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kensaiHow do I prevent riva module from loading in the kernel. When I was installing Nvidia driver it said this could be a problem12:02
(mjr/#ubuntu) add it to /etc/hotplug/blacklist12:03
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willgnite ppl12:06
ramzezhow can delete directory which have files?12:07
=== Ty_Leeds [~tyler@] has joined #ubuntu
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) rm -r12:07
ramzezthanks HrdwBob, i thout -d12:08
Chibihttp://studiochibico.com/xfce/Xfce-dusk.tar.gz <- Quick dark theme I did using the XFCE engine, if anyone wants it D:12:08
Ty_LeedsHow do I install the kernel sources for WartyWarthog (I woulda used the forums, but they seem down)12:08
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) ramzez: that will delete a directory iirc, but not if it has files12:08
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) -r is recurse12:08
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(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) Ty_Leeds: linux-source-
Ty_LeedsAhh. Thanks12:10
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) no problem12:10
Ty_LeedsI think i'm a convert to ubuntu... I'm actually liking it more than suse and fedora..12:11
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Ty_Leeds*course, I've always been a gnome whore*12:11
gengood, you should ty_leeds12:11
ramzezlooks like it will take sometime to learn linux after windows, i just hope all my hardware will work :-)12:11
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Ty_LeedsI'm in love with synaptic... that's the nicest piece of software I've ever seen for linux12:11
massis there an update agent for apt?12:12
s0cksI'm in love with the custom built kernel that I am leaving when I reformat to install ubuntu12:12
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masss0cks: I'm in love with the custom built kernel I just created so I can run ubuntu ;-)12:12
cardadorhas anyone tried xfishtank in ubuntu? its an aquarium for the desktop. It does not work!12:13
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s0cksI am going to use the stock kernel for a bit until I get used to it,12:13
Ty_Leeds>socks .. Heh. me too.. I had just gotten my fedora system where I liked it..12:13
ramzezis there a simple way to update firefox thru apt?12:13
s0cksTy_Leeds : My server runs Fedora12:13
Chibiapt-get update :P12:13
Ty_Leeds>ramzez, I don't think there's a 1.0final package on the main apt lists yet.12:14
genthere is in hoary12:14
ChibiSwitch to hoary, upgrade single package, switch back.12:14
massyou can also do creative things with /etc/apt/preferences12:14
Ty_Leeds>socks Fedora is really nice (Especially core3) but I find it a bit bloaty12:15
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mrothwhats the general consensus on using a SMP kernel-image on a single HT processor?12:15
=== smurfix [~smurf@smurfix.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiAnd while you're there, stab the gtk2 package maintainer for switching the gtk version to 2.512:15
s0cksTy_Leeds : We will see, but I am probably leaving it Fedora 2, because I can't take it down for an extended time.12:15
(mjr/#ubuntu) mroth, I'd use it; may help a bit, don't expect too much though12:16
mrothyeah, i was just making sure there wasnt some weird incompatibility I wasnt aware off12:16
mrothi havent kept up with kernel 2.6 issues as much as I should12:17
ramzezok, i will try do i need simply to change the word warty hoary?12:17
(mjr/#ubuntu) nah, works fine12:17
JStrikeramzez : Computer -> System Configuration -> Synaptic Package Manager. Search for FireFox and upgrade or choose upgrade all12:17
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JStrikeramzez : Dont run Hoary unless you are very familiar with Linux and things breaking12:18
cardadorJStrike: upgraded it now, and synaptic disappeared from the menu :)12:18
massmy reboot process is getting slower and slower as I add more reiser-formatted raids to load on start :)12:18
ramzeztoday is my first time, i guess better to stay as it is, now i am updating it thru synoptic12:18
ramzezbut i don't think firefox had version 1.012:19
JStrikecardador : Upgraded to Hoary?12:19
JStrikemass : That is what happens to people who have way to much hardware12:20
cardadorJStrike: i have hoary from the start, but after todays update synaptic vanished of the menu12:20
=== JStrike looks miserably at his 14Gb
=== jdub [~jdub@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeTut, tut12:20
JStrikeThat is what happens12:20
JStrikeLearnt that the hard way many times before12:20
=== Gmail|SLEEP is now known as Gmail
JStrikehey jdub12:21
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JStrikejdub : Heard you were looking at getting rcd, red-carpet ported. How is that coming along  (I was looking into it the other day myself)12:22
Matt|anyone use gdesklets rss grab?12:22
jdubJStrike: haven't bothered playing with those for ages.12:23
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xenoniteGmail: where are you standing up right now? i go sleeping right now12:23
Gmani hate backup12:23
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cardadorJStrike: synaptic didnt disappear... its now on application > system tools12:24
Matt|JStrike, bug has been filed for synaptic12:24
JStrikeMatt| : For the installing a local file?12:25
Matt|for the gnome menu12:25
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JStrikeSomebody needs to file a bug for getting a new interface12:26
massJStrike: I'm just buying it all up front. It won't seem like too much hardware in 200912:26
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Matt|JStrike, sorry just saw cardador's response  - I missed most of your conversation :/12:26
jazzkaany visual application like gtk-diff in ubuntu?12:26
=== mass adds his own init.d scripts
JStrikeSynaptic blows. Red-Carpet is somewhat better, but is still lacking. Click 'n Run seems the best (Although I haven't used it yet)12:27
=== stone [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeHeard somewhere someone suggest a Click 'n Run style thing using Gnome Files and Autopackage. Would work really well with a debs though12:28
JStrikemass : I got robbed a few hours ago. The only thing they didn't seem to steal was my computer. You really know your computer is too old when thieves wont even steal it :-)12:30
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mrothhmm.. warty doesnt appear to like 1920x1200 resolution, even if i add it to XF86Config manually12:36
balubahi ToTo12:36
=== basaxon_ [basaxon@pcp08146056pcs.tsclos01.al.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|JStrike, no such thing as a computer which is too old12:37
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) yes there is12:38
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) esp with the development of low power low noise etc servers/routers12:38
(crimsun/#ubuntu) mroth: warty has nothng to do with the resolution. It depends on your graphics hardware, your monitor, and your configuration12:39
(crimsun/#ubuntu) nothing^12:39
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) you can replace an old linux box router with a WRT45GS which takes SFA power, makes no noise and has all the features12:39
(crimsun/#ubuntu) or you could save money by using the old linux box as a router12:39
(crimsun/#ubuntu) it really doesn't matter in many contexts12:40
Matt|nothing wrong with old computers12:40
Matt|they are sweet12:40
ermoHrdwrBoB, ... if you can live with a 2.4.20 kernel and not have complete QoS control for instance?12:40
Matt|loads of personality12:40
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) crimsun: considering it costs $155AUD12:40
mrothcrimsun: well, it worked fine in debian sarge, and I copied the same XF86Config file settings, so something must be different somewhere12:40
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) I think the cost is negligble12:40
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) +i12:40
mroththe difficulty is in locating that somewhere12:40
(crimsun/#ubuntu) mroth: did you examine the logfile?12:40
ermocrimson, Matt|: don't forget the electriciy. Over the course of a year, a wrt54gs is significantly less expensive when turned on 24/7 (which a router often is)12:41
JStrikeMatt| : Personality? That is an interesting way to describe it12:41
mrothcrimsun: yeah, it appears to not know about the 1920x1200 mode12:41
Matt|nothing like a pentium 166 laptop with 32 MB of RAM12:41
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) nothing like moving parts to get clogged with dust12:42
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) and stop working12:42
mrothand interestingly enough it also is complaining about other modes which are nowhere in my XF86Config file at all (e.g. it tries to set 1920x1440 by default, which is nowhere at all in the config settings)12:42
Matt|meh you are so soulless12:42
=== DracosX [~DracosX@cpe-024-211-253-046.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
(crimsun/#ubuntu) ermo: and what if there are multiple wrt54gses? for instance, I know of 486s that run great as routers12:42
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) I'12:42
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) no, I'm just sick or working with old, crap hardware12:42
Matt|HrdwrBoB, next you'll be complaining about your children not using air efficiently12:43
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) that takes up too much space12:43
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) makes too much noise12:43
Matt|and eating too much12:43
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) and isn't even very cost effective12:43
Matt|and screaming12:43
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) old PCs have their place12:43
Matt|don't say it12:43
genthe trash?12:43
(crimsun/#ubuntu) mroth: make sure there's a modeline for 1920x120012:43
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) but .. the cost of new stuff is so small these days12:43
(crimsun/#ubuntu) mroth: and make sure you're using the same driver12:43
Matt|how could you throw away a pc12:43
Matt|poor thing12:43
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) that I am totally over trying to support hardware that's 3 generations behind the times12:43
(crimsun/#ubuntu) HrdwrBoB: there's a call for each situation.12:44
geni threw away my p133 last week12:44
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) matt|: http://kaos.vicnet.net.au/garbage/DSCN0001.jpg12:44
Matt|oh god12:44
ermocrimsun, I used to own a 486 and use it with leaf. Now I've bought a linksys wrt54gs.12:44
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) crimsun: true12:44
(crimsun/#ubuntu) HrdwrBoB: sometimes it's more cost-effective to use older hardware; sometimes it's more cost-effective to overhaul and use new12:44
Matt|HrdwrBoB, is that your office?12:44
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) Matt|: yes12:44
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu
TalliesinEnvironmental impact too.12:44
TalliesinI suggest the middle ground approach.12:45
=== btfan [~hm@martinalderson.plus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|HrdwrBoB, ok i change my argument. Old Office pc's don't have much personality. Personal ones do tho12:45
(crimsun/#ubuntu) I suggest the "evaluate each circumstance" approach.12:45
TalliesinUse the thing in a suitable capacity (e.g. a router), but the moment it gives you hassle chuck it.12:45
btfanreposting something i said in ubuntu-devel12:45
btfan[23:43:25]  <btfan> hi12:45
btfan[23:43:42]  <btfan> is it possible that windows network printing colud be improved?12:45
btfan[23:44:11]  <btfan> basically, is it possible for ubuntu to scan the subnet, find the smb hosts and search for printers and put them in the 'detected' printers dialog?12:45
(mjr/#ubuntu) it would be possible to improve it thus, yes12:46
(crimsun/#ubuntu) btfan: so you're suggesting a utility that sits on top of samba to do that?12:46
btfanno i'm suggesting that the current 'new printer' thing does it12:46
btfanit would make it a hell of a lot easier for those migrating from windows and don't know what host the windows printer is currently on12:46
(mjr/#ubuntu) in the same way nautilus can currently find file shares12:47
(crimsun/#ubuntu) it's certainly doable, but it's more a gnome issue12:47
(crimsun/#ubuntu) afaics12:47
btfannautilus is bloody spot on in that respect... i double click network, bang, all my servers.12:47
(crimsun/#ubuntu) hook it into gnome, and all the distros have access to it. everyone wins.12:47
btfanhow could i 'report' this to the gnome team?12:48
(rjek/#ubuntu) "it's quite pretty in an Infant school sort of way" - my mother on KDE.12:48
jonathaN{ /window stick $window off }12:48
ograbtfan: file a bug12:48
btfanoh btw, a bug i reported in khtml in 2000 got fixed last week :) thank god for opensource... ironically it was apple's safari improvements that fixed it12:48
(mjr/#ubuntu) well, it's a gnome-cups-manager issue, but yeah, not ubuntu-spesific12:48
Matt|anyone use gdesklets rss feed here?12:49
JStrikebtfan : Gnome Bugzilla is the best bet12:49
btfanwhere do i find gnome-cups-manager?12:49
btfanim on their bugzilla now12:49
btfanbut i can't find it12:49
btfanis it part of a different product?12:50
=== svenl_ [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-20-195.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
ograbtfan: file it in ubuntu bugzilla...it will be dealt with it .....12:50
s0cksI want an ubuntu hostmask12:50
btfanok cheers12:50
ograbtfan: there are a lot of gnome devs involved with ubuntu :)12:50
btfanbtw - any update on graphical installer?12:51
=== fgdfgfdgdg [~fgdfgfdgd@d198-166-22-94.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
(crimsun/#ubuntu) s0cks: then raise the suggestion in #ubuntu-devel12:53
=== MikeGTN is now known as MikeAFK
(crimsun/#ubuntu) s0cks: ask for a freenode contact volunteer to coordinate the .ubuntu hostmask12:53
s0ckscrimsun : Do it for me please12:53
s0ckscrimsun : Cleaning my room, and I will forget :O12:53
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@neuro.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
(crimsun/#ubuntu) s0cks: feel free to raise it yourself; no one's hindered12:53
madsenHmm, anyone had any luck importing their old .sylpheed-claws dir into Ubuntu?12:53
(crimsun/#ubuntu) s0cks: just do it when you return12:53
RuffianSoldierDoes anyone here know about a OSX like Windows launcher that I can get through Universe?  And one that works with Enlightenment?12:54
s0cksAh screw it.12:54
s0cksIll wait till someone else gets the idea12:54
=== |rufius| [~suifur@suifur.linuxfordummies] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeSomebody still using Enlightenment. Interesting12:54
genenlightenment haha12:54
(crimsun/#ubuntu) I still use E 0.1612:54
JStrikeHaven't seen that since really, really long ago12:54
JStrikecrimsun : And RH 5.2?12:55
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AppleServerhey s0cks :)12:55
pinkeeE works without hogging resources, say that about gnome.12:55
s0cksHey appleserver12:55
madsenE is ok... I prefer PapuaWM, but that's not in Ubuntu or Debian. :( Or any other distro for that matter.12:55
(crimsun/#ubuntu) JStrike: nope, but 6.2, yes12:55
RuffianSoldierWell can my question be answered though?12:56
=== MAFioZoX [~mike@modemcable083.140-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikepinkee : E is comparable to Gnome12:56
madsenpinkee: No, Rat Poison, PapuaWM and EvilWM doesn't hog resources... Pretty much everything else does. ;)12:56
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(crimsun/#ubuntu) RuffianSoldier: lemme scroll up. Yours was lost in the scroll.12:56
RuffianSoldierI have a Debian OSX Theme for E, but I want a perty ap launcher12:56
kwoomadsen:  Try fvwm.  :)12:56
madsenkwoo: Still too bloated...12:56
(crimsun/#ubuntu) RuffianSoldier: could you describe what you mean by "app launcher?" I'm not familiar w/ OS X12:57
pinkeeif you think so12:57
kwoomadsen:  Not according to 'ps auxw | grep -i fvwm'.  :)12:57
=== ermo [~ermo@3E6B20D4.rev.stofanet.dk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
JStrikemadsen : Dude, you really, really need to read what Joel On Software has to say about "bloat"12:57
RuffianSoldiercrimsun, I want something that sits at the bottom of the screen, and I want to launch my programs from it12:57
madsenkwoo: PapuaWM: http://lillesvin.net/shots/?daa76141f1fd8f8878bed00f64cd85a312:57
madsenJStrike: Cough up a link. :)12:58
=== MAFioZoX [~mike@modemcable083.140-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeRuffianSoldier : Add a panel and task launchers12:58
=== MAFioZoX [~mike@modemcable083.140-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
RuffianSoldierJStrike, HUH?12:58
JStrikemadsen : Search on JoelOnSoftware12:58
kwoocrimsun:  Something along the lines of the GNUstep dock.12:58
pinkeeRuffianSoldier: i manages to get E working by adding it my .xinitrc12:58
JStrikeRuffianSoldier :  A panel would sit at the bottom. Add application launchers12:59
pinkeeand then go to management and regenerating the menues12:59
=== jolg [~jolg@h150n2fls32o868.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
RuffianSoldieryall make no sense12:59
pinkeethen you can apply the themes and use xdm to launch it12:59
=== xuzo_ [~xuzo@81-203-41-66.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
JStrike"RuffianSoldier: crimsun, I want something that sits at the bottom of the screen, and I want to launch my programs from it"01:00
(crimsun/#ubuntu) RuffianSoldier: gnome has the capability. Just add a launcher (or launchers) as JStrike described.01:00
JStrikeYou can add and remove what you want with the gnome panel01:00
s0cksAppleServer : Check out the site01:00
=== jolg [~jolg@h150n2fls32o868.telia.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-62.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
massJStrike: sorry to hear you were robbed :(01:00
AppleServers0cks: i am01:00
s0cksAppleServer : request some CDs if you like.01:00
pinkeegnome is not the cureall for everything01:00
RuffianSoldieryou dont understand what Iwant01:00
AppleServers0cks: but i got to get back to fmradio stuff01:01
jdubRuffianSoldier: there's a gdesklets thing that is like the dock, but not as well designed01:01
pinkeeRuffianSoldier: did you see what i wrote01:01
=== AppleServer [appleboy@appleboy.user] has left #ubuntu ["s0cks]
JStrikemass : Yeah. It sucks. My brand new Digital Camera being stolen is hitting me the hardest though01:01
kwoopinkee:  Doesn't stop me from using it.  :P01:01
(crimsun/#ubuntu) RuffianSoldier: now if you're actually looking for a separate application to act as a "launcher", look for idesk or iconbox, etc.01:01
JStrikepinkee : No. But it is what Ubuntu is all about01:01
lupus_has someone packaged coaster yet?01:02
RuffianSoldiercrimsun, thank you, you just answerd my question01:02
pinkeeJStrike: gnome is what ubuntu is all about?01:02
JStrikelupus_ : Not that I know of. Would dearly love for it to be though01:03
=== NewComer [~NewComer@] has joined #ubuntu
massfor some reason the system can fsck my reiser scsi disk just fine, but says 'device or resource busy, or /dir already mounted' when I try to do anything with it01:03
JStrikelupus_ : I dont think anyone is capable of compiling to to make debs01:03
s0cksI wonder if my gateway is scsi compatable01:03
massPigeon is .. not so good of a name for cd burning software01:03
NewComercan't recall doing anything, but after reboot gdm doesn't start correctly, it claims that there's another X server running on dislplay:001:03
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) JStrike: i was halfway through doing it, have to figure out how to handle gnome schemas01:04
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) s/gnome/gconf01:04
JStrikepinkee : Basically01:04
pinkeeJStrike: have you read the website?01:04
JStrikeOf course.01:05
pinkeei think you misses it all.01:05
lupus_<JStrike> lupus_ : I dont think anyone is capable of compiling to to make debs01:05
lupus_how do you mean?01:05
=== ramzez [~ramzez@cpc4-cmbg2-6-0-cust198.cmbg.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ramzez_ [~ramzez@cpc4-cmbg2-6-0-cust198.cmbg.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdublupus_: coaster is coming01:06
JStrikelupus_ : Dont worry, it should be possible, I have just heard of a lot of people having trouble01:06
ramzezweird thing happening, when i am using ethernet connection i can access ubuntuforums.org and when wireless i can't, any ideas?01:06
JStrikejdub : Good stuff01:07
NewComerramzez, probably u're viewing the cache, coz i can't access the forums here01:07
=== adoyretsamon|win [~Jeff@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
madsenJStrike: Haha, JoelOnSoftware's bloat text is fun. :)01:08
lupus_is the transset package available? ;p01:08
lupus_want to test transparancy of the new xorg :)01:08
Gmail<xenonite> Gmail: where are you standing up right now? i go sleeping right now <<< what?01:08
ramzezNewComer, are they down?01:09
madsenJStrike: But, to me fvwm is still bloated because it has a lot of features _I_ don't use. :) And that's the beauty of Linux, you get to choose. :)01:09
ramzezcause i was using them about 30 mins ago01:09
NewComerramzez, probably, seems so01:09
JStrikeJoel On Software normally has very good articles01:09
JStrikemadsen : :-)01:10
ramzezi c, i am trying to play some avi and mp3 and it says error unknown, do i need some extra stuff for it?01:10
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-62.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeramzez : Yep. Check the wiki for RestrictedFormats01:10
ramzezoh, u mean on the ubuntu.org01:11
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) ramzez: yep01:11
TalliesinI've an old windows machine that doesn't boot from CD, and nothing but windows machines here. Is there any way I can start the install from floppy?01:12
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) ramzez: www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats i *think*01:12
ChibiTalliesin- Debian bootdisks.01:12
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-8-135.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiIt's complex if you want to install ubuntu from the start, but it's easy if you're okay with installing Debian first, then Ubuntu.01:12
=== afshin [~afshin@c-67-164-83-51.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) Talliesin: thers a program called smart boot manager that will boot the cd on systems not supporting it01:13
=== Shadow2 [~Shadow@c211-30-16-220.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== drac|aw [drac@AToulouse-152-2-1-50.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
TalliesinChibi, this is my first linux install ever.01:13
=== telemaco [~telemaco@] has left #ubuntu []
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) Chibi: so a bad idea :)01:13
Matt|<btfan> you should be shot micorosoft lover01:13
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) Talliesin: hold on two secs and I will get you the disk image for SBM01:13
Matt|btfan, did someone say windows network printing?01:13
ChibiTalliesin- Is it a laptop hotswap drive?01:13
TalliesinJStrike, is Joel On Software respected? I only read one thing by him I was referred to as it was on a subject I'm into. Seemed, eh, less than spectactular.01:14
TalliesinChibi, no.01:14
afshinare the ubuntu forums down?01:14
JStrikeTalliesin : Yes01:14
ChibiThen you should be fine with the smart boot manager this guy's about to give you. :D01:14
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-126-223.dsl.pipex.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
jdubTalliesin: some people love him, some people hate him.01:15
ramzezJStrike: it says i need streamer-mad which is not in the packages, any other solutions?01:15
TalliesinChibi, strange technology timewarp here. One machine can't talk USB or ethernet, but does has a floppy drive. The other didn't bother with those out-moded floppy things.01:15
cardadorramzez: gstreamer0.8-mad01:16
ChibiTalliesin- As long as you have both a floppy and cdrom in at bootup. :D01:16
JStrikeramzez : You need to enable multiverse in synaptic01:16
ramzezoh i c01:16
ramzezi didn't see there is a link :-)01:16
ramzeztime to go to bed01:16
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) Talliesin: Get that disk image I sent in private, then if you boot off that you should be able to boot the cdrom from it01:16
afshindoes anyone know how long the ubuntu forums will be down?01:16
ChibiMy experience is more complex, because I can't have both a floppy and cdrom at the same time on my old machine. :/01:17
afshinis this expected downtime?01:17
=== scognito_ [~artrg@host147-202.pool8255.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeIs gstreamer-ffmpeg in multiverse yet?01:17
Talliesinjdub, well the only thing I read by him was an article about Unicode. I thought it reasonable for a blog post, but was horrified to hear it was republished in a book.01:17
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) Chibi: can you hotswap while its on?01:17
=== kwoo [~kjw@ftnlbc226-230.northwestel.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
TalliesinLathiat, thanks a lot. Have to go, but hopefully I'll be able to get this thing going when I come back.01:18
=== scognito_ [~artrg@host147-202.pool8255.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) Talliesin: no problems01:18
ChibiLathiat- No, it's an old Compaq with a switch out drive-bay. The only way for me to do it is a bootstrap, Or installing a 30 disk base system. :P01:18
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) Chibi: could install SBM on the hard drive01:19
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) Chibi: then pout the cdrom in, boot via that01:19
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) why not?01:19
ChibiIt's not a /real/ cdrom drive.01:19
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) ahh01:19
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) could do a network install ?01:19
ChibiYep. That's the way I did it. :o01:20
ChibiIt's tough though, that old network hardware likes to crap out a LOT.01:20
ChibiAnd now the harddrive is going, too. :/01:20
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) heh01:21
JStrikeOk people. Time to sort out all of mass's issues, so he can get back to work on the bittorrent library01:22
massJStrike: I'm in #reiser4 on another server01:23
massone of my issues just got really bad :(01:23
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) haha01:23
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) not at you mas, jstrike01:23
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) mass: reiser is bad01:23
ChibiNow that it's been mentioned again, though. I'm going to take another shot at it. Last time I lost power during the debian-ubuntu phase. Unfortunautly, the very file it died on was the initrd, leaving my system unbootable. :/01:23
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) failed me too many times01:23
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) i dont touch anything but ext301:24
Chibireiser is awsome. D:01:24
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) never ever failed me once01:24
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) resier has rashed my data twice, my friends thrice01:24
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) *trashed01:24
Chibi:/ Never had a problem with it.01:24
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) it might be cool, awesome, but its not ready for my production data yet01:24
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=== RuffianSoldier [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kirsch [~adam@ool-18b82a72.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kirschhey guys is there a way to search the packages (like in synaptic) from sh?01:25
(KneelBeforeXorg/#ubuntu) apt-cache search <term1> <term2>01:25
(KneelBeforeXorg/#ubuntu) and you can install them that way too01:25
(KneelBeforeXorg/#ubuntu) you can see the details of a package01:25
(KneelBeforeXorg/#ubuntu) apt-cache show <packagename>01:25
(KneelBeforeXorg/#ubuntu) and01:25
ChibiYou can also use aptitude if it's just console you're after. D:01:25
(KneelBeforeXorg/#ubuntu) sudo apt-get install <packagename>01:26
(KneelBeforeXorg/#ubuntu) Chibi: yeah, aptitude is nice01:26
=== quinophex [foobar@home.quinophex.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== RuffianSoldier [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiMy laptop was all ncurses. :D01:26
=== Neill [~Neill@fresco.nrsmith.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeDude, Why, Why!01:27
ramzezhmm, i added multiverse, but still can't see the files mentioned on the wiki apart form flash01:27
madsenhow do I enable the root account? I'm getting tired of sudo'ing all over...01:27
=== Neill [~Neill@fresco.nrsmith.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeIt is enough to make baby jesus cry01:27
JStrikemadsen : Check the wiki01:28
madsenJStrike: Thanks. :)01:28
ChibiBecause X doesn't run well on a pentium with 32 megs of ram?01:28
madsenChibi: Hehe...01:28
=== Neill [~Neill@fresco.nrsmith.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeramzez : You did a search for gstreamer and nothing came up with gstreamer*mad01:28
madsenChibi: Why not use *bsd, it should be more suitable on small systems like that.01:29
massLathiat, Chibi: my data is just fine, the thing just refuses to mount now01:29
ChibiBecause I'm not in the mood for cross compiling to bsd. :/01:29
=== runixd [~runixd@82-35-136-248.cable.ubr03.enfi.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
madsenChibi: Oh. :)01:29
massit has my home directory and all my music, so I'm very upset about this. 30 minutes ago was when this little machine reinstall was supposed to end for the night :(01:30
madsenramzez: I've got gstreamer-mad in universe... (?)01:30
runixdmass, what happened?01:30
ramzezhmm, what section exactly?01:30
massrunixd: no idea :(01:30
ajmitch_the filesystem was eaten01:31
runixdmass, why are you upset then?01:31
madsenramzez: What interface do you use to search the repo?01:31
massrunixd: this has happened to me in the past, it was an old IDE cable01:31
massthe drive errors were interpreted the wrong way by reiser (the drive was just going to a lower speed)01:31
runixdmass, I don't follow, your hard drive went dead or smth?01:31
JStrikeramzez : Enable mutiverse and universe in Synaptic. Then reload and search for gstreamer or mad01:31
massrunixd: no, kernel driver error is my guess01:31
ramzezthat's what i did01:31
=== ajmitch_ has just done a less-than-spectacular ubuntu install - I hit the bug where it hangs after hotplug on startup
runixdmass, what are the symptoms?01:32
JStrikeramzez : Are you sure you have reloaded01:32
madsenramzez: I just did a search on "gstreamer" and I got it... Can you paste me your /etc/apt/sources.list in a priv-msg?01:32
madsenramzez: Then do as I just told you...01:33
massrunix: mount fails, says either the scsi block device is busy or the directory already has a mount01:33
massrunix: nothing in dmesg01:33
=== robertj_afk is now known as robertj
ramzezi closed application (old windows way) and the run it again and clicked on reload01:33
runixdmass, check /etc/mtab01:33
massrunixd: I removed it from fstab with no effect. Now I'm removing the scsi drivers from /etc/modules01:34
JStrikeAnd search for gsteamer turned up nothing? Then paste your /etc/apt/sources.list in a priv-msg to madsen01:34
runixdmass, fstab is not related, mounted drive info is in /etc/mtab01:34
massit mounted before I made those two changes01:35
=== neuro|laptop [neuro@client2.wifi.zensoft.net] has joined #ubuntu
massremoved the modules from loading and it worked. its some funky initialization order thing >:(01:35
runixdhmm, k, I'm still lost but nvm :)01:36
=== ramzez [~ramzez@cpc4-cmbg2-6-0-cust198.cmbg.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
ramzezmasden, how do i send priv.msg?01:36
madsenramzez: What irc-client?01:37
runixdramzez, /msg name message01:37
runixdor /dialog name msg with xchat01:37
massrunixd: it is not a setup problem, its a kernel level software problem01:37
NeillHow do I setup x forwarding over ssh?01:37
(crimsun/#ubuntu) ssh -X01:37
runixdNeill, ssh -X user@host01:37
massrunixd: the reiserfs 3 drivers are ... fragile in my experience01:37
madsenramzez: runixd said it. :)01:37
runixdmass, reiser3 is very stable, but I still don't get what the problem is :)01:38
Neillrunixd: thanks01:38
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
massrunixd: well I tracked it down to a driver initialization problem. If I put my scsi drivers in /etc/modules, it fails to mount. if I wait until after boot and just mount the drive, it works. Dunno if the drivers will be found if I just try a mount at boot without /etc/modules having the scsi drivers01:39
massrunixd: and it is definately some bug in the reiserfs fs driver. I can do everything else, including a fsck01:39
=== mass tinkers more with load order
ChibiUbuntu moved up to slot 12 on DW :D01:41
massDW = ?01:41
massDW are my initials :)01:41
JStrikeI would have gone for Dark Wing Duck01:42
massDinomutt: Dog Wonder01:42
massbut yeah, I used to hear "when there's trouble you can call D.W." alllllll the time01:43
runixdmass, you should probably have your driver within kernel or load it on boot or tinker with initrd01:43
=== mass realizes he has restarted his machine more times today than over the last two years :)
madsenmass: But did you ever "get dangerous"? ;)01:44
massmadsen: no, but I suggested it many times01:44
JStrikeDistrowatch and Tucows, etc are useless. According to those things, most people are running Mandrake01:44
madsenmass: hehe01:44
massmadsen: "Lets get Dangeroussss"01:44
JStrikeAnd Mandrake ceased to be significant years ago01:44
=== _scp [~scp@pcp465052pcs.shrpsr01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
massrunixd: perhaps I should try it. In the past, the driver did not work right when compiled into the kernel01:46
madsenHmm... Did anyone succesfully import their old sylpheed-claws settings into Ubuntu?01:46
massrunixd: it is possible that this scsi driver is not set up with an appropriate dependancy as well - after all, it is pretty new (2.6.9)01:46
_scpdo I have to worry about overlap in packages between main and universe?01:46
madsenJStrike: It may have ceased to be significant, but a lot of people use it, especially because it's so "user friendly".01:47
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
runixdmass, probably, don't blame reiser right away01:47
_scpoverlap meaning there is an old version in main and a newer in universe, so when I do an "apt-get upgrade" it upgrades to the universe version?01:47
madsen_scp: If you install the "main" packages, then they're supported by the Ubuntu team, the "universe" equivalents are not... Or... Well, actually, I don't really know... :/01:47
_scpmadsen: I am worried about "upgrading" to unsupported software01:48
_scpmadsen: old version in main -> new version in universe01:48
JStrikemadsen : It is primarily KDE based. And anybody that says KDE is userfriendly is out of their minds01:48
madsen_scp: I've been running Debian unstable for some years and only had problems with the "unstable" packages like twice or thrice.01:48
madsenJStrike: True, I'm not agreeing with it. :)01:49
_scpmadsen: it's the security problems i worry about01:49
madsen_scp: Hmm, well... That's a good question... I've never really thought that much about it.01:49
massrunixd: it has just been a few times in the past, it has been reiser01:49
JStrikemadsen is right main is supportes. Universe and Multiverse, if it breaks, you get to keep both parts01:49
massand reiser never gives any sort of good error message01:49
madsen_scp: But shouldn't it be possible to  enable universe, get what you want, disable universe?01:50
mass'filesystem already mounted' is not significant information for me to track down the root cause01:50
massI only chose reiser this time because I wanted the possibility of migrating forward easily to 401:50
_scpmadsen: yeah01:50
runixdmass, that means its mounted and this message is generated by reading /etc/mtab and is not related to filesystem01:50
_scpJStrike: aware of that... I am just worried about a newer version of the same package being in universe01:51
=== SeaBass [~chatzilla@cs68201116-110.gt.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
SeaBasshi all01:51
massrunixd: it is an error returned by the reiser kernel driver, there is nothing in mtab01:51
=== tux [~tux@dsl-35-201.dsl.netsource.ie] has joined #ubuntu
madsen_scp: Then you won't have problems with main-packages upgrading to universe pkgs... Besides, I don't really think it's an issue... I would think the packages know where they come from and don't install to a newer version from another repo.01:51
_scpmadsen: Oh... I see what you meant now01:51
madsen_scp: Can't you try it out with some insignificant stand-alone package?01:52
JStrike_scp : I dont think there is overlap. But best to ask jdub or one of the other canonical people01:52
=== obiyoda [~jared@byu074623wks.rn.byu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
_scpmadsen: maybe...01:52
madsenJStrike: iirc I saw an overlap just an hour or so ago.01:52
massJStrike: speaking of bittorrent01:52
jdub_scp: there is no overlap between main and the other components.01:52
JStrikejdub : btw, has ubuntu had any major rollouts yet? I think the shuttleworth foundation is doing some big ones here, but have there been any others? Or is it still too early01:53
_scpjdub: Thanks! I appreciate it.01:53
massJStrike: someone asked on the mono list, and as result, sent email to all three projects he got responses from, asking for a uniting01:53
_scpmadsen, JStrike, thanks for your input!01:53
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
madsenJStrike: No wait, that was just me being an idiot... I didn't...01:53
JStrikemass : That is good news01:53
madsen_scp: any time. :)01:53
=== regeya [~shane@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeThat is not the emails from ages ago is it?01:53
=== madsen still wonders if _nobody_ has tried to import ~./sylpheed-claws into ubuntu...
=== |^JaMeS^| [~nobody@cvip-dsl-205-1.cvip.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== SirG3 [~SirG3@syr-24-59-91-123.twcny.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
madsenBtw. If you all want to help me out with my linguistics assignment, then go to: http://lillesvin.net/?64 and do the experiment refered to there. It would be greatly appreciated. :)01:55
madsenbut don't go all at once! It's a small server and a 256k connection. :)01:56
obiyodaHello all. I am pretty new to this linux thing. Was wondering if any one had some advice on getting a dual monitor system working?01:56
massJStrike: I dunno, we have to agree on license and architecture, and I am not willing to go up from MIT to something more developer-restrictive01:56
JStrikemass : MIT is the only way to go01:57
massJStrike: especially since the 'real' version is MIT :)01:57
obiyodaunfortunatly I have pieced togethor a machine which has two differnt video cards one ati the other nvidia01:57
=== stuNNed_ is now known as stuNNed
JStrikemass : Well, that too :-)01:57
SirG3Hm, BZFlag plays like crap so I don't think Ubuntu figured out what to do w/ my graphics card. However, the howto on how to get it working doesn't work..... sudo apt-get install fglrx-driver fails, any ideas?01:58
JStrikemass : Dont know where I saw it, but there is apparently a very good document for creating your own bittorent port.01:58
SirG3(referring to http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/BinaryDriverHowto)01:59
massJStrike: there is a protocol doc on the bittorrent website, was that it? :)01:59
eruinfirefox supports my locale01:59
stuNNedSirG3, sure it's called fglrx-driver?  try apt-cache search fglrx or apt-cache search ati01:59
JStrikemass :I think it was on a yahoo mailing list. But I cant access anything Yahoo! related on this computer for some reason01:59
massso as while as this channel is jumping - is it possible for me to enter japanese text using something like uim with ubuntu? or set my locale to a japanese locale? :)01:59
SirG3stuNNed: just copy and pasting off of the HowTo, but I'll try that now02:00
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@157.besecure.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== ramzez [~ramzez@cpc4-cmbg2-6-0-cust198.cmbg.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
eruincrap, yeah, can utf8 support languages like chinese and janapese?02:00
ramzezjust las question for today, i can play avi, but there is no picture just sound, which streamer i need for this?02:00
(crimsun/#ubuntu) eruin: yes02:00
=== Elyran [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
masseruin: it can support any unicode character, utf-8 is just an encoding02:01
obiyodaSirG3 thanks that may help me02:01
stuNNedwhy is ubuntu moving in the direction of using only unicode?02:01
runixdwz with http://www.ubuntuforums.org/?02:02
=== nickers [~nickers@cs24242119-16.sport.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
massstunned: that is a bad direction to take?02:02
(crimsun/#ubuntu) runixd: downtime.02:02
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-62.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
(crimsun/#ubuntu) mass: no, it's a good direction to take02:02
masscrimsun: unicode is overrated02:02
eruinI think mass implied that ;)02:02
masseveryone else should just figure out how to use us7ascii to make their own language work02:02
robertjis the title bar click resize a gnome default?02:02
massI propose ascii art ;-)02:03
robertjI seem to remember it shading the window02:03
stuNNedmass, obviously not, was just curious :)02:03
robertjdid that change, did ubuntu change, or am I getting it confused with OS 9?02:03
jdubrobertj: gnome default change02:03
jdubrobertj: just go into the Windows dialogue and change the behaviour02:03
robertjjdub: it's not that, I was afraid I had a dot-file hanging around that might have changed it02:04
robertjI usually change it, and I was looking on "stealing" from the Gnome desktop project for ubuntu docs02:04
robertjand that's a change from the 2.6 docs02:04
eruinwho made the ubuntu cursors?02:05
eruinI absolutely adore them02:05
eruinah, figures02:05
SirG3stuNNed: the first command returned nothing (searching for fglrx) and the second command returned tons and tons of results... but I see nothing about ati in em........ heh02:05
JStrikeThey are good02:05
=== Meshistopheles [~Mephisto@d142-59-231-163.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== NewNick [Bersirc@lsanca1-ar41-4-61-130-127.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeIs jimmac does stuff for Ubuntu as well, or did you get the NLD stuff02:06
NewNickdoes ubuntu hoary have ATI drivers released yet?02:06
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) speaking of.. how would I get the default X pointer back? the ubuntu default flickers.02:06
JStrikeGetting the contact loolup applet before NLD was beautifull02:06
(crimsun/#ubuntu) NewNick: see the binarydrivers section of the wiki?02:07
jdubJStrike: none of that stuff is NLD-driven02:07
NewNickthat's for warty02:07
(crimsun/#ubuntu) NewNick: ...and?02:07
(crimsun/#ubuntu) NewNick: the restricted modules are just an install (a couple clicks, if you so choose) away02:08
eruinJStrike: what's NLD?02:08
Gmailis hoary 5.4?02:08
Gmailis hoary 5.4???????????02:08
(crimsun/#ubuntu) novell linux desktop?02:08
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) crimsun: oh btw, I was able to disable stripping by setting DEB_STRIP_EXCLUDE := gaim02:08
JStrikecrimsun : Yep02:09
NewNickcrimsun: I don't think you understand, the warty drivers will not work for hoary because warty uses XFREE and hoary uses XORG and fglrx for ati drivers is only XFREE as of now02:09
JStrikeeruin : Novell Linux Desktop02:09
(crimsun/#ubuntu) GammaRay: good.02:09
stuNNedSirG3, do you have 'restricted' defined in your /etc/apt/sources.list?  and is this PPC?  fglrx-driver shows up here in 'restricted' repo, also you might want to add 'multivers' and 'universe' to your repo's list, i'm not sure if fglrx-driver has been ported to PPC if this is PPC...02:10
JStrikeI have to admit. I am very happy that I changed to Ubuntu instead of waiting around for NLD to be released. It is the first time ever that I am disappointed with a Ximian release02:10
(crimsun/#ubuntu) NewNick: um. You do know that XFree86 and X.Org as Debian (and thus Ubuntu) packaged are largely interchangeable, correct?02:10
NewNickcrimsun: yes, but the FGLRX driver is not.02:11
SirG3stuNNed: yes, I think restrected is defined in /etc/apt/sources.list (there were a couple lines mentioning restricted), and yes, I'm n PPC02:11
stuNNedSirG3, sorry s/multivers/multiverse02:11
(crimsun/#ubuntu) NewNick: does it work w/ Fedora Core 2/3?02:11
NewNickwell when I tried it didnt02:11
=== jmhodges [~morph@cpe-069-133-106-188.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
NewNick3 months ago02:11
eruinaren't ubuntu allowed to use the firefox icon/artwork?02:12
SirG3stuNNed: nothing about multiverse in there: how would I enable that?02:12
stuNNedSirG3, just add word 'multiverse' after 'universe'02:12
(crimsun/#ubuntu) NewNick: I think you're skipping the critical step of googling...02:12
madsenHmm, how would I catch all orphaned packages in synaptic? I've tried "installed" + "orphaned" but that somehow catches all packages. :/02:13
=== mojo [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mojomorning everyone02:13
(crimsun/#ubuntu) NewNick: I _just_ searched and found several references to ATI drivers working (with and without patching) on Fedora Core 2 and newer02:13
NewNickcrimsun: I have spent way way to mcuh time trying to get my x300 chipset working on ubntu02:13
NewNickbut we arnt talking about fedora are we.02:13
stuNNedSirG3, maybe the driver is called something else for PPC, i'm not sure.  I do see on ATI's site there are drivers for MacOS.  I'd check around for Linux equivalent drivers for PPC, if you haven't already done so.02:13
(crimsun/#ubuntu) and since FC2 and newer use X.Org, I can only conclude that the ATI drivers work just fine with X.Org02:13
mojoI'm looking for oggvorbissdk, can someone show me how can I get this sdk via synaptic? what names are they?02:13
NewNicknot on X300 chipsets02:14
NewNickdo u understand what I mean by x300? radeon 9700 pros and etc02:14
NewNickit ALWAYS thinks im using a 8500 generic02:14
NewNickand gives me worse preformance02:14
(crimsun/#ubuntu) NewNick: no, I don't use ATI hardware. Have you consulted the ATI forums (assuming there is one)?02:14
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) I would like to collapse these two lines: deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty main restricted02:15
NewNicklol ati=not that well into linux02:15
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty universe multiverse02:15
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) I should have no trouble doing that right?02:15
eruincrimsun, I've been hanging out on the fedora channels (and used fedora c2->c3t2->c3) and "just fine" isn't the proper term to use when speaking of xorg and ati drivers ;)02:15
NewNickati only supports reh hat 902:15
(crimsun/#ubuntu) GammaRay: correct.02:15
=== AlohaWolf [alohawolf@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
NewNickas of now02:15
madsenWhat is this "multiverse" about?02:15
NewNick(they only release rpms)02:15
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) madsen: sailor moon ofcourse02:15
massmadsen: ever see "The One" with Jet Li?02:15
massoh, yeah, that too :)02:15
=== madsen shakes his head.
=== darkjedi_NSC [~wd@ool-182ff6cf.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== s1x [~tiago@] has joined #ubuntu
s1xhi all02:16
eruinI need to find a decent notebook with nvidia isntead of all these ati 9700 ones02:16
=== Hak`M is now known as Hak`M|Sleep
eruinif only because of nvidias excellent linux support02:16
NewNickeruin: yep02:16
s1xi just plugged my and SD card in my usb card reader and nothing happened. The kernel recognized it and hal does it too. Can anyone help me out trying to figure out why g-v-m doesn't mount it?02:16
NewNickati is sadd..02:17
=== madsen has an Ati gfx-card that runs pretty well...
NewNickis it X300 or newer?02:17
madsenNewNick: I don't know how old the X300 is, but mine is a Radeon Mobility M602:18
NewNickwel then that's why it works fine02:19
NewNickx300 is newer than the 9600's02:19
=== buckminst [buckmins@24-116-157-215.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== wasabi [~wasabi@c-24-1-67-127.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
madsenNewNick: ... which I don't know how old are either.02:20
=== madsen is still having a ball trying to import his rowdy ~/.sylpheed-claws into Ubuntu.
wasabiDoes ubuntu support joysticks out of hte box?02:20
madsenNewNick: I'm not much into hardware, I just happened to know what gfx-card was in my Thinkpad. :)02:20
=== P3L|C4N0 [~sopmac@] has joined #ubuntu
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) wasabi: see /proc/config.gz02:21
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) wasabi: 2.6 should contain all the support you need. I don't know how much attention ubuntu has paid to it.02:22
wasabinosuch file or directory02:22
wasabiprobably doens't have config support in heh02:22
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) bleh02:22
wasabiyeah it has the joydev module loaded.02:22
wasabibut dmesg isn't showing naything02:22
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) wasabi: try /boot/config*02:23
wasabiand it used to on my previous debian kernel02:23
=== VOYAGER [~VOYAGER@VOYAGER.active.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
zenwhenGet a $9.99 MS Sidewinder.02:23
zenwhenThey works so winderfully in Linux.02:23
zenwhenOh well.02:23
wasabihow nice of it.02:23
zenwhenWhoa, attitude.02:23
wasabiwhat, you think it's acceptable that I should go buy new hardware when the previous worked fine on debian?02:24
wasabii think not.02:24
zenwhenWhat joystick are you using now?02:24
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) wasabi: what type of joystick?02:24
=== saltair [~saltair@] has joined #ubuntu
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) how does it plug in?02:24
wasabii should be getting dmesg notifications of it in some fashions02:25
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) wasabi: take a look at /usr/src/linux/Documentation/input/joystick.txt02:26
wasabidrivers/usb/input/hid-core.c: ctrl urb status -2 received02:26
wasabidrivers/usb/input/hid-core.c: usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed02:26
s0cksIs hoarty fixed yet?02:26
wasabido not have that directory02:26
wasabiI did not compile my own kernel.02:26
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) wasabi: it's part of the kernel-source package02:26
darkjedi_NSChey guys - im a linux newbie, I just wanted to know if there are any ubuntu-specific guides on how to get started with linux. I'm a little overwhelmed stepping right in from the windoze world... TIA!02:27
JStrikeVery good read : http://www.autopackage.org/NOTES02:27
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
zenwhenCompiling your own kernel is not only a good idea, but it is fun. Also, chicks dig it.02:27
zenwhenTrue story.02:27
=== NewComer [~NewComer@] has joined #ubuntu
wasabiuntil you can point out why the ubuntu kernel does not work, i see no reason for it.02:28
zenwhenI only booted that kernel once.02:28
zenwhenI know fuck all about it.02:28
madsenAny tips on how to get all the Fn-button stuff to work in Ubuntu?02:28
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) wasabi: I'm not asking you to do that02:29
madsen^- On a thinkpad...02:29
wasabiGammaRay, i know.02:29
(KneelBeforeXorg/#ubuntu) darkjedi_NSC: there used to be a good "beginning your journey" document in the ubuntu wiki. Maybe someone here can find it for you in the new wiki02:29
zenwhenIn fact, I wasnt suggesting wasabi do it either.02:29
darkjedi_NSCthanks kneel, let me see if i can find it myself too02:29
zenwhenBut if his joystick isnt supported, it might be a good idea.02:29
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) wasabi: from joystick.txt I see that "Logitech WingMan GamePad USB" is supported by the adi module02:29
wasabiWell, this joystick has never required special drivers before. Just generic joydev.02:30
robertjwasabi: I'm trying to bootstrap ubuntu and it's being whiny02:31
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) joydev isn't a driver02:31
darkjedi_NSCThanks Kneel - I found a doc called "learning ubuntu linux" in the wiki, im going to tear through it now02:31
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) For all joystick drivers to function, you'll need the userland interface02:31
robertjI think I may be doing something wrong, Is archive.ubuntu.org not a valid mirror for bootstraping purposes?02:31
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) module in kernel, either loaded or compiled in:02:32
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) and then it tell you to modprobe joydev..02:32
wasabiGammaRay, naw. Joydev on my Debian kernel was all. It detected the USB hotplug event and exposed /dev/input/js002:32
wasabinow it's not doing either02:32
wasabiIt's that generic02:32
darkjedi_NSCone more question, im running ubuntu on an older compaq notebook, it has a synaptics touchpad that is acting funny. anyone know how i can get a new/better driver for it?02:32
wasabii just can't fathom what's differetn about ubuntu's kernel than my last one02:33
madsenHmm, how does one do `apt-get clean` from synaptic?02:33
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) wasabi: it's probably just a flaw in the hosplug support... you might report this as a bug.02:33
wasabisame that I used, all the support needed is listed in config02:33
wasabiGamma, dmesg is kernel level, not hotplug.02:33
stuNNedis there any way to view a changelog in an uninstall .deb package with apt or dpkg?02:33
jdz_wasabi: I'm very suprised dmesg isn't showing anything02:34
VOYAGERwasabi have you tried the other usb sockets ive run into 1 or the other will run02:34
wasabime too.02:34
wasabinot even a usb connect event02:34
wasabiVOYAGER, yeah cycled through all of em02:34
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-157-52-17.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== YokoZar [~root@d160-153-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has joined #ubuntu
wasabii suspose it might be noted02:35
wasabiI just unplugged my mouse02:35
wasabino unplug event02:35
wasabiplugged it back in, no plug event. and it don't work now.02:35
wasabiusb looks dead.02:35
YokoZarI just upgraded to with synaptic xorg and now the login screen freezes after making the login sound (the keyboard freezes too)02:35
=== SeaBass [~chatzilla@cs68201116-110.gt.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
YokoZarMaybe I'm missing a package somehow?02:36
stuNNedhow to view changelogs of new packages?02:37
jmhodgesmy grub-fu is weak02:38
YokoZarAnd is there a way to move between consoles in recovery mode (ie. shift+alt+f2 type stuff)?02:38
madsenjmhodges: What's the problem?02:38
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) stuNNed: /usr/doc/<package>/02:38
jmhodgesim sitting on this live cd right now trying to figure out how to re-install the grub bits i had on my hard drive into my mbr now that i've overwritten them with a windows install in another partition02:38
jmhodgesmadsen, that right there ^ :)02:38
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) jmhodges: no.. grub is weak.. your foo is just fine02:39
madsenYokoZar: do you mean "ctrl+alt+f(1-6)"?02:39
SeaBasswhat kernel version does ubuntu use?02:39
=== darkjedi_NSC [~wd@ool-182ff6cf.dyn.optonline.net] has left #ubuntu []
madsenGammaRay: What's wrong with grub?02:39
YokoZarmadsen: yeah that's what I meant02:39
YokoZarmadsen: It doesn't work in recovery mode, which is single user mode.02:39
jdz_SeaBass: 2.6.x, Warty comes with 2.6.8 I believe02:39
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) madsen: the config file mainly02:39
massSeaBass: 2.6.802:39
=== oferw [oferw@DSL217-132-174-87.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
YokoZarmadsen: Do I need to d oan init 3?02:39
eruinJStrike, yeah, good read. got it all spinning around in my poor head now ;)02:39
SeaBassdoes it get compiled from source?02:40
YokoZarActually, I think I'll just install screen...02:40
madsenYokoZar: I think so, cause single user mode pretty much implies one login. No more, no less... At least that's my interpretation of it.02:40
JStrikeMike Hearn is pretty awsome02:40
jmhodgesGammaRay, hehe02:40
madsenGammaRay: I think it's way better than e.g. Lilo02:40
jmhodgesi knew how to do this with lilo02:40
madsenjmhodges: What have you tried so far?02:40
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) madsen: you think, therefor it is, for you02:41
YokoZarI'll be back02:41
SeaBassis ubuntu a source or binary distro?02:41
madsenGammaRay: Exactly, I just wanted to hear why you thought grub sucked.02:41
jmhodgesmadsen, chroot and running grub-install, running grub-install from the cd with --config-file pointed to the one i had on the harddrive02:41
madsenSeaBass: bin02:41
jmhodgesneither seemed to work02:41
jdz_SeaBass: Binary02:41
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) SeaBass: both :-P02:41
jmhodgesand .. something else.. trying to remember what..02:41
madsenjmhodges: With what as the target device?02:41
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) does a source distro run only interperted code?02:42
jmhodgesoh, the latter was grub fromt he cd with the --config-file.. (which was stupid i know) and then i tried grub-install with the -directory deal pointed at the grub dir in /boot on the hd02:42
=== wasabi [~wasabi@c-24-1-67-127.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
zenwhenThere was another "source = fast, binary = slow" guy.02:42
jmhodgesmadsen, /dev/hda02:42
madsenjmhodges: I think `grub-install /dev/hda` should do the trick. (You might want to add "--no-floppy" if you don't have a floppy drive.02:42
jdz_GammaRay: When I think of a Source distro, Gentoo comes to mind02:42
jmhodgesmadsen, from where?02:42
wasabii really dont wanna recompile02:42
madsenjmhodges: Hmm, than apparently it _didn't_ do the trick...02:42
jmhodgesmadsen, oh i tried that02:42
jmhodgeslet me get the output02:42
madsenjmhodges: I don't think you can do it from a chroot, but I'm not sure.02:43
jmhodgesmadsen, nope, i dont think i can either heh02:43
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) apt-get (the) source!02:43
madsenjmhodges: I'm not sure the chrooted env will recognize /dev/hda02:43
=== VOYAGER [~VOYAGER@VOYAGER.active.supporter.pdpc] has left #ubuntu ["Its]
jmhodgesmadsen, well, grub-install /dev/hda is doing something02:43
jmhodgesbut im nto sure if its what i want02:44
=== kos_ [~kos@c-24-126-93-100.we.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
wasabia chroot will recognize /dev/hda fine if hte file exists02:44
wasabiand points to the right major/minor02:44
=== scognito_ [~artrg@host147-202.pool8255.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
jmhodgesmadsen, "Could not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device."02:44
usualbass is good beer02:44
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) madsen: I just think grub is way too complicated for it's small benefits02:44
wasabijmhodges, edit /etc/mtab02:44
jmhodgeschroot was having issues with another missing /dev i think02:44
jmhodgeswasabi, ok.. to what? :/02:44
=== Ycros [~Ycros@c211-30-14-115.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
wasabiwhatever /boot is02:44
scognito_is the extension of shadow and translucent windows compiled in hoary's xorg packages?02:45
jmhodgeswasabi, ahhh i see02:45
=== YokoZar [~root@d160-153-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has joined #ubuntu
ajmitch_wasabi: you're not the only one to have USB issues02:45
wasabigrub uses /etc/mtab to find the device for /boot.02:45
wasabiscognito_, the extension is. The applications required are not.02:45
YokoZarok I got my screen action going, ready to reinstall whatever packages I need to get xorg working (or at least a login screen...)02:45
scognito_ok tnx02:45
JStrikescognito_ : It doesn't matter. None of the major Window Managers have composite support02:45
eruinautopackage is exciting02:45
madsenjmhodges: Try something like: grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/hda1/boot/grub/ /dev/hda  (but change the --root-dir path to your installations grub-dir.)02:45
wasabiJStrike, xcompmgr "works".02:46
scognito_ok :D02:46
JStrikeeruin : It really is02:46
jmhodgesmadsen, actually i think thats correct02:46
madsenjmhodges: It's great if it is. :)02:46
JStrikexcompmgr is a load of shit02:46
eruinJStrike, xfwm02:46
jmhodgesmadsen, from yours.. i tried this before "cp: listing attributes of `//lib/grub/i386-pc/stage1': Unknown error 524"02:46
JStrikeIt is a means for testing, Not for using02:47
wasabixcompmgr is great if you have a device with sane RENDER02:47
wasabiOf which there is none02:47
jdubmetacity supports composite (though it's currently b0rk)02:47
JStrikeeruin : I said major :-)02:47
robertjeeky panick!02:47
jdubhas had composite support for ages02:47
eruinJStrike, well, after kwm and metacity I'd say it's the most popular ;P02:47
madsenjmhodges: Hmm...02:47
ajmitch_xcompmgr worked at a decent speed with a geforce202:47
JStrikejdub: It has been disabled for a while02:47
jdubwasabi: works fairly well on nvidia02:47
madsenjmhodges: I hate unknown errors.02:47
wasabijdub, crashes my X for me after about 10 minutes, on Nvidia.02:47
jdubJStrike: only recently.02:47
ajmitch_I just got sick of firefox crashing due to the flash plugin02:47
robertjInsatlled a sid chroot, changed my sources.list, dist-upgraded to warty stuff, then tried to install ubuntu-desktop and dependencies aren't resolving :(02:47
jdubit has always been a devel feature02:48
jmhodgeswasabi, btw, that didnt work either with this line in mtab "/boot /mnt/hda1 ext3 rw,nosuid,nodev 0 0"02:48
wasabithat's because you did /mnt/hda102:48
wasabiand not /dev/hda102:48
Gmailrobertj: you are a moron if you swap to debian sid from ubuntu02:48
JStrikejdub : I remember it being enabled, then pulled almost immediatly a while ago. (Well, some months ago)02:48
wasabiGmail, you are a moron ifyou assume somebodys distro choice makes them a moron.02:48
robertjGmail: read closely, I'm bootstrapping ubuntu02:48
scognito_which config file is used for X?02:49
jdubJStrike: it's been on HEAD for about a year. it's not enabled by default. currently it is broken.02:49
robertjor rather attempting to02:49
jmhodgeswasabi, ah, ok02:49
scognito_ /etc/X11/Xf86config-4 is still ok?02:49
wasabiscognito_, xorg uses /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:49
scognito_thanks a lot02:49
eruin(which is alot more easy to type)02:49
jmhodgeswasabi, well /boot is inside of a larger partition, not one by itsel02:49
(crimsun/#ubuntu) robertj: it's doable. What's(re) the error(s)? use #flood if necessary02:50
wasabijmhodges, eh? you don't have a /boot? oh. then you don't need to mess with mtab at all02:50
Gmailrobertj: okay i thought you where a tipical n00b who knew nothing (not even howto make a sympal .deb binary)02:50
jmhodgesah heh02:50
wasabiyou need to pass the right options to grub though02:50
jmhodgeswasabi, right, theres the issue..02:50
robertjcrimsun: it wants a newer version of alsa than what's installed02:50
robertjI wonder if sid alsa deps are making it unhappy02:51
(crimsun/#ubuntu) robertj: could you paste the error in #flood?02:51
JStrikeIs gstreaner-ffmpeg in multiverse yet?02:51
wasabiIs there a replacement for kernel-package that Ubuntu is using to create the linux-* kernel packages?02:52
eruinJStrike, no02:52
robertjcrimsun: that's as much as I can paste ;)02:52
JStrikeI wonder why not?02:52
(crimsun/#ubuntu) robertj: and your /etc/apt/sources.list? and possibly /etc/apt/preferences?02:52
(crimsun/#ubuntu) wasabi: nope, just kernel-package per norm02:53
robertjthere is no preferences file02:53
wasabicrimsun, well, kernel-package uses kernel-* naming scheme... so this will do that now?02:53
wasabior are they renaming the results by hand?02:53
jdubthere's an option to change the package name02:53
=== wasabi searches
(crimsun/#ubuntu) yep02:54
=== eruin gazes at the lightbulb above wasabis head
JStrikegstreamer--ffmpeg *really* should be in multiverse02:54
eruinit really should02:55
JStrikeIt would be a lot easier than the xinelib, totem-xine thing02:55
wasabiWha't shte option? not finding it.02:55
eruinJStrike, or fetching it off debian02:55
JStrikeNot loving the mixing Ubuntu and debian packages02:55
=== YokoZar [~root@d160-153-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== drac|aw is now known as drac
usuali wish audacity worked with alsa02:56
(crimsun/#ubuntu) usual: aoss audacity?02:57
usualcrimsun, ?02:57
(crimsun/#ubuntu) usual: wrap audacity using the alsa wrapper?02:57
(crimsun/#ubuntu) install alsa-oss02:57
YokoZarOk, here's the deal: All my packages are latest hoary version, but when it boots into login menu I get a frozen keyboard and a grey screen.  The login screen sound plays, but then everything locks up.02:57
usualcrimsun, kernel  mods or packages02:57
(crimsun/#ubuntu) usual: it's a package02:58
=== robertj tries debootstrap warty . http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/
(crimsun/#ubuntu) usual: I'm presuming your alsa config has oss emulation enabled?02:58
usualcrimsun, how can I check02:58
eruinbah! the firefox package should be patched to use the gtk fileselector02:58
ajmitch_robertj: using a warty debootstrap?02:58
(crimsun/#ubuntu) usual: how are you using audacity now? alsa's oss emulation? direct oss?02:59
robertji'll know if it works soon02:59
robertji'm up to the c's02:59
usualcrimsun, I'm not it fails to find the audio device02:59
robertjgive er 10 minutes and i'll copy over my sources.list, make the changes to point it to warty and install desktop-base02:59
robertjafter that my goal is to fight with Xnest02:59
ajmitch_I think it might be time to try & upgrade to hoary02:59
(crimsun/#ubuntu) usual: are you using alsa?02:59
=== Gmail wacks the idiot that made the latest synaptic .deb my father just noted to me its not longer in the computer menu
robertjajmitch: it's not03:00
usualcrimsun, yes03:00
robertj"When it is time, you will KNOW it is time"03:00
ajmitch_robertj: is it more broken than sid?03:00
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@neuro.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
robertjajmitch: don't use sid, I would guess yes03:00
JStrikeSpeaking off alsa-oss. It makes a really terrible crackling noise on my computer. And esd seems to still use oss03:00
eruinGmail, it's in applications -> system using gksu instead of gksudo now (I've filed a bug)03:00
=== mojo [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
ajmitch_I've been using sid for a few years, so I've come to know the general ways of fixing things03:01
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-50-191.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
jdubGmail: dude, chill out.03:01
(crimsun/#ubuntu) JStrike: make sure it's not trying to mmap03:01
(crimsun/#ubuntu) JStrike: that's known to be buggy03:01
mojohas anyone encountered bunch of error related to buildui.py with RealPlayer 10 (21/10/2004) build?03:01
YokoZarOk, here's the deal: All my packages are latest hoary version, but when it boots into login menu I get a frozen keyboard and a grey screen.  The login screen sound plays, but then everything locks up.  Anyone have a clue?  Am I missing a package?  What should I try doing?03:01
stuNNedjdub, how to view the changelog of a package?03:01
(crimsun/#ubuntu) zless /usr/share/doc/$PACKAGE/changelog.Debian.gz03:02
stuNNedcrimsun, thanks mate03:02
stuNNedcrimsun, is there a way before it's installed?03:02
ajmitch_apt-listchanges is useful for mailing you changelogs when you install03:02
=== galen [~galen@c-67-170-169-7.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
(crimsun/#ubuntu) stuNNed: ajmitch_ just mentioned apt-listchanges if you're upgrading03:02
JStrikeYokoZar : Use the supported version, not Hoary?03:02
YokoZarJStrike: Safe way to downgrade?03:03
Gmaileruin: i now i had to do sudo passwd root on my dads computer for him to be able to use it03:03
stuNNedcrimsun, ajmitch_ ok thanks03:03
mojojdub: can you pls explain to me why only Ubuntu Linux like to remove the GNOME Inintlevel Service out?03:03
eruinGmail, alternatively you could edit the menu item ;)03:03
JStrikeYokoZar : Not sure03:04
jdubmojo: because it's not supported upstream, and it's not the best design for the job03:04
JStrikeBut I am sure there must be some info on google03:04
robertjbtw, on the random gripe front, does anyone know if there has been any discussions of checking for keyboards before prompting for input?03:04
jdubstuNNed: /usr/share/doc/<package>/changelog.*03:05
robertjjust in general debian-land. It's really naughty to have a machine with no ps/2 port prompt you when usb keyboards aren't working03:05
mojojdub: really? so GNOME never has such offciail Initlevel tooL?03:05
robertjespecially in PPC land where, unless there is some openfirmware deal I don't know about, you really don't have any options03:05
jdubGmail: dude, if you are running hoary on your father's computer, that's the kind of mess you'll get in. it's *in development*.03:05
jdubmojo: no03:05
mojojdub: could u be more specific?03:05
jdubmojo: no, gnome has never had an official runlevel tool03:06
jdubi'm just answering your question :)03:06
mojojdub: ok, thx man03:06
mojojdub: if it is so, then we should adopt one for ourselve like FC03:06
jdubmojo: perhaps.03:06
eruinmojo, it's being worked on afaik03:06
mojojdub: i've tried RHEL 4 Beta and it completely deprecated eog, should we do so?03:07
jdubmojo: no03:07
Gmailjdub: i am taking care of my dad computer03:08
mojojdub: isn't it better to have unified image viewer?03:08
Gmailthere is no worry03:08
jdubGmail: don't run a development release on it, and don't complain bitterly when things break03:08
jdubmojo: yes, when one's available03:08
JStrikeSpeaking of a FC feature I miss, is their package installer. Trying to get all the devel libs needed to build mono and gtk-sharp is a nightmare. On FC they had the simple way of just choosing the Gnome Development package(s) which would install most of what you need03:08
=== grelli [~grelli@apoc.dagr.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubJStrike: on its way.03:09
JStrikejdub : Nice.03:09
mojojud: thx much jdub, ur the man, i'm just wondering when the gnome-panel-screenshot is up so I can take screenshot for my bug report03:09
jdubmojo: when there's a gnome-utils release upstream03:09
jdubmojo: there are lots of ways to take screenshots03:10
jdubmojo: use gimp03:10
=== wasabi compiling 2.6.9
=== wasabi pissed.
eruininstall imagemagick, run import -w root /path/to/saved.png03:10
mojojdub: oh GIMP! yah! I forget GIMP can do it! thx jdub, u save the day again!03:10
robertjjdub: has there been much feedback on the Computer menu?03:10
wasabifeedback on computer menu: it rocks.03:10
jdubrobertj: yeah, mostly positive03:10
eruinamen to that03:10
jdubrobertj: there's a discussion going on upstream about modifying the menus, which is moving towards where we'd like to go03:11
eruinjdub, got alink?03:11
=== s1x [~tiago@] has left #ubuntu []
jdubsee the desktop-devel-list archives03:11
robertjI support a sizable number of OS X users, and the Computer menu is never touched03:11
wasabiI like that XP feature where recently used apps drift towards the top of the menu03:11
jdz_the computer menu and sudo were the first two things that hit me in ubuntu, and got me hooked.03:11
jdz_wasabi: I believe KDE has something like that too03:12
JStrikejdub : IS it possible to get gstreamer-ffmpeg in Multiverse, or are the Cononical people not allowed to have anything to do with it?03:12
mojojdub: isn't it better to place Synaptic in System confguartion?03:12
jdubwasabi: fairly likely it'll turn up in gnome 2.1003:12
jdubmojo: it is there.03:12
Gmailjdub: i am not complaing about things bracking (i report them too) i am just saying the mantanor should change stuff like this as when people upgrade from warty to hoary then they can't find synaptic and start complaining here03:12
JStrikesudo is really, really nice03:12
robertjSudo is definately great03:12
jdz_JStrike: For sure.  I've fallen in love with sudo03:12
massJStrike: sudo roxors :)03:12
mojojdub: no, they just move it to System Tools03:12
jdubGmail: dude, it's a bug. it's a development release. things like this happen.03:12
Gmailall i am saying it better not be like that for the rc03:12
wasabiI dislike having to be added to the audio/video/cdrom groups manually.03:12
usualwhat would be the thing to get into nowadays for a good job, pref IT related if it is a decent option03:12
jdubmojo: it's a bug.03:12
robertjGnome places in general need lots of loving03:13
jdubGmail: far out man, it's one month into the development process.03:13
robertjOS 10.3 has their favorite menus done right03:13
wasabios x has a favoritres menu?03:13
jdubJStrike: i don't think we're going to do anything about it. if it goes into debian (unlikely), it'll turn up in universe.03:13
wasabiit just has the dock03:13
Gmailjdub: but it better not stay like that it better change back because i know people will be whining on where is snaptic03:13
SirG3I thought they stopped using favorites in 10.3?03:13
robertjlike on the GtkFileChooser03:13
SirG3but I wouldn't know, never used it :-P03:13
robertjyou have your bookmarks03:13
jdubGmail: bugs will be fixed, dude.03:14
robertjand anything you bookmark there shows up in Finder and you can drag stuff to it03:14
jdubGmail: let it go03:14
calcjdub: better hide out in the other channel, too many people here ;)03:14
robertjalso you can click it and open your bookmarked place03:14
usualcrimsun, I installed alsa-oss...now what03:14
SirG3robertj: Ah the sidebar03:14
massrobertj: you can also drag files there03:14
robertjmass: indeed03:14
Gmailjdub: i am not talking about to bug i am talking about changing the menu item03:14
massrobertj: if you _really_ open that file alot ;-)03:14
ajmitch_calc: don't you want to harass jdub too? :)03:14
jdubGmail: again, that is a bug03:14
robertjmass: network resources, anything03:14
Gmailthing like that should NOT be changed03:14
stuNNedSirG3, i checked around, couldn't find anything related to ppc fglrx :(03:15
jdubGmail: that will be fixed03:15
jdubGmail: please let it go03:15
Gmailjdub: no it idn't03:15
=== usual pokes calc
calcthe only thing i could harass him about he has nothing to do with, getting gnome 2.8 into sid ;)03:15
massI just like the consolidation of all the icons into the dock - status notifications and all right there. Of course, system tools are slowly leaking upward into the menubar03:15
SirG3stuNNed: I looked around for 15 minutes on google then I found Bomberclone.... and suddenly the afternoon is gone :-P03:15
ajmitch_harass jordi & others then?03:15
massbut apple has promised to break that every major OS release, if you read between the lines03:15
=== ajmitch_ had better get working before he does the same to me
mass'don't do this with non-system code'03:15
usualcalc, you still doing the KDE packages?03:16
jdubGmail: i'll say it again -> the synaptic menu item moving is a *BUG* it will be fixed.03:16
ajmitch_when's the hoary upstream version freeze again?03:16
jdubajmitch_: end of december (but that may change)03:16
eruinGmail, have a cookie: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=397903:16
usualhell will freeze before hoary does03:16
massmmm.. cookies03:16
usuali mean sarge03:16
calcusual: well 3.3.1 is as done as i can make it for sarge (afaik), so just sitting around waiting for it to migrate03:17
masswrong order03:17
masshoary, then hell, then sarge ;-)03:17
robertjmass: I really like it because it doesn't prompt at all03:17
calcbut after that i am planning to jump into gnome dev if i can :)03:17
eruinwasn't sarge slated for a november release?03:17
robertjmass: it's really a scratch space area03:17
ajmitch_eruin: sarge was slated for a 2003 release03:17
robertjno "Are you sure you want to create a shortcut"03:17
usualcalc, gotcha...havn't seen you in a while...I stopped using kde so I didn't come to #debian-kde anymore03:17
eruinhehe, I remember woody03:17
calcusual: ok03:17
Gmailjdub: its not a bug its a CHANGE and i am saying it not wise to do such changes03:17
massrobertj: prompts are overused. I like the UI design philosophy of 'assume the user isn't a moron, so only prompt them if something they are trying to do is genuinely destructive, like deleting a folder'03:17
kensaieruin, maybe it'll be available for early 200503:17
eruinGmail, stop trolling already03:17
jdubGmail: dude. listen to me. it is a bug.03:18
massthe anti-clippy school of UI thought :)03:18
ajmitch_I've got a few packages that are quite outdated in warty03:18
jdubGmail: the change is a bug.03:18
jdubGmail: it will be fixed.03:18
GotD0tis there a way i can keep something in the clipboard after the application it was copied from is closed03:18
calchmm i could just reinstall my desktop with hoary and have gnome 2.8 now :)03:18
usualcalc, I enjoy it03:18
SirG3mass: yeah, I like doing something and the computer not asking me to confirm it. I hit command-delete - I MEAN TO DELETE THE TRASH! hehe03:18
calci have warty on my laptop, but i still need a linux friendly wifi for it03:18
=== Gwildor_ [~gwildor@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubcalc: gnome 2.8 in warty, 2.9 in hoary ;-)03:19
calcthe intel 2915 seems to be hard to get, or still vaporware03:19
genlinux friendly? contradiction03:19
calcjdub: whee 8)03:19
massSirG3: yesss, if an operation is destructive, try to make it reversable, rather than prompting the user03:19
calcgen: just about anything other than broadcom03:19
usualI wonder when 2.6.9 will enter hoary03:19
eruinWHOOT, am I running gnome 2.9 ?03:19
kensaiGmail, LOL synaptic problem LOL yeah I was whining for 10 seconds until I found it03:19
calci have broadcom 11g in my amd64 laptop so i can't even use that :\03:19
stuNNedcalc, any orinoco card should be good, proxim atheros orinoco .11b/g here works well with madwifi-driver03:19
gencalc, yea i know, being a jackass.03:19
usualnot fully 2.9 correct?03:19
SirG3mass: or at least be able to turn it off, bah - wish I could that w/ win98's empty trash dialog.....03:19
=== one_2_one [~x@adslsapo-b3-242-73.telepac.pt] has joined #Ubuntu
calcand i need working wpa on top of that, i have a prism54 with no wpa support :\03:20
jdubusual: 2.9 as released upstrema03:20
usualwhy do you use synaptic anyway...03:20
one_2_onewhere i can get ubuntu kernel source ?03:20
usualjdub, gotcha03:20
=== calc bbl
ajmitch_calc: ah, I've got an old prism2 card03:20
calci may just give up and buy an intel 2200 since those are supposed to work and have wpa support03:21
Gmailbtw to get passed such ""BUGS"" is by doing the following command sudo passwd root , and entering the same password as the one you chose for sudo03:21
robertjother thought: does Gnome Keychain Manager load Apple Keychains?03:21
kensaiI don't know which is the big deal about the bug on synaptic because it is always under system tools03:21
calcalso is minipci so i can just pull the old card out and have it work03:21
usualjdub, I recall you mentioning things like bootsplashes and grub splashes in hoary...are those going to come near release or freeze? or just when they get to it03:21
stuNNedcalc, wpa_supplicant working here with above mentioned card03:22
jdubusual: not sure if it's going to happen for hoary.03:22
jdz_sooner is better of course :)  more time for bugs to be found and fixed.03:22
usualjdub, ok...doesn't seem like a time consuming task or very difficult....so I was just curious03:22
jdz_usual: You should help then!03:22
=== liten_ [liten@jediminds.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubusual: well, it does involve developing a user space graphical boot subsystem...03:23
usualjdz_, I doubt I can just become a team member03:23
stuNNedajmitch_, is there a way to set up a cron job for apt-listchanges to email changelogs of packages not installed yet?03:23
usualjdub, ok03:23
calcstuNNed: ok :)03:23
one_2_oneppl where i can get ubuntu kernel source ?03:23
jdubone_2_one: apt-cache search linux-source03:24
one_2_onei dont have net03:24
jdubyou don't need net access :)03:24
jdubuntil you want to get the package03:24
ajmitch_stuNNed: not sure, it's probably possible :)03:24
SirG3Hm: as a first time user of Ubuntu some things pop out. I wish there was a way to have a global menu bar like Mac OS *, I wish when installing programs from Synaptic that they became listed in the applications menu.03:24
SirG3I wish things just worked: like my USB HDD and my firewire burner or my graphics card or mac on linux03:25
jdubSirG3: we won't have a global menu bar; most supported applications will have menu items; *heaps* of hardware 'just works'; MOL isn't supported.03:25
SirG3jdub: unfort. my hardware doesn't seem to be among the heaps of hardware :-(03:26
jdubSirG3: file bugs, or send install reports to ubuntu-users03:26
JStrikeThe first : Gnome is not Mac OS : The second should happen : Third is a problem that wont go away any time soon unless linux gets really popular03:26
SirG3JStrike: I find the one menu bar much more intiutive heh03:27
SirG3jdub: where would I file bugs?03:28
madsenSirG3: Actually, even though I dislike it, KDE has such an option.03:28
jdubSirG3: bugzilla.ubuntu.com (see the topic)03:28
madsenSirG3: I mean, KDE as oposed to KDE.03:28
madsenSirG3: rubbish, ... oposed to Gnome. :)03:28
=== Ycros [~Ycros@c211-30-14-115.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
balubajdub, today there was someone who asked about the appropriate way to request for a package inclusion03:30
=== buckminst [buckmins@24-116-157-215.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== astoltz [~astoltz@ppp-168-253-10-247.den1.ip.ricochet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Childe [~Childe@] has joined #ubuntu
ChildeYesterday I upgraded to Hoary, but after the upgrade GDM can not start.03:31
=== nicktastic [~nick@mordor.neutraldomain.org] has joined #ubuntu
ChildeIt says that there is already a X server on display 0, and give me a X serve only screen.03:32
ChildeJust a pointer on black screen.03:32
ChildeIs there any known bug in Hoary's GDM script?03:33
=== Xamusk [~ronan@] has joined #ubuntu
Xamuskhello again03:34
=== one_2_one [~x@] has joined #Ubuntu
one_2_onejdub  i have been loking on http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ but i dont see it to download03:34
nicktasticAre there any good documents that explain how ubuntu is different from other distributions, what it does better, why users would want to use it over the many other distributions out there? I'm having a hard time finding such information on the web site...03:34
one_2_oneon apt-cache search he dont have linux source03:35
=== bigtony [~bigtony@c-24-99-11-82.atl.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
balubaone_2_one, apt-cache search linux-source03:36
ChildeAnybody using Hoary here? Tell me if your GDM works correctly/03:36
one_2_onebaluba  i typed that03:36
one_2_onehe dont have it03:36
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-202-38-128.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
bigtonyquestion: when i type smb:// i can login with a blank user and blank password and have full access to my shares. how come i can't do the same when i do a smbmount // /home/bigtony/laptopdrive -o umask=000,rw,guest ? what am i don't wrong plz thanks03:36
one_2_oneand im looking for an link to get it03:36
=== nicktastic [~nick@mordor.neutraldomain.org] has left #ubuntu []
madsenWoah! The Ubuntu Monthly Calendar is a drity trick! :) I'm already looking forward to next month - or maybe the next one again... Whichever features one of the gals. :)03:38
one_2_onebaluba  know any link ?03:39
madsenbigtony: Uhm, you haven't allowed guest access?03:39
=== YokoZar [~root@d160-153-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has joined #ubuntu
bigtonyyes on my windows system guest is allowed03:39
YokoZarHow do I downgrade to Warty?  Or reinstall all of xorg?03:40
bigtonyi can read the drive with smb just fine and write to it and do whatever i want03:40
madsenbigtony: Hmm... Also to read/write?03:40
=== astoltz [~astoltz@ppp-168-253-10-247.den1.ip.ricochet.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
bigtonybut i can't mount it with the same priv03:40
madsenbigtony: I mean as guest.03:40
bigtonyi thought i did03:40
madsenbigtony: Hmm...03:40
madsenHang on a sec...03:40
bigtonylike i say smb:// will work just fine03:40
=== Gmail [~Google@gnu-debian.user] has joined #ubuntu
bigtonyi can rwx03:40
bigtonybut i can't mount it so i don't have to type smb all the time03:41
=== pridkett [~pridkett@c-67-171-67-175.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
madsenbigtony: smb://... from where=03:41
bigtonyfrom filebrowser03:41
=== Ycros [~Ycros@c211-30-14-115.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
madsenHmm, can't you just browse the network and then right click on the shares and mount them? Unless you want it to happen automagically of course...03:42
bigtonyok well tell me this cause i'm new to this03:42
bigtonyhow do you browse the network?03:42
bigtonyi thought you had to specify it03:43
pridkettI don't suppose anyone in here is using an IBM A31 laptop?  (other than myself)03:43
runixdwhats your question03:43
madsenbigtony: I mount my shares with: smbmount //server/share /mount/point -o username=myUsername,password=myPassword03:43
one_2_onecan i use an debian kernel source to ubuntu ?03:43
bigtonyyeah i understand madsen: but thats the thing its a guest share03:43
bigtonyso it has no username or pass03:43
madsenbigtony: Just: Computer -> Network03:44
Agrajagbigtony: ""03:44
Agrajagthat's your user and pass03:44
ChildeGDM broken after upgraded to Hoary03:44
madsenAgrajag: That shouldn't be needed...03:44
Agrajagmadsen: shoudn't, but it doesn't seem to be working for him without it03:44
pridkettfor some reason that wireless on the computer (internal minipci prism2 that uses hermes driver) likes to conk out large transfers.  Specifically, it conks out a lot while printing.03:44
bigtonythe read works fine03:44
bigtonythe write is what the problem is03:44
madsenAgrajag: Well, it _could_ be something else...03:44
Agrajag-o rw03:45
Agrajag-o rw03:45
bigtonyi tried that03:45
=== tzeryn [~tzeryn@] has joined #ubuntu
bigtonydoesn't do anything03:45
Agrajagreally, hm03:45
bigtonyagain thats with smbmount now with smb://ip/share03:45
bigtonyit works fine03:45
bigtonyquestion when i make the dir say /home/bigtony/laptopdrive03:46
madsenbigtony: Do you know what that umask does or did you just stick it in there?03:46
bigtonydo i have to chown it?03:46
bigtonyi thought it did file access03:46
bigtonybut i am still learning03:46
madsenbigtony: You have to have write-perms to it I guess, but I think it changes during mount.03:46
bigtonylike 77703:46
pridketti'm pretty sure that it's an issue with ubuntu installing the wrong driver to fix that.03:46
madsenbigtony: Yeah, it works on files you create... I don't use it in my mounts...03:46
=== mitochondyu [~mitochond@pool-162-84-196-89.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
madsenbigtony: Try to remove it, so we get the simplest situation possible.03:47
bigtonyi was jus tgoing on what i was reading03:47
mitochondyuhi all need help03:47
bigtonyi'm gonna unmount the drive and start over03:47
madsenmitochondyu: Who doesn't. :)03:47
mitochondyudoes superkaramba works for gnome???03:47
madsenmitochondyu: What does the dependencies tell you?03:47
ajmitch_mitochondyu: use gdesklets03:47
mitochondyuoh ..i tryed gdesklets.is not as good03:48
bigtonyok umounted03:48
mitochondyuthanks anyways03:48
ajmitch_superkaramba would work but I guess it'd drag in a few kde dependencies03:48
ChildeI need help!03:48
bigtonynow do i need to do chmod -R rw on the /home/bigtony/laptopdrive dir i made?03:48
ChildeMy GDM does not work after I upgraded to Hoary!03:48
madsenmitochondyu: `apt-cache show superkaramba`03:48
madsenbigtony: I don't think the -R is needed when the share is umounted. :)03:49
bigtonyjust trying to get total access to that dir is all03:49
madsenjust make sure you have full access on the mount point.03:49
bigtonymoint point being the ip/share dir?03:49
mitochondyui go try now03:49
madsenbigtony: I know, but -R means recursive and there should only be the dir.03:49
madsenbigtony: No, the mount point in your local dir system.03:50
bigtonythats why i was doing the chmod03:50
bigtonyi'm confused03:50
madsenbigtony: Just for getting it straight... Right now: "Mount point" = local dir to mount on; "share" = remote share to mount on "mount point". ;)03:50
bigtonyok fair enough03:51
bigtonymount point is /home/bigtony/laptopdrive03:51
madsenbigtony: Ok, make sure you have rwx on that.03:51
bigtonyand i did a mkdir to that dir in normal user mode03:51
bigtonyok let me check03:51
madsenbigtony: Ok, then you have rwx on it.03:51
madsenbigtony: now do `smbmount //server/share /home/bigtony/laptopdrive -o rw` No more, no less03:52
madsenbigtony: of course, replace //server/share with the actual values. :)03:53
bigtonyok i'm trying brb03:53
bigtonyduh :p03:53
=== baluba [~Antonio@213-140-6-112.fastres.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== tzeryn [~tzeryn@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
madsenbigtony: How's it working out?03:54
bigtonyhaving a hang  up removing this dir03:54
bigtonyhang on a sec03:54
bigtonycause i think i see what i did wrong03:54
bigtonyi created the dir in root03:54
mitochondyuicaramba it works!~ ^^ thanks03:55
=== drac is now known as drac|aw
Xamuskcan ubuntu live use a home dir in a partition in the HD03:56
=== one_2_one [~x@] has left #Ubuntu []
=== Childe [~Childe@] has left #ubuntu []
madsenbigtony: What do you mean?03:57
bigtonyi got it03:57
bigtonywell i had created the dir as being root making root the owner03:57
bigtonyi need bigtony to be the owner03:57
bigtonylet me try now i think i got it03:57
madsenbigtony: Oh! :) You said you created it as your user. :)03:58
=== SirG3 [~SirG3@syr-24-59-91-123.twcny.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
bigtonyi know i did03:58
bigtonythats why i corrected myself03:58
madsenbigtony: hehe, I know...03:58
bigtony<< hates being a noob03:58
bigtonybut i got high hopes03:58
bigtonylet me see if i can get it going now03:58
madsenbigtony: Nah, nothings wrong with being a noob. Everybody starts somewhere. :) Being a noob is where everybody starts. :)03:59
=== jjh [~jjh@pcp01940894pcs.hlcrs201.al.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
bigtonythanks for looking at it like that04:00
bigtonyjust hate being a pest really04:00
madsenbigtony: If you were a pest I'd probably have thrown something like "stfu and read the docs" at you. :) Don't worry. Really. :)04:00
bigtonyi hear ya04:01
=== alge [~alge@h-69-3-194-66.nycmny83.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
bigtonyone thing here is what i don't understand04:01
bigtonydo i have to mount as root?04:01
madsenbigtony: That shouldn't be necessary.04:01
=== Childe [~Childe@] has joined #ubuntu
bigtonybigtony@bubbaslinuxbox:~/laptopdrive $ smbmount // /home/bigtony/laptopdrive -o rw04:01
bigtonysmbmnt must be installed suid root for direct user mounts (1000,1000)04:01
bigtonysmbmnt failed: 104:01
ChildeDoes anyone ecountered the GDM bug after upgraded to Hoary?04:02
algeanyone cool with ubuntu sound, can't get gnome-sound-recorder to record anything04:02
madsenbigtony: Hmm, never heard that one before. :/04:03
bigtonynow if i sudo it it gives me no error04:03
bigtonylet me see if i have rw on it04:03
madsenbigtony: On my debian install I just mount as myself...04:03
madsenChilde: It doesn't appear so... I know it's frustrating, but perhaps you should try googling for it instead of wasting time asking here...04:04
bigtonywith mount -t smbfs // username=whatever password=whatever   in the fstab?04:04
madsenbigtony: Nope, I mount them when I need them.04:04
Childemadsen: OK. Thank you :-D04:04
=== romeo [~romeo@dsta-aj039.pivot.net] has joined #ubuntu
madsenChilde: :)04:04
genwhats the "GDM" bug04:05
madsenbigtony: I created a bash-function in .bashrc that mounts them all...04:05
madsenbigtony: I just do smbmountall and is mounts all my shares from my file-server.04:05
Childegen: After I upgraded to HoaryGDM can not start.04:05
bigtonysounds like a plan to me04:06
madsenbigtony: Do you have more shares?04:06
bigtonylet me try the network mount thing cause this isn't working04:06
bigtonyyeah i have 204:06
ChildeIt just tell me that there is already a X server running on this display. But I think this X server is the one launched by GDM itself04:06
madsenbigtony: Well, mine kinda depends on "smbmount //server/share /mount/point"04:06
bigtonythe dir still has a lock on it04:07
bigtonyeven after i created it in normal and it shows rwx on it04:07
madsenChilde: Have you tried "/etc/init.d/gdm stop" and then start it again?04:07
bigtonyand it stills ays root is the owner04:07
madsenChilde: I mean, not just using 'restart'.04:07
Childemadsen: Yes I've tried that. But it still not work04:07
madsenbigtony: That's because root mounted it...04:07
bigtonyoh when i did the sudo smbmount gotcha04:08
madsenChilde: does 'ps aux | grep gdm' give you anything when it's stopped?04:08
Childemadsen: No. I killed them all.04:08
madsenChilde: :(04:08
algehey Childe: how bout ctrl-alt-backspace to kill the X-server04:08
madsenbigtony: Hmm...04:08
=== natex [~natex@syr-24-58-234-89.twcny.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Childealge: Ctrl+Alt+Backspace can not kill the X-server(strange, right?), I kill it using "kill -9"04:09
bigtonyyeah thats what it was when i unmounted the lock went away04:09
madsenbigtony: Yup...04:09
bigtonybut i seem to only be able to mount with sudo though04:09
=== yann__ [~yann@p5480C4C0.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
bigtonyaww i know why04:09
madsenbigtony: ?04:09
bigtonybut this is strange04:09
bigtonycorrect me if i'm wrong04:10
bigtonylinux doesn't like ntfs04:10
bigtonyit can read it but can't write it04:10
madsenbigtony: Yup! That's it!04:10
bigtonybut here is whats messed up04:10
bigtonylets me write all day every day04:10
ChildeMaybe I should examine GDM's init.d script?04:11
madsenbigtony: That sounds a little suspicious...04:11
bigtonycause i have already transfered tons of date to the laptop using that04:11
madsenbigtony: Hmm04:11
Agrajagbigtony: um04:11
bigtonyi was just being lazy04:11
madsenChilde: Can't hurt, but I doubt it'll do any good.04:11
bigtonyand got tired of doing smb://whatever04:11
Agrajagyou mean an ntfs partition on another machine?04:11
bigtonyyeah my laptop is a xp pro machine04:11
madsenbigtony: Still, you should be able to mount it via: Computer -> Networks04:11
natexChilde, if you want to kill X (i.e. drop to runlevel 3) try telinit 304:12
bigtonyi ahven't tried that method yet04:12
Agrajagbigtony: then it doesn't matter, linux isn't writing to ntfs04:12
bigtonylet me try that now04:12
bigtonywell something is04:12
madsenbigtony: I don't have a single win-install around to test it...04:12
Agrajagit's writing to smbfs, and the XP machine is writing to ntfs.04:12
Childenatex: Yeah. I'll try that.04:12
bigtonyaww ok04:12
Agrajagmachines using samba don't have to know the underlying filesystem on the other machine, they just speak SMB at each other04:12
natexctrl alt back only restarts X on Ubuntu04:12
Childemadsen: I'll also to see if there is already a GDM update in the reposidory04:12
bigtonyi see what your saying the smbfs is acting as an pass the buck kinda deal04:12
Agrajagsame with nfs04:13
bigtonyso thats why smb works04:13
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) natex: it doesn't technically restart X04:13
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) natex: it kills X, gdm detects that X has been killed and starts it again04:13
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) the *effect* is that X 'restarts' :)04:13
natexHrdwrBoB: oh? i was under the impression that it was killed then restarts for "security" reasons04:13
bratscheIs anyone else having problems with panel applets like Trash or Mixer not starting correctly when the system restarts?04:13
bigtonyso to be clear i can't mount it i must use smb://whatever04:14
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) natex: not really04:14
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) natex: ctrl+alt+F1 gets you to a console04:14
Xamuskcan ubuntu live use a home dir in a partition in the HD04:14
natexHrdwrBoB: yes04:14
natexHrdwrBoB: so X isn't touched when ctrl+alt+back?04:15
bigtonymadsen: how you get the computer>network thing to work? when i do it all it shows me is network:/// no workgroups or anything04:15
=== bborkk [~bborkk@SENIOR-FOUR-TEN.MIT.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) bigtony: I can't see why you would not be able to mount it04:15
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) natex: no, X is instantly killed when you run ctrl+alt+backspace04:15
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) including all applications that are currently running within it04:16
bigtonyi do wanna mount it04:16
bigtonybut if i can't write to it cause of the nfts restrictions04:16
bigtonyi guess i have to mount -t smbfs it?04:16
bigtonyi haven't tried that04:16
natexHrdwrBoB: True, I guess I was mentioning the effect then ;)04:17
madsenbigtony: Doesn't it find your network after a little while?04:17
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) natex: yeah04:17
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) natex: it doesn't really matter, it's just nice to know04:17
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) bigtony: think of it like this.. if you run an ftp server on windows, would you be able to write w/ that from a remote client?04:17
bigtonyi see what your saying i'm just noticing its not working how i thought it should04:18
natexHrdwrBoB: of course.04:18
bborkkSeems like my system alarm sound has somehow been remapped to a full-screen flicker.  This happened after I installed mplayer.  Anyone else have this problem?04:18
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-202-38-128.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) bigtony: //windows/share /mnt/windows/share smbfs3 users,noauto,password= 0 004:19
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) bigtony: there is one restriction. the mounting user has to own the mount point04:20
bigtonyand put that in the fstab?04:21
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) yep04:21
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d3-249.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
bigtonyok will try that04:21
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) replace windows w/ the remote host's ip or name04:22
stuNNedwhat packages do i need installed to mount windows shares?  just smbclient and libsmbclient or smblclient, smbfs and libsmbclient?04:22
=== hcker2000 [~hcker2000@69-162-110-111.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
hcker2000hey dose any one happen to know how to get dial up working ?04:23
=== sivang [~sivang@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
bigtonyok so there is no way to do it manually with a mount -t command?04:23
stuNNedbigtony, mount -t smbfs ?04:23
bigtonyi tried04:23
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: http://www.gnome-ppp.org04:24
bigtonybut it keeps giving me the help menu04:24
bigtonyi tried the following04:24
natexbigtony: smbmount04:24
hcker2000thanks agine GammaRay04:24
bigtonymount -t smbfs -o guest // /home/bigtony/laptopdrive04:24
=== likwid [~free@Kitchener-HSE-ppp3568505.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
hcker2000its tar xv??04:25
hcker2000to extract04:26
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) tar xvzf04:26
=== orospakr [~orospakr@CPE00a00cc1c1a6-CM00407b87b341.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedbigtony, , need to //
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: eXtract Verbose bZipped File-comes-next (-;04:27
bigtonyaww i forgot the share04:27
bigtonylet me try that04:27
=== lonytynch [~Toeknee@0-1pool216-18.nas1.richmond1.va.us.da.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: eXtract Verbose gZipped File-comes-next I mean04:27
madsenbigtony: lol, if that's been the problem all along...04:27
lonytynchhey guys i ordered my ubuntu cds back at the beginning of october and never got them, any idea whats going on?04:27
lonytynchany willingness to mail me one of you guys' cds? :P04:27
madsenlonytynch: log into shipit.ubuntulinux.org and read...04:28
bigtonyi don't think it has ben04:28
madsenlonytynch: I got mine friday04:28
bigtonycause i just started doing mount04:28
bigtonyi swear after i learn linux i'll be a full fledge crack addict04:28
=== one_2_one [~x@] has joined #Ubuntu
natexbigtony: if you have samba installed you can use smbmount04:29
stuNNedhcker2000, you may need to `gksu -u root /path/to/gnome-ppp`04:29
bigtonynatex: i'm hearing you and thanks04:29
madsenbigtony: Did you ever try: smbmount //server/SHARE /mount/point -o rw ;)04:29
bigtonythe thing is i have used smbmount and it doesn't work cause of the ntfs drive04:29
AgrajagstuNNed: more like gksudo04:29
Agrajagroot is locked.04:29
bigtonyyes i did04:29
bigtonyand your right if you let it set for a while you see the network04:30
madsenbigtony: ok. Just curious. :)04:30
hcker2000stuNNed, thanks for the info04:30
natexbigtony: so the ntfs is a drive on the linux box?04:30
hcker2000GammaRay, i got it extracted now what do i need to do04:30
bigtonynope on a linux machine04:30
bigtonyon a windows machine04:30
lonytynchmadsen: when did you order yours?04:30
lonytynchi ordered mine probably around october 5th or so04:30
bborkkWhat's the verdict on Hoary's stability on laptops?04:30
one_2_onehttp://one2one.no.sapo.pt/1.txt :| i dont have net on ubuntu .. where i can download ncurses-devel for ubuntu ?04:31
madsenlonytynch: The day after they opened up for the orders.04:31
lonytynchi'm just trying to get an approximation of when mine will come in04:31
lonytynchwhen was that?04:31
bigtonymadsen: you mentioned something about finding the drive and then mounting it that way?04:31
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: it should fllow the same way as css did04:31
madsenlonytynch: I can't remember.04:31
lonytynchmadsen: thanks04:31
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: ./configure && make && checkinstall04:31
hcker2000ok what was before the make command04:31
bigtonyand its working just fine now04:31
bigtonywith the smbfs :)04:31
bigtonywoo hoo04:31
encryptiobigtony: what up!04:31
madsenbigtony: Yeah, but it's manual... Find the share through Computer -> Networks and right-click on it... You'll get some options there iirc.04:31
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: then sudo dpkg -i *.deb04:31
bigtonyfixing to start doing crack04:31
jdubone_2_one: libncurses5-dev -> when you need to find a 'devel' package, search for dev04:32
bigtonylinux is racking my brain04:32
=== ajmitch__ [~ajmitch@c211-28-226-99.chirn1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
bigtonyi get no options like that when i right click04:32
hcker2000angelina jolie04:32
bigtonyi added it to the fstab so its all good04:32
hcker2000configure: error: XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool04:32
madsenbigtony: Hmm... Hang on...04:32
one_2_onejdub  thks and exists any serv withs this packages?04:32
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: bring back angelina :-P04:33
jdubone_2_one: just install it with synaptic or aptitude or apt-get04:33
hcker2000lol yea thats what happens when u ctrl+c04:33
one_2_onejdub  ok :)04:33
bigtonymadsen: its possible i don't have the iirc package installed04:34
bigtonyi'm not overly worried about it now i'll rack my brain on that issue another day04:34
bigtonyas long as the mount works is all i care04:34
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
madsenbigtony: iirc == "if I recall correct" :)04:34
hcker2000so any idea what be up with the error04:34
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: I think you need libxml-perl04:35
madsenbigtony: I can click "Connect to this server" in the right-click menu of a share.04:35
bigtonyyeah i have to install it04:35
bigtonyill do that later thanks for your help04:35
madsenbigtony: Install what?04:35
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: or maybe.. libxml-parser-perl04:35
bigtonythe iirc04:35
madsenbigtony: As I just said: iirc is an acronym for "if I recall correct", which is not a package but a figure of speech. :)04:36
madsenbigtony: :)04:36
=== bigtony having information overload
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) madsen: so you arn't irc? you lied to me!04:37
bigtonythanks again04:37
madsenGammaRay: No, that would have been "I'm irc", not iirc. :)04:37
hcker2000checking for libgnomeui-2.0 >= 2.6.0 gtk+-2.0 >= 2.4.0  libglade-2.0 >= 2.4.0... Package libgnomeui-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.04:38
hcker2000Perhaps you should add the directory containing `libgnomeui-2.0.pc'04:38
hcker2000to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable04:38
hcker2000No package 'libgnomeui-2.0' found04:38
madsenGammaRay: But it's actually true... I AM irc... I transport all the irc-packages in the world by hand... (and feet!) And I'm pretty damn busy...04:38
madsenGammaRay: Busy because of the low-life's who spend all day and night on irc and giving me a workload of inhumane proportions.04:39
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: try apt-cache search libgnomeui04:39
=== DracosX [~DracosX@cpe-024-211-253-046.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ajmitch__ is now known as ajmitch_
hcker2000no 2.0 listed in there04:40
(BrittBS/#ubuntu) where do i put something i want to execute after x startup if i'm using gdm (so xinitrc is out), besides gnome session stuff04:40
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: you're looking for something ending in dev04:41
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: libgnomeui-dev - The GNOME 2 libraries (User Interface) - development files04:41
hcker2000libgnomeui-0 is installed04:41
hcker2000oh ok04:41
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: that's what you want04:41
hcker2000thats there04:41
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) there is no 2.0 cuz there is no 1.0 packaged04:41
madsenbigtony: If you right-click on a share, select "Connect to this server" and then type in a name for the share, then it'll create a shortcut on your desktop... Nice and convenient... :)04:42
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) everyone dropped gnome 1.x for 2.x04:42
=== Qo-noS [~Klinzhai@bb220-255-112-253.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
=== one_2_one [~x@] has joined #Ubuntu
madsen... speaking of which...04:42
bigtonyoh i see what i was doing wrong04:43
one_2_onejdub  dont have it :(04:43
bigtonyi have to click on the actual drive duh04:43
=== GammaRay wonders if there is a shadow package for gnome/gtk libs
madsenAnyone know if there's a Human theme/style for Gtk1.2?04:43
stuNNedbigtony, got it working?04:43
Agrajagmadsen: just install industrial, it's the same thing04:43
madsen'cause sylpheed-claws isn't gtk2 yet... (!)04:43
bigtonyits working perfect with the mount that i did04:43
bigtonyjust trying to figure out what madsen is on about with the network browse04:43
madsenAgrajag: I know, but the marking is blue, not brown...04:43
Agrajaggtk-engines-industrial - Flat-looking GTK+ 1.x engine from Ximian04:44
Xamuskdoes anyone here have experience with the ubuntu live CD?04:44
bigtonyhe is forcing me to learn more when my brain is saying beer beer beer04:44
madsenAgrajag: Already got industrial... I know my gtk-themes. :)04:44
Agrajagmadsen: well, it's the closest you'll get. If you really have to make it the same, start hacking at industrial and make it the same04:44
madsenbigtony: hehe, got it working console-wise or nautilus-wise?04:44
hcker2000****  Installation failed. Aborting package creation.04:45
madsenAgrajag: :( I hate hacking themes... That's what theme-devs are for...04:45
bigtonywell not totaly understanding the question but i mounted it in the terminal04:45
bigtonyand it list perfect in the gui04:45
madsenbigtony: Well, then don't worry about what I just said, 'cause that's the uncool way of doing it. :)04:45
madsenbigtony: nautilus is the filebrowser.04:45
bigtonyok didn't know04:45
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: well that's no fun.. what steps did you follow?04:46
madsenthat's probably the funniest quit-msg I've seen in a long time.04:46
JStrikejdub : How serious are you guys about using python for the bounties?04:46
ajmitch_why not python?04:46
hcker2000just said yes to the make defult documentation prompt04:46
hcker2000then error04:47
JStrikeBecause I dont use python? Good enought answer :-)04:47
JStrikeIs C# not an option?04:47
bigtonymadsen: not that im not workign i'm just in fixed it relax mode now04:47
jdubJStrike: we're doing all new development in python.04:47
stuNNedmadsen, gtk-engines-industrial is the gtk1 theme of industrial, afik04:47
one_2_onewhere i can get libncurses5-dev (serv/link/ftp/somthing(i dont have net on linux now)) ?04:47
ajmitch_a C# runtime would have to be part of the main system, ie either mono or dotgnu :)04:47
=== carsonc [~carson@adsl-12-46-29.jan.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== HolyGod [~free@pppoe-tun1.securebinary.com] has joined #ubuntu
buckminstso once you've installed something like gtk-engines-industrial, how do you configure it to work? switch doesn't seem to want to do it.04:48
JStrikeajmitch_ : I think that it will happen sooner or later in any case04:48
buckminstand why are the fonts so huge for gtk1?04:48
madsenstuNNed: I know, I know. :)04:48
madsenbuckminst: I made gtk-theme-switch do it...04:49
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: hold on.. I'm looking into it04:49
=== knoppix [~knoppix@ip24-251-202-188.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
madsenbuckminst: It doesn't apply it to the theme-switcher, but it should work in other gtk1.2 apps.04:49
carsoncI had to symlink .gtkrc-1.2-gnome2 to .gtkrc in order to get GTK+ 1.2 themes to work04:49
ajmitch_JStrike: I'm betting on mono being chosen if it does happen04:49
JStrikeajmitch_ : Of course04:50
one_2_oneanyone can helpme ?04:50
carsoncgtk-theme-switch seems only to modify .gtkrc while GNOME2 is looking at .gtkrc-1.2-gnome204:50
ajmitch_JStrike: of course? :)04:50
JStrikeajmitch_ : dotgnu is nowhere close mono04:51
buckminstmadsen- it doesn't seem to be working.04:52
JStrikeAnd they are using many of the Mono libraries for their functionality04:52
madsenbuckminst: :(04:52
ajmitch_a number of them04:52
JStrikeAnd all the (.Net) Gnome apps coming out are Mono based04:52
buckminstIt's too bad I can't just emerge bluecurve like I could in Gentoo ^_^04:52
buckminster... s/emerge/apt-get install/04:52
ajmitch_mono-based because they use gtk#/gnome#, which works on both04:52
jdubbuckminst: gtk2-engines-wonderland04:52
JStrikeajmitch_ : Of course. That is the point with .Net assemblies.04:53
buckminstjdub- I was more interested in the fact that bluecurve works with both gtk1 and gtk2.04:53
ajmitch_I've got to get it to a stage where you can choose pnet or mono & the packages work equally04:53
JStrikeBut my point is that all the development is going into mono, not dotgnu04:53
jdubbuckminst: mmm, no gtk1 version of bluecurve in universe, it seems.04:54
JStrikeajmitch_ : They dont even have a decent JIT as far as I know04:54
buckminstThere seems to be a rather extensive lack of gtk1 themes i've noticed. *sigh*04:55
ajmitch_JStrike: work-in-progress, the engine uses a partial JIT for now04:55
=== AlohaWolf [alohawolf@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
buckminstSomeone needs to hack XMMS to use gtk2... >.>04:55
ajmitch_bubulle_: beep-media-player :)04:55
ajmitch_oops, buckminst04:55
madsenbuckminst: add sylpheed-claws to that list.04:55
=== buckminst debates doing what he always did on Debian standard, and chaning all his apt-sources to unstable ^_^
buckminsts/chaning/changing >.>04:56
JStrikeBugger. Busy doing a bittorrent downloader and was interested in the Ubuntu bounty related to it04:57
JStrikeWell, half the bounty would have to go to mass04:57
=== ajmitch_ looks for the bounty list
hcker2000GammaRay, ill be afk for a little bit so just drop me a pm04:57
massJStrike: ?04:57
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hcker2000: ok04:57
massJStrike: if I could get money for it, I'd have something working tomorrow ;-)04:58
madsenbuckminst: I thought there weren't no stable/testing/unstable thingy in Ubuntu.04:58
madsen<- has to do his research better before installing a new distro.04:58
JStrikemass : Bah. It seems all Ubuntu bounties must be done in Python04:58
buckminstIf there isn't, I sure wish there was... because I really am put off by the fact that 4.10 doesn't have Firefox 1.0, or XChat 2.4.0... or Gaim 1.0.3...04:59
jdubbuckminst: there are releases every six months.04:59
ajmitch_buckminst: it's hard for distros to keep right up to the very latest :)04:59
madsenbuckminst: Well, I miss Firefox 1.0... But it's not in debian unstable yet afaik.04:59
massJStrike: even easier - I'll have a python bittorrent client in.. ok, done!04:59
jdubbuckminst: the development branch is updated constantly at the moment.04:59
buckminstGentoo does quite well, ajmitch_ XD04:59
jdubbuckminst: the stable release is not (thus, "stable")04:59
ajmitch_gentoo is a special case for those that like it raw & bloody04:59
buckminstjdub: Hehe. I am tempted to see if I can switch to the devel branch ^_^05:00
JStrikemass : heh05:00
buckminstajmitch_: add 'current' to that list of adjectives ^_^05:00
=== dr_willis [~willis@12-222-124-154.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
lonytynchhey guys i haven't been back to linux since FC2 this past summer, how's GAIM with direct connections in the AIM module now?05:00
massgentoo is proof that when you have a compiler, everything looks like you could use source code to create a hammer to hit it with05:00
lonytynchi haven't played with it in forever and last time i did it was terrible05:00
JStrikeDetecting sabdfl's hand in the Python requirement. His old bounties are pretty similar to the Ubuntu ones.05:00
JStrikeOnly fair I suppose. It is his money :-)05:01
=== one_2_one [~x@] has left #Ubuntu []
buckminstSo far, I'm very pleased with Ubuntu, but I'm back to the feeling of major annoyance that I had with Debian/Redhat/etc in that all of my applications will be outdated for months.05:01
madsenHmm is Warty ~= "debian stable" and hoary ~= "debian unstable"?05:01
=== umarmung [~holger@pD9542A57.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikebuckminst : That will be the same with Ubuntu. It works off the same 6 month cycle as FC05:02
madsenbuckminst: Luckilly, I've still got my old debian unstable partition. :)05:02
ajmitch_buckminst: 6 months really isn't that bad05:03
Xamuskmy debian unstable is quite updated05:03
buckminstmadsen: well, I wiped my Gentoo install to try Ubuntu... but at the very least, I'll have an excuse to redo Gentoo with all 2.6 and NPTL ^_^05:03
madsenajmitch_: It's a hell of a long time to wait for Firefox 105:03
madsenbuckminst: hehe05:03
ajmitch_madsen: is 0.9.3 that bad to use?05:03
JStrikeExcept that the Ubuntu cycle is very closely linked to the Gnome cycle, so you Gnome goodness first with Ubuntu05:03
Agrajagwhy wait? go to mozilla.org and download it05:03
madsenbuckminst: I was only willing to sacrifice a winxp installation, which I never used anyways.05:03
ajmitch_or is it the magical 1.0 number? :)05:03
madsenajmitch_: I miss my Live Bookmarks...05:04
ajmitch_I admittedly use sid on most of my computers05:04
madsenajmitch_: 0.9.3 isn't bad, it's just not as great as 1.005:04
buckminstJStrike: unless, of course... Gnome isn't your favorite ^_^05:04
s0cksHow is hoarty comin along? Is it getting less buggy?05:04
jdubs0cks: one month into development, with no freezes in sight?05:04
=== ajmitch_ is having some issues with ubuntu & usb on the desktop here though
s0cksHow much of it is old code?05:05
jdubold code?05:05
s0ckscode extracted from the previous release05:05
jdubit's a branch of debian sid05:05
JStrikebuckminst : Of course. But then you would be using Linspire, etc instead05:05
=== madsen still wonders if warty =~ "debian stable" && hoary =~ "debian unstable"
jdubmadsen: not really.05:05
jdubwarty == stable, hoary == development branch05:06
jdubhoary is currently synced against sid05:06
runixdwarty is not stable05:06
runixdhoary is not unstable05:06
jdubwarty is released and stable05:06
madsenjdub: So the latest (and greatest?) app-versions is in hoary, or...?05:06
runixdyeah stable05:06
s0ckshoary is buggier than warty05:06
jdubhoary is a development branch, and therefore unstable05:06
jdubs0cks: it's a *development branch*05:07
runixdbut they can't be compared to debian branches05:07
s0cksjdub : I KNOW!05:07
s0cksjdub : It has 5 months to come along.05:07
jdubmadsen: yes05:07
s0cksjdub : With luck, it will be released on time.05:07
jdubs0cks: it will be released on time.05:07
=== worexx [~worexx@i220-108-81-251.s02.a047.ap.plala.or.jp] has joined #ubuntu
ajmitch_luck has nothing to do with it..05:07
=== hbillo [~hbillo@221.94.119-80.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu
s0cksjdub : Anything is possible05:08
madsenjdub: And can I just to a s/warty/hoary/ in my /etc/apt/sources.list and then apt-get update && apt-get upgrade  and everything will be unstable bliss?05:08
s0cksajmitch_ : I disagree to a certain extent05:08
jdubmadsen: if you think you can handle it.05:08
madsenjdub: Well, is it more or less unstable than debian sid?05:08
jdz_madsen: throw an apt-get dist-upgrade in there :)05:08
=== BrittBS [~Britt@12-203-176-186.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
madsenjdz_: Good idea. ;)05:08
jdubmadsen: it is a branch of debian sid, synced regularly, with our changes.05:09
=== YokoZar [~root@d160-153-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has joined #ubuntu
madsenjdub: So it's pretty much about the same?05:09
jdz_madsen: I did exactly that last Friday, and everything still works :D  I'm very imeressed.05:09
madsenjdz_: Hmm, sounds like something for my laptop to do while I'm sleeping. :)05:09
s0cksjdub : Exactly when can we expect it to be entirely stable? A week before release?05:09
s0cksjdub : How much beta testing will go into it once the finished product is settled up, before release05:10
jdubs0cks: the preview release is in march, and final in april.05:10
jdubs0cks: six months.05:10
jdz_s0cks: If you want something Stable, use Warty, until Hoary is released.05:10
jdubs0cks: stable means unchanging, not robust.05:10
YokoZarOk, I've got a completely hosed ubuntu system right now.  The login screen goes black and the keyboard freezes after the NVIDIA logo and the login sound.  It happened after latest dist-upgrade, where the xorg packages were installed.05:10
jdubs0cks: it will be stable in april.05:10
jdz_s0cks: Hoary is in development, it shouldn't be expected to be stable *until* it's released05:10
s0cksjdub : Yes, but a large portion of that goes to coding?05:10
madsenjdub: I've been running sid for a couple of years now with ~0 problems.05:10
buckminstSo will Hoary be using XOrg 6.8?05:11
jdubbuckminst: it does already.05:11
s0cksjdz_ : Point taken.05:11
ajmitch_madsen: there are always a few sid issues that come up :)05:11
s0cksjdz_: Is it to much to ask for it to be 95 percent reliable at the preview?05:11
buckminstNow, I'd thought that Warty was using XFree 4.3.99, but why do the package versions say 4.3.0?05:11
madsenjdub: With alpha-blending and drop-shadows and all?05:11
jdz_madsen: I find Hoary is very similar to Debian-Sid, but with all the Ubuntu-Goodness thrown in *grins*05:11
jdubs0cks: it's dogfoodable now.05:11
s0cksjdz_: Mozilla Firefox is less stable than at the preview05:11
madsenajmitch_: I think I've had 2 or so.05:11
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YokoZarCould my problem be a packages thing, or a drivers thing, or what?  I've been reinstalling packages for a couple hours and am quite stumped at themoment.  I even tried switching back to XServer-Xfree86 - same problem.05:12
jdubmadsen: that's done by other software, not X.05:12
jdz_s0cks: Sure, but it shouldn't be used on production servers until it's released :P05:12
ajmitch_madsen: usually it'd be something related to glibc or other bad but temporary breakages05:12
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s0cksjdz_: I don't think anyone in a life-saving capacity will be using the preview :P05:12
ajmitch_I haven't had to reinstall yet, so it hasn't been too bad05:12
madsenajmitch_: Hmm, I had a gnome issue once, but that's all I remember...05:12
YokoZarglibc has a tendency to break everything.  Mainly it's because glibc doesn't make regular releases...working with the wine project has helped me learn how bad this is ;)05:12
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madsenActually, I just installed this sucker today, so why not try to bring it up2date...05:13
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jdz_jdub: btw:  awsome work man.  I see you in here answering questions all the time :D05:13
s0cksjdz_: How much of this release will be focused on fixing the installer towards a graphical and making the partitioning easier?05:13
PorscheBoydamn...how come some of the flash games are so choppy and messed up under linux?05:13
madsenSo, just s/warty/hoary/ in the /etc/apt/sources.list and than update/dist-upgrade? Nothing else?05:13
buckminstmadsen- other than early risk of heart attacks... XD05:14
jdz_s0cks: I don't think there's much, if any focus on a graphical installer..05:14
jdubs0cks: unlikely that we'll have a gui installer for this release.05:14
YokoZarYeah the Ubuntu developers are really awesome.  I even had one fix a huge problem related to the kernel patches for me last time I was in here, heh.  Now I've got an X problem :)05:14
=== buckminst always lived on the edge with Debian or Gentoo... always ran unstable releases. XD
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s0cksjdz_, jdub : Can we expect it in the next release after hoary?05:14
jdz_madsen: One more thing: 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure locals', and convert to utf8 :D05:14
madsenbuckminst: Hehe, after sid'ing for 2 years and Gentoo'ing some before that I think can handle it. ;)05:14
jdubs0cks: no plans.05:14
madsenjdub: ?05:14
s0cksjdub : Someone needs to do it.05:14
carsoncWhy?  What's the focus on GUI installs?05:15
ajmitch_s0cks: why does it have to be graphical?05:15
s0ckscarsonc : Makes it easier and prettier.05:15
YokoZarumm I don't have package "locals" is that a problem?05:15
carsoncThey don't make things easier--hell, a full WindowsXP install isn't GUIfied05:15
jdubs0cks: there are no plans for the release after hoary at this stage.05:15
s0ckscarsonc : Point taken.05:15
s0ckscarsonc : People are always bitchin about that though.05:15
ajmitch_people like eyecandy05:15
s0cksjdub : Indeed. Take it one step at a time.05:16
madsenjdub: Why would I want to reconfigure locals to utf805:16
jdz_YokoZar: 'locales', pardon my misspelling05:16
s0cksajmitch_: People like to show stuff of to other people.05:16
madsenjdz_: --^ The one directed at jdub.05:16
s0cksajmitch_: Which hince why we don't have a graphical installer.05:16
madsenjdub: That last one was meant for jdz_ :)05:16
s0ckscorsonc: The Windows XP partitioner isn't easy either. (I fly through partitions, I am the partition king.)05:17
YokoZarjdz_: ok fixed that, but will that - what exactly will that do?05:18
buckminstI despise the fact that FC removed the commandline fdisk option. fdisk and cfdisk are _the_ fastest ways to partition =)05:18
madsenbuckminst: hear, hear! :)05:18
PorscheBoyare there any linux distros with good support for flash?05:19
s0cksbuckminst : People in my CET class don't even know what fdisk is.05:19
madsenbuckminst: Even though I haven't used any RH-thing since RH 7.205:19
madsens0cks: That doesn't mean it shouldn't be available for people who DO know what it is.05:19
s0cksmadsen : Indeed.05:19
madsenPorscheBoy: It's pretty much the same all around I think.05:19
s0cksmadsen : I love them.05:19
s0cksafk for a bit, working on my server.05:20
JStrikePorscheBoy : NLD is good. But what is wrong with Ubuntu?05:20
madsens0cks: the people or *fdisk? ;)05:20
PorscheBoymadsen: is that right?05:20
s0cksmadsen : _FDISK_. The people suck.05:20
madsenPorscheBoy: It's now a _fact_, I just drew the logical conclusion...05:20
madsens0cks: Yeah, people suck in general...05:20
PorscheBoymadsen: alright05:20
YokoZarHmm, I can't figure out a way to email the ubuntu-users lists in single user mode05:21
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madsenPorscheBoy: Sorry, not "_now_", I mean, "_not_". :)05:21
madsenYokoZar: Btw, you had the problem with using more logins in single user mode, right?05:21
PorscheBoyhopefully in the future they will have a better and stable flash plug-in05:21
massis there a web interface for browsing universe?05:21
=== mass is trying to get a 1.1.x version of svn and teh apache2 mods for it, and trying _not_ to build it himself :)
madsenPorscheBoy: I think that ShockWave is responsible for the plugin.05:22
JStrikeReally. Haven't had any problems myself with flash.05:22
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natexmass: Synaptic is ok no?05:22
PorscheBoymadsen, u mean macromedia?05:22
s0cksShoot. I am missing alot of ram.05:22
YokoZarmadsen: Yeah, I'm running screen now for that.  That problem was just so I could try and treat the bigger problem of not being able to get to the login screen :)05:22
madsenPorscheBoy: Yeah. Sorry... I'm not really into flash.05:22
madsenYokoZar: I was about to suggest 'screen'. :)05:23
PorscheBoymadsen, that's cool05:23
massnatex: I was thinking more like packages.debian.org05:23
madsenPorscheBoy: :)05:23
YokoZarI thought flash was Macromedia05:23
jdubmadsen: not atm05:23
madsenWell, I better get to bed and make the upgrade from Warty to Hoary. :)05:24
madsenjdub: What? Flash?05:24
PorscheBoyYokoZar, flash is made by macromedia05:24
YokoZarPorscheBoy: and so is shockwave, right?05:24
PorscheBoyYokoZar, true05:24
masshmm yucky05:25
PorscheBoyreason i want flash is most of the nice looking sites use flash05:25
buckminstWell. this is remarkably confusing.05:25
buckminstnot that.05:25
madsenPorscheBoy: Uh, careful now... I think that's a matter of taste. :)05:25
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buckminstSetting up samba (3.0.7-1ubuntu6.2) ...05:26
buckminstGenerating /etc/default/samba...05:26
buckminstCan't sampwent!05:26
buckminstdpkg: error processing samba (--configure):05:26
buckminst subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 105:26
PorscheBoymadsen, true05:26
jdubmadsen: no packages.debian.org style interface05:26
buckminstWhat the heck is "sampwent"?05:26
madsenjdub: Was I talking about that? (?)05:26
=== madsen looks around confused and scrolls back.
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madsenHmm, warty-security should be replaced by hoary-security in sources.list, or... ?05:27
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madsennm, thought of looking in the wiki. :)05:31
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madsenWell, updateing to hoary with utf8. :) See you later folks and sleep tight all!05:34
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thullyhow are the kernel packages built for Ubuntu?  I know that they are built so that headers is sufficient to build drivers, and I want to build my own headers package in this way.05:44
carsoncEr, doesn't make-kpkg have a headers target?05:46
thullyyes - that's whay I've been using05:46
carsoncSo I assume that's no longer working for you, since you asked05:47
thullyThe package I get can't be used to build HSF drivers without source installed ( in this situation I want to build headers packages that don't need the kernel source to work w/these drivers)05:47
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mike_im getting tired of kde.. any reccomendations of what to switch to ?05:58
hcker2000flux box05:58
farruinnafterstep is fun =)05:58
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pixelmonkeymike_: gnome with xfwm4 ;)05:59
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JStrikeMike : Well, you are running Ubuntu. They pay a lot of gnome hackers to make an awsome desktop for you06:00
JStrikeThat was meant for mike_06:00
alka_trashubuntu is the sh!t06:01
alka_trashthat's means it's good06:01
pixelmonkeyJStrike, yep, good way of putting it06:01
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hcker2000any one know if ubuntu has modem suport for a powerbook g4?06:04
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pixelmonkeymike_: if you dont like Gnome, I'd recommend XFCE06:04
JStrikeor rather, Ubuntu does pay Gnome hackers, they *are* gnome hackers (Well, many of them at least)06:04
pixelmonkeymike_: it's lightweight, it's fast, it's still GTK2-based, and the latest beta (4.2 RC1) is really quite nice (debs available which work *unsupported* on Ubuntu)06:05
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s0cksI feel like hacking out a script to auto-away aim.06:08
s0ckswrong channek06:08
pixelmonkeys0cks, uh, that exists06:09
pixelmonkeys0cks, so you don't need to write a script anyway06:09
pixelmonkeyin gaim?06:09
s0cksisn't it mad buggy?06:09
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
pixelmonkeys0cks, uhm... if by buggy you mean it sets an away message after you go idle for n minutes06:10
farruinns0cks, used to be maybe, but definitely not now06:10
JStrikeBloody gaim. Cant wait untill Gossip has client side multi-protocol support so I can get rid of the uncooperative piece of sh1t06:10
massJStrike: is gossip going to ever have client side multi-protocol support?06:11
jdubmass: yes, it will.06:11
JStrikemass : Yep. They are busy with it. Using libgaim06:11
JStrikeAnd jdub has been on the gossip lists :-)06:11
pixelmonkeyis that a GTK app?06:11
massso what is it exactly you are trying to get away from, jstrike?06:11
JStrikemass : They are not gnome friendly.06:12
s0cksGaim doesn't support buddyprofile.com06:12
JStrikeThey have rejected gnomemeeting intergration06:12
JStrikeWhich the immedio is happy about for gosssip06:12
massI have a friend who worked on gossip a while ago06:13
masskdough :)06:13
JStrikeWhich makes me very happy. It will mean something similar to Skype for Gnome06:13
masseh? how is that?06:14
massskype isn't cool because you can chat through it, its cool because it can work even if both parties are behind firewalls :)06:14
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JStrikeWe just need to get chipX86 onboard gossip06:15
JStrikemass : Nah. It is because it is really easy to use.06:15
JStrikeTrust me. Most people are not running firewalls, unless using it from the office06:15
massJStrike: I do not know a single person (personally) who is not behind a NAT at home06:15
JStrikeBut that is nevertheless a cool feature06:16
JStrikemass : Know you know one06:16
massthis is probably because you are not running windows :)06:16
JStrikeFair enough :-)06:16
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) mass: I know a few06:16
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) but not many06:16
massrunning windows on the open internet is kinda like walking across busy intersections at night in black camo06:16
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) mass: s/intersection/freeway/06:17
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hcker2000it would be so nice if apple would release information to linux distributions so modems would freaking work06:18
JStrikeI haven't used windows in a good many years, but I never had any issues with it. It never crashed. Ever. I also never got a virus. Ever06:18
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PorscheBoyanyone knows a good file archiving app?06:19
gendefinitely file roller06:19
massJStrike: you haven't used it in a good many years, thats why06:19
PorscheBoyi hate the one that came with gnome06:19
JStrikeIt should come with Ubuntu06:19
PorscheBoyit's slow and u can't drag-n-drop06:20
JStrikeYes you can06:20
farruinnwhy not just use gzip?06:20
PorscheBoywinzip and winrar r the best ones on windows but what about linux?06:20
PorscheBoyi need one with gui not text-based06:21
Rene_SI just use the one in KDE so I dunno what would be good in Gnome, the Fileroller one has always worked for me in the past06:21
PorscheBoyfileroller is fine but it has some bugs06:22
gensuch as06:23
PorscheBoyfor example, i can't drag the files out of fileroller window06:23
genwho says thats a bug?06:23
JStrikeAnd uncompress them?06:23
JStrikeOr to remove them?06:23
PorscheBoygen, just drag a file out of fileroller window and see if it works...i know of course it works if u click on extract button06:24
JStrikeYou can extract via drag and drop. I know that for a fact06:25
genworks for me porsche06:25
PorscheBoysometimes u just have to admit the truth man...fileroller sucks compared to winRAR06:25
Rene_SCan anyone explain Anti-aliasing in english ?  I can never find a explanation that I can understand.06:25
JStrikePorscheBoy : Dude, sometimes you have to admit you are talking rubbish06:25
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eruinwhat could "./configure: line 1318: syntax error near unexpected token `config.h'" mean when running configure on a source? (I've built from the exact same source on fedora)06:26
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) Rene_S: http://www.widearea.co.uk/designer/anti.html06:26
farruinnPorscheBoy, well, since winRAR cannot be used with Ubuntu I think that's irrelevant to this channel's discussion06:26
Rene_SHrdwrBoB: oh cool pictures, that helps thanks06:26
genrese_s:  A technique that smooths the roughness in images or sound caused by aliasing. During frequency sampling, aliasing generates a false (alias) frequency along with the correct one. With images this produces a stair-step effect. Anti-aliasing corrects this by adjusting pixel positions or setting pixel intensities so that there is a more gradual transition between pixels.06:26
PorscheBoyJStrike i know exactly what i'm talking about06:26
pixelmonkeyRene_S: when fonts have "jaggies", they are not anti-aliased.  When fonts look "smooth" they are.  To discover what makes a font have "jaggies" or be smooth, simply take a screenshot of your desktop and zoom in with the gimp.06:26
PorscheBoyi know that most of u guys r using firefox, right?06:27
gencan you stop with the "u" and "r" please, it makes baby jesus cry06:27
PorscheBoyok...go to www.yahoo.com and see if it displays the page correctly06:27
pixelmonkeySpeaking of, why in God's name doesn't Ubuntu have Galeon in Universe?06:27
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) PorscheBoy: I don't understand why there are single letters in your incomplete sentence06:27
eruinPorscheBoy, yeah06:28
genporscheboy: works fine06:28
pixelmonkeyI don't mind compiling from CVS, but this little pixelmonkey thinks Galeon is the best browser on earth.06:28
PorscheBoyman...they page is messed up when i go to yahoo06:28
eruinpixelmonkey, it was until firefox matured06:28
pixelmonkeyeruin, I still like it over Firefox.06:28
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) pixelmonkey: I agree, however if you fiddle with it a bit, firefox works the same as galeon06:29
pixelmonkeyeruin, I use Firefox on Windows, but Firefox still doesn't have some basic things Galeon does.06:29
JStrikeNah. FF is nice, but even Ephy kill galeon06:29
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) er06:29
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) epiphany is a giant bundle of crap06:29
farruinneruin, did you download a tar.gz or something for the galeon source?06:29
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) it had no features06:29
pixelmonkeyHrdwrBoB, I have to agree06:29
farruinntry sudo apt-get source -b galeon06:29
PorscheBoyfirefox on linux is a little bit different the windows06:29
carsoncWell, it displayed web pages.  I'd say that's pretty much THE feature in a web browser06:30
pixelmonkeyHrdwrBoB, epiphany = gnome philosophy taken to an extreme level06:30
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) pixelmonkey: yeah06:30
JStrikeEphy is very HIG complient and Gnome integrated06:30
pixelmonkeyHrdwrBoB, as Miguel De Icaza once put it, "Gnome once suffered from featuritis, but the answer isn't what some developers do now: no features.  We need a balance."06:30
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) JStrike: yeah and it had 0 of the hundred of features that made galeon good06:30
farruinneruin, sorry, disregard that, I wasn't following the conversation correctly06:30
JStrikeThat is what made the lead developer of galeon leave. It was getting to be a fsking KDE app06:31
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) yes, but epiphany goes WAY too far in the other direction06:31
pixelmonkeyJStrike, I think Galeon 1.x was becoming a KDE app06:31
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) it's offers no flexibility06:31
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) *it06:31
pixelmonkeybut Galeon 2.x has struck a nice balance, and since 1.3.17 when Crispin did performance improvements, it's fast.06:31
hcker2000GammaRay, from what i can find the modem dosnt work in ubuntu06:31
(crimsun/#ubuntu) that's funny, because I far prefer Galeon 1.2.x to 1.3.x or Epiphany06:32
carsoncOut of curiosity, what features did Galeon have that Epiphany didn't?  Not a troll, I've just never really used either to any extent aside from just displaying normal webpages06:32
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) the main thing is open new windows in a tab06:32
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) everything should open in a tab06:33
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) .. ok06:33
JStrikeEphy can do that06:33
JStrikeIn exactly the same way as FireFox06:33
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) middle click should open the current past buffer in a new tab06:33
pixelmonkeycarsonc: let's see... save tabs as bookmark folder, session management/recovery, bookmark toolbar, smart bookmarks (bookmarks with searchable fields)06:34
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) also one thing that galeon did right that NO other browser I have seen has done06:34
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) if I right click on the home button06:34
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) it should have an option to set the home pahge06:34
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) page06:34
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pixelmonkeyHrdwrBoB, I think ephy higifies it by letting you d-n-d the link onto home06:34
JStrikeHrdwrBoB : That is a nice feature06:34
pixelmonkeyHrdwrBoB, ok I'm wrong, I'm running epiphany now06:35
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) pixelmonkey: yeah but t right click on home is intuitive as well06:35
pixelmonkeyHrdwrBoB, gotta go to preferences to set homepage :)06:35
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) yeah06:36
JStrikeI must admit. I really like the look of FF's download manager. Very nice06:36
pixelmonkeyalso, Epiphany gutted the "personal info" dialog06:36
pixelmonkeywhich I love in Galeon, especially when I do web development06:36
pixelmonkeyand I can quickly clear out specific cookies and such06:36
JStrikeIsn't that in Gnome?06:36
JStrikeOh. I see06:37
pixelmonkeyJStrike, not sure, in epiphany the dialog has two tabs, in Galeon it has 6 or so and is searchable :)06:37
PorscheBoyhow do you convert ReiserFS to XFS?06:37
pixelmonkeyin any event06:37
pixelmonkeythey are both solid browsers, but Galeon is way better.  Epiphany is "radicalized Gnome"06:38
pixelmonkeyFirefox and Galeon are same footing I think, and will only get better as Firefox integrated with Gnome more06:38
JStrikeBut there are limits06:39
pixelmonkeyalso, I like FIrefox's plugin/extension architecture06:39
pixelmonkeythat's one thing they definitely have on Galeon06:39
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@96.16-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeBut shaver is doing an incredible job with FF, especially the Gnome stuff06:40
pixelmonkeyyea, don't get me wrong, Firefox rocks.  I could never use Windows without it06:40
pixelmonkeyIE is such garbage06:40
pixelmonkeyit makes me want to puke all over the computer that runs it (in fact, IE does the puking with its spyware nonsense)06:40
calcms is hurting badly enough from gecko uptake that they are now planning on releasing an IE706:41
calcperhaps IE7 will fix a few of the bugs in IE06:41
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
pixelmonkeyIE is just a disaster of a browser.06:41
eruinLIKE THE FKIN BOX MODEL?! ;o06:41
pixelmonkeyIE sucked ever since IE406:41
Tomcat_I doubt IE7 can fix anything... except if the browser was rewritten from scratch.06:41
genmicrosoft is a disaster of a company06:41
pixelmonkeyat least in the original days it was just refashioned NCSA Mosaic.06:42
JStrikeMS did an incredible job with IE. the problem is that they haven't released a new version for many years06:42
pixelmonkeyso it sucked in a good way06:42
eruinhow can I create a deb from an untarred source directory?06:42
JStrikegen : I disagree06:42
Tomcat_"incredible job"?06:42
eruinit already has the needed debian dir in it06:42
JStrikeTomcat_ : yep06:42
genhow did ms do an incredible job06:42
Tomcat_How can a company so big with millions of coders do an incredible job with such bad software? :>06:42
pixelmonkeyJStrike, you can say MS did an incredible job with Visual Studio, or even with Exchange Server, but IE?06:42
calcie was never any good spec wise06:43
pixelmonkeyCome on.06:43
Tomcat_Firefox is an open-source program by a bunch of OS freaks, and it rocks. :)06:43
JStrikeIE was a shitload better than Netscape after a point06:43
Tomcat_I agree with pixelmonkey... MS did a good job on many programs, but definitely not IE. :)06:43
JStrikepixelmonkey : IE's problem was that development was abandoned years ago06:43
Tomcat_JStrike: Yes, but only because Netscape was worse. :)06:43
calcJStrike: that was mostly caused by the browser arms race06:43
pixelmonkeyJStrike, only because Netscape was amateurish in how they approached the original open-source like dev model06:43
Tomcat_Anyway, gotta go.06:43
pixelmonkeyJStrike, they released buggy code early and often which led many users to think Netscape was buggy in general06:44
JStrikeTomcat_ : And FireFox has taken *way* too long to come out06:44
pixelmonkeyeven though there WERE stable versions floating around06:44
calcms had many more people/resources to throw at it, and they still managed to bungle it badly06:44
JStrikeIt is almost an embarrassment to oss06:44
pixelmonkeytrust me, it also didn;t help netscape that Microsoft bundled IE with their OS06:44
pixelmonkeyprior to MS doing that, Netscape "was" the Internet to a lot of people06:44
jdubdudes, this is all pretty wildly off-topic :-)06:44
genjust a tad06:45
pixelmonkeyeh whatever06:45
JStrikeIt didn't help. But they were beaten fair and square06:45
Rene_SHmm, well not really I can run all those Browsers in Ubuntu06:45
calcjdub: #ubuntu means blackhole of all off topic freenode discussions :)06:45
aukfirefox rules06:45
Rene_SI can make anything on-topic06:45
pixelmonkeyJStrike, Opera beat Netscape and MS fair and square, but you don't see everyone using Opera06:45
calcsomeone was wanting to run Netscape 3 on debian recently, posted asking for libc5 versions of various libs :)06:46
pixelmonkeyJStrike, I think that the OS bundling did more than "help" :)06:46
JStrikejdub is like miguel. Kills all goof flamewars when they start to get intersting06:46
JStrikeUnless he is in the mood for one :-)06:46
pixelmonkeyflame wars are fun06:46
pixelmonkeywe're not even flaming though06:46
pixelmonkeywe all agree that IE sucks now.06:46
pixelmonkeyI mean, it's not even tabbed.  Come on.06:46
genwe're flaming ie then, yes?06:47
JStrikepixelmonkey : MS do a cunning job of making a better product and then bundling it06:47
pixelmonkeyJStrike, look, Im just saying if there was ever an MS failure, it was Microsoft Bob.  And IE.06:47
JStrikepixelmonkey : Did you ever actually run Opera? It had a horrible interface06:47
JStrikeI agree on Bob :-)06:47
pixelmonkeyJStrike, eh, nah, I just said that based on hearsay ;)06:48
aukwhats Bob?06:48
pixelmonkeydon't ask06:48
calcauk: a dumbed down gui to replace win3.1's default gui06:48
carsoncMS Bob was awesome06:48
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) hey what?06:48
=== dadster [~awesley@d14-69-178-178.try.wideopenwest.com] has left #ubuntu []
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) When makign packages of gnome apps, gconf schemas have to handled specially right? [im not just going insane?] 06:48
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) PorscheBoy: I don't know if you got an answer but the how you do it is this 'cp'06:49
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) you cannot 'convert'06:49
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) from reiser to XFS06:49
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) oh, and XFS isn't all it's cracked up to be, if the SCSI cable to the external storage unit gets removed, it can still break06:50
pixelmonkeyspeaking of HIG compliance, is there any effort to replace XChat, which is not HIG/Gnome compliant at all?06:50
calcjdub: hopefully #ubuntu won't become as bad as #debian ;)06:50
JStrikeThere are efforts. But nothing really great06:50
jdubxfs 'breaks' a lot. if you need a seriously robust file system, use ext3 with data journalling (not the default).06:51
jdubpixelmonkey: see gnomechat06:51
PorscheBoyHrdwrBoB, so is there a way i can do it without losing my data?06:51
JStrikegaim has quite a nice irc interface that I use06:51
pixelmonkeyjdub, gracias06:51
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) PorscheBoy: you cannot convert06:51
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) PorscheBoy: you need to copy06:51
jdubPorscheBoy: back up, reformat, replace.06:51
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) yes, copy it from a resier volume to an XFS volume06:51
PorscheBoythen i need another HD, right?06:52
pixelmonkeyJStrike, wow, I actually never knew Gaim had IRC support too06:53
JStrikepixelmonkey : It is really nice06:53
=== AlohaWolf [alohawolf@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeYou can save channels just like buddies06:53
JStrikeSet them to auto-join if you want06:54
pixelmonkeyJStrike, oh wow it isn't bad06:54
JStrikeIf only gaim didn't have such a crap "account" interface06:54
pixelmonkeyit's funny you mentioned gaim, I was just reading mailing list archives about gaim possibly being included in Gnome06:56
pixelmonkeyand all these HIG experts saying "Gaim is a disaster UI-wise!"06:56
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) it isnt the best UI06:56
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) its by no means terrible06:56
ajmitch_is there a decent nx client that might get into hoary?06:57
pixelmonkeyyea, I think for users of windows/mac AIM it's familiar yet better06:57
pixelmonkeyfamiliar UI with added benefits like tabbed conversations, spell checking, plugins, etc.06:57
massok, don't justify any UI comparing it to windows AIM06:57
pixelmonkeymass: I'm just saying it's familiar.06:58
masssomeone could throw up on a page and it would look better than AIM06:58
pixelmonkeyanyway it's been fun doing OT conversation06:58
pixelmonkeyI'm off to get my work done :-P06:58
Rene_SEveryone's a critic06:58
JStrikepixelmonkey : That is because it is currently the best there is. But now that Gossip is going to use libgaim, there is a very good chance Gossip will replace gaim06:59
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S0106000000cc07fc.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeDamn. He left06:59
JStrikeI should as well06:59
JStrikeCheers Everyone06:59
calcis the imendio site dead to everyone or just to me?07:00
JStrikeNope. It  works07:00
=== JStrike [~joel@c2-491-1.eno.dial.mweb.co.za] has left #Ubuntu []
=== ajmitch_ sees that tsclient hasn't had much love for awhile, judging by upstream releases
Rene_SAnd that Concludes another Episode of The Gnome Critic, stay tuned now for Ubuntu Chat here on #Ubuntu.07:00
calci can't even trace to it07:00
calcdies after fw-telia.euroling.se07:01
=== riffic [~drriffic@adsl-8-250-218.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
massso is there anything really developer-facing for ubuntu?07:02
rifficso i fixed the problems with my hoary locking up with gnome07:02
=== auk [~chatzilla@h-66-167-105-198.lsanca54.dynamic.covad.net] has left #ubuntu []
massbesides the wiki07:02
riffici reinstalled warty =/07:02
Rene_SYou should see a doctor for that07:07
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Burgundaviahey, I just installed Ubuntu on my laptop and I cannot get the battery applet to show the amount of battery power07:34
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
RuffianSoldierBurgundavia, its because your laptop is about to turn off! YOUR OUT OF POWER!07:34
RuffianSoldierWhat desktop are you using?07:35
billytwowillyupdating appears to have borked cpu stepping. What is the configuration file to fix this?07:35
billytwowilly/etc/acpi doesn't appear to have any config files07:35
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=== aoeiu [~hiweed@] has joined #ubuntu
aoeiuhey buddies07:39
aoeiuI can build the mini.iso by running command `make build_netboot' with debian-installer source codes.07:40
aoeiubut I want to build the netinst.iso (include the Base System)07:40
aoeiuHow to do it?07:40
aoeiuAnd how to include other packages? Say apache2.07:40
=== mroth [~mroth@c-24-7-101-45.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
billytwowillywhat is the name of the acpi configuration file? acpi.conf doesn't exist in /etc07:42
BurgundaviaRuffianSoldier: warty of course07:42
RuffianSoldierim not sure07:42
RuffianSoldiernever used Linux on a laptop07:43
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=== Klowner_ [~klown@jed32.revealed.net] has joined #ubuntu
RuffianSoldierwhy is noone talking?08:01
RuffianSoldierthis is creepy08:01
(crimsun/#ubuntu) it's late in this timezone.08:01
RuffianSoldierits 2 AM where im at08:01
(crimsun/#ubuntu) yep, EST.08:02
(crimsun/#ubuntu) it _is_ Monday morning, the beginning of the work week.08:02
RuffianSoldierwhere you at?08:03
RuffianSoldierIm in Ohio08:03
(crimsun/#ubuntu) North Carolina08:03
RuffianSoldierwhod you vote for? (Sorry for off topic but no one is even talking here)08:04
=== QuaziWork [~quazion@h37074.upc-h.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
(crimsun/#ubuntu) a winner in his own right08:05
RuffianSoldierKerry? :-)08:05
(crimsun/#ubuntu) a wonder if anyone has any Ubuntu questions.08:05
(crimsun/#ubuntu) I wonder, rather.08:06
RuffianSoldierthats what im waiting for08:06
RuffianSoldierwell, anyway, Kerry is cool08:06
RuffianSoldierNow, who here loves Ubuntu08:06
(crimsun/#ubuntu) not me; I think it's horrible.08:07
(crimsun/#ubuntu) no reason in particular.08:07
(crimsun/#ubuntu) :P08:07
RuffianSoldierTHEN LEAVE :-o08:07
RuffianSoldierif you nolikey, why you here08:07
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) love it or leave it?08:07
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) RuffianSoldier: is your real name.. Bush? :-P08:08
RuffianSoldierwtf you on about?08:08
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) heh08:08
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) denial!08:08
RuffianSoldiermy real name is Henry Hill08:08
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) you just sorta sound like what I'd imagine Bush saying around the whitehouse08:09
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) the same Henry Hill who killed 28 people w/ the sharp edge of a tin can?08:09
=== Lathiat laughs at GammaRay
=== RuffianSoldier [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) about time, too08:10
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) RuffianSoldier: gah.. you missed the best part08:11
RuffianSoldiercopy paste it08:11
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) GammaRay> you just sorta sound like what I'd imagine Bush saying around the whitehouse08:11
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) GammaRay> the same Henry Hill who killed 28 people w/ the sharp edge of a tin can?08:11
(Lathiat/#ubuntu) :)08:12
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) "if you nolikey, why you here" -- George W Bush08:13
RuffianSoldierhahaha, it does sound like Bush08:13
RuffianSoldierthat is crazy!08:13
RuffianSoldierHow do I choose to hide Icons in GNOME?08:15
AgrajagRuffianSoldier: desktop icons?08:17
AgrajagI think you have to go into gconf08:17
Agrajagapplications > system tools > configuration editor08:17
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
Agrajagthen go to apps/nautilus/desktop08:18
Agrajagclick the checkboxes, changes appear immediately08:18
RuffianSoldierno icon thing08:18
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) anybody have experience with installing skype?08:19
(crimsun/#ubuntu) bigbrother0074: sure. What do you need?08:19
Agrajagyou don't see computer_icon_visible, documents_icon_visible, home_icon_visible, trash_icon_visible, or volumes_visible?08:20
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) crimsun, well, in short, i can't get it to work08:20
AgrajagOh you're just going to leave instead08:20
AgrajagDon't know why I bother08:20
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) crimsun, did you just find a deb and use apt-get?08:20
=== jysse [~jyka@dlgw.dlsoftware.fi] has joined #ubuntu
(crimsun/#ubuntu) Agrajag: remember, he's george bush in disguise. Cut him some slack.08:20
humboHow do I install libdvdcss. Jacob on planet.gnome.org seems to imply it can be apt-get'ed but my system says there is no such package.08:20
Agrajagwell I hate george bush, I'm definitely not helping him now08:20
humbo*jakub, that is08:21
Agrajaghumbo: you need to add a repository in /etc/apt/sources.list08:21
humbowhich one?08:21
Agrajagdeb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main08:21
(crimsun/#ubuntu) bigbrother0074: no, I untarred the tarball in my home directory08:21
AgrajagI think that's the one08:21
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) crimsun, ok, where did you find it?08:21
(crimsun/#ubuntu) bigbrother0074: the skype web site08:22
(crimsun/#ubuntu) bigbrother0074: click download08:22
jyssehow can i remove postfix without removing ubuntu-base and others ?08:22
=== RuffianSoldier [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Rene_S is away: Gone, Missing, Absent ........
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) crimsun, ok, which one? SuSE, mandrake, fedora, dynamic or static?08:23
(crimsun/#ubuntu) dynamic08:23
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) jysse: maybe --ignore-depends=package,...08:24
jyssethanx, i will try it. I would like to test qmail with info from qmailrocks.org.08:27
=== ik5pvx [~Bus_Error@paperino.noc.seabone.net] has joined #ubuntu
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) jysse: install another MTA08:29
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) jysse: having a mail server on your system is mandatory08:29
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) jysse: it'll break a lot more...08:29
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) (if you don't have one)08:29
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hmm why does postfix depend on at?08:30
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) or rather, why does at depend on postfix?08:31
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) GammaRay: at depends on mail-transfer-agent, postfix is one..08:32
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) GammaRay: because at mails the output of the program it ran to the person who asked to run it08:32
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) ic08:32
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) like cron..08:32
RuffianSoldierhttp://img13.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img13&image=Ubuntu.jpg = My Ubuntu desktop (Just went back to Gnome from KDE.... I like both equilly!)08:32
=== jysse [~jyka@dlgw.dlsoftware.fi] has left #ubuntu []
RuffianSoldierGammaRay, look at my screen08:34
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) crimsun, i had a friend who was helping me out, and he tried that on my machine08:36
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) crimsun, it apparently installed08:36
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) but when i try to run it, it gives me this error skype: error while loading shared libraries: libqt-mt.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:37
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) and he has tried to find that lib file in the universal repository or something, and he hasn't been able to replace it to make it work08:38
=== potato [~uman@220-245-55-54-qld.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== steve2 is now known as sd_zzz
=== opi [~emil@ns1.tpnets.com] has joined #ubuntu
(crimsun/#ubuntu) bigbrother0074: k, one sec.08:43
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ok08:43
humboGosh darn. ubuntuforums.org doesn't seem to have a very good uptime record...08:43
(crimsun/#ubuntu) bigbrother0074: sudo apt-get install libqt3c102-mt08:43
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) libqt3c102-mt is already the newest version.08:44
(crimsun/#ubuntu) dpkg -l libqt3c102\*|grep ^ii08:45
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ii libqt3c102-mt 3.2.3-4ubuntu1 Qt GUI Library (Threaded runtime version)08:45
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) (...whatever that means)08:45
(crimsun/#ubuntu) bigbrother0074: is that all?08:46
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) yea08:46
(crimsun/#ubuntu) interesting.08:46
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) uh huh...08:46
(crimsun/#ubuntu) you don't seem to have 'libqt3c102' installed08:46
(crimsun/#ubuntu) sudo apt-get --reinstall install libqt3c102 libqt3c102-mt08:47
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) but i have installed it....it just says i haven't....?08:47
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) Setting up libqt3c102 (3.2.3-4ubuntu1) ...08:48
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) Setting up libqt3c102-mt (3.2.3-4ubuntu1) ...08:48
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) bigbrother0074@ubuntu ~ $08:48
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) sorry for flooding.... :/08:48
(crimsun/#ubuntu) ok.08:48
(crimsun/#ubuntu) now try running skype again.08:48
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) same error08:48
(crimsun/#ubuntu) all right.08:49
(crimsun/#ubuntu) then you'll have to use the static version08:49
(crimsun/#ubuntu) I'll download the dynamic and try it.08:49
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ok08:49
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) so what exactly is it i should do? do i need to DL it now and try it? or are you gonna work on the dynamic problem first?08:50
(crimsun/#ubuntu) lemme see if I can reproduce the problem with the dynamic tar.bz208:51
(crimsun/#ubuntu) 'twill only take a min08:51
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) okie dokie08:51
(crimsun/#ubuntu) in the meantime, go ahead and download the 6 MB static version08:51
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ok08:51
(crimsun/#ubuntu) all right.08:52
(crimsun/#ubuntu) the dynamic version ( works fine here08:53
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) grrr08:53
(crimsun/#ubuntu) try the static version08:54
(crimsun/#ubuntu) that should at least resolve the libqt-* problem08:54
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ok...now that it's DLed...?08:54
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) i'm not real good at this ;)08:55
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) dpkg?08:55
(crimsun/#ubuntu) nope08:55
(crimsun/#ubuntu) just make sure you're in your home directory; then untar it: tar xfj skype...tar.bz208:56
(crimsun/#ubuntu) replace the ellipses (...) with the actual filename08:56
(crimsun/#ubuntu) remember you can use tab completion in the terminal08:56
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) done08:56
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) yea08:56
(crimsun/#ubuntu) now change into that directory08:56
(crimsun/#ubuntu) and run ./skype08:56
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ./skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXrender.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:57
=== Phoop [~dpinkster@195-240-40-107-bbxl.xdsl.tiscali.nl] has joined #ubuntu
(crimsun/#ubuntu) geez08:58
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) yea.....08:58
=== Hak`M|Sleep is now known as Hak`M
(crimsun/#ubuntu) dpkg -l libxrender1|grep ^ii08:58
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ii libxrender1 0.8.3-7 X Rendering Extension client library08:58
(crimsun/#ubuntu) interesting, you have all the necessary libs installed08:59
(crimsun/#ubuntu) are you running amd64?08:59
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) as far as i know08:59
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) yea08:59
(crimsun/#ubuntu) ah08:59
(crimsun/#ubuntu) I bet that's the issue09:00
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ??? i thought ubuntu was for a 64....09:00
(crimsun/#ubuntu) there is, but I'm uncertain whether skype will run on amd6409:00
(crimsun/#ubuntu) I'm not well-versed with amd64, either; a few people here are09:00
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) i see09:01
(crimsun/#ubuntu) calc: around? :)09:01
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) well thanks for you help nonetheless09:01
=== knarph [~mattc@kristif.dsl.pdx.spiretech.com] has joined #ubuntu
knarphanyone here got doom3 running in Ubuntu?09:05
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) not i09:07
knarphgot a weird bug that causes crashing09:07
knarphi think its in the sound, but i'm not sure where exactly to look09:07
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) i'm here to get help, not dole it out....i'm mostly useless to you09:08
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) sorry, bro ;)09:08
knarphsokay ;009:08
knarphI got neverwinter & ut2004 to break ;)09:08
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) awesome09:08
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) how is UT2004?09:08
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) i haven't played since 2003 came out09:08
knarphactually very nice.09:09
knarphthere's a TON of new functionality, and the new mode Onslaught is killer09:09
=== ajmitch_ [~ajmitch@c211-28-219-40.chirn1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) sounds nifty09:09
knarphyah, definetly convinced me that they were taking a different path than EA(same game, new year)09:10
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) sweet09:10
knarphit's like the jump from xcom to xcom2, or fallout to fallout2309:10
knarpherr fallout209:10
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) meh...i'm not much of a gamer...i've just tooled around a bit09:11
=== duke|ib [dukeku@c-24-21-168-125.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
knarphheh, that's waht demos are for09:11
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) and that's what free time if for ;)09:11
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) is*09:11
knarphfree as in beer?09:12
knarphokay, night all09:12
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) night knarph09:12
calccrimsun: yes, whats up09:14
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
(crimsun/#ubuntu) calc: bigbrother0074 has some amd64 issues with Qt309:14
calchaven't run kde on amd64 in several months09:15
(crimsun/#ubuntu) calc: he's attempting to run skype (both the dynamic and the static tarball from skype's web site don't work)09:15
(crimsun/#ubuntu) calc: just wondering if there's any magic required to get 32-bit binaries to work under ubuntu's amd6409:15
=== tmh [~tmh@] has joined #ubuntu
=== TiffOn [~Kualkiera@218.Red-217-126-197.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) i always thought there wasn't any magic involved09:16
calcwell you have to have the libraries that it requires, or it needs to be staticly compiled09:16
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) it was built backward compatable or whatever09:16
calcbut other than that, i don't recall any issues09:16
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, could you walk me through it perhaps?09:16
calci typically just run stuff in the dist already or compile it myself though09:16
=== Klowner_ is now known as Klowner
(crimsun/#ubuntu) the odd thing is that bigbrother0074 has the libs that the skype executable is asking for09:16
calcbigbrother0074: what does it do when you try to run it?09:17
calccrimsun: ah09:17
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ./skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXrender.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:17
(crimsun/#ubuntu) so I'm wondering if it's a loader issue09:17
(crimsun/#ubuntu) 32-/64-bit etc.09:17
calcah ok09:17
calcdo you have the proper libXrender?09:17
(crimsun/#ubuntu) not really familiar with the ins and outs of pure64, etc.09:17
calceg the same as the bitness of your app09:17
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) i don't know09:17
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) how would i find out09:17
calcit would probably be under /usr/libX/libXrender.so.X09:18
calclike /usr/lib /usr/lib32 or /usr/lib6409:18
calcafaik ubuntu doesn't use lib6409:18
calci haven't booted my ubuntu system in a while09:19
calcit sounds like you don't have a version of libXrender that is for the same arch as the app though09:19
calclikely the app is 32bit09:19
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) i don't have libXrender.so.X09:20
calcyou can find out what arch it is by running file foo09:20
=== cornflake [~cornflake@ip68-4-1-58.pv.oc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
(crimsun/#ubuntu) ah wait, is this the old render mess?09:20
calcbigbrother0074: the filename would be something like libXrender.so.109:20
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) i have .1 and .1.0.2 instead of .X09:20
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ok09:20
cornflakewhere's the howto for setting up nfs on ubuntu?09:20
calcX being whatever number ;)09:20
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) gotcha09:21
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
calcwhat does file skype tell you about the arch?09:21
cornflakedoes anyone know how to configure nfs on ubuntu?09:21
Adrenalwhat do i put into the terminal to get a geforce nvidia driver on a k7 system?09:21
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, how would i know what skype says about the arch?09:22
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, and how do i read the libXrender file?09:22
calcbigbrother0074: type "file skype" in the same dir as the skype executable09:22
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) skype: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.0.30, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped09:23
calcok and what does file /usr/lib/libXrender.so.1.0.2 output09:23
Adrenalanyone, with the graphics driver?09:23
=== calc doesn't use nvidia cards
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) libXrender.so.1.2.2: ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, AMD x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), stripped09:24
calcbigbrother0074: is there a libXrender file under /usr/lib32 ?09:24
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) no09:25
calcbigbrother0074: ok then that seems to be your problem09:25
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ahh...ok09:25
calcthere is a 64bit version of libXrender but no 32bit one on your system, and the app is 32bit09:25
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) makes sense09:25
calcbigbrother0074: btw ldd skype would show you which libraries are missing09:26
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) Ohmer, ok09:26
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) crap....oh..ok09:26
calcyou might be able to copy the libXrender file out of a deb for i386 version and make it work09:26
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, ldd skype produces quite a list09:27
calcif you do that though make sure to copy it into the lib32 dir not your lib dir09:27
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) oh wait...it says which ones aren't found09:27
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ok09:27
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, would you mind walking me through that? i'm not good w/ this stuff yet09:30
calcdownload the deb off the ftp/http server09:30
calcmake a temporary dir09:30
calcchange into it09:30
calcdpkg -x foo.deb .09:31
=== ToTo [~ToTo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Bnonn [~bnonn@] has joined #ubuntu
calcfind the files you need and copy them into /usr/local/lib32 (since it is local non package manager changes)09:31
calcrepeat for whichever libraries are missing, etc09:31
calcoh yea and after you finish run ldconfig to update the cache09:32
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, does it matter where i run ldconfig from?09:32
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ok i'll work on that09:33
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) thanks for all your help09:33
calcmust be run as root as well as the copying of the libraries09:33
=== hbos [~herman@213-132-207-191.adsl.nlhosting.nl] has joined #ubuntu
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) alright09:34
calcbigbrother0074: afterwards when you run ldd skype you should see that it finds the libraries you added09:34
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) alright09:35
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== smurfix [~smurf@run.smurf.noris.de] has joined #ubuntu
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, i'm not exactly sure how to find what i'm looking for. i've googled "deb libXrender.so.1 i386" and i haven't found anything i can DL so far09:36
=== ajmitch_ [~ajmitch@c211-28-219-40.chirn1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
billytwowillyanyone know why ubuntu doesn't use submount or something similar? whatever it is using to automount cds is pissing me off09:37
calcbigbrother0074: should be in the same repo as is listed in your /etc/apt/sources.list09:37
calcbigbrother0074: except for i386 instead of amd6409:37
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, ok09:37
=== Chibi [~chibifs@pcp09403250pcs.monroe01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== smurfix is now known as smurf
calcprobably this one if the amd64 one is the same version09:38
=== smurf is now known as smurfix
ChibiWHEW! :D09:39
=== smurfix is now known as smurf
ChibiNow have a full usable Ubuntu setup on my p133 :D09:40
=== smurf is now known as smurfix
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) Chibi: slow as hell, probably?09:40
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, i'm looking for "libXrender.so.1" which i don't see listed there09:41
potatoChibi, well done09:41
calcbigbrother0074: the names in that dir are package names, not library names09:41
ChibiYep, pretty bad. But I'm only planning to use it as a VT to home when I go out.09:41
calcbigbrother0074: once you extract the deb you will see the files09:41
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, oh...oops09:41
ChibiSo pretty much all the laptop will be doing is acting as a long distance monitor. D:09:41
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, so how do i know which package mine came from?09:42
calcbigbrother0074: ah yes that would be a good thing to find out, especially since you can tell which other libs you need09:42
=== nevyn [~nevyn@c211-28-49-238.brodm1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
calcbigbrother0074: run dpkg -S /usr/lib/libXrender.so.109:42
=== ajmitch_ [~ajmitch@c211-28-219-40.chirn1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
calcbigbrother0074: then to find the version number of the package you can do dpkg -l | grep (packagename)09:43
calcor dpkg -p (packagename)09:43
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, i got this: libxrender1: /usr/lib/libXrender.so.109:43
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) does that mean the package is libxrender1?09:43
=== mvo_ [~Michael@suprimo-136.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu
calcbigbrother0074: yes, like the url i posted above :)09:44
calcbigbrother0074: then dpkg -l | grep libxrender1 will tell you the version09:44
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ahhh.....gotcha09:45
calcthere are two available versions depending on the version of ubuntu you are running09:45
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ok...it's the one you gave me09:45
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) so i'll get to work replacing them09:46
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, k. now they're replaced and no more missing....just run skype now?09:51
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) damn! when i did that, it gave the same error again: skype: error while loading shared libraries: libqt-mt.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:53
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) so will that not work?09:54
=== Chibi waits for mozilla to start. o_o;..
=== YokoZar [~scott@d160-153-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has joined #ubuntu
YokoZarooh I found a bug in the installer I AM ELITE09:55
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) Chibi, how does VT work?09:55
ChibiI'd love to take a look, but I don't have a router to split it into. I know that FreeNX runs very well though.09:56
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ?09:56
ChibiSo I'll have to wait til next time I go out to see how well the laptop handles it. If it's too slow, I can still just use SSH. :P09:57
=== GammaRay wrote a little function out of frustration w/ dpkg
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) out of frustration w/ dpkg09:58
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) pkg-grep() { dpkg-query -W --showformat='${Package}\n' | grep "$1"; }09:58
calcbigbrother0074: was libqt-mt.so.3 missing?09:58
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) it wasn't listed09:58
calcbigbrother0074: hmm which libraries did you have to add?09:59
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) just the one libXrender one09:59
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) sometimes I wonder if anyone ever thought dkpg would be used by actual people09:59
calcmaybe it dlopens libqt09:59
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, do you want to see the output of the ldd skype in #flood?09:59
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
calcbigbrother0074: you probably need to do the same for libqt-mt.so.310:01
calcbigbrother0074: dlopen'd libs don't show up in ldd output10:01
=== Bnonn [~bnonn@] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) dpkg -l '*blah*' is just painful to type, and outputs a mess )-:10:01
YokoZarWhat's the name of the component that partitions disks at install time?  I need to report a bug there10:01
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, so do the same thing?10:02
calcbigbrother0074: yes10:02
calcwill be nice when multiarch is done10:02
=== mario [~mario@] has joined #ubuntu
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, where is libqt-mt?10:03
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) i don't see it in lib3210:03
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, oh, it's in /usr/lib10:04
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ok10:04
calcits not in lib32 which is your problem, you need the 32bit version of it also10:05
=== luc1f3r [~rradjabi@adsl-69-109-17-192.dsl.snlo01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== daniels [~daniels@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) is the --installed option to apt-cache broken or something?10:10
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) it returns the same output if I use it or not10:10
calcwow ubuntu has enough users of ia64 to need a port?10:15
=== port7 [~bob@speedcen.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
jdubcalc: the gelato project are collaborating :)10:15
potatoprolly because there aren't that many 64 bit distros out there yet10:15
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) how come ubuntu is so far behind on major packages like firefox and gaim? most of them are like 2 iterations past ubuntus10:15
calcpotato: there are only a handful of ia64 out there at all, mostly in large clusters10:16
jdub|QuaD|: we're not, really.10:16
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, ok i did all that and when i did ldconfig i got: ldconfig: Can't link /usr/lib32/libqt-mt.so.3 to libqt-mt.so.3.2.310:16
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) ldconfig: Can't create temporary cache file /etc/ld.so.cache~: Permission denied10:16
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) .9.3 for mozilla and 1.0.0 for gaim?10:16
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) socks, i copied the so.3 file and it wouldn't let me make it a symbolic link....10:16
jdub|QuaD|: warty froze in june with some updates past that for bug fixes before warty was released as stable in october.10:17
=== sid77 [~sid77@host100-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) damn10:17
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) damn that autocompletion10:17
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) so no packages from warty will be updated?10:17
jdub|QuaD|: the versions in warty are not particularly old, unless you're using sid or gentoo as a benchmark.10:17
jdub|QuaD|: no, it's released and stable.10:17
=== |QuaD| is thinking warty isn't for him anymore, used to sid
calcbigbrother0074: did you copy over both library files from the deb?10:18
calc|QuaD|: hoary is even more up to date than sid10:18
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, yes, but after i copied the so.3 file, i got: ldconfig: /usr/lib32/libqt-mt.so.3 is not a symbolic link10:18
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) i hear hoary crashes a lot thouhg?10:18
calcbigbrother0074: hmm i'm not sure what the problem is10:18
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) then i tried to delete it and tried: ln -s libqt-mt.so.3.2.3 libqt-mt.so.310:19
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) does hoary crash a lot?10:19
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) and same error as before10:19
calc|QuaD|: gnome 2.9 might, but hoary in general shouldn't be particularly crashy, i haven't run it yet though10:19
=== sid77 is now known as sid77_
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) hmm, i have always run sid10:20
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) which was fairly stable10:20
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) how is gnome 2.9?10:21
ChibiNot too broken. GTK2.5, however, could seriously use a lookover.10:22
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) any nice new features?10:22
ChibiNah. Nothing yet.10:22
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) like what10:23
jdubcalc: evo's a bit b0rk atm.10:23
Gmaillots og new features10:23
=== silbs [~sbsm0084@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailthe file maniger10:23
Gmailsmoth scroll10:23
Gmailit in the gtk wiki10:23
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) ahh10:23
ChibiEh? We still have nautilus 2.8 :P10:23
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) i will consider it10:23
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, any ideas?10:23
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) i didn't realize that warty freezes the archive10:23
jdubChibi: (but we also have gtk+ 2.5)10:23
calcbigbrother0074: nope i mentioned above i am not sure what is going on :\10:24
ChibiYes, GTK2.5=bork :/10:24
Gmailby file maniger i ment the thing you see when you file > open10:24
jdubit's great :)10:24
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) calc, ok....thanks for all your help anyway10:24
(bigbrother0074/#ubuntu) g'night10:24
calcjdub: well the whole OS shouldn't go down is what i meant to say, gnome related stuff is the only things in early beta on hoary, right?10:24
jdubcalc: yeah10:25
Chibicalc- There's a few rough system features, too.10:25
=== kro [~user@krovich.dsl2.d-mgtn.labyrinth.net] has joined #ubuntu
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) is there a hoary changelog?10:25
jdubcalc: so i hear you're moving into gnome development :)10:25
ChibiWatch out for hotplug. If it gives you problems, uplug everything you don't really need.10:25
jdub|QuaD|: hoary-changes mailing list10:25
=== adnans [~adnans@linuxgoeroe.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) ahh ok :)10:26
=== michael315 [~michael31@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
=== YokoZar [~scott@d160-153-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has left #ubuntu []
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) hmm I just got the new U2 album..10:30
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) so I better go to sleep now.. or I will be up all night10:30
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) how easy is it to set up a mailserver inubuntu?10:31
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) |QuaD|: well there is one installed by default10:32
=== fredix [~fred@parmentier-6-82-225-62-172.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) so if i send mail to my ip... it should work?10:32
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) you just have to figure out how to get it to listen to your network10:32
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) |QuaD|: no, the mail server doesn't listen on an external port by default10:33
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) |QuaD|: check /etc/postfix/master.cf and /etc/postfix/main.cf10:33
=== darksatanic [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) looks like fun to setup :)10:34
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) whats port 650?10:34
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) it is open on my system10:34
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) |QuaD|: look in /etc/services10:34
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) |QuaD|: also see lsof -i:65010:35
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) |QuaD|: best way to check which program opened it, use 'netstat -np'10:35
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) it was unknown10:35
(bob2/#ubuntu) hah10:35
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) famd10:35
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) what is 31 (labeled as ipp)?10:36
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) quinophex: ipp = printer10:36
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) |QuaD|: uh that;'s for you10:36
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) heh yeah i figured10:36
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) |QuaD|: but everything should only listen on
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) |QuaD|: not
(bob2/#ubuntu) people obsess about "open ports" waaaaay too much10:36
=== Baumi [~Baumi@z0703.wist.uni-linz.ac.at] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) I blame steve gibson10:36
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) Treenaks: what do you mean10:37
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) |QuaD|: in netstat..10:37
(bob2/#ubuntu) |QuaD|: it means it's not actually an open port10:37
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) right10:37
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) i realize that10:37
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) does this mean i am fine without a firewall, cuz only those 2 ports are open?10:37
=== _Kerberus_ [~kerberus@] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) the default ubuntu install has no need for a firewall10:37
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) by default no ports are open10:38
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) i have 2 ports open, sshd and httpd10:38
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) not ipp and not famd10:38
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) you think i should put one up?10:38
(bob2/#ubuntu) no10:38
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) ok :)10:38
(bob2/#ubuntu) presumably you want people to be able to access your ssh and http servers10:38
(bob2/#ubuntu) right?10:38
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) obviously... i would allow those ports in10:38
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) |QuaD|: not unless you want to control access to those ports10:38
nevynbob2: you'10:38
nevynbob2: you're not the only one to bleame steve gibson.10:39
nevynhe's the shields-up guy yeah?10:39
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) yea... everyone does..10:39
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) it's a national pasttime10:39
humbowhat did steve gibson do wrong?10:40
(bob2/#ubuntu) nevyn: hah10:40
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) (sounds like nothing)10:41
(bob2/#ubuntu) he made people obsess about "open ports"10:41
(bob2/#ubuntu) without explaining wtf it meant10:41
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) what is the difference between a closed and "stealthed" port?10:43
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
daniels|QuaD|: nothing you need to care about10:45
=== holycow [~yada@S0106002078ccd651.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== FireEgl [Proteus532@adsl-220-213-122.bhm.bellsouth.net] has joined #Ubuntu
daniels|QuaD|: it's not a problem10:45
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) heh, not the answer i was looking for :(10:45
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@] has joined #ubuntu
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) the open one reponds to "pings"10:45
(bob2/#ubuntu) maybe he means DROP vs REJECT?10:46
(|QuaD|/#ubuntu) oh10:46
(bob2/#ubuntu) "stealth" isn't anything in tcp or in iptablesd10:47
(bob2/#ubuntu) DROP means you just ignore packets coming in to that port10:47
(bob2/#ubuntu) REJECT means you reply with "nothing's listening on that port"10:47
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-8-135.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) DROP is pretty pointless unless you drop every single incoming connection10:47
=== svenl_ is now known as svenl
=== plovs_work [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Administrator [~Administr@lotterie-fw.tng.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== evandro [~evandro@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== SeFoKumA [~zienaga@114.Red-83-32-219.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Adrenal [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenalare there any tools i can get to change a .wmv to a .mov, or any other format?11:08
=== xukun [~xukun@bh0027.uvt.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mr_Smiley [~smiley@CPE-144-136-187-57.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
potatoAdrenal, mencoder will do that for you11:11
potatoI tend to encode into divx11:11
=== FireEgl [Proteus665@adsl-220-213-122.bhm.bellsouth.net] has joined #Ubuntu
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) ffmpeg works great too11:11
kensaiLet me try my luck: ANd for riping from a cd to .mp3 is there something?11:11
potatokensai, many things11:12
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) kensai: yes, install the MP3 stuff (see http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats)11:12
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) kensai: (gstreamer etc.) then sound-juicer will be able to rip to mp3 I think11:12
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) kensai: and you want to rip to ogg :)11:12
calcabcde is nice but probably in universe11:12
potatoogg rules11:12
calcflac! :)11:13
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) calc: oggflac!11:13
kensaithen how do I make a music cd out of that music I ripped with nautilus-burning cd11:13
potatokensai, k3b can handle that11:13
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) kensai: you can't burn audio CDs with nautilus yet11:13
calciirc oggflac is changing soon, so if you want to rip to that best to update from upstream11:13
kensaipotato, where is the wiki to k3b?11:14
Adrenalwill ffmpeg work for a windows media file though?11:16
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) Adrenal: yes11:16
Adrenalcos mencoder has dependency issues11:16
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) Adrenal: it uses libavifile11:16
=== |^JaMeS^| [~nobody@cvip-dsl-205-1.cvip.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== ljlane [~ljlane@snowman.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== potato [~uman@220-245-55-54-qld.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Adrenalwhenever i try to install any of those progs11:22
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) which programs?11:22
Adrenalfucking libavcodec2 breaks11:22
Adrenalffmpeg, mencoder and libavifile11:22
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) Adrenal: did you follow the instructions on http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats ?11:23
=== pisuke [~luis@84-120-70-104.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenallooking now11:24
=== schwuk [~schwuk@host81-144-66-32.midband.mdip.bt.net] has joined #ubuntu
schwukI need to re-install grub to my MBR, but it's nt working from Knoppix/chroot - any ideas?11:25
=== umarmung [~Tanzbaer@pD9542512.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== plasmo [~GAT-X105@072.e.011.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenalthere is nothing there11:29
Adrenalnothing of any use anyway11:29
Adrenalthe codecs just won't install11:29
=== umarmung [~Tanzbaer@pD9542512.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Adrenaland can't remvoe broken files11:34
=== Mitario [~michiel@] has joined #ubuntu
=== agwibowo [~agwibowo@ppp162-159.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== joha [~joha@p50916B69.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
johaHi all!11:46
johaHi all!11:46
johaWhere do I get the Ubuntu patches for gnome-panel?11:46
johaThe source you get from apt-get is for the Debian one.11:46
=== falco [~Jail@a212-113-181-115.netcabo.pt] has joined #Ubuntu
agwibowodoes anyone know any program to uncompress RAR file in Ubuntu?11:47
johaHow about unrar?11:47
agwibowois it available?11:48
adnansagwibowo, apt-get install unrar-nonfree; unrar x file.rar11:48
=== mrjive [~mrjive@host50-233.pool8288.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
agwibowocannot find it11:49
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) agwibowo: add multiverse to /etc/apt/sources.list11:50
johaAnd nobody an idea about where to find the Ubuntu patches for gnome-panel?11:50
agwibowodon't worry about it11:50
agwibowoi think i've found it in synaptic11:50
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) joha: apt-get source gnome-panel, in the debian/ directory11:50
johaTreenaks: AAAH! Thanks! I did apt-get source it, but only applied the patch that was in that directory then.11:51
seb128joha: you need to change something to the patch ?11:52
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
johaseb128: Yes, I want to add suspend support to gnome-panel.11:54
johaseb128: Actually, I already have it working but not with the Ubuntu menu.11:54
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) suspend support?11:54
johaYes. Above the "Log Out" button I added a "Suspend" button, because I figured it would not be appropriate to have that as an option in the Log Out menu since you do not log out when suspending your computer.11:55
(HcE/#ubuntu) there should be a hatch to passwordprotect at unsuspend11:55
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) HcE: there is one for the blank/unblanking (currently in warty)11:56
johaWell, you could just call the usual "Lock Screen" command. I myself would not want it though.11:56
seb128joha: ok11:56
johaseb128: If you're interested I can see if I find the time to make it usable for everybody (gconf option and so on)11:56
=== drac|aw is now known as drac
(HcE/#ubuntu) I'm paranoid so I would call xlock or something similar11:57
(HcE/#ubuntu) =)11:57
johabrb, breakfast11:59
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
seb128joha: that would be nice yes, thanks12:00
Shadow2apt-cache search <packagename>12:01
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@96.139-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== Chand [~Chand@ABordeaux-251-1-42-180.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== Rus [~borkarus@gprs-232-73.scs-900.ru] has joined #ubuntu
Rushello brothers12:12
Rusi am linux user!!12:12
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) Rus: so are many more people here ;) welcome12:12
RusTreenaks:good day brother12:12
nevynRus: uh-huh. how are you doing?12:13
=== agwibowo [~agwibowo@ppp162-159.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
Rusnevyn:i am doing good and how are you12:13
agwibowohow to add the multiverse repository?12:13
=== plovs_work [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
nevynI was angry reading /. today.. but I've gotten over it.12:13
=== cristian [~cristian@adsl203-165-014.mclink.it] has joined #ubuntu
Rusnevyn: where are you from?12:13
RusIn Australia live our boxer Kostya Dzyu. Do you know him?12:15
plasmoyep. great boxer :o12:15
nevynummm he's our boxer now ;)12:15
danielsi thought it was kosta tszyu12:16
danielsbut that's offtopic, anyhow :)12:16
Rusplasmo:what do you know about Russia???12:16
plasmorus: i know it snows ;)12:16
Rusplasmo:do you know that you can see bears in streets of Russia!!12:17
agwibowohow to add the multiverse repository12:17
plasmorus: i had no idea lol12:17
agwibowoi need to get the unrar program...12:17
plasmoi got a kangeroo in my backyard :)12:17
Rusplasmo:go to Russia and see for yourself12:18
plasmoim too poor to travel12:18
Rusplasmo: it is very interesting12:18
Rusplasmo:i am too12:19
agwibowomultiverse repository.................12:20
plasmogedit /etc/apt/sources.list12:20
=== jysse [~jyka@dlgw.dlsoftware.fi] has joined #ubuntu
agwibowowhat's the address12:20
plasmojust uncomment the required areas12:20
Rusone day I have spoken to Brazilians, he told me that he think that bear walk on streets of Russia... :(12:21
agwibowothere's no such "multiverse" there12:21
plasmouncomment them all12:21
plasmoand then do a apt-get update12:21
xukuncan I use ubuntu as a server?12:21
agwibowothe one currently commented are the "src"12:22
agwibowothat can't be where i can get unrar from12:22
xukunbeing unstable and all that12:22
Rusdo you knoe a few words in Russian?12:22
Rusand any others12:23
plasmonope :|12:23
Rushave you ever drink vodka??12:23
Rusand how is it??12:24
=== ajmitch_ [~ajmitch@c211-28-226-99.chirn1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
plasmoits alrite12:25
RusI like vodka very very much!!! we are drinking it right now12:25
Rushe he he12:26
Rus   !12:26
agwibowoi prefer water12:26
agwibowoyadda yadda12:26
agwibowocannot read them12:26
plasmou got your unrar yet? lol12:27
agwibowothis is distressing12:27
plasmoi think it is from deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary universe12:27
agwibowoi need it to do my work... and can't get it..12:27
plasmoor 'warty' wateva u prefer12:27
agwibowouniverse is added12:27
Rusagwibowo: Russia svyachennaya nasha dergava!!!12:27
agwibowobut i still can't find unrar12:28
plasmoapt-get install unrar12:28
agwibowoRus: Russia orang aneh12:28
plasmo'apt-get update' first12:28
Rusdo you know what means c2h5oh12:28
Rusagwibowo: what do you mean?12:29
Rusplasmo: I mean C2H5OH!12:29
agwibowoRus: precisely, i don't understand what you said12:29
plasmono idea12:29
agwibowoRus: so we are in the same boat12:29
Rusplasmo: it is spirit12:31
=== oferw [oferw@DSL217-132-196-44.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
agwibowoplasmo: thx12:31
plasmohave a look at my list :/12:31
plasmomight help you12:31
Rusagwibowo: this mean that Russia is a great country!12:31
=== jysse [~jyka@dlgw.dlsoftware.fi] has left #ubuntu []
plasmoagwibowo: if youre using warty just replace hoary with warty12:32
agwibowoplasmo: ok12:32
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
agwibowoRus: i regard every country in the world are great countries. there are no single country that is greater than others12:32
agwibowoplasmo: hmm yours is the same as mine12:33
agwibowowhat's wrong with china?12:33
RusIt is fucking country!12:34
agwibowowhen i did apt-get install unrar, it says that unrar is referred by another package.. bla bla bla12:34
plasmonormally i would do a apt-get update then a apt-cache search unrar12:34
agwibowohow can i get over it?12:34
agwibowoRus: are you racist?12:34
=== Keybuk [~scott@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
plasmohold on ill get you a unrar link12:35
johaseb128: Okay, I'll be happy to. But really no promises as to the time scale. My life's pretty much a mess and before today I've never touched gtk, let alone any gnome component.12:35
Rusno, but chinese have occupied our territoties!!!12:36
Rusis Siberia12:36
Russorry...in Siberya!12:36
seb128joha: ok, no problem, thanks anyway :)12:36
agwibowoRus: hmm.... then i don't know12:36
=== Loduriel [~joel@ABordeaux-251-1-2-90.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
ajmitch_great, X hung on startup..12:37
=== the_one [~x@kotivayla-134-170.tikkacom.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Rusdo you hear that the our president had given some of our islands on Amur river to them!!!12:38
the_onehi everyone!12:38
plasmohello neo12:38
=== Keybuk [~scott@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
agwibowowell.. i don't know12:39
Rusthe_one:you must be neo12:39
agwibowowhy don't you complain to your president??12:39
=== hygl [~phuegelm@83ad4be1.vagabund.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE] has joined #ubuntu
RusHe has much power and we can do nothing about it we drinked vodka for many days,because we were in mourning12:41
plasmoagwibowo: your rar working yet? lol12:42
agwibowoplasmo: still downloading it12:42
Rushow translate lol?12:42
plasmohttp://world.altavista.com/ translates everything12:43
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu
agwibowothx plasmo!12:43
agwibowowhat about rar?12:43
agwibowodo you have the link?12:43
Ruswhat lol means12:43
agwibowolough out loud12:44
plasmomeans . ha ha12:44
=== sid77_ is now known as sid77
Rusgood bye to  all of you12:45
agwibowoplasmo: do you have the rar package?12:46
plasmoyes i think so12:46
RusI go to drink vodka... :p12:46
=== Rus [~borkarus@gprs-232-73.scs-900.ru] has left #ubuntu []
agwibowothat one i already have12:47
agwibowoi was saying... the reverse... making rar file12:48
agwibowodo you have the link?12:48
=== BeTa [~beta@beta.loc.e-glop.net] has joined #ubuntu
plasmowat link did i give you before o_O12:48
agwibowowondering if you have the rar as well..12:49
plasmommm theres rar but thats non-free12:50
plasmo40days trial o_o12:50
agwibowohate that12:50
agwibowois this unrar free?12:50
agwibowothat's good enough12:50
plasmogo get wine and download winrar lol12:51
=== one_2_one [~dgdrg@adslsapo-b4-10-160.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== Talliesin_ [~Jon@83-70-240-208.b-ras1.prp.dublin.eircom.net] has joined #ubuntu
one_2_onewhat package i have to install to play mp3 _12:58
(bob2/#ubuntu) one_2_one: wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats12:59
one_2_onebob2, thks ;)01:00
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cristiananyone noticed that dbus-daemon-1 does not exit when gdm session terminates? there's some way to fix it? i've tons of orphaned process leaved behind by my users01:11
=== grondo [~leo@host205-247.pool8255.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== sid77 ciao
grondoI can't find any kernel-image package? is something wrong with my sources.list?01:12
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) grondo: it's called linux-image-something01:12
cristiangrondo: you have to search linux-image in ubuntu01:12
grondoTreenaks, thanks. I'm a debian user01:12
grondoI thought package name was the same01:13
=== looksaus [~looksaus@83-134-126-83.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) knof looksaus?01:13
umanque >?01:14
=== nevyn [~nevyn@c211-28-49-238.brodm1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== bitserf [~ljb@222-152-65-27.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
=== Talliesin_ is now known as Talliesin
looksausTreenaks, heheh :)01:18
looksausuman, looksaus == garlic sauce == sauce  l'ail01:19
looksaussorry, don't know enougj spanish to translate01:19
umansounds nice01:20
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willeveryone has left!01:44
=== Antares [Antares@ip-7.net-81-220-227.henin.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu
(whiprush/#ubuntu) forums down for anyone else?01:48
=== sto [~sto@sto.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
=== kikko [~Kikko@ppp-236-165.98-62.inwind.it] has joined #ubuntu
kikkohi all01:51
=== Vroum [~Vr@cryogenia.devnullteam.org] has joined #ubuntu
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=== Elyran is now known as Mirno
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=== moyogo [~moyogo@HSE-Sherbrooke-ppp78413.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
johaHey, what do y'all use for learning vocabularies under Ubuntu?02:04
=== cambrant [~cambrant@h153n2fls32o1117.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== IRCMonkey_ [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) learning vocabularies?02:07
johavocabulary training02:07
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) ah02:07
=== joha isn't a native speasker
=== unikum [~unikum@h193n2fls32o973.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== scoon [~scoon@dsl092-234-243.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
IRCMonkey_i have a question about installing Ubuntu02:10
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) IRCMonkey_: well, ask it ;)02:10
(bob2/#ubuntu) just ask it02:10
IRCMonkey_how Ubuntu recognize my wireless network card?02:10
IRCMonkey_im using D-Link Wireless Network card?02:11
(bob2/#ubuntu) does linux suppor it?02:11
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) IRCMonkey_: what's the model number?02:11
IRCMonkey_D-Link DWL-G650+02:11
(bob2/#ubuntu) does it require ndiswrapper?02:11
IRCMonkey_uhm... im not exaclty sure02:12
(bob2/#ubuntu) ouch02:12
(bob2/#ubuntu) IRCMonkey_: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/howto/helpcenterhowto.2004-10-07.7773155363/view?searchterm=ndiswrapper02:12
scoonIRCMonkey_: the other thing to try is lspci -v to hopefully be able to get the chipset.  Maybe there are drivers for it.02:12
=== nevyn [~nevyn@c211-28-49-238.brodm1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
johaOh we found one! "gretools"02:13
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
scoonIRCMonkey_: I use linksys wireless but the chipset is Ralink.  Ralink actually has drivers that compile for linux.  That is what I use, instead of ndiswrapper.02:14
IRCMonkey_thanks very much02:14
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) scoon: Free drivers?02:15
scoonTreenaks: yes02:18
scoonscoon: they give the source.  It is up to you to compile on your own.02:19
scoonTreenaks: if you need help ->
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) scoon: hmm, will they be integrated into the real kernel?02:20
scoonTreenaks: at this point, no one really knows.  But at least the offer the source so that I can have native drivers.02:20
=== opi [~emil@ns1.tpnets.com] has joined #ubuntu
scoonTreenaks: they offer02:21
scoonsorry, tired fingers.02:21
scoonoh well02:21
scoonthanks for the fun and good times.  off to work.02:21
=== costoa [~costoa@cpe-68-186-245-92.ma.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== nevyn [~nevyn@c211-28-49-238.brodm1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
costoadoes anyone know what's going on with ubuntuforums.org?02:22
=== FireEgl [Proteus698@adsl-220-213-122.bhm.bellsouth.net] has joined #Ubuntu
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ohgoodhow would one go about installing ubuntu, on another partition, from an already running linux- or is it possible ?02:27
lulucostoa: access problem?02:28
(bob2/#ubuntu) ohgood: you can use debootstrap02:28
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) ohgood: prepare the partitions (sizes, etc.), then install ubuntu on the selected partitions02:28
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) ohgood: that's the easiest02:28
(bob2/#ubuntu) but it's not really recommended unless you know what you're doing02:28
=== Netminder [~mcroydon@phaser850.connext.net] has joined #ubuntu
ohgoodi'll google debootstrap- ty sir(s)02:29
(bob2/#ubuntu) people.debian.org/~walters/chroot.html is a start02:29
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
costoayea, ubuntuforums isn't coming up.02:31
=== childe [~childe@] has joined #ubuntu
childeHello. I've figured out why my GDM was broken.02:31
childeWhen I upgraded to Hoary, I did a "upgrade", not a "dist-upgrade". Very stupid.02:32
=== plasmo [~GAT-X105@142.b.011.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) that shouldn't break anything02:32
childebob2: But some packages did not upgraded.02:33
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp53-108.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
childeOh...tell me how to access the shell in irssi?02:34
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) childe: open a new terminal?02:34
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) childe: just run irssi in 'screen' and use screen to access the shell ?02:35
=== mantiena-baltix [~AKL@] has joined #ubuntu
ohgoodchilde: /exec yourcommand02:35
=== cardador [~jose@srt1.dq.fct.unl.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== natea [~natea@h000f66a887c6.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
mantiena-baltixHi all02:35
=== hbos [~herman@213-132-207-191.adsl.nlhosting.nl] has joined #ubuntu
ohgoodchilde: you _should_ be using screen too, it's quite lovely!02:35
ohgoodI keep seeing references to 'sid' 'woody' etc, these are pet-names for stable or dev environments/kernels ?02:36
childeohgood: I prefer xterm...02:37
childeohgood: No. There are character names in Toy Story. I think.02:37
mantiena-baltixmaybe there are any ubuntu developers ? I noticed few bugs in live CD and can fix these02:37
ohgoodchilde: screen doesn't care waht term you use.02:38
mantiena-baltixbut at first I wanna talk with developers02:38
childeohgood: But if I can switch between xterms why should I use screen?02:38
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) childe: you can use both at the same time :) I do02:38
childeTreenaks: But why? heh heh02:38
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) childe: so I can detach my IRC window and log out ;)02:39
ohgoodchilde: preferences, we all have em. (:02:40
=== nevyn [~nevyn@c211-28-49-238.brodm1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
childeOh. Maybe I'll install it, too.02:41
childeBut it seems that it has been installed by default :D02:41
ohgoodbob2: debootstrap looks like a debian-only tool, is there a switch to point it to ubuntu specifically, and/or does ubuntu use deselect also on install ?02:43
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) ohgood: you have to use the debootstrap from the ubuntu installer, of course02:44
=== holycow [~yada@S0106002078ccd651.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== FallenHitokiri [~TimoZimme@p508BB8AE.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pathfinder [~murray@] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) Treenaks: erm, shouldn't pointing it at a Ubuntu mirror Just Work?02:52
=== bowes [~bowes@blk-215-69-91.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) bob2: dunno, I don't know debootstrap02:52
=== jysse [~jyka@] has joined #ubuntu
=== dzhibas [~dzhibas@ip68.compservis.lt] has joined #ubuntu
dzhibashello support, maybe somebody have omnibook xe4100 with Ubuntu ?02:54
=== hitchhiker [~andy@spc1-cosh5-4-0-cust244.cosh.broadband.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
dzhibasi can't understand why my vi_rhine (module) , eth card is not working02:54
Neilldzhibas: is it on a via eden board?02:55
Neilland are you using 2.6.8 ?02:55
dzhibasand i have notebook hp omnibook xe4100 with VIA board02:56
Neilldo you get very odd errors ?02:56
Neillin dmesg?02:56
=== Neill had something similar with a via eden board.
hitchhikerMy VT6102 Rhine 2 onboard eth works really well in ubuntu02:56
Neillsomeone broke the driver really badly (it would send out packets but they were mangled)02:56
(bob2/#ubuntu) which bug # is this?02:56
Neillit seems to be fixed in 2.6.9 for me.02:57
Neill(... on debian unstable)02:57
dzhibashitchhiker: strange, i also have vt6102 [rhine-II] , but it doesn't work02:58
dzhibaswhat kernel hit* ?02:58
dzhibasNeill, yes in my dmesg where are strange errors02:59
dzhibassomething like: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0 transmit timed out, status 1003, PHY status 782d, resetting02:59
dzhibasand so on...02:59
Neillexactly what I have03:00
Neill2.6.9 fixed it03:00
Neillit broke halfway through the 2.6.8 kernels in debian unstable, which was odd.03:00
NeillAt the time no one else seemed to have the problem.03:01
dzhibasshit, (sorry for buzzword)03:01
dzhibasso i should throw away my ubuntu03:01
=== johane__ [~johan@h29n16c1o255.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
dzhibascan i somehow replace kernel and all his modules ? :)03:02
ohgoodhmm, i may be trying debian&ubuntu now, given what i'm reading on both of their installations. thanks all-03:02
dzhibaswithout recompiling this03:03
=== jysse [~jyka@] has left #ubuntu []
(bob2/#ubuntu) dzhibas: you can build your own 2.6.9 if you want03:03
(bob2/#ubuntu) but it's not in ubuntu yet03:03
dzhibasthanks bob03:03
dzhibasubuntuforums.org is down ?03:04
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:bob2] : FAQ: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/ | Wiki: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/ | Lists: http://lists.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ | CDs order before 12th Nov have been shipped, you can still order CDs | apparently ubuntuforums.org is down
iznot here?03:04
(bob2/#ubuntu) some dude runs it, it's not a canonical thing03:05
(bob2/#ubuntu) talk to that dude03:05
hitchhikerSorry was away for a bit03:08
hitchhikerKernel -
hitchhikerHave you looked fro any BIOS updates?03:09
=== hbillo [~hbillo@126.99.119-80.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu
hitchhikerThe forums been up and down the last few days it seems03:10
(bob2/#ubuntu) has someone emailed whoever runs them?03:13
=== ploum [~ploum@19-65.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-082-082-063-110.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== Rob[a] [Rob@robwouters.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Rob[a] lo..03:22
Rob[a] i got a little problem installing ubuntu03:23
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) ask away03:23
Rob[a] well, i just booted from the cd03:24
Rob[a] and it hangs on "retrieving nic-firmware ... "03:24
Rob[a] reboot doesn't help03:24
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) what kind of nic do you have03:24
Rob[a] well 2 actually03:24
=== kalle_ [~kalle@] has left #ubuntu []
Rob[a] 1 onboard03:24
Rob[a] 1 realtek03:24
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) model numbers please :)03:24
Rob[a] hmm03:25
Rob[a] oke03:25
Rob[a] one sec03:25
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) but those shouldn't need firmware.. so 'retrieving nic-firmware' sounds like a package03:25
Rob[a] it is03:25
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) is it during package install or during hardware detection?03:25
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) ok03:25
Rob[a] i guess package install03:25
Rob[a] coz it says something like03:25
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) is your CD home-burnt?03:25
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) or is it one of the official CDs03:25
Rob[a] Retrieving nic-firmware-
Rob[a] home burnt03:26
Rob[a] but i try to burn it again03:26
Rob[a] same problem03:26
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) then verify the md5sum your image03:26
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) +of03:26
Rob[a] did that03:26
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) with the md5sum as mentioned on the site03:26
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) and?03:26
Rob[a] correct of course03:26
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has left #ubuntu []
(bob2/#ubuntu) the md5sum of the *cd* is the same?03:26
Rob[a] google had nothing at this..03:26
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) tried burning on lower speeds/higher quality CDs?03:26
Rob[a] burnt on 8 speed03:26
Rob[a] bob2: u mean md5sum of the cd when it is burnt?03:27
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) yes03:27
Rob[a] Treenaks: it would be an hell of a coincidence if i burnt it twice, and it failed at *exactly* the same point03:27
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) Rob[a] : could be a glitch in your burner..03:28
=== raa1 [~raj@h-64-105-159-118.phlapafg.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Rob[a] but how do i check the md5sum of the cd when it is burnt?03:28
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) Rob[a] : md5sum /dev/hdc03:28
Rob[a] hm03:28
=== thisfred [~thisfred@a213-84-57-72.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
(sladen/#ubuntu) Rob[a] : md5sum /dev/cdrom03:28
=== [1] styx [~styx@a-line138.supra.net] has joined #ubuntu
Rob[a] and on windows?03:28
Rob[a] md5sum F:03:28
(sladen/#ubuntu) Rob[a] : install Ubuntu?03:28
Rob[a] isn't working..03:29
=== prox2far [~prox2far@fw.iot.dk] has joined #ubuntu
(sladen/#ubuntu) Rob[a] : IIRC there's a md5um.exe for inwdows on the Live/OpenCD stuff03:29
(sladen/#ubuntu) Rob[a] : http://theopencd.sunsite.dk/md5.php03:30
=== nevyn [~nevyn@c211-28-49-238.brodm1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Rob[a] I do have md5sum.exe03:30
Rob[a] but how do I check a burnt cd with that03:31
=== britt_radiofree [~Britt@mail.correctcareky.com] has joined #ubuntu
ohgoodRob[a] : it's kinda late if it's already burned- just re-check the .iso03:33
mantiena-baltixRob[a] , maybe try md5summer.org ?03:33
=== telemaco [~telemaco@82.Red-81-36-82.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
(sladen/#ubuntu) C:\> "c:\Documents and Settings\Rob\Desktop\md5sum.exe" d:03:33
=== ohgood loathes wincraps' file arrangment
Rob[a] it says "No such file"03:34
hbosis vsftpd compiled without ssl support?03:43
hbosit doesn't accept my ssl config parameters03:44
=== apoka [~apoka@84-121-114-173.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== apoka [~apoka@84-121-114-173.onocable.ono.com] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
=== mass [~akuma@c-67-166-24-208.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== hno73 [~Henrik@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== SeFoKumA [~zienaga@114.Red-83-32-219.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== stone [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
=== de_wizze [~vc@AC9E1DDD.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== mikedo [~mikado@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Agrajag [~Agrajag@66-215-172-98.sb-eres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== veran [~kritchie@b1-99.ttmol.com] has joined #ubuntu
veranho ho ho03:56
=== attifinch [~mike@ppp-68-90-9-207.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bratsche [~cody@adsl-68-94-42-33.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== f_favila [~f_favila@host-66-81-28-223.rev.o1.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== leonel [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
mikedohey is there someone who knows how to fix some sound problems: I can't write any sound trhough microphone, or when I use Skype to talk to people through net they cannot here me. Funny thing is that I can here myself . Somebody any ideas?04:00
opimikedo: see volume setting in mixer04:01
mikedoi have soundblaster 1604:01
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) mikedo: your microphone volume is not set correctly?04:01
mikedoopi, I did it, it's OK04:01
=== ponds_ [~ponds@ws236-106.vpn.dynamic.msstate.edu] has joined #ubuntu
mikedowith volumes is everything OK04:02
mikedoI tryed to use audacity to check if I'm able write some sounds, and I couldn't04:03
Rob[a] bob2: I've managed to check the md5sum of the burnt CD and it's OK..04:05
attifinchany major advantages of ubuntu over mandrake04:05
veranmuch better packaging system04:05
(bob2/#ubuntu) attifinch: not being based on redhat04:05
(bob2/#ubuntu) Rob[a] : ok04:05
veransane (debian) defaults04:06
Rob[a] so what next :P04:06
prox2fareasy ACPI for most Laptops04:06
mikedoTreenaks, as I said the funny thing is that I can hear me when I talk to mic!04:06
hbosany idea why vsftpd in ubuntu isn't compiled with ssl support?04:07
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) maybe your sound card isn't full duplex?04:07
attifinch.. is ubuntu faster then mandrake?04:07
mikedoTreenaks, what is full duplex? why should it be?04:08
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) attifinch: that's a useless question.. it's the same programs..04:08
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) mikedo: full duplex -> can send and receive at the same time04:08
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) (or play and record)04:08
mikedoOK got it04:08
=== xiximkopp [~jakob@dsl-082-082-160-209.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
hbosi think most cards these days have full duplex04:08
=== jpvcx [~jpvcx@j132017.upc-j.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) hbos: I thought he said it's an sb1604:09
Rob[a] hmm,04:09
mikedoTreenaks, I guess my soundcard is ok, but how could I check that for shure?04:09
Rob[a] think i'm gonna download fedora ;p04:09
mikedoTreenaks, Thanks for any ideas04:10
mantiena-baltixRob[a] , good luck,  dont forget to install apt on fedora ;)04:11
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-041-021.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
Rob[a] yeah well04:11
Rob[a] I would like to install ubuntu04:11
Rob[a] but it just isn't working :/04:11
mantiena-baltixRob[a] , why ?04:11
Rob[a] I just put the cd in..04:12
Rob[a] choose my language/location04:12
Rob[a] and then it hangs at 36% at "Retrieving nic-firewall"04:12
Rob[a] firewall=firmware04:12
Rob[a] srry04:12
cardadorRob[a] : that seems a bad cd04:13
Rob[a] checked md5sum04:13
Rob[a] perfect match04:13
Rob[a] even burnt the iso twice04:14
Rob[a] same problem04:14
=== jpvcx [~jpvcx@j132017.upc-j.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== mxpxpod [~forbesbd@eth13.com-link.com] has joined #ubuntu
veranRob[a] : can you switch to a virtual terminal then?04:15
hbosTreenaks oh sorry missed that, most sb16 are halfduplex i think (if there are any fullduplex ones:P)04:15
Rob[a] veran, I don't what u mean..04:15
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) hbos: yes.. awe32 and 64 are fd, and some 'sb16vibra' are.. but most are hd04:16
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) Rob[a] : press alt+f2/f3/f4 when it happens04:16
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) Rob[a] : see if you get any error messages04:16
veranwhat Treenaks sais04:16
mantiena-baltixRob[a] , which md5sums you've checked ?04:17
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu
Rob[a] of the iso and of the burnt cd04:17
=== smurf [~smurf@run.smurf.noris.de] has joined #ubuntu
Rob[a] Treenaks: alt+f4 overloads me with error message.. I'll try if i can get something usefull out of that04:18
=== smurf is now known as smurfix
=== melter|work [~Melter@dyn224.iacc-tm4.ndsu.NoDak.edu] has joined #ubuntu
mikedoTreenaks, so how do you think I could check what is my sb16 hd or fd?04:20
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) mikedo: uhhh04:21
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) dunno04:21
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) I don't know04:21
mikedoanyway thanks for ideas04:21
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) check the chip number (CTxxxx), and google for it04:22
mikedoI'll do that, thanks04:22
Rob[a] Treenaks: the error messages are going to fast to read.. anything i can do with alt+f2?04:23
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) Rob[a] : use scroll lock..04:23
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) that's what it's for04:24
Rob[a] hmm, thnx :D04:25
=== hno73 [~Henrik@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
=== attifinch [~mike@ppp-68-90-9-207.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== alejandro__ [~alejandro@] has joined #ubuntu
Rob[a] date (none) user.info main-menu[545] : (process:3760): md5sum:04:27
Rob[a] date (none) user.info main-menu[545] : (process:3760): /var/cache/anna/nic-firmware-
Rob[a] date (none) user.info main-menu[545] : (process:3760): Input/output error04:27
Rob[a] that's what it says04:27
alejandro__where I can get ubuntu universal sources?04:28
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-93.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) alejandro__: the same place you get the binaries04:28
=== Riggwelter [~ogley@host81-134-247-64.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #Ubuntu
alejandro__bob2, but what is the line in the sources.list?04:29
alejandro__(I would like to install KDE in Ubuntu)04:30
Riddellalejandro__: "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary main restricted universe04:30
(bob2/#ubuntu) you want to install the kde binary packages?04:30
(bob2/#ubuntu) Riddell: no04:31
(bob2/#ubuntu) alejandro__: it's already in your asources.list, commented out04:31
(bob2/#ubuntu) Riddell: no, that's for hoary04:31
alejandro__bob2, ah ok, thanks.04:31
Riddellwell warty has old KDE 3.204:32
(bob2/#ubuntu) yes04:32
Riddellbut with hoary you can use "deb http://jasmine.19inch.net/~jr/away/ubuntu/ unstable main" and get the goodness of KDE 3.304:33
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-097-062.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Rob[a] so it says md5sum while my md5sum is correct04:36
=== mass [~akuma@c-67-166-24-208.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
cardadorRob[a] : input/output error seems bad iso :\ try downloading it again04:38
Rob[a] while the md5sums is correct? :S04:38
Rob[a] my it's the cdrom drive04:39
Rob[a] my cdrom drive isn't reading the cd very good or something04:39
Rob[a] i meant04:40
Rob[a] maybe it's the cdrom drive04:40
veranmight not like your media04:40
Rob[a] :/04:40
veranI have seen some drives flake out on cd's04:40
veraneven stamped cd's04:40
verangot another drive handy?04:40
Rob[a] I believe I have a spare one04:40
Rob[a] :] 04:40
alejandro__hmm, I miss more updated kde packages in universia.04:44
(bob2/#ubuntu) warty froze in june04:45
=== georgia [~georgia@Georgia.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) if you want more recent kde, use sid or hoary04:45
(bob2/#ubuntu) or suse or whatever04:45
=== BlackFenix [~Miranda@200-180-184-039.paemt7003.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== ohgood [~nunya@pcp02380990pcs.mrdian01.ms.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["(:"]
Riddellor make an Ubunutu KGX04:46
=== BlackFenix [~Miranda@200-180-184-039.paemt7003.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has left #ubuntu []
=== Riddell cackles in a disconcerting way
=== egli [~egli@gate.wyona.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== NewComer [~NewComer@] has joined #ubuntu
veranI just compiled brightside to add edge flipping to metacity which fixed my one outstanding problem with gnome04:50
=== Riggwelter is away: college stuff
(bob2/#ubuntu) Riggwelter: can you turn that off please?04:51
=== tvon|x31 [~tvon@h-68-166-67-34.mclnva23.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
dbarnettbob2: probably not if he's away04:53
(bob2/#ubuntu) dbarnett: well, yeah, but hopefully he/she will be back at some point04:53
dbarnett<-- just being a smartass04:54
(bob2/#ubuntu) well, that too04:54
=== micsch [~micsch@p5480D6A5.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
micschhi, where can i download the kernel-source for
(bob2/#ubuntu) linux-source- or so04:55
micschnot in repository04:56
=== [A] ndy80 [~andy80@] has joined #ubuntu
[A] ndy80hi :)04:56
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) linux-source- - Linux kernel source for version with Debian patches04:56
[A] ndy80where can I find KDE 3.3.1 packages for Ubuntu?04:56
micschbob2, thx, strange apt-cache search didn't show me linux-source-
=== jpvcx [~jpvcx@j132017.upc-j.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) micsch: apt-cache search linux-source04:58
Riddell[A] ndy80: "deb http://jasmine.19inch.net/~jr/away/ubuntu/ unstable main"  required hoary04:58
micschbob2, i tried kernel-source04:58
(bob2/#ubuntu) micsch: that's the name in Debian, it's linux-source in ubuntu04:59
=== Loduriel [~joel@ABordeaux-251-1-2-90.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
jordibob2: why was it renamed in ubuntu, out of curiosity?04:59
micschbob2, ah usualy i use debian, but thats very confusing04:59
jordi(not arguing it's not a better name -it is-, just why do it with all the complications it might have)05:00
[A] ndy80Riddell: what is hoary?05:00
jordi[A] ndy80: name of the next version of Ubuntu05:00
(bob2/#ubuntu) micsch: yeah05:00
(bob2/#ubuntu) jordi: I can't remember...05:01
jordibob2: ah, silly bob!05:01
=== mebrelith [~mebrelith@] has joined #ubuntu
[A] ndy80jordi: ok, thanks. So I cannot use that repository If I only have Ubuntu 4.1 ?05:01
(bob2/#ubuntu) [A] ndy80: correct05:01
=== mebrelith [~mebrelith@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
jordi[A] ndy80: if you use it, you upgrade to the (non-stable) development version of Ubuntu.05:02
(bob2/#ubuntu) jordi: it was daniels's fault!05:02
jordi[A] ndy80: probably a too-bumpy ride if you're new to GNU/Linux.05:02
jordibob2: that makes sense. Sorry mate!05:02
=== veran [~kritchie@b1-99.ttmol.com] has left #ubuntu []
(bob2/#ubuntu) hahaha05:03
=== PorscheBoy [~PorscheBo@h000f3d43838f.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
[A] ndy80jordi: ehm, no. I use Linux since 199605:03
Riddell[A] ndy80: the development version of ubuntu  change instances of "warty" to "hoary" in sources.list05:03
[A] ndy80I started with Slack 3.305:03
PorscheBoydid anyone get Unreal Tournament 2004 to run on Ubuntu?05:03
=== Coy [~Coy@a84-230-204-227.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
jordi[A] ndy80: oh, lol. Sorry, it sounded like newbie-ish ;)05:04
[A] ndy80I'm new to Ubuntu :)05:04
jordi[A] ndy80: I've had it on me too, I started on 1997 :)05:04
[A] ndy80I use fedora core 3 on this pc, and now I've suse on my notebook but I'm not satisfied05:04
Rob[a] still not working over here :\05:05
Rob[a] are there some net install bootdisks available?05:05
=== xiximkopp_ [~jakob@dsl-082-082-174-003.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
CoyFalling love with Ubuntu...I've always used Fedora...not anymore...Ubuntu rocks!05:09
=== unikum [~unikum@h193n2fls32o973.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
unikumhow do i install *.sh?05:10
CoyHow can I know will 3d work with my radeon card?I've played tuxkart and it works...so?05:11
xiximkopp_unikum: chmod +x file.sh05:11
xiximkopp_but you can also use: sh file.sh05:11
Coysh .package.sh05:12
cardadorPorscheBoy: i have it running05:12
=== hazmat [~hazmat@cs671082-140.houston.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
unikumoki, thx05:12
Coydamn sh package.sh i ment05:12
PorscheBoycardador, no errors?05:12
xiximkopp_no prob05:12
=== tost [~tost@pD9ECBEBB.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
PorscheBoycardador, did u install any additional files?05:13
unikumis there any .conf for mousemovement?05:13
Coygood usenet news reader for ubuntu? :)05:14
(bob2/#ubuntu) unikum: in X? look in the gnome mouse config options05:14
unikumi dont want small thred-hold, i want close to zero as possible05:14
=== |QuaD| [~quad@beac872-0b01-dhcp139.bu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Coyslrn is coming..=)05:15
micschsomeone installed cisco vpn client?05:16
unikumanybody playing chess at ICC or FICS?05:16
cardadorPorscheBoy: just installed it from the dvd05:16
micschunikum, sometimes05:16
cardadorPorscheBoy: what are the errors?05:16
madsenOy humans! :)05:17
PorscheBoywell, right now i'm on WinServer2003 so i can't tell you05:17
Coyshould I be worried about PnP Bios error on boot? I've read forum and I found it there...no worries?05:17
madsenI've got a problem with my locale, which is seriously screwed up...05:17
PorscheBoymadsen, u must be using hoary, right?05:17
CoyI have updated bios in september so it's new05:17
madsenPorscheBoy: yup05:17
cardadormadsen: you are lucky... my nautilus is screwed up :)05:18
madsenPorscheBoy: Actually, I just finished upgrading to it... Or... I just failed upgrading some pkgs.05:18
madsencardador: Well, I can't install/remove anything...05:18
cardadormadsen: why?05:18
PorscheBoymadsen, just type "dpkg-reconfigure locales" and change it05:18
madsenPorscheBoy: I did, but I keep getting errors.05:18
madsenPorscheBoy: I chose en_US.utf8 and da_DK.utf805:19
PorscheBoylike "gdm-Widget...."?05:19
madsenPorscheBoy: It generated fine, but still gives gazillions of errors.05:19
PorscheBoymadsen, i think u have to choose fr as ur locale05:19
madsenPorscheBoy: Say what?05:20
PorscheBoymadsen, just type "dpkg-reconfigure locales" and choose fr and ur language05:20
madsenFrench? Why?05:20
madsenPorscheBoy: I want my Linux in English, and my gf wants it in danish...05:21
PorscheBoymadsen, lol...cause this hoary was based fr language05:21
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== scoon [~scoon@dsl092-234-243.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
madsenWhy the phUk did they base it on french???05:23
=== Qerub [qerub@h141n2fls303o1100.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
PorscheBoymadsen, cause it was made in france...not US05:24
=== MeAndU [~ubuntu32@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Loduriel [~joel@ABordeaux-251-1-2-90.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== BenZ|iBook [~bnurmiibo@CPE-141-168-11-101.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== wasabi [~jhaltom2@] has joined #ubuntu
madsenPorscheBoy: Yeah, but french isn't exactly the lingua franca of the Linux world.05:25
Coyubuntu has pretty ban finnish support so I use it in english...05:25
(bob2/#ubuntu) Ubuntu is not "based fr language"05:25
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) the default is english, but you can use a bunch of different ones05:25
PorscheBoymadsen, but have u tried Fr yet?05:25
Coywhen next Ubuntu will be released?05:25
(bob2/#ubuntu) Coy: april 200505:26
CoyUbuntu has mixed up swedish and finnish...I hope it will be fixed in the future ;)05:26
(bob2/#ubuntu) Coy: please file a bug if no one else has05:27
Coybob2: yeah I should but it's not so important... =)Many distributions has problems with finnish translations..05:28
=== Haplo [~haplo@d142-173-38-216.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== [mirak-] [~onceagain@adsl-68-249-245-156.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
Coybob2: it enough that keyboard works in finnish =)05:29
(bob2/#ubuntu) Coy: no, please do05:29
[mirak-] afternoon, room :)05:29
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) Coy: we want hoary to support languages even better05:29
Coybob2:ok I will I just check out that it haven't been already made05:29
madsenactually, where can I find info on setting the LC_* vars correctly?05:29
(bob2/#ubuntu) Coy: thanks a lot!05:30
=== Haplo [~haplo@d142-173-38-216.bchsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu []
Coybob2: could you something about that PnP bios error?It's harmless I quess but it's annoying and pretty common... :)05:31
(bob2/#ubuntu) "PnP BIOS"?05:31
(bob2/#ubuntu) the PCI hotplugging thing?05:31
(bob2/#ubuntu) Coy: it's fine to ignore it05:32
(bob2/#ubuntu) Coy: if it bothers you, blacklist the modules in /etc/hotplug/blacklist05:32
CoyI get error on boot...PnP BIOS caused fatal error...05:32
=== xuzo [~xuzo@bolgo.cent.uji.es] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) I haven't seen that one05:32
Coybob2:it boot fine,there's in forum same topic about it.. =)not by me but someone05:33
(bob2/#ubuntu) if it's a bug, it needs to be reported05:33
=== peglags [~peglags@blfd-d9bb9b63.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== PorscheBoy [~PorscheBo@h000f3d43838f.ne.client2.attbi.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
(bob2/#ubuntu) the ubuntu devs (aside from daniel) don't read the forums looking for reports05:33
=== cardador [~jose@srt1.dq.fct.unl.pt] has joined #ubuntu
Coybob2:what I should write in /etc/hotplug/blacklist?05:34
Coybob2:no I think it's not a bug...I have oem bios by HP so it's not standart..05:34
=== jmp10 [~jpape@c-67-162-144-97.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== NickGray [~nickgray_@] has joined #ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) erm, dunno about that05:35
(bob2/#ubuntu) ask on the list maybe05:36
=== attifinch [~mike@ppp-68-90-9-207.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
cardadornautilus does not auto update the files. the same happens when i copy smt to the deslktop, i have to refresh it. Any clues?05:39
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-110.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Coybob2:sorry I bother but what I should comment out in the blacklist?there is no PnP... :)*newbie*05:40
cardadormaybe it helps if i say that it happened after the fam -> gamin transition05:40
(bob2/#ubuntu) Coy: ignore my blacklist comment, I misunderstood you05:40
Coybob2:ok..How about if I edit grub files and add "nobiospnp"?Just that i get rid of that error prompt... :)05:42
(bob2/#ubuntu) no idea05:43
=== spacey [~spacey@flits101-191.flits.rug.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Coyok :)05:43
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
madsenHmm, when I try to compile the locale definition file by hand I get:05:46
madsen/usr/share/i18n/charmaps/UTF-8.gz:1: syntax error in prolog: invalid definition05:46
madsen/usr/share/i18n/charmaps/UTF-8.gz:2: syntax error in prolog: invalid definition05:46
madsenmemory clobbered past end of allocated block05:46
=== [mirak-] is now known as Gwildor|work
=== Badcel [Badcel@p5086EDCD.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== Toadstool [user572@maisel-gw.enst-bretagne.fr] has joined #ubuntu
NewComeranyone aware of a galaxy gtk2 engine package? ubunutu package that is05:52
Coyis 686 kernel good for amd athlon?05:52
Toadstooli need help about sound with my laptop and ubuntu please05:53
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(bob2/#ubuntu) Coy: no05:55
(bob2/#ubuntu) use the k7 one05:55
Coybob2:yeah I noticed.. =) thanks anyway..05:55
(bob2/#ubuntu) 686 might not even boot05:55
Coybob2:k7 is coming.. =) I remember that fedora uses i686 by default..05:57
madsenHmm, has anyone elaborated on the locale issue in Hoary?05:59
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Coyhave to go but thanks bob2 :) I will make that bug report about finnish and swedish mix up ;)06:01
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hitchhikerHi, I'm trying to enable DMA on my DVD and HD but the setting is not sticking06:05
hitchhikerWhen I play DVD it's a bit jerky06:05
hitchhikerDMA works under WinXP06:05
hitchhikerAny ideas?06:05
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madsenhitchhiker: are you using hdparm?06:11
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(sri/#ubuntu) good mornin06:12
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unikumwhats most common dc client for dc?06:18
=== TravisBarker [[U2FsdGVkX@h237n2fls32o897.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
unikumwhats most common client for dc?06:18
TravisBarkerhi guys06:19
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TravisBarkerim trying to make a GUI for yum but im having trouble figuring out how to build python source from glade projects06:20
Grogoreocan anyone tell me if Ubuntu comes with Gnome 2.8 please? I cant seem to find the package list on the site06:21
deFryskid does06:21
(bob2/#ubuntu) Grogoreo: it does indeed06:21
TravisBarkermy glade UI doesnt list python as a build option06:21
Grogoreothanks bob206:21
TravisBarkerit has C C++ and ada9506:21
(bob2/#ubuntu) TravisBarker: just load the xml file from pyglade06:21
madsenTravisBarker: That's because Glade doesn't support Python, but Python supports glade.06:22
deFryskgui for yum ? like yumi ?06:22
TravisBarkerlike yumi, yes06:22
TravisBarkerbut yumi is broken for the new yum so...06:22
madsenTravisBarker: Just select 'C' and then remove all build-options and files. You only need <project>.glade06:22
(bob2/#ubuntu) what does a yum gui have to do with #ubuntu?06:22
TravisBarkerbob2: i was told to bring it up here because you guys are some kind of python gurus :)06:23
TravisBarkerbob2: sorry if im off topic for you06:23
(bob2/#ubuntu) TravisBarker: try #python06:23
madsenTravisBarker: I don't know python, but I've done Ruby and C# with glade... Also a bit of PHP.06:23
(bob2/#ubuntu) TravisBarker: you want to be loading the .glade file at runtime, tho06:23
TravisBarkerbob2: i tried #python, and after explaining the situation, they told me that I know more about glade already than any of them06:24
madsenTravisBarker: But I think you should start with a HelloWorld in python/glade before jumping into the whole yum gui thingy...06:24
deFryskyum sucks anyway06:24
TravisBarkerin other words most of #python is sleeping :)06:24
deFryskwhe cares06:24
deFryskwhe = who06:24
(bob2/#ubuntu) yeah, look at the pyglkade sample code06:25
madsendeFrysk: What a wonderfully constructive attitude...06:25
deFryskits true though06:25
hitchhikermadsen:Whats hdparm?06:25
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TravisBarkermadsen: i have the HelloWorld GUI i built loaded on my desktop right now :)06:25
deFryskhd parameters06:25
TravisBarkerim just trying to get it into python06:25
madsenhitchhiker: A cmd-line tool for tuning your hd.06:25
hitchhikernever used it06:26
deFrysktry sudo hdparm -tT /dev/dha06:26
deFryskto check your speeds06:26
madsenTravisBarker: Then save the project, remove everything but <project>.glade and use that in your python source.06:26
TravisBarkermadsen: thanks06:26
hitchhikerroot@ubuntu:/etc # sudo hdparm -tT /dev/hdb106:27
hitchhiker Timing cached reads:   1060 MB in  2.00 seconds = 528.76 MB/sec06:27
hitchhiker Timing buffered disk reads:  126 MB in  3.03 seconds =  41.52 MB/sec06:27
deFryskthats flooding :s06:27
madsenTravisBarker: You might be able to use some of the info on http://gnome2-ruby.sourceforge.jp to learn about interacting with glade files from a scripting language.06:27
(bob2/#ubuntu) hdparm is a terrible benchmarking tool06:27
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madsenbob2: But it's alright for setting hd options.06:28
hitchhikerSo how do I turn on DMA for my DVD drive?06:28
(bob2/#ubuntu) right06:28
deFryskhitchhiker, probably is already on06:28
hitchhikeris there a way of checking as my DVD playback is choppy06:29
madsenhitchhiker: Something like `hdparm --help` might help you. :)06:29
TravisBarkermadsen: apparently i dont have pyglade06:29
TravisBarkeri have all of the python GTK packages installed06:29
TravisBarkerbut i dont see pyglade anywhere06:29
madsenTravisBarker: What os?06:30
TravisBarkerfedora core 3 :(06:30
(bob2/#ubuntu) TravisBarker: come on dude06:30
madsenwtf!?! "When the screen comes up you will want to disable all ISO-8859-1 locales in the list. You will want to enable the appropriate UTF-8 locales for the languages you use, and choose a UTF-8 locale as the default system locale. That will be all you need to do right now." <- I did that, but no cookie! *grr*06:30
(bob2/#ubuntu) #fedora for basic package installation help06:30
madsenTravisBarker: Then install pyglade or libpyglade or whatever it's called...06:30
TravisBarkeri go to #fedora and i end up _answering_ questions.. rarely do i get to ask many06:31
TravisBarkermadsen: thats just it, i have libpyglade installed06:31
madsenTravisBarker: Then use it. (?)06:31
TravisBarkerthats why im confused06:31
madsenTravisBarker: how do you tell python to use a lib?06:32
(bob2/#ubuntu) you don't06:32
(bob2/#ubuntu) you just import it06:32
madsenbob2: Ok, I've never done any python, so I have no clue...06:32
madsenin Ruby it'd be something like "require 'glade'"06:32
(bob2/#ubuntu) 'import glade' in python06:33
TravisBarkermadsen: import pyglade06:33
madsenTravisBarker: And you are doing that?06:33
TravisBarkeror somehting06:33
(bob2/#ubuntu) this really is a #python or python-glade-user list sorta question06:33
TravisBarkerImportError: No module named glade06:33
madsenTravisBarker: And you have the glade pkgs installed?06:33
TravisBarkerbob2: then dont worry about it06:33
TravisBarkerbob2: if you are not interested ignore the thread :P06:34
TravisBarkermadsen: yep06:34
madsenbob2: It's not like there's a whole lot of other stuff going on right here right now.06:34
TravisBarkermadsen: thanks for the help but it look like im pissing people off here so i will go away now06:34
madsenTravisBarker: Also glade-dev (or whatever fc names it)?06:34
TravisBarkeranyway, good luck with your project06:34
madsenTravisBarker: My project?06:34
madsenTravisBarker: Good luck to you. :)06:34
TravisBarkerthis channel06:34
TravisBarkerwhat ever it si06:35
madsenTravisBarker: Hehe, well, thanks. :)06:35
TravisBarkerwith assholes running lose like they seem to be, you are going to need it :)06:35
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madsenHmm, that was kind of a rude way to leave... :/06:36
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(bob2/#ubuntu) wow, what a dick06:37
madsenYeah, I just told him in a prov-msg...06:37
(bob2/#ubuntu) "omg #ubuntu won't help me with python programming questions for a tool for fedora"06:37
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madsenbob2: hehe06:38
madsenbob2: At least it was somewhat linux related... :/06:38
(bob2/#ubuntu) yeah, true06:38
(bob2/#ubuntu) I don't mind OT stuff when no one is around, but when people do start asking useful questions and the OT stuff doesn't stop...06:39
madsenbob2: agreed. :)06:39
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(bob2/#ubuntu) I somehow doubt #fedora would help me with my ruby-based ubuntu package manager06:40
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Amaranthbob2: You wrote a package manager?06:41
(bob2/#ubuntu) heh, no06:41
Amaranthapt is Python, isn't it?06:41
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(bob2/#ubuntu) no, C++06:41
madsenActually yum should be in #yellowdog if there is a such...06:41
willOOOHH I got my Ubuntu CD's Today :))06:41
(bob2/#ubuntu) and dpkg is in C06:41
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madsenbob2: isn't it perl?06:41
(bob2/#ubuntu) madsen: no06:41
Amaranthwas it ever written in python?06:42
madsenbob2: Well, when using apt-<whatever> I get perl errors...06:42
(bob2/#ubuntu) no06:42
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(bob2/#ubuntu) madsen: well, not all <whatever> stuff is actually apt06:42
Amaranthok, i'm down to emerge and rpm06:42
(bob2/#ubuntu) apt-get and apt-cache are C++, tho06:42
(bob2/#ubuntu) debconf is perl, that might be what;s giving errors06:42
Amaranthi tell perl people to shove it when they tell me to ditch python by pointing to the package managers ;)06:43
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madsenbob2: Interesting... 'Cause I'm getting locale errors all over all the time... And they're from perl... (When I do apt-<whatever> - I guess they call other tools.)06:44
bskahananyone have the gxine browser working?06:45
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) don't forget to edit /etc/environment after setting up your locale -- it might be trying the wrong one06:45
(bob2/#ubuntu) the locale system might be perl06:45
(bob2/#ubuntu) debconf certainly is06:45
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) also, log out and in, so /etc/environment is parsed06:45
madsenTreenaks: Hmm... I did not know that... (*hoping*)06:47
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hitchhikerCheers guys, hdparm sorted it06:49
raphaIs there any way to have sounds in GNOME working when using ALSA instead of OSS?06:49
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) rapha: uh.. it's using esd06:49
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) which, afaik, uses alsa by default06:50
madsenTreenaks: Woohoo! You're my new favourite person! It worked! :)06:50
madsenrapha: oss-emulation on alsa... (?)06:50
raphamadsen: Okay.06:50
raphaAnd why can't I do two sound-things at the same time using ALSA?06:50
madsenrapha: you want alsa-oss06:51
ironwolfhow did ubuntu install change my hardware clock, and how without going into the bios, do I change it back?06:51
madsenrapha: To make more apps output through alsa you probably want the jackd06:51
raphamadsen:  What does jackd do?06:51
raphaI am also using linphone now over ALSA, but mplayer won't even start with -ao alsa.06:52
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) madsen: no, jackd is not compatible with oss06:52
raphaIsn't alsa supposed to allow an unlimited number of sounds to be played at the same time?06:52
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) you probably want to use DMIX06:52
raphaOh, what is DMIX?06:52
madsenTreenaks: No, but it is with alsa and kernel 2.6 uses alsa as the default.06:52
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) http://opensrc.org/alsa/index.php?page=DmixPlugin06:52
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) madsen: uh.. with esd I ment06:53
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) +a06:53
madsenTreenaks: You can emulate oss with alsa.06:53
madsenTreenaks: Oh. :)06:53
=== rapha just wants to do VoIP and hear his GNOME sounds or watch a movie clip at the same time
willdoes anyone here use ephiphany?06:54
madsenrapha: http://jackit.sourceforge.net06:54
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) rapha: use gnomemeeting and totem06:54
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) rapha: they output through ESD by default06:54
raphamadsen:  apt-get install jackd06:54
raphaTreenaks:  gnomemeeting doesn't work through my partners' firewall06:55
(alexis|dodo/#ubuntu) coucou06:56
madsenrapha: But then you need your apps to have jack-output support.06:56
raphaI see06:56
raphaOkay, so I could as well hack ESD output support into Linphone.06:56
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madsenrapha: mplayer does have it, if it's compiled with it, but I'm not sure if gnome supports it (or if it ever will).06:56
raphamadsen: mplayer also has esd output support. Problem is that there seems to be no SIP application that has it.06:57
madsenrapha: Might be... Or try asking on a more sound-focused channel perhaps. (I just don't know any off the top of my head.)06:57
raphaSo what will Ubuntu do in the future? Focus on moving all its apps to ESD or moving them to ALSA?06:57
madsenalsa I hope06:57
raphaAny official position on that?06:58
(bob2/#ubuntu) alsa and esd are sorta orthogonal06:58
(bob2/#ubuntu) gnome is apparently moving to polypaudio06:58
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=== rapha looks up "orthogonal"
madsenrapha: Well, the kernel (2.6) runs alsa as default, so it would seem kinda logical to move towards that.06:58
(bob2/#ubuntu) ubuntu currently uses esd on top of alsa, by default06:58
raphabob2: So applications which natively use ALSA should be able to parallel output sound to ESD-using apps, right?06:59
(bob2/#ubuntu) no06:59
raphaToo bad07:00
(bob2/#ubuntu) not unless a) you have a good sound card (=emu10k1) or b) sewtup dmix07:00
raphaa isn't given, so I'll try b.07:00
(bob2/#ubuntu) dmix is pretty easy to do07:00
raphaSo will Ubuntu do it by default with Hoary?07:00
(bob2/#ubuntu) dmix? everything should be using polyp by then07:01
(bob2/#ubuntu) http://opensrc.org/alsa/index.php?page=DmixPlugin07:01
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adnanspolyp? jack!!07:01
raphaI'm looking at that, yes.07:01
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) bob2: setting up dmix isn't hard, is it?07:02
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) just one config file, right?07:02
(bob2/#ubuntu) yeah07:02
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adnansactually, audio apps should be rewritten for jack07:06
adnanswhich runs on top of alsa07:06
mirakpan sucks07:07
adnansunfortunately most linux/unix audio apps are written with the oss/esd style api in mind (read/write/block)07:07
mirakit crashes when posting07:07
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) adnans: does jack run on top of, say, the freebsd apis as well?07:08
adnansTreenaks: if someone ports it, sure..07:08
adnansTreeknaks, there is an oss driver, so it should run (assuming freebsd emulates oss)07:09
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skeffI downloaded and installed, using alien, Sun's Java JRE 1.5.0 package, and put a symlink to the plugin provided into /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins, but then when firefox got to a site with a java applet, it violently started crashing..07:29
(bob2/#ubuntu) was sun's jre compiled with gcc3.2 or later?07:29
skeffbob2, I wouldn't know07:29
skefflemme check, if I can07:29
Eon|how do i enable SBA and fast writes in ubuntu? im using nvidia-binary driver. motherboard & card support them.07:30
dr_willisperhaops its a nvidia driver option in  te X config file.07:31
skeffbob2, I have no idea how to find out.  What if it is?07:32
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skeffwhy is my xchat in swedish, I don't get it!  My national language is set to norwegian, and I've also removed all nonsense from /etc/environment:Language which contained all scandianavian languages..for some weird reason07:37
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krischanHello everyone.07:46
scoonhey there,07:46
(KneelBeforeXorg/#ubuntu) wow07:46
skeffbob2, there is a plugin directory called "ns7" and then there is an "ns7-gcc29" ;)07:46
(KneelBeforeXorg/#ubuntu) the internet is solid broken07:46
skeffit sure is07:46
=== regeya [~shane@adsl-sp3-cdale176.micgi.com] has joined #ubuntu
(KneelBeforeXorg/#ubuntu) always at the last hop07:46
scoonyou can bet on that.07:46
(KneelBeforeXorg/#ubuntu) it's like a massive DoS campaign or something07:46
scoonmore crap out there than there really needs.07:47
krischanCould anybody please tell me if it is possible to limit the download bandwidth when using apt-get?07:47
(bob2/#ubuntu) krischan: "trickle"07:47
=== hbillo [~hbillo@17.94.119-80.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu
krischanbob2: Is that a program?07:47
(bob2/#ubuntu) yes07:48
krischannever heard of it, what does it do?07:48
(bob2/#ubuntu) 04:47:13 krischan | Could anybody please tell me if it is possible to limit the download bandwidth when using apt-get?07:48
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) krischan: apt-cache show trickle07:49
=== krischan reads ...
krischanI see. Can I limit the bandwidth of any program with this tool?07:50
=== JStrike [~joel@c2-204-1.eno.dial.mweb.co.za] has joined #Ubuntu
(bob2/#ubuntu) that's what the description says07:51
=== godez [~godez@cp72595-a.roose1.nb.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
krischanSo, I could issue the command 'trickle -d 30 apt-get' and then execute 'apt-get upgrade' in order to achieve the desired effect.07:55
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skeffWhich java runtime package would work in Ubuntu?07:55
skeffoh well let me rephrase that: Which JRE plugin provider would work in Firefox?07:56
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) skeff: I have a working 1.507:56
skeffTreenaks, from Sun?07:57
(Treenaks/#ubuntu) http://www.livejournal.com/users/davyd/125253.html07:57
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Kjartanhi all07:58
KjartanI'm kinda poking ubuntu to know whats under the hood07:58
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kjartanso the first question would be, in gentoo there is an emerge command. Is there something alike in ubuntu?07:58
(bob2/#ubuntu) haha07:59
(bob2/#ubuntu) apt-get07:59
madsenKjartan: `man apt`07:59
oddabe19apt-get update && apt-get upgrade07:59
(bob2/#ubuntu) what emerge dreams of being07:59
skeffKjartan, Ubuntu is debian based07:59
oddabe19apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade07:59
madsenbob2: Actually, I think emerge is more like a "ports" clone thingy.07:59
(bob2/#ubuntu) sure07:59
(bob2/#ubuntu) but all package managers dream of being apt ;-)07:59
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skeffKjartan, you like gentoo?08:00
Kjartanwell, gentoo is like fast-fast-fast. does ubuntu build stuff from source for optimal performance?08:00
=== puzzledm [~puzzledm@user-4256.lns2-c7.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
madsenbob2: Hehe, no all package-managers wants to be RPA-base. :)08:00
KjartanI am thinking about either ubuntu or gentoo08:00
madsenKjartan: I think you should read up on Debian basics... http://debian.org08:00
(bob2/#ubuntu) Kjartan: you have benchmarks showing that compiling from source actually gives an improvement in speed?08:00
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(bob2/#ubuntu) if you want to build things from source with -O99 -fomit-instructions, use gentoo08:01
madsenKjartan: I've run gentoo and it's alright, but I dig debian based distros more, 'cause I hate to spend 4 hours installing mozilla.08:01
KjartanI dunno anything about debian08:01
Kjartanfrom what I've heard.. it's bad08:02
regeyagentoo isn't like fast-fast-fast, really.  maybe if you could get the intel compiler working, and had intel hardware, it'd kick everyone's asses.08:02
=== regeya is a *former* gentoo user
Kjartanso you went from gentoo to ubuntu?08:02
regeyarisking IHBT Syndrome, what have you heard about that was bad, specifically?08:02
Kjartanmessy for the most part08:03
malte`i use ubuntu on my celeron 800 laptop, i couldn't afford a 4 hours glibc compile08:03
puzzledmhi sorry to interrupt but quick question to you all.  Does any one know a way of returning my Ubuntu install back to Warty from Hoary?08:03
malte`but i still use gentoo on the athlon xp :P08:03
Kjartanmalte`, it's fast?08:03
(bob2/#ubuntu) puzzledm: you can't08:03
malte`i did a stage1 + nptl08:04
malte`it IS fast :)08:04
regeyayeah; I was mainly looking for a decent desktop OS.  Really, under Gentoo, I was using UDEV, a relatively new kernel, the latest GNOME, the GNOME System Tools, etc.08:04
regeyaI installed a default Ubuntu desktop and was happier with the results.  I felt, well, dumb. :-}08:04
Kjartanright now I use Fedora Core 2. I have this problem... I have installed like 100000 packages08:05
regeyaI've installed some things from source, and done the dreaded sources mixing, but I've done very little work, compared to my days of searching through the Gentoo Forums for things that should have gone to bugs.gentoo.org, searching through bugs.gentoo.org for fixes that hadn't been committed yet, etc.08:05
Kjartanno matter what I install I end up with 1000 packages I _never_ use08:05
regeyaand I was tired of waiting for someone to get serious about Portage-NG.08:06
skeffI like gentoo better, for such things as, right now..I don't even know if I'm running a samba server, ftp server or something.. and I have no idea why my Xchat is in swedish..08:06
regeyaPortage-Next Generation.08:06
Kjartanskeff, swedish xchat you say :P08:06
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madsenskeff: Ehrm, you _could_ try to search the package list and perhaps do a `ps aux`08:07
regeyait could be possible to beat freebsd's ports-portupgrade combination in just python, but people wanted to argue about c++ rewrites, using a relational database to store the tree, all kinds of unnecessary garbaage.08:07
skeffmadsen, bah, also I would have a hard time getting the ftp server I want.. and I can just forget compiling something that isn't precompiled for this system..08:08
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
madsenskeff: What ftpd do you want?08:08
skeffmadsen, proftpd08:08
madsenskeff: on Ubuntu?08:08
skeffKjartan, yup I'm norwegian, I've set all variables to norwegian or if the program doesn't have norwegian locale, it should revert to english..but no..it goes to sweden.08:09
skeffmadsen, yes?08:09
madsenskeff: have you considered `apt-get install proftpd`08:09
KjartanNORSK KRAFT!!!08:09
Kjartan<-- norsk08:09
madsen<- Dansk08:09
skeffKjartan, no shit08:10
Kjartanskeff, yes shit08:10
madsenskeff: It wouldn't hurt just to take a little look in the package-list before complaining about missing apps and stuff...08:10
osiris_22how do i install a .deb file08:10
madsenosiris_22: One you've downloaded?08:11
osiris_22yes sir08:11
madsenosiris_22: dpkg -i <pkg>08:11
osiris_22i did that08:11
osiris_22and it said errors blah08:11
=== sondrobe [~gonzalo@84-120-136-204.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
osiris_22im trying to install yahoo messenger08:11
madsenosiris_22: Well, then the pkg is probably erronous... What does it complain about?08:11
osiris_22dpkg: error processing ymessenger (--install):08:12
osiris_22 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured08:12
osiris_22Errors were encountered while processing:08:12
osiris_22 ymessenger08:12
skeffmadsen, I'm being prejudice I know.. actually it all boils down to me not being familiar with debian and where all the config goes and stuff. and godamnit, why doesn't java plugin work in firefox, why do I need to download a debian package when Sun provides both RPM and a self-extracting binary.08:12
osiris_22i think i know the problem08:12
madsenskeff: use 'alien' for rpms...08:12
madsenosiris_22: good! :)08:12
skeffmadsen, I know..08:12
madsenskeff: Then what are you complaining about?08:12
=== Stuttergart [~Stutterga@midway34.midway.edu] has joined #ubuntu
skeffmadsen, it's just the plugin that doesn't work..probably because these precompiled crap are not compatible08:13
madsenskeff: I'm running proftpd on my debian server.08:13
=== Friczy [~gandalf@44.41-182-adsl-pool.axelero.hu] has joined #ubuntu
madsenskeff: Well, then write Sun and politely state that the crap doesn't work...08:13
=== Pluk uses java from sun...
madsenskeff: I've been using blackdown with great success.08:13
FriczyThe installer doesn't see my partitions on the first disk. What can i do with it?08:13
skeffmadsen, then I would have to get a JDK, no? and blackdown is NOT in the repository, for some reason08:14
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Plukyou cant put the whole world in repository08:14
madsenskeff: That's probably because Blackdown isn't complete OS.08:14
skeffmadsen, say what?08:14
madsenskeff: afaik Blackdown isn't completely open source, so that might be a reason for it not being in the repo... There are .deb pkgs out there though...08:15
skeffmadsen, OS is recognized as acronym for Operating System, sentence coherency does not compute08:15
=== unikum [~unikum@h193n2fls32o973.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
skeffmadsen, ok ;)08:15
=== nuckinucki1236 [~nuckinuck@pD955E346.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu []
madsenskeff: And coincidally OS is also an acronym for Open Source (OSS == Open Source Software).08:15
skeffmadsen, OSS would fit me better.. anyhow; I want JRE, not JDK, at least: I want the option.08:16
sondrobei've tried to install sharutils and it isn't available (on http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu and CD), where can i look for it?08:16
unikumhelp, i did a misstake. I change somehting in XF86Config-4. How can i get it back? Is there a backup copy somewhere?08:16
malte`what's this thing about "not completely OSS?"08:17
madsenskeff: http://www.carfield.com.hk/mirror/blackdown/debian/pool/non-free/j/j2se1.3-i386/08:17
malte`that's why i still prefer gentoo :|08:17
sondrobeunikum, try  XF86Config-4.old08:17
madsenunikum: Sure, the one you made before changing the file... ;)08:17
madsenmalte`: It's not entirely "open", so Debian might hesitate to put it in the repo. Or they'll stick it in the non-free repo...08:18
skeffmalte`, well.. principally, Ubuntu is all about open source software, which to some is concidered a good thing. To me, that just throws out good software from a linux distribution.08:18
unikumi used search files and found one -- puh!08:18
skeffmadsen, I want 1.508:18
madsenskeff: Ok, then find it...08:18
sondrobeunikum, /etc/X11/XF86Config-4.old08:19
malte`skeff, to me too08:19
skeffmadsen, hehe, thanks..08:19
regeyait's not as if the software you want isn't available, and won't run on your Linux distribution.08:19
skeffregeya, but you sure hell can't be a newbie and have java on your computer08:19
sondrobeunikum, or 'ls /etc/X11/XF86Config-4*'08:19
madsenskeff: Well, if you can read, then "yes, you can".08:19
skeffmadsen, where would I read that?08:20
Friczysomeone please help: The installer doesn't see my partitions on the first harddisk. What can i do with it? (I see them from fdisk)08:20
madsenskeff: My dad runs Debian (he's freaking 60 y.o. and calls me everytime he has to enter something in a terminal) and he installed Java by himself...08:20
unikumhow can i get numlock be on after a reboot?08:20
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skeffmadsen, but he has to call you.08:20
madsenskeff: Tell me one thing, have you heard about google?08:21
=== TiffOn [~Kualkiera@218.Red-217-126-197.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu []
madsenskeff: Not for installing Java... He found a howto on google and did the freaking thing.08:21
madsenskeff: But if you just whine and bitch about the system, then you won't get any java, 'cause it sure as hell doesn't install itself.08:21
madsenskeff: not even on gentoo... Hell, not even on windows.08:21
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=== darkling [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
skeffI would do 'emerge blackdown-jre' on gentoo.. but oh..nevermind..08:22
skeffmadsen, I have installed Java, but the _plugin_ for firefox doesn't work.. or firefox doesn't work with the plugin08:22
malte`i noticed that the new firefox can install the java plugin by himself08:23
madsenskeff: Have you read any docs? Does the plugin appear in 'about:plugins' in Ff?08:23
malte`but didn't try yet08:23
skeffmadsen, the browser crashes when stumbling upon a java applet08:23
madsenmalte`: I think you have to run Ff as root for it to work.08:23
skeffmadsen, if you run ff as root will it install java system-wide?08:23
madsenskeff: Well, then it's probably there... Have you /tried/ searching on google.08:23
madsenskeff: I don't know... I said "I think".08:24
skeffmadsen, no, because I reckoned since firefox is compiled for this ubuntu distribution, it would be a common ubuntu problem..08:24
=== kagou [~kagou@] has joined #ubuntu
Friczysomeone please help: The installer doesn't see my partitions on the first harddisk. What can i do with it? (I see them from fdisk)08:25
skeffmadsen, mind you, I'm using hoary, so I have firefox 1.008:25
madsenskeff: me too, but I don't use java08:25
madsenskeff: But even if it _should_ be only an Ubuntu problem, then google can usually still help you. I mean, where have you been man?08:26
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu
Pluki doubt if its a ubuntu problem08:26
Friczyskeff: install the jre from sun by hand and symlink to the plugin. It works in debian well08:26
Plukcuz java and FF work ok here08:26
=== Iskanje [Iskanje@dsl-VII-179.kotikaista.weppi.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Plukon hoary08:27
madsenskeff: "2004 Google - Searching 8,058,044,651 web pages" <- Do you think there's no mention of Ubuntu there?08:27
skeffFriczy, any special place I should put the JRE?08:27
Friczyskeff: no special place. In my debian I put it in /usr/local/jre08:27
Friczyand make symlinks from the bin directory to /usr/local/bin08:28
Plukhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=198 <-- is an excellent howto for installing java on ff08:28
Plukdont underestimate the power of a forum..08:28
=== oDie` [~OU812@] has joined #ubuntu
skeffPluk, first comment: "Well, It did not give me working java. But it broke firefox, always something "08:29
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
IskanjeHey.. some help needed..08:29
Friczyme too but here is only a flame about java :D08:29
madsenskeff: Have you tried it?08:29
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
IskanjeAllright.. Got bit lost with networking08:30
IskanjeAnyone there has a minute to spare08:30
=== ruben003 [~ruben003@cc34909-a.groni1.gr.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
skeffmadsen, I guess it's because I don't have the binaries in $PATH..08:30
madsenskeff: ok08:31
Friczysomeone please help: The installer doesn't see my partitions on the first harddisk. What can i do with it? (I see them from fdisk)08:31
madsenFriczy: Sorry, I have no clue.08:31
madsenIskanje: What's the problem?08:31
Friczyok :(08:31
Iskanjemadsen:Sooo... I can't get the network card up&running08:32
madsenFriczy: Actually, what fs is currently on hda?08:32
Friczymadsen: a lot :)08:32
IskanjeIt shows up on the device manager, but that's all08:32
madsenIskanje: Hmm, are the modules for it loaded?08:33
Friczymadsen: I have a fully installed Debian with plenty of partitions08:33
madsenFriczy: Yeah, but that doesn't really say anything about the filesystem08:33
Friczybut I can make a 10 giga partition free for ubuntu08:33
madsenFriczy: But as it's Linux I can't see it should be a problem then.08:33
Friczymadsen: yes, I only need a solution to start the real installation somehow.08:34
madsen<- Lagging because of a download08:34
IskanjeNot sure.. lsmod shows a lot..08:34
madsenFriczy: Could the bootloader be hiding the partition?08:34
FriczyI can partition it manually but I can' tell the installer that this should be the root of the installation08:34
madsenIskanje: lsmod | grep <module_name>08:34
Friczymadsen: I doesn't hide any partition.08:35
=== MikeAFK is now known as MikeGTN
madsenFriczy: Hmm, that's really odd...08:35
Friczymadsen: yes, it is.08:35
madsenMikeGTN: Hehe, tell #lemmings hello from me. :)08:35
=== orospakr [~orospakr@ip-] has joined #ubuntu
MikeGTNhi madsen08:36
Friczymadsen: I have 3 disks and only the first where installer doesn' see anything08:36
madsenMikeGTN: :)08:36
IskanjeHow do I know the module name?08:36
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
madsenIskanje: Good question... What card is it?08:36
IskanjeDevice manager shows Standard Microsystems Corp...08:37
madsenFriczy: I'm lost, I have no clue what so ever... :(08:37
Iskanje83c170 EPIC/10008:37
Friczymadsen: ok. I write a letter to the list, perhaps someone gives a solution08:37
madsenIskanje: Hmm... Hang on...08:37
madsenFriczy: I hope...08:37
IskanjeProbably epic100?08:38
IskanjeIt's loaded08:38
madsenIskanje: Oh, good!08:38
FriczyIskanje: ifconfig eth0 tells anything?08:38
madsenIskanje: --^08:38
skeffFriczy, should I symlink java libs also to get that silly plugin working? Why doesn't alien do this for me?08:39
(stvn/#ubuntu) hello, how does one enable the tv-out on a radeon card in warty?08:39
Iskanjeifconfig looks normal..08:39
Friczyskeff: why want to use alien?08:39
=== osiris_22 [~osiris@] has joined #ubuntu
madsenActually, I had/have a weird experience with Ubuntu... All other OS's detect my normal NIC as eth0 and my wifi as eth1, but Ubuntu did the reverse... (?)08:39
skeffFriczy, when I got the JRE.rpm from Sun's site08:40
Friczyfrom tgz or .bin it is better I think08:40
madsenIskanje: try `sudo ifup eth0`08:40
skeffFriczy, heh, that's the point, they'll do the same thing..08:40
FriczyIskanje: do you see a normal ip address in ifconfig?08:40
Iskanje"Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0"08:40
madsenIskanje: Hmm...08:41
madsenIskanje: cat /etc/networking/interfaces08:41
madsenIskanje: Actually that should be `cat /etc/network/interfaces`08:41
=== iz [~iz@] has joined #ubuntu
RuffianSoldieracorn-fdisk - Partition editor for Acorn/RISC OS machines08:42
IskanjeThere's only loopback.. how  do I add?08:42
RuffianSoldierwhy do they put that in univers08:42
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-68-77.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
FriczyIskanje: auto eth008:42
FriczyIskanje: do you have dhcp server?08:43
madsenIskanje: Computer -> System Configuration -> Networking if you want to do it the gui way.08:43
madsenFriczy: Most people do these days... :)08:43
Iskanjeauto eth0 doesn't work..?08:43
madsenIskanje: Did you restart the network?08:43
RuffianSoldieranyone here used Linux Disk Editor?08:44
FriczyIskanje: no, it is not enough, you have to write at least one mor line :)08:44
IskanjeIt doesn't start..08:44
madsenIskanje: Try adding: iface eth0 inet dhcp   as well08:44
FriczyIskanje: in /etc/network/interfaces file08:44
madsenFriczy: Hehe, we make a good support team. :)08:44
Friczymadsen: yes but I can support only debian-style :)08:45
madsenFriczy: Same here. :)08:45
Friczybecause the installation problem08:45
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3k9b.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Friczyinteresting, because I could install ubuntu to my notebook at my workplace08:45
madsenFriczy: Oh, that way... Well, good thing that Ubuntu is Deb based then...08:45
Friczymadsen: yes, but I am courious to see ubuntu from scratch on my desktop08:46
IskanjeOke, now I got it up.. the next is PPPoE..?08:46
Friczyso I dont want to upgrade my Debian to ubuntu08:46
madsenFriczy: Yeah, I took it from scratch as well...08:46
madsenIskanje: Hmm, you on dialup?08:47
=== bogl [~bogl@82-36-120-146.cable.ubr04.king.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
madsenIskanje: Well, then try to ping google.com08:47
madsenIskanje: Or just visit a website or something. :)08:48
=== sulkd [~henry@194-144-124-151.xdsl.is] has joined #ubuntu
IskanjeI haven't set up PPPoE.. How do I do that?08:48
FriczyIskanje: are you sure you need it?08:49
Friczydont you have a dsl router?08:49
madsenIskanje: And have you tried pinging google?08:49
IskanjeYes, but "dialling" is still needed08:49
Iskanjeno ping08:49
madsenIskanje: Sorry, I can't help you there. :/08:50
FriczyIskanje: if you have a dsl router then you dont need pppoe.08:50
sulkdsomeone dist-upgraded hoary today? nautilus is crashing at startup for me08:50
Plukit isnt that stable for me too08:50
Friczyif you dont have and this machine will connect directly to internet then you need pppoeconf08:51
madsensulkd: I did... I have no problems...08:51
Iskanjeaha, thanx, that's just what I need, pppoeconf -- working on it08:52
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=== Gman [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== gnuyen [~gnuyen@68-232-251-10.lmdaca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
sulkdmaybe I have to restart my X or something.. might be a stale bonobo orb or something08:53
ironwolfgaim urgent notification doesn't appear to work under ubuntu-desktop.  Any clues?08:53
=== Rod [Rod@cp233117-a.venlo1.lb.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
gnuyenHi, why would someone use ubuntu instead of stock debian?08:53
=== rcc [~rcc@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
Rodi installed ubuntu succesfully on a p733 with regular hardware. Now I have a brand new computer, and I cant get the network running08:54
boglgnuyen: in my experience, it simply works!08:54
(stvn/#ubuntu) alt-108:54
Rodlsmod shows that forcedeth is loaded, which is the network module08:54
Rodbut it cant ping08:54
gnuyenso ease of use is higher?08:54
Rodand dhclient says the packet sizes are to big08:54
boglI think it makes a better job of most things than xandros, which I as a medium level geek found to be pretty good08:54
Rodbut /etc/resolv.conf took the right things... it took lb.home.venlo.nl, which is exactly what im using08:55
Rodi dont know what to do anymore08:55
gnuyenI'm a long time debian user, but when I got this laptop I decided to try out fedora core 1 to see if it had gotten better since redhat 6.1, and have sort of kept upgrading to fc3, and I sort of hate it08:55
Rodthe network card is on a asus k8n motherboard08:55
gnuyenI really like debian, but I hear good things about ubuntu, but thats the logic i used to install fedora08:55
mirakgnuyen: then install debian08:55
boglAnyone able to help with a USB HDD problem?08:56
Rodifup shows also the network being present08:56
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
gnuyenSo I'm just wondering what makes ubuntu better08:56
Rodstill no network08:56
ironwolfgnuyen: improved hardware support, and gnome 2.8, more uptodate than debian are the advantages.08:56
boglagreed with ironwolf08:56
gnuyenso it's more up to date than unstable debian?08:56
madsengnuyen: I installed Ubuntu yesterday, came from Debian... I like Ubuntu, even though it's a bit more "user-friendly" than Debian and I don't get to hack as much as I like. :)08:56
gnuyenthat's pretty good08:56
=== sulkd [~henry@194-144-124-151.xdsl.is] has joined #ubuntu
RodI hope I can also add that the ppl in this channel for ubuntu are great :s08:56
Roddepends if they help me out or not :s08:57
Rodnot sure if I give all the right information08:57
Tomcat_I finally found something I don't like in Ubuntu...08:57
ironwolfgnuyen: I like it better for desktop operations.  It's really, really slick.  Best bet is to try the "live CD" if you like it install it, if not, grab Debian.08:57
gnuyenAs a gnome developer I'd like quicker gnome releases08:57
sulkdthat was it.. restarted X and gnome and nautilus is a-ok08:57
mirakI don't know why, but when I dist-upgrade, apt always want to upgrade  libwxbase2.4 libwxgtk2.4 even if they are already installed08:57
=== IRCMonkey [~chatzilla@client-82-3-247-66.glfd.adsl.virgin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== RubenV [~lambda1@kn-res.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tomcat_I wanted to remove gaim and evolution... then it forces me to remove ubuntu-desktop as well, which is probably bad.08:57
mirakand the last version08:57
madsengnuyen: Debian sid is overrated... There's still no Firefox 1.0 there...08:57
PlukTomcat_, you can do that without problem08:57
ironwolfremoving ubuntu-desktop causes no harm.08:57
Rodmaybe firefox is overrated madsen ;-)08:57
madsenTomcat_: Hmm, that sucks, since removing Evo, Gaim and Xchat was my next task. :/08:57
IskanjeAllright, got it connected - thx. I'll now check if it comes up at boot08:57
Plukubuntu-desktop is a container for other packages to install08:57
=== RubenV wonders when tomboy will get into hoary
mirakmadsen: but there is the debian menu and kde apps in the menu08:58
Tomcat_Pluk: Yes, it's only a metapackage, but it messes with the package management in my head. :)08:58
madsenRod: No, I like my Live Bookmarks and they're not in 0.9.308:58
boglI can't get a USB HDD to be made writable:08:58
boglmy fstab reads /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbdisk vfat noauto,users,rw,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 008:58
IRCMonkeyDoes anyone know how can I get the list of the supported packages?08:58
madsenmirak: ?08:58
IRCMonkey(I haven't got Internet access from Ubunto at the moment)08:58
boglit mounts, readable, copyable but not writable, even as root08:58
Tomcat_Pluk: Because usually I remove a program, run deborphan, then remove the new orphaned packages, run deborphan, etc... when I remove ubuntu-desktop, I get 5 pages full of orphaned packages. :)08:58
RubenVIRCMonkey: everything with an ubuntu logo next to it in synaptic08:58
IRCMonkeyircmonkey = mozillla's default nick08:59
sulkdIRCMonkey, I dunno.. aptitude search * ?08:59
IRCMonkeyWithout having to boot into Ubuntu08:59
Tomcat_Pluk: So I'd rather leave evolution and gaim untouched and have a good packages system. :] 08:59
Plukbogl, try instead of rw umask=00008:59
IRCMonkeyI haven't got Internet connection from Linux ATM08:59
=== Slackman [~mase@81-178-232-114.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
boglpluk: thanks for that, will give it a go09:00
IRCMonkeySo I'd like to find out and download some packages without having to reboot 3 or 4 times09:00
skeffIRCMonkey, just check out the online package catalog at gento.. oh no ahaha..this isn't gentoo..I'm ..so stupid.hehe09:00
gnuyendoes the ipw2100 (centrino) driver work in ubuntu out of the box?09:01
Rodwhat info do you need to be able to tell why I cant connect to the internet?09:01
madsenskeff: yeah09:01
skeffX-D I love you guys09:01
IRCMonkeyJust the list of supported packages (I assume the list of unsupported packages is more or less the same as Debian's unstable branch)09:01
IRCMonkeyI can't connect 'cos I have an unsupported DSL modem09:01
=== carlos_ [~carlos@] has joined #ubuntu
RuffianSoldierMy Desktop: http://img95.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img95&image=Ubuntu.jpg09:02
Rodif' ve never seen a more ugly screenshot than that RuffianSoldier !!!09:03
RuffianSoldierRod, wtf are you talking about?09:03
IRCMonkeyI liked it :)09:03
RuffianSoldierTHank you09:03
RuffianSoldierThat is a pic of a field next to my house09:03
RuffianSoldierand I added the Ubuntu logo09:03
skeffoh that reminds me, the Take Screenshot functionality in Gnome disappeared, I think at the time I upgraded from warty to hoary.. how do I get it back?09:03
Rodis there a iso available of hoary? maybe that will get the network running09:04
RuffianSoldierskeff, try apt-cache searching for it09:04
madsenskeff: You can load a "take screenshot" applet.09:04
skeffmadsen, no it doesn't work, it can't find gnome-screenshot or something09:04
sulkdskeff, you can just hit the "print screen" key on your keyboard09:05
madsensulkd: _that_ doesn't work for me, even though I've reconfigured the shortcut.09:05
skeffhehe you guys..you crack me: result of pressing Print Screen: "Failed to execute child process "gnome-panel-screenshot" (No such file or directory)."09:05
Rodif i take the amd64 ISO instead, will the network work?09:06
Rodi now used the i386 for my amd6409:06
Plukim running ubuntu-amd64 on my comp09:06
sulkdskeff: seems the screenshot thingie fell out of the gnome-panel package.. I don't seem to have it anymore either :] 09:06
skeffsulkd, :/09:06
Plukwith working networking :)09:07
topyliRuffianSoldier: does the little debian thingy on your top panel mean you have debian menus working?09:07
skeffAny tips on how I can search for wireless networks?09:07
RuffianSoldierIt means I put a Debian logo in the corner09:07
=== mtl [mtl@a80-186-92-200.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Plukskeff, install wavemon09:07
skeffPluk, thanks09:07
madsenskeff: iwlist eth1 scanning09:07
madsenskeff: or whatever your wifi is called09:08
skeffmadsen, interface doesn't support scanning it says, and yes, eth1 is wireless09:08
=== timte [~timte@h129n2fls32o984.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
topyliRuffianSoldier: no, the debian logo next to the mini-commander looks like a menu09:08
madsenskeff: Then either it doesn't support scanning or it can't find anything...09:08
IRCMonkeyAlright, I'm booting into Ubuntu09:08
skeffmadsen, what? EITHER!?09:08
RuffianSoldiertopyli, thats a popdown menu, and I just changed the Icon'09:09
RuffianSoldierit has Firefox, XChat, and Gaim09:09
topyliok, i was hoping someone knows how to enable debian menus :909:09
madsenskeff: You could install imagemagick and then make a launcher that launches `import -window root ~/screenshot.jpg`.09:09
RubenVtopyli: install debian09:09
madsenskeff: Yes, either...09:09
=== rcc [~rcc@] has joined #ubuntu
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) or mandrake :-P09:10
RubenVone of the best features of ubuntu is the lack of that horrible menu09:10
topyliRubenV: that's a pretty sure recipe09:10
RubenVthere are voices raised about removing the debian menu alltogether09:10
skeffmadsen, I would rather bitch about package inconsistency until that gets fixed.. I should file a bug I think..where?09:10
madsenskeff: You can try `ifup eth1; ifdown eth1` and then `iwlist eth1 scanning`. Or take a look at `iwconfig`09:10
topyliRubenV: i know. i don't think it will pass easily09:11
madsenskeff: Well, then bitch as you like, but the imagemagick thing is actually smarter, 'cause it won't give you that annoying popup asking if you want to save the shot.09:11
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
madsenskeff: I use a bash-function I've hacked myself to dump the screen and upload the image to my webserver.09:12
madsenskeff: ... via ssh. :)09:13
=== EscN0W [~EscN0W@UBR-cpe-68.nat-pool.kg.sbb.co.yu] has joined #ubuntu
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) madsen: are you a Hacker?09:13
madsenskeff: It also creates a thumbnail... Serverside. :) Mmm...09:13
EscN0Wdoes ubuntu 4.10 have sr_CS locale support in glibc and which version of glibc is included?09:13
=== bogl [~bogl@82-36-120-146.cable.ubr04.king.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
madsenGammaRay: Yeah, semi-hacker as oposed to 'cracker'.09:14
sulkdskeff, https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=355609:14
(GammaRay/#ubuntu) madsen: salted?09:14
=== Slackman [~mase@81-178-232-114.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
madsenGammaRay: Yes please. :)09:14
sulkdskeff, next time they release gnome-utils package, it should show up again09:14
skeffploum, wavemon says it can't find a wireless interface..?09:14
skeffsorry.. Pluk , wavemon says it can't find a wireless interface..?09:14
=== skeff_ [~skeff@s167a.studby.ntnu.no] has joined #ubuntu
skeff_Pluk, wavemon says it can't find a wireless interface..?09:14
madsenskeff_: Then you probably haven't configured it to the right interface...09:15
madsenskeff_: Does it use eth1?09:15
skeff_madsen, who knows :)09:15
=== skeff_ is now known as skeff
boglI've messed up my cupsd.conf in an attempt to share my printer as per the wiki instructions - now I'm getting /etc/init.d/cupsys restart09:15
madsenskeff: Well, you're the one using it, so I guess "you".09:15
sulkdskeff: do dmesg | less and look for your wifi09:16
=== dablitz [~dablitz@h66-59-186-113.gtconnect.net] has joined #ubuntu
boglsorry, the error is Unable to read configuration file '/etc/cups/cupsd.conf' - exiting!09:16
skeffomg, this line: "hermes @ MEM 0xf0c4f000: Error -16 issuing command." takes up entire dmesg buffer.. I have a Prism2.5 Hermes wifi device or something..09:16
=== StevenR [~foo@82-41-30-69.cable.ubr04.edin.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
madsenskeff: Well, maybe that's your problem...09:17
skeffyes it is.. how long can I live in this distro09:17
=== reddazz_ [~vusi@host81-129-82-183.range81-129.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
madsenOne good thing about synaptic over cmd-line apt... It's way easier to remove residual configs...09:18
Plukthat isnt a distro problem.. its a kernel problem09:19
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
reddazz_does anyone know of any articles that can help me create debian packages09:19
madsen'COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l | grep ^rc | awk {'print $1'} | xargs dpkg --purge' was pretty ugly.09:19
dablitzI have a question I hope someone can help me.09:19
=== mtl [mtl@a80-186-92-200.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== Riggwelter [~ogley@host81-134-247-64.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #Ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== RQ [~rq@] has joined #ubuntu
madsendablitz: fire away, no help guaranteed though...09:20
dablitzI don't know who is familliar with vdr, but I am running it with 2 Hauppauge nexus-s cards, serving 2 seperate tv's09:20
dablitzon differnet channels09:20
RQjust wanted to know wether ubuntu includes wine by default?09:20
boglIs it as simple as getting the cupsd.conf Ubuntu starts with & sticking that in?09:20
dablitzmy problem is the the remotes are both using /dev/null and need them using /dev/input/event0 and even109:20
dablitzbut am having problems with the MAKEDEV09:21
kentRQ, no you will have to install it with synaptic or apt. Buts a very easy installation. Just a few clicks.09:21
skeffWhere do I set which modules are loaded on boot?09:21
dablitzdoes anyone have any ideas09:21
sulkdMODULE_DESCRIPTION("Low-level driver helper for Lucent Hermes chipset and Prism II HFA384x wireless MAC controller");09:21
sulkdMODULE_AUTHOR("Pavel Roskin <proski@gnu.org>"09:21
sulkd" & David Gibson <hermes@gibson.dropbear.id.au>");09:21
RQkent, is it in oficial ubuntu packages, or in that another repo?09:21
sulkdskeff, try sending mail to those guys09:21
EscN0Wwhere I can wind list of sowtware items in ubuntu distro?09:22
skeffsulkd, thanks but it's working now, who knows why09:22
RQkent, ?09:22
dablitzI went into /var/log/messeges and the only thing I can see is they are both using /dev/null09:22
StevenRi have some basic questions about ubuntu, which i haven't found from other sources. 1) Does it come with KDE (or is it easy to add it)? 2) What sort of init system does it use (SysV/BSD)? 3) It's based on debian (?) so can i use apt/frontends to apt to add and remove software?. 4) What sort of tools does it come with for system administration (gui/ncurses/other)? 5) What platform are the packages built for(i486? i586?). 6) How co09:22
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-66.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
RQanother thing then - how mixable are ubuntu packages with debian packages?09:23
=== am285 [~andreasm@] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolfStevenR: apt-get install kde, yes it works. SysV startup, apt-get frontends *synaptic package manager is loaded by default*... lots, see liveCD, lots see Universe in archive09:24
=== encryptio [~encryptio@user-119a28l.biz.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
sulkdskeff: btw.. gnome-panel-screenshot just disappeared because they are moving it from the gnome-panel package to gnome-utils.. it will re-appear next time they release a new gnome-utils package :] 09:24
ironwolfRQ: it's possible, but not advisable, and can result in unexpected/broken results.09:24
osiris_22can rpms be used in ubuntu?09:25
StevenRironwolf: "Universe in archive"?09:25
RQso are there official packages for WINE or would i need to take that from debian?09:25
EscN0Wdoes ubuntu vcome with developement platform (gcc, nasm, etc for source compilation)?09:25
dablitzmadsen any ideas09:26
ironwolfUniverse in archive yes.  Multiverse also exists.  Multiverse has things like mplayer in it.09:26
sulkdRO: you can get unofficial (that still build and work ok) wine packages via the universe repository..09:26
=== Eon| [~borg@dsl-roigw1pdf.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
RQok i see09:26
osiris_22this guy on judge judy read his gf diery and it said he was bad in bed so he decided to sue her09:26
ironwolfStevenR: sorry, are you familiar with Debian? if so /etc/apt/souces.list has commented out entries for Universe in it by default.09:27
osiris_22im laughen so hard09:27
StevenRironwolf: what archive is this?09:27
skeffsulkd, thanks for the info09:27
RQsee, there's a teacher from one school who asked me to suggest him some "linux version"09:27
sulkdskeff :] 09:27
RQand he said they would want to run encarta on it09:27
=== mtl [mtl@a80-186-92-200.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
RQand some other windoze apps09:27
RQand his server runs debian09:27
RQso i'm thinking that maybe ubuntu is OK09:27
RQmaybe not... dunno...09:28
=== Baltor [~epatterso@cs6668152-143.austin.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolfdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty universe09:28
ironwolfdeb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty universe09:28
StevenRironwolf: no, i've never used debian really. my linxu route is RH suse gentoo slackware. I'm looking into ubuntu out of mainly curiousity possibly to install on a spare machine09:28
ironwolf<--- for StevenR09:28
dablitzironwolf where is the Mulitvers09:28
madsendablitz: Sorry, no... It's not a subject I'm very much into. Sorry. :/09:28
=== reddazz_ [~vusi@host81-129-82-183.range81-129.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
dablitzthanks any madsen09:28
=== ironwolf points dablitz to Heinlein. :)
ironwolfdablitz: /etc/apt/sources.list change universe to multiverse.09:29
dablitzthanks ironwolf09:29
ironwolfdablitz: original reference to multiverse. :)09:29
StovePipeWhat about the Underverse?09:30
=== yz [~yz@] has joined #ubuntu
=== StovePipe is now known as BrokenPipe
StevenRironwolf: what are the deb bits on those links you gave me?09:31
IskanjeAnother ?... How do I change the resolution of the GDM login screen?09:31
madsenIskanje: I think that follows the X setup.09:32
madsenGotta reboot. (New kernel.) Brb!09:32
StevenRironwolf: what arch is the base system compiled for? i586? i386?09:32
IskanjeWell.. On desktop I can define the resolution, but not on GDM..09:32
ironwolfStevenR: base is i386, things what be multimedia are i586 i386 ik6 etc.09:33
ironwolfStevenR: yes, those bits in your /etc/apt/sources.list will give you "the universe"09:33
boglCan I fix cups by deleting etc/cups & reinstalling?09:34
ironwolfStovePipe: sshhh.. underverse is our little secret. :)09:34
StevenRironwolf: i dont have ubuntu yet, just browsing the packages files in the tree. I'm doing my research before installing anything09:34
ironwolfbogl apt-get --purge remove cups09:34
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolfStevenR: download the LiveCD, testdrive it.  You need not install it to run it... :)09:35
ironwolfStevenR: very. :)09:35
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-9-131.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== Gwildor_ [~gwildor@adsl-68-255-163-228.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ruben003 [~ruben003@cc34909-a.groni1.gr.home.nl] has left #ubuntu []
(stvn/#ubuntu) has anyone managed to get TV-out on a radeon in ubuntu?09:38
=== mass_ [~akuma@] has joined #ubuntu
=== x4m [~max@142.159-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
dablitzdoes anyone know how I would create a /dev/null109:40
osiris_22ubuntu probablyb wouldnt see my microsoft pcmcia wireless lan card will it?09:42
StevenRironwolf: thanks for all the info, very helpful :)09:42
dablitzosiris_22 you can try ndiswrapper09:42
=== cecile_ [~cecile@lyon-2-62-147-22-125.dial.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
dablitzi have my broadcom running that way09:43
osiris_22im not to linux savy to get it working lmao09:43
=== narx|ubuntu [~narxzilla@nclogin.unipi.it] has joined #ubuntu
narx|ubuntuhi, i have a question for ya all09:44
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolfStevenR: We're here to help.09:44
ironwolfnarx: ask away.09:44
Riddellhi StevenR09:45
RiddellStevenR: you can add KDE but it's not the newest version09:45
StevenRhi Riddell  :)09:45
narx|ubuntumy network configuration is perfect (or it just seem so..) but i cannot resolve any name09:45
mirakmadsen: ?09:45
StevenRRiddell: o :)09:45
RiddellStevenR: I have some KDE 3.3 packages09:46
narx|ubuntui receive my ip via dhcp and if i use the "live" ubuntu it works ok09:46
StevenRRiddell: i dont have ubuntu yet, still running slackware atm. doin some research09:46
narx|ubuntuany idea?09:46
RQone more question. How soon should i expect ubuntu CD's?09:47
RQi ordered a bunch of them a month ago maybe09:47
RQif not earlier09:47
narx|ubuntui received the CDs 2 days ago09:48
narx|ubuntuis there a way to install the "live" version to hdd? :)09:48
ironwolfRQ they just shipped.  Expect them this week I think.09:49
=== davinz [~cecile@lyon-2-62-147-22-125.dial.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolfnarx.. Computer-->system configuration-->Networking09:50
narx|ubuntuironwolf: i did it09:50
narx|ubuntuthe files /etc/resolv.conf, the DNS addr and the routing table look ok09:51
ironwolfnarx: goto a terminal window.  $ host www.google.com.09:51
ironwolfwhat's it say?09:51
narx|ubuntubut i cannot ping09:52
narx|ubuntuironwolf: it doesn't work09:52
narx|ubuntuthe strange thing is that the live version works ok09:52
=== cecile_ [~cecile@lyon-2-62-147-22-125.dial.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
narx|ubuntuand i did the default install09:52
narx|ubuntubtw, now i'm on windows.. :|09:53
=== Gerrath [Gerrath@cad5.lifecor.com] has joined #ubuntu
RQironwolf, ok :)09:53
narx|ubuntuironwolf: any idea is appreciated :)09:54
=== qopi [~chatzilla@82-45-235-21.cable.ubr03.camd.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
qopihello people09:56
=== tvon [~tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
qopiwhy doesn't ubuntu shut down my laptop? and what is that X that appears (and stays) in the middle of the screen (until an active window goes over it) everytime I start up?09:57
=== BrokenPipe [~kwayman@sasha.ky13.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== tmp [~tmp@host217-43-44-96.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== EscN0W [~EscN0W@UBR-cpe-68.nat-pool.kg.sbb.co.yu] has left #ubuntu ["Connection]
tmplo guys10:05
=== rcc [~rcc@] has joined #ubuntu
tmpwhe i try to access phpmyadmin ( using http://localhost/phpmyadmin ), firefox asks to save the file , confused ?? any ideas ??10:07
=== tmp needs some help
=== oferw [oferw@HFA62-0-172-68.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
=== bash [~rm-rf@113-40-74.adsl.cust.tie.cl] has joined #ubuntu
kenttmp, becaus you have not configured php correctly?  (that is, if it uses php.  I got that message when i hav'nt configured php)10:11
bashsome one instaler medal of honor on linux ?10:11
tmpok , will check on apache2.conf ...10:11
=== smurfslayer [~smurfslay@dsl-082-082-063-042.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolfqopi: no clue... that sounds really weird.  File a bug maybe?10:14
=== Slipie [Robbert@fia114-78.dsl.hccnet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
SlipieHi there!10:15
=== potajito [~potajito@31.Red-80-35-118.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
potajitodo you know if ubuntu repos are working?all the packages give me 40410:15
potajitothey worked yesterday10:16
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
SlipieDoes anyone know how i can install ubuntu linux with an bootdisk.10:16
qopiironwolf: no clue about the X, i take it?10:16
SlipieMy pc can't boot from cd-rom10:16
qopiironwolf: any idea about the not shutting down thing (is terminates everything, and then just says "power down"10:17
ironwolfqopi: my laptop doesn't powerdown either.  I assume APM/APCI bits.  Hopefully fixed in hoary.10:17
ironwolfqopi: for X? NFC.... sounds really weird.  ask in devel maybe.10:17
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== richo778 [~richo778@69-160-190-144.sbtnvt.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
qopiironwolf: ask in devel? is that another channel?10:18
richo778newbie to ubuntu, I need help, how do I hardware detect my sound card10:19
ironwolfqopi: ask in ubuntu-devel, sounds like an install/config of X problem.  I could be worng10:19
ironwolfricho778: did it not detect by default?10:20
richo778it's a soundblaster card10:20
ironwolfricko778: do you have no sound in some particular app?10:21
=== Majestic|LinuX [~Majestic|@pool-162-83-239-213.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
richo778no sound at all the card didn't detect during install10:21
=== narx|ubuntu is now known as narcisiss
=== Marie-1 [~M@ool-4357d35f.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
richo778is there a "sndconfig" or something like it10:22
=== StevenR [~foo@82-41-30-69.cable.ubr04.edin.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
=== Marie-1 [~M@ool-4357d35f.dyn.optonline.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== digitalc [~dc@adsl-66-51-211-73.dslextreme.com] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolfricho778: what's device manager say?10:23
richo778it has nothing about a sound card10:23
ironwolfricho778: does lspci find it?10:24
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Slipie [Robbert@fia114-78.dsl.hccnet.nl] has left #ubuntu []
=== digitalc [~dc@adsl-66-51-211-73.dslextreme.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
richo778maybe I'll just try re-installing the system again and see if it finds it this time10:25
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-68-77.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-222-13-66.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
richo778thanks for your time Ironwolf I appreciate it10:27
potajitodo you know if ubuntu repositories are working?all the packages give me 40410:28
=== CerBerO_ [~CerBerO@] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolfricho778: is it a PCI or ISA card?10:28
ironwolfricho778: one sec10:29
=== mameluke [~bo@84-72-12-255.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikepotajito : works for me10:30
potajitodoes inkscape work for you?10:31
=== mikelds [~miguel@] has joined #ubuntu
potajitoi want to download it, but it dind't work, so I download the sources, but i neeed some gtk stuff, but it also give 40410:31
=== Faustus [~Mephisto@d142-59-231-163.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
potajitonot my day10:32
ironwolfpotajito: I can get to the archive.10:32
JStrikeDont have Inkscape installed10:32
potajitoironwolf: wart or hoary?10:33
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-179-205-129.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-17-133.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
ploumsomeone called me ?10:34
Matt|hiya. Huge problem. I can't attach files. I've tried in evolution and in gaim so far, and both just crash quick as you like. I believe this is with the recent updates in hoary, but i don't know how long this has been the situation - I can't remember last time i tried to attach a file ;) Any ideas?10:35
ironwolfpotajito: both10:35
ironwolfrich0778: try apt-get install isapnptools10:35
Matt|ok it's def. the new updates, probably nautilus10:35
spacey`kihttp://www.isec.pl/vulnerabilities/isec-0017-binfmt_elf.txt ubuntu kernel already fixed for this?10:36
spacey`kiah it is10:36
pridkettanyone have a prism2 mini pci card working?  mine went wonky recently and ubuntu can't seem to fix it.  I'm getting orinoco_lock() called with hw_unavailable messages in /var/log/messages10:36
richo778it can't find that package10:36
potajitodone ironwolf10:37
potajitoit works10:37
pridkettand as an FYI, it was working fine in Fedora10:37
potajitoi will try apt-get update10:37
richo778ironwolf don't worry about it I'm going to throw in another card and see how that goes10:38
richo778thanks for the help10:38
richo778have a good day10:38
potajitopulg in and plug it put it worked for my scsi controller10:38
potajitonow it works with apt-get update !! ;)10:41
=== ajmitch_ [~ajmitch@c211-28-226-99.chirn1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== jpvcx [~jpvcx@j132017.upc-j.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== melanie [~melanie@d213-103-140-215.cust.tele2.ch] has joined #ubuntu
melaniemy nautilus doesn't work anymore after today's hoary update10:48
JStrikemelanie : And that is to expected when you run a development release10:49
jpvcxmelanie: have you restarted the x server? That fixed it for me.10:50
=== andril [~andril@adsl-3-171-63.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
andrilhello all10:50
melanieJStrike: since now everything worked fine10:50
melaniejpvcx: no, but i'm going to try it, thanks10:50
Matt|melanie, what is the problem?10:51
Matt|ah damn10:51
Matt|jpvcx, what is the problem?10:51
Matt|mebbe it is the same as mine10:51
Matt|perhaps I should have restarted X before filing a bug :(10:52
Matt|Be RiGhT bAcK10:52
defendguinhow is the hedgehog coming?10:52
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=== Matt| deletes bug
Matt|thanks jpape10:54
Matt|thanks jpvcx10:54
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topyliMatt|: how is evolution doing in hoary these days?10:59
Matt|topyli, it's fine11:00
Matt|topyli, i'm thinking of learning how to use a command line email tho11:00
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
topyliMatt|: well, mutt does rock.11:01
topyliwas evolution ever broken to you? it might have been my imap partly11:02
Matt|i use pop so maybe11:02
Matt|how does mutt work?11:02
Matt|i was thinking of setting up some kind of server on my desktop and trying to log in to get my mail11:03
topylidunno, i don't have a hoary box right now. i'm thinking about going back to hoary at work though11:03
topylithat's what i do11:03
Matt|topyli, know of any good howtos?11:03
Matt|simple ones11:03
topylihere's one: install ssh and dovecot, open ssh and imaps ports :)11:04
Matt|i am using sshd on that box11:04
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-21-61.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|what is dovecot?11:04
cardadortopyli: are you able to acess imap on evolution? i cant11:05
=== Slackman [~am@81-178-203-55.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
topylicardador: not on hoary11:05
Matt|oh really11:05
topyliMatt|: it's a small and secure pop/imap server11:05
topyliyeah, i blame evo11:05
Matt|topyli, can it download my other mail?11:05
seb128_cardador: evo version, secure connection ?11:06
seb128_the secure connection support is broken in 2.1.011:06
seb128_turn the secure to never (always works perhaps too, not sure)11:06
topyliMatt|: perhaps via pop11:06
seb128_"whenever possible" is broken11:06
topylioh, seb128_ knows11:06
Matt|topyli, yeah pop is what i use for my email providers11:07
cardadorseb128: i tried that too, it doesnt work11:07
=== josejavier [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Drago [~Drago@pcp08910980pcs.reding01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|topyli, so i could get this dovecot program to get my pop mail and serve everything?11:07
Dragowhats the name for the expirimental ubuntu?11:08
topyliMatt|: fetch with fetchmail, serve with dovecot. dove handles both pop and imap11:08
=== SeFoKumA [~zienaga@114.Red-83-32-219.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Deft [~phil@81-178-101-212.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|Drago, hoary11:08
Dragoahh k11:08
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topyliMatt|: i'm not saying it has to be dovecot. it's just nice and small -> simple and secure11:10
topyliyou don't have thousands of clients anyway do you?11:10
=== Cuga_ [~Cuga_@bsstorfw-inet.burntsand.com] has joined #ubuntu
topylii mean the mail server11:11
Matt|i dunno anything about email11:11
=== asdfv [~chatzilla@213-140-6-112.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Oolong [~swan@70-56-249-212.cdrr.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
topylihuh? i thought you were setting up dovecot :)11:11
=== darkling [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
asdfvi need help11:12
=== birme [~birme@lgh186a.trasnidaren.nu] has joined #ubuntu
asdfvi've just installed ubuntu11:13
asdfvbut it doesn't connect to the web, why?11:13
=== gbrmn [~grant@adsl-69-149-252-202.dsl.ltrkar.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
topyliummmm... hard to say11:13
=== emitrax [~dido@host102-74.pool80183.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu []
asdfveverything works11:14
asdfvonly internet doesn't work11:14
asdfvi have a lan t3 connection11:14
asdfvwith mandrake it was ok11:15
=== melanie [~melanie@d213-103-140-215.cust.tele2.ch] has joined #ubuntu
topylido you mean the web doesn't work? irc seems to work ok :)11:15
asdfvno i'm using win2000(bleah)11:15
topyliah. so you can't connect at all.11:15
melaniemy bluetooth manager does not work anymore. i tried to reinstall but nothing changed. it doesn't start11:15
topyliasdfv: how do you connect?11:16
asdfvwith lan11:16
topyliasdfv: dhcp or static?11:17
Dragonyone know the expocity link to add to the apt sources for ubuntu?11:18
=== ToTo [~ToTo@] has joined #ubuntu
topyliasdfv: is the interface up and looking ok when you do 'ifconfig'?11:18
asdfvmmm...i haven't tried yet11:19
asdfvi'm not very expert11:19
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d3-249.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== AlohaWolf [alohawolf@cpe-24-24-251-219.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
topyliasdfv: if it doesn't show, you should do 'sudo ifup eth0' and see if network comes up and if it shows in 'ifconfig'. if not, 'ifconfig' will show only the "lo" (loopback) device.11:20
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-202-38-128.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
asdfvok i'll try now11:20
=== xuzo_ [~xuzo@81-203-41-66.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ddepiano [~ddepiano@h000f661f3506.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
ddepianohey folks, I'm having a problem with postfix.  I can't get the server to accept any mail sent from outside my network.  The folks in #postfix sent me back here11:22
=== neighborlee is away: He flew the coop.
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) haha11:22
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) ddepiano: that's not nice of them :)11:22
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) ddepiano: what do the logs say11:22
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ddepianoHrdwrBoB: well that's the problem.  The traffic enters my router, gets forwarded to this computer then gets dropped11:23
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) ddepiano: is it listening on the ethernet interface?11:24
ddepianoHrdwrBoB: what do you mean by that?11:24
jpvcxDrago: deb http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/ expocity/11:24
=== usual [~colin@alb-69-202-38-128.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== granlatigo [~granlatig@FW-133-235.go.retevision.es] has joined #ubuntu
ddepianoHrdwrBoB: I can only connect to the server from localhost11:25
granlatigoanyone have problems to connect with a win2k'11:25
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) netstat -an|grep LISTEN|grep 2511:25
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) run that command11:25
ddepianotcp        0      0  *               LISTEN11:26
ddepianotcp6       0      0 ::1:25                  :::*                    LISTEN11:26
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) ahh yep11:26
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) see it's not listening on the external interface11:26
=== birme [birme@chomper.cs.umu.se] has joined #ubuntu
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) if you edit /etc/postfix/master.cf11:26
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
ddepianoso if I change that to my IP it should work?11:26
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) it will have something like localhost:smtp11:27
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) remove the 'localhost' bit11:27
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) save, quit, restart postfix11:27
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) why are you running your own internet mailserver?11:27
sulkdddepiano, take a look at /etc/postfix/main.cf, more specifically the "mynetworks" line11:27
=== triablo [~triablo@host-81-191-63-252.bluecom.no] has joined #ubuntu
ddepianoHrdwrBoB: well I was running qmail because I have extremely low traffic email and I wanted it to go with my low traffic website11:28
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topylitriablo: serious hanging around, with some newbie love involved11:29
usualgreat nautilus is borked in hoary hehe11:29
triablotopyli: that's the way it whould be.11:29
jpvcxusual: restart x server = problem solved11:29
usualjpvcx, ahh ok :)11:29
usualwill do11:29
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=== usual [~colin@alb-69-202-38-128.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Dragojpvcx, thanks11:31
triabloq: i installed fluxbox (because i hate the gnome env) but i can't seem to get it into the list of envirinments at the login screen. how do i put it there?11:31
=== Marcellus_Wallac [~giordy@213-156-52-105.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
ddepianoHrdwrBoB: Dude you just solved a problem I've been working on all day THANKS!11:34
topyligot to go to sleep. when asdfv comes back, please help him/her/it with the static inet connection :)11:34
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3k9b.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) ddepiano: that's ok, glad to help :)11:35
=== xerox [~edi@host229-3.pool8248.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu []
Marcellus_Wallachi, is anybody having problems with gdesklets on hoary?11:35
=== Antares [Antares@ip-7.net-81-220-227.henin.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu
narcisissafter i type "ifconfig eth0 up" i receive this message from the kernel:11:36
narcisissMessage from syslogd@localhost at Mon Nov 22 23:23:40 2004 ...11:36
narcisisslocalhost kernel: Disabling IRQ #23311:36
narcisisswhere 233 is the irq of the eth card11:36
narcisissso i cannot use the net11:36
narcisisshow can i change that irq?11:36
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=== one_2_one [~dgdrg@adslsapo-b4-10-160.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
one_2_oneany one knows where/how i can install mplayer for ppc ?11:45
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=== benjanet [~benja@] has joined #ubuntu
benjanethi do i add an NTFS file system to my ubuntu ?11:50
=== Gmail is now known as Gmail|BRB
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=== knarph [~mattc@kristif.dsl.pdx.spiretech.com] has joined #ubuntu
daveonhow can I install monodevelop on ubuntu?11:53
jdz_benjanet: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AutomaticallyMountMSWindowsPartitions11:54
kensaiIt should be illegal to use windows and more ilegal mounting it on Linux LOL ;)11:55
jdz_kensai: People should be free to do as they wish11:55
usualjdz_, unless it involves supporting bush11:56
jdz_daveon: Have you checked Universe?11:56
kensaijdz_, vahh I was joking I was once a Windows user but now I'm windows free since a year11:56
daveonwhat is universe?11:56
=== asdfv [~chatzilla@213-140-6-112.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== one_2_one want mplayer
jdz_usual: I support people's right to support Bush, even if I did not vote for him myself11:56
=== king_arthur [~chatzilla@adsl-180-36.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
usualjdz_, it's sad I didn't vote at all this time11:57
kensaivah Why vote if democracy is a fantasy?11:57
(HrdwrBoB/#ubuntu) why not vote and then whinge about the result11:57
Cuga_daveon, Universe apt source is basically the rest of the debian unstable branch, gives you few thousand more packages to be installed via apt11:58
asdfvi need help11:58
kensaiHrdwrBoB, Thats why I don't vote and don't whine neither ;)11:58
daveonI've got the getsweaa sources but I still cannot install monodevelop11:58
Cuga_daveon, edit the /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment the lines for universe11:58
asdfvi've just installed ubuntu (before i had mandrake) and somethings don't work11:59
Cuga_asdfv, like?11:59
asdfvi can't login as root11:59
daveonCuga_  could it break any packages?11:59
Cuga_asdfv, if you would have read the notes during the installer, you would know why11:59
jdz_kensai: Heh, well, as they say -- the USA is only one party away from facisism ;)11:59
asdfvwhat do you mean?12:00
Cuga_daveon, its possible12:00

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