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smurfixIs anybody going to open this meeting / are we waiting for people / ???05:09
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:smurfix] : Tuesday 23 November 2004 at 16:00 UTC: Community Council meeting -- https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/CommunityCouncilAgenda
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pittismurfix: I pinged sabdfl05:12
=== Kamion is here
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sabdflhi all05:15
sabdflnothing in the wiki agenda05:15
sabdflcan we call for any other business?05:16
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) I believe there were some NM candidates to approve05:16
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(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) the note in the agenda is from last week's TB meeting if memory serves correctly05:16
smurfixKamion: it serves05:16
haggaisabdfl asked me last week to ask here about NM05:17
sabdflhaggai: process is to become a contributor, then a maintainer in universe, then in main05:17
sabdflKamion: is there a list of NM candidates that the TB approved last week?05:17
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) I'm just trawling the irclog05:18
smurfixthe TB didn't05:18
smurfixthey were told to ask here first05:19
sabdfli think all we did was confirm people who had already been approved at the previous CC meeting05:19
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) haggai is the only one I can see there who was referred to the CC for approval05:19
smurfixs/they/at least one person 05:19
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) the other people mentioned were already approved last meeting05:19
sabdflhaggai: do you have a sponsor, someone on the existing maintainer team who can vouch for you?05:19
sabdflor can you point us at upstream / other distro maintainership credentials?05:20
haggaiplenty I hope :)05:20
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) possibly enrico too, not clear on his current status05:20
sabdflenrico's fully approved, both TB and CC05:20
haggaisabdfl: OOo / Debian maintainer etc05:20
sabdflpackages in debian?05:20
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) sabdfl: haggai is the OOo guy whose mail I referred to you last week05:20
sabdflKamion: chris?05:20
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) yes05:20
haggaisabdfl: that's me05:20
=== sabdfl blushes furiously
haggaisorry for the obscure nick05:21
sabdflcertainly no objections from me, i'd already asked elmo to approve your key for KDE-related uploading05:21
sabdflelmo, mako, comments on chris halls?05:21
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) Chris' only Debian package in his own name is ayttm, but he's done a great deal of work in teams; I'm happy05:22
elmosabdfl: no problems at all with haggai05:22
sabdflmako around?05:22
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) mako doesn't seem to be up yet05:22
haggaiyeah OOo in a team is kind of a lot more more work than owning a normal package :)05:22
sabdflif we have mdz and keybuk, maybe we can get TB go-ahead today too05:22
smurfixmako's been idle for 10h05:23
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) haggai: quite so :-)05:23
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sabdfli think that's a CC go ahead05:23
sabdfldon't want to wait a week for TB go ahead05:23
haggaiok thanks very much :)05:24
sabdflhaggai, if you can get an email from mdz to go with keybuk's go-ahead then you're sorted05:24
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) mdz just showed up, I guess he's trawling backlog05:24
(mdz/#ubuntu-meeting) was distracted by the backlog on -devel actually :-)05:24
Keybukhaggai definitely has my go-ahead :)05:24
sabdflelmo: will you act on a go-ahead for haggai from mdz?05:24
sabdfli think this can extend to main ;-)05:24
sabdflelmo: do we have an easy way to let people upload to universe / multiverse only?05:25
elmosabdfl: not right now, but it's an hour or so to implement05:25
sabdflelmo: rock on ;-)05:26
=== mako waves
elmosabdfl: the existing approved maintainers - should they have access to main?05:26
elmo(they do right now)05:27
sabdflwe need to create a faster process for non-main uploaders05:27
sabdflany other business?05:27
=== mako is caught up
sabdflkamion, thanks for standing in for mdz05:27
(mdz/#ubuntu-meeting) yes, thanks05:27
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) np, will get back with progress later today; it was a relatively quiet week TBH05:28
sabdflnot in this house :-)05:28
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) heh05:28
sabdflanything in connection with The Mataro Sessions people want to raise?05:28
sabdfllooking fwd to meeting the local LUG'ers05:29
sabdflthanks everyone05:29
(mdz/#ubuntu-meeting) has a BOF about community processes already been proposed?05:29
sabdflsilbs: ^^?05:29
silbsyes, believe that's on the list05:29
sabdflsee you all there05:29
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) we don't seem to have anything scheduled yet for bringing new Ubuntu maintainers up to speed05:29
silbslulu is drafting a schedule now. so other suggestions for bofs would be welcome05:29
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) might be worth having some kind of a Q&A session05:29
makosilbs: i think i had one or two05:30
makoKamion: yeah, there is a plan for this05:30
silbsKamion: what kind of q&a do you mean?05:30
sabdflwe haven't implemented some of the ideas that came out of oxford05:30
sabdfl"ubuntu enhancement proposals"05:30
makoKamion: there will be a day for questions and more introductory stuff05:30
(mdz/#ubuntu-meeting) yet05:30
sabdflbe nice to have that up and running for the conf05:30
sabdflwe could have a bof on each significant proposal05:31
sabdflmako: where are we on shipit stats?05:31
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) silbs: what mako said; we have a number of non-Canonical Ubuntu maintainers coming to the conference, and I'm sure some of them have questions about process that are best answered in person; the non-Debian guys may also have technical problems we can help with05:31
lulukamion: we have a BOF scheduled for this at the conf on the 8th05:32
(mdz/#ubuntu-meeting) there is documentation that needs to be written05:32
smurfixmako: ... and will there be a huge stack of CDs to carry off in Mataro?  ;-)05:32
makosabdfl: i've been finalizing the dump from early last week.. but when i checked on thursday we had i think 800 orders between sunday and thursday so somewhere in the range of just under 2000 new order orders (average of ~10 cds) each way05:32
makosabdfl: week05:33
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) lulu: ok, good05:33
sabdflso 20,000 / week going out 05:33
sabdflthat's awesome05:33
makosabdfl: it will fluctuate depending on press and such05:33
sabdflcan we wrap up?05:34
sabdflelmo, mako, thanks05:34
makoyay, easy summary :)05:34
=== smurfix waves
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haggaithanks folks05:36
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=== Kamion makes that a 19-minute meeting
(Kamion/#ubuntu-meeting) awesome05:37
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:mdz] : Tuesday 30 November 2004 at 16:00 UTC: Technical Board meeting -- https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/TechnicalBoardAgenda
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