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ChrisHCool web site: http://www.sorryeverybody.com/ :)12:58
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George^Dekaarvo all03:20
George^Dekahi hornbeck03:26
George^Dekaits been a while since i checked out the svn, i gather from the ML its all going really well03:26
George^D^Workback to work now will lurk around for a while though03:29
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sivangMorning all09:40
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=== sid77 ciao
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cenerentolahello ppl11:30
cenerentolacould someone please explain me how to create a new faq entry in the wiki [im translating it in italian] ?11:31
lulucenerentola: we are working on getting linguaPlone installed for local language support on the website in the Documentation section.11:35
cenerentolashould i do it in a normal page?11:35
lulucenerentola: on the wiki, simply log in and go to the Italian documentation section. http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/ItalianDocumentation11:35
lulucenerentola: check out: https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocumentHowto11:38
luluand http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HelpPage11:38
lulufor assistance.11:38
cenerentolalulu: halt... normal page or not? just this... i know where the help page are and where the documentation is... i wrote part of it11:39
lulucenerentola: in the Italian section, you can create new pages by using the 'create new' page at the bottom of main wiki page.11:45
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George^Dekanite all12:17
George^Dekaany apt pinning experts here, i want to apt pin firefox from hoary for warty12:19
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: morning. :)12:19
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: yes, a little...12:19
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: add both sources in the sources.list12:20
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: then set APT::Default-Release "warty" in the apt.conf12:20
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: finally run "apt-get -t hoary install firefox"12:20
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: you may also use pinning... but this one is more secure against misconfigurations12:21
George^Dekathanks ChrisH12:23
George^Dekai have an apt.conf.d that it ?12:23
sivangChrisH : does it matter the order of the sources you put into the list?12:24
ChrisHsivang: nope... if you are not pinning or setting a default release apt will always use the newest version12:24
ChrisHsivang: you can find out with "apt-cache policy mozilla" for example12:24
sivangwow cool12:25
George^DekaChrisH: i have an apt.conf.d that it ?12:25
ChrisHGeorge^Deka: no... just create the /etc/apt/apt.conf if it's not there12:25
sivangyes you need to create the apt.conf file12:26
George^Dekathanks, not got some syntax error, extra jargon at end of file - saved it as unicode12:33
George^Dekafixed just needed a ;12:42
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luluplovs_work: ping07:08
=== sm is now known as sm-reading
luluQue: I've just had Diogo ask where the Portugese Documentation has gone....https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/PortugueseDocumentation. I'm a newbie at Zwiki - in recent changes, it looks as if it wasn't deleted.07:13
lulucould someone with more knowledge advise please?07:14
sm-readinghi lulu.. he deleted it, an hour ago07:18
lulusm-reading: where did you find that :o)07:19
luluI saw he added DocsParaProgramadores  NEW   07:20
sm-readingI'm subscribed to the wiki; I filtered my ubuntu-doc mail folder by "portuguese" :)07:20
falcoit's a translation for DevelopersDocumentation07:20
sm-readingyou can also check http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/recycle_bin/folder_contents07:21
sm-readingthirdly, you could look in the ZMI undo tab for the folder07:21
falcoit's there07:21
=== sm-reading has solutions
lulubut not associated to the FrontPage anymore?07:22
falcohow may it went there?07:22
sm-readingif he had renamed the page, the FrontPage link would have been updated07:22
falcoit seems to me that not07:22
sm-readingor if he had entered the new name as "replacement" in the delete form, the link would have been updated07:23
sm-readingbut he just deleted it, so FrontPage needs to be updated manually07:23
falcothere is no replacement07:23
falcoit's a mistake07:23
falcoit should be put back07:24
sm-readinglulu, if you're logged in as manager you can click undo, I think you'll see the delete07:25
sm-readingthat's the easiest way to undo07:25
sm-readingotherwise, copy from recycle_bin and paste back into /wiki07:25
lulusm-reading: and falco:  ahh ok....I think Diogo needs to learn too. I'll copy this and reply to his email.07:26
luluthanks guys, for your help.07:26
sm-readinglulu: nb you wrote "in recent changes, it looks as if it wasn't deleted." - after being deleted, it shouldn't appear in rc and didn't for me - if you saw it, probably a caching glitch07:30
lulusm-reading: correct - I didn't see it in recent changes. thanks :o)07:31
lulusm-reading: why is it that deletions aren't shown?07:31
sm-readingah, you expected to see it07:32
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sm-readingour RC implementation isn't that smart07:32
lulusm-reading: yup - as it's a change :o)07:32
luluahh...wiki wish list?07:32
sm-readingyes, I think it's there already07:33
sm-readingin the wishlist07:33
luluthank you! :o)07:33
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falcosm: so to recover the page should it be reparented?07:43
falcoI'm not used to this wiki07:43
falcoit seems a bit alien07:43
smno, reparenting isn't involved here07:47
falcoso what should be made?07:47
smfalco: to undelete a page, it must be moved out of the recycle_bin subfolder07:47
smI don't know if you (a member) have permission for that07:48
smcan you see the recycle bin (url above ?) do you see a copy button ?07:48
falcoI don't see a copu button07:48
smok.. l will do it, one sec07:49
smwere you logged in ?07:50
smstrange that I can.. I'm logged in as an ordinary member afaik07:57
falcomaybe I'm just looking in the rong place...07:59
falcolet me check again07:59
falcoI can't see it08:01
falcoI think that maybe there're to many restrictions in the wiki08:03
lulunight guys  :o)08:03
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falcoor maybe I'm just to used to other simpler wikis08:05
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smfalco: undelete is generally a manager feature08:50
plovshi all08:50
smnot really a priority for normal users - if you delete, it's assumed you meant to08:50
smhi plovs08:50
enricoHello everyone.  Did you get any mail today from ubuntu-doc?  I haven't, and I know there should be at least one reply to a message of mine that should have gotten through09:33
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ChrisHenrico: Yes, Nick Loeve has posted today. But it's matter of time zones.09:47
sivangAre we plannign the meeting?09:47
sivang(hi all)09:47
enricoChrisH: only that message, then?09:48
ChrisHsivang: [hi]  I haven't sent in a time. But I have some meetings during the week that are very dynamic. So I can only see it the time is okay.09:48
ChrisHenrico: think so09:48
enricoChrisH: ok, thanks09:48
sivangany time chosen already?09:49
=== sivang off the the meeting page
sivangok, do we have a majority on a specific time?09:50
enricoI posted in the list about the times not really fitting together, and I had no answer except from plovs telling that he prefers tuesdays or fridays09:50
enricoI'm worried that people didn't understand my masterpiece of ascii-art timeline intersection graph...09:51
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ChrisHenrico: I did. :)09:51
=== enrico feels relieved :)
sivangI'm also for fridays,09:53
sivang16:00 utc09:53
sivangor bit earlier09:53
sivangChrisH : hi 09:54
enrico16:00utc... darn09:56
enricosivang: did you see my wonderful ascii-art mail? :)09:56
ChrisHbtw... what is SABDFL an abbreviation for?09:56
sivangenrico : not yet :( I seem to not get it from my imap server..lemme check09:56
sivangChrisH : Self Appointed Benovelent Dictator For Life09:57
sivangor so the rumors say09:57
enricosivang: that's the official and confirmed expansion09:57
sivangenrico : really? since when? :)09:57
ChrisHsivang: uuuh, huh... wtf is "benovelent"?09:58
enricoSince one of mako's Traffics that mentioned it :)09:58
enrico!dict benevolent09:58
enricoOh, no bot09:58
sivangsupposed to be?09:58
enricoHaving a disposition to do good; possessing or manifesting09:58
enrico     love to mankind, and a desire to promote their prosperity and09:58
enrico     happiness; disposed to give to good objects; kind;09:58
enrico     charitable.09:58
enricosivang: some IRC channels have an IRC robot that replies to commands like that one09:58
enricoThey may be handy09:58
sivangdpkg is amazing09:59
sivangI once talked hebrew into it,09:59
sivangit answered meaningfully :)09:59
sivangBut then some people over at #debian told me that is' feeding off google in some intellegent way..09:59
enricoMy acronym expansion finder didn't find anything for "sabdfl", though.  It's a bit too long for its database09:59
enricoOh, that's smart!09:59
sivangdo you think dpkg and the other bots are written in lisp?10:00
enricosivang: dunno10:00
enricoI know of supybot, which is written in python10:00
sivangah python....that snake again10:00
enricoChrisH: my acronym generator found an expansion for "Chris"10:01
enrico"Che ha ricercato il Signore"  (he who looked for God), phrase found in the bible10:01
enrico"Che ha risuscitato il Signore"  (he who resurrecred God), phrase found in the bible10:01
sivangenrico : The ASCII art got scrambled..10:02
sivangenrico : using thunderbird10:02
enricosivang: darn!10:02
enricosivang: try a fixed-width font..10:02
ChrisHHehe... what about "he who doesn't believe in god?". :)10:05
enricoChrisH: oh, you can make "Che ha rinnegato il Signore": he who denied God10:09
=== enrico loves his acrony finder
ChrisHNice... :)10:10
enrico18 lines of perl including comments and empty lines10:10
ChrisHenrico: I remember I saw such a bullshit acronym generator on the web once.10:10
enricoChrisH: Oh, I have something super10:10
enricoChrisH: http://lento.uncasino.it/enrico/store/polygen_1.0.6.orig.tar.gz10:11
enricoI uploaded it to unstable today10:11
enricoYou can download it and build the package (dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot)10:11
enricoOr, I can give you a web link10:11
ChrisHenrico: sounds like an eliza generator.10:12
enricohttp://polygen.org/web/Payoff_II.522.0.html for M$-style payoffs10:12
enricoUnfortunately, the site is fully in italian10:13
enricoThey had an English version, but they removed it10:13
ChrisHBe twice?10:13
ChrisHDon't move jungle?10:14
sivangenrico : what is that?10:14
enricoThey're going to add it again after the package hits unstable, I bet :)10:14
enricosivang: the reverse of bison: you give it an EBNF grammar, and it generates randomly an instance of the language10:14
enricoWe can have a generator of FAQs:10:14
enricoDo you know how might I insert the 3D proxy to a login?10:14
enricoYou should send the software of the SMTP provider of a cache over the tool but from Windows 9.4 or from the file inside Mac you should never get access over a parallel connection to turn off a serial icon.10:14
enricoMan, do you know how to delete from the kernel of the BIOS mousepad to a shell?10:15
enricoYou should never download the tool to insert in a RO processor.10:15
enricoand so on... :)10:15
=== sivang lost enrico
ChrisHCool. Make it subversion-capable and let's seize working on the book. It can do it alone. :)10:15
=== ChrisH always wanted a 3D proxy
enricosivang: basically, it's a really advanced program that you can use to generate bullshit :)10:16
sivangwhat's a 3d proxy?10:16
ChrisHenrico: does it have a "microsoft bashes linux" or "sco sues torvalds" mode? Might be funny.10:16
enricosivang: an automatically generated tecno-like silly thing10:16
sivangbison does th reverse? it takes the grammer and checks for valid phrases...10:16
ChrisHsivang: The output does not claim to make sense. It's just auto-bullshit.10:17
enricoChrisH: it has various grammars, and it's farily easy to write a new one10:17
enricoI wrote a generator of social science papers:10:17
enricoCoddling a systematization: the prominent design to the tyrannical congress of congress.10:17
enricoThe blanching of an accompanying: the operative disposition to the sound arrival of design.10:17
enricoA firm acting of scheme? Which future?10:17
enricoAnd so on :)10:17
ChrisHsivang: A grammar is used to define a language. If you want to parse a language you need a parser (like "bison"). The other way round you can have a program that wildly creates syntactically (not semantically = meaningful) sentences.10:17
sivangChrisH : so I take the grammer which I normally feed into bison, and let a generator create random sentences that adhere that grammer rules?10:18
enricosivang: yes, but it doesn't have the same input syntax as bison10:19
enricosivang: it has an input syntax which is designed for support generating text, to control the probabilities of the different parts of the generated text and so on10:19
sivangenrico : EBNF <== is this how the bison grammer called? (or a general grammer for specifying ruls)10:19
enricosivang: Extended Backus Naur Format10:20
enricosivang: it's those grammars like:10:20
enricoanimal := warthogs, hedgehog, groundhog10:20
sivangNow I recall10:20
enricoadjective := warty, hoary, grumpy10:20
enricoubuntu := adjective animal10:20
sivangah actually it looks diffenet10:20
enrico(In polygen you can easily do things like matching the initials, thuogh :)10:21
sivangthis is the lexical defitiontions?10:23
enricosivang: the syntax definition10:24
enricoMaybe also the lexical definition, but I haven't used that term10:25
sivangthis is what I worked with, this is fed into bison:10:25
sivangassignment : NAME '=' assignment10:25
sivang           | NAME '=' exp10:25
sivang           ;10:25
sivangexp        : exp '+' exp10:25
sivang           | exp '-' exp10:25
sivang           | exp '*' exp10:26
sivang           | exp '/' exp10:26
sivang           | '-' exp     %prec UMINUS10:26
sivang           | NAME10:26
sivang(or at least, I let bison process this)10:26
enricoYes, polygen takes something similar10:26
enricoYou would also need to tell what is an exp and all the possible instances of NAME10:26
sivangand give a default value10:27
enricodefault value?10:27
sivangif it doesn't match anything 10:27
enricoOh, it doesn't need to match: it just generates random text that fits in that grammar10:27
enricoSo with that grammar you'd run it once and it'd tell you:10:28
enricoYou run it another time and it'd tell you:10:28
sivangAh I see, cool :)10:28
enricoand so on :)10:28
ChrisHDoes anyone know where the CD creator in Nautilus places the files? it seems to be broken here.10:30
sivangChrisH : you need to tell it something, lemme check10:30
ChrisHsivang: I cancelled the creation of a CD/DVD an now I have an "unnamed folder" that cannot be renamed, removed or anything...10:32
ChrisHNow I don't even have a context menu. Something seems to be broken with it.10:33
sivangChrisH : you10:34
sivang've ALT+F2 : "nautilus-cd-creator" ?10:34
sivangand then chose "Open CD/DVD creatore" ?10:34
enricoChrisH: else, install xdiskusage10:35
enricoChrisH: or filelight10:35
ChrisHsivang: I know how to start it. But where does it collect the files to be burnt?10:35
enricoThey tell you where disk space is consumed10:35
sivangChrisH : it's supposed to be somewhere under you .gnome2 folder10:35
enricoI particularly like xdiskusage, as it's really tiny10:36
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sivangvery very nice10:36
sivangenrico : xdiskusage10:37
ChrisHcan't find it :(10:37
enricofilelight is much cooler, thuogh (but it uses kde)10:37
enricoChrisH: can't find xdiskusage or the Nautilus file?10:38
ChrisHenrico: the place where the nautilus-cd-burner places the files... because I cannot use it any more10:38
enricoChrisH: you can also use "find ~ -mmin 60" to see the files modified in the last hour10:38
sivangChrisH : it's symlinks.. erghgh10:39
sivangit doesn not create real file IMHO10:39
ChrisH"killall nautilus" and it works again... weird10:39
ChrisHsivang: looks like it just create symlinks or something like that10:39
sivangChrisH : ah! that's a know bug I think10:40
sivangif not someone should enter it to the bugzilla,10:40
sivangI got so used to killall nautils to show files I copied into the system10:40
ChrisHenrico: find didn't find anything :)10:42
enricoChrisH: are you sure that what you're looking for actually exists?10:44
enricoYou can also find in /var10:44
ChrisHenrico: it's probably there...10:46
ChrisHenrico: perhaps it's just collecting file names in RAM and reading them directly during the iso mastering... no idea10:47
ChrisHHell! The CD creator took up 500 MB of RAM and died!11:15
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enricoChrisH: RAM??11:15
__danieldoes anyone of you have problems logging into the wiki, too?11:15
enricoThat's crazy11:15
enrico__daniel: I'm trying11:16
sivangChrisH : nautilus is still nowhere stable11:16
enrico__daniel: the server has terminated sending data11:16
__danielthanks enrico11:16
__danielenrico: damn :-(11:16
__danielenrico: just wanted to add a cool idea to it11:17
ChrisHsivang: Indeed. I should have stayed on KDE.11:18
enrico__daniel: post it to the list :)11:18
__danielenrico: i was told to put it on the wiki first :-)11:18
enrico__daniel: but since that failed, go for the second option ;)11:19
__danielenrico: i'll have to wait... it seems11:19
sivangChrisH : still, I don't think I will go back to KDE11:19
sivangGNOME is far more inntuutive and automagical to me then KDE, especially in simple everyday tasks11:19
sivang__daniel : what's the idea? :)11:20
ChrisHsivang: somehow when I logged in a week ago the top panel disappeared. I needed to recreate it. Nothing was in there. When I added the menu I got two menus. And now it takes up to a minute before the top bar shows up.11:20
__danielsivang: suggest thesises and projects for students to enhance ubuntu :-)11:20
ChrisHsivang: With Gnome it feels like I need to remove my .gnome2* stuff every week to be stable :(11:21
__danielsivang: sabdfl liked it :-)11:21
sivang__daniel : very nice ! can non students participate? :)11:21
__danielsivang: of course! :-)11:21
sivangChrisH : Strange, I didn't bump into nothing like that, the worse I get, a decent killall or login in out fixes it..11:21
__danielsivang: i was in a (constitutive) meeting of a unix working group on my university today and most would like to help out and do their thesis about it, but wouldn't know where to start, so i had the idea11:22
__danielsivang: they'd devote 2*6 months of time :-)11:23
enricoThesises are super-powerful things!11:23
__danieldidnt know if the plural of thesis would even exist :-)11:24
enricoSo it'd be like a service to tell people what they could do?11:24
sivang__daniel : I've always wanted to get in uni, still hasn't yet :)11:24
__danielor make sure they know , they COULD do a change :-)11:24
sivang__daniel : that's very nice, how can someone not a student help out?11:25
__danielsivang: they could check that site too11:26
__danieli'm no ubuntu official, so i dont know11:26
__danielsivang: i just started my uni project on something i always wanted11:27
sivang__daniel : what is it? :)11:27
__danielsivang: a library for applications to make it possible to save user preferences on a server11:27
sivang__daniel : users preferences in the library?11:28
__danielto not having to copy config files around11:28
__danielif i finished it, apps can save/load the user preferences to/from the server11:29
=== enrico would love __daniel
sivangOh nice11:29
__danielit's just an idea... don't know if ANYONE would implement in their app :-)11:29
__danielcoolest thing would be to hack up gconf to use it ;-)11:29
__danielbut that's not part of the thesis ;-)11:29
__danieli'm glad my professor liked the idea11:30
sivangsomething liek domain controller? Please correct me if I'm wrong, don't redhat uses some kind of std unix tool to move around (roam) user profiels in a fedora session?11:30
__danielwell i didnt want to move files around or sniff on registry changes11:31
__danielso now, it's just the library you add to your project and it'll work on linux/windows/... (when it's finished ;-))11:31
__danielwell that's the general idea... ;-)11:32
sivangwow nice11:32
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sivanghi plovs11:32
__danielhai plovs11:32
enricohi plovs11:55
__danielthe ubuntu.com webserver guy isnt here, is he/she? :-)11:56
enrico__daniel: no, but you can tell me and I can try and ask in #ubuntu-devel11:56
enrico(or you can ask in #ubuntu-devel if you are into that channel)11:56
__danieli asked if some of them also had the problem, but they didn't respond11:57
__danielenrico: but maybe they'll listen to you ;-)11:57
enrico__daniel: I tried: let's see what happen11:58
sivangah reply!12:00
HoodsterHi sivang!12:00
sivangHey Hoodster! Whassup dude?12:00

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