Hoodstersivang: Just thinking about what I will contribute next.12:01
Hoodstersivang: I added to the FAQ recently and, with the help of hornbeck, I was able to upload it, but I got a message that the file I was uploading was no longer there. It could be that the message was specific to the message I included with the upload (not sure how to describe it.12:02
Hoodstersivang: Who is my best bet to tell me if it uploaded okay. ChrisH? plovs? hornbeck? Whose in charge (hehe)?12:04
enricoWE've just had a nice earthquake here12:07
__danielwhere was that, enrico?12:08
enricoHello.  Elmo asks for a timescale when the first failed login reportedly happened12:08
enrico__daniel: Italy, Emilia Romagna (middle-north)12:08
enricoPeople, let's tell Elmo: when is the first time you had a failed login in the wiki?12:09
__danielenrico: i had problems (and this crappy error message about 2 hours ago)12:09
enrico__daniel: do you remember the error message?12:10
__daniel"connection ... unexpectedly"12:11
__danielso no wiki-error12:11
__danielmore a http error12:11
=== skyrider [~skyrider@kid.stu.cn.ua] has joined #ubuntu-doc
enrico00:12 <elmo> yeah, ok thanks.  ssl broke - I'm trying to figure out why12:15
enricoThe firemen are on their ways on the wiki, then12:18
enricoHere instead everything seems quite again after the earthquake (except a fagiano (a big big bird) that got upset by his tree-bed shaking and complained loudly for a while)12:18
__danielenrico: i never experienced an earthquake before12:20
enrico__daniel: try logging in again12:22
__danielam i not supposed to use 12:30
__daniel= bla12:30
__daniel== blubb ==12:30
__danielin the wiki texts ?12:30
enricoWith moin formatting, you use "= title ="12:31
__danielah... ok12:31
__danieldoesnt really work12:31
__daniel<--- as dumb as it gets wikily-speaking :-)12:32
enricoDid you select "Moin formatting" at the bottom?12:32
__daniel"structured text"12:32
=== D0wnXcaST [56732@modemcable094.185-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-doc
__danielhmmmmmmm :-/12:34
enrico__daniel: well, just select "Moin formatting" (the last option) instead12:36
__danielthere is no such option12:36
enrico__daniel: uh?  Let me see..12:36
enrico__daniel: "MoinMoin markup"12:36
enrico__daniel: it's the last option12:36
enricoIt's not there on your!12:36
enricoIt's not there on yours!12:37
__danieli'll make it html then ;-)12:37
smthat's no moon...12:38
enrico__daniel: is that a wiki page?  It's got a name in all lowercase12:38
smit's a.. Document12:38
__danielhop i can i delete12:38
smclick the contents tab, scroll till you find it, check the box and click delete button at the bottom12:51
smit's right at the end.. batch number 612:51
__danielsorry for messing around :-/12:51
smnot your fault12:51
smI don't think those other content types should be available in this folder12:51
__danielseems i cant delete it12:51
__danielonly rename and change state12:51
smso you can see it at https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/folder_contents?b_start:int=500 - but no delete button ?12:51
enricosivang, ChrisH: around?12:51
__danieli'll "undo" it12:51
smgood idea12:51
__danielhmm... blows up the "undo"er12:51
smjust so I understand - you can see the listing, but not the delete button ?12:51
sivangenrico : yes12:51
smand what happened when you click plone's undo link ?12:51
__danielError Type                                           MultipleUndoErrors12:51
__danielError Value                                       Undo error 0000000000025507: Undo error 0000000000025507: no previous record                                                        12:51
__danielRequest made at                                       2004/11/24 23:45:44.117 GMT             12:51
enricosivang: I started the docteam-tools work as I said in the list, and I'd like to svn-commit it somewhere12:51
__daniel                                  Error Type                                           OverflowError                                                                              Error Value                                       long int too large to convert to int                                                        Request made at                                       2004/11/24 23:46:48.100 GMT             12:51
sivangenrico : what is it?12:51
enricosivang: can I just go on and commit is as a new directory in Hornbeck's repository?12:51
=== D0wnXcaST [56732@modemcable094.185-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu-doc []
sivangenrico : give that a try if not, just mail hornbeck , is this the deb pacakge with the utilitites?12:51
enricosivang: see my mail in reply to Nick Loeve in the list, subject "Guidelines for writing?"12:51
sm__daniel:  ugh12:51
smdoes it do this every time you click it ?12:51
enricosivang: and also, could you please tell me the commit URI to access subversion?12:51
sivangenrico : could you tell me how do I poll it out of the svn config?12:51
__danielsm: i tried different combinations and started to undo one by one12:51
smah I see, you got this when undoing something12:51
enricosivang: svn info from inside the repository12:51
smthat's not too unusual.. zope/plone can't always undo things12:51
__danielsm: yes :-)12:51
sivangRepository UUID: 1e033ed4-87e8-0310-8703-d68c7bbd86c912:51
sivangRevision: 5912:51
sivangNode Kind: directory12:51
sivangSchedule: normal12:51
sivangLast Changed Author: plovs12:51
sivangLast Changed Rev: 5912:51
sivangLast Changed Date: 2004-11-23 18:07:01 +0200 (Tue, 23 Nov 2004)12:51
smI have to go shortly, I think the quick solution is for me to delete this for you and restrict the content types so people don't accidentally add documents in this folder12:51
__danielhmmm is there any wiki operator, who could delete it? :-)12:51
__danielsm: ahhhh that sounds good12:51
smjust grab a copy of your text first, ok ? 12:51
sivangenrico : can't find your mail, could you resend to me so I can take a look?12:51
__danielsm: i did12:51
__danielsm: stupid me :-)12:52
__danielsm: great12:52
smthanks for the information12:53
__danielsm: am i supposed to change the (quite generic) wiki page name?12:58
enricosivang: forwarded12:58
sivangenrico : thnks12:58
__danielis this "wiki_page.2004-11-24.3894835681" in order?12:58
enricoMagnitude 5.2 richter (www.themeter.net/sism.htm)12:58
__danielenrico: WOW12:58
enricoAnd cool enough, information spread quickly over instant messaging and other internet chats rather than in the usual info channels :)12:58
__danielha... :-)12:58
sm__daniel: if you use the plone add item link at the top, yes - give it a real name01:02
smbut I recommend you use the wiki create form down at the bottom instead01:03
smor start by creating a WikiLink in the usual wiki way01:03
smby editing the page you want to link from01:03
__danieli did it :-)01:03
smgood good01:03
__danielnow i'll write to -devel and -users for additional ideas/comments01:04
__danieli guess that's enough for today...01:19
__danieli'm off to bed01:19
__danielhave a good night, guys  :-)01:19
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091bd7.pool.terralink.de] has left #ubuntu-doc []
sivangenrico : was it felt?01:27
enricosivang: yes, it's the one I mentioned in the channel before01:28
sivangwo, everything is ok?01:29
enricoHere yes01:29
enricoNear the epicenter, maybe less01:29
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
enricoGood night everyone!02:38
=== George^D^Work [~chatzilla@203-173-44-118.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^D^Workhi all03:08
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckman this version of xchat is ugly03:12
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckhey plocs03:51
George^D^Workhornbeck: arnt all versions of xchat ugly04:19
hornbeckthe one I was using the other day was not04:20
hornbeckI just reinstalled hoary and it is very ugly04:20
=== Hoodster [~alan@adsl-223-220-238.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^D^Workthe warty one is ugly04:54
=== Hoodster [~alan@adsl-223-220-238.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
HoodsterHi all! I have a quick question. I attempted to upload to the repository and it appeared to work. What is the best way to confirm it? I am still a bit green with svn.05:03
hornbeckjust svn update and see if the revision goes up05:24
hornbeckthat is how I do it :-)05:24
hornbecksee you guys later05:24
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George^D^Workcya all06:57
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-155-172-150.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hornbeckyou guys sleep to much :-)07:10
=== silbs [~sbsm0084@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
lulumorning all :o)10:23
=== plovs_ [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
plovs_hi guys!10:29
plovs_networking is *hard*10:29
plovs_let's see how long i'll be online this time10:30
luluplovs_:hey Alex!10:38
plovs_lulu: morning, how are you today10:39
luluGreat :o) how are you?10:39
plovs_rather busy10:40
luluplovs_: Is there anything you waiting for from me - I have a long to do list and may have forgotten...10:40
lulubesides wiki and svn move (James Troup)10:40
plovs_lulu: i (just) forwarded you a mail from james, wiki move is done, so that's nice10:42
plovs_will james be in barcelona?10:42
luluplovs_: awesome...and yes - he's a great key Canonical guy!10:43
plovs_nice, it will be easier to get stuff done if you know and thay know whom they are talking with10:44
plovs_for the rest, as far as i'm concerned you're home-free, no jobs waiting, afaik10:45
plovs_lulu: you're using a mac, right?10:49
luluplovs_:home free - I wish :o)....and yes - using  a Mac laptop G410:49
=== Presskopp [~Presskopp@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
luluPresskopp: welcome!11:30
=== George^Deka [~george@093.b.008.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^Dekahi all12:02
George^Dekai broke my ubuntu12:02
Presskopphi George^Deka 12:04
Presskoppwhat happened?12:05
George^Deka i installed firefox from hoary, now when the system boots it does not load gdm instead i get a curses screen telling me x is already running on 0 do you want to try it again on 0 or on another session12:06
Presskoppi assume that notonly firefox but other packages from hoary have been installed?12:07
George^Dekayes some libs12:08
George^Dekacant remeber which ones12:09
George^Dekabut thinking about it maybe libprobe12:09
George^Dekaand dial-up hell is no good, cant dist-upgrade12:10
Presskoppwhat happens when you press <alt>+f7 when that curses-screen occurs?12:10
=== plovs_ [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Presskoppmaybe gdm starts...12:11
George^Dekadidndt try alt-f712:12
Presskoppokay. 12:12
Presskoppyou could try to reinstall gdm.12:12
George^Dekagood idea, i eneded up getting in going f1, then logging and startx12:12
Presskoppdid it work?12:13
Presskoppi have to go to lunch with my colleagues. will be back in 30 minutes. sorry.12:13
George^Dekayeah that worked, im in now12:14
George^Dekak cya12:14
George^Dekaprob off by then12:14
=== skyrider_ [~skyrider@kid.stu.cn.ua] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-doc
George^Dekahi enrico12:39
George^Dekai love your hostmask :)12:39
enricoGeorge^Deka: :)  this came kind of automatic12:44
sivangHI ALL!01:25
sivangthe caps01:25
Presskopphi sivang 01:26
ChrisHsivang: Hi, AOL user. :)01:26
sivangChrisH : hi :) 01:26
sivangHey Presskopp , fisrt time on the -doc channel?01:26
sivanghey lulu01:26
lulusivang: hiya :o)01:26
ChrisH[print "Hello, ", user for user in /who] 01:26
Presskoppneed to improve my idling-skills... ;o)01:26
sivangHey Hoodster01:27
sivangChrisH : heh01:27
sivangSo, the old wiki is moved?01:27
sivangHi enrico, what's up?01:28
sivangsm : Hi Simon, would you care for bits of Plone/Meduca questions? :)01:29
ChrisHsivang: I hadn't believed it... but python really makes many things easier than in perl. Drawback: the source is still readable. ;)01:47
HoodsterHi Sivang: Hi ChrisH:01:48
sivangChrisH : well, this is the one feature I just cannot seaize to astonish by - the lanugage drives you to write readable code01:49
ChrisHHoodster: hey... :)01:49
sivangHoodster : hey again hoodster, how's work coming? :)01:50
HoodsterChris: Good.01:50
HoodsterChrisH: Sorry for taking so long, it can be hectic here (hehe)01:51
HoodsterChrisH: I uploaded a file earlier this week and I am not sure if it worked. I got a strange message. How do I tell if it uploaded okay?01:51
ChrisHHoodster: Who do you tell? I'm home this week and still my to do list shrinks slowly. :)01:51
HoodsterChrisH: I know what you mean. Not only am I working full time, but I am preparing to make a big move (relocating).01:53
ChrisHHoodster: full time for Ubuntu? :)01:53
HoodsterChrisH: hehe, no not full time for Ubuntu. I don't have that aspiration. I like being a volunteer. However, if they paid me what I get now, I just might consider it (hehe)01:56
ChrisHHoodster: Hehe. I would probably still stay at my current employer. It's nice to work for Ubuntu. But I rather have coworkers around me than doing a "virtual job" all the time.01:56
HoodsterChrisH: What is nice about Ubuntu? Just curious (hehe). I know nothing about the company (Canonical?)02:11
ChrisHHoodster: The company seems to stay in the background as much as possible (Would be distracting if a commercial sponsor dictates what volunteers had to do.)02:11
HoodsterChrisH: Thank you for the introduction to the Ubuntu team. It was a great read.02:11
enricosivang: Hi!  I was having lunch02:11
ChrisHHoodster: you are welcome :)02:11
ChrisHHoodster: I like the code-of-conduct in ubuntu. I was flamed once too often in Debian. This hasn't happened here.02:11
ChrisHHoodster: I like that it's focusing on the end-user, has regular releases and the community is a lot smaller (still).02:11
HoodsterChrisH: I agree. The group is very cordial to others. However, I have never been really involved in a volunteer effort like Ubuntu. 02:11
sivangChrisH : you should have seen it in the early days before preview release :) it mas MUCH smaller, and so quiter...ahh memories...:)02:11
sivangubuntu-devel didn02:11
HoodsterChrisH: Yes, it is important to get involved in the beginning, when the pond is small.02:11
ChrisHHoodster: It's quite fun. Contribute as much or little as you like. Nobody forces anyone to do anything. Just if you take a certain task you are asked to do it in time. :)02:11
sivangeven exists02:11
ChrisHHoodster: Like... you could bring me another cappuccino. ;)02:11
=== enrico brings a cappuccino to ChrisH
ChrisHenrico: Ah thanks. That was close...02:11
sivangan interesting bit I found on uusers: http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/pub/a/linux/2004/06/28/indemnification.html02:11
=== ChrisH has never had a DD bring him a beverage before
enricoWhat better of an italian DD to bring you a virtual cappuccino?02:11
enricoWell, Christian Surchi would be even better02:11
enricoHe's the maintainer of "cappuccino"02:11
enricoI suggest you all apt-get install cappuccino02:11
enricoIt's *wonderful* !02:11
ChrisHenrico: I had it running at work... but my boss wasn't stupid enough to believe me I really work. :)02:11
ChrisHenrico: I like the BSOD screensaver a lot more. Boss: "oh, your Windows crashed again? well, better get working on it."02:11
enricoChrisH: lol! :)02:11
sivangChrisH : what's the pkg name for the screen saver?02:11
enricosivang: xscreensaver?02:11
ChrisHsivang: It's in the xscreensaver package that comes with ubuntu. Just select the BSOD saver02:11
enricoI'm in love with that screen saver as well02:11
enricoand with apt-get moo02:11
enricoChrisH: just run it...02:11
enrico(as user, if you don't trust me)02:11
enricoChrisH: read at the end of apt-get --help02:11
enricoChrisH: now try aptitude --help02:11
ChrisHAwww.. :)02:12
enricoChrisH: and of course aptitude moo02:12
sivang      This APT has Super Cow Powers.02:12
sivangThere are no Easter Eggs in this program.02:12
sivang ?02:12
ChrisHAnd I wonder why Sarge is not yet released...02:12
sivang                  This aptitude does not have Super Cow Powers.02:12
HoodsterHey guys, I seem to have forgotten the command that will update my local files. I thought is was svn update, but I don't think that is correct. Can anyone spare a hint?02:12
ChrisHHoodster: svn up02:13
ChrisHHoodster: that's right02:13
sivanghow do I run cappuccino?02:13
ChrisHsivang: command line02:13
HoodsterChrisH: I get the message "Won't delete locally modified file 'install-issue.xml' what does that mean?02:13
ChrisHHoodster: the file has been deleted in the repository but you changed it... subversion saves you from having your changes being lost02:14
=== enrico GOT IT
enrico1) dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig02:15
ChrisHenrico: btw... what's your plan regarding Debian? Are you still contributing there or are you migrating completely?02:15
enrico2) Enable bitmapped fonts02:15
enrico3) Install xfonts-terminus02:15
enrico4) Set the monospace font to terminus02:15
=== enrico can now have decent non-antialiased fonts in gnome-terminal!!
enricoChrisH: Oh, no, I keep contributing to Debian02:16
enricoChrisH: I actually like Debian a lot and I'd like it to be able to move past its problems, and to help that02:16
HoodsterChrisH: It has been deleted? But I updated that file (hehe). Now I have to figure out which file to transfer the change. Oh well (hehe)02:17
ChrisHenrico: Good to hear that. I will probably need you again as a moral encourager in the future. :)02:17
sivangenrico : xfonts-terminus is for all locales?02:17
enricoChrisH: :)02:18
enricosivang: probably not, unfortunately02:18
enricosivang: wait a sec, I check my spam folder02:18
sivangenrico : :)02:18
ChrisHHoodster: Just take a look at the new structure. You probably just need to do a little cut'n'paste. I changed the whole structure so I couldn't be 100% backwards compatible. Sorry about the additional work.02:18
ChrisHenrico: hmmm... Terminus looks a little ugly here :(02:19
enricoit has cyrillic, chinese, japanese, but I can't see hebrew so far02:19
enricoChrisH: strange02:19
HoodsterChrisH: It really isn't a problem. I was trying to be humorous in a sarcastic kind of way, which probably doesn't work very well in a chat (hehe). When you say the new structure, do you mean the 'usersguide.xml' file?02:20
=== enrico doesn't understand much of the font mysteries of X
ChrisHenrico: monospace is still a lot more readable here... the spacing looks smoother02:20
ChrisHHoodster: yes, sir02:20
enricoChrisH: My problem is that monospace gets antialiased, and this makes everything blurry.  If I could find how to avoid antialiasing on monospace, I'd be super-happy02:20
sivangenric : error: "Font `-*-fixed-medium-r-normal-*-*-140-*-*-*-*-iso8859-15' is not defined"02:21
ChrisHenrico: problem: terminus was antialiased, too!02:21
HoodsterChrisH: I don't see the part that has installing non-free software. What happened to that?02:21
sivangenrico : do you know where I can find that font?02:21
sivangenrico : (this is for emacs)02:21
sivangenrico : btw, Martin Michlmayar is doing a very interesting research for his PhD , habe you had chacne to read some of the papers?02:23
ChrisHHoodster: in the userguide?02:23
enricosivang: apt-get install xfonts-terminus02:26
enricosivang: no, I haven't read tbm's papers yet02:26
HoodsterChrisH: I think I am out-of-touch on what has happened over the past week (things move quickly,hehe). Do you mean that there are two parts to the FAQ? A Userguide and the original FAQ?02:26
sivangenrico : installed the terminus pacakge..02:27
=== enrico is about to go out
enricoI should stay away no more than 3 hours02:27
sivangok, c'ya soon enrico!02:27
Presskopphey, as the topic is that fonts-stuff...02:28
Presskoppon debian- and ubuntu-systems some programs have that ugly big fonts.02:29
Presskoppcan i fix that issue with dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig also?02:29
enricoPresskopp: it's probably a question which has more luck in #ubuntu; you may also want to explain better what do you intend with "ugly big fonts", maybe posting a link to a screenshot02:34
HoodsterChrisH: The reason I ask about the status of th FAQ is that I can't open it with yelp. I almost feel lost (lol).02:34
Presskoppenrico: mmmkay. thx. :o)02:34
sivangHoodster : warty/hoary?02:42
Hoodstersivang: I use warty.02:43
sivangHoodster : ok, have you checked out the recent version of the userguide.xml ?02:44
sivang(including all it's subtrees)02:44
Hoodstersivang: I think so. But I always wonder if I have the most recent version. I did do a svn update, but I don't know if I am using the most up-to-date repository. (hehe)02:53
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sivangHoodster : what is the problem with your yelp? does it inform of any error?02:58
Hoodstersivang: Thank you for replying. I think things will get confusing quickly. So, I must step back and explain a little. I think part of the problem is me (hehe). First, I can open the user-guide.xml file okay with yelp. No problem there, so I think yelp works. I only have a problem opening the faq.xml file (no error message, just freezes).03:01
sivangHoodster : no prob :) I think the old faq.xml should not be used anymore, as we have transsited to the new layout, however you can send me that file (I do not know from where to check it out) the file I'll try and see if my yelp eats it03:15
ChrisHHoodster: oh, it works with yelp here03:15
sivangChrisH : should it be used anymore , the old faq.xml ?03:16
ChrisHsivang: nope, should be deleted in the repository anyway03:18
sivangChrisH : ok, wanted to make sure my answers were correct.03:20
HoodsterChrisH:  sivang: I do appreciate all the replies. I think what I will do is a complete checkout and see if I have better results.03:23
sivangHoodster : ok, no prob. We try :) 03:23
ChrisHHoodster: good idea03:24
=== Presskopp [~Presskopp@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
HoodsterChrisH: sivang: I seem to have failed to write down the url to the repository. I think it started with a 19xxxx. Can you provide it?03:26
sivangHoodster : Path: .03:28
sivangRepository UUID: 1e033ed4-87e8-0310-8703-d68c7bbd86c903:28
sivangRevision: 5903:28
sivangNode Kind: directory03:28
sivangSchedule: normal03:28
sivangLast Changed Author: plovs03:28
sivangLast Changed Rev: 5903:28
sivangLast Changed Date: 2004-11-23 18:07:01 +0200 (Tue, 23 Nov 2004)03:28
Hoodstersivang: Thanks!03:29
sivangHoodster : no prob :)03:29
Hoodstersivang: ChrisH: More question. This repository is very, very different from my local directory. There is no faq xml file. Should this be so?03:31
Hoodstercd parts03:31
sivangHoodster :hmm, I must consult my svn expert here, ChrisH ?03:31
Presskoppwhat about a "svn info" or a "svn status"?03:32
Presskoppmaybe one might see something interesting within that information?03:33
ChrisHHoodster: that's right03:34
ChrisHHoodster: I changed the *whole* structure of the document. So nothing is where it was before.03:34
HoodsterPresskopp: That is a good tip. That is a good way to what the repository URL is.03:34
HoodsterChrisH: So, there is no FAQ file anymore or it is in a different repository. Which is correct? Or is there another? (hehe)03:35
ChrisHHoodster: The FAQ has been merged into a user guide.03:35
HoodsterChrisH: I like the new structure. I am just having trouble orienting myself to the info that was there (hehe)03:35
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ChrisHHoodster: check out the README03:37
HoodsterChrisH: I will do that now.03:37
hornbeckHello all03:37
Presskopphi hornbeck 03:38
HoodsterHi hornbeck03:38
ChrisHhI h0rnb3ck03:38
HoodsterChrisH: I read the README file and I didn't see info that answers my questions. (hehe) But I should read that file often, good thing to do.03:39
HoodsterChrisH: I can't find the non-free info that was in the older faq.xml in the usersguide.xml. If it is there, let me know and I will keep searching. If it is not, then perhaps this info is no longer desirable. I am just trying to understand the new changes and whether I should forget about the work I had done previously or try to include it (hehe)03:42
=== ChrisH is off for a while (visiting parents-in-law)
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