mxpxpodKeybuk: and it's in a patch that has a bunch of stuff in it12:01
wasabiheh. changelogs.12:01
wasabiYou use kernel-package?12:03
wasabidoesn't it generate kernel-image packages, and not linux-image?12:03
wasabiANd not all those cool symlink stuff.12:03
wasabiOr was that fixed? :)12:03
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) the only difference between kernel-image and linux-image is the name afaik12:03
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) i hope someone can enlighten us otherwise12:04
wasabiwell linux-source packages are a bit different.12:04
wasabiThey use a symlink farm of some sort in /usr/src12:04
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) no kidding, thats why its called -source12:04
wasabimake-kpkg never build those for me with kernel_source.12:04
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) never built the linux-source?12:05
wasabithe symlink farms.12:05
mxpxpodis there a reason ubuntu hasn't upgraded to 2.6.9?12:05
wasabiit just makes flat dirs in /usr/src12:05
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FTTPany hoary isos working yet?12:13
FTTPtried a developmental snapshot which had issues12:13
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-25-241.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukwhat kind of issues?12:17
eruinthe 2.6.9 I tried had some crazy issues with kswapd12:17
FTTPkeybuk:  Installer screen came out all messed up12:17
FTTPit was not usable12:17
FTTPits only a dev so....12:17
FTTPkeybuk:  Was work done to the newest daily snapshot?12:18
FTTPor are there any releases which i can try for hoary which are more stable than the others?12:18
Keybuknot that I'm aware of ... I've not heard that bug12:18
Keybukis it in Bugzilla (opened or closed?)12:18
FTTPkeybuk:  I didnt report it12:18
FTTPshould I try the newest snapshot and report it?12:18
FTTPif it occurs again12:19
FTTPkeybuk you a developer for ubuntu?12:19
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) Keybuk: pft, you're well an ubuntu dev. :)12:22
KeybukI work for Canonical, but most of my time isn't working on Ubuntu itself at the moment12:23
FTTPwhat are you responsible for? 12:24
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) Keybuk: you're still an ubuntu developer, though12:24
KeybukFTTP: "Special Projects", heh12:24
FTTPsuch as?12:24
FTTPor they cant be disclosed so they are SPECIAL :)12:24
wasabiassassinating high level redhet executives.12:24
KeybukMithrandir: I didn't even have my key in the keyring until last week!12:25
KeybukFTTP: heh, it's a joke ... Special Projects is the mythical dept. people get transferred to before they're made redundant12:26
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) Keybuk: you didn't? that actually surprises me :)12:26
KeybukMithrandir: nah, almost the only stuff I've uploaded have been that big match of first-run merges12:28
danielsMithrandir: would *you* want him uploading to Ubuntu?12:29
danielsMithrandir: mdz just has good taste ;)12:29
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: sure, I need my daily dose of crack.12:29
sivangKeybuk : have you spotted my BOF proposal for a python workshop? What do you think? :)12:29
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) Keybuk: I haven't uploaded much either, though.12:29
Keybuksivang: I thought "cool" :)12:29
danielsMithrandir: craaaaaack12:30
Keybukdaniels: heh, the trouble with filling mdz's shoes on Tuesday was THEY'RE TOO SMALL! :p12:30
danielsheh :)12:30
sivangKeybuk : Feel free to add your comments there, maybe a list of requested reading before it, I want to come prepared :)12:31
FTTPany 24 hour a day coders over at canocal?12:31
danielsFTTP: no, but I've hardly left my laptop in the last 5 days :P12:31
Keybuksivang: "Dive into Python" :)12:31
FTTPdaniels:  u know the link for the hoary isos?12:31
FTTPthe snapshots12:31
sivangKeybuk : ah, then I'm already set :)12:32
FTTPcant seem to find the link 12:32
danielsFTTP: http://archive.ubuntu.com/cdimage/, I'd imagine12:32
danielsKeybuk: speaking of Python -- http://gabe.freedesktop.org/~daniels/old-to-new-ldap.py12:32
FTTPill bookmark that :P12:32
danielsKeybuk: check that baby out :)12:32
danielsKeybuk: the two password crypting functions are stolen from userdir-ldap, the rest is mine12:32
Keybukdaniels: what does that *do* ?12:32
KeybukFTTP: we have coders in every timezone12:32
Keybukand I've certainly done the odd 24+ when I've not noticed the sun come up again12:33
danielsKeybuk: takes an ldif of our old ldap database, generates an ldif of the new-format setup12:33
danielsKeybuk: lies12:33
danielsKeybuk: there's no-one in +1300 (NZ)12:33
Keybukdaniels: pedant :p  you knew what I meant :p12:33
danielsor +0950, or +1050, or +100012:33
Keybukdaniels: aww, so it doesn't convert woody-era ldap to sarge-era ldap? :(12:33
danielsKeybuk: but yeah, the code is pretty horrible12:33
stratus-0300 ?12:33
danielsKeybuk: nope, just different formats of database12:33
FTTPkeybuk:  Shouldnt you be coding now ? :)12:33
danielsstratus: wtf is that?12:33
FTTPoh wait your in special projects12:33
FTTPi fergot12:33
Keybukdaniels: *cry* ... my ldap server is broke because of that12:33
danielsKeybuk: i.e. one from some horrid abortion called usradm to userdir-ldap12:33
Keybukkeeps bitching about records not being structural12:34
danielsKeybuk: should happen ... oh, wack12:34
danielsKeybuk: how many records?12:34
stratusdaniels, BRT of course.12:34
danielsstratus: oh, right12:34
danielsstratus: is that in line with us est, or is it an hour ahead?12:34
danielsstratus: because we have someone in est12:34
Keybukdaniels: not a huge number12:35
Keybukbut I can't figure out what it's talking about12:35
Keybukand how I'm supposed to solve it12:35
stratusdaniels, i guess not, checking...12:35
danielsKeybuk: meh, just do it by hand12:35
wasabidpkg is ugly12:35
danielsKeybuk: probably to do with your objectClasses12:35
KeybukI added a silly structural record type to them all12:35
Keybukthen it bitched about having two structural types in some of the fields12:35
Keybukand I declared that I couldn't win12:35
stratusdaniels, no EST is -050012:35
danielsstratus: ah.  in any case, actually, we do have people there.12:36
FTTPkeybuy: Array1 is more stable right?12:36
FTTPerr keybuk12:36
stratusdaniels, np but not at -0300 !12:36
FTTPi tried the daily last time12:36
danielsKeybuk: you can never win with LDAP12:36
danielsKeybuk: just lose less horrendously badly12:36
danielsstratus: yes we do :)12:36
danielsstratus: i just realised we have some people in brazil12:36
KeybukFTTP: *shrug* Array has Colin's hand-built touch12:36
Keybukso theoretically it's more ... testable12:36
Keybukdaniels: tell me about it12:36
seb128hum, the archive is not updated ?12:36
stratusdaniels, oh yes the guys at async?12:36
Keybukfrom what I could tell, posixGroup is structural -- but then posixAccount *isn't*12:37
seb128the new gnumeric has built for hours and is still not available12:37
wasabiKeybuk, you know much about parsedb and pkginfo struct?12:37
danielsstratus: aye12:37
Keybukbut organization is structural ... so what if something's both an Organisation and a POSIX Group?!12:37
stratusdaniels, i see12:37
Keybukwasabi: yeah, it's just a linked list of the state file12:37
wasabiPosix group is messed up12:38
wasabinss_ldap also reads groupOfUniqueNames12:38
danielsKeybuk: yeah, don't use posixAccount12:38
wasabiI believe.12:38
Keybukwell, I changed posixGroup anyway to have "gid" instead of "cn"12:38
danielsKeybuk: i use top/inetOrgPerson/shadowAccount/debianAccount/debianDeveloper12:38
Keybukso maybe I just need to change that to be auxiliary12:38
wasabiposixGroup is a pretty dumb class.12:38
Keybukdaniels: top isn't structural :-o12:38
danielsKeybuk: but iirc the old stuff was top/posixAccount/shadowAccount12:38
danielsKeybuk: in that case, none of our records are, but sarge/warty's ldap still loves me \o/12:39
Keybukslapadd: dn="dc=netsplit,dc=com" (line=7): (65) no structural object class provided12:41
KeybukobjectClass: top12:41
Keybuk^ yet12:41
danielsdn: dc=freedesktop,dc=org12:42
danielsobjectClass: top12:42
danielsobjectClass: dcObject12:42
danielsobjectClass: organization12:42
danielso: freedesktop.org12:42
danielsdc: freedesktop12:42
Keybukorganization is structural12:43
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KeybukI hate ldap12:44
=== Keybuk about -> <- this far away from dumping it and going back to passwd
mojoGood morning all fellows12:44
(kylem/#ubuntu-devel) ldap >>>>>>> nis.12:44
FTTPwill ubuntu have enuff capital to compete with the likes of novell + redhat?12:44
mojoI no longer can sync with CVS from gnome.org/gnome-icons12:45
FTTPdevelopers are top notch i know12:45
FTTPbut i worry about capital 12:45
mojodoes anyone know something wrong with the CVS server?12:45
KeybukFTTP: we have a similar amount of capital in the bank as RedHat, as I understand it12:45
FTTPkeybuk:  Novell has 500mil +12:45
FTTPit won a microsoft lawsuit <grin>12:45
Keybukyeah, but Novell is a much larger business than Ximian12:45
wasabiyeah but redhat is making money.12:45
danielskylem: represent12:46
danielsanyway, this is all horrifically offtopic (novell, ldap, stuff)12:46
(kylem/#ubuntu-devel) daniels, and take it from me, i administrate both. :(12:46
FTTPburning dev cd12:46
FTTPkeybuk:  We will see :)12:47
FTTPkeybuk:  When hoary comes out we will know more 12:47
KeybukFTTP: true, but then RedHat have to go begging for more money, we just have to excite the boss12:47
Keybukactually, the "plan" is to be starting to make money in 18 months time12:47
FTTPshuttleworth is easy? :)12:47
Keybukso more perky-era12:47
FTTPkeybuk:  From what?  just support?12:48
FTTPkeybuk:  I hope your right :) seen too many distros come out and go poof12:48
FTTPubuntu has so much potential12:48
FTTPanyways back to dev chat12:48
FTTP---------pretend im not here12:49
wasabiSo, who "makes decisions"?12:51
=== Keybuk gives up and goes back to /etc/passwd
Keybukwasabi: it's complicated12:52
Keybukthe developers make decisions12:52
Keybukbut if they can't reach consensus, they can ask either the technical board or the community council to make a decision for them12:52
Keybukand if they can't reach consensus, we ask Mark12:53
wasabiOtherwise it's just like Debian, people do what they think they should do whenever?12:54
Keybukkinda, the tech board and sabdfl both set direction for people to head in12:55
wasabiDpkg is confusing me to no end.12:57
Keybukit's good at that12:57
(sabdfl/#ubuntu-devel) it's usually the pointy end that gets the most confused by dpkg though12:57
wasabiI found parsedb(), which reads hte control file... but I have no idea what it's doing with the values.12:58
stratusdiscarding them? :)12:58
Keybukputs them in the package info list12:58
wasabistruct pkginfo?12:58
jdz_Are there any plans for LTSP work in Ubuntu?01:00
Keybukthe package list is global, so it doesn't get passed in or out, just added to in general01:00
Keybukoh, would it help to know findpackage always returns?01:04
Keybukso if you try and find a package that doesn't exist, you get an empty record to fill in?01:05
wasabiRight now im just trying to figure out how to expose my new control fields to the code.01:05
Keybukthus pig=findpackage(newpig.name); actually makes a record01:05
wasabiAnd I don't understand the relation of the pkginfo struct to the deb and to the currently installed packages01:05
Keybukadd it to the fieldinfos01:05
wasabiif a package is currently installed, the pkginfo struct you receive makes note of it01:06
Keybuktop of parse.c01:07
wasabioh. that.01:07
wasabif_whatever = type, w_whatever = ???, other col = ???01:09
Keybukname, read function, write function, offset in structure01:10
Keybuk(or some other integer you want to pass to them)01:11
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FTTPanyone know about module hid in hoary?01:20
sivangFTTP : it has one? doesn't it?01:20
FTTPi tried the developmental daily snapshot01:21
FTTPit says fatal error module hid not found01:21
FTTPso nope it doesnt 01:21
wasabiKeybuk, in pkginfo,   struct pkginfoperfile installed;  struct pkginfoperfile available;   Is available the instance of hte package attempting to be installed, and installation the one that is already installed (or null)?01:25
Keybukinstalled is the one in the status file01:26
Keybukavailable is the one "on the FTP site"01:26
Keybuk(ie. in the available file)01:26
Keybukneither are the one on disk01:26
wasabioh you mean in the archive?01:27
wasabiYeah, the archive is just for apt.01:27
Keybukremember, APT is a "relatively" new invention01:27
wasabibut if I do dpkg -i /blah/blah.deb, available refers to that one01:27
Keybukthe available file is populated by "dselect update"01:27
Keybukand mucked around with by dselect01:27
wasabiWell im totally confused then01:28
wasabiWhat is the one "being installed right now"?01:29
wasabiwell im totally confused then.01:29
wasabiparsedb(cidir, pdb_recordavailable|pdb_rejectstatus|pdb_ignorefiles|pdb_weakclassification,          &pkg,NULL,NULL);01:29
wasabidoes that not read the control file from the .deb being installed?01:30
Keybukthere's a "pkginqueue" struct01:30
wasabinot that I can see.01:30
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FTTPhid = Human interface device right?01:31
FTTPso thats the mouse, keyboard01:31
Keybukyeah, that call passes &pkg to parsedb (donep) so parsedb returns the pig01:31
wasabipig stands for?01:32
FTTPwasabi can one submit code changes?01:32
wasabiFTTP, to?01:32
FTTPi mean suggestions01:32
Keybukpiggy wiggy01:32
Keybukgo oink, have tails01:32
FTTPwasabi to fix bugs like hid not found :P01:32
Keybukiwj likes calling packages pigs01:32
wasabiFTTP, I'd imagine so.01:32
Keybukwe don't ask why01:32
wasabiFTTP, bugzilla.01:32
FTTPwasabi ok01:32
wasabiwell hell. I dont get it.01:33
wasabiparsedb returns a pkginfo. This pkginfo has an installed and available struct. They are not representative of what is being installed.01:34
wasabipkginqueue (which I cannot find)01:34
Keybukah, sorry01:34
KeybukI see your confusion there01:34
Keybukyeah, that parsedb call is told to fill the available pkginfoperfile struct01:35
Keybuk  newpifp= (flags & pdb_recordavailable) ? &newpig.available : &newpig.installed01:35
Keybukinside process_archive, pkg->available is the one you're processing, pkg->installed is the one you're replacing (if any)01:38
KeybukI thought you were in another function (the one that calls process_archive)01:38
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wasabiKeybuk, if the field isn't found in the control file, w/f_whatever are not called, right?02:17
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ironwolfdaniels: when changing s3 to vesa and removing BUSID line, system boots to 640x480 unchangeable resolution. at ~256 color02:40
ironwolfit's ugly.. what next?02:40
danielshave you got a HorizSync and VertRefresh set of lines in there?  if so, delete them and try that02:41
ironwolfnope, lines aren't there.02:41
ironwolfdid you ever get lspci -vvv output?02:43
danielscan't remember, sorry02:44
danielsjust plain lspci should be sufficient (you can paste it here if you like -- just the display line)02:44
sivangdaniels : btw, are we anyway close with Xorg to be able to exploit capable displays for 100hz Vert refreshes?02:44
danielssivang: um should work anyway if you just remove the HS/VR lines02:44
danielsand that's going away soon anyway02:44
danielsanyway, I have to go crash now02:46
sivangdaniels : I remember fabbione told me that I Need to add a specific rate line..02:46
sivangdaniels : ok I will give it a try :)02:46
ironwolfdaniels: 0000:01:01.0 VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. Trio 64 3D (rev 01)02:51
ironwolfnight daniels.02:54
mxpxpoddaniels: when did you say that fix for the UTF-8 stuff was going in?03:04
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spotterIs there a difference b/w a release w/ a -(num)ubuntu(num) version over a plain -(num) version04:47
=== spotter is now known as shaya
fabbionemorning guys05:36
shayafabbione: maybe you can answer this Q for me05:45
shaya<spotter> Is there a difference b/w a release w/ a -(num)ubuntu(num) version over a plain -(num) version05:45
fabbioneshaya: i don't grok the question...05:47
fabbioneis that for a package?05:47
fabbioneor for the distro?05:47
shayafabbione: package05:48
shayafor example, I'll upgade from a -2ubunutu1 versione package to a -3 version05:49
shayathen to a -3ubuntu105:49
fabbioneshaya: the one with *ubuntu* are packages that contains modification05:49
fabbionedone by us05:49
fabbionethe others are plain imported from Debian05:49
shayaso in the above example, first they imported from Debian, then they redid the modifications?05:49
shayais that a "safe" upgrade?05:50
fabbioneshaya: it should05:50
shayai guess its only an issue w/ hoary05:50
shaya[UPGRADE]  zip 2.30-6ubuntu1 -> 2.30-805:50
shayafor instance05:50
fabbioneif you are running hoary it might be not05:50
fabbionehoary is unstable05:50
fabbioneand can break05:50
shayayes yes05:50
shayaI ran unstable for 4 years on my work laptop05:51
shayajust need to get used to how hoary works05:51
shayahence the Qs05:51
fabbioneit's the same concept05:51
shayapersonally, I think hoary would be a great name for unstable (though I guess warty would be too)05:51
wasabiI'm pretty happy not having a real unstable.05:57
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mojocan someone tell me how to enable the MPEG4 codec of RealPlayer 10 without recompiling?07:32
fabbionemojo: -> #ubuntu08:02
fabbionethis is offtopic here08:02
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fabbionedpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of locales:12:07
fabbione locales depends on glibc-2.3.2.ds1-13ubuntu2; however:12:07
fabbione  Package glibc-2.3.2.ds1-13ubuntu2 is not installed.12:07
fabbionesince when glibc-2.3.2.ds1 is a package on its own?12:07
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danielsit's not12:12
danielsbut ... huh12:12
danielsthat first - needs to be a =12:12
fabbionenever mind12:13
fabbionei figured12:13
fabbioneit was a leftover of a symlink in my archive12:14
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sivangMorning all12:19
fabbionedaniels: http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~fabbione/xresprobe.diff12:43
fabbionedaniels: do you have any objection to this change?12:43
fabbionetested and it works12:43
danielsfabbione: please do the same for ia6412:44
fabbionedaniels: was it tested on ia64?12:45
fabbioneifeq ($(ARCH),sparc)12:46
fabbioneDDC_OBJS += stub.o12:46
fabbioneifeq ($(ARCH),ia64)12:46
fabbioneDDC_OBJS += stub.o12:46
danielslooks good to me12:46
sivangdaniels : btw, my cousin using your thinkpad-x40-package , got really AMAZED by it, I almost lost him to FC3, but then he broke up and cried for not having his WiFi support and came back :) hehe12:47
fabbionei can't test ia64 yet12:47
fabbionesparc works12:47
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: that "yet" sounds dangerous.. getting one? :)12:47
danielssivang: heh!12:47
fabbioneMithrandir: no way i am gonna buy ia64 :-)12:47
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: I was more thinking of sabdfl throwing one in your direction to get xorg rocking on one.12:48
fabbioneMithrandir: i think daniels will get access to the porting box12:49
fabbione+ we already have the MANIFEST files12:49
fabbioneand xorg builds fine there12:49
fabbionexresprobe is up12:49
fabbionei hate when katie is soooo silent12:51
sivangfabbione : who is katie?12:52
infinitykatie's elmo's girlfriend.12:52
fabbionesivang: katie is one of elmo's gf12:53
sivangfabbione : one? how many does he have? :)12:53
infinityA dozen or so.12:53
infinityAt least.12:53
fabbionei think she is not around at all12:53
danielsinfinity: at least two or three dozen12:53
fabbionedaniels: could you see the message going trouh?12:54
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danielsnot yet, but I haven't been able to convince @c.c to love me yet12:56
infinityHas he added more ladies for Ubuntu's use?12:56
fabbioneinfinity: i think so :-)12:56
sivangdaniels : funny, he has all this hardware support, and complains about not having gaim 1.0.3 in warty, How rude! :)12:59
fabbionei don't think they are running at all01:02
fabbioneelmo: one of your gf is ill01:02
fabbioneelmo: time to call the doctor01:02
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Mitariohello everyone01:46
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Matt|hi all. Sorry to butt in but I have a hoary question, and it's not gonna be answered in #ubuntu. I have a laptop. Since updating hoary yesterday I have lost the ability to plug in a mouse with xorg, and I can only use my touchpad. Anyone know the solution? haven't changed the configuration since updating.03:46
RubenVsince the convert thing basically just copies the XF86 config, it should work03:47
RubenVi'm not an X whiz though03:47
Matt|no this was not the convert03:47
Matt|it was an xorg update03:47
Matt|was working fine with the last xorg packages before i updated03:48
Matt|RubenV, thanks for replying btw03:48
RubenVlook in the changelogs of something concerning your mouse changed03:48
RubenVmaybe that'll give a hint03:48
Matt|i'll try :/03:48
RubenVMatt|: gotta do something to contribute03:49
RubenVgiving some irc help is the best i can do at the moment for the open source community03:49
Matt|oh i c03:49
RubenVmagnificent C skills coming up though ;)03:50
Matt|i have no such skills03:50
Matt|i am soon to be a lawyer ;p03:50
Matt|i was thinking that it would be amazing to work as a lawyer for an open source company03:50
RubenVdefend the gpl03:50
Matt|any idea where I would find the changelogs?03:51
RubenVsynaptic has a way to do so03:53
RubenVit's in the menu somewhere03:53
Matt|oh ok03:53
Matt|RubenV, nope can't see anything03:56
Matt|there is a mouse thing, but a different protocol03:56
RubenVyour X config is still intact?03:57
RubenVit's a laptop so i guess it's an usb mouse, does it get detected when you plug it in?03:58
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Matt|no it is ps203:59
Matt|xconfig seems ok03:59
Matt|when i plug it in, the light on the touchpad goes out, as it usually does when I plug a mouse in, but then it comes back on again.03:59
Matt|i've tried with 2 mice03:59
Matt|i guess i need to try a live disk to make sure it isn't a hardware error :(04:00
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RubenVnormally, afaik PS2 is not plug'nplay04:07
RubenVbut i could be wrong04:07
RubenVhardware ain't really my thing04:07
Matt|RubenV, mine has always worked fine like that. but I've rebooted too and it still doesn't work04:07
Matt|Be RiGhT bAcK i'll try and boot knoppix or something04:08
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Matt|RubenV, it doesn't work in knoppix either. Guess there must be something wrong with the mouse port :((((04:16
RubenVMatt|: can't judge about that, i'm no hardware specialist04:17
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) you can't hotplug ps2 mice, no. ps2 keyboards you usually can, but some people claim to have fried their hardware doing that.04:17
Matt|hi Mithrandir 04:18
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) hi Matt| 04:22
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eruinhehe, latest synaptic wants to run as root ;)05:24
Matt|that is normal no?05:26
eruinie it asks for the root password, not the users password05:27
Matt|fine here05:27
eruinthe password dialog says "Please enter root's password"05:28
Matt|if you're running it from the menu it should be gksudo /usr/bin/synaptic05:28
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eruinoh yeah, forgot to check that. the menu item got moved from the computer menu to the applications menu (system) and now spells gksu instead of gksudo05:30
Matt|eruin, you must have moved it ;)05:30
Matt|it's still in Computer here05:31
eruinnope, I just did a dist-upgrade thru synaptic and it moved all by itself05:31
Matt|dunno why that could be05:31
eruinwhat version you got installer?05:31
Matt|hang on05:31
eruin<- 0.55+cvs20041119-105:32
Matt|lemme see05:33
Matt|i guess they just take the packages from debian or something and forgot to change it05:33
eruinyeah, probably05:34
Matt|are you putting in a bug?05:36
eruinyeah, I thought I'd ask here first though... since it seems like just a slight goofup05:37
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RubenVmjg59: u there?05:56
seb128elmo: libgnomeprintui sync please06:00
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IRCMonkey_is there a rescue mode on the CD ?06:11
IRCMonkey_Why not ?06:11
IRCMonkey_I have installed ubuntu on a slave disk without lilo and grub06:11
IRCMonkey_I success to boot with a debian rescue disk06:12
IRCMonkey_is it possible to add a mode rescue on the CD ?06:12
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seb128elmo: sync for "libgnomeprintui gtksourceview glade-2 gail gtkhtml3.2" please :)06:42
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=== lamont arrives home, wanders off to spend time with the family
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(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: done07:09
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(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) mjg59: not putting up source packages for your uberkernels make bayb jeebus cry07:58
Matt|hey daniels you do get around huh ;p08:00
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daniels_bob2: why don't you just install the binary packages?08:03
bob2_daniels_: foad, i386-boy08:03
Matt|hey daniels you do get around huh ;p08:04
Matt|come to visit our fine country?08:04
daniels_Matt|: yeah, been here for a week08:05
Matt|ah k08:05
Matt|how do ya like it?08:05
Matt|bob2, you too huh?08:06
danielsyeah, not too bad08:06
Matt|convincing ;)08:06
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) heh08:07
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) I'm amazed the eye doesn't fall over08:07
danielsMatt|: tired08:07
Matt|bob2, the sign of a true geek :)08:08
Matt|bob2, you've already calculated the engineering of the eye08:08
Matt|anyway have a nice time08:10
sivangdo we have any known issues with usb cdroms, something about having /dev/sr0 instead of /dev/scd0 ?08:10
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) hah, the fact it stands shows I don't know jack about engineering08:11
Matt|go and see the lloyds building it's cool08:11
Matt|if you want a tourist tip08:11
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) where's that?08:11
Matt|hang on08:11
Matt|it's like someone turned it inside out08:12
Matt|(if you have time for touristing) :)08:15
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) hah, not much, sadly08:16
Matt|watcha doing here?08:16
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) some team stuff before the spain meeting08:20
Matt|bonding huh08:21
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) hah, and drinking08:22
Matt|well england is good for that :(08:22
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Matt|have fun guys08:28
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spotteranyone upgrade pmount today and screwed up their dvd mounting?08:33
(mjg59/#ubuntu-devel) bob2: Heh. Good point.08:35
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lupus_still no package for transset available?08:45
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zulcool...i created my first deb09:09
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(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) that reminds me09:17
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) if i would like to see X package added to ubuntu09:17
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) do i need to have it sponsored in debian?09:18
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Keybuktseng: that's one way, certainly09:26
Keybukwe're still working out how direct-to-universe will work09:27
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) hm-k09:27
=== tseng hits the new-maint guide again
Keybukcertainly you should follow debian-policy and the maint-guide *anyway*09:29
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) yes :)09:29
Keybukthe only difference between a correct Ubuntu package, and a correct Debian package is where you send it09:30
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) was looking for the proceedure to getting a package sponsored09:30
Keybukfind a sponsor09:30
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) my packages are correct09:30
KeybukI think there's a website for that these days09:30
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) im looking @ mentors.d.o09:30
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) oh, jdub added tomboy already09:33
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: ping09:36
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(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) mjg59: http://gate.crashing.org/~benh/albook-ibookg4-sleep-3.diff, if you want to pimp up the source package with ppc-sleep love10:10
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Keybukbob2: good flight?10:48
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) loooong10:48
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) when are you coming down?10:49
Keybuktomorrow morning10:49
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) ah10:49
Keybukshould be at Mark's for 9ish or so10:49
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(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) ah, have to get up early then ;-)10:52
Keybukyeah, leave here about 610:54
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(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) anyone got an upload to do by any chance?11:11
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