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(mjg59/#ubuntu-devel) bob2: Rock12:17
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btfanis it possible that windows network printing colud be improved?12:43
btfanbasically, is it possible for ubuntu to scan the subnet, find the smb hosts and search for printers and put them in the 'detected' printers dialog?12:44
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eruinfor future reference01:49
eruinhave I got priority, severity, etc right on that one?01:49
hornbeckdid evolution break for anyone else today?02:19
eruinhaven't seen any evolution updates in a couple of days02:29
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robertjmine just started working02:36
eruinmine has the occasional crash when frantically selecting text in mails02:40
robertjstill crashing02:52
robertjbut its more working than before02:52
robertjwhen I just got a toolbar with a send/receive ubtton ;)02:52
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calcjdub: heh03:14
wasabikalk i mean03:14
eruina bit shy, calc?03:14
calceruin: jdub seems to be swamped by users telling him what he better do ;)03:14
eruinyeah, I've been following it ;)03:15
=== calc runs gnome ~2.8 now ;)
wasabiyeah so i have no idea what to do with pam_krb503:15
wasabisince im not installing fedora to find out what they use03:15
eruincan't wait for gimp2.203:21
jdubwasabi: check their src.rpms03:21
wasabiincoming u-d post.03:21
=== robertj ducks
calcwonder what kind of hell its going to be once the menus merge and all three are changed (debian/gnome/kde) to a unified one ;)03:22
calcpeople are already whining that one simple package moved in a menu03:22
wasabiI could care less about KDE's menu at this point.03:22
robertjcalc: break them from the habit. Move them randomly03:23
calcwasabi: once gnome 2.9/2.10 is out the gnome/kde menu is one and the same03:23
wasabiI like the Computer menu concept extremely well.03:23
calcits the fdo menu03:23
Keybukcalc: this is where it's great to have your own distro and be allowed to exercise sanity ;)03:23
wasabiTHe clear seperate between applications and system configuration03:23
robertjwasabi: I like it but I'm not a fan of having places on the computer menu03:23
wasabiI just want to be able to launch apps from it easily, without having to make panel launchers like I do.03:24
Keybukrobertj: the "plan" is to have a Places menu in hoary, which is shared with the Gtk file manager and nautilus03:24
wasabiI dislike having tons of panel launchers03:24
wasabihard to organize and maintain03:24
drbyteasterisk is in universe, i presume ?03:24
calcKeybuk: heh03:24
robertjKeybuk: What is Gtk file manager?03:24
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) drbyte: yes03:24
jdubrobertj: the filechooser03:24
robertjoh, ok03:24
Keybukuh, GtkFileChooser03:24
Keybukbrain isn't quite in gear03:25
robertjjust checking03:25
=== calc wonders why so many people hate dselect, its great :)
eruinit's cli!03:25
wasabiso when's ubuntu going to package 2.6.9?03:26
eruinI didn't part with lots of cash for my mouse just to use a cli03:26
Keybukwasabi: of?03:26
drbytetseng: thanks. we're gonna try build a voip system now03:26
jdubi haven't opened my ubuntu-users folder for days :|03:26
eruinwasabi, hopefully along with nvidia 662903:27
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) hey jdub, tiny mistake in tomboy control03:27
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) im missing a closing parens on depends, it got uploaded to hoary like that03:27
wasabiain't lintian suppose to catch that stuff? *hides*03:28
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: i fixed it and then updated to 0.2.2, i can send source somewhere or file a bug, whatever is most convenient for you03:29
robertjalso, does anyone ever wonder if the Computer menu should have an icon similar to the Applications menu?03:29
wasabiI like apple's way of doing it actually.03:29
robertjor is that just my hangup ;)03:29
wasabiThe icon is the menu.03:29
wasabiANd it's the System Menu.03:29
wasabiWith all the Important System Stuff.03:29
jdubrobertj: it'd be kinda confusing (the applications menu icon is a bit confusing in itself)03:29
jdubtseng: send me a url :)03:30
robertjjdub: yeah, it's a catch 22. Because if you do then you say "well then, why is the application icon a foot"03:30
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) the icon on the app menu is just a throwback to the old foot03:30
robertjit seems empty without the foot though03:30
wasabiI'd do what apple does03:30
wasabiFirst menu, ubuntu icon. System config stuff. Stuff that's in COmputer now.03:30
wasabi(some stuff from computer)03:31
wasabilike log out, etc.03:31
robertjUsers have a real tough time finding log out under the apple menu03:31
wasabiIt says to the user "this is the menu that lets you edit Ubuntu the system"03:31
wasabiWell, then name it System or something too03:31
Keybukthe annoying thing about that is it breaks Fitt's Law03:31
robertjto me it says "This is a foot. We put everything that is hard to categorize in here."03:31
wasabiI am not aware of Fitts law03:32
eruinapple's apple isn't something I love03:32
robertjwasabi: it's the only rule anyone knows about UI design03:32
Keybukwasabi: "The most used things should be the easiest things to click."  basically03:32
jdubKeybuk: pfft.03:32
robertjalthough one fact that the UI needs to face is that people don't often launch applications03:32
wasabiSucky rule.03:32
Keybukit's very easy to throw your mouse into the top-left of the screen and click what ever's there03:32
robertjit comproises maybe 1/10,000th of the average computer usage03:32
wasabiThe most used things should be arranged where they are expected.03:32
wasabiSo somebody can find them03:32
wasabiNot just On The Top03:32
Keybukrobertj: sure, but they launch more applications than they take screenshots03:33
Keybukunless they're jdub, of course :p03:33
robertjKeybuk: yeah, agreed on that one03:33
Keybukwho I think has tipped the balance the other way03:33
robertjhaving the Places menu in the Upper Left would seem better03:33
robertjyour more often going somewhere than opening an appliation03:33
wasabiI like hte idea of classify items as "things you do to the computer", "things you do within your desktop environment".03:33
wasabibut that's JUST ME03:34
Keybukrobertj: hmm, I can't comment -- I have a sneaky suspicion you're right03:34
wasabiI like the idea of a Places menu.03:34
jdubrobertj: there's a thread on d-d-l about possible menu changes upstream03:34
jdubwhich includes:03:34
jdubApplications  Places  System03:34
jdub[foot]   Applications  Places03:34
wasabiSystem Applications Places03:35
wasabiWhere System can be a icon. ;)03:35
eruinPlaces Applications System'd seem better03:35
jdubthat's what [foot]  i03:35
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: try http://www.smarterits.com/~brandon/ubuntu/03:35
robertjThe big thing is users expect their programs to be in the corner from the Start Menu or Apple Menu03:35
wasabiI'd think labeling it Applications eleviates that.03:36
robertjso that inch difference makes a ..err difference03:36
robertjI still feel like it skirts the real problem of not having good scratch space03:37
jdubtseng: building now03:38
robertjthat might could be fixed by gnome-panel enhancements03:38
wasabiokay, if you guys use make-kpkg.... what builds linux-restricted?03:39
jdubtseng: successful build, successful install...03:40
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) :)03:40
jdubsuccessful microtesting ;)03:41
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) it even takes notes with style03:41
robertjI mean sure, we tell ourselves that we work methodically, every file is needed to be able to reproduce our work. In actuality we download stuff, delete 90% of it a minute later, paste things into a wordprocessor because we want our sticky notes spell-checked and uber-formatted, etc03:42
robertjam I boring yall ;)03:43
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) robertj: its ironic you say these things03:43
jdubtseng: has anyone sponsored you to get it into debian?03:43
robertjtseng: why?03:43
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: no, i was just looking at mentors.d,o today03:44
jdubSTICKY WIKI03:44
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) robertj: because we are working on uploading a tomboy fix03:44
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) with.. spellchecking!03:44
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) the mythical scratchpad you long for03:44
robertjIt's just hte principle of the thing though03:44
robertjlike you have a document that you say "I want to use this for a while until I file it or delete it"03:44
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) http://beatniksoftware.com/tomboy/03:45
robertjsometimes its a spreadsheet, or a csv, or some code, or whatever03:45
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) and:03:45
jdubtseng: want me to upload?03:45
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) http://www.gnome.org/projects/beagle/03:45
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: that would be rad03:45
robertjthe problem with beagle is it's not got that spatial feel03:46
eruinfunny I thought I saw tomboy in synaptic the other day03:46
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) robertj: the current beagle ui is a poc really03:46
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) eruin: its in ubuntu03:46
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) thanks to mr. dub03:46
robertjtseng: it's not just that though03:46
jdubrobertj: search folders in nautilus -> spatial.03:46
robertjjdub: the closest I've gotten is binding a special key to show/hide desktop03:47
jdubrobertj: you can't apply spatiality to everything.03:47
robertjif there was a way to make it show on press down and hide on release that would be closer03:47
jduband it doesn't make sense to do so03:47
robertjthen you could drag something off the desktop into yoru document03:47
robertjI'm not a real spatial fan03:48
eruintseng, I can't find it anywhere ;o03:48
robertjbut this seems like one of the really good uses03:48
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) eruin: its in hoary03:48
eruin<- hoary ;)03:48
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) well, the source is at least03:48
robertjit's just lots of little things that kind of make it a pain03:49
robertjlike you can't show/hide desktop while dragging03:50
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) remind me why id want to do that?03:51
robertjtseng: you have 3 jpegs on your desktop you want to attach to an evolution document03:51
robertjerr "Email message"03:51
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) ok?03:52
robertjso you press the show desktop key, select them, start the drag, press the key again to put windows back in their position, and drop the documents on the message to attach03:52
wasabiyou want to be able to alt-tab while dragging, or drag to an app on the panel widow list03:52
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) or id move evo to its own desktop03:52
wasabior point to a window for 2 seconds and have it move above03:53
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) which wasnt full of other crap03:53
robertjI don't have another desktop, I'm happy with one03:53
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) maybe if you are really impassioned about this you could write up how youd prefer it to work and make an open proposal to the gnome mailing list03:53
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) w/o using phrases like "its a pain" and other things with negative conotation03:54
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) "it would be great if we had this" vs "it sucks that you cant do this"03:54
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) you get a better response.03:54
jdubtseng: :-)03:56
robertjalso, does anyone know if dragging to the panel for launcher creation is on the list for 2.10?03:56
robertjit works if your dragging an executable app, but it assumes any file is an executable instead of rooting for the handler03:57
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) so, you want to add .mp3s to your panel?03:57
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) or how do you mean03:57
robertjwell yeah03:58
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) i can drag .desktop files to it all day long03:58
robertjor more practically my 5 spreadsheets that I use all the time03:58
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) isnt that why we have recent files?03:58
jdubah, smeg.03:58
jdubtseng: will have to upload again -> s/unstable/hoary/ :-)03:58
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) Computer - Recent Messages03:58
robertjtseng: but I just want those spreadsheets, not all the other stuff03:59
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) recent documents rather03:59
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) you want a lot of things :)03:59
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) you can also easily make a folder with your spreadsheets, and add it to you favorites in gtkfilechooser04:00
robertjis there a GtkFileChooser applet?04:00
jdubfilechooser bookmarks will be in the places menu04:00
robertjthat will help04:00
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) :)04:01
robertjbeing able to drag to and from that menu would be very intuitive though04:01
robertjalthough it's not really what menus are used for04:01
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) to me its counterintuitive04:01
jdubelmo: ping04:01
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) the panel is for launching applications04:02
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) not for launching files04:02
robertjtseng: that's not true04:02
jdubrobertj: probably best to take this discussion to gnome's usability list.04:02
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) launching an applications w/ a file uses the drag n drop paradigm04:02
robertjthere are a bajillion things that can and do live on various people's panel04:02
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) well thats true04:02
robertjyeah, it probably needs to get moved04:02
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) but not "intuitive"04:02
robertjwanna go to #gnome-usability?04:03
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) why not.04:03
robertj(come one come all)04:03
jdubtseng: tomboy's on its way.04:08
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) yay04:10
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sivanghey keybuk what's the ascii art about ?05:01
Keybukit's a yay for tomboy05:02
sivangKeybuk : got accepted into universe, right?05:02
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) indeed.05:08
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) see hoary-changes05:09
sivangtseng : was this your debian package? :)05:09
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) ya05:09
sivangtseng : (i've been using it since I found out your repo)05:09
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) ya its nice05:10
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) i found a few other things id like to do05:10
sivangtseng : It's very cool :), did it pass the regular, sid ---> hoary universe cycle?05:10
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) no :P05:10
sivangtseng : cooler, uploaded straight into universe?05:12
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) ya05:12
fabbionemorning guys06:09
fabbionelamont: ping?06:09
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionewhat is wrong with jackass?06:32
fabbionejdub: do you happen to know where the UploadQueue is gone?06:33
drbyteno asterix in universe!06:43
eruincan anyone point me to a package building guide?06:43
jduberuin: debian new maintainer's guide06:43
jdubfabbione: the directory?06:44
=== jdub uploads nautilus with a bunch of old mush removed
fabbioneit's not there anymore06:44
jdubjust worked for me06:45
fabbionebah it works without06:45
fabbioneprobably elmo chrooted even more06:45
fabbioneand the Contents files aren't updated properly :(06:46
Keybukright, time to go play with the arch people07:03
=== Keybuk heads for London
fabbionethis is so cooool!07:11
fabbionei have a couple of fox'es in my garden07:11
Lathiata fox or stray dog came and killed all 10 of my chickens last week :(07:15
Lathiatdug under the fence into the pen07:15
fabbionei don't have chickens in my garden07:17
fabbionebut they keeps rats and stuff like that away07:17
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fabbionehey pitti08:19
pittifabbione: Hi! I saw my small niece yesterday (3 days old now). Babies are sooo sweet :)08:20
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: if you start saying that, your getting old :)08:21
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) morning08:21
pittisjoerd: Morning. Really? Damn...08:21
fabbionepitti: oh yeah :-)08:22
fabbionesjoerd: ehehhehe08:22
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) gotta go08:23
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) later08:23
fabbioneholy.. it's snowing like hell today08:26
fabbioneand i need to go and renew my passport08:26
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dokomorning all!09:50
fabbionehey doko09:51
pittiHi doko, mvo_!09:51
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jdublifeless: around?10:04
=== daniels [~daniels@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: he's with mark and martin10:08
jdub(doesn't matter now)10:09
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fabbionebob2: can you ask Mark to show up on irc when he has 2 minutes of time?10:10
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: will do10:10
lifelessjdub: yo10:11
jdubjust had to get the keyring10:12
jdubout of interest10:12
jdubwhen baz fails due to lack of gpg love10:13
jdubhow can you tell which key it doesn't have? :)10:13
=== sid77 [~sid77@host100-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionejdub: ximian-connector needs some love10:19
fabbioneE: Package evolution has no installation candidate10:19
fabbionedoes evo* provides evolution somehow?10:19
fabbionenever mind10:20
=== fabbione goes and sit in a corner
lifelessjdub: yah10:23
=== fabbione fixes another FTBFS
fabbionedaniels: hey kid10:38
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) he's not a kid10:40
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) he beat up a family of clowns this morning10:41
danielsfabbione: sup10:41
fabbionedaniels: getting ready to upload xfree86 ubuntu2610:41
danielsfabbione: changes?10:41
fabbionei was waiting for you to review the changes10:41
danielsfabbione: just the restructure of the packaging?10:41
fabbionedaniels: just a sec10:41
fabbionexfree86 (4.3.0.dfsg.1-6ubuntu26) hoary; urgency=low10:42
fabbione  Changes by Fabio M. Di Nitto:10:42
fabbione  * Sync debian/rules install-server target with install and make10:42
fabbione    binary-server work again.10:42
fabbione  * Start shipping only xserver-xfree86 and xserver-xfree86-dbg as a temporary10:42
fabbione    stage, while waiting for full removal.10:42
fabbione    This will give the opportunity for users to be able to revert to an "old"10:42
fabbione    and well known server if the xserver-xorg package does not work for them.10:42
fabbione+ the security stuff10:42
fabbioneit basically builds only xserver-xfree86{,-dbg}10:43
fabbionei am gonna do a test10:44
fabbioneand upload10:44
fabbionethis will also solve the problem of having warty > hoary10:44
fabbionepitti: what about uploading libc6 to hoary?10:44
fabbionepitti: with the security fix and a -3 version?10:44
pittifabbione: ?10:44
fabbioneit gave a big headacke10:45
pittifabbione: I thought I uploaded the fix there long ago10:45
pittifabbione: or did Debian eventually fix it too?10:45
pittifabbione: then it could be synced10:45
fabbionepitti: warty has -2.210:45
fabbionehoary 210:45
danielsfabbione: how will it solve the warty->hoary problem???10:45
fabbionedaniels: hoary has 2 problems atm10:46
fabbionedaniels: one is the version10:46
fabbionethe other one is the cache for the Contents file10:46
danielsthe ubuntu-desktop problem is the biggest, and that's solveable by an xserver-xfree86 metapackage that deps on -xorg10:46
fabbionethe latter is more important10:46
fabbionedaniels: check XKBstr.h10:46
fabbioneusing Contents-i386.gz10:46
danielsit's listed as being in xlibs-static-dev?10:46
fabbionethe file is still registered as part of xlibs-static-dev10:47
fabbionebecause the package is probably still cached from xfree8610:47
danielsyeah, which is solveable by killing that from xfree8610:47
fabbionethis upload should "kill" the cache10:47
mvo_Kamion: synaptic as it needs some ubuntu-patches before it can be synced10:47
fabbionedaniels: exactly10:47
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-8-135.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittifabbione: the Debian version also fixes a problem on amd64, so I would rather base hoary on this10:48
fabbionepitti: make sense10:48
pittifabbione: I don't understand this, a new glibc was uploaded on Oct 5 without fixing the security problem10:48
pittifabbione: I sent the patch to the bug, it would have been trivial...10:48
pittiHi seb128 10:48
seb128hey pitti 10:48
pittifabbione: I will sync manually10:48
fabbionepitti: nothing important.. it was just to allign stuff around10:49
fabbionehey seb128 10:49
fabbioneseb128: i did a bunch of uploads of gnome stuff this morning10:49
seb128hi fabbione 10:49
fabbioneseb128: to fix FTBFS10:49
pittifabbione: however, it is on my todo list for some weeks now, so I won't forget about it :)10:49
seb128fabbione: yeah, I've seen that, thanks10:49
fabbionepitti: cool!10:49
fabbioneseb128: thanks the sparcbuildd that is catching them10:49
fabbionei am sure there are more10:49
fabbionebut we will see them in the next phase10:50
seb128probably yes10:50
fabbionewell i will rather fix them or bug you :P10:50
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: you can stop things from being synced by uploading an Ubuntu version10:50
=== plovs_work [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvo_Kamion: ah, I think that was the problem. thanks for pointing this out10:51
danielsfabbione: you are on crack10:52
daniels-xfree86 (4.3.0.dfsg.1-6ubuntu26) warty-security; urgency=low10:52
daniels+xfree86 (4.3.0.dfsg.1-6ubuntu26) hoary; urgency=low10:52
danielsw-s got 25.1, not 2610:52
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: you can either (a) upload something now to keep it out, (b) upload the merged version before the Debian version makes it out of incoming, (c) don't worry about it and upload the merge afterwards, since hoary users should be able to cope, (d) ask elmo if there are more available options10:52
fabbionedaniels: you are on crack10:52
fabbionedaniels: read carefully10:52
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: cache> Contents-* only gets updated once a week or so, I believe10:53
fabbionedaniels: warty has 25.110:53
fabbionedaniels: hoary will have 2610:53
danielsyes, warty-security specifically10:53
danielsnote the -10:53
fabbioneso what?10:53
daniels-6ubuntu26) warty-security10:53
danielswhere did you get that from?10:53
fabbionefrom the previous svn commit10:53
fabbionei just forgot to change the target10:53
fabbioneit was never uploaded10:53
fabbioneKamion: afaik Contents is updated each time apt-ftparchive run10:54
fabbioneKamion: at least it does it here10:54
fabbioneand in any case10:54
fabbionexorg has been uploaded a while go10:54
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: no, search for Contents in the apt-ftparchive man page10:56
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) you're right that it seems to be older than I'd expect for some reason, though10:56
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) but I think you're describing the problem wrongly :)10:56
fabbioneKamion: ok.. there are flags to tune it10:57
danielsiirc the dak 'daily' pulse regenerates contents10:57
fabbionei didn't know about it10:57
fabbioneKamion: but the point is that files are listed in the wrong package after a looong while :-)10:57
daniels(of course, our 'days' are half an hour ... everything moves faster in ubuntu)10:57
fabbioneKamion: and of course i agree with you.. a few hours back i had to formulate my theory :-)10:58
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) (ContentsAge is 10 days by default)10:58
fabbioneKamion: not here..10:58
fabbioneand i did never change the default10:58
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) if it's cheap for apt-ftparchive to regenerate the files it will do so, I believe10:58
fabbioneapt-ftparchives keeps updating them each time10:58
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) it basically tries not to do too much work10:59
fabbionehere i only have main10:59
mvo_Kamion: the last comment on #2651 looks like it might be debian-installer releated?10:59
fabbioneKamion: but even if i take the oldest xorg that hitted the archive.. it's like 14 days old11:00
fabbioneso i guess elmo has done some black magic11:00
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: yeah, languagechooser is responsible for that $LANGUAGE setting11:05
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: seems like intentional behaviour - AFAIK those languages are close enough that showing messages in the wrong one of them is better than showing no translation at all11:05
mvo_Kamion: so I will explain that and tag "notabug"11:06
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: I'm guessing it's falling back on a message-by-message basis when it can't find translations; complete the translations and it should go away11:06
mvo_right, I think I found a new .no translator, let's see how fast he is :)11:08
danielsbob2: i've already fixed your xkb problem, without even needing to debug it on your laptop.  how cool am I?11:14
danielsfabbione: it's USN time again11:21
fabbionedaniels: i hate you11:21
danielsi hate me too11:22
=== winkle [~winkle@lgh3814234.vittran.norrnod.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneseb128: libpanel-applet2-dev -> libgnome-desktop-dev transition.. shouldn't the latter provide the former?11:36
fabbioneor do you plan to change build-deps on all of them?11:36
seb128which transition ?11:37
seb128there is a transition ? upstream ?11:37
fabbionewatch this:11:38
fabbioneBuilding Dependency Tree...11:38
fabbionePackage libpanel-applet2-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package.11:38
fabbioneThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or11:38
fabbioneis only available from another source11:38
fabbioneHowever the following packages replace it:11:38
fabbione  libpanel-applet2-doc libgnome-desktop-dev11:39
infinityAre you sure that "Replaces" isn't just a file overwrite?11:39
seb128ii  libpanel-applet2-dev     2.9.1-0ubuntu2           Library for GNOME 2 Panel applets - Development files11:39
seb128Package: gnome-panel11:39
seb128Binary: libpanel-applet2-dev, libpanel-applet2-doc, gnome-panel-data, libpanel-applet2-0, gnome-panel, libpanel-applet2-dbg11:39
seb128dunno how you get this11:39
fabbionei think wanna-build is on pure crack!11:40
seb128but this part has not changed for ages11:40
=== Mitario [~michiel@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitariohi everyone11:41
fabbioneseb128: thanks11:42
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: you are my hero11:49
danielsbob2: i am my hero too11:51
danielsbob2: want to buy me some red bull?11:51
danielsbob2: edit /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/macintosh/us11:53
danielsbob2: after ~line 147, where it has the include statements, add 'include "srvr_ctrl(xfree86)"' after the existing two11:53
danielsbob2: then you should be able to do set xkbmap -symbols us11:56
danielssetxkbmap -symbols us11:56
danielsand hopefully it's not cached11:59
=== nmf [~nmf@adsl-b4-66-254.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
gicmo_sladen, ping?12:06
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: if your fridge isn't full anymore, ok12:10
=== plovs_work [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jbailey [~jbailey@dragonfly.fundserv.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsbob2: there's still a fair bit of dr pepper and some iced tea, but i've drunk all the red bull already12:15
daniels'Ctrl-c will is appear to be Ctrl-Thaisaraae in case of th 12:16
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) you know, the Thaisaraae key12:18
fabbionedaniels, Kamion: new d-i use of framebuffer breaks Xorg autodetection12:18
fabbionedaniels: the scripts enables the use of fb automatically when they find it12:18
fabbionebut than it fails to find the device12:18
fabbioneKamion: btw.. hoary installed perfectly12:18
fabbioneor netboot12:19
fabbioneor net<whatever_fits_better>12:19
danielsfabbione: huh?12:19
danielsmore details dude12:19
fabbionedaniels: UseFBDev "true"12:21
fabbioneand than it cannot find the /dev/fb* associated12:21
fabbionethe first is generated by maint scripts12:21
fabbionethe second is the error in the logs12:21
daniels+authenticated = authctxt->valid ? 1 : 0;12:21
danielsfabbione: grunt12:22
danielsfabbione: otoh, usefbdev false should be safe in *most* cases in xorg with benh's new patch12:22
fabbionedaniels: there is not only ppc that uses fb12:24
=== gicmo_ is now known as gicmo
fabbioneKamion: the framebuffer is not loaded after the second reboot12:24
danielsfabbione: which other platforms do we have that require fb for detection?12:24
fabbioneKamion: d-i -> reboot -> install -> reboot (no framebuffer)12:24
danielsiirc the only case where we really needed fb to do the setup right was r128 panels on powerpc12:24
danielsand that case should be fixed now12:24
fabbionedaniels: i am pretty sure sparc does12:25
danielsit was so nice, only caring about three platforms that people actually used :)12:25
fabbionedaniels: well.. if we can keep some level of portability 12:25
fabbioneif you want to kill it you can do it for platform12:26
fabbionethe code is relatively flexible12:26
fabbionethere is no need to do it for world12:26
fabbionedaniels: there is a simpler option12:26
fabbionedaniels: like making the "UseFBDev" a real option and not a fatal12:26
=== Astharot [~isager@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: if the framebuffer must be loaded after the reboot you have to do it somewhere other than d-i12:31
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: base-config only has any effect on the first reboot, which wouldn't be good enough12:31
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHi lulu12:32
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lulupitti: hiya :o)12:33
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) baaaaaaaaz.12:33
fabbioneKamion: yes, i understand that. but is it FB required for base-config?12:34
fabbioneKamion: otherwise i think something should take care of making the behaviour consistent across reboots12:34
=== Keybuk [~scott@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukseb128: is SMTP with TLS known-broken in evolution/hoary ?12:35
seb128Keybuk: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=331012:37
seb128Keybuk: all sort of problems with secure connections12:37
=== Keybuk [~scott@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukseb128: uh, what was that URL?  X-Chat helpfully crashed while I was un-thomming firefox so I could load it :p12:39
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) hurry up, mr buildd12:40
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) I want tomboy on ppc!12:40
Keybukis it not built yet?12:40
Keybukit got uploaded some 6 hours ago12:40
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) yeah, I know12:41
Keybukit's not built on i386 either12:41
KeybukI suspect a FTBFS12:41
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) fucking doorstop architectures!12:41
fabbionei think there is something wrong with the buildd12:42
fabbioneamd64 isn't building either12:42
fabbioneand the logs are on the web12:42
fabbioneyeah.. it failed on i386 and ppc12:42
seb128Keybuk: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=331012:43
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) ouch12:43
fabbioneconfigure: error: XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool12:43
fabbionemissing build-dep probably12:43
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionesame as update-manager12:44
fabbionei think one build-dep killed a dependency12:44
fabbioneand this is just a chain12:44
cenerentolahello ppl do you know where i can find exact dates and times of the conference12:47
fabbionecenerentola: on the wiki12:48
cenerentolawell.. nice.. i came from there12:48
cenerentolado you know the exact "page"?12:49
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) it has the exact dates on it12:49
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) that's how we all planned to be there (-ish)12:49
cenerentolano... one day i visited a page, that explained exactly at what time it started in the morning and ended in the afternoon..12:49
cenerentolafabbione: im came from there12:50
fabbionethey might have moved stuff around12:52
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: shouldn't be, generally12:54
cenerentolakamion: well.. effectiveness is: i can't find it12:55
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) cenerentola: huh?12:55
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) cenerentola: my comment was nothing to do with your conversation12:55
cenerentolaahh... sorry12:56
cenerentolai own you a beer12:56
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) are you sure such a page exists?12:56
fabbioneok daniels...12:59
fabbioneXorg is out of way12:59
fabbionewe are back to xfree8612:59
fabbionexfree86 4.3.0.dfsg.1-6ubuntu26 12:59
fabbionewith the epoch bump people will see it as normal upgrade12:59
=== Astharot [~isager@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Astharot [~isager@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sid77 [~sid77@host99-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionenew version of tomboy uploaded01:11
Astharot/query pitti01:11
=== sid77 ciao
pittiAstharot: this might not have been what you want :)01:11
Astharotciao sid ^^01:12
Astharotpitti: yes, probably :)01:12
=== bitserf [~ljb@222-152-65-27.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== bitserf [~ljb@222-152-65-27.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittilulu: I will handle this issue with HolgerDaut@aol.com01:26
bitserfhi, i'm not sure due to differing hardware configurations, but has anything changed between hal 0.4.1-1ubuntu1 and 0.4.1-1ubuntu6 that would cause CD-ROM devices to not have volume children? 01:26
bitserfi have a work machine with 0.4.1-1ubuntu1 that still shows the volume children (children of the IDE drive device), and 0.4.1-1ubuntu6 at home doesn't. 01:27
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) bitserf: anything obvious in the changelog?01:27
lulupitti: ok - many thanks -  would you mind sending me the translation anyway please.01:28
pittilulu: uh, if you want01:28
pittilulu: he complains about the lack of accessibility in Gnopernicus on a Gnoppix Live CD01:29
pittilulu: it's just wrongly addressed to us01:29
fabbioneelmo: after xfree86 in hoary (ubuntu26) will build, you can safely move it to universe01:31
=== mvo_ [~Michael@suprimo-136.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bitserfbob2: i'm not entirely qualified to answer that, just starting to understand how various bits of hal work. nothing immediately obvious to me though.01:32
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) bitserf: /usr/share/doc/hal/changelog.Debian.gz01:32
bitserfbob2: read it :P01:32
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: ok01:32
fabbioneelmo: thanks01:32
fabbioneelmo: btw.. this morning we were checking Contents file. how often are they updated on out archive?01:33
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) not very often01:34
fabbioneless than once every 10 days?01:34
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) updating the Contents file is VERY expensive so I can't posssibly update it as part of cron.daily01:34
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) the second problem is apt-ftparchive doesn't do any locking, so I can't cron it less often easily01:34
fabbioneelmo: yup.. i noticed it is expensive.. 01:35
fabbionei was just wondering.. because i still see old xfree86 files in the wrong xorg packages :-)01:35
=== fabbione goes to renew the passport
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: gnome-gpg in supported someday?01:41
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) where's a good place to put upload instructions on the wiki? do we have an equivalent to www.d.o/devel/ yet ?01:47
daniels'el puo doble'01:48
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) linking to it from UbuntuProcedures would make sense?01:48
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) *boggle* the searching on zwiki OWNS01:57
danielselmo: what, when it's not searching plone.org?01:58
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) btw, next person to upload, please try it via direct FTP02:00
=== Astharot [~isager@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittielmo: what does that mean, is there now a public FTP upload queue?02:02
=== moyogo [~moyogo@HSE-Sherbrooke-ppp78413.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) yes02:04
=== alerios [~alerios@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielselmo: ftp to chinstrap?02:08
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) no, jackass02:08
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) and don't do an upload for the sake of it - I know what your impulse control is like :P02:09
danielsi have an xorg upload later today, but i'm doing dhclient in a bit02:09
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) hah02:10
danielselmo: ok, I just bought directftpuploadstojackass.org for two years, what now?02:11
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) ok, someone suspend daniels' domain-buying rights02:12
danielsit was a joke02:12
danielsclearly you need more caffeine02:13
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) I've been drinking this diet shit all day02:13
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsbob2: exactly02:17
danielsranlib: libxf86_os.a: No space left on device02:23
danielsmake[7] : *** [libxf86_os.a]  Error 102:23
danielsmake[7] : Leaving directory `/home/daniels/canonical/xorg/arch/source/xorg-6.8.1/build-tree/xc-xserver-xorg-dbg/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/os-support'02:23
danielsBABY JESUS!!02:23
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) hahaha02:23
sivangthis is one deep path02:24
=== chuck_ [~chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
smurfixI wonder whether keeping Contents in a database and incrementally updating with new packages would make sense. Just do a daily table dump02:24
=== zul [~chuck@zul.developer.gentoo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) if apt-ftparchive had a --contents-only mode, that'd be a good start02:28
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) then, if it could update the contents file out-of-bound (i.e. not as .Contents-$arch.new but in /tmp or something), that would totally fix it, AFAIC02:29
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukseb128: so, uh, I can't seem to be able to send e-mail with TLS at "never"02:34
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: usb-discover upload coming up shortly02:36
=== gicmo [~gicmo@pD9545152.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) ... done02:40
seb128Keybuk: have you restarted evolution ?02:41
Keybukseb128: it's crashed at least once since I changed the setting, does that count? :)02:42
gicmoevolution mail sending is broken here02:43
seb128it works fine here with secure connection to "never"02:45
seb128and the workaround works for all the bug reporters for the moment02:46
seb128BTW the problems seems to be fixed upstream so we are waiting for a new release :)02:46
Keybukyou're allowed to patch it, you know :p02:49
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) mvo around?02:50
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) off to take the kids to school02:51
mvo_lamont: yes02:53
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: seemed to work02:54
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: cool02:54
=== sivang is now known as sivang_away
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) aw, I coulda done a test upload of X.org for you02:55
danielsbob2: you're not in the keyring, foo'02:56
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) hrm, I was02:56
seb128Keybuk: I know, but starting to include CVS changes for each bug in a devel branch is insane03:01
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== herzi [~herzi@d058108.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittidaniels: I just replied to #2327, but did not CC you...03:25
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) can someone, esp. someone not already familiar with ubuntu uploads, check out Uploads on the wiki and see if it makes sense?03:28
danielspitti: cheers03:29
pittidaniels: not easy, eh?03:29
danielspitti: gnaaarrrrrrrrrrrr03:29
pittidaniels: I produced a similar noise when I found out all details and options about this issue03:30
(azeem/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: you could clarify on that 'and/or' part for .changes perhaps03:30
pittidaniels: so far my best solution is to walk to the Apple factory equipped with a chainsaw03:30
pittidaniels: and force the people to provide real AltGr keys on the iBooks...03:30
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) yeah, the "notification" point is a little confusing03:30
fabbioneelmo: so basically now, ftp on jackass is open?03:33
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) yes, it's running a custom (python) ftpd03:33
fabbioneahh that's why UploadQueue disappeared all of a sudden03:33
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: it's a totally fake fs, you can upload into /UploadQueue still if you want, it all ends up in the same place when you logoff03:34
fabbioneuh yeah.. well i did try ls and cd and it was all empty03:35
fabbionebut that's ok03:35
fabbioneuntil it works.. who cares? ;)03:35
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) yeah, it works enough for existing dupload/dput configs not to break, which is what I cared about03:35
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) (i.e. all our buildds ;)03:36
danielspitti: heh03:36
fabbioneelmo: xfree86 ubuntu26 is in the archive.. you can move it to universe (source included) anytime you prefer03:37
fabbionenot too bad.. only 14 FTBFS on sparc at the end of phase003:38
smurfixelmo: "use one of the pre-registered email addresses" -- registered where and when? Otherwise it makes sense.03:38
fabbioneof which most of them are common to debian and ubuntu03:38
fabbionelamont: ping03:45
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) can anyone think of a better name than 'ftp-master' or 'archive-master'? I need something both as an alias for jackass and an email adresss, but neither are terribly appealing03:50
fabbionegod@ ?03:50
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) meh03:51
=== elmo strikes fabbione down with a bolt of lightning
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) Iletyouuploadpackages@03:51
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) cf Isignyourpaychecks03:51
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) archive is taken, else it'd be a good name.03:51
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: upload ?03:51
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) upload.ubuntu.com, upload@ubuntu.com03:52
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) ooh, that's good03:52
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) trapdoor, as in something packages pass through.03:52
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) katie?03:53
=== spotter [~spotter@user-0ccembr.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) or incoming, but that's used already.03:53
=== spotter is now known as shaya
shayadoes martin pitt hang out here?03:53
pittishaya: that's me03:53
fabbioneelmo: what about picking up a name from one of your gf?03:53
pittishaya: ah, you are the guy with the funny dvd?03:54
danielsfabbione: may I suggest konnie?03:54
fabbionedaniels: i don't care.. they are elmo's gf03:54
shayahow many shaya's use ubunut :)03:54
pittishaya: does it work with other DVDs/CDs?03:54
shayajust updated bugzilla03:55
shayait's the X bit03:55
pittishaya: I tested this with some DVDs too, worked fine03:55
shayadoes it make sense that dvd's that are user mounted in iso9660 or udf should have the x bit forced for their dirs?03:55
shayai.e. doesn't make sense that a dir wouldn't be accessible03:56
pittishaya: right03:56
pittishaya: the mount manpage does not give any option for this, however03:56
shayapitti: but that would be a kernel bug?03:56
shayaright, I checked03:56
pittishaya: you could try umask=00003:57
pittishaya: it is not officially suppored for UDF, but maybe it works03:57
shayathat's global though03:57
pittishaya: right03:57
shayaI was thinking more of something that just affects dirs03:57
shayadont want every file changed03:58
shayapitti: though setting uid and gid to the the user might also work03:58
pittishaya: well, there is little that you can do about broken permissions...03:58
shayathat would seem to be the more sane thing03:58
pittishaya: I doubt it03:58
pittishaya: because uid= and gid= only alter files that are owned by root03:58
pittishaya: however, the files are owned by a nonexisting UID03:59
pittishaya: you can try, however03:59
pittishaya: uid=1000,gid=1000 or so03:59
shayaall my DVDs are owned by the same nonexisting one03:59
pittishaya: this option change in fstab would be global, too, but it makes sense for most CD-ROMs03:59
shayai.e. Gattaca (Region 1)03:59
shayadr-xr-xr-x  3 4294967295 4294967295   88 1998-05-12 15:38 cdrom003:59
shayaas long as single user system :)03:59
pittishaya: where the hell is this broken uid coming from?03:59
shayaI have no idea04:00
pittishaya: did you burn these DVDs yourself?04:00
shayathis is commercial Gattaca Region 1 DVD04:00
shayahave about 40-50 other commercial ones I can test04:00
shayabut cant do it now04:00
pittishaya: sorry, I'm lost with this; I do not want to patch mount/the kernel to ignore permissions on CD-ROMs04:00
pittishaya: can you try with uid/gid?04:01
pittishaya: in any case, there is not much I can do as a general solution; there are many people who do want the permissions on mounted devices to be respected04:01
pittishaya: (me, for example :) )04:01
fabbionepitti: are you on ppc?04:02
pittifabbione: not currently, but I can boot it if you want04:02
shayapitti: I'm trying to wonder what perms mean for udf/iso9660?04:02
fabbionepitti: can you try to build redland-bindings and tell me if it fails because it can't find -lmysqlclient?04:02
pittishaya: well, they mean exactly the same as for any other file system04:02
fabbionepitti: i think something has been changed since the upload and now it FTBFS04:03
pittifabbione: sure. Is this ppc-specific?04:03
fabbionepitti: i think it is for all arch, but i would like to be sure04:03
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) I can run it now if you're busy, pitti 04:03
pittifabbione: okay, my iBook is booting. 04:04
fabbionepitti: be sure not to have libmysqlclients{,10}-dev installed04:04
pittibob2: oh, if you want to...04:04
pittifabbione: sure04:04
fabbionepitti: and that build-dep are satisfied04:04
pittifabbione: usually I wipe everything away that I don't need04:04
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: heh, wouldn't want you to get bored ;-)04:04
pittifabbione: and being the PostgreSQL maintainer I certainly don't need mysql :-))04:04
fabbionepitti: ehehe well.. i didn't think to have mysql stuff installed.. but i did04:05
pittibob2: I'm at it04:05
pittifabbione: oh, do you mean the Hoary version? My iBook is warty currently04:06
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: btw, sleep now works!04:06
pittibob2: yay, with BehH's kernel?04:06
fabbionepitti: yes. i need hoary04:06
fabbionethat package is not even in warty04:06
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: yup04:06
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: I'm doing it on hoary now04:06
fabbionebob2: arch?04:06
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: ppc04:06
fabbionebob2: cool thanks04:07
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: I sent a followup to 1940 about it04:07
pittibob2: are there readymade kernel images somewhere?04:07
pittibob2: that would be nice04:07
pittibob2: I don't know how to deal with this bug anyway04:07
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: no :/. and it's only against 2.6.904:07
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: do you know when 2.6.9 will hit hoary?04:07
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lmysqlclient04:07
pittibob2: no, sorry04:07
pittibob2: damn, you were faster04:08
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: do you want a log?04:08
pittibob2: I just managed to download the source package04:08
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: heh, mark's dsl rocks04:08
fabbionebob2: no thanks.. it's the same failure all over04:08
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) oh good god04:08
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: ok04:08
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) oo.o runs gimp in a virtual X session as part of the build process04:09
pittibob2: when you are at it, can you please reassign the bug to Herbert and ask him to include the patch?04:09
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) hahahaha04:09
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: sure04:09
fabbioneelmo: you are the license expert.. against which of the 2 libmysqlclients library should we link?04:09
pittibob2: thanks! One neglected bug less.. :)04:09
danielslamont: i think i would need access to an ia64 machine to get x building on that04:10
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: err.. depends - what are you linking it to?04:11
pittishaya: any success?04:11
fabbionedaniels: you have the MANIFEST files... isn't that enough?04:11
fabbioneelmo: redland-bindings04:11
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: just about all the people who followed up seemed very confused about whether it was supposed to work or not04:11
shayapitti: cant try it04:11
shayaright now at least, need to run off to school04:11
pittishaya: have fun04:11
fabbione1. The GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) Version 2.104:11
pittishaya: btw, do you object to closing the bug?04:11
fabbioneelmo: it's LGPL04:11
=== nmf [~nmf@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsfabbione: grep MANIFEST.ia64.in for Xorg04:12
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: either should be fine then04:12
fabbioneelmo: so i guess i need to link with libmysqlclient1004:12
danielsoh, hold on04:12
danielsfabbione: those files are from xfree86, aren't they?04:12
fabbionedaniels: wake up :-)04:12
danielsoh crap04:13
fabbioneelmo: do you remember if there is any policy against which one to link? iirc there was a lot of discussion that they can't be mixed....04:13
danielsthat *sucks* dude04:13
fabbionedaniels: you kinda need to update the MANIFEST04:13
fabbionedaniels: we did it for i386, amd64, ppc, sparc04:13
daniels'kinda' :P04:13
fabbionedaniels: i told you already.. that's why you got the new MANIFEST from lamont04:13
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: the problem is the newer one is/was GPL incompatible. AFAIK upstream were trying to fix this, but kept fucking up. I'm not sure if it ever got 100% resolved. OTOH, LGPL is a free'n'easy license and you can happily link it with even the GPL-incompatible libmysql license04:14
fabbioneelmo: ok. cool!04:14
shayapitti: well, it's a broken DVD, unsure what the correct course is, if you want to close it I wont object04:15
pittishaya: the problem is that we cannot fix this generally<04:15
=== lucas_ [~lucas@ca-grenoble-2-31.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneok.. let see if jackass works from remote :-)04:17
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
shayapitti: it would seem perhaps udf should be smart and say "if all the directories in the root are not traversable, this is a broken DVD and we should handle it as such"04:17
=== smurf [~smurf@run.smurf.noris.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittishaya: maybe we should rather correct broken uids to root04:18
pittishaya: and the kernel should support uid/gid04:18
pittishaya: I leave the bug open for now and comment it04:19
shayapitti: the problem isn't just uid04:20
shayafor example Gattaca has messed up UID but still works perfectly, as it's dirs are r-x04:21
pittishaya: I know, it's permissions04:21
pittishaya: can you please play around with umask/dmask/uid/gid04:21
pittishaya: and report back to the bug if you found something?04:22
shayatime to run04:22
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) moo04:25
(azeem/#ubuntu-devel) oh, is ubuntu-devel gated bi-directionally to ubuntuforums.org?04:33
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) I hope not04:33
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) use gmane04:33
(azeem/#ubuntu-devel) eh, *I* wont' use it04:33
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-097-062.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsthere's a bidirectional gate to the forums, yes04:35
(azeem/#ubuntu-devel) ah04:35
(azeem/#ubuntu-devel) I was just about to send away a mail, better cancel that then04:35
(azeem/#ubuntu-devel) poptone's messages are quite readable in the forum but totally unreadable via the list04:37
=== azeem [~mbanck@lxsrv150.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== azeem [~mbanck@lxsrv150.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsfabbione: 05:01
danielsif [ "$(echo "$DISPLAY_MODES" | grep 1280x800)" ] ; then05:01
daniels  printf "\tModeline\t\"1280x800@60\" 83.91 1280 1312 1624 1656 800 816 824 841\n" >&405:01
danielsfabbione: (dexconf) surely that should be in #989?05:01
=== mxpxpod [~forbesbd@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mxpxpodis there any chance of 2.6.9 going into hoary any time soon?05:02
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) I hope so05:03
mxpxpodwho would I email about that?05:03
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) about asking for it?05:04
mxpxpodthat, or about certain patches to the ubuntu kernel (like the wlan-ng patch)05:04
mxpxpodbecause I'd like to start using 2.6.9+benh's ibook g4 sleep patch on a regular basis, but w/o the wlan-ng patches, I can't use wireless05:05
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) hah, me too05:05
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) I just sent an email to herbert about that an hour ago05:06
mxpxpodbob2: ah, cool... keep me posted05:06
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) why do you need a wlan-ng patch?05:06
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) or do you mean the modules?05:06
mxpxpodbob2: I mean the modules... they aren't in the vanilla kernel05:06
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) yeah05:07
mxpxpodbob2: make sense?05:07
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) well, yeah05:07
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) but it's pretty easy to build the modules from linux-wlan.org, manually05:08
mxpxpodbob2: yeah, I know... but it's easier to have them in the kernel :P05:08
pittilamont: here?05:08
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) mxpxpod: heh, true, that's the exact reason I'm not using the patch yet05:09
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) I tried forward-porting the ubuntu kernel source to 2.6.9, but the build failed, and I was too tired to try fix it05:09
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: yo05:09
mxpxpodbob2: I tested -2 of the patch and it seemed to work alright... I had to enable AGPMode "4" and EnablePageFlipping "true", but that was it05:09
pittilamont: I uploaded an fcron security update a while ago; i386 and ppc are ready for ages, but amd64 build did not arrive yet05:10
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) mxpxpod: with x.org?05:10
mxpxpodbob2: yeah05:10
pittilamont: is this stuck somewhere or FTBFS?05:10
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) mxpxpod: ah, ok...05:10
mxpxpodbob2: and sometimes the panel would crash after a wakeup... not sure about that05:10
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: are those options sane to enable on ibook's all the time?05:10
mxpxpodbob2: maybe -4 will fix that05:10
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) mxpxpod: -4 fixed a bug like that, yeah05:10
=== lamont looks
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) mxpxpod: have you tried pmdisk/swsusp from 2.6.9 on your machine?05:11
mxpxpodbob2: I had them enabled on xfree86... they seemed fine05:11
mxpxpodbob2: yeah, I did, but they don't work with dri enable05:11
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) mxpxpod: even with x.org?05:11
mxpxpodbob2: didn't test with xorg05:11
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) (iirc it should work with dri on x.org now)05:11
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) ah05:11
=== mxpxpod is still waiting for the utf-8 fix for xorg to make it to ppc
=== hazmat [~hazmat@cs671082-140.houston.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) hrm, what's that?05:12
danielsbob2: which options?05:12
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: AGPMode "4" and EnablePageFlipping "true"05:12
mxpxpodbob2: when I launch an X/GNOME app from the command line, I get a warning about my utf-8 locale05:13
mxpxpoddaniels: why?05:13
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) mxpxpod: ah05:13
danielsmxpxpod: a) dude, not everyone has agp, b) not everyone has 4x agp, c) page flipping breaks on many i386 chipsets iirc05:13
danielsyour problem will likely be fixed with benh's radeon megapatch which I'm waiting on the final version of05:13
mxpxpoddaniels: this is on an ibook g4 where we have 4x agp05:14
mxpxpoddaniels: awesome05:14
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) ah05:14
mxpxpoddaniels: you're doing an awesome job on xorg05:14
danielsyeah, unfortunately we can't reliably pick amiagp4xornot05:14
mxpxpoddaniels: oh, I figured out my font problem... I turned off the autohinter which made smaller fonts look really strange05:15
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) you should setup a website05:15
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) so people can vote if it's 4xagpornot05:15
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: grumble. fixed.05:15
pittilamont: thanks a lot!05:15
pittilamont: my fault or the buildd's?05:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) not yours05:16
danielsmxpxpod: ah, rad05:16
mxpxpoddaniels: is there a way to turn off the autohinter for smaller fonts?05:16
pittilamont: hmm, it's still not on jackass05:16
mxpxpoddaniels: like, 11 pt. fonts and smaller?05:16
danielsmxpxpod: i'm not sure, sorry -- fonts simultaneously scare me and hurt my head05:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: give it another 5 minutes, eh?05:16
mxpxpoddaniels: haha, ok05:16
pittilamont: okay, thanks :)05:17
mxpxpoddaniels: if I figure it out, I'll let you know05:17
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) that's lamont-polite-speak for 'elmo fucked up the MTA config' ;)05:17
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lupus_this bug can be closed: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=303 since it will be in hoary if I'm not mistaking05:26
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: and I didn't notice for long enough that we actually bounced a bunch of logs... :-(05:26
mxpxpoddaniels: I'm also experiencing a flash of black when I click logout on the gnome-panel05:29
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: still arguing with a couple things... I'll tell you when it's there05:30
danielsmxpxpod: wack05:30
mxpxpoddaniels: huh?05:31
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: uploaded, :35 should see the accepted queue05:32
danielsmxpxpod: weird05:32
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) whee, nice stress test of poppy, thanks lamont :)05:32
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: glad to help. :-)05:32
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) poppy is the new upload processor?05:32
mxpxpoddaniels: ah, ok05:32
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lupus_: done, thanks05:32
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: right05:33
=== lamont bows
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) okay, please recheck: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Uploads05:37
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) ?05:37
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) looks sane to me - I assume the .cf entries are correct...05:40
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) and buildd's need not change their dupload.cf, correct?05:40
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: yep05:40
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) I made sure of that :)05:41
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) the rest looks comprehensive05:41
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: possibly note in big letters that only Ubuntu devs may upload?05:43
=== lamont wanders off for about 30 minutes
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) oh mozilla, please use 100% of my cpu05:45
mozillabob2: if you had a nice fast X40 as opposed to your slow iBook, I'd be far more forgiving05:47
(kylem/#ubuntu-devel) haha.05:47
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) I hate you milkman dan.05:47
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) (iels)05:47
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) that might be cheaper than gas05:48
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) from NC05:48
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) er, damn window again05:48
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) bob2: just call him, Daniel Bellamy05:48
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) he likes that name05:48
lupus_does hoary support chinese input methodes??05:56
danielselmo: watch it05:57
danielselmo: mr 'i have so much impulse control i'll shove my finger into a ring that's already been shown to be too small for most fingers'05:58
=== Astharot [isager@host224-161.pool8254.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Mithrandir chalks down another happy ubuntu user, though live-cd for now.
=== gicmo_ [~gicmo@pD9E59604.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ironwolfdaniels: 0000:01:01.0 VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. Trio 64 3D (rev 01)06:35
=== jdz_ [~jdz@chpau.oxfordnetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ironwolfdaniels around?06:40
danielsironwolf: yo dude06:43
danielsironwolf: ah, thanks very much06:43
danielsironwolf: that really should be supported ...06:43
ironwolfdaniels: let me know how I help this fine, fine user/new convert.06:44
danielsironwolf: 'sec06:44
danielsironwolf: what's the output of lspci -n?06:45
ironwolfdaniels: gotta wait for user to wake up.06:46
danielsironwolf: heh, sure :)06:49
smurfixdaniels: any known reports of a radeon 9600 just turning off its digital output when X starts up? (also happens with the kernel radeonfb driver) may be a hardware problem, but ENOWAYTOTEST06:49
danielsironwolf: AH!06:51
danielsironwolf: change 's3' to 's3v'06:51
danielssmurfix: yep, there sure is, will be fixed in the next xorg upload06:51
smurfixdaniels: good to hear. Ditto the kernel driver, I assume.06:53
danielssmurfix: probably not with radeonfb06:53
smurfixhmm. Does having radeonfb loaded make sense for X, these days?06:55
danielsnot really for X, but it's kind of nice if you want to use the console ;)06:59
=== gicmo [~gicmo@pD9E59604.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsbenh wrote radeonfb and he does all the detection code for the X driver, so they play very well together06:59
danielsi'm waiting on a patch from him (should come tomorrow, Australian time) to fix like every detection issue with the radeon driver ever06:59
smurfixdaniels: I can use vesafb for that. Fortunately, otherwise I'd have no X at all right now.07:00
daniels... why no X at all?07:02
smurfixdaniels: because I can use either vesafb or the radeon driver... and since the latter doesn'twork at the moment, I'm reasonably happy with the former, even though that means I can't watch DVDs. Does wonders for my productivity, though, or at least it would if I could use both hands.07:06
daniels'either vesafb or the radeon driver'07:09
danielsdo you mean radeonfb?  or the vesa driver in X?07:09
smurfixdaniels: sorry for being unclear -- I meant "vesafb+framebuffer". Didn't try X's vesa support, as I don't see the point of doing that.07:14
=== hazmat [~hazmat@h-67-100-5-6.hstqtx02.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu-devel []
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-111-142.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: wtf is Fo'shizzle07:38
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) haha07:40
danielssjoerd: 'certainly'07:40
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) thanks :)07:40
=== amu [~amu@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ironwolfdaniels: s3v X didn't start.07:50
danielsironwolf: bugger.  what was the error?07:50
ironwolfdaniels: no screens found07:52
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ironwolfdaniels: where should I send the Xorg.0.log?08:00
danielsironwolf: to daniel@fooishbar.org, please08:09
ironwolfdaniels: sent.08:13
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== wasabi [~jhaltom2@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lucas_ [~lucas@ca-grenoble-1-217.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== RubenV [~lambda1@kn-res.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) good morning, Ubuntuans09:00
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) morning mdz09:00
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) hey mdz09:00
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) hm, typing while wearing a gi is fiddly09:00
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) trying to remember how to use this "keyboard" thing09:00
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) the sleeves keep getting in the way of the keyboard09:01
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) mdz: back already?09:02
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) on schedule09:02
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) heard from thom recently? he's supposedly in town09:02
wasabiIs NFSv4 going to be included in Ubuntu at any point?09:02
mvo_hi mdz09:02
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) wasabi: is it slated for inclusion in the upstream kernel?09:03
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) wasabi: it already is09:03
wasabiIt's in 2.6.09:03
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) aha, even better09:03
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) CONFIG_NFSD_V4=y09:03
wasabimdz: it seems to require user mode utilities09:03
wasabiwhich are not present09:03
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) I see09:03
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) new tools, or just a new mount?09:03
wasabiI'm not sure.09:03
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) s/mount/version of &/09:03
wasabijhaltom@station-1 jhaltom $ sudo mount /export/bin/09:03
wasabiNFSv4 not supported!09:03
wasabiNFSv4 not supported!09:03
wasabiTht's all I can tell you. ;)09:03
wasabiBut it's in both kernels at both ends.09:04
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) wasabi: if you find out what's required, drop a note to ubuntu-devel09:04
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) http://www.citi.umich.edu/projects/nfsv4/patches-2.5/patch-util-linux-2.11t-A09:04
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) that may be an older version09:04
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) the optimal solution is to have the requisite patches merged into util-linux upstream so that everyone gets them, though09:05
wasabiyeah of course09:05
wasabiI'd really like to start using the GSSAPI support.09:05
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) RH seem to have an NFSv4 patch to util-linux, or so Google suggests09:06
wasabibuh latest hoary upgrade just friend my gnome-panel xinerama detection. it's now spanning all 3 monitors.09:06
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: does util-linux still have an upstream?09:08
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) mdz: he's looking for an adopter I believe09:09
=== lamont is 75% looking for a co-maintainer as well...
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) it's an annoying, griefsome package.09:15
smurfixlooks like a chunk of work for somebody who needs some more stuff on their plate to feel happy09:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) then again, part of that has been due to the size of the diff... being (part of) upstream might make that less painful09:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) or rather, painful in different ways...09:16
smurfixI passed that point some time ago :-/09:17
=== lamont tackles zsh
wasabiAnybody know much about nscd? Trying to get it to cache the entire passwd table.09:21
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: are the -pic packages still used?09:24
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: you around?09:31
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) GAH! gthktml3 has a md5mismatch on orig.tar.gz as well???09:33
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) wasabi: what I know about nscd is that it is buggy, which is why we don't use it09:34
wasabi I have to09:34
wasabiLDAP based users.09:34
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: mismatch between what and what?09:34
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: are you back at home now?09:35
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) mdz: most of those are because we uploaded a diff orig.tar.gz to warty than debian got.09:35
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) yes, home09:35
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) I should probably just make the sync break when that happens09:36
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: pretty please?09:36
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-9-131.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) mdz: and this is how you wind up with xx_2.8.0ubuntu-1ubuntu109:37
=== x4m [~max@142.159-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) doko??09:41
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) lamont, seb128: how did we end up with a different .orig?09:45
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) I thought gnome released official .tar.gzs09:45
seb128_for which package ?09:46
=== Kyaneos [~Kyaneos@80-29-44-98.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128_elmo: gconf-editor sync please 09:46
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: devel/gal2.2_2.2.3ubuntu1-1ubuntu1: Installed [optional:uncompiled] 09:47
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) that's the only one I've fixed todate09:47
seb128_perhaps Kitame did some changes ...09:48
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) gtkhtml3 has an md5sum mismatch09:48
seb128_I don't know how Kitame works09:48
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) as does python-gtk209:48
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: done09:49
seb128_elmo: thanks09:49
seb128_lamont: I don't understand for python-gtk2. 2 tar of the same dirs made a differents moment have the same md5 ?09:49
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: gziped files have a timestamp09:51
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) IIRC09:51
dokolamont: here09:52
seb128that's probably it, I don't know why but some debian packages have source package name different of the upstream one, the tarball is remade09:52
seb128elmo: libbonoboui sync too please :)09:52
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) doko: need an upload of gcc-3.4 that turns off the ada tests for ia64 (or otherwise works..)09:53
dokolamont: could you check out the one from unstable, if that works for you?09:54
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) doko: if you want to tell me what to change, I can verify that it works before uploading...09:54
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) sure09:54
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: are your apt changes in arch where I can merge them easily?09:57
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: once gcc-3.4 is in, and my debootstrap upload is done, you can debootstrap hoary09:57
mvo_mdz: not yet, sorry for that. I can do this tomorrow morning09:57
mvo_mdz: I assume you didn't had a chance to look over the packages.gz (pdiff) patch  I send to the debian-deity list?09:59
dokolamont: are you going to apply the libunwind patches in binutils/glibc and gcc-3.[34]  ?10:01
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) doko?10:02
dokolamont: http://lists.debian.org/debian-ia64/2004/10/msg00029.html10:03
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) which is to say that we want debzilla to sync 278835-27883710:04
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) any reason _not_ to bring my laptop to current-hoary?10:05
=== alerios [~alerios@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
wasabinfs-common should be included by default.10:06
wasabiIt isn't apparently.10:06
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: that mailbox is very low on the priority list, and I have much mail to read :-)10:08
ironwolflamont: good luck. no reason I can see. :)10:08
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: please send me a patch or a changeset reference so that I can get the bzip2 fixes into mainline10:08
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) ironwolf: heh10:09
=== lamont grabs some lunch
ironwolfWith liveCD can ping router/gateway, with installed system, can't ping router/gateway.  Where do I look to make this work?10:16
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qopihello peeps10:26
qopii've got a really wierd bug10:26
=== qopi thinks it has something to do with X
qopisince an X appears in the middle of my screen every time i start up10:27
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(sladen/#ubuntu-devel) qopi: hardware cursor. Add the X option SWcursor on10:29
(sladen/#ubuntu-devel) the very simple way around this bug would be to set the default cursor to be 100% transparent10:30
qopisladen: how/wherer would I do that?10:30
(sladen/#ubuntu-devel) qopi: /etc/XF86Config.conf10:31
narcisissfast question, does it exist a way to install the livecd to the hd?10:33
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Matt|hello all10:35
Matt|massive problem has been caused by the last hoary updates. Any one else have it?10:35
ironwolfnarcisiss: no :(10:36
ironwolfmatt|: which problem?10:36
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: what's the solution to parted's brain damage on powerpc? use something else?10:36
qopiironwolf: i've got another wierd bug too: my computer makes strange sounds as it starts up10:36
Matt|ironwolf, not sure the cause. I cannot open the attach file dialogue on evolution or gaim, and I cannot open the change desktop background dialogue. In all cases they all crash10:36
ironwolfMatt|: weird... I'm not seeing it.10:37
Matt|i'm thinking that perhaps I can't open any dialogues10:37
ironwolfqopi: that's probably intentionally :) darn african drums10:37
narcisissrotfl =)10:38
Matt|ok the OOo open file dialogue works.10:38
Matt|i get this error when trying to do these things in the terminal10:40
Matt|(gaim:4973): Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by Xlib10:40
Matt|(gaim:4973): Gdk-WARNING **: cannot set locale modifiers10:40
Matt|i'll try and reconfigure10:40
=== lamont remembers a movie date with his daughter, runs out the door
Matt|have fun10:41
=== ironwolf waves to lamont.
(sladen/#ubuntu-devel) narcisiss: IIRC the warty LiveCD is based on Mophix which is based on Knoppix. the Knoppix way is .../.../hd-install or somesuch10:41
Matt|ironwolf, any ideas about that error?10:42
qopiironwolf: i see. guess my soundcard isn't properly installed or my speakers are fuxored10:42
(sladen/#ubuntu-devel) narcisiss: it would be better to use the Proper Ubuntu installer which has lots of autodetection foo10:42
ironwolfMatt|: no clue sorry.10:42
Matt|shall i file it?10:42
ironwolfyup :(10:42
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Matt|np those X11 guys are great at replying to bugs :)10:43
narcisisssladen: the problem is this one: with the livecd i can use the net, with the installed version i cannot10:43
ironwolfMatt|: daniels is great.. I agree.10:43
qopinarcisiss: knx-hdinstall or knx-installer10:43
=== qopi just read that in #mepis
Matt|ironwolf, they are both great :)10:44
ironwolfMatt|: both? Fabbione doesn't do X anymore I thought. correct me if I'm wrong.10:44
Matt|   fabbione@canonical.com   10:45
Matt|is that a good package to file it under?10:46
Matt|i really have no clue10:46
ironwolfno clue matt10:46
Matt|ironwolf, thanks for ya help anyhow10:50
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mxpxpodhow can I get the cramfs patch for vanilla kernels?11:00
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(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: -pic> you mean debian-installer's build-deps?11:08
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: Sven's got some idea for how to fix it I think, we'll probably get it in hoary11:09
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) ok11:09
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: if you want something now you could fart about with mac-fdisk and pray11:09
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) and nm, about the parted question11:09
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: just using mdadm to create the array seems happy enough11:09
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) I dunno if it'll auto-start though11:09
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: the -pic packages are something to do with extreme mklibs weird shit; I had great fun with that while trying to build gtk d-i11:10
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: what partition type are you using?11:10
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) 4 954.660 78533.437 untitled 11:11
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) kamion: err, how do you mean?11:11
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) uh11:11
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) what's printing that?11:11
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) parted11:11
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) oh, parted's annoying for that, try mac-fdisk11:12
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) second column11:12
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) what crack is pmac-fdisk btw? it REALLY doesn't like the Xserve11:12
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) mac partition types are textual (!)11:12
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) /dev/sda4 Apple_UNIX_SVR2 untitled 158881336 @ 1955144 ( 75.8G) Linux native11:12
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) don't use pmac-fdisk, it's for IBM powerpc systems11:12
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) the names are fucked up but that's the gist of it11:12
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) meh, the short description REALLY needs to say that11:12
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) in fact _any_ part of the description11:13
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) bleh, I thought djpig and I had fixed that between us11:13
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) evidently not11:13
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) "the PC partition format" is about as clear as it gets11:13
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) ok, so Apple_UNIX_SVR2 is just the same as every other Unix partition on a mac disklabel, fair enough11:14
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: ?11:14
Matt|he's gone to the movies11:19
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: is the sungem causing an oops a discover+hotplug bug and/or a kernel one?11:24
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(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: it must be a kernel bug; could be discover/hotplug in addition but seems less likely11:25
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) well I more mean discover/hotplug for trying to load it when it's not needed11:26
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Mitariolo everyone11:30
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narcisissafter i type "ifconfig eth0 up" i receive this message from the kernel:11:34
narcisissMessage from syslogd@localhost at Mon Nov 22 23:23:40 2004 ...11:34
narcisisslocalhost kernel: Disabling IRQ #23311:34
narcisisswhere 233 is the irq of the eth card11:35
narcisissso i cannot use the net11:35
narcisisshow can i change that irq?11:35
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) openoffice.org gcc-3.3 mozilla-firefox gnumeric xfree86 tla11:44
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) anyone got any suggestions for additions to the above to en-mass populate a chroot with a useful set of build-depends ?11:44
_rene_kde* gnome*?11:56
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