book not the faq?06:00
WWChrisH: And that will be easily searchable from the web?  So a new user can search for something like "pciehp"?06:00
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) the book is clean as far as content, so stuff could be added real easy06:00
sivangWW : We'll make it searchable from Yelp - Shaun McCane is working on impriving the search option in yelp, ir would be ready for 2.1006:02
sivangthe search option is already avialable in cvs head.06:04
WWsivang: 2.10? What about warty?  06:04
sivangWW : well, we could do a backport of it into warty, I'm sure there would be no problem.06:05
sivangWhen this get's finsih, people with warties would get updated through the regular cycle of aptitude, synatpic or whatever.06:05
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) well I am going to look at a new car06:09
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) bbl06:09
WWOK, I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.  Is there a rough estimate for when the new FAQ/Book/whatever will be available? Just ballpark: weeks? months?06:10
WW... or, more likely, "we don't know yet!" :)06:11
ChrisHErr... I'm still confused. So our two documents will be FAQ and Book/User's Guide?06:18
sivangChrisH : main document - Ubuntu Handbook06:19
ChrisH18:00 < hornbeck> I thought we where moving stuff into the book not the faq?06:20
ChrisHThat confused me.06:20
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) well you said to change the faq to another name06:20
sivangFAQ can be a section in the handbook, and can also be distributed seperatly, however I would like more be it in one bundle06:20
ChrisHSo the FAQ is dead? Where is the book?06:20
ChrisHOkay. So the /faq repository will be used for the User's Guide.06:20
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) <ChrisH> hornbeck: Let's rename the FAQ (but keep the Subversion path for now) to something like "Ubuntu User's Guide" (?) and everybody picks a section.06:20
ChrisHOkay... :)06:20
sivangThe book should go like "this is the handbook blah blah blah, if you just inrested in common pits and falls, read the FAQ section first"06:21
ChrisHhornbeck: Sorry. I have a bad flu currently and my brain doesn't work as usual. ;)06:21
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) I thought we where all going to work on the book?06:21
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) in the emails it sounded like we where going to move information into the current book 06:21
ChrisHhornbeck: Will you be preparing the new TOC according to the structure used in /wiki/LearningUbuntuOutline06:22
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) ChrisH: hold on one sec06:22
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) from what I understood, we where going to move alot of the data from the faq into the current book. Am I wrong?06:22
ChrisHhornbeck: Yes. So the "current book" means the "faq repository".06:23
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) ChrisH: Why does it mean that and not the "Book repository"?06:23
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) The book already has the format for a book06:24
ChrisHhornbeck: I mean... is it still the /faq repository we moved from my to you server?06:24
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) yes it is the faq repository06:24
ChrisHhornbeck: ok06:24
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) man you must be sick06:24
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) :-)06:24
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) is where the "Learning Ubuntu" book is located06:24
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) that is what I have been working on06:24
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) which is what http://ubuntulinux.org/wiki/LearningUbuntuOutline is based on06:25
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) all the stuff for a book is already there06:25
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) we have started it06:25
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) there is no point in starting over06:25
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) hello?06:30
(hornbeck/#ubuntu-doc) well I am leaving now, I will be back later06:32
ChrisHhornbeck: sry, voip06:40
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HoodsterHi guys. I am looking to contribute again this weekend. However, I have a few questions before I do.07:10
HoodsterFirst, is it necessary that I update via svn? When I try, the url that contained the repository doesn't appear to be accessible.07:12
ChrisHHoodster: did you notice we switched to ?07:13
HoodsterChrisH: Unfortunately, I did not. BTW - How would I notice that (hehe).07:14
ChrisHHoodster: :)07:14
HoodsterChrisH: Is the rest of the URL the same? Do I have to do a full checkout first?07:15
ChrisHHoodster: run: svn switch --relocate http://ubuntu.workaround.org:8080/faq
HoodsterChrisH: That appears to work. How will I ever remember these commands (hehe)07:19
HoodsterChrisH: What needs to be done? I can work on various parts, such as more non-free installation issues. I can also add a section on how to automatically mount MSWindows partitions after a fresh install. These are only my suggestions, but I am happy to contribute on other, more important, areas.07:27
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ChrisHplovs_work: What is the status of the XML file currently? Have you changed anything in the contents of the faq-guide.xml? Or is it just a split version of the faq.xml? Because we should adopt hornbeck's structure and I'm not sure where to start.07:36
HoodsterChrisH: I just remembered, I believe the update worked, but how do I confirm it? Is there a date or some other way I can tell that I have an updated FAQ list? Also, if you don't have any objection to what I proposed earlier, then I will get back to work. My plan is to install so that there is mp3 support. Let me know if there are any objections.07:54
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plovshi guys08:15
HoodsterHi plovs08:17
HoodsterI am ready to get back in the contributing stage. I wis thinking of adding to the non-free section, like mp3 if it is not being done already.08:18
Hoodsterplovs: What do you think? Alternatively, is there a more urgent area to work on?08:18
ChrisHHoodster: you will not loose anything if you have the wrong repository.08:33
HoodsterChrisH: Thank you for replying. That is good to know. I apologize if my questions are a bit of an annoyance. I am sure you and plovs just want people to get to work, and here is this guy Hoodster that keeps asking these mundane questions, geesh (LOL).08:38
pl0vs_Hoodster, no problem, better ask then not doing anything at all08:43
pl0vs_ChrisH, nice mail you wrote, we should do with that08:44
pl0vs_something with that08:45
sivangHoodster : see the topic :))08:45
sivangHoodster : Questions are always welcomed :)08:46
Hoodstersivang: I am glad you clarified that... I thought you were referring to the part on code of conduct (hehe). I do find this to be a great bunch of guys. I will go ahead and add more to the FAQ, submit them and report back here tomorrow.08:47
HoodsterTalk to you later guys!08:47
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sivangHoodster : ok, look again:)08:50
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ChrisHplovs_work: thanks :)10:55
ChrisHplovs_work: Am I right that you didn't change the content of the .xml files but just the structure?11:07

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