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dilysNew Malone bug #58: "Soyuz sourcepackage default view broken", submitted by Stuart Bishop02:51
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[gr13(~orestiada@alex530-a027.otenet.gr)] hi12:58
[gr13(~orestiada@alex530-a027.otenet.gr)] could you help me with login in ubuntu?01:01
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(elmo/#launchpad) BradB: I'd suggest disabling powernowd and any network monitor you might have running as a first start. and btw, I use aironet not orinoco03:37
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kiko-fudelmo, aironet!03:38
BradBelmo: have you had problems with your pbg4 + warty hanging then?03:40
(elmo/#launchpad) I did until I disabled powernowd +the gnome network monitor applet03:41
(elmo/#launchpad) I suspect it's more the former than the latter, but I haven't gotten round to recechking03:41
(elmo/#launchpad) I can still change the cpu freq, I just need to do it byhand. something about powernowd's up! down! up! down! up! down! constant changing seems to upset my pb at least03:42
BradBeh, i have to change the cpu freq too03:43
(elmo/#launchpad) well, if you're running defualt warty, you'll also be running powernowd which has this (IMO) crackful default of bringin the CPU up to full whack whenever something CPU intensive runs, and dropping it back afterwards03:44
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kikoelmo, what should the default be?05:19
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/buildbot--devel--0: taxi should work c (patch-73)05:25
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BradBhm, well that seems to have confirmed that it was a kernel hang. couldn't ssh in, and ping said host is down.06:04
BradBi wasn't even doing anything CPU-intensive though either.06:05
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BradBand boom! before i even had the chance to read up on how to disable powernowd, it hung again!06:14
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kikoBradB|lunch, apt-get remove powernowd/powernow?06:30
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BradBkiko: that tries to take ubuntu-desktop with it. "exit 0" at the top of /etc/init.d/powernowd is my preferred cheap hack07:49
=== BradB will first see if disabling powernowd prevents kernel hangage, then try disabling other things, perhaps
kikodo you need ubuntu-desktop?07:57
BradBi'm running a desktop on ubuntu, so it seems like i do.07:59
BradB"need", of course, being relative07:59
kikoI don't think that package includes anything, removing it is harmless AFAIK08:01
kiko(it's a "parent package" or something to that effect)08:02
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