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dokoelmo: tetex-bin12:18
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htaccessif there is anyone from cannonical here, has ubuntu been invited to join the Linux Core Consortium?12:21
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) I'm from canonical, but I don't know.12:22
carloshtaccess: that looks like UnitedLinux second try12:28
carlosbut changing Caldera with Progeny and Suse with Mandrake12:29
lupus_will openoffice 2.0 be ready before hoary I wonder12:30
carlosdon't think they will want to invite Ubuntu or any other distribution, a new distribution could "steal" their customers (personal opinion)12:31
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Matt|is it possible to get bashcompletion working with things like "apt-get install" or "killall" and suchlike on ubuntu? or is it something to do with the way you compile the packages?12:50
carlosMatt|: look at /etc/bash_completion.d12:51
Matt|it is very long12:52
Matt|oh no sorry it is empty12:53
Matt|/etc/bash_completion is very long12:53
carloslook at the .d12:53
Matt|nothing in d12:53
carloscarlos@frodo ~ $ ls -l /etc/bash_completion.d/12:53
carlostotal 3212:53
carlos-rw-r--r--  1 root root 5437 2004-06-20 11:23 dpatch_edit_patch12:53
carlos-rw-r--r--  1 root root 2340 2004-02-19 01:16 make_kpkg12:53
carlos-rw-r--r--  1 root root  946 2004-07-23 11:05 pon12:53
carlos-rw-r--r--  1 root root 5702 2004-11-02 17:29 quilt12:53
carlos-rw-r--r--  1 root root 8105 2004-09-30 14:16 subversion12:54
Matt|howdya do that?12:54
carlosI just have those file there12:54
Matt|perhaps this is better in #ubuntu12:54
=== carlos is in hoary
Matt|me too12:55
carlosMatt|: yes, better #ubuntu12:55
seb128you just need to uncomment it in ~/.bashrc IIRC12:56
carlosseb128: it depends on the command12:56
carlosnot all commands have that feature12:57
seb128he was speaking about apt-get install12:57
seb128I guess the include is commented12:57
Matt|could it be this:12:57
Matt|# enable programmable completion features (you don't need to enable12:57
Matt|# this, if it's already enabled in /etc/bash.bashrc).12:57
Matt|#if [ -f /etc/bash_completion ] ; then12:57
Matt|#    . /etc/bash_completion12:57
carlosMatt|: yes12:58
seb128that's it12:58
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(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) warty-release-install-i286.iso01:42
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) heh - ^-- from releases.ubuntu.com apache log... someone's a little hopeful :)01:43
(sladen/#ubuntu-devel) wonder if bochs would compile to 16-bit01:43
(sladen/#ubuntu-devel) run your l33t 64-bit and 32-bit programs on your well-crappy processor01:43
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: still about?02:03
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(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) mdz: yes02:04
jdubelmo: did you get the openoffice source package names from chris halls?02:08
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: uh?02:08
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) last mail I have WRT openoffice is the discussion about syncing/merging it02:09
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) nothing from Chris recently02:09
jdublet's pick and choose ourselves then02:14
jdubwe need to pull in openoffice from experimental02:14
jdubopenoffice.org, openoffice.org-debian-files02:16
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) I thought the conclusion was they were modified and needed merged?02:16
jdubcan they go through mom?02:16
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) I dunno, I think mom only looks at unstable by default - we'd have to ask keybuk to special case them02:17
dokojdub: I already did the merging, please wait until Rene did merge the latest 1.1.2 diffs to the 1.1.3 branch,02:23
jdubdoko: ahr cool, can you track that please?02:25
dokojdub: will do.02:25
=== jdub wobbles with OOo 1.1.3 excitement ;-)
=== robertj fiddles with Update-Manager
jdubwhich rocks harder, dput or dupload?02:28
=== pasc uses ncftp
(chrisa/#ubuntu-devel) infinity got me to use dput and I haven't switched02:40
(chrisa/#ubuntu-devel) Though I seem to have a config for each in ~, now I'm confused02:41
jdubpasc: ncftp? are you french or something?02:45
(pasc/#ubuntu-devel) heh02:45
=== chrisa uses ncftp
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) I use lftp :-P02:47
(chrisa/#ubuntu-devel) People keep telling me to use lftp instead of ncftp02:48
jdublftp is the healthy choice02:48
(chrisa/#ubuntu-devel) Actually, s/People/infinity/. He just doesn't like my software selection in general02:48
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(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: dput02:57
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) chrisa: lftp does everything I ever liked about ncftp and more02:57
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) and it's free02:57
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=== lamont returns
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) spongebob squarepants is, um, interesting.03:06
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) and Kamion is almost certainly asleep, yes?03:06
jdubyo mdz 03:06
jdubmdz: good break?03:06
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) doko: Running /build/buildd/gcc-3.4-3.4.3/src/libjava/testsuite/libjava.lang/lang.exp ...03:07
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) FAIL: StringBuffer_overflow -O3 execution - bytecode->native test03:07
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) just byutw03:07
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) btw03:07
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: fabulous03:11
=== lamont curses at zsh's read test
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) doko: sid gcc-3.4 builds on hoary/ia6403:35
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: here?03:37
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: I need you to fix the permissions on the seed archive03:38
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: patch-24/++revision-lock03:38
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) I think needs to be group-writable03:38
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) I'm getting03:38
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) arch_commit: unable to acquire revision lock (internal error in archive-pfs.c(pfs_lock_revision))03:38
jdubchange all files to group writable and world readable?03:40
jdubwell, i've done that03:41
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(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) gah03:49
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: then you committed a new revision, and I have the same problem03:49
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: is your umask broken?03:49
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: in the other archives, ++revision-lock shows up group-writable by default03:49
jdubumask == 002203:50
spotteranyone else having issues w/ gnomevfs updates?03:50
spottercan't mount smb shares anymore via gnome (still works fine w/ smbmount)03:50
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: should be 00203:51
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: can you fix patch-25 so that I can commit my pending changes?03:52
jdubcan't i just check in again?03:52
jdubtry now03:53
jdub(you can commit nothing)03:53
jdubooh, crashing nautilus03:56
jdubProgram received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.03:57
jdub[Switching to Thread -1226321792 (LWP 13937)] 03:57
jdub0xb76cc5ff in _gnome_vfs_drive_from_corba () from /usr/lib/libgnomevfs-2.so.003:57
spottergnomevfs is screwed up in more ways than one04:01
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) cd ../../../Src/Modules && autoconf pcre.configure.ac >pcre.configure04:03
=== lamont kicks zsh
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: arch_commit: unable to acquire revision lock (internal error in archive-pfs.c(pfs_lock_revision))04:04
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) AM_MAINTAINER_MODE won't do much if the Makefile explicitly invokes autoconf, will it?04:04
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) mdz@chinstrap:/home/warthogs/archives/ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com/seeds/seeds--hoary/seeds--hoary--0 $ ls -l patch-26/++revision-lock/04:04
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) total 404:04
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) drwxr-sr-x 2 jdub warthogs 4096 Nov 23 02:53 +contents04:04
jdub^ to fix the above gnomevfs upgrade issue, just kill gnome-vfs-daemon after upgrading04:04
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: AM_MAINTAINER_MODE will suppress the autoconf-invoking rules which are placed in Makefile.in by automake04:05
jdubmdz: ... how am i going to fix that? :|04:05
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: chmod -R g+w /home/warthogs/archives/ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com/seeds/seeds--hoary/seeds--hoary--0/patch-26/++revision-lock/04:05
=== jdub thought this is what we all laughed at svn about.
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) mdz: ah, ok04:05
jdubber, okay04:05
jdubthat's cheating :)04:06
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) and then fix your umask04:06
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) mount -t msdos -o loop=/dev/loop5 bootdiagnostic.b /tmp/liloboot04:06
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) mount: only root can do that04:06
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) lilo unhappy. :-(04:06
jdubmdz: my umask is 0002 on chinstrap04:06
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) lilo is main?04:07
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) how strange...04:08
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: please chmod g+w /home/warthogs/archives/ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com/seeds/seeds--hoary/seeds--hoary--0/patch-{25,26}04:08
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) ahh, finally04:10
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) * committed ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com/seeds--hoary--0--patch-2704:10
jdubso mcuh bong04:10
jdublet's get lifeless to fix that04:11
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) welcome to arch-land04:11
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Mithrandir: around?04:20
=== lamont doubts it...
jdubelmo: can you do a sync of samba 3.0.8-2 from unstable?04:42
jdubelmo: requires a merge04:42
jdub(need it to fix a gnome-vfs issue)04:42
=== spotter waits patiently for the fix
=== spotter is now known as shaya
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: if it requires a merge.....04:45
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) why not just upload?04:45
(whiprush/#ubuntu-devel) hey jdub, I'm a month or two late, but I'm close to a draft for a review for this weekend if you still want to review my work.04:46
(whiprush/#ubuntu-devel) I'm shooting for a monday morning post US thanksgiving review on ars if things go well.04:46
jdubfire away04:46
jdublamont: thought our merge infrastructure did smarty-pants things04:47
(whiprush/#ubuntu-devel) sorry so late, moved an apartment or two, changed a job, and inbetween laptops. But we've got some good feedback over the past few months. Should turn out well methinks.04:47
jdublamont: i could upload, but it should merge cleanly04:47
jdubwhiprush: fun times :-)04:47
jdubwhiprush: don't mind a bit of momentum press :-)04:47
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: either the ongoing-merge/samba files are correct (and someone just needs to sign/upload), or there is merge work to do...04:48
jdubyay for uploading with dput04:48
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) yes04:48
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) although I had it scripted the other way..04:48
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) script just got a lot shorter04:48
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: or more to the point, what would you like me to do with samba?04:50
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) :-)04:50
jdubwe need 3.0.8-2 from sid04:50
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) or rather, 3.0.8-2ubuntu1?04:50
jdubyeah ;)04:50
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) ok. I'll do that shortly04:50
jdubthat will let gnome-vfs2 go through04:51
shayajdub: this is my problem? with smb gnome-vfs?04:51
jdubshaya: dunno, there are two problems04:51
jdub1. smb won't work at all04:51
jdub2. everything using gnome-vfs will crash until you killall gnome-vfs-daemon04:51
shayajdub: later doesn't seem to be my issue, as I just booted up my laptop04:52
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: verifying that it at least builds before I upload.05:03
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: uploaded.05:08
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) hrm.05:08
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) yeah. uploaded05:08
jdubrocking, thanks :)05:12
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: the output of MOM includes the appropriate dpkg-genchanges flag needed to get a useful .changes file05:18
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(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) mdz: kewl05:19
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> tolkien.freenode.net
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(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: you really here?05:41
jdubmdz, lamont: is ia64 for hoary supported, or just being built for the time being?06:07
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: I think it's a relatively committed feature-goal06:08
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) but it still lacks a few simple things like kernel packages and d-i.. :-)06:08
shayawho runs ia64 in real life as a desktop?06:09
jdubshaya: ubuntu isn't desktop-only.06:09
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) shaya: the gang that is committed to making ia64 work for hoary, of course.06:09
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) I think tomorrow is 'fix postfix' day.06:09
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) there are a few hoary bugs to kill06:10
=== aj reads planet debian and thinks "mako - rhymes with whacko" :)
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) no, it rhymes with wako06:11
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) which is worse?06:11
(tseng/#ubuntu-devel) its waco, my bad.06:12
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) aj: you talking about the baby comment?06:13
(aj/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: that's more the straw that broke the camel's sanity06:15
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) aj: heh06:15
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) aj: mako's cool06:15
(aj/#ubuntu-devel) cool, but craaaazy06:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) aj: you know, I'm not sure _he'd_ refute that... :-)06:17
(aj/#ubuntu-devel) i bet he'd focus on the cool part if he did06:22
fabbionemorning guys06:27
fabbionelamont: hey man06:27
fabbionelamont: i finished phase0 here :-)06:28
fabbioneand i can bootstrap a chroot without any problem06:28
makoaj: actually.. i think getting to vent that stuff on a blog stabalizes me a little :)06:28
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: trying to discern from previous conversations... xlibs-dev* is evil now?06:28
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) evening mako06:29
fabbionelamont: what do you mean?06:29
fabbionehey mako06:29
makofabbione, lamont hey there :)06:29
fabbione(i am still at the first cup of coffee)06:29
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: packages should not build-dep xlibs-dev or xlibs-static-dev or ..., yes?06:29
makofabbione: i'm about to crash :)06:29
fabbionelamont: they shouldn't build-dep on xlibs-dev06:29
=== lamont is close to crash time as well
fabbionelamont: but they can on xlibs-static-dev06:29
makoaj:  there was a funny comment on my blog that was like "dude, i don't get it at all. are you a philosophy major or just nuts"06:29
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: ok.06:29
fabbionelamont: and talking about it, we need to test a full rebuild of main06:30
fabbionelamont: because our buildd didn't catch some FTBFS06:30
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: sigh06:30
mako"actually. i am an award winning philosopher and this is seriously deep shit"06:30
fabbionelamont: and it might be a good idea to do it in parallel06:30
fabbionelamont: with a faster machine than my sparc06:30
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: yeah - we have a few ftbfs right now06:30
fabbionelamont: (that's how i got some of them yesterday)06:30
fabbionelamont: i have 12 of them that are general06:31
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) heimdal and nas are the 2 in the current logs06:31
fabbioneemacs enigmail libgd2-perl libgd2-noxpm-perl screen wvstreams and zsh06:31
fabbionethese are common with debian i think06:32
fabbionethe other few are strictly sparc related06:32
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) ah, you're claiming libgd-gd2-noxpm-perl and libgd-gd2-perl?? cool06:32
fabbioneremember i am checking only main06:32
fabbionelamont: they are just broken from debian too06:32
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) would just about need to be amd64 doing the build, I fear.06:32
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: ah, ok06:32
fabbionelamont: no, i am not claiming any of these06:32
fabbionewhat i mean is that this pkgs fails in ubuntu as they fail in debiqan06:33
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) I mean "claiming that they are X fallout", not claiming them to fix.06:33
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) ah, ok06:33
fabbioneno no.. all the X fallout that i could spot have been fixed06:33
fabbionebut it would be wise to test a rebuild of main06:33
fabbioneto be sure i didn't miss any06:33
fabbioneand amd64 is the best arch to do so06:34
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: heimdal and nas remain06:34
fabbioneare they in main?06:34
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) yes06:34
fabbionei will fix them06:34
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) both can't find X11/Xauth.h06:34
fabbioneok that's easy06:35
fabbionei will take care of them06:35
fabbionejust go and crash in the bed :-)06:35
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: thanks06:37
=== lamont decides to imitate a pumpkin
fabbionelamont: welcome :-)06:38
fabbionelamont: heimdal and nas fixed07:00
shayaisn't macco the place that does collision repair?07:03
shayaor is that aamco?07:03
=== shaya always gets confused
jdublamont: is there any work going on to replace cyrus-sasl? (or, at least in postfix?)07:10
jdublamont: hrm, we should find out what postfix patches apple have done07:12
shayajdub: are the gnomevfs stuff I'm downloading now, good?07:14
jdubsamba's probably upgrading too07:15
jdubif you're getting both, you'll be fine07:15
LathiatAnyone know how to get gdb to ignore a SIGTRAP? it SIGTRAPs on __linuxthreads_create_event() and when i step it kills the program07:15
shayait works07:16
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pittiMorning, folks!07:55
=== fabbione prepares another nas upload
fabbionehey pitti07:59
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dokomorning all!08:40
fabbionemorning doko08:43
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) 'morning08:43
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: pong08:51
fabbioneMithrandir: he went to sleep a while ago08:53
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) oh well, he'll be up at some point.08:53
fabbioneMithrandir: did you have any time to look at the kernel?08:58
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) not yet. Project turn-in deadline friday.09:01
fabbioneno problem :-)09:01
fabbionejust curious09:01
fabbionei am starting phase1 today09:01
fabbionewe are in a pretty good shape09:01
fabbioneonly 11 FTBFS09:01
fabbione2 kernel related09:01
fabbione1 d-i09:02
fabbioneand the others are shared with Debian/Ubuntu09:02
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(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: awake?09:31
pittimdz: oh yes09:31
pittimdz: welcome back! Had a fine holiday?09:31
fabbionehey mdz!09:31
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(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) good morning09:39
=== mdz needs to sleep soon
fabbionemdz: good night :-)09:40
=== fabbione runs another hoary install
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fabbionehey guys10:00
mvo_hi fabbione 10:00
pittiHi mvo_ 10:01
mvo_hi pitti 10:02
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danielsironwolf: DUDE10:03
danielsironwolf: please try changing DefaultDepth 24, to DefaultDepth 1610:03
ironwolfdaniels: DefaultDepth ?10:05
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ironwolfdaniels: dude!10:06
danielsironwolf: in /etc/X11/XF86Config-410:06
danielsironwolf: dude?10:06
ironwolfdaniels: don't you mean xorg.conf?10:07
danielsironwolf: oh, using xorg -- yeah10:07
ironwolfdaniels: DefaultDepth and Driver to s3? s3v? ???10:08
danielsironwolf: DefaultDepth 16, Driver s3v10:08
ironwolfdaniels: I'll let you know tomorrow once he wakes up. :)10:09
ironwolfdaniels: dude...10:10
danielsironwolf: sweet?10:10
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danielsbob2: about as well as your x4010:22
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fabbioneciao enrico 10:45
enricofabbione: ciao!10:49
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fabbionehey seb128 11:13
fabbioneseb128: when do you think you can do that patch to gdm for me?11:13
lupus_daniels, how come libxdamage isn't installed by default?11:13
danielslupus_: because nothing uses it?11:14
lupus_libxdamage1 that is11:14
danielshaving a library that does nothing around is pretty pointless11:14
lupus_ic :)11:14
seb128fabbione: can you remember what the patch should do ? 11:15
fabbioneseb128: sure. Accept an option in the configfile to disable XKeepCrashing11:16
fabbioneseb128: both the script and the internal handler for it11:16
seb128ok, noted on my loooooong todolist11:16
fabbioneok :-)11:16
fabbioneseb128: if you think it can take too long, i can give it a shot11:17
fabbionebut i had rather prefer someone that knows gnome all the way trough to do it11:17
seb128should not be really long, I'll give a try soon11:17
seb128jdub: I'm not sure than bumping the requirement on libsmbclient was needed (we have decided to not bump it on the debian side)11:19
=== rburton [~ross@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== amu [~amu@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsrburton: dude!11:24
rburtonyo daniels 11:24
amuhmm who is our kernel god ? 11:24
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) Herbert Xu11:24
seb128hey rburton 11:25
rburtonhi seb128 11:25
seb128& amu & Kamion & daniels 11:25
lupus_damn composite is slow with nvidia drivers11:25
lupus_does it only work with DRI?11:26
rburtonlupus_: turned on render acceleration?11:26
lupus_got nvidia-drivers installed11:26
rburtonand did you turn on render acceleration?11:26
danielsKamion: 'morning11:27
danielsseb128: hey dude11:27
lupus_if that isn't the default then no11:27
danielslupus_: you need Option "RenderAccel" with the nVidia drivers, I think11:27
daniels(yay nVidia!)11:27
rburton(beta feature, may break, etc)11:27
rburton(works for me)11:27
rburtondaniels: ship Xephyr in ubuntu and i'd love you11:28
danielsrburton: that's otaylor's crack, yah?11:28
rburtonit's mallum's crack11:28
lupus_Option "RenderAccel" "1"11:28
lupus_like that?11:28
rburtonlupus_: i think so, but check the nvidia readme, it documents all the options11:28
danielsoh right, fb-as-root-window11:29
lupus_brb :)11:29
rburtondaniels: xnest re-implemented in kdrive. it's rocking.11:29
danielsrburton: dunno, we'd need to fake out the presence of pkg-config'ed xlibs11:29
=== bitserf [~ljb@222-152-7-99.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsconsider it on my todo, below otaylor's crack11:29
rburtonwow, that unlikely :)11:30
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsIt turns out that this is a Hard Problem. (Because Xlib i18n is screwed11:44
danielsup in ways that I can't describe in a family bugzilla report).11:44
=== daniels cheers otaylor on.
fabbionecan we kindly move support issues to #ubuntu ?11:46
fabbionethat is probably more appropriate than here11:46
danielsfabbione: i presume you mean nvidia?11:49
danielsfabbione: btw, I've been submitting stuff upstream11:52
fabbioneyeah.. i read some irc logs :-)11:54
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsall the XKB stuff has gone upstream, all our ATI patches, a lot of the other-arch stuff11:58
danielsall in all, if they incorporate the stuff I submitted plus linuxwacom.sf.net, our 6.8.2 patchset should be 20,000 lines11:59
danielsdown from 50,000 in 6.8.1, and >300,000 in 4.3.0 :)12:00
daniels(that's with linuxwacom.sf.net disappearing, 6.8.x branch disappearing, the patch from patches/ disappearing, and all the patches I submitted disappearing)12:01
fabbionenot too bad12:27
=== drbyte [~byte@byte.fedora] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
herziseb128: there are still build dependencies missing, so i reopened the bug, let me just add all the info i collect until the package got build so i can attach a patch12:41
seb128herzi: ok, sorry, I've closed it after getting the "g++ is missing"12:41
fabbioneherzi: did you install build-essential?12:42
fabbioneherzi: and then apt-get build-dep gdm ?12:42
seb128herzi:   /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/apt-get --purge $CHROOT_OPTIONS -q -y install libpam0g-dev libgnomeui-dev librsvg2-dev libglade2-dev libwrap0-dev debhelper gettext intltool scrollkeeper libselinux1-dev libattr1-dev libxt-dev libxau-dev libxkbfile-dev12:42
seb128herzi:  libxau-dev libxkbfile-dev are already in the build-deps12:43
herziseb128: not in the one that I got with apt-get source gdm12:45
seb128warty or hoary ?12:45
seb128which version did you get ?12:45
herziwhich is the
seb1282.6.0.4-1ubuntu3 is the current version12:46
seb128your deb-src source is not an hoary one12:47
herzioh, i sourced warty12:47
seb128warty has xfree86 not xorg12:47
seb128so the build-dep are adapted to xfree8612:47
herziyeah, i though i has replaced every "warty" by "hoary" but obviosly i did that on the notebook, not on the desktop, so i left the commented one...12:48
herziso i can go back to #403712:50
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHi sivang 01:10
sivangpitti : Hi, what's up?01:10
pittisivang: currently PostgreSQL again01:10
sivangpitti : ah, debian lovin' ..;-)01:10
pittisivang: well, it's Ubuntu supported, too01:10
pittisivang: and it got a major bug01:10
zulwhats wrong with postgresql?01:11
pittizul: http://bugs.debian.org/28250201:12
pittizul: I already fixed some other (easy) bugs01:12
pittizul: but I cannot reproduce this one01:12
pittizul: I currently prepare a debug version for joeyh to test01:13
herziseb128: can you take a quick look at #4037?01:14
seb128herzi: I've already read it, it's on my list, but I've done anything to turn this build off, dunno for the moment01:15
seb128herzi: due to a missing build-dep ?01:15
herziso it was autodetecting whether to enable xdmcp or not01:17
seb128herzi: thanks, I'll upload a fixed package in a few min01:17
herziyou might want to add --with-xdmcp to debian/rules01:17
herziso it will fail definitely without01:17
seb128herzi: fixed package uploaded, it should be available soon (time to get it built/in the archive)01:25
=== daniels kicks seb128.
danielsseb128: ping on #150601:32
seb128daniels: dude, I've 300 bugs on my list 01:32
danielsthis one's been in your court for like a month :)01:32
seb128daniels: I don't know anything about xkb, I've no opinion on this01:32
danielswould you be happy to try the patch and see if we break anything?01:33
danielsit's not doing anyone much good bitrotting01:33
seb128I'm happy to include the patch if you want yes01:33
seb128is "right tab" different of "alt gr" ?01:34
danielsus-layout keyboards don't have an altgr, they just have two alt keys01:35
seb128I don't have a "right tab"01:35
seb128hard to test01:35
danielsi can test it for you if you like01:35
seb128yes please01:35
danielser, 'right alt', not 'right tab'01:35
danielsbut my right alt is bound to compose anyway ;)01:35
seb128oups, yes01:35
=== Keybuk binds his right control to compose
seb128my window's key is bound to compose :)01:36
Keybukseb128: I use that for Metacity things01:36
KeybukI couldn't work out whether I ever use the right-shift key, but for safety I decided to leave it01:37
KeybukI really never use the right-control; so it was safe to rebind :p01:37
seb128I don't use right-control neither :)01:38
=== trukulo [~mzarza@26.Red-81-45-239.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
rburtonfrom the state of my keyboard, i can say i've never actually pressed right control01:39
seb128hum, why nautilus-cd-burner is not updated in the archive ? Who is supposed to sign the builds ? :)01:39
danielsi've pressed space a lot01:39
danielsjust ask Keybuk01:39
seb128lamont: ?01:39
rburtondaniels: i see i press space with my right thumb01:39
danielsrburton: yeah, me too01:40
danielsin the same spot01:41
rburtonthis is kinda fun01:41
rburtoni press 8 more than the other numbers for some reason. and Z and Q are the only letters without wear01:41
=== rburton stops this now
pittiseb128: according to the gnome-vfs2 changelog you now use the hal patch, right?01:44
pittiseb128: did you notice _any_ difference? I didn't01:44
rburtonpitti: you should be able to tell in the nautilus "computer" window01:45
pittirburton: how?01:45
pittirburton: the icons are all the same01:45
pittirburton: and the behaviour of the mounted drive applets did not change01:46
rburtonhm, maybe that patch didn't get in01:46
rburtonis it really linking to hal ;)01:46
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) the changing of the icons depends on the way you compile hal support01:46
pittirburton: it definitively is in the source package01:46
seb128pitti: me neither01:46
seb128jamesh: ping ?01:47
pittiseb128: I hoped it would resolve the "umount entire drive instead of partitions" issue01:47
pittiseb128: and other bugs01:47
seb128pitti: have you read #3666 ?01:47
pittiseb128: indeed, that's the bug I was aiming at01:48
pittiseb128: IIRC jamesh said something about resolving this with the hal patch01:48
seb128Trying patch debian/patches/06_hal.patch at level 0...success.01:50
seb128in the build log01:50
pittiseb128: I saw that the patch is in, but I do not notice it01:51
seb128pitti: arg01:51
pittiseb128: "notice" == behaviour did not change01:51
seb128pitti: --with-hal missing in the configure options01:51
pittiseb128: ah01:51
seb128I'm rebuilding it01:52
pittiseb128: I'm currnently debugging another g-vfs issue, but it could be solved with the hal patch01:52
pittiseb128: thanks01:52
=== Astharot [~isager@www.zone-h.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: is libzvt not used anymore?01:54
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: going to demote: xdmx, xfree86-common, xserver-xfree86, xserver-xfree86-dbg ... ok?01:55
herzielmo: it's supposed to be deprecated by vte01:55
fabbioneelmo: no01:55
fabbioneelmo: only xserver-xfree86 and xserver-xfree86-dbg01:55
seb128elmo: why ?01:55
=== Lathiat [~lathiat@sweep.bur.st] has left #ubuntu-devel []
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: please add the other two to the appropriate seed then01:55
herziseb128: i might have one more for gnomevfs, but i'm compiling to check now01:55
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: because nothing seems to depend on it anymore, so my scripts want to demote it to universe01:56
seb128herzi: what kind of change ?01:56
fabbioneelmo: i already filed a bug on daniels :-))))01:56
fabbioneelmo: he is our Xorg bitch^Wguy now ;)01:56
danielsyeah, I've got the universe stuff on my things to do list01:56
seb128elmo: oh, it should be fine in universe. I'll check to be sure and let you know01:56
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: thanks01:57
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione/daniels: ok01:57
fabbioneelmo, daniels: nothing will never ever depend on Xdmx01:57
fabbioneelmo: it's a server :-)01:57
fabbionedaniels: i don't mind Xdmx in universe, up to you01:57
herziseb128: a missing module01:58
seb128herzi: smb ?01:58
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) is libgnome-perl really meant to be in supported?01:58
herziguess it's only missing in some file list01:58
seb128herzi: ok, it has been removed on purpose01:58
fabbioneelmo: for xfree86 you can demote also the source to universe01:58
fabbioneelmo: the last upload was done to generate only the 2 servers and "kill" the other packages01:59
herziseb128: can you tell me which purpose?01:59
seb128gnome-vfs2 ( experimental; urgency=low01:59
seb128  * debian/rules:01:59
seb128    + Remove support for cdda, extfs, nntp, tar and vfs-pipe methods,01:59
seb128      all broken. Accidentally fixes crash when trying tar:// URIs01:59
seb128      (closes: #157322).01:59
=== herzi would love to be able to use file:///foo.tar.bz2#bzip2#tar.
seb128herzi: have you already used it, does it work fine ?02:00
herziwill check it02:00
seb128it used to not work fine02:01
seb128and nobody has fixed it afaik02:01
herziobviously we need a better infrastructure to split uri-modules (sftp, http, etc.) from chain-modules (tar, bzip2, gzip, etc.)02:02
herziso noone can try tar:///02:02
herziwill write to gnome-vfs list02:03
seb128perhaps gnome-vfs2 should be splitted02:04
seb128(ueah, it already used to be splitted)02:05
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) do we care about the gnome frontend to debconf?02:07
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: yeah, synaptic invokes it02:08
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) (I believe)02:08
(elmo/#ubuntu-devel) meh, ok02:08
pittiseb128: I recompiled gvfs with --with-hal, but still don't notice any difference :-(02:08
danielselmo: my 'meh' filter just exploded02:08
=== fabbione imagines elmo with a big vacuumclenear on top of archive.u.c
herziseb128: i've got something to tell you in private (no need to flood the chan)02:09
herziis that okay?02:10
seb128pitti: it doesn't build here02:10
seb128herzi: sure02:10
pittiseb128: oops, did fine for me. Odd...02:10
seb128gnome-vfs-hal-mounts.c:42:28: libhal-storage.h: No such file or directory02:10
seb128gnome-vfs-hal-mounts.c:53: error: parse error before "HalStoragePolicy"02:10
pittiseb128: there's probably a missing build-dep02:11
pittiseb128: libhal-storage-dev02:11
seb128the configure is broken so :p02:11
pittiseb128: the hal patch probably doesn't patch configure.ac :)02:12
seb128in fact it does, but since we don't run the auto* ...02:13
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== alerios [~alerios@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128/home/seb128/boulot/paquets/vfs/gnome-vfs2-2.8.3/libgnomevfs/gnome-vfs-hal-mounts.c:292: undefined reference to `hal_storage_policy_new'02:15
seb128libgnomevfs/gnome-vfs-hal-mounts.c:293: undefined reference to `hal_storage_policy_set_icon_mapping'02:15
seb128pitti: you have just added the --enable-hal ?02:16
pittiseb128: oh, I did --with-hal02:16
seb128ok, so you don't have it02:16
pittiseb128: thanks, I try again02:16
pittiseb128: gosh, this requires another full recompile...02:17
seb128let me know if you get it building correctly02:17
seb128I'll get something to eat, I'm starving02:17
pittiseb128: please do that02:17
pittiseb128: I try to build it in the meantime02:17
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
lupus_networkmanager seems to be working noz02:19
lupus_after last hal upgrade02:19
pittilupus_: sounds good :)02:20
pittisjoerd: still here?02:23
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) i hate transatlantic flights02:24
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: yeah02:24
pittisjoerd: pmount itself works fine if the mount point is already present02:24
pittisjoerd: so I assume you mean pmount-hal?02:24
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) if that's what does the choosing stuff02:25
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: didn't know where exactly you implemented it :)02:25
pittisjoerd: hmm, now I have to implement the mount point checking again in shell...02:25
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) why did you implement it in pmount-hal and not in pmount itself ?02:26
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) it does make sense for pmount too or ?02:26
pittisjoerd: because pmount itself does not _choose_ a mountpoint02:26
pittisjoerd: you either give it a label or not02:26
pittisjoerd: pmount will accept valid mount points and reject invalid ones02:27
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) ah02:27
pittisjoerd: choosing the mount point name is done by looking at the HAL properties02:27
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) i thought you changed that, that the label was ``just'' a suggestion02:27
pittisjoerd: it is02:27
pittisjoerd: but only if pmount falls back to mount02:27
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) ah02:27
pittisjoerd: it is still used if pmount does not fall back 02:27
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) why not also regard it as a suggestion when not falling back ?02:28
pittisjoerd: because then you would end up mounting it as /media/sda1 again02:29
pittiI regard guessing new mount points in pmount proper bad02:30
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) not necessarily02:30
pittipmount should be predictable02:30
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) you, but with the falling back to fstab it's already not predictable02:30
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) s/you/yeah/02:30
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) if you want to implement the mounpoint checking in pmount-hal too, that's just fine with me :)02:31
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) just seems cleaner and easier to do it in pmount itself02:31
pittisjoerd: you mean the mount point enumeration?02:31
pittisjoerd: hmm, I'm not sure about that02:31
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) yes02:31
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) when not doing the suggested one, at least take the suggestion into account seems nice02:33
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) pmount already isn't predictable anymore, because you fall back to mount sometimes.. so02:33
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: just think about it and tell why it's a bad idea sometime later :)02:34
=== sjoerd goes on reading school stuff
pittisjoerd: the mount point behaviour was predictable until I changed it to be ignored for mount fallback02:35
pittisjoerd: remember who wanted that feature? :)02:35
=== sjoerd whistles
pittisjoerd: btw, what was this good for in the first place?02:35
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) you agreed to it btw :)02:35
pittisjoerd: of course I did02:35
pittisjoerd: but my mind is a sieve02:36
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) because if that feature isn't there, pmount-hal or g-v-m must search the device in fstab02:36
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) and if it's in there not pass a label to pmount02:36
=== herzi [~herzi@d059205.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti remembers
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) my suggestion was to just change the label to a ``suggestion'', which fits in this model02:37
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) for some reason i always remember the stupid details ;)02:39
pittinice to have somebody who does02:39
herziseb128: thanks for the gdm fix, no I can happily log into my server :)02:42
seb128you're welcome ;-)02:43
seb128pitti: ok, runnin the autogen.sh fixes the issue02:43
pittiseb128: the problem is that LIBGNOMEVFSDAEMON_LIBS does not include -lhal-storage02:44
pittiseb128: oh, does it?02:44
pittiseb128: I just tried autoreconf, which fails02:44
fabbionethis is interesting02:45
fabbionedaniels: you around?02:46
fabbionedaniels: i binded an xserver kbd and mouse to /dev/null02:46
fabbionethe DPMS turned off the screen02:46
fabbioneall of a sudden it woke up again02:47
danielser yeah, that's probably the bug I've fixed02:47
=== lemsx1 [~lemsx1@xd84b58f2.ip.e-nt.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionelike if /dev/null was pushing data02:47
fabbionebut not the real server with real kbd and mouse02:47
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: have you fixed the dpms randomly blanking thing yet?02:48
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) and if not, why not?02:48
fabbionehey thom02:49
fabbionearen't you supposed to be in holidays?02:49
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) hello02:49
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) got back an hour ago02:49
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) hi thom02:49
fabbionethom: did you have fun?02:50
pittiWelcome back, thom02:50
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: lots, thanks02:50
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) yo thom02:50
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) and i didn't lose all my money in vegas, either02:50
fabbionethom: ehehhe02:50
danielsthom: already fixed02:50
fabbionethom: isn't time to fix thunderbird?02:50
seb128pitti: ok, much better :)02:50
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: eh?02:50
=== zul [~chuck@zul.developer.gentoo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionethom: you are back for an entire hour and still no uploads :-)02:50
pittiseb128: does it actually make a difference now?02:51
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: it's a mozilla product, it's broken inherently02:51
fabbionethom: thunderbird keeps crashing on me02:51
seb128pitti: with the patch I've the drive capacity and better names02:51
fabbionethom: ehehhe02:51
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: dude, i have 4500 messages in my inbox02:51
seb128pitti: in computer:///02:51
=== Mithrandir whacks fabbione gently
fabbionethom: only?02:51
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: my INBOX. my mail is filtered02:51
pittiseb128: any difference in the drive applet?02:51
fabbionethom: dude.. take your time as usual :P02:51
pittiseb128: can you eject entire devices now?02:51
fabbionethom: just teasing you...02:51
seb128pitti: I've not add time to test yet, I'll upload the package first02:51
pittiseb128: fine, give it to us! :02:52
=== thom sticks his tongue out at fabi
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) o02:52
pittiseb128: s/:/:)/02:52
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHi sabdfl, how are you02:52
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) so what excitement have i missed? (if any ;P )02:52
=== fabbione grabs thom's tongue with the fingers and start pulling thom around :P
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) thom: you missed scott cooking up a storm02:52
sabdflpitti: well thanks!02:53
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) that's been the most exciting thing all week02:53
danielsthom: you missed a transfer of X maintainership02:53
fabbionehey sabdfl 02:53
sabdflfabbione! 02:53
pittithom: and you might have missed X.org :)02:53
danielsthom: and the discovery of a hotel that serves muffins for breakfast02:53
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: no, i've got xorg02:53
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) :-)02:53
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) man02:53
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: did you firebomb it?02:53
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) that was the most awesome discovery ever02:53
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) that is the only correct response for people claiming muffins are a breakfast product02:54
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) they also serve cold ham as a breakfast product02:54
danielsthom: i've already removed the HorizSync/VertRefresh stuff, fixed DPMS, pushed ~25,000 lines of patches upstream, grabbed many other fixes (including the patch for every Radeon problem, ever), and yeah02:54
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) that's far wronger02:54
pittithom: what's wrong with muffins for breakfast?02:54
danielsthom: oh, I thought you meant X, not the K+K :)02:54
fabbionedaniels: removed what?02:54
danielsfabbione: HorizSync/VertRefresh02:55
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: english people don't like breakfast foods that aren't fried and/or made of intestines02:55
fabbionedaniels: dude.. you are on pure crack02:55
danielsfabbione: crack is shiny02:55
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: so my radeon will now make coffee and run emacs?02:55
fabbionedaniels: it's not going to work02:55
danielsfabbione: it so will -- just watch02:55
pittibob2: gar, English food... nevermind02:55
danielsMithrandir: no, I said it *fixed* problems, not created them02:55
fabbionedaniels: i will watch02:56
danielsfabbione: (the problems we were having were from iBooks IIRC, and I have the patch to fix that from benh)02:56
danielsif it's wrong, I will go back grovelling to you02:56
fabbionebut i also remember very well why we readded it02:56
Keybukbob2: the cold ham is for the europeans who bitch if they get served blood and burnt bits steeped in lard02:57
danielsand the muffins are for people who resemble Simpsons characters02:57
Keybukwhich, as all Englishmen know, is what you need to start off your day02:57
fabbionedaniels: no they were a but more general.. anyway.. your call02:57
danielsthe croissants are a sweet deal though02:58
danielsfabbione: we'll find out02:59
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) Keybuk: can't imagine why they complain about that!02:59
=== thom tickles Keybuk
fabbionedaniels: M   debian/patches/080_pci_isolate_device_feature.diff02:59
fabbioneis that just a rediff?02:59
danielsit's -3 offset IIRC02:59
Keybukthom: good trip?02:59
fabbione  * debian/patches/020_r128_remove_interrupt_handler.diff:02:59
fabbionethere is no 020.. it's 02502:59
(thom/#ubuntu-devel) Keybuk: aye, danke02:59
danielspinhead: agh, thought I fixed that02:59
=== pinhead [~fabbione@port49.ds1-van.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lifelessmjg59: ping03:02
pinheadgot kicked out by the server03:02
fabbionedaniels: please keep one blank line between changelog entries03:03
fabbionethat thing is unreadable03:03
danielsi'm playing with changelog style to see how it works out03:03
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) that's weird; udev seems to be looking for a device symlink corresponding to sysfs' /class/net/eth0, while it's blatantly obvious that there won't be one because it's a *network interface*03:04
KeybukKamion: hmm?03:06
Keybukit should just check for a /sys/.../dev file and make that device03:07
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) for a network interface? what device node would that be?03:08
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) (it's wait_for_sysfs, anyway)03:08
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) seems harmless though, I'm just watching all the logs in a paranoid way 'cos I'm sure there are things I've got wrong03:08
=== robtaylor [~robtaylor@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
robtaylorsabdfl: mdz: is there any particular reason that seb128 cant package 2.10 in the alioth svn repository? 03:14
seb128robtaylor: I've not said I can't package 2.10 in the SVN, I'm free to do whatever I want in my non-working time03:15
sabdflrobtaylor: yes, because it's work i'm funding for ubuntu, and needs to go out there first03:15
robtaylorbut surely packaing gnome for ubuntu and packaging gnoem for debian is 98% the same task??!03:15
robtaylorsabdfl: but its open source. by upsxtreaming early you save money later by noot having to propagate patches03:16
sabdflgnome is upstream03:16
robtaylorsabdfl: upstream of ubuntu is debian03:16
rburtonrobtaylor: i don't know about you, but the first thing i did when i upgraded my packages in debian was to take all of seb's patches03:16
robtaylorrburton: qwell exatcly03:17
robtaylorwhy have a silly extra step?03:17
rburtonas a lot of those patches were totally useless in debian when they were created03:17
sabdflrobtaylor: there's always an extra mental cost to doing something in two places, which is why i ask our guys to do the work in ubuntu and publish all the patches immediately03:17
sabdflupstream can take them, but i'm not going to do the work on both sides03:17
robtaylorsabdfl: i'm not suggesting do it in 23 places03:17
robtaylorsabdfl: thats what happend right noe03:18
robtaylorsabdfl: i'm saying make it happen in *one* place03:18
sabdflsure. join seb ;-)03:18
robtaylorsabdfl: that waht i'm asking to do03:18
sabdflrobtaylor: we're bring up a revision control system, would that make it easier for you to collaborate with seb?03:19
robtaylorsabdfl: as seb128 does all this work in a separate tree to the rest of us, who are also doing the same task...,.03:19
robtaylorsabdfl: ideally the gnome-team and ubuntu shoudl be working in the same repo. we're doing the same task03:19
sabdfli'm happy for you guys to work with seb, in our revision control system03:19
sabdflthe system we are building should make it easy for that collaboration to work well03:20
robtaylorthis is what i'm pushing for here...03:20
robtaylori sdo sasy that alreasy  t03:21
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) (I thought part of the point was that it didn't have to be *our* revision control system ... :-) )03:21
azeemrobtaylor: you should push for that (using Canonical's vcs) at the other side, i.e. Debian03:21
robtaylorif it works better..03:21
robtaylorthe isxsue i see *right now* is taht seb128 is pacaking 2.9 on his own03:22
robtaylorwhen there are other people also intested in debian 2.9 pacakges03:22
robtaylor(which of course would be pretty damm similar to ubuntu 2.9 packages)03:22
seb128they can use them03:22
azeemrobtaylor: every guy doing work for Debian should be interested in releasing Sarge, really03:23
robtaylorsabdfl: thats not the point... 03:23
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) robtaylor: s/sabdfl/seb128/?03:23
robtaylorKamion: oops, yes ;)03:23
robtaylorits the lack of full FOSS process usage that's irritating me ....03:24
sabdflrobtaylor: there's no lack of foss process usage03:24
sabdflwe're publishing all patches immediately03:24
sabdfleven linking to them from the debian bts03:24
robtaylorsabdfl: but there's already a repo for the gnome packaing03:25
robtayloryou dont need to publish patches03:25
sabdflthe ubuntu packages need ubuntu branding, ubuntu docs, ubuntu icon preferences etc03:25
sabdflsince we're funding the work, i'd like the focus to be on getting it done that way03:26
sabdfli'm very happy that the work also benefits debian03:26
sabdflour panel is different, we make different choices about defaults and preferences and desktops03:26
robtaylorsabdfl: i'm not comaplaing about debain not benifiting from you... i'm complaining about you not benifiting from debain03:26
sabdflthen pitch in and help seb ;-)03:27
azeemsabdfl: this is a technical problem one could solve by e.g. changing the patching systems to only apply *ubuntu* patches on ubuntu, and vice-versa03:27
azeemthat was supposed to be wildcards, not bold text, btw03:27
sabdfli think we are close to a first internal release of a revision control system that will let us do this03:28
robtaylorsabdfl: i agree that a good vcs is important to doing this well03:28
robtaylori gues what i wean to see is gnometeam and seb working together in systems both can see all the code..03:29
sabdflrobtaylor: we are working on a system like that, but it will still be a while before it's ready03:30
sabdfltill then, the best way i can think of is to ask the team to publish their patches and ntoe them in the debian bts03:30
robtaylorsabdfl: hmm, i think in gernealy that sounds wrong, but for this case that was wrong as there was alreasy existing team and source control03:31
robtaylori mean in general that sounds right =)03:31
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) it works better for packages where we aren't leaping so far ahead of Debian unstable03:31
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) so where the patches are actually patches rather than "here, replace this enormous thing with this other enormous thing"03:32
sabdflrobtaylor: i'm hoping a team will form around seb to help him03:32
Keybukrobtaylor: so would the Debian GNOME team happily give commit access to any Ubuntu developer who might apply patches to our GNOME packages?03:32
robtaylorsabdfl: but there alreasy is a team!03:32
robtaylorKeybuk: yep03:32
robtayloras far as i know03:33
Keybukrobtaylor: so if some guy in #ubuntu-devel asks, you'd give him an account today?03:33
Keybukbecause I doubt that very much03:33
=== daniels notes that there is still much work to be done for GNOME for sarge, and it's not 2.9.
Keybukit's just a co-incidence that seb happens to be on "both teams"03:33
azeemKeybuk: there are a couple of people in the Debian GNOME team which are not DDs03:33
azeemit's part of the Alioth success story03:33
robtaylorKeybuk: (they gave me an account just becasue i said 'hey can i package gtk+2.4?' )03:33
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: re debootstrapability of ia64, can we make sure that germinate does the right thing for it first and then debootstrap can be updated automatically?03:33
Keybukrobtaylor: what about (e.g.) people packaging 2.9 for Fedora ?03:34
robtaylorKeybuk: well, somethings it might well make sense to collaborate on. but realistsically the systems are so different theres unlikely to be much common work03:34
robtaylorKeybuk: for gnome-print stuff i try to stay current with colin walters work03:35
Keybukthe idea of Ubuntu stamping on (and relying on) another distribution's monolithic repository unnerves me03:35
robtaylorKamion: it isnt monolithic - thats what branches are for =)03:35
=== robtaylor spanks his tab key
Keybukrobtaylor: Subversion makes it *harder* than just applying patches you can get from HTTP03:36
robtaylorKeybuk: true, and i agree arch is better for managing these kind of processes03:36
azeemKeybuk: HTTP doesn't make it particularly easy to find the patches in the first place, though03:36
robtaylorbut you need to weigh that up against splitting an existing community03:37
Keybukwhy is it splitting it?03:37
sabdflrobtaylor: we're trying to create a framework where separate communities can collaborate effectively03:37
sabdflsaying "do it all in my codebase" doesn't recognise that different groups *want* to do somethings differently03:37
sabdflwhat we need is to make sure that work can easily move around03:38
robtaylorbetter would have been for ubuntu to be a branch in svn for warty and hoary, and then seb to have bursuaded us all that moving to the new vcs was a good idea, and mopving the repo as a whole03:38
sabdfli'm trying to get this right for much more than debian-ubuntu, where it's relatively easy03:38
sabdflwe have to get it right for gentoo-ubuntu and fedora-ubuntu too03:38
sabdfland that's... challenging ;-)03:38
robtaylorsabdfl: i'm in full agreement with your sentiments =)03:38
sabdflso i can appreciate where you're coming from03:38
sabdfland i appreciate your concern that we're not getting the benefit of the debian team's work03:39
sabdfli think seb is doing an amazing job, and i really hope others step up to help him do it even better03:39
sabdflbut i'm going to ask him to keep at it the way we are currently structured03:39
sabdflnow... i need to write some more code03:39
=== robtaylor wanders off muttering about ineffiecient behaviours
Keybukrobtaylor: there's a scary line with it all though -- "work in our repository" is only semantically different from "work in our archive"03:40
Keybukyou could just as easily argue Ubuntu should upload all of its packages into Debian's archive, NMUing where appropriate03:41
Keybukand, imo, that would be a very very bad thing03:41
robtaylorKeybuk: the difference is, its very hard to branch an archive03:41
Keybukrobtaylor: it's very hard to properly branch a CVS or Subversion repository03:42
azeemKeybuk: we're talking about a strict subset of Debian where most people are pro-Ubuntu anyway03:42
Keybukazeem: that's not actually the issue with it03:42
robtaylorKeybuk: not really03:42
Keybukthe most you can do with svn is have side-by-side copies03:42
Keybukand I don't see the benefit from doing that03:42
Keybukit doesn't provide any useful history between the two (a copy breaks history in svn)03:44
Keybukit doesn't provide any help merging changes between the two (you diff and apply)03:44
robtaylorKeybuk: i agree svn isnt good enough. and arch is a much better vcs architecture (moduleo ui, etc) =)03:44
Keybukso it'd be an entirely political move, only03:44
robtaylorKeybuk: hmm, so would what i'm suggesteing be blessed if gnome-team used an arch repo?03:48
Keybukat least then you have the advantage that the repositories can be merged relatively easily, can be stored on separate machines and only related via history, etc.03:50
robtaylorKeybuk: this came up becasue kov was aslking if he should package gtk2.5.x for experimental03:50
KeybukI still think you'd then simply have the problem that seb is paid full time to package gnome, so can't wait a week for someone else who we're not paying to do to the work *shrug*03:50
robtaylorKeybuk: yeah, no probs with that. why is taht a problem?03:51
robtaylori'm paid to work on openembedded, if other people dont do the work, i do it, no big deal03:51
Keybukso random question, why haven't Debian taken the Ubuntu 2.9 packages?  rather than packaging them separately themselves?03:52
robtaylorKeybuk: becasue seb desnt want to do that, as far as i can tell03:52
=== mojo [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mojohi all fellow developers03:54
mojocan u guys give me some help on RealPlayer compiling?03:54
=== haggai [~halls@i-83-67-20-196.freedom2surf.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mojoRealPlayer requires oggvorbisssdk03:54
mojowhat packages do I need to install?03:54
rburtonrobtaylor: surely you mean "seb is busy with 2.8 in sarge so isn't putting 2.9 into experimental, but the patches are available so it could be done by someone else"03:55
=== sid77 [~sid77@host100-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
robtaylorKeybuk: basically i want to be able to 1) see what work seb is doing on libgnomeprint/ui and 2) easily pul that into the 'debian' repo03:56
=== sid77 ciao
Keybukrobtaylor: apt-get source libgnomeprint, apt-get source libgnomeprintui, etc.03:56
KeybukI don't think Subversion makes this *any* easier for you03:56
robtaylorKeybuk: i want to see cheking logs03:56
robtaylorKeybuk: being able to see the work does!03:57
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KeybukI don't think seb even works in a revision control system at the moment03:57
robtaylorKeybuk: exactly! 03:57
Keybukwe are working on it for the entire hoary team03:57
rburtonseb128: you don't even have a local svn! :)03:57
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robtaylorKeybuk: at elast witha  branch i can keepup to date with what hes going, and if i'm in agreement, i can jyust copy accorss. if i'm not, then we can talk about it03:58
robtaylorat the meoment, i just have NO IDEA what work is ebing done03:58
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seb128rburton: nop :p04:00
seb128robtaylor: apt-get source package and read the changelog04:00
robtaylorseb128: ok04:00
seb128if a patch is good for debian I ping you guys about it or open a bug in the BTS04:00
robtaylorthats a right royal pain in the ass04:00
robtaylorseb128: i'm sure most of wht you do is good for debian04:01
robtaylorits looks like the same job to me04:01
robtaylormodulo a couple of backdrops =)04:01
seb128so what's the problem ?04:01
robtaylorbecause we're doing the same job separately ..04:01
robtaylorand this is FOSS . thatt isnt supposed to heppen04:01
=== elmo [~james@] has left #ubuntu-devel ["."]
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) Keybuk: copies don't break history in svn?04:02
seb128robtaylor: we are not, 2.9/2.5 is not packaged in debian for the moment04:02
seb128robtaylor: when it'll be you just have to pick my changes and keep what you want04:03
KeybukKamion: diff across one04:03
Keybuksvn commit file04:03
Keybuksvn copy file new-file04:03
Keybuksvn commit new-file04:03
Keybukthan diff from the file before the first commit to after the second commit04:04
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) Keybuk: AIUI that's a client-side problem, not a server-side problem, and it's fixed in 1.104:04
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) the history of the copy is stored in the repository04:04
Keybukit's broken in 1.0.9 at least04:05
=== Keybuk just checked it was still broken
robtaylorsuffice to say. as far as i can see it costs noone anything dfor seb to workin svn rather than on his local harddisk04:05
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) 1.1 > 1.0.904:05
robtaylorand you gain and i gain04:05
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) it required an API change to fix it, I believe, and was therefore strictly a 1.1 thing04:05
Keybukrobtaylor: it costs noone anything for you to look at what's seb's done by getting the packages either04:05
robtaylorKeybuk: its one way04:05
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) Keybuk: see http://subversion.tigris.org/svn_1.1_releasenotes.html under "Client follows renames"04:06
KeybukKamion: that's a different bug!04:06
Keybukrename != copy04:06
Keybukthat was just the client being thick and not resolving the right url for the history04:06
Keybukbut a copy is a delete and an add04:06
Keybukso it sees the diff as the removal of the entire file, and adding an entire new one04:06
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) Keybuk: dude, read the URL04:06
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) it says "copies" under the headline04:07
=== sid77 [~sid77@host99-44.pool8020.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) "Subversion makes a lot of noise about the way branches (copies) of files and directories maintain historical connections to their source, but [...] "04:07
sabdflwe're working hard on gnu arch (see bazaar.canonical.com) which i hope will let us make collaboration very easy04:07
robtaylorKeybuk: seb loses any inut i have on his work04:07
robtaylorsabdfl: i know. but its a way off04:07
Keybukis good that they've fixed it04:07
Keybukrobtaylor: no he doesn't, not if he checks your repository04:08
robtaylorright now theres a good enough solution, and its not being used04:08
KeybukKamion: will have to test when 1.1 gets packaged -- will be good if they've fixed that04:08
Keybukit's the single thing that drove me away from svn04:08
robtaylorKeybuk: there no way i can easliy keep up to date with his work and keep an eye on it and make sure its sane04:09
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) I'm not sure offhand whether getting that feature requires a new server as well; I suppose I could try fairly easily at some point04:09
robtaylorKeybuk: apt-getting and diffing sourcetrees every day isn't my idea of fun04:09
Keybukrobtaylor: I disagree your solution is good enough04:09
robtaylorKeybuk: well its better than your *current* solition04:10
Keybukrobtaylor: we're working on our solution for it though04:10
robtaylorKeybuk: i know04:10
robtaylori just want soemthing i can use for 2.1004:11
robtaylorand it really doenst seem much to ask04:11
robtaylorsigh. ah well . ist apt-get and diff for me04:12
robtaylormust go do some work04:12
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) moo04:12
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: was wondering what/where hoary template was used...04:13
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: pong04:13
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) morning Mithrandir04:13
eruinsomeone filed a bug on nautilus crashing on startup already?04:13
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) hi lamont04:13
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) definitively not morning any more, as it's almost pitch dark outside, though04:14
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: required-base.py04:14
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: hoary.* are glued together to make hoary04:14
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: although hoary.buildd is separate, yes>04:14
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: I generate hoary.base automatically from germinate output04:14
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) ?04:14
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: yep04:14
=== lamont spews a little
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) + "ia64")04:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) + base="$base libreadline4 libreadline5"04:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) + required="$(subst_package "libc6" "libc6.1" "$required")"04:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) + base="$(subst_package "libc6-dev" "libc6.1-dev" "$base")"04:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) + base="$(without_package "ltrace" "$base")"04:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) + LIBC6="libc6.1"04:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) + ;;04:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) that's the current (working) version.04:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) - ln -s mawk $TARGET/usr/bin/awk04:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) + ln -sf mawk $TARGET/usr/bin/awk04:16
seb128robtaylor: we already managed 2.8 fine, no reason to worry for 2.1004:16
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) and that change should have been added a million years ago04:16
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: that subst_package should not be necessary04:17
pittisjoerd: pmount 0.4.3 released upstream and to Debian04:17
pittisjoerd: btw, did you get the commit mails?04:17
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: what I'd prefer is for hoary.base and hoary.overrides to list the correct packages for ia64, and then required-base.py will work it out for itself04:17
robtaylorseb128: ok04:17
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: ok04:18
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) are all the base packages for ia64 uploaded?04:18
=== Kamion experiments
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: all bug gcc-3.4 :(04:18
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) presumably that rather takes out everything else :)04:18
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) or raher, libgcc104:18
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) well, people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/ia64/stage2/libgcc1_3.4.2-2ubuntu1_ia64.deb is available for testing purposes04:19
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) one minor issue is that doing this the normal way will result in libc6 being unpacked/configured last rather than somewhere in the middle04:19
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) so may have to do some frobbing there04:19
robtaylorseb128: next week i'll finally be able to work on stuff again, and i know for gnome-print there's some big changes planned04:20
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) basically I was trying to get away from the manually-maintained-debootstrap-script thing because it was too error-prone with germinate output changing every couple of days04:20
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: ah you went for magic in pmount-hal :)04:21
pittisjoerd: yes, sorry, but I really like it more that way04:21
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: works for me, so no problem04:22
pittisjoerd: I want to do such stuff entirely as non-root04:22
pittisjoerd: and it's a bit easier in sh :)04:22
pittisjoerd: works fine for me, too04:22
seb128robtaylor: have you planned to include redhat changes, hal stuff, etc ? :)04:22
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: hrm if /media/blabla is a symlink to dir ? what happens then 04:22
pittisjoerd: -d will be true for symlinks to dirs04:23
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: can we seed your bootloader and stuff?04:23
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) probably should, eh?04:23
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: but that dir won't turn up in the mount list 04:23
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: efibootmgr04:24
pittisjoerd: oh, right, mount resolves symlinks04:24
robtaylorseb128: definitly :) i'll need to chat to kenshi muto as cups will need the dbus patch adding04:24
seb128ok, rock :)04:24
pittisjoerd: well, if you manage to screw up /media that far...04:24
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) true 04:24
pittisjoerd: pmount will fail to mount it04:24
pittisjoerd: I can add symlink resolution in the next version, however04:25
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: that's all?04:25
pittisjoerd: this should be necessary only for grepping the mount output AFAICS04:25
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: (debootstrap shouldn't install that, of course)04:25
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: yeah04:26
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: is elilo similar/different/obsolete or what? d-i only installs elilo, it doesn't know about efibootmgr04:26
pittisjoerd: although... resolving symlinks before doing any check on them might be safer and even easier04:27
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) ah, then elilo is probably needed...04:27
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) well, d-i could be changed, I'm just wondering04:27
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) efibootmgr is for mucking with efi04:27
=== lamont shrugs - dunno. probably best to do what di does. That is, d-i+2.6kernel.
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) neither are in main at the moment AFAICS04:28
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) both in universe.04:28
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: haven't seen commit mails yet04:31
pittisjoerd: not even the ones from some days ago=04:31
pittisjoerd: ?, even04:31
(sjoerd/#ubuntu-devel) no, never had any afaik04:32
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: I've made the installer seed changes for ia64 since I think that's OK to do, but mdz/jdub will need to ack base changes04:33
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: (given you efi-reader, elilo-installer, libc6.1-udeb)04:34
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) cool04:34
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=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvo_hi Mitario 04:52
mvo_update-manager 0.32 was uploaded today :)04:52
pittiguys, do we have CC today?04:53
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) hrm, anyone understand the kernel build system?04:53
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) I want to stop it applying some patches04:54
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) er, ubuntu kernel package build system04:54
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=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: just installed new gvfs; now it really does make a difference :) thanks05:01
seb128np :)05:01
seb128is that better ?05:01
pittiseb128: however, complete drive unmounting (#3666?) still doesn't work05:01
pittiseb128: but the new names and capacity is nice05:01
pittialso, mount point symlinks are still an issue05:02
pittiseb128: but I already debugged it (#1217), and I can fix it on my own05:02
pittiseb128: I jsut hoped that hal would fix this for free :)05:02
pittiNo CC meeting today?05:03
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: is it possible to have g-v-m set certain mount options?05:04
pittibob2: what do you mean in particular?05:04
pittibob2: right now you can influence async and noatime05:05
pittibob2: in fact the newest versions do this automatically05:05
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: they're the ones I'm thinking of05:05
pittibob2: right now the devices get "sync,noatime" for < 1GB and "async,atime" for > 1GB05:06
herziwhat does it take to build a package and get it uploaded into universe?05:06
pittibob2: you can customize that in /etc/hal/fdi/ubuntu-storage-policy.fdi05:06
pittiherzi: build it, put it to a place where it can be downloaded and tested05:06
pittiherzi: then ask here05:07
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: oh cool, thanks05:07
pittibob2: however, g-v-m itself does not yet allow to modify this05:07
pittibob2: it's currently HAL and pmount-hal05:07
pittibob2: the intention is to have save memory sticks and fast USB hard drives05:07
pittibob2: s/save/safe/05:08
seb128hey gicmo 05:08
seb128gicmo: here now ? :)05:08
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: cool, that's just what I wanted05:08
herzihi gicmo:)05:08
seb128Keybuk: here ?05:10
gicmoseb128, hehe yeah!05:10
gicmoseb128, I installed ubuntu about a week ago .. I wanna help out with the graphical boot stuff .. but sladen is never around :(05:10
gicmoherzi, jo! :)05:11
carlosgicmo: hey!, nice to see you here05:12
Keybukseb128: nope :p05:12
Keybukseb128: shoot.05:12
gicmoHi carlos! .. good to see you too .. how are you?05:12
seb128Keybuk: is there a meeting today ?05:13
seb128<smurfix> Is anybody going to open this meeting / are we waiting for people / ???05:13
seb128on #ubuntu-meeting05:13
pittiseb128: I just pinged sabdfl05:13
carlosgicmo: fine, thanks. Enjoying your webdavs code :-)05:13
Keybukseb128: Community Counctil I assume05:13
gicmoheh :)05:13
KeybukTech Board was last week05:13
seb128dunno if you organise all the meetings :)05:14
Keybuklol, no05:14
KeybukI can probably hit Mark with a bread roll from here05:14
gicmoI am trying to buy a keyboard with .en layout.. wow thats kinda difficult if you are in .de05:14
Keybukthough I warn you, my aim is terrible05:14
seb128ah ah05:15
smurfixyou seem to have hit ;-)05:15
danielsKeybuk: see, if you managed to iht me, now that's an achievement05:15
danielsgicmo: yeah, qwertz is interesting05:15
gicmodaniels, yeah but really sucks if you do lots of coding/unix-sysadmin .. so I wanna have a .en layouy05:17
Keybukgicmo: I'm sure my keyboard was made in .de05:18
=== skyrider [~skyrider@kid.stu.cn.ua] has joined #ubuntu-devel
herzigicmo: i have only one querz left, but i have one query that you can get in berlin on 21c305:19
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) "No common CD-ROM drive was detected"05:26
gicmoherzi, sweet ... but I think I can find some on ebay05:26
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) meh, I must have broken something fairly core :(05:26
pittimdz: Good morning!05:28
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) pitti: morning05:28
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
gicmoI wanna have beagle packages .. 05:34
=== gicmo runs
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 0 Nov 23 15:50 /bin/hw-detect05:37
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) ah, that would do it05:38
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) ew05:38
=== elmo [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) we ought to send out a reminder the day before, for CC meetings as well as TB05:40
(Mithrandir/#ubuntu-devel) mdz: it would be _really_ nice to have an ical feed somewhere people could subscribe.05:41
herzigicmo: build some05:42
gicmoherzi, heh .. I suck at debian package stuff .. and of course you would need the inotify kernel patches .. 05:44
azeemdoes beagle use inotify directly, or via gamin?05:45
gicmoazeem, good question ... maybe directly ...05:46
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: ping?05:50
mvo_mdz: pong05:50
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: do you have your apt changes in arch now?05:51
mvo_mdz: yes05:51
mvo_at chinstrap 05:52
mvo_unfortunately the apt-0.6 sync is not yet finished, apparently some problems with cvs.debian.org05:53
elmomvo_: meh, not cvs.d.o's fault05:53
mvo_elmo: sorry, didn't wanted to imply that it was the fault of cvs.d.o :)05:53
mvo_elmo: you make funny noises today BTW ;)05:54
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: after logging out of gnome, there are still three user processes running (esd, gam_server, dbus-daemon-1)06:02
pittiseb128: this gives funny messages when logging in again and generally doesn't look right06:02
pittiseb128: which package is the best to file bugs about this against?06:02
seb128esd -> esound06:03
pittiseb128: I shall file bugs against the packages themselves?06:03
seb128there is an option for that in /etc/esound/esd.conf06:03
pittiseb128: not against the packages that start these processes?06:03
seb128dunno for the 2 others06:03
seb128yes, probably against the packages06:03
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: so next steps for debootstrap?06:04
=== lamont blames low blood sugar. bbiam
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: get gcc-3.4 uploaded, I think ...06:05
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: your tree seems to have both Suggests and Depends: bzip206:07
mvo_mdz: apt suggests bzip2, apt-utils depends on bzip2. the later may be from lamonts upload06:08
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: just for a moment assuming that Herbert won't be doing hoary kernels soon, how complicated are the required patches for ia64?06:08
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: hmm...why would apt-utils depend on bzip2?06:09
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: ?06:09
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: no kernel diff, just configs06:09
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) mdz: yes06:09
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) mdz: oh yes; can we add the ia64 bootloader to base? either elilo or efibootmgr, not 100% sure which yet06:09
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) mdz: no good reason - was applying a large cluebat to get the archive usable again.06:09
elmolamont: err, yeah there is a kernel diff?06:09
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) not according to dannf...06:10
elmowhich dannf are you talking to?  he told me to apply the ia64 patch when building kernels for our boxes06:10
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) -rw-r--r-- dannf/dannf 111522 2004-06-29 21:07:28 kernel-patch-2.6.7-ia64-2.6.7/linux-2.6.7-ia64-040629.diff06:10
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) there are several others too, dunno how many were merged in 2.6.806:11
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) for 2.6 there is no kernel-patch-ia6406:11
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) 2.4 is a diff story, unknown here.06:12
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) that's as of when I asked yesterday06:12
elmodude, there's no kernel-patch-ia64 in _Debian_ because it's managed as part of the generic Debian kernel patch now06:13
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: ok, merged, mirror updating06:13
elmobut there's definitely still an ia64 patch to 2.6.<n>06:13
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) ah. and ours are based off of upstream, or debians?06:14
seb128pitti: I'm a patch for gnome-session/esd06:14
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) ours==ubuntu06:14
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) Debian's, but I don't think we're totally up to date06:14
seb128pitti: oups, s/'m'/'ve/06:14
pittiseb128: you are a patch? Interesting :)06:14
seb128I AM THE PATCH06:14
=== Kamion ponders the approach of just uploading ddetect and seeing what breaks
daniels'be the patch'06:15
gicmoseb128, no no .. go away .. please .. dont patch me ..noooooooo06:16
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) there are three ia64 patches in our linux-source right now06:17
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: and the build fails on ia64 after the build completes (ia64 not in arch list). Which of course, doesn't mean it would actually _work_...06:17
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) that was what led me to ask folks yesterday06:18
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) well, let's compare06:18
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvo_mdz: thanks06:18
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) mvo_: did you hear anything from lifeless about v0_6?06:19
lifelessits done, just finishing a prod update for you to see it06:24
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) OK, so we seem to be missing five patches that include the string "ia64"06:25
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: so there is definitely some kernel work to be done before we're really happy there.06:28
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) they're all self-contained though06:29
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) that sounds good06:30
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) the dropping of kernel-patch-2.6.8-ia64 happened with the first Debian kernel-image-2.6.8-ia64 build, and Herbert merged everything up until after that date from Debian06:32
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: which patch did dannf tell you to apply?06:32
elmothe one in ports/ia64/ on kernel.org06:33
elmothat may already be in debians and ours tho06:33
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Setting up fontconfig (2.2.3-2ubuntu1) ...06:33
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) /usr/sbin/laptop-detect: line 14: dmidecode: command not found06:33
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) that's got to be something I can blame on daniels.... ;-)06:34
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: oh, you were going from upstream source weren't you?06:34
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: thom, wasn't it?06:34
elmoKamion: yeah - I tried with ours and got patch conflicts and ran away screaming06:34
elmooh, actually, I Fixed the patch conflicts, but it still FTBFS06:35
elmowe had a patched ACPI and the ia64 part hadn't been updated to match, IIRC06:35
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) there's certainly some of that we haven't got; Debian doesn't either though06:36
danielslamont: notmeblamethom06:37
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: heh06:38
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: but you're _FUN_ to blame.... :-)06:38
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: after ignoring the big wodge of deleted files there's only one diff hunk that touches ACPI ...06:42
elmoKamion: in which?06:45
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) linux-2.6.8-ia64-040901.diff.gz06:45
elmoyeah, but I mean we (i.e. ubuntu's kernel patch) update ACPI but didn't take the corresponding update for ia6406:46
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) oh, I see06:46
elmois my very dubious understanding of it - it was 10pm by this point and I was trying to get out of the DC06:46
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) not that I can figure out where the hell Herbert got that version of the patch from in the first place06:52
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) I wonder if he just pulled it straight from BK06:52
danielselmo: so, what doesn't suck in the land of gigabit switches?06:55
danielselmo: looking at up to 10 connections06:56
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: was dannf very definite that the patch on kernel.org wasn't needed?06:56
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: really fuzzy on the whole conversation...06:59
=== lamont looks
fabbionehey lamont 07:01
fabbionelamont: i started phase1 :-)07:02
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Nov 21 10:51:59 <dannf> lamont: there's no kernel-patch package, if that's what you're asking07:02
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Nov 21 10:52:47 <dannf> lamont: there's plenty of changes vs. kernel.org though; mostly backports07:02
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Nov 21 10:53:11 <dannf> 2.6.9 builds, but i haven't done an upload yet - waiting for someone to generate a new kernel-source07:02
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Nov 21 10:53:36 <dannf> i'm not antsy enough to put one together myself, but i've added all the patches i've found necessary to get it to build07:02
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) N07:02
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) ov 21 10:55:02 <dannf> and there's 2.6.9 configs in the repo as well07:02
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: kewl07:02
fabbionelamont: just one question.. if i manage to build phase1 without any cheating (since i did all of them in phase0), phase2 can be considered "gold", right?07:03
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: well,there's a naming thing going on here...07:03
fabbionelamont: i did try to allign my naming with your :-)07:04
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) I created chroot-stage0 by debootstrapping sid. the debs built there went into the stage1 repository, which was pointed at by chroot-stage1...07:04
fabbionephase0 build on top of sid07:04
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: hm, bit vague07:04
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) but to answer your real question07:04
fabbionephase1 bootstrap a chroot with phase0 pkgs and rebuild07:04
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) if you build using only .debs that you previously built (albeit in some random - aka sid - chroot), then we consider it to be bootstrapped.07:05
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) then comes d-i and kernel work07:05
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) as well as the seed changes07:05
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) all of which then feed into debootstrap changes, and presto.07:06
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) (right Kamion)07:06
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: and yes, dannf was a bit vague...07:06
fabbioneyup.. i did a local hack to debootstrap to be able to create a clean chroot from phase0 pkgs07:06
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) lamont: ayup07:06
fabbionelocal hack = just add the sparc arch and add the 2/3 pkgs required by sparc only07:06
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) somebody remind me tomorrow to do architecture-specific tagging in germinate07:07
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-21-61.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionelamont: but the chroot is clean, there are no sid packages in it07:07
fabbioneand it is building ubuntu on top of ubuntu07:07
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: on the naming thing, I was calling sid 'phase0 packages', and that produced things that were for stage1, while you're calling the output 'phase 0 packages' - not a big deal, as long as we both keep our stories straight. :)07:07
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: right07:07
fabbionelamont: ok, let me try with your naming scheme :-)07:07
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) once you build ubuntu on top of ubuntu, then you're done building packages, and ready to start fixing bugs.07:08
fabbione(if you don't mind)07:08
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: sure. although I understood it in your terms too...07:08
fabbioneso basically building on top of sid is stage0 and creates packages that have to be used for stage107:08
fabbioneor so called stage1 packages07:09
fabbionedid i get you right?07:09
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: I declared the sid packages to be stage 0, and began by building stage1 (ubuntu built on sid), then used the stage1 packages (output from chroot-stage1 builds) to debootstrap and build ubuntu on ubuntu (stage2)07:10
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) if no cheating is involved, then you're done.07:10
fabbioneahh ok07:10
fabbionethan i am at stage207:10
fabbionebecause i am building ubuntu on top of ubuntu07:10
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) if you cheat in getting everything into stage2, then you must iterate until you didn't cheat to build everything.07:10
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) right07:10
fabbionewell i did cheat building some packages for stage107:11
fabbionebut mainly because of build-deps07:11
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: would adding passive => 1 to the dupload.conf stanza in Uploads be a good idea? it might work for a few more people07:11
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) hence the current state of ia64: I cheated in building gcc-3.4, so I can't upload that to the archive. (Killed the hung ada tests, you see...)07:11
fabbionelamont: i didn't have to change the packages07:11
fabbionelamont: only make the build-dep available from the phase1 archive to the chroot07:12
fabbionelike gnome 2.9 build-dep on libfoo 2.907:12
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: that's not cheating.07:12
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) that's optimizing the iteration. :-)07:12
fabbioneah ok07:12
fabbionewell even better07:12
fabbionei considered that cheating07:12
fabbionebecuase right now i am down to 12 FTBFS07:13
fabbione3 are d-i/kenrel related07:13
fabbioneand the others are the same in Debian and Ubuntu07:13
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) debian-installer, the kernel itself, what else?07:13
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) cheating includes source changes, manual intervention in the build process, manually installing things that don't belong in the chroot, etc.07:13
fabbioneKamion: linux-meta and ubuntu-meta07:13
fabbioneKamion: the latter builds but incorrectly07:13
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) ah yes07:13
fabbionelamont: no.. i did nothing like that07:13
fabbionelamont: instead i have been properly fixing the packages and upload them (see the FTBFS fixes from yesterday ;))07:14
fabbionelamont: there was probably one thing that made me think....07:15
fabbionewhen i started stage2, sbuild and apt were complaining about postdrop group07:15
fabbionei had to install postfix on the buildd to fix that problem07:15
fabbioneit was mumbling something about group override (dpkg iirc)07:16
=== Kamion contemplates dropping discover from the d-i initrds
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) it might actually stand a chance of working without it now07:17
fabbioneKamion: if you don't mind of the next day i will distrub you to get some sparc stuff in.07:17
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: sure, what kind of stuff?07:18
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) fabbione: (and are sparc uploads cleared with mdz/jdub?)07:18
fabbioneKamion: the seeds and the debootstrap stuff?07:18
fabbioneKamion: we are not going to upload to the main archive. We discussed this last TechBoard Meeting07:18
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) ok, but for debootstrap I want an archive I can download Packages files from that has a complete sparc base system07:19
pitti@ALL: can anybody do a review of a mysql security update?07:19
fabbioneKamion: ok, that can wait than..07:19
fabbionethanks a log guys07:19
fabbionei need to go07:19
fabbionecya around tomorrow :-)07:19
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) and preferably an assurance that it will remain reasonably up to date to avoid complications07:19
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) seeds, certainly07:19
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) cheerio07:19
fabbioneKamion: we discussed that too at the meeting07:20
pittifabbione: bye!07:20
=== fabbione &
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: ??07:25
seb128what .07:27
=== lamont points at the msg window
seb128oh ok07:27
seb128no, libgnomevfs2-dev missing this07:28
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) lifeless: the v0_6 tree looks good, thanks07:28
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: whatever. :-)07:29
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) if I should dep-wait totem on something, that'd be a new verison of libgnomevfs2-dev?07:29
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu-devel []
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: done07:36
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: btw, about python-gtk2...07:36
seb128lamont: hum, in fact nautilus-cd-burner bug07:37
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) we should be using the debian source tree for that (and gtkhtml3.2), yes?07:37
seb128/usr/lib/libnautilus-burn.la point on libhal07:38
seb128lamont: we should yes07:38
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) ok. I'll upload the debian versions then.07:38
seb128lamont: source name != upstream name, so we tar xzf && mv && tar czf 07:38
seb128if there is a timestamp somewhere perhaps the md5 is !=07:38
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) that'd do it07:39
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) maybe an upload of our bits to experimental is in order... :-)07:39
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) that way the orig.tar.gz would be there...07:39
seb128he he07:39
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) but that's mean..07:39
=== Gorth [~gorth@cpe.atm2-0-51110.0x50a4d38e.abnxx10.customer.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: mind you, ISTR dpkg-source handled sourcename != upstreamname07:43
seb128lamont: yeah, but changing the sourcename would mean to go through NEW, right ?07:44
=== lamont doesn't know.
seb128lamont: I've not renamed these packages but when I've started to work on them they were in this state07:45
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128and waiting 2-3 weeks to get a package out of NEW is a annoying, so I've not renamed them, perhaps I should :)07:46
seb128elmo: gnome-gv sync please07:48
elmoseb128: done07:48
=== warty [~warty@196-30-110-162.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-110-162.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: the trick is to ask nicely. :-)08:00
seb128lamont: right, and to not abuse :)08:02
ironwolfdaniels ?08:08
danielsironwolf: yo08:08
ironwolfdaniels: s3v module does not exist.08:09
danielsargh!  sorry, 's3virge'08:09
=== ironwolf whaps daniels...do you mean s3verge ?
=== lamont adds gnome-gv to the list of &%*))&% packages
danielsi know that because that chipset has ruined my ability to type 'verge'08:10
daniels(it's called s3v_driver.c in the sources, which is what I was looking at, hence the confusion -- sorry again)08:10
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) elmo: I thought you were gonna make the sync fail on md5 mismatch introduction...08:11
ironwolfdaniels: as long as it gets working for hoary, my friend may not kill me.08:11
danielsironwolf: should work, yes08:11
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: was bug?08:11
danielslamont: hmm?08:11
ironwolflamont: is bug. :(08:12
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: s3virge08:12
danielslamont: what, using s3 instead of s3virge?08:12
danielsjust an uncaught case in discover1-data08:12
danielscombined with POSSIBLY a DefaultDepth problem08:12
danielsbecause S3 cards suck08:12
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) dunno - whatever had adam's system not autoconfiguring X.08:12
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) ah, ok08:12
ironwolfS3 cards are fun... but I like radeon better. :)08:13
danielsati cards are way better08:13
ironwolfunfortunately, not everybody runs ati or nvidia cards. :)08:14
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) Keybuk: merge-o-matic seems to get confused sometimes about the order in which debian/changelog hunks should be merged08:14
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) Keybuk: see e.g. http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/ongoing-merge/debian-installer/debian-installer_merged.debdiff08:14
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) 20041115ubuntu1 was put before 2004111808:14
danielsKamion: 15 < 18?08:14
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) sorry, before => earlier in the file08:15
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) chronologically after08:15
KeybukKamion: yeah, not sure why that is yet08:16
KeybukI think it's when it applies the Ubuntu patch to Debian08:16
Keybukthe logic doesn't quite works08:17
lifelessmdz: mvo|away your request is fulfilled08:20
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) seb128/elmo: I'll fix gnome-gv as well08:21
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) lifeless: thanks08:22
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) lifeless: mvo|away seemed to have some trouble with the merge, though08:22
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) <mvo_> CHECKSUM FILE(S) DISAGREE WITH08:22
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) <mvo_> DIRECTORY LISTING ABOUT WHAT08:22
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) <mvo_> FILES SHOULD BE PRESENT IN08:22
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) <mvo_> REVISION DIR OF ARCHIVE08:22
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) <mvo_> argggg08:22
seb128lamont: md5 not matching again ?08:22
lifelesswell, its only just ready to go.. so ...08:22
=== robtaylor is now known as robtaylor|away
lifelessand it works just fine for me ...08:25
ironwolfdaniels: s3virge + Depth=16 seems to work, you want we should try Depth 24?08:26
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-222-13-66.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ironwolfdaniels: adam sends his thanks, and says you rock!08:28
ironwolfdaniels:  So this will autodetect in hoary yes?08:28
danielsironwolf: trying depth 24 would be cool also08:30
lifelessmight be that hes missing the gpg key in the web server root dir08:31
=== x4m [~max@208.153-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: yep08:40
seb128doh, *again*08:41
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) python-gtk2 and gtkhtml3.2 uploaded08:42
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: is easy to fix, annoying to need to....08:44
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: and the real issue is that gnome-gv_2.8.0.orig.tar.gz exists in warty, so we can't change that one.08:44
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) maybe we can start putting a big list of our repacked-from-upstream .orig.tar.gz filenames somewhere and asking the Debian GNOME guys to take them from us if they package that version08:49
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) or version them 2.8.0~1.orig.tar.gz or something (dunno if that works)08:49
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) or indeed 2.8.0ubuntu1.orig.tar.gz ...08:50
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) daniels: you around?08:50
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) Kamion: yeah - been uploading 2.8.0ubuntu1 versions08:51
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) issue there is that if we do that first, then the debian package will forever be younger.08:51
=== trukulo [~trukulo@120.red-62-57-66.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: gnome-gv uploaded08:51
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) that's OK for GNOME though08:51
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) true08:51
=== lamont wonders how much pain this will cause keybuk and hct...
(lamont/#ubuntu-devel) ECHAN08:52
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ironwolfdaniels: Depth 24 worked.09:01
=== lamont heads to town for a bit
jdubseb128: pong09:07
(mdz/#ubuntu-devel) lifeless: is that permissions issue fixed, where things come in with (e.g.) mode 446?09:15
lemsx1i just found out about this nifty project: http://biddell.co.uk/gnomebaker.php09:23
lemsx1it has similar goals as mrburns09:23
=== jk [~jochem@jkossen.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== shaya [~spotter@dyn-wireless-245-103.dyn.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
shayais upgrade-notifier supposed to be usable?09:29
mvo|awayshaya: I think so09:32
seb128jdub: I've pinged ? I don't remember why :)09:38
jdubseb128: the gnomevfs depends change09:39
jdubseb128: it wasn't appropriate?09:39
seb128was not needed09:39
jdubbut without the new libsmbclient, the smb module wasn't built09:39
seb128the consensus on the debian side was to wait to get the new version on the autobuilders and to not bump the depends for nothing09:39
jduboh right09:39
jdubbut really, the depends *is* needed to make gnomevfs work :)09:40
seb128nop, we just need to avoid a bugged samba package09:40
seb128but whatever, both ways are fine09:40
seb128jdub: do you know if somebody is working on OO.o 1.1.3 ? We have planned to update to 1.1.3 for hoary, right ?09:41
jdub   * Remove discover from the initrds and rely entirely on hotplug. Let's see09:41
jdub     how much this breaks ...09:42
jdub^ woo09:42
jdubseb128: yeah, doko is tracking the merge and sync09:42
shayamvo: it doesn't work well for me09:44
mvo_shaya: what does not work ?09:44
shaya1) it doesn't seem to do the apt-get update (if I do it manually it works)09:44
shaya2) it leaks gdksudo's all over the place09:44
shayagksudo that is09:45
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: the answer's probably "lots", judging from my preliminary testing09:45
shayathough it pops up a notification correctly09:45
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) jdub: I need a tame hotplug guru :)09:45
(Kamion/#ubuntu-devel) seb128: Chris Halls just applied and was approved for Ubuntu maintainership, too09:46
mvo_1) is deliberately, it will install a config option in /etc/apt.conf.d to trigger a apt cron.daily job to do the "apt-get update"09:46
mvo_2) what does "leaks gksudo" mean?09:46
shayaspotter@dent:~ $ ps auxw |grep gksudo |wc -l09:46
jdubKamion: fun :-)09:46
mvo_shaya: I don't have any. can you reproduce the leak?09:48
shayamvo_, is this what you are talking about? APT::Periodic::Update-Package-Lists "1";09:53
shayaso shouldn't it do it?09:53
mvo_it will trigger a cron.daily script 09:54
shayaperhaps thats why09:55
shayaubuntu updates more than daily09:55
shayahence I usually do it manually before it notifies me09:55
=== jk [~jochem@jkossen.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvo_shaya: :)10:04
mvo_if you manage to reproduce the leaks with gksudo I would be really happy10:04
mvo_the upgrade-notifier is pretty young10:04
lifelessmdz: permissions are fixed, yes.10:05
=== Keybuk [~scott@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsironwolf: awesome!  thanks dude :)10:08
jdublifeless: will this be a problem in future?10:09
ironwolfdaniels: so it'll be automagic in hoary right? :)10:09
danielsironwolf: sure will10:12
ironwolfdaniels: EXCELLENT!10:12
jdubooh, nautilus is dead again10:13
jduboh, there it goes10:13
ironwolfdaniels: now, this battery monitor thing.  Do I need APCI or can I use APM? *currently says 0% all the time. :(*10:13
danielsironwolf: how old is the laptop?10:14
jdubno external storage icons though10:14
ironwolfP4 2.2Ghz *different machine* couple years maybe...10:15
(bob2/#ubuntu-devel) come on baby use nautilus-spire10:15
=== mdz_ [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ironwolfdaniels: 2001?10:20
danielsironwolf: you might need to boot with acpi=force10:25
danielsironwolf: alternately, you might need to use APM, yah (acpi=off)10:25
ironwolfdaniels: where do I set acpi=force? *grub is new to me*10:26
lifelessjdub: will what10:27
danielsironwolf: in /boot/grub.conf, and run update-grub10:33
danielsironwolf: there'll be a line like '# kopt="foo"'10:33
danielsironwolf: change it to '# kopt="foo acpi=force"'10:33
danielsironwolf: note that you retain the initial #10:33
danielsironwolf: then run update-grub10:34
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-179-205-129.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdublifeless: permissions and stuf10:45
pittinight, guys10:52
shayaany plans to include beagle in ubuntu?10:54
=== Kamion gives up on work for the night and goes off to kill the Wizard of Yendor
danielsKamion: summon the police, woo woo woo?10:59
lifelessjdub: yeah, all good won't happen again11:05
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ironwolfdaniels: woohoo! thanks.  It works *well 99%, not 100%*11:41
Matt|hes gone11:43
ironwolfthanks Matt|11:44
Matt|<-- daniels has quit ("hometime, yo!")11:44
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