littlegreenmani know where it is12:00
littlegreenmanbut that whole svn is chinese to me12:00
sivangI know we have administrators for each language group, can't find that darn page though.12:01
littlegreenmani know you guys were having some kind of meeting today... i was busy doing other stuff12:01
=== littlegreenman watching football :D
littlegreenmanbut i will talk to falco and we can work on the portuguese translation side of things12:02
=== littlegreenman just came home and had 1 too many beers btw
=== sm-away [~simon@lsanca1.ar5-] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivanglittlegreenman : it was nothing formal, read the post on the ML :)12:04
sivanglittlegreenman : http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/SubVersion12:05
sivanguse the part for repository users.12:05
littlegreenmansivang: sorry if i am asking things you guys have covered. but how is the whole ubuntu manual hornbeck was working on.... at what stage is this?12:06
littlegreenmanis this being worked at?12:06
sivangwe are integrating the hornbeck table of contents with the already available FAQ,12:08
sivangit already looks great :)12:08
littlegreenman:) 12:08
sivangand even works great under the gnome help broswer12:08
littlegreenmanyeah, the thing we were talking about... on the mailing list....12:08
sivangNo, proble for questions :) However, I will say good night for now :) unless you have anything urget :)12:09
littlegreenmanand this is in the svn thingy, the hornbeck http:// ip address he gives?12:09
littlegreenmanjust that last q :D12:09
littlegreenmangotta go too... tomorrow is monday, gotta work12:09
sivangIt is,12:11
sivangit's available there for checkout12:11
littlegreenmanbye bye12:12
littlegreenmantake care12:13
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falcoI'm leaving12:49
falcohasta people12:50
robertj_afkhornbeck, you here?01:30
robertj_afkWhew, busy weekend, having a birthday is such a pain01:33
hornbeckI just got done replacing brakes on my wifes car01:34
hornbeckfun stuff01:34
hornbeckI am about to eat but I will be back in about 3001:34
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robertjsee you then01:36
ggiI'm finally finished all the essays I've been bogged down with, and I'm wondering what I should start working on.01:42
robertjhornbeck: what are you using to build the docs?01:47
robertjggi: Common Tasks listen to music is a good one01:56
ggirobertj: I'll take a look.01:58
robertjhornbeck: let me know when yo uget back02:09
hornbeckrobertj: my wife wants me to go to the store with her02:12
hornbeckI am sorry02:12
hornbeckwhy not email me02:12
hornbeckhornbeck at freeshell dot org02:12
hornbeckthat way we can work that way02:12
robertjwanted to just chat with you in person ;)02:12
robertjanyway, is there an yeasy way to build it as a single doc02:13
hornbeckhave you heard all the stuff going on latly?02:13
hornbeckthe book has been merged with the faq02:13
hornbeckit is all located at
robertjso is edigint being done on the wiki?02:13
hornbeckit is all being done in docbook I think02:14
hornbeckI am really not sure02:14
robertjso is the stuff in svn deprecated?02:14
hornbeckit is in the faq svn repository02:15
hornbeckthe book stuff from /book is no longer02:15
hornbeckdo you read the mailing list?02:15
=== robertj goes to read
hornbeckit is all in a mail from plovs called usersguide.xml02:16
hornbeckgotta go02:20
hornbeckbe back later02:20
=== robertj makes
robertjmuch better, the lack of a margin is bad though ;)02:22
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HoodsterChrisH: I have a question...03:59
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckChrisH: you here?04:34
sivanghi hornbeck, I'm here04:36
sivanghaving trouble sleeping lately ...04:36
hornbeckwe are working toward Hoary with this new guide right?04:37
sivangyes :)04:38
sivangFinally we agreed , if I'm not mistaken.04:38
hornbeckok, under system configuration in the new guide, do you think it should match up with the system configuration menu under computer?04:39
sivanglemme see.04:40
hornbeckit would make since, since we are calling it system configuration04:40
sivangI Know ChrisH has told me he wants to work on this section also04:41
hornbeckyeah I know he does04:41
sivangmaybe you should be mailing him wait for his response on the morning?04:41
sivangor , UTC+2 morning :)04:42
hornbeckbut in my old TOC it was identical to the Hoary System Configuration menu04:42
hornbeckthats why I was looking for him in here :-)04:42
sivanghe's never here around these hours.04:42
sivangtry maybe,04:42
sivangin about 5 more?04:43
sivangis that reasonable for your timezone?04:43
hornbeckfive more and I will be in bed04:43
sivangthen 4? :)04:43
=== sivang tries
hornbeckit is about 10 at night here?04:43
sivangyou mean, for me?04:43
hornbecksorry did not mean the ?04:43
hornbeckit is 10 at night here04:43
sivangah I see.04:43
sivangit's 5:43am here :)04:43
sivangdidn't sleep at all in the night..04:44
sivangbut sun hasn't come yet,04:44
hornbeckwell it is really 9:43pm here04:44
sivangYou know what, mail me and him , I'll talk to him about it when I See him04:44
sivangwhat do you say?04:44
hornbeckwell, I will start working on the Common Tasks section04:44
hornbecksee you tomorrow04:44
sivanghave you mailed the list about it?04:44
hornbeckyeah, I just did04:45
sivangwe all mailed the list with our intention on what to work.04:45
sivangah ok04:45
sivang(damn the kbd)04:45
hornbeckof course for some reason the mail is not showing up04:45
sivanghmm lemme check04:45
sivangI think I got yours:04:45
sivangI will work on the Common Tasks.  Also some sections was left out of04:45
sivangSystem Configuration, if we are working towards Hoary.  I will add these04:45
sivangif that is alright.04:45
hornbeckI guess it did show up04:45
sivangyes I got it 04:45
hornbeckkinda slow here I guess04:46
sivangmaybe your getting lagged because of too many relay systems.04:46
hornbeckno one else took that did they?04:46
sivangI don't think so,04:46
sivanglemme check the list04:46
hornbeckmy server is running slow04:46
hornbeckI may have missed some mail04:46
sivangChris - I'll do the "System Configuration" part.04:47
hornbeckgot that one04:47
hornbeckjust you, plovs, and chris had posted about it right?04:47
sivangAP : I for one would like to start with: Part IV  Software04:47
sivangand me,04:47
hornbeckthan I have them all04:47
sivangthe about and the background info04:47
hornbeckis it all going to be one file?04:48
sivangWas great looking the TOC In yelp btw:)04:48
sivangthe toc you worked, together with the more work AP and chris put into it - supreb04:48
hornbeckI had that running like three days ago :-)04:48
sivangnow we just need to put content into it04:48
sivangwho was that guy you worked with on the toc?04:48
sivangwe should get him here and help on the content part04:48
hornbeckhe was here earlier but I had to run04:49
hornbeckhe is not filled in, on this change I do not thing04:49
sivangI don't reckon it would be much of a problem, after all nothing hard was done :)04:49
sivangonly good IMHO04:49
hornbeckI feel kinda bad though because he worked alot on that with me04:50
sivangwe need to focus on lowered earth, trimmed down goals for haory, this is the major one,04:50
sivangand the 2 others are following,04:50
sivangso guess it looks good.04:50
hornbeckand we had plans to work on the wiki and the docbook at the same time and keep them both up to date with the same info04:50
hornbeckwell, I am going to start working on this.  Hopefully I will have a good amount of content in it this week04:51
hornbecktalk to you later04:51
hornbeckI like how he broke it all down into chapters04:52
sivangI see, well, the current suggestion is to use the wiki as an errata04:55
sivangwhich seems reasonable, what do you think?04:55
sivangIt's too much work updating both the wiki and the dobook04:56
=== sm-away is now known as sm
sivangand we have it doc book, we could always publish "unstable" braches to the website04:56
sivangexported is plain HTML.04:56
sivangIs this acceptable?04:56
hornbeckyes, that is good05:09
hornbeckhim and I had talked about that before all the talk of the wiki only being used for errata had been discussed05:09
sivangI meant unstable=stable05:11
hornbeckwhat does gnome-common do?05:21
sivangdid you apt-cache gnome-common?05:24
sivang apt-cache show gnome-common05:24
hornbeckthat is neat05:24
hornbeckdo you think it would hurt if I installed gnome-common from cvs so I can use yelp from cvs?05:25
hornbeckusing gnome-common from hoary let me build the new yelp05:26
sivanghornbeck : are you using jhbuild?05:29
hornbeckI build all my own cvs stuff05:29
hornbeckI run alot of cvs05:29
hornbeckgoing to build evolution tonight05:29
hornbecksince the hoary evo does not work05:30
sivangyou should use jhbuild05:30
sivangit is THE way to CVS :)05:30
hornbeckI don't like it05:30
sivanggoogle for it,05:30
hornbeckI have used it before05:30
sivangwhat was wrong with it?05:30
hornbeckI used to use jhbuild and garnome05:30
hornbeckI just do things my way now05:30
hornbeckI have my own way of building05:30
sivang./make install05:31
sivangwhat didn;t you like in it?05:31
hornbeckit always died on my05:31
hornbeckI have not tried it for awhile though05:31
hornbeckmaybe I will try it tonight05:32
hornbeckdo you use it?05:32
sivangI used it to install yelp from cvs,05:32
sivangit just rulezed for this sole purpose05:32
hornbeckso you don't do a complete install with it?05:32
sivangI am trying,05:32
sivangfd.o has been taken down to maintainance05:32
sivangafter some compromise,05:32
sivangso it oculdn't install the whole gnome05:32
sivangbut it's still working !05:33
hornbeckdoes it install to /opt still05:33
sivangyou set up a prefix05:33
sivangand everything goes there,05:33
hornbeckthat is cool05:33
sivangkeeping your system intouched05:33
sivangvery much05:33
sivangI'm getting acquinted with the ways of the GNOME :)05:33
hornbeckI like to break my stuff to much05:33
hornbeckI have always ran the whole GNOME from cvs till Ubuntu05:33
hornbeckI ran gentoo with my own ebuilds05:34
plovsmorning guys05:34
sivanghey plovs!05:35
=== sivang didn't sleep at all
hornbeckman beagle is rocking once again :-)05:35
sivangis it back in univesre?05:35
plovshornbeck, good!05:35
hornbeckit never was in universe05:35
plovssivang, i just too little05:35
hornbeckI need to make some beagle builds05:36
hornbeckbut it is multiple binaries05:36
plovshornbeck, how's evo?05:38
hornbeckI am downloading the source from Ubuntu and the cvs so I can just roll my own binary05:39
sivanghornbeck : are you going to diff between the two and patch one?05:39
hornbeckis there a simple way to build debian packages?05:40
sivangI don't get it , could you please explain? how would that help you get a working evo?05:40
hornbecklike one command?05:40
sivangnot exactly..05:40
sivangthe build command at the end if you require no special setups is ttrue one command,05:40
sivangbut you must make some preperations for it.05:40
sivangread the NM's guide05:40
sivangit is a very nice intro to this,.05:41
hornbeckI have read it05:41
hornbeckI was just wondering if there was something easier05:41
sivangI this this is as easier as it gets..05:43
hornbeckI did not know if some other method had come along05:46
plovshornbeck, still need to rebuild the kernel for beagle?05:47
hornbeckI have a prebuild on my server05:48
hornbeckif you want to try it, it is a stock kernel with inotify05:48
hornbeckstock ubuntu kernel with inotify05:49
plovsit's all the difference between rebuilding or not rebuilding05:49
plovsi liked it quite much without05:49
plovswhy is inotify not yet in the kernel?05:49
hornbeckit will be in 2.6.10 from what I heard05:50
hornbeckI don't mind redoing the kernel, I have other stuff built in anyways05:50
hornbeckmy laptop looks like crap with out the radion driver built in05:51
plovsi would like reiser4 and inotify05:51
hornbeckI am thinking of building Ubuntu Kernels with alot of patches and hosting them05:51
plovsfor the rest i'm happy05:51
hornbeckalot of people want all the bells and whistles05:51
plovshornbeck, well, if i can order, i need athlon with inotify as minimum, to go, please :-)05:52
hornbeckyou want me to build you a kernel tonight?05:52
plovshornbeck, if you've got the time sure, great (if not no prob)05:53
plovsok, i'm of to make and have breakfast, bbl05:53
sivanghornbeck : take a look here also https://wiki.duckcorp.org/DebianPackagingTutorial_2fCDBS05:53
hornbeckplovs I will build it while I am sleeping05:54
hornbeckall I have to do is change the arch05:54
hornbecksivang thanks05:54
hornbeckcheck in about 8 hours plovs05:55
hornbeckunder athlon05:55
hornbeckyou will be able to use download.opensoftdesign.org in about five hours06:04
hornbeckdns has to reset06:04
plovshornbeck, great!06:47
hornbeckplovs: your kernel is building right now :-), and I am going to bed07:05
(plovs_work/#ubuntu-doc) hornbeck, thanks, and good night07:07
hornbeckplovs_work: you around?07:25
hornbeckyour kernel is done :-)07:27
hornbeckready when you need it07:27
ChrisHMoin, guys. I'm on sick leave.09:20
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(plovs_work/#ubuntu-doc) ChrisH, too bad to hear you're sick hope you get well soon10:31
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luluhi all :o)12:33
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ChrisHlulu: Hey, lulu. :)12:48
ChrisHplovs_work: Thanks. But this way I have more time writing the docs while sitting on the couch with a laptop on the lap.12:49
luluChrisH: Hi Chris :o)12:49
plovs_workChrisH, that's the plus of being sick12:50
plovs_worklulu, hi!12:50
ChrisHYet another tonsillitis... :(12:52
cenerentolahi ya there..12:52
cenerentolasomeone here knows how the wiki works?12:53
cenerentolaand how is it being worked?12:53
cenerentolai "need" to know where i can find the exact dates of the conference12:54
plovs_workcenerentola, #ubuntu is for those kind of questions12:56
lulucenerentola: on the front page of the website and where you put your name down for sponsorship - please read the website and search the wiki first......12:56
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=== sid77 ciao
falcohi people01:33
ChrisHhi, falco 01:35
sivangHi All01:56
HoodsterHi sivang01:56
HoodsterI can't stay, but I just want to wish everyone a great day!01:56
falcotanks, to you too01:58
ChrisHWhen do we apply for the "Friendliest Ubuntu Channel Award"? :)01:59
sivangI am setting up the competition as we speak...:)01:59
sivangHey Lulu02:04
lulusivang: hiya :o)02:17
sivanglulu : What do you think of our reorganization streamlined to several main doc feature goals? :)02:18
ChrisHhornbeck: hey :)02:22
lulusivang: great to have the focus - sorry - have all the doc tea emails still to catch up on.02:22
luluhornbeck: hiya!02:22
hornbeckhows it going guys02:23
luluguys - do we have docs for Windows users who want to convert to linux? and need some info/persuation?02:40
hornbecknot that I know of02:42
hornbeckI think that is something being worked on02:42
luluaah - just discovered - http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/LinuxIntro which  is a start...02:42
luluhornbeck: thanks.....this would be worth expanding on...02:43
ChrisHProbably hard to convert Windows users when Ubuntu comes neither with a virus scanner nor a firewall. ;)02:43
ChrisHsivang: Aren't you preparing an introduction chapter in the handbook? Could be something to include there.02:43
=== ChrisH is rebooting
=== hornbeck is going to buy a new car now :-)
sivang<ChrisH> Probably hard to convert Windows users when Ubuntu comes neither with a virus scanner nor a firewall. ;) <=== LOLOLO02:54
sivanglulu : I am working on this, it's a basis for the ntro section of the guide.02:54
sivanganyway, I have to arrange some stuff, be back in an hour or so02:55
lulusivang: great - I am adding a link suggestion..02:56
sivang_awaylulu : I'll talk to you in an hour or so :) this is only a very start part of it, this is a comprehensive background guide :)02:57
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ggihornbeck: Are you around?05:09
ChrisHWhat happened to the screenshot tool in Hoary? I don't see it. And it's not part of gnome-panel either.06:24
=== sm is now known as sm-away
ChrisHAh, seems to be bug 3556. :(06:54
ggiChrisH: I remember seeing this on Planet GNOME. I think it's being rewritten: http://webwynk.net/jrb/#110091229607:00
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sivangHi all again, back for a while.07:34
ggiHello. Who do I ask for SVN commit access? hornbeck doesn't seem to be around.07:36
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-111-142.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangLet's see what with ChrisH,07:39
sivangmaybe he can help with it07:39
sivangChrisH : how do we give svn accesses to our devoted contributors ? :)07:40
ChrisHsivang, ggi: Hornbeck must create the account. I can't help here.07:44
sivangChrisH : ah ok.07:44
ChrisHsivang: It's a file in his local file system (/etc/subversion/passwd). Unless I hack his system there is no way. And he will probably not like that. :)07:44
ggiGrr. When is he usually active here?07:45
sivangggi : he popps now and the,07:47
sivangyou can always mail him on the list and see where that gets you07:47
sivangI reckon it wouldn't take too long before you get acceess .07:47
ggiI suppose. I'll go mail him.07:48
ChrisHggi: Every once in a while. :)07:48
lulunight guys - see you tomorrow :o)08:02
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