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robertjUpdate Manager on p.g.o02:19
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robertjsivang: any ideas on getting a chroot working with X for screenshot purposes?03:06
robertjI've got a chroot setup, and I setup sshd to run on 22203:06
robertjand I ssh -X into it, run xcalc, and it can't open the display03:06
sivangthere's a config file03:07
sivangX11Forwarding yes03:07
sivang <== set this to yes03:07
sivangit's on that file of the host machine03:07
robertjit's yes by default03:08
sivangwhat's the error?03:09
sivangah can't open display03:09
sivangwhat's the display number it's trying to open?03:10
robertjit needs a localhost entry in hosts03:10
sivangor, set it up into the DISPLAY variable03:10
sivanglike set DISPLAY = localhost:{0,1,...}03:11
sivangor something clsoe03:11
sivangI don't recall exactly..03:11
sivangHow you been btw? What parts of the handbook are you working on?03:11
robertjNothing yet, I'm still getting things in order on my end03:12
robertjdoh Xnest is rejecting my client03:12
sivangyou want to take screenshots of GNOME proggies?03:13
robertjnot just that03:13
robertjI want a stable chroot as a reference point03:13
sivangah, warty one?03:13
robertjgot it03:16
sivangwhat was it?03:17
robertjI now have a chroot with an Xnest03:20
sivanghow did you made the chroot, debootstrep?03:35
sivangI'm setting a jhbuild root, with gnome 2.1003:35
robertjwhat's new in .10?03:35
sivangwell, I mostly know the parts of gst and yelp,03:35
sivangsome new rendering symbols for yelp, mozilla style search panel,03:35
sivanggst - nicer work with current avaialble interfaces, more gui functionality03:35
robertjany chance of a gtk-bookmarks panel?03:35
sivangI don't know, I havn't seen shaun talk about it ..03:35
hornbeckggi: you around?04:25
HoodsterHi all05:00
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plovs_workgoooood moorning!07:10
hornbeckgood morning07:31
plovs_workhornbeck, thanks for the kernel, i have no time yet, but i''l do it asap (i want to take a look at beagle)07:34
hornbeckyou know what is cool, my boss is posting to the -users list :-)07:34
hornbeckI have him hooked07:34
hornbeckhe thinks linux is the greatest thing07:34
plovs_workhornbeck, wow!07:34
plovs_workhornbeck, you do common tasks, right? Will you add the stuff about adding flash/mp3/divx etc?07:36
hornbeckI will note that07:36
plovs_workhornbeck, i think we would need something about how to make nautilus, more explorer-like as well07:38
hornbeckin common task?07:40
plovs_workyep, i am looking into deploying it here, and i will need is as one of the first things, it's always the same questions, sound, flas and what's with all the windows? and philosophical answers about the merits of nautilus as it is don't cut it07:41
plovs_workthat is pidgin english, sorry07:42
hornbeckok, I will add that07:43
plovs_workhow's the car?07:43
hornbeckload of crap right now07:44
plovs_work'thought you were gona get a new one?07:46
hornbeckI was, went and picked it out and everything07:46
hornbeckthan they decided that they were going to lie to me07:46
plovs_workbetter safe then sorry, with family-money07:46
plovs_workand maybe add something about installing the latest firefox as well, i do that as well (from mozilla.org)07:53
plovs_worki love ubuntu and usb-key's i've been swapping just to that little window pop up07:54
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lulumorning all :o)10:06
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plovs_workmorning lulu10:57
lulumorning plovs :o)10:58
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cenerentolahello everybody01:02
cenerentolaciao enrico01:02
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sivanghi all01:07
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ChrisHDoes anyone know how we can apply the patch from the -doc posting? I tried "patch < moreinfo.patch" but it didn't work. I admit I'm not the diff guru really.01:11
plovs_workChrisH, diff file1 file2 > dif_file1_201:14
plovs_workChrisH, patch file1 < dif_file1_201:14
ChrisHplovs_work: yes, we already have the patch. But it does not apply.01:14
ChrisHplovs_work: Tried that. Care to try it yourself?01:14
plovs_workChrisH, ok01:14
ChrisHSeems like patch hates me...01:15
plovs_worksivang, looks like were roommates, mate!01:16
ggiChrisH: Works for me with patch -p0 < moreinfo.patch01:20
ChrisHggi: Strange, I could swear I tried -p0. But it works now.01:21
ChrisHOkay if I check the patch in?01:23
plovs_workChrisH, did it work? from where and how did you apply it?01:25
cenerentolasorry ive been busy with the exams in the last 3 weeks... what about the doc server?01:26
ChrisHplovs_work: it's the patch from Nick Loeve for the moreinfo part. "patch -p0 < ..." worked.01:26
plovs_workChrisH, from the parts/moreinfo dir?01:27
plovs_workor from faq?01:27
ChrisHfrom the mailing list01:27
ggiplovs_work: From the faq dir.01:28
plovs_workggi, ok, thanks for reading my mind01:29
cenerentolahey ladies, have you got time for me?01:29
ChrisHplovs_work: Ah, okay. :)01:30
cenerentolaid like to apologize if someone felt hurted by my words: <cenerentola> hey ladies, have you got time for me?01:51
ggicenerentola: Uh, apology accepted. What was it you wanted?01:57
cenerentolawell yes..01:58
cenerentolaafaik this is the only output i got from you...;)01:58
cenerentolaive been busy and stressed with exams [well the last one is on friday] 01:59
cenerentolaand i havent been able to follow the evolution of the doc team directives..02:00
ggiHmm, well. I've been kind of busy with essays too, but it seems we're all working on the book, which is now the faq in hornbeck's SVN.02:02
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cenerentolayep.. but what im more interested in guides...02:04
cenerentolasince im setting up an italian team, id like to use similar templates, so that guides will be more easily translatable02:05
cenerentolawe're doing very easy and detailed guides, which enrico [as docteam secretary]  doesnt seem to be interested in, and the only ppl i have are involved in the development of the guides-framework and this is02:06
cenerentolawhy our knowledge about docteam ml is not updated02:07
ggiWell, easy and very detailed guides sound good to me. Why isn't enrico interested in them?02:11
cenerentolawell he didnt seem to be very interested when i posted the mail on ubuntu-doc02:12
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cenerentolahe got mad because i used the word "hominid" referring to computer science-impaired ;) [lulu:im joking, just to let EVERYBODY KNOW;)] 02:13
ggiWell, I'm sure we can assume some things about our users. There's a difference between writing newbie-oriented documentation, and writing documentation for say, cats.02:16
cenerentolano no..02:17
cenerentolai wasnt talking about ubuntu's user.. i was talking about the friends of mine, that i was supporting at the time, which makes a great difference: im not considered and i dont consider myself rude.02:18
cenerentolaand they call themselves HOMINID02:19
cenerentolasaid this i agree with you about cats... but i dont feel the need to agree with enrico but lets get back to work [i have flamed enough for today] ... ciao02:20
ggiWell, seeing as you haven't been active on the list since then, it might be a good idea to post some of your ideas again, albeit with slightly more careful phrasing. :-)02:22
cenerentolayou're absolutely right02:22
cenerentolabut EXAMS...02:22
ggiRight. Well, crack on with those.02:23
cenerentolaggi: i hate economics..02:23
cenerentolathey're introducing me to algorithms, presenting them as ver very important.. well those are more simple than the simplest of calculus 1, 02:25
cenerentolabut let me say im rotfl02:26
cenerentolaso ciao 02:26
hornbeckggi, you around?02:37
ggiFor about five minutes, anyway.02:38
hornbeckI applied your patch02:38
hornbeckgood stuff02:38
hornbeckwell, I am out02:39
ggiGrand. I noticed that Nick also submitted a patch to the list, commenting out the <email> tags, so you might want to do that with my author entry too.02:40
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=== sid77 ciao
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smurfixlulu: thursday is the 25th.  ;-)06:02
lulusmurfix: oops! so it is - did u change it already? :o)06:03
smurfixNo, I just added a note; didn't know if you meant tomorrow06:04
lulusmurfix: if you're still on that page, could you do me a favour and amend it, please. Tx so much.06:05
smurfixUmm, tomorrow or Thursday?06:06
lulu:o) thursday!06:06
smurfixok  :-/06:06
luluthanks! :o)06:06
smurfixok done. You can buy me a drink in return ;-)06:07
smurfix(assuming you'll be there of course)06:08
lulusmurfix: sure! 06:09
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